Managing Love II

Reviewed by: sukting

November 05, 2003

Rating: four


Gao Qiao Xin Fu/Takahashi Nabuo - Lui Chung Hin
Liu Bo Qiang - Liu Zhi Han and Lin Jing Yi - Lin Jia Yi (an ex-singer) as special guest stars in first episode
Liu Kun Lin – Ma Ru Feng
Jiang Xin Yao - Jiang Ju Ping (as You Ruo in Wind and Cloud)
Li Li Ren – Zhou Li Da
Mei Hua – Wang Li Ren
Xu Xiu Mei – Song Xin Ni

How long

11 episodes – what a weird number for a conclusion


It is surprising that this sequel actually maintains the standard as in Part 1. In fact, it covers more insight into the hoteliers’ work with less but realistic stories. I only dislike the love arrangements, though. Sorry for the long story below but just to share with fans who might be unable to get it. For more information about Part 1, please read my review ‘Managing Love’.

This serial was shown over Ch U in Singapore one month right after ‘Managing Love’ was shown due to its high popularity. This was a fast act because the vcds weren’t even out in the market then.


Part 1 – Xin Yao’s new post

Nabuo slips a ring into Xin Yao’s finger and proposes to her. This is not a sudden decision as he has waited for a long time since Kun San’s stroke and the problems with the hotel. The major problem also lies with him as he has no home, is alone and worries about not being able to give her happiness. But Xin Yao still likes him as the person who bakes cakes and plays arcade games with her – regardless whether he is an orphan in the past or a successor to the hotel at present. Nabuo hugs her and feels contented.

Bo Qiang thanks Jing Yi for staying with him to deal with the hotel’s crisis. However, she rejects being his girl friend as she can’t forget how he hurts her. He quietly removes the engagement ring that he always wears to signify the end between him and Xin Yao. Both watch a movie together. He is puzzled when Jing Yi is cool to him after that and wonders what is wrong.

Xin Yao tidies Nabuo’s room and Nabuo jokes that she resembles a housewife. (Just to inform those who missed Part 1 – Nabuo stays right in the hotel itself just in case of emergencies.) He asks her to marry him as he hopes to see her when he wakes up daily. She is touched.

Jing Yi turns in her resignation and decides to study overseas. Bo Qiang decides to follow her there and he requests Nabuo to take care of his father. Kun Lin pretends to be angry with his only son – he is troubled on how to get a GM to replace Bo Qiang. If he knows it, he will never agree to be the acting chairman on Kun San’s behalf. Nabuo tries to pacify him and Kun Lin wants him to call him ‘second uncle’ since they are at home. Xin Yao says that this is a big problem as the amusement park has many different facilities.

Then Nabuo senses a twinkle in Kun Lin’s eyes when she talks about this. Kun Lin says that he has found Xin Yao who is already involved before starting work. He pushes her to take up the post. How can Nabuo take up another post as he is already so busy with the hotel and he isn’t as familiar with the amusement park as her? Moreover, she is Nabuo’s wife-to-be. Nabuo brings her to the arcade to relax.

Xin Yao is worried that she is not up to the task. Nabuo laughs as his two uncles must have decided this secretly. She says that she needs to reconsider the wedding and pretends that the ring is missing. This scares Nabuo and he searches everywhere anxiously. He is amused after finding that it is only a joke.

Kun Lin introduces Xin Yao to the new job in front of the subordinates. He jokes that all should not clap so loudly for him as he knows all along that they like him so much. They should support the hotel’s first female GM. Xiao Tang resigns and Nabuo is cracking his head to choose a replacement. Xin Yao is stressful to read documents to get ready for a meeting with branch subordinates in Taipei the next day.

Nabuo waits for Xin Yao in the restaurant for dinner and is disappointed when Xie turns up instead. Xie jokes that Nabuo should not stop smiling so quickly as this hurts his feelings. Nabuo confesses that he is not used to not seeing Xin Yao the whole day. Xie comments that although the amusement park is near the hotel, it must be about miles apart for them as they don’t see each other that often now.

Part 2 – new staff coming in

Nabuo is disappointed when Xin Yao misses their date but still sends her to the train station the next day. She confesses that she is nervous but is calm upon seeing him. Nabuo jokes that he is her tranquiller and tells her to keep smiling otherwise the subordinates will think that she is proud. On the way back, a motorist Xu Xiu Mei helps Nabuo to fix his punctured tyre. (This scene is comical, as it is so rare that a man doesn’t know how to fix a tyre and this shows how helpless he is.)

She later comes to the hotel for an interview for a post of the janitor. I really laugh at this scene – Meng Zhao says they don’t need bellgirls. She is insistent while Mei Hua turns up. Nabuo is impressed with her fluent English but still reminds her that most tourists are locals. She is the best among the new batch and he sends her to work at the front desk. Mei Hua is disappointed but still accepts the post.

Xiu Mei pesters Meng Zhao to give the post to her since she has the strength and is more thoughtful than men. Meng Zhao consults Nabuo as she also lacks the qualifications. Nabuo approves although he has not seen Xiu Mei as she is so interested in the job. Xin Yao has problems at the Taipei branch as the others refuse to change the content for children programmes. They gossip that she gets the post because of beauty and not talents. She cries and calls Nabuo but he is busy discussing Xiu Mei’s case with Meng Zhao.

Xiu Mei runs around looking for the GM to thank him personally. Meng Zhao has to follow her, wondering how she can run so fast. She knocks into Nabuo and tells him happily that she is being accepted as an employee. She thinks that he is in the hotel for holiday and says that he can approach her for help. She is startled to know that he is the GM but is not threatened by his position at all.

Xin Yao visits the Taipei branch, Zoo Mall to look for ideas. She meets an ex-employee Zhou Li Da there. Li Da has just returned from studies overseas and is comparing different amusement parks to work in. He gives Xin Yao ideas and she finally impresses the crowd with them. She gives him her name card and hopes that he will contact her as she finds him very talented.

On Xiu Mei’s first day of work, she drops the luggage from the trolley. Meng Zhao doesn’t scold her but is concerned whether she has hurt herself. Mei Hua sneers at the mistake. Xiu Mei is later troubled by the mixing up of the luggage. Nabuo and Meng Zhao bring her to every person to apologize. Nabuo can’t fetch Xin Yao back from the train station due to this. Li Da gives her a lift band he has decided to work for them.

The park rekindles memories for Li Da. Nabuo forgives Xiu Mei but she feels bad, squatting outside his office to apologise again. He tells her not to do that next time because this is very unsightly and she is still wearing the uniform. He treats her to a meal and Xiu Mei is relieved, because she really doesn’t have that much money to foot the bill. Li Da later comes with Xin Yao and the 4 have dinner together.

Kun Lin leaves Xin Yao and Nabuo to decide on who to promote to take over Xin Yao’s post in the hotel. Xin Yao asks whether Nabuo really wishes to postpone the wedding. He doesn’t want her to be a stressed bride. She is only in Taipei for 2 days and he starts to miss her. He hugs her, saying that they really have little time to themselves these days. So he leaves his car at Kun Lin’s home and drives Xin Yao back.

Xin Yao brings Xiu Mei home for the night as Xiu Mei stays in Tai Zhong. Nabuo is troubled as there is no more vacancy in the hotel dormitory. Xiu Mei talks non-stop in Xin Yao’s home. Nabuo calls Xin Yao and she is astonished that he knows Xiu Mei is talkative. He reminds her that he has known her one day earlier.

The next day, Xin Yao is touched when Xiu Mei washes her car and also makes breakfast too. So she welcomes her to be her flat mate. Nabuo is relieved that he needs not look for a room for Xiu Mei. He exclaims that he has not eaten the breakfast she makes for a long time and she has improved a lot. He is stunned when Xin Yao doesn’t buy it but Xiu Mei makes it for them.

During the meeting, Xin Yao introduces Li Da to be the manager of planning unit of the amusement park. Meng Zhao takes over Xin Yao as Room Service Manager. Li Da sees Xin Yao and Nabuo holding hands together so he questions Xie about their relationship. Xie tells them about their past. Li Da then jokes that he will accept Xin Yao if she woos him since they are in a similar situation . Both men laugh.

Xin Yao starts to lose her confidence, as Li Da knows more than her. Li Da says that sex doesn’t matter and she should work harder to prove herself. Unknown to Xin Yao, Li Da likes her secretly all along. When she was in high school 8 years ago, she worked part time in the amusement park. Li Da was also working there and saved a child but injured his arm. Xin Yao used her handkerchief to wrap his wound and he still kept it till now. Xin Yao forgot about it but he always remembers her.

Part 3 – Li Da showing his talents

Mei Hua is very annoyed when Meng Zhao and Xiu Mei still call her by her Chinese name. Xiu Mei says that there is nothing wrong with it since her parents choose the name for her. Nabuo asks Xin Yao to taste the sample food in the to-be opened Japanese restaurant with him over lunch and give comments later. She reminds him that he should ask Xie and Meng Zhao instead since she is no longer working there. Nabuo smiles as he is so used to having her by his side. However, she still agrees to join them later.

Before she goes, the safety belts on G5 can’t be fastened and she cannot fix it. Li Da manages to solve the problem by using a spanner to tighten the screws. As an overseas trainee, he was in the maintenance department before and Xin Yao wonders if there is anything that he doesn’t know. The 3 men wait for her in vain and they decide to eat first.

Xin Yao goes over to the hotel to apologise to Nabuo for being late. A Japanese guest complains of being sent to the Imperial Palace instead of the airport. Meng Zhao and Mei Hua come to Nabuo as they are not fluent in Japanese. Nabuo demands to know that who makes the blunder. Mei Hua is about to tell him that Xiu Mei is the one when Meng Zhao takes the rap. Nabuo tells him to get the next flight for the guest. Mei Hua is annoyed that Meng Zhao does this. Meng Zhao says that he is responsible since he is her superior.

