Miss No Good

Reviewed by: sukting

December 30, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

How long
20 episodes


This is the first time Yang Chen Lin and popular singer Pan Wei Bo pair up for this Chai Zhi Ping production. Sporting a head of bouncy curls, she hides her signature cute looks. Can you accept it? This is Pan’s first television starring role. The co-stars include Japanese actor Dean Tatsuya Fujioka from ‘Corner with Love’ and Chen Yan Xi.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Jiang Xiao Hua – Yang Chen Lin
Jewelry store owner Xiao Hua is as unfashionable as they come with her thick permed hair and loud gaudy clothing. (How can she be so un-trendy when she sells trendy items – please don’t ask me as I don’t have the answer.) She likes giving names to the things she owns. She finds nothing wrong with herself and loves to add cheap flowers or colourful accessories on herself till she meets Si Le again.

She has expected Si Le (nickname ‘Fei’ – fat) to remain the same when she attends his return party. She turns up as usual in her overly coloured style -same as her shoes. (I suspect Chai recycles the shoes from ‘Corner with love’) She is rejected admission because of her informal wear and forgets to bring her invitation card but she manages to sneak in.

Si Le recognizes her immediately as her hairstyle never changes. He invites her to a dance and later gets his housekeeper to get her a bouquet of flowers. Unknown to him, she is allergic to pollen so she sneezes to fall into the pool. Jeered by others and wanting for Si Le’s attention although she has not started loving him,
Xiao Hua is determined to transform herself into the kind of girl who can match up with Si Le. She tries in vain to prevent Si Le from meeting her again but fails repeatedly.

She enlists, or rather forces, Tang Men to help her achieve the ultimate style makeover. She only wants to prove that Si Le loves her and has not thought of wanting his wealth. Knowing that she has offended him, she buys him a fruit basket but ends up tripping to hurt her knee. Men is in a PK war with Jino to see who can help a plump person to lose the most weight within 2 months. Men manages to reduce 10 kg but Jino cheats to claim credit for reducing 20kg. How? He bribes a pair of twins – one plump and another slim to deceive the whole audience.

Xiao Hua discovers the scheme and Men informs the filming unit to stop the program. Both are delighted and get drunk. She stays over at his place. Men kisses her by mistake and he vows not to see her again. He passes her 10 sets of clothes free of charge on her last lesson and she leaves his home reluctantly. She doesn’t expect to see Men again so soon as Men’s girlfriend. She is frightened that he will expose her but he chooses not to do it as it will hurt Si Le’s feelings. Never will she expect Si Le to get Men to become her image consultant again.

She has been very insistent to keep her natural curls but gives in to Men upon knowing that she is going to meet Mrs Jia soon. Men straightens her hair for her. She gets anxious when she can’t complete the work that Yu An gives her and she sleepwalks. Men fondles her hair to coax her when she complains that Yu An dislikes her. He then carries her to her room but she keeps pinching his face. He throws her on the ground when she wakes up.

Upon knowing that she is framed for the perfume incident, Men looks around for her and manages to find her. He carries her to sleep at his home. Si Le comes to fight with Men so she admits abruptly that she is after his wealth. Si Le gets so affected that he punches someone when getting involved in a car accident. He asks Xiao Hua to find out that she is only regarding him as a friend as she only likes him in the past. Xiao Hua knows that she isn’t suitable for the job and quits.

Along the way, they begin to fall for each other. Learning that Men will not give her up to Si Le, she hugs him. Xiao Hua dreams of fainting into his arms and he uses water to splash at her face. Then he uses the hairdryer to dry her hair before kissing her. Xiao Hua is angry when learning that Men is going away for 5 years without telling her. Si Le even tells her that Men’s career means everything to him so he is worried that she will be neglected and abandoned one day. He urges her to return to his side.

Xiao Hua can’t bring herself to ask Men about his trip. Men has hoped to give her a surprise to keep everything from her. Xiao Hua fails to win a prize in the jewellery design competition even though Men gives her encouragement. She scolds Men for lying to her and even though he explains to her , she can’t leave her family. Assuming that she hinders his career, she leaves in misery. (If she can’t bring herself to ask that question, why can’t she leave a sms instead of crying to waste our time?)

