The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog

Reviewed by: sukting

December 05, 2005

Rating: three

How long
30 episodes

This Taiwanese idol drama breaks the record set by 'Meteor Garden'. What and where is the luring power? What makes 183 club so popular after 5566?


Senwell Hotel is set up by three men. Now it is managed by their sons - Jun Hao, Zi Qian and Ming Han. Guan Mei fishing village has Tian Yu staying with her brother, Zheng Zhe and her stepmother, Jin Zhi. Tian Yu always dreams of marrying a rich man. This day, she dreams of a frog which fulfills her wish to make her rich, but the frog insists on kissing her. Tian Yu finds it disgusting and screams - just at this moment, she opens her eyes to see a frog looking at her.

Tian Yu's late father left them a lot of debts to clear and her mother, an accomplished pianist, died young. So she knows the importance of money. She wants to attend her mother's piano concert and thus she wants to buy a dress. 'Til now, she doesn't have the money. She has to borrow from a hateful Li Xin, but Jin Zhi forbids it as she always dislikes the snobbish girl.

Jun Hao is the GM of Senwell Hotel Groups. He is handsome, capable and young. Every female employee is swept off her feet by his charm. The loud entrance he makes leaves a deep impression. He sees Yun Xi at the counter and looks at her namecard. After adjusting it, he wants her to see him in his office. Jin Zhi reminds Tian Yu to sign up for the sedan carrying contest because the top prize is NT$5000. She is later cheated of NT$500 into buying a love amulet to look for her dream man to get married.

Jun Hao presents a purchase plan with confidence. The image creation director, Zi Qian is supposed to make sure that Guan Mei Hotel's debt is cleared. The owner, Shun Ming is dismayed that his hotel is going to be pulled down in a fortnight's time instead of a month's grace. Tian Yu rushes to Senwell upon knowing that he is there. She has no money to pay her cab fare, and Zi Qian comes to her aid. He even gets her amulet back for her. Tian Yu thinks that he is the rich man she is looking for.

Zi Qian is unable to persuade Shun Ming, and he threatens to jump off the building. Tian Yu walks around, looking for Shun Ming. Her amulet rings, signaling that her perfect man is nearby, but she can't find him at all. (So dosage like all Korean dramas - he is in the lift up to the rooftop, but she is at the staircase.) Jun Hao is so nasty - he also comes to the rooftop to sneer at him, saying that he is navigating the ground for him to jump off. Still, he and Zi Qian come to his aid when he is about to fall off from the edge.

His fiancée, Yun Xi is unhappy - he makes her worried with his action. He points out to her that he is unhappy with her for not notifying him before working at the front desk as a receptionist. Outsiders will think that he ill-treats her. He wants her to come over to Guan Mei Hotel the next day with him since she has learned hotel management before. He is later busy with calls, and Yun Xi leaves unhappily. Zi Qian helps Shun Ming out, and Tian Yu is angry, thinking that he is the culprit to cause this. Later, Shun Ming tells her the mistake and both leave together. Zi Qian thinks that Jun Hao should not have brought the date forward, but Jun Hao chides him for delaying his plans.

Tian Yu wants Shun Ming not to take it too hard, but Jin Zhi tells him that it is better off to close it since it has no business. Jin Zhi is his ex-wife, and he has given her the provision shop as a parting gift. Mr Shan disapproves of Jun Hao's doing, but he insists on doing it. Zi Qian comes to their home for dinner. He wants to get food for Yun Xi, but Jun Hao does it before him. (You will not detect that he shows concern because he does it with a solemn face.) Mrs Shan suddenly announces that they are getting married next Tuesday.

But Yun Xi rejects it. She is an orphan placed at Senwell hotel's doorstep. They have groomed her to study in Switzerland, but she misses the process to love and not to accept an arranged marriage. Jun Hao becomes impatient - what does she want him to do then? She comes to the balcony, and Zi Qian cheers her up using sweets as a magic trick. She wonders why he is always the first person to know that she is unhappy. How nice it is if Jun Hao has half of his observance. Zi Qian consoles her but he hides his feelings.

Zi Qian drives his way out and isn't happy with what is going on. He visits his comatose mother who is in this state after a gas explosion. His father dies and he suspects there is something wrong with her signing the agreement to sell off her Senwell shares. But she can't answer that and he thinks there is a motive of the Shans treating him so well. Zi Qian buys a hairclip and puts on her hair but he weeps.

Jun Hao brings his men to the fishing village. He sends 100 bouquets of roses to Yun Xi before leaving. All envy her. Zheng Zhe steals a piece of cloth from Tian Yu's trousers to fix the hole in the hot air balloon so that customers will pay them for the rides. (See how poor and desperate they are.) Tian Yu wears them without knowing. Jun Hao loses his way and asks her for directions. Seeing how well dressed he is, she deduces that he is rich and tries to extort him by making him pay NT$100 for chewing gums.

Jun Hao has a bad impression of her but still pays it and is annoyed when she wants more in return for a detailed map. He sees the hole and decides to tell her about it although he can't stand her nasty behaviour, but she thinks that he is a molester and doesn't give him the chance to do it. Later, she makes herself a fool in front of others when fixing the pipe and everyone sees the hole. She blames him for it and insists that he sends her home in his car. (Just like other serials, it is a Mercedes convertible to show how rich he is.)

She touches his car system when in the car. She uses his handphone to call her mother's principal, agreeing to attend her mother's concert, and she is just back after teaching a piano lesson. Jun Hao realizes that she is a natural liar. He throws his handphone out of the window. He dislikes people like her to touch his things. Jin Zhi thinks that he is only a chauffeur since he still loses his way since he has asked her for directions earlier. He closes the car window when Zheng Zhe still wants to extort money from him and leaves.

Jun Hao comes to the poor state of the hotel. He has the proposal ring with him. It is the best work from Madam Ruby. It helps to find his true love and will only fit his beloved's finger. (It has a unique design of a tiara. Many girls will like it - it is like a ring fit for a princess.) Yun Xi comes and wants him not to send her any more roses. He says that he hasn't eaten the whole day and she is worried. He is often like this to skip meals when he is too busy and this will affect his health. He laughs because this shows that she is still concerned for him. He promises to give her a satisfied answer the next day.

Zi Qian waits for her at the hotel entrance, only to get her call thanking him for sending her to Jun Hao. He is disappointed but lies that he is now having fun with friends. On the cultural day, Tian Yu persuades Yun Xi to let Jun Hao sit into the air balloon with him to earn the money. Jun Hao asks Yun Xi her impression of him. Yun Xi describes Jun Hao as an adamant man who is meticulous, serious and demanding.

He is a perfectionist to be too focused in work. He takes out the ring to propose to her but drops it because of the hole in the hot air balloon. It drops to the ground again and Jun Hao is angry with Tian Yu for putting their lives at stake. Yun Xi is afraid that she might die, and he hugs her close to her. (Very romantic proposal scene and how both are concerned with each other at this moment.)

Tian Yu rushes to the spot to find no one but the ring. Thinking that it is only a glass ring, she wears it. Jun Hao is depressed over the incident as they walk out from the sea but Yun Xi finds it fun. She can feel his love for him and hugs him. She finds the ring to her heart and there is no need for it anymore. She agrees to marry him and both have a passionate hug. Normally he is so serious looking but now he has a warm smile on his face, showing how happy he is.

Tian Yu wants the top prize for the dress and goes into sea with Zheng Zhe with the sedan but she has a muscle cramp. When she is about to drown, Jun Hao sees her in danger from his speedboat and saves her. He sees the ring on her finger and demands for it. She refuses and wants NT$5000 for it. You will laugh - both struggle and end up falling into the water together. He has not wanted to save her again but he does it as she faints. This time round, he has to give her CPR. She scolds him for being a pervert for stealing her first kiss and keeps brushing her teeth later. (This reminds me of how Zhi En behaves in 'Full House') She doesn't know that Jun Hao is the prince she is looking for.

She wants to negotiate terms with him on the ring and also compensate for her loss. He is angry - can't she tell CPR from a passionate kiss? And he thinks that she is trying to act when she can't remove the ring from her finger. Yun Hao sneers at her for not being in love before and teaches her a lesson by kissing her! This is the health education that she lacks.

She is totally shocked and wants him to sign on an IOU that she has written. Laugh at the mistakes she makes 'se lang', molester - the word 'lang' becomes 'heng' which means ruthless. Another word 'devil' - she writes as the first character of the ferris wheel 'mo tian lun'. Jun Hao still signs on it but wishes her not to show it to anyone to make herself a laughing stock.

Shun Ming goes down on his knees to beg Jun Hao not to tear down the houses in the village. What will happen to their livelihood when it is gone? Jun Hao tries in vain to help him up so he tells him that this will still be effective until he is no long Senwell's GM. Shun Ming vows to seek revenge. Jun Hao returns to the hotel with Yun Xi and all prepare for their engagement. The female receptionists are disappointed. A matchmake from young turns her from an uguly duckling to a swan.

They do not know who she is and are angry with her for being late right after 2 days of work even though she apologises. Jun Hao deliberately walks up to her to tell her to knock off early so that she can try their engagement gowns at home! The receptionists then realize their mistake and are speechless (Sure funny to see how embarrassed they are and how gentle he is to her).

Jun Hao is calm although David tells him that Deputy GM, Ming Han is waiting for him in his office. He is surprised that a reporter has recorded the whole Shun Ming attempted suicide episode. Ming Han reminds him that the deal that he has signed with their American counterparts state that the violator has to pay damages if the image is marred. Ming Han wants Jun Hao to be more careful.

But Jun Hao scolds him for buying the diskette to cause these people to be more arrogant. Ming Han wants to protect himself as he has one third of the company shares. Jun Hao must be responsible for his actions, but Jun Hao chides him for being incompetent in work and he should take a break. Ming Han is angry with his ruthless management style and is sure that many people are waiting to see him fall. Jun Hao will bear that in mind to see if he dares to challenge his position. He sits back on his chair to look at him. Jun Hao throws the diskette back to him.

Jun Hao comes to the engagement venue and says that white roses are better than champagne ones. Zi Qian is helping with the preparation as an old friend and cites that Yun Xi likes them better. Jun Hao notices that he knows her better than him - her taste, her favourite food and what she wants. Jun Hao observes that Zi Qian often chooses to give up and that is a detestable trait. Zi Qian dislikes competitions as he is a social being. Jun Hao mentions that a man of the masses often gets bullied.

So he asks if Jun Hao is happier being a porcupine. He replies it is better than to be a needle holder. Yun Xi comes and Jun Hao becomes so nasty. Since Zi Qian is a social being, he will see if she will embrace him or the porcupine. Zi Qian stretches out his hand but she chooses to hook Jun Hao's elbow. Jun Hao's arrogant look tells all and he retreats. But he says that preparing for it is easier than asking someone to give up his hotel. Zi Qian recalls all they meet when young.

Flush knows that he is down but asks how can he let the two engaged as he likes Yun Xi? He can help one of them to disappear. He tells Flush that he gives up. But Flush treats him as his benefactor to take care of his family when he is in jail. Tian Yu borrows Li Xin's dress for the occasion and Jin Zhi sews for her.

Jun Hao is looking for his file on Guan Mei Hotels portfolio and Yun Xi passes it to him. Tian Yu's invitation card drops out and he recalls that she leaves it in his car. So there is really a concert, and she wants to dress up for it. Yun Xi suggests him to buy her a dress to make up for it. This is just a suggestion and he can do as he deems fit. She kisses him on the forehead and he smiles, giving Da Wei a call to do the job. Zheng Zhe tags along in his car, and he shakes his head.

