Super Hip School

Reviewed by: sukting

July 27, 2004

Rating: two

AKA "Famous School"

Year produced

How long
100 over episodes!

A nonsensical drama on how teachers teach in Qi Ying high school. We have a lot of monster students. How are the teachers going to cope with the work?


Da Wei just returns from Japan after completing his university studies in Japan. He goes to tender his application to be a physical education teacher at Qi Ying High. He gets through the gate easily as the security guard is sleeping on the job.

Kai Di demands to know how he gets in. All students are attracted to his clean cut looks and tall build. Xiao Xuan bets with others that she will get his kiss - not on the face but on the mouth. Many agree to give her their lunch if they lose. She jumps into the pool and feigns to drown. Da Wei nearly gives her the kiss of life (CPR). Yao Zu comes to stop him and threatens to detain her for a term if she refuses to open her eyes.

Sure enough, she obeys reluctantly. Yao Zu sees colourful hairclips on her hair and shakes his head. Kai Di runs to collect them from her hair and ends up knocking her head into Da Wei’s chest. Later, she slips and ends up kissing his lips. The crowd is baffled and Kai Di rushes to the student clinic to brush her teeth. Zhao Fei jokes that however hard she tries, she can never wash away the humiliation that she faces earlier.

Da Wei finds it unbelievable that Yao Zu is the principal because he is so young. Yao Zu rejects his application because he wants an experienced teacher. Da Wei knows that many teachers resigned because of the students’ bad behaviour. Yao Zu finally decides to hire him. Yao Zu is annoyed that the school HOD, Wang, is late. Da Wei wants to change the school into a super hip learning centre. Yao Zu announces that he wants the best results. So he forbids teacher and student romances in the school compound. Wang is dismayed. Kai Di sneers at Dai Wei for being so unrealistic.

The next day, Da Wei is on his motorcycle to school and is stopped at the gate. He demands to know why Yao Zu is allowed to go in in his car while he has to leave his motorcycle outside. He wants equal treatment. Kai Di discovers that Wei Ren is late again and is annoyed. Da Wei catches him from the other side of the wall but lets him off. Kai Di runs after him and sprains her ankle.

Da Wei goes to the student clinic and sees Kai Di massaging her wound. He feels bad and Zhao Fei is attracted by his appearance. He smiles and says that he must know the location. If not, how is he going to send his injured students here? Kai Di limps on her way home. Da Wei offers to give her a lift on his motorcycle but she refuses. Yao Zu passes by and gives her a lift. He even helps her get into his car.

Da Wei is pissed off - knowing that he will also make the same choice if he is her. Yao Zu is amused that Kai Di sits so far away from him in the car. She says she respects him. Yao Zu’s father is the school administrator manager and wants him to be the principal once he is back overseas. He is only here for 6 months. Being young, he demands a lot from the staff. But he hopes that they can understand him.

Kai Di then mentions that he should not let his car in since there is a sign at the gate. There must be equal treatment. Zhao Fei forces her to apologise as she is afraid that she will lose her job. Kai Di approaches the car, not knowing what to say. To her surprise, Yao Zu walks out of the car and tells the chauffeur to come and fetch him in the afternoon. He has remembered her words.

Seeing that Wei Ren wants to skip his class, Dai Wei challenges him to a game. Da Wei wins but Wei Ren walks away. Kai Di complains about him to Zhao Fei but knocks into him again. She knocks into a table and hurts her knee. Kai Di drops all the papers on the road. Yao Zu helps her to pick up the documents. He then discovers that they are the students’ confidential profiles. He looks at her questioningly - these particulars aren’t supposed to be brought out of the school. She explains that she wants to know the students better. Yao Zu allows it. Unknown to her, she has dropped her amulet on the road.

Yao Zu asks her about her opinion of Da Wei. She says that he plays basketball well but Yao Zu can see that she is grinding her teeth! He is concerned whether he can teach as he is inexperienced. He is taken aback that Kai Di mentions that he can dismiss him if he isn’t good. She will not object to it. He is startled to see her evil grin so she tries to hide it by saying that it is only a joke.

Kai Di discovers that the amulet is missing and goes to look for it at midnight. She can’t find it and is almost in tears. Da Wei cycles by and sees her. He asks why she doesn’t go to the temple to get another one. She insists that it is important and she can’t sleep without it. Da Wei goes home when she refuses his help. Kai Di is disappointed when Yao Zu doesn’t see it too. Yao Zu gets Wang to do the job after school for her.

