Wong Wan Choi 黃允財

Wong Wan Choi


Last Name:
First Name:
Wan Choi
English Name:
Ethnic Name:
Date of Birth:
November 18, 1950
Place of Birth:
Hong Kong
Blood Type:
Actor, Writer, Producer

Star Power

3.5 stars

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Love in a Miracle 2003 (ATV TV Series)

Healing Hearts 2001 (ATV TV Series)

To Where He Belongs 2001 (ATV TV Series)

Showbiz Tycoon 2000 (ATV TV Series)

My Date With a Vampire II 2000 (ATV TV Series)

The Good Old Days 1996 (ATV TV Series)

King of Gamblers 1996 (ATV TV Series)

The Kung Fu Master 1994 (ATV TV Series)

Secret Battle of the Majesties 1994 (ATV TV Series)

Who is the Winner III 1993 (ATV TV Series)

Mythical Crane and Magic Needle 1992 (ATV TV Series)

The Good Fella from Temple Street 1991 (ATV TV Series)

The Two Most Honorable Knights 1988 as Ngai Mo Nga 魏無牙 (TVB Series)

Behind Silk Curtains 1988 (TVB Series)

Twilight of a Nation 1988 (TVB Series)

Ho Ching 1988 (TVB Series)

The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 1986 as Song Yuen Kiu 宋遠橋 (TVB Series)

The Return of Luk Siu Fung 1986 as Fa Mun Lau 花滿樓 (TVB Series)

The Blood-Stained Intrigue 1986 as 上官逸 (TVB Series)

The Battle Among the Clans 1985 (TVB Series)

The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1985 as Chan Ka Lok, Fok Hong On (TVB Series)

Yang's Saga 1985 as 鬼谷子 (TVB Series)

The Foundation 1984 as 李翊 (TVB Series)

The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984 as Yip Sheng Lan 葉盛蘭 (TVB Series)

The Duke of Mount Deer 1984 as Gui Zhong 歸忠 (TVB Series)

Father Knows Best 1984 (TVB Series)

Love Me, Love Me Not 1984 (TVB Series)

Good Morning Mother In-law 1983 (TVB Series)

The Other Side of the Horizon 1983 as Mo But Chi 莫不痴 (TVB Series)

The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982 as Au Yeung Hak 歐陽克 (TVB Series)

The Shell Game II 1981 (TVB Series)

Yeung Female Warriors 1981 (TVB Series)

The Big Boss 1981 (TVB Series)

Happy Heroes 1980 (TVB Series)

The Twins 1979 as Hak Zi Zhu 黑蜘蛛 (TVB Series)

The Passenger 1979 as 韓庭初 (TVB Series)

One Sword 1979 as Ling Gai Cho 淩繼祖 (TVB Series)

Chor Lau Heung 1979 as Nam Gong Ling 南宮靈 (TVB Series)

The Romantic Swordsman 1978 as Seung Goon Fei 上官飛 (TVB Series)

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 1978 as Yeung Siu 楊 逍 (TVB Series)

Luk Siu Fung 1976 as Fa Mun Lau 花滿樓 (TVB Series)

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