Upon knowing the incident, Xiu Mei owns up to Nabuo. Nabuo jokes that she will lose her whole month’s pay. He tells her to learn more and be more serious in work. Meng Zhao waits anxiously for her return and is relieved that everything is okay. He assures her that Nabuo tells him to be mindful and only jokes about cutting his pay for the blunder too.

Li Da invites Xin Yao for dinner but she declines as she is meeting Nabuo. She is surprised to know that he is not attached. Actually he is not contented to be a manager – he wants to be the GM. But he wonders why must Xin Yao be the one to sacrifice?

Xin Yao has a stroll with Nabuo and notices that the hotel is really beautiful when she seldom comes here. Nabuo likes her to show jealousy upon knowing that he shields Xiu Mei. He jokes that he will treat her even better then. In actual fact, both of them only adore her like a little sister.
Before Nabuo goes to bed, he notices odd noises come out of the air-conditioner. He does not notice it in the noisy daytime. Mei Hua is impressed that Nabuo is not only nice looking but also knowledgeable. So she makes breakfast for him the next day. Xiu Mei pesters Nabuo to teach her Japanese. She has no money for remedial classes so she reads books. She finds Nabuo the most suitable person to teach her. Nabuo declines as he has no time. Nabuo frowns over the breakfast so she eats them as not to waste the food.

She then comments to Mei Hua that the coffee and sandwiches taste awful. She will do a better job. Mei Hua gets offended upon knowing it. Meng Zhao tells Nabuo about his lack of experience in managing itinerary arrangement. So he wonders whether he can make Sanye Bank employees happy on their holiday. Mei Hua tags along with him to see Nabuo because she doesn’t believe that Nabuo doesn’t touch the food. Indeed, she discovered the truth. Meng Zhao is puzzled that Xin Yao can forget that Nabuo dislikes sandwiches and coffee but still prepares for him. Mei Hua is angered that no one tells her about it.

Seeing that Meng Zhao is troubled, Li Da tells him to ask Xin Yao for help. Xin Yao offers to read his proposal during the night. Seeing that she is so busy, Li Da plans the schedule for him. Meng Zhao is impressed but is hesitant upon seeing that most activities are focused in the amusement park while he only settles their accommodation and food arrangements. Li Da assures him that the proposal is okay since both places are under the same ownership. When Nabuo approaches Meng Zhao for an answer, Meng Zhao contributes Li Da’s plan as he still lacks confidence on his own.

Part 4 – a story on how employees improve their relationship with their superior

Employees from Sanye Bank come with Supervisor Wu. They are displeased that she follows along as they dislike her. They don’t even reserve a chair for her in the restaurant during dinner. Xiu Mei is about to quarrel with them when Nabuo stops her. He says that he will tell the kitchen to prepare congee for her to be sent to her hotel room since she is unwell. Xiu Mei is impressed with the way that Nabuo ensures that Wu doesn’t get hungry and is also saved from embarrassment. Nabuo tells her that it is good to have a sense of righteous but she must also work tactfully.

Xiu Mei brings the food into Wu’s room and says that all should be happy in doing their job, regardless of how it’s like. It is tough for her being a bellhop but she likes it. Wu is touched by her cheerfulness and gives her a tip for encouragement. Xiu Mei is happy and decides to keep it as a remembrance. (Does this remind you of the tip incident that Nabuo gives Xin Yao on the first meeting?)

Xiu Mei later tells Nabuo that she is puzzled why Wu’s employees find her unreasonable and nasty. She actually finds her a nice person. She then consults Nabuo on Japanese pronunciation. Nabuo is alarmed by her lack of accuracy but is touched when she uses a tape recorder to tape down what he has said. He decides to teach her. She is overjoyed.

Li Da sees that Xin Yao is working overtime and buys her dinner to get close to her. The next day, Xin Yao and Li Da encourage Wu to play G5 with the rest. She is doubtful as she is quite timid. At first, her employees don’t get along with her but they cheer for her when Li Da plays with her. Wu later gets hooked and the group goes to the ferris wheel and flying car. They find themselves releasing stress by screaming loud, especially on the driving machine. One employee nearly vomits and Wu helps her.

At night, the employees slip a note under Wu’s door to invite her to join them at the pub. Xiu Mei is overjoyed that their relationship is better and even helps her to change into casual dressing because she looks too serious in a business suit. All are amused to see her in her outfit and one even invites her for a dance. Wu later confesses to Xin Yao that it is hard to be a superior as they have to be stern all the time and this tends to worsen ties when a person gets too stressed. Xin Yao also feels the same.

Wu thanks Xin Yao for the arrangement and Li Da says that the glory isn’t important but the result matters. This man is putting up an act because when he is at home, he starts throwing darts at a dartboard with a note – GM in the center. Recalling his own words, he smiles bitterly to himself – who says name isn’t important? Under Nabuo’s guide, Xiu Mei’s Japanese pronunciation improved. She reminds him of his curiosity when he first joins the hotel industry too. Xin Yao also feels that new colleagues create sparks.
Wu thanks Nabuo for the remarkable arrangement. He praises Meng Zhao for the plan. Meng Zhao confesses that Li Da plans the whole thing. Nabuo is taken aback. But he smiles, saying that he has told Meng Zhao beforehand that he can look for help so he is satisfied with the result and it doesn’t matter who arranges it. When Meng Zhao leaves, Nabuo frowns as he is worried.

Li Da smiles upon reading Wu’s email praising him. Xin Yao has told her that he is the planner. Li Da has planned the schedule with his ex-classmate’s help. His friend is also working in Sanye bank and thus knows Wu very well. He admits to Xin Yao that in the past he doesn’t know that he is happier when others are happy but he knows this feeling now.

Part 5 – Nabuo and Xin Yao start to feel threatened by Li Da and Xiu Mei

Xiu Mei’s performance has improved so Meng Zhao wishes to transfer her to housekeeping section. Nabuo is pleased that Meng Zhao is observant and more confident now. Nabuo also agrees to raise her salary by $2000. Mei Hua is jealous that Xiu Mei gets promoted in a few days although both start work on the same day. Meng Zhao doesn’t see what the fuss is about since Mei Hua is a hotel management graduate while he only promotes Xiu Mei from the bellhop to the chambermaid.

Both women get offended by his remarks. Mei Hua refuses his help to put in nice words for her in front of Nabuo if she works harder. Xiu Mei says that although this is only a cleaning job, she works hard for it. Meng Zhao doesn’t know why both get so angry with him.

Xin Yao places Wu’s compliments on the staff notice board. She jokes that if Nabuo is jealous, she can loan Li Da to Nabuo to help out in preparing Official Shi’s visit when he is here to do auditing. Nabuo starts to smell a fish when Xin Yao sings praises too much but he keeps quiet. On their way home, Xiu Mei suddenly appears and hugs him because she is overjoyed over the promotion. Nabuo is caught unprepared and is uncomfortable. Xin Yao feels uneasy but still smiles as she can see that it is unintentional.

Xin Yao later congratulates Xiu Mei and says that she can understand how she feels as she also starts from scratch to climb up to this position. Xiu Mei then says that it will be romantic when Nabuo and Xin Yao combine efforts to manage Hushan together. However, Xin Yao warns her not to hug Nabuo again in a stern voice otherwise she will not let her off. Xiu Mei gets troubled but is relieved when she is only joking.

Li Da manages to pacify a child when Xin Yao can’t dissuade her from bringing ice cream into the play center. Xin Yao says that it is unfair that their senior teaches Li Da the ropes but never tells her anything. Li Da says bitterly that thanks to this man, he nearly ruins his confidence because he told him that Li Da can never achieve in the hotel management. He is unwilling to reveal his name so Xin Yao stops asking.

Part 6 – helping out a colleague/Xiu Mei’s serious blunder

Xiu Mei finds the hotel plumber, Jian asleep in the bathtub while fixing the pipe. Jian confesses that he has to take care of his sick mother and also pluck fruits from his orchard to sell to earn more money. He doesn’t have enough sleep then. She volunteers to help him.

Mei Hua doesn’t wish to invite Xiu Mei to the KTV after work but Meng Zhao speaks on her behalf, making her annoyed. She is relieved but also angry when she turns her down to rush to Jian’s home. She sees Nabuo and asks him out. Xin Yao comes at this time and doesn’t mind her joining them. Meng Zhao calls Mei Hua back to ask her something on the job, signaling the couple to leave quickly.

Nabuo says that Mei Hua is pretty but frightening. Xin Yao jokes that within 2 days, he has opened his doors to so many people. He assures her that his thinking and action go the same way so he is still truthful to her. Xin Yao then wonders why Xiu Mei returns home late these days. Nabuo suggests that she might be having a boyfriend. Xin Yao doubts it and jokes that the culprit must be Nabuo since she sings his praises all the time. This is woman’s instinct that Nabuo should trust but he dismisses it.

Official Shi is coming to audit. Meng Zhao notice that Xiu Mei and Jian are yawning He wonders why Xiu Mei looks as tired as Jian. He reprimands her as he doesn’t want anything to go wrong. But later she is so exhausted that she sleeps on the bed. Nabuo and Meng Zhao are shocked and embarrassed when they bring Official Shi in. Meng Zhao scolds her and Xiu Mei drags him to sit on her motorcycle to Jian’s home. ( I think this part is too exaggerating – how can they leave the hotel during office hours?)

