Rainbow Sweetheart

Reviewed by: sukting

September 24, 2013

Rating: two

Episodes: 35

It is a replica of the Korean drama, My Girl. How does it fare? It is considered the sister production of 《海派甜心》since it is named《彩虹甜心》. The producer is no other than the Taiwanese F4 maker, Cai Zhi Ping.

Story/Introduction of characters
1. Peng Xiao Qian – Ying Cai Er She is a tour guide and becomes Feng's fake cousin to deceive his grandfather to stay with his family. As she is good in Korean, she helps Feng to clinch a business deal. (surprise, surprise, the business partner is Korean actor, Lee Se Chang who stars in Here comes Ajumma.)She falls for Feng in the process and they get married in the end.

Her acting is really terrible. She tries too hard to be cute and her loud coloured dressing puts you off. Her age simply doesn't suit it. It doesn't help when she is very tall and has a very coarse voice.

2. Shao Feng – Lin Zhi Ying He is the general manager of Tian Cao Hotel. He commands respect and authority so he is demanding to others. His heart opens to Xiao Qian and he is determined to keep her by his side. This can be so unfair when this actor still looks very much the same as 10 years ago! That might be the reason why I need more time to get used to him wearing suits in a more mature role.

3.Xu Kai – Zou Yan Wei He is a shareholder of the hotel and is a playboy. He guards Xiao Qian's secret even though he knows it. Sigh – can China TV stations get better looking guys for their dramas? I don't know why they either end up in the hands in boorish or hooligan-like faces. This actor tries to look faithful to love but he simply can't do it.

4. Luo Ying Ying – Hou Shu She is a well accomplished pianist. She wants to share her joy with Feng when she becomes famous but is dismayed to know that his heart is not with her anymore. Her crying scenes are pretty awful and can do better.

5. Peng Da Qian – Wang Gang He is Xiao Qian's father who is always on the run as a cheat. He wants to get rich one day and refuses to work.

6. Chairman Shao – Liang Guo Rong He is Feng's grandfather who is very stubborn. Feng inherits his traits and thus is unapproachable initially.

9. Song Yue Mei – Du Shi Wu She is Feng's icy personal assistant who is like her boss. Slowly, her politeness towards Bao Yuan becomes affections after knowing him better.

10. Tian Bao Yuan – Wu Hao Zhe He is Bao Ling's younger brother who is a model and likes Yue Mei secretly.

11. Tian Bao Ling – Wang Jia Ying She is Xiao Qian's good friend who is a hairstylist.

12. Sister Mi Mi – Zhu Ya Ying She is Kai's mother who is a major shareholder of the hotel. She always wants Kai to seize Feng's authority.

13. Ma Li – Wang Yi Jun She is Feng's little aunt who is an artist. She keeps thinking that she is snow white and must get a prince charming although she is already middle-aged.

14. Ding Yi – Li Quan You He is Shao's family butler but he is also an accomplished artist. He later marries Li.

15. Mrs Luo – Chen Hui Juan She is also Ying Ying's manager besides being her mother. Wanting her to be successful, she breaks the couple up but has to help Ying Ying to get Feng back to redeem herself.

Interesting facts
It could be Zhi Ying and Cai Er's break from dramas after this one as both planned to get married. Sure enough, when Siu Chun came to visit Cai Er, the shooting unit even booked a room for them to stay together. All called her Mrs Chan. She would still work so that Siu Chun would not have to struggle so hard. Both Lin and Ying have their own families after happily married as each of them has a son.

Most favourite character
Feng, he is quite warm to think for others. Whenever Xiao Qian is in trouble, he will help her out.

Most hated character
Li, she thinks too highly of herself and keeps belittling others.

They are sung by actress Lai Ya Yan and Lin Zhi Ying. All are quite forgettable.

Instead of using crystal balls, the token of love here is a rainbow light. This is the only special part of the drama and there is nothing else to offer. The actresses are very tall and I wonder why petite actresses are not chosen to act with Zhi Ying? Another minus point is his boyish face makes them look older than him. Thus, they don't look like loving couples.

I don't understand why Cai can't come up with her own story. The story is exactly the same as the Korean drama so it kills all suspense with its super long 35 episodes. What is terrible is also the acting and dressing. It is simply unbearable – only watch if you are ardent fans of the cast.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : ** (Scale of 5)
On story : ** (Scale of 5)
On song : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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