The Magicians of Love

Reviewed by: biege

October 29, 2008

Rating: four

I thought this was not a good series because I got bored in the first 5 episodes BUT I was wrong. It seems after I finished it, I liked it very much. There are lots of secrets and twists in this story that make me eager to watch it till the end. This includes all the funny scenes that I couldn't help but laugh with it.

Even though there is no screen chemistry for Joanne Zeng (Xiao Bei, by the way she is really good in all her crying scenes) and Ming Dao (Yasi) they still do a great job in their role. What I love most in this series are the conflict of relationships between the lead actors, especially with XB, YS and Sam Wang (Er Qi, I really love her character, a good actor I may say, considering that he's also cute!).

As expected, the love-hate relationships, the dont-give-up attitude, giving hope and encouragement, do everything for the happiness of others have always been part of a Taiwan series but still I did enjoy watching it.

Episodes 18 and 19 were my favorite of all but there are also lots of scenes that made this series interesting to watch like how YS and EQ develop their feelings with XB, the water maze, the family relationship, the hair dress competitions, also includes the conflict relationship of the lead characters with all the person around them (just watch it so you could know what Im telling about).

Of all the characters, XB and EQ stand most, they really good in their role, and the chracter of Huang Yu Rong (Zheming) and Jacky Zhu (Fernando) was I think the most funny one. But they are also good in their serious parts, while YS did not affect me that much. The rest were all ok. By the way I also love the character of Adriene Lin (Qingkong) and Sonia Sui (Ke Lan), doing all their best just to love them back. (I think they are two of the beautiful actresses of Taiwan)

I find this series worth watching, and the soundtrack was also good especially the "Affected Line" song. Lookign this series in it's entirety, it was really good, that's why they made 22 episodes instead of 18. I much prefer this one than Prince Turns to Frog where the 183 club members are also in it.

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