Marmalade Boy

Reviewed by: sukting

June 23, 2004

Rating: two

How long
30 episodes (9 vcds)

This serial is another adaptation of a manga by Oataru Yoshizura. I find the story nonsencial. I don't know how you will think about it. Many thanks to my sister-in-law, Li Wei, for lending me the VCDs.


Guang Xi's parents divorce and remarry by swapping spouses with You's parents. Guang Xi is enraged and begs them to stop in vain. She is annoyed when You doesn't disapprove. She is angered and tries to ignore her family. The two families decide to live together so their children will still get to be with their parents.

You transfers to Guang Xi's school. She persuades him in vain to transfer out. She then makes him promise not to reveal to others their identity but he can't promise not to talk to her because they are in the same class. You is jealous when he sees Guang Xi talking to Yin Tai. He finds out from her classmate, Ming Zi, that Guang Xi has been rejected by Yin Tai before.

You is asked to make their introduction in class. As he can't remember the home telephone number, he asks Guang Xi openly! All are shocked to know that they are staying together but she maintains that their parents are only friends. She is angry with him but he only says that he remembers promising on the part of their parents exchanging partners.

You catches attention as he is good in sports. Yin Tai likes Guang Xi now and says that You isn't good in studies since he is good in sports. Ming Zi tells him that You is the only student who can pass the exam to get into their school, dashing his hopes. Actually Yin Tai likes Guang Xi but refuses to admit it in front of his friends so this puts Guang Xi into a fix.

You's ball hits Guang Xi on her head and she faints. Seeing that she is still sleeping in the sick bay (actually she is only pretending), he kisses her. There goes her first kiss. The next morning, he still acts like nothing has happened. Guang Xi describes him as the marmalade - bitter in the inside but sweet in appearance. He describes her as mustard - spicy and peppery.

The four parents pretend to want to revert to their old lives but Guang Xi is already used to the new life. She is angry with them for putting up an act so she locks herself in the room. Feeling worried, You climbs over the balcony to find out how she is. She starts to think that she doesn't wish to let the family part because of You. The two go to an amusement park and she gets to meet his ex, Ya Li Shi.

You tells Guang Xi that he kissed her despite knowing that she is awake because he likes her. He then tells his mother to lie to Ya Li Shi that he is asleep so that he will not listen to her call. Ming Zi warns Yin Tai not to interfere as she finds You a nice person. Yin Tai kisses Guang Xi by catching her unaware. Guang Xi is angry.

Ya Li Shi tells Guang Xi that she will not give You up and Yin Tai tells Guang Xi about the true story of his love for her. He tries to force her but You comes to her rescue. Yin Tai's tennis partner is injured and he is forced to pair up with You. You is unable to stand his treatment and hides in the library. He sees Ming Zi hugging their teacher, Xiao Ming.

Ming Zi has kept this romance in secret. You tries to raise funds for the tennis club. Buying 5 vouchers will get his photo while buying 10 will get to take a photo with him. Buying 15 will get insight news of the love triangle. This is to improve ties with Yin Tai. The girls find it unbelievable that a plain girl can attract 2 handsome guys. You wants to withdraw from the friendly match after knowing that his ex-school mate, Ah Wu, is going to pit against him. This guy never wins You and treats him like his no.1 enemy because he likes Ya Li Shi.

Yin Tai is having fun because Ah Wu is his cousin. They make a bet - the loser will have to shave their hair completely bald. You is alarmed at the pact and blames Yin Tai for not telling him earlier. He grins and dreams of him being unpopular with his hair. Yin Tai keeps making mistakes but Guang Xi gives him encouragement so he and You win finally. They cut a patch of their hair.

Ya Li Shi suddenly goes out with Yin Tai. This makes Guang Xi so upset that she misses her dinner. Yin Tai decides to cooperate with Ya Li Shi after seeing that Guang Xi dances well with You as a pair. Ming Zi's romance is discovered and Xiao Ming needs to leave school. Yin Tai feels sorry for her and consoles her. They start to develop feelings for each other. As for Ah Wu, Ya Li Shi finds him stunning when bald and starts to like him too.

