Managing Love

Reviewed by: sukting

November 05, 2003

Rating: four

Gao Qiao Xin Fu/Takahashi Nabuo - Lui Chung Hin
Liu Bo Qiang - Liu Zhi Han
Liu Kun San - Gou Feng
Jiang Xin Yao - Jiang Ju Ping (as You Ruo in Wind and Cloud)
Lin Jing Yi - Lin Jia Yi (an ex-singer)

Plus a whole cast which doesn't worth mentioning because they are unknowns and don't really act well.

How long

16 episodes or 16 vcds


I am quite surprised upon knowing that Chung Hin is in a Taiwanese drama. I like his acting but can the Taiwanese accept a mature actor as younger Hong Kong actors are being approached recently? When the serial was shown on Singapore television, I couldn't contain my curiosity and watched it.

At first, I was quite skeptical on how the setting looked so much similar to 'Hotelier'. The title in Chinese means 'In love with the GM.' - also a direct borrowing from Korean drama 'All About Eve - In love with the anchorwoman'. Slowly, I find it to be an okay drama on hoteliers. Sorry for the long story below but just to share with fans who might be unable to get it.


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Part 1 - Who is the real GM - do laugh at the mistake the staff is making

Bo Qiang and Xin Yao are engaged and work in an amusement park theme hotel - Husan Hotel. Bo Qiang is GM in charge of the amusement park section while Xin Yao is the front desk manager in the hotel. This place is so beautiful that I wonder why the Taiwanese like to travel all the way to Korea to see Seoul Hotel when they have such a nice spot in their own country? Bo Qiang is confident of being the hotel's GM. He is disappointed when the Chairman, his uncle Kun San announces that the GM will be a Japanese hotelier - Takahashi Nabuo. Nabuo will be meeting them indirectly as a guest to observe their professionalism. He has signed a contract to stay with them for 2 years.

At this time, Nabuo is looking through all the staff's files, dressing in a business suit in America. Bo Qiang is angered with the result, after all have expected him to take up the post. He thinks that Xin Yao has kept the truth from him but in fact, Xin Yao is equally ignorant although she is very close to his uncle.

The next day, a few men check into the hotel. All think the first customer, Paul Liu (by Qin Han's son, Sun Guo Hao) is GM as he chooses to stay in the President's suite. Some even guess that he is Bo Qiang's cousin but he denies it. Paul is generous to give tips. He has the tendency to look around and carries an odd-looking suitcase. The real Nabuo appears in a simple shirt and jeans. He checks in as Li Xin Hua. He sees how all bootlick to Paul and decides to pretend to be a nasty customer.

Nabuo asks for a room and starts complaining about the bad direction it is facing. Later, he complains that it is too dark and the scenery is hidden by a mountain. After moving into a new room, he wants another lamp. Xin Yao accedes to all his unreasonable requests and he gives her a US$1 bill as a tip. She accepts it in amusement because she has never seen such a stingy customer.

Later Paul goes into a restaurant and orders many dishes. He books a private room for himself and ALL stand at the door to serve him. The F & B manager, Xie scolds them for ignoring other customers so one serves Nabuo quickly. This scene is hilarious - when Nabuo comes in, there is no one at the door. Later he sits at a big, round table by himself. But…. no one serves him anything and he has to pour Chinese tea for himself from the teapot! He then overhears Paul commenting on the nice London embroidery on the wall. Nabuo quarrels with Xie over the poor service. During the argument, Nabuo's shirt is dirtied by the food.

Bo Qiang is still sore for not being selected and complains to Xin Yao over dinner. Xin Yao starts to wonder whether they get engaged just because Kun San likes her and he wants to please him. Upon knowing the restaurant incident, she rushes there. Bo Qiang is displeased with her for considering work more important than him. Later, Jing Yi hugs him to console him. Xin Yao watches from far and gets upset but she still returns to her work. However, she doesn't know that he pushes her away later.

Xie is surprised that Nabuo has a fiery temper although he looks gentle. Two chambermaids, Chen and Xiong complain to Xin Yao about Nabuo's attitude. In a moment, Nabuo complains too hot and they adjust the thermostat. Later he says it is too cold and he wants Xiong to get him blankets. Chen wonders why Nabuo complains that the escape exit door is too tight for escape but still adds the lubricant oil anyway.

Xin Yao comforts them, saying that the customer is always right. At this time, the smoke detector in Nabuo's room starts triggering. Xiong jokes that he must have felt too cold to start a fire before she reaches him. But Xin Yao finds a box of cigarettes on his table. She recalls Nabuo telling her that he wants a non-smoking level because he doesn't smoke. She demands an explanation. Nabuo replies that he is a non-smoker but he just wants to see how effective the detector works!

Xin Yao tries hard to suppress her anger when Nabuo says that she has no right to tell him to check out because he hasn't stayed for a day and doesn't do anything disgraceful in the hotel. Xin Yao tells him in a polite tone that they might ask him to leave if he is found of creating any improper act.

Part 2 - The real GM is here and he shows his wits

The next day, she finds it odd when Nabuo suddenly turns friendly when asking to check out. She feels awkward so she tries to avoid his cheesy smiles and gets her colleague, Xiao Tang to handle his account. To Xiao Tang's dismay, the credit card does not work as the names do not tally! Nabuo replies that that is because he uses his friend's id to check in and he reveals his identity! All of them are shocked.

Kun San makes a formal introduction in the lecture room. Nabuo will be staying with the hotel for 2 years. Many are worried that their unprofessional attitude will be marked to tarnish their own careers. However, Nabuo assures them that they can improve. Bo Qiang is angered by Nabuo's friendliness towards Xin Yao and thinks that she has known him all along. Xin Yao is unhappy and questions Kun San why he also keeps her in the dark about Nabuo's identity. She understands that she and Bo Qiang will never get the GM position because they still lack the experience. But why get an outsider to do the job?

Kun San wants her to help Nabuo and observe how capable he is. He is quite upset that his own son isn't interested in the career and Bo Qiang is ambitious but reckless. Nabuo will make a fine choice but he needs to prove himself. Xin Yao now suspects that Nabuo might be related to Kun San but she says nothing.

Chen and Xiong apologise for their mistakes for complaining about him but Nabuo assures them that he thinks highly of them. In fact, he admires Chen's attentiveness for the escape exit arrangement and will compliment her on the staff notice board. He also compliments Xie for treating every guest equally. Xie invites him to try a new menu for summer since he has missed the dinner that night. Nabuo agrees to it.

Nabuo is discussing work with Xin Yao when he sees Paul leaving with the odd suitcase by the escalator. He quickly gives a call to You Lun, the luggage boy to stall him by giving him a free car trip since he is a President Suite customer. Meanwhile, Nabuo rushes to front desk to check Paul's payment and id. It is found that he has paid for 2 days but this is his 3rd day and he hasn't checked out.

Later Xin Yao informs him that a precious vase is missing from the President's suite. He opens the other suitcases that Paul leaves behind and only finds stones in it. After finding that his id particulars are forged, he calls You Lun to bring Paul to the police station directly instead of the airport - the destination that Paul wants. Bo Qiang is surprised but agrees reluctantly that Nabuo can be so alert despite of his young age.

Nabuo places the vase back in the room with Xin Yao. Xin Yao asks him how he sees through Paul's plan. Nabuo replies that one thief uses the same way to steal a jade piece from a London hotel 2 years ago in a suitcase which disallows x-rays to penetrate. Since then, he is always paying attention to odd-looking suitcases. Moreover, Paul shows rare knowledge of London embroidery, which makes him suspicious.

Xin Yao is very impressed and finds that she has a lot to learn from him. However, Nabuo praises her for being a good front desk manager. If she can tolerate his unreasonable behaviour the other time, she can handle all sorts of customers. He invites her to try the dishes with him in the night.

During the dinner, Nabuo apologises for causing so much inconvenience and gives Xin Yao a pen. Xin Yao recalls the tip incident but rejects the gift. She has missed the joy of receiving tips as a housekeeper so she is going to keep the bill. Both raise their glasses for a toast and Bo Qiang is displeased upon seeing this.

The next day, all are at a meeting. Nabuo likes Bo Qiang's ideas and tells the staff to carry it out. Bo Qiang is sarcastic, saying that he might not know customers' taste accurately now as people around him change their preference too easily. Nabuo senses his hostility but says nothing. Xin Yao finds Bo Qiang unreasonable and both have a quarrel over this.

