Wallace Huo Jian Hua 霍建華

Wallace Huo Jian Hua


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Jian Hua
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December 26, 1979
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Actor, Singer

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Wallace Huo Jian Hua is an actor and singer basically from Taiwan who has currently settled down in China. At the age of just 17, Wallace joined the world of music as a singer. He practiced dance and singing to achieve his prime goal; to become a singer. However, Wallace had to join Army and leave his dream unfulfilled.

After coming back from army service Wallace did some small roles and gained success after the release of "At the Dolphin Bay". He made his debut with a serial "Star". In 2003-04, after becoming famous in Taiwan, he moved to China.

In 2007, "Love At First Fight" made him a instant success in China also. He also acted in "A Mobile Love Story" and "Love in the Forlorn City" which was a very famous Chinese series. He also did a martial art series Tian Xia Di Yi with Michelle Ye which was indeed a very good watch for the audience.

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Incisive Great Teacher 2014 as Li Da Ren (Chinese TV Series)

Swordsman 2013 as Linghu Chong (Chinese TV Series)

Qing Shi Huang Fei 2011 (Chinese TV Series)

Chinese Paladin 3 2009 as Xu Chang Qing 徐长卿 (Chinese TV Series)

Rouge Snow 2008 (Chinese TV Series)

Love in the Forlorn City 2008 (Chinese TV Series)

A Mobile Love Story 2008 (Chinese TV Series)

Love at First Fight 2007 (Chinese TV Series)

Modern Lady (Xian Dai Mei Nu) 2007 (Chinese TV Series)

Sound of Colors 2006 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Romance of Red Dust 2006 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Emerald on the Roof 2006 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Twin Sisters (100% Señorita) 2004 (Taiwanese Dramas)

The World's Finest (Tian Xia Di Yi) 2004 (Chinese TV Series)

My Secret Garden 2003 (Taiwanese Dramas)

At the Dolphin Bay 2003 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Westside Story 2003 (Taiwanese Dramas)



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