He gets to see Jian with his mother there and offers to give him a longer leave. He will also look into the employee’s welfare fund to help him out. Xiu Mei suggests him to get colleagues to help to pluck the oranges after working hours. (She is too much here – no wonder Mei Hua objects to it upon hearing it.) She even gets him to persuade Nabuo since he brags about being No.2 but Meng Zhao knows that he is under No. 1 – Nabuo and he is still very angry at this time.

Meng Zhao mentions this to Nabuo. He is still mad at the incident – he flares up and asks Meng Zhao whether he should give Xiu Mei an award for sleeping on her job instead? Meng Zhao and Xiu Mei approach Xin Yao but Nabuo tells her to leave the matter to him because Xiu Mei commits a very serious mistake. Xin Yao is astonished that he becomes so insensitive and doesn’t accede to her request.

Meng Zhao brings Mei Hua to see Nabuo to discuss about Xiu Mei’s case again. This time, Nabuo is touched that Xiu Mei gives up her leisure time to help others so he lets her off this time. Mei Hua is annoyed that Xiu Mei is being spared again and pretends that she will help them willingly. Xin Yao and Li Da join the others to help out in the orchard. Nabuo doesn’t help out but he buys some oranges back.

Nabuo returns to the hotel and asks Xie to think of new dishes with the orange theme to attract customers. Li Da also comes up with a ‘orange scented carnival’ plan to attract urbanities. Kun Lin is impressed by their plans. This makes use of local produce and increases the hotel’s earnings. He tells Nabuo to place orders with the fruit growers. Kun Lin jokes that their proposal is in a big, red file but a pity that this is not their wedding card and this disappoints him.

Xin Yao is pleased that Jian’s problem is solved. If she hasn’t intervened, Nabuo will still be hardhearted. Nabuo is impressed that Xin Yao comes up with a plan that links with his. He is amazed to know that Li Da is behind this. He wonders if he will become a worthy – or frightening rival.

Part 7 – getting into trouble with a triad boss

Nabuo is troubled on how to develop the Heyuan Hall, which is far from the hotel and the theme park. It is hard to develop it. He asks Xin Yao for suggestions. She reminds him again that she no longer works in the hotel but has left a file on a similar theme with Meng Zhao. Nabuo can refer to it. A triad boss, Liu Wu Xiong’s daughter, Xuan Xuan slips from the escalator at the Time Tunnel at the theme park hurts her forehead. His sidekick threatens to seek revenge. Xin Yao decides to visit Liu in Taipei to apologise to show her sincerity. She tells Li Da to go on leave as planned as she will handle it.

Nabuo thinks that she should not go personally as he is worried for her safety. Xin Yao gets offended as this implies that he feels that she is incapable. If something happens, will he leave Meng Zhao to handle it? She is duty bound so she is not getting Qing Sheng or Li Da to go on her behalf.

The next day, Li Da comes to join Xin Yao. Nabuo is relieved but Xiu Mei isn’t happy to see him pestering Xin Yao. Mei Hua says that Li Da is brilliant to try to come between them. Nabuo might lose Xin Yao in half a month. Xiu Mei defends Nabuo, saying that he is dashing and more capable. Both women bet and hook their fingers together. They have a shock when Nabuo suddenly comes and places his finger with them too. They get back to work upon seeing his stern face.

An ex-Japanese chef, Fa comes to join Heyuan Hall’s Hefeng restaurant as a kitchen helper. The chief chef picks on him when Fa points out his mistake but Fa tolerates him. Liu is still angry over the accident. Both Li Da and Xin Yao are at a loss, not knowing what to do.

Meng Zhao and Xiu Mei have lunch together. He asks her out for a movie. She is shocked upon knowing that he only invites her and screams aloud, asking him whether he is asking her out for a date. All look at her in amazement. Nabuo can’t hide his smile and walks away.

Xiu Mei hurries to leave after him while Meng Zhao digs into the rice in embarrassment. Nabuo jokes that Xiu Mei runs so fast to get away from Meng Zhao – is he so frightening? He tells her that she should not go around telling others about the quarrel that he has with Xin Yao. Xiu Mei says that he can call Xin Yao instead of waiting for her call. He replies that he will do that later when he is free.

Xin Yao thanks Li Da for sacrificing his holiday and she will replace another day for him. He then asks her to go on vacation with him. She then realizes that he likes her. During the talk with Liu, Nabuo calls Xin Yao to inquire about the situation. Liu’s sidekick throws her handphone into a cup of water, saying sarcastically that she should not be busy as Liu. Li Da pacifies her by holding her hand. Liu tells Xin Yao to drink a whole bottle of wine to see if she can hold her liquor and stop being a laughing stock. To him, women are still weak after all. Enraged, Xin Yao gulps down the whole bottle. Li Da tries in vain to dissuade her and Liu will not let him drink on her behalf.

Nabuo gets worried upon listening to her voicemail later as he can get through her line earlier. He calls Li Da and Li Da hangs up upon listening to his voice. Xiu Mei asks Nabuo to wait at home but he is too worried. So he sleeps at Xin Yao’s home. The next morning, Xiu Mei is stunned to see Xin Yao drunk in Li Da’s car. Nabuo awakens and helps Xin Yao into her room.

Xiu Mei is displeased with Li Da and forbids him from entering Xin Yao’s room since Nabuo will take good care of her. She demands to know why he hangs up Nabuo’s call and his act makes them worried. He says that Xin Yao is too drunk and he needs to take care of her. Xiu Mei suspects him hiding something since he is sober. Nabuo has to return to work and Xin Yao hasn’t woken up. So he asks Xiu Mei to bring some porridge for her from the hotel.

Li Da brings Xin Yao breakfast. Xin Yao is disappointed that Liu hasn’t forgiven them. She then recalls Li Da promising that he will not let her suffer again and how he carries her to his car. Li Da then reminds her the incident that happens 8 years ago. She gets annoyed as she suspects him getting close to her at the Zoo Mall from then with this motive. He is also not contended just being her friend and colleague. Li Da hugs her and Xiu Mei is stunned upon seeing this when she reaches home.

Xiu Mei is very troubled, getting back to work. Nabuo asks her whether Xin Yao is better. This woman can be so blunt – she replies that he can also ask Li Da to prove that Xin Yao has finished the porridge since he is also there. Nabuo feels uneasy upon knowing it.

In the evening, he brings food for Xin Yao when she returns to work. She tells him that she will meet Liu again 2 days after a Taipei meeting. He dissuades her to go as he feels that she is taking too seriously to prove herself. To him, injuries are expected from a naughty child and the fault doesn’t lie with them. He then asks whether Li Da is going. She gets angry that he doubts her competence and feelings so she ignores him. She doesn’t pick up his calls at night so Xiu Mei decides to help them.

She goes to see Meng Zhao, telling him to cancel all appointments for Nabuo so that he can accompany Xin Yao to Taipei. Meng Zhao is at first puzzled as he has confirmed the time with Nabuo’s secretary. After knowing Xiu Mei’s purpose, he runs to tell Mei Hua before she informs Nabuo about the meeting time. Both women tell Li Da later that Nabuo isn’t free to see him for his proposal in connection with the park’s activities. Li Da then tells Xin Yao about it, saying that this act must be the power of love.

Xin Yao finds it absurd and gives Nabuo a scolding over the phone. Nabuo stares at Meng Zhao and Xiu Mei for the confusion caused. He tells them to inform everyone that nothing has changed. Xin Yao later apologises for being too rash. He says that he isn’t a person who will ignore his duties as he doesn’t put feelings above work or abuse his power. He has thought of taking a holiday initially to accompany her but changes his mind. Xin Yao says that she is going alone.

Part 8 – the opening of the Japanese restaurant

Nabuo and Xie decide to name the Japanese restaurant at Heyuan Hall as Hefeng. Hefeng restaurant is opened officially. Kun Lin’s friend, Mr Song is displeased with the chief chef’s cooking and stops tasting it. The chief chef blames on his helpers’ preparation. At 1 am, Mr Song is hungry and demands for noodles. Mei Hua pushes Fa to make the dish as no one else is around. Fa is at first hesitant because the chief chef disallows anyone to touch his things. He gives in when Mei Hua promises to keep it a secret.

Li Da distributes his duties to others to go Taipei with Xin Yao. Xiu Mei is dismayed and informs Nabuo, wanting him to intercept Li Da. She reveals that she sees them hugging together and urges him to go before Li Da takes her away. Nabuo is unhappy but Kun Lin contacts him at this time. Mr Song demands to see the chef who cooks him the noodles. Fa admits to be the culprit and the chief chef scolds him. Nabuo brings him to see Mr Song. To his surprise, Mr Song actually praises Fa’s cooking and wants him to be his family chef. Fa decides to stay in the hotel because he is grateful to Nabuo for giving him a second chance.

Li Da lures Xuan Xuan to persuade her parents to bring her to Zoo Mall. He takes the risk as it is worth trying. The whole family enjoy themselves and Liu decide to let them off. Xuan Xuan asks innocently whether Xin Yao is married to Li Da. If not, she will want to be their flower girl at their wedding.

Xie is troubled over lack of manpower in Hefeng and the hotel café is also shorthanded during peak hours. Nabuo suggests getting hourly staff to help out instead of getting full-time staff to cut costs. They can even get help from Room Service Unit as there are times where guests don’t check-in. Xie can discuss with Meng Zhao over this. Xie is impressed with his handling of the situation.