Part 3 - A predictable story that tries to be touching but fails

Xin Yao finds An Qi (this actress reminds me of a young Chan Chung Ling although she has long hair.) sitting outside the balcony. Nabuo saves her in the nick of time and offers to change her hotel room if she really wants to get close to nature. He tells Xiao Tang to check her room number. But Xin Yao tells him that she is not a guest. An Qi upon seeing that her trick is exposed, claims that it isn't time for her to check in. But she has nothing to say when Nabuo decides to bend the rules for her. But she is given a room which has window plants to prevent her from climbing out from there.

Jing Yi gives Bo Qiang encouragement but Bo Qiang wishes that Xin Yao is the one who does it. Jing Yi is so jealous and angry! An Qi writes a suicide note and goes missing. Xin Yao finds out that she has broken up with her boyfriend. Nabuo tells her to inform her mother while he goes to the amusement theme park to ask Bo Qiang to make a look out for her.

Bo Qiang tells him that Grandfather Huang is with An Qi now and both have returned to the hotel. Grandfather Huang claims An Qi to be his granddaughter, which isn't true but he is curious to see what she is doing. The old man likes G5 but he can't go on it as he is 83 years old. Nabuo says that he doesn't look that old to him. Bo Qiang says that it is the same for him because he is only 33 years old but yet he is a GM of a hotel. Nabuo is surprised when he hears Bo Qiang mentioning his background so thoroughly after listening to him. His expression turns more and more serious every minute!

In 1992, Nabuo was the captain of a restaurant in Japan. In 1994, he graduated from hotel management from Hawaii University. In 1996, he obtained his masters from Cornell University. Later he worked in LA's Westin hotel from front desk and to room manager. Next he became Assist Manager in F & B in Osaka's Westin Hotel before becoming DM of front desk. Within a year, he turned from Assist GM to DGM of Swan Hotel in Disney World. And now he is in Husan as GM.

Nabuo comments that Bo Qiang knows his background too well. Bo Qiang replies in a bitter tone that Nabuo is such a seasoned hotelier - if not, his uncle will not have chosen him. But he might not be that lucky without Xin Yao's help. Nabuo agrees that he has not explored completely into Xin Yao's capability and leaves. Jing Yi blames Bo Qiang for not telling Nabuo about his engagement so that Nabuo will not pester Xin Yao. Bo Qiang also wonders why he doesn't do so.

Grandfather Huang requests to have a room next to An Qi's room. Xiao Tang is puzzled because she has not heard of him having a granddaughter but accedes to his request. Grandfather Huang manages to stop An Qi from taking sleeping pills. The staff is alarmed to see the pills on the floor and An Qi missing when they bring her mother to see her. They finally find her talking to Grandfather Huang and has straightened her mind. (Very dramatic here when both mother and daughter cry till I can't tolerate). Grandfather Huang even has a G5 ride with them before they leave.

Xin Yao finds Nabuo sitting quietly near the tennis court. He envies An Qi and her mother as it is always better than him being an orphan with at least one parent by her side. Xin Yao is taken aback because Nabuo is so well educated and doesn't look lonely to her. Nabuo tells her that he grows up in an orphanage and is sponsored by an unknown all along in his studies. He only knows that he is of Japanese and Chinese mixed parentage but nothing about his parents. Xin Yao assures him that he has accomplished his role as a good leader in settling problems.

Just then, Bo Qiang comes in sportswear. Xin Yao realises that she has forgotten about their date. Bo Qiang is so angry seeing them together that he cancels it and drinks at the bar. Jing Yi comes to rub salt on his wound, saying that Xin Yao will definitely choose the GM of the whole hotel instead of GM of the leisure theme park. Bo Qiang gets jealous and suggests a breakup impulsively to Xin Yao since she neglects him. Xin Yao is heartbroken. She agrees to think about it and tell him the answer the next day.

Bo Qiang is shocked when she returns him the ring. He actually only wants her to reflect her actions on putting the hotel's interest over him. He is at a loss as he still loves Xin Yao and asks Jing Yi for help (stupid man to make a stupid choice, right?). Jing Yi suggests that they act as a couple to anger her. Bo Qiang agrees and of course, Jing Yi doesn't mind 'suffering' for him.

Kun San wants to look for a house for Nabuo but he declines as he feels more comfortable staying in the hotel. Moreover, he can oversee any happening quickly there. Xin Yao tells Kun San privately about the break off. Kun San accepts it unwillingly. Nabuo sees that she is depressed and accompanies her to the arcade. Xin Yao thanks him but he thanks her instead. He does not have a proper break for days and has been thinking of work all the time. Maybe he is too committed to make a hotel cosy because he is an orphan that he has little time for other things. Maybe it is destined for him to be a hotelier to make others happy. Both have dinner as they are reluctant to go back to work after the games.

Part 4 - Another predictable soap drama

Kun San persuades Bo Qiang in vain to change his mind about the cancelled engagement. A little girl, You You has nose cancer and stays in the hotel in an ordinary room with her mother, Mrs Li. They are going to meet Mr Li here. Xin Yao approaches Nabuo for help. Nabuo arranges them to stay in the Deluxe Room and the hotel will adjust the balance. He also arranges their hotel doctor to stay in the hotel in case of emergencies. Seeing that Xin Yao is warm in treating the hotel guests, he admires her attitude.

Xin Yao discusses with Bo Qiang on implementing programmes to make You You happy. Bo Qiang decides to open the amusement park an hour earlier solely for them. Jing Yi comes along at this time and wants him to buy her a dress to attend his family gathering. To Bo Qiang's dismay, Xin Yao starts calling him GM and becomes very formal. Bo Qiang wonders whether he is doing the right thing.

Nabuo has too few clothes as he doesn't expect the weather in Taiwan to change so fast. He requests to go shopping with Xin Yao. He worked while he studied when younger. Thus his belongings are very simple to help him to move around as he treats the hotel as his home. Xin Yao helps him to choose some clothes.

Bo Qiang goes in the Western restaurant for dinner with Jing Yi. Xie wonders why Xin Yao isn't the one. Bo Qiang is so uneasy when Jing Yi clings on to his elbow all the time. During the meal, he looks around for Xin Yao. Upon knowing that she has knocked off, he is so relieved that he starts to enjoy the French pies that Xie has prepared for them! He realises that he has made himself miserable instead.

Xin Yao tells Nabuo about her past. Her father died when she was young and she grew up with her mother. Kun San financed her University education, treating her like his own daughter. Her mother died 2 years back. Seeing that she is upset, Nabuo hesitates at first but later holds her shoulder to offer her comfort.

You You's family has an enjoyable time. Bo Qiang is happy to see the smiles on her face. He realises that Kun San keeps him here as he knows that he is more suitable here than in the hotel. At first, he treats Xin Yao as a work partner. Now he feels that she holds a major place in his heart.

Mr Li wants to fight for You You's custody. However, he agrees to let You You happy. Mrs Li doesn't tell him about her illness so that both can enjoy themselves. But upon seeing the special arrangement done by the hotel, he starts to suspect that it is not due to Nabuo's likeness towards You You as claimed by Mrs Li.

Xin Yao reports to Nabuo about the fireworks arrangement at night for You You and he is pleased. He then leads her aside, asking her to change his shirts with him. Xin Yao is so shocked that she repeats his words - so loudly that the front desk staff can hear them and all of them have cheesy smiles on their faces. Nabuo gets shy too - he has not wanted to trouble her but he finds that he can't fit into the clothes and he does not know the way to the city well. Xin Yao agrees to go out with him the next day.

Nabuo stays in the kitchen to make a mango cake for You You. During the night, Jing Yi lies to Xin Yao that she and Bo Qiang are now attached. Xin Yao agrees not to come between them. You You suddenly faints. Mr Li agrees to reconcile upon knowing You You's condition.

Xin Yao finds Nabuo in the kitchen. Upon being asked to taste a sample cake, she is doubtful as it is ugly looking. Nabuo assures that it is edible as he is a licensed pasty chef. It is just that he has not made one for a long time. Indeed Xin Yao likes it so much that she grabs the whole thing for herself! Upon seeing her happy expression, Nabuo recalls his pastry teacher's words. A person who is happily tasting the maker's cake will be the future Mr or Miss Right. Later, Xin Yao insists on decorating the real cake although Nabuo teases her lack of experience.

Nabuo hands You You the cake while Bo Qiang gives her 2 soft toys. Xin Yao is in tears seeing her leaving. Here it goes again - the 2 men quickly take out their handkerchiefs to console her. But what a disappointment - she chooses Bo Qiang's handkerchief to wipe her tears. Later in private, Bo Qiang requests a reconciliation and both nearly kiss when Xin Yao suddenly stops to get back to work.

