Reincarnated II

Reviewed by: sukting

June 13, 2006

Rating: three-point-five


Wan Fei Yeung - Koo Koon Chung
Fu Heung Kwan - Zeng Yajun
Tsui Ting Feng - Zhang Fujian
Meng Du - Meng Fei
Others - all unknown to me.


In spite of the fact that I only get to know only 10% of the cast, I enjoyed watching the serial. The main reason due to its gripping story. Also get to hear Koo to speak in Mandarin - now his voice is being dubbed in all other Taiwanese serials. But I'm afraid that I can only remember parts of the story and there are too many characters involved. I choose certain important parts in relating it.

The starting of it is interesting. Many pugilistic leaders are being murdered mysteriously. They died due to the forced absorption of their inner energy. Their bodies are covered with the silkworm coverings. Their sect members suspect that Fei Yeung has something to do with the murders as he is the only one who mastered the Ttien Cham' skill. Heung Kuan is continuing her search for Fei Yeung. She finds some bodies and is alarmed by the sight too. But knowing Fei Yeung for a long time, she believes that he is innocent.

The Tang sect master's granddaughter , Tang Ning grieves over her grandfather's death . She learns about Fei Yeung's whereabouts and brings a big group of people to Shaolin to confront him. Fei Yeung has not recovered from his injuries from the duel with Dok Gu Mo Dik and is recuperating at Shaolin. Shaolin has invited him to stay there as they have the herbs to speed his recovery. This scene is spectacular. This whole group of people actually pulls his hut down! Fei Yeung is in the midst of a stage of practising. He has no choice but to stop his practice and meet them.

He examines the dead bodies and finds that the bodies are covered by an evil silvery-looking of the silkworm. If he is the culprit, he will leave a white covering instead. But how is he going to explain to the others who can't tell the difference? They don't believe him and in the end, the two sides have a big fight. Although Fei Yeung has only gotten back half of his energy, he has no problems defeating them.

Being a mild-mannered person, he is enraged that Tang Ning uses poison darts to deal with him. She even uses a very long whip to deal with him. He hits all of them hard on a tree, throws her whip aside and even gives her a slap. He even reprimands her for being too reckless - it's lucky that he can avoid her blows. This scene really makes me laugh - who will expect Wan Dai Hup to do such a thing? But if you have watched it yourself, you will know why - Tang Ning is a very willful and unreasonable woman.

Seeing that he is sincere in finding out the real killer, all agree to give Fei Yeung 3 months' grace. Tang Ning has no choice but to give in. But she still insists that he is the killer and follows him around. Fei Yeung has to bear with her presence all along. He understands that she is a filial granddaughter and doesn't say much to her sarcastic remarks. Heung Kuan sees them and thinks that they are a pair. She is sad and is nearly killed by the Bak Lien sect. Luckily, her senior Tsui Ting Feng saves her and brings her home.

Ting Feng falls for her but her heart still stays with Fei Yeung. Especially after knowing that Fei Yeung has nothing to do with Tang Ning. She wants to join them but Fei Yeung thinks that he owes her too much and is concerned over her safety. He advises her to stay with Ting Feng for the time being which she listens to, only for a while. Ting Feng's wilful cousin, Jing Jieu falls for him and also fails to get his attention. She makes trouble for Heung Kwan and of course, the ever-sweet Heung Kwan forgives her every now and then. She even turns her into a demure woman. A very complicated love plot, isn't it?

After being with Fei Yeung for a while, Tang Ning begins to doubt her judgement. Once she is nearly killed by the culprit, Meng Du and Fei Yeung saves her. She then realises her fault and clears his name. The two become friends. And being a skilful healer herself, Tang Ning also tries to find ways to cure him of his old injuries. What Meng Du practises is the real 'Tin Cham' skill which is the 'Tin Mo' skill. Meng Du is angry that Fei Yeung wins him and vows to surpass him. He starts to like Tang Ning too but of course, she hates him for being a murderer. His master, Sha Gao however knows that Fei Yeung is really a talent and there is no way that his disciple can win him. However, he still teaches him as usual.

The past Mo Dong's sect leader has stolen the "Tin Mo' sect's manual and claims it to be his own invention. But bedridden with guilt, he changes all the evil ways of practising as he thinks absorbing theirs' inner energy is not a fair thing to do.

