The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog

Reviewed by: Kay_Thi

July 28, 2006

Rating: five

Shan Jun Hao/Dang O - Ming Dao
Ye Tian Yu - Joe Chen Qiao En
Xu Zi Qian - Sam Wang Shao Wei
Fan Yun Xi- Joyce Zhao Hong Qiao

Shan Jun Hao is the GM of Senwell. He has a childhood fiance and they were going to get married. On the day of their wedding, Xu Zi Qian's friend ran him over, thinking this will help Zi Qian . He was just planning to kidnap him until it was too late for Shan Jun Hao to make it to the wedding. Unfortunately, Jun Hao woke up and they both got into a car accident.

While Jun Hao was getting away, Ye Tian Yu accidently hit him with her car. Out of fear that she killed him, she took him home to Guan Mei village. Next morning, he woke up and it turns out he lost his memory. Tian Yu's brother gave him the name Dang O and her family told him he was Tian Yu's cousin. Eventually, Tian Yu and Dang O fell in love. As they think everything is going good and well, Zi Qian and Yun Xi found Dang O. Tian Yu has no other choice but to take him back to his real home. Dang O did not want this and when he realized Tian Yu tricked him into going back, he ran out after her. They find each other but an accident caused Jun Hao to regain his memory, but he forgets everything that happened to him and Tian Yu. He only remembered her as a greedy girl who tricks people for money.

This causes much pain and grief to Tian Yu. She decides to let go and try to be with Zi Qian, for he sees that Yun Xi's wish is to marry Jun Hao.

Through many obstacles, Jun Hao realizes that he loves Tian Yu. We can see that Jun Hao is slowly accepting Tian Yu and he can see what Dang O found in her to make him love her. Jun Hao tries to tell Tian Yu, but she feels that the person who loved her was Dang O and not Jun Hao. Besides, she was with Zi Qian now and they are happy and content.

Tragedy strikes when Zi Qian found out that that the gas accident 20 years ago that killed his parents was cause by Jun Hao's parents. He also realizes that Tian Yu only loves Dang O/Jun Hao. He seeks revenge and takes 60% of Senwell. Jun Hao and his mom stays with Tian Yu and her family. Sadly, they are forced to leave because of Zi Qian's threat.

Zi Qian was going to sell Senwell to Queen Anne Marie. Jun Hao, Zhang Ming Han, Da Wei, and Tian Yu was trying to stop him. Zi Qian realizes that Yun Xi needs him and the anger in him left and he went back to his senses. As they were trying to escape the gangster's men, Tian Yu was shot in the head and was in a coma for a month and a half. When she woke up she remembered everyone except for Jun Hao! Everybody tried to help her remember. Jun Hao realizes that she was pretending and busted her. Turns out she was mad because he forgot about her and left. Everything was settled and they were


Shan Jun Hao/Dang O
Shan Jun Hao was raised to be the GM of Senwell. He is very arrogant and doesn't let his feelings interfere with his work. He is very talented at running a hotel and is very strict with his workers. Everybody sees him as a cold guy and fears him. He always thought he would, and should, marry Yun Xi. But when he got into the accident he lost his memory and got to know Tian Yu. She taught him what it means to do something with all their heart for the person they love. Dang O is possibly the complete opposite of Jun Hao. He's kind and warm-hearted. He can see the angel that lies in Tian Yu. He still has his hotel managing skills which is useful in helping the run down Guan Mei Hotel. When he forgot his days with Tian Yu, he bacame his old self as Shan Jun Hao. But he did change a bit and you can tell that a piece of Dang O was still in him. He treated Tian Yu very coldly. But he unconciously got closer to her and she eventually brought the Dang O out from that hard shell.

Ming Dao was excellent in this role. He can act as Shan Jun Hao, Dang O, and Shan Jun Hao/Dang O. He acted as the cold, wealthy, and arrogant Jun Hao very well. Yet he can also act as the warm-hearted Dang O exceedingly well. These are three very different characters and Ming Dao pulled it off. Two thumbs up for him.

Ye Tian Yu
Ye Tian Yu is a very likeable character. In the beginning, she seems to be really greedy. The first time she and Jun Hao met, she tricked him into buying some gum for a very high price. Her wish is to marry someone really rich. But as the story goes on, you can see that she is really kind-hearted inside. And the only reason she is "greedy" is because she wants her family to have a better life. When she met Dang O, she learned many things. He taught her that lost hope will turn to hope and to never give up because every second is important. When she fell in love with him, she realizes that love is better than money and her wish to marry a rich guy was gone. When Jun Hao couldn't remember her she was devastated. Especially when she finds out he was engaged and was getting married soon. She tried to get over Dang O so she accepted Zi Qian's offer for the both of them to try and make a family. He introduced her to work at Senwell. Many things occur and she unknowingly brought Dang O out of Jun Hao.

Joe was very good at acting as a greedy young lady. And even better as the kind-hearted angel. Her crying scenes were just excellent. She had great chemistry with Ming Dao and Shao Wei.

Xu Zi Qian
Zi Qian is most likely my favorite character out of the whole series. He had a very sad childhood but he still grew up kind-hearted and gentlemanly. When he was younger he lost his father and his mother became paralysed because of a gas accident. He then lived with Jun Hao and his parents and they brought him up. Jun Hao's parents also took in an abandoned girl and she was meant to be Jun Hao's future wife. But Zi Qian fell for her. He was always silently caring for her, even though he knows that she only wants to marry Jun Hao. When Jun Hao went missing Yun Xi was very sad. He was always there for her the whole time and she gave him a chance. When Jun Hao came back, Yun Xi went back to Jun Hao and acted as if nothing happened. Seeing Tian Yu so down, he decided to give it a try with her, since she showed him what it feels like to have a real family. He wanted to build their own family and they eventually became a couple. When he found out that the gas accident was caused by Jun Hao's parents and realized Tian Yu only loves Jun Hao/Dang O, he wanted revenge. He was going to sell Senwell, but realized that Yun Xi still needs him and that's where they first met. He finally came to his senses and went back to his nice, old self.

Sam did a pretty good job as the nice-turned evil-turned nice again guy. He was really good in his crying scenes when his mom died. It was very touching. And when he turned evil he looked mean and cold. I definitely became his fan after this series.

Fan Yun Xi
This character is really sad. She was abandoned by her mom outside of Senwell. Then was taken in by the Shan family and was raised to be Jun Hao's wife. Her mother's abandonment traumatized her. She was desperate to marry Jun Hao and have a family.That was her only dream and goal in life. And when that dream was broken, she had no goal in life and was very lost. She went kind of crazy and forgot bits and pieces of her life. During that time Zi Qian took care of her and she remembered that the first person to help her years ago was him and not Jun Hao. This woke her up and she convinced Zi Qian to not sell Senwell.

Joyce did a pretty good job at being the rich, well-mannered young lady. She gets jealous of Tian Yu when Jun Hao looks at her and she always pressure Jun Hao. She acted those parts well .When she was crazy, she kind of overdid it a bit. Overall i think she did well.

Favorite Scenes:
- Everytime there was a scene with Zi Qian and Tian Yu after Dang O forgot her.
- When Jun Hao realized that he loves Tian Yu and asked her if they could start over. Twice.
- Near the end when Tian Yu faked amnesia, everybody was trying to help her remember. Then Jun Hao/Dang O busted her and she got mad and said he had to always be by her side.
- Their wedding in a cave.
- Every scene with Sam in it.

This series is a must-watch. One of the best series I've ever watched. The sound effects were funny and the music is perfect for this series. Near the end, it was a bit draggy when Jun Hao lost Senwell, but the ending was very sweet.

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