The boutique staff and Da Wei jump at their behaviour in choosing the clothes. The owner, Simon even asks Da Wei if they are really Jun Hao's friends or they are street beggars. Da Wei laments that he is given the job and requests him to come up with an appropriate outfit for her. Simon frowns while Da Wei also tries to clear the frown on his face. He has never felt so irritated to knock Zheng Zhe out. He begs Jun Hao to hit him off next out to spare him the agony. Jun Hao wonders if they are really so incorrigible.

Tian Yu keeps stressing that she is fashionable and the salesgirls have to drag her into the changing room to dress her up. They are back and both look stylish so that Jin Zhi can't recognize them. Zheng Zhe looks at her when she runs to catch a bus for the concert. His sister does look like a princess after the makeup when she doesn't open the mouth.

Zi Qian is attracted by Yun Xi's beauty after she has dressed up. He suggests practicing how to exchange rings. He only jokes with her and gives her flower petals. He cheers her up when she is upset but her smiles will be only for Jun Hao from today onwards. He will only want to wish them everlasting love. Zi Qian kisses her on her forehead and she senses that something is wrong. Jun Hao sees that and maintains that kissing the bride is his job. He will not need him for that.

Both guys look at each other and Yun Xi shows him the petals. Zi Qian congratulates him so that he can retreat. Zi Qian shakes his hand and later observes that the champagne flowers are replaced with white ones. He gives one to her and tells her that the roses represent compatibility and that she is the only one for him. That is the most romantic thing he has said since she knows him.

Da Wei informs him that the ring is ready - he has made another order and wants to collect it personally. It is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. He kisses her forehead but suddenly the rose pricks her finger to leave a drop of blood on her dress. But she keeps from it although she feels uneasy. Jun Hao looks at the ring in the car. Tian Yu is running on her way to the bus-stop without her high heels. Da Wei stops and sees Tian Yu climbing up a tree to place a bird back to its nest and wants him to look at her. Da Wei shakes his head upon seeing her late but observes that she does look pretty now.

Jun Hao looks at her and agrees that a duckling can look like a swan, but it is still a duckling. It will reveal itself eventually. He suddenly gets off the car and tells him to give her a lift to the concert. Shun Ming is in his car and recalls Jun Hao's words. He is about to knock him down but another yellow car does the job for him. We can only see Jun Hao's eyes burning with rage before he is hit. Flush is the culprit.

Tian Yu receives the award on her mother's behalf. She confesses that she has lied and thanks Jin Zhi for bringing her up and also paying off her father's debts. She gets so touched that she drives the shop's truck to take her home with Zheng Zhe. On the other hand, Jun Hao wakes up and struggles with Flush. The car gets into the river from a cliff. He climbs all the way to the top with difficulty only to get hit by Tian Yu's truck. The three quickly take him back.

How they handle him is absurd - they drag him in right from the door step on the floor. The poor man's head hit the wall and also the corners of the pillars. Jun Hao's family is worried when he doesn't turn up. Yun Xi is most worried as her heart beats fast. Mrs Shan has to console her - Jun Hao has never made his parents worry. Zi Qian fends off Ming Han's hint Jun Hao's disappearance will affect the company's reputation. He is worried when he can't get Flush - is he related to this?

Soon the police comes with the news that they suspect this case that Flush is connected to this. They find Jun Hao's identity card and the engagement ring. Yao Ring can't take the shock and has a heart attack to get hospitalized. Jun Hao wakes up the next day but can't remember that he is knocked down by Tian Yu's car. He can't recall anything. They lie that he is an illegal immigrant. He still suspects them. (Sigh 'these morons don't tell his status from the expensive clothes he wears. They are scatterbrains. From then on, he spots a normal village guy look and doesn't gel his hair to become boyish.)

Jin Zhi is firm not to keep this bomb at home and wants Tian Yu to desert him at - ghost grassland? Tian Yu brings him there but falls into a black hole. Jun Hao ends up with her when he tries to save her in vain. The Shan family has to lie to the media that Jun Hao suddenly needs to go to Japan for a business trip in order not to disrupt their business, and they will postpone the engagement. Shun Ming reads the news and hatches a plan. Zi Qian and Yun Xi arrive at the accident spot. Flush's wife arrives and cries. Yun Xi realizes that Zi Qian knows Flush and suspects that he is behind it. Zi Qian admits that he knows Flush well but he has nothing to do with Jun Hao's disappearance.

Jun Hao can recall a little of the past, but he can't link them. Tian Yu is angry that she is dying without marrying a rich man. Jun Hao tells a story of how a frog finds water to survive to give her the will to continue living. Seeing that she feels cold, he takes off the outer shirt to put on her. She sees that he is a changed man and has a better impression of him now. He carries her home on his back as she has sprained her ankle. She asks why he doesn't leave her in the lurch.

She is touched when he tells her that she is the first person he saw when he opened his eyes and nursed him back to health. She is the only one he knows. Even if he might get into another place, he will not know what to do if he doesn't see her. Jin Zhi is angry to see him back. They frown at the elegant way he eats (we know how the rich will drink their soup sip by sip slowly.) and are puzzled on why a mainland person like him doesn't know how to wash the dishes.

Mrs Shan has to take over the company, and Ming Han points out that the public knows something is wrong and the share prices have plunged. Foreign companies also stop their deals with them. Ming Han has wanted to seize the power all along. Ming Han knows that Flush and Zi Qian know each other but Zi Qian deals carefully with him.

Zi Qian replaces Jun Hao to deal with Shun Ming to discuss over the pulling down of his hotel. Yun Xi follows as this is where Jun Hao proposes to her. Tian Yu tries in vain to find out Jun Hao's identity from Shun Ming. Tian Yu and Jun Hao add petrolium to their truck at the petrolium station. She sees her prince, Zi Qian and is upset upon seeing him with Yun Xi. The two do not discover Jun Hao with them. (This is another missing game being played continuously which is so common in other dramas.)

Zi Qian and Yun Xi get into the conference room. Jun Hao sees the printing senwell on a car and finds it familiar, but he still doesn't get to see the two. The staff at the hotel worries that they will lose their jobs. Tian Yu tells them Jun Hao's tale to them and they are impressed with Jun Hao. Tian Yu learns that they are having a meeting. She charges into the conference room and discovers David there. She misunderstands that he is the one who buys the dress for her.

Shun Ming tells Zi Qian that he knows what has happened since he is the witness to the accident. He only wants the village to stay the same to keep the matter under wraps. Zi Qian keeps quiet about it. Yun Xi comes to the beach to tie yellow ribbons there, hoping that Jun Hao will return safely. Jun Hao sees her doing that but he doesn't recognize her.

Although he loses his memory, he still preserves the talent in managing hotels. Jun Hao teaches them on how to display ornaments to attract customers. After his demonstrations, the hotel looks different and the staff is even more impressed with him. Jin Zhi is ready to sell Jun Hao away on a fishing boat to Philippines for NT$30,000, so she prepares a good meal to send him off. She even lets him wear Mr Ye's only business suit. Tian Yu is helpless against her decision, so she vents her anger on playing the piano.

Jun Hao plays the whole piece that Mrs Ye has taught her before and she is shocked. He pulls her hand to teach her and sees the ring, commenting that it looks nice on her. Her heart beats fast and she retreats. They are shocked to see how dashing Jun Hao is when he tries the suit. Jin Zhi and Zheng Zhe steal his expensive Rolex watch and branded belt. Tian Yu takes out all her savings to give him.

When he is about to get on the ship, Tian Yu knocks into him and both fall into the sea. She is trapped by the rocks again so Jun Hao gives her CPR - he seems to remember a little?.Both later fight to use the toilet but he lets her. She nearly trips and her hair is trapped on his shirt button. Jin Zhi is angry to see this. Jun Hao knows Tian Yu's intention to go to the harbour to look for him and he is touched. Jun Hao stays to help in the store till he remembers who he is. The hotel staff asks Jun Hao for help again, but he thinks it is a waste of time. Tian Yu reprimands him for ignoring other people's efforts. He finds this phrase familiar and observes how they serve customers. He shakes his head they should smile at them even though they may only be staying for a couple of hours.

Ming Han wants Jun Hao's post. Zi Qian visit Flush's wife to find Flush there. He admits that Jun Hao leaves the car earlier than him so he must be alive. Yun Xi is stopped by Zi Hao to call the police. She is angry - isn't he concerned over his safety? Zi Qian quarrels with her - he doesn't feel attached to Shan family and his heart is opened by her. But she only treats him as her friend.

She panicks and stops calling the police as she doesn't wish to ruin Flush's family as his baby daughter is just born. Shun Ming wants to threaten Zi Qian further but he admits that the GM is someone else now and the project is to be continued. Shun Ming is so dejected by the news that he nearly gets knocked down by a car. Zi Qian sends him home personally and is shocked to know that the hotel's 'saviour?is Jun Hao. But he is relieved that he suffers from memory loss. He then wants Tian Yu to treat Zi Qian to a meal.

She is happy to know that Yun Xi isn't his girlfriend. So her wish to marry a rich man is not lost as yet. She brings her home and he feels the warmth of a family. Before he leaves, she writes the character - heart?in his palm and hopes that he will encourage himself when he has problems. Zi Qian then goes to Mr Shan and hopes that he will recover soon.

Tian Yu is jealous upon seeing Jun Hao chatting with Li Xin in the rain. But she is amused upon seeing how desperate he tries to explain to her. Ming Han prevents Zi Qian to get the hotel deal and Jun Hao thinks that it is still more feasible to make way for development. Tian Yu cries over it.

Zheng Zhe wants to woo Li Xin but she is only interested in the upper class men. Ming Han visits Mr Shan, only to know that Mr Xu's gas accidental death is caused by him. Mr Shan expresses regret as he thinks that Ming Han is Zi Qian. He has initiated it as he doesn't want Senwell to split. He decides to give all his shares to him if Jun Hao isn't back. Yun Xi returns with Mrs Shan and Mr Shan wants Jun Hao to take care of Yun Xi before dying. Ming Han lies to Zi Qian that Mr Shan has said nothing

Jun Hao feels uneasy but doesn't know why. Ming Han keeps the truth from Zi Qian. Yun Xi yells for Jun Hao's name on the street. Zi Qian feels the pain and hugs her to console her. Tian Yu is about to move out when Jun Hao finds pictures of the flower that is about to be extinct which he has seen at dead valley. They can ask the government to conserve this place then. Ming Han is about to pull down the hotel when all villagers protest against it. Shun Ming is afraid that Zi Qian will acknowledge Jun Hao and follows.

He tries to save Jun Hao but Jun Hao trips down the valley to injure his head. The hospital needs AB blood type and Tian Yu donates the blood, thinking that a victim is Jun Hao. Upon knowing that he is dead, she cries. Jun Hao and Shun Ming pass by to know what has happened. Both have a kiss and she is so excited that she faints. The doctor tells Jun Hao that he will recover if he removes the blood clot from his brain.

He feels tormented as he is unwilling to leave here although he has flashbacks due to the fall. Shun Ming lets him sign an agreement to be the hotel's consultant but Jin Zhi refuses to let him go. Tian Yu drives him to the hotel again and both smile upon recalling the kiss. Her snobbish friend comes to brag about her coming wedding with Xie. Xie is the younger son of a hospital director who is equally snobbish. He has seen how Tian Yu reacts in the hospital and looks down on her.

