Miss No Good


Section:Taiwanese Dramas

Genre:Romantic Comedy


Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Average Rating:       (out of 4 ratings)

Official Site: http://www.cts.com.tw/prog/a/a0081


Miss No Good is a Taiwanese romantic light-drama television series starring Rainie Yang as Xiao Hua (Rainie Yang). She's a free-spirited and headstrong girl with an unusual voice and an equally unusual sense of fashion -- mismatched socks and shoes, for example. But when she hears of the return of her sweetheart from elementary school, Jia Si Le (Dean Fujioka), this changes her mind. The two still have deep feelings for each other, despite his upcoming arranged marriage to Jiang Mi (Chen Yan Yi). Xiao Hua coincidentally Jia Si Le's associate, the temperamental, smooth and well-known stylist Tang Men, when she appropriates his taxi. The two don't get along. Soon the four of them meet, leaving Xiao Hua embarrassed and dedicated to pursue a more "adult" way of expressing her style so she can win Jia Si Le. But is this being true to herself? And is it Jia Si Le who she really wants?


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Miss No Good

Reviewed by: AndyChrono April 05, 2009

Rating: 2.0 out of 5

The Good: +Occasional moments of heartfelt drama +Great performances from some of the supporting cast The Bad: -Main characters and main plot are formulaic beyond belief -Xiao Hua's (Rainie) voice -Lacks a lasting emotional impact Details (WARNING: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!): A. Characters 1. Rainie Yang as Jiang Xiao Hua It's pretty much standard Rainie with the pitch knob turned up. Her voice is barely tolerable at best, and ear-bleeding at worst. Most people will find it somewhere in between. The Xiao Hua character is pretty much the EXACT same as Tong Jia...

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Miss No Good

Reviewed by: sukting December 30, 2008

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

How long 20 episodes Foreword This is the first time Yang Chen Lin and popular singer Pan Wei Bo pair up for this Chai Zhi Ping production. Sporting a head of bouncy curls, she hides her signature cute looks. Can you accept it? This is Pan’s first television starring role. The co-stars include Japanese actor Dean Tatsuya Fujioka from ‘Corner with Love’ and Chen Yan Xi. Story/Introduction on characters 1. Jiang Xiao Hua – Yang Chen Lin Jewelry store owner Xiao Hua is...

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08-01-2010 06:47 AM


I had a lot of laughs on this series so its okay. . Though pan wei bo is surely a jerk @ times. . & rainie's actually really "flashy" . .The voice,yea at times its a bit irritating but what matters to me is the story,its n0t that bad,yes, but i was left hanging. . How can she n0t kn0w her own m0ther??Bad fellas. .


02-21-2010 10:11 PM


i like it.....i havnt finish yet but it goiod if timmy is ciaras brother....huhuhuhu


08-22-2009 08:17 PM


The story is so cute and funny. . . I like it. . . About the voice the girl. . . No comment. . Hahaha. . .but i like it


06-19-2009 10:07 PM


well even though Xiao Hua's voice are sometimes irritating but over all I find myself watching it happily, I really fond of its comedy scenes I cant help myself but to laugh at it, as in, I did enjoy watching this series. I like its simpleness of the story and its supporting casts... but the ending part was did not support the wholeness of the story, It was not satisfied enough...

Wilber Pan was so cutie....

deng, deng, deng, deng, deng,(9x) (ha ha ha waht a funny joke!)


05-17-2009 07:29 AM


I watched only 4 episodes before finally giving up... I couldn't stand Rainie's high-pitched voice with Hokkien accent & the very annoying sound of "Tang Mun"... Probably it is a character problem but when your main character drives the audience away, that's bad imho!

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