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Thread: Dagger Lee unabridged

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    Default Dagger Lee unabridged

    This thread is to collect the nearly completed translations of Dagger Lee by Meh, Tiger Wong, and Bliss (Thanks guys, magnificent work! ), into one single thread for viewing.

    Only a moderator or a translator should post into this thread.

    As a note, Meh has translated chapters 1-62 except for the second half of chapter 15, Tiger Wong has translated the second half of chapter 15, and Bliss has translated chapters 63 to current. There are 89 total chapters.
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    Chapter 1. Flying Dagger vs. Quick Sword

    The cold wind act as a knife, using the ground as the cutting board, and people as fish meat.

    The snowstorm extends for thousands of miles, making everything seem like bright white silver.

    In this cold winter snowstorm, a horse carriage came from the north. It's wheels shattered the snow on the ground, but cannot shatter loneliness in the world.

    Li Xun Huan yawned, trying to stretch his legs. The inside of the carriage might be quite comfortable, but this trip is just way too long, too lonely. He not only feel exhausted, but also irritated. He feels that loneliness is the biggest annoyance in his life, yet loneliness frequently accompanies him.

    A person's life is usually filled with contradictions. No one can do anything about this.

    Li Xun Huan sighed and took out a wine bottle. As he’s drinking the wine, he also begin to cough. His continuous coughing made his pale face appear very sick, as if fire from Hell is burning his flesh and soul.

    The wine bottle's empty now, so he grabbed a little dagger and start to carve a wooden human figure. The dagger's thin and sharp, his hand is long and powerful.

    The figure is that of a woman, so beautiful and warm under his masterful carving, looks so full of life.

    He not only gave her a striking look, but also gave her life and soul, only because his life and soul is already quietly disappearing under the tip of the dagger.

    He's no longer young.

    Wrinkles filled the corners of his eyes, every wrinkle filled with all the joy and sadness in his life. Only his eyes are young.

    This is a strange pair of eyes, a shade of green, similar to the Spring wind blowing on the Willow leaves, warm and flexible. Or similar to the sea water under the Summer sun's light, filled with energy.

    Maybe it's only because of this pair of eyes that allowed him to live til today.

    The wooden figure is finally finished. He mindlessly stared at this figure, not knowing for how long, and then pushed the carriage door open, jumping out.

    The carriage driver immediately stopped the horses.

    This carriage driver’s eyes are sharp like a eagle, but as those eyes looked at Li Xun Huan, they immediately became warm, filled with loyalty and sympathy. Like a beast looking at its master.

    Li Xun Huan dug a hole on the ground, burying the figure he just carved into that hole. Then he just mindlessly stared at the pile of snow where he buried the figure.

    His fingers have now been frozen, his face red from the cold, and snowflakes covered his whole body. Yet he does not feel the cold. The item buried under the snow is like the most important person in his life. As he buried "her", his own life also became filled with emptiness.

    Any other person would find this event to be quite strange, yet the carriage driver is already used to all this. He only said, "It's almost dark. We still have a long road ahead. Please come back onto the carriage, young master."

    Li Xun Huan turned around, finding that there is one set of footprints besides the carriage, coming alone from the far north, going ahead alone.

    The footprints are quite deep, showing that this person has walked very much, is very fatigued, yet still would not stop to rest.

    LI Xun Huan took a deep breath, said, "I can't believe there's someone who will travel in a place like this in this kind of weather. I think he must be a very lonely, very sorrowful person.

    The carriage driver didn't say anything, only sighing in his heart, thinking, "Aren't you also a very lonely, sorrowful person? Why do you only sympathize other people, but forget yourself?"

    There's a lot more Pine wood under the carriage seat, so Li Xun Huan begin to carve yet again. His technique is now excellent with so much practice, because what he's carving will forever be that one single person.

    This person not only filled all of his heart, but also all of his body.

    The snowstorm finally stopped, but the coldness only got heavier, the loneliness thicker. Good thing the wind also carried the sound of a person's footsteps.

    Although this sound is much softer than the horses, it is the sound Li Xun Huan has been searching for. So no matter how soft it is, it cannot escape Li Xun Huan’s ears.

    As he pulled up the drapes of the carriage's window, he saw the shadow of that lonely person walking in front.

    This person walks very slowly, yet does not stop. Although he heard the horses, he still does not turn around to look. He has neither an umbrella nor a hat. The melted ice and snow dropped from his face to his neck. He only has a single piece of thin clothing.

    Yet he still held his head high, as if he's made of steel. Snow, coldness, exhaustion, fatigue, hunger, all cannot conquer him.

    Nothing can conquer him.

    Its only as the carriage passed him that Li Xun Huan saw his face.

    His eyebrows are thick, eyes very big, thin tight lips made a line, a straight nose that also made his face look even thinner.

    This face reminds one very easily of stones in a flower pot, strong, rigid, cold, as if nothing matters, not even himself.

    Yet this is also the most handsome face Li Xun Huan has ever seen in his life, although it’s a bit young, a bit immature, it also already contains a very magnetic personality.

    Within Li Xun Huan's eyes seems to exist a smile. He opened the carriage door, saying, "Come into the carriage. I'll take you on the next part of your journey."

    His words has always been short and simple, filled with energy, in this seemingly endless snowfield, no one in the world would reject his offer.

    Who could've possibly imagine that this youngster would not even look at him, his footsteps not even slowed down, as if he never even heard talking.

    Li Xun Huan asks, "Are you deaf?"

    The youngster's hand suddenly grabbed the sword from his waist. Although his hand is already frozen, his movement is still quick and fluid.

    Li Xun Huan laughed, saying, "I guess you're not deaf after all. Then come in and have a drink. A sip of wine will not hurt anyone!"

    The youngster quickly replied, "I can't afford it."

    He could actually say something like this! Even the wrinkles on the side of Li Xun Huan's eyes seem to have a smile on them, but he did not smile, instead said, "I'm inviting you for some wine, not selling you wine."

    The youngster responded, "If it's not something I bought with my own money, I'll never take it. If it's not wine that I bought with my own money, I'll never drink it. Have I made myself clear enough?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "Clear enough."

    The youngster said, "Good, you can go now."

    Li Xun Huan thought for a while, suddenly said with a smile, "Ok. I'll go, but when you can afford to buy wine, will you invite me for a drink?"

    The youngster stared at him a bit, then said, "Alright, I'll invite you."

    Li Xun Huan started to laugh as his horse carriage sped away, until it can no longer see the youngster. Li Xun Huan laughingly asked, "Have you see such a strange kid before? I thought he must be a wise person, yet his words are just so innocent, so honest."

    The carriage driver responded, "He's just a very strong-willed kid, that's all."

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Did you see that sword on his waist?

    A hint of a smile also appeared on the driver's face. "That can even be considered a sword?"

    In the strictest sense, that really cannot be considered a sword, it's just a one meter long strip of metal. It contains no sharp tip, no sword cover, just two pieces of wood nailed onto a metal, which can be considered the handle.

    The driver continued with a smile, "The way I see it, it's just a child's toy."

    This time not only did Li Xun Huan not smile, he even sighed, saying, "The way I see it, this toy is incredibly dangerous. It's best to not play with it."

    The hotel in this little town is not big, but is full of people trapped by the heavy snowstorm, making the place incredibly crowded.

    In the courtyard are numerous empty carriages of escort service. On the east side is the escort service's flag, flapping loudly as the wind whistles by, making people unable to make out whether the design is that of a tiger or a lion.

    At the little restaurant in the hotel, a big man with a sheepskin coat constantly went in and out. Sometimes after a few drinks, he'd take off his coat, showing that he's not afraid of the cold.

    As Li Xun Huan arrived, there are no more empty tables at the restaurant. Yet he's not anxious at all, because he knows that there aren't that many items in this world that can't be bought with money, so he was able to find a table on the corner of the restaurant, asked for some wine, and started to drink slowly.

    He does not drink very fast, but he can drink for several days and nights without stopping. He constantly drinks, constantly coughs, and the day gradually became dark.

    The driver came in, standing behind him saying, "The room on the south side is empty now, they've cleaned it up, young master can rest at any time now."

    Li Xun Huan just nodded. After a while, that driver suddenly added, "The Golden Lion Escort Agency also has people here, as if they are escorting something from the border area.

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Really! Who's the main escort?"

    The driver answered, "It's the 'Sudden Wind Sword' Zhu Ge Lei."

    Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows, laughingly said, "This geezer can actually lived til today? Not bad at all."

    Although he kept talking about the man behind him, his eyes are staring at the front door, as if waiting for someone.

    The driver said, "That kid's not walking very fast. You probably have to wait until midnight before he arrives."

    Li Xun Huan laughed, saying, "I don't think it's that he's walking slowly, but rather wants to conserve energy. Have you seen a wolf walking around on the snowfield? If there's no prey in front and no enemies in the back, it's definitely not going to walk very fast. Because it feels that exhausting energy on the road is quite a waste."

    The driver also laughed, saying, "But that kid is not a wolf."

    Li Xun Huan did not say anything, because at this time, he started coughing again.

    Then, he saw three people coming in from the back door, all talking loudly about a story in the martial world, as if they're afraid people won't know they're important people in the Golden Lion Escort Agency.

    Li Xun Huan also recognizes that the red-faced fat guy is 'Sudden Wind Sword', but doesn't seem to want that person to recognize him, so he just lowered his head to carve that wooden figure.

    Good thing Zhu Ge Lei never looked closely at anybody in this little town. They quickly ordered some food and wine, and began to eat.

    Unfortunately, the food and the wine did not shut their mouths. After a few drinks, Zhu Ge Le became even more arrogant, laughing loudly. "Number two, do you remember that time under Tai Xing mountain when we met 'The Four Tigers of Tai Xing'?"

    The other guy smiled. "How can I forget? That time 'The Four Tigers of Tai Xing' were brave enough to come take our escorted items, even said something like 'If you Zhu Ge Lei just crawl on the floor, we'll let you pass. Otherwise not only do you leave the items, but also your head.' "

    The third person also laughed loudly. "Who would've thought that while their sabers haven't finished the strike, big brother you has already cut off their heads."