He then asks about him and Xin Yao. Nabuo says that he has no time to call her yet. Xin Yao may look strong but she still needs her man to show her care and concern. So Xie coaxes Nabuo to give her a call and all will be well. When Nabuo returns to his bedroom to retrieve a document, he wants to give her a call. Xiu Mei comes at this time and persuades him to fetch Xin Yao back. Just then, Nabuo takes a call from front desk and tells her to lock his room for him. She picks up a call for him and is annoyed when the rude caller just hung up on her and never apologises.

Mei Hua gives a guest a room that is already occupied and he is very angry with her. Nabuo apologises and gives a deluxe room with the best view to pacify him. Mei Hua explains that too many guests check in and Meng Zhao isn’t around to help. So she can’t handle them. Nabuo knows that the guests’ documents are filed and tells her to check it next time. The guests can come anytime so they can’t slack and must give the best service at all times. Xiu Mei consoles her but Mei Hua ignores her.

Part 9 – the argument between Nabuo and Xin Yao – quite draggy at times

Xiu Mei complains about the caller. Nabuo is stunned and wonders if the call is from Xin Yao. He hopes that Helen’s case doesn’t repeat itself (Please refer to my ‘Managing Love’ review for more details as it is a long story). He dismisses it later as it is quite unlikely that Xin Yao will call him during working hours. Well, this is very wrong of him! It is really Xin Yao making the call!

Xin Yao tells Helen’s story to Li Da. She has wanted to leave a message in his bedroom as she knows that he is busy. She hangs up for no reason as she recalls Helen’s case upon hearing Xiu Mei’s voice so her mind is a total blank. She then claims that this doesn’t bother her at all. But Li Da can see that she is troubled. So he brings her to his hairstylist friend to change her mood. She treats him to dinner later.

Xiu Mei drools upon seeing what Nabuo buys to prepare for Xin Yao. Nabuo guesses that they might be late due to a traffic jam so he decides to cook her favourite food. Li Da can see that Xiu Mei admires Nabuo. He then says that most men like this pride and tend to protect their admirers. Emotionality doesn’t play a part in love. Nabuo notices that Xiu Mei is sleeping after he finishes cooking so he places his coat on her. He waits in vain for Xin Yao to return and decide to go back.

Li Da pleads with Xin Yao to give him a chance. Nabuo comes at this time as Xiu Mei sends him out. Both get to see Li Da kissing Xin Yao. Xin Yao pushes Li Da away and she stops herself from slapping him. Xiu Mei is about to confront them when Nabuo stops her by holding her hand. Li Da says that he expects to get rejected but he will not give up before leaving.

Xin Yao turns around and sees Nabuo holding Xiu Mei’s hand. She gets jealous and angry. Nabuo says sarcastically that she has a chauffer with her to enjoy the scenery so this must be fun. She rebukes that she will not rush back if she knows that he has company. Nabuo leaves in anger. Xiu Mei runs after him after telling her that Nabuo has fixed supper and waiting for her. Xin Yao starts to regret for being impulsive.

Nabuo and Xiu Mei return to the hotel to watch the night scenery. Upon seeing Xiu Mei trembling, he places his coat on her. He thanks her for keeping him company as he has not come here for a long time. Xiu Mei says that she can accompany him anytime. Nabuo starts to regret encouraging Xin Yao to pick up the post. She will not meet Li Da then. Since then, they do not have time for a proper meal or chat.

Nabuo senses that Li Da is fishy. Li Da is too good to Xin Yao and the hotel so he suspects his motive. Nabuo sends Xiu Mei home and Xin Yao is unhappy seeing her with Nabuo’s coat. She cries upon hearing Xiu Mei saying that she enjoys watching the night scenery with Nabuo in her sleep.

Nabuo can’t forget the kissing incident and asks Li Da out. At first, he thanks him or helping Xin Yao but questions whether it is his job to send her home. He should remember that Xin Yao is his fiancé. Li Da admits that he loves Xin Yao and will not lose out to him. Nabuo replies that he has nothing to say if Xin Yao doesn’t love him anymore. But he warns Li Da not to force her as this is not a gentleman’s act. Nabuo is confident in their relationship. Li Da still doesn’t give up.

The next morning, Nabuo exercises in the gym. He wonders what Li Da works as in the hotel many years back. Meng Zhao sees that he is in a bad mood and mistakens that Mei Hua’s blunder affects him. Nabuo replies that he doesn’t take it to heart and asks Meng Zhao whether he knows Li Da earlier. Meng Zhao is in the hotel for 5 years so he knows nothing about Li Da’s past.

Xin Yao brings Nabuo breakfast. Nabuo comments that she can’t even make a decent sandwich for him even after staying with Xiu Mei for so long. She should learn from her one-to-one. Xin Yao gets offended and questions why Xiu Mei was in his room then one-to-one too. Nabuo then questions about Li Da, saying unhappily that the whole world knows that he is wooing her. She finds him unreasonable as she is only with him on business trips and there is nothing wrong with it.

Xin Yao demands to know why he hasn’t called her when she is in Taipei. He rebukes saying that she doesn’t reply at all. She then recalls that her handphone is damaged in the glass of water by Liu so Li Da gets her a new handphone and a SIM card. Nabuo finally loses his temper – how can he show his concern when she doesn’t even tell him her new number? If she needs a new handphone, she can just tell him as he doesn’t wish her to accept any gift from Li Da. Why doesn’t she keep her distance from him? Xin Yao also says why he can’t avoid Xiu Mei when she isn’t around? Nabuo wants her not to drag Xiu Mei into this.

He finds that the problem starts when she becomes the GM. He suggests her making a transfer back to the hotel as the GM post is too tiresome. She refuses and thinks that he is selfish and walks out. When she returns to the park, she finds a musical box and an apology card. She smiles, thinking that they are from Nabuo. She is uneasy to find that they are from Li Da. Li Da apologises for being crude but will still woo her. He knows that she is angry because Nabuo doesn’t tell her that he loves her.

Part 10 – Mei Hua working in F & B/Xiu Mei realizes her feelings towards Nabuo

Meng Zhao is appalled at Mei Hua’s mistake when he only takes leave for 1 day. Mei Hua gives a sullen look after being reprimanded although Meng Zhao talks to her tactfully. Xie comes to ask about the staff arrangement. Both are stunned when Mei Hua volunteers to go.

Xie shakes his head upon seeing how she dumps all the utensils together. He teaches her how to place them softly to create a serene surrounding. Mei Hua notes down what he says - waitresses must be tolerant, composed and fast. She then pretends to be a nasty customer and Xie is shocked because she is sure nasty to him! He shows her the ways to deal with them.

Nabuo comes and Mei Hua decides to use him as a practice target. He is amused and asks for coffee. Xie is surprised that Nabuo doesn’t look happy even though Xin Yao is back. Upon seeing Nabuo holding the cup, she takes the saucer away. Both men look at her in amazement. She replies that Xie has told her to clear all empty plates. They smile as this doesn’t apply to saucers! Mei Hua blames Xie for not telling her earlier to make her a fool in front of Nabuo.

Meng Zhao is afraid that Mei Hua is too impetuous to go there since she is not interested. He offers to assign someone else but Mei Hua convinces him that she chooses this job as a life career. Moreover Fa cooks nice food and she wants to learn from him. She then encourages Meng Zhao to woo Xiu Mei. He is alarmed that there is no secret in the hotel.

Xiu Mei wants to return the coat to Nabuo. Meng Zhao and Mei Hua are shocked to know that both watch the night view together. She gets to know Nabuo’s quarrel with Xin Yao and becomes anxious. She lies that there is an issue at the staff restaurant. Nabuo rushes there and is annoyed that she only wants to ask him about this case. He knows that she cares for him but he doesn’t wish to talk about it when all are on duty during office hours. He assures that it has nothing to do with her and takes his coat back. Meng Zhao reminds Xiu Mei not to complicate matters but she only runs away to punch her card, ignoring his advice.

Nabuo tries to call Xin Yao to no avail because she is calling him at the same time. Xiu Mei says that Nabuo is dullwitted and not like Li Da who knows how to please her. She urges her to call him first. Xin Yao yells at her to leave them alone. Xiu Mei leaves Xin Yao’s place and has a talk with Mei Hua. Mei Hua also senses that she likes Nabuo because she uses him to reject Meng Zhao. She lets her stay in the hostel with her for the night.

Xin Yao searches for her with Li Da in the hotel. Nabuo returns to the hotel after buying a handphone for Xin Yao. While doing night checks, he is displeased to see Li Da holding her hand. He gets concerned upon Xiu Mei’s disappearance because she is unfamiliar with the people and place. She will not look for him during late hours. He feels that Xin Yao should vent her anger on him and not on her. Xiu Mei is too ardent but she means no harm. Xin Yao gets jealous again as their relationship become so intimate.

She cries as she is equally worried for Xiu Mei. But why must Nabuo scold her and doesn’t care for her safety when she is out at night? Li Da hugs her to offer consolation. This makes Nabuo angry and he keeps the handphone. The next day, Xin Yao can’t find Xiu Mei although Mei Zhao has seen her. Meng Zhao is astonished when she ignores Nabuo when both face each other.

Xie tries to persuade Nabuo to look into the matter carefully. Most of the time, Xiu Mei is like Li Da coming to look for him. But Nabuo claims that Xiu Mei is not in love with him but Li Da likes her. Xie sees the new handphone and Nabuo confesses that he doesn’t know how to give it to her. Xie says that he is so inflexible and is he scared that she will regret this apology gift? Nabuo is delighted with his suggestion.

Xin Yao thanks Li Da for his help but returns the handphone to him. She should not accept it out of convenience and upset Nabuo. He refuses to take it back and cites that it is Nabuo that makes her unhappy. She answers that still, she will only cry over the man that she loves.

