Wind and Cloud

Reviewed by: Legendary_Feng_Yun

July 27, 2007

Rating: four-point-five

Wind and Cloud
(Feng Yun: Xiong Ba Tian Xia)

Xiong Ba : The Conqueror

Sonny Chiba I feel is one of the best actors in this show, though not my favorite character personally, but his portrayal of Xiong Ba is impeccable. I really like his evil smile when he plots his evil dastardly deeds. Sonny Chiba is really convincing as the main antagonist of the show. His return, even though it doesn’t follow the comics, I feel was a good turn to the story. I was not looking forward to Tian Huang arriving. Overall, I give him a 9/10 for looks and 9.5/10 for acting.

Bu Jing Yun : Bu Ku Si Shen

Peter Ho does look an awful lot like Bu Jing Yun. He captures the coldness and the loneliness of Yun very well. You could clearly feel his hatred for Xiong Ba and his love for Kong Ci. I especially enjoy watching the parts with him and Wu Ming. I wish they had more screen time together. I also liked how he exhibited his internal struggles with his love for Kong Ci, hatred for Xiong Ba, friendship with Nie Feng, guilt towards Qin Shuang, and hesitance to love with Chu Chu. I agree with the others that his change was too abrupt and way too dramatic. Some of the lines he has with Chu Chu sound increasingly sappy. Overall, I give his look 9.5/10 and his acting a 7.5/10.

Nie Feng : Feng Zhong Zhi Shen

I think Zhao Wen Zhuo did a very good job with Nie Feng. He may lack charisma, but he makes up for it with the kindheartedness of Nie Feng.

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