The Hospital

Reviewed by: sukting

June 06, 2007

Rating: four

How long
20 episodes

This is not the same as 'White Tower'. The author is Hou Wen Yong. He has resigned from his doctor's post to become a full-time author. How does this drama differentiate from his novel? It shows the working of Lian He university hospital.


The oath taken by the doctors when they come into service – when I become part of the medical service, I guarantee that I will serve my best for the people. I must use my conscience and pride on my job as the patients' health is the most important factor that comes to mind.

- this is an important clause but it is an insult to those unprofessionals in the drama. Only those working professionals will know it best.

Case 1

Xin Ping is a leukemia patient and receives treatment in the hospital. Here comes the next stage to fix an artificial artery. He is the one who invents a new method in surgery and gets Da Ming's admiration to get him to operate on Xin Ping. A simple operation becomes complicated when Guo Tai is angry that Da Ming bypasses him. Even though Yi Hua asks for his consent repeatedly, he shuts him out. He wants the equally ambitious Qing Cheng to take over.

So on the day of the operation, Yi Hua then realizes that the operation he is supposedly to be in charge is already done by Qing Cheng. Even in shock, he requests Qing Cheng to do well. When the operation is over, no one knows that Qing Cheng is in charge and Guo Tai gets the credit. Yi Hua becomes friends with Xin Ping and often visits her. Because of the differences in management, Xin Ping often has fevers. Yi Hua then discovers that the artery is fixed at the position where the blockages often occur.

He reminds Qing Cheng repeatedly on that to make Qing Cheng angry. Guo Tai even thinks that Yi Hua is out to create trouble. Yi Hua can't stop worrying and this makes all misunderstand him. All think that he can't admit that he is the loser. Even so, his worst fear comes when her condition becomes serious.

Yi Hua asks if Xin Ping has given her life to others before. Can she do that – he will treat her as his own family. He breaks the rules to want to operate on her but Qing Cheng stops him. Qing Cheng is angry with his insistence – doesn't he know that the new rules are set because of him. Yi Hua is isolated when no nurses or doctors want to help him in the operation. Only Wen Li and Xiao Gang agree to help him. Qing Cheng agrees to put her in intensive care for better observation to prevent her from getting worse.

Director Zhao is retiring so who is the next director? Da Ming and Guo Tai are most concerned over it. Xin Ping is an important patient to prove that. From the operation, both men's competition becomes obvious to all. Yi Hua is troubled when Guo Tai and Qing Cheng reject him. Even Da Ming as her doctor-in-charge prefers to be an outsider. A simple operation to reduce Xin Ping's agony nearly makes her the victim.

Case 2

Kai Yuan is a famous gynecologist and is head of the medical institute. His patient, Hui Ying dies during his operation as her heart suddenly stops. Guo Tai seizes this chance to get discounts from the medical companies. This is later transferred to Kai Yuan to give to Hui Ying's family as compensation. This is to rope in Kai Yuan's support for him.

The hospital is unwilling to admit their mistake and they don't allow Kai Yuan to apologise too. Kai Yuan has an important title and position so he can't afford to make mistakes. Mrs Zhu is unable to accept this insincere arrangement so she refuses to sign the agreement letter. Here starts a long and chilly battle. Nian Wei is from the underworld and gets his buddies to harass the hospital with Hui Ying's photo.

They throw incense papers and gets BTV to shoot everything. He targets at Xin and Kai Yuan. He even threatens Xin when she returns home. The hospital decides to put the blame on Xin as they think the wrong anesthetic used will be the best excuse. Xin doesn't think that she is wrong and refuses to apologize. Even though the hospital is willing to pay compensation, she doesn't want to be held responsible.