    The second person said, "He's not trying to brag. When it comes to the power of palms, the best is obviously the head of our agency, 'Golden Lion Palm'. But when it comes to sword skill, there's probably no one better than our big brother here."

    Zhu Ge Lei laughs as he raised his cup, but suddenly his laugh stopped, as the cover of the baggage besides him suddenly was blown by the wind.

    Two human shadows appeared.

    These two people both have bright read capes with a peculiar mask unique to people living outside the borders. The two people seem to have the same physic, the same height.

    The masses might not see their faces, but from their lightness kung fu and outfit, they all unintentionally began to stare at them.

    Only Li Xun Huan's eyes are still staring at the door, because as the wind starts to blow the door again, he saw that youngster.

    That youngster just stood outside the door, and seems as if he's stood there for a long time, as if he we're a savage beast. Although he is yearning for the warmth inside the hotel and does not want to leave, he's afraid of entering the world of man.

    Li Xun Huan gave a light sigh, and only now transferred his attention to those two men. Only to see that these two people have taken off their masks, revealing two ugly faces.

    Their ears are small, but noses are big, as if it covered one-third the face, making the eyes and ears seem really far apart.

    But their eyes revealed evil, like the eyes of a rattlesnake.

    Then, they took off their capes, revealing a black shirt. It seems as if their body also resembles that of a snake, thin and long, and can strike at any moment. Making people not only scared, but also disgusted.

    These two people looked very similar, except one face looks white, while the other looks black. Their movements are slow, taking off their cape, folding it, and walked slowly to the counter. Then they walked in front of Zhu Ge Lei.

    It became so quiet in the restaurant that people can even hear Li Xun Huan carving the figure.

    Zhu Ge Lei pretended that he didn't see these two people, but failed.

    Those two people also stared at him, those eyes like an oil brush, brushing Zhu Ge Lei from top to bottom.

    Zhu Ge Lei can only stand and ask, "May I ask the names of the two gentleman, please? Excuse me for not recognizing."

    The white faced man suddenly said, "So you're 'Sudden Wind Sword' Zhu Ge Lei?"

    His voice is sharp, and there seems to be a resonance, like that of a rattlesnake. Zhu Ge Lei is scared out of his wits just listening to the voices. "Y...yes."

    The black-faced man laughed coldly. "You deserve to be called 'Sudden Wind Sword'?"

    His hand shook, a long, thin, black sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

    As the sword pointed at Zhu Ge Lei, he said, "Just leave what you are carrying, and I'll spare your life."

    The second guy sitting there suddenly stood up, and said with a smile, "The two gentleman must've made a mistake. On this trip, we escorted our items out to the border, not back in. Our carriages are empty."

    Before he can even finish his speech, the sword in the black-faced man entered his neck. With a light flip, the head popped right off.

    Everyone is just plain shocked now. Their legs trembling under the tables.

    However, since Zhu Ge Lei can live til today, obviously has some real skills. He took out the package under his arms and put it on the table. "Your info is correct. We truly did bring something from the border. But the two of you, unfortunately, do not have the skills to take it away."

    The black-faced man laughed. "What do you want to do?"

    Zhu Ge Lei responded, "The two gentleman should at least leave some martial skills here, so I can have an excuse when I get back."
    Even as he speaks, his foot has retreated seven steps. The sword came out. And everyone figured he's going to fight to the death.

    No one expected him to instead flip a table to his side. The dish is filled with shrimp balls, which went into the air.

    After only hearing the 'Si Si' sounds of the sword, seeing the bright light of the sword turning, over ten shrimp balls have all been cut in half.

    Zhu Ge Lei said, "If you can do the same thing, I'll immediately hand over the package. Otherwise, please leave."

    This sword skill is definitely quite excellent, the words are also very pretty, but Li Xun began to laugh silently. By doing this, his opponents can only slice shrimp balls, not his head. So no matter win or lose, he'll keep his life."

    The black-faced man started to laugh. "This can only be considered a chef's specialty. Do you really think it's also martial arts?"

    When he said this, he took a deep breath, made the sliced shrimp balls on the floor bounce up again. Then, with only the sight of a black light, the shrimp balls all suddenly disappeared. Apparently, they all got stuck on his sword. Even those with no kung fu realizes how hard it is to slice shrimp balls, but to capture them on a sword is much harder.

    Zhu Ge Lei's face suddenly went very pale, because he saw this sword skill, and quietly retreated a few more steps. Saying, "I assume that the two gentlemen are 'The Blood-Stained Twin Snakes'?"

    As he heard those words, the third person sitting at the table suddenly got scared out of his wits, quietly trying to crawl away.

    Even the carriage driver by Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows, because he knows that in the past years, very few robbers in the yellow river area can match these two people in terms of skill or ruthlessness. It is rumored that their red capes were stained by the blood of their victims.

    But he still has not heard much. Because of the people who actually know what 'The Blood-Stained Twin Snakes' has done, 9 out of 10 had their heads relocated."

    Only to hear the black snake laughed, saying, "You can actually recognize us? At least your eyes aren't blind."

    Zhu Ge Lei bit his teeth, saying, "Since the two want this package, I guess I can't do anything about it. Just take it and leave."

    The white snake suddenly said, "If you're willing to crawl on the floor, we'll let your live. Otherwise, not only do you have to leave your package, but also your head."

    This just happens to be the words Zhu Ge Lei said ealier when he was gloating. This time as it comes out of the white-faced man's mouth, every word seem to be cutting like a knife.

    Zhu Ge Lei's face turned green, then turned white, then suddenly dropped onto the floor, crawling around his table once.

    It's at this moment that Li Xun Huan let out a deep sigh, saying to himself, "I see that this person's personality has changed, no wonder he can live this long.

    Although he spoke very softly, the Twin snakes still heard him and turned to look. Yet Li Xun Huan didn't seem to see this, instead concentrating on his human figure.

    White snake laughed, "Looks like there's a top kung fu expert here, my brother and I unfortunately did not see it." Black snake said, "This package was given to us out of his own free will. If there's someone whose sword is even faster than ours, we'll also freely give our package to that person."

    White snake's hand suddenly shook, and another sword appeared, except this sword is white, saying, "If there's someone sword faster than us, not only will we give up this package, but also our head."

    Their eyes are staring at Li Xun Huan as they spoke. Yet Li Xun Huan's simply concentrating on his carving. As if he heard nothing.

    Yet someone outside suddenly yelled, "How much is your head worth?"

    When he heard this, Li Xun Huan suddenly felt quite surprised, but also very happy. He raised his head, finally seeing the youngster walking into the room.

    His clothing are still not fully dry. Some areas even turned into ice, yet he's still standing straight as a spear.

    His eyes still look that lonely, that proud.

    His eyes contain that wild look which cannot be tamed, as if it can fight at any time, making it hard for people to get close to him.

    But everyone's attention is focused on that sword on his waist. When he saw this sword, the white snake suddenly began to laugh. "Were those words spoken by you?"

    The youngster responded, "Yes."

    White snake said, "You want to buy my head?"

    The youngster responded, "I just want to know how much it's worth, because I want to sell it to you."

    White snake gathered himself, saying, "Selling me my own head?"

    The youngster said, "Exactly, because not only do I not want this package, but I also do not want your head."

    White snake said, "It seems that you simply want to challenge me, then."


    White snaked looked closely at him, then looked at his sword, suddenly began to laugh hysterically. He's never seen anything so funny in his life.

    The youngster just stood there quietly, as if he has no idea what this person's laughing about. He just think that there's nothing funny about what he just said.

    The carriage driver sighed, as if he thought this child must be mad, Zhu Ge Lei also thinks that there's something wrong with the youngster's head.

    Only to hear white snake said, "Thousands taels of gold would have a hard time buying my head."

    The youngster said, "A thousand taels of gold is way too much, I'll only need 50 taels."

    White snake suddenly stopped laughing, because he found that the youngster's neither mad nor joking.
    He then saw that sword again, and started to laugh uncontrollably again. "Ok, if you just do exactly as I do, I'll give you 50 taels."

    Within his laughs, he suddenly struck at the candle on the counter. Yet nothing happened to the candle. Everyone was surprised, wondering what's going on. It's at this time that white snake blew at the candle, only to see it split into seven pieces. The sword moved again yet again. Those 7 pieces thenl got caught up on his sword. Amazingly enough, the fire on the top piece didn't even go out!

    White snake arrogantly said, "So do you think my sword is fast enough?"

    The youngster's face seems to contain absolutely no emotions, answering, "Very fast."

    White snake laughed, "How about you?"

    The youngster responded, "My sword is not for cutting candles.

    "Then what is your piece of scrap metal for?"

    The youngster's hand held the sword, said one word at a time, "My Sword Is For Killing People."

    White snake smiled. "Killing people? Who can you kill?"

    The youngster said, "YOU!"

    Just as the word 'you' came out of his mouth, he struck with his sword!

    The sword was originally at the youngster's waist, everyone saw this sword.

    Yet in an instant, this sword has already entered the throat of white snake. Everyone saw that this meter long sword cut through white snake's throat.

    Yet no one saw just how his sword entered white snake's throat!

    There's no blood, because blood hasn't came out yet.

    The youngster stared at white snake, saying, "So is your sword faster, or my sword is faster?"

    White snake's gave out a 'ge ge' noise. The muscles on his face all trembling. Suddenly his mouth opened, his tongue came out.

    Blood came out of his mouth.

    Black snake raised his sword, yet dare not to strike. Sweat dropped from his head continuously. His hand trembling.

    Only to see the youngster suddenly took out the sword, and blood spilled from the throat of white snake. White snaked yelled loudly, "You...".

    Afterwards, he fell on the floor.

    The youngster turned to black snake, saying, "He lost. Where's my 50 taels?"

    He is still that serious. Serious like an innocent child.

    Yet this time no one dared to laugh at him.

    As he trembles, black snake said, "So you really killed him for 50 taels of silver?"

    "That's correct."

    Black snake doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. He suddenly grabbed his own hair, shredded his own cloths as silver came out. He then threw all that silver towards that youngster. "Here, take it. Take all of it!"

