Meteor Garden II


Section:Taiwanese Dramas


Number of Episodes:30

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

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Sequel to Japanese manga adaptation of "Hana Yori Dango", "Meteor Garden II" picks up the story where Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan) loses his memory and forgets his Shan Cai (Barbie Hsu). Gallery pictures at


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Meteor Garden II

Reviewed by: sukting July 20, 2004

Rating: 2.0 out of 5

How long 30 episodes Foreword This sequel is a big letdown. Only watch it if you are a diehard F4 fan. But even so, you may not like it. Many have said that 2003 was a dark year for Meteor Garden fans. Thousands have lost the man of their dreams when Daomingsi lost his memory in a car crash in Spain and wakes up as a different person. Some members have started wearing ties or suits to...

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03-05-2009 12:08 AM


PLEASE Make METEOR GARDEN 3, missing F4 and of course shancai. Make it happy ending with a naturally stories. Without Ye Sha and all new actrees/actor at 2nd METEOR GARDEN. Cos it very complicated. All bout the story and actress/actors back to Meteor Garden 1, cos its better best than METEOR GARDEN 2nd.


02-20-2009 01:13 AM


I think the second season is soooo disapointing and actually rather boring... i keep waiting for them to meet up again and when then finally do DMS runs away and I want him and Shancai to get back together and im already on like the 10th episode and they still havent met and he's already basically falling for that other girl (which I hate by the way)


05-26-2008 08:02 AM


michelle saram's casting here in MG 2 actually made this sequel a big letdown. it's okay if you put yesha's character in here, but they shouldn't give her a LOT of exposures than shancai.

the real reason why people don't like MG2 is simply because of yesha, but if you really read the plot well, it is very beautiful. the amnesia of DMS started the trend of the countless series that connects with the "loss of memory". it even has a much better cinematography and a very romantic Barcelona as a backdrop. i think, MG has the right to have a movie rather than HYD. MG's story until now, is still unfinished.


03-06-2008 02:34 PM


i didn't watch it at all but i hear it's good. i think that i should watch it to.


03-06-2007 10:24 AM


This 2nd part series is not worth your time. I really dislike the new girl Michelle Saram not sure why she was casted. Maybe due to she was dark skin tone but really spoil the drama.

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