The goddess appears in Xiao Hua’s dream, urging her to be brave and make sacrifices if she wants to change her destiny. Thus she runs to the airport to send Men off. 2 years have passed and her curls return. She decides not to change it. She is finally together with Men again as he promises to get a big house to let both their families stay together when he finishes his Germany contract.

I have thought that Bi Zhu’s accent in ‘Corner with love’ is terrible. Xiao Hua’s accent is even worse. Her dressing is horrendous – she is an eyesore, a nitwit and definitely a goner. She behaves like a monkey or a mouse with her gestures. Some might find her cute but the way she acts certainly doesn’t go along well with me. The way she clenches her teeth with her lips crooked when crying is terrible too.

2. Tang Men – Pan Wei Bo

He is Si Le’s close friend and is grateful to Si Le for supporting his Japan university education to study styling. He is also a good cook as he saves up on meals. He vows to prove his ability to his parents.

He is a stylist who meets Xiao Hua by chance when they take a cab together. He sees her as a Christmas tree and is annoyed when she picks on him for choosing simple colours. She suggests adding rainbow colours or striking hairclips to improve the look. He gets mad and has noting pleasant to offer her except sarcastic remarks when it comes to her. He drops his set of scissors he buys from Italy and she keeps them.

He is annoyed when the tv station wants to make his styling programme to become like a PK contest as the producer also invites his rival, Jino. He takes up the chance and this is only now that he discovers his scissors missing. He gets his assistant, Rui Ke to get them back from Xiao Hua. She returns them but he has to keep his promise of giving her 3 lessons to transform herself.

He sees through her ploy to want to climb up the social ladder but she rebukes that there is nothing wrong if someone likes her. (This part is hilarious as he says it fast to her like a rap, citing that the person should accept her as what she is and also she should not look for him as she finds nothing wrong with herself.)

He mumbles that this person must be of low IQ, not knowing that Si Le is the one. He frowns on the first lesson – she has a torn sock showing her toe and her laughter grunts like a pig. She has too many flaws and he can’t take it. Although she snaps that he has no friends because of his sharp tongue, he forgives her and allows her to continue her second lesson.

Knowing that she is going out on her first date, he helps her in her make-up and also selects a silvery white dress. Although Xiao Hua protests that she wants her natural curls, he gets his assistants to rebond her hair (but without success, it seems) and removes all her colourful clips.

The PK contest starts and Rui Ke is eager to achieve success. Jino has declared that he can help a woman to reduce 20 kg in 1 month but Men can only reduce 10 kg. Rui Ke suggests bringing the person to the hospital for liposuction but he declines as he doesn’t want to risk danger and wants to win through his ability and not through short-cuts.

She has a bruised knee and wants him to blow on her wound like her grandmother. (This woman is really atrocious to pretend to be cute.) Well, he uses a hair-dryer to do it for her upon knowing that her mother passed away when she was very young. (He isn’t as cold as he seems.) He is calm to accept his defeat when Jino succeeded. But he can’t stand him deceiving the audience and gets him out of the show. He is touched to see how Xiao Hua helps him.

Mi shows interest in him and dates him every Wednesday. He has a shock of his life when Si Le introduces Xiao Hua as his girlfriend. He demands her to tell Si Le the truth but later hesitates when Si Le takes it as a joke. Si Le even finds this joke unacceptable as he will get upset over it. Seeing that Xiao Hua never changes her mannerisms, he closes his eyes – his transformation attempt is still a failure.

Upon seeing Si Le planting a kiss on Xiao Hua’s cheek when Si Le sends her home, he gasps in horror. Another shock lies for him when Mi wants him to woo Xiao Hua to make her fall for him so that she will leave Si Le alone. He agrees reluctantly and Si Le gives him the task to transform Xiao Hua in order to impress Mrs Jia. He nearly tears his hair when Xiao Hua can’t even pronounce his name properly.

Wanting her to have more exposure, he brings her to a movie premiere. She insists of having popcorn. Si Le and Mi are also present. Men sighs again when she drops the popcorns all over Mi. The worst comes when she is nearly choked by it and he has to pat hard on her back. Knowing that Mrs Jia will meet Xiao Hua soon, he speeds up her learning progress. Have fun watching her to get boxed whenever she can’t speak well or walk properly with a book on her head.

