Twin Sisters (100% Señorita)

Reviewed by: sukting

December 04, 2006

Rating: two-point-five

Wan Siu Lun has cited that he wants to cut down his villain roles in dramas but he still acts continuously in Taiwanese ones. Why is this so? Do you wish to see how Huo Zheng Hua fairs in a starting lead role? And Xu Meng Zhe to be on his own without his 5566 counterparts? This serial provides you the answer.

This is a story of a pair of twins parted at birth. They meet but one has a different face after surgery. Their fates are different from young. Will they exchange it after that?


Ke Qiang is very close to his daughter, Fei Yang. They meet Peter in the club. Fei Yang jokes that Peter is her driver. Ke Qiang jokes that she is very daring to mark the GM her chauffeur. Peter assures Ke Qiang that he has done his work and no one can reject Fei Yang’s request. He just agrees to attend her coming birthday party but he receives a call that the Osaka factory explodes and he may not be on time to produce the goods. Fei Yang is annoyed – he never keeps his word on her birthdays. Work is more important than her – even though it is her 20th birthday.

He tells her that he has bought her a BMW convertible. But she doesn’t like it. The crew is busy in preparing the birthday party – it is the grandest that IM has handed so far. The BMW has a big red ribbon on it. Sha Sha and Aunt Gui try in vain to appease Fei Yang. She has prepared a drawing of the family portrait. Her mother passed away when young but this drawing gives her happiness. She has wanted to give this to Ke Qiang. Ke Qiang is now at the airport and sees the image from his handphone.

Zhe Lin leans over the balcony to look at the crowd. Peter wants him to arrange a helicopter to get Ke Qiang at the airport. Fei Yang thanks Sha Sha to let her release her emotions. Sha Sha helps her to wear her makeup again. Ma Ji tells Peter to trust him that he will do a good job in releasing the fireworks. Zhe Lin makes the arrangement and gets nervous when Peter wants him to inform Fei Yang about it.

He is about to knock on her door when she opens it. She is so elegantly dressed in a white gown and he is attracted. He feels that he is unable to breathe – why doesn’t he tell her happy birthday? When she is near him, he is tongue-tied. Fei Yang thinks that he is a waiter and passes him a wet tissue that she just used to clear her sweat – the poor man misses his chance.

Wei Xiang is busy with the tray and runs downstairs to knock into Fei Yang. She nearly falls down the stairs but he holds her waist in time. Their eyes meet and it is as if the world stops spinning for seconds. Only when the tray drops on the floor then the two realize what they are doing. He quickly picks it up and throws it into the air. She calls him spiderman but he jokes that he is slow man. She smiles at him and he is also attracted. He quickly signals to Ma Ji to do a good job.

Ke Qiang prepares a big doll that carves Fei Yang’s looks placed into a glass cover. All the guests are stunned by it. The doll will be on sale from the next day onwards. Fei Yang weeps in happiness. Pa Zi is so touched that he drops all the remote controls on the ground. Ma Ji and him search frantically for the right one to release the fireworks. But they turn on the switch on the television. It shows that Ke Qiang has died in an air crash. The glass drops from Fei Yang’s hand to break into pieces.

The shareholders are displeased that the company’s shares drop in value and demand Fei Yang to do something. Ke Qiang’s will has stated that Fei Yang can only manage the company when she is 22 so the managing company will be put in charge for now. So she is now the acting chairman while he is her assistant. They don’t trust Fei Yang and wants a professional manager. Peter says that Fei Yang learns business management in Cornell University but they deem her inexperienced as she hasn’t graduated.

Peter quickly adds that he has the experience since he is the GM for many years. Many doubt Fei Yang because they believe that Ke Qiang dies because she loses her temper on that day to cause him to fly back to Taiwan. Fei Yang cites that Osaka incident is an accident but it has insurance cover. She has the authority as the acting chairman for now. They don’t have to respect her but they have to respect her father. The shareholder is forced to apologise to her. She cries in Peter’s arms when they leave.

The amusement park has a new tent. The IM team set up their Taras card fortune and Wei Xiang grumbles about the place. He refuses to distribute the pamphlets. Barbie is angry – what is their objective to set up IM – it means ‘I Love Money!’ They decide to let him manage the stall and he nearly faints because he doesn’t know what to do with the cards! They tell him just to tell a story for the past, present and the future.

Fei Yang suddenly comes to ask for her fortune. The table has a crystal ball, incense, trays of rings/bracelets/necklaces. Wei Xiang quickly uses a shield to cover his face. It is hilarious when she has to point to him where the cards are – right in a box in front of her! She describes herself as having an empty heart – he says that it a normal reaction after losing a kin.

The 3 cards she chooses – the first is the queen – he frowns – so coincidental – probably her father wants her to be at the top. The second card for her present – is death. Isn’t this bringing her bad luck? Wei Xiang explains that the death god lets souls to relive – means the end of a stage to start a new one. The last is stars – she will have a Mr Right to protect her and keep her company to give her light and hope. He gives her a queen ring to wish her luck.

Peter gives her a necklace for her birthday present. It is said to have a meteorite from the moon. It means that he gets the moon for her – he hopes that he will be like the moon to spin beside the earth to protect her forever. She recalls Wei Xiang’s words and is happy. When she reaches home, she places it on the doll. The next day, Peter brings her to the valley and proposes to her with a diamond ring. She accepts it and Peter tells her that she can inform Aunt Gui about that in Paris.

He owns his handphone and she pretends to be in Paris. The Eiffel tower is behind her and she will be back when she is tired. He then offs his phone and gives a puzzling smile. He knocks her out and then pushes her down the valley. Fei Yang wakes up in time but she can’t change her fate. It is said that Peter brings a woman home when he is drunk so Fei Yang gets angry with him to go overseas. Sha Sha is actually his lover but she wonders why he feels nothing in killing a person.

Peter has embezzled the company funds and he has wanted to use marriage to fix the hole. Ke Qiang’s accident comes at the right time and he doesn’t have to be a puppet husband. So as long as she doesn’t return and when the time comes, he will make Foremost into an empty shell. He doesn’t want Sha Sha to be his mistress. His father is defeated by the holdings and marriage. His stepmother has an affair with his father’s partner to force his father to jump from the 20th floor to his death.

So he vows that he will not repeat his mistake. Sha Sha gets frightened that he gets so worked up to press her against the wall. He reminds her not to betray him and she assures him that she will not do it because she loves him too much. They sleep together for the night. IM gets hold of the news of Fei Yang’s departure from Taiwan. The girls pity her for losing her father and lover but Ma Ji says that she must be enjoying herself in Europe using her credit card to spend money.

