My Queen

Reviewed by: sukting

June 02, 2010

Rating: three-point-five

How long
21 episodes


What will happen when Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old pretty, industrious yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old handsome temporary staff? There is an 8 year age difference – what will be their ending? This is a story that will let us laugh and cry with a woman who declares herself as a queen of no marriage.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Lu Ka Si – Ruan Jing Tian
He is 25 years old and is once a houseman. His father is a hospital director and also a successful brain surgeon. He gets to know his ex-girlfriend when she is hospitalized. She drowns in a windsurfing accident and he fails his exams as he can’t concentrate anymore. Thus, he quit his studies for a year and also gives up the sport. He gives money to Xiang Yun’s mother and the church that Xiang Yun goes to in helping asthmatic children monthly to reduce his guilt.

Ka Si leaves home and creates a website with JJ to support himself. They take up any assignment that comes by. Wu Shuang steals a Christmas bicycle meant for the orphans to run after a target for news writing and he chases after him. Although he gets it back later, the children's dream of a Santa Claus is ruined when Wu Shuang pulls his ‘beard’.

Lacking money to pay off his rent, he is thrown out and stays in JJ’s apartment. They happen to be Wu Shuang’s neighbour. He vows not to let her off, calling her Lady Voldemort. He goes to work at found as her assistant. But after protecting her from the vicious politician, he finds her warm heart beneath her cold exterior. When her apartment is ruined by an explosion, he offers to let her stay with them. He is hired by the magazine as her assistant and bodyguard so he guards her safety fiercely.

After going to bed with Wu Shuang, she is disturbed that she is 8 years older than him. She is drunk 3 years ago when Yun Hao ditches her. She claims to all classmates that she will find a better person within 3 years and nearly damages the Davis statue. Even when her time is up to show a boyfriend to her classmates after the 3 year period, she hasn’t planned to bring him along.

Ka Si doesn’t feel secure when Wu Shuang meets her prospective matches. He will find excuses to hide at a corner to spy on them. He still keeps the plant that Xiang Yun leaves him but is helpless when it dries up. Upon knowing that she helps him to revive the hyacinth plant, he turns up as her boyfriend at her classmate gathering after knocking Romeo out. He manages to prove his love for her.

However, Yun Hao’s return proves to be a challenge for him. Although he helps to uncover the reason of Yun Hao’s disappearance, he has wished that Wu Shuang will also get to see his affections for her instead of citing him as immature. He quits his job to work with JJ again. Seeing how gangsters bully Jia Jia, he punches them to get detained at the police station.

Wu Shuang comes to cover the news to realize that he is on bad terms with Tian Cheng although he bails him out. He always feels that he has shamed him by not doing as well as him. He avoids the limelight when Jia Jia points an accusing finger at him for Xiang Yun’s death. He has lost his will in rescuing Mei Huan when reminded of her death.

Wu Shuang is the one to encourage him again. Mrs Han has forgiven him long ago and wants him to forgive himself by returning to his studies as this is Xiang Yun’s death wish of him to save others. He leaves Taiwan upon knowing that she is getting married. After knowing that her marriage is being called off, he follows her secretly on her cycling trip. He is determined to bridge the 8 year gap between them.

But before this, he has to make her feel secure. So he avoids meeting her for 6 months to get back to his medical studies again. The one year away has not stopped him to top his faculty. However, not willing to leave Wu Shuang alone in Taiwan, he decides to give up a 2 year exchange programme to Houston although he can be declared to be a doctor immediately after his return.

Wu Shuang flares up at his decision as she knows he is eager to go as he is among the top 5 candidates to be chosen. She doesn’t want him to regret in future. It comes as a slip of her tongue to declare that they will not quarrel if he chooses a younger girlfriend and she chooses Yun Hao. Ka Si is hurt by her remark – so he is still immature in her eyes.

He storms out of her apartment to return home and both have a cold war. Not willing to give up, he goes for other interviews that can provide him the same medical skills within 2 years although he needs not go overseas. Wu Shuang is touched by him making the effort and both decide to have dinner at night. He can go to fetch her then.