Both have a meal outdoors and he frowns at the way she eats. That sends his efforts down the drain. Seeing that she has a grain of rice near her mouth, he removes it for her. Xiao Hua feels electricity going through her – why is he cold but his hands so warm. She envies his magical hands and brings him to a game stall. Seeing that she is able to win lots of toys, he jokes that she must have used up her luck in this.

But his luck is bad as he is unable to win any and he sulks. She is also unable to win a fat cat toy to match with his hairdryer – huhu – the name she gives to it. He prepares two suitcases of clothes – one for leisure and one for formal wear for her. She is touched and hugs him.

Knowing that she can’t speak English to Mrs Jia’s clients and Si Le getting worried for her, Men holds her shaky hand and offers to be her translator. He only wishes her to be frank in her thoughts and the clients should respect her. (Wei Bo does an excellent job – the rest can’t speak English as well as him. Can’t convince me that they stay overseas for a long time.)

Knowing that Xiao Hua worries over her dressing, he helps her to get ready to meet Mrs Jia. He does a good job but is dismayed that Xiao Hua gets out of sorts when at Jia residence. She gets so nervous to treat them as her customers. He has to box her. After the meal, he touches her cheeks. Mi senses softness in his eyes although he doesn’t know it. He assumes that it is because he feels sympathy towards her. He shakes his head, asking her if she really loves Si Le to worry over so many things.

He comes up with a segment to help mothers looking pretty in his programme. The unit push Rui Ke to get Men’s mother to come even though they know that they are on bad terms. Rui Ke notices that Men smiles more often after knowing Xiao Hua. Men attributes it to her spreading the virus to him so he must avoid her as much as possible. Knowing that Si Le still likes Xiao Hua, he tends to avoid her.

When Xiao Hua goes missing, he gets anxious and looks for her everywhere. He assures her that he has complete trust in her and carries her home as she sleeps in his arms. (This is the second time.) Knowing that she has seen through the fact that she can’t adapt to the upper class, he consoles her for being a Christmas tree that gives others warmth. He tricks Jino into admitting his crime and holds her hand to explain the whole incident to Ya An. These are the hands that give her support.

Both have a meal and she takes of photo of him smiling. She then puts up his photo at her shop to promote business. He is frustrated when the fans keep wanting to have photos with him. It is mother’s day so Xiao Hua invites him home, knowing that he is lonely. A drunk Da Shu forces him to agree to treat Xiao Hua well as her boyfriend to take care of her. He then dismisses it as a joke later to disappoint her.

Men wins the toy cat for Xiao Hua. He laughs upon hearing that she is going to name it huhu – the same name after his hairdryer and he protests as it will not want to have the same name as an ugly cat. Men is amused that she names it after him. Knowing that Dou Zi helps Xiao Hua to clear her name, he accepts him as his assistant. He also encourages her to join a jewel design contest, knowing that she wishes to buy a farm for her grandmother.

Seeing Si Le wanting to bring Xiao Hua for lunch, he reminds her this to stop him from going out. The two guys make a pact to have a fair competition to win her love. Men helps a bride and she bursts to tears for being so beautiful on her big day. He is happy when his father starts to admire his job now. Men is equally as confused as Mi over Yu An’s acceptance of Xiao Hua during the perfume promotion. Doesn’t she know that both are half-siblings?

He consoles Mi – he likes Xiao Hua because she doesn’t hide her feelings from him. Men knows that Xiao Hua will screw up the whole perfume event so he picks her up from the venue. He reminds her of the contest. He gets Xiao Hua a reference book to look at the jewels that she can use. She selects the emerald which represents her grandmother. Men is impressed with her design and also the name – the lovely Christmas tree which suits her style too.

He gets the chance to go to Germany to further his career in styling and thinks that Xiao Hua will go with him. So he designs the wedding dress for her. He has once promised her to show the biggest Christmas tree in the world. He is dismayed when she refuses to leave with him. She even chides him for not considering her stand to give up everything for him. Why can’t he give up for her then? Mrs Jia tells Men about the truth and hopes that he will help Si Le win Xiao Hua’s heart. Si Le tells Mi that he has wanted to use Xiao Hua’s design to propose to her. Si Le meets with an accident.

