MVP Valentine

Reviewed by: sukting

December 30, 2004

Rating: three-point-five

How long/Year produced

28 episodes done in year 2002


To me, this serial is a combination of the Japanese anime 'Slam Dunk', Taiwanese idol drama 'Meteor Garden' and Korean drama 'All About Eve'. One highlight is this serial rope in sports athletes and pop band 5566 to be the cast. No wonder it is well received in Taiwan and Asia. At first, I thought this is another 'trash' Taiwan idol drama but after watching the first episode, I find it quite interesting and follow it faithfully weekly. This review is more like a synopsis as it is not that easy to purchase the VCD set.

Story :

Xiao Xi is the daughter of Qisui High School principal. She doesn't know how to play basketball but she is the team's manager. As the team is a well-known loser in matches, there are only 2 players left - Black Bear and Frog. Mr Tian is thinking of renovating the basketball room to make way for other sports. Xiao Xi promises to recruit players within 3 months to salvage the situation.

One day, in order to save a white cat from distress, she trips over the wall and is carried by her idol, Duan Cheng Feng to safety. Cheng Feng is Gao Xiong's best player - nicknamed Liu Chuan Feng - the character in the Japanese comic Slam Dunk and is very COOL indeed. All mustn't miss this scene. This usual cool man can jeer at Xiao Xi for causing the cat to fall instead of helping it! However, upon seeing that she hurts her wrist and he has no plaster, he offers her his wristband.

Xiao Xi asks him to join Qisui and Cheng Feng smiles until his stomach nearly bursts - why should he join a school which is at the bottom of the list? She gives him the cat to take care of as her father is allergic to fur. Poor Cheng Feng - the way he carries the cat clumsily is like the way a father carries a baby for the first time. He is so taken aback and can't scold her because she runs away quickly!

During later matches, Xiao Xi cheers for him by giving him an apple for luck and asks Cheng Feng how the cat, Xi Xi is. I really laugh at the despised, quiet look that Cheng Feng gives each time. It is clearly written as 'it is a bother to me just like you are'. She shares his joy and misery in winning or losing matches. However, during a match, Xiao Xi can't find red apples at all as the season changes. She goes to 3 stores before finding it and rushes to the tournament ground, just in time to see Cheng Feng with the trophy.

However, Cheng Feng doesn't look happy as he is so used to seeing her around and feels a sense of loss when she isn't there when he is involved in the game. He grabs her cell phone and stores his cell phone number in it so that he will not be worried and know her whereabouts. Being a shy person, all will be tongue-tied to hear him say that he doesn't want to see her out of his sight at all and even KISSED her!

She also gives him a basketball key chain to hang on his telephone while another is for herself. They become lovers and both go to a wishing tree together before the national competition. Xiao Xi writes two wishing cards to pray for him to get the MVP title and to be with him forever. She insists to be the first person to give him morning calls on the competition days.

On the day of the final, Cheng Feng accidentally knocks down Angel with his motorcycle. Due to her insistence, he rushes to the competition ground and helps his school, Ruian to win over Yunshang High in the competition. He also wins the MVP title. However, he isn't happy. Why? His court rival, Iceman is Angel's brother. Upon knowing the accident, he rushes to the hospital and misses the match.

It is so coincidental - Cheng Feng walks in and Iceman walks out so they don't pit against each other at all. So Iceman's wish to win MVP is also dashed. He feels worse when Angel is paralyzed and misses her chance to get into Julia Music College in America to play the cello. Cheng Feng is so upset that he quits his studies and his favourite basketball sport to work part time to make up to the siblings. Xiao Xi is upset over the breakup - she thinks that Cheng Feng becomes arrogant over the win. Cheng Feng doesn't explain his situation to avoid giving her the pressure.

Cheng Feng is remorseful to see Angel in despair. So he tries his best to help her. At first, she rejects him but accepts him later. He gives her a handphone that stores his number and an encouraging CD that Xiao Xi gave him. At first, Angel is delighted that Cheng Feng gives her the present. She is disappointed when knowing that Xiao Xi has a major place in his heart.

Iceman's teammate, Shao Wei, blames Iceman's absence for their defeat. All players are dismayed when their principal orders their coach, Dong Qi Sheng, to resign. They have wanted to quit the team too but are discouraged by Dong. Dong has a divorce and sinks in despair due to the two setbacks.

Xiao Xi is disappointed to see Cheng Feng throwing away the basketball chain that she gave him. She keeps it and decides to concentrate in helping the school team instead. She has trouble recruiting people into the school team. Later she knows that Qisui won once in the 70s and believes that Qisui will win again if they try hard. But unknown to her, Qisui won the competition as there were only 3 teams participating during that year! Mr Tian has bragged about the victory but is too shy to tell her the truth.

Yunshang and Qisui students have a clash at McDonalds. Yunshang students call them basketball losers and order them to leave the place. Xiao Xi is angered and although she is much shorter, she still confronts them. Xiao Dawo wets her head with a cup of coke. Xiao Xi adds pieces of ice into his vest. Prince sees the commotion and tries to settle the dispute. He grabs a cup of coke that Xiao Dawo is holding. Yunshang students lower their heads and call him Prince when they see him.

He wants to dry her hair but she shoves his hand away. Xiao Xi sees that Prince commands so much respect from Yunshang students and assumes him to be the culprit for her ordeal. She is so furious that she does the same to him! Yunshang students are shocked that Prince is humiliated but to their surprise, Prince isn't angry. In fact, he admires her straightforwardness and likes her immediately! Prince suddenly grabs her cup and drinks the remainder, saying that they should not waste water.

Yunshang students bully Qisui students to force Xiao Xi to apologise to Prince. Xiao Xi meets Prince and declares that she will make sure that Qisui will win so that Yunshang students will leave McDonalds when they meet the next time. He smiles and declares that he will woo her openly! (This reminds you of Shancai's encounter with Dawomingsi, isn't it?) Xiao Xi is so mad that she gives him a slap before leaving!

Why is Prince so popular in Yunshang? He is rich and his mother runs the board of school directors. Thus many suck up to him, especially Xiao Dawo who follows him faithfully like a puppy. But unlike other snobs, he has an endearing and gentle personality that many like.

Many laugh upon knowing that Prince is going to woo Xiao Xi. Some Yunshang girls even sneer at her and say that the reverse should happen instead. The next day, he goes to Qisui in his Jaguar and declares his sincerity towards her. He even makes a love design with roses with a basketball in the centre. (This scene is sure hilarious). Xiao Xi thinks that he is making fun of her and nearly tears her hair.

Of course, Cheng Feng isn't too happy when he arrives so he leaves. At first, Xiao Xi is very unwilling to get into the car. But upon knowing that Prince is going to bring her to see Dong, she comes along. On the way, she sees Cheng Feng by the road, runs after him and trips. Prince hurries and helps her up. Cheng Feng feels that he isn't good enough for her now, acts cool and walks away. Prince lets her cling onto him as he sees that she can't walk properly. He jokes that with a love rival, the challenge becomes interesting.

Xiao Xi fails in her attempt to persuade Dong to be the team's coach. She then goes on her own to Cheng Feng's home to try to persuade Cheng Feng to change his mind about quitting basketball and the breakup. She also asks him whether he goes to Qisui to see her. He answers that he hears news about a fool trying to woo her so he turns up. It upsets her even more when he throws her wristband away.

He refuses to see her later and unknown to him, Xiao Xi stands outside his home with only a cardboard to shelter herself from the storm the whole night. When he goes out the next morning and sees the cardboard, he tries to look for her. Xiao Xi is very upset that things don't turn out the way they should be. On her way to the school, Prince sees her messy and tired look so he offers her a lift in his car. She sleeps and he quietly lets her rest on his shoulder. Upon reaching the school, she starts the recruitment.

She finally recruits only one - Zhi Yuan. Zhi Yuan only joins because he wants to impress the girls with his good skills. Unknown to her, Prince is standing at one corner to observe her. He admires her perseverance to try to persuade everyone to be part of the team. However, Prince senses that she is not in her normal self and is concerned so he stays. And sure he is right, she suddenly faints and he sends her to hospital. When she is awake, she is disappointed to see that Prince, not Cheng Feng, is around and she is holding Prince's hand because she thinks that he is Cheng Feng!

Mr Tian is alarmed to know that Xiao Xi is sick but more alarmed to know that she is admitted into a private hospital that charges expensive hospitalization bills. However, upon knowing Prince's identity and he will settle the bills, he tries to get into his good books, much to Xiao Xi's dismay. Xiao Xi is so disgusted with Prince for settling every issue with money and jokes that she wants to touch the stars. Prince says that he will contact NASA to travel with her in a spacecraft if she wishes to. To him, if money can help to make others happy and promote the economy, why not use it? She is shocked to know from Prince that Cheng Feng has quit his studies.

In order to meet Xiao Xi frequently, Prince requests the doctor to keep her in hospital for a few more days although she has recovered. But she still insists on leaving the hospital upon knowing that Qisui team challenges Yunshang to win over the use of a basketball court. Cheng Feng comes at the wrong time to visit her when she is discharged. She arrives just in time to see them defeated.

Although disappointed, she still wants to persuade Dong. Prince brings her to see Dong again. Dong is looking around for his son. His son is so utterly disappointed in him that he leaves home. Prince and Xiao Xi set out for the search. Worrying that she may get sick again, he shelters her with his tracksuit in the rain. Upon seeing that Dong's son is nearly hit by a truck, Prince dashes across and saves him.

Dong is grateful and is impressed with Prince's agility. He asks Prince to consider taking up basketball. Xiao Xi harbours hopes to see Prince in the next recruitment day but he doesn't turn up. However, she is surprised to see Xiao Dawo in Qisui uniform with a reluctant expression. She learns that Prince is having the flu and he registers him on his behalf. His two sidekicks have to follow him in the transfer to please him although this is against their wishes.

Xiao Xi recalls that he shelters her from the rain the other day and decides to visit him. On the way, she sees Cheng Feng's declaration on television that he knocked Angel down. He asks the reporters not to harass the siblings. They should look for him instead since he is in the wrong. She rushes to see Cheng Feng.

Prince also rushes to his home upon watching the news. He then realises that that is the same spot where he finds Xiao Xi sick the other day. Later he sees Cheng Feng with Xiao Xi's wristband and a letter. He is surprised that Cheng Feng doesn't get to see Xiao Xi at all. He follows Cheng Feng to a sports hall and is shocked to see Yunshang students holding Xiao Xi as a hostage. Yunshang students are able to break Cheng Feng's arms when Prince comes to his aid.

Both sides quarrel and Prince injures his arm in the process. Cheng Feng and Iceman manage to settle the dispute However, Xiao Xi is more concerned about Cheng Feng's well-being which upsets him. Being calm, he asks all to leave so that he handles the press. He goes to visit Xiao Xi later but Mr Tian says that she is not at home. He returns home, feeling disappointed. He knows that both have reconciled.

