Romantic Princess

Reviewed by: sukting

April 20, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

How long
20 episodes

'Meteor Garden' shot F4 to fame. This drama is like Meteor Garden – the adaptation of another manga 'Romance Godankatsuyou'. This is the first time Wu Zun and Zhang Shao Han act as a couple. How do they fare in this classic Cinderella story?

Brief story outline

The 18 year old Xiao Mai is adopted by lower-class parents and has to work part time to make ends meet. Although they stay in a small run-down apartment, they are contented. One day, it is discovered that she is a wealthy heiress. She was kidnapped when young and her parents died in a car accident when searching for her. Her grandfather, nicknamed Emp knows that she is his kin by her birthmark on the butt. He gives her foster parents a house to stay in.

Xiao Mai moves in to stay in the Huang Fu mansion. Life isn't a bed of roses from then onwards. Emp has adopted 4 proteges when they are young. They are called the four Nan Feng Lords. They find it unbelievable that Xiao Mai is Emp's granddaughter as she is uncultured. Jing even requests to see if she really has a birthmark on her butt as claimed. All the four joke that she must be an imposter.

Xiao Mai offers to pay back the $500m that Emp has given to them by working in the home but he rejects her. Xiao Mai still visits her foster parents. Jin is her bodyguard, bringing her there. He admires them for sharing a close bond despite being simple. Xiao Mai sees that he has a big bowl of rice and offers to take away some from him but he insists that he can finish it as he feels comfortable with them. This is something lacking in Emp's home.

Emp sends her foster parents to Brazil after paying them handsomely. They are reluctant to leave Xiao Mai but have no choice. Xiao Mai cries when she is late to reach the airport. Jin consoles her the whole day and allows her to rest on his shoulder. He doesn't understand why he is so accommodating to her . if not for her status and his identity, all will be well.

Emp gives Jin an impossible task to groom Xiao Mai into a lady before she is presented to his business associates. Jin gets even more displeased upon knowing that Emp plans to let him marry Xiao Mai and he is to take over his business empire. But he realizes that Xiao Mai is a simple girl who also longs to have a simple life like him. The four lads start to accept Xiao Mai too and treat her like a sister. They attend the same school together – with only Jin and her in the same car.

Soon the other schoolmates discover that Jin has changed. He is unfeeling to others but seems to show concern only to Xiao Mai. Xiao Mai soon finds out that he has a gentle and caring side despite his distant appearance.

Lin is gullible to want to give Xiao Mai the $500m to help her to solve the problem and hugs her, saying that Jin has given her to him. Emp is angry and arranges Jin to move close to Xiao Mai's room to ensure her safety. Cai wants to see Jin's reaction so he gives Xiao Mai the $500m, wanting her to tell Emp that she wants to get engaged to Jin. She obeys him but later regrets after giving Emp the money. Xiao Mai is in the sauna room when Lin keeps apologizing to her for wanting to hug her earlier.

She wears very little so she doesn't dare to come up. She ends up fainting in the room. Lin quickly calls Jin for help. Jin pats her face and is puzzled why he is so anxious. She sighs – he is genuinely concerned about her but still conceals it. Jin wants to pay the money to Xiao Mai to get her to annul the engagement but she can't bring herself to do it. Jin told Xiao Mai about his ex high school classmate, A Jie. A Jie was a top runner but was bribed by Emp to lose to Jin in a race.

Jin felt worse when A Jie gave up the sport after that. He warns Xiao Mai that she could get hurt by others because of her wealth. She analyses that he is not afraid of getting hurt but he is afraid of hurting others. Xiao Mai wants to return Cai the money and he teases her for falling for Jin. Jin is attracted when she looks stunning as she tries the wedding gown.

She brings him to look at houses belonging to the commoners. Jin suddenly arranges all to have a celebration. Jin longs for freedom. So he arranges Xiao Mai and Cai to be in bed to escape from it. He knows Cai is a gentleman and will not touch her. Cai reprimands him for framing him. Jin shows Xiao Mai the photo that he has taken to threaten her.

