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June 07, 2009

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes


What happens when a superstar stays in your home? This drama shows the change in Mo Mo’s life when Mars comes into her life.


The down and out teen idol, Mars falls out of popularity. He feels injustice when being asked to strip for a scene for a new movie as the female director has eyes on him. He is determined not to lower his dignity and leaves. He is forced to study for a degree so he settles at a geeky girl’s house. Little does he know that his company intends to let him fend on his own.

Mo Mo is the owner. She often has an imaginative manga boyfriend after reading too many of them. Her world is turned upside down when her sister rents out a room to Mars. Chu Chu has to do that as she runs out of money. This man is very showy to demand for attention and also childish who is obviously not her type. Coincidentally, he studies in the same faculty as her. Mo Mo has to show him around reluctantly.

Thinking very highly of himself, he autographs on her manga – right on Prince Amoeba’s face. Both of them fall out due to this. Mars has never given up making a comeback but Ben keeps making sarcastic remarks. Mo Mo learns about Mars’s difficulty when he gets drunk. She helps him in an English reading presentation but the media focuses attention on Ben’s coming concert instead.

Mars doesn’t know why he is jealous with Mo Mo celebrating Jia Sen’s birthday with him. The two nearly fight when buying food together. Mars has a swim and suddenly has a muscle cramp. Luckily Mo Mo saves him on time. Both share their kiss of life together. Mars shows his producer a new song. He comments that it has a warm feel, unlike his cold past works.

But if Mars produces the album now, it will ruin his chance of promoting this new song. But Mars is reluctant to sell the song to let others sing it so he leaves for school. He then learns that Mo Mo is sick at home. He buys a Prince Amoeba collectable for her but never expects it to be a replica. Mo Mo doesn’t mind it and asks him to autograph on it. He worries as he is no longer popular now but she knows that this can’t be happening forever.

Chu Chu escapes from home with her boyfriend when she can’t pay back the money. Mo Mo and Mars are forced out of home. Mo Mo goes missing mysteriously after refusing Mars’s help to stay with Yi Zhi. Mars gets mad, thinking that she will go to Jia Sen. But Jia Sen is out of the country due to competition. So she is homeless for a few days. Mars discovers this and brings her home.

The stubborn Mo Mo still rejects Mars’s loan. He argues with her and suddenly finds her pale. He realizes that she has a fever and rushes her to hospital. He takes good care of her and this changes her impression of him. She is not his choice of a dream girl either. Due to the circumstances, they learn to live with each other. Mars borrows the money from Tony.

Mars still provides Mrs Zhuang the allowance. Mo Mo is touched when Mars swallows his pride to do a MV with Ben as he owes Tony the money. Both go for a meal and Mars plays the tune that he has written for Mo Mo. When both of them feel weird, Chu Chu returns and promises not to leave them again. Mo Mo has to take up a few part time jobs to pay off the loan. She rejects Jia Sen’s help.

Mrs Zhuang learns about Mars’s predicament and quarrels with Mars and Tony. She teaches Mo Mo to make noodles and is apologetic that she tells Mars that she doesn’t want a son who is unsuccessful. Mo Mo makes the two reconcile after the meal. Jia Sen comes in his car but doesn’t fetch Mo Mo from the bus stop as he will usually do. He declares war on Mars. Both compete to do sit ups and both guys win a round each. Jia Sen smiles when he wins over Mars in a running race but sulks when Mo Mo leaves with Mars.

Mars also doesn’t understand why he competes with Ah Gum. It is after school time – Mo Mo sees Jia Sen waiting for her with a rose beside his chauffeur. Mars also comes with his car, wanting to fetch her home. Mo Mo does something that both guys do not expect. She chooses to take the public bus home! She has shown her disapproval quietly but both guys still refuse to stop their war.

Both of them sit in the living room and Jia Sen imitates all Mars’s actions. When it comes to dinner, they pile the food in Mo Mo’s bowl. She can’t take it anymore and leaves the table. Both men fight over who to send Mo Mo to school the next day. Jia Sen is scared of losing Mo Mo that he follows her the whole day. Jia Sen is slapped by Mo Mo when he attempts to kiss her.

He throws tantrums at home and refuses to go to school anymore. He hits the wall and his hand is covered with blood. Jia Sen’s parents send him to hospital and the doctor states that he can’t take anymore stress. Mrs Wei refuses to send Jia Sen to an institution and gets Mo Mo to come over. She shows her Jia Sen’s letters. His last letter states that he is afraid of losing her. She wants her to treat Jia Sen better.