Prince transfers to Qisui to get close to Xiao Xi. And indeed he is so ignorant of the game that he has to start every skill from scratch. He manages to rope in Kang Yong when he sees him playing basketball shooting at an arcade. Kang Yong is so happy to win so much money from the bets. Prince offers him a deal and Kang Yong agrees. But Prince has 2 conditions - that is not to tell Xiao Xi their deal and never do any moonlighting. Kang Yong agrees reluctantly but he still tries to sell things secretly to get income.

After the recruitment, Xiao Xi is busy dating Cheng Feng and forgets her duties. Prince is disappointed in her and misses her old self in being so persistent in doing every single task. She feels bad and goes to his home to apologize to him personally. Unlike his usual warm self, Prince is indifferent and is signing documents - without looking at her eye to eye. He understands her and tells her to leave as he is busy.

His housekeeper tells her that besides studies, Prince is also busy handling his family business in Taiwan while his mother is overseeing their business overseas. And now with basketball, he has to work later at night. Xiao Xi is ashamed of herself and begins to change for the better.

They are still in lack of one player and Dong is sure displeased to teach a team of players who have different motives to play the game and not purely due to interest. But later, he can see that all have learned to grow to like the sport later so he tries his best to help them.

One day, they meet Gao Xing and Gao Xing warns them to disband the team because he dislikes it. The next day, Kang Yong is seen selling breakfast to other students. Black Bear and the rest are about to tell Prince about it but stop when Kang Yong bribes them with sandwiches. Kang Yong is relieved upon seeing Prince walking in the direction facing them and heaves a sigh of relief after getting rid of the sandwiches!

They see a group of hooligans trying to beat up Gao Xing with sticks. They help him and Dong offers to find him a sinseh to treat his old knee injury. Gao Xing doesn't get along well with his ex-classmates as he feels that they are inferior to him and he is always going for one-man show (This is quite similar to San Jing Shou in Slam Dunk for comic fans). Moreover, his old injury forbids him to play basketball and thus he hates others to touch the ball. It is tough to get Gao Xing to join their team because he is so arrogant of his skills. Dong asks Prince to block Gao Xing's 5 shoots. He is stunned when Prince blocks one of his shoots. He finally joins them. However, his temperament is still as bad as ever.

Yunshang's principal wants Mr Tian to disband the members and forbids them to use the school basketball court. The team gets mad and impulsively strikes a deal to win Yunshang within a month. Yunshang's new coach, Johnson declares that if Yunshang wins less by 30 points, it is still considered a failure. Yunshang's team is unhappy under this new coach's despicable training methods as they still miss Dong but they carry on training. After making the deal, Dong is worried and blames Qisui members for being impulsive. Although they are talented, there is no way that they can beat them.

However, they are not disheartened and still try their best to train up. Xiao Xi asks Cheng Feng for advice. Cheng Feng tells her that all should try to practice bouncing the ball at all times for better control. And sure indeed, they follow his advice so faithfully even when they sleep or in class! The scenes are sure over exaggerating. Kang Yong bounces the ball with one ball and sells his products with another! Prince is being asked a Geography question in class in the midst of bouncing the ball. He answers correctly without stopping his action and even points out the teacher's mistake in drawing out the map. I really laugh when the teacher is so embarrassed.

They still do the action non-stop in the basketball room. Prince's two sidekicks don't understand why they must also train with him. Prince explains that if there aren't enough people, they will have to make up the number. When the two look tired and stop for a while, the others stare at them and they have to continue. I really laugh at the reluctant expression that Xiao Dawo shows! The guys have grown to like the sport as even Kang Yong practices diligently without being asked.

Gao Xing's enemy breaks the trophy deliberately in an argument and Xiao Xi decides to spend the night in school to glue it back. Prince says that he can order a new one for her. But to Xiao Xi, it will not be the same anymore. Prince stays with her and deliberately keeps a piece to make her stay longer with him.

Seeing that Xiao Xi is troubled that Cheng Feng is pestered by reporters, he asks his assistant to handle the case. When he makes the call, Xiao Xi is so relieved that she sleeps. Prince sees that and strokes her hair, much to Cheng Feng's displeasure when he comes to fetch her (I wonder why this guy has such accurate timing whenever Prince is with Xiao Xi too).

Prince lets her go reluctantly. Seeing her so tired, Cheng Feng carries her on his back. On the way home, both have a quarrel over Angel and Prince but they make up later when Cheng Feng agrees to return to his studies. Xiao Xi is delighted when the trophy is glued to its original state when Prince gives it back to her the next day. He has spent the night fixing it.

Cheng Feng spends more time during Angel's therapy sessions and is delighted when she makes progress. But she is reluctant to get into Julia College which Iceman has fought the chance for her as she likes Cheng Feng. Every now and then, she will try to keep him by her side during her meetings with him. Once she even switches his cellphone to vibrating mode when Xiao Xi tries to look for him. This is to make him think that Xiao Xi never contacts him. Cheng Feng gets into a rage upon knowing it but thinks that the act is unintentional. Even in midst of his dates with Xiao Xi, she still calls him. she is also the culprit to make Cheng Feng miss reporting to Qisui on his first day of school by feigning to hurt herself at home. Both never suspect her intentions and still try to help her - by visiting her and giving her a new cello together.

Qisui team finds another basketball court and unknown to them, this is Yunshang's private court

Yunshang jeer at Qisui's skills and both sides get into a fight again. Prince didn't wanted to involve himself in a fight again but upon seeing that Xiao Xi is pushed by one of them and hurts her ankle, he can't contain his rage. Dong manages to arrive to stop the fight - only after being hit by a chair for shielding Prince from Shao Wei. Prince brings her to the hospital for a bandage and Cheng Feng is there to bring Angel for a checkup. Angel tries to cling on to Cheng Feng but Cheng Feng is so anxious over Xiao Xi's injury that he leaves her with Prince and walks away with Xiao Xi.

Angel is puzzled why Prince can stop himself from snatching Xiao Xi from Cheng Feng - just like the way that she is trying to do. Prince replies that he only wants Xiao Xi to be happy. Xiao Xi tries to arrange Angel's old friends to play music pieces with her - with Prince's help to contact them. However, Prince is hesitant because Angel may not like it. And true enough, her friends comment that she doesn't play as well as before so she doesn't deserve going to Julia College. Iceman is enraged and chases them away. Cheng Feng and Xiao Xi feel upset for not being able to help Angel.

Cheng Feng later brings Angel to a shopping mall. He manages to encourage her to play her cello in public to inspire her confidence. Later when he sees that Angel pricks her finger, he sucks her wound as he has no handkerchief. Stupid man, doesn't he know that this will lead Angel to misunderstand him??? Angel discovers that she can only pick herself up again when he is around with her. Driven by jealousy, she devises plans to break up the couple.

Xiao Xi is excited that Cheng Feng is going to make a comeback and she tells Prince about it. Prince says that she should not upset him by mentioning his love rival's name so many times. She then discovers her mistake and apologises. Later more girls come along and declare that their support for Prince will never change even though Cheng Feng is coming. Prince thanks them for their support and says that they might need pretty cheerleaders to boost the team spirit. Xiao Xi takes that he is referring that she is very ugly and walks away! Prince is amused to see this.

Cheng Feng reads the magazine with Prince on the cover. Prince is labeled the diamond entrepreneur and Angel hints that Xiao Xi must be close to him. Cheng Feng gets very unhappy but his face brightens up when Xiao Xi says that Prince looks better in the uniform than in a suit.

Cheng Feng joins Qisui High but he doesn't take up the basketball sport. Xiao Xi is in a foul mood and labels Prince as 'diamond entrepreneur'. Prince is upset and asks if it is a crime to be on the business magazine cover? Others can say nasty things about him but she can't.

Xiao Xi is remorseful and gets him a red tea packet drink from the vending machine. Prince is overjoyed and asks her whether she feels bad for being harsh to him. Xiao Xi replies if he thinks the drink is too cheap, she can take it back. Of course, Prince is delighted as this is the first time that she has ever given him a present. He says there is no way that she should take back something she has given away and he is going to display it at home. Xiao Xi is amused and yet touched with his gesture. He then jokes that pressing for red tea represents 'yes' and green tea is 'no' when asking questions to the person one loves in front of it. Since Xiao Xi presses for red tea, he will take that she might accept him in the future (Similar to Meteor Garden again when Shancai makes birthday cookies for Dawomingsi on his birthday)

Kang Yong is badly beaten up by a gangster. Cheng Feng comes to his aid. Kang Yong is grateful to him. Cheng Feng and Prince send Angel home after her therapy session. Cheng Feng leaves immediately after getting Xiao Xi's call. Prince tells Angel that although the two seem to have little time for each other, the bond between them is unbreakable. But she still doesn't give up.

To spite back, Angel deliberately frames Xiao Xi for pushing her down the stairs. Iceman sees this and is angered that Angel has sprained her wrist and misses her chance to Julia's College. Prince believes that Xiao Xi is innocent and calls Cheng Feng to Iceman's home to clear the air. Cheng Feng knows that Iceman will not make a slander but he says that there could be a misunderstanding somehow. That is why he apologises on Xiao Xi's behalf. Prince is unhappy that Cheng Feng doesn't help his girlfriend. Seeing that Cheng Feng doesn't trust her wholeheartedly, Xiao Xi turns and leaves with Prince.

Xiao Xi tries to explain herself to Cheng Feng. She asks the tea question to find out whether Cheng Feng loves her. To her dismay, he just walks away! Prince observes them quietly and is stunned that Xiao Xi takes his tea joke so seriously. But Cheng Feng starts to suspect Angel as he has never seen Xiao Xi so upset before. Prince visits Angel the next day and sees that Angel fakes her injury. He warns her about the consequences when Cheng Feng and Iceman know about this. Both are righteous in playing games and do not use underhanded means to gain victory. Angel is angry and asks him to leave. Iceman discovers the truth but he gives in when she begs him. He even forces Xiao Xi to leave Cheng Feng in exchange of helping Cheng Feng to get back to basketball. Xiao Xi agrees reluctantly.

Xiao Xi asks Cheng Feng to hug her and say that he loves her. Cheng Feng does hug and kisses her but says that he can't bring himself to say such mushy words. I don't see how he can't proceed another step further since he has guts to do something more daring such as kissing her? This is puzzling! Xiao Xi is disappointed. Iceman manages to persuade Cheng Feng to join Qisui team.

On the day of the competition, Johnson deliberately asks Yunshang teammates to anger Gao Xing and force him out of the court after 5 fouls. He has considered Gao Xing a top opponent and knowing his temperament, he gets rid of him first. Later, he finds out Cheng Feng's weakness of avoiding body contact and sends Iceman to guard him. Cheng Feng is always remorseful towards Iceman and does not dare to touch him. In the end, Qisui loses by 10 points.

Yunshang wins but all are quite surprised that Qisui can play so well. Johnson devises another round of devilish training to punish them for 'losing'. Shao Wei has the quickest temper and blames Iceman for asking Cheng Feng to make a comeback for their downfall.

