The Fierce Wife

Reviewed by: sukting

June 16, 2012

Rating: three

Xie An Zhen is happily married for 10 years with one daughter until her husband cheats on her with her cousin. The divorce becomes a battle of love and wits. Who becomes the winner?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Xie An Zhen - Sui Tang
She is 32 years old and is Rui Fan’s ex-wife. She is kind and gentle – most suitable to be a mother and wife to marry Rui Fan after her high school graduation. She is a traditional woman to know Rui Fan through his sister. She takes care of home chores well to let Rui Fan focus on his career. She is thrifty so her father-in-law likes her. Her mother-in-law always feels that she isn’t good enough for Rui Fan due to her qualifications and also only producing a daughter all these years.

Her uncle (her mother’s cousin) requests her to take care of Wei En but Wei En becomes the third party to end her 10 year marriage. She yells about her feelings over a cooking programme to become famous overnight. She later becomes a sales manager of a car company. She doesn’t reconcile with Rui Fan but hints to Tian Wei that there is a possibility of proceeding further with him.

I must say that The Golden Bell Awards committee owes her an explanation on why she doesn’t win the best actress award. She is quite competent in her role on her pain and loss.

2. Wen Rui Fan – Wen Shen Hao
He is 37and is An Zhen’s ex-husband. He graduates from university and his father gets ill. Relatives encourage him to get married to ward off the bad luck so he marries An Zhen. He is handsome and is the cosmetics company planning unit’s live model. He is grateful to An Zhen for helping him out and is unmoved when female clients or colleagues get close to him.

They are together well till Wei En’s existence. She rekindles his thirst for love. In order to pursue it, he divorces Zn Zhen. This act causes him his job as other companies also fear of hiring him due to his negative image. Still choosy, he refuses to lower his expectations and is jobless for some time. Neither will he allow Wei Zhen to go out to work. He has to beg An Zhen to make him stay in the home – he has given
it to her as a divorce gift.

He only wakes up when Wei En leaves him. Although Tian Wei offers him a job, he rejects it and settles for a manager job in Xin Zhu province. He will rather save his pride to travel to and fro with a lower salary. He wants to return to An Zhen but is rejected.

He is successful indeed as the hateful and cruel man who wants the best of both worlds. My colleagues practically cheer when Rui Fan is down and out.

3. Li Wei En – Zhu Xin Yi
She is 24 years old and is Tian Wei’s ex-girlfriend. She looks as cheerful as her cat but is like a porcupine in her heart. Her parents divorce to remarry when she is young so she is often bullied by her half-siblings as she is neglected. She loses confidence towards blissful family life.

She graduates from a well-known U.S. university and knows Tian Wei there. She has been overbearing and too possessive when with Tian Wei so they break up. She only wants to have pure love to live in a lovers’ world without anyone else.

She is seductive to wear red high heels to work in Rui Fan’s cosmetics company. This causes her to be popular with men. Even Rui Fan is attracted and gives up An Zhen. However, she keeps doubting him and questions his love for her. She realizes that her mentally unbalanced mind causes her to love a person whom she should not love. She comes from a broken family and demands too much from others. She isn’t satisfied to be with a simple man and goes for the impossible.

Tian Wei’s mother tries to cure her and she returns to the U.S., pregnant with Rui Fan’s baby. This will be the first person that she truly loves for the first time. Her acting is quite good but pales in comparison to the other supporting actresses. I find her not convincing enough in crying scenes. Her seducing scenes are better. That might help her to clinch the best supporting actress award instead.

4. He Ai Lin – Cai Shu Zhen
She is 36 years old and is Rui Fan’s ex-girlfriend. She breaks up with him due to reality and stress when he is still in the army. He never brings her home to meet his family as her father is a gambler and her mother runs away from home. She never expects him to have a family within a few years. An Zhen has suspected her to be the third party but she is innocent.

She is the sales manager of the cosmetics company. Holding the same position as Rui Fan, both fight to become the vice president post. Her love life draws a blank now although she does get close to President Zhuang for a short while. Still, she wants to prove her own ability to compete with Rui Fan over the same post. Her biggest secret is to go through plastic surgery.

Wei En hates her for ill-treating her during her interview. So she seeks revenge to cause Ai Lin to lose her job by throwing everywhere the flyers of her using company funds for plastic surgery. She later joins the TV station to film a programme to meet a transformed An Zhen there. After An Zhen’s divorce, she becomes her friend and manager. She stands up for An Zhen when she gets bullied by Wei Zhen. Later, she is happily married to a balding and overweight ABC to migrate with him.