She only wants the truth. Mei Xin fails to handle the settlement so Nian Wei's action is getting out of hand. The media stays outside the hospital daily and the hospital is under a lot of pressure. Xin looks for Mrs Zhu and Hui Ting. Both do not know Nian Wei's act and quarrel with him. Xin suggests an autopsy. Nian Wei refuses to give in as the amount is too little while Mrs Zhu only wants to give Hui Ying an answer. She finally approaches Kai Yuan and Kai Yuan gets a chance to apologize to her personally.

Case 3

Yi Hua and Xin are ex-lovers when they are in university. They have dreams for their future. When Yi Hua is away for national service, Xin betrays him to fall for their teacher, Ming Zhe. But she gets hurt in the process – Ming Zhe marries another woman and she decides to abort their unborn baby. Together with her eldest sister's demise, she tells her classmate to inform Yi Hua about their breakup.

Yi Hua has no idea why she wants the breakup so he never forgets her all this time. 10 years later, they become doctors – he is in external surgery while she is in the anesthetic unit. They are colleagues that pretend that nothing has happened. They know that they are not attached but have never wanted to continue their relationship. They do not know how it ends and have no idea how to start again.

He even writes her a letter after staying at her place for the night because of a storm. (Not together in bed but he sleeps in the living room.) The morning sun is warm and he is very unwilling to get off the sofa to admit that the night is over. She should know - if it permits – he is willing to use any price to keep their good times. He thanks her for the night – just like the seashell he encloses – she gives him the joy in life that he has nearly forgotten all these years.

He has never forgotten her - no one can replace her in his heart. The meeting 10 years later indicates that they can start again. He shows concern, support and strength to her when she faces Hui Ying's case alone.
The genuine act and gentleness melts her to make them become close again. This is his oath to her - when he loves her, he makes a serious promise that he will give her everything he has. With his conscience and love, his first belief is her happiness and smiles. (Isn't this romantic?)

Their joy is shortlived – the rekindled love is tested when Ming Zhe returns. Ming Zhe's wife is hospitalized because of a suicide attempt. On the other hand, Da Ming also arranges deliberate dates between Cui Feng and Yi Hua. Their trust for each other is shaken. Yi Hua finds hard to accept the harsh truth. Ming Zhe is only the deputy hospital director in name.

He has no chance to operate on others and only needs to do PR. He wants to change the past and wishes Xin to forgive him. He settles for divorce and Xin is touched. But she doesn't want to return to him. She only wants to determine that everything is in the past. She only wants to thank you and say goodbye. Sure enough, Ming Zhe knows her decision and joins another hospital.

Case 4

Yi Hua is trapped in the power struggle and often gets letters from 'your friend'. It turns out to be Kuan who is his junior. Kuan is very careful in working relationships. Ting hopes that he can be the next deputy head of external surgery so he bribes everyone. Qing Cheng is offered his clinic shares while Yi Hua is duped to sleep with a bar hostess when drunk. Kuan gets hold of the negatives. During the selection phase, no one will dare to say no to Guo Tai except Yi Hua.

Qing Cheng also spoils Kuan's chance for success for absenting himself. Overcome by hatred, Ting reveals to BTV about Qing Cheng accepting bribes for surgeries. Qing Cheng then loses his chance to stay on the post. Kuan is diagnosed for having stomach cancer and he drinks with Yi Hua to cry their hearts out. Kuan returns him the negatives – he doesn't need them anymore. After his funeral, Qing Cheng gives Ting a certificate to show that Kuan is now the deputy head. Ting cries bitterly in the rain – this is what he has been fighting for but it becomes meaningless now.

Yi Hua and Qing Cheng come across a tough case. A mother gives birth to a son who has a serious heart problem while her husband is seriously injured due to a car accident. Knowing that the baby can't live long, both bade him goodbye. This saddens the two doctors and they wonder how they will react if this happens to their loved ones. Qing Cheng learns to cherish his family from then on.

Case 5
The president discovers what has happened and is angry on how Xin Ping has suffered. Qing Cheng finally removes the artery to become her saviour. The president puts Da Ming to be the next hospital director. Guo Tai can't stand the shock and has a stroke. Xin Ping is discharged and all send her out.