Da Wei is on his motorcycle again before getting to work. He sees the amulet on the road. In the meantime, Kai Di tries to find it in vain in the dustbin. Da Wei comes and nearly knocks her down. She blames him for being careless - how can he be a good teacher if he goes so fast? He replies that she is in no position to judge him since she is so careless herself. He doesn’t go fast but it is her who is not concentrating. He wants to return the amulet but she dismisses it as a joke.

Da Wei places the amulet at home. Xia Xue transfers into the school and is a good ballet dancer. Male students love to watch her. Xiao Xuan is angry and jealous. Guo Qiang likes Xue. Wei Ren is also attracted. Kai Di runs into Da Wei in the supermarket and she lands into his trolley this time. He jokingly says that she needs insurance since she keeps on knocking into something.

Xiao Xuan forces Xue to accept Guo Qiang’s date but she refuses. Wei Ren fights with him in order to stop them from harassing her. Yao Zu is angry with them so he makes them clean the school premises for a week. Kai Di lies that she finds the students adorable but Yao Zu knows that they are lazy and not up to the mark. He chides Kai Di for being soft on them and wants her to shape them. He then enquires whether she has found the amulet. She replies that it will still stay in her heart although it can’t be found.

Kai Di knocks into Da Wei again when he walks fast after finishing his lesson. Zhao Fei envies her and wants to do the same. She knocks into Wang instead and faints. The three students are angry with the punishment and spray water at each other. Their victim turns out to be Yao Zu instead. Yao Zu is so angry that he punishes them for another week. He then asks Xue whether it is too late for her to return home.

She is his friend’s daughter but he has to go by the rules. Seeing that she refuses to tell him what happened, he still promises not to tell her parents about the punishment. The other three are so angry that they draw graffiti on a wall. The teachers have a discussion. Kai Di and Da Wei oppose punishing all the ex-offenders because they have no proof to fix them as criminals.

Wang wants the three to write words on a paper to see if the handwriting is identical. At this time, Wei Ren comes and Wang accuses him of being the culprit. He is so angry that he jumps over the wall to escape. Da Wei misses him again. Wang tries to climb over but it is too tall for him and he injures his nose as he slips. Wei Ren goes missing for a few days. Kai Di and Da Wei decide to pay a home visit.

They are astonished that he stays in a bungalow. But, they find it is a fake address and the telephone number is false. Da Wei wonders how the school doesn’t notice it as he is a final year student and is a trouble maker. Yet the teachers do not care about him. They see some people running after him and they rush to his aid. They manage to save him but he still refuses to return to school. Xue persuades him to change his mind.

Yao Zu decides to call the police because he can’t tolerate the insolent behaviour. Da Wei opposes as they are too young and impulsive. Yao Zu snaps at him. He is in a better position to judge as he is in school longer than him. These students are rude to him - they can be worse in public. How are they to correct their mistakes if they are so arrogant in the future? Da Wei keeps quiet as he is right. Later, they find that the wall is cleaned and there is a note saying that Wei Ren is not the culprit. Guo Qiang and the others realize their mistake so they clear the mess for him. Yao Zu decides to drop the case.

Da Wei misses his mother’s cooking so he decides to barbeque fish in the garden. But his skills are so bad that he burns the whole garden! He becomes famous overnight as the ‘household husband interested in cooking’ - winning hearts of many females, though. Yao Zu shakes his head and suggests that Kai Di should bring him to visit Taipei so that he knows his way better. To express his gratitude, he treats Kai Di in a Japanese restaurant. Kai Di laughs upon knowing that his mother is Japanese but his cooking is so bad.

Here comes the classic scene. Da Wei is so refined in his table manners. He can debone a fish nicely with chopsticks. At the end of the meal, we can see only the main fish bone with the head. But for Kai Di’s case, she uses the chopsticks and her hands to lick the fish. The fish is torn to pieces so badly that she feels too ashamed to show him. She can’t finish the fish and uses the whole towel to cover it up. I really laugh when Da Wei is so curious to lift it up to see what is underneath, only to get tapped on the hand!