Tian Yu mentions that she knows of a guy who knows her qualities. Jun Hao walks past and smiles but is displeased when she reveals Zi Qian's name. Xie then mentions that he is a good friend of Zi Qian as they often play golf. Tian Yu's high school classmate, An Fen challenges her to do a bikini dance on Prince Michael's birthday party. If she fails to turn up with a boyfriend. She runs to Jun Hao but he is too angry to consent as he dislikes liars. So angry that he nearly throws a rag at her face!

Two directors meet Ming Han secretly and worry that the management will end up in Zi Qian's hands since Jun Hao is away. Zi Qian and Yun Xi want a grand funeral but Ming Han is against it as he doesn't want Jun Hao's disappearance to be known. Mrs Shan has to give in and Zi Qian is delighted when Yun Xi agrees to let him take her out. Tian Yu hopes that Zi Qian will be her boyfriend but he rejects her. He can't believe his own ears but knows that she has a reason behind it.

Tian Yu tells Zi Qian that she needs him to act as her rich boyfriend but he can't turn up because of Yun Xi but he gives her an encouraging hug. Yun Xi sees this and can't help feeling jealous when he comments that she is adorable. Tian Yu overhears the staff talking about Jun Hao and wants Jun Hao to impersonate him. Tian Yu comes back with a suit but he is still angry with her. An Fen arrives with the invitation card and humiliates her with the bikini.

Jun Hao observes this and reads her diary secretly when she is drunk. He gets to know how she suffered wearing the bikini during her high school days. Zheng Zhe begs him to help her out. Li Xin wants to stop them but Jin Zhi knocks her out. Zheng Zhe stays to smile at her. Zi Qian and Yun Xi are invited to the party and gets to know why Tian Yu asks for his help. Michael gets Zi Qian to show off his darting skills - 3 at a shot for bulls?eye.

He admits that he learns it because someone likes it. Michael and An Fen know that it is Yun Xi. Yun Xi is down when Zi Qian unwittingly blurts that although he has won contests before he is no match for Jun Hao. This makes Yun Xi down and she sits at a corner. Zi Qian finally finds her and wonders why she sits alone in the corner. She confesses that she has not been in the public for long and is unused to the attention. He understands and holds her hand. Both leave as he doesn't wish to make her unhappy. (It is so sweet to see how he worries when she is not back and he searches for her.)

Once they leave, Tian Yu steps in and they press her to wear the bikini. Jun Hao suddenly arrives in a limo and gives Tian Yu a white rose, hugging her close to him. When asked to shoot the darts that Zi Qian has fixed on the board, Tian Yu nearly trips but he holds her. She tries to dissuade him but he returns her a warm smile. Suddenly his face turns serious as he holds the darts. All are speechless upon seeing him hitting all. They finally believe that he is Jun Hao and he also coaxes Tian Yu to give him a kiss.

Zi Qian still remembers that Yun Xi said that she loves people playing darts when she was 12. He is delighted when she expresses her happiness for the first time since Jun Hao's disappearance. They hold each other's hands in the car for the first time. It is now when she discovers that her engagement ring is missing and they rush back to the party.

Michael and An Fen try hard to convince others that Jun Hao and Tian Yu are cheats. Michael invites Tian Yu to a dance and comments how uncultured she is. She can never fit into the upper class. Jun Hao sees what has happened and frowns upon seeing her stepping on his feet. He then invites An Fen to dance with him. He finds a chance to push her to Michael to hold Tian Yu back. He teases her for finally getting a chance to dance with a rich man. She grumbles as she isn't nervous with Michael but with him.

Both smile at each other and put their noses close. Just then, Li Xin runs to the venue with an Asia hotel magazine, claiming Jun Hao to be an imposter. But the magazine shows Jun Hao's face instead. Many have not seen Jun Hao before as he keeps a low profile. Jun Hao is afraid that his identity will be revealed and gets away. She is stunned to see the limo. Just when they leave, Zi Qian is back with Yun Xi.

Yun Xi finds the ring in the toilet and Zi Qian is stunned to know that Tian Yu has been here with Jun Hao earlier. He is speechless. Tian Yu and Jun Hao think that the photo is done by Zheng Zhe through computer effects. Jin Zhi jumps upon getting the bill because Jun Hao borrows the suit and the car under her name. Tian Yu doesn't wish to lose the feeling of being a rich person and refuses to return home. They pass by an empty bungalow and Tian Yu is so stupid to climb over the wall while the gate isn't locked.

Both get the wine from there and she wonders if he is really a prince to rescue her every time. Moreover, he is so refined to know hotel management and is knowledgeable. Will he revert to his old ways if he is really rich? Has he remembered anything? He denies and when she is about to give him a kiss, he thinks that men should take the initiative as a man and he kisses her. Tian Yu is happy to know that the hospital kiss is real.

Both return home to get punished to mop the floor till dawn. Zi Qian suspect that the person is really Jun Hao and drives to Guan Mei Hotel. Shun Ming diverts him away but he isn't easily appeased. After meeting Li Xin on the way, he is definite that he is Jun Hao. Jun Hao and Tian Yu announce to others that they are in love now. Tian Yu lies to Zi Qian that Ah Sheng is Jun Hao and Zi Qian finally loses his temper. He finally sees Jun Hao and Shun Ming has to admit that he covers up to keep his hotel.

The staff guesses what goes wrong and Tian Yu guesses wrongly that Zi Qian is unhappy that he dislikes her to just ask someone to impersonate his boss. Zi Qian refuses to believe that Jun Hao has lost his memory and insists of bringing him home. He even puts the blame on Tian Yu but Jun Hao can't remember anything and refuses to leave Tian Yu. He even tells Zi Qian to leave since he makes so many unhappy. He can't believe that he has a fianc?

He even says that he values Tian Yu and even thinks that Yun Xi has done too much. Zi Qian gets so mad that he punches him. Zi Qian believes that Tian Yu deliberately keeps Jun Hao and she can't explain that. Jun Hao has helped Shun Ming all along and now he feels weird after knowing his identity. But he deems the joy more important to him now and can't bear to leave. He believes that losing his memory is to let himself stop to consider his actions. Shun Ming accidentally trips off the stairs and gets hurt.

Shun Ming admits his selfish reason but wishes Jun Hao to forgive Tian Yu. Jun Hao knows Tian Yu well to know that her act is unintentional so he forgives her. Zi Qian can't tolerate Jun Hao for forgetting Yun Xi and drives fast to vent his anger. Mrs Xu is out of danger and Yun Xi is taking care of her. She learns from the nurse that Zi Qian keeps the paper windmill. She recalls how Jun Hao discards it after a while while Zi Qian values it. She is touched and decides to accept him and he is torn but decides not to hurt her.

Michael holds a meeting at Senwell. Ming Han is shocked that he has seen Ming Hao. But upon recalling the day he tries to pull down the hotel, there is still the possibility. Tian Yu is angry with Jun Hao for returning home late but she admits her mistake to him. He is firm not to desert her to make her happy. He wants her to dress beautifully the next day. She is touched but also wishes that he will return to Yun Xi. Jun Hao smiles forcefully and is considering ways to prevent her from getting hurt.

Both go out and she discovers that he wants her to give all invitation cards to tour agencies to have a vacation at Guan Mei village 'to have a feel that it is their second home. She lacks the confidence and he gives her encouragement to finish the task. Zi Qian brings Yun Xi for rock climbing and his swift action wins attraction from a woman. Yun Xi isn't happy and keys in Ming Han's number into the woman's handphone. Zi Qian is delighted that she is tense with him talking to other women now.

Both are happily chatting and eating cakes when Yun Xi sees Jun Hao with Tian Yu. She runs out but both have left in their jeep. She can't control her heart, wanting to see Jun Hao again. She pesters Zi Qian to search for him with her. He has to reveal reluctantly that he has lost his memory but she refuses to listen to his explanation. She blames him for harbouring motives and gives him a slap 'saying that she will still love Jun Hao 100 years later!

Ming Han tails Jun Hao and Tian Yu to discover the truth. He informs the directors but the two threatens him that he should let Jun Hao disappear. This will help to prevent him from returning to Senwell. Ming Han feels that they should not use despicable methods. Jun Hao doesn't recognize Yun Xi when she comes to Guan Mei Hotel - even after she shows the ring. Tian Yu requests a day to be with Jun Hao.

Jun Hao doesn't know his birthday and all celebrate with him. Jin Zhi and Zheng Zhe return his things to him. Yun Xi puts Jun Hao's photos at home and Zi Qian helps out. The selfish woman wants him to forget what happens between them. Zi Qian agrees reluctantly and Ming Han tries to create discord between him and Jun Hao. Zi Qian is unmoved and isn't interested in power struggles.

Tian Yu sends Jun Hao home after they play at the amusement park for a day. They promise each other to go there when they are unhappy. Yun Xi is delighted to meet him but he is cold to ask how she tricks Tain Yu to get him back. Seeing that it is getting dark and Tian Yu is afraid of it, he decides to leave. Zi Qian is angry and tries to stop him to get hit. Jun Hao stops Tian Yu in the public bus and both quarrel on the street. She shields him and gets hit by a car (The driver is black bear in - MVP Valentine? He uses a baseball bat to knock him out 'the two Senwell directors plan to sell him to China.

They never expect the middleman to be Flush. Flush sends him to hospital. Tian Yu is also sent here but Jun Hao doesn't recognize her when he wakes up. He even calls Da Wei to get him home. Da Wei even thinks the call is from the two directors who want to fire him for supporting Jun Hao. The doctor discloses that the hit makes him recover his memory but will forget what happens when he has amnesia. Yun Xi is glad and hugs him when he shows her his usual warm smile.

Jun Hao asks what happens to his parents. Mrs Shan has gone on a trip but Zi Qian tells him that Mr Shan is dead. Jun Hao is so agitated and needs to put on drip. Yun Xi and Zi Qian don't wish to let the matter come into the limelight to discharge him. Zi Qian discovers that Tian Yu is also hospitalized. Zi Qian smells a rat but still informs her family and wants the nurse to take care of her. Yun Xi wants David and Zi Qian to keep everything from Jun Hao. They know this isn't right but she feels that Tian Yu is completely erased from Jun Hao's memory and she is the cause of the tragedy. Zi Qian has to give in to her.

Zi Qian discovers that Flush is seriously injured by his gang for letting Jun Hao off. He informs Zi Qian that the two directors are behind it. Zi Qian tells Tian Yu to forget everything without telling her that Jun Hao has forgetten every moment with her. Tian Yu feels it is unfair but has to accept it. The nurse finds the ring that is loose from her finger and she puts it back again. All directors are shocked to see Jun Hao in the office. Jun Hao resents Ming Han to seize his position when he is away. Both guys agree to compete for the GM post 3 days later. (Another heated argument goes again when Jun Hao sits on the chair.)

The media is attracted by the news. The Shans have dinner and Zi Qian admits that Flush is behind Jun Hao's kidnap but he has repaid by saving him. Jun Hao is unappreciative and he vows to seek revenge as he breaks up his family. Zi Qian finds him too cold and doesn't fight hard for the person he regards important. If he doesn't give up, he will lose someone who supports him all along. Jun Hao doesn't understand why he is willing to give up their friendship because of Flush.

Guan Mei staff reads the papers to know what happens. Tian Yu wants the rest not to mention about him again. Ming Han finds out from them what Jun Hao has helped them in the past and deliberately wants them to turn up for the directors?meeting to 'support?Jun Hao. Senwell staff sees the two GMs and have to greet them together. Jun Hao is confident of winning and wants Ming Han to enjoy the status for the last few minutes. Ming Han pretends to be magnanimous to be featured with him in the same photo.