Part 5 - A special story on showing more care for the disabled

Sa Sa and her brother, Ah Ban check into the hotel. Her brother is handicapped by polio. Xiao Tang grumbles secretly that a handicapped should not come to trouble others. Nabuo overhears this and wants her to change her attitude. Every guest has the right to visit the hotel regardless of his condition. Meng Zhao is uneasy to see his ex-girlfriend again.

Ah Ban wishes to try on G5 and Jing Yi offers to help him. She gets scolded by Sa Sa instead but can't help feeling sorry for Ah Ban. You Lun gets along well with Ah Ban and wonders why he has such a nasty sister. Sa Sa keeps complaining about the bad smell in her room. You Lun grumbles but Xin Yao reminds him that guests are always correct and they should provide them the best service.

Xin Yao loses her appetite. Nabuo sits beside her, saying that the hotel has neglected the staff. If it wants its workers to give their best service, they should provide something great. Poor quality food will result in them having poor moods. So he is going to scold the chefs. He is about to stand when Xin Yao stops him, saying that she is just joking about the food being tasteless. Nabuo smiles and says that he is also joking.

He questions her on why she can get so distracted earlier to come out of the lift from the 5th floor instead of going to the lst floor. She is about to answer when she is asked to handle a difficult customer. Nabuo sees that she has not eaten and goes on her behalf. Since he hasn't touched his food too, he tells her to give him something for dinner. Jing Yi encourages her to accept Nabuo since she has given up Bo Qiang.

Xin Yao is about to collect a sandwich from the restaurant when Bo Qiang requests to speak to her. Sa Sa throws a tantrum and leaves Ah Ban alone in the restaurant. Xin Yao sends him back to his room. Ah Ban is surprised to know that she is a manager despite her age. (Well, he hasn't seen how young Bo Qiang and Nabuo as GM though). He has wished Sa Sa to be as gentle as her but he does not blame her because he has given her trouble all these years.

Bo Qiang waits for Xin Yao but she chooses to walk away quickly from him, remembering her promise to Jing Yi. Another deliberate arrangement by the producer, she walks too fast to the counter and sprains her ankle. And….Nabuo is right there to drive her back and help her home. Bo Qiang follows them in jealousy.

Xin Yao suddenly remembers the sandwich - it is not for herself but for Nabuo. Nabuo laughs and says that she is so stingy. I don't understand this part though - a reserved Xin Yao can invite Nabuo to sit in her home - so open out of a sudden??? And to my friends' relief, Nabuo declines as he still needs to return to the hotel. Bo Qiang stops him in front of her home and tells him to avoid Xin Yao, who is his fiancée. Nabuo is disappointed but he still smiles and says nothing.

The next day, he doesn't see Xin Yao at the front desk to ask her about it. When making rounds, he can hear You Lun chatting happily with Ah Ban. Wah - as GM, he doesn't reprimand him for neglecting his job but smiles and walks away??? This is unbelievable!

Sa Sa waits for an important fax in vain and starts to quarrel with Meng Zhao. She accuses him for betraying her feelings the other time to woo another woman and now wants to set her up again. The fax is sent to Ah Ban's room by mistake and is badly crushed by his wheelchair unknowingly. She starts to quarrel with him. You Lun joins in to protect Ah Ban, saying that Sa Sa is unreasonable. Nabuo is about to ask Xin Yao the question when he hears the news. Both rush to see them. Ah Ban scolds his sister and she leaves for Taipei. Ah Ban is so upset that he cries. Nabuo stays to console him.

You Lun apologises to Xin Yao and she asks him to curb his temper. Seeing that You Lun is so worried for Ah Ban, Xin Yao assures him that since he is in the hands of Nabuo, he'll do a good job. Nabuo tells him Ah Ban that he used to watched baseball matches alone. He doesn't feel that lonely with the commenter's voice since he has no family. Nabuo tells him to pursue his dream of becoming a commenter since his other parts are fine except his legs. Ah Ban wonders why he and Xin Yao sound the same tone while You Lun is magnificent in cheering up others. This hotel has people who knows how to console others well.

Xin Yao apologises for You Lun's mistake. Nabuo says if she feels responsible as You Lun's boss, then he as Xin Yao's boss will also be at fault too. He finds her too tense up and tells her to relax. Xin Yao asks him whether he has taken the sandwich the other night. He replies that he is too late for it because Xie has taken it and Bo Qiang stops him. Upon knowing that they have broken off, he decides to date her formally.

Bo Qiang is angered upon knowing that Jing Yi lies about going out with him. Xin Yao assures Jing Yi of her promise in her office. Nabuo wants to discuss work with Xin Yao and finds them together. Xin Yao then says that she is going to watch a movie with Nabuo. She later apologises to him for using him as an excuse. Nabuo says that he can't remember other things except that he will make time for their date. He just hopes that she will not stand him up.

Meng Zhao asks Ah Ban not to hate Sa Sa as she actually does a lot for him. Indeed, she returns later and finally understands that her break up with Meng Zhao is really due to character differences. Jing Yi gives Ah Ban encouragement to go on G5. Sa Sa faints from shock upon seeing him on G5 but when both siblings reconcile, both continue together.

Bo Qiang is shocked upon knowing that Jing Yi is not putting on an act but actually loves him. He still asks to meet Xin Yao at night while Nabuo asks her out for a movie. She goes to see Kun San for advice instead and he encourages her to look for the right person. Nabuo is disappointed that she doesn't turn up at the theatre so he returns to the hotel. Later feeling worried, he waits for her outside her home. Seeing that she is troubled, he blames himself for proceeding too fast. To his amazement, she decides to watch a midnight movie with him. Later they decide to play arcade games together. Bo Qiang is jealous to see them together.

Part 6 - An interesting spy story but slowed by a boring love theme

Nabuo sleeps in the kitchen till morning while waiting for the cakes to get ready. Xie is surprised to find him there and Nabuo tells him to pass the cakes to the staff for them to give their comments. Nabuo later rushes to chair a meeting. A recent organization, Da Fa recruits spies to get information on amusement park themes. So they have to safeguard their latest amusement park plan.

Nabuo wants Xin Yao to give Bo Qiang a reminder. She gets mad with him because he knows about their strained relationship but he still gives her the task. He tells her to separate work with private affairs and it is natural for her to do it since she is liaising with him. When she returns to her office, she sees the cake and smiles while eating it. Recalling his words about being the choice in the kitchen, a frown forms on her face.

An old woman, Lin (by Qin Han's ex, Yang Gui Mei - what a coincidence as his son is also in the serial), a geology professor from Harvard University requests to borrow a map with coordinates. She has arranged to meet an old friend thirty years ago and they have no form of contact except the coordinates. The next day is their meeting day and she wants to find the spot.

Meng Zhao suspects her to be a spy and informs Nabuo. After testing her geographical knowledge, Nabuo can see that she is not lying and brings her to the office to show her other maps. However, they are not able to find the exact spot, except that the place is in the amusement park. He questions whether her friend will remember the meeting. Lin replies that she is here to find out. Xin Yao brings her there and also apologises to Nabuo for not being able to separate the issues. She will inform Bo Qiang about the spy issue.

Jing Yi decides to resign and Xin Yao is shocked. She tells Bo Qiang about Nabuo's warning. Bo Qiang is angry and confronts Nabuo. He chides him for being arrogant. So what he is a foreign talent? If any one steals the plan, that's his family business and he will shoulder the blame. Both have a fight. Bo Qiang injures his head and Nabuo has a bruise near his lips. Xin Yao is angry with Bo Qiang while Jing Yi drives him home. Jing Yi can see that Nabuo has no ill intentions to harm him and asks why he is so immature. Nabuo and Xin Yao apologise to Kun San for the argument but he tells them to be wary of the spy instead.

Xiao Tang's boyfriend, Hong checks in. He is the real spy. He sneaks into Nabuo's room and finds nothing so he decides to search the amusement park. Hong warns his accomplice to be careful as Nabuo knows everything about him otherwise his identity will be exposed. He gets to see Nabuo and Xin Yao in the hotel hall. Xiao Tang is surprised to know that he knows the place better than her when they go to the park. Later, upon knowing that Bo Qiang will not return, he sneaks into his office and takes pictures of the plan.

Lin tells Xin Yao about her boyfriend. Both love map games and always give map coordinates to arrange their meeting spots (To me, this couple is not romantic but weird and bored with too much time at hand with nothing better to do). They lost contact when she had an accident in America and he moved his home. (wonder how Xie and his two assistants can be so curious that they ignore their work to sit to listen to her! I am appalled on how Xie can even be in tears to listen to such a boring story!)