Emp introduces Xiao Mai to all associates and also announces her engagement to Jin. Cai is pleased upon seeing Jin going near Xiao Mai to have a first dance with her. Xiao Mai feels blissful but he reminds her that she still has time to tell her. He will tell Emp if she can't do it. Xiao Mai knows that she has fallen for him so she tells Emp that to make Jin happy.

Cai finds it a pity that she hasn't been persistent to the engagement day. He wants to push Jin to the limit. Xiao Mai doesn't want to bully him anymore. Cai knows Emp too all – he will not give in easily. Lin suddenly announces that Jin has run away from home. Jin doesn't know why he is lost after Xiao Mai's announcement. Emp wants Sen Chuan to inform the customs to prevent Jin from leaving.

Xiao Mai decides to run away from home to divert Emp's attention. So Emp has to dispatch his men to look for both of them. Jin comes to Xiao Mai's home to look for her upon getting Lin's call. He hasn't left home – he just goes out for a breather and doesn't expect to be misunderstood. Jin gets to know the agreement between Xiao Mai and Cai. He is mad that they make fun of him and refuses to listen to their explanation. Since the Huang Fus love to use money to settle problems, he must leave them.

Cai apologises to him for causing the trouble but Jin still ignores him. This is the first time Ying sees him so angry. Cai presumes that Jin must be angry that Xiao Mai rejects the engagement. His pride is heart so he becomes so mad. Ying attributes to Xiao Mai's existence. The lads' relationship is strained ever since she steps into this house. Ying wants her to leave the home and even beats her if not for Cai.

He is pissed off with her for accepting the money and still trying to act noble. Cai is angry that Jin is so indifferent. Xiao Mai has wanted to get the money back from Emp to return to Cai. So Jin is unfair to her. Emp mistakens Cai's concern for Xiao Mai to try to be the third party. Cai knows that lovers can't tolerate the presence of rivals so he wishes to arouse Jin's jealousy.

Emp doesn't have so much time. He looks at Cai – why doesn't he think of getting him to be his successor?
Emp announces that Cai is going to be engaged to Xiao Mai. Actually he is doing this to test Jin's feelings towards his granddaughter. Jin gets disillusioned to leave home to go to sea. Lin lies that Jin is killed in a car crash. She cries to discover that it is only a hoax. Lin knows their true feelings and wants to help them.

The engagement party starts but Jin is nowhere to be seen. Emp has wanted to see how anxious Jin is but now even Cai gets nervous. Sen Chuan reports that the guests become rowdy but Emp ignores this. Jin regrets his choice when recalling their happy moments together. His yacht is out of order so he swims back to shore. Alas, it is still too late when he finds that all the guests have left.

Jin is in despair. Cai consoles him – not that both are engaged but Emp has cancelled the function. Jin cracks his brain on how to date her. The other guys want him to be true to her. Jin finally bares his feelings to Xiao Mai and gives her a ring which he has bought with the earnings he gets through taking on vacation jobs. His main aim is still to leave the family so both have to date in secret.

It is sure wacky as Emp comments during a meal on how a couple will behave. They will steal glances at each other, eat similar food and wears lovers' clothes. Xiao Mai and Jin realize that they are doing all these things right now. Xiao Mai pretends to be angry to storm out with Jin following suit. Emp can't stop laughing at this.

Emp gives monetary rewards to those who can manage to snap a photo of the two together. It is funny to see how the two try to hide from the rest. Xiao Mai finally has an idea – to escape from their eyes to go into the changing room of a department store. Both finally hug each other tightly in the small cubicle. Sen Chuan reports to Emp that they date secretly through sms or mms. Emp knows that both will not give in to him easily so he hatches another plan.

Mo Li is transferred to Xiao Man's class. She shows Xiao Mai the ring that her parents have left her. Xiao Mai feels close to her as they have the same birthday. One day, a bombshell drops again. Emp claims that has made a mistake and Mo Li is the real heir to his empire. The ring is the proof – it is the first present that he buys for his granddaughter as it has her birthday. He makes a mistake for Xiao Man as she resembles his late daughter-in-law. Xiao Man feels lost – she doesn't know her parents' whereabouts and is reluctant to leave the other family members.