Jun Hao is arrogant in the conference room, pointing out his future plans and how incompetent Ming Han is during his absence. Ming Han rebukes that he fails as Jun Hao helps Guan Mei Hotel. The staff comes in to reveal this and Jun Hao doesn't know how to react. Tian Yu apologises to the directors. Jun Hao maintains that he will not have any relations with the lower class. He admits knowing Tian Yu as a cheat and his ring is still on her finger. Tian Yu can't believe these heartless words come from Jun Hao.

But upon sensing the board doesn't seem to want him as the GM, she has to admit as the truth but all agree that Ming Han is the best choice. Zi Qian comes on time to reveal the truth with Flush and the police is investigating the matter. Jun Hao merges as the winner and promises not to pursue the matter. Ming Han hints Zi Qian is working for his enemy and he is still unmoved. Ming Han vows to find evidence and Jun Hao is angry that all keep the truth from him. He doesn't want someone to threaten him over this.

Tian Yu learns from Da Wei that Jun Hao is the one who sends her to the concert and gets her the dress. There is a kind part in Jun Hao that no one knows which is revealed after he loses his memory. Da Wei is speechless 'she is the first person to say that Jun Hao is nice but he can't bring himself to tell her the truth. So he only tells her that she has to be prepared to face a changed Jun Hao.

He arranges Tian Yu to meet him by the pool. Yun Xi wants to stop him but Zi Qian feels it is time for him to settle it. The two meet and he wants to bribe her with NT$800 million to prevent mentioning about the past. Tian Yu nearly falls into the pool and he pulls her. He seems to find a familiar feeling but says that he doesn't wish her to dirty his pool. Tian Yu doesn't believe that he has changed so much and gets into the pool. The producer copies the idea from - Lovers In Paris??even the way that she slips backwards is the same. But alas - he is unlike the caring Qi Zhu but to walk away after saying that she dirties the pool.

Zi Qian is angry with the heartless Jun Hao after pulling her out of the pool and putting a towel over her. Even though he might dislike Tian Yu he shouldn't have hurt her dignity as she has saved him before. Jun Hao thinks that he wants to use Tian Yu to come between him and Yun Xi so he gets furious too. Zi Qian is furious - is it really a disgrace of Jun Hao to be a simple person there? He regrets his choice getting him back as Jun Hao seems to be happier at Guan Mei Hotel.

Zi Qian decides to resign and Jun Hao finally loses his cool to give him a punch on his lips. He only agrees to let Zi Qian go on long leave and he walks out with Yun Xi. Zi Qian sends Tian Yu home in his car and she is grateful to him being the first person to console her. She finally realizes from Zi Qian what has happened to Jun Hao and is upset but is relieved that he is healthy. She calls the radio station using his handphone, dedicating a song to herself over the breakup.

Instead of being moved, Jun Hao is furious that she breaks her promise of not revealing a word of his stay in Guan Mei to the public. The two directors and Ming Han decide to make use of this scandal to force Jun Han to drop the charges against them. Tian Yu can read Zi Qian's mind to know that he loves Yun Xi. She deduces that he is too close to Yun Xi and thus she can't see his merits. He is just too convenient for her.

She brings him home and Jin Zhi locks them in the same room, hoping that this will make him her prospective son-in-law. He suddenly finds that Tian Yu is quite a nice girl and both promise to be lovers if they cannot find their true love within 3 months. Mrs Shan is worried when Zi Qian doesn't return her calls and Jun Hao thinks that she is overly concerned. Mrs Shan can't explain her guilt.

You will laugh 'tian Yu boasts that she will only go for rich guys. Zi Qian makes a calculation - he has only NT$100,000 in his account but he has 30 million in his Swiss and another US60 million in his US account. He intends to give a castle to his future wife after marriage. So is this enough? Sigh - her greedy nature surfaces again when she keeps nodding??

Jun Hao comes with Lawyer Yan (this fellow is strict indeed!). They decide to cordon the whole village - he believes that the government will accept his decision then. Zi Qian brings Tian Yu back after curing her hangover. Jun Hao is surprised that Zi Qian decides to stay and help them but he reminds him to return to Senwell after he has enough fun. Zi Qian is angry - is he trying to erase all his memory of Guan Mei? Zheng Zhe bursts his car tyre and Jun Hao thinks that Tian Yu is the culprit. She angrily admits it.

He returns to see Ming Han in the office. Ming Han uses the information to threaten him but he refuses to give in. There is no way that he can give way to the directors as he and Mr Shan have given them too many chances. After getting him out, he feels exhausted and feels his temple. Yun Xi notices that and he wonders if this is why he returns from Guan Mei.

Da Wei feels bad when the whole hotel is being transferred into Senwell's hands. Lawyer Yan refuses to let the staff keep anything - not even a towel or a spoon for remembrance. The staff decides to kidnap Lawyer Yan but knock out Da Wei instead. Nevertheless, they tie him up. Jin Zhi prepares a spread and all think that it is like having the last meal here. Zi Qian knows about the invitation of the hotel people to Guan Mei and decides to help along with the plan. Tian Yu decides to send the last card to Jun Hao. Zi Qian brings Jin Zhi and Zheng Zhe to look for her with his assistant, Gary's help.

She sneaks into the lift to give Jun Hao. Jun Hao wonders who teaches her to talk to him sincerely and she replies that it is him when he accepts the card. The lift breaks down and she gets hysterical as his handphone shows no signal. Jun Hao hugs her unknowingly to pacify her. Avoiding her glances which remind herself of the past, he decides to push her out but she falls on top of him! (So funny - normally guys will do that to women and not the other way round.) He dislikes the way she looks at him and finally gets her out while he is still trapped. While waiting, he discovers her amulet and keeps it.

Jin Zhi and Zheng Zhe happen to see the directors bullying Mrs Shan so they come to her rescue. They ask for a monetary reward and she looks down on them. Upon knowing that they are related to Tian Yu, her impression becomes worse. Jun Hao wants the staff to make sure that the lift breakdown will not happen again. Seeing her blouse dirtied, he gives her NT1000 but she rejects it. Upon seeing her humiliated by Mrs Shan, Jin Zhi throws back the money at Jun Hao and leaves, telling Zi Qian to come for dinner again. Mrs Shan and Yun Xi try in vain to dissuade Zi Qian from going. He finds the villagers very simple and likes being with them. He knows now why Jun Hao likes Tian Yu.

Jun Hao calls Da Wei when he isn't back for the day and learns that he is being kidnapped. The staff ties him up but feed him with nice food. Jun Hao arrives with others to find that they are playing cards together. Jun Hao walks away with a grim face but suddenly gets close to Tian Yu. He is not trying to kiss her but is trying to remove the slip of Senwell declaration slip away. He gives them time to continue the presentation.

Tian Yu tries to give Jun Hao the ring back but he will not take anything that is touched. Da Wei thinks that he is moody because he makes him unhappy but he is upset because Tian Yu tries to give the ring back. Zi Qian rushes back to see Jun Hao on the way and is equally surprised to know his decision and tells him that he has decided to help them with the plan.

Mrs Shan is unhappy - why is Jun Hao giving them a hopeless chance? Mrs Shan decides to push ahead with the marriage plans to stop tongues from wagging. Jun Hao isn't happy but he gives in. Yun Xi is upset that Jun Hao never says touching words to her in the past but to Tian Yu. Tian Yu wishes Zi Qian to throw the ring for her and when he does it, she yells. Actually he still has it but now attaches the ring to his necklace. He puts it on her neck - now it is not Jun Hao's gift but his gift for her. She is very touched and hugs him for being so nice to her.

Jun Hao has a meeting with his assistants. Queen Hotel, which is inferior to them, has better business than them lately. Why? Yun Xi informs him that his disappearance causes it. Jun Hao asks for Zi Qian's opinion unknowingly. Gary and others stare at him so he quickly gets Gary to replace Zi Qian temporary. Gary suggests him to accept Hotel Asia's interview. The public has been curious to meet him as he keeps a low profile 'some even think that he doesn't exist.

Jun Hao agrees to it but later asks Da Wei - will others think that he begs for an interview? Da Wei doesn't think that way as it is Zi Qian who arranges it. He welcomes a change in him - Jun Hao uses to go what he wants and now he listens to advice. Jun Hao wants him to get ready the hotel details to make others know the management principles. Jun Hao touches the amulet and takes it out to look at it. Zi Qian and others prepare the setting and touches Tian Yu's hand unknowingly - both feel shy over it.

Jun Hao sees the staff still discussing over the preparation for Quan's arrival late at night. Quan is the publisher for Hotel Asia and they must show him their best service during his stay. They lament that Zi Qian isn't here as they don't know Jun Hao's preference. Jun Hao walks in - why not ask him directly as he doesn't wish them to disturb Zi Qian who is on leave? He gets Da Wei to arrange refreshments and he is startled 'this hasn't happened before but he obeys.

Jun Hao tells them to relax to ask him questions as he will pretend that they are Quan. All look at him timidly and one asks if she can have a raise. Jun Hao looks at her silently and then gives a warm smile. This gives all reassurance as they discuss other questions. Early next day, all get ready for Quan's arrival. Quan's arrival is a grand one (Really with style!) He steps out of his car with shades and refuses to shake Jun Hao's hand. He asks why Jun Hao decides to accept his interview after a few rejections.

Jun Hao senses his hostility and says nothing, except to send him to stay in the presidential suite. Quan is cold although he says that it is a pleasure for him to meet him. Jun Hao says that he is sure that Tian Yu's efforts will go down the drain but he still sends Da Wei to check out. Da Wei finds that everything goes on smoothly and although he tries to act cool as Jun Hao's representative, he can't resist the temptation when the staff tells him that they have prepared a special portion for him in the kitchen. Jun Hao's mind isn't there when he takes wedding photos with Yun Xi. He lies that he has a meeting and leaves. Yun Xi discovers that he has left the Guan Mei Hotel invitation card behind and is upset. Jun Hao starts to think - Guan Mei village has 136 people which is so much lesser than his staff.

All go smoothly until all suffer from food poisoning at night - with Da Wei as the start as he rushes to the counter. The cause is due to the sauce that Tong Luo has given to the chef to cook with the food. Jun Hao sees this and tells them to call the ambulance. He also gets Tian Yu to bring samples of food to the hospital for the test. They find out the cause but everything is doomed when the guests refuse to accept the apology.

Jun Hao reprimands Tian Yu for causing the mishap but goes personally to apologise to them as he expresses that Guan Mei is part of Senwell. He has seen how the staff works hard and thus he decides to accept the responsibility. The guests are moved and decide to sign a long term contract with Guan Mei. Tian Yu thanks Jun Hao and accepts her failure. Jun Hao decides to let Guan Mei continue its management which makes her delighted.

Tong Kuo thinks that he is bullying her upon seeing them chatting so he splashes him with a pail of water. Tian Yu gives him his clothes and all think that - he?is back when he accepts an order for Jin Zhi. No, he is still cold to disappoint all. Jun Hao asks Tian Yu how the past him is like so she tells her but requests him to be hers for a few seconds. He agrees and hugs her. Yun Xi sees this, calls him and gets annoyed when he still lies that he is having a meeting.

Zi Qian sees them and gets jealous too to ask Tian Yu to be his girlfriend. He will let her work in Senwell as his personal assistant. Jun Hao is a fair person so he can't say no but he is sure that she will not stay long there. Jun Hao is distracted on his return and Yun Xi knows his lies by kissing on his forehead. He apologises to Yun Xi and she hopes this is the last time he lies.