A young man, Siu Chi idolises Fei Yeung and pesters him to be his follower. Seeing him and reminding himself of his past, Fei Yeung takes him in and treats him like a brother. Meng Du's sister Bei Bei also idolises Fei Yeung all along and detests her brother's ways. She also joins them in their travels. But Fei Yeung soon finds that he has trouble from the two women. Both consider each other as rivals in love and will challenge each other every now and then.

Finally, they stay in Ting Feng's home, much to Heung Kwan's delight. She takes care of Fei Yeung and he recovers completely under the care of 2 marvellous physicians. Even after he recovers, the 3 women keep on brewing different kinds of herbal soups. The other men are envious of this but till then Fei Yeung has not shown any interest in the 3 women. Although Phoenix is his sister and is dead, he still misses her and decides not to fall in love again.

Ting Feng's little daughter, Yee Lan is being captured by the Ba Lien set. Fei Yeung, Fei Yeung, Ting Feng and Heung Kwan manage to save her and crushes the set. The 2 set leaders scheme to take revenge and goes into hiding to continue to learn his white bone skill which is compatible to 'Tin Cham' skill.

More children are getting killed as the 2 leaders need their bones to master the skill. Ting Feng is very troubled for not being able to find out their whereabouts. And knowing that his rival, Lau Jin is in cohorts with the evil sect, he has no evidence and has to play along with him in the imperial court. Fei Yeung leaves with Siu Chi to seek them out. Somehow, the 3 women know about this and follow suit.

Sha Gao is desperate when Meng Du has shown no improvement and he is so discouraged that he gets drunk. Sha Gao hatches a plan. He tricks Bei Bei that he is giving her a love silkworm to let Fei Yeung eat it so that he can love her. In fact it is the most poisonous silkworm he can find. Bei Bei mixes it with wine and gives Fei Yeung. After drinking it, Fei Yeung suddenly feels giddy and goes to bed. The next day, Sha Gao rings the bell and Fei Yeung follows him in a daze.

Tang Ning and Bei Bei see this and are alarmed. They follow but their qinggong can't be compared to the 2 men. Fei Yeung suddenly wakes up at this time and tries to subdue the poisonous silkworm in his stomach. To his dismay, he feels a sharp pain and he suddenly loses all his inner strength. He falls to the ground and Sha Gao tells Meng Du to absorb his inner strength. Meng Du is unwilling to do it at first but later because of his eagerness to succeed, he starts doing it.

When the two women arrive, they are stunned to see Fei Yeung dying in front of their eyes. Bei Bei cries and begs for his forgiveness. Fei Yeung assures her that it is not her fault and he is actually happy that he can join his sister soon. Tang Ning hurries close to him and thinking that she is Phoenix, he holds her hand and dies with a peaceful smile on his face. I like this part - it really portrays his inner sad feelings.

Both women are distressed over his death. Tang Ning tries to kill Meng Du with her poisonous darts and fails. The hatred in her eyes makes Mang Du regret his decision. Tang Ning says that she has hated him for killing her grandfather . Now, she hates him to the core for harming Fei Yeung. She will never want to see him again. Very true indeed, Meng Du does not feel happy over his success. Fei Yeung's 'Tin Cham' skill has somehow cleared all his evil ways in practising and his inner strength is doubled. But seeking around the whole martial arts world, he is not able to find someone at par with him. He starts to miss his opponent and regrets killing him as there is no one left to spar with him. Isn't he mad?????? Who does not want to be the first in the pugilistic world?

Meanwhile, Siu Chi, Bei Bei and Tang Ning mourn at Fei Yeung's grave. Heung Kwan arrives and is deeply affected by his death. She burns incense papers for him and suddenly hear sounds coming from the inside of the grave. She remembers that her own foster father, Yin Chong Tien practises 'Tin Cham' skill the same way after death. Overjoyed, she harbours hopes of seeing Fei Yeung again.

Fei Yeung did appear alive again but Heung Kwan notices that he is not in his usual self. He seems very tired and although his inner strength is doubled, he gets sick quite often. Heung Kwan checks his pulse and finds nothing wrong. She wonders what is wrong with him but Fei Yeung assures her that he is alright. Fei Yeung knows that it is due to the poisonous worm inside him but he keeps from them not to make them worry. Bei Bei, being a naïve and forgetful person, has forgotten about it and is only happy to see him alive again. And under Fei Yeung's advice, she accepts Siu Chi.

