Wish to See You Again

Reviewed by: biege

February 02, 2009

Rating: four


Vic Zhou as Xu Le / Ye Zi
Chen Yan Xi as Nancy / Pan Neng Xian
Kingone Wang as Yong Rui / Xiao Ma
Terri Kwan as Lu Yi
Ken Zhu as Yu Hao / Ah Hao
Ji Qin as Pan Neng Zhen
Vaness Wu as Leo


Xu Le, Xiao Ma and Ah Hao are best of friends since high school but things got complicated between them when Ah Hao's family migrated in America. After 10 years Xu Le becomes a famous writer under the name of Ye Zi and searches for his inspiration to be able to write a novel. He decided to become a taxi driver so that he can get some stories from his passengers. Xiao Ma, an heir of a hotel, runs his family business and runs the PR department where Neng Xian works and that's where he met Xu Le. In one of its special events Xiao Ma met his long time high school crush Lu Yi, who is now a journalist. Ah Hao now returns to Taiwan but prefers to live all by himself. After Xu Le and Xiao Ma knew about it they show how their friendship can be reunited just like before, even if Ah Hao was hesitant to accept it at first.

But is it that easy? Many things changed, how will they do it knowing that there's something that happened in the past that can affect their friendship? Can Neng Xian and Xu Le handle a relationship when it is their first time to experience falling in love? Will Xiao Ma be able to get the love of Lu Yi that he was always longing for?


Vic Zhou as Xu Le

Xu Le grew up in an orphanage so he doesn't have an ordinary life as others. That's the way he chose to live in his own world, but that changed when he met Xiao Ma and Ah Hao and they become best of friends, the "autistic" and quiet one among the three. Nothing is important for him but only to write his novels. His innocence and inexperienced life differs when he met Neng Xian. He's now uncovering himself to her and had to face that there is still something to experience aside from being a writer (he doesn't even know what a digital camera is! Laptop, pizza, instant noodles and tomato ketchup were only the things he lived up with). To experience how to fall in love, how to express and admit his true feelings was also very hard for him, but when the first time he felt jealousy he looks so funny because he doesn't know what to do (love that scene!). As a friend, he can sacrifice anything just for the good and happiness of others.

I like his character, it's nice to see that Vic can also show his comedic side, this "innocence" look really fascinated me; he's really good at it. His best moment is when he had to face his childhood life, why he becomes an orphan.

Chen Yan Xi as Nancy / Neng Xian

A simple typical new college graduate who works as PR assistant in a five-star hotel and that's where he met Xiao Ma (his boss and also her crush) and Xu Le when at first she thinks he want to commit suicide. After that incident, everything changed between the two. Also inexperienced when it comes to love but she's the "inspiration" of Xu Le. She will not give up easily when problems come and is a good daughter and dependable sister. She was always there for Xu Le even if sometimes she doesn't understand him and feels hurt badly by the way Xu Le treats her.

Chen Yan is very lucky that in her 2nd series, she was given a chance to be one of the lead roles and be able to team-up with Vic, not to mention she had a chance to kiss him. The character she had in "Why Why Love" was more serious than in this series. I'm glad she portrays her role quite ok. But I think she needs to do more when it comes to crying scenes. I really adore her bubbly face.

Kingone Wang as Yong Rui / Xiao Ma

The most jolly among the three best of friends, childish sometimes but cute most of the time and a very romantic guy. Money is not a problem for him, heir of a five-star hotel, he can get anything he wants as he always says "nothing is impossible to me". But he also had to work under the supervision of his brother. When it comes to his plans, all his decisions on how to manage the hotel have to be approved by his brother. Xu Le and Ah Hao were the most important people in his life, he considers them as his only family, until he met Lu Yi again, his long time crush since high school. Even if he knew that Lu Yi was hesitant to accept him, he would do everything just to love her back and I may say all his hard work was worth the wait.

Kingone's character here is much different from all the series he portrayed in before. His character was one of the two I like most in this series, he also knew how to do a comedy role and it's a surprise for me. A very good portrayal.

Terri Kwan as Lu Yi

A magazine journalist, former high school classmates of Ah Hao, Xiao Ma and Xu Le. When she and Xiao Ma cross path again, her life got a little complicated when Xiao Ma was very eager to be her boyfriend. But she was very hesitant to give him a chance because she was still not recovered from her previous relationship. Nobody knows that Ah Hao was part of her past and the real reason why she can't accept the love of Xiao Ma until Xu Le noticed it.

One of the lead characters but sometimes I think Terri's portrayal is not enough, I can't feel her, acting wise. The same role in Le Robe, which is portraying a beautiful and talented woman who was envied by everyone but deep inside she was not happy with her love life. Have to work more in her dramatic scenes.