Wei Xiang snaps at him to shut up. How does he know the pain of losing a father? They then realize that he lost his father. That year – many congratulate him at the top law firm when he is with Zi Huan. Wei Xiang is only a year 2 law student but he gets the license. He gets the contract and his father is proud of him. But at this time, Zi Huan admits to him that he was too conceited. He wrongly caused a convict who is innocent to be hanged and the convict’s wife committed suicide. He adopted their son.

Wei Xiang knows that Zi Huan’s guilt will be reduced when he does well so he decides to make him feel remorseful all his life by giving up. Fei Yang’s face is bandaged. Aunt Gui still waits patiently for Fei Yang’s return. Peter and Sha Sha shows Fei Yang’s image to her about her in Paris (remember that Fei Yang has this recorded?) to appease her.

Wei Xiang sends an important document into a building and sees two hooligans running after ‘Fei Yang’. So he helps her to fend them off. The IM team is puzzled on why she says that she is Liang Xiao Feng. They have another shock when they know that she is the betel nut beauty. Ma Ji is too surprised that he drops out of the van. The men have wanted her to return the money that she owes them to take photos for the betel nut beauty contest.

Xiao Feng has a hard time looking for more money to support her grandfather who is staying in the old folks home and her mother, Zhu Fang already has a hard time mending the snack stall. She happens to see Fei Yang’s photo on a magazine and is surprised to know that someone resembles her. She dreams of getting rich too. The four are tongue-tied to see how she dances around – it seems that her illness is quite serious. They agree to help her take the photos for the competition – Xiao Feng is proud – they seem to think that she is Fei Yang and are licking her boots now.

Fei Yang touches her face anxiously. When she removes the bandages, she screams upon having a different face – that is a face of the man’s daughter who talks to her earlier. A few medical staff comes and are shocked to think that Dr Zhou’s daughter is alive. Dr Zhou is a mental patient – he is once a top plastic surgeon but he causes his daughter’s death 3 years ago after operating on her and goes mad.

They are doing an experiment. Yearly, they allow him to return to his clinic and he is more stable. Now he is back in the mental institution. Fei Yang cries – what is she supposed to do now? Peter has deceived all that she is in Europe. She manages to steal her credit cards and money out from her house in vain. She is in tears upon seeing the different dolls of her in the shops.

Later, she is harassed by a vagrant but Wei Xiang saves her. Upon meeting her eyes, he finds them familiar – has he seen them at the birthday party? Upon seeing him, she feels relieved and faints in his arms. He is puzzled – why does he think that she is Fei Yang? Upon waking up, she sees them crowding in front of a computer that has Xiao Feng, trying to choose the best one for the contest. She is shocked and presses the soya bean drink. The four yell as their hair and clothes are all wet now.

Wei Xiang asks why her reaction is so great since she doesn’t know Xiao Feng. She records down Xiao Feng’s details and seeks to look for her. Zhu Fang blames herself – if not for the money, Xiao Feng will not be a betel nut beauty. She should not have done it many years ago. She is nearly hit by a fallen board and Fei Yang saves her on time. Fei Yang suddenly blows air to make her fringe fly – this is the same habit as Xiao Feng and Zhu Fang is stunned.

Fei Yang goes to Xiao Feng’s workplace and is stunned to find someone looking exactly like her. A customer tries to take advantage of Xiao Feng and she helps her. She tries to explain that she once has the same face as her but Xiao Feng thinks that she is mad and runs away. Zhu Fang finds Fei Yang sad on the street and brings her home. She tells the two the whole story. She can’t return to Foremost and hopes that Xiao Feng can help her. Are they twins? Zhu Fang doesn’t answer and recalls the past.

She is paid to conceive and the twins are born. She wants the doctor to keep from the Zhuangs that she has given birth to twins and take one away. Peter tells the shareholders that Fei Hong construction company wants to use 80billion to buy one of their company building. But all know that the land cost 100 billion. He agrees to place the balance into their accounts and they are delighted.

Fei Yang is amazed that even their actions are the same. Xiao Feng apologies to the IM team for wasting their effort as she decides to pull out from the contest to avoid hurting her mother. Xiao Feng nearly stops breathing when Wei Xiang is back. Upon seeing her walking out of the gate, he jumps from the wall and she praises him for being agile like spiderman. He can’t suppress himself and holds her hand. She remembers this joke so why does she deny that she is Fei Yang? Because only the two of them know it. Wei Xiang looks into her eyes and hugs her. She nearly faints of delight.

Fei Yang sees this and is upset. Wei Xiang tells Xiao Feng that running away and facing it may not solve the problem but losing it doesn’t imply that it will not return. Fei Yang is upset – this man really loves her but he is hugging another woman and she causes this. She should be happy but why doesn’t she feel it? She decides to stay with Zhu Fang as Xiao Feng. Only the three of them know this. She wants Xiao Feng to work and tell her what damage Peter has done in the two months. Xiao Feng is worried as their mannerism is so different. Fei Yang assures that her face will conceal everything and they can contact anytime.

Xiao Feng yells in front of IM that her grandfather needs money. She never expects all to help –Wei Xiang even becomes a boxer and gets hurt. She then agrees to the plan. Fuji mountain has a legend. When you have a wish, you must write it down and spend 5-6 hours to climb to the top to be the first person to send it out at the post office there and your wish will come true. There is no Fuji mountain but there is the heart valley so Fei Yang posts her letter there.

Wei Xiang wakes up and Ma Ji gives him a letter – thanks for doing it for her. She comes to the heart valley and wishes that he will not get hurt again. He is touched and tries to find out information on the valley from his pc. Fei Yang is about to call out to Wei Xiang when he is outside the home on his motorcycle when Xiao Feng approaches him first. He gives her a glass ball.

It has a chrysanthemum design in the centre. She likes it but doesn’t know the meaning of it. Wei Xiang thinks that she is shy and explains that it is forever happiness. She smiles while Fei Yang is in tears – she gets the message and will try to be happy. Xiao Feng is scared of the huge house and the security guard is shocked to see her too. Zhe Lin is bored at work and when the security guard tells him that Fei Yang is back, he is overjoyed – so extreme that he only takes a few steps to reach her.

Fei Yang enters with Xiao Feng. She touches the door knob and Zhe Lin opens it. She nearly falls on him and he holds her – she is really back – he looks at her distracted. He gets warm and welcomes her back. Fei Yang reminds her not to be surprised to look at her own home. She grumbles to Fei Yang – why doesn’t she tell her that she has a handsome man at her home? Zhe Lin introduces himself as Peter’s special assistant. Xiao Feng calls Peter a jerk and Zhe Lin has never been happier.

He finds it too late for Xiao Feng to stop the sale of the building. Zhe Lin knows that it is Fei Hong company and the shareholders wrongdoing to use the funds and Fei Yang is the only major shareholder to stop it. He apologises that his position is too minor to stop it. Peter has called the security to search the home because he can’t find the combination to open the company safe. When Xiao Feng says that she wants to see Peter, Fei Yang says no so she says no too.