On their way back to Ting Feng's home, they are ambushed and Fei Yeung suddenly loses his inner strength. The other 3 have to protect him . They stay at an inn and Sha Gao is surprised to see him alive. He then tries using his bell and abducts Fei Yeung when he faints. After examining him and confirming that the silkworm is still inside him, he is pleased that Meng Du will forever be better than Fei Yeung and releases him.

Meng Du is happy to see Fei Yeung again and wants to have a duel with him. Fei Yeung agrees to it although he is unwell as he knows that no one can subdue him. In the middle of the duel, Fei Yeung proves to be at the upper hand. Meng Du is angry with himself for losing again. At this moment, Fei Yeung feels the pain in his stomach and cannot avoid Meng Du's blow. He is hit on the chest , falls down a cliff and faints. Meng Du is puzzled as there is no way that Fei Yeung should lose to him. He actually panicks when seeing him falling right to the bottom of the cliff and follows suit. He finds that Fei Yeung's pulse is very weak and …………begs him not to die!!! Very interesting here, I have never seen a serial where a pugilistic expert begging his opponent to stay alive.

He revives Fei Yeung and Fei Yeung wakes up. He is surprised to see Meng Du saving him and thanks him. Meng Du replies that he has absorbed his inner strength in the first place and is now returning him the favour so that he does not owe him anymore. Fei Yeung finds that he is actually kind at heart and persuades him to change his evil ways. Meng Du agrees as he is very remorseful after killing so many people. But he doesn't know how to make up to Tang Ning. Fei Yeung says that she might change her bad impression of him if he helps him to seek out the 2 leaders from the Bai Lien sect.

But the problem is - how is Fei Yeung going to defeat them if the poisonous silkworm is still in his body? Upon returning to Ting Feng's place, Fei Yeung has a relapse and faints again. Heung Kwan is shocked as usually Fei Yeung can bear with the pain and even looks calm in front of her. This means that his condition has worsen. The group of people crowd round Fei Yeung's bed and Heung Kwan demands to know from Sha Gao what is wrong with him.

Sha Gao tells the truth and all are stunned. Sha Gao tells them that there is no chance of Fei Yeung removing the silkworm except by transmitting it to another person who is alive. Upon hearing it, Heung Kwan immediately does the transfer and she faints. Ting Feng knows that he has lost all hopes of winning her upon seeing this and decides to accept Jing Jieu. When Fei Yeung wakes up and knows about it, he is touched but says nothing.

Fei Yeung and Meng Du finally find the 2 sect leaders and kills them. They return to tell the rest the good news before disappearing to have another individual duel among themselves. Their friends are disturbed as they do not tell the them where they hold the duel. The worst is - Fei Yeung has not told them who he likes - Heung Kwan or Tang Ning? I can't help but burst out laughing when watching this scene. It is supposed to make viewers nervous on who will win the duel but instead it creates the suspense on who Fei Yeung likes now. I can never forget the nervous expressions on the women's faces, waiting eagerly for Fei Yeung's return for his answer.

Before the duel, they ask each other what they intend to do after it. Meng Du says that he will try to make up to Tang Ning. Fei Yeung says that he will try to pay off Heung Kwan's debt. Sigh - to this very moment, he is still vague in his answer - how is he going to do it - he doesn't explain it! Who wins the duel - no one knows as the story ends here!

Before watching this serial, I really dislike Taiwanese dramas, especially the swordfighting ones. Too slow-moving and too few stunts. But this production changes my impression completely. Although the actresses aren't very pretty (especially, Tang Ning who has a chubby face), they act well. But of course they can be over-exaggerating at times as expected. Koo Koon Chung and Meng Fei are very good in here as the top pugilistic experts. Perhaps due to the fact that they are martial-arts trained. The fighting scenes are very convincing - so convincing that at times, I forget that it is a Taiwanese production!

Although the story can be very slow-moving at times, its special effects can create enough excitement to all the viewers. I am quite satisfied with it. Too bad this production is not in VCD version for sale.

Sukting's ratings:
* * * 1/2 (Scale of 5 for acting)
* * * 1/2 (Scale of 5 for the story)

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