He even wants Jin to accept her and Xiao Mai is to become her maid. Jin doesn't understand why Xiao Mai must torture herself to stay back but Xiao Mai concludes that this is the only way that she can get close to him and also to prevent him from marrying Mo Li. Jin is touched and hugs her close to him. Lin doesn't like Mo Li to greet them. Emp might have accepted her but not them.

The four lads maintain that their treatment towards her will never change and persuades her to stay on. Somehow, Cai finds Mo Li familiar looking but he can't recall where he has seen her. Xiao Mai nearly bursts upon seeing Mo Li to be so close to Jin. Emp laughs secretly in delight. She has moved into Xiao Mai's room so she has to move to the maids' quarters.

Mo Li stops Jin from kissing Xiao Mai in her room. He is the young master but it is inappropriate for him to do that. Jin hugs Xiao Mai – she might be Shan but it doesn't imply that she has the power to control him. Does she want to be controlled by Emp? She replies that she doesn't mind it since her life partner is Jin. Emp announces that he will finance Xiao Man's studies and Mo Li tells all classmates that Xiao Mai is her maid. Xiao Mai doesn't have money to buy food but the four lads bring food for her.

You will be amused. Ying lies that he buys the food but he is still full so this is extra. He is just too proud to admit that he gets it specially for her. Lin claims that his classmates from the home economics class cook too much food so he brings over. Cai gets food vouchers but upon seeing Jin approaching her classroom with 2 plates of food, he passes the coupons to him. He laughs that she will never go hungry.

Mo Li makes life difficult for Xiao Mai during dinner and Xiao Mai rebukes her. Emp chases her out of the room. Jin stands up but Emp orders him to sit down. He commands Sen Chuan to send Xiao Mai off to Brazil the next day. Jin is angry that Emp threatens him. Emp is cold – Xiao Mai isn't his granddaughter and isn't Jin's marriage partner anymore. The atmosphere only loses the tension after Cai walks in smiling.

Xiao Mai soon discovers that Mo Li is an imposter and vows to find evidence against her. Her imagination runs wild when she imagines Mo Li drugging Jin to be in bed together. Jin plants a kiss on her forehead to ensure that she trusts him. The four lads do not get to see Xiao Mai in the subsequent days – they wonder what she is doing.

Xiao Mai finds out that Emp deliberately makes this arrangement, wanting the two to be true not only to each other but also to make it publicly known. She threatens to set off for Brazil and this doesn't matter to her if Mo Li gets engaged to Jin. Jin overhears her and calmly accepts her decision. He refuses to listen to her explanation. Actually he isn't angry with her as he can read the guilt in her eyes. He is only puzzled why Mo Li appears mysteriously and often talks to Emp secretly. He knows something is amiss and decides to play along with them.

He tells Emp that he will get married to Mo Li – to their dismay. He also wants to be alone with Mo Li at a family villa. Jin is amused when he reads alarm in Emp's eyes to insist that Xiao Mai should tag along and they should not stay overnight. He must be thinking that his own granddaughter is very pitiful and sends her to spy on them. So Jin also suggests that Cai should join them since he is also close to Xiao Mai. Mo Li can't help feeling jealous over his remark.

Cai and Xiao Mai do not know what Jin is up too. They discuss with Ying and Lin. Lin and Cai are very sure that Jin still loves Xiao Mai but he is doing this out of anger. Ying finds it possible for Jin to fall for Mo Li who is more demure and attractive than Shan. Seeing that Xiao Mai jumps, they forbid Ying to say further but Ying still warns Xiao Mai to get mentally prepared for the setback.

Cai gets to know from Xiao Mai that Mo Li is an imposter but decides not to tell Jin to see what he is up to. The four get prepared for their trip. (The guys are cool, wearing their shades!) Seeing that Xiao Mai has difficulty carrying the suitcases, Jin offers to help her but she rejects him. Xiao Mai is angry when Mo Li wants her to prepare sandwiches for them.

It is Mo Li's turn to get hysterical when Cai offers to help Xiao Mai. He will also show Xiao Mai the way to the kitchen. Jin brings Mo Li to the garden and senses that she is inattentive. He detects that Mo Li is not interested in him but with Jin. Thus he wants to be with Mo Li in the same room. To spite him back, Xiao Mai wants to be with Cai in the same room.