Qisui is still happy although they lose. They look at the calendar of competitions and are dismayed that they have to go through 10 rounds in order to get into the finals. Yunshang is in quarter-finals automatically because they are last year's semi-finalist. All laugh except Dong, Prince and Cheng Feng upon knowing that their first rival is unknown and the members' average height is 1.7m. Prince never takes things lightly while Dong and Cheng Feng know that these people must be agile in speed despite of their height. The rest decide to work hard to fight for glory.

Cheng Feng spends a day with Xiao Xi and is shocked when she runs away after suggesting a breakup. Prince is at home recalling Xiao Xi's sad expression in school. He mumbles to himself that he will declare his love for her if he is the one being asked. His Taiwanese friend now staying in America, Barbie calls him up. She shows him a ring that he has given her many years ago and says that she is elated to be his fiancée. Prince has given it to her but he only treats her like a friend. Cheng Feng comes to look for him and tells him that Xiao Xi is missing. Prince finds Xiao Xi hiding at a corner and in tears upon hearing that Cheng Feng shouts out his love for her - finally.

The next day, Xiao Xi still attends classes with a gloomy expression. Prince tries to cheer her up. Upon reaching school, they see Kang Yong pedaling his stuffs. This part is sure funny - he advertises negatives of Prince and Cheng Feng after a shower! But he is shocked when his teammates appear and grab the pictures. Black Bear says that he is elated that people buy his photos. Kang Yong says that they buy them to ward off evil. Frog comments that the photos are well-taken. Zhi Yuan complains that why out of all, only his photos are blur? Gao Xing is the ONLY one unhappy - he grabs Kang Yong's collar. He doesn't mind him taking photos of others but him??? Is he that itching for a trashing? Kang Yong quickly explains that he is in popular demand to pacify him.

Xiao Xi smiles upon seeing this. Prince is relieved and smiles too. Kang Yong is stunned to see Prince. Prince says that Kang Yong is really gutsy to sell the things in the school premises. But seeing that he is raising funds for the basketball team, he lets him off this time. Poor Kang Yong doesn't know whether to get mad or upset over this. Upon seeing that Prince hasn't improved much in his accuracy in shooting from a nearer distance, Xiao Xi recalls Cheng Feng's advice and teaches him some techniques. They work and Prince is impressed by his love rival's knowledge.

Angel comes to look for Cheng Feng in school when he is so upset over the breakup that he returns home late the other night. Iceman and Angel have waited for him for 3 hours in vain and she catches a flu. Xiao Xi sends Angel to hospital when she faints. Cheng Feng arrives and tries to change Xiao Xi's mind over the breakup. Xiao Xi replies that she is tired of Angel always coming between them. Although Cheng Feng's choice is still her, he has no right to forsake Angel as he has done her wrong in the first place.

Cheng Feng returns to Angel's room miserably and is shocked when Angel declares her love for him. He tells her that his heart has no space for anything else besides basketball and Xiao Xi. He leaves but Angel vows not give up and she will recover soon to challenge Xiao Xi. Prince finds Xiao Xi and asks her the reason for their breakup. She just sobs. Prince understands that she must have a reason for it and hugs her shoulder to offer her comfort.

Prince is angered that Xiao Xi is so depressed and confronts Cheng Feng for hurting her continuously. Cheng Feng says that Prince can never win Xiao Xi unless he himself gives up. In the practice, at first all train as a team but later it becomes only Cheng Feng and Prince fighting against each other on the court. Prince is frustrated when Cheng Feng blocks his every move and even hits the ball away from him. Later both sprawl on the floor, refusing to let the ball go! Dong sees that Cheng Feng is in top form and asks Gao Xing to agitate Cheng Feng. Gao Xing says that he is still angry with Cheng Feng over the defeat and challenges him. He gets 4 goals past Cheng Feng.

Cheng Feng is angered upon seeing Xiao Xi standing so CLOSE to Prince so he manages to get 5 goals. He promises Gao Xing that he will not commit the same mistake again. Cheng Feng decides to put his heart in playing basketball matches so as to win Xiao Xi back. Angel asks Cheng Feng to call Xiao Xi to visit her to show that she can try standing up and walking again. But Angel feigns to be forced by Xiao Xi to stand so she is reprimanded by Cheng Feng and Iceman.

Xiao Xi wants to call her friend but she dials Prince's number by mistake. Barbie asks Prince to look for a hair clip which she can't get in America. Prince agrees and tells her to email the design to him. He then answers his cellphone upon seeing Xiao Xi's name appearing and is shocked to hear her sobbing. He quickly hangs up Barbie's call and consoles her at McDonalds. He brings her to the arcade where she vents her frustrations on games. When she doesn't have enough coins, Prince hands her the tokens quickly.

Xiao Xi is grateful to Prince to be with her whenever she is down. She asks Prince why he likes her because there are many nicer and prettier girls than her. He replies that she reminds him of a puppy that bit him when he is young. Others will be afraid of him because he is rich but in actual fact, he is lonely at heart. Xiao Xi is annoyed when he compares her to a dog and Prince can't help laughing.

Cheng Feng tries to dissuade Xiao Xi to change her mind by sending her the photos of Xi Xi. He even throws back the basketball cell chain through her window to show his sincerity. He finally gives her the hint that he wants her back by giving her a red tea packet drink. Xiao Xi nearly gives in but remembering her promise to Iceman, she hesitated. Dong tells all members to join a running test to test their stamina. Xiao Xi agrees to go on a date with Prince on Sunday if he wins. To her surprise, he really wins!

All of them pass their exams - except Black Bear. He has to sit for his sub-papers. If he can't pass, he will have to quit the team. Prince invites him to his home to help him out. Zhi Yuan and Black Bear are impressed by the size of his home. Xiao Xi smiles as she has already gotten used to it. Prince tells Zhi Yuan and Xiao Xi to enjoy themselves in the games room so that he can coach Black Bear in the study.

But concerned over Black Bear, they come in a short time. Prince is amused with Xiao Xi's limited English grammar and jokes on how she can become Mrs CEO in future. She feels shy and tells him that he can look for the right Mrs CEO who can speak proper English then. Black Bear and Zhi Yuan tease her and keep addressing her as Mrs CEO, pressing her to agree to Prince's date on Sunday. This part is sure hilarious when Prince keeps looking at her with a smile and she has to avoid looking at him.

The three are flattered when Prince asks them to choose the dishes from a menu. In the midst of having their meal, Dong dials Prince home number by mistake and all hear his quarrel with his ex-wife over his choice of school to coach. All decide to try their best to win to help him out.

Cheng Feng comes to look for Xiao Xi at her home on Sunday. She is furious when Angel tells her that she is no match for her over Cheng Feng's cellphone. At this time, Prince arrives and Xiao Xi goes out with him. They pass a jewelry shop and Prince goes in to inquire if the hair clips have arrived. The shop assistant shows him one, explaining that there are only 100 in the world to celebrate the Sweden Princess's 18th birthday. The shop is the only place in Taiwan to purchase 2 of them.

There are 18 diamonds together on the clip to signify eternal love. Prince asks anxiously for the other one. The assistant says that the other has just arrived and thus not on display as yet. He tells her to wrap them in separate boxes quickly as he doesn't want Xiao Xi to wait for too long.

And sure enough, he is about to give one to Xiao Xi. But seeing that she buries all the things that Cheng Feng shares with her under the wishing tree, he changes his mind. He brings her to one of his family going-to-be-opened amusement park 'Snow City' and plays with her for a whole day. Knowing that she feels cold, he even takes off his gloves and puts on her hands. However, she still thinks of Cheng Feng and decides to make their date short. She even refuses to get in his car and takes the public bus home although she stays far away. Prince goes after her in his BMW convertible and waits for her outside her home.

Xiao Xi is surprised to see him outside her home. Prince jokes that he is of course waiting for her and definitely not her father. He then snaps his fingers and the meteor shower appears. Xiao Xi knows that this is due to correct timing and not through magic that he has claimed but she still admires the scene. After that, she then turns to look at Prince - to get kissed by him on the forehead unexpectedly! He tells Xiao Xi that he is elated that Xiao Xi looks indecisive now instead of being firm to reject him in the past. He only hopes that Xiao Xi will not make him wait too long for her decision.

The next day, Xiao Xi tells Cheng Feng about the deal that she strikes with Iceman. Cheng Feng tells Xiao Xi to wait for him while he looks for the siblings. Barbie sends many presents in pink to Prince because it is her favourite colour. The team members are very shocked but yet feel romantic - Kang Yong even asks Prince why his taste changes so pink. Please imagine the scene - the towels, sneakers, T-shirts and even an umbrella with his name William are in pink!!! I think Barbie has overdone it. Prince knows there is only one person who will do this. Upon seeing Barbie appearing, Zhi Yuan is attracted to her and even offers her a seat, unlike the others who are so shocked that they call her 'Pink'!

This later part is so unexpected - her small poodle stands near a window in another room. Gao Xing is about to jump in from there but stops as he is afraid of dogs! He wonders whether this is the principal's punishment for him for being late. He is also conscious to let others know about his weakness. After sitting on the window still and staring it for long, he takes the risk and runs past it quickly!

He runs to the basketball room and jumps on top of a shelf - to the surprise of all! He even thinks of hitting the poodle with a stick! He scolds Barbie for bringing the animal to school and calls her a pink lampshade! Both have a quarrel and others are amused. However, Zhi Yong is shattered upon knowing that she is Prince's fiancée - especially seeing how she holds his arm. He has to be dragged out of the room by the rest.

Kang Yong and Black Bear wonder what will happen next as Prince is wooing Xiao Xi. Barbie sees the jewelry box in Prince's bag and thinks that it is for her. Prince says that it has flaws and thus he is going to exchange it. Barbie finds it weird because the shop is careful all along in its products. Prince tells her to go home so that he can resume his practice.

He tells Xiao Xi to give him 3 minutes if he scores a goal. Xiao Xi is puzzled when he gives her the box. When she opens it and sees the hair clip, she starts to recall her times with Cheng Feng. She asks Prince whether it is cheap. Prince lies that she guesses correctly and he only spends NT$199 for 2 at a roadside stall. He jokes that he knows Xiao Xi will scold him for wasting money if he gives her real diamonds. Sigh - this Xiao Xi can be so ignorant. How can't she tell the difference from the shining diamonds - or at least from the velvet box??? She still complains that NT$199 is too EXPENSIVE!

However, she finds it cute and Prince places it on her hair. Xiao Xi then says that if she doesn't agree to be his girlfriend now, she will feel sorry for him. If she has chosen him earlier, she could have saved herself from so many heartaches. Prince is so overjoyed and promises her that he will not let her shed a tear again. He then holds her hand and they leave for class together.

Sure enough, Cheng Feng discovers that Angel has been cheating him all along upon seeing that she can stand on her own. He reprimands her for hurting Xiao Xi. He tells Iceman off that he will not let anyone rule his life. His debt to them ends then. He returns to look for Xiao Xi - at the traffic junction when it shows a red man, he overhears 2 women complaining that it causes them to miss their bus. Sometimes an extra minute makes a difference in making a decision or missing a chance. Sensing something amiss, he suddenly feels frightened. He dashes across the road and runs back to school - only to discover that Xiao Xi has decided to accept Prince. Cheng Feng is so upset over the loss that he participates in boxing matches to release his pain. He is injured in the process.