Qing Cheng becomes the temporary next external surgery head under Da Ming's influence. Qing Cheng knows well that Da Ming actually wants Yi Hua for the post. To strengthen his position, he becomes mad to remove all of Guo Tai's power. Even Dr Lai isn't spared and Xin takes over. This causes fear in the department. Even his teacher, Guo Tai can only watch helplessly in his wheelchair. Guo Tai refuses to admit defeat and turns up at the meeting with all the doctors. But he can't do much to turn the tables again.

Qing Cheng is married but he longs for excitement. Yi Fen is his companion and mistress as she helps to spread positive news about it while he digs inside information for her. They are equally eager for success so their love is filled with danger although it is warm. He often tells her that she is the one to share his success. Yi Fen gets pregnant accidentally. Qing Cheng is at the tip of popularity and wants to give her up.

Yi Feng sees through their weak link and decides to bring up their child alone – but she wants him to have a taste of his act. It is chilly when she is in charge of his 'happy family' segment as he gets promoted. Qing Cheng's patient is transferred to Ting Kuan hospital and Ting reveals that he accepts bribes. So Yi Fen follows this news to ruin him and to make him know that she loves him.

She tells Mei Qian about her pregnancy. She initially leaves home with Min because of his infidelity but later helps Qing Cheng out to prevent Da Ming from firing him. Yi Hua also has a part to help them in this to preserve his doctor and teaching post although he is demoted. When this happens, Qing Cheng sees through ups and downs in life. He also knows Mei Qian once again.

From the way Mei Qian saves Qing Cheng, Yi Fen finds her way of loving to be so different and she can't match her. Thus she decides to give birth in the U.S. Qing Cheng sends her off and Yi Fen doesn't find him owing her anything now.

Case 7

Qing Cheng becomes a normal doctor and reduces operations to spend more time with his family. Min wants to buy fish for him on his birthday and gets knocked down by a car. Qing Cheng and Yi Hua are helpless as she is dying. A girl needs Min's heart for transplant. Qing Cheng collapses and cries into Mei Qian's arms. He agrees and wants to remove the heart when Yi Hua offers to do it.

But he finally can't do it so Yi Hua completes the operation. 6 months later, 3 children thank Qing Cheng for donating Min's organs to save them. The girl having the heart transplant sits right beside him. Qing Cheng leans towards her chest to listen to the heart beat. That is the most wonderful sound he has heard.

Case 8

Yi Hua becomes the chosen future son-in-law that Da Ming decides. He is his best assistant and he wants him to be his family. He arranges him to be the deputy head of the external surgery before Qing Cheng's disposal. After Qing Cheng's stepping down, he becomes the chief. Da Ming hopes that he will get engaged to Cui Feng during her birthday party. Yi Hua's fate is often decided for the next scene.

Cui Feng makes a forceful entry so Xin becomes fluttered. She selects escaping for the second time. Even though Yi Hua gives her promises to leave with her to hope to be her husband, she senses that her love for him isn't enough to withstand the pressure from reality. She leaves like the way she does 10 years ago. Yi Hua is heartbroken – but reality causes him to date Cui Feng and marry her finally.

He loses Xin and gets Cui Feng. He doesn't expect getting the chief external surgery position. He is now at the top of the tower but he loses his joy. He becomes the powerful chief but he has endless operations, functions and meetings to attend to. Yi Hua is in agony – this is not a proud moment as he has lost everything. He chooses to escape from work for a while after Xin Ping spends the last days in the hospital.

He meets her a year later. She is now married to a rural doctor, Qi Shu. Qi Shu comes as an intern to gain more experience. Xin leaves Taipei and tours everywhere. She meets Qi Shu and thinks that he is a driver. He gives her a lift to the mountains as he stays there to take care of the patients. She stays to see if this is the perfect place that she has been looking for. This has been her and Yi Hua's dream in the past. They don't ask for fame and be contented with what they have.