I think Ai Lin is more like the fierce wife. Wei En is simply no match for her. Shu Zhen also portrays this strong woman well as the person who yearns for true love.

5. Wen Rui Xuan – Hu Ying Zhen
She is 32 years old and is Rui Fan’s younger sister. She is also An Zhen’s ex-classmate. She works as a saleswoman in the car company and rises to become a head. She is headstrong and direct. She has a son but doesn’t feel secure over her husband, Kang De’s philandering ways. So she keeps tabs on him. She is impartial and feels for An Zhen, hoping well for her. In fact, she encourages the divorce and helps An Zhen to work in her car company.

Ying Zhen also does well as the strong person who doesn’t give Rui Fan face to humiliate Wei En in public. However, many may sympathesize her in real life as her plastic surgeon husband is often seen with different women and she has to endure this.

6. Hao Kang De – Li Pei Chao
He is 32 years old and is Rui Xuan’s husband. He has a sweet tongue and likes to have flings with different women. Rui Xuan finds Wei En’s red high heels and suspects her to be Kang De’s woman but there is actually nothing between them.

However, he knows the rules of the game. He can tell that Wei En isn’t a simple person to deal with. Upon knowing Rui Fan’s affair, he tries to talk him out but to no avail. Seeing Rui Fan so persistent, he supports An Zhen and promises to be a good man now. He becomes very faithful to Rui Xuan from then on.

7. Lan Tian Wei – Wang Yu Sheng
He is 29 years old. He is Wei En’s senior and ex-boyfriend. He is the sales department CEO of the car company. He is unapproachable for being cold to be a perfectionist. Due to his failed relationship with Wei En, he no longer trusts love. It can be so bad when they date for him to apply for a court order so that she can’t get close to him within 500 m as he nearly suffocates under her. Whenever she is unhappy, she will ruin his home furniture.

He meets An Zhen when both fight to get the same vase. He has wanted to buy it for his mother’s new psychiatric clinic. Seeing how she breaks the replica after shoving the notes into his hand, he is amused. Upon knowing that she wants to impress Rui Fan’s boss with it at a home party, he decides to help her by lending her the real antique from his home.

His family is rich and his father even buys a restaurant for him as his birthday present. Thus he can eat all he can. He tricks An Zhen into thinking that he is a loafer and she believes him, advising him to work hard. Seeing how Wei En seduces Rui Fan makes him aware that she is back to her old ways again. Thus, he tries to warn An Zhen about it.

An Zhen comes for a job interview. He is An Zhen’s superior later and helps her to go through a make-over. He resigns for a year to tour around the world to post articles for the press. He loves An Zhen unknowingly and woos her. He wants to be a better man so as to increase his chances. They meet again at his book autograph session. Does this hint that they can get together?

Unlike his usual easy-going and next-door neighhour boy image in ‘Adventure King’ series, he looks mature and also dashing here. There is an air of arrogance and cool in his role so that earns him many fans.

8. Hao Zhuang Zhuang – Mini Bin He is 4 years old and is Rui Xuan’s son. He is cute and is taken care by her since young so he treats her like his mother.

9. Wen Jing Zhong – Guan Yong He is 60 years and is the siblings’ father. He is kind and treats all well. He loves maintaining his blog. He dotes on An Zhen and dislikes Wei En to be his daughter-in-law. That is why he doesn’t allow Rui Fan to step into his home when Wei En is with him. He even confesses to the media about Rui Fan’s infidelity so that they will not harass An Zhen.

10. Mrs Wen – Zhou Li Jia She is 60 years and is the siblings’ mother. She keeps picking on An Zhen after their marriage as she is jealous of her taking her son away. She keeps pressing her to produce a son but she also dotes on her. However, standing from her point, she doesn’t wish Jing Zhong to reveal Rui Fan’s affair but Jing Zhong wants Rui Fan to face the consequence.

11. Mrs Xie – Pan Li Li She is An Zhen’s 55 year old mother to be a traditional village woman. She doesn’t want to pressure An Zhen to live alone in the village. She is An Zhen’s pillar of support and her persistence comes from her.

12. Mrs Lan – Xi Man Ting She is 55 years old and is Tian Wei’s mother. Her marriage fails as her husband is unfaithful to her. She often regrets not fighting harder to protect Tian Wei. Her husband ends up dead with his mistress in a car accident. She is a famous psychiatrist and her appointments are fully booked.

