Wish to See You Again


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Number of Episodes:16


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Wish To See You Again

Reviewed by: Bridget December 17, 2009

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Chinese Title: "Zhe Li Fa Xian Ai" (directly translates to this is where we discovered love) No. of episodes: 16 Theme song: "Zai Zhe Li Deng Ni" - JVKV Cast Vic Zhou as Xu Le Michelle Chen as Pan Neng Xian / Nancy Kingone Wang as Xiao Ma Ken Zhu as Ah Hao Terri Wang as Lu Yi Ji Qin as Pan Neng Zhen Supporting Cast Eric Tsang as Long Ge Vaness Wu as Leo Huang He as teenager Xu Le Yan Sheng Yu as teenager Ah Hao Zhao Hu Hao as teenager...

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Wish To See You Again

Reviewed by: AndyChrono April 16, 2009

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

In A Nutshell: One of the best contemporary Taiwan dramas. Details (Spoiler Warning!): A. Characters: 1. Vic Zhou as Xu Le Xu Le is a best-selling author struggling with a bad case of writer's block. Growing up as an orphan, he naturally developed an introverted personality, making him seem weird at times and awkward when interacting among other people. He has only two friends in his life: Xiao Ma and Ah Hao. To put it succinctly, this is the best character in the series....

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Wish to See You Again

Reviewed by: biege February 02, 2009

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

CAST Vic Zhou as Xu Le / Ye Zi Chen Yan Xi as Nancy / Pan Neng Xian Kingone Wang as Yong Rui / Xiao Ma Terri Kwan as Lu Yi Ken Zhu as Yu Hao / Ah Hao Ji Qin as Pan Neng Zhen Vaness Wu as Leo PLOT Xu Le, Xiao Ma and Ah Hao are best of friends since high school but things got complicated between them when Ah Hao's family migrated in America. After 10 years Xu Le becomes a famous writer under the...

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Member Ratings


09-15-2008 01:40 AM


I just wonder why Megan Lai is always on Vic Zhou's series (Meteor Garden, Mars, Silence, Sweet Relationship, and one episode in Wish to See you Again) anyone knows?


09-12-2008 11:53 AM


I think Vic Chou made some progress in his acting. He plays the character well in this series. Yet, I think the story is a bit too heavy for an ou xiang ju.


07-30-2008 10:05 AM


Good drama.. Vic Zhao and Kingone team up again. At least this time Kingone character is not so bad, the happy go lucky guy who eventually get the girl he wants.

Vic Zhao character character coupled with Michelle Chen are so cute together. Michelle is quite and fresh. I still remember her in Why Why Love and am glad she got such a leading role in this drama and pair up with a famous actor. Especially when her hairs is not tied, she looked sooo damned beautiful.

As for Ken, like some comments that i have seen already, yes, he did looked bored in the show or else he cant act. I skipped his part in the show.

The bad side of this drama, the characters playing Michele parents are really too much. Are Taiwanese family really like that? So loud and scary!!

Xu Le's character of never letting the girlfriend know anything is also not good. In this real world, people believe with their own eyes, and by not explaining... hmm.. so difficult meh???

Though the ending was short and sweet but wish, there was more dialogue between Xu Le and Neng Xian characters on how to patch up their relationship.

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