You is now interested in architecture. Guang Xi finally knows that she likes You. But they try hard to keep it from their parents. They sneak around and kiss secretly. You always suspects that his father is not his natural father and looks around for him. Then one day, You finds a picture of his mother with Guang Xi's father before marriage. He suspects her to be his sister. He decides to transfer to another school and moves out of home to avoid her.

You still has strong feelings for her but he pretends to have a girlfriend while her parents get her a boyfriend. However, Guang Xi manages to find the truth from the parents. They are the true offspring of the intial couples. So this is a happy ending to all.

Introduction on characters

1. Guang Xi - Huang Xiang Yi (a Singapore singer)
A student who is supposed to be cheerful but is affected by her parents' divorce. But later, she accepts it and turns to be a better person.

Huang's acting initially is so superfical. She can't act! I dislike the way she twists her mouth to throw tantrums. But later, she improves and is more acceptable.

2. Song Pu You - Zhu Xiao Tian (F4 member)
He is equally sore over the divorce but pretends to be cheerful. He should have confronted his parents to clarify the truth instead of making himself upset.

His acting improves but I hate his long hairstyle. I mean, is it necessary to show off the long silky hair every now and then? In 1/2 of the series, we see him tying it up into a ponytail! That's the last that I can take.

3. Yin Tai - Gao Hao Jun
He is a good tennis player who thinks very highly of himself. He is a snob but learns to reveal his feelings to Guang Xi. I don't really like him for treating You badly. He is as cool as in 'Rich Boy Taro'.

4. Ming Zi -Lin Li Wen
She is Guang Xi's classmate who is secretly in love with the teacher. After the shcool knows of their romance, he is forced to leave and she is very upset. This reminds me of 'Romance' and 'Terms of a Witch' and Qiong Yao's novel 'Outside the Window'. Not that nice as depicted. She is the same as 'Angel' in 'MVP valentine'.

5. Mr Song Pu - Li Li Fei
He is You's father. He is a great mathematican and is willing to help Guang Xi in her homework when she has problems. So-so acting.

6. ex-Mrs Guang
She is Guang Xi's mother. Talkative, loud, dreamy and childish. Terrible acting.

7. Mr Guang - Zheng Guo Cheng
He is Guang Xi's father. He is a great chef. Acting passable.

8. ex-Mrs Song Pu - Ni Shu Jun
She is You's mother. No one will beleive as she looks so young with her long, silky hair. Acting is acceptable.

9. Ya Li Sha - Guo Jing Chun
She is only going out with other guys to make You jealous. She is the one who asks You to give her 3 months time to try dating. When You tells her that it is better for them to stay as friends, she still doesn't give up. First to go out with Yin Tai and then with Ah Wu. I don't like her for toying with them.

10. Ah Wu
Comical appearance as You's opponent and Yin Tai's cousin. Without him, I would not have continued watching.

The opening theme is 'the greehouse flower - wen shi de hua' by Huang Xiang Yi. The first subtheme song is 'I really wish - wo hao xiang' by Zhang Xin Zhe. He even makes a cameo appearance here to sing in the class. The last is 'Make a wish' by Zhou Yu Min. It is strange that the serial doens't involve him yet he lends his voice here! I prefer the songs by the guys.


The parents are totally over exaggerating in the first disc of them being together. This serial is too childish for my taste. The story drags and drags till I got so annoyed. Where is the difficulty in asking one simple question so that you can avoid the pain and torture? I simply detest it. They just guess and guess and guess!

Overall, the acting is unbearable for me. This serial is strictly for F4 fans or Zhu's fans. They may be interested to find out how Xiao Tian holds the fort on his own without the other members. I start to wonder whether I should stick to watching period or other modern dramas instead. Perhaps idol dramas are unsuitable for me.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting :** (Scale of 5)

On story : **(Scale of 5) (for the sake of the funny element in front)

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