Kai Di returns home and Zhao Fei is trying to lose weight using the hula hoop. Upon knowing that Da Wei gives Kai Di a treat, the whole hula hoop drops to the ground. She blames her not for asking her along. Da Wei looks through the recipe books and decides to cook dishes that do not require the use of fire. Zhao Fei cooks for him and he is uneasy upon seeing the ‘love egg’ dish. Da Wei overturns the dishes and ruins the chance. Wang buys a gift to make Zhao Fei happy and also tries to bribe Yao Zu with expensive presents. Yao Zu is offended and wants him to stop the practice.

Wei Ren teaches Xue how to take a bus when her chauffeur’s car breaks down. Xiao Xuan pretends to faint so as to escape from P.E. lessons. But Yao Zu decides to give Da Wei a month to build up their stamina instead. All attempt rock climbing and Xue completes the exercise under Wei Ren’s guidance. Xiao Xuan tries to trip Xue down. Yao Zu scolds her till she cries. The others smell a fish so Kai Di asks why he is so concerned. What he has done hurts Xiao Xuan’s dignity in front of all.

He reveals Xue’s identity. She likes dancing and he acts like her guardian. So he has to take good care of her. Kai Di points out that he can’t be unfair to others and wishes him to change. He agrees. Wang checks the records and is astonished. Xue’s father is an entrepreneur. Her mother is a pianist. Her elder brother got a Masters from Harvard. Her elder sister is studying in Juliard Music College. Zhao Fei forces Da Wei to taste her food but he shares it with Wang and Kai Di.

Wang asks Kai Di to woo Da Wei so that he can get Zhao Fei. She refuses. Da Wei gets the students to do frog jumps. Kai Di asks him if he has a girlfriend. He denies having one and declares that he is only treating Zhao Fei like a colleague. Seeing that she gets so nervous, he tells her to relax as he is not going to woo her. Suddenly many students flock to see Zhao Fei as they feel weak.

Da Wei suggests to Yao Zu to cease training. He still thinks that they don’t train hard enough although there is improvement. Da Wei is angry that he demands so much and he himself can’t do it. Yao Zu shows that he can do 100 pull ups to impress the crowd. All students are spell bound as they have always thought of him to be a weak scholar. Some even find him attractive looking now.

Da Wei still thinks that he is too harsh. Kai Di doesn’t dare to oppose Yao Zu so Da Wei says sarcastically that he has used his principal position to threaten her. Yao Zu is furious and tells him he can leave the school if he wishes. Kai Di reminds Da Wei to be careful of his attitude. Is he angry because he is interested in one teacher but Yao Xu has imposed the rule that staff can’t fall in love? Da Wei says sarcastically that probably the principal and the discipline mistress lack romantic sense so they don’t need love at all.

Zhao Fei wants Kai Di to get medicine from the school at night. Kai Di charges with a mop into Yao Zu’s office upon seeing a light on as she thinks there is a thief. She is stunned to see Yao Zu working overtime. He is sincere to do better so she brings him to the Japanese restaurant. She brags on how to debone a fish but ends up dropping it onto the floor. Yao Zu smiles as it is the happiest meal that he has had. Kai Di wonders why he says the same words as Da Wei.

Da Wei is helpless when the students complain about the swimming training. Guo Qiang demands to know why other teachers are excused. They protest against it and want Xia Xue to be their representative. They expect her to get scolded by Yao Zu but never expect him to agree to it! Yao Zu decides that teachers will be included in the training then. Kai Di protests in vain as she doesn’t want to show her figure.

All are curious to know how she will look in a swim suit. Guo Qiang even scans her picture together with Xia Xue’s photographs to do a mix and match on the computer. He shows the pictures to Da Wei. He wants his opinion to predict what suit she will wear. If he makes a wrong guess, he will lose his lunch money for a month. Da Wei whistles upon seeing the makes on the swim suits and bikinis.

On the actual day, all are shocked to see Zhao Fei in a bikini. So is Xia Xue too in capturing attention. Guo Qiang anxiously asks Da Wei about his choice. He replies that he has no answer. Ya Zu lies that he has the flu so he will not swim. No one expects Kai Di to come in a diving suit and they throw her into the pool. Xiao Xuan earns a lot from the bets but is annoyed to know that she gets counterfeit notes.