Wu Shuang goes after an oil tanker news and she disappears after an explosion. Ka Si trembles as she isn’t among the injured that are sent to his hospital which is the closest nearby. Only Romeo is sent there so he frantically looks among the belongings at the accident scene to find her burned reporter identification. He goes to Wu Shuang’s home with Tian Cheng and starts cooking a meal.

Even when Tian Cheng advises him to face the truth, he still holds hopes although fear begins to engulf him every minute as it is too quiet. He calls the radio station in tears for help, hoping that someone can search for her. He doesn’t hide his anxiety and starts crying over the telephone. He regrets quarreling with her and doesn’t want to hear the 3 words ‘I love you’. He only wants to hear ‘I am here from her mouth’.

Sure enough, someone calls the station after finding Wu Shuang on his truck. She is thrown there due to the explosion and he has not discovered her. Ka Si is very relieved and hugs her when she is sent back. They attend Chun Zhi’s wedding and she promises to marry him after he returns from his overseas studies to propose to her for 12 times.

Although Jing Tian has improved in his acting, that is only evident in the later scenes. I find the childish ways that Ka Si behaves in the beginning part not really different from Cun Xi in ‘You’re My destiny’. The chemistry between him and Jing Hua is brilliant – they create lots of sparks.

2. Shan Wu Shuang – Yang Jing Hua
She is a 33 year old successful magazine editor who never stops to get news. She is suitable to cover news on crime and not family issues. She is always among the top in her studies. You will laugh at how desperate she tries to cover a sex scandal over her secondary school teacher. She takes out her old school uniform and gets her assistant to take the photos. She manages to get away to make it the top news, forcing all to work on Christmas. Her colleagues marvel at her cruelty. Hasn’t she thought for her teacher?

She has a sad past – her fiancé leaves her at the wedding hall, not explaining his disappearance. She buries herself in work for 7 years. She has no other hobby and also loses her trust in man. Chun Zhi worries for her and bring her to pray at a fox spirit temple. Ka Si is fixing the lights then. Wanting to teach her a lesson, he pushes out the pole so that Chun Zhi can hit her hard. Yet, he feels sorry for her upon knowing her past. When he comes down from the ladder after they left, Wu Shuang has taken his handphone by mistake.

Another thing is she should not have taken the blue fox crystal ornament from the rest. She wants the unique looking one. Unknown to her, that is the fiercest form that needs the other orange fox crystals to surround it to subdue her. Ka Si feels that she is more pathetic than before although the temple medium, Zhi Mo cites that there is no chance for her even though she might not have picked it.

Ka Si is teaching a plump woman swimming when Wu Shuang’s assistant calls for help. Romeo and the others intend to shame her by getting JJ to kiss her and to insult her as an auntie later. Ka Si then realises the exchange mistake and rushes to the venue. Seeing her being shamed, he kisses her to bring her away. Not wanting to be lonely on Christmas, she sleeps with him but is shocked to know that he is 8 years younger than her. She throws him out and he is bitter over it.

She decides to give up the head news to protect her teacher. She is forced by Romeo to wear a bunny costume but has no regrets. She knows that Ka Si runs into debts and is eager to help him to win Romeo’s team for the bonus. However, Ka Si wrongs her to feel that she is too harsh in their training and she is too money-minded. He only realises her good intentions later. He calls her a tortoise from then on.

Seeing Chun Zhi being lonely when hospitalized, she is determined not to be left on the shelf. She starts to go matchmaking sessions and gets Ka Si as her consultant. Ka Si shakes his head upon seeing that she hardly changes her arrogant attitude although her dressing is less business-like now. The process is so much more entertaining than ‘Witch Ma’. Wu Shuang improves a lot – he nearly loses his senses when she has lessons with him, in a revealing dress. He gives her a necklace for good luck.

He frowns upon seeing her on a date with a boring and talkative botanist. He is overjoyed to see her slapping him. But in order to know the way to revive his dying plant, she bears the humiliation of adding chicken poo natural fertilizers to his plants as the botanist wants his revenge. She goes to her second date, in a smelly state after knowing it. Her second date – a doctor who has treated her before doesn’t mind this and agrees to meet her university classmates for their annual gathering.