Li Da is about to look for the technician to fix a damaged door but is locked in together with Xiu Mei when she pushes him into the room. (Please do not expect to see any loving scene like what Bae Yong Jun and Song Yun Ah in ‘Hotelier’ as both quarrel instead here). She tells him to give up. Li Da wants to get back what he deserves since he was a marketing clerk with no background, credentials and friends 8 years ago. He even thanks Xiu Mei for being his accomplice – if not he will not have gone so far.

He tells Xiu Mei off for being hypocritical, as she doesn’t dare to admit her feelings for Nabuo. Who pesters Nabuo to teach Japanese, stays in his room and also watching the night scenery with him? Xiu Mei can’t deny the fact and runs away. Xin Yao ponders over Xiu Mei’s actions and realizes that she doesn’t idolizes Nabuo but really loves him. Xiu Mei finds excuses not to see Nabuo in his office although Mei Hua passes the message to her.

When Xin Yao returns to the office, she finds a handphone on her table. She reads Nabuo’s apology sms and smiles. She goes to look for him. Without lifting his head and reading documents, Nabuo says that he has been waiting for Xiu Mei for a long time. He is surprised to see Xin Yao in anger. He runs after Xin Yao, only to knock into Xiu Mei. He is about to ask her where she has gone for the whole night when Xin Yao goes away. Nabuo is puzzled why the two women avoid him.

At night, Nabuo calls Xin Yao, wanting to bring her out for supper since Xiu Mei is at home. Xin Yao joins him for breakfast in the staff restaurant instead. He waits anxiously as he is so afraid that she won’t come at all. He promises that he will not dare to make her angry and both reconcile. He asks whether she likes the handphone that he buys for her. She replies that she likes anything that he gets for her. Nabuo wonders whether he is too petty to tell her to return Li Da’s handphone but she shakes her head.

Nabuo hugs her and she explains why she accepts it. It is difficult to liaising in Taipei without one. She tries to pay him for it but he refuses. But she will return it to him later. Nabuo suddenly kisses her and she feels shy. Nabuo chooses this meeting spot as few come here according to his observation. He then asks her whether she has made up with Xiu Mei. He has no chance to ask Xiu Mei earlier and he assumes that things are okay between them now. Xin Yao doesn’t know how to tell him.

Xin Yao and Xiu Mei have dinner at home together. Xin Yao apologises for her temper and thanks her for being a great flat mate in keeping the things in order. Xiu Mei feels remorseful for falling for Nabuo and runs back to her room. Xin Yao is stunned by her confession.

Part 11 – disagreement on Qing Wei organization proposal between Nabuo and Xin Yao

Qing Wei organization wishes to hold their D & D and hasn’t decided which hotel to choose from. Kun Lin persuades the Staff Welfare committee head, Jiang to choose them since they are so pleased with Nabuo’s arrangement for them last year.

Xin Yao and Li Da come to join them. Li Da recognizes Jiang as his England classmate. Jiang is attracted by Xin Yao’s beauty and holds her hand tightly. Nabuo is about to stand up when Li Da tactfully pulls Jiang aside to talk to him. Kun Lin decides to leave Li Da to show him around. Xin Yao asks Nabuo whether he minds it. Nabuo considers it as Hushan Group’s project so it is fine with him.

Xin Yao tells Nabuo Xiu Mei’s confession but he dismisses it. He finds her reading too much and he will make things clear to Xiu Mei. Xin Yao stops him as she is afraid that he might hurt her. Looking at his joking expression, she knows that he is just having her on. Just then Li Da calls Xin Yao. Nabuo gets unhappy, saying that it is more likely that Xin Yao has him on as she is still keeping Li Da’s handphone. Just by listening to the different ring tone and she will not address the wrong name.

Xin Yao tells Li Da to do a good job to boost the hotel’s image as they can organize future vacations and other activities for Qing Wei organization if thy get their approval. He throws away the handphone that she returns as there is no point of him keeping it.

Xiu Mei tells Mei Hua that she is tired of avoiding Nabuo and Xin Yao at work and at home. She decides to quit. Meng Zhao is alarmed at her for being so reckless. He rejects her resignation and gives her a few days’ leave to give her time to reconsider.

Jiang trusts Li Da in organizing the activities but he demands a 10% commission. Li Da agrees to it as he also wants to please Xin Yao. Nabuo, Meng Zhao and Xie frown upon reading his proposal. Xie finds the meal pricing too low while Meng Zhao also deems the big discounts in accommodation ridiculous. They will suffer a big loss while only the park gains the profit by 10% which they consider unfair. Nabuo also feels it is okay for them to earn less but he is afraid that things are not as simple as it seems too.

Later, Xie has a talk with Nabuo. He feels that it is good to trust subordinates but Xin Yao gives Li Da too much power. It is unlikely that Xin Yao will do something so unscrupulous and she might not have read the proposal. Most likely she is putting Li Da in charge but still they will be in a sticky position.

Nabuo knows that Xin Yao values the proposal very much and he will talk to her about it. And sure enough, Xin Yao doesn’t have time to read through Li Da’s plan and assumes that things are okay. Nabuo goes to the park and Li Da lies that Xin Yao is not around. He even forbids Nabuo to wait for her in her office. He tells Nabuo that he can talk to him since he is in charge. Nabuo just walks away. Xiu Mei moves out and returns to Tai Zhong. Xin Yao gets upset and doesn’t know how to tell Nabuo about this. Li Da tells her to keep it secret as Nabuo blames her over Xiu Mei’s disappearance the last time.

Nabuo discovers Xiu Mei’s leave form and asks Meng Zhao her reason. Meng Zhao tells him about Xiu Mei’s planned resignation and he is shocked. Mei Hua tells Nabuo that Xiu Mei likes him and wonders why he is so oblivious. Meng Zhao is equally disappointed to know Xiu Mei’s feelings towards Nabuo too.

Nabuo waits for Xin Yao under her flat – not to question her about Xiu Mei but to ask her about Qing Wei’s proposal. She is annoyed and refers him to Li Da since he is in charge and the time is already after working hours. She wonders why apart from work and Xiu Mei, he just doesn’t come to look for her.

Nabuo is annoyed with Li Da when he still stops him from talking to Xin Yao before the Director’s meeting. He opposes to Xin Yao’s proposal during the meeting. He cites that it is unreasonable for them to do business at a loss. Xin Yao points out that if they don’t offer profits, it is hard to get the deal. Nabuo shows that 2D1N trip is charged higher than last year’s proposal. Although the itinerary is different according to Xin Yao, the cost should be the same as he has checked it out. Moreover, the staff size is reduced by 30% so why should the cost be up by 20%?

Choosing Hushan for its cheap accommodation but expensive trip is contradictory. For caution, Nabuo uses his connections to get hold of their rivals’ proposals. He finds them charging lower than Hushan. There is no way that Qing Wei can accept this deal unless someone gets profits from recommending it. Xin Yao is annoyed to know that Li Da has promised Jiang the 10% commission so she ignores him.

Li Da confronts Nabuo and demands to know why they don’t talk in private. Nabuo points out that he will not have done it if not for his prevention. It is unfair of Li Da to shift the blame to him. Li Da admits his mistake but he does it to help her. He accuses Nabuo for not considering for Xin Yao. Only Nabuo knows that Li Da is in charge but the directors do not know it. Nabuo has placed Xin Yao under criticism and not him. He could have amended the mistakes before signing the contract.

Nabuo and Xin Yao are together. Xin Yao congratulates him bitterly that the project is now back to him. She is frustrated that he does not tell her about the blunders beforehand. Nabuo replies that she has refused to listen to him so he has to think of a solution. But he admits that he is not thoughtful enough. Xin Yao thinks what he has done proves her to be incapable. Nabuo confesses that he really regrets asking her to take up the position as she regards the GM post more important than him.

Part 12 – Settling up of the Water World

Xin Yao drinks in despair with Li Da. She forgives Li Da. Li Da suggests her to go surfing with him in the sea. She recalls Nabuo’s words. She wonders if she is wrong to care too much for Nabuo to prove herself. The next day, she has an idea to build a Water World using natural materials near the park. She searches for the appropriate spot to build it with Li Da.

Nabuo learns from Meng Zhao that Xiu Mei still decides to quite. Nabuo searches for her and recalls her words on their first meeting in the hotel – she has told him that he can look of him since she is one of them. This shows how she likes her job. Nabuo then says that he likes her. She has a shock and the ice cream she eats stains her face. Nabuo then continues saying that he cares her like a disciple. He wants to pass all his skills to her so he cares for her more than others. He hopes that he has made himself clear so she will not give up her ambition. Even if she decides to leave the hotel, she should not be affected by anyone else. He then jokes that since Tai Zhong is her territory, it is her treat.

Kun Lin comes to look for Nabuo. Qing Sheng leaves a note on Xin Yao’s table that both men wait for her to have lunch. Li Da and Xin Yao find the location so they are back. He sees the note and keeps it. Kun Lin is furious when Xin Yao doesn’t turn up. Nabuo tries in vain to pacify him although he wishes to call her. In the end, both go to the park and Kun Lin is annoyed to see Xin Yao and Li Da chatting happily together.

Kun Lin tells her to quit the job to marry Nabuo earlier. Xin Yao is unhappy that Nabuo uses Kun Lin to force her. Nabuo denies although he confesses that he is happy with Kun Lin’s suggestion. Initially, Xin Yao has wanted to finish the Water World project before getting married but now she changes her mind. She suggests a breakup but he refuses, even for the time being.

Meng Zhao is listless because of Xiu Mei’s absence and makes mistakes on his job. Mei Hua reminds him to buck up since he is a manager. He is speechless when Xiu Mei turns up later. Xin Yao wonders if she misunderstands Nabuo’s good will. She then asks Li Da whether he is willing to take over the GM post.