Yi Hua runs into a rage upon knowing that she is pregnant. The cold Xin has vanished – she is a happy woman now after living in the mountains. This is such a sharp contrast to the overworked and easily angered Yi Hua. Qi Shu creates a chance for them to talk to each other. They can never be together again but still show concern for each other. Xin says goodbye personally to put an end to their past.

She wants him to be happy. He has to find out what is blissfulness himself which he can't provide her. He later goes to the mountain to experience it himself as a short break but he doesn't visit the couple. What makes Xin to be determined to leave for good is because of Guo Tai. Guo Tai has Parkinson's disease and she finds him imagining to listen to music with his headphones but there is no discman. Yi Hua has learned one thing when he returns – when he reaches the top, he has to cherish what he has.

Introduction on characters

The hospital staff

1. Su Yi Hua – Jerry Yan Cheng Xu
He is a promising and young surgeon. He is very innocent and has no guard against others. He has no intention for competition. But he is often involved in the power struggles. Although he parts with Xin, he still loves her and wants to patch up with her when they meet again. He competes with Qing Cheng but they also admire each other's skills. Even though he has a kind and warm heart, he can be lost when coming to face with power. Luckily Xin teaches him to preserve his own character.

Initially Cheng Xu seems to be out of place with the rest because his acting is too close to life. But he gets better towards the end and isn't afraid of the powerful cast. He does many scenes well – the pain he shows upon knowing that Ming Zhe is Xin's ex-lover. The hatred he shows initially when he knows that Xin is married and also turns warm when realizing the cause is well depicted. Thumbs up for his acting – he shows that he is no longer dependable on his looks to act well now.

2. Qiu Qing Cheng – Dai Li Ren
He is the deputy head of the external surgery department. He is equally ambitious as his teacher, Guo Tai. However his skills aren't as good as him and he has problems with his personal life. In the battle to be the hospital director, he is initially Guo Tai's assistant in Xin Ping's operation. But due to conscience, he still arranges an emergency operation to fix the mistake. He takes over Guo Tai's job when he has a stroke but never expects another struggle to start because of him.

This is a complicated character which is hard to act but Li Ren does well. Just a glance or a gesture can show the glow and his charm. He won many acting awards – that included the best drama actor award in 2000 and also the golden horse award in 2002 for directing a short film.

3. Tang Guo Tai – Ng Man Tat
He is the ambitious head of the external surgery department, aiming to be the hospital director all his life. He first started as a poor lecturer. His sideline causes him to earn his first house, to later get promoted to Professor and finally this post. He sends his family to the U.S. so he is a lonely old man. He has good medical skills but is very unreasonable and always regards his position important.

The other actors are introverts but Man Tat shows the outburst. This was a breakthrough from his usual comical roles. He made all understand Guo Tai's ambition and greed. His presence with the other veterans makes him a joy to watch. He definitely makes all engrossed in the story.

4. Zhuang Ming Zhe – Fei Xiang
He is a talented and romantic doctor 10 years ago. He becomes everyone's idol and is Xin's secret lover – the reason for her betrayal. He will send his lover flowers and chocolates. After each operation, he will play music and dance with Xin. This causes Xin to get attracted to him as he is a popular display. He succumbs to reality and also his future by marrying a private hospital director's daughter. He loses his glow after 10 years and is trapped in a failed marriage. He wants to escape from it.

I can't believe that Fei Xiang becomes so old. He is everyone's forever idol but he is too self-conscious over his gestures and speech. Maybe he is too used to Broadway performances to act like this.

5. Xu Da Ming – Zhang Guo Zhu
He is the ambitious head of the external surgery department. He is overly protective towards his only daughter and that is why she gets fed up with him over each breakup. He feels that he owes her too much. That is why he sets his eyes for the best person, Yi Hua to be his son-in-law.