Si Le’s accident causes him to give Xiao Hua up to him. He packs his things and hands the wedding gown design to Xiao Hua. He pretends not to love her as she bursts into tears when looking at it. Si Le comes around just when Men is about to leave. Men is happy for him but knows that he is losing Xiao Hua.

He leaves for Germany and doesn’t reply to any of Xiao Hua’s letters. He goes after it as it reminds him of the good times he spends with Xiao Hua. He returns monthly and meets Xiao Hua in a cab. He jokes that he will never drop his scissors again to give her the chance to extort him.

He brings her to his new home and proposes to her. She accepts and he knows that he is under her spell despite what the goddess warns him in his dream. He is past caring about it and hugs her in his arms. He gives out everything to the needy but forgets one thing – the hairdryer.

I never know that Wei Bo has such thick lips until I watch this drama. Yet, he plays this role well. It is hard to believe that this is his first major role as he is expressive. He looks tall but he is actually shorter than most actors. Still, he has the distinctive airs to give commands. I hope he will take up another drama soon.

3. Jiang Mi - Chen Yan Xi
Like Si Le, she also comes from an influential family so their parents hope to pair them together. They know each other too well and decide to give each other 1 year’s time to look for their true love. When that fails, they can consider each other. Although Si Le invites her to his return party, he is smart not to introduce her to his schoolmates. Otherwise, he will not have the chance to dance with Xiao Hua. He arranges her to wait for him in his study and gets Men to go there too.

Mi knocks into him and falls into Men’s arms. Both meet for the first time and have a good impression of each other. She gets his number from Si Le and decides to ask him out herself. But in reality, she is in love with Si Le and is only making use of Men to make him jealous. She believes that he has loved her from the first day they meet – when she accidentally boxes him in the eye when she is swimming in his pool.

Upon knowing that Si Le is bringing her to see his ‘girlfriend’, she takes pains to doll herself up for 5 hours. In the end, she is shocked to know that she has lost out to a country pumpkin, Xiao Hua. Another visit to her shop affirms her doubt in her poor dressing taste and overhears about Xiao Hua’s friends describing her hooking a rich boyfriend. Thus she is determined to get back Si Le.

She presses Men to change Xiao Hua to make her love him (she is very unreasonable to make this request.) and asks about her progress. Meanwhile, she pretends to persuade Mrs Jia and Grandmother Jia to accept Xiao Hua in Si Le’s presence. Seeing that Xiao Hua’s scooter is overly colourful and her dressing hardly changes, she knows that she will win and still lies to her that she has hope to win Si Le’s elders’ approval.

Knowing that Xiao Hua will have problems presenting in English, she offers to take over – as she wants to show off. She doesn’t expect that Men offers to help Xiao Hua out suddenly. Although Men dissuades Mi from going to the discotheque with Xiao Hua’s gang, she still insists on joining and ends up spraining her neck when she does a pole dance.

Si Le brings all to hot spring and Xiao Hua feels inferior when comparing to Mi’s figure. She is proud and walks out only with a towel, without her robe, wanting to show off. Xiao Hua has confided in Men that she has cursed Mi to get injured or choked by water. Now both bet if she will drop her towel. Sure enough, she does as she slips and both are dumbfounded to see her bare body. She gets shy and warns them to close their eyes. Luckily Si Le doesn’t get to see her in disgrace.

Mi asks if Men falls for Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua is far from adorable as she is annoying but he finds that he smiles more often when with her. Si Le also says the same thing to reject her. Mi has an accident riding Dou Zi’s scooter and her leg is put on cast for a month. She asks Xiao Hua to give Si Le to her if she doesn’t want him. She rushes to the perfume promotion, wanting to give Si Le support but she is just in time to hear his love declaration to Xiao Hua instead.

She is puzzled – isn’t Yu An standing beside her all along? She realises why she loses – she isn’t as confident as Xiao Hua although she is more beautiful and educated than her. Xiao Hua isn’t afraid to admit what she only has during the perfume promotion. She decides to return to the U.S. Luckily, Si Le finally knows her importance to make her stay with him. I don’t find Yan Xi remarkable – she still needs time to polish her acting skills.