Kun Lin is doubtful of Li Da’s character because of Qing Wei’s case. He has not liked any bribery or unpleasant incidents connected to the hotel. Nabuo admires his honesty for not avoiding the issue and solves the case wile Xin Yao admits to be responsible for the mistake. Nabuo believes that Li Da will not commit the same mistake again as he is concerned over the hotel’s well-being too.

Li Da is surprised that Nabuo puts in good words for him. Nabuo tells Xin Yao that he truly believes that Li Da is capable because he is objective. He then wonders what the project is about as she has never mentioned it to him. She laments bitterly that she doesn’t wish to tell him since he is so busy with Lin organization’s project and looking for Xiu Mei. Nabuo detects her jealousy and says that he will have time to listen to her but why is she still angry with Xiu Mei? He requests her not to talk to him in the cold manner as he hates the distant feeling.

Li Da finds the Water World project imperfect without Xin Yao handling it personally as she still have a lot of ideas. He doesn’t mind delaying the promotion. He even helps to persuade Kun Lin to let Xin Yao monitor the early stages before she leaves the post.

Part 13 – What Nabuo does for Xin Yao – very touching

Xin Yao sneaks back to the hotel to look for Nabuo. Xie gives Nabuo a whole paper bag full of different kinds of medicine. Xiu Mei knows that Nabuo is having a flu. But to avoid rumours, she asks Xie to pass them to him. Xie is glad that she is more sensible. Xie frowns upon seeing that Nabuo still has lots of work to do although he is unwell. He is already busy with the Lin organization project and now he has another assignment. He asks Nabuo whether Xin Yao knows that he is fixing Qing Wei’s case for her.

Nabuo replies that he doesn’t wish to distract her from her Water World Project. Xie reveals that Jiang escapes and Qing Wei organization isn’t aware of his misdeed. They want to sue the hotel so he should let Xin Yao know about it. Xin Yao is shocked. Nabuo replies that it is his responsibility to settle the case so he needs not announce to everyone. He also reminds Xie to keep it from her.

Xiu Mei stays with Mei Hua. She tells Xin Yao what Nabuo has told her. Xin Yao replies that she has no right to blame them. She takes off her engagement ring as she feels that she is not suitable for Nabuo. He has done too much for her while she has not done much for him.

Nabuo notices that Xin Yao looks pale the next day. He asks tenderly whether the Water World project has made her tired. He is taken aback when she hugs him and cries. He pacifies her that he will not force her to marry him or quit her job. She returns him the ring. In the past, she chooses him over Bo Qiang because he is the man she wants. But is she the woman he needs? She is now unsure of giving him happiness so she allows him to make another better choice.

Meng Zhao and Mei Hua forbids Xiu Mei to talk to Nabuo upon seeing him upset, looking at the ring. The three sit in the staff restaurant unhappily. Mei Hua declares that she will not remove the ring if Nabuo puts it on for her. Kun Lin overhears them and threatens to leave Xin Yao out of the Water World project. Nabuo stops him as he believes that as long as Xin Yao loves him, he will not let her leave him.

Part 14 – attempted assault/suicide case in the hotel

Many architects don’t agree with Xin Yao’s designs. Nabuo searches around and finds a suitable architect for her. However, he tells Li Da to refer him to her because he doesn’t wish her to think that he doubts her abilities. Although he has only seen the draft, he knows that Xin Yao will only want natural materials to fit with Hushan’s natural scenery and tropical plants. Li Da is impressed and sure enough, the architect Mr Zhang even comes up with a natural spa idea to compliment with their plan.

Xiu Mei finds a couple suspicious when they check out of the room even before she cleans the room. Sure enough, Zheng tries to kill Ping who tries to run away with her newfound boyfriend, Guo. Nabuo tries to persuade him to put the knife down and give it to him. Zheng pushes Ping away and tries to kill himself to proves his love for her. Nabuo gets hurt in the process of trying to grab the knife away from him.

Mei Hua hurries to tell Xin Yao about the news. She doesn’t even know how serious his injury is as Xie and Xiu Mei send Nabuo to hospital. Xin Yao gets anxious and wants Li Da to talk to Zhang. But Zhang comes at this time and she can’t go off. She doesn’t concentrate when Zhang is doing the presentation. Li Da tells her not to worry. Nabuo can’t be badly hurt since he is experienced in handling crisis. If not, more hotel staff could have come over to grab her to the hospital. So Xin Yao tries hard to be focused.

Xie tries in vain to tell Xiu Mei to stop crying as this will jinx him. Nabuo only hurts his left arm in the process and the nurse bandages his wound. Zheng apologises for hurting him because it is too painful of him to lose Ping. They have an argument and Guo becomes the third party. When she goes away, he doesn’t stop her and thinks this will calm her down. But she doesn’t return to him in the end and he regrets of not doing enough to give up everything for her. Nabuo sits beside him and recalls the flashbacks of Xin Yao with Li Da. He starts to feel frightened of losing Xin Yao too.

Li Da offers to give Xin Yao a lift but she declines as she doesn’t want to cause any more misunderstanding. She discovers that Nabuo has discharged. Meng Zhao says that Nabuo is now fine and is resting in his room. To her surprise, it is locked and they can only find his leave application form in the room. Meng Zhao wonders why he is using the similar way that Xiu Mei uses and they asks Xiu Mei what happens earlier. Xiu Mei recalls that she has wanted to call Xin Yao upon knowing that Nabuo is all right. Nabuo stops her, saying that he will call her later. She checks but there is no missed call.

Xiu Mei then recalls when they return to the hotel in the cab, Xie has advised Nabuo to rest for a few days. Nabuo replies that 2 days isn’t enough for him. He will leave the hotel in Xie’s hands. Xie is confused and now all do not know where he is. Xin Yao knows it is hard to look for him. She approaches Kun Lin as he is Nabuo’s boss and he needs his approval.

Kun Lin is also clueless where he goes as he refuses to tell him where he is going. Xin Yao then learns that Nabuo has supported her to be the GM all along and even helps her to look for the architect. She regrets letting him go. Xiu Mei assures her that Nabuo will return when he feels better. Both women hug and cry together. Xiu Mei decides to stay till Nabuo returns to take care of her.

Li Da is shocked to see how wan Xin Yao looks, showing how distressed she is although Nabuo is only missing for a few hours. This shows that losing him is a big blow to her as no one can replace him. He decides to give up. He fights for the GM position to show that he is not a lowly employee, thinking that success makes him happy. Now he hesitates when coming close to it. He has climbed on someone’s pain and not through capabilities. He will take over her workload.
To his surprise, Xin Yao returns to work the next day as she believed that Nabuo will be back soon. Xin Yao leaves a mail in Nabuo’s handphone that she loves him and will wait for his return. Xiu Mei wonders where Nabuo goes for a whole week. Mei Hua says that her idol is wild but is still responsible. Meng Zhao reminds them not to slacken on their work. Upon seeing Xiu Mei running, he tells her to walk slowly. Mei Hua praises him for looking like a manager now.

Part 15 – a happy ending

Xiu Mei reads the news and learns that a man is seriously injured in a car accident and his Japanese passport is burned. She suspects that he might be Nabuo as the description fits. All decide to go to the hospital together. Nabuo suddenly returns, asking them what they are up to. All blame Xiu Mei for the false alarm to make them worry for nothing. Nabuo jokes that he thinks all are about to go on a trip when he sees from afar that Meng Zhao and Li Da are preparing to drive.

He explains that he returns to his orphanage in Japan to get his mother’s wedding dress. Although his parents do not get blessings from their families, he believes that their blessings to him are through the dress. So he decides to give it to Xin Yao. Xiu Mei wonders if the design is too old after so long. Mei Hua blames her for ruining the romantic atmosphere. Nabuo replies that the dress is well kept even after 20 years but he needs the seamstress to alter it to Xin Yao’s size. That is why he is back late. All are envious to see the beautiful dress. Only Li Da is down and stays in his office, watching them from afar.

Xin Yao thanks Nabuo for getting her the architect. He has helped her to fulfill her dream. Nabuo is glad that she is no longer angry and finds her reckless to annul their engagement. Who has given her the stupid idea to tell him to choose another person? Because she feels that she has wronged him so she thinks that he has a change of heart? This gives him the wrong impression that he has done something wrong.

Xin Yao admits that the fault lies with her. But since he has not used the chance to reconsider, the chance is gone for good. She is adamant to resign and be his housewife. The Water World will be her only memento for being a GM for a short time. Do laugh at this scene - Nabuo wonders why Xin Yao doesn’t take the ring from the case – is she hesitating? In fact, she is waiting for him to put it on for her! How can he expect her to put it back herself. Nabuo smiles at his blunder when doing it.

Kun Lin announces the opening of the Water World. Li Da is the GM now. Xiu Mei is quitting to further her studies. Meng Zhao is dismayed that she insists on leaving although he suggests her studying part time. She tells Meng Zhao to give up on her. Xie sees that Mei Hua idolizes Nabuo but likes Meng Zhao now so he gives him the hint. Meng Zhao is overjoyed and starts to woo her. Li Da welcomes Xiu Mei to work in the park during the holidays. He believes she can handle 3 people’s jobs at one go. But he jokingly tells her not to fall for him. Xiu Mei replies that she will not as she is not the only one falling for the GM.

Li Da wonders why Nabuo and Xin Yao take their wedding pictures at the park. Xie tells him that this is the place where both have their first kiss. Meng Zhao and Mei Hua can also come here next time. Nabuo feels that they seem to advertise the place. Xin Yao feels that it is great if they can promote here as a place for taking wedding photos. Nabuo reminds her to leave Li Da to take care of the park as she is no longer the GM. All prompt them to kiss and the couple kisses in front of the ferris wheel.