Xin Yao gives Nabuo all the old maps that she finds from the library as she has no time to search the answer. Hong tries to rape Xiao Tang in order to drive her away. (I must say that this actress is very bad in crying because I don’t see tears at all.)Later he sends an email with the plan theme to his boss. Bo Qiang is half dizzy and spends the night with Jing Yi. Jing Yi wears Xin Yao’s engagement ring the next day and Bo Qiang orders her to remove it. She gets furious and throws it back at him.

Nabuo analyses that the spot is at the ferris wheel after some checking. Lin is overjoyed. Kun San is unhappy with Bo Qiang for not keeping Jing Yi by his side. He chides him for thinking that Nabuo has overstepped his boundary – till the extent that he gets so defensive to treat his good will as a hostile action. However, he still respects his decision being the GM but hopes that he will not regret his choice.

Nabuo can see that Xin Yao is very troubled after work. He decides to bring her to the cinema instead of the arcade. Xin Yao offers to give him a treat since they miss watching it the last time. They see Hong with the Da Fa boss there. Xin Yao wants to call the police but Nabuo says that he has no proof. He tells her to keep an eye on them so that he can ask Xiao Tang about it personally.

Xiao Tang blames herself for being so stupid to believe a spy. Nabuo finds out that Hong left her for half an hour during the staff’s lunch hour when she bought the tickets for the ferris wheel. He requests to see the hotel’s surveillance tape and finds the evidence. They call the police so Hong and his boss are surrounded when they are about to leave the theatre.

Xiao Tang slaps Hong for cheating her feelings before he is taken away by the police. Bo Qiang thanks Xin Yao for her help. But he discovers that it is Nabuo and Jing Yi who help him. Jing Yi even requests Nabuo to leave the case to Bo Qiang since it concerns him. Bo Qiang tells Jing Yi that he needs her help in work. She agrees to stay and he kisses her. Nabuo tells Xiao Tang not to feel remorseful for causing the trouble. Nabuo jokes that he is angrier with Bo Qiang because of his carelessness, he misses his movie date again.

Bo Qiang apologises to Nabuo and Kun San unwillingly. Kun San is glad that the rivalry between the guys has ended but Bo Qiang thinks that the problem has just begun. Bo Qiang feels lost since his plan can’t be carried out as the organization has a copy of it. Kun San thinks that it is a good sign so that they can carry out a new plan with sincerity. Bo Qiang frowns as he has to do the extra work.

Nabuo and Xin Yao realise that Kun San is the person Lin is looking for. Nabuo informs Kun San that Lin has arrived. The old people are delighted to see each other on Valentines’ Day when they are 60 years old. (Please expect to see a lot of tears and long dialogues again). Kun San builds the ferris wheel to wait for her yearly. They invite Xin Yao and Nabuo to join them. Lin wonders why Kun San builds a ferris wheel – he replies that he has promised to show her a beautiful map. From here, they can see the nice scenery with different pastures. Lin is touched. Nabuo also kisses Xin Yao out of passion and all get to see it! (I wonder why both become so daring out of a sudden?)

All know the news the next day and congratulate them. (Well, I dislike Xie for behaving like a nosy parker than a manager for spilling the beans.) Bo Qiang attends the morning meeting too. He suddenly turns cold to Jing Yi upon hearing it. But he straightens his thoughts later to wish Xin Yao the best. He even calls Jing Yi over the radio to ask her out, making public of their relationship. She is overjoyed.

Part 7 – A superstar’s secret but no big deal to us because the man doesn’t look charming anyway

A superstar Qin Hai stays in the hotel and wants complete privacy for his break. (Please believe me, this man has no charisma like Qin Han or Qin Xiang Lin. He is fat with long hair – reminds me of the recent half-unsounded and bloated Choi Fung Wah whose popularity was at par with Cheung Kok Wing in the early 80s. Please be prepared for another shock - this man, Liu Shang Qian is Liu Zhi Han's father in real life!!! Wonder why they look so different??? ) Chen and Xiong try to hide in the next room, waiting for a chance to let him sign their CDs. You Lun nearly mistakens them as the paparazzi as he remembers that the guests have already checked out from there. Nabuo reminds them of their duties.

You Lun is attracted to a guest, Helen (by Wei Ling). She sees Nabuo in another floor when taking the lift and asks You Lun his identity. She asks You Lun whether Nabuo is a staff working here. She is taken aback when knowing that he is the GM. You Lun nearly catches a reporter and informs Nabuo. Nabuo hears about Helen but not knowing her identity, he just smiles and only asks You Lun to be careful.

Nabuo checks the guests' records and finds Helen's name in there. He wonders if she's the same person he knows. Jing Yi and Bo Qiang ask them out to a pub. He meets Helen there. She was his ex (why again after Meng Zhao's ex appears??? This producer really runs out of stories to tell us.) She regrets their breakup and kisses him. Xin Yao gets angry and leaves - not knowing that Nabuo pushes her away later. (Boring, same tactic used again). Helen talks to Qin Hai over the handphone and Nabuo suspects her to be his mistress as they talk intimately. He is worried so he reminds her that he is married and is also much older than her. She is pleased that he is jealous but actually he is only concerned as a friend.

Xin Yao refuses to listen to Nabuo's calls after that. Xie consoles her but she is hesitant to ask him about his past. The next day, Nabuo comes to see her. He has been calling her the whole night and gets no response. She lies that her handphone battery is flat and she left earlier that night because she was unwell. He is concerned because she still looks ill to him. Before he can talk more, You Lun asks to see him.

Nabuo tells You Lun to tail the photographer. Jing Yi tells Nabuo that all have seen Helen kissed him. Nabuo realizes the reason of Xin Yao’s coolness towards him. Jing Yi is also doing partly for herself in fear of losing Bo Qiang. Nabuo wonders if Xin Yao will meet him for lunch. Holding her hand, he is about to explain to her when Helen comes along with Qin Hai. She tells Xin Yao on how Nabuo dragged her around the school compound during their school days. No wonder she still misses him now.

Xin Yao brushes off Nabuo’s hand upon hearing it before going away to the restaurant. Nabuo finally explains to her and says that she means a lot to him. She smiles and says that she trusts him as everyone has a past. He heaves a sigh of relief after worrying for half a day but for her, it's worrying for a night. They both surround the photographer to demand for the negatives but stop when he threatens to blow up the matter. They inform Qin Hai about this. Helen replies that it is the best time for him to announce their relationship now. But seeing that he is still hesitant, she runs away.

Nabuo finds out that she is Qin Hai's illegitimate daughter. She lacks security and that is why she loathes his job of making the hotel his home. Nabuo has all along thinks wrongly that it is his fault. She finds him a good man and regrets her decision. However, he doesn't wish to change his heart. Bo Qiang sees them together and thinks that he is unfaithful to Xin Yao. So Helen and Bo Qiang decide to win their hearts back.

Nabuo calls Xin Yao to have breakfast together the next day. A drunk Helen comes to look for him and he helps her to sleep on his bed before leaving to meet Qin Hai. Qin Hai tells him that he will tell the public of their relationship. Bo Qiang comes to Nabuo's room to ask Nabuo about his true feelings for Xin Yao. He wonders if Nabuo is too open as he comes from abroad. But he overhears Helen's voice and thinks that both are together to be in the room for the night. Actually, Nabuo has no choice but to sleep in the office.

Bo Qiang tries to stop Xin Yao from bringing breakfast to Nabuo's room the next day. She still goes and is shattered to find Helen bathing in his room! (This woman is really too open and too much!) Helen is later touched to know that Qin Hai is going to sacrifice his career for her. (Not touching as this actor looks more like a villain to me with his boorish looks. How can he be famous in the first place???) Before they check out, Helen holds Nabuo's hand. Nabuo tries to tell her not to stick to him and gets kissed on the mouth instead! Xin Yao ignores him and Qin Hai tells Helen to give up later since Nabuo has no interest in her.

The photographer is remorseful after knowing Helen's relationship with Qin Hai and offers to give them the negatives. Qin Hai declines as he has made up his mind. The news is out but Qin Hai gets more supporters instead. (This is unbelievable - so easily forgiven?) Xie hopes that the hotel will be in the limelight when the news is in the papers. (This is another fellow I can't tolerate - he doesn't look like a neat hotelier to me in the first place and with his nosy personality, I dislike him more and more.)

When confronted by Xin Yao, Nabuo lies about himself sleeping in his room after listening to her call. Xin Yao cries and is fed up with his lies. Upon knowing that Bo Qiang knows of Helen staying in Nabuo's room through Xiong, she finds him too much to poke into her personal affairs. She says they can't even be friends if he still behaves this way. Bo Qiang suggests breaking up with Jing Yi as he can't forget Xin Yao.