6. Ruan Ming Bin – Tang Ke Hua
This young doctor has no principles. He can retreat and succumb to others because of his fear of their authority. That is why Yi Hua is mad with him for refusing to provide him the medicine for Xin Ping's sudden operation to save her life. However, he becomes righteous after Xiao Gang's transfer.

8. Zhao Zhong Min – Jian De Men
He is the hospital director and only wants a quiet life before his retirement. However, the many loopholes in the system causes the hospital and him to be in bad light when he needs to clarify with BTV all the time.

9. Lai Cheng Xu – Liu Liang Zhuo
He is the head of the anesthetic department. He is also Guo Tai's strong supporter. He is by his side even though Guo Tai loses power. But he loses his job when Da Ming disposes him. Xin replaces his position.

10. Chen Ting – Zhang Kui
He is Kuan's father who sets high hopes on him. He and Guo Tai are bitter enemies so they can't work together. He sets up a private hospital, Ting Guan but he still aims to create fame for Kuan. So he often meets his heads to increase his chances.

11. Chen Kuan – Tang Zhi Ping
He is Yi Hua's classmate and colleague. He aims for Qing Cheng's post as the deputy head – for the sake of Ting. He prefers to be an observer. Ting regards him useless as he has to bribe everyone to path his way. This proves to be futile as Kuan dies of stomach cancer before his dream is fulfilled.

12. Huang Kai Yuan – Zhang Fu Jian
He is the hospital director of the medical institute. He doesn't side Guo Tai or Da Ming in their struggle. He is one of the rare doctors who is kind. However to preserve his name and fame, he chooses to work with Guo Tai. He also questions over his own ability over Hui Ying's death. Thus, he applies for early retirement when the ordeal is over. Xin is remorseful as she doesn't expect this outcome but he consoles her as he has straightened his thoughts.

13. Hao Xiao Gang – Zhang Da Pu
He is Yi Hua's assistant and isn't afraid of the consequences when he helps Yi Hua to save Xin Ping. Although he is posted to work in a remote hospital by Guo Tai as a result, he never regrets his decision.

14. Liao Qi Shu – Xiu Jie Kai
He owns a hospital in the mountains to help the villagers. He dislikes his family for charging high costs to the patients in their home hospital. He has worked in it to witness the ugly side of struggles. That is why he strikes out on his own. Xin finds solace in him when she is on a long journey to avoid Yi Hua. They get married and she is pregnant with their first child.

15. Guan Xin – Zhang Ji Ning
She is very righteous and wants to firm in her medical beliefs – even if that means going against the powerful superiors. She is an anesthetist because her eldest sister dies painfully due to cancer. She wishes to reduce the patients' pain. She is Yi Hua's sweetheart but she avoids him because she has made a wrong choice in the past.

This is her debut drama but she is very natural to act with the rest even though she isn't familiar with acting. Cheng Xu is a wonderful partner for her as both compliment each other well. She is Zhong Yang university estate management masters student and has only taken up modeling jobs before this role. It is not easy for her to act a woman who was 10 years older than she was. She can go very far with this success.

16. Mei Xin – Monica
She is the hospital's spokesman to write the script for them before any press conferences. All must be glad to have her around as she only reminds them how to handle tough reporters.

17. Kang Wen Li – Linda
She is the head nurse and is initially in love with Yi Hua. She supports him in everything he does. However, she learns to appreciate Xiao Gang and both become an item later.


18. Deng Nian Wei – Lin Li Yang
He is Hui Ying's boyfriend and claims to seek redress over her death. But his real intention is to ask for compensation. But he truly loves her and wants to marry her although she supports him.

19. Mrs Zhu – Shen Hai Rong
She only wants the truth about Hui Ying's death. She doesn't expect Nian Wei to blow up the affair.

