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Thread: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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    Default Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

    Has anybody noticed that both reviews for the series are quite similar and almost have the same opinions? I realized this after reading both reviews for the second time.

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    I'd this one a 3 because the heroine's role wasn't as strong as I thought like the movie, big contrast to the characters! Althought the supporting hero and heroine where great!

    And yes, the two reviews seem pretty similar!

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    think I've seen this one too. 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ' is a great movie, however w/ all the sex scenes give me a goos-bump. I thought it's graphics looked very pleasing very good. The acting skills of 4 main characters are super.

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    I've seen this movie directed by Ang Lee, Best Director Oscar. i think it's pretty good despite that it's a bit sexual scenes in there.

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