Here are the two pairs in different rooms. Mo Li is so terrified that she locks herself up in the bathroom. Although Cai is in his pyjamas, he doesn't know why he is dragged into this game although he will not do anything to Xiao Mai. Jin hints to Mo Li that Cai is a player and he must be enjoying himself with Xiao Mai. He wants to force her to tell her her motive to come to stay with the Huangfus.

The girls meet each other at the corridor as they are afraid that both of them will seduce their men. Xiao Mai isn't afraid to confess her feelings. Although Xiao Mai tries to tell Jin the truth, he refuses to listen and wants Cai to bring Xiao Mai back into the room. Jin finally forces the truth out of Mo Li. She is actually here to get close to Cai as she loves him.

Knowing that Mo Li likes him, Cai disappears as he needs time to cool off. He later returns and decides to see if both are suitable for each other. The four confess to Emp their feelings and neither guy is willing to be his successor. Emp chase them out of the family. Although Lin and Ying also wish to follow them, Jin advises them not to provoke Emp angry.

They wish to stay at a luxurious hotel but Cai's credit card doesn't work. The same applies to Mo Li's card as it is produced by Huangfu holdings. The four can only afford to stay in a small room and feel down. Xiao Mai cheers them up. Emp bets that all will give in soon since he has told all branches to reject them if they apply for jobs. He wants Sen Chuan to spy on them.

Cai's friends avoid Cai while Xiao Mai and Jin manage to rent the old house. Both feel a sense of closeness when they dust the house. Cai and Mo Li find it old but have to stay too. Sen Chuan give Ying and Lin tough training to be Emp's successors. Jin finally gets a job but he isn't that well paid. Still, Xiao Mai is happy for him as he is independent now.

However, it saddens Xiao Mai to know that he actually works at a construction site to support them. He even disagrees to let her work as he wants her to be a homemaker. Xiao Mai then tries hard to save well. Cai and Mo Li can't withstand hardship but their family and friends refuse to finance them. They pawn their expensive watches and spend the money on luxuries. Xiao Mai blurts out the truth and Jin points out that Cai is unprepared to leave home.

Both men quarrel and Cai decides to return home. He pleads with Emp to give Jin a chance. Emp then transfers all the training to Cai. Jin gets a new job. The boss is the only person who dares to defy Emp to hire him. Sen Chuan reports to Emp that the little couple are happy with Xiao Mai sending lunch to Jin daily. Emp suddenly has a heart attack. All rush to the hospital.
Xiao Mai regrets making Emp furious but believes that he will accept their thinking one day. Sen Chuan announces that Emp has planned to give the management power to the other directors to let them fulfill their wish. Xiao Mai decides that she should not let his empire land into other people's hands. Sen Chuan predicts that she will face lots of opposition for not being a man. That is why Emp adopts the 4 lords.

It is best that she marries Jin since Jin is the successor but Xiao Mai disagrees. She decides to take up the challenge to undergo the training. Jin teases her by saying that his luck is good to know a caring and witty rich girlfriend. All hope that Emp will wake up soon. The lords are taken aback by Xiao Mai's decision but they try their best to assist her to pass the directors' test.

Xiao Mai gets exhausted by the training. Jin doesn't mind giving up his ambition for her sake but she wishes to continue it. She is used to taking hardship but her performance is less then satisfactory. Just then, Emp wakes up to tell the directors that he has made her his successor. The directors agree but she has to go overseas training for 3 years.

Emp jokes that he must wake up to see how she challenges the other directors. Lin confesses that she has the successor look but still lacks the brains with her poor memory. Emp allows the lords to take leave but from now on, they are under Xiao Mai's command. Sen Chuan sighs that Emp has changed a lot after his discharge. The overbearing old man is now so scared of his granddaughter.

Emp doesn't mind this – he wants someone to control and care for him. This can't be bought by money easily. Mo Li asks Xiao Mai if she is scared that Jin will have a change of heart during the 3 years. Ying jokes that it should be the reverse as Xiao Mai will be surrounded by handsome foreigners. Just then, Jin stands up to be with Xiao Mai. Cai wants both not to be so mushy but both are confident of each other.