Da Wei is pleased that most pass the tests and looks at the amulet. The last event is the rock climbing test. All students complete it and they tell Da Wei and Yao Zu to compete with each other. Both reach the end at the same time as Da Wei nearly trips. Yao Zu sees the amulet but Da Wei lies that it belongs to him.

Xia Xue tells Yao Zu not to interfere as she wants to win a dancing role on her own. All protest to decorating the stage for the dancing faculty. Da Wei and Kai Di agree to help. Kai Di is amused that Da Wei doesn’t know how to paint or do woodwork. His mother has pampered him. He protests that he is still a man and picks on her lousy cooking, comparing her with Zhao Fei. Even dogs find her food uninteresting.

Guo Qiang, Xiao Xuan and Chun Lin discover that Wei Ren is an odd job labourer for a movers’ company. Xia Xue is excited and shares the news with Yao Zu when she is shortllisted as one of the dancers. Yao Zu is glad but reminds her to take care of herself.

The students are alarmed upon seeing that Kai Di does a bad painting on the stage props with uneven layers. Wei Ren does a repaint well and all are amazed. Guo Qiang says sarcastically that his part-time job as an odd job labourer must have helped him brush his skills. Both guys quarrel and Kai Di has a hard time separating them. Wang tries to bribe the dance teacher to make Xia Xue the winner. However, she is not chosen in the end and Wang confronts the teacher. Yao Zu is angry when he knows about this.

Kai Di tries to cheer Xue by pushing the trolley in the supermarket. She causes Da Wei to knock against a whole pyramid of canned foods. Xue feels better but Da Wei is angry with Kai Di for being so childish and careless. He thinks she must write a schedule as they are like poles to repel every now and then.

Chun Ling lies that she has a stomachache to avoid attending lessons and Da Wei believes her. Kai Di quarrels with him for being naïve with his different teaching methods. Yao Zu hears the commotion and comes. They tell him to shut up and regret it upon seeing who he is! He chides them for doing that in front of the students. Later, he plays basketball with Da Wei at night. Both are impressed with each other’s skills.

Da Wei thinks Kai Di is too stubborn but Yao Zu finds her approachable and understanding. Da Wei replies that she has shown him all her true colours. But both agree she is cute at times. Da Wei questions whether he observes from a man’s standpoint or from the principal’s ground. He smiles without answering. The board gives Yao Zu pressure to think of ways to help the students improve.

It is Kai Di’s day off and she appears in casual dressing. Upon seeing that Yao Zu has overworked, she applies a day’s leave for him. He wants to call his driver but she takes his car keys to drive instead. He has no confidence in her and holds the car handle by the side. Indeed, she drives too fast to the ranch. She tells him that she comes here when she is unhappy and he can do the same.

Both go horse riding and she trips. Yao Zu laughs, saying that 100 pull ups pose no difficulty for him and so is this sport. He switches off his handphone as he really yearns to go on leave. He has never felt so relaxed to do what he wants. He has been following instructions since young but Kai Di’s parents don’t care about her. Is she too rough? Yao Zu thinks that she is fortunate.

Kai Di encourages him and he suddenly holds her hand to thank her. It is enough even if she is the only one to cheer for him. Da Wei carries the injured Chun Ling to the clinic but Zhao Fei tries to get close to him. He flees quickly. Later, he gets locked up at the balcony. The whole class is rowdy for the whole day. Yao Zu sees Kai Di and is about to talk to her when both hear the news.

Yao Zu calls his home but Da Wei’s hand is not long enough to reach it from the grills. He then tells Kai Di to visit him as he is worried that he might have a mishap. Wang says that Yao Zu is stupid to ask a single woman to go there alone. Kai Di laughs upon knowing that Dai Wei got locked out. She finds the amulet in the living room and confronts him. Dai Wei is confused - didn’t she deny that it was hers earlier on? Both of them quarrel and get locked up at the rooftop. The two are forced to spend the night together.

The amulet is very important to Kai Di because her mother got it for her when she got into military school. She hopes to fulfill her late brother’s wish too by being a school officer. But her mother passed away too soon after giving it to her. Da Wei consoles her by saying that her mother really brought luck to him and the students to pass the fitness test when he wore it the other day.

Yao Zu, Wang and Zhao Fei come to look for them the next morning. They are shocked to find the two sleeping together at the balcony. Yao Zu and Zhao Fei are unhappy over it although they maintain that they have not done anything. But Wang makes matters worse when he thanks her for getting rid of his love rival.