Poor Zhe Lin – he doesn’t know what these two are up to. It looks like Zhe Lin is supporting them and he ensures that Fei Yang can trust him. Fei Yang wants him not to reveal that she is back and he can get hold of the report for her. Xiao Feng is fascinated by her room. Fei Yang breaks the necklace but keeps the ring and the doll. She passes a lucky bag that contains ten coins in it. Her parents have given it to her for good luck but she neglects it. Maybe that is why she is down in luck.

Xiao Feng is stunned that the house even has a bell to ring for meal time. Zhe Lin passes the report to them. Xiao Feng doesn’t know how to get the servants to serve them food and Fei Yang signals her to ring with the bell near her side. This woman rings it slowly but thinks the sound is too soft and rings it aloud. Zhe Lin and Fei Yang are startled and the waiters come – they are the IM team!

Wei Xiang examines the report – according to Zhe Lin’s analysis, Peter has persuaded the shareholders to support him so the next day’s meeting is only a ceremony to finalise as he has more than half of their support. Zhe Lin is surprised that he knows so much about the law. Ma Ji is about to reveal about the past but Wei Xiang stops him. Wei Xiang suggests giving them a sudden attack. It is obvious that Peter and Fei Hong are sharing the profits and the others are happy with their ‘supply’. They must have earned 5 billion at least for each person. Xiao Feng stares at the number.

Fei Yang admires Wei Xiang. Wei Xiang wants Xiao Feng to find a buyer who can quote a better price. Xiao Feng can’t decide what to dress to work after looking at the business dresses – she then decides to give all a surprise. Peter is holding the meeting now. A luxurious car appears at Foremost. The security guards are stunned – is the chairman back? Upon seeing how she dresses as betel nut beauty, one guard slips and falls. Another staff bangs his head towards the pillar.

All are shocked – is this really their chairman – but why is she dressing like this? The group is about to move to the security room for the finance company experts to open the safe. Zhe Lin waits anxiously at the lift when it is opened, he has a shock of his life upon seeing Xiao Feng’s dressing – his handphone drops to the ground. Xiao Feng picks up for him and shows her bosom to all. So what happens to the other shareholders is the same reaction. She has remembered Peter’s face through the photographs.

Peter is stunned and his eyes turn motionless – how can this be possible that she is still alive? Who is she? Don’t think that she can deceive him with the same face! Zhe Lin wants him to respect Xiao Feng although her dressing is different now. Peter tries to force the truth out of Xiao Feng and she is intimidated. He challenges her to open the safe. Laugh when she doesn’t even know where the chairman office is and Zhe Lin has to lead the way. Zhe Lin has thought that she has forgotten as she is only at work for a few days that she has forgotten where it is after going for Europe for so long.

Peter becomes a statue when Xiao Feng opens the safe. He tells himself to calm down – he must go through this. He apologises to her but looks deep into her eyes. She feels the chill and he is about to get the documents from the safe to seal the deal when she slams it. She tells all that she opposes to it although more than half agrees to it. She boasts that she can find another buyer who agrees to buy the building at 100 billion. Peter asks her – the moon still spins around the earth – what happens to the earth now?

Xiao Feng doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is stunned – the earth has said that the moon is trustworthy so is this the same now? Where is the moon now? He touches her neck for the necklace and she screams. Zhe Lin runs in and blocks Peter from going after her as he will send Xiao Feng home. This man gets so daring to go against Peter openly now – talking about the power of love……

Xiao Feng gets into the lift and Zhe Lin suddenly takes off his suit jacket to place on her. She is shy now – her motive is reached and now it is time to cover her ugliness. Zhe Lin quickly denies and smiles, looking into her eyes – she is very pretty today but he feels the air conditioner is too strong so he is afraid that she will catch a cold. She suddenly feels warmth rising from her heart.

Wei Xiang is shocked – where on earth are they going to get a buyer at the end of the month who agrees to give 100 billion? Even Fei Yang is helpless. Xiao Feng praises Zhe Lin for helping her – if not for him, she will not know how to handle the fierce Peter. Wei Xiang is clearly unhappy over it. Feng Yang asks where she gets the suit and Wei Xiang’s face turns black upon knowing that it belongs to Zhe Lin. Xiao Feng even searches the pocket and finds a handkerchief. She praises him for being so systematic to bring a handkerchief with him all the time. (This is sure funny when the guy gets mad with her now.)

Upon seeing the word ‘FLY’ sewn on the handkerchief, she examines it under the sun. Wei Xiang thinks that she is pretentious and gets mad. Does she want him to teach her how to read it – both women look at her in shock. He not only tells her how to read it and also what it means - Fly means the insect. Xiao Feng wonders why he is so fierce. He asks her back why she doesn’t ask herself what makes him angry. She is Cornell’s top student but acts like a primary school kid.

Can’t she have some backbone and not to get fluttered by Peter? Fly is Fei Yang. Someone already sews her name on his handkerchief because he likes her. All of them know it and she doesn’t have to stress this to prove that she has the ability to charm others. Xiao Feng is confused – doesn’t he say that it means the insect and why he says that it is Fei Yang now? Wei Xiang turns around to walk away – he nearly explodes but Fei Yang holds him back. He should understand her grief as she tries to live again to change herself. Xiao Feng weeps – what is wrong with her for not knowing English?

Xiao Feng gets so angry that she breaks the glass ball into pieces. Fei Yang is unable to stop it and feels that her heart breaks into pieces too. She rushes to pick them up and hurts her finger. Xiao Feng understands now – the 2 guys fall for Fei Yang. Although Fei Yang tries to assure that they like Xiao Feng but she knows that she is only her substitute. Fei Yang replies sadly that she is Xiao Feng’s shadow.

Wei Xiang recalls Fei Yang’s words and is now in front of a law firm. He will pick himself up too. Xiao Feng tries finding the broken pieces but can’t find them. Aunt Gui hugs Xiao Feng and cries. Sha Sha is stiff and tries to find out more about her. She lies that she has a car accident so Xiao Feng and her mother save her. Peter finds that Sha Sha is too cold as Fei Yang’s close friend and pushes her to Xiao Feng. She then hugs her and pretends to cry in joy.

The receptionist at the law firm look at the handsome and cool guy in front of her and becomes gentle. Unfortunately, Attorney Zhang has engaged an assistant. Wei Xiang is disappointed and is about to get his resume back. She then holds it – she feels that his qualifications are much better than the candidate. Attorney Hong’s special assistant is going overseas next month and needs a helper. She will pass this to him to see if he has a chance. Wei Xiang sees her calling Attorney Hong and gets embarrassed.