Emp goes to Xiao Mai's old home and shakes his head to know that she has stayed in such a place for so long. She argues that this is where she becomes strong-willed. Xiao Mai is going to set off but Jin is late as he is signing his first contract with a client. He comes on time to pass the photocopied paper to her. This signifies their promise and he will wait for her. He will work hard like her before she is back. Both hug at the airport to give each other a deep kiss.

Introduction on characters

1. Mai Qiu Sui/Huang Pu Shan – Zhang Shao Han
Her poor plight changed overnight when she becomes a rich girl. Through hardship, she is unwilling to admit defeat to poverty. However, she gets less happier to get separated from her foster parents. Still, she gets used to befriend 4 lads. From bitter enemies, they foster a sibling bond. She also grows to love Jin to go through thick and thin with him.

What has happened to Shao Han? I wonder if Wu Chun feels that he is hugging a skeleton. She is too skinny. It doesn't help when she has very long and curly hair that covers almost half her body frame and her face. Acting wise, she has improved slightly.

2. Nan Feng Jin – Wu Zun
Jin's parents are close to Xiao Mai's parents. The four died in the same car accident. Emp loses his only son so he adopts the two brothers. He even makes him his successor. Jin wants to protect Lin and to repay Emp's kindness, he endures all kinds of strict training. But he yearns to leave this home to carve his own niche. He soon finds a job to work in a small company and works towards this dream.

Wu Chun doesn't need to act cool. He is cool – the rich air surrounds him when he walks or talks. However, I can't help feeling disappointed as I desire more progress in his acting but he fails to impress me. I don't think he shows Jin's determination when speaking to Emp in that soft voice and walking away silently !

3. Nan Feng Cai – Cheng Yi Ru
He is a playboy who seems to be open and also lazy. He seems to be a troublemaker but his capabilities do not lose out to Jin. He only puts up this false front because he doesn't want to be the successor. He doesn't want to compete with Jin and only wants to get on his life quietly. He is very pampered. Unlike Jin, he soon realizes that he can't live without money and returns to Emp.

He is far from being a playboy as he did not even get to kiss Mo Li! We are easily convinced that he is a weakling because he looks even fairer than Mo Li. How funny this can be - He wants to test how far Jin can go by provoking him every now and then while we can see how how little he goes when Emp tests him. What a joke! The way he speaks – isn't soft spoken but is girly to me. And why does he always choose light coloured clothes – this makes him look like a princess more than Xiao Mai!

4. Nan Feng Lin – Hu Yu Wei
He is Jin's biological younger brother. Being well-protected by Jin, he is frank and also genuine to others. You can even say that he is gullible. Many do not know whether to cry or laugh over his foolish acts. Oh my – this guy is cute and funny! I only feel that this drama exists because he brings life to the drama.

5 Nan Feng Ying – Li An Lin
He is Cai's biological younger brother. He seems to be a shy introvert but he can be a little scheming. He is against women because all only want advantages from him. Thus he announces that he is scared of women so that this will stop them from harressing him. He dislikes Xiao Mai initially, thinking that she is a money digger. But upon seeing how she sacrifices for Jin, his impression of her changes completely.

This guy is plain looking and it is not helped by the fact that he also has long hair which isn't trimmed nicely. Yu Wei stands out because of his short crop hair and warm hair while he is easily ignored. Most of the time, he looks arrogant, sleepy and it seems that nothing can please him.

6 Emp/Huang Pu Xiong – Gu Bao Ming
He is Xiao Mai's grandfather who expects all to obey all his commands. He has even planned their future. Jin and his granddaughter are the first to defy him but he is pleased that Xiao Mai becomes his successor. Thus he listens to her commands from then on. This is a veteran actor but he doesn't do that well too.

7. Yin Sen Chuan – the actor (as Xiao Xi's father in 'MVP Valentine')
He is a faithful butler who will never reveal his masters' secrets or thoughts to the others. No one can bribe him to do that. The young lads are never his match as he is always a step ahead of them. Oh – who invents this hairstyle? He already looks bad in 'MVP Valentine' – why must the hairstylist still torture him here?