She feels that there is nothing wrong to love even though she gets married at the spur of a moment as her choice proves to be correct. She feels that Tian Wei is overly picky so he can’t get a girlfriend. Thus, she helps him to open his heart and helps Wei En to realize her mistake.

13. President Zhuang – Fu Lei He is 60 years old and is the cosmetics company owner. He once has a relationship with Ai Lin so he supports her to climb up to the present position. However, he enjoys seeing her competing with Rui Fan. He can’t provide her marriage as nothing matters to him more than his career. He will not let this hinder him.

Wei En discloses Ai Lin’s past to Zhuang, wishing her to lose her job. Luckily, Zhuang destroys the evidence to make Wei En quit instead. Wei Zhen then reveals it to the public. This time, Zhuang can’t protect Ai Lin anymore and neither can he face Ai Lin. He can only tell Ai Lin to resign through a letter.

14. Kai Wen – Huang Huai Chen He is Rui Fan’s colleague who dresses well. He loves to seize the glory from others. He looks down on An Zhen – how can a housewife be qualified as Rui Fan’s capable supporter? He once woos Wei En but Wei En only gets close to him in order to look out for Ai Lin’s weakness for Rui Fan’s sake. He is still kind to let Wei En rent an apartment from his sister when their affair is exposed but Wei En can’t stay there for long and has to move back to An Zhen’s home when the affair is known public.

15. Wen Yu Meng – Wu Yi Zhen She is 6 years old as the couple’s daughter. She is cute and very attached to Rui Fan although she has spent more time with An Zhen. She is terrified of Wei En who once locks her out of the house when she keeps comparing her with her mother.

16. Ah Tang – Zhong Zheng Yun He is Rui Fan’s colleague and works under him. He regards Rui Fan as his elder brother so he only listens to him and An Zhen besides his mother. He is later disgusted by Rui Fan’s infidelity that he quits to work for the TV station instead. Thanks to him, An Zhen becomes a public figure but this is also due to Rui Fan’s recommendation too.

17. Qi Qi – Lin Cai Wei She is also Rui Fan’s colleague who has the same thinking as Ah Tang. She works for Ai Lin secretly in order to give Rui Fan a big blow in his career when his affair is known as she also can’t accept this.

18. Oliver –
He isn’t anyone but is Wei En’s cat. Thanks to it, An Zhen discovers the affair. It later dies of an illness. Rui Fan chooses to console Wei En instead of visiting An Zhen at the hospital after she has an accident.

19. Chairman Zhang – Guan Jin Zhong He is Tian Wei’s old friend. Seeing him still single after so long, he introduces a director’s daughter, Xin Yuan to him. But he senses that he doesn’t go for perfection now. An Zhen has moved into his heart slowly.

20. Manager – Xie Qi Wen He is also Rui Xuan’s colleague who is in charge of the sales department. He often shakes his head over her poor sales and tells her to work harder.

Interesting facts

It had the highest rating in 2011. Xiao San here refers to the third party. It becomes a common phrase till now. This was the third time that Sui Tang and Shen Hao worked together. It was so well received that a movie version was out in 2012.

All have thought of Yu Sheng to be a host but never expect him to act so well. They start to accept him as an actor after this drama. Xin Yi and Shen Hao were scolded by old people on the street as they were too into the story. Shen Hao was amused when a bakery owner even refused to sell bread to him after scolding him to be a heartless man. Many were touched by him acting as the devoted senior in ‘My Queen’ but all condemned his role in here. I guess he can only blame himself for acting too well.

The Fierce Wife had the most 7 nominations for Golden Bell award, among them netting it’s two leads Sui Tang and Wen Shen Hao both a best actress and actor nod respectively. The Xiao San (interloper) herself Zhu Xin Yi rightfully gets her best supporting actress nod. It is also nominated for Best drama, Best supporting actress (Cai Shu Zhen) Best writing for a TV series ( Yang Hai We and Wang Pei Hua) and Best Marketing program .

Unlike the person in the story, Xin Yi is happily married with a son. Sui Tang and Xiao Zhen are not that fortunate, though. Sui Tang was upset when breaking up with her boyfriend and some were amused when she described a quote from the drama – it was the same feeling of getting stabbed by an art knife. Shen Hao sent his consolations to her as a friend, feeling sorry for her.

There was a 2012 movie version which was supposed to tell An Zhen's choice. As expected, she chooses Tian Wei. Wei En is now a single mother of a 3 year old boy. Many grumbled that they waited so long for a predictable closure.