Part 8 - Unromantic love between Xie and his wife

A guest complains about the poor quality of food and Nabuo arrives because Xie isn't there. The fellow suddenly gets choked and Nabuo saves him. He changes his mind of changing the food although Nabuo offers to do the switch. Xin Yao thinks that he is excellent as a hotelier but has failed as a lover. Xie is late for work and Xin Yao reminds him of his duties. She later hears that he has quarrels with his wife and thus affects his work. She starts to pity him.

Xie's wife, Xiao Hui (by ex-Qiong Yao serials' lead, Zhao Yong Xin) arrives at the hotel. Both quarrel at the entrance of the restaurant. Xin Yao feels bad for trying to fix them together and her plan backfires. She apologises to Nabuo and Nabuo doesn't wish to end up like them. She still doesn't believe him although he tries hard to explain. He tells Xie about it. Xie says that most men will lie. Both are troubled.

Bo Qiang fixes Xin Yao's car for her and tries to ask for reconciliation through a so-called friend dinner date. If she can't accept him, why force him to accept Jing Yi too? She is annoyed with him and so is Jing Yi, thinking that she has broken her promise.

Nabuo finds Xiao Hui crying while checking the emergency exits. She tells him that Xie suddenly cooks food that she hates and he must be having a change of heart. Nabuo asks her about his delay for work and is shocked to know that he leaves the home early. He says that he will not fire Xie but he will deduct his pay. Knowing that Xiao Hui will appease her anger when Xie cooks her favourite food, he decides to bake cakes for Xin Yao. But…this woman gives all out to others without tasting! Poor Nabuo - when he knows this, he is so disappointed although Xiao Tang praises his good skills and urges him to make more the next round. Xin Yao later wonders if she is too much to do that.

Xie is worried when Xiao Hui goes missing. She actually checks into the hotel to supervise his work after knowing his poor work performance from Nabuo. Nabuo has apologised for giving Xie too much work and neglecting her but she feels he hasn't worked hard enough. Xie finally reveals to Xin Yao and Nabuo that Xiao Hui has a brain tumour. If her diet is not controlled, she will die in a year. Her urgent operation's survival rate is only 30% and he can't bear her to go for it. They do not know how to console him when he cries. Xie goes to other doctors before work to seek other cures and is thus late for work.

Later, Xie tries to protect Xin Yao from being scolded harshly by Jing Yi. Xiao Hui thinks that they are an item. He tries in vain to explain himself. He later asks Nabuo why he and Xin Yao end up to be like this as he knows both are reasonable people. Nabuo gives him 1 day off to keep his wife company. He wants Xie to tell Xiao Hui the truth as unfounded guessing and worries will worsen her condition instead.

He then calls Xin Yao into the office, telling her that having arguments in the hotel affects the hotel's image and guests start talking about them. He understands that she is suffering but still, this can be avoided. She gets offended as he is implying that she is irresponsible. She should have also avoided going to his room on that day then. Nabuo tries in vain to tell her to separate private affairs and work together.

Bo Qiang invites Xin Yao to watch a movie together in his car and she agrees. Nabuo is down upon seeing this. Later, Xin Yao forces Bo Qiang to stop the car as she is only making use of him and walks away. Nabuo tells Jing Yi that he does not wish to see the same thing like having arguments to happen again in the hotel. She is puzzled on why he doesn't doubt Xin Yao. He replies that he has no right because he is in the wrong first. He will try to move her with his sincerity daily. Jing Yi admires his attitude.

Nabuo tells Xiao Hui that Xin Yao is his girlfriend and she realises that she has misunderstands Xie. Nabuo says that he is remorseful that he doesn't know how to console her and even makes her even more upset instead. Xiao Hui decides to have their 3rd year wedding anniversary in the hotel the next day.

Bo Qiang is drunk and shouts outside Xin Yao's home, declaring that he loves her more than Nabuo. She has to let him into her apartment and calls Jing Yi to take care of him. In the morning, Jing Yi leaves to get new clothes for him. Bo Qiang is persistent to leave before she comes. Nabuo comes to fetch her to work and is heartbroken upon seeing Bo Qiang leaving with her.

Xin Yao stops the car near the hotel and prefers to walk a distance to prevent more misunderstandings. Later Meng Zhao passes by and she lies about meeting Bo Qiang on the way. It suddenly strikes her that the same thing might have happened to Nabuo. Nabuo is so affected by Bo Qiang's presence at Xin Yao's home that he is in a daze in the meeting. All look at him as he shows no response after listening to Xiao Tang's report and he forces himself to get back to work. Xin Yao tells Xie to stop being a paranoid when he can't find Xiao Hui in her room otherwise Nabuo will reprimand him. He replies that Nabuo has no time because he is busy in the kitchen.

Nabuo tells the chefs that he is forking out the expenses and they should not skimp on the ingredients as he wants the best for the couple. Xin Yao finds him and tells him that she knows why he decides to lie. He is trying to protect her because the situation is too complicated. She explains her situation with Bo Qiang and feels foolish for nearly failing this small trial. Nabuo is relieved that he finishes listening to her although he nearly has a heart attack, thinking that she is going to leave him. He is terribly hurt upon seeing her with Bo Qiang as he is so afraid of losing her. They hug and promise to trust each other.

Xie cries when Xiao Hui discovers the medical report and SMS him for a divorce. Nabuo disbelieves her as she looks forward to celebrate the anniversary with him. Xin Yao also thinks that she is just at a loss and does not wish to burden him. He goes out to search for her in vain - only to find her in the hotel later for the celebration. She agrees to go for the operation.

Bo Qiang joins the celebration with Jing Yi. Jing Yi gives up on him after serious thought and toasts for a break up. Bo Qiang sneers that Nabuo is so nice to his subordinates and treating the hotel like a charitable organization. Nabuo explains that the expenses come from the whole staff and they have not rouched the hotel's funds. Bo Qiang then says that he should be afraid that he might get fired before his 2 year contract is up. How can he still have the mood when the profits have fallen by 20%?

He wishes to compete with him and see who will win in the next month. If Nabuo loses, he will have to leave Xin Yao. Nabuo doesn't wish to treat Xin Yao like a pawn so both agree to put their half-year salary at stake. Nabuo consoles Xin Yao that he can lose his job but he can't do without her.

Part 9 - An unlikely wedding case to happen in real life but I'm more interested in the competition

A week has passed and the hotel's performance slightly pales in comparison to the park's performance.. Nabuo says that the result is actually better than last year by 10%. Profit isn't everything but attitude and service quality matters. Xin Yao agrees with him over this line but reminds him about the wager. Nabuo jokes he will survive on instant noodles for 6 months if he loses. But she says that her pay is enough to support them. Nabuo is overjoyed to hear that. (It is touching when this line is mentioned by a guy but it sounds strange when it comes out from a woman's mouth, isn't it?)

You Lun suggest Meng Zhao to get married and order a banquet to save their situation. Their ex-colleague, Da Tong comes. He wants to order 100 tables but this man even wishes to borrow money from Meng Zhao as he needs the money! He will pay the rest when he gets money from the guests. Because he is an ex-employee, Xin Yao agrees to accept only $100,000 as the deposit - this is one tenth of what he should pay! Jing Yi does a proposal but she maintains that it is on the park's interest and not really helping Bo Qiang.

Xin Yao and Nabuo introduce the arrangements to Da Tong and his son, Xiao Yu. Nabuo finds it weird of him only thinking of marriage when the child is already 5 years old. Xin Yao tells him that Xiao Yu is not his son but from his future wife, Mei Lin. Although he is autistic, he still treats him like his own. However, Xin Yao feels strange that the future bride doesn't turn up at all.

Nabuo replies that not all men like independent women like her. Mei Lin might agree to whatever decision Da Tong is making. She should try to be more docile too. She is displeased over the remark and presses him to sit on a swing. He sits on it awkwardly as he is so big-sized but the swing is so small!

Mei Lin is materialistic and wants a comfortable life with a new boyfriend. She quarrels with Da Tong in the amusement park. Bo Qiang and Jing Yi settle their quarrel. Xiao Yu suddenly waves goodbye to them when they are friendly to him. Unknown to the change of events, Nabuo handles this biggest banquet since he joins the hotel and looks forward to give them a memorable wedding. On the wedding day, Mei Lin leaves with her son to the airport despite Da Tong's pleas. Da Tong leaves all his bank account books to Meng Zhao and apologises for the loss.

