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Thread: Why do you write reviews?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuDaFu View Post
    So, does that mean you've read many reviews to make such a statement? I think if one disagrees with other people opinions' it just reflects we think differently to one another. True, I believe some reviews posted on spcnet contain high spoilers content, but some don't. I suggest you scroll your eye down a review (without actually reading anything)...if it is a very long/detailed review, I find more than likely it will basically tell you the whole plot. Shorter reviews are less likely to have spoilers. I also notice some reviewers in particular tend to spoil, so maybe you can avoid them?

    I really admire reviews that go over technical aspects such as lighting, camera angles, scenery, body language details, etc. Character 'diagnoses' are important, but a well rounded review I think should give credence to those others who never seem to get credit for a great show.
    Good point about including technical aspects in reviewing. My reviews are mostly about character analyses and the acting.

    I think it's really hard to review something without including spoilers - b/c then your review would be incomplete in a way (?) All my reviews have spoilers... and sometimes I forget to put the "warning" disclaimer at the beginning too.
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    Coz I just want to share with the 'world' my views on a drama.
    not watching anything specific at the moment.

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    I write as an outlet for the feelings I get from TVB dramas, especially with the Master of Tai Chi. My sister and I are so drawn to it that we actually sat up till 3am to finish the whole series. It is such an emotional roller coaster, from start to finish and the relationship of Raymond and Myolie is very beautiful and bittersweet. My sister and I were crying our eyes out when Myolie confessed her love to another guy in Raymond's arms and we could literally see the knife going through his heart and then the wedding scene where he told her he raped her was heart-breaking. We're so attracted to this couple that we watched it like over a dozen times already. I felt it was such a romantic and powerful series, beside the great martial arts actions, that I was compelled to write a review about it. I only write my thoughts for series that I think are meaningful and compelling. Otherwise, I don't like to bash anyone or any series.
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    i don't write many reviews. i find its impossible to write a review without giving out spoilers.

    i am one of those person who reads a review and expects to see spoilers, so that i can judge whether or not i will watch it.

    Master of Tai Chi for example i watched without a review and found it horrible. i hated the film.

    from the start it seemed really gud, with vincent all hotheaded and wanting to make a name for himself, then came raymond with his softer ways of dealing wit things. if i had read a review on it first wit spoilers i wouldn've steer clear.

    although i find costumes, lighting, camera angels and the sort important, but it does not stand high on my list of reasons to watch.

    a gud plot and decent acting is all i need. and when i find a film tat is an 'all rounder' i like to share the word. hence why i write reviews.
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