Yao Zu is overjoyed when Kai Di agrees to accompany him to a charity musical. But he is troubled as he has set the rule that teachers should not fall in love. How is he supposed to break it then? Xiao Xuan and Chun Ling are angry with Xia Xue for rejecting Guo Qiang’s gift. She knows what the gift means and disapproves of falling in love at such a young age.

Kai Di comes across Wei Ren’s personal profile and sees that all columns are blank except his birthday. She decides to hold a birthday party for him at Da Wei’s home to know him better. The classmates show up but Wei Ren runs away. He cries as this is the first time someone celebrates his birthday but he doesn’t want it at all. Dai Wei and Kai Di wonder what is wrong with him.

Wei Ren comes from a broken family. His gambler father beat his mother so badly that she had to be hospitalized. Wei Ren had no money and thus snatches Guo Qiang’s credit card. Guo Qiang informs Kai Di about it. Kai Di finds Wei Ren working as a construction worker and he tells her that he is quitting his studies. Kai Di feels pained upon seeing his coarse hands.

Yao Zu dressed in a nice suit for the charity concert. Kai Di also gets herself dressed for the event. On her way, she finds Wei Ren pedaling drugs. Unable to chase him in her high heels, she notifies Da Wei to do the chase with her. Da Wei is stunned to see her so pretty in a gown. He is jealous upon knowing her ‘date’. They are unable to find Wei Ren so he sends her to the musical hall on his motorcycle.

Yao Zu waits for her in vain and on his way home, he sees both of them together. He is very unhappy. Da Wei brings Kai Di home to bandage her wound on her hand. She has injured herself during the run and he admires her for that. Yao Zu is ill the next day because he stood outside the hall for too long and caught a cold. Xue takes care of him. Kai Di visits him and he wants an explanation from her for standing him up.

She tells him about it. He hopes that the next time she meets Wei Ren, the first person that comes to her mind is him and not Da Wiei. She feels uncomfortable over it. Wei Ren’s father beats his wife so both father and son quarrel. Kai Di quickly calls Yao Zu but can’t get him. She gets Da Wei’s help again. Both try to stop him at home and Da Wei gets cut by his knife. Yao Zu arrives but is quiet and observes from a corner upon seeing the two together. Kai Di bandages Da Wei’s wound.

Seeing that Kai Di has transferred her feelings of her elder brother to Wei Ren, Da Wei reminds Kai Di about it. Kai Di is bitter when her elder brother got into bad company and was killed, making her parents upset. She is frightened that Wei Ren will follow his footsteps. Da Wei consoles her. Yao Zu tells Kai Di that the most important thing is to remove the hatred in Wei Ren’s heart.

Wei Ren is bored and calls Xue. Xue tries in vain to calm him down. The other classmates decide to search for Wei Ren. Xue finds him in a pub and notifies the rest. All surround him to prevent him from escaping. Yao Zu is furious upon seeing drugs on him. He challenges Wei Ren to spar with him. If he wins, he can continue to do anything as he pleases since he enjoys being a gangster. However, Wei Ren is not Yao Zu’s match at all as he is a judo expert.

Yao Zu gets money from the school advisory committee for Wei Ren’s father. He gets him to sign a police document agreeing that he will not harass Wei Ren and his mother from then on. Actually, Yao Zu is hoping that by chasing him away, he can turn over a new leaf to make use of the money to set up a business. Kai Di prays in the temple to inform her mother of the good news.

Wei Ren returns to school and is touched that Zi Xuan gives him an encouraging letter even though she is transferred out. Guo Qiang wonders the rumours of Wei Ren and Xue together as an item is true. Xue denies but admits accepting Wei Ren by sending him an SMS.

Da Wei finds that she is not that strong after all. Kai Di starts to think that Da Wei is right. She is indeed irrational to treat Wei Ren the same way she treated her elder brother. Kai Di is grateful to Yao Zu and is impressed by the way he handles the case. He asks her out for a date to show her gratitude. Both go out and someone pushes her. Yao Zu is concerned and holds her shoulder to make sure that she is unhurt.

Both are not aware that Zhao Fei sees them. She is impressed that Yao Zu suggests watching a horror movie. The next day, Dai Wei asks Kai Di out to watch the same movie. He is surprised that she isn’t scared at all while he is frightened by it. Wang sees them together and snaps photos of them. However, Zhao Fei doesn’t believe him and thinks that he uses computer techniques to trick her.