Fei Yang calls him at this time – she has contacted a Mr Huang to see if he can help but Xiao Feng is pestered by Peter so he decides to help. Although the receptionist informs him that Attorney Hong decides to give him an interview at 2pm, he decides to throw the chance away. Fei Yang overhears that he is at Combination Law Firm now.

Peter stares at Xiao Feng but she only continues eating from her plate. Her knife even cuts the plate and he frowns. A waiter comes and overturns a cup of coffee on his shirt. Peter pushes him away angrily. Xiao Feng sees Ma Ji, the waiter winking at her when he gets to the toilet. Wei Xiang quickly leads her away. The women are happy when the deal is sealed. Xiao Feng is so happy that she clings on Wei Xiang.

Fei Yang is upset but Wei Xiang suddenly has his eyes fixed on Fei Yang. Xiao Feng pushes her to sit on Wei Xiang’s motorcycle. Fei Yang touches the doll at home. She suddenly remembers about the law firm and she calls Attorney Hong. Xiao Feng is having a bath in the bathtub when Sha Sha comes in with a towel. Xiao Feng thinks that Fei Yang is too close to Sha Sha to do Spa naked together but can’t reject her. Sha Sha notices she doesn’t have a birthmark on the waist like Fei Yang and is shocked but keeps calm.

Xiao Feng starts to imagine – how nice will this be if she is that rich. Sha Sha then talks about their friend, Guo Yu Mei whose nickname is strawberry and is ditched by her boyfriend. Xiao Feng then lies that she will talk to her when she isn’t busy. Attorney Hong holds Wei Xiang’s hand – he is such a talented person and many have tried in vain to engage him. What brings him here? He asks Wei Xiang why he vanishes after winning a few big cases and he replies that he wants to give himself a long holiday.

Attorney Hong agrees. If not for Fei Yang, he will miss him and he will thank her. Fei Yang has called him and luckily he makes a check. He is touched to have her help and Attorney Hong welcomes him to join the next day. Wei Xiang is happy to return to work in a year’s time. He has lazed around for wrong. If not for Fei Yang, he will not have the courage to start again. He calls Xiao Feng and discovers that Mr Huang has found Boss Zhou from Da Zhong Holdings to buy the building. Upon knowing that she doesn’t make the call, both realize that Fei Yang makes the call.

Fei Yang looks into her handphone – Xiao Feng and Wei Xiang are now talking to each other and she feels lonely. Peter is about to go out when Boss Ge from Fei Hong comes. He must try his best to prevent Boss Zhou from getting the deal. Wei Xiang is going to work at the law firm the next day so he tries his business suit. All are stunned and the girls crowd around him.

Pa Zi sighs – no wonder many say that the Buddha needs the golden outfit while people need dressing too. He starts looking at himself. Ma Ji tells him to forget it as Wei Xiang already has the foundation. He adjusts his shirt then finds that something is missing. Barbie reminds him that it is the tie. Wei Xiang also smiles – he also forgets about it too as he has not dressed his suit for a long time. All search for a suitable one in vain – they look at the ties and also at him to frown…..

Wei Xiang is also troubled for not finding a match. Fei Yang comes at this time with a time and all are amazed to find a tie inside the gift box she gets for him. She gets nervous – has someone given the same present? Ma Ji puts the tie and it fits Wei Xiang perfectly. Xiao Chan starts daydreaming – they both really click. She meets Wei Xiang’s warm eyes and walks out.

She says that Wei Xiang looks completely differently in the suit but he thinks it is a kind of packaging to let customers think that he is a professional. But she knows his professionalism doesn’t restrict to looks. Wei Xiang guesses correctly that she helps him out and holds her hands to thank her. She remembers him telling Xiao Feng that escaping and facing may not solve the problem. She adds another line – turning around doesn’t mean that he is weak. Wei Xiang looks at her affectionately. She knows that he has reasons forsaking high salaries and his social status. He smiles bitterly.

She consoles him – a heart can’t be strong forever at all times. When someone can give help at this moment, just accept it. She doesn’t want to lose a talent. He promises to work hard and holds her hand again. He tries to explain why he calls Xiao Feng first but she comes at this time. She then holds Wei Xiang’s hand – the girls are right to say that he is the most handsome lawyer in Taiwan. He starts getting awkward to look at Fei Yang. He decides to send Fei Yang home since Xiao Chan is on the same way to send Xiao Feng home. He doesn’t feel safe letting her walk a long dark road from the bus stop.

Xiao Feng is angry to have her chance ruined and blames Xiao Chan. Xiao Chan claims that she sees a love triangle forming. Wei Xiang comes to ask what she wants to tell him. She claims to like him and hugs him. He pulls her hands away and tells her that he isn’t prepared for it. She is upset by his answer. He asks Fei Yang out after getting his first pay and is amused that she only wants a soft drink. She is now with him at the playground, each playing on a swing. Wei Xiang has hated it when young.

He always don’t get to play on it when he gets it, the school bell rings. The nightmare of having to let the older children play still haunts him. She is curious – is this why he becomes a lawyer? He is amused – only the interviewer will ask such a question. Actually he enjoys the joy of winning – this is the first case he wins today and he hasn’t told the rest. He has thought that he will tell Xiao Feng but he tells her instead. He reveals about Xiao Feng’s love declaration.

Fei Yang gets shocked and falls onto the ground. When the swing is about to hit her head, Wei Xiang stops it and is relieved – she should find another way to kill herself. He likes Fei Yang at the first glance and that is not levelheaded. He recalls the past and his face turns red. He has never read the girls’ fairytales but after meeting her, he has the feel. She stays in an ivory tower but her eyes tell him that she wants adventure. Fei Yang is stunned – why does he know her so well?

He has thought that he will accept Xiao Feng but he uses an ordinary excuse to reject her. His mind thinks of Fei Yang then. He knows it is wrong to like two women but he doesn’t know how to face it. He feels that it is not Fei Yang when he faces Xiao Feng – it is like looking at another person. He doesn’t like this feeling to be a twotimer. He doesn’t understand why he always turns cheerful after talking to her. So no matter what happens, he will think of her immediately.

Xiao Feng feels frustrated that everyone likes Fei Yang and not her. She is unhappy over Wei Xiang’s rejection and thus she assures him that she will make Wei Xiang love Xiao Feng then. (Stupid decision.) She agrees to share everything with her once she gets back her power. Sha Sha wants Xiao Feng to show her the photos that they have taken at Nigeria Waterfalls. She lies that she has forgotten where she places them. Sha Sha demands to know who she is – they don’t have a friend called strawberry and they have not been to the waterfall last year. Sha Sha demands to know how she makes her birthmark disappear.