He is even more than eager to go to bed with her. Ka Si has thought that Wu Shuang is with the botanist all along and comes to look for her. He gets bitten by a snake after finding the necklace there and Wu Shuang gets the doctor to suck out the poison for him. Both men stay in the hospital and Ka Si is pissed off to see that the doctor is a mother’s boy. He gets the doctor’s clothes to appear as Wu Shuang’s boyfriend.

Yun Hao’s appearance at the gathering crushes all his hopes as Wu Shuang returns to Yun Hao. He still knows her as well as in the past. She keeps telling herself that this is the best choice made. Although she sees that Ka Si paints her as a tortoise to ask if she will marry him, her reply is sorry and it is too late. Being a workaholic, she follows on Ka Si’s news to clear his innocence to forget about her meetings with the wedding planner and even the day for her wedding.

Yun Hao makes her see her own heart and she is single again, losing the two men. She looks through her diary. She decides to go on a bicycle trip on her own to make her past 30 year old wish come true. To her dismay, age catches up with her and younger cyclists sneer at her. She bursts into tears when her bicycle chain is loose and she injures herself. Despite all the mishaps, she is captivated by the sunrise. She is puzzled on how her bicycle is fixed when she wakes up.

Ka Si calls her to find out how she is. He has been following her all along and she is touched to accept him again. All her colleagues, except Da Fang, do not think that this relationship can last long. They bet on when they will part. Wu Shuang finds it hard to communicate with Ka Si’s classmates who are so much younger than her so she dresses like them but Ka Si still prefers her to look mature.

Wu Shuang is pressurized when Chun Zhi presses her to marry soon and there is a high risk for her in pregnancy. She quarrels with Ka Si over the exchange programme but can’t help missing him after their argument. She realizes how important he is to her and straightens her thoughts.

I find her having a striking resemblance to another hardworking ex-TVB actress, Kwan Bo Wai. I have always found her to be a hardworking actress and has deserved fame which has eluded her for a long time. This long-deserved success should have come earlier. Thumbs up for her acting.

3. Song Yun Hao - Wen Sheng Hao
He is Wu Shuang’s 34 year old ex-boyfriend who leaves without a word 6 years ago. He was in the hiking club with her then. Since then, she has not been in love. He concentrates on his photography career and has a high demand on himself in taking photos. He is a gentleman but suffers many injuries when trying to get good photos – even before his wedding. But this destroys his wedding.

His old leg ailment almost causes him to sink in the pool. He happens to learn that Wu Shuang is still single and decides to return to Taiwan. He has not wanted to leave her alone at the wedding 6 years ago. He is injured by a bomb and is unconscious for 2 months. He has to undergo a knee operation and his knee never recovers from that as he needs medication.

Chloe ruins his chance of reconciling with Wu Shuang by lying to her that he regrets proposing to her. It hurts him when Wu Shuang returns the ring to him but he still wears it on a necklace with his wedding ring. He attends the classmate gathering and is shattered to know that she is attached now. However, he detects that Ka Si doesn’t know much about Wu Shuang’s habits so he knows that he is just a stand-in. Ka Si hates the way Yun Hao calls Wu Shuang by her name, Xiao Shuang to show how close they are in the past.

He holds a photo exhibition in Taiwan and gives i-found exclusive coverage to interview him for a day. All Wu Shuang colleagues can’t believe to learn from Yun Hao that Wu Shuang is a demure person as she is like an iron lady to them. Da Fang is overjoyed to get headline news while Romeo is dejected again.

Wu Shuang is the reporter sent to interview him and learns about the dangers involved in his occupation. Ka Si finds him too much to criticize Wu Shuang for rejecting to interview him. Yun Hao challenges him to a swim to prove his love for Wu Shuang but tricks him to get wet without getting into the pool himself.

While changing into Yun Hao’s clothes, Ka Si learns that Yun Hao is still taking painkillers and also finds the photo ‘reborn’ that he takes to remember how he goes through the operation. Ka Si realizes why Yun Hao can’t be back on time. To test him, he pretends to throw his ring into the pool. Yun Hao jumps into the pool to try to retrieve it. Ka Si gets the selfish Chloe to reveal the truth.

Wu Shuang bursts into tears to jump into the pool to be with him. She helps him out of it as he can’t be in water for too long. She weeps upon seeing the scar and both are together again. She stays overnight to conduct the interview with him. Yun Hao is invited to be a professor in New York but he turns down to be with Wu Shuang. Yun Hao is disturbed to know that Wu Shuang is staying with Ka Si all this while.