    He then ran out the door like a mad person.

    Not only did that youngster not follow him, he's not even mad. Instead he simply bent down to pick up the silvers, then took them to the manager of the hotel, asking, "Do you think this is 50 taels?"

    That manager was already crawling behind the table. Unable to speak. Only nodding his head furiously.

    It's only at this time that Li Xun Huan turned his head to the carriage driver, laughing. "I was correct, wasn't I?"

    The driver can only sigh. "You're definitely correct. That toy is way too dangerous."

    He saw that youngster walking towards them, but couldn't see Zhu Ge Lei. Zhu Ge Lei never got out from under the table.

    It's at this time that he finally came out, and he suddenly begin to strike at that youngster from the back!.

    His sword is not slow. The youngster also never figured Zhu Ge Lei would try to kill him. He killed white snake. Zhu Ge Lei should be thankful to him. Why kill him?

    Just as everyone thought this sword would penetrate the youngster's heart, Zhu Ge Lei suddenly give a loud yell, his sword left his hand, stuck on the ceiling.

    As the sword still springs back and forth on the ceiling, Zhu Ge Lei's hands are already grabbing his own throat. But his eyes are on Li Xun Huan, the eyeballs almost popping out.

    Li Xun Huan at this moment is no longer carving. Because the dagger he used to carve the figure is no longer in his hand.

    Blood trickled from Zhu Ge Lei's back.

    He stared at Li Xun Huan, his throat also giving off a 'ge ge' sound. It's only at this time that people began to understand that Li Xun Huan's carving dagger made its way to Zhu Ge Lei's throat.

    Yet no one saw how this dagger got to his throat.

    Sweat poured down from Zhu Ge Lei, his face full of pain. Suddenly he bit his teeth, and pulled that dagger out of his throat. Then stared at Li Xun Huan, yelling, "I should've recognized that it was you!"

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "Unfortunately, you only found out now, or you never would've attempted to do such a disgraceful act."

    Zhu Ge Lei did not hear these words. He'll never be able to hear ever again.

    The youngster also turned to take a look, his face full of wonder, as if he'd never understand why this person would to kill him.

    But he only looked for an instant, then walked up to Li Xun Huan. Beneath his wild and savage exterior seems to exist a hint of warmth and smile.

    He only said one sentence. "I want to invite you for a drink."

    End of Chapter 1

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    Chapter 2: A Close Friend Stored in the Seas

    The horse carriage is now filled with many bottles wine. These wine are bought by that youngster, so he drank them one after another, fully enjoying the taste.

    Li Xun Huan looked at him with eyes filled with joy. He rarely finds people he's interested in, but this youngster is incredibly interesting.

    The youngster suddenly put down the wine bottle, staring at Li Xun Huan. "Why must you invite me into your carriage for a drink?"

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "Because that hotel is not a place we should very long at."


    Li Xun Huan replied, "No matter who kills a person, he'll end up in some sort of trouble. While I am not afraid of killing, I despise trouble."

    The youngster thought for a moment, then started drinking again. Li Xun Huan smiled as he looked at the youngster, appreciating his look as he drinks.

    After a while, the youngster also sighed. "Killing is definitely not a happy thing. But there are people in this world that you just have to kill. So I must kill them!"

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "You really killed him for those 50 taels of silver?"

    The youngster replied, "Even without the money, I would've stilled killed him. But having 50 taels of silver is better."

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Why do you only ask for 50 taels?"

    The youngster responded, "Because that's how much he's worth."

    Li Xun Huan smiled. "There are many people in the martial world that should die. And some are worth even more than 50 taels of silver. So later maybe you'll become filthy rich."

    The youngster said, "Unfortunately, I'm too poor. Otherwise, I really should give you 50 taels.


    "Because you helped me killed that person."

    Li Xun Huan laughed heartily. "You're wrong. That person's not worth 50 taels. In fact, he's not even worth a single wen [the lowest form of ancient Chinese currency, like the penny today].

    He suddenly asked, "Do you know why he tried to kill you?"


    "Because although white snake did not kill him, he still made Zhu Ge Lei unable to keep his place in the martial world. You killed white snake. Only by killing you will he be able to regain his position. That's why he must kill you. People in the martial world are devious beyond your imagination."

    The youngster went deeply into his own thoughts. Then said, "Sometimes, a person's heart is much more vicious than that of a tiger. At least when a tiger wants to eat you, he'll let you know first."

    He drank another bottle of wine, then continued. "Yet I only hear people say that tigers are vicious, but never hear tigers say that humans are vicious. In reality, tigers only kill to survive. Yet humans can kill for any reason. And from what I know, humans kill a lot more humans than tigers do."

    Li Xun Huan looked at him. "That's why you'd rather make friends with a tiger, right?"

    The youngster thought a bit more, then suddenly laughed. "The only problem is, they can't drink."

    This is the first time Li Xun Huan saw the youngster smile. He never thought a smile could bring such a huge change to a person.

    The youngster's face used to be so lonely, so proud, making Li Xun Huan think he's like a wolf in the snow.

    Yet when he smiled, his person totally changed. He became so warm, so close, so cute.

    Li Xun Huan has never seen anyone's smile can be so charming.

    The youngster suddenly asked, "Are you a really famous person?"

    Li Xun Huan smiled. "Sometimes, being famous is not a good thing."

    "Yet I would wish to become famous. I want to be the most famous person in the world."

    The way he said this made him look so innocent.

    Li Xun Huan laughed again. "Everyone wants to be famous. You just happen to be a lot more honest than most people."

    That youngster said, "I'm different from others, I MUST be famous. If I'm not famous, I'll have to die!"

    Li Xun Huan was shocked at this statement. "Why?"

    The youngster did not answer this question. Yet one can see the look of incredible pain from his eyes.

    It's only at this time that Li Xun Huan sees that this innocent child also has many hidden secrets. His childhood must have brought him much pain and suffering.

    Li Xun Huan said in a warm voice, "If you want to be famous, you should at least tell me your name."

    The youngster thought for a long time, then responded, "People who know me all call me Ah Fei."

    "Ah Fei?"

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "So your last name is 'Ah'? There's no one in this world with that last name."

    The youngster replied, "I have NO last name!" Much fire appeared in his eyes. Li Xun Huan realizes that not even tears can put out this type of fire. He cannot bear to keep on asking. He never thought that the youngster would continue to talk. "When I become really famous, I might say my last name, until then..."

    Li Xun Huan said in a calm tone. "For now, I'll just call you Ah Fei." The youngster responded, "Very good, you can call me Ah Fei now. Quite frankly, you can call me by whatever name you want."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Ah Fei, let's toast."

    Just as he finished half a glass, Li Xun Huan started to cough again, his pale face revealed a serious illness. Yet he still finished the rest of the glass.

    Ah Fei stared at him strangely, as if wondering how a famous person like him can be in such bad health. Yet he said nothing, just finished his own glass.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly smiled. "Do you know why I like you as my friend?"

    Ah Fei did not respond, so Li Xun Huan continued. "Because of all my friends, you're the only person to see me cough, yet does not persuade me to stop drinking."

    Ah Fei said, "Should you not drink if you cough?"

    "In actuality, I shouldn't even touch alcohol."

    Ah Fei said, "Then why do you keep drinking? Do you have a very sad past?"

    Li Xun Huan's bright eyes dimmed, looking at Ah Fei. "Have I asked you anything you did not wish to answer? Did I ask who your parents were? Who taught you kung fu? Where you're from? Where you're going?"


    "Then why do you ask me?"

    Ah Fei quietly sat there. Then smiled. "I won't ask you."

    LI Xun Huan also smiled, he seems to want to toast again, but just as he picks up the glass, he started to cough again.

    Ah Fei opened the window for him, but suddenly the carriage stopped.

    "What happened," Li Xun Huan asked.

    The driver said, "There's someone blocking the street."


    "A snowman."

    They got off the carriage. Li Xun Huan simply just breathed slowly, yet Ah Fei kept staring at the snowman, as if he has never seen a snowman in his life before.

    Li Xun Huan looked at him and asked, "You've never seen a snowman before?"

    Ah Fei responded. "I just know that snow is terrible. Not only does it bring coldness to people, but also make plants die out, animals hide, people lonely, hungry."

    He made a snowball and threw it. The ball landed somewhere far away, broke apart, and disappeared. His eyesight is also looking at a faraway place. "To those who have enough to eat and enough to wear, snow might be very nice. Because not only can they make snowman, but also enjoy the scenery of a snowfield. But to people like me..."

    He suddenly stared at Li Xun Huan. "Do you realize that for a person growing up in the wild as I did, wind, snow, hail, and rain are my biggest enemies?"

    Li Xun Huan made a snowball too, saying, "I don't hate snow, but I hate others blocking my path."

    He threw that snowball at the snowman. Oddly enough, the snowman did not fall down. They only saw the snow break apart, revealing something beneath it.

    There's actually a real person inside the snow!

    A dead person.

    A dead person's face is never pretty, this face is incredibly hideous.

    "Black snake!" Ah Fei suddenly yelled.

    Why would black snake die here?

    Why would the person who killed him put him here as a snowman?

    The driver took his body from the snow, examining it closely, trying to find the strike that killed him.

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Do you know who killed him?"

    Ah Fei answered, "I don't know."

    Li Xun Huan said, "It's that package."


    Li Xun Huan continued, "That package was always on the table, so I did not notice it. But when black snake left, that package disappeared. Therefore I thought, he just pretended to be insane, to divert everyone's attention while he leave with the package."

    "Ok." Ah Fei said.

    "Yet he never would've thought that the package would cause his death. The person who killed him must did so for that package."

    No one knew when that dagger made its way back to his hand again. "I wonder what's in that baggage? Why would so many people be so interested in it? Maybe I should've taken a look."

    Ah Fei has been listening intently, but suddenly cut in, "If the person killed him for the package, why did they turn him into a snowman to block our paths?"
    Li Xun Huan was very surprised. He found that while this youngster does not have much experience in society, innocent as a child. he does have an amazing intellect. Something many experienced people in the martial world cannot even compare.

    Ah Fei continued, “That person must've calculated that no one else will travel on this road. Only you. So the snowman here is to block your path."