4. Jia Si Le – Teng Gang Ding( Dean Tatsuya Fujioka)
Si Le has low self-esteem for being fat when young. Although rich, he has few friends. Under Men’s help, he is transformed to be slim and handsome. He has never forgotten about Xiao Hua and is back for her. He can never her shiny eyes although she can be idiotic at times. His eyes never leave her during the dance and he doesn’t blame her when she steps on him. He does not get to see how she trips to fall into the pool to make a fool of herself.

After getting her phone number, he calls her the next day. She is in her pyjamas and panicks. She pretends to want to go to work and he offers to give her a lift. She then lies that she is sick and he doesn’t mind visiting her as he is right outside her doorstep. She pretends to want to sleep so he can return to work but he is only working in the company when his mother is back so he is free now.

Men calls her, demanding to know why she doesn’t turn up for her first lesson. She claims that she wants food which is sold far away. Si Le decides to get his chauffeur to get for her. Xiao Hua is at her wits’ end and her ploy finally works when she pretends to have a terrible stomach-ache. Feeling anxious, he sends her to hospital. Si Le is puzzled when the doctor declares her to be fine although she moans in pain. She then sneaks her way out when he talks to the doctor. (This part is funny indeed.)

Si Le finds her missing and since she hasn’t picked up his call, he deduces that she must have been fine to return home by herself. He then meets Mi to tell her about Xiao Hua – hoping her to become his girlfriend. As for Men, he really knows him inside out to know that he is his only friend. He asks Xiao Hua out and is about to kiss her but she isn’t ready.

He then invites her for a second time for a wine appreciation workshop. She accepts it but forgets about it when she is at the television station with Men to stop Jino’s scheme. He waits for her at the venue but gets worried when she doesn’t turn up. Mrs Jiang mistakens that both have been together for the night. So she requests to meet his mother. Si Le is delighted over it.

Si Le shares his happiness with Mi and Men. Men asks in disgust on the special privileges that Xiao Hua gets from him when young and is astonished to know that she doesn’t get any money from him. Mi wonders what he sees in Xiao Hua as all know that Yu An can never accept this kind of future daughter-in-law. He confesses that Xiao Hua is the only person who has seen him fat and is the only one to stand up for him when people ask protection money from him then. Thus she is in his heart all along.

He insists to get engaged to Xiao Hua. Don’t the elders want him to settle down before concentrating on his work. Both women protest as they are referring to Mi so he accuses of them having double standards. He isn’t afraid of admitting to his clients that she is his fiancée. His holdings come up with perfume and health products. He is in charge of a new project to promote a new perfume and hopes to name it after Xiao Hua. Man Ting is annoyed with Yu An’s decision.

When the project lies in Jino’s hands, his trust in her is shaken as he sees the video that Mi has taken of Xiao Hua hugging Men when she sleepwalks. His anger escalates when knowing that the two know each other before their introduction. He feels betrayed by Men. Unable to control his anger, he beats him up. He still thinks of her when the perfume is launched and decides not to give her up when recalling their happy days together. He bribes Jojo, who will contact Dou Zi to know of Men’s schedule.

Knowing that Men is being a person’s wedding stylist for the day, he immediately dates her for dinner. He sends her roses, not knowing that she is allergic to pollen. Although disappointed at getting rejected again, he doesn’t wish her to do that hastily. During the perfume promotion ceremony, he declares openly that it is named Sweet Flower after Xiao Hua and hopes to marry her soon. But she replies that she doesn’t wish to as she likes another person to run out.

Si Le is disappointed but hopes that all will like this brand. It shares the sweet memories of his and he hopes others will experience the same. Si Le buys Xiao Hua’s design, intending to propose to her. If she chooses to be with Men, he will then give it to her as a wedding gift. He drops the ring when he is in the car. He leans to pick it and he knocks into a car. (ARGH – Ms Chai – how can you reuse this scheme when you have caused the same thing to Daomingsi in ‘Meteor Carden 2’? Luckily, Si Le isn’t an idiot after that.)

Si Le is in a coma after an accident so Xiao Hua tells him jokes daily, hoping that he will wake up. Si Le brings Xiao Hua to their primary school. He is determined to be a confident person. He encourages her to go after the love of her life to make her run to the airport. He becomes Mi’s boyfriend. After the success of sweet flower perfume, he comes up with sequel 2.