He forces her to move out and is even willing to help her to do that despite his busy schedule. He can know that Ka Si is interested in Wu Shuang but Wu Shuang doesn’t even know it. He forces Wu Shuang to take leave as she works too hard. To their dismay, the hot spring resort they go to belongs to JJ’s father. Ka Si and Jia Jia are there, working to earn their extra keep. Ka Si deliberately makes it difficult for Yun Hao and both men end up fighting together. As Yun Hao hurts his knee again, Ka Si is the loser again.

Yun Hao buys a house and proposes to Wu Shuang. Both get ready for their wedding but he notices that her heart is no longer with him. She is too preoccupied to prove Ka Si’s innocence. Thus, he drinks in the pub and no one can believe that this is his wedding eve. He gets to meet the marriage agency organizer to learn that Wu Shuang is indeed looking for someone to marry. She is very serious then to sort Ka Si’s help.

Yun Hao calls off their wedding and lies that he finds that his love for her isn’t deep enough. That is why he goes overseas right before their first wedding then. Now is only the time to spite back at her. Wu Shuang knows that he puts the blame on himself and cries. She is the one who has a change of heart but he is consoled that she is finally truthful to herself. He throws their rings into the river and continues his career overseas. How does Wu Shuang apologise to her relatives for coming in vain? She lies that it is only a gimmick to raise the magazine sales but only her mother and colleagues know the truth.

Yun Hao calls Wu Shuang occasionally after their breakup when he is overseas. He is still not prepared to go into any relationship after 6 months and wishes her well. He finally has a girlfriend and is going to marry her soon.

What a perfect choice for this role! Although I have not seen him acting before, he oozes charm in his role. His mature Yun Hao is a sharp contrast to the childish Ka Si. The tone he speaks and the pain he endures in losing his love is very natural. Sheng Hao resembles Wu Qi Long in looks but excludes the arrogant twinkle in his eyes.

4. Han Jia Jia – Yang Ya Zhu
She is a new staff hired by the magazine. She is very timid and prefers to keep a low profile. She is a cheerleader in her younger days and likes a guy. But she nearly gets raped by him and her whole personality changes. She is actually Ka Si’s ex-girlfriend’s younger sister. Xiang Yun lives with their mother while she stays with their father after their parents’ divorce. Ka Si recognizes her upon seeing the surfing band on her wrist as they are meant to be a pair as he wears one himself.

She wants to save Wu Shuang from embarrassment to wear the bunny costume so she wears the sailormoon costume. She steals the limelight from Wu Shuang instead. She has treated her as her idol and hopes to become as confident as her.

Things go wrong for her again when she replaces her favourite plant but Ka Si comes to her rescue. Despite how nasty Wu Shuang looks, she helps to teach Jia Jia’s ex-boyfriend a lesson after knowing her past. She becomes more confident and removes her classes to improve her dressing too. However, JJ tells her that she has no hope as he only has Wu Shuang in his heart but she doesn’t believe it.

Even so, Ka Si only treats her as a younger sister so she requests Wu Shuang to help her. She even throws herself at him to get rejected. Thus, she keeps reminding him not to let her sister down in order to possess him. She believes whatever Mei Huan tells her and accuses Ka Si of murdering Xiang Yun. She only realizes her mistake when all staff at ifound support Ka Si and Wu Shuang even snaps at her for betraying Ka Si. She doesn’t know Ka Si well enough to love him.

5. JJ – Zhang Huai Qiu
He is Ka Si’s buddy who is close to him as they know each other as university schoolmates. He has more money than him as his father owns a hot spring company. He is regarded as the sole successor but he is still eager to make more money. He is with different women every time as both work together. He is annoyed when women keep going to Ka Si instead of him to learn horse riding.

He is very nervous whenever he sees Tian Cheng to take out the lollipop from his mouth. Tian Cheng has chided him for neglecting his studies. Seeing Ka Si picking up his books again, he also returns to university. Noticing that Wu Shuang feels out of place with their classmates as they harp on her age, he reminds Ka Si to be more aware of her feelings. Jia Jia becomes his girlfriend later.