    Li Xun Huan did not respond, but said, "Did you find the lethal wound?"

    But before the driver can respond, Li Xun Huan said, "Don't bother."

    Ah Fei added, "That's right. Those people are already here, why bother to keep looking?"

    Li Xun Huan's hearing and eyesight can be said to have no equal in the world. He really could not believe that this youngster's hearing is just as good.

    This youngster seems to have some natural beast-like abilities, to observe things others cannot. Li Xun Huan gave him a congratulatory laugh, said, "Since you're all here, why not come and have a drink?"

    The snow on the trees to the side of the road suddenly came down.

    A person laughed heartily. "It's been ten years since we last met. I never thought your precious dagger is still young. I must congratulate you."

    During the laugh, an one-armed man with a stare of an eagle appeared from the forest.

    Another person also appeared from the other side of the road. This person's thin and small. Looks like he has no more than a pound of meat on him, that light wind can probably blow him away."

    Ah Fei can see instantly that as this person appeared, there's no footprint in the snow.

    For a person to be able to leave no footprint, even if he has the advantage of being a bit light, still must have incredible inner power.

    Li Xun Huan smiled. "I only came back from the border area for half a month. Yet Golden Lion Escort Agency's head and 'Traveling Without Shadow' Mr. Yu Er both came to see me. My reputation must be pretty good."

    That short old man smiled deviously. "It seems that Little Li Tan Hua's* fame is not undeserved. Your memory is amazing. We only saw each other once thirteen years ago, yet you still recognize me, this old, useless man."

    *[Note: Putting the word 'little' in front of one's last name is sometimes used by elders to call a younger person. 'Tan Hua' is a title in ancient China. Given to the 3rd place tester in the imperial examinations as a method to determine future government officials. Kind of like calling someone a "Dr." today for those with a Ph.D. Li Xun Huan, of course, got 3rd place in the examination. That's why Yu Er called him by that title, as a sign of respect. Try to remember the term 'Tan Hua', as it will appear many more times later in the book]

    It's only now that Ah Fei saw that one of the old man’s legs is broken. He could not imagine how a broken-legged man be an expert in lightness kung fu.

    But he didn't understand that just because this man was handicapped at birth, he practiced his lightness kung fu much more rigorously to make up for the deficiency.

    Ah Fei can't help but feel respect for this man.

    Li Xun Huan chuckled. "Since you also invited some friends, how come you're not going to introduce them to us?"

    Mr. Yu Er said coldly, "You're right, they also have heard of your fame, and would like to meet you."

    As he spoke, four people appeared from the forest. Although it's daytime, Li Xun Huan still could not help but feel a chill when seeing these four people.

    These four people all look mature, yet they still dress like kids, with brightly colored clothing with flowery designs. Their shoes are kids shoes with a tiger design in front. Apron tied to their waist. Although their eyesight showed their mature age, they still act as if they are kids. If people see them, they'd probably throw up.

    The most interesting thing is, they have bracelets with bells on their wrists and ankles. So they'd make a lot of noise when walking.

    When the driver saw these four people, he immediately said, "Black snake was not killed by someone."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Huh?"

    The driver said, "they're killed by a scorpion's poison."

    Li Xun Huan's mood was changed. "In that case, these four must be the disciples of the 5-Poison-Kid then."

    The 'kid' in the yellow clothes laughed. "You destroyed that snowman we spent so much effort making. You're going to pay." As the word 'pay' came out, he suddenly flew toward Li Xun Huan, yet the bells on him did not make any noise.

    Li Xun Huan just smiled at him, didn't even move.

    But Yu Er also flew, intercepting that yellow-clothed 'kid'. Pulling him to the side.

    'Golden Lion' suddenly stood up and laughed loudly. "Mr. Tan Hua here is incredibly rich. Forget a snowman, he can even afford to pay a 'gold man'. The four of you should not be so hasty. I want to introduce everyone."

    The 'kid' in red said, "I know him. His last name is Li, first name is Xun Huan."

    The other 'kid' in red added. "I also know he's an expert in eating, drinking, woman, and gambling. So I've always wanted him to help us go seek some pleasure*."

    *[Note: Li Xun Huan's first name, 'Xun Huan', means to 'seek pleasure'. The 'kid' in black used that exact term 'Xun Xun Huan', obviously as a play on words. I don’t know why I bother pointing this out, though.]

    The last 'kid' in green said, "I also know that he's quite a knowledgable person, was able to score a Tan Hua in the imperial examinations. I heard his dad, and his dad's dad, were all Tan Huas."

    The 'kid' in red giggled. "Unfortunately, this Little Li Tan Hua doesn't want to be a government official, but rather a thief."

    While others might not care too much about what they said, Ah Fei was spellbound by all this information. He had no idea his new friend had such a colorful life.

    He did not realize that they only picked some of the more spectacular aspects of Li Xun Huan's life. Li Xun Huan's whole life story can't be finished in three days and three nights.

    Ah Fei also did not see that while Li Xun Huan's smiling, his eyes revealed terrible pain, as if his heart will be broken when hearing others speak of his past.

    Suddenly, Yu Er said with a serious face, "You really do know a lot about Li Tan Hua. But have you evver heard? Little Li's Legendary Dagger, No equal under the Heavens, once leaving his hand, would NEVER miss!"

    [I would like some help here. The phrase “Li Bu Xu Fa” describing his dagger is one of my favorite phrases in the book. It would be nice if someone can come up with a better translation than the gay one I have up there.]

    The 'kid' in yellow laughed. "Once the dagger's thrown, it never misses. So you must've been afraid that I would have died under his dagger, and then won't be able to explain this to my master, right? That's why you stopped me."

    Li Xun Huan said with a smile, "But everyone can be rest assured, my second dagger is not really all that great. And my first dagger has absolutely no chance of killing six people."

    "So if everyone wants revenge for Zhu Ge Lei, just go ahead."

    'Golden Lion' laughed twice. "Zhu Ge Lei's doesn't deserve to live, why is brother Li's fault?"

    Li Xun Huan responded, "Since everyone's not here for revenge, are you all really here to have a drink?"

    Yu Er responded coldy, "We just want the package!"

    Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows. "Package?"

    "Yes, that package needs to be sent by the escort agency. If there's any problems, the Golden Lion Escort Agency's reputation will be shot."

    Li Xun Huan looked at black snake's body. "You mean the package is not with him?"

    'Golden Lion' responded, "Brother Li really knows how to joke. With brother Li at the scene, how could black snake possibly get away with the package?"

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "The thing I hate most in my life is trouble. Why does trouble always seem to find me?"

    'Golden Lion' didn't seem to hear him, instead kep talking. "Brother Li just have to give up that package, I'll leave immediately, and give brother Li some wine too. "

    Li Xun Huan played around with the dagger in his hand. Suddenly smiled. "You're right, that package is with me. But I don't know whether I should give it to you or not. Give me some time to think.

    Yu Er asked, "How long will it take?"

    Li Xun Huan responded, "Just two hours. After two hours, we'll meet here again."

    Yu Er didn't even hesitate. Said immediately, "Fine!"

    He did not say another word before leaving.

    The 'kid' in yellow suddenly chuckled. "In just one hour, you can already disappear. Why need two hours?"

    Yu Er said, "Ever since Little Li Tan Hua entered the martial world and before retiring, had over 300 battles. He did not try to escape a single time."

    They came quickly and went quickly. Even as they speak, they had already disappeared deep into the woods.

    Ah Fei suddenly said, "You don't have the package."


    "Then why did you lie?"

    Li Xun Huan smiled a bit. "Although I did not take it, they would never have believed me. A battle was unavoidable. It's better for me to admit it, rather than having to talk more."

    "If a battle's unavoidable, why wait?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "We must find someone in these two hours."


    "The person who stole the package."

    Li Xun Huan continued, "That night three people were at the table. Two are dead. We must find the third one.

    Ah Fei thought deeply. "You're saying that guy in the purple coat, with a whip on his waist, and hair in his ears, right?"

    Li Xun Huan smiled. "You just saw him for an instant. Yet you remembered such extreme details!"

    "I did see him just for an instant. An instant is enough."

    "You're right. He's the person I'm talking about. Of the people at the restaurant that night, only he knows the true value of that package. He stayed to the side so no one would notice him. That's why he has the chance to take it. Because the package is so valuable, he wants to keep it for himself. Yet he's afraid that his boss will find out, so he pushed the blame on me."

    He smiled lightly, and continued. "Good thing this isn't the first time I'm wrongly blamed."
    Ah Fei said, "The only reason those people know where you are must be because of him."


    "But in order for 'Golden Lion' not to be suspicious of him, he must still be around!"


    "That's why he must be with the 'Golden Lion' people. So all we need to do is find them to find him!"

    Li Xun Huan tapped his shoulders. "You just have to be around in the martial world for 3-5 years, and everybody else life will start to be miserable. Hopefully if we meet again, we're still friends."

    He laughed heartily as he continued. "Because I really do not want to be your enemy."

    Ah Fei looked at him silently. Then said, "You want me to leave now?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "This is my business. It has nothing to do with you. They weren't looking for you. Why shouldn't you leave?"

    Ah Fei said, "You don't want me get into this mess with you? Or do you simply not want me to travel with you?"

    Li Xun Huan let out a sad look, but still kept smiling. "There's no never-ending party under the Heavens. We'll part eventually. Why care whether it's soon or late?"

    Ah Fei has a heavy look on his face. Then got two glasses of wine from the carriage. "Let me toast you one more time."

    Li Xun Huan drank the wine quickly. He wanted to smile, but instead started to cough again.

    Ah Fei looked at him silently for a long time, then quickly turned around and left.

    It's at this time that it began to snow again. It's so quiet one can the snowflakes landing on the ground.

    Li Xun Huan stared at this youngster disappear into the snow and wind, stared at the ground's slow, lonely footprints.

    He immediately poured another glass of wine. Then said, "Youngster. I give you another toast.”

    “You do know that I don't really want you to leave. It's just that your future is too bright. By being with me will only lead you to trouble. I'm a person that has made friends with trouble, bad luck, danger and sadness. I can... no longer have any more friends."