Prince brings Xiao Xi to the wishing tree and Xiao Xi is so touched to see him writing so many wishing cards that he likes her. In the night, he calls her up to listen to her voice. Xiao Xi is amused to hear the story of the hair clip and dismisses it as a joke. Prince hesitates telling her to stop thinking of Cheng Feng. At this time, Barbie comes to hug him on the bed. She is thrilled to find the hair clip and says that she takes 1 year to get used to not seeing him in America.

Kang Yong and Zhi Yuan are stunned to see Cheng Feng's bruises. Kang Yong gives him a tube of healing cream which he claims to be effective. I really laugh when Cheng Feng recalls how Kang Yong is beaten up. He says that Kang Yong must have used the cream frequently! Kang Yong assures him that the gangster isn't as violent to him as before. And to my surprise for once, Kang Yong doesn't charge him! Xiao Xi is equally concerned but Cheng Feng ignores her.

Prince brings Barbie along and she is dismayed to see the same hair clip design on Xiao Xi's hair. Zhi Yuan rushes to greet her, brushes his hair by the sides with his hands (this is sure funny) and is delighted when she remembers him. Prince introduces Cheng Feng as the present MVP and she is impressed. Cheng Feng says that there is another who is better and has won the MVP award for a few years. Barbie starts blaming Prince for not letting her know that such a person exists in his team. She is disgusted to know that Gao Xing is the one. Gao Xing is equally displeased that she is going to be a student in the same school as him and wants to chase her away from the basketball room.

Barbie says that she wants to be the assistant manager to help Xiao Xi. Zhi Yuan is overjoyed and comments that this brings a breeze of fresh air because Xiao Xi can only be considered as half a woman! Xiao Xi gets angry when Zhi Yuan says that it is a fact! Gao Xing objects but has to give in later when Dong agrees to it. Prince feels uneasy with Barbie around and asks Xiao Xi whether she is jealous. To his dismay, she is neutral! He can't help feeling disappointed.

After the training, he holds Xiao Xi's hand to leave together. Cheng Feng keeps his cool. Barbie is annoyed so Xiao Xi wants to let go of Prince's hand. But he still presses her hand and looks at her tenderly. (This is sure hilarious) Barbie then says that Prince is so used to hold two girls' hands when young and thus his mother jokes that he might have 2 wives in the future. It is comical when both cling to him when he leaves!

Kang Yong is frustrated being the only one who can't get a single point in shooting in the training. Dong sees it and tells him that he will have to run 20 rounds around the court if he still can't do it. Frightened, he suddenly scores when shooting in different directions - no matter if the position is the centre, baseline or 45 degrees. All are stunned and yet impressed. Dong praises him but says that it seems that he can only perform when pressurized. After scoring, he starts to dream of how much he can earn in a single match if he is at top form. Prince has promised to pay him NT$3000 for one shoot!

Dong's son is taken away by his mother to America and Cheng Feng approaches the others for help. Prince manages to trace him but Dong feels that his son will not suffer with him so he decides not to look for him.

Before the next practice, Barbie questions Xiao Xi about her hair clip. Xiao Xi is surprised that an imitation at NT$199 can look so much about the same as the real one. She apologises to Barbie but Barbie says it is not her fault. Barbie says that it's impossible that the jewelry shop will allow others to copy its design. And so far, there are only 2 in Taiwan. The shop will even look into the customers' background before selling their products to them. Sometimes, even the rich may not get it if they are not refined enough. Xiao Xi starts to smell a fish and is shocked to know that it costs NT$1 million and Prince gets the hair clip for Barbie too! She deduces that Prince must have bought both at the same time and wonders what he is up to.

She returns Prince the hair clip. Prince is concerned and asks if she doesn't like it. Xiao Xi replies that the gift is too expensive and Prince shouldn't have made fun of her. Prince then asks if she is mad over Barbie who also wears the same design. Since young, both are close friends and he gives in to her all the time, buying the things she wants when she asks him. A few years back, she likes a ring so he just gets it for her. However, he never expects her to treat it as a token of love.

Seeing that Xiao Xi is jealous, Prince is overjoyed. To him, Xiao Xi is more like his fiancée than Barbie. He always puts her before himself. Clipping the hair clip back on her hair, he assures her not to worry about losing it. If that happens, he will get her a better one.

Prince later tells Barbie about his feelings for Xiao Xi. To his surprise, Barbie already knows and says that Prince can clear the air for her because she has openly declared to be his fiancée. Later she sits on the back of his bicycle as they go home together. However, she weeps over the issue. Poor woman - actually I find her a nicer person than Xiao Xi who deserves more of Prince's love.

The next day, she confronts Xiao Xi and says that she is never her match. Prince's parents have considered her to be their future daughter-in-law. To her dismay, Xiao Xi is not worked up at all. Xiao Xi even offers to give her the hair clip, asking her whether she is angry to see her with it. Barbie gets mad and says that she refuses anything that someone has worn before. Xiao Xi doesn't know what to do with her. Barbie can't stand the outdated way Prince has clipped for Xiao Xi so she re-clips it on Xiao Xi's hair. She then gets annoyed with herself for what she has done. She is supposed to provoke Xiao Xi and yet nothing happens!

Prince is worried sick and calls Barbie to find out what she has spoken to Xiao Xi. Barbie tells him the story and takes a few days' leave to let off steam. Prince is relieved as she will normally be all right after that. Zhi Yuan is of course the only one who is disappointed for not seeing her for a few days.

They have their first match and are shocked to find that one of the rival team's star player actually feigns to be Cheng Feng's fan to spy on their practices all along! Although Qisui wins by a margin in the first half, Xiao Xi can see that their players are tired although they have Gao Xing and Cheng Feng - the two well-known MVPs. It is very exhausting for all of them after they score in the boundary as their rivals follow up easily just by 3-point shootings.

At this time, Dong's son is hospitalized because he injures his head. All advise Dong to visit his son. Dong leaves the job of assistant coach to Cheng Feng. Dong's ex-wife decides to leave their son in his care as she sees the two so close to each other. Xiao Xi gets very frustrated upon seeing that their rival is so strong that she chides Prince for knowing nothing although he tries to calm her down. Poor Prince - he has never felt so helpless before as he is normally knowledgeable in other areas.

Cheng Feng analyses the situation calmly and assigns different roles to each. They are skeptical because they have not tried this new tactic under Dong. However, they listen to him. But Prince is annoyed as Cheng Feng wants him to shoot within the boundary if possible. This is his main weakness. He asks him whether this is his plot to embarrass him. Cheng Feng tells him to trust him. Prince vows to try his best.

Now they are two points behind their rival. Cheng Feng suddenly throws the ball to Kang Yong although he has the chance to shoot. Kang Yong is unprepared but still scores a three-pointer and leads the team by one point. But suddenly, the rival gets another three-pointer. All are devastated by the turnout but overjoyed later as the shot isn't considered as the time is up! They win by one point and all have a celebration at Dong's home after his son's discharge.

Before reaching home, Cheng Feng requests to speak to Prince. Prince then transfers the message to Xiao Xi. This scene is very touching - Cheng Feng tells Prince about her shortcomings - she can mistaken salt for sugar so if she makes blunders in cooking, don't let her know it as she will get hurt. She also has poor stamina and tends to leave the job to taking care of animals to others although she likes them. Xiao Xi bursts into tears as in her yes now, Prince becomes Cheng Feng telling her all these! Prince is heart-broken and says that he will pretend that he hasn't seen it.

Cheng Feng returns home to hug Xi Xi and still continues to take pictures of it. Wonder how he manages to make it so obedient to let him stroke it? However after listening to Xiao Xi's message on the phone, he decides not to give her the pictures anymore. He also deletes all Angel's messages looking for him. Iceman is mad over Angel and tries to enroll her to her old school so as to help her get back into her own self.

Qisui and Yunshang train jogging at the same place and Johnson sneers at Dong to be in a team which only wins by 1 point. Qisui puts up with his sarcastic remarks and holds Gao Xing back from hitting Johnson. Yunshang watches the slides of Gao Xing, Cheng Feng and Prince. Shao Wei is displeased with Prince for transferring to Qisui and is now considered one of the school's pillars. Iceman vows to seek revenge on Cheng Feng's ex-school, Ruian for defeating them in the last year finals. Later, they come to a slide on Yongxu's forward, Qiu Wei Qiang. This school also depends on violence to attain victory and yet unnoticeable to the referees. And …….Qisui has bad luck to meet with up this school later.

Qisui comes into a discussion. Zhi Yuan sees that Gao Xing's forehead is dirty and uses a tissue to wipe the dust off. This is funny……..Barbie sees it and thinks that both are gay! Gao Xing is angered and brushes his hand away. Zhi Yuan is equally put off by his behaviour. Upon knowing that Wei Qiang is his opponent, Gao Xing gets very worked up. Why? Because this fellow crushes his kneecap in his last tournament and causes him to be out of court for years.

Zhi Yuan says sarcastically that they have a barbarian in their team so there is no need to be frightened of him. Gao Xing then says that it is useless for him to be the only violent person as there is a sissy in their team. Zhi Yuan is annoyed with his remark. Dong says that he will be starting 'Heaven's training' with them. Upon hearing the news, Kang Yong says that he will have to buy insurance to ensure his safety.

Barbie confronts Gao Xing upon seeing him wanting to train with Cheng Feng. She says that he is hurting Zhi Yuan by doing this. Gao Xing clears the air saying that he wants more practices with Cheng Feng because they are a team pair. He declares that he is straight and so is Zhi Yuan - as 2 girls tag along with him wherever he goes. Gao Xing is puzzled when Zhi Yuan later scolds him for being rude to Barbie. After the training, Prince tells Xiao Xi that his chauffeur will fetch her at 6 to his home for dinner. Barbie chides Cheng Feng for feigning noble to give Xiao Xi up.

Prince tells his servants to set the table near the swimming pool for Xiao Xi's arrival. All should see how careful he is - to tell the servants how to place the napkins in the centre neatly and to serve each dish in light portions at longer intervals so that it will not look rushing for his important guest. He even reminds them not to give the food a strong taste as Xiao Xi prefers something with a light smell. His mother calls him but he sets up an excuse to say that he is celebrating Barbie's return and will only answer her call later. He knows his mother will give in to anything that concerns Barbie.

Barbie says that she is the first in his heart but Xiao Xi is the first among the firsts. Barbie then says that she will get rid of Xiao Xi to replace her. Upon hearing this, Prince gets nervous and looks as if the sky has fallen onto him but is relieved that she is joking! Prince and Barbie are elegantly dressed - he in a suit while she in a dress with her hair pinned by the clip.