This is the first time I see him in a drama. He is from the pop group – Big Mouth. He acts quite naturally and some commented that he looks like Rain as he is half-Korean.

6. Romeo – Xu Bing Xian
He is another editor who competes with Wu Shuang over the chief editor post. He has 8 sisters who are all over 170cm. After being bullied at home, he is also being bullied at work. He is frustrated when Wu Shuang keeps winning him to change the magazine covers as the top headline news. So he vows to seek revenge on her by engaging JJ to shame her in public. He is sour when his team often loses.

Wu Shuang requests him to act as her boyfriend to meet her ex-classmates. He agrees on the condition that she gives him a cover page chance. He has often called her ‘a man who wears a dress’ and finds hard to treat her as a woman. Thus, they do not look like a couple at all in front of her classmates. He betrays her for a news scoop. He likes to be sarcastic to her but when she is in trouble, he still helps her out. It is rare of both of them to follow news on Mei Huan and the oil tank explosion.

Da Bing is also another outstanding actor. Although his height may not be compatible, he makes Romeo quite detestable but all can sympathesize with him as he is often bullied by Wu Shuang. But this is his last drama as he was caught for taking drugs and left showbuzz.

7. Ke Meng Han – Chen Wei Min
Wu Shuang is angry with him for marrying her friend. She calls him the spoon as he isn’t nice looking. He forgives her as she gives the couple the biggest hongbao for their wedding. The couple opens a fried chicken stall and Wu Shuang keeps sneering at him for being unable to provide Guang Lin a better life.

He retorts that Guang Lin doesn’t want to end up like her to get married to her job to become unfeeling with no friends. Wu Shuang realizes that he is right but refuses to admit it. He becomes the chauffeur for her wedding to Yun Hao and she is grateful for once.

8. Wei Er Gang – Li Pei Xu
He is ifound 28 year old editor who works under Romeo. He has a masters in mass communication from the university of Columbia. He is indignant when his team often loses to Wu Shuang’s team. He likes to suck up to the boss but he still has his own capability to cover news. He wants to help Romeo to get the chief editor post so that he will be in the limelight too. He marries Dan Na and both are happy.

9. Lin Chun Zhi – Lin Mei Xiu
She brings up Wu Shuang by selling roasted potatoes after becoming a widow. She never worries her on other issues except her marriage. That is why she brings her to the fox spirit temple, hoping that the deity can help her. She is initially hostile to Yun Hao but later becomes nice to him after knowing the truth. But she knows that Wu Shuang prefers Ka Si so she doesn’t want her to regret her decision.

Why is her daughter named Wu Shuang? That is because she wants her to be unique. It is funny that she talks to Tian Cheng in the toilet and both get to know their children better. Initially they do not know each other and keep praising the other person’s child for being sensible. They only learn about their identities when looking at each other’s namecards. She can’t make up her mind to love Da Fang or Zhi Mo so she dates both of them. In the end, she chooses Da Fang.

10. Ke You Zheng – Qu Zhong Heng
He is Wu Shuang’s target for news. He is a secondary ex-school principal who marries a politician’s daughter in order to climb up the ladder. He gets involved with Wu Shuang’s teacher to have a 7 year old daughter. He tries to silent Wu Shuang but it is too late when his career is ruined. He has to step out of politics infinitely.

11. Zheng Da Fang – Zhao Zhi Qiang
He is the boss of the magazine but unlike his name that sounds generous, he is a miser who hardly gives treats although they slog for him. Their annual retreat is only to a rundown holiday resort and he expects them to deduct some expenses from their pay.

He only wants his magazine to sell well to make his employees slog but he is humane to his staff. He doesn’t like them to ridicule at Wu Shuang or publish news on Jia Jia’s near-rape incident as low scoop news. But this man can change his mind fast. He can ask Yun Hao to fill up a totally personal questionnaire to expose his darkest secret to readers in exchange for Wu Shuang’s application for holiday. It is love at first sight for him to meet Chun Zhi and he marries her.

12. Lu Guang Lin – Song Xin Ni
She is Wu Shuang’s university classmate who has promised to stay single like her. But she breaks it by marrying Meng Han. Wu Shuang actually envies her for having a loving husband although she doesn’t show it. She even wants to attend Wu Shuang’s wedding even though she is unwell in her pregnancy. She later gives birth to a daughter.

