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Thread: NCAA College Basketball

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian0032
    Oh well that's too bad for him. I wouldn't feel sorry for anyone who bet that kind of money knowing that they're taking a risk of losing it. Is it me or is it that the entire nation seems to hate UNC right now? That's how I feel. Everywhere I go it's (radio shows, message boards, etc.)"F*#$ the Heels, they suck, blah blah blah." It'd be a great story if we win the title this year. Coming from an 8-20 season to champs. Anways here are my picks for this Saturday.

    • UNC vs Michicgan St.
      Illinois vs Louisville

    Anyone bold enough to pick MSU over Heels?
    oaky i'm hoping the final game is Unc and Illinois! haha.. theni hope Unc wins, cause out of those 4 teams i'm rooting 4 them all the way..! lol.. they r hott.. haha..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian0032
    Yeah I just hope Roy Williams can pull something out of his a**. Unlike the other times he went to the Final Four (just look at his history with Kansas). I have to admit that Heels haven't played great defense in the tournament so far. Just enough to get by. I also have to admit that MSU is playing with more character than UNC is too. Also Illinois seems to have more of a poise. I don't know, maybe I'm just worried that we'll get screwed over this next game or the championship game (paranoia).
    More like Roy Williams doesn't pull something out of his behind and choke it all away like he did at Kansas (though his loss to Syracuse 2 years ago wasn't his fault at all). If UNC loses it'll be because of their own lack of defensive intensity, not because they get screwed over by some outside forces (like the refs or whatnot).

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    You guys are going to watch the finals?

    Duke, Arizona, Gonzaga, Villanova, all my teams are out. So second year in a row I'm not gonna watch the final four, no team to root for.....

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    Damn, Louisville got owned.

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    I really want to watch the championship game between UNC vs Illinois. But i can't due to work.

    UNC all the way.

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