Mars overhears that and is afraid that Mo Mo will choose Jia Sen out of empathy and reveals that he likes her. Mo Mo doesn’t know how to react and runs to visit Jia Sen. She feels sorry for him. The popular singer, Si Jia is back after a world tour. Tony intends to sign a new contract with her and wants to pair her up with Ben. But she chooses Mars after watching the MV.

Mo Mo refuses to answer Mars about her feelings so he doesn’t have courage to listen to her rejection the second time. Seeing that Jia Sen’s condition improves after seeing Mo Mo, Mrs Wei intends to pair them together. To Tony’s amazement, Mars rejects the chance to work with Si Jia. Both had a romance in the past and Mars is unwilling to damage their friendship. He also doesn’t want to give Si Jia false hopes of reconciliation to make use of her. Most importantly, he doesn’t want to leave Mo Mo.

Si Jia knows his intentions and promises not to make use of this chance to force him. He still hesitates so Yi Zhi goes to Mo Mo for help. Mo Mo requests Mars to leave her home and lies that she is going overseas with Jia Sen. Mars gets dejected and asks her if she has ever loved him. Her answer is no so he kills all thoughts to return to showbuzz. He becomes popular again but that also means that he doesn’t have to continue to study in the university.

Tony wants Yi Zhi to help Mars to cut all his ties with Mo Mo. The university holds a ball to invite Mars and Si Jia as their guest stars. This indicates Mars’s comeback and he must move out soon. Mo Mo sees the two dancing and believes that she has made the right choice. But she doesn’t know what really happens. Although the attractive Si Jia and the media are with him, Mars only has his eyes fixed on Mo Mo.

There is a tradition in the university. The remaining 3 minutes of the dance must be with their beloved to be together forever. Thus, Mars seizes this chance to run out with Mo Mo to dance in the school garden. They smile when they think of the past but are wide awake when the music stops. They do not let go of each other’s hands till they wish each other well.

Mo Mo knows that Mars is out of her life now and packs his things. She bursts into tears when looking at the doll he gives her to know how much she loves him. Mo Mo decides to visit her parents’ graves in their hometown after watching news that Mars is going to act in the Prince Amoeba drama. She rejects Jia Sen or Chu Chu’s company as she only wants to be alone. She wants this trip to put Mars into memory. She only wants to know if he is doing well.

Mars is there shooting the drama and detects Mo Mo from the crowd. He runs after her although other fans chase after him. He demands to know why she hides from him for a year. He assures her that she can never be alone. If she has forgotten him, why is she still wearing the bracelet that he gives her? He gives her a kiss and starts dating secretly.

When romance knocks on their doors, they face opposition but Mars is firm to guard their relationship. Mrs Zhuang suffers from cancer so Mars takes care of her despite of his busy schedule. But her departure still saddens him to make him escape from work and go missing. Complains come in and Tony nearly can’t handle them. Yi Zhi learns that he has not contacted Mo Mo too.

Chu Chu suddenly calls to tell Mo Mo that Mars is at their home. He has lied on his bed to sleep. Sensing Mo Mo around, he opens his eyes and holds her hand. He wants her to keep him company. He doesn’t know who to work hard for after Mrs Zhuang’s death. Mo Mo feels for him and cooks noodles. He weeps as it has his mother’s feelings in it.

Chu Chu leaks news to reporters unknowingly that Mars is staying with them. The next day, Mo Mo gives her doll to Mars before he leaves. He should be able to sleep better with it. Mars is touched and hugs her. The reporter snaps a photo and publishes it. Fans reject Mo Mo and offers reduce but Mars refuses to give in. Mo Mo is also harassed in school but she remains silent.

Both still date secretly and Mars arranges to celebrate Valentine’s day with Mo Mo. He sees a Prince Amoeba necklace and takes a long time to get the boss to sell to him instead of borrowing it. He looks at it in delight – Mo Mo should like it. (The way he buys it reminds me of how Prince tries to get a hairclip for Xiao Xi in ‘MVP Valentine’ too.)

Mo Mo waits for him near the ferris wheel. On his way, Mars is knocked down by a car. Although his life isn’t in danger, his left leg injury is serious. He needs to rest at least 6 months. Mo Mo rushes to the hospital with Chu Chu to get scolded by his fans. The culprit is actually Si Jia’s fan who is unhappy over Mars’s choice. Mars wakes up to see Mo Mo. He passes the necklace to her before he sleeps. Mo Mo weeps after seeing it.

His concerts may be delayed so Tony needs Mo Mo to be away from Mars. Mo Mo obeys him and stops visiting him. Mars feels insecure when she doesn’t sms him or come to him. He learns of what happens from Yi Zhi. He promises Mo Mo and Tony that he will recover soon before the concert. He works hard during the physiotherapy sessions with Mo Mo by his side.