8. Gong Mo Li – Zhuo Wen Xuan
She comes from a rich family but comes to stay with the Huangfus to test Xiao Mai's feelings towards Jin. She is also here because she is secretly in love with Cai since 10 years old. She manages to win Cai over with her sincerity. But like Cai, she is also a spendthrift and doesn't know how to save money. Her acting is only passable but lets not be too harsh on a newcomer as she has tried her best.

9. Mr Mai and Mrs Mai – Pu Xue Liang and Huang Jia Qian
They are Xiao Mai's parents who dote on her as their own. But for the sake of her future, they return her to Emp and leave overseas so that she will not be dependent on them. These two behave exactly like Shan Cai's parents – depending on their daughter to save up money and have problems saving up on their own.

Most favourite character
Jin, he is initially cold and unfeeling but he changes totally upon meeting Xiao Mai. He is also determined to build up his own empire with his own hands. Can you imagine the other three to be reliable on his pay when they are forced to move out? He becomes the most sensible person to be their breadwinner.

Most hated character
Cai, this man only talks but has no backbone to defy Emp. He is a burden to Jin when they move out. How can a man not work at all and keeps pawning whatever he has?! I simply despise him.

The themesong is 'new nest' by Farenheit and S.H.E. It is strange that the three gals don't act in this drama but they lend their voices here. The song is well sung. The other subtheme songs are by Shao Han. 'I am in love' is a fast-paced song but I don't really like it because her voice is too high pitched. Her interpretation of 'don't wish to know' – a slower number is so much better. The other two 'mine' and 'paradise' are easily forgettable.

Interesting facts

Although many Taiwanese complained that it was a copycat from 'Goong' and a Japanese drama 'rich cop', they still watched this drama because of Wu Chun. It became the most watched drama, even beating F4 member, Zhou Yu Min's 'Delicious Proposal'. Still, The china netizens were critical of this drama.

Chun and Yi Ru were nervous driving the expensive cars. Yi Ru was so excited that he suffered from headaches and gastric cramps. He bought a Honda convertable when he was in Canada while Chun bought new car parts for his car.

How can a car take 10 minutes to reach the house from the gate? The part where Xiao Mai yells to Emp is too exaggerating. Even the shots on the mansion took so many cuts. They felt that the cars were outdated and they could tell that the mansion was only a holiday resort! (They are absolutely right - only the gate was made at a cost of NT$30,000 which is now lying in the TV station's warehouse.)

They also complained about the acting. Some claimed that the high ratings were due to Wu Chun's striping and Shao Han could not cry well.

Many thought that Xiao Mai's foster parents behaved exactly like Shan Cai's parents from 'Meteor Garden'. Wu Chun was still a vase in their eyes. Wu Chun was surprised with their reaction. The drama wasn't that childish to him as the initial arrangement was even more exaggerating. He thought that he had some breakthrough in here. Jin has some inner struggling scenes but the audience has failed to notice that.

Wu Chun comes from a wealthy family and all attribute this to why he has the rich man's air on him in the drama. Wu Chun was told to emanate a cool vibe. He reminded himself to stand straight and watch out for table manners.

Both also strike out on their own careers. Still, he maintained that he was slightly different from the role in some aspects. Jin suppresses his emotions but he is more communicative. Many praised him for improving his Mandarin but he found it stressful working with Gu as he was a veteran actor.

All found the weather unbearable and wondered how Taiwanese men can wear business suits for the whole year. But they were lucky to shoot most scenes in the air-conditioned rooms. They have thought of Shao Han to be an introvert but she ended up being lively and chirpy.

Chun was apologetic to hold up the shooting for 30 minutes as he sometimes forgot his long lines. He never gave marks for his performance as he wanted to improve. Yi Ru gave himself 80 marks so the remaining 20 would remind him to work harder.

Wu Chun jumped into the open sea unassisted while the film crew remained safely on dry land. It was only after he hit the frigid waters that he worried about sharks. This was the only act that he hardly enjoyed as most of the time, he had the chance to drive Porshes and wearing branded clothes. Fans marveled at his perfect physique in revealing his tattoo in the swimming scene.

Remember the scene where Jin became plump in Xiao Mai's dream? Chun had to stuff two sanitary napkins into his mouth.He joked that they were the same that Ella used for 'Hana Kimi'. After 3 hours, his face was numb but he was sure that he would not grow this plump when old since he often exercised.