    But Ah Fei can no longer hear those words.

    The driver still just stood there like a statue. He did not speak, and although filled with snow, will not move.

    Li Xun Huan drank again. Then turned towards him. "You wait here. It's best to bury this snake's body. I'll return in two hours."

    The driver lowered his head. "I know the Golden Lion's palm is very famous, but it's power is very exaggerated. You should need at most 40 moves to defeat him."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Maybe it won't even take 10 moves."

    "What about Yu Er?"

    "His lightness kung fu is quite good, and is an expert with the hidden weapons. But I should still have no trouble with him."

    The driver said, "I heard that the disciples of the 5-poison-kid knows some very strange kung fu. Based on what I saw, their kung fu is different from most."

    Li Xun Huan cut him off with a laugh. "Don't worry. I'm not afraid of these people. They do not pose a problem."

    The driver is still very serious. "You don't have to lie to me. I know this trip is very dangerous. Young master should not let Master Fei leave at this time."

    Li Xun Huan suddenly became a bit angry. "Since when did you began to like chattering?" he scolded.

    The driver stopped immediately, and lowered his head even more. By the time he raised his head again, Li Xun Huan is gone, leaving sounds of his coughs.

    Anyone that hears this continuous coughing sound in the middle of a snowfield could not help but feel sympathy. But the wind finally covered even the sound of his cough.

    Tears dropped down the side of the driver's face. Talking to himself, "Young master. We were living so peacefully at the borders. Why did you come back to this place of pain and sadness? Can you still not forget her after ten years? Do you still want to see her? But after you see her, you still would not talk to her. Why do you even bother and bring more suffering to yourself?"

    Once in the forest, Li Xun Huan's savvy, happy look suddenly changed, changing into that of a predator. His ears, eyes, nose, every ounce of muscle in his body searched the forest, leaving no trace missed. In the past twenty years, no one has escaped his pursuit.

    Although his movement is quick as a rabbit, he doesn't look like he's in a hurry. Like a great dancer, no matter under what conditions, he can still maintain his gracefulness and composure.

    Ten years ago, when he gave up everything he had and left for the borders, he also traveled on this road. At that time, spring flowers were just beginning to bloom.

    He remember that there's a small bar here. He would always stop there for drinks. Although the wine is not the best, the scenery is. The mountain on the other side, the waterfall. There are many tourists then. He looked at those couples while drinking his bitter wine cup by cup. Thinking he'll forever leave this place. This is a memory he'll never forget.

    Now, he can't believe he's back here again. Ten years. The people must all be new now. The little waitress now married. The married couple who loved each other deeply left this world. Even the peach trees, now trapped under the snow.

    Oh but how he yearned that the little bar would still be there.

    He thinks this way not because of old memories, but rather because he thinks the person he wants is here.

    Although the world in this snow is vastly different from the Spring winds, he still feel stabbing pain from it.

    Money, power, fame, place in society are all easy to give up. But those great memories, those sweet memories, all act like locks, trapping him so he can never escape. Never break free.

    Li Xun Huan took out a wine bottle and drank the whole bottle. He only started moving again after he finished coughing.

    He really did see that little bar again.

    He remembered that in the Spring, a no-name mountain flower would grow everywhere. He would drink wine here and enjoy the flowers.

    Now everything has changed.

    But he saw a carriage, and heard the sound of horses in the back.

    Li Xun Huan knows that he did not guess wrong. They're really here! Because in this weather, in this area, cannot have any other tourists.

    He picked up his pace, became more careful, quietly listened for a while. No sound came from the little bar. He then dashed towards the bar.

    When he got really close, he found that this bar is quiet beyond belief. Other than some low horse sounds, everything's quiet.

    Just as Li Xun Huan stepped up to the door, the floor gave a creak. He immediately backed off.

    But still no sound.

    Li Xun Huan sneaked to the back, thinking, "Maybe they're not here."

    But he then saw 'Golden Lion',who's just staring at him. But there's no movement, like a statue.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "I would've never thought!"

    He just said those three words before closing his mouth.

    Because he just then realized that the 'Golden Lion' will never ever hear another voice again.

    End of Chapter 2

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    Chapter 3: Treasure Sways People's Heart

    Li Xun Huan looked again. That Golden Lion's throat has already been stabbed!

    Plus, the body is still actually standing! This means that whoever killed
    him has an incredible sword skill. The lightness! The quickness!

    After the killer's sword penetrated Golden Lion's throat, he immediately
    pulled his sword, requiring not even a tiny bit of extra energy.

    The Golden Lion obviously had his guard up, yet even after this sword penetrated
    his throat, he still had not made a move. His body was still in a state
    of rest.

    What an incredibly quick sword move!

    Astonishment appeared on Li Xun Huan's face. He knows that the Golden Lion
    has been famous for more than twenty years, and never had any major problems
    during this time. His escort agency is also very famous. This showed that
    he's obviously very good. Yet before he can put up a defense, someone's
    sword is already in his throat.

    Even if he's just a wooden person, to penetrate a wooden person's throad,
    pull out and still leave it standing, is not an easy task.

    Li Xun Huan turned around and entered the bar. There's only one table with
    dishes on it. But they had not been touched. Neither were the wine.

    The 5-poison-kid's four disciples also turned into dead corpses!

    The heads of the dead corpses are facing outward, feet inward, like a cross.
    Their faces filled with happiness. And they also died from one sword through
    the throat!

    Then he saw Yu Er in a corner room. His hand holding a hidden weapon tightly.

    But before he can release the weapon, he also died from one sword through
    the throat.

    Li Xun Huan doesn't know to be astonished or happy. He just continuously
    say to himself, "What a really, really fast sword."

    If it were two days ago, he would've never thought there exist a person
    with such marvelous sword skill. There used to be a 'Snow Eagle' swordsman,
    considered to be the best in the martial world. Although he has the lightness
    and quickness, he definitely does not have the ruthlessness in his moves.
    Besides, this swordsman has since long retired, and would never come to
    this place today.

    As for the great experts of the past years, Shen Lang, Neng Xiong Er, Wang
    Ling Hua, are all said to be dead or retired. Besides, none of them used
    a sword!

    Other than these people, Li Xun Huan can't possibly think of any other swordsman
    with such skill, until now. Now he knows that there is still one person
    in this world.

    This person is that mysterious, lonely youngster Ah Fei!

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes, as if to figure how he entered this room, how
    the four 'kids' would surround him. But before they can move, Ah Fei's sword,
    quick as lightning and deadly as a snake, has entered their throats.

    Yu Er stayed at the side, obviouisly wanting to release his hidden weapons.
    He became famous for his lightness kung fu and hidden weapons. Therefore
    his speed must be amazing. Yet just as he's about to release his weapons,
    the sword already flew towards him. One sword through the throat.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "Toy. Someone actually said his sword is like a toy."

    He suddenly saw that there are words carved onto the wall.

    "You killed Zhu Ge Lei for me. I killed these people for you. I am no longer
    in your debt. I know a person can never ever be in debt!"

    "I only killed one person for you. Yet you killed six for me. You know that
    a person cannot have debts. So why did you make me be in your debt?" Li
    Xun Huan said. He then continued to read on.

    "Although I killed more people than you did, but the situation is different.
    Your one can be equal to my six. So you don't owe me anything either."

    Li Xun Huan can't help but laugh. "The way you make your calculations is
    definitely not very bright. Looks like you should not go into business in
    the future."

    Not only does the wall contain these words, it also has a spearhead. Li
    Xun Huan obviously went into the direction of the spearhead. As he went
    into the room, a sword suddenly came at him! A very bright sword, the tip
    point right at him!

    The person holding the sword is a very old person. Although his beard is
    not long, his faces is filled with wrinkles.

    As this old person holds the sword, he yelled, "Who are you?"

    Although he wants to speak louder, he can't raise his voice, which is just

    Li Xun Huan immediately saw who he is. He smiled. "You don't remember me?"

    The old man shook his head.

    Li Xun Huan said, "But I know you. You're the owner here. Ten years agao,
    I came here a few times for some wine.

    The old man's eyes lost much of its alertness, but he still held his sword
    at Li Xun Huan. "What's your last name?"

    "My last name is Li."

    It's only at this time that the old man let out a deep breath. His sword
    also fell to the ground. "So it's Li... Li Tan Hua. I have been waiting
    for you."

    "Waiting for me?"

    The old man said, "A heroic young man came here, kill many bad people, but
    kept me alive. Saying that a Li Tan Hua would pass by.
    "He wants me to give you this person. If there's any problems, he'll take my life.”

    "Where's this person?"

    "In the kitchen."

    The kitchen is not small. Plus it's very clean. And there really is a person here tied to the chair. He's very thin and short, plus there's hair coming out of his ear.

    Li Xun Huan had long figured out that Ah Fei would leave this person alive for him to interrogate. But this person could not possibly believe he would see Li Xun Huan. His face turned pale, unable to speak. Apparently, Ah Fei not only tied him very tightly, but also used a cloth to cover his mouth.

    He's obviously afraid that this person would try to scare or bribe the old man, so he even covered his mouth. It's at this time that Li Xun Huan realized that he's very attentive to details.

    But why couldn't he just seal this person's pressure points?

    Li Xun Huan's dagger glowed, taking off the cloth covering this person's mouth. The person is almost about to faint.

    He wants to beg for mercy, but his mouth is so dry he can't speak.

    Li Xun Huan didn't hurry him up either. He just sat there, and ask that old man to bring the best wine to him.

    "Your last name?"

    That person's face is now yellow, trying to wet his mouth using his tongue, then stuttered, "My name is Hong Han Min."

    LI Xun Huan said, "I know you can drink. Here, have a cup."

    He then actually cut off this person's ropes. And held out his hand to give this person the cup of wine. This person is just amazed beyond belief. He's afraid of taking this cup of wine, yet wouldn't dare not to.

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "If someone asked me to drink wine, I would never refuse."

    Hong Han Min can only take the cup, his hand still shaking, although finally drank half a cup, the other half spilled onto his shirt.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "It's so unfortunate. If you simply imitate me and find a dagger to carve wood, your hand would not be shaking. Wood carving can make a person calm and stable. This is my little secret."