Tian Yu is afraid of seeing Jun Hao but still urges to see him. Jin Zhi tells her to go and she feels that she is unfair to treat Zi Qian as a spare tyre so they stick to the old deal to be friends for 3 months first. Zi Qian drags Tian Yu into the lift to be with Jun Hao and Yun Xi. Jun Hao allows it but is disturbed to see both holding hands in front of him. Yun Xi points out that she has no qualifications to be a personal assistant and Jun Hao has never liked a person to work through connections.

Although uneasy, both guys allow her to - groom'tian Yu. The captain, Ada gives her a hard time but she is still positive. A chambermaid refuses to clean Jun Hao's room as he scolds her earlier - he has scared her to trip over a pail of water to wet the floor in his office. They think that he will never smile and tian Yu smiles as they have not seen another side of him.

Quan causes disturbance to the other guests staying on the same level with him. He opens a party, drinks with 2 pretty chicks and switches on loud music. Quan points out that their service lacks professionalism and Zi Qian agrees to transfer him to stay in the presidential suite suite, just like Queen hotel. Zi Qian tries to suppress Jun Hao's anger.

Tian Yu is commanded to clear Jun Hao's office and she looks at his photo taken with Yun Xi. She takes it to have a look and drops it when Yun Xi demands to know what she is doing. She gets mad with Tian Yu, thinking that she does it deliberately. Yun Xi takes that the old papers on Jun Hao's table is trash and tells her to throw them away. Jun Hao has wanted to make use of these documents to give Quan as materials for the interview. When he discovers the handwritten copy missing, he gets worried.

Yun Xi pushes all the blame to Tian Yu. When Jun Hao manages to find her, the papers have already been shred to pieces. Jun Hao scolds her and even Yun Xi is startled by his fiery temper. He has never allowed anyone to touch his table and he only has a copy of it - how does he ever agree to Zi Qian's suggestion that she is a natural hotelier and allows her to work for him? Tian Yu decides to paste all piece by piece so Zi Qian sits to help her out. (This reminds me of how Qi Zhu helps Tai Ling to paste the names too.)

Jun Hao relies on his memory to retrieve the details to save in his laptop. Yun Xi wants to wait for him to knock off but he tells her to return home in Da Wei's car. Waiting is a long and boring process so he wants her to do what she wants. She doesn't have to accommodate him in everything. Yun Xi discovers that he has changed a lot?not because of her but because of Tian Yu.

Jun Hao returns to see an old lady selling apples at the entrance and the staff tries in vain to get her to leave. He buys all the apples and gives to the staff after taking 2 with him. He sees Tian Yu sleeping and shakes his head - only she can do such a foolish act. He places it beside her and she wakes up sleepishly, asking why he hasn't slept. Jun Hao suddenly feels touched but thinks of what Yun Xi tells him so he decides to go ahead with his wedding. So he tells Zi Qian to inform the press for him.

Zi Qian returns with 2 cups of coffee and finds the apple. He asks why there is none for him and tells Tian Yu the sad news. Still, he helps her in the work. Jin Zhi and Zheng Zhe bring breakfast for Tian Yu to discover that she keeps from them to be a chambermaid. They leave quietly to save her pride. The next day, Zi Qian jokingly wants a kiss on his cheek as compensation. He is too tall and Tian Yu can't reach. Then he turns around and kisses her accidentally!

Both blush but Zi Qian decides that they have proceeded as fast as he expects. Jun Hao is about to talk to her but feels a pang of jealousy upon seeing this to hide away. When she gives him the amended copy, he deliberately says that it is useless and puts it aside. Yun Xi has wanted to chase her out of Senwell but Jun Hao discovers excitedly that there is a portion that he can't recall to quickly use it. Da Wei quickly defends Tian Yu, saying that she isn't that useless after all to annoy Yun Xi.

Tian Yu sleeps in the garden and Zi Qian is amused that she isn't afraid of him but Ada. He is of a higher post than her so why is this so? Nevertheless, he lends her his shoulder to lean on and sleep. Jun Hao is jealous again and deliberately announces in front of her by holding Yun Xi's hand that they are getting married. Quan is late for the interview and is arrogant to ask for a fee.

Jun Hao refuses to give in and he threatens to reveal his stay in Guan Mei as revenge. Jun Hao can't suppress his anger and punches him on his face. Tian Yu also splashes a pail of water on him for revenge. Yun Xi scolds her for creating trouble and demands her to clean the floor. Quan holds a conference to tell all not to patronize Senwell. Zi Qian wants Jun Hao to make a public apology but he refuses. Zi Qian gets furious - what is wrong of giving money as the world is doing this everywhere?

He wishes for once that Ming Han is the GM as he will never lose his temper to hit anyone. Ming Han will definitely apologise to do anything for Senwell. Mrs Shan wants to do on his behalf as the chairman but Da Wei advises against it as people will think that Jun Hao is evading responsibility. Jun Hao is moody when sitting in the garden. Tian Yu also tells him to apologise as he lacks knowledge. How can he fight with a dog 'the past him will agree with her.

Jun Hao tells her that he doesn't like to apologise. She writes the word - heart?on his palm. He mustn't be stubborn and let his heart decide what to do. He is in a fix - how can he apologise to a jerk. She tells him to think of those around him to understand how they feel. Tian Yu learns that Zi Qian has arranged a conference for Jun Hao. If he doesn't turn u, it will lose its significance. Tian Yu has an idea 'she wants Zi Qian to bring her back to Guan Mei to persuade Jin Zhi and Feng Jiao to act out in front of the crowd.

Jun Hao only apologises for his act but not to Quan. The reporters then see the act and Quan is furious to decide to combine forces with Ming Han to deal with Jun Hao. Yun Xi thinks that Zi Qian thinks of the idea but is dismayed to know that Tian Yu is behind it. Jun Hao thanks Tian Yu for it and is so tired that he leans on her back??folks 'this is nothing romantic as they are sitting back to back. He has not slept for 2 days so Tian Yu doesn't bear to wake him up.

When he opens his eyes, he chides her for not waking him and she jokes that he drools in his sleep. He quickly checks himself and is amused to be made fun of. Tian Yu's legs become numb and can't walk. He carries her and she sleeps. He also knows that she has not slept for 2 days. He gets Ada to open a room and puts her on the bed. She mumbles in her sleep that he should not treat her so well. Jun Hao tells Ada to stand guard outside the room to prevent anyone from waking Tian Yu up.

Zi Qian is annoyed to know this. He warns Jun Hao not to provoke Tian Yu anymore. If he keeps getting near her, she can't forget him and this is also unfair to Yun Xi. Jun Hao asks back why he doesn't make Tian Yu leave the company but Zi Qian doesn't wish to lose a good staff. Zi Qian knows Tian Yu's position in his heart. He flares up when others want him to apologise. But a few words of Tian Yu change his mind completely. Although he is more humane now, he isn't that sincere to Yun Xi now. He wants Jun Hao to think for Yun Xi 'the 2 guys are not aware that Yun Xi has overheard everything.

Zi Qian gives Tian Yu a new handphone as a present through the annoyed Ada to thank her for the help. (It is so cute as he attaches a ribbon to it and calls her giving both a shock when talking for their backs. He also encourages Tian Yu to take up the promotion test and he offers to give her tuition at his home. Mrs Shan praises Jun Hao's act but isn't happy with Jin Zhi's appearance.

Jun Hao reveals that Tian Yu is behind it and Yun Xi says bad words about her but Jun Hao protects her instead. Yun Xi shows him the photo that both have taken before in the amusement park. She expresses her worry to see them so close so he burns it to disperse her worry. Tian Yu comes to Zi Qian's home to find that all things belong to him alone but he is used to loneliness.

Mrs Shan's birthday is approaching and wants Zi Qian to be home for dinner. Zi Qian informs her that he will introduce an important person to her and buys a dress for Tian Yu, telling her that he needs her for a dinner appointment. Jun Hao wants a maid to help out at his home on that day. Tian Yu is selected but she doesn't dare to tell Zi Qian about it. Zi Qian insists of waiting for her to finish her work before going over.

Tian Yu screams upon seeing Jun Hao baring his torso to sleep in bed. He is amused when she trips and falls over him. Jin Zhi is worried upon knowing her assignment and decides to help. Her worry is not for nothing as Jun Hao frowns upon seeing how she mixes the egg shell to fry a salted egg for him and he doesn't like the 3 in 1 coffee that she prepares for him. Jun Hao accompanies Tian Yu to buy groceries and she buys an extra set of toiletries for Zi Qian.

Jun Hao gets jealous and when seeing her squeezing through the crowd to get cheap onions, he shakes his head. He helps her to adjust her messy hair and she has the wrong feeling that he is back again. Tian Yu meets some gangsters on the way home and Jun Hao helps to drive them away. What an absurd excuse the gangsters give 'they want to collect payment from lovers.

The two kiss but suddenly Jun Hao tells her to run away. Tian Yu runs back to get hit although Jun Hao manages to subdue them. She pretends to injure her arm and he quickly throws down the package to examine her - injury? She realizes he is actually concerned about her but he only acts cool. She wants him to smile more often otherwise he looks like an old man. He smiles upon hearing that. When reaching home, Jin Zhi and Zheng Zhe mess up his home but he doesn't get angry.

He is puzzled why his reaction is like this and he starts to feel that Tian Yu is special. Tian Yu feels bad and asks Jun Hao which sticker he prefers 'the one on kitty or the one on the frog. He is amused as this is given free with the things they have bought. Both smile at each other so Zheng Zhe and Jin Zhi are sure that they will become an item back soon.

Jun Hao comes out to receive Mrs Shan and Yun Xi. Mrs Shan chooses a pearl necklace for Yun Xi and wants Jun Hao to put it on her. But it suddenly becomes lose and all the pearls scatter all over the place. Yun Xi has a bad phenomenon. Jin Zhi sees Mrs Shan's ring and tries it but she can't take it off. The two women aren't happy to see Tian Yu and Jin Zhi but Jun Hao protects them. Zi Qian hears the commotion when he comes but pretends nothing has happened. He even introduces Tian Yu as his girlfriend. Mrs Shan can't accept it and Jun Hao is down.

Zi Qian already finds out from Ada about Tian Yu coming over and comes along with her dress. Yun Xi suddenly treats her well to give her a pair of earrings and also helps her in the dressing. She is often guilty towards Zi Qian and hopes Tian Yu can provide him happiness. After making up, Tian Yu's beauty stuns Jun Hao and Yun Xi detects it. Zi Qian is disappointed to see the earrings. Mrs Shan quarrels with Jin Zhi over the ring and says that she is a thief.

Yun Xi wants Jun Hao to dismiss Tian Yu but Jun Hao points out that Jin Zhi's finger is read and swollen. This shows that she wants to remove the ring in vain. So he allows them to bring it back a few days later. Yun Xi is angry with Jun Hao always defending Tian Yu. Jun Hao has said that the engagement represents true love but Jun Hao has not put it on for her as she puts it on herself.

Jun Hao gets furious - is this ring can determine everything, so when Tian Yu picks it and can't remove it, does that imply that she is his true love? When the words come out from his mouth, he is shocked. Yun Xi then realizes that such a thing has happened. She removes the ring sadly and returns to him - so his heart has moved for her. He can't answer and leaves. Jun Hao recalls the times and comes to the provision shop.

Zi Qian wants Tian Yu to agree to date and start a family with him. He hopes she will throw away the ring one day. He throws the earrings away - he has bought them for Yun Xi's birthday present according to her lucky stone. Tian Yu jumps and can't find them in vain 'they are quite expensive. Tian Yu gives him the toiletries and he is touched to kiss her. But both can sense that something is lacking.