Xiao Feng replies that she doesn’t have a birthmark to spill the beans. She feels frightened and calls Fei Yang. IM team realizes their real identities. No wonder their tastes are so different. Wei Xiang frowns – their only advantage is that Sha Sha doesn’t know who Xiao Feng is and where Fei Yang is. He asks Fei Yang why Sha Sha wants to stop them – she is only a model manager to have nothing to do with Foremost and is her friend. She denies the fact that she will hurt her to be with Peter as she is her best friend.

Wei Xiang wants Ma Ji and Pa Zi to send Xiao Feng home while he sends Fei Yang home. Fei Yang is surprised that he isn’t angry. He finally knows that he isn’t a twotimer to like the same person all along. They are about to kiss when she remembers her promise to Xiao Feng to reject him. He thinks that she hasn’t gotten over Peter and is regretful over his blunt act. But he still decides to woo her.

Da Zheng refuses to sign the contract upon knowing that Boss Zhou is only paying 80 billion. Many laugh – they call Xiao Feng ‘Chairman Zhuang – Zhuang Dong’ – it has the same pronunciation as ‘acting as if she knows’. She runs out of the conference room. Sha Sha wonders why Peter doesn’t blow Xiao Feng’s cover. He suspects that Fei Yang is still alive and tells Xiao Feng all the facts. She could have accused him of attempted murder to land him in jail. Why must she go through all the trouble?

If he tells the truth, all will want the real Fei Yang to be back. He might as well play along with the imposter to find time to get rid of the rid Fei Yang. He wants Sha Sha to go overseas. Peter visits Xiao Feng with a bouquet of roses upon knowing that she is sick. He tells her that his heart still goes out to her and why she keeps her sickness from Wei Xiang. She chases him away but misses Wei Xiang.

Fei Yang is angry that Wei Xiang doesn’t visit Xiao Feng and demands an explanation. He realizes that she rejects him because of Xiao Feng and the heart valley letter is from her. He knows that she doesn’t want Xiao Feng to get hurt but she can’t push him to her. He hugs her and doesn’t allow her to say anymore. Zhu Fang tells her about the past and begs her to give Xiao Feng a chance to love Wei Xiang as she owes her too much. Fei Yang has everything for 20 years but she has given her misery instead.

Boss Zhou only agrees to pay 85 billion and tells Peter to consider it. He asks Xiao Chan out. Fei Yang goes to the heart valley and wants to be the first to post a letter but she becomes the second so she decides to stay over for the night. Zhu Fang is anxious upon knowing that Fei Yang runs away from home and walks out with the glass ball. She passes it to Wei Xiang who comes to look for her. He remembers the place and goes there too. He is here with his letter but is disappointed to be the second person.

He goes to the chrysanthemum field and finds Fei Yang there. Xiao Feng has said that she wants to be under the sun as she is afraid that the sun will forget her. Now he understand it – because during the time she goes missing, he feels that the sun has forgotten about him even though it shines on him. She lies that she agrees to help Xiao Feng to get Wei Xiang after getting back her status. She discloses that they are twin sisters. But he knows that he only loves her – same tactic again to kiss her till she can’t reject him.

She feels a letter in his pocket when he hugs her and opens it. The contents – ‘why must you glue the glass ball? I don’t look for you after you left because my broken heart doesn’t allow me to think about it. Only when I look at it, I can imagine that you take so much time to glue it back. I also feel my heart coming back to me in one piece. Thank you to make me realize that you are not unfeeling to me. I will wait for you forever as my eyes are only for you.‘ They only worry what to tell Xiao Feng now.

Xiao Feng is happy to see the glass ball being glued back and see them back together. They reveal the truth to her and she is furious that Fei Yang doesn’t keep to the rules. She accuses them of being liars and will not help tem anymore. She drops the ball and it becomes pieces again. She wants to move back home but Peter stops her. He reveals that Xiao Chan has told him the truth. He is attracted by her real personality.

By right, he should be angry knowing the wrong person but he likes here now. Fei Yang is only a pampered and proud rich girl while she is not. Peter describes Fei Yang as a despicable person who makes use of everyone. Now she gets sympathy from all while Xiao Feng loses everyone. She then decides to stay on to seek redress for herself. Peter cuts the steak for her and he mentions about his past.

His stepmother has an affair with Ke Qiang. They cause his father’s company to fold up and the ugly scandal is surfaced. Mr Pan kills himself and he shows her the newspaper about the news. Ke Qiang arranges his stepmother to stay in Switzerland. Peter has nothing and Ke Qiang still puts up an act to sponsor his education. He becomes a spy and is all out to ruin him. So his target is on Fei Yang to seek revenge although she is innocent and she must pay for his deed. He tells her to judge with her own eyes.

Fei Yang is as evil as Ke Qiang. She looks grateful on the exterior but she is revengeful too. Xiao Feng presses the steak till the blood flows out from there. Xiao Feng returns to the company and walks into the lift but falls to the top of the lift. Peter hears her screams and upon seeing the lift going down, he jumps into the empty space and slides down the wire. His hands are wounded but he manages to open the lift cover to bring her down to safety. He looks at her tenderly – it doesn’t matter since she is fine.

Why only Peter can manage to make her feel better now? He could have gotten himself killed but he saves her. Fei Yang is shocked to see Peter fetching Xiao Feng to work. Fei Yang walks on the street and he nearly knocks her down. Fei Yang knows that he does it on purpose and warns Xiao Feng not to sit on his car. Xiao Feng is badly shaken again and warns him not to do it again.

Xiao Can is at Foremost and pesters Peter on why he doesn’t answer her calls. She realizes that she has been cheated by him. He woos her just to find out more about Xiao Feng but Xiao Can is stunned that Xiao Feng doesn’t fire Peter and Peter gives her a chilling smile. Peter vows to be faithful to Xiao Feng and since he knows everything, she doesn’t have to provide any more news to him.

Xiao Can becomes frantic and says that Peter tries to seduce her at IM to woo her to know their secret. Peter only admits going there to look for Wei Xiang, hoping that he will not harass Xiao Feng again. But Xiao Can throws herself at him upon knowing that he is Foremost’s GM. After praising her, she lets her imagination run wild to think that he likes her. Not just leaving messages on the handphone but also appearing at Foremost. Xiao Can gets angry when Xiao Feng doesn’t listen to her and decides to move out of IM. All scold her for being stupid.

Xiao Can has the feeling that Xiao Feng will want to e the imposter forever since her cover is blown. Pa Zi arranges someone to knock into Peter’s car to prevent him for getting close to Xiao Feng so that they will have a chance to talk to her. Xiao Feng refuses to listen to Fei Yang or Wei Xiang – Fei Yang steals all her friends and her mother. They have no choice but to reveal her parentage. She is hurt – why must she lead a tough life for 20 years? Now she gives Fei Yang a chance to be Zhu Fang’s daughter for 20 years.