Nabuo is shocked that Da Tong has paid such a low deposit and there is only $10,000 in his account books. He tells all chefs to stop their preparations. Seeing his stern expression, Xin Yao and Meng Zhao know their mistake. He will pursue their responsibility later as it is more important to reduce the hotel's loss to a minimum. He blames them for not informing him of the deal earlier.

Da Tong is hospitalised due to a car accident. Xiao Yu refuses to leave and suddenly screams that he wants his father. If Da Tong dies, the insurance can cover Mei Lin's expenses and also the hotel payment. So he plans the suicide to come up with the money. Nabuo is touched over his gesture despite his sorrow. He thinks maybe he will do the same if being approached. So Xin Yao need not feel remorseful about it.

Mei Lin leaves Xiao Yu with Da Tong while she leaves for US. Nabuo loses the wager. He isn't sore over the defeat as he only loses the salary and not the 'priceless' Xin Yao. His subordinates feel guilty for losing and want to share the cost for the loss. Nabuo will decide who to punish but he should get the worst punishment for being the GM. He appreciates their thoughts but he will still bear the losses alone.

Bo Qiang smiles snobbishly. Nabuo congratulates him for the success and having Jing Yi as a good helper but Bo Qiang criticizes him for not being able to raise the revenue. Jing Yi is upset when Bo Qiang ignores her part in his success. Bo Qiang even says that Nabuo should reflect on his management style. Xin Yao declares that they may lose but they have won staff loyalty.

Bo Qiang is furious that Nabuo wins strong support. He doesn't understand why Nabuo is still so arrogant to smile. Jing Yi is fed up with him and says that he is regretting his choice for not using Xin Yao as the pawn prize. Indeed, he gets so frustrated that he ignores the contract documents that she gives him.

Seeing that Xin Yao is troubled, Nabuo asks if she is so worried that he has no money to marry her. She is worried over the hotel revenue now as the storm season is approaching. Moreover, someone may tell tales about him to Kun San. Nabuo claims the fall in revenue is expected but as long as the hotel stays, there is nothing to worry about. A hotelier is like a marathon runner. It is okay to lag behind but completing the race is more important. In private, he takes out a ring and wonders if Xin Yao is willing to run a marathon with a penniless orphan like him.

Part 10 - Finally an attractive ending on a problem that the hotel is really facing

Kun San's son, Bo Hao (Wang Yao qing - he reminds me of a young Miu Kiu Wai as he resembles him) wants to buy a chemical factory with Da Fa Organisation's help but it is more interested in purchasing Husan Hotel. The power generator in the amusement park is stuck by lightning and it is unable to operate. Jing Yi is furious with Bo Qiang for being so concerned over the bet that he forgets to sign the renewed contract, causing it to expire and the American engineers can choose not to repair it for them now. Bo Qiang regrets his rashness.

Bo Hao tries in vain to persuade Kun San to sell the hotel. He doesn't understand why his father wants him to work on his own and refuses to finance him to build the chemical factory. Kun San wants him to be independent. Kun San is furious when he says that being the only successor, there will be no one to help him out in future so he says that he already has the person in mind. Bo Hao is surprised when he says that his younger cousin, Bo Qiang is not the capable one but Nabuo is. Why an outsider to take over it?

Kun San reveals that Nabuo is his elder cousin. Kun San's sister ran away with a Japanese and Nabuo is their child. His parents died in a car accident. But Kun San doesn't wish to anger his father by bringing him back so he finances Nabuo's education in secret. After knowing his achievements, he still wants to observe him by calling him back. Upon hearing the bad news from Bo Qiang later, Kun San has a heart attack.

Bo Hao decides to sell the hotel without his father's authorization to get his way. He prevents Bo Qiang from visiting Kun San although he is out of danger. (I feel weird when Bo Qiang calls him big brother because he looks older). Nabuo is worried for Kun San's health. Nabuo asks his US friends to help and they can fix the problem in 10 days. Bo Qiang refuses his help as he doesn't wish to owe him a favour. Nabuo tries in vain to change his mind to look into the hotel's interest instead.

Bo Hao wants to meet all workers. Seeing that they are talking, Nabuo reminds them not to speculate as they are wearing uniforms. This will give guests a bad impression. Jing Yi says that the matter can't be delayed and is mad when Bo Qiang is still refusing Nabuo's help. All are shocked to hear from Bo Hao that Kun San wants to retire and sell the hotel. They demand to see Kun San as they do not want to get fired.

Nabuo stops them, saying that Kun San has problems even talking now. Xin Yao also feels that this is unlikely to be his decision as he loves the hotel so much. She goes to the hospital and Bo Hao stops her. She accuses him for stopping her and Bo Qiang to visit Kun San because he is frightened that both will tell Kun San about his plan. He chases her away.

Xin Yao cries and tells Nabuo how hopeless she feels as she has no say for being an outsider. Nabuo consoles her, saying that what they can only do now is to maintain the excellent standard for the moment. Bo Qiang has the intention to resign so Jing Yi asks Nabuo for help. Nabuo calls his friends and they agree to come in 3 days. However they persuade in vain to ask Bo Hao to change his mind.

Nabuo tries to convince him that the figures aren't bad as they seem. Within a year, he can help the hotel to earn 10% profit. If not, why is Da Fa willing to spend 10% more on the hotel purchase? The hotel still has the potential to do better. Bo Hao is still bent on selling as he is very eager to get the chemical factory so he only gives Nabuo 2 months to earn 1/6 of the revenue. Nabuo agrees to it.

Xin Yao wonders how they can reach this unattainable target. Nabuo says that having 60 days is better than nothing. The most important thing is to get Bo Qiang to help them. The level-headed Nabuo loses his cool upon seeing Bo Qiang drinking. Bo Qiang even blames him for stealing everything that belongs to him. Nabuo calls him a wimp and both guys fight, having bruises on their faces again. Both have a drink together later - strange that they reconcile so easily???

Bo Qiang says that he should have hit Nabuo earlier. Nabuo jokes that Bo Qiang has already done it the last time in the hotel. But he is the one who teaches Bo Qiang a lesson. Bo Qiang argues that he could have won if not for Xin Yao's stopping. Nabuo says that since he can fight so well, why not combine forces with him to protect the hotel? He can see that Bo Qiang puts in a lot of hard work and he can’t bear it to be sold too. After serious thought, Bo Qiang agrees to help, not because he is scared of Nabuo but he just doesn't wish to lose a sandbag. Nabuo jokes that the temple (the hotel) is there so he (the monk) will not run away.

Bo Qiang helps in fixing the generator with the engineers while Nabuo helps to come up with new dishes. They try to improve all their proposals. Nabuo decides to link with the tourism board to make the hotel a must-stop location for tourists in their travelling. This is called branching and hopefully, in the near future, they will have funds to build more branches elsewhere.

However, without money they are unable to carry out the attractive plan. Bo Qiang feels down because the banks have got wind of the purchasing news and refuse to loan money. They are then unable to carry out their promotion plans to attract Japanese tourists. Nabuo replies that he will think of ways while Bo Qiang endorses his plan. He succeeds in getting the money as he has made many connections through his years of experience. Tour agencies start to approach them and Nabuo assigns tasks to everyone.

Bo Hao is in a dilemma as he can see that all work very hard and tourists start pouring in. Nabuo even appears at the front desk to help out too and he feels ashamed. Bo Qiang asks Jing Yi her opinion of Nabuo. She respects him as he does not lose his temper at all when meeting guests. He does not give up easily too. He is also caring towards his subordinates so all are willing to work under him. He is very well trained and privately, he treats Xin Yao well. She is envious and also jealous. She jokes that if not for her past relationship to snatch Bo Qiang and is too shy now, she could have tried to steal him from her again.

Bo Qiang is now impressed with Nabuo's capabilities. Kun San is correct to get him to help the hotel. Xin Yao is also correct to dump him and choose Nabuo. Jing Yi replies that although Nabuo is open-minded and passionate, she likes Bo Qiang to be impulsive. If not, he could not bring success to the amusement park as it involves a lot of risk-taking. Bo Qiang is touched and realises that now he likes Jing Yi.

All are devastated when they can't reach the target by a margin. Nabuo admits defeat unwillingly. Bo Hao comes in so Bo Qiang loses his cool and hits him. To him, Bo Hao has no right to sell the hotel because he doesn't contribute anything even though he is the acting chairman now. He is so angry that he throws the documents at him - they have shown that the growth has exceeded past years' results. The losses are even balanced as they help to set a high record. Bo Hao picks up the papers quietly and walks away.

Bo Qiang is angered and scolds him for being inhuman to sell Kun San's lifework before walking away. How is he going to face his uncle if he recovers and discovers the truth? Kun San feels lonely and wonders whether he is so old that all have forgotten to visit him for two solid months.