Dean improves in his second drama. But his Si Le role can be irritating at times for keep running after Xiao Hua. I also dislike the insensitive ways that he keeps hurting Mi. He should know when to stop as sometimes, persistence doesn’t pay off.

5. Jiang Da Shu – Jian Chang
He names his daughter as a small flower as his name is a big tree. His dream is to become an actor so he doesn’t mind being an extra. He even pulls in Xiao Hua and Men to practice as lovers even though he has only 2 lines to act in dramas. Thanks to him, Men shows his emotions in the hugging scene with her. Even Rui Ke comments that he is a good actor!

Da Shu is worried when Mrs Jia comes. He is so distracted that he ruins his cooking. He has no wanted to get married as he is afraid that Xiao Hua will be ill-treated. He refuses to let Yu An have Xiao Hua back. Upon seeing the news of Yu An to let Si Le marry Xiao Hua, he rushes to the venue to discover the truth. He is given a chance to act in a major role but is dismayed to act against Yu An’s previous lover – Xiao Hua’s biological father. This man’s career goes down the drain after his divorce. Da Shu gets so enraged that he beats him up to get fired but he has no regrets.

6. Mrs Jiang – Wen Ying
She is Xiao Hua’s grandmother. This old woman is a fool indeed – how can she insist that Xiao Hua keep the aboriginal hairstyle? She looks terrible in it. Men simply can’t tolerate it and must either straighten it or tie it up when Xiao Hua goes out with him. Xiao Hua has no mother so she is very strict with her upbringing. She attends every parent meeting session.

Xiao Hua must also be home at 10pm. Worrying that Si Le has stolen Xiao Hua’s kiss, she asks to meet Si Le’s elders. Men is not only Xiao Hua’s image consultant but also hers too as he designs an image to let her meet Mrs Jia. Men also nearly tears his hair when she calls him ‘Tang Ah Men’ – window in Hokkien. Men realises how similar Xiao Hua is with her – in her accent. He also notices that she often perms her hair. Actually, her hair is straight and this is to console Xiao Hua over her natural curls. Mrs Jiang fixes a meal for him and Rui Ke in return. Rui Ke loves her cooking.

She is as clueless as Xiao Hua. She asks for 200 boxes of cakes but Si Le’s elders give her NT$200 million instead as they find her greedy to ask so much for the breakup. This old woman actually thinks that it is Xiao Hua’s dowry and finds it too much so she returns the cheque to them.

Upon knowing that Si Le and Xiao Hua are not blood-related, she objects to them being together. She doesn’t understand why Da Shu chooses not to get married. But seeing how lovable Xiao Hua is, she also can’t bear to give her away. She gives her all the motherly love she lacks. She criticises Yu An for being a bad mother. How will Xiao Hua react when knowing that truth as she is so cheerful since young? After seeing the design Xiao Hua makes for her, she intends to bring the secret to her grave. But Da Shu still tells Xiao Hua the truth to let her make a choice.

7. Jino – Pang Ying Wei
He is Men’s bitter rival. After being kicked out from the PK contest, he cooks up another ploy to frame Men. Xiao Hua is forced to get him to use Jia company products. He agrees and signs the agreement but takes the project when Xiao Hua accidentally leaves on the table. Si Le has given it to her to ask for Men’s idea to give the perfume a name. Si Le has wanted to name it Xiao Hua. He then demands money to exchange it back from Mrs Jia. That silly Xiao Hua never checks the envelope and just passes it to Men.

Men is puzzled to see a menu in it instead. Thus Mrs Jia thinks that she is behind this and fires her. Si Le also distrusts her after seeing her video hugging Men. Jino gloats over this and gets buyers to purchase the perfume. Men ruins his chances by telling all not to get from him or they will infringe copyrights. In the end, he is forced to return the project to Mrs Jia as Men tapes his confession down and sign a declaration that he can’t divulge it.

8. Mei Feng/Jojo – Xiao Call
She is Xiao Hua’s good friend and helps her to mend Xiao Hua’s shop when she works in Jia Holdings. She manages to get Men to be their stylist for their dance contest and she even tries roping him to replace an injured Dou Zi. Although she is slow, she is the one who solves the case for Xiao Hua’s missing of the perfume project. Men is impressed on how she scolds Xiao Hua to have confidence in herself – he should have accepted her as his assistant instead of Dou Zi.