She jumps when Da Wei confesses that it is true and learns from her why Kai Di isn’t frightened at all. She is angry and scolds her. She even lodges a complaint to Yao Zu. Yao Zu is disturbed that Wei Ren asks Kai Di out too. Da Wei tells Kai Di that he is jealous of her going out with Yao Zu. Both quarrel and he steps on her contact lens to break it during the commotion.

Da Wei helps her around when she can see nothing. He kisses her and she is also attracted to him. Yao Zu is unhappy to know they like each other. Xue knows his feelings and urges him to reveal it. Zhao Fei is angered and moves out. The students help Da Wei to woo Kai Di. They get them the same t-shirts for a community exercise. Yao Zu opposes to them falling in love as this breaks the school rules. Da Wei is so mad that he resigns. The students are enraged when he even shuts the school’s website down. They protest against this.

Da Wei picks up Kai Di after work and both are in love now. Yao Zu is being questioned by the school management on the Sunday because of this. His father, Mr Zhang is furious that his 30 years go down the drain. He insists on being traditional and he must also sack Kai Di. He gives him three days. Although he is under pressure, he tells Kai Di not to worry. She decides to ask for a transfer but he rejects it.

How can he manage a school if he can’t overcome this hurdle? Da Wei tries to persuade him to let her stay on. Yao Zu tells him that he thinks of the same way to prevent her from getting hurt. Both start to respect each other although they dislike each other too. Mr. Zhang visits the canteen and complains the food. Kai Di mistakens him for a sweeper and tries to promote the dishes here. They are bought by teachers and the students cook after school. Many enjoy this module that Yao Zu has created for them.

Mr Zhang is angry with the lousy food and is enraged to know that she is Kai Di. Will she understand the school more than him? He storms away and quarrels with Yao Zu for keeping her. All along, his son had only followed his wishes so what has changed him? He pretends to be a sweeper. Later, Kai Di's act of saving a student from jumping off the roof changes his opinion. He not only retains Yao Zu's and Kai Di's positions but he even demolishes the rule of allowing lovers in the school!

Yao Zu invites Da Wei to return to work and he agrees readily. Yao Zu is down upon seeing the two always together. Mr. Zhang shakes his head upon seeing how negative he is instead of pursuing his own happiness. Kai Di's three younger sisters come and exclaim that Da Wei is handsome. However, they decide to put him through tests to see whether he is really sincere to their sister. Lai Di tries to seduce him but fails.

They decide to pass him through the test but still follow both on a date. It is only when the three throw a mouse on his shoe then the daring Kai Di realises that he is afraid of mice. She laughs at him but is so angry with her sisters that she drives them out from her apartment. They move into Da Wei's place to give him a hard time - spending his money and forcing him to sleep in the balcony. They force him to keep it from Kai Di. Wang discovers women's clothing at his home and reports to Yao Zu.

Yao Zu decides to keep it from Kai Di but she still find the clothes in Da Wei's home anyway. She hugs Yao Zu and cries. Later, she discovers that the women are her three sisters and she chases them back home. She finally reconciles with Da Wei and he confesses that he was jealous upon seeing her with Yao Zu earlier on. Yao Zu wishes them happiness sincerely and goes on a trip to England for a conference.

Chun Lin and others are bullied by gangsters. Their leader is Ah Bin. Wei Ren tries going out with Xue but finds a big gap between them. Wei Ren has tried tolerating the gangsters but he loses control when they bully his friends and steal Guo Qiang's bicycle. He confrotns them to stab Ah Bin accidentally. He bravely turns himself in to the police and Xue agrees to wait for him. Yao Zu knows that this act is unintentional so he decides to let him return to school after his release.

Mrs. Sun comes to visit Da Wei and is glad that he has a girlfriend finally. However, she is worried as Mr. Sun has his mind set to choose another future bride, Mei Zhi Zi, for him. Kai Di is speechless to find out that he comes from a rich family but has no wish to inherit his father’s business. So he escapes to Taiwan. She tries hard to please Mrs. Sun but is dismayed to know that Da Wei is engaged. She is so upset that she looks for Yao Zu to cry over it. He is dejected when Kai Di rejects him again.