Tian Yu comes to the empty bungalow and hears someone playing the piano. She is shocked to see Jun Hao there. He reveals that Tian Yu changes his heart beat and hinders his thoughts. She makes him always thinking of her. He picks the ring she drops on the ground and learns that she is his love. This comes true the first day they meet and he wants to wear it on her finger.

Tian Yu declares that she only likes him in the past and he is in a different world from her now so she rejects him. Jun Hao asks 'since it doesn't bother her, why keep on wearing it over her neck? She then throws the ring into the pool and he quickly jumps into the pool to look for it. He only manages to find Zi Qian's necklace but not the ring. Tian Yu leaves quietly. Quan and Ming Han want to ruin Jun Hao so they decide to look for Yuan Xun who knows the gas explosion incident.

Jun Hao returns home wet. He wants Yun Xi to reconsider their marriage. He feels that they are only talking about responsibility and not love. Yun Xi refuses and wants him to be responsible to care for Senwell's reputation. Mrs Shan also supports her. Tian Yu hands in her resignation later and returns the ring. Yun Xi invites her to her wedding. The toolbox from the ceiling is going to drop on Yun Xi so Tian Yu pushes her aside. But she ends up breaking into a glass door and faints.

Tian Yu is hurt by the tool box on her left hand. Ada is the witness but tells Jun Hao that Tian Yu does it deliberately. Jun Hao carries Yun Xi to hospital but he refuses to believe it. Upon seeing her injury, he gets Da Wei to give medicine to apply on her hand but Tian Yu is remorseful and refuses to let him touch her. Zi Qian sees the tools box and knows what really happens. He tends to her wound and Jun Hao is upset.

Yun Xi's shoulder and back need 67 stitches so her confidence is shaken. Mrs Shan vents her anger on Tian Yu. She also blames the guys and chases Tian Yu out. Tian Yu is unhappy so Zi Qian cheers her up by kicking balls. Actually he is also worried about Yun Xi. Yun Xi ignores Jun Hao when he visits her so Jun Hao calls Tian Yu but she refuses to listen to his calls.

Yun Xi screams upon seeing the wounds on her shoulder and neck. Zi Qian consoles her and covers up her wound when Jun Hao comes in. She begs him to have the wedding and doesn't mind him getting along with Tian Yu. It seems that she has lost her mind. Zi Qian points out that Jun Hao doesn't treasure her to cancel the wedding and she can break down any minute. He will not return Tian Yu to Jun Hao and he wants Jun Hao to treat Yun Xi well.

Director Lin begs Jun Hao for forgiveness but Jun Hao drives him away. Ming Han manages to find Ding Yuan Xun to know of the gas explosion case. Yun Xi is discharged and she tries on the wedding gown. Mrs Shan wants Jun Hao to take back the fixed necklace and he goes reluctantly. Jun Hao is unhappy to be unable to find Tian Yu's ring and wonders if he should also discard the memory of her. When he is at the shop, a cleaner comes to tell Tian Yu's ring that she finds at the bottom of the pool after she clears the water. Jun Hao's heart raises hope.

He brings it to see Tian Yu for the last time. Before meeting her, he isn't sure of the past and future. He is only sure that he likes her and his memory only has her. This is enough for him but Tian Yu says that he isn't the person she knows. Jun Hao hopes that he can return to the past by apologizing to her for his harsh words and takes out the ring. It is back with him and does this signify hope?

He lets her decide what to do. But Tian Yu doesn't need this anymore. Sje even throws the amulet and the ring into the sea to leave to upset him. Tian Yu returns to the shop and sees Shun Ming with a document showing that Jun Hao has returned his shares to him. So whatever Shun Ming does has nothing to do with Senwell. This is the last gift he leaves to return to the past. Tian Yu is touched and realizes that he returns in the form of Jun Hao who loses his memory.

She runs to the sea to get back her amulet. Where is the ring? It is with Jun Hao who leaves sadly. Ming Han finds Yuan Xuan to persuade him to visit Mrs Xu. Upon seeing her being a vegetable, he is very remorseful of his action. Under Yao Rong's instructions, he wants to teach them a lesson to cause the tragedy instead. This results the Xu family's shares to be transferred to the Shans and not returned till now.

Zi Qian gets very worked up upon hearing that. Mrs Xu seems to hear it too to get agitated to die on the spot. Zi Qian doesn't say a word after this so the nurse quickly calls Tian Yu. Tian Yu stays by his side as he cries to sleep on Mrs Xu's bed, trying to remember her for the last time. He regrets his decision to want a train to lose his parents as exchange. Under Ming Han's instigation, Zi Qian decides to ask Mrs Shan about it at Jun Hao's wedding. Tian Yu feels worried and follows suit.

The two complete the wedding ceremony and Zi Qian demands to know how the share ownership change happens. When Mrs Shan becomes evasive to tell him to speak to her the next day, he decides to compare the signatures as he still keeps some documents signed by Mrs Xu. Tian Yu wants him to be calm and not be swayed by Ming Han. Zheng Zhe is Ming Shun's child but he doesn't believe it. Hatred will not solve it.

Tian Yu is upset over the wedding so Zi Qian holds her hand as she should look at him and not Jun Hao. Suddenly, Director Qiu tries to charge to Jun Hao with a knife. Tian Yu tries to protect him and luckily both are safe. Tian Yu gives him a slap for offending others to put his own life in danger. The him in the past will not be reckless. Jun Hao maintains that he isn't the one in the past and Tian Yu has given him up.

Tian Yu claims to forget him but he takes out the ring. Someone says that he can't forget true love. To give up isn't true love. Even after being thrown away 100 times, the ring still returns to him. The two confirm their love in front of the guests so Zi Qian and Yun Xi leave. TianYu reminds Jun Hao that he still has another ring on his hand so she can't return to him. Mrs Shan tells Jun Hao to look for Yun Xi but he can't find her anywhere with Da Wei. Tian Yu is apologetic to Zi Qian.

Zi Qian suggests a breakup and she feels that he behaves oddly so she reminds him not to do something that he will regret his whole life. Yun Xi returns home wet after Jun Hao and since Tian Yu can give Jun Hao happiness, she signs the divorce papers. Jun Hao rushes to tell Tian Yu the good news. Tian Yu climbs out of the window to fall on top of him AGAIN! He laments that she doesn't have a second posture to do that to him every time. They confirm each other's feelings for each other.

She tells him that she is back at the beach to try looking for him and thanks him for returning Guan Mei to Shun Ming. She has only loved him all along. Jun Hao kisses her on the forehead and hugs her in his arms. He is grateful to her for not giving him up and they sleep, leaning onto each other. All feel happy for them. Yun Xi leaves home and Zi Qian wants Mrs Shan to return to office to explain the gas explosion matter.

Ming Han appears with Yuan Xun and the truth is out. Yuan Xun offers to be responsible and reminds Ming Han not to let hatred blind his eyes. Jun Hao realizes that his parents treat Zi Qian especially well because they owe him too much. Zi Qian has assigned Lawyer Yan to sue Shan family but Jun Hao has no objections. He even offers to lease out his 30% shares so that Zi Qian can be Senwell's chairman.
Senwell's news of changing the Chairman and GM shocks Tian Yu. She runs to Zi Qian as she feels sorry for him, not knowing the pain he is facing. Zi Qian is angry upon knowing that she is here for Jun Hao and tells her that the feud between the two families can't be written off easily to disappoint her. Shan's family funds are frozen so Da Wei let Jun Hao and Mrs Shan leave the home by the back door as the court wants to calculate their assert values so that he can deal with the reports.

Jun Hao is no mood to listen to Tian Yu's calls. Tian Yu finds him on the street and his heart nearly stops upon seeing her crossing the road without looking! She has seen the worst of him and since Tian Yu's heart stays an angel, her heart has him - never gives up. Jun Hao looks at her sternly - what she has said??. He suddenly smiles and hugs her?'touches him. Tian Yu brings Jun Hao and Mrs Shan to her home.

Da Wei can't find Yun Xi and all make him stay for dinner with them. Mrs Shan doesn't feel comfortable in the surrounding. Jun Hao decides to ask Zi Qian the next day where Yun Xi can be and also to apologise for the tragedy. Tian Yu wants to stick beside him for not evading from responsibility. Zi Qian deliberately doesn't see them to make Jun Hao wait 3 hours for him.

Ming Hao thinks that Zi Qian will give him the GM post. This is hilarious - he stands up but Zi Qian says that he hasn't found the right person so he will be the GM too besides being the Chairman. Ming Han only gets back his AGM post so he is angry to accuse that he has forgotten about loyalty. Zi Qian says that he doesn't mind being the Chairman but he doesn't want Ming Han to get everything. Zi Qian tells Tian Yu that he will not meet someone who brings him agony.

Moreover, Tian Yu isn't with him at his most desperate moment. Tian Yu is alarmed that he has changed. Is this what he wants after losing the most precious thing after getting the world? He only ignores her. Yun Xi falls into the pond when she tries to retrieve the ring. Zi Qian rushes to hospital when the doctor contacts him after seeing his photo taken with her when young. He knows the reason of her drowning and sighs that she still can't forget Jun Hao.

Yun Xi is happy to see Jun Hao when she wakes up but is hostile to Tian Yu when she sees her. She even pushes Tian Yu's hand away when she offers to carry her luggage for her after her discharge. Jun Hao apologises to Tian Yu and he is puzzled why Yun Xi asks who Tian Yu is. Jun Hao can't find a job because of Zi Qian. Yun Xi doesn't even know that Jun Hao has lost his position.

Jun Hao returns and gets a call from Queen Anne-Marie Hotel's GM - Yuan Xing's call to engage him as the promotions manager. He is taken aback but decides to take the post. Yuan Xing is happy with Jun Hao coming up with a proposal in 1 night but Jun Hao realizes that Zi Qian arranges this to see his downfall. Zi Qian decides to sell all his shares to Yuan Xing. Jun Hao gets worked up but Tian Yu drags him away.

Yun Xi yells upon seeing the divorce papers. She doesn't believe that she signs it although Mrs Shan witnesses it. She even reprimands Tian Yu for causing it and pushes her down. Mrs Shan slaps her to calm her down and Jun Hao brings her to see a doctor upon seeing her so agitated. Ming Han tries in vain to dissuade Zi Qian to sell his shares away to vent his anger. Zi Qian thinks that his parents will survive if not for Senwell so he wants to ruin it.

Flush know that Zi Qian is unhappy and both end up fighting when he mentions that Zi Qian isn't as caring as before to vent anger on others. Da Wei also resigns from Senwell as he feels it is just not right not to have Jun Hao around. Zi Qian gets drunk and vents his anger on a little girl who tries selling flowers to him. Upon seeing her selling Yun Xi's favourite champagne roses, he lies bitterly in the rain.

The doctor believes that Yun Xi has not overcome the feeling of desertion when young and now the divorce causes the breakdown. The Yes'try to pretend that Jun Hao is important to them and is nor a burden as they have trouble making ends meet. Shun Ming wants to make use of the meteor shower to attract tourists. Jun Hao observes that they do not need his help. Yun Xi returns to the Shan residence to see that it is being locked. She thinks that the whole family abandons her and is robbed by two students.

She is brought back to the police station and has to ask Zi Qian for help. Zi Qian vents his anger on Jun Hao and refuses to let him take her away. But Yun Xi keeps asking for Jun Hao and he has no choice. When seeing them, she suddenly can't recognize them and pulls Zi Qian's sleeve. When Jun Hao touches her shoulder, she also retreats. Zi Qian is very angry and demands Jun Hao to leave Guan Mei. He can't bear to see Jun Hao staying happily with Tian Yu. If he stays, he will go after Shun Ming for his debt. So Jun Hao wants to leave.