Jojo sees Xiao Hua so upset over Men and coaxes Si Le to get Men back. Si Le finally does that upon knowing that Men makes such a sacrifice. He jokes to Men that he can’t marry Mi if Xiao Hua isn’t happy.

9. Dou Zhi Wei (nickname Dou Zi) – Kun Yuan Jie
He owns a chicken cutlet stall so the girls do not worry about food if they are hungry. But business turns bad so he has to rely on Xiao Hua to get a job in Jia holdings. He is attracted by Men’s magical hands and wishes to become his disciple. Of course, he is rejected initially as he only wants to woo girls.

10. Lai Rui Ke- Huang Bo Yun
He is Men’s capable assistant who can’t stand women who lie. He is scared of Men’s fiery temper. He will not hesitate to hit if they do that. He is annoyed when Xiao Hua loves calling him Shrek. He is sore when Dou Zi becomes Men’s assistant like him too although he isn’t his disciple.

11. Grandmother Zhu - Tang Qi
She is Si Le’s grandmother and only approves Mi to be her granddaughter-in-law. But seeing Jia Le so upset, she approves Xiao Hua to be with him. She is stunned to know that Xiao Hua is her granddaughter. Thus, she comes up with a bright idea of letting Jia Le marry Xiao Hua so that she can call Yu An mother openly.

12. The goddess – Xu Hui Xin
She often appears in Xiao Hua’s dream and Men looks very pitiful there. Xiao Hua often goes to her for help. However, the truth is often the reverse.

13. Zhu Yu An (Mrs Jia) – Xi Man Ting

Her son, Si Le drops a bombshell when he declares that he wants to marry Xiao Hua instead of Mi. She has been handling the family business on health products after her husband’s death and is about to make him the successor. Upon seeing her, her impression of her dips drastically but she arranges Xiao Hua to work in her company. She must be Si Le’s capable assistant if she wants to marry him.

She gives them a year to try out. She gets Xiao Hua to meet clients at her home. But this scene is horrifying. She may look like a Caucasian but her English is as bad as a country pumpkin.

She gets Xiao Hua to persuade 30 stylists to use their products and Xiao Hua manages to get them through Rui Ke’s help. She is angered when Xiao Hua causes Mi to injure her neck and also causes their perfume project to be stolen by Jino. She wants to use money to buy over Xiao Hua but discovers that Da Shu is her father. She trusts that he will not have such poor upbringing.

Both know each other when they are television extras. She gets to know a famous actor and is ditched by him. So she passes their daughter to Da Shu, not wanting to see her again. She then meets Si Le’s father to get married to take care of Si Le. She is actually Si Le’s stepmother.

She knows that Xiao Hua inherits her natural curls and pollen allergy. Xiao Hua doesn’t wish to return to her job as she finds it unsuitable. Da Shu and her mother tells Yu An to forget the fact that she has a daughter. But she can’t forget it and neither to bring herself to acknowledge Xiao Hua.

She gets drenched in the rain with Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua is shocked to see her having natural curls like her. Yu An hints that she will not hide her looks anymore. This is how Xiao Hua gets to know the truth. Yu An hopes that she will marry Si Le. She later decides to let Si Le and Mi manage the company.

I find her a very selfish woman who hasn’t considered from others’ stand but only from her own stand. No wonder Xiao Hua can’t bring herself to call her mother – till the eve she is leaving for Japan with Grandmother Zhu.

14. Mr Tang – Pang Xiang Qi
He is Men’s father who is a doctor. He wants his son to be one too and is annoyed that he becomes an image consultant instead. He doesn’t believe that he has magical hands to change the ugly to the beauty. He kicks him out of the house and both don’t keep contact till now. Men helps a director of the doctor’s association to create a bridal image for the latter’s daughter.

Both thank them for getting Men to make their daughter happy and agreed to nominate him as the next chairman. He then views Men’s job in a different light. Men worries but Xiao Hua assures him that Mr Tang may have a bad temper but is a good man who loves his son. Men tells his parents that he is going to Germany with Xiao Hua. They give their approval.