20. Zhu Hui Ting – Su Bi Jie
Hui Ting is Hui Ying's younger sister and wants to seek redress for her elder sister. Xin understands her pain as she has gone through the same process before.

21. Mei Qian – Yang Wen Wen
She is Qing Cheng's wife. She is an ex-lawyer but gives up her job to be a housewife because of their autistic daughter, Min. She longs to have another child but Qing Cheng refuses. Her world collapses upon knowing his affair and she asks for a divorce. However, she helps him to pick up the broken pieces when he is in a monetary scandal. Both reconcile and look forward to a happy life but tragedy strikes again when Min dies in an accident.

22. Qiu Min
She is Qing Cheng's autistic daughter who doesn't know how to express herself. She doesn't know how to ride a bicycle and Qing Cheng protects her well. Qing Cheng is overjoyed when she becomes better. Although he loses his post due to the scandal, he doesn't mind it as he can spend quality time with her now.

23. Ma Yi Fen – Yang Jin Hua
She is a popular reporter from BTV and regards her career important. She becomes unscrupulous to get inner news. She interviews Qing Cheng when both are overseas. She ends up being his mistress and enjoys this exciting life. But when things get complicated, she demands more from him.

24. Chang Yi Ru – Yao Dai Wei
She is Yi Fen's superior and gives her important tasks for follow-ups. They are as close as sisters so they are also similar in character. To protect her, she sends her overseas so that she can give birth to Qing Cheng's illegitimate child.

25. Xu Chui Feng – Xu An An
She is Da Ming's only daughter and only creates trouble for him because of her messy love life. She falls for Yi Hua. Although Mrs Xu has warned her consequences of marrying a doctor, she doesn't regret her choice. She helps him to go through the tough period when Xin Ping dies and when Xin disappears.

26. Lin An Ni – Jian Pei En
She is Kuan's wife and both have a son. She is also a dutiful daughter-in-law. She follows Ting's wishes to bribe Qing Cheng with money and is punished when she fails.

27. Liu Xin Ping – Saya
She is the president's 20 year old daughter but doesn't get the expected grand treatment. She has no airs and is very lively. She suffers from leukemia and is very ill. She is the guinea pig – or rather the victim during the power struggle when the doctors argue how to treat her. She ends up getting the wrong treatment which shortens her life. Saya deserves the Jin Zhong television best newcomer award.

28. The president – Liang Xiu Shen
He only has one daughter so he sends her to the best hospital, wanting to save her life. But alas – his choice proves fatal to her. He is shocked when he is back from his trips to find her more sickly than before. He is mad with his subordinates – it is true that he is busy with work but he only wants time to be with her.

29. Mrs Tang – Shen Shi Hua
She is Guo Tai's wife and longs to have a peaceful life with him. Not wanting to affect his career, she migrates overseas with their children. Guo Tai spends very little time with them. She returns to take care of him after he has a stroke. But she shakes her head when he refuses to give up his power.

30. Guan Hua – Ding Ning
She is Xin's second elder sister. She has no target in life and is often jobless because she feels threatened by Xin's success in life. Xin often has to bail her from the police station for getting into trouble. She becomes caring to Xin after Hui Ying's case to treasure her now.

Most favourite character
Yi Hua – he tries his best to be a good doctor. It pains him to see patients die in front of him although he knows that they can be saved. He hasn't changed much after his promotion to chief later.

Most hated character
Guo Tai – he behaves like a rural emperor in the past to want to be in charge of everything. He ignores the patients' well-being.

This drama's rating isn't that good and many comment that Cheng Xu's acting isn't good. Still many have tons of praises for the soundtracks. The songs are from Power Station (the biggest attraction to me), Gong Shi Jia and Lan You Shi. The duo sings 'never say goodbye' and 'I promise you'. The other female singer, Ah Sang sings Cai Qin's old song 'tell you you love me'.