Xiao Xi turns up - in her usual singlet, track pants and two watermelons! (I really laugh hard at this scene - funnier than Shancai wearing her mother's dress to Dawomingsi's home. Also beats me why she turns up with such a queer present. Equally puzzled on why she doesn't wear the clip since she and Prince are now going steady). Upon seeing how elegantly both are, she feels very inferior and timid looking when she tries hard to hide the two fruit away. Prince asks his servant to take them from her and is about to hold her hand. Barbie says that Prince is too anxious to see Xiao Xi that he rushes out to see her even when things are not ready. She offers to keep Xiao Xi company.

Xiao Xi knows that Prince's 18th birthday is approaching in 5 days' time from his mother's message. His mother even prepares 2 air tickets for him and Barbie to attend the party in America. Barbie lends Xiao Xi a dress and applies make-up for her. Xiao Xi apologises for being so sloppy but Barbie says she likes to dress her up. It doesn't bother Prince how Xiao Xi dresses as long as she is with him anyway.

She is touched upon knowing how she and Prince get together. But when asking what Cheng Feng means to her, she can see that Xiao Xi still loves Cheng Feng. Angel leaves a message to Cheng Feng, telling him that she is sitting for her musical entrance exam in order to be back at school. Cheng Feng ignores the call and concentrates in working tactics to win the next match. Xi Xi looks at him quietly and uses its paw to play with the basketball cellphone chain (I simply love this cat!)

Prince waits anxiously for the girls' arrival. He is stunned upon seeing how pretty she is after the makeover (as do I since she is normally so simply dressed - definitely gives a more stunning feeling than Shancai in a bright dress with two cute, pink clips in her hair). The three have an enjoyable meal together. Xiao Xi feels a bit out of place because they discuss topics which she doesn't understand at certain intervals. However, both are quick to notice when she is silent and divert their topics to basketball.

Prince sends Xiao Xi home and notices that she is very quiet in the car. Xiao Xi thanks him for the wonderful meal and asks him his wish as she wants to give him a birthday present. He replies that he wants to see her daily and requests to hug her to retain the elated feeling. Through the hug, Xiao Xi can feel how much he loves her but she also feels that his world is too huge. Recalling their experience in 'Snow City' when Prince gives her his gloves to keep her warm, she decides to knit a pair of mittens for him.

Prince returns and Barbie hands him the air tickets. Barbie asks how long he wants to keep the fact that he likes Xiao Xi from his mother. Prince replies that he is serious when he tells her that he likes Xiao Xi. However, Barbie says that Xiao Xi still likes Cheng Feng. Prince says that Xiao Xi has promised him that she will not cry over Cheng Feng anymore and she has not looked into his eyes then. Barbie demands Prince to look into her eyes when saying this. She even turns his head to force him to look at her. Prince avoids her, saying that it is tiring for him to repeat it. He wants Barbie not to mention it again as he wishes to feel happy - at least for the night.

Barbie gets upset and says that she sympathizes with Cheng Feng - to look after a girl whom he doesn't love and also to protect the girl that he loves. He is suffering and yet Prince is the third party. Barbie is similar in character as Prince. Both are always standing aside and are willing to go through all the torments to avoid their loved ones from getting hurt. She chides Prince for being cold-hearted and too blind when in love. Prince walks away quietly as he finds Barbie speaking the truth.

He starts to question himself how he can disregard the touching way Cheng Feng actually treats Xiao Xi although he has little time for her because of Angel. However, he decides to continue to be selfish as he is already deeply in love with Xiao Xi. He can see the harsh fact that Barbie points out to him but he still wishes to keep the loving feeling.

Angel fails her entrance exam and calls Cheng Feng. Upon hearing her voice, he steps out of the door to join the rest in their training in the mountains. Unknown to him, she later jumps down from her home's balcony. Iceman is shattered and drops the glass of water that he gets for her when he sees her body lying right at the bottom of their home.

Dong wants the Qisui team to have full concentration in their training. He tells Barbie and Xiao Xi to keep all their cellphones for 3 days to avoid distraction. Barbie asks Xiao Xi to get from Cheng Feng and other teammates standing on the right while she gets from Prince and the rest standing on the left. Prince is annoyed with her as this act is so deliberate to break him away from Xiao Xi. However, he keeps his cool. Cheng Feng looks at Xiao Xi and wonders if he has made a mistake to give her up. He later dismisses the thought and concentrates on the training.

Dong is amused to find Zhi Yuan with his MPA3 player which he calls it as his lucky charm. Barbie sneers at Gao Xing for being a barbarian as he has no cellphone. He replies angrily that he will not give her even if he has. Prince tells Barbie not to make Gao Xing angry as he can see that she is nice to all except him. Barbie replies that she does it deliberately so that Prince can protect her. Prince says that he can help her but on a friend's ground. Poor Zhi Yuan, he confesses his feelings to Barbie only to get rejected.

What is 'Heaven's training'? All have a shock of their lives as they find that they have to wrestle with 3 very plump rugby players. They have to beat them in 30 seconds. Of course, all fail. Dong lets them watch the tapes on violent teams. He imparts them ways to let their rivals expose their weaknesses and to bring out their own strength. All are able to clear the obstacles except Zhi Yuan. Being impartial, Dong punishes the whole team. They have no complaints but Zhi Yuan feels bad for bringing them trouble.

He yells that he can't be a superhuman in 3 days so he quits and leaves. All are dismayed by his decision and try in vain to keep him. Dong later opens his MPA3 player. You will laugh upon seeing what is in it. Zhi Yuan has actually drawn a very nice comic on all team players playing different positions. The funny part is he cuts all the members' photo heads to paste on it. Even Dong is seen at the side of the court with a whistle. Dong smiles and yet feels upset over his departure. His eyes are red the next day for the final training. All are indifferent although they manage to beat the rugby players.

They pack their bags sadly and look at Zhi Yuan's empty bed. Later they are delighted when Zhi Yuan begs for a final chance. They even do push-ups to make Dong agree to make him return to the team. Dong is touched and yet tries to act cool to wear his dark shades to tell Zhi Yuan that he will give him one last try to beat the rugby players. This is sure funny - actually Zhi Yuan takes more time to defeat them but Dong deliberately stops his stopwatch to make him stay in the team.

They have a campfire at night. All mention on how basketball has changed their lives and how they love the sport. Dong thanks all for trusting him to give them the training. The next day, Barbie asks Prince's housekeeper to drive his Jaguar to fetch her back because she can never bring herself to take the public bus like the others. But…I really laugh till I nearly burst at her annoyed expression when Prince tells her to take the front seat as he wants to sit with Xiao Xi at the back!

Cheng Feng sits quietly with the other guys by the roadside till he receives Iceman's sms telling him that Angel is hospitalized. He immediately sits in the rear of the car with the other two, right beside Xiao Xi. Seeing that Xiao Xi is very concerned, Prince holds her hand to calm her down. Cheng Feng keeps blaming himself for ignoring Angel's calls.

They visit Angel and are alarmed to find that she has lost her memory and can only remember her happy moments with Cheng Feng. Poor Iceman, he nearly faints when his beloved sister asks him who he is! Iceman begs Cheng Feng and Xiao Xi to help her recover. He is remorseful of forcing Angel to get back to her studies. She might be happier without failing the exam. Xiao Xi then asks Cheng Feng to try to accept Angel as she can't bear to see him alone. Cheng Feng says bitterly that she is very selfish but he will do it since he has done Angel wrong in the first place. Both then hug each other to wish each other happiness.

On the other hand, Barbie pities Cheng Feng for going back to square one again and sneers at Prince for taking advantage. Prince is frustrated and says that Xiao Xi chose him and he did not force her. And he is very upset in seeing Xiao Xi being hurt - can't Barbie understand how he feels? Barbie answers bitterly that she is feeling the same way right now. They walk in and see them embracing together. Prince walks away unhappily. A woman just scolds her son for letting go of a balloon which he has picked. What is not his is destined to be lost in the end. Prince ponders her words and wonders if he is doing correctly.

Xiao Xi stays up in the night to knit a pair of mittens for Prince. However, she finds it hard to give them to him as there is no correct moment. The next day, Cheng Feng visits Angel. Prince and Xiao Xi are also there. When Angel comments that Prince and Xiao Xi are compatible as a couple, Cheng Feng and Xiao Xi feel uneasy. However, Cheng Feng offers to stay to keep her company as the other two proceed to school. Prince can see that Xiao Xi is unhappy when Angel asks Cheng Feng to accompany her for physiotherapy and he agrees. Cheng Feng has a chat with Iceman. He assures Iceman that he will try to accept Angel. Iceman is grateful but he will still not give way to him in the basketball court.

Prince is unhappy upon seeing that Xiao Xi still thinks of Cheng Feng even when she is with him. He asks her to go to class first as he has left something in the office. In fact, he stands in front of the vending machine, asking it whether Xiao Xi will choose him or Cheng Feng. He doesn't get the green tea or red tea but an orange drink. Xiao Xi follows him to hand him the mittens when she overhears him. She is stunned overhearing this and keeps the package behind her. Prince is shocked to see her but keeps his cool.

Prince asks her what drink she wants. He takes that she chooses either green tea (Cheng Feng) or red tea (him). But to his dismay …….Xiao Xi removes the coins and says that she is not thirsty to avoid answering this tricky question. In the meantime, Cheng Feng asks Angel to be his girlfriend and she agrees readily. However he is relieved to know that she will look for another guy in case they break off.

Xiao Xi walks home alone. Prince offers her a free ride home on his bicycle. He is surprised when Xiao Xi suddenly becomes hesitant in speech. She asks him whether he will go for training the next day. He answers yes because he will only be leaving for U.S. in the afternoon. She nearly tears her hair upon seeing him so cool although time is close to his birthday and she still can't bring herself to give him his present.

She goes to his home the next day - just in time to see so many presents being sent to him in a truck. She wonders whether she should go in. Prince sees her and hurries to the gate, joking that she is peeping secretly. She just smiles and leaves. Prince runs after her and forces her to give him the birthday present upon seeing how she tries to hide it from him. This is so funny--Prince is delighted that she knows his birthday. In fact so delighted that he TORE the package in front of her, saying that this is to respect the giver that he opens it personally!

He turns quiet upon seeing the mittens. Xiao Xi is embarrassed as one is bigger than the other. She should have bought them instead. She tells him that she has wished to visit 'Snow City' with him again so she hopes to keep him warm. Suddenly Prince hugs her, saying that this is the best present that he has ever received (Just the same happy way that Dawomingsi has received the cookies that Shancai made for him).

The next day, Xiao Xi finds herself missing Prince when he doesn't turn up. Later, she is surprised to see all so properly dressed and not in their basketball attire. She tells Dong about Prince and Barbie taking leave. All look as if they are trying hard not to burst from laughing. They bring her to Prince's home and she is taken aback upon seeing that Prince has decided to stay in Taiwan to celebrate his birthday instead.

Xiao Xi pretends to get angry when Prince tries to pacify her. Cheng Feng comes with Angel and both sides are affected upon seeing their loved one with another partner. Barbie wants to eat grapes but there are none left. Gao Xing quietly places a bunch on her plate, saying that he doesn't want to hear a pink lampshade complaining to dampen his spirits. Barbie now finds him a better person.

