Twin Sisters (100% Señorita)

Reviewed by: rui

October 30, 2004

Rating: three-point-five

Twin Sisters [a.k.a. 100% Señorita]

[I watched the series with their names in English]

Wallace Huo – Wesley
Joe Chen – Annabel/ Felicity
Jason Hsu – Jerry
Penny Lin – Felicity
Deric Wan – Peter


Felicity and Annabel were separated at birth. Felicity was sent to her rich father and Annabel remained with her poor mother’s guardian. Felicity, being blessed with a well-off family, experienced being the Señorita where she always got what she wanted. Having a loving father and a loyal assistant (Peter), Felicity felt she had it all. On her 20th birthday, she met a waiter, Wesley, and an unanticipated thing happened. Her father died in an air crash that pushed her to be the sudden president of Formosa Company. With the aide of Peter, Felicity somehow lessened her sorrow. Believing that Peter was very loyal to her family, Felicity entrusted him everything, including the financial stability of the company. With him showing concern to her, Felicity fell in love with Peter without knowing his plan of murder. On their date, when he proposed to her, Peter pushed her car off into an abyss. There was an explosion. Believing that Felicity died in that accident, he twisted a story wherein he said that she had left Taiwan for Paris after a quarrel with him.

Months later, Wesley met Annabel, whom he mistook for Felicity. He tried to convince Annabel to forget about the quarrel she had with Peter. Meanwhile, Felicity luckily survived the accident and was aided by a mentally-disturbed plastic surgeon. To her dismay, her face was changed to another identity. With that, everybody found her crazy when she said she was Felicity. When Felicity met Annabel, the two decided to switch places to destroy Peter and bring back Formosa. The decision apparently destroyed their friendship, as Annabel was attracted to Wesley, but discovering that Wesley liked Felicity, Annabel betrayed Felicity. Not long before they realized that they were blood siblings, Annabel chose Peter rather than her own family.

The conflict spread as Felicity was forced to prove her true identity through DNA testing and claimed her part. A Taiwan serial won’t be complete without a twisted plot, so it was then that Felicity discovered her terminal illness. Annabel found out about her disease and helped her destroy Peter, not only for Felicity but also to avenge the murder of their father.

Wallace Huo as Wesley
According to a friend of mine, he’s one of the many good-looking talents of Taiwan, though I found his beauty more feminine! But I admit he has expressive eyes. However, his acting in the serial was a little raw. He delivered his lines well, but his emotions were somewhat forced, especially in scenes where he had to act angry. He seemed to shout more than to perform his lines. But his vulnerability and longing for Felicity was done so well. I can’t see the chemistry between him and Penny Lin (who acted as Felicity).

I’m curious to see a new Wallace because apparently in his other serial - A Promise of Love at the Dolphin Bay, opposite Angela Zhang - he also portrayed a hot-headed, arrogant character who was nevertheless willing to sacrifice everything for love. I found him likeable in scenes where he delivered lines portraying a lawyer.

Joe Chen as Felicity/ Annabel
I admit that I watched the series all because of Joe. Her looks are not exactly doll-like, but her charm and jolly attitude attract viewers and followers. Her character Annabel made the viewers laugh. Her eyes and facial expressions determine her outgoing attitude. But this doesn’t mean she can’t act in dramas! Her performance was outstanding. She’s good not only in making the viewers laugh, but had the viewers sympathizing and hating her as well. I just found it very frustrating why she was head over heels in love with Wesley and the latter part with Peter. I like her with Jason rather than the two!

Penny Lin as Felicity
Her acting as a señorita in the serial was done so well. I can say that she’s a good actress, but with this serial, I preferred her to act as a villain rather than a protagonist (such in the series Lavender).

Jason Hsu as Jerry
He’s one of my favorite 5566 members. I just found it very frustrating that he only a cameo role in the serial. But it's okay, I believe in the next instalment - titled In Love with Señorita - Jason will act opposite Joe.

According to Jason and Joe's fans, this serial was the answer for their disappointment after seeing Joe with Gao in My MVP Valentine. I believe the next instalment will be better after seeing Joe and Jason's chemistry.

Deric Wan as Peter
“Action speaks louder than words.” This fits Deric perfectly as he is really a villain for me. I hated him so well because of that! His role as an antagonist is not new for us after seeing him as totally devilish in A Promise of Love at the Dolphin Bay. I don’t like him paired with Joe as he looked really mature and I didn’t find him handsome either.

I’m not really a fan of Taiwan serials' twisted plots, but I adore the effort they put in to make each of their series a mirror to Taiwanese culture and traditions, especially the importance of a family which was emphasized in the series. What stopped the conflict between Felicity and Annabel? It’s because of the bond that tied them together. After Annabel realized their relations, she started to reconsider everything. As for Felicity, she learned to become modest and understanding to her younger sister’s feelings. But what made me mad was the unjust treatment by the twins’ mother. After she found Felicity, her focus turned to Felicity and she left Annabel behind. She doesn’t appreciate Annabel’s little accomplishments. So we can’t blame Annabel for somehow turning against them in the middle of the series.

I don’t feel the connection of Wesley’s past in the development of the plot. So what if Wesley had a bitter past? At least he was never abandoned by the person that sentenced his real father to death and resulted in the suicide of his real mother. He was nurtured and raised with care and love. So I don’t get his reason why he has to leave the judge he grew up with as his father and later return to him like nothing has happened! Another thing was Wesley’s bossy attitude. I don’t understand why he should always shout at his friends in IM. I don’t know what his reason is! Is it the past? Or his own arrogance in the story? I guess they should have at least justified the reason to some of Wesley's characteristics.

I guess the storyline saved the whole serial! I have seen a lot of stories of twins, but the theme they presented in this series was kind of different and unique. The hatred and the vengeful feelings of Felicity were truly rationalized why everything she did in the serial was merely a realistic feeling of a person who lost a loved one in the same manner. I just found the love story of Wesley and Felicity dull. I just can’t feel the intensity of love shown by the lead stars! No offense again, I was never moved by the intense feeling they tried to demonstrate. Maybe it’s because I’m not a big fan of Wallace and Penny, or they don’t really have that prowess to show that they’re are the story’s focus.

There are some scenes that bothered me a lot. First, I don’t know if I would be dumbfounded or puzzled with Felicity’s miraculous persistence after she was thrown in an abyss with her blown-up car! And within weeks or months, she immediately recovered from her burnt-out skin! Secondly, Peter’s reasons for his cruelty were not really substantiated. I know he just wanted to avenge his father’s unpleasant past caused by the twins' father, but no one knew whether this was really a valid motive for his revenge. Lastly, I wonder why Felicity has to hurt Wesley’s feelings over and over again despite the fact that she’s totally in love with him!

The music score was likeable, especially Wallace Huo’s single which was played at the ending. This is the reason why many viewers like his singing even though they don’t understand the song!


Peter was imprisoned while Felicity survived her operations abroad. The day she and Annabel went back to Formosa, Jerry appeared catching Annabel’s shoe the same way that happened at their first meeting. I don’t know if I would consider this a better ending for Annabel.

Overall, I don’t find the serial really convincing. I can say that the casts apparently did their best in this serial. There are lots of twists and turns which made the flow somehow draggy, but I admit it there are some scenes that amazed me. To all lovers of Taiwanese dramas, this serial has a combination of drama, comedy and action, and it is watchable.

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