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Thread: Patrick Tam (譚耀文)

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    I can't remember exactly, but I think that he is going or is filming a new serie with Amy Kwok Hehe, look forward to this! Lol, gosh Patrick! He appears and dissappears so quickly!
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    I sort of had an interest in him when i watch seed of hope this yr, well blame channel 8 for showing the drama only now...haiz...but watever, it is still ok. I think he is a natural actor and i like his acting in legend of fang de and miao cui hua, very

    Anyone knows when was legend of fang de and miao cui hua release? And wat are the latest news of him? Is his wife an actress, if yes, which series did she act?

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    hi all,

    glad to find Patrick's thread. He's a very good actor IMO. I think he did a pretty decent job in Seed of Hope. Like some of you, I liked him since the day of Lai Bo Yi. There was another series where he played Li Jing, a Tang general. Gosh, he was so fine.

    The series with Amy Kwok has been released for rent here in the US. It's a good series too although it's unneccesarily dragging at some parts but over all, it's good. I like the cast. Amy is cute. They have a great chemistry starting from when he starts to have feelings for her.

    The other leading couple is also very good especially the guy (forgot his name). I love how he cares for the girl he loves. I personally prefer his love story rather than Patrick and Amy's.

    It might not be a must-watch series (to some of you!) since it's ATV but I would recommand it.

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    i love this guy in his new series with amy
    it's so funny
    and he is also very heroic and manly!

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    I re watched "Duke of Mount Deer" and I fell in love with him. I love his poise, his attitude, his emotion and everything. I still like Dicky Cheung but he is awesome as well!
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    I think he is a very good actor. Loved him in Hitman's Chronicles with Noel Leung. They had very good on screen chemistry =)
    The last series I saw him in was I think spirit sword with Nicholas Tse.

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