Wei Xiang decides to bring Fei Yang to ask Zi Huan for advice. She tells him to forgive Zi Huan. Wei Xiang still doesn’t forgive him for ruining his family. He will rather be in the orphanage or a beggar than to grow up under his wing. She thinks that his dead parents are contented to see how successful he is. he rebukes – will she forgive Peter if he changes for the better? Her answer is – Zi Huan makes amends for his mistakes but Peter sets traps for all of them. How can he compare?

He smiles – she should become a lawyer. Her intention is – he might not forget but he should learn to forgive. Zi Huan sits alone at the beach, hoping to see Wei Xiang all this while. When he appears to tell him that he is forgiven, he is overjoyed. He has learned from television that Wei Xiang is the legal consultant for Foremost. He can do well without his help now. Zi Huan is also glad to know that he is learning under Attorney Hong, an experienced lawyer.

Wei Xiang hugs him and weeps – he must be more tormented than him. He wants Zi Huan to forgive his impulsiveness. If he is thoughtful, he should realize that Zi Huan is his only family and he will not be so lonely. Zi Huan is grateful to Fei Yang for persuading his son to return to him. They have 2 solutions – one is to seek Dr Zhou out to prove that he did the plastic surgery. They are so wrong to get Xiao Feng to be the imposter. Another is to set up a press conference to tell the truth.

How to make sure that Dr Zhou has a clear mind? And using DNA to prove Xiao Feng’s relationship with Fei Yang – will this hurt her further? Fei Yang finally acknowledges Aunt Gui – she shows her the scar that she has since young to prove her identity. She is angry that Xiao Feng cheats her all along and is so unreasonable to Fei Yang. Xiao Feng refuses to give in after recalling Peter’s words.

Wei Xiang announces that they are going to sue Peter and let the whole world that that Xiao Feng is the twin. They only come to inform her that. Peter tries to settle the case out of court with Fei Yang in vain. They approve Xiao Feng still to be the chairman but Fei Yang has to take up the GM post while he resigns. The shareholders are dumbfounded upon knowing what has happened and he has to use profits to let them support him. When he reaches home, he is shocked to see Sha Sha back.

She promises not to let Fei Yang know about them. Before he takes off Sha Sha’c clothes, he announces to her that this is their last night as he starts to love Xiao Feng. He has said that they should not burden each other to be friends in future. He will kill her if she reveals their relationship to Xiao Feng. She can’t accept his decision and has an overdose of sleeping pills. She writes a suicide note to him telling him that she loves him forever and has never regretted betraying Fei Yang.

Wei Xiang and Fei Yang hold a press conference to announce to the public. Aunt Gui explains how Mrs Zhuang was too weak to conceive and looks for a ‘mother’. Peter accuses hr of being bribed so Fei Yang gets Zhu Fang and her grandfather as her witnesses. Xiao Feng denies being her daughter and other shareholders support her. Fei Yang announces that she knows that Sha Sha is Peter’s secret lover. But Peter knows that Sha Sha is in hospital so he lets go.

Wei Xiang has no choice but to let the sisters test their DNA. Xiao Feng isn’t worried over the result as it will prove that she is Ke Qiang’s daughter. Fei Yang is upset that she only wants to uncover Peter’s secret motive so that Xiao Feng can continue to be the rich girl. Peter is about to kill Sha Sha when Xiao Feng visits her. Peter reveals that he likes Xiao Feng now and is shocked when she suddenly opens her eyes.

The doctor announces that she is into a coma again and he is relieved. But he dashes his hopes by saying that she has a high chance of survival. Aunt Gui can’t stand Xiao Feng’s attitude and moves out. Peter burns Sha Sha’s suicide letter and is with Xiao Feng to console her when she thinks that everyone is leaving her. She decides not to test her DNA and return everything to Fei Yang. Peter confesses that he knows that she is Fei Yang’s twin after knowing that she is an imposter.

It is true that he tries to get into her good books to get close to her to defeat his enemies. He has everything under his control and is unfeeling but now he has changed. From the lift incident, when he sees her being trapped, he doesn’t consider the danger and jumps with her. From then on, he knows that he is finished. Regardless whether she is Ke Qiang’s daughter, this isn’t important and he is willing to be with her. They kiss each other but suddenly Wei Xiang’s face is in front of her and she retreats.

Peter hugs her from the back and thanks her. From how frantic she looks, she has accepted him and he will wait for her. He smiles after sealing his promise and kisses her before she sleeps but his smile freezes upon being reminded of Sha Sha. He is about to kill the patient when he discovers that she isn’t Sha Sha. He runs into a rage upon knowing that she is transferred into another hospital after she wakes up and no one knows where she is now.

Xiao Feng brings her grandfather home but he doesn’t want ‘the other Xiao Feng’ to be unable to get him and Wei Xiang always play chess with him. He dislikes Peter who looks evil to him. Peter suppresses his anger and tries to provoke him to return with them. He wins the old man and the old man scolds him – Wei Xiang always lets him win and he thinks ‘the other Xiao Feng’ chooses the right man.

Xiao Feng comes out of the bathroom in a bathrobe and sees Peter stretching his back. She thanks him but can’t help feeling bad for making him tired. Peter smiles – no wonder many say that the old behaves like a kid. Peter doesn’t mind it as he has put on a mask half hi life and he thanks Xiao Feng for changing him. His voice has an unending despair and Xiao Feng feels sorry for him. She kisses him on the cheek and both
Become intimate. The belt is loosen and reveals her naked body but he fixes it back.

This scene is seen by the old man and thinks that he is going to molest her. So he nearly hits Peter with his walking stick. Peter smiles and retreats. Fei Yang gets a letter from the heart valley and thinks that it is from Wei Xiang. But it is Peter who wants to meet her alone. Peter wants the case to be settled out of court. He admits that Sha Sha tries committing suicide but is puzzled that Fei Yang doesn’t know where she is. Sha Sha looks for her that night and apologises to her but leaves.

Fei Yang is upset to know that she has leukemia through the DNA test and is dying soon. She goes to the grave and vows to seek revenge on Peter before her death. The day comes – it is proved that they are sisters. But Fei Yang changes to another person – she prevents Wei Xiang from suing Peter and even announces that he still retain his job. Zhe Lin becomes her special assistant while Xiao Feng is her assistant too. The shareholders look at her – although her face changes, her mannerisms and confidence remain.

Zhe Lin looks at Fei Yang in shock. The change is too much for him to stomach. Now to transfer her from Xiao Feng to the real Fei Yang, he suddenly feels strange and uneasy. He doesn’t know how to face the twins and his feelings. The most puzzling fact is – doesn’t she hate Peter a lot? Wei Xiang can’t understand too and is furious over her decision. Even Peter feels strange too.