Prince states his birthday wish and is about to kiss Xiao Xi when his mother arrives and all guests have to leave. Prince's mother is very angry with him for transferring to Qisui without her knowledge and even goes out with Xiao Xi. She throws the photographs of them together taken by reporters before him and calls this a scandal She threatens to give Qisui and Xiao Xi hell if Prince doesn't follow her bidding. Prince sees nothing wrong as he really likes Xiao Xi.

Prince's mother assures Barbie that she will set things on the right track. Prince is consoled upon hearing Xiao Xi's voice over the phone. Feeling better, he then teases Barbie for liking Gao Xing .(I still don't understand how she can like him so fast?).

Prince still stays with Qisui and they get into the semi-finals. Prince's mother is enraged and forces Prince to leave with her. She is offended when Cheng Feng and Xiao Xi advises against it. Cheng Feng even says that she is leading Prince to break his own promise and this is not expected of an entrepreneur. Dong knows that he has no right to keep Prince and has to let them leave. All are reluctant.

Prince's mother scolds Yunshang's principal for being so incompetent and threatens to dismiss him. Even an unknown school, Qisui can get into the semi-finals like Yunshang - what is happening? Prince defends himself saying that he can still make time to read proposals at night. However, Prince's mother reminds him that he has slackened slightly as he now needs 5 days instead of 3. To her, basketball is a nonsensical sport so she blames Xiao Xi for leading her son astray. Prince says that he joins Qisui at first because of her but he loves the sport now. Getting angry, she even calls up Xiao Xi to leave Prince as she is unworthy of him. Prince quickly cuts the line off to prevent Xiao Xi from being hurt. He is now in a dilemma.

Qisui finally meets up with the notorious Yongxu High. To their surprise, Qisui leads in the first half. However, Gao Xing and Cheng Feng aren't that happy as the others. They know that Yongxu's players are taking things too lightly in the first half but they will use notorious means to win in the second half. So they warn the others to be careful. And indeed, all are injured seriously and Gao Xing gets fed up being pushed by Yong Qiang. Black Bear is even forced to give up in the game when he is seriously hit.

Qisui has no more reserve. They have to make do with 4 players on court. Zhi Yuan gets two penalty shoots. Although he is hit till his mind becomes groggy, he reminds himself of Dong's confidence in him and manages to score two shoots which lets them win by a point. However, Qisui is disqualified. All are dismayed. Prince knows that it is his mother's doing and confronts her. She agrees to let them in the semi-finals but on one condition. He is forced to agree to further his studies in Switzerland and quit the team. He requests to bring Xiao Xi along and his mother agrees.

Prince tells others the good news. All are overjoyed but Xiao Xi can see that he is moody. Prince ensures her that he is okay and he will call her at home. Xiao Xi asks Cheng Feng to accompany her to Prince's home. However, he has to bring Angel for her therapy session and has to turn down her request. However, he sends her an apple sms to encourage her.

Prince's mother mocks at Xiao Xi saying that although she can provide her school fees in Switzerland, she is not going to make it there as she is unable to adapt to the change. Prince is offended and says that his mother has no idea how determined and strong she actually is. His mother walks away.

Angel oversees it and tells Cheng Feng to delete the apple icon from his handphone. Cheng Feng refuses and finally confesses that he still likes Xiao Xi. To his surprise, Angel exclaims that he should have told her sooner so that she can find another Prince Charming. She encourages him to woo Xiao Xi back. Cheng Feng sees a new changed Angel who is independent and cheerful so he is grateful to her.

Xiao Xi stands outside Prince's home, hesitating whether to go in. Prince sees her and walks her home. He asks in a joking tone to ask her to go to Switzerland with him. Xiao Xi can't bear to leave Qisui and her father. She is relieved when Prince says that he isn't serious about it. They run to the end of the road and Prince hugs her and kisses her when she is the loser.

Later, Prince wants to play another game with her. Both stand back to back to the count of three and if Xiao Xi peeps, she will have to go out with him. To his dismay, she just enters her house! He is so disappointed that he leaves but he tells himself that he will still not give up when he recalls their happy times together. Actually Xiao Xi intends to go out with him and comes out later but is surprised to see his car gone. She chats with her father and says that she treats Prince more like a friend - just like the way he treats his puppy. She doesn't know that Prince overhears this as he turns back.

Prince returns home unhappily. Barbie knows that Xiao Xi has rejected him and tells Prince to let out his feelings. Prince has to be an obedient son in front of his mother, a strict boss in front of his subordinates and a guardian angel in front of Xiao Xi. But in front of Barbie, he only needs to be himself. Prince can't control his feelings anymore and sheds tears. Maybe Xiao Xi isn't meant to be his in the first place.

Johnson is not affected by their change of opponent from Yongxu to Qisui. Instead, he laments that this has wasted his time on the shield practice and he will come up with a simpler training. Gao Xing comes for the meeting with other students. He is fed up with Barbie always following him like a puppy. Especially when he is in the room, she stands beside him deliberately! He gets so irritated that he moves away from her and stands beside Cheng Feng instead.

They have two surprises in store for them. One is Prince has quit the team. Another is NCAA wishes to recruit Cheng Feng to study overseas. They actually choose him over Gao Xing and Iceman. The other players are overjoyed that Cheng Feng wins Iceman even before the final. They coax him to grab the chance. Cheng Feng says that he will consider. Dong's son suddenly faints and needs to be observed the next 48 hours after the removal of a blood clot behind his head. Dong stays on to care for him and asks the rest to continue their training on their own.

Black Bear and Zhi Yuan are alarmed to know that Prince is leaving for Switzerland. Just as Prince has expected, Xiao Xi still rejects going along with him even after knowing about it. Cheng Feng only overhears her first part of the conversation of describing it as a beautiful country so he thinks she is leaving with Prince. So he decides to go to America. Prince tells Xiao Xi not to cry or feel sorry as he always makes her happy. He is consoled just to be her confidante. Seeing that Prince is depressed, his mother gives him a last chance to play in the finals and even asks him to try his best.

Yong Qiang finds fault with Gao Xing and gets someone to break his leg. Barbie rescues him and promises him not to tell the rest about his injury. She is so concerned that she doesn't even know that she hurts her wrist. Gao Xing quietly wraps up her wound with his handkerchief. He asks her whether she is going away with Prince. He falls for her and jokes that he will not get used to not seeing a poodle following him if she goes away. This happens too fast, right?

All follow Xiao Xi to hang wishing cards on the tree to wish Dong's son a speedy recovery. Dong dreams of his son telling him to go for the match. Thus he goes to join the team. They are at first losing because Yunshang blocks the perfect timing between all members. Slowly, Qisui is gaining the upper hand because Gao Xing and Cheng Feng pair up well. They only lose by a point which makes Johnson and his team uptight. Later, Dong finds out Gao Xing's injury and is afraid that he can't play in the future so he exchanges Frog despite his pleas.

At this time, all rely on Frog on his two free shoots. Qisui members are shattered when his first shoot isn't in but are delighted when they come into par so that they can play overtime for 5 minutes. Yunshang starts getting impatient and all the 10 players have 4 fouls now. Qisui is then lagged by 3 points. Gao Xing is adamant to go on court again so he is placed in. They managed to trick their opponents to give Kang Yong a chance to score a 3-pointer from the perimeter. But Iceman manages to score another free shoot and Yushang starts to drag the time. Seeing that they have no chance to lose, Cheng Feng quickly slams the ball into the ring in the last second and Qisui wins in the end!

All are overjoyed by the win. Upon recalling all their hard days, Qisui members are in tears. Cheng Feng wins the MVP award but he shares his glory with Iceman. All are touched by his words when he says that he will not be able to win again this year without him. Shao Wei also makes up with him. Dong's son moves his fingers and a tear flows down his cheek although he doesn't open his eyes. I take that he recovers in the end although it is not shown later.

Prince tells Cheng Feng that Xiao Xi has rejected him and encourages him to bring Xiao Xi to America. He calls up Xiao Xi to tell her about Cheng Feng's leaving. Xiao Xi quickly goes to the wishing tree to dig out the wristband and the basketball key chain. She hands her wishing card on the tree again, hoping that they will really reconcile this time.

Cheng Feng talks to her over the phone and before he can say anything, she just wishes him well. Then both see each other at the opposite of a busy road. Cheng Feng screams across to make the request but she doesn't hear him and walks away. Disappointed, Cheng Feng leaves Xi Xi outside her home the next day. (Stupid man - what's the trouble to leave a sms to tell her?) Prince also comes at this time to return the mittens. Seeing Cheng Feng, he gets the wrong idea so he decides to keep them for remembrance. In actual fact, Cheng Feng is only there to return Xi Xi to her.

Prince is so shocked to see Cheng Feng alone at the airport. Cheng Feng replies that Xiao Xi has the right to choose none of them. Prince is angered and calls up Xiao Xi, scolding her that she is too stubborn. He orders Xiao Xi to come to the airport. But alas, the two have very bad timing and don't see each other at all. Xiao Xi is in tears upon knowing that Cheng Feng has left.

Two years later, Cheng Feng takes a 3 day break home. Xiao Xi goes to the airport but he does not see her in the crowd. He goes to Xiao Xi's home and finds her moving out from there and her telephone number has changed. Disappointed, he still meets up with the rest of his gang. You will be shocked by their change. All of them look so different - even Gao Xing dyes his hair light golden in colour. Frog and Shao Wei looks so refined with spectacles.

Kang Yong wears a cap and has a camera with him - he is now a professional photographer after sharpening his skills by taking shots secretly in school. Zhi Yuan is a hip-hop singer and perms his hair like Michael Jackson in the early 80s. Black Bear is now a baker as he likes food. Gao Xing is becoming a coach soon and Frog is now studying his masters in philosophy.

Many compliment Frog for being smart but he says that he is nowhere close to Shao Wei who is studying medicine. As for Iceman, he is going to study in America soon. Angel is already in Julia College for the first year. After the game, all push Cheng Feng to meet Xiao Xi but she is no longer at the café where Barbie is supposed to meet her. Feeling upset, he walks on the street. At this time, two workers hold up a poster that separates him and Xiao Xi. Both stand near it to make a closer look. They are surprised to see each other and the basketball key chains are still intact on their handphones. Both hug each other in front of the poster. It is destined that Prince wants to bring them together and witness it.

Introduction on characters

Liu Hua/William (nickname Prince) - Sun Xie Zhi

I wonder who is so daring to give this nickname and the English name! By putting the two words together, all will know who the person in real life is!

He is so different from the arrogant and snobbish Dawomingsi. This guy is not only rich but also persistent in love, nice-looking, gentle, caring, helpful and smart. He is such a perfect gentleman. He is rich but he doesn't look down on others poorer than him. He even tries to help them, unlike Dawomingsi who keeps humiliating others and reminding them on their humble backgrounds. Who can hate this guy although at certain times he may try little tricks or schemes to keep Xiao Xi by his side? He is nice to Xiao Xi and is always around for her when she is down. He also gives in to her when she throws her tantrums.