Character Introduction/Cast Performance

Gao Qiao Xin Fu/Takahashi Nabuo - Lui Chung Hin

Still the warm, capable and observant GM. So capable that he also knows how the park works and can also solve Xin Yao’s problems on her behalf. Unlike Xin Yao, he is always wary of Li Da and is always on his guard. I am glad that his personality stays. But I notice a change in here. Although he is nice to his subordinates most of the time, he is stricter with them now. It may be due to the fact that Meng Zhao and the new staff tend to make mistakes because they are inexperienced. The scenes that show Nabuo’s jealousy and anger are reasonable. Who doesn’t get angry over all these incidents? Nabuo is just too nice that makes him too perfect in Part 1.
He often forgets that Xin Yao no longer works in the hotel and still asks for her suggestions in improving the hotel’s services. I am amused to see her reminding him ever now and then. Probably he is too used to her by his side. I welcome this arrangement as Nabuo should be a person with some flaws.

However, he can be too quiet and calm – it is so abnormal for Nabuo to see another man getting so close to his fiancé and he does nothing?? Where has the daring Nabuo who kisses Xin Yao in the ferris wheel gone to? Well, luckily Nabuo returns when he shows his jealousy openly in the later story development and also kissing Xin Yao again in public by surprise.

Chung Hin is wonderful as he maintains his standard in acting as in Part 1. He is still marvelous in many scenes too with natural facial expressions – regardless of sad and happy scenes. Who doesn’t get touched upon seeing him buying the handphone and cooking for Xin Yao? And also not wanting her t find out that he helps her secretly? He is still dashing in the hotel GM uniform and preserves his wits in solving issues.

Liu Kun Lin – Ma Ru Feng

He is Bo Qiang’s father who never appears in Part 1. I wonder why. Ever since his elder brother Kun San suffers from a stroke, he becomes the acting Chairman. He is a humorous person who seems to be sloppy. I still find Kun San more businesslike because Kun Lin still needs Nabuo to explain all the plans to him in detail. Especially in the director’s meeting, he sees nothing wrong with Xin Yao’s proposal but Nabuo has to list out the doubtful points in it. This actor doesn’t really look like a reasonable elder as he always feels that a woman’s place is home and not the workplace.

Jiang Xin Yao - Jiang Ju Ping (as You Ruo in Wind and Cloud)

She only wears the hotel manager uniform for a short while. She wears business suits upon taking over Bo Qiang’s post as the General Manager of the amusement park. Frankly speaking, she doesn’t look like one at all because she is so unsure of herself.

I am becoming to dislike this character as she has so many shortcomings. Xin Yao does not know how to keep her distance away from Li Da and she gets too dependent on him on work. She uses Li Da’s ideas during the meetings most of the time. She is too gullible and over trusting towards him. She still doesn’t know how to separate work and private affairs too.

I also wonder – Bo Qiang seems to be so free when handling the post. But why is she so busy? Yet she doesn’t really check the facts properly. We can see that she doesn’t know how to rebuke when Nabuo points out the proposals’ weaknesses. Does she really do her homework – because Nabuo even knows the facts that she should know but she doesn’t know!!!

She is becoming unreasonable and petty as she is too stressed being the first female GM to prove her abilities. Why must Xin Yao turn out to be like this – I just don’t get it. It seems that most sequels like this formula to create discord among lovers. Nabuo is reasonable for being angry because Xiu Mei’s sleeping in the deluxe suite is an unforgiven case.

And also in helping Jian after work is far too much. How can she expect him to give in to her all the time – they should settle the issue in private as this has nothing to do with work. And what he does in the end helps other local farmers too which is more practical. She questions about Nabuo’s feelings towards her when Xiu Mei is close to him but what about herself? Well, Nabuo just doesn’t notice it but she knows all along how Li Da feels for her. Yet she doesn’t say no to Li Da at all in all his attempts to woo her.

I don’t find Jiang’s acting here as good as in Part 1. In there, she manages to look lost and frightened when Nabuo woos her. But in here, she doesn’t look that natural – because Li Ren is her ex in real life? And the drunk scene is a complete failure – she still looks sober to me. However, I must confess that her chemistry with Chung Hin is greater in here than in Part 1. They really look like a loving couple together.

Xie Xiu Nan – Yang Shao Wen

Still the manager for food and beverage. Hair is shorter and he is less annoying because he helps to settle disputes between Nabuo and Xin Yao. He is also helpful to guide Mei Hua too. Luckily his acting isn’t as fake as before as he tries to smile lesser now.

Cai Meng Zhao – Guang Li Nan

He has a minor role in Part 1 so I don’t talk much about him in my earlier review. He is quite a pleasant guy, working his work up for promotion. Even after taking Xin Yao’s post, he is still the humble man that all have known. However, at times, he lacks confidence and that is why the women don’t treat him like their superior. They are really taking him for granted. Luckily he improves towards the end.

What a contrast – Mei Hua says in a stuck up tone that although he is the manager now, she still prefers him to call her Lisa but he doesn’t get angry with her. When Xiu Mei greets him as manager, he still prefers her to call him as Meng Zhao as he is not used to it. He only gives in when Xiu Mei says that Nabuo will think that she is not treating him with due respect if she is so casual.

Poor man to carry torch for Xiu Mei – this woman can be too direct and blunt to embarrass him every now and then! He is quite fine looking and has a nice personality as Nabuo. Why doesn’t she notice him? Luckily he gets Mei Hua in the end. They look very compatible.

This actor tries hard to improve himself. I’m beginning to notice the hard work that he has placed in.

Zhou Li Da – Li Li Ren

He is capable and actually kind at heart. This man has as many connections from outside as Nabuo. Like what Nabuo thinks, I also find him a suitable GM. See how he helps Meng Zhao and how he encourages Wu to go on G5? But he is also ambitious and he can do anything just to win the woman he loves. Also very eager to prove himself. I really dislike the way that he tries to frame Nabuo every now and then in the later development. Especially on how he agrees to give Jiang commission to please Xin Yao.

It can be confusing as Li is as Da Tong in part 1 and returns as another person in part 2. At first, I find it weird that Xin Yao doesn’t seem to remember him upon their first meeting. Only when she questions his name then I realise that he is in here as another character. Li turns in quite a fine performance – now wonder there are rumours about him getting reconciled with Jiang during the filming.

Mei Hua - Wang Li Ren

I guess that she is the replacement for Xiao Tang. Mei Hua is sure a snob to others. She thinks that she is very capable since she knows English well. Her name sounds beautiful flower in Chinese which sounds unpleasant so she prefers to be known as Lisa. However, Meng Zhao and Xiu Mei still prefer to call her by her Chinese name, which annoys her.

But she is still hardworking to list notes to improve herself and also helping Xiu Mei when she needs her. One flaw though – she seems to like Nabuo very much and yet she isn’t upset seeing him so devoted to Xin Yao? Another flaw, I thought she is always at loggerheads with Xiu Mei and looking down on her. Yet both get along so well that she lets her stay in the hostel with her in the end?

This actress is quite okay in acting and she resembles China actresses, Zhou Xun or Li Xiao Lu in looks.

Xu Xiu Mei - Song Xin Ni

She is hilarious and talkative as the tomboy. At first Nabuo is doubtful on how she will change the tyres when she removes so many screws from his car. But he is impressed when she does it skillfully. Meng Zhao can’t overtalk her and jokes that she should have worked in the sales department instead. I wonder whether her presence is to replace the previous bellhop, You Lun?

However, I find her irritating at times to talk so much and over helpful. It is right to help but to a certain extent! See how much trouble she has created for Meng Zhao or Nabuo throughout the serial! And her pitch is so high which is very annoying.

The way that Xiu Mei calls Li Da as her classmate is hilarious – Meng Zhao has to remind her that he is now the planning unit manager. To her, it seems that they are all normal people and status doesn’t matter to her at all. She is even so open to hug Nabuo when she is too happy. The part when she is alarmed in knowing that she actually falls for Nabuo is well done as she shows her confusion well.

Song is quite natural in her acting but many joke that she is just being herself and she isn’t acting at all.

Memorable scenes

How Nabuo proposes to Xin Yao. Simple but also touching.

All other scenes of Nabuo with Xin Yao together. Either romantic or with flying sparks when they are in the right smoothing mood or when they quarrel. The wedding picture taking scene is very romantic.

Scenes that Li Da savages the unfavourable situations – fixing the G5, planning schedules and pacifying children. I also feel that Xin Yao is quite redundant as the GM as he practically shines. No wonder even Kun Lin decides that he should replace her in the end.

Xiu Mei gets Meng Zhao to get on her motorbike to Jian’s house. The poor man gets so frightened when she goes very fast! Wonder why she doesn’t take a lift in Meng Zhao’s car instead?

Meng Zhao wants to take a photo with Xiu Mei at the orchard but he is so shy that he stands far away from her. The others have to coax him to stand closer to her. But when they are about to take it, Mei Hua pushes him aside to be with her and the picture is taken! Meng Zhao is so annoyed with her.

The restaurant scene where Xiu Mei screams aloud to ask if Meng Zhao wishes to date her – really classic!

This is the first time that you will ever see an angry Nabuo over Xiu Mei’s mistake for sleeping in the deluxe room. Meng Zhao tries in vain to pacify him and makes him angrier by mentioning Jian’s case.

Xin Yao drinking to atone for the incident that happens at the hotel. No one will expect a demure woman like her to have so much guts too!

