The Magicians of Love

Reviewed by: mDevil

April 22, 2011

Rating: four

I found this very entertaining. It was hilarious and had many surprising twists and turns. The plot didn't just revolve around the two main characters, like most dramas, but instead had subplots involving many of the other characters. Also, instead of being just a pure romance, it had family, work, and mafia. But, of course, it isn't perfect. I felt that the characters changed way too drastically. For example, Artz at the end wasn't like the Artz at the beginning AT ALL. Plus, it started dragging a bit around EP 19 but started picking up the pace at the last episode. I also feel that the ending could've been a bit different. Some of the subplots were a little underdeveloped.


MING DAO was amazing as both Artz and his twin brother. It might be his experience from Prince Turns to Frog, but it doesn't matter, he was realistic. You just believed him and felt for him. I felt, though, that his hair was a little too much.

SAM WANG was at his best here as Richie. He was really good at the "bad boy" image. I feel he could improve at acting sad, like more facial expressions, but overall it was great.

JACKY ZHU as Fernando. I find this a bit funny. Fernando is a playboy that everyone hates but still loves. In real life, I read that Jacky was kicked out of 183 club for being a playboy. His character, at first, was mean and arrogant, but then evolved into a funny "Love God". The only thing I don't like it his fashion. It seemed like he only had two outfits. His hair is amazing, but that is my opinion.

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