Unlike Dawomingsi who is daring to talk back at his fierce mother, Prince tries to settle his romance calmly. Well, we can't say that this is wrong but obviously this doesn't work on his mother. But at least Prince is persistent in pursuing his dream and still attends basketball practices against his mother's wishes.

You will really feel disappointed for him when he gets rejected by her so many times just like Xiangzhe by Shanmei in 'All About Eve'. The many sacrifices that he makes for her will definitely move you - especially the part he rushes to Mcdonalds upon knowing that Xiao Xi is crying. He looks so worried when he can't find her. Why not give him a gal in the end?

Sun acts well although he isn't that impressive at first. This self-sacrificing character is so hot with fans that students choose him as the 7th most popular actor among the acting category in Friday weekly, a Singapore student paper. His height is a flaw. He formerly represents Gao Xiong province in playing volleyball but has to give up because of his limited 1.73 height. But he still plays basketball well. He is considered the shortest among all but his presence can be felt at all times because he simply glows in the serial.

Duan Cheng Feng (nickname Liu Chuan Feng from Slam Dunk) - Yan Xing Shu

Cheng Feng is an introvert who doesn't really know how to express his feelings well. But you can feel the difference when he is with Xiao Xi. He opens up and becomes more chatty. He is so warm towards her - even carrying her on his back when she feels sleepy! You might dislike this guy for falling into Angel's trap so easily. Especially to give up his studies and favourite sport to atone for his mistake. Poor Xiao Xi has to try so many times to bring him back onto the right track Still, this role is still popular with fans and comes in 14th in the acting category in Friday Weekly .

Yan is cool and tall at 1.83m. His basketball skills is more watchable than his acting as he is a national team basketball player. He doesn't do very well in emotional scenes and the part of his declaration of love for Xiao Xi is more like shouting instead of making you feel touched. Still, his acting is all right for a debut. However, his impressive background really blow the rest away as seen below - no wonder they are so stressed working with him:

Nickname : basketball genie/lightning point guard

High school star basketball player in 1996. Graduates from Pu Ren University's PE faculty.

1st President's Cup best newcomer and most improvement award in National Professionals in 1997

Winner of among best 5 players, best in assists and most popular player award from 1998 to 2002

He even represents Taiwan team in Asian Games - the best result in helping the team to get 1st in Korea's match in 1997. In other matches, the team manages to get at least the 5th place in the Games. My friend is really impressed by him, saying that he has the brains in studies and also the talent to play the game well.

Ming An (nickname Iceman) - Chen Yu Fan

He is so protective towards his sister but who can blame him? He has missed his dream of being MVP and has to put up with all her evil plots to get Cheng Feng. Although he is unwilling, he still helps his only kin. Chen was the captain of his High school and University of LA basketball team when he was studying in America so you will be impressed by his skills and towering height of 1.83m as well. He has the same shortcoming as Yan but his acting is still passable.

Gao Xing - Gao Tian Qi

He should be called 'Bu Gao Xing' - unhappy. Every now and then, you will only find an unhappy expression on his face. Despite of his bad temper, he still mixes with his team well. Even to the extent of helping Cheng Feng to regain his confidence. His hair has the spiky look that stands out from the other Qisui members. He has represented his secondary and high schools for matches and is selected as most popular star' and best assist player in 2000-2002. He is now majoring in PE in Taiwan Teachers' Training University so he plays the sport well too. I think that his acting is still very raw - he doesn't really know how to sound and look angry when he is supposed to be.

Kang Yong(nickname Killer) - Wang Ren Pu

A joker in the serial who will do things for money. He is known as the killer as he never forgoes the chance to make money. He always has something to sell whenever he appears. His bag is never empty with stuffs that all will need. But somehow, he finds himself really falling in love with the basketball sport in the end. His acting is quite natural to bring laughs.

Black Bear - Lu Jian Yu

As a captain, he should be quite dignified but this guy is so boorish with a gangster look. How can a high school accept a student with the sides shaved bald and tying a pony tail with his long fringe to the back of the head. This is the last straw that I can stand as this is so unrealistic.

Dong Qi Shen - Li Xing Quan

How can a team survive without a coach? He is a man with wits and tactics but sometimes, he gets disillusioned easily. There was once the team has to be persistent to bring him back to coach them because he doesn't think that they can win Yunshang. However, he is still observant and tries to help each team member to overcome his weakness. His acting is so-so although not outstanding.

Xia Zhi Yuan (nickname DJ) - Xu Meng Zhe

He is the best-looking and playful among the lot. Many will adore his dimple smile. In the first scene when he appears, he is impressive in dancing with the earphones to the music. He treats basketball as a leisure game and likes girls to crowd around him. He is attracted to Barbie when he first meets her - what a different look when he smiles! And how upset he looks upon seeing her so intimate with Prince! I really pity him when he doesn't get the girl in the end.

Shao Wei - Wang Shao Wei

Shao Wei has a hot temper like Gao Xing but he never loses his cool in competitions. He is very bitter over the defeat and thus tries to belittle Qisui like a bully whenever he has the chance. Sometimes, I pity him because he can't accept Johnson and Iceman puts basketball in the second place to take care of Angel. He is enthusiastic but he is upset when things don't go the way he expects. He treats Cheng Feng as his number one enemy and he tries to belittle him whenever he has the chance.

Shao Wei is a national soccer player but is also impressive in basketball games. A pity that he has few scenes of the playing - what a waste of his tall 1.81m build! And I think he makes a better choice than Gao Tian Qi as Gao Xing because he reads his lines clearly and has the 'fire' that Gao lacks in his eyes.

Xiao Dawo - Peng Kang Yu

He is one of Prince's sidekicks. He even follows Prince to transfer to Qisui. A very minor role with little lines - I'm very puzzled why the other 5566 members can say so much but he doesn't? I don't expect him to play basketball because of his spinal injury but can't this poor man play a meatier role? I don't see him appearing for the second half of the serial to the end - this can be quite unfair.

Frog - Yan Yun Zhi

He is a reserve in Qisui but he tries hard to excel himself. I really admire his determination to stay with Black Bear in the team when others leave. And giving credit to the team's success must be a consolation to his hard work. He sure acts well in displaying the nervousness when others rely him to win.

Tian Yu Xi/Xiao Xi - Zhang Shao Han

She bears a striking resemblance to Zhao Wei but she is thinner, shorter and younger than her. Xiao Xi is cheerful and talkative - which is the complete opposite of Cheng Feng. Yet they are an item. Sometimes, I feel like killing her for taking Prince for granted and be so ungrateful. Why hurt this nice guy again and again? Does the poor guy deserve such poor treatment? Is Cheng Feng so great? Moreover, she can be so stubborn to listen to others - I don't think she deserve their love at all.

Her acting is all right but her look is too Japanese for me. Her small build is really suitable for both guys. However, many may not like her as she is so unreasonable to Prince.

Ming Juan/Angel - Lin Li Wen

At first, she is quite kind. But blinded by her love for Cheng Feng, she becomes despicable and selfish to make use of her disability to tie him back. At first, she dissuades him from returning to play basketball again so that she can have more time with him. Luckily, Cheng Feng still places Xiao Xi in the first priority. Seeing that she can't win Xiao Xi, she forces her to give him up by using unorthodox means to frame her every now and then. Lin is successful in looking pitiful but not that good to portray the jealousy.

Fang Yi Xue/Barbie - Chen Qiao En

I doubt anyone will like any colour to her extent. I agree completely with Gao Xing's remarks calling her a pink lampshade. Sometimes, I find her a bimbo and her presence can be very irritating. However, she is cheerful and nice - being so devoted to Prince for so long. You will sympathize with her when she discovers that he likes Xiao Xi. It is unbelievable that she can treat her love rival so well. However, I find her liking Gao Xing too fast for no particular touching reason. Not convincing to me how she can have a change of heart so soon as she and Prince are childhood friends for so long.

Prince's mother - Yang Jie Mei

She is supposed to be a headstrong career woman but I still think this actress isn't vicious or stern looking enough. Unlike Zhen Xiu Zhen who shines as Dawomingsi's unfeeling mother, this woman doesn't seem to be particularly angry with her son for going against her so many times. Quite a failure here.

Xi Xi - the cat

This cat is beautiful and cute with white fur and green eyes - entirely different from the always frowning Zai Zai in Healing Hands 2. It is tame to let Yan and Zhang carry or stroke it every now and then. And when it breaks something, it will keep quiet, look innocent and give the remorseful look that no one has the heart to blame it! Most of the time, it will only watch both of them or play with the basketball key chain in silence. I really like it very much.

Most favourite character

Who is the person that I wrote the most in this review - an easy guess - Prince! He is so perfect. What's wrong with being rich? He never looks down upon other friends who are inferior and offers help when there is the need. Moreover he is so devoted to Xiao Xi.

Most hated character

Not Angel or Johnson but the two high school principals. Mr Tian has no backbone on his own and only knows how to give in to others. However, at least he isn't a snob in the end and does not give in to Yunshang's principal anymore. Yunshang's principal is a perfect snob who throws horrible insults at Dong when he tries to keep Qisui team going. I really cheer at the part when Dong is forced to resign from Yunshang and hits a blow into the face as he can't contain his anger!

Favourite scenes

All the basketball matches.

Cheng Feng and Xiao Xi sending apple sms to each other frequently to encourage each other.

Xiao Xi's confrontation with Yunshang students at McDonalds.

Xiao Xi slaps Prince for declaring that she is going to woo her.

Gao Xing pitting his skills against Cheng Feng.

How frightened Gao Xing is of the poodle.

Xu Shao Xiang is a guest star acting as a bully who hits Kang Yang for offending him.

How Prince cheers Xiao Xi up every now and then. Especially the part where he places the hair clip on her hair. She normally looks plain but suddenly looks pretty with this small, heart-shaped accessory.

The dinner scene at Prince's home.

The match between Yongxu and Qisui. Very exaggerating violent playing by Yongxu but really exciting. I like the last part where Zhi Yuan can't see the ball ring clearly but still try his best to aim. As for Gao Xing he has his taste of sweet revenge - when it comes to the last second Yong Qiang tries to shoot, he smacks the ball away and the game is over!

The final match between Yunshang and Qisui. You will be glued to the chair in seeing how both teams struggle to play overtime. It also shows good coordination between Yan and Gao.

Interesting facts

It received top ratings when shown in Taiwan. Channel U in Singapore showed it on the same day that it was shown in Taiwan. However, Taiwan finished its screening earlier as it was shown daily while Channel U only showed one episode weekly.

Sun Xie Zhi, Zhang Shao Han and Gao Tian Qi came to Singapore to promote the serial. They autographed on 200 serial posters. Who is most popular among them - you'll never believe this - it's Gao Tian Qi! Many screamed his character's nickname even louder than Prince! I saw them in person and they really looked fabulous! Xie Zhi said that he was so stressed when taking up the role. He comes from a middle-income family and is afraid that he might not portray a rich teenager convincingly. But upon reaching the later part, he really gets himself too involved in the role - thinking that he is really so rich in real life!