Still, he sends her back home. Da Wei is jealous now and chides him for being despicable. Yao Zu smiles – Da Wei has declared earlier that no one can snatch her away from him but now it seems that he has no confidence in her. Yao Zu informs him that Kai Di only likes him so he envies Da Wei for leaving his family to love someone he loves.

Da Wei apologises to her with flowers and proposes to her with a ring. She accepts it. A new teacher, Fang Yu Ting joins the school as a counselor. Yao Zu senses something amiss because she has a Masters in psychology so why is she willing to come to an average school? He wittingly deduces correctly that the school board is unhappy over Wei Ren’s case so they are sending someone to monitor him. Yu Ting cites that she only wants to help him up and both are on better terms.

Kai Di gets a letter from the ministry of defence and recalls that she has sent her application to study overseas. She had thought that there was no hope for her as only two are selected each year. To her surprise, she gets the chance. Yao Zu tries to keep her but she blames herself for not being able to help Wei Ren. She decides to go overseas and resigns although she has Da Wei’s ring.

Dai Wei secretly goes to the airport to send her off from afar. Xia Xue blames herself for Wei Ren’s ordeal after he refuses to read her letters. She starts going astray and gets involved in bad company. Yao Zu is helpless to see her change. Well as expected, the ending has all of them together again. (Sorry for my limited patience to write in detail but I have exposed too much and leaves little excitement for most reviews lately.)

Introduction on characters

1. Sun Da Wei - Liu Zhi Han
He is the PE teacher in the high school. He just returns to Taiwan from Japan after completing his university education. He is inexperienced but has the drive to teach. He often thinks that showing love and concern to the students will help them to be better. But I find him childish and too naïve at times.

2. Xu Kai Di - Jia Jing Wen
She is the discipline mistress and is strict with the students. She objects to Da Wei’s soft approach but she is also soft to them at times too. She thinks the same way as Da Wei.

3. Zhang Yao Zu - Lin Wei
He is the principal. Although young and is only with the school for a year, he wants the best for them and is firm with them. He manages the school well.

4. Wang Chao De - Xu Jie Hui
He is the most nonsensical teacher in the school. He loafs around and enjoys reading comics in the toilet. He hates Da Wei as his love rival and calls him ‘big tail’ - the incorrect pronunciation of his name to dig at him.

5. Zhao Fei - Yu Fang
She is the nurse in the student’s clinic. Kai Di always says that she is fat because she tends to eat a lot of tidbits. She is interested in Da Wei. Wonder why she disappears suddenly from the middle?

6. Li Guo Qiang - Wang Jing Zong
A student who often likes to daydream and likes Xue. But be impressed by his quick learning to scan pictures.

7. Du Xiao Xuan - Wang Li Ren
A loudmouth pupil who likes to dig secrets and is a busybody. She is the one who often comes up with ideas to fix teachers. Still, she is kind at heart.

8. Yu Wei Ren - Cheng Ji Gang
He is rebellious and is often late or absent from school. But he turns over a new leaf in the end.

9. Xia Xue - Xu Min
She comes from a well-to-do family and is very demure. She is a good ballet dancer and is also an athletic. She opens up her quiet nature to make friends. She likes Wei Ren and is patient with him.

10. Zhou Chun Lin - Zhang Huai Wen
Xiao Xuan’s follower. She will obey whatever instructions given to her. However, she changes after Xiao Xuan is transferred out. She becomes more open to speak her mind and she is among the pioneers to protest against the forbidden love rule.

The theme song is ‘because of you’ by Hsiao Ya Xuan. It is quite pleasant to listen to.

If you ask me, this is a nonsensical drama just to create hollow jokes that make me sick. If teachers behave like Wang, they are considered lunatics. If they behave like Da Wei, students will climb over their heads since he doesn’t know how to punish them. If we have a soft discipline mistress like Kai Di, we have more troublemakers like Wei Ren. However, the rebellious and cunning students truly reflect how the students behave now. They are daring and also open to challenge the school’s authority now.

I dislike the whole story, not to mention, the romance all the time. It should be focused on how the students seek to improve themselves – and not encourage them to get involved in it at such a young age. My advice – don’t bother to watch it unless you are interested to find out how the most recent Taiwan ‘Zhao Min’ from "Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber", Jia Jing Wen, looks in modern dressing. Otherwise, it is better to stay away from it.

Ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

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