13. Zhang Ruo Ji – Yin Wei Min
He is a photographer with the agency. Wu Shuang admires his talents and engages him. He has been in love with Wu Shuang for a long time but she only treats him as a colleague. He regards Yun Hao as his idol and vows to be as successful as him. He calls himself rocky but he is very thin so his colleagues call him skinny chicken instead. Knowing Wu Shuang’s heart, he gives up and concentrates on his career.

He also doesn’t believe that Ka Si kills Xiang Yun and follows Wu Shuang to look for evidence. He is drunk and sleeps with Zhi Qi one day but he promises to be responsible. Both have a son and she is pregnant again when both attend Chun Zhi’s wedding to Da Fang.

14. Han Xiang Yun - Ke Jia Yan
She is Ka Si’s ex-girlfriend who has a fiery temper. She hates him looking at other women and goes on wind surfing on impulse even though she has asthma. She uses the spray once but leaves it behind before she goes surfing. Ka Si doesn’t stop her as he is equally angry.

This becomes his biggest regret when she dies suddenly. She leaves Ka Si a hyacinth. Wu Shuang finds the remedy to help it to grow by cutting it. She even lowers herself to become a gardener for an eccentric botanist in order to know the method as she snubs him earlier for talking too much. Ka Si flies into a rage, thinking that she has destroyed the plant and throws her out. Upon knowing that she is helping him instead, he falls for her. This actress does resemble Gui Lun Mei in looks.

15. Chloe – Zhang Qi Yan
She is Yun Hao’s manager and looks into his needs daily to plan his schedule. She even knows how to place his working and casual wear in his wardrobe. She loves him but Wu Shuang is the only person on his mind. Thus, she keeps the truth from Wu Shuang about his injury to ruin their wedding. She lies that she wants him to be successful but she only wants him to be with her.

Chloe has underestimated Yun Hao’s love for Wu Shuang as he has never forgotten about her. She is very hesitant when Yun Hao wants to return to Taiwan. She is forced to reveal the truth and wants to resign although she has no regrets doing it as Yun Hao is famous internationally now. However, the two do not blame her and she decides to go on a holiday instead. She doesn’t turn up for their wedding.

16. Lin Mei Huan – Lai Lin En
It is this bimbo who attracts Ka Si with her huge breasts to cause Xiang Yun’s death. She has failed to get Ka Si’s affections but is successful to stir up Xiang Yun’s jealousy. Seeing that Xiang Yun leaves her inhaler behind, she keeps it but never expects her to be dead. She lies to the public that Ka Si is the one killing Xiang Yun after making Jia Jia angry to cite that she trusts an enemy.

Through Yun Hao and Wu Shuang, they see that she hides the inhaler in the background of the photo that Xiang Yun takes with Ka Si. Mei Huan is so pressurized that she nearly stops breathing upon knowing that ifound staff intend to pass her to the police even though Ka Si puts the blame on himself to delete her conversation to admit that she is the culprit. She has an overdose of slimming pills. Ka Si manages to save her on time so she clears the air for him.

17. Lu Tian Cheng – Wang Dao
He is Ka Si’s father who is a hospital director and is also a famous heart surgeon. He is due to run for a political election but he is uninterested in it. A medical professor finds Ka Si rude by shooting that doctors have no hearts in saying the doctors’ pledge when they fail to save a girl to leave the beds for the rich.

Tian Cheng admires him for that as he agrees with him although that leaves a black mark in his grade. He also supports Ka Si’s decision to work in ER which is least paid with the maximum working hours to save as many people as he needs. He is a very understanding father who knows that Ka Si keeps blaming himself when tragedies happen. Thus he hopes that Wu Shuang can help him.

When knowing that Ka Si once works under Wu Shuang, he thanks her as he might have given her a lot of trouble. Wu Shuang defends Ka Si by saying that he helps her instead in compiling her notes neatly. Wu Shuang encourages Tian Cheng to speak his mind since he knows more of his son now. Xiang Yun’s saga affects his normal life as many ask him about Ka Si but he believes in his innocence. He still rejects to enter politics as his work is very busy.