Interesting Scenes

Wei En appearing at An Zhen’s doorstep in high heels. Rui Xuan mistakens her to be Kang De’s mistress.
An Zhen preparing a feast for Zhuang and Rui Fan’s colleagues. All wonder how Rui Fan can remain devoted to a woman who looks like a maid for so long.

An Zhen giving Wei En her shoes for her interview. She is pissed off by the old fashioned design and dumps them upon walking out of the building.

An Zhen starts working and calls Tian Wei, wanting to sell a car to him. Fed up with her keep telling him about her problems with Rui Fan, he drives the car off to give her a scare. She is about to report to the police when she finds it at the office car park.

Tian Wei reveals his identity as the sales CEO. He keeps calling An Zhen as negative sales. She gets so mad that she shoots him at a guerilla games. Tian Wei has to allow them to keep their jobs as promised.

Rui Xuan and An Zhen have thought that Ai Lin might be Rui Fan’s mistress. Ai Lin does attempt to seduce Rui Fan once when she is drunk. How foolish An Zhen is to tell Wei En to spy on Rui Fan.
Tian Wei sees Wei En with Rui Fan together. He tries hard to get her to return to the US but she will not listen, feeling that everyone is out to bully her.

An Zhen manages to sell her first car to a married woman troubled by her failed marriage. Both give encouragement to each other. She recommends her nephew to get a car from her. Being a newbie, he gets into a car accident and both land in hospital.

Tian Wei rushes to visit An Zhen upon knowing the accident. Kang De is startled that the sales CEO is so young and wonders why he is so concerned about An Zhen. Tian Wei urges Rui Xuan to look for Rui Fan quickly so as not to disappoint An Zhen but he is nowhere to be found. He holds her hand to give her assurance and takes care of her the whole night.

Rui Fan appears at the hospital with the divorce papers, forcing An Zhen to sign therm. Definitely a heartless man who disregard her injuries to do such a thing.

Tian Wei jumps when An Zhen asks him to help her to win Rui Fan back. He has to give in and educates her on top of teaching her how to behave like a lady and not an auntie. He allows her to stay at his apartment for a month for the training and is very strict with her. He feels lost when she moves back home.

Both appear to meet the two couples at the restaurant. All are stunned by the make-over. Wei En tells Tian Wei off for forgetting the fact that An Zhen is older than him to have a kid too. Laugh at Tian Wei’s response – isn’t her partner the same too?

Wei En deliberately hints to a reporter that An Zhen starts the affair first. An Zhen refuses to give comments to protect Yu Meng. Slowly, things get out of hand as her image is tarnished. Ai Lin can’t let things get worse to seek Tian Wei’s help. Tian Wei is equally enraged to find the magazine report and uses his power to seek the reporter out. They finally clear An Zhen’s name and Wei En is scorned by public.

Wei En tries to look for a job but storms out when the interviewer recognizes her. So are people at the salon when she goes to blow her hair.

Tian Wei discovers that he starts to like An Zhen. He feels insecure when she stays with Rui Fan, afraid that they will rekindle their love again. An Zhen takes it as a joke but is dismayed when he is serious.
Rui Fan thinks that he stands a chance for reconciliation when An Zhen allows him to visit Yu Meng but she only wants Yu Meng not to get affected by their divorce. There is no way to turn back the clock now.

Most favourite character
Tian Wei, he is caring and considerate. He may seem aloof initially but that is because he protects himself due to his sad past. He is actually very kind and approachable.

Most hated character
Rui Fan, he is a jerk who only cares for himself. He only wants to have pleasure but like what Ai Lin puts it, he wants to rebel but in reality, he doesn’t have the guts. A close second will be Wei En, she is equally selfish. She claims to feel remorseful towards An Zhen but will a cousin do this?

Opening theme song: a couple of years with 5 days (五天幾年) by Lin Fan. The ending theme song is hurt seriously (重傷) by her too. Very touching songs that revive Fan’s career.

Unlike other idol dramas, this drama has a serious content. The acting is definitely better than the story but the quotes are brilliant. The title should change to the independent wife or to The fierce mistress. I don’t find An Zhen fierce in any aspect as Wei En is always having the upper hand. An Zhen keeps on asking Tian Wei for his advice on how to win Rui Fan over. Luckily, she has a mind of her own later to remain as status quo as Rui Fan doesn’t deserve any forgiveness. She is finally decisive after all.

All are waiting eagerly for the movie – will she end up with Rui Fan or Tian Wei? They will only know the answer when the movie is out.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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