    He then poured another two cups, laughingly said, "One should always remember never to waste good wine."

    Hong Han Min this time took the cup with both hands. Afraid that he would spill it, he immediately drank it in one gulp.

    Li Xun Huan said, "Very good. I didn't learn much in my life, just these two things. Now that I've told you this information, how are you going to thank me?"

    Hong Han min responds, "I...I..."

    Li Xun Huan said, "You don't have to do anything else, just give me the package, and I'll be satisfied."

    Hong Han Min took a deep breath, "What package?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "You don't know?"

    Hong Han Min's face let out a forced smile, "I really do not know."

    Li Xun Huan shook his head. "I've always thought that people become more honest after drinking. But you truly disappointed me."

    Hong Han Min can only smile along. "Mr. Li...Li, there must be a misunderstanding. I truly do not"

    Li Xun Huan's face suddenly became more serious. "You drank my wine, then you lie to me? you should return my wine to me now."

    Hong Han Min said, "Yes. Yes I'll go buy some now."

    Li Xun Huan said, "I just want the two cups you drank, not the cups you can buy."

    Hong Han Min gathered himself, used his sleeves to wipe off his sweat. Then said in a stuttered manner, "But... but... the wine is already in my stomach. How do I return it?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "This is actually quite simple."

    The dagger glowed, and suddenly found its tip pointing at Hong Han Min's stomach.

    Li Xun Huan said coldly, "Since the wine is in you, I just need to open your stomach to get it back."

    Hong Han Min's face turned white, but forced himself to smile. "Mr. Li, why do joke with me?"

    Li Xun Huan said. "Do I look like I'm joking?"

    He applied just a bit of pressure, and took a light stab at Hong Han Min's stomach, so that blood would come out.

    Because only a coward lies, and when a coward sees his own blood, he'll start telling the truth. Li Xun Huan knows this logic better than everyone else.

    Who would've thought that when he stabbed Hong Han Min, it's like stabbing a stone. Hong Han Min's face is still smiling, as if he did not feel any pain at all.

    Li Xun Huan's eyes flickered, his hand stopped. This coward actually can't be penetrated by a knife, yet Li Xun Huan did not show any sign of surprise.

    Instead he smiled and said, "You've been around for quite a while now, right?"

    Hong Han Min couldn't believe he would ask this question. Gathered himself and answered with a smile, "Already 20 years in the martial world."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Then you must know that there are some treasures in this world that very few people have ever seen, but rumored to exist. One of them is..."

    He looked at Hong Han Min, then continued one word at a time, "is the Golden Thread Vest. Supposedly, it cannot be penetrated by weapons, and cannot be burned by fire. Since you've been around for 20 years, surely you know of such an item."

    Hong Han Min's face now looked like a wash-cloth. He jumped up and tried to escape.

    His speed is not slow, in an instant he arrived at the door. Yet just as he's about to leave the room, Li Xun Huan has already blocked his path.

    Hong Han Min bit his teeth, turned around and took out a silver-chained spear. Like a snake, the spear made its way to Li Xun Huan.

    It seems that he must have spent 20-30 years on practicing this spear technique. As he made this particular move, the chain actually became straight, carrying the wind with it as it aims for Li Xun Huan's throat.

    Only to hear a 'Dang' sound, Li Xun Huan simply raised his hand, the hand that still is holding a wine cup, and used the cup to block the spear point.

    For some reason, the spear did not break the cup.

    Li Xun Huan smiled and said, "If there's one more person that tries to convince me to stop drinking, I would tell him all the benefits of drinking, and that a wine cup once saved my life."

    Hong Han Min looked like a statue as he stood there. Sweat dropping down his face like rain.

    Li Xun Huan said, "If you don't want to fight anymore, take off the Golden Thread Vest. You can use it to pay for my two cups of wine."

    Hong Han Min asked, "You really want it?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "I don't particularly care for this item. You were able to steal it from under my eyes, which shows that you have some skills. But you should've never told others that I took the package. I don't like to be wrongfully blamed."

    "You're right. I took the package. And the package does indeed contains the Golden Thread Vest. However, however,"

    Not only was he so nervous he couldn't speak, even tears came out of his eyes.

    Li Xun Huan said, "Golden Thread Vest might be a treasure for protection. But what do you need it for? I can still kill you with one blow. Why do you waste so much effort trying to get it?"

    He continued, "This is not the type of item you should have. If you give it to me, maybe you can live for a few more years."

    Hong Han Min replied, "I also know that I'm not worthy of such an item, but I didn't steal it for myself."

    Li Xun Huan said, "So you took it to give to someone else? Who would that be?"

    Hong Han Min bit his lips, so hard blood came out.

    Li Xun Huan said calmly, "I have many ways to make someone tell the truth, but I do not like those methods. So I sincerely hope that you do not make me use them."

    Hong Han Min finally let out a breath. "Fine. I'll talk."

    Li Xun Huan said, "You better start from the beginning."

    Hong Han Min started. "Have you heard of 'Super Thief' Dai Wu? He's a nobody, so Mr. Li might not know him."

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "Not only do I know him, he's also an acquaintance. His lightness and fighting kung fu are both quite good. Plus he's a great drinker."

    Hong Han Min said, "This 'Golden Thread Vest', is something he stole from somewhere."

    "Really? So how did it end up with you?"

    Hong Han Min said, "He and Zhu Ge Lei were good friends. We met a while back and drank together. When he got really drunk, he took out the vest to show off. Zhu Ge Lei got jealous, and..."

    Li Xun Huan face became stern. "Since you people were able to do such a shameful act, why don't you have the guts to say it?"

    Hong Han Min lowered his head. "Dai Wu knows that this Golden Thread Vest is something everyone in the martial world wants. He therefore should not have been drinking."

    Li Xun Huan said coldly. "It's not that he shouldn't be drinking, but that he should not have made friends with the wrong people."

    Hong Han Min's pale face suddenly showed a hint of red.

    Li Xun Huan said, "This Golden Thread Vest is said to be one of the 'Three Treasures of the Martial World'. But it actually has very few practical uses. Because only when two top kung fu expert fight each other in a battle does it come in handy. A normal person would mostly likely die from having the item. So I don't seen why people like it so much. So there must be something else, right?"

    Hong Han Min replied. "Right, there is a secret. However, this secret probably should no longer be considered a secret any more, because..."

    When he got here, the owner of the bar brought in two bottles of wine. He said with a smile, "This is excellent wine. Official Tan Hua should first drink a cup before continue on."

    Li Xun Hua showed a bitter smile. "If you want me to come back here often, never call me by this title. Whenever I hear this title, I can't even drink anymore."

    The wine cup is still in his hand. He poured the cup full. As he smelled the sweetness from the wine, his mood became much better, complimenting, "Great wine."

    As he drink the wine, he began to cough again.

    The old man brought him a chair to sit down, then said, "Coughing's bad for your health. Be careful."

    The old man's face suddenly showed a smile, then continued, "However, this wine is perfect for curing coughs. If you drink this, I promise that you'll stop coughing."

    Li Xun Huan laughed, "If wine can cure cough, then that would be perfect. Why don't you have some too?"

    The old man said, "I don't drink."

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Why? People who sell dumplings would rather eat man tou(common Chinese food, basically bread w/o yeast) than dumplings. So people who sell wine would rather drink water?"

    The old man replied, "I would usually drink a cup or two. But I can't drink this particular wine."

    His eyes suddenly showed signs of treachery.

    Li Xun Huan acted as if he did not notice. He continued to smile as he asked, "Why?"

    The old man kept starring at the dagger in his hand, then said, "Because if I drink this and then use a bit of energy, I'll die from poisoning."

    Li Xun Huan seems tongue-tied.

    But Hong Han Min became really happy. "I never thought you'd help me. I'll reward you richly later."

    The old man said coldly, "You don't have to thank me."

    Hong Han Min's mood changed, but kept smiling. "Elder you really can hide your true nature. I guess you also want.."

    As he spoke, his silver-chained spear flew out again.

    The old man small, short body suddenly grew a foot, turned his left hand, and captured the spear point. Then spoke loudly, "You think you're good enough to fight me?"

    This cowardly old man in an instant seemed to have changed into another person. Even his face began to glow.

    Hong Han Min saw his strange look, then suddenly remembered a person. He immediately started to beg. "Elder please spare my life. I did not know that elder is..."

    His begging came too late. The old man's right fist is already aiming at him. After a 'bang', Hong Han Min's body got hit into midair, the chain on his hands also broke into two. Blood came pouring out as his body hit the wall.

    This power of this fist is incredible.

    Li Xun Huan sighed and shook his head. "I told you, by have this Golden Thread Vest, you'll die quicker."

    The old man threw the half-spear on the floor, then looked at Hong Han Min's body, his wrinkles began to show once again.
    Li Xun Huan said. "You haven't killed in twenty years, right?"

    The old man looked at him and said, "I did not forget how to kill, however."

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Do you think it's worth it to kill for this thing?"

    The old man replied, "Twenty years ago, I didn't need any reason to kill."

    Li Xun Huan said, "But twenty years have passed. Hiding for twenty years is not easy. Exposing your identity for this is not worth it."

    The old man said, "So you know who I am?"

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "You should not forget, Sun Kui twenty years ago was a very famous person. Yet he had the guts to run away with the wife of the head of the Southern 72 Docks. I really admire this type of courage."

    The old man said, "Even in this state, you still can say this type of stuff?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "Please don't think I'm trying to be witty here. A man, for the woman he loves, willing to risk his own life and fame and everything, this type of person can at least be considered to be a real man. I had really respected you, too. But now.."

    He shook his head. "Now I'm disappointed, because I did not think that you would be a devious person. You can only try to poison me rather than to challenge me to a real fight."

    Sun Kui looked at him, before he could speak, another person laughingly said, "You should not blame him for this. When it comes to poison techniques, he's terrible."

    This is a voice of a woman. It's sound very alluring.

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "You're right. I should've long guessed that is the result of Ms. Qiang Wei. Li Xun Huan is quite satisfied that he can die in the hands of the famous beauty of twenty years ago."

