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Number of Episodes:20


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Jimmy Lin stars in his first modern drama in 15 years, playing the role of Zhong Tian Qi, the rebellious rich second heir of E. Shine Corporation. The series begins with Tian Qi's girlfriend Yao Rou (Hong Xiao Ling) breaking up with him in a restaurant despite Tian Qi's love for her. At the same time, Ah Xing, played by Korean actress Yoo Ha Na, is trying to swindle someone with counterfeit jewelry with her boyfriend but gets caught by the police when she gets entangled with Tian Qi while running away. Flash to a year later and Ah Xing is released from jail early for good behavior and eager to meet her boyfriend. Her fate is entwined again with Tian Qi though, who is heading for his older brother's (Leon Jay Williams) wedding. The bride turns out to be Yao Rou, to Tian Qi's anger and jealousy. He steals a kiss from the bride while stealing the precious Queen Mary jewel of E. Shine from her at the same time. While on the run, he bumps into Ah Xing and ends up handcuffed to her. Thus begins the story of these two star-crossed lovers.


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07-18-2010 10:12 AM


hello jimmy lin....
i love you jimmy lin chi ying...
ur vry hndsome....
kelly chen is so lucky dat ha have u in her lyf....
gud luck 2 ur career.....
olwyz kip safe...
i was amazed in ur tv series my lucky star.... it was so good...


09-24-2009 02:07 PM


dear,jimmy wo chende ai ni!! gud luck in yr career as pro racer and star. i alwiz pray 4 u. to all stars in my lucky star, well done 4 d great job!!

remember,try 2 c the world in other sibe..

good luck,love u all n your acting!!!


08-11-2009 01:38 AM


i love you jimmy lin chi ying!!!

you're incredible!!!

you're nw 34 turning 35...

but you look so young...

you are so handsome!!!

i like you and you are my idol!!!

i want to see you more with yoo ha na in a drama series...

good luck to your career not only in showbiz but also in you car racing....!!!


07-13-2009 04:46 AM


Jimmy Lin is sooo cute!!! This one is worth watching!!! I Loved it!!! *TOP TEN ON MY LIST*

erikagrace he

01-02-2009 12:06 AM


love it.. adorably good.. love you jimmy lin...

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