Top 10 Romantic Korean Dramas

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Here's our list of the Top 10 Romantic Korean dramas. If you need a primer on what the contemporary, classic Korean drama romances are, this is our list for newbies. Key requirement on making this list is that the drama *spoilers* has a happy ending.

10. What Star Are You From?

Also known as "Which Planet Are You From?" Film director, Choi Seung-hee (Kim Rae Won), loses his girlfriend, Hae-soo (Jung Ryu Won), in a tragic car accident. Just when he's about to move on from his grief, he encounters a country girl, Bok-shil, who looks exactly like Hae-soo, but is everything different in personality. Jung Ryu Won is endearing as Bok-shil and Sueng-hee can't help falling in love with her quirkiness too.

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9. My Love Patzzi

Cute love triangle with Jang Na Ra, Kim Rae Won, and Kim Jae Won. Jang Na Ra as Yang Song-yi is not your typical sweet girl - she's spunky, loud, and obnoxious. She's the anti-Cinderella as she's supposed to be the "mean" girl while her sister is supposed to be the "nice" one who ends up with Prince Charming.

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8. Pasta

A love story that slowly cooks (excuse the pun) between head chef Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Sun Gyun) and hardworking chef-in-training Seo Yoo Kyung (Gong Hyo Jin). The friendships and obstacles behind the scenes at a pasta kitchen is a bonus.

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7. My Girl

Lee Da Hae diverges from her dramatic roles to a comedic role as a cheerful girl, Joo Yoo-Rin, who is caught up in a lie with wealthy Seol Gong-Chan (Lee Dong Wook) about her identity as the granddaughter of his dying grandfather. Chemistry ensues.

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6. All In

"It's all about a girl" pretty much sums up "All In". Even though the story deals with gambling don't expect Hong Kong "God of Gamblers" gambling style with fantastic card tricks though as all the gambling techniques are realistic. Lee Byung Hun as Kim In Ha pretty much has eyes only for Song Hye Kyo's Min Soo Yeon as they are fated to keep meeting each other, even in different parts of the world.

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5. Beautiful Days

Lee Byun Hun's character was originally penned to not end up with the girl, but because of his charismatic performance, the chemistry between him and Choi Ji Woo, and audience demands, the plot was rewritten. Watch for the intense chemistry between Lee Byun Hun and Choi Ji Woo.

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4. Save the Last Dance for Me

This is a drama with a plot that can be pretty cheesy - rich guy loses memory, falls in love with girl and is about to marry her, then he gets into an accident and regains all his memory, but only up to the point before he met the girl. However, it's the chemistry between the leads, Eugene and Ji Sung, and the emotional punch that they bring that carries this drama. You can't help but feel the sorrow as Eugene's character cries when her lover doesn't recognize her. The soundtrack is also very moody and angsty.

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3. The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

"The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" plays on homosexual themes as a poor girl who is mistaken as a guy (she has short hair and doesn't wear makeup, so I guess this qualifies her to be taken as a guy) by the owner of a coffee shop and goes to work there to train to be a barrister. The owner is a rich lazy playboy who finds himself attracted to "him" and fights his attraction until one day, he finally can't stand it anymore. The tension build-up is funny and done quite well and you also feel the comradery of the other coworkers working at the coffee shop.

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2. Full House

This is an all-time romantic comedy with Song Hye Go and Rain carrying the domestic quarreling during a contracted marriage. Rain plays an arrogant movie star who shows his silly and adorable side to Song Hye Go's Han Ji Eun. As with all contracted marriages, one of the key rules is that you may not fall in love with the other person but of course we know what will happen. Rain has so much boyish charm and Song Hye Go is wonderful in her comedic debut. The two leads also have amazing chemistry and is what makes this drama work.

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1. My Name is Kim Sam Soon

My Name is Kim Sam Soon is sensational because it stars a chubby, single female patissiere who is turning 30 soon - quite a big no-no for females in Asia. To top it off, her name is "Sam Soon", which is an old country bumpkinish name. She is dumped by her boyfriend at the beginning because he found a skinnier, younger woman but she doesn't give up on the notion of true love. Hyun Bin plays an arrogant, rich owner of a restaurant and he hires Sam Soon as the pastry chef. He's inexplicably attracted to her as he learns to heal from his past scars from her. This is one of the best Korean romantic comedies as it doesn't overdo any cutesy over-acting by the female lead. It has great one-liners about love and life and Sam Soon's spunky attitude and spirit about not giving up hope for finding love is inspirational. Add to that, the good-looking Daniel Henney is also there for extra eye candy.

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This is our top 10, what's yours?

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