Mo Mo confesses to Jia Sen about her feelings but he refuses to accept it. Upon seeing Mo Mo down, he realizes that he has hurt her. Jia Sen makes sure that Mars will love and protect Mo Mo. He then tells Mo Mo that she will always be her friend. But he has not changed his naughty nature. He gives them sour lollipops as their punishment. Mrs Wei also thinks that she has demanded too much from Mo Mo.

Mars recovers completely and prepares for his concert. Mo Mo senses that there is a gap between them now. Mars gets nervous before the concert starts and cites that Mo Mo is his pillar of strength. She gives him a kiss and he is puzzled that she cries. She lies that she is too happy. She thinks that Mars will be better without her and intends to leave in the midst of the concert.

Sure enough, she walks away from the seat when he sings the song ‘Mo Mo’. She is near the exit but the door opens to have Mars there. He is very attentive to know her feelings. While singing, he leads her to the front of the audience and declares to all that she is her girlfriend. He continues to stay at her home and both of them are glad that she is not only accepted by his fans but some of them have even started to cut her same hairstyle to give her their support.

1. Zhuang Jun Nan (Mars) – Wang Dong Cheng
His speciality is singing and acting. His first album hits him to stardom so he becomes arrogant. A long string of negative news causes his career to go downhill. His idol dramas and album sales turn out bad. So his company decide to send him into exile for studies. Mars opposes to this but he still wants to wait for his chance. Knowing Mo Mo transforms his life. He finds his urge back in writing music.

His comeback isn’t smooth but he is successful as he puts in a lot of hard work. He is overjoyed when he can balance career and love after all. Mars is a witty person who treasures his chance. Yet, he doesn’t want to give up his love. That is why he still finds chances to date Mo Mo secretly despite being busy.

Dong Cheng is quite convincing in his acting. Remember the scene where Mo Mo looks for him in the Japanese restaurant and doesn’t know where he is till he stretches out his palm to hold her hand? And all must be amused to see him still wearing shades in the dark. The part on how he attempts to get the necklace for Mo Mo is also touching. But I still think that his image of a star can be better. He seems to be tired in most scenes or do I get the wrong impression?

2. Chen Mo Mo – Yang Cheng Lin
Mo Mo is pretty but hardly dolls herself up. She is considered a home girl. She loves reading mangas and believes that her hero will walk out of the book one day. She is a plain Jane. Slowly, she discovers his delicate heart, his talents and his merits. She feels lost upon falling for him. Like her name Mo Mo, she chooses to suffer silently.

This character doesn’t show emotions easily. Thus Cheng Lin doesn’t have much facial expressions. She looks timid most of the time. But I must say that this role suits her. She is suppressing her feelings but there is a need to do that due to the role.

3. Ben – Wang Jian Long
He is Mars’s junior who is jealous of his success. Mars often offends him with his sharp remaks and he is often considered as the substitute for him to take up Mars’s cases which are rejected. When Mars’s career goes downhill, he bullies Mars.

4. Wei Jia Sen – Hu Yu Wei
He is handsome and is the only son of a rich man. He is also an athlete and grows up with Mo Mo. But his intelligence stays at 8 years old. Many call him Gump and bully him when he is young. He cries in the park and Mo Mo hands him a sweet. From then on, he decides that she is only his. Mo Mo is his angel and he believes that she will be his forever. He is a strong swimmer and focuses on winning medals.

Both guard against each other. Jia Sen has thought that this will never change. Mars‘s arrival changes everything. He is stubborn to want to keep her – he tells Mo Mo that he isn’t clever but he knows how to love. Although he loses in the end, he still treasures her friendship. Yu Wei has improved in his acting and proves that he has worked hard.

5. Chen Chu Chu - Liao Pei Ling
Their parents die young so the two sisters are dependent on each other. Chu Chu is Mo Mo’s irresponsible sister who is often in debt. She is a public relations officer but doesn’t have any ambition in life. She only wants to fill her stomach with food daily and dreams of marrying a rich man one day. Her salary is often spent on branded goods. She is also lazy by nature so Mo Mo has to take care of her instead.

6. Ke Yi Zhi – Jin Qin
He doubles up as Yi Zhi’s manager and chauffeur. Sometimes, he is so well dressed that many think that he has the makings of a star. He is like a buddy to Mars. Seeing that Mars’s career goes downhill and he is upset, he doesn’t hesitate to pay out of his own pocket to promote him. He is a loyal friend to keep Mars’ romance from Tony. Tony is often deceived by him as he looks very honest to him.

7. Tony – Bao Wei Min
He is Mars’ real manager and is a typical businessman. Managing a star is like managing an assert. He will go all out for his own interest and has good relations with the media. Although he gives Mars up on the surface, he still knows that he has potential. He laments that Mars is too immature in handling matters and tries hard to let him make a comeback.