When Ka Si needs his help to save a breathless Mei Huan, he gives him guidance calmly to overcome the hurdle. He tells Ka Si to make sure of anything he can find to clear the passage way. Ruo Ji and Romeo pass their pens and penknife to him as temporary tools to save Mei Huan. Tian Cheng is in tears to know that Ka Si saves someone.

Ka Si finally learns of his father’s love for him and moves back. He isn’t an ignorant man to discover that Ka Si is seldom home to sleep at night. Thus, he wishes him to bring his girlfriend to see him. He is speechless to know that Ka Si’s girlfriend is Wu Shuang. Although he isn’t a traditional person, he finds Ka Si too immature to want to get engaged to her now. The 8 year gap is not easy to handle.

He doesn’t want him to waste Wu Shuang’s time. She is ready to settle down but he is not. Even though she can give up her career to be with him for 2 years in the U.S., she will have to become a student and that will spend her savings. It is not cheap to stay there. Ka Si’s medical studies need 5 years to complete in Taiwan if he doesn’t go there.

After that, he still needs to become a houseman for some time. When is he ready to save money? He mentions about the exchange programme and is surprised that Wu Shuang hasn’t known about it as Ka Si has not discussed with her. The two are speechless as he has thought so far ahead for them.

Later, he has a heart to heart chat with Chun Zhi to know Wu Shuang better. Seeing Ka Si is not as impulsive as before to treat his professors and is sensible, he gives his approval on their relationship and even tells him to bring her home for dinner. Knowing that the oil tank incident has affected Ka Si, he puts down his work to bring him to the accident site and is beside him when he is down.

Although this veteran actor only appears for less than 10 episodes, he almost upstages everyone with his shining performance. No one can guess from his bespectacled and gentleman appearance to know that he is a martial arts expert to be involved in many kungfu movies in the past.

18. Mai Dang Na and Ye Zhi Qi - Lai Ting Jun, Zhu Xin Yi
They are Wu Shuang’s colleagues at ifound. They pride themselves to be younger than her to have hourglass figures. They join the other colleagues to dig fun at her. But later, they are nicer to her and are willing to work overtime without complains to have the magazines to be printed out on time.

19. Xu Zhi Mo – Chen Bo Zheng
I am sorry that he isn’t the poet that all of you might be thinking of. He is not even scholar-like. He is the temple medium whom Chun Zhi has been going to for a long time to ask about Wu Shuang’s future. The incident brings the two closer so they have to thank him as the matchmaker. He doesn’t become Chun Zhi’s husband in the end as she chooses Da Fang.

20. Da Tou Ting and Da Du Yi – Fu Tian Ying and Zhong Xin Ling
Romeo realizes why Wu Shuang has a sharp tongue. It is due to these two high school classmates. They are so sarcastic to emphasize on their wealth and also harp on Wu Shuang’s singlehood that he himself can’t endure it. Da Tou Ting is married to a rich businessan while Da Du Yi is married to a handsome lawyer.

Da Tou Ting is bitter towards Wu Shuang as she steals her notes when she tries to smuggle into the exam hall, causing her nearly unable to graduate. As for Da Du Yi, Wu Shuang throws away the mushrooms that she has picked for all during a hiking trip. The others blame her for making them hungry. In actual fact, Wu Shuang is trying to help them.

She doesn’t want Da Tou Ting to get expelled as a professor is already suspicious of her then. As for Da Du Yi, the mushrooms are poisonous so she doesn’t want the others to eat them. Wu Shuang hardly bothers to explain to them to be wronged for so many years. The three patch up finally.

The two have unhappy marriages. Da Tou Ting’s husband keeps mistresses in China. Da Du Yi’s husband keeps chiding her to be stupid. He himself isn’t as handsome as he is before and he is balding now. That is why both envy Wu Shuang to have a sincere Ka Si although he is too young. They are even greener with jealousy when Yun Hao returns and both men compete against with each other.

Most favourite character
Yun Hao, many may find him heartless when he doesn’t appear in front of Wu Shuang for 6 years. But what can he do as she is the one who sends the wedding rings to him? That indicates she wants to end the relationship, isn’t she? He simply can’t find the courage to do that and he also thinks that she has found herself a better man. He tries very hard to make amends but unfortunately, her heart is no longer with him.