Interesting facts

Director Cai had wanted to shoot this drama all along after reading the book. He discussed with Mr Hou over the script. He made Min Zhe appear more often and also gave Yi Fen's case a meat role. He also seek to make Xin more complicated than in the novel.

The drama did not have good ratings but many praised it for its reality. It also won many commericals sponsors. The rights were sold at NT1200 million overseas.

Yi Hua was supposedly to drift with the times. He knew viewers did not like it so he made him appear positive. The ending in the novel showed Yi Hua crying in despair in the office to sink into despair but Director Cai accepted his father's suggestion to make Yi Hua remember his oath to be a doctor to untie the knot in his heart.

Director Cai allowed the reporters to interview the cast. All rushed to steal a look at Cheng Xu. He had not wanted to be present as he only had a scene but had to give in due to popular request. He was visibly tired without makeup and didn't answer questions properly. He seemed to be unfocused and wanted to avoid them. When seeing Man Tat coming in, he quickly hid behind his back.

When asked why he looked so tired, he answered that he was nervous with so many people around. He was under a lot of pressure to work with an experienced cast. When he was often with Man Tat, he was in low spirits. He could forget his lines and often went to him to ask for pointers after work even though others headed for home. Man Tat thought he gave himself too much pressure. He has acted well to fit the role. Man Tat gave him more surprises than fear. He was generous to share all his knowledge with him.

Man Tat pat his shoulder – don't worry but he preferred him to call him Brother Tat instead of Uncle Tat. All roared into laughter and Cheng Xu felt relaxed now. After getting this role, Cheng Xu had learned to view life and death calmly. So health was the most important to him. He had never thought of being a doctor in the past but now wished to become a gynecologist. When all asked him how he felt kissing with Linda, he became shy as he never dreamed of wooing nurses till he watched movies.

Jian joked that if Taiwan's artistes of 1/10 have half of Man Tat's talent, Taiwan would be a drama kingdom. There was a day where he had 12 scenes but Man Tat threw the script aside to act. Although he humbly replied that he had long sightedness, all knew that he had done his homework at home. Xiu Shen and Guo Zhu also praised him – they knew that he had a pair of glasses everywhere at home and even his shadow could also act well. (I totally agree with this phrase – all must see him in here.)

Cheng Xu's charm could never be underestimated. The doctor's robe and stethoscope he wore were put online to raise funds. The auction went up to NT$84,000. Cheng Xu offered the doctor's pass, his necklace and the ring to auction upon knowing the good response. Cheng Xu put on the ring on his fan's finger when she got it after kissing her hand. It nearly ended in chaos when other fans protested!

When asked if he would cry like Yi Hua if he lost his girlfriend, he thought for a while. There were many real scenes that happened to him in real life. But he would hide at a corner to cry and not to have any outburst in public. Director Cai joked that he had to thank Cheng Xu for being the middleman to get Fei Xiang to act with them although they needed time to know each other better for working the first time.

Cheng Xu treasured it as the producer took a year to decide on him. It was also his first drama after 4 years. He felt that he aged 10 years after shooting it. Yi Hua has turned from a gullible and innocent man to a man burdened with sorrow. He also gets confused as some experience linked to his real life. He relaxed and asked his friend to introduce a doctor to him so that he can be more convincing. Even before acting this role, he has read the book and hoped that he had not disappointed anyone.

Qing Cheng's role was formerly reserved for Cheung Hok Yau. Hok Yau was excited and looking forward to work with Cheng Xu again after 'Wounds of Passion' but he had to give up because of his tight concert schedules.

Li Ren's joining of the team was equally amazing. Director Cai had to get his grandparents to persuade him. That also took a year. Li Ren had not acted in commercial dramas before and he had hoped to act as Yi Hua as this posed a challenge to him. But he also welcomed the chance to act as Qing Cheng. He found Min's dying scene most memorable as they had to finish the shoot within 2 days. He is a director himself so he knows the importance of clips connection.