8. Mrs Zhuang – Ke Shu Qin
She is a widow but brings Mars up by being a hawker. Mars grows up in the countryside but she doesn’t want him to be an ordinary man. She wants him to be famous. She doesn’t want to hinder his future and wants him to concentrate on his career even though she has cancer. Her death gives him a big blow. Luckily, Mo Mo is around to bring him out of the dark.

9. Mrs Wei
She has always felt guilty after Jia Sen’s birth. Thus she gives in to him all the time. Knowing that he likes Mo Mo, she uses monetary terms to buy her over. That includes sending them overseas to further their studies. However, she has not considered from Mo Mo’s point if she loves him.

10. Si Jia
She is Mars’s ex who is more successful than him. She doesn’t mind that and tries to help him out. She actually hasn’t forgotten him and wishes to return to him. But it is too late for her as he is completely devoted to Mo Mo now.

Favourite character

Mars, he is steadfast in love and never gives up to revive his career. Not forgetting his mother, he is also filial to her.

Most hated character

Ben for his atrocious attitude. But we can’t blame him as Mars treats him like dirt in the past.


‘Love increasing’ is a fast paced song by Farernheit. It is acceptable – I prefer the slow song ‘ Mo Mo’ as Dong Cheng sings it with more feelings.

Interesting facts

This was the first time Chen Lin and Dong Cheng worked together. Dong Cheng lamented that ‘Rolling Love’ and this drama pitted against Ruan Jing Tian’s dramas at the same time. He gave himself a lot of pressure as he lost the last battle. He seemed shy when Chen Lin kissed him on the cheek openly. Many laughed at him as he was the one making the initiative to woo Mo Mo in the drama.

This was the first time Chen Lin acted as an introvert. She projected lots of inner feelings as it was different from the outspoken (I would label this role as ‘loud’ and ‘crude’) Xiao Hua in ‘Miss No Good’. Dong Cheng is a person who doesn’t take the initiative to talk to others so she had to reach out to him. She found him very confident in doing every task. Her only complain was to wear the wig which was hot.

He treated her like his senior and learned a lot from her. The dance scenes prove to be challenging for him as he sweated a lot. But one session was a surprise for him when the filming crew celebrated his birthday with him. He has thought that he can never get along with a boring person like Mo Mo. After filming, he guessed that he would have more patience if this gal really becomes his girlfriend.

As for Yu Wei, he headed for the pool as frequent as the gym. Many thought that his built was marvelous. There was once Cheng Lin went into the dressing room and he had just taken off his shirt. Cheng Lin teased him for being shy. He protested as he was a traditional person despite staying overseas for years. He had not acted for such a demanding role before.

Thus he borrowed dvds like ‘Forest Gump’ and ‘Rain Man’ to watch. He was relieved when the director assured him that he had done well. He enjoyed the swimming scenes as the weather was really too hot. The drama did not have much difficulty in getting fans to back up as extras as Fahrenheit was popular. They did not have complains over the long filming hours as they only wished to get close to the stars.

They went to many countries to promote this drama – China, Malaysia and Singapore. They were glad when it was well received. With the director to play as an extra as the doctor treating Mars, they found it fun although stressful as he still gave orders when he acted!

The three confessed that they could be as boring as Mo Mo to stay at home when they were not working. Chen Lin was a party animal in the past but now she preferred to read at home. As for Dong Cheng, he
was also an extrovert to want to go out often in the past. Now he will be watching lots of movie dvds while Yu Wei would be carrying weights to maintain his physique.


The story is still very Cinderella-like – the development is a bit similar to ‘Full House’ and ‘My Son-In-Law’. The drama is very childish to be a school girl’s dream but it still leaves a level of fantasy for fans. So that is why producers keep on recycling it.

How will you feel if a popular artiste showers all his attention on you? Although it is just a dream, there is no harm imagining it. Of course, this can’t come true in real life as most stars prefer to keep their private life from the media. Declaring their status sometimes spells the end of their popularity.

The one who stands out is the realistic businessman, Tony. As a manager, he can be calculative but he has to think of how to make the company going. He has given Mars chances to improve to reap in profits for him. If he doesn’t cooperate, his company will fold and he will run into debts. Many will find him unfeeling to break up the couple but insiders will support his decision.

Acting wise, this is a young team so we can’t be too demanding on their performance. Watch out for the supporting cast as they are good. The same can’t be said for Ke Shu Qin as she looks fake in her wig and seems too young to be Mars’s mother. Although the acting isn’t fantastic, it is still acceptable to all.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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