What is her motive that he can’t comprehend? Her calmness even sends a chill down his spine. He decides to test her out – by giving her his resignation letter. Xiao Feng doesn’t want him to leave her. Wei Xiang nearly goes mad upon knowing that Fei Yang pays the fees to Attorney Hong and takes all Peter’s criminal evidence away, he demands to know what is happening. She cites that she doesn’t need his help anymore since she is rich. He closes his eyes in despair – she can ignore him or not to thank him but why do this?

She cites that she doesn’t want to let hatred rule her heart and she still loves Peter. He knows that this is not the truth. She comes to Peter’s home and gives him the records that can land him in jail for 15 years. She tells him to stay and asks why he loves Xiao Feng but does this to her? She has tears in her eyes and he touches her face. It has a sick look and is different from Xiao Feng’s sunny feel. He touches her nose and eyebrows and she closes her eyes. Suddenly, they hear Xiao Feng’s screams.

She accuses her for being unable to forget Peter. Fei Yang admits it – she knows him from young and is too dependent on him. Peter doesn’t know what to say and Fei Yang agrees that she will get anything which Xiao Feng likes. Xiao Feng decides to stay at Peter’s home. The two are having a romantic meal at his home when Fei Yang and Zhu Fang walk in. They are unable to persuade her to return and tell Peter that they have installed a survilence camera in his house. Is anything happens, Zhu Fang will call the police.

Peter jumps – she is too much to do this to him. Fei Yang shows him part of Sha Sha’s letter as a jigsaw puzzled – don’t ever remove the camera or he will not get the other pieces. He is frightened – what has she written to Fei Yang? She catches Pa Zi sneaking on her. IM team wants to help Wei Xiang to find out what changes Fei Yang and tails her. He drags her to meet a drunk Wei Xiang. Wei Xiang wakes up to find a recorded video of Fei Yang on V8 – she wants him to forget her. But can he?

Fei Yang visits Sha Sha at the villa and she wants Fei Yang to break the couple up. She freezes upon seeing Sha Sha’s cold eyes. She leaves and nearly faints upon looking at the valley. Barbie and Xiao Can get fluttered and think she is going to kill herself. Wei Xiang comes on time to hold an unconscious her close to him. He gets terrified upon knowing that her brain lacks oxygen and she is anaemic. But she still insists of leaving the hospital. She tells him to leave her alone since they are no longer an item.

How can she stay in a 3rd rate hospital? She has her own doctor and Peter is coming to get her. Wei Xiang smiles bitterly. He has enough shocks and there is no way that she can hurt him any more. He can never believe that she will love a man who nearly kills her. Xiao Feng meets Wei Xiang – she can understand Fei Yang’s feelings when she hates Peter. When there is hatred, there are feelings involved. But the present Fei Yang is like a cold-blooded animal. Wei Xiang thinks there must be a reason.

The last time Fei Yang forces him to accept Xiao Feng is to pretend to be a heartless woman. Xiao Feng is upset as Peter is close to Fei Yang now. Wei Xiang consoles her but finds his own confidence diminishing. Xiao Feng decides to move back home. Fei Yang opens her email and tells Peter that she is dying. Peter is shocked when she offers to share everything she has with him. He looks at the figures in the computer with her in confusion – what game is this? When she asks what he asks, he replies that he has 4 accounts but not up to $800,000. He has an internal struggle – he loves Xiao Feng and thinks that he will not love anyone else. But he is unable to resist her temptation.

Peter is stunned when Attorney Hong helps Fei Yang to transfer half of her possessions to him. The other half goes to Zhu Fang and Xiao Feng. She wants him to be with her for the rest of her life. If he marries her, the 50 billion will be his. He is moved – if she dies, he can still woo Xiao Feng……she wants him to fulfill her dream to have a grand wedding.

After she faints and he gets the doctor, he finally knows that she is really dying but he isn’t happy. Zhu Fang scolds Peter for ruining the twins and he brings Xiao Feng to see Fei Yang’s doctor. The doctor says that Fei Yang is reckless to refuse treatment. She finally knows why Fei Yang is so weird and is oblivious to Peter’s words in asking her to wait for him. She is too shocked to know that Fei Yang is dying.

Fei Yang comes to the bank – Peter has agreed to give her all his things to put in the safe with her other things. She finds a letter that shows Ke Qiang’s aircraft disaster photo, her father’s handphone and also a few bills to Hong Kong bank. She gives them to a PI and he makes a copy before doing a thorough check. The reporters gather at Foremost conference room where Peter and Fei Yang announce their marriage. The IM team watched the tv wall in shock. Wei Xiang closes his eyes and is unable to say a word.

After the conference, Peter books the whole restaurant to celebrate the occasion. Xiao Feng hugs Fei Yang to cry and Fei Yang reminds her to keep Zhu Fang from it. Peter is touched that Xiao Feng isn’t jealous and kisses her when Fei Yang is sleeping in a room. Zhu Fang gets mad with him – after watching the scene on television, she rushes here with Wei Xiang. Now she sees him kissing Xiao Feng – is this man a devil to deceive the twins? She insists of bringing them home.

Wei Xiang still finds something amiss but Xiao Feng avoids looking at him. He recalls the scene that Fei Yang leaves in his V8. He must know the reason. Fei Yang walks out of the hospital and doesn’t know that Wei Xiang, Ma Ji and Xiao Can are following her. The latter two steal her medical report. After knowing the truth, his heart is sawn into half. He hugs her and blames her for keeping it from him.

She brings him to see Sha Sha. The plane pieces are sent to the U.S. for examination. Her greatest regret is not being able to get enough evidence. To get near Peter is the only way. Now she has the bills and the funds are under checking. She begs him to make Xiao Feng leave Peter and take care of her. He brings her to Zi Huan for help. The famous detective Li Chang Hao gets invited to look at the report. He promises to try his best. Peter has fixed the date and venue for their wedding.

He has thought that Fei Yang is coming but he is shocked to see Sha Sha when he opens the door. Fei Yang is about to enter with the invitation list when she sees her and hides behind the door after seeing her shoes. Sha Sha has seen everything on television. Why is he marrying Fei Yang since he loves Xiao Feng? Fei Yang regrets – she has used half her fortune as the bait to gain his trust but she has not told Sha Sha about it and the plan backfires now. Sha Sha wants to see the ending of Feng Yang marrying her father’s killer.

She has told Fei Yang about it but doesn’t know what Fei Yang wants. Peter is shocked and angry. How can she frame him? Although he betrays Fei Yang, he doesn’t harm Ke Qiang. Although he isn’t involved, Sha Sha believes that he is happy over the tragedy to come up with the plot to harm Fei Yang. What is the difference then? Peter thinks that Sha Sha is mad and forces her to come up with the facts. She reminds him - on that fateful day, Peter has told her that his plan has reached the first stage. The conversation is taped in her recorder. She knows that Fei Yang believes her.