Yi Ru was shy when shooting the sleeping scene with Shao Han in the presidental suite. He found it hard to portray Cai's reaction to Mo Li's love declaration. So did Chun as he also found it hard to get out of his role. He took more food and exercise to relax while Yi Ru talked to friends.

Even the food on the set was so expensive that Wu pinched some with the other male co-stars because it would be a waste to throw it away. On the numerous kissing scenes he shared with Shao Han, he complained that he looked too disheveled. He protested that they were done when he just came out of the sea and in the rain. His hair was all wet and messy. That was definitely unromantic.

Wu Chun wondered how a petite Shao Han can have a loud voice. Shan Han lamented that the kissing scenes were hardly romantic. One was inside a small changing room cubicle where 10 onlookers shot the scene. How can it be romantic since the place was so hot?

The other unforgettable scene was kissing her at the airport while shouting her name. Many onlookers witnessed how he kissed her. Still, the whole cast enjoyed the filming as they went to places that they had never been to. Some of the room and dining hall scenes were filmed inside five-star hotels.

Yu Wei didn't know that he applied too much force for the hugging scene. He left bruises on Shao Han and was apologetic. Yu Wei was back visiting relatives after he completed his degree in New York. His friend recommended him and he was happy to get selected. The TV station employees took note to help him improve his Mandarin.

So did An Lin who did the same when he pulled her out of the bed strongly. Many laughed over it – one was supposed to love Xiao Mai while another dislike her but both were the same to give her the violent treatment.

An Lin and Yi Ru participated in the Sunshine Boyz contest in Vancover. Yi Ru won and return to Taiwan before him after getting his Masters. An Lin was still an undergraduate so he remained to continue his studies.

There was a scene where Yi Ru kissed Wen Xuan in the garden. They had many n.g.s under watchful eyes. But this precious scene was cut as the producer found it unnecessary to help in the plot. The two joked that the producer should have made copies for them as remembrance instead of cutting it!

The four actors went to Singapore to hold an autograph session on the drama DVDs. They knew of Shao Han's poor heart condition and hoped that she could get well soon. Wu Chun found that it was quite unlikely for both of them to become a couple as they hardly had time to know each other better.

The whole cast went to Jin Men to promote this drama. Chun was excited to visit his grandfather's homeland and was touched to see his name on top in the donors' list in the ancestral temple.

They toured all the popular spots. They also pushed the gaoliang wine to each other. Seeing that Yi Ru was nursing a flu, he became the first one forced to drink it.

It was coincidental that Yi Ru, Shao Han, Ang Lin grew up in Vancouver in their teenage years. Ang Lin knew Shao Han from the same singing contest that both joined. Yu Wei was from the States. He had learned martial arts for 20 years and had won several martial arts competitions.


I agree totally with the China netizens' comments. This drama is very childish and falls short of its expectations from 'Meteor Garden'. Even if the four young masters in 'Meteor Garden' have long tresses, they look 100% men. I will prefer to call the four lords here as the four lads as they do look more like teenagers than men. They are far from charming – I just find them too weak and fair looking. They look like damsels in distress themselves. Do Taiwanese men look like this these days?! Don't they do some gym training before taking up the roles?

The young cast just read the script in a straight forward manner. When it comes to acting, almost all use the wrong expressions. They hardly display what is needed. Yawn – most of the time, I am not interested in their speeches but more interested to look at Emp's home deco. The leads simply lack chemistry with each other. They will bore you.

I don't really like the way Shao Han acts – especially when she always screams to talk. She looks like a princess but she doesn't behave like one. Her trying to act cute and nosey simply puts me off. Yes, I also wonder like Wu Chun how she has such a sharp and loud voice too! It is under good control in 'MVP Valentine' but getting annoying in here. With the smug look on her face, it is little wonder the lads question Xiao Mai's real identity.

But I must say that the classy parties are a bonus – it shows how the rich spend their money. The princess is hardly romantic as she is thrifty. However, if you are looking for Cinderella stories or Prince charming and do not mind the above flaws, this is still a choice.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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