Ming Han checks on Yuan Xing to find out that he has connections with the U.S. underworld. They even intend to change Senwell into a casino to turn illegal funds legally. He decides to try his best to stop this. Jun Hao has a romantic candlelight dinner with Tian Yu and wants her to to happy every day. Tian Yu is angry that he leaves the next day. She looks for Zi Qian and sees Ming Han quarreling with Zi Qian. Ming Han will not allow Senwell staff to be axed. Tian Yu can only see revenge in his eyes now.

Tian Yu wants Zi Qian not to hurt others and he tells her that he will leave after that. Tian Yu is sad when Jun Hao doesn't turn up for the meteor shower. Ming Haan wants to work with Jun Hao to preserve Senwell. Senwell is set up by their fathers and can't let it vanish like this. Jun Hao arrives to stop Zi Qian from signing with Yuan Xing. Mrs Shan is afraid that Jun Hao will be harmed and alerts Tian Yu and Da Wei. Jun Hao asks Zi Qian why they can't work together like their fathers.

Yuan Xing suggests Jun Hao to throw dart to seal the fate. He has known that his skill is superb and wants him to shoot the cigar that Ming Han holds. If he loses, even Ming Han's 30% shares will be his. When Jun Hao is about to throw it, Yuan Xing decides that it isn't thrilling enough. He wants Ming Han to be the thrower. Ming Han has never played before and feels scared. Jun Hao encourages him 'this only involves confidence and concentration and nothing else.

Ming Han shoots out and Zi Qian pushes Jun Hao aside upon seeing him in danger. Yun Xi is afraid that Zi Qian will be harmed and protects him. Yun Xi persuades Zi Qian not to sign the contract. She wears the ear rings that he gets for her when she finds them at the park. Zi Qian gives her the assurance - don't feel frightened as he is around to hold her hand. Yun Xi recalls the past and realizes that it is Zi Qian, not Jun Hao to be with her all along. Senwell has all her memories about him and he can't sell it.

Zi Qian then tells Yuan Xing that he wants to think over to anger him. Tian Yu and Da Wei pretend to be Japanese women and Tian Yu deliberately wets the contract. To protect Tian Yu from being beaten, Jun Hao protects her. Tian Yu gets her truck to send everyone away. But the truck has a punctured tyre and Yuan Xing's men injure her by throwing a stone which hits her temple. Jun Hao is worried when Tian Yu is in a coma for a month and he never leaves her side.

He keeps talking to her, hoping to wake her up. Zi Qian and Ming Han visit her. Ming Han is footing Tian Yu's hospitalization expenses. If not for him and Zi Qian to act as GM, Jun Hao will not be as free as the Chairman to have so much free time to accompany Tian Yu. Zi Qian wants to go on tour since Yun Xi is recovering and he hasn't seen her for a month. Ming Han tells him jokingly that he must not go for too long as he will not be able to cope with the work. Jin Zhi also gives her house key to welcome him home any time as all of them have treated him as one of them.

Yun Xi meets the guys and lets them know that she hasn't been contacting Zi Qian because she works to earn money to buy a set of lovers necklaces from Madam Ruby. She has said that lovers will never separate upon wearing them. She runs out upon knowing that Zi Qian is leaving. Ming Han jokingly says that he wants to bet that Zi Qian will stay. Jun Hao says that he will never bet as he also agrees with Ming Han. Sure enough, both guys see Yun Xi putting the necklace on Zi Qian and hugging together.

Jun Hao sleeps and dreams that Tian Yu stops breathing. This gives him a fright and he wakes up to find her empty bed. He runs out and sees Tian Yu standing there. He is delighted but she calls him a lecher and boxes him in the eye! She only recognizes others but not him. He decides to woo her again with the help of others. He stops the car by the roadside and deliberately wants to give her NT$100 to pay for her chewing gum. When it doesn't work, he pretends to leave on the ship but the others accidentally cause Li Xin to slip and fall into the water instead.

Jun Hao invites Tian Yu to play the piano with him. They are dressed in the formal costumes. Jun Hao takes out the - IOU?on how he steals her kiss. Tian Yu asks Jun Hao if he wants her to differentiate a kiss from CPR. The others deliberately splash artificial rain to stop her from leaving. Jun Hao invites her for a dance near the pool. But she is still cold towards him. As a last resort, he pretends that he is going to fall into the pool so that she can save her.

She quickly holds him by the waist and he hugs her back. She scolds him - doesn't he have enough of it since he swims to look for the ring the last time? He has seen through all her loopholes - differentiating a kiss from CPR, making waltz grand and also this sentence shows that she has recovered. He wants to know when she will stop pretending that she doesn't have amnesia. She complains that he always leaves without telling her and this hurts her. This is the best time to make sure that they don't owe each other.

Jun Hao is amused that she is too childish and chides her but he promises her that he will never leave her side. It is amusing as he really coaxes her like a child. He even returns her the kiss that he owes her, tearing the IOU into pieces. The others prepare for their wedding so Zi Qian and Yun Xi are back.

Da Wei is alarmed that Aunt Feng Jiao is interested in him as he treats her like his mother. She is so angry that she demands him to get the bouquet later. The rest wait in vain for the couple to arrive. Where are they? They are busy sending gas to the ghost land again. The two mothers quarrel - Mrs Shan accuses Jin Zhi for being stingy even on the big day while Jin Zhi sees nothing wrong getting earnings.

The couple is smartly dressed but they are trapped in the black hole again! Her wedding gown is torn. The hole still has the candles that Jun Hao lights up the last time. This is the most amusing ceremony that I have ever seen. Jun Hao lights the candles and says the vow to put the ring he prepares on Tian Yu's finger. Tian Yu adds the amulet on his finger as the ring. He is amused by the weird ring but accepts it. He wants to consummate their marriage in the hole and she yells in vain although it is unromantic.

Introduction on characters

1. Shan Jun Hao - Ming Dao
He is the only son of Mr Shan who owns a chain of hotels - Senwell. As the GM, he is very passionate and rules with an iron hand to make initiatives on his own. But he is a hard-handed person and makes many dislike him. There is no sympathy and softness in his world. He thinks that retrenchment, beggars and lowly paid workers exist because they don't work hard enough to become failures in life.

After his memory loss, he goes through a hard life to learn the difficulties he has to go through. He becomes gentle and considerate to be a changed man. He also realizes who he really loves to pursue true love. Many will love this character for having the brains and also being persistent in love.

Ming Dao proves his acting ability. He has won the 'best educational compere award' in 2004 for hosting. He plays second fiddle in 'Tian Guo De Jia Yi' and becomes an idol from there. This serial pushes him to greater heights to be a popular idol drama actor. He has done a wonderful job. His presentation of a snobbish and arrogant 'prince' is so successful and cold. But it is so hard to dislike him as he breathes life into this character - he is a strict boss but he is very caring to Yun Xi - wanting to give her the best. As the 'frog' he becomes a gentle and kind guy. Ming Dao dictates every word clearly due to his compere experience to cut an edge above the rest.

2. Xu Zi Qian - Wang Shao Wei
He is the image creativity director of Senwell. He is also in charge of PR. He has lots of creativity and is sociable. He has thought that it is better to have peace than having wars. So when Jun Hao is in the limelight, he prefers to stand aside to give up challenging him. That includes Yun Xi. But living off strangers and also his father's mysterious death bothers him to leave a scar in his heart. This becomes a bomb which explodes to cause him to have an opposite stand against Jun Hao later. But Tian Yu manages to wake him by treating him as her family.

Shao Wei improves slightly in his acting and dictation. His character is quite likeable although I prefer his shorter hair cut at the later part of the serial. But being an underdog doesn't help as he is overshadowed by Ming Dao. He does better in the latter scenes when he turns revengeful. I wish he tries harder in crying scenes - he is stiff in that area.

3. Ye Zheng Zhe - An Dong Ni
He is Tian Yu's younger brother who speaks Mandarin with slang. Lousy acting from this guy because he is an Indonesian Chinese who can't act.

4. Zhang Ming Han - Gino
This guy is a snob and is very ambitious, thinking very highly of himself. He is a major shareholder but he is loyal to the company. That is why he later regrets telling Zi Qian the truth and tries to make amends. He is even willing to kneel to him to save the company. All can forgive him when he turns over a new leaf. Gino gives a refreshing feel, making this ambitious guy come alive.

5. Mr Shan Yao Rong - Yun Zhong Yue
He is Jun Hao's father who has done the Xus unjust and has to bear with the guilt all his life. It is not just killing Zi Qian's parents but also cheat him of his company shares. How can he act like a benefactor to make him grateful to him? This is simply too much.

6. Tang Shun Ming
He is Jin Zhi's ex-husband but treats the Ye siblings like his own children. In fact, Zheng Zhe is his son but he just refuses to acknowledge him. He fights fiercely to save his own hotel. He becomes friends with Jun Hao although both have a rocky start.

7. Flush
He is Zi Qian's close friend and he turns over a new leaf after his advice. Thus he is very loyal to him. Seeing the bitter change in him, he tries hard to wake up his senses.

8. Wang Da Wei - Huang Yu Rong
He is Jun Hao's capable assistant and tries to help Tian Yu when given the chance. He will remind you of Cheng Jun in - Lovers in Paris?as Jun Hao is also his university senior. He goes through thick and thin with him. Yu Rong's acting is only passable here.

9. Li Tong Luo
He is a policeman who is secretly in love with Jin Zhi for a long time. But he never manages to win her.

10. Michael - Zhu Fan Gang
This is a haughty man who thinks so great of himself. I must confess that Fan Gang has a stubborn and haughty look that I simply detest. I am curious - is he the same in real life?

11. Xie Quan - Yan Xing Shu
Xie Quan is a well-known petty and greedy international magazine publisher for Hotel Asia. He enjoys belittling Jun Hao for rejecting his interviews in the past. He uses the media power to combine with Ming Han to try to defeat Jun Hao. He is successful to force him out in the end. Xing Shu is good in this villain camero role. The haughtiness and arrogance makes him so different from Cheng Feng in - MVP Valentine?

9. Ye Tian Yu - Chen Qiao En
She is a village girl who is lively and careless. Her brain works fast and she can lie for the sake of money. Her father is a primary school teacher and he flees with the school's money for her mother's cancer treatment costs. After her death, he marries Jin Zhi and thus she deems money important to repay their debts. Thus she wishes to get away from poverty. Knowing Jun Hao makes her discover the value of true love.

I dislike this woman. She dreams of marrying a rich guy but she doesn't do any upgrading to fit the mark. She can choose men but men have their choices too. Serves her right when she starts getting sarcastic remarks from Michael and to work in Senwell as she truly deserves to wake up from her dream! Yun Xi is right to make her work as a chambermaid to learn the ropes instead of being Zi Qian's personal assistant as she really lacks the experience.

I must confess that I dislike Qiao En's voice here - always shouting into my ears and she tries too hard to act comical but the result isn't that successful. I don't find her improving much from Barbie in MVP Valentine. She cries too much but I feel neutral. Although her pairing with Ming Dao is fine, Ming Dao's acting is more earnest than hers although he has not shed any tears.

10. Fan Yun Xi - Zhao Hong Qiao (Xiao Qiao)
She is abandoned by her parents when young and Jun Hao discovers her to take her home. She grows up with Zi Qian and Jun Hao. Jun Hao's parents groom her as his future wife. She is devoted to him and gives in to him all the time. All think that she matches Jun Hao perfectly. Although she longs to be independent, she also enjoys to be pampered by Jun Hao.