Cheng Xu considered him his idol and expressed his wish to become a real actor. As his age was younger than Yi Hua, he had to ditch his idol appearance. And he overcame it. He complained that he felt weak opposite him but he enjoyed losing out to him as he had lots to learn. Although both seemed to quarrel on screen, both got along well off screen to be close as brothers.

Kui wasn't the first choice to join the team. He was supposedly to be Ni Min Ran but he committed suicide. No one dared to take up the role. Director Cai suddenly thought of Kui and found him suitable for the role. He agreed heartedly as he had never tried acting and wished to do it on his behalf. He turned in a fine performance.

Jin Hua followed reporters for a few days to immerse into the role. She had worked with Li Ren in the past so she was scared that she might cause hindrance instead but Li Ren helped her a lot.

They rented 15 hospitals to shoot it. They finished work after 265 days and Cheng Xu hugged Director Cai. He had been demanding on Cheng Xu since day 1 and caused him to weep during their celebration dinner. It took about 1000 million to shoot and Director Cai's parents even sold their house to raise the money. It was considered the most expensive drama till now.

Mr Hou resigned from his doctor job to be a full-time writer in 1999. It took him 13 months to complete the story. He did part-time after getting his doctorate and found it unfair to his patients as he could not handle both roles well.

The similaries between this drama and 'White Tower'

Yi Hua and Qing Cheng are like Satomi and Zaizen. One is an idealogist while another can be kind and yet evil to want to climb to the top. The only difference is Satomi and Zaizen belong to different departments so they do not have conflicts directly as like them.

Zaizen's mistress is Keiko, a bar owner. Qing Cheng's mistress is Yi Fen, a reporter. Both women prove to be useful stepping stones to the men's jobs.

Professor Azuma tried to prevent Zaizen from outshining him. So is Guo Tai the same way. The ways of bribery - the Japanese version uses famous paintings while the Taiwanese version uses antiques.

Zaizen has his father-in-law as his backup.Chen Kuan also needs his father, Ting's help to get into the 'main stream' to get Yi Hua's and Qing Cheng's approval.

Hui Ying's accidental failure is similar to the cancer patient in "White Tower' too.

This drama was nominated for the best actor( Dai Li Ren), best supporting actor (Ng Man Tat and Zhang Guo Zhu), best supporting actress(Yang Jin hua and Saya), best director, best producer and best drama awards in 2007.

Ji Ning was not nominated as she needed much improvement while Cheng Xu was eliminated but he wasn't disappointed. It won the best drama, best director and best supporting actor(zhang Guo Zhu).


It is not a romantic fairytale drama and all can't believe that it is a Taiwanese production because it reveals the ugly side of man. It is very realistic to make all feel the pain. Although Wen Yong claims that it is coincidental, there are similarities with 'White Tower' – the Japanese novel. Life is like a huge tower to lock everyone up. It lures all to keep on climbing and disallows anyone to go out unless he is brave. Some people are unscrupulous to step on someone's head to climb higher.

All think that they can have enough force to change the system to do something which is right but when they sit on the seat, they repeat the same mistakes. The power makes people weak – this is becoming a trait. A firm doctor will still become a tool in the end. Life is deception – when they cling on to something important, they realize that it is actually empty. Nothing can be trusted or borrowed.

Love and friendship can end easily. Doctors can save others except themselves. The most important thing is humanity so each loving relationships is deeply touched. Xin Ping's love for Yi Hua is touching as she is so reversed. In contrast, the love between Xin and Yi Hua becomes sad – Xin forgets her past to start a relationship with someone who doesn't know her past at all. Yi Hua's fate is preplanned while hers isn't.

The love between Qing Cheng and Yi Fen seems to be only on greed and materialistic gains. But they also love each other deeply. I have read the novel – it is intriguing and the drama is good. I strongly recommend both versions to all. Although it can't match up to 'White Tower', it is a breakaway from the usual predictable and trashy Taiwanese dramas.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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