Bo Hao admits that he prevents them to visit him and confesses that he once wished to sell the hotel because he can't bear Kun San to work so hard. He has always thought that the hotel is the cause for Kun San's sickness. So he wanted Kun San to retire and have a less stressful life. Now, he realises his mistake and shows Kun San the revenue figures. Kun San is touched and forgives him.

Bo Hao chairs a meeting and apologises for his mistake. He announces that there will be a new successor to the hotel. He has excelled in R & B and is a smart high achiever. Actually all have known him but they are puzzled on who he is, including Nabuo. All have a big shock (in fact Nabuo is also stunned) when Bo Hao reveals that Nabuo is the one and he is his elder cousin. All cheer for him.

Nabuo can't hide his joy and asks why Kun San doesn't tell him earlier. Bo Hao replies that maybe he wants him to choose his own life and prove himself independently, not like him. Nabuo is overjoyed that he has a family. Xin Yao assures him that since day one, all has treated him like his family and none has considered him an orphan. His two cousins welcome him back. Nabuo is so happy that he hugs them.

Interesting notes

When it was shown in Singapore, viewers asked the television station why there was no repeat for it the next day! Many don't mind that the story line was similar to 'Hotelier'. They even like the romantic scenes very much. The viewership rate was even higher than the pop groups F4 and 5566 works' - 'Meteor garden' and 'MVP valentine'. This came as a surprise to the television stations as they thought the unknowns in it were unable to capture a big audience. I can't find the vcds anywhere 2 months after the serial was shown.

The hotel in real life is actually called Jian Hu San Hotel. You need to travel a distance from Taipei. It is worth the trip as it has beautiful places. You will marvel at the ferris wheel scene when you can get to see different pastures in different colours. It is indeed like a colourful map that Kun San has described to be.

Guo Hao was supposed to have a meater role in the serial. However, he just recovered from an operation and thus did not mind being a guest star. In fact, he found it interesting to act as a thief.

Chung Hin, Guo Hao, Jia Yi and Zu Ping tried out all the facilities at the amusement park. They had so much fun that they didn't realise that there was an earthquake, which worried the crew below. Guo Hao even filmed their frightened expressions using his DV. The 2 guys impressed the ladies with their guts. Chung Hin joked that he's aging and his heart could not take it anymore so this would be his last try.

Chung Hin finds them a playful lot but gets along well with them. Zu Ping takes good care of him and often helps him to translate to the rest. However, she can be so cheeky to introduce the wrong sign languages to him and make him misinterpret their actual meanings.

The serial was shot in 2 months. At first, all thought that they could stay in the 5 star hotel. However, it was too hot a spot for tourists and they could not provide so many rooms for the whole film crew. In the end, they had to move to another smaller hotel 'He Yuan Hui Guan' beside it. This hotel is also important as many officials receive their guests here. However, they came at the wrong time where renovation works were on-going even at night. All complained about lack of sleep.

Chung Hin often chatted with his beautician girlfriend over the hotel telephone for hours. However, the reception could be so bad that he had to stand close near the window to listen to her voice. In the end, his manager gave him a laptop to email to her. He was so relieved to escape from the torture.

Jia Yi has not acted for 4 years. After reading the script, she agreed quickly! She even sacrificed her first screen kiss. She complained that normally male artistes will take the lead but why it wasn't for her in the Bo Qiang's drunk scene? This serial might be her last because she is more interested to set up a business.

Some Taiwanese 'Hotelier' fans quarreled over the similarities of this serial with 'Hotelier'. They complained Zu Ping looking exactly like Song Yun Ah while Chung Hin was too dark and wooden, unlike the fair looking and romantic Bae Yong Jun. 'Managing love' supporters rebuked them saying that there were many versions of Jin Yong/Gu Long dramas too so it was also right to film about hotels. Moreover, is there anything wrong to promote their own hotel to prove that it is just as good as Seoul Hotel? The producer did admit that Zu Ping was like Zhen Yin in 'Hotelier' in real life for forgetting to bring the wrong clothes for filming on the wrong days.

Many are astonished by Wei Ling's guts in filming the bathing scene when she did not wear any undergarments under the towel. Poor Zu Ping's chest even seemed to look flatter than usual when standing beside her. It was a humiliation to her when Wei Ling said that her asserts were natural. Zu Ping requested a bathing scene too but the director said that she had no hope.

The first part of the hotel that Chung Hin visited upon reaching the hotel was the gym. He was overjoyed to find many facilities and did his own timetable to plan his exercise schedule after work. Zhi Han and Jia Yi were also interested so they followed him there during when free. Zu Ping hated being sweaty and sticky so she didn't join them.

Zhi Han lost weight due to the workouts but Zu Ping gained weight by eating many tidbits. He reminded her that she was always chubby looking and now her face really looked like a full moon. He forced Zu Ping to do sit-ups in her room and often ended up walking sweaty out. The film crew had the wrong idea upon seeing this. All visited the spa together and had a great time there.

The promotion of the serial was a success. Although Chung Hin had returned to Hong Kong, Zhi Han proved to be a lady killer when many queued up for his kisses - with a glass panel in between them. Zu Ping had to take the initiative to coax the men because they were too nervous.

The love scenes between Zhi Han and Jia Yi took many NGs. Zhi Han claimed that he never treated her like a woman while she said that she could never fall in love with him. Upon seeing the 2 actresses with flat chests, he and Chung Hin felt that this serial was similar to having 4 men as leads. The crew commented that the four leads were all attached in real life and no wonder they needed so much time to warm up.

Chung Hin is a vegetarian for 7 years and he falls in love with the food here. In comparison, the oily lunch boxes that he had in China during filming were terrible and tasteless. He jokes that filming has never been as comfortable as this one till he often thinks that he is dreaming. This is the first time that he can also enjoy in the midst of work. He dislikes the excitement of the amusement park facilities so he often declines the crew's offer and often rests in his room after filming.

The kissing scene in the ferris wheel isn't as romantic as it seems. Chung Hin and Zu Ping only hoped to finish filming it quickly. It was hot inside and 3 other producers were with them. The cameraman was outside. All were so frightened that they might apply too much weight on the machine.

Chung Hin has diving and car racing licenses. He is also an expert in cycling. That is why he is so tanned. Jia Yi is interested to learn diving from him. He agrees to teach her when free but he jokes that she has to pay the diving expenses for him so that he could save the money.

The engagement scene was shot at a hot temperature of 38 degrees. All were stunned by the revealing outfit that Jia Yi wore. Zu Ping did not wish to lose out so she added sponge to her chest in her gown. Zhi Han joked that no wonder both actresses lost out to him even if they add their chests' together. One has the word 'Yi' while another has the word 'Ping' in their names. By combining the two words together, 'yi ping' still means flat regardless of whatever they do. Of course, he received scoldings by the women.

Zhi Han was also filming another serial at the same time so he sometimes felt sleepy when driving to different filming spots. Once, Jia Yi and two assistants were in his car. Jia Yi found his eyes closing and screamed to wake him up. The others quickly fed him with food to keep him awake through the journey.

Some Taiwanese actors are quite tall. Chung Hin is tall, the actor as Bo Hao is slightly shorter than him while Zhi Han is taller than Lui. Jia Yi and Ju Ping are also exceptionally tall close to 1.70 m. Actually they can be involved in a basketball drama as well.

The serial was shown in Taiwan in August 2002. Due to its high popularity, Part 2 was quickly shot in October 2002. This is sure fast!

Character Introduction/Cast Performance

Gao Qiao Xin Fu/Takahashi Nabuo - Lui Chung Hin

He is wonderful! Chung Hin usually looks smart in police uniforms in TVB dramas - there is no exception as a GM in a hotel. Unlike his over-darkened or slightly haggard look in Hong Kong dramas, he looks refreshing and young here. His tan isn't as dark too.

Although the GM uniform has a simple design with a tight-fitting suit with two rows of buttons in black with a white high-collar shirt below it, he stands out from the rest with his fit physique and charisma. He blends in his role well.

Nabuo is warm, capable, observant, alert and also shy. He is everyone's impression of a perfect gentleman. He is impartial, knowing how to separate personal issues with work.

Nabuo looks quiet but he is full of passion. See how daring he is to kiss Xin Yao in public right in the ferris wheel? I am speechless while watching this scene as he looks so reserved at first! But still, this scene is appropriate as related to his upbringing in America. He is very frank and does not hide his feelings at all.