But her pain of being abandoned leaves a big impact on her so she turns hysterical when she discovers that Jun Hao doesn't love her. She only finds out that Zi Qian is the one she loves in the end. I only find Xiao Qiao's acting passable here. Her crying scenes don't impress me too.

11. Yuan Xing - Sun Xing
You must be thinking that this man is a lunatic. His head is shaved bald from the front and sides but he keeps a small pigtail at the back of his head. Will such an - in?hairstyle appropriate for his status as Queen Marie Hotel?? No matter how well he acts, he can never convince me to be one to manage a hotel.

12. Chen Jin Zhi
Tian Yu's greedy and materialistic mother who often has itchy fingers to get into trouble. The biggest trouble is to get Mrs Shan's ring stuck on her finger.

13. Mrs Shan/ Jiang Cai Yue
Jun Hao's elegant mother who only wants Yun Xi as her daughter-in-law and never likes the uncultured Tian Yu. She accepts her upon seeing her qualities and how deeply in love Jun Hao is with her. I really detest her - how can she keep the past from Zi Qian like Mr Shan? Doesn't she feel guilty facing him all these years?

14. Su Li Xin
She is a receptionist of Guan Mei Hotel but like Tian Yu, she aspires to meet a rich man. Upon seeing how different Jun Hao behaves from others, she gathers that he is unusual and sets to woo him. When her ploy fails, she attempts to break Jun Hao and Tian Yu up.

15. Guan Mei staff
Besides Li Xin, the other 3 are the chef, Aunt Feng Jiao (the chambermaid) and Ah Sheng (the waiter). They only provide little or no comic relief here.

Most favourite character
Jun Hao, I can't hate him even when he is nasty and likes him more when he becomes caring. Why? Even though he is cold, he has a tendency to have a softness in him which is unnoticeable to others. That is proven in the way he treats Yun Xi and even more in the way he treats Tian Yu.

Most hated character
Yuan Xing, I don't think a GM will act like a lunatic to dress himself like a gangster even though he has connections with the underworld. Serves him right to stay in jail for a few years for hurting Tian Yu.

The theme song is - motive plot and the subtheme song is 'True Love' Both are by 183 Club. The singing is okay but the impact is lesser than the impact made by 5566 for My MVP Valentine. I personally feel that they should have concentrated on acting.

Interesting facts

The story is predictable and told endless times. There was another TVB version, 'Debts of a Life Time' by Lui Chung Hin and Tsui Hou Ying (singer Eason Chan Yik Shun's wife) which I also adore. The latest one will be from Ji Sung and Eugene 'Save The Last Dance For Me.' The old dosage of how a prince who has a fiancée but loses his memory to stay in a Cinderella's home to develop feelings for each other but later remembers everything never fails to attract audience.

Ming Dao is already famous for hosting adventure programmes (I like his adventure king series where he goes to different countries to explore - he even gets close to tigers and scorpions, showing how daring he is.) After acting with Leon Philips and Wang Xin Ling in - 'Le Robe De Mariage Des Cieux' he gained popularity but after acting in here, the rating was top at 6.96% in Taiwan - highest in 2005. He becomes the frog prince of the students.

Others were busy counting the profits they earned from commercial earnings. Ming Dao was the only one using the funds to return the money to loansharks. His family suffered from a business failure and had borrowed money from them. He had not cleared the debt till now. How he wishes to be a real rich guy!

It was Qiao En's first time belly dancing in a bikini. Her 33D, 22 and 33 figure invited glances from the leads. She doesn't even have her own bikini and the clothes unit had to get it for her.

Ming Dao and Qiao En had many kissing scenes but they were not embarrassed at all. Many scenes were on how Jun Hao wanted to teach her a lesson. Plus most of them were shot in the Yi Lan village. Many mosquitoes will appear and this was the place that he got to see so many mosquitoes all his life. The hot air balloon scene took a whole morning to shoot. Ming Dao's hair was nearly burned by the fire. Their lines were often repeated because of the noise from the fumes.

Ming Dao had enough travels from hosting 'The Adventurers' so it wasn't new to him. The balloon was a few hundred metres above the ground and Xiao Qiao was so frightened that she screamed. Luckily it only rained when they completed shooting or they would have to retake. The starting filming ceremony had all dressed in European costumes and throwing golden balls, hoping the viewership would give a new record - it did in the end.

Shao Wei enjoyed portraying a role different from his normal life. But he complained of not having enough sleep - only about 2 hours a day. He felt bad not having enough time with his family. All praised him for improving and he was happy over it. When asked what happened if he and Ming Dao like the same girl, Ming Dao knows that he will let him have her as he often wants peace.

Xiao Qiao was happy to have treats from the cast. But she wasn't happy with the way she cried. She could not cry well with her 800 myopic contact lenses. When she removed them, she could not focus looking into the camera. She suffered from sore eyes. Although Xiao Qiao was an NG queen to walk into the wrong position as a newcomer, Ming Dao didn't blame her and wanted her to relax.

Qiao En cut her long hair which was kept for 3 years short. The many scenes of her carrying the gas tanks left her stronger. She was afraid that this role would be repeating her role in Love Senorita. The scary part was she didn't know how to swim but she had lots of water scenes. She had to make herself feel very down for the sad scenes and she had lots of pimples in the end due to stress. The only thing she could not bear was Ming Dao often changed his clothes in front of her.

Remember the slapping scene that Yun Xi gave Zi Qian? She slapped so hard that the whole filming crew froze. Shao Wei's whole face was numb and almost forgot his lines. Jun Hao's shouting scene left Ming Dao with a hoarse voice. The most torturing part was wearing business suits under the hot weather. The first scene of him wearing a coat nearly burned him.

This was Ming Dao's second serial and he still found it hard to adapt to it because they shot in the midst of showing a serial at the same time. Ming Dao joked that he felt that Leon Philips was in him when he was in the business suits. The schedule became very hectic and he wasn't in good form although he wasn't tired. He had learned to work as a team.

All know that Shao Wei was a former model. He spent NT50,000 on clothes. Xing Shu was delighted to play a villain here for the first time. To fit his character, the unit found a S$250,000 Honda NSX convertible. This model is already out of production. The director used 18 angles to show how - grand he was - even Ming Dao's 17 angles was not his match. Shao Wei laughed - why did the producer get him to walk with a dog in the starting scene? He nearly tripped too. Why did the other two look so handsome when they first appeared? He would want this same attention next time!

The dancing scene at the villa looked romantic but it was torture for both. They kept on treading on each other's toes. So the longer they shot, the angrier they became. Qiao En's dress was long and the mosquitoes chose to hide there to draw blood from her.

The Taiwanese - Play?magazine did a comparison of Jun Hao and Xie Quan which I crack up upon reading it. Here to share with all fans :

Jun Hao - Senwell's GM (Please do not look for the company in the directory as it is imaginary)
- his black 320 Benz cost NT$23,000,000 as bought by the director
- 17 angles to present his image (He loses to Quan this round.)
- a big house (even though it is borrowed, it is astonishingly grand)
- a chauffeur and a few assistants (the head is Yu Rong from 183 club)
- suits of different colours (each suit cost a lot, especially the black windbreaker)
- many sunglasses
- two castle costumes (like Cheng Jun's costumes in 'staircase to Heaven?
- flying in the air balloon - N'times (he should be happy or excited?)
- the ending theme has the leads dancing waltz in a bungalow in the mountains
- the green frog cartoon products become hot items - besides the bolster and casual clothes he
wears, the piggy bank will be out soon
- Ming Dao had to have high tea at 5 * hotels to see how the rich behave (Isn't he afraid of
catching the eye of rich women?)
- Ming Dao becomes whiter (Has he really as claimed?)
- The promotion day had he sitting on a carriage but luckily the horse's saliva had not stained his palace costume or he would have to pay for it
- has plenty of kissing scenes.(But zero romantic feel as both are his juniors.)
- has stayed in the - money comes?provision shop (No such shop exist so please don't look for it.)

Quan - the renowned Hotel Asia Chief Editor (Xing Shu has been the editor for - J*Star Qiao Ke Li Idol Magazine so he should be comfortable in the job)
- his red Honda NSX convertible which costs NT$5,000,000 (which is out of stock and will not be in
production anymore)
- 18 angles to present his image
- no landed property (not heard that he has one)
- no grand entrance wit helpers (when does a chief editor need them?)
- leather jackets with jeans (It is undeniable that he looks dashing but compared to Jun Hao, he still
pales in looks)
- lots of trousers and MP3 sunglasses which cost NT$15,000 each (The price is scary but does the
trousers really worth so much?)
- the party scene in the grand suite cost NT$250,000 and is 3 rooms large in a 6 star hotel. (Lets?not forget the 2 hot chicks and also 10 over bottles of red wine)
- no commercial on products because he is only a camero character (Don't cry, Xing Shu. You are the ' basketball genie'so you should have lots of products in the past)
- no observation done for character (he already has the experience so there is nothing to be scared)
- unlike Ming Dao, he needs no makeup (He belongs to the sunshine type so there is no need)
- no promotion too as he just joined so he had no chance to appear
- no kissing scene (but he still has the pleasure of dancing with hot chicks)
- no main scene as the magazine agency will not interview a provision shop

183 Club came for the Zpop concert in 2005 right after this serial was filmed in Taiwan. We had no clue when they mentioned it on stage which we had not watched then. I was already wondering - was it really so great to cause such a stir? After watching it, I did think that it deserved the attention. The 5 guys were dressed the same way as on their album cover - just like Kwok Fu Shing in the early 90s with their white suits with different coloured tops - in blue, red, green, purple and yellow.

Ordinary men will look like misfits but the 5 looked quite suitable for it. They sang the theme song and subtheme song. I like both songs - catchy and easy to remember. My friend took photos of Zhang Hui Mei, Lee Dong Gan and others who appeared together in the concert.

183 club members appeared to be the clearest due to their bright outlets and towering heights. But they are not as united as 5566 as their forte are different - although all in singing, they also branch in acting and compering.

It was shown in Taiwan in July 2005 and came in line with the typhoon so all were trapped at home to watch it. That was why the ratings soared - it even broke the record set by - Meteor Garden - which was 6.43%. The first episode had 3.92%. Even - Meteor Garden - which was hot in SEA only has a 2% record set. The average was 7.09% and the highest was 8.05%. It became the most watched serial in history.

5566 came in 2005 again to promote their album and also their December concert. All fans were disappointed as Shao Wei was busy shooting this serial.

The Hong Kong students held their own polls for the idol dramas. You will never believe the result. The trashy "Meteor Garden 2" came in first while "Meteor Garden" was second. This serial was third while "The Rose" was 6th and "MVP Valentine" came in 10th. Their taste is so different from Taiwanese students as almost all condemn "Meteor Garden 2".


The storyline is very much similar to "Meteor Garden 2" where the lead actors suffer from amnesia. But the difference is it offers more comical moments. The cast's acting is acceptable for receiving the better response. But I must admit that the guys do better due to more exposure.

I don't really like the arrangement of Zi Qian turning evil and Jun Hao to lose everything. Getting Tian Yu to have amnesia is also a hoax - I had enough of it. The power struggle should have been more exciting but it lacks the spice. How can Quan be left out of the scene in the latter part? Has the producer forgotten about him?

And no scene showing how and why Xing is arrested. Mentioning it briefly fails to satisfy me. Some scenes are also copied wholesale from "Lovers in Paris" and "Save the Last Dance for Me" so the excitement is no longer there. Thus a low rating for the serial.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5) (I had wanted to give 3.5 but the supporting cast is really too exaggerating)
On story : *** (Scale of 5) (I had thought of giving 3.5 but need to cut down because of the copied parts)

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