Gao Tian Qi sees that many Taiwanese lose interest in the basketball sport and thus takes up the role. And sure enough, the sport is getting popular due to the serial. He is selected among the 20 candidates that Taiwan Teachers' Training University offers to the producer when they search for the right person.

Although he is youngest at 19, he has the most experience in the sport besides Chen Yu Fan and Yan Xing Shu. Thus he takes up the task with the two to coach the rest. Sun is quite quick to play the sport well although he has only played volleyball all along and Gao has full of praise for him.

Although this is his debut, he replies that he is lucky not to end up being the 'NG king' like Zhang Shao Han. Gao says that he gives the production unit lots of headache because he will forget his lines when he faces the camera. However, the maximum is 7 times and not as many as Zhang whose highest record is 27!

Zhang can't defend herself because this is the truth and she could only stare at him. But Gao later explains that Zhang has a meatier role than him and is also her debut serial like him so it is natural for her to have so many retakes. Moreover this scene requires her to slap Sun and she has long sentences to talk.

Zhang is puzzled why there are rumors on her and Sun being an item although she has more scenes with Yan in the serial. One unforgettable incident is she rehearses very hard with Xiao Dawo and Xie Zhi without water splashing at each other as the producer allows no NGs as both will be wet after this.

As for the role of Xiao Xi in cheerleading, Gao gives her 80 marks because her voice is a bit weak. What a teacher tone that he has when talking! No wonder he will become one when he graduates.

Xiao Xi is wooed by two nice guys in the serial. Zhang wishes her future boyfriend to be a combination of Cheng Feng and Prince. Cheng Feng is quiet and does his work seriously. Prince is frank to express his feelings. So it will be nice if the person has these qualities.

The following week, 5566 band came to Singapore to promote their debut album. Their captain is Xie Zhi and deputy captain is Ren Pu. The other members are Shao Wei, Meng Zhe and Kang Yu. I never know that they were so hot - signing on their album for 3 solid hours for each of the 3 autograph sessions! Well, they also looked good in person. Meng Zhe and Xie Zhi are the most popular among them - Meng Zhe being youngest at 17 while Xie Zhi for his lead role in the serial. No wonder they are as hot as F4 in 2003.

Chen Yu Fan is also good in playing tennis as his parents are the national mixed double champions when they were young. All are interested to take up the sport from him and the guys are equally crazy over soccer. When World Cup was shown and they watched together, all pester Shao Wei to be the expert to analyse each match! Xie Zhi is puzzled why they aren't that interested to take up volleyball. They joke that this serial shouldn't be called MVP valentine but Sports valentine.

Xie Zhi is shortest among all at 1.73m. The guys find it funny whenever he appears on court for practices before filming. But he says 'a man might be small but courage is no less than them - 'ren xiao zhi qi gao'. He even suggests giving an on-line voting poll on who should be the 'MVP lover'. The other guys get interested and agreed. Well, the voting result shows the winners and the final cast. All are impressed and satisfied with the result. However, they can't help teasing him by giving him the nickname 'shoe' when they don't pronounce his name properly!

The first scene of Cheng Feng shooting the ball in the net … unsuccessful for 4 tries!!! This comes as a shock to his 200 fans who have volunteered to be the extras as they can't believe that this is happening before their eyes. Yan has been too nervous in his first debut and blames himself for this mistake too. He jokes that if he has no say to retain his title if he fails in his fifth attempt.

Yan finds his character Cheng Feng cool and boring so he can't use exaggerated expressions to show his inner feelings. Normally, he will ask the director to demonstrate so that he can follow. Many are impressed when his highest NG record is only 8 times. But he is quite hesitant to act in the kissing scene because this can't be practised! The first take he can't do it. The second attempt he shuns after touching her lips. The director can be so mean to show the NG tape. He also feels nothing upon watching it. At last, he completes it after half an hour - much to his dismay because the producer shoots at different angles to inject the romantic feeling.

Yan laughs upon recalling that one day does seem a year to him when shooting that scene. But he is more worried as to how to explain to his model girlfriend as he has promised her not to shoot intimate scenes. Luckily, she takes it well. Yan also finds it difficult to handle angry scenes so he has to make himself real angry when shooting. Sometimes even after the director says cut, he still needs time to cool down.

Yan is so used to his routine basketball life that he can't adapt to late hours of shooting at first. When the time is about 1am, he jokes that that is about time that he lands into a sleepy state. Once he waits so long for his turn after Shao Han's crying scene that he sleeps. The most embarrassing part is he can't control his mouth. One line saying ' both legs are paralysed' - both which is 'shuang' in Chinese - he reads as 'suan' which is sour. Many sleepy people immediately roar into laughter and wake up upon hearing his mistake.

Wonder why Yan and Chen have so few basketball matches in the serial although they are well-known for their skills? Because both have injured their legs! What a waste when actually their fans crave for more! Yan injures his leg in a China tournament and thus he can make time to film this serial. As for Chen, he injures his leg in the first scene where Iceman pits skills against Cheng Feng. Their injuries can be so serious that both have to sit on wheelchairs when the producer says 'cut'.

Both guys don't mind, joking that it is a relaxing to take a break from the sport - in learning to develop feelings to be a romantic guy or a caring brother. Chen says that this is no difference to him in real life when he takes care of his sister in America since he was 10 years old. They may play rivals in the serial but in reality, both are so close to each other. Both share the same room when filming scenes outside the studio.

When it is time for Chen to rest, Yan gets so concerned that he helps him to sit on the wheelchair and uses ice bags and towels to rub his wound. Chen is touched and also jokes that Yan has become an expert in self-healing after playing professional matches for so long. Together with the disabled Angel (by Lin Li Wen), the 3 of them can be known as the 3 wheelchair musketeers!

Xie Zhi finds it so tired to shoot so many basketball matches scenes. He even has to practice judo on the spot for several fight scenes. Many give him pressure when the first episode gets high rating. He makes the first appearance, walking out of the Jaguar with shades and bodyguards beside him. That is so memorable for him and he wonders how people will view the second episode. To his relief, the rating is even better than the first day.

Many are at first pressurized to work with Yan, a national player. However, they are relieved upon knowing that he doesn't play that often and he has a nice personality. In fact, he comes up with the strategies - just like in the serial to help them brush up their skills quickly.

Chen cries after watching his first appearance on television. Not because that he does badly but is touched that he has accomplished something to show others the hard work that he has placed in. Unlike him, Yan finds it weird to see himself on television. He will still concentrate on his professional basketball career and will only film serials when he has time.

Gao Tian Qi has to be in the TV studio 2 hours earlier than them daily because the hairdresser has to work very hard on his hair. She places so much gel to make it stand and he has a hard time washing it away. He once joked that he will prefer to have Yan's style which can still stand using lesser gel.

Yan appears at 5566's promotion in Taiwan in their debut album promotion to give them support. The crowd grows crazy and quarrels to get his autograph. Some ignorant ones even thinks that he is part of 5566. He captures the most attention instead! He feels quite bad as he doesn't expect this but 5566 doesn't mind as they are close friends.


It should have more coverage on matches - what a waste of the talents of the sportsmen!Out of 28 episodes, about half is on love which can be quite unnecessary.

Another flaw is the hair. Black Bear is terrible while many others dye their hair in such a bright gold tone or hair length which make one wonders which school can close both eyes and accept them????

The missing of each other in many scenes look fake and unrealistic to me. I don't know why - when I watch Korean dramas, I don't feel it that way. I suppose their presentation is more natural with better acting.

Many scenes of Cheng Feng with Angel or Xiao Xi can be too slow moving and boring. PAlease, besides romance, we viewers also wish to see more action!

The acting can be quite raw for some of them. Most of the time, they are memorizing lines without any feelings with stony expressions.This can be unbearable when Gao always likes to frown when reading his lines.

It doesn't relate how upset Zhi Yuan is for being a loser in love. This part can be further developed.

I will enjoy more if Barbie is made up to be nasty to ill-treat Xiao Xi or come up with a conspiracy to break her and Prince up.Remember the scene when she jokes about it and scares Prince? Too bad this doesn't turn real. That will spice up the serial. There is no excitement when both treat each other well.

To pair up Gao Xing with Barbie is too deliberate - they fall in love too fast. I will prefer Prince or Zhi Yuan to be with Barbie. Both nice guys don't deserve the sad fate of being alone in the end.

Why in the end, Prince, Dong and his son are being neglected? They are not shown at all and yet they contribute to the team's success!!! Especially Prince, it will be more worthwhile when he witnesses the pair together personally. What a waste to forgo a good chance to create a more touching ending!


I bought the OST that comes with 2 CDs and one MA of 5566 on 'Never mind. The starting theme 'Never mind is a fiascoes song which is lively. The ending theme is 'I'm upset which is a slow song. I like both songs by 5566. There are also 2 other songs, 'Provoke' and 'How' by them but not that outstanding. Other songs by Japanese and Korean singers like Hittite, Schwa and Daw Pump which are worth listening can be found in the original sound track. However, I don't know why they should miss a nice song by Ami which they play all the time in the serial!

There is another instrumental version of the songs that come in 10 tracks. MVP Valentine fans aren't happy, though with so many different versions. Firstly, 5566 releases their debut album with a bonus VCD of the 4 theme songs. Then in 2 weeks' time, they come up with another album with the same songs but different MTVs which include an MTV which states the final ending of Prince and Xiao Xi!

Although in this MTV, all look dashing especially Shao Wei being bespectacled and in a doctor's robe, it arranges Prince to die in exchange for Xiao Xi's life in an operation. Many find it upsetting to see Prince being pushed on another hospital bed beside Xiao Xi - to look at her and hold her hand reluctantly in tears for the last time. The title of the song is 'Without your Love' - which is very sad.

Yes, there is nothing that hinders Prince but isn't it stupid for him to die to let her live? Why do they like to create tragedies like 'Meteor Garden 2'? I will definitely boycott it if it really comes out the same way in part 2! Many expect to see Prince and Xiao Xi together but if they don't want it this way, it is still ridiculous to kill him!

All are unhappy with the arrangement. All MVP fans will go broke spending so much money if they really want to buy all of them for a complete set.


Actually this serial covers only about 50% on basketball and the rest on love relationships. Certain parts can be boring when dialogues are long. Many are really raw in their acting and read the lines without emotion. However, it is considered good as compared to the other considered 'trash' idol dramas because of the attractive storyline. At least we see a fresh breeze of air from the usual predictable stories.

I look forward to have a part 2 because the story can still be developed further - maybe on how all play the sport again in the university? And...please have the original cast back if there is one because I believe all are already used to the artistes and are unlikely to accept changes in the cast. We sure do not wish to see the same drastic result as in 'Meteor Garden 2' or 'Healing Hands 2'.

sukting's Ratings:

On acting:* * 1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story:* * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)


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