He solves all the difficult problems with adequate wits and experience. Plus, he has a nice personality - he is approachable and all his subordinates like him. Knowing that Bo Qiang is hostile to him, he tolerates his sarcastic remarks and tries to offer his friendship.

Chung Hin also has adequate feelings in love scenes. I am so relieved to hear no mushy words like 'I love you' as in other Taiwanese love dramas. He simply shows his affections through gestures and also the tenderness in his eyes. I like the scene where Xin Yao requests to talk to him - he must be thinking that she wants a break up! Poor man - his expression shows that he can collapse any minute and is prepared to accept his ill fate. Although Jiang is a Taiwanese actress, there is no barrier between them although they work together for the first time and both have the chemistry as screen lovers.

Liu Bo Qiang - Liu Zhi Han

Is this actor a newcomer? He resembles Cheng Kar Wing in looks but his acting is better than many who are sure raw in acting. Bo Qiang has talents but is easily overcome by jealousy. However, Bo Qiang isn't completely evil and despite the disappointment, he still likes his job.

Upon knowing that Grandfather Huang wants to go on G5, he keeps a close watch on him. He is first to reach him when he finishes the round. When Grandfather Huang looks stunned, Bo Qiang gets so worried until the old man suddenly requests another round again. I really like the sweet smile with a dimple on his face. This man is not that unreasonable after all - especially when he finally realises that Nabuo does deserve winning Xin Yao at the end.

Bo Qiang likes children very much. He does his best to make You You and Xiao Yu happy. There is also another scene when a boy hurts his knee. He tries to cheer him up, showing that he is caring after all.

Being a proud person, he can throw away his self-esteem to woo Xin Yao again repeatedly. I don't see any wrong of him trying to win her back. But he is really too much to pester her every now and then till I find him very irritating. However, his expressions can be stiff when showing his frustrations and jealousy in certain scenes. There were too many scenes of him smoking spoil his image. Moreover, I also dislike him to hurl sarcastic remarks at Nabuo and thinks too highly of himself.

Liu Kun San - Gou Feng

A successful chairman who knows all his staff's capabilities. Many will be impressed by his wise move to choose the right people for the jobs and making correct decisions. A good performance by a veteran actor - too bad very few Taiwanese act in this natural way and his scenes are limited.

Jiang Xin Yao - Jiang Ju Ping (as You Ruo in Wind and Cloud)

A total copycat from Song Yun Ah's Xu Zhen Ying in 'Hotelier'. They share the same job, uniform and hairstyle! Luckily their personalities are totally different. Xin Yao is patient and considerate. She is mature in handling cases although not as capable as claimed by Bo Qiang. One part I don't really like is how she uses Bo Qiang to get back at Nabuo for being 'unfaithful'. And the reserved Xin Yao can ask Nabuo into her home? Her personality is really inconsistent - one moment she is shy and another moment she is so daring? She also seems to be unable to separate work and private affairs despite repeated reminders from Nabuo. Still, a complete natural change from the raw appearance in 'wind and cloud'. I give credit to her for showing great improvement in here.

Lin Jing Yi - Lin Jia Yi (an ex-singer)

Jing Yi seems to be unscrupulous and tries all despicable ways to win Bo Qiang's love. Actually she is only willful for a while and is more capable than Xin Yao. She is very professional on her job - at least she has not created any trouble for Bo Qiang, unlike Xin Yao. Despite of her resignation, upon knowing that the spy incident, she still hurries back to safeguard its interest. She is always by Bo Qiang's side whenever he is down. We can't have high demands on Lin's acting as she is a singer and seldom acts.

Memorable scenes

How Nabuo sees through Paul's trick to steal the vase.

How Nabuo wins Xin Yao's heart by baking cakes for her.

The cheeky You Lin sends the photographer several trips on G5 to prevent him from taking pictures of Qin Hai and Helen. In the end, the poor man vomits so many times.

Grandfather Huang can be so daring to try on G5 while in contrast, Sa Sa is chicken heart.

The adorable You You who wins the heart of Xin Yao, Bo Qiang and Nabuo. She calls Xin Yao 'Auntie', Bo Qiang 'Uncle Ferris Wheel' and Nabuo 'Uncle Cake'. I melt upon seeing how she hugs them before she leaves.

Nabuo, Xin Yao and You Lun comforting Ah Ban to lift his spirits.

How Nabuo and Xin Yao make up with each other after Helen's intrusion.

The ending of Da Tong's wedding is quite unexpected - quite a refreshing change.

The competition between Bo Qiang and Nabuo. I never expect Nabuo to be the loser in the end.

The staff's efforts to save the hotel. It is touching to see how they love it!

Favourite Character

Nabuo - he is so sweet to everyone.

Most Hated Character

Bo Qiang - he can be so insensitive to Jing Yi and hurt her every now and then to shower concern to Xin Yao although they are already a couple. And always finding chances to break Xin Yao and Nabuo up.

Most Convincing Character

Nabuo - he is so good as the unreasonable guest in the beginning that you really dislike him for creating so much trouble. Although he is young as GM, he shows experience and calmness in dealing with difficult situations. When others freak out, he is the one who thinks of solutions quickly.

Most Failed Character

Xie as F & B manager. His hair is too long and oily. Moreover, his smile looks so fake and annoying. I doubt I will patronize this restaurant as he just shows his teeth. He is also a nosy parker. The producer wants to make him helpful but I find him a pest instead - and crying so much shows how weak he is.

Best Guest Star

None in my opinion, maybe I am too strict.


We know how unnatural most Taiwanese act - so exaggerating till I can't take it sometimes. Some stories show insight into the lives of different people. Others are very predictable which provide little surprise. Luckily, there are only 2 episodes maximum to each story. The pace gets slower after the first three episodes - which is a pity. Luckily the ending perks up the interest again.

The giving of coordinates to search for a place in the hotel is nonsensical. What happens if all the maps don't show anything? What if an earthquake happens and the location changes? What can they do if Lin is a real spy? She could have gotten away with a photographic memory even without taking away them?

Nabuo is too nice to You Lun - who can allow him to joke and entertain a guest during working time??

Many are disappointed on why Xin Yao uses Bo Qiang's handkerchief to wipe her tears. So do I - in fact I am more puzzled. I thought she wanted to avoid him as much as possible and now she send him the wrong signal - indicating a reconciliation?

Chemistry between Bo Qiang and Jing Yi is ruled out as both are unnatural. They look more like just reciting lines from a text. He acts better with Zu Ping, though as a couple.

Too many scenes on Bo Qiang trying to woo Xin Yao back till I deem him very irritating for every episode. Although this guy is nice looking, I just can't stomach his stubborn behaviour. He should know when to stop when love is over. Let's borrow a saying - is it worth sacrificing a whole forest for the sake of a tree?

Xin Yao's allowance to let Da Tong foot the deposit of 10% is absurd. No hotel will bend the rule like this. And not reporting to her superior to do this decision on her own, this is madness! Wonder why the others don't tell Nabuo about this? At other times, they are gossiping but when it comes to important affairs, they don't mention anything.

Too much coincidence for the leads to be arranged for cause-for-jealousy scenes. Too much explaining to do. How can these people have such perfect timing all the time? The over-deliberate scenes are too hard for me to stomach. Then these people quarrel half the time in the serial, wasting our time too. Some parts are repetitive eg. having ex-lovers. None of the pairs interest me much. I am more interested to know how hoteliers work but it only covers 65%.

The rivalry between Nabuo and Bo Qiang is too easily ironed out just through a fight. Actually, I have expected to see more sparks.

Too early to reveal Nabuo's identity. It should only be revealed right at the end because we end up not being surprised like the hotel staff as the suspense is no longer there.


The theme song is 'Belief in love' by Chan See Hon, Chan Wai Lam's younger brother. He is not that good in dictation. So it turns out to be very plain. The sub-theme song ' kiss' by Hsiao Ya Xuan is good.


At first, I wonder why the title is 'in love with the manager'. Later I realise the reason behind it. Xin Yao gets the love of two managers and at first she is indecisive on who to love. Jing Yi is faithfully in love with Bo Qiang, the amusement park GM.

This serial is still worth watching as it does cover some insights into the hoteliers' work. But please be prepared with some slow paced scenes. I am so glad that the focus is on the main cast and not on the supporting cast as many are stiff although they have refreshing faces. I do like the special story on the less privileged - they do deserve more concern from the society.

If you are a true Chung Hin fan, don't ever miss it. This is one of the best roles and performances that he has given so far. Many like him here as the romantic lover and so do I - I never know that he can portray sentimental scenes as well as in acting macho/cool scenes as cops or gamblers.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : * * * (Scale of 5)

On story : * * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)


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