The anxious looks that both men have on their faces when she is drunk. Xin Yao can’t even walk properly and Li Da hugs her close to him. Later he carries her, consoling her like a child, saying that they are returning home. In the car, he feels contented even if she is only sitting beside him. As for Nabuo, he tucks her into bed and brushes the hair from her forehead tenderly. Both actors are splendid in portraying their concern for the woman they love.

Xiu Mei’s blunders – unbelievable but sure funny!

Nabuo is upset and furious upon seeing Li Da kissing Xin Yao. He gets so uptight that he forgets to release Xiu Mei’s hand when Li Da leaves, making Xin Yao jealous too. In fact, he is so furious that he holds it too tight. Poor Xiu Mei has to scream before he realizes to let it go!

Scenes where Li Da tries to come in between Nabuo and Xin Yao – especially in preventing him from talking to her. You will find him more hateful than Bo Qiang as he is very scheming. From badmouthing to keeping the note away secretly – Bo Qiang isn’t his match at all.

Nabuo’s quarrel with Xin Yao over breakfast. That’s more like it to show his jealousy! The handphone scene that delivers his unhappiness is well depicted too. I never know that Nabuo can be so sarcastic!

The scene of Nabuo pointing out the doubtful points in Xin Yao’s proposal during the director’s meeting. He sure shines as a capable hotelier while Xin Yao finds it hard to rebuke him. The usual eloquent Li Da looks uneasy every minute and is speechless as his act is going to be exposed anytime.

The scene where Nabuo tells Xie to keep Qing Wei’s case from Xin Yao. It shows how caring he is.

The scene where Nabuo is alarmed when Xin Yao returns the ring to him. Both are good in conveying the feelings for each other.

Interesting facts

This serial wasn't even out on vcds in Singapore before and after it was shown as Channel U imported it directly. We were quite lucky to catch this sequel so soon after the debut.

Why are Lin Jia Yi and Liu Zhi Han not in here for long? Lin has wanted to concentrate on her business while Liu is overtired. He has loved to take up the role but his doctor advised against it. He needed time to recuperate from an illness. So he had to let the chance sneak past him. What a pity as I think more are interested to see how their relationship can develop through more episodes and not in half an episode.

They started filming in October and completed it at the end of the year. Song Xin Ni and Li Li Ren (Jiang Zu Ping’s ex in real life) joined the new cast to make it into a love rectangle. Actually, I find Zu Ping having a lot of chemistry with Li Ren in many scenes – especially the one when both nod at the same time when Wu dresses casually at the pub when they also join the group.

Chung Hin dislikes G5. Why? He is sick of filming period dramas. He doesn’t know why but he often dreams of falling from high spots. He declined all Xu Ping’s requests to go on G5. So Li Ren was the one who often played it with her.

Zu Ping claims to be an expert in knowing the places well so she serves like a guide to bring Xin Ni around after work. Both actresses are as close as sisters.

Chung Hin’s role as Linghu Chong in ’98 State of Divinity’ is completely different from here but this role commands equal attention. As an introvert, he nearly stayed in his room all the time after work. He spent all his time reading Buddhist scriptures. He seldom read newspapers or watch television programmes. He joked that out of all, he only enjoyed the ‘Discovery’ channel.

The producer got Yang Jie Mei, the golden bell award winner (She is Prince’s mother in ‘MVP valentine’) as a guest star. Many younger artistes found that they learned a lot from her. They were impressed when she showed no fear when going on G5. But in reality, she nearly got a heart attack when on it.

There is a scene where Nabuo proposes to Xin Yao. Zu Ping accidentally stepped onto Chung Hin’s foot with her high heels. He waited till the scene was done before screaming out in pain. This made her feel bad about it.

Chung Hin had his sweet revenge later in another kissing scene in the restaurant. This is supposed to be an intimate and a sudden one. He used too much force while she wasn’t prepared. He nearly knocked off her four molar tooth dentures from her mouth!

Both Chung Hin and Zu Ping loved to talk over the phone and learned Japanese together. All laughed upon listening to their conversations, which came in a mixture of Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.

When the weather turned cold, Zu Ping added a scarf and a coat. Upon seeing a ‘bloated’ her, Chung Hin couldn’t stop laughing and only stopped when she threatened to use her scarf to strangle him.

Li Ren was daring when going upon G5 but he begged not to go on the carrousel. Why? He could not tolerate rocky journeys.

Many rumoured that love rekindled between Li Ren and Zu Ping. There was an occasion where both of them wore the same dull-coloured clothes. This wasn’t planned but the producer noticed something strange. Upon seeing their weird expressions, they requested to change the colours….but they still stepped out of the dressing room wearing the same coloured clothes again! The producer laughed and joked that it was needless for them to make any more changes.

Li Ren lamented on why he was given a serious role to play. He fought hard not to laugh upon seeing Xin Ni’s hilarious scenes or scenes with her.

‘Managing Love 2’ finished filming just before the New Year. All were surprised when the introvert Chung Hin took the trouble to ask the other cast to go out with him. They played billiard and Zu Ping teamed up with him. At first, he was afraid that they might lose but she proved to be a very good player. He counted himself lucky for sharpening his skills before the game.

On the day of promotion in Taiwan, Chung Hin was delighted when all fans addressed him as the manager. Even Hong Kong fans flew over to give him support.

Favourite Character

Nabuo - he is ruling the hotel with an iron hand now. Not as sweet as before but still displays his talents well. Not letting love ruling his head and still able to work well despite setbacks.

Most Hated Character

Li Da – he claims to do everything for Xin Yao but none will approve the despicable ways that he uses. A close second is Xin Yao for being petty and creating so much trouble. How can she not know that Nabuo has to settle her mess as she is the culprit?

Most Convincing Character

Nabuo – still the capable man in solving crisis. In Part 1, Bo Qiang can manage on his own. But in here, he has to work Xin Yao’s load. He might as well become the GM of the park too.

Most Failed Character

Kun Lin – his voice is terrible and sounds uneducated. He speaks like a native country Taiwanese with a strong Hokkien accent. Also looks like one in his dressing. Can you believe that he manages the hotel??? Why not at least get someone to dub the voice???

Most Irritating Character

Xiu Mei – she talks far too much and being too helpful causes more problems instead. She is like a parrot and I feel at times to shoot her down if I have a gun in my hands. Plus her make-up - who’s the crazy beautician to apply such bright blue eye shadow all the time???

Most pitiful Character

Meng Zhao - he doesn’t lose to Nabuo in looks and personality. Doesn’t he deserve a nice woman? Why must he fall for Xiu Mei? Luckily, Mei Hua suits him better and accepts him too.


Why are the names of the cast not provided at all in the serial? I don’t get it! I need to read the entertainment magazines to check out the names.

The part where the colleagues help Jian is too deliberate – how can all be going not by an extra mile but going extra miles to help him??? I don’t think such nice people exist in the working world now.

There is a part which I don’t understand. I believe that Li Da and Xin Yao should be joining the park about the same time. Excluding the number of years he goes to study overseas, how can he be knowing so many things than her? Xin Yao should be clearer as she stays longer in the hotel!

How can there be no one knowing about Li Da’s past? He is so mysterious. If he really harbours evil thoughts, he is very dangerous. It seems that even Kun Lin hasn’t seen him before too! No file and no clue at all? Even a resourceful man like Nabuo can’t find out anything about him. It is ridiculous that Xin Yao, the person who has worked with him before, has no knowledge of him at all. How can this be?

They should have kept some of the important characters as we have been so used to see them in Part 1. I miss the cheerful Xiao Tang and You Lin. And also Kun San as the experienced hotelier. Kun Lin is really a nobody as compared to him. Seeing too many fresh and unknown faces confuse me at first.

The quarrels between Nabuo and Xin Yao are too many, long and deliberate to slow the pace.

Who is the fellow who nearly breaks Li Da’s confidence to be a hotelier. He looked so bitter when he first joined the hotel. It seems that he is seeking revenge as the place gives him sad memories. He looks as if he is going to plan the downfall of the hotel. I wait eagerly to the end but the answer is not revealed at all! Did the producer forget it? I guess that person might be Kun San. He is only nice to Nabuo and Xin Yao. See how harsh he is when talking with his own nephew, Bo Qiang in Part 1. Not everyone can take it.

Xiu Mei and Li Da ending up with no one in the end. Quite incomplete. How I wish that they could become a pair. They could at least make the trapped door scene a romantic one when they discover each other’s strong points and be interested in each other. When Li Da invites her to work for him, I am thinking that there might be some hope. But alas, she says that she will not fall for him!

Meng Zhao and Mei Hua together in 1 minute. This is faster than cooking instant noodles!

Must all loving couples quarrel in sequels? This is so common in so many serials – no exception for this one. Please give us a change in the plot!


The theme song is still 'Belief in love' by Chan See Hon, Chan Wai Lam's younger brother. No clues on the sub-theme song sung by a female singer as no information is given. She sounds like Hsiao Ya Xuan but I am not that sure. As good as Hsiao’s ‘kiss’ though – the lyrics include a lot of ‘whys’ which fits the sad scenes in the serial. Please let me know if anyone has any information on the song.


This serial is worth watching as the stories are more serious and realistic than Part 1. However, I hate the producer for arranging complicated relationships that drag the pace. Many scenes are very redundant and deliberate. Thus it dilutes the plot, not focusing that much on the hotel. The ending is a bit abrupt as it has nothing much to relate to the hotel. What a pity! I still prefer part 1 where more stories are told.

If you are a true Chung Hin fan, don't miss this sequel. This is one of the best memorable performances that he has given so far. He is more romantic in here and still stands out from the crowd. Don’t miss it!

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

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