Isn’t Fei Yang mad too to marry her enemy? Is Peter true to Fei Yang to marry her? Peter looks into her eyes firmly. Initially he is attracted to Fei Yang’s wealth. Now he is truly wishing to accompany her on her last journey to treat her well to make up to her. Probably he is influenced by Xiao Feng to treasure his real feelings. He is no longer the past Peter. He is true to both twins.

He knows clearly that he loves Xiao Feng and is remorseful to Fei Yang. Even if she wants him to go to jail, he has no regrets and will not escape from it. During this time, he feels peaceful. He will not stop her to show any evidence to the public. This is what he owes her. Fei Yang says there is no need. Sha Sha screams that she will not allow her to marry Peter. Fei Yang is shaken – Sha Sha has deceived her and makes her hurt Xiao Feng. She faints and Peter holds her in his arms. He stares at Sha Sha – it is up to her what she wants to do and he calls the police.

Wei Xiang sends the first letter at the heart valley – he wants Fei Yang to continue living. The wedding is cancelled as Peter surrenders himself to the police. In the past, he asks Fei Yang if she will forgive Peter if he changes for the better. Fei Yang shakes her head at that moment but now she forgives him and even asks the judge to give him a lighter sentence. Xiao Feng will wait for his release. Wei Xiang promises himself to bring Fei Yang to look at the sea of chrysanthemums again.

Xiao Feng and the rest send Wei Xiang and Fei Yang off at the airport. Fei Yang sits near Wei Xiang and he hugs her tightly, afraid that she might vanish in the next moment. They are heading for the medical centre in the U.W. to seek treatment. Li Chang Hao’s investigation has no result but he arranges this chance for Fei Yang. She is brave to face this with Wei Xiang’s help. Fei Yang’s operation is a success.

Introduction on characters

1. Li Wei Xiang – Huo Jian Hua
He is 25 years old and is IM’s head. He is handsome and cool but he suffers a lot of cuts in his heart. He was formerly a top law faculty graduate. So young to be considered as a star lawyer but when his judge father discloses to him about his parentage, he can’t accept this harsh truth and leaves his foster father to give everything up and starts a lazy life…..

Jian Hua acts quite well in this drama. He pairs up with Wei Jun well in many scenes except that he needs to work on better on his sad scenes.

2. Zhuang Fei Yang (the first few episodes has Chen Qiao En but later has Lin Wei Jun)
She is 20 years old and is rich. She graduates from Cornell University and is pretty with an air of demureness. After her father’s demise, she is left to manage a big company. But she was caught in the lovers trap to be disfigured and lose her fortune. She has no choice but to mix with IM employees. She never expects to find real love and also herself in here. Lin Wei Jun is just reprising her tragic role as in ‘At the Dolphin Bay’. I don’t see much improvement from there.

3. Liang Ziao Feng – Chen Qiao En
She is 20 years old and is blunt in her speech. But she is open about her thoughts and those who get close to her will get influenced. Although she can be blur at times, she thinks the best for others and sacrifices for them. She only shows her cheerful nature and hides her sorrow.

Chen is stereotyped to act in loud and outspoken roles. I don't see any difference in her acting for Xiao Fengand Fei Yang. Don't twins behave differently too? No wonder she plays the same role in ‘The prince turns into a frog.’

4. Pan Peter – Wan Siu Lun
He is 27 years old. He is Foremost Holdings GM. He is handsome and conceited. His romantic nature and devotion can make ladies’ minds spin over him. He is mature and also capable to gain trust. But this man also has a dark past and thus he has an evil side. He can be despicable to achieve his aim.

Wan has never failed us in acting as villains. But pairing him up with young actresses can be a mismatch as we can see that he has aged. He will be a wonderful prince charming if he is in his 30s or younger but we know that he is already in his 40s. It is hard to believe that he attracts 4 women. He looks better with Zu Ping as she looks more mature.

5. Meng Zhe Lin – Xu Meng Zhe
He is 22 years old and he is Peter’s special assistant. He has been carrying a torch for Fei Yang for a long time. But not to mention about love declaration, he doesn’t even have the chance to get close to her. Fei Yang is an unattainable dream but when Xiao Feng replaces Fei Yang to return, his situation makes a 180 degrees change. His devotion becomes true and is Fei Yang’s (who is actually Xiao Feng) guardian angel.

Oh boy – he looks so cute in here. Brilliant, kind and devoted – I wonder why both sisters are so blind to disregard his presence to adore Peter instead. Poor him to be unable to get any sister’s heart. This is a breakthrough for Meng Zhe from his usual boyish roles.

6. Chen Sha Sha – Jiang Zu Ping
She is Fei Yang’s friend but she is Peter’s capable assistant for the planned murder because she loves Peter too much. Love can destroy a person as seen from here. Zu Ping does her role well.

7. Aunt Gui – Ge Lei
She is the housekeeper and is like a mother to Fei Yang for bringing her up since her foster mother dies young. She is faithful to her young mistress and is pissed off with Xiao Feng’s attitude.

8. Ma Ji – Tang Zhi Zhong
He is Wei Xiang’s partner who wishes to be a good commercial planner.

9. Pa Zi – Liu Guang Yuan
He is also Wei Xiang’s partner who gives him good advice when he is down.

10. Barbie – Ke Yi Rou
She is plain looking but always dreaming to be a model if Ma Ji gets assignments.

11. Feng Xiao Can – Zhao Hong Qiao
She is as simple minded as Barbie – but equally blind as the other women to fall for Peter to get tricked.

12. Yang Zhu Fang - Ke Shu Qin
She is the twins’ mother who feels remorseful to give Xiao Feng a poor life. She can be quite unfair to want Fei Yang to give in to her all the time.

13. Li Zi Huan – Zhang Fu Jian
He is Wei Xiang’s foster father who is a judge to make the wrong mistake of causing Wei Xiang to be an orphan. He tries to make up to him whenever he can to give him the best education he needs. Guilt makes him reveal the truth but he is glad to be forgiven.

Favourite character
Wei Xiang, he is a reliable friend to all and is also serious at work despite having love problems. No wonder he becomes a top notch lawyer at a young age.

Most hated character
Xiao Can, she prides herself to be smart but falls into Peter’s trap to divulge her friends’ secrets to him instead. She is such a moron.

‘The blissful map’ is fast paced song which is well sung by Xiao Ya Xuan.

There is nothing fantastic about this drama. The plot is very predictable. Many parts are too slow for me and the nice looking faces do not help much. Especially when all roles are one-dimensional and they give a mediocre performance. This drama is strictly for the artistes’ fans.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On song : **** (Scale of 5)

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