    That voice chuckled as she said, "Your mouth is so sweet. If I had met you twenty years ago, I probably would not have ran away with him."

    As she's laughing, she came out.

    After twenty years, she did not seem too old. Her eyes are still very attractive, her teeth very white, but her waist...

    Actually, she no longer has a waist. Her body is like a water bowl.

    Li Xun Huan's reaction is as if he just swallowed a whole egg.

    So this is Ms. Qiang Wei? He couldn't believe his eyes.

    Ms. Qiang Wei wears a red coat, her perfume can be smelled from a long distance away.

    She looked at Li Xun Huan and laughingly said, "What a charming Mr. Tan Hua, no wonder you're so famous. I haven't seen such a enchanting man in twenty years. But twenty years ago..."

    She sighed before continuing, "Twenty years ago I was living so well. At that time, so many young heroes would come beg to see me. If they can simply look at me and say some words, they would feel like being in heaven. If you don't believe me, just ask him."

    Sun Kui's face looked heavy, as if he would not say a word.

    Li Xun Huan looked at Ms. Qiang Wei's neck and the all the fat on it, then looked at Sun Kui, feeling a bit of pity on the inside.

    He saw that this old man's past twenty years have not been well.

    Ms. Qiang Wei sighed again. "But the past twenty years were so hard on me. I could only hide in my little room, afraid to come out. I really regret running away with this idiot."

    Sun Kui also took a deep breath. "Who doesn't regret it, who isn't a turtle egg."

    Ms. Qiang Wei stomped her foot and started to yell, "What are you saying? Say it again! Lady I gave up a relaxing life to come live in this crap place with you, a great beauty such as myself, being ruined to this point, and you have the guts to say you regret it?"

    Sun Kui's nose is full of steam, yet he shut his mouth.

    Ms. Qiang Wei said again, "Mr. Tan Hua, you say it, does this guy not have any heart? If I had known it would get to this point, I should've just died."

    She tried hard to keep blinking her eyes, but tears would not come out.

    Li Xun Huan smiled, "Good thing mistress did not die, or I would have regretted living this life."

    Ms. Qiang Wei proudly smiled, "You really wanted to see me that much?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "Of course. Where else can I find a beauty this fat?"

    Ms. Qiang Wei's face became all white, but Sun Kui could not hold down his laughter.

    LI Xun Huan said, "Actually, mistress does not really need this Golden Thread Vest either. Because even if I cut you in half, it would still not fit."

    Ms. Qian Wei bit her teeth, saying, "Looks like I better not let you die quickly."

    She pulled off a very thin needle from her hear, walking over to Li Xun Huan. Yet Li Xun Huan still simply sat there without moving.

    Sun Kui said, "Since we already have the vest, let's go on with our business. Why bother with him?"

    Ms. Qiang Wei replied, "You don't have the right to mind my business!"

    Li Xun Huan really can't move, and can only stare at her.

    Who would've thought that just as the needle was going to hit Li Xun Huan's eye, Sun Kui suddenly kicked from behind, sending her into the ceiling.

    By the time she got back down, she's already half-dead.

    Li Xun Huan's surprised beyond belief. He couldn't bear not to ask, "Did you kill her for me?"

    Sun Kui said angrily, "These twenty years, I already had enough of her temper, nearly had gone insane. If I don't kill her, I'd probably die in half a year."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Yet this is what you wanted, right? Don't forget, twenty years ago..."

    Sun Kui said, "You really think I was the one who seduced her?"

    "You didn't?"

    "When I met her, I had no idea she's Yang Da Hu's wife. That's why I would..."

    He sighed twice, then continued, "Who would've thought that she forced me to take her. By that time, Yang Da Hu has already sent 20 kung fu experts there. I had to go."

    Li Xun Huan said, "At least she loves you, or why else would she do this?"

    "Love me? Hei hei."

    He then bit his teeth while laughing. "Its only afterwards that I knew that I'm simply being used. It seems that when her husband left home for business, she found a little white face, and they had a child. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to explain to her husband, so she took some money an they ran away.

    Li Xun Huan said, "Really? It seems that there are so much more to this story."

    Sun Kui said, "Who would've thought that that little white face stole the jewelry she took from home and left? She didn't get the man nor the money, but thankfully met me."

    "If you knew about all this, then why don't you explain?"

    Sun Kui laughed. "I only found out after she accidently said it when drunk. By that time, everything's already too late. I couldn't explain even if I wanted to."

    "Then what about the child?"

    Sun Kui would not say a word.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "Since you knew this, you should've killed her. Why wait?"

    Sun Kui still would not say a word.

    Li Xun Huan said, "I'm about to die anyway, why don't you just tell me?"

    Sun Kui thought for a long time, then said, "There's one good thing about having a bar, and that's to be able to hear a lot of interesting things. Do you know what's the interesting thing these days?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "I don't have a bar."

    Sun Kui looked around, as if he's afraid someone will hear him, then said in a low voice, "Have you heard? From thirty years ago, without equal in the world, 'Plum Flower Bandit' has appeared again!"

    Li Xun Huan also could not help but be interested when the words 'Plum Flower Bandit' were said.

    Sun Kui said, "When Plum Flower Bandit dominated the martial world, you were still little. So maybe you don't know his power. But I can tell you, no one in the martial world knew who he is. Even the head of the Cang De sect, Number 1 sword in the world at that time, Wu Wen Tian died in his hands.

    "This person moves around frequently and mysteriously. Wu Wen Tian just sent out the message to kill him, and died the second day. Only..."

    When he got to this point, he stopped and looked around. As if he's afraid that Plum Flower Bandit would sneak up from behind.

    But there's no one. Even the snow falling on the roof can be heard. Only then did Sun Kui continued, "Only his chest suddenly added 50 holes in the shape of a plum flower. Each hole thin as a sewing needle hole. Everyone knows that this is the symbol of the Plum Flower Bandit. Yet no one knows what kind of hidden weapon he used. Because no one who fought him are still alive. The only thing people know is that he's a man."


    Sun Kui said, "Because not only does he like treasures, he's also a rapist. Everyone, good or evil, in the martial world hates his guts, but can't do anything about it. Every time some says to take care of him, that person would die in three days. Carrying that symbol on their chest"

    Li Xun Huan asked, "So everyone who died in his hands had that symbol on their chest?"

    "Yes, the front chest is suppose to be the best defensive spot of a person's body, yet that Plum Flower Bandit always attack there without exception. As if he didn't, no one would know his power."

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "That's why you think that by wearing this vest, you can handle Plum Flower Bandit. And by capturing him, you can be famous again. Everyone would be in your gratitude. No one would still care about your past."

    Sun Kui's eyes flickered, saying, "Everyone knows that if you can avoid his first move to the chest, you can win the fight."

    His face full of joy, then continued, "Because his first move has NEVER failed, so he does not need to worry about any follow-up moves. Making himself very vulnerable."

    Li Xun Huan said, "This sounds very logical."

    Sun Kui laughed heartily. "If it makes no sense, then people would not be vying so hard for this vest."

    Li Xun Huan said, "But you've been here living this quiet life for twenty years now. Why bother going back to the martial world?"

    End of Chapter 3

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    Chapter 4: Beauty Touches a Person's Soul

    Sun Kui said, "What do you know? If I can kill Plum Flower Bandit, not only do I get fame, but also many other great things."

    "What things?"

    Sun Kui said, "After Plum Flower Bandit left thirty years ago, everyone thought he’s gone forever. Who would've believed that he would come back? In 8 months, he did another eighty-some cases, even raped the Head of Hua Shan sect's daughter."

    Li Xun Huan said, "This person should be around seventy now. I didn't expect him to be still so interested in girls."

    Sun Kui said, "After he re-appeared, everyone who has anything of value, any girl of beauty, became restless. That's why more than ninety households have announced, whoever can kill the Plum Flower Bandit would receive part of all their ownings. One can imagine such a sum of money."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Which means this is no longer a secret."

    Sun Kui nodded. "In addition, the most beautiful woman in the martial world said she would marry whoever disposes of the Plum Flower Bandit."

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "Money and woman certainly moves people's heart. No wonder you would give up your life to get into this mess. Even killing your own wife. Looks like its my turn to die now."

    Sun Kui said, "Speaking from my heart, I feel that you should not die. But I have to kill you."

    Li Xun Huan suddenly laughed. “Speaking from your heart, do you really think you can kill me?”

    Sun Kui had already made his move, but he suddenly stopped upon hearing this. Staring at Li Xun Huan, then let out a flicker of a smile, saying, “For a person like you to live til today, it seems that you do not die easily. But now...”

    Suddenly a sound came from the outside.

    A person started to laugh. “Speaking from your heart, does he look like he’s been poisoned?

    Sun Kui was shocked. He did not realize when a person in green clothes suddenly appeared in the front door. This person’s face looks pale and bland, as if he’s perhaps wearing a mask, or maybe not.

    He put his hand behind his back, then walked in, saying, “If a person wants to put poison in an alcoholic’s wine, then that person must be able to do some really stupid things, do you think?”

    This last sentence is aimed at Li Xun Huan. Li Xun Huan suddenly realized that this person’s eyes are very alluring, completely different from his face.

    It’s like putting two pearls on a dead pig.

    Li Xun Huan looked at this pair of eyes, then smiled. “Cheating while betting money with a gambler, Putting poison in the wine of an alcoholic, saying that another woman is pretty in front of your own wife- No matter who does any one of the three will live to regret it.”

    The man in green said coldly, “Looks like when these people regret their decision, it’s too late.”

    Sun Kui stared at them, then checked the wine bottle in a hurry.

    Li Xun Huan smiled, “Don’t bother. The poison’s in there.”

    “Then you...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Whether there’s poison in that wine, others might not know. But for a alcoholic like myself, the smell would give away the posion.

    He continued, “This is also the good thing about drinking so much. Those who don’t drink would never know.”

    “But I saw you drinking the wine!”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I did drink it, but threw it all back out when I coughed.”

    Sun Kui’s body shook, the wine bottle in his hand dropped to the ground.

