Love or Bread


Section:Taiwanese Dramas

Genre:Romantic Comedy


Language: Chinese (Mandarin)


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06-27-2009 09:15 PM


i didn't like this show... it is so disappointing and joe is so annoying in here.... and the story line is corny and boring...


06-23-2009 02:39 AM


Oh, and i was looking forward to watching it!!! damns!


06-13-2009 11:18 AM


I think people will watch this because their fans of Ariel and Joe, my sis says its boring thou..


06-08-2009 12:53 AM


Kinda disappointed with it, the plot of the story was so lame that sometimes I got bored to it. Joe was over at his comedic role. Nothing to interest with.


06-08-2009 12:51 AM


not so good...

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