Top 5 Best Korean Period Drama

*Written by spcnet

Here's our picks for the Top 5 Best Korean period dramas or historical dramas that are worth watching if you are new to the genre. Agree or disagree? Let us know!

5. Iljimae

Iljimae, literally "one plum blossom branch", is a Korean Robin Hood story. Watch for Lee Jun Ki's cheeky by day and serious Iljimae hero by night performance. This drama was so popular that it spurred a sequel.

4. Yi San

If palace intrigues and politics are your thing, then this drama will appeal. Yi San, also known as Wind of the Palance, is a telling of the life of Korea's King Jeongjo. Yi San, played by Lee Seo Jin, and Seong Song Yeon, played by Han Ji-min are some of best classic couples in Korean period drama history.

3. Queen Seon Duk

Queen Seon Duk is a sweeping period drama about how Korea's first female emperor of Silla ascended to the throne. Follow the story of how princess Duk Man outwits her arch rival Mi Shil and watch for Kim Nam Gil's conflicted villain Bi Dam. This drama is on the list for its character development and complex villains.

2. Jumong

Jumong is a no nonsense historical drama that tells the story of how Jumong Taewang founded the kingdom of Goguryeo. Though some have criticized the drama for its cruel portrayal of the Han Chinese, it can be ignored as a romanticized Korean perspective version for its immersive storytelling. Jumong also garnered the highest viewership ratings of all dramas in 2006.

1. Jewel in the Palace/Dae Jang Geum

Is there a period drama more famous than Dae Jang Geum (also known as Jewel in the Palace)? This is a classic that shows the struggle of palace kitchen maid Dae Jang Geum who rises to become physician to the emperor. Dae Jang Geum put Korean historical dramas (albeit fictional) on the map with its international appeal and even spawned travel tours in Korea dedicated to this drama.

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