Ken Zhu Yu Hao / Ah Hao

The most serious role in this series, he is the family friend of Pan's. Ah Hao left Xu Le and Xiao Ma when his family migrated in America. After that they had no communication at all when his father died and he had to take care of their business. That's where he met Lu Yi, who was supposed to be his fiancée but he prefers to leave her because he does not want to be a burden to her. He becomes a taxi driver when he went back to Taiwan and Xu Le got a chance to meet him again. At first hesitant to see and accept his best friends but Xu Le and Xiao Ma were very eager to reunite their friendship again.

Ken's character here was very simple but he did it very well.

Ji Qin as Neng Zhen

Older sister of Neng Xian, she is an avid fan of Xu Le's work. She had feelings for Ah Hao ever since but has no courage to confess her feelings so she was happy just to see and be with Ah Hao even if she can't have the love she wants.

Ji's portrayal of her character was good enough to show an innocent and helpless girl who was just happy to be with the man she loves whatever it takes, how painful it will be.

Vanness Wu as Leo

One of the characters I like in this series. A journalist from America and had to work in the company where Lu Yi also works, a "senior" friend of Neng Xian. And for his first assignment, he is to have an exclusive interview of Xu Le. Very aggressive in his work, even if he had a hard time conducting the interview but because of his perseverance and knows how to manipulate and control the weakness of Xu Le, he was able to finish his work successfully; he's very good at it. Because of him, Xu Le did understand more about himself and had a way to know, face and accept his past.

Vanness really did a great job to portray his character; it just looks natural and easy for him, effortless.


- the first scene in episode 1 where Xu Le was writing his novel but can't write anything because he has no inspiration (he's so funny at it!)

- the friendship of Xu Le, Xiao Ma and Ah Hao (the conflict and their best of times)

- all episodes where Xu Le and Neng Xian are together

- when Xu Le holds Neng Xian hands then suddenly "inspiration" appears (so funny!)

- when Xu Le literally listens to the sounds of the earth (he's so dumb at it!)

- Xiao Ma's dance (not just a great singer huh!)

- Ah Hao visits Xu Le in hospital (funny but touching scene!)

- Alishan and Kaoshiung vacation

- group date where Ah Hao and Lu Yi see each other again (can feel the tension between them)

- Xu Le and Neng Xian first date

- Xiao Ma and Yu Li's out of town trips together

- Father's Day and Birthday of Xu Le (same date!)

- Xu Le and Neng Xian misunderstanding

- Xu Le and Leo playing tennis

- Xu Le and Leo's confession of their past

- when Leo doing the photo shoot of Xu Le (Vic was so cute at it)

- at the airport, when Ah Hao, Lu Yi and Neng Zheng met

- episode 13 to 15 (the best! so much emotions to feel)


At first I was confused with the title because I wonder who's "want to see again" but after watching, it's for family, friends and love ones. The story really captivated me, I like how the plot of the story turns. And one thing I noticed was all the characters knew all each other, meaning there is always a connection between each other as if there are no extra characters.

The lead characters have also shown that their roles are not the usual portrayals they've done in their previous series, such as Vic and Kingone who show a lot of their funny side. The entirety of the story was perfectly made, except maybe the last episode because I think there are some scenes that shouldn't be included - at least no long conversations between Xu Le and his mom, or maybe because I was just not satisfied with how the story ends. I want something more, or at least something to happen aside from how it ends, like how Ah Hao left again to America without knowing that Xu Le helped him get back his family business. He was also not shown in the last episode, they should at least have a get-together scene. But even if it ended that way, I still love this series and I will recommend it to others.

Another good thing in this series was showing the nicest places in Taiwan like Taipei, Alishan, Kaoshiung even the Taipei 101 and some other places too, it also tells a little bit of its history. It's a very good way to promote its tourism industry. Aside from the places it also shows the different delicacies and dishes that you truly will crave for. After watching it, I was fascinated with the places and foods; I wish I could have a time to visit Taiwan, I really want to spend my vacation there or who knows I can live there permanently.

I'm glad F4 (JVKV, except for Jerry Yan who had other commitment at the time this was filming, I think he was shooting for Hot Shot) did another series together after Meteor Garden but Vic Zhou had more scenes here than Ken and Vanness. I miss seeing them together in one series, hope they will have a time to do another project in spite of their busy schedules.

To all Vic and Kingone fans, you should watch this, you will love them more. I also love the soundtrack especially the song of Goodbye, it was used perfectly in all the scenes that was needed.

Surely, it is worth watching.

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