Most hated character
Chun Zhi - this mother is too overbearing. Wu Shuang has suffered enough and why she keeps on rubbing on it? Just let her do what she wants. Sigh – definitely like mother, like daughter. Both are indecisive on who to choose to marry.


The opening themes are ‘no if’ and ‘don’t cry for him anymore’. Ending theme is ‘love because of love’ by Liang Jing Ru. The first theme song is definitely better. Liang even appears as a guest star in the form of the DJ who listens to Ka Si’s distressed call to help him look for Wu Shuang.

Interesting facts

Shen Hao stole the glamour from the leads as his ‘senior Song Yun Hao’ role. Many could not take their eyes off him. He was nominated for best supporting role in the Golden Bell television awards while Jin Hua was nominated for best actress. It was also nominated for best drama, producer and best commercial. It only won the best commercial award.

Unfortunately, a loving couple that is compatible on screen is not on very friendly terms off screen. It was rumoured that Sheng Hao once said that Jing Hua was ‘brainless’. Both kept a distance from each other and were awkward when taking photos but they still greeted each other.

Jing Tian liked this role more than Ji Cun Xi as Ka Si’s character is closer to him. He is also steadfast in fast and dislike Cun Xi for being wishy-washy. Many thought that Jing Tian was robbed of a nomination for best actor as they found him acting very well. Jing Hua also felt that it was a pity. She could not have done so well if he wasn’t her ‘opponent’.

Jing Hua and Jing Tian went to many countries to promote this drama. The sales of the dvds went well and the drama was very well received when shown on television.

Jing Hua came to Singapore to give out TCS Star Awards in 2010. I met her in person as my friend got tickets to the event. Her dressing on the red carpet was daring, revealing a black bra beneath a translucent red dress. She appeared on stage to give away the 10 male artistes prizes in a floral spaghetti strap dress. She looked elegant but speech wise – sigh – she only knew how to smile on stage and did not know how to respond to questions well. She also spoke very little.

Her co-companion Zeng Guo Cheng was totally depended on to strike the conversations. This was so different from the confident Wu Shuang as portrayed in the drama. I am not sure if Shen Hao referred this weakness as ‘brainless’ but it is very obvious that she really needs to brush up her ‘reaction skills’ to be more lively in live programmes.

In episode 3, the opening song changed from "No If's" to "Don't Cry for Him Anymore" because "No If's" was accused of being too similar to another song. So after the dispute was settled, the drama continued alternating the songs as the opening.

Xin Ni placed too many photos on the drama before it was shown to make Yun Hao supporters unhappy that she revealed too much of the story that Ka Si is the winner. She had to take them down quickly. The ratings went from 4.03 to 7.35. Although this was not as good as ‘You’re my destiny’, viewers admitted that the storyline was more realistic.


In some countries, the title of this drama is ‘I love the white bone demon’ as Wu Shuang is thin. The English title also varies as ‘My Queen’ and ‘Queen of no marriages’. It is up to the viewers to decide which title was better.

What happens to an unmarried woman if those around her get married and she is still left on the shelf? Does the value dip when the age increases? Wu Shuang is capable at work but she is lousy in personal relationships and love life. Does that imply that she is a敗犬? It is actually a story that tells the lives of all single women regardless of age.

Wu Shuang’s anxiety and worries are not unfound. Yun Hao is referred as the bear as he is older than her while Ka Si is called the strawberry. Sigh – even the nickname shows how she balances the men on a weighing scale in her heart!

When she is with an older man, she is under his protection. But when she is in love with a man so much younger than her, there are so many areas to consider besides the obstacles to clear. It might not seem unrealistic for now if they are adults. But if we look this way, when Wu Shuang is 21 like what Yun Hao has said, Ka Si has only started Secondary One. How scary can this be!

That is why she views Ka Si as immature although he tries so much not to be so. Luckily, both are still able to iron out their differences to be together. But many grumbled that they are still dating and not married in the end. This is the same as ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ as the marriage issue is not easy to deal with.

I welcome this down-to-earth drama as the producer feels that marriage is not the only solution to one’s happiness. She wants all women to live for themselves and not to be bothered by what others say about them. Thus Wu Shuang still chooses to be her敗犬女王.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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