15. Mrs Tang – Jin Yu Lan
She has spent 5 unhappy Mothers’ Day without Men. Thus under Xiao Hua’s persuasion, she goes to the studio to meet him. She is unable to shoot the segment but is contented that he loves his job. Men starts to like Xiao Hua after this. She is glad when her husband softens in the end. Mrs Tang requests Men to give her a makeover before leaving. Although Mr Tang sounds stern, he gives him his blessings too.

Interesting facts

If given the choice to be a stylist, Wei Bo will wish to work for Zhi Ling or Takeshi. If he is given Xiao Hua, he will have problems styling her hair. Chen Lin will never become a Christmas tree like Xiao Hua. She is amazed that Tatsuya was able to understand local Taiwanese jokes although he grew up overseas.

All have thought the 2 guys were serious but never expected them to be playful and talkative off screen. Wei Bo hardly shot idol dramas and he gave his first screen kiss to Chen Lin. He admitted that his heart beat fast and he did not know what to do – just like he was in love for the first time. Chen Lin laughed when he did not know that he had to close his mouth for the kissing scene.

He had the habit of changing the lines so Cai Zhi Ping threatened him to bring the extra tapes back to prevent their losses. Wei Bo brought his own clothes for the drama. His n.g.s also included nodding and shaking his head even without saying anything. All teased him over this. Ya Xi was quiet and all loved to tease her as she was slow in reacting. Tatsuya got along well with Chen Lin as she spoke Japanese well.

Tatsuya found it tiring after every scene as Si Le is a person who releases his emotions easily. The biggest challenge is not to laugh at Chen Lin’s jokes. He had problems controlling himself when laughing when Si Le is in a coma because Chen Lin really told very good jokes to have lots of n.g.s. So was Yan Xi too who kept laughing when she saw Wei Bo’s face.


The theme song is ‘Summer Craze’ by Wei Bo. Just like the other R & B songs that he sings. He also sings ‘Same Regret’ as the sub theme. Chen Lin sings the ending theme ‘Take Me Away’ and the sub theme ‘Big Trouble’.


I am mortified by the story. Upon seeing Chai Zhi Ping’s name among the producers list, I groan. Chow Yun Fatt’s country pumpkin interpretation in the 1988 movie ‘The Greatest Lover’ can be gross but yet entertaining in a way as Mui Yin Fong grooms him to be so well. But….this Taipei born Xiao Hua is beyond redemption. How can she be behaving as if she doesn’t know anything? She is born in the city and not at the countryside! She also owns an accessory shop – does she only count on her own instinct to do business?

I don’t think she deserves to be loved by the two men. She can’t deny the fact that she has wanted to attract Si Le because she is attracted by his status. She can be so full of herself and stubborn to criticize Men’s taste. See how she doesn’t realize that she is a Christmas tree even after his remark but only after Si Le’s friends’ insults. Even though Men offers good tips, she doesn’t follow completely! You will feel Men’s frustrations to give up on her.

The story just follows the pattern of ‘Corner with lover’. Equally predictable and annoying to see how the pairs keep on arguing. I have trouble enduring Bi Zhu for the former. Now it is worse to bear with 3 voices ( Xiao Hua and her friends.) Especially Jojo who has poor dress sense like Xiao Hua. Is this under her influence too? Luckily, Si Le doesn’t behave like them or we will have a fourth disaster.

Ms Chai seems to stay in her fantasy world for too long even after ‘Meteor Garden’. She needs to come up with better ideas next time. I will prefer works from San-lih station. Although equally Cinderella-like, the story has a better foundation.

The only highlight of the drama is the PK contest. It is really funny indeed when Men and Jino try to outdo one another. Ying Wei looks like a jerk whenever he appears. And the filming crew to conspire with Men to play along with Jino – funny and unexpected indeed.

Another highlight will be how Men transforms other ordinary women into beauties. Even for the middle-aged. However, he fails in creating good images for Xiao Hua before straightening her hair, though. The way he piles her hair on her head is like a bird nest. Plus a lot of accessories – she still looks like a Christmas tree.

‘Miss No Good’ is really no good. Only watch it if you have nothing to do.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

On songs : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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