    The man in green said, “Looks like he already regret his decision, but it’s too late.”

    Sun Kui yelled, then quickly attacked the man in green three times with his fists.

    These twenty years, his kung fu not only did not get worse, it got better. This fist has both incredible power and speed.

    Anyone can see that this fist can easily break someone’s skull.

    It seems that the man in green not only did not have the time to defend, he doesn’t even have the time dodge the punch.

    Who would’ve thought that he neither blocked nor dodged, but simply moved his hand.

    He obviously moved after Sun Kui, yet for some reason, while Sun Kui’s fist did not reach his shirt, this person’s palm already hit Sun Kui’s face.

    It seems as if this palm was very light, yet Sun Kui started to scream in pain, rolling on the floor.

    By the time he got up again, half his face looks horrible, there’s purple in red, transparent in purple. Even one of his eye got knocked to the side.

    The man in green said, “Speaking from the heart, I feel that you should not die. I didn’t intend on killing you, but my hands...”

    Sun Kui’s half-face that did not get hit looks unusually normal. Yet the part where he got hit looks like dead meat. This picture is not pretty at all.

    His remaining eye is filled with shock, looking at the man in green’s hand. “Your hand... your hand...”

    The man in green has a pair of green iron gloves. Looks very ugly.

    Sun Kui’s face shows that he has gave up hope. His voice weak, saying, “What did I do to deserve this? Why did I meet the Green Devil Hand. Li...Li Tan Hua. You’re a good person. I beg of you to kill me now.”

    LI Xun Huan just sat there without moving, looking that the man in green’s hands. Then he kicked the broken spear to Sun Kui.

    Sun Kui picked up the spear, saying, “Thank you. Thank you. I will never forget your gratitude even in death.”

    He then used all his force to plunge the spear into his throat, black blood pouring out as he died.

    Li Xun Huan looked up. “There are 7 major poisons in the martial world. The most poisonous is the Green Devil Hand. Looks like they’re not kidding.”

    The man in green also looked at his hand, saying, “Everyone else say that people who get hit by this hand would rather die than to endure the pain. Looks like they didn’t exaggerate.”

    Li Xun Huan’s eyes moved to his face, saying, “But you’re not the ‘Green Devil’ Yi Ku.”

    The man in green said, “How do you know that? Do you know him?”


    The man in green almost laughed. “I didn’t want to pretend to be him. I’m simply his...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Yi Ku doesn’t have a disciple.”

    The man in green said, “Who said I’m his disciple? He’s not even worthy to be MY disciple.”


    “You think I’m kidding?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I’m not interested in your past.”

    The man in green’s eyes suddenly glowed, starring at Li Xun Huan. “What are you interested in then? Golden Thread Vest?”

    Li Xun Huan did not respond. He just played with the little dagger in his hand.

    The man in green also looked at this dagger, saying, “Everyone claims that your dagger never misses once thrown, are they exaggerating?”

    Li Xun Huan replied, “A lot of people used to doubt this statement.”

    “What about now?”

    Li Xun Huan’s face seems to exhibit a hint of pride, saying, “Now those people are dead.”

    The man in green thought for a second, then burst out laughing.

    His laugh is so strange, as if its forced. Although he laughs loudly, his expression remains the same. “To tell the truth, I really want to try it too.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I don’t think you want to try.”

    The man in green stopped laughing. Saying, “The vest is on that dead person, right?


    The man in green said, “So if I were to move that dead person, then...”

    Li Xun Huan cut him off. “Then I’m afraid you would become a dead person too!”

    The man in green laughed. “I’m not afraid of you. But I don’t have a habit of wanting to gamble. Nor do I like danger.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “These are good habits.”

    The man in green said, “But I have a way to make you hand over this vest.”


    The man in green said, “You should realize, this ‘Green Devil Hand’ is made with rare metals, mixed with hundreds of poisons, then used seven years to forge. Can be said to be the most dominating weapon in the martial world.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Bai Xiao Sheng’s weapons list rank Green Devil Hand number nine. I can see why its so valuable.”

    The man in green said, “So if I give you this glove, would you give me the vest?”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a second. Then said, “My dagger is made by a regular blacksmith using 6 hours. Yet on Bai Xiao Sheng’s weapons list, it’s ranked number three!”

    The man in green sighed. “You’re trying to say that weapons aren’t important. What’s important is the person holding the weapon, right?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You’re very smart.”

    The man in green said, “So you won’t make the exchange.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If I wanted it, it would not be in your hands right now!”

    The man in green thought a bit more, then took out a box. When he opened the box, a shiny short sword appeared.

    The man in green said, “Precious sword is befitting of a hero. This ‘Fish Intestine Sword’[Don’t ask me why this nickname is suppose to be good] has no equal in the world. It should be good enough for you, right?”

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Are you ‘Hidden Sword Palace’ Hidden Dragon Elder’s disciple?


    “Then where did this sword come from?”

    The man in green said, “That old geezer’s dead. His son You Long Sheng gave it to me.”
    Li Xun Huan said, “This sword is amazingly precious. ‘Hidden Sword Palace’ is only so famous only because of this sword. When the sword was stolen years ago, they spent an incredible amount of effort getting it back. How could You Long Sheng possibly give this away?”

    The man in green said, “Forget the sword, even if I ask for his head, he’d bring it to me on a silver platter. Do you believe me?”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a while, then said, “This sword’s value is way above that vest. Why make the trade?”

    The man in green said, “I have a strange habit. The harder an item is for me to get, the more I want it.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You know, I also have this habit.”

    The man in green said, “So will you make the trade?”


    The man in green said, “Why do you want the vest so much?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “That’s none of your business.”

    The man in green chuckled, “I heard that Little Li Tan Hua neither cared for fame nor fortune. Ten years ago he gave up fame, all his valuables, and retired. I never thought that this type of person would be this interested in this vest.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “My reasons are probably similar to yours.”

    The man in green looked at him, “You mean you want the most beautiful woman in the world?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “Maybe.”

    The man in green also smiled, saying, “I have long heard that you have never rejected beautiful woman nor great wine.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Unfortunately, you are not an incredible beauty.”

    The man in green smiled. “How do you know I’m not?”

    ‘His’ laughter suddenly changed. Changed to a very sexy laugh.

    During his laugh, he took off his gloves, revealing his hands.

    Li Xun Huan has never seen a pair of hands so beautiful.

    He’s been with countless beauties in his life. Even before he held a dagger and a wine cup, he’s already held many beauty’s hands.

    However, all of those hands have at least some problems. Even the woman of his dreams, the woman he could never ever forget, also has flaws on her hand.

    Yet the hands that appear before him are perfect in every way.

    The man in green asked, “Do you think my hands are prettier than the Green Devil Hand?”

    Her voice suddenly became that mesmerizing.

    Li Xun Huan sighed, saying, “Even if you use this pair of hands to kill people, they would gladly die in your hands. Why bother with the Green Devil Hand?”

    The man in green smiled so beautifully, saying, “Does my offer look more attractive now?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Still not good enough.”

    The man in green chuckled, saying, “Men are always so greedy, especially powerful men. The more powerful they are, the greedier they get.”

    Her body twisted slightly, and her outer clothing fell off.

    Li Xun Huan poured a cup of the non-poisonous wine, then said, “One needs wine for watching beauty.”

    The man in green asked, “You don’t think its enough, do you?”

    Li Xun Huan answered, “Man tend to be quite greedy.”

    Her body is that amazing. Making any man feel that he’s not worthy of this body.

    She smiled as she took off her shoes.

    Her feet are that pretty, making people’s hearts pound. If someone says that many men would be willing to die from stomping by these feet, no one would doubt him.

    Then, she showed her long legs.

    At this moment, Li Xun Huan almost stopped breathing.

    The person in green said, “Is this enough yet?”

    Li Xun Huan said while drinking, “If I say it’s enough now, then I must be an idiot.”

    She then proceeded to take off the rest of her clothes.

    No one would feel that such a beauty could exist. Yet this beauty is now willing to show Li Xun Huan everything.

    The only thing left is her mask.

    She looked at Li Xun Huan, saying, “Now should be enough, right?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Not yet. Just a bit more.”

    She said, “You should know when to be satisfied.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Those easily satisfied usually miss out on a lot of good things.”

    She asks, “Why must you see my face? Why not leave some things to the imagination? That might be more interesting.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Because I know that many women with great bodies have an ugly face.”

    “Do you think I look ugly?”


    She sighed, “Looks like you’ll never give up, but I still feel you still should not see my face.”


    She said, “After I exchange the Golden Thread Vest with you, I’ll leave immediately. You’ll never see me again. I give you your most satisfying moment in your life, so this is a fair trade. Its best that we never see each other again.”

    “That sounds logical.”

    “But once you see my face, you’re never forget me. And I might not be nice to you again. Then you can only dream of me, frustrating yourself.”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, “You’re pretty sure of yourself.”

    She said, “Why shouldn’t I be so sure of myself?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Maybe I don’t want to make the deal.”

    “You don’t?”

    She finally raised her hand and took off the mask.

    “Now do want to make the deal?”

    Her face is just perfect. In addition to that body, absolutely no man on Earth can possibly resist her.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “No wonder Yi Ku would willingly give you the Green Devil Hand, that Yu Long Sheng would give you his family treasure. Now I believe you.”

    This incredible beauty simply kept smiling, but did not speak.

    Because she feels that she no longer needs to speak.

    Her eyes can talk, her smile can talk, her hand, chest, legs, all can talk.

    She knows that this is enough. If a man still doesn’t know her feelings, that person must be retarded.

    So she just waited.

    Yet Li Xun Huan still did not get up. Instead he just poured another cup of wine, saying, “Thanks. My eyes haven’t been this satisfied for quite a long time now.”

    She bit her lips, saying, “I never thought a man like you needs wine to bring out courage.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Because I know that beautiful woman are not easy to satisfy.”

    She then immediately threw herself into the arms of Li Xun Huan.

    The wine cup fell to the ground, breaking apart.

    One of his hand began to feel her back, yet the other is still holding that dagger, that small yet sharp dagger.

    The young woman said in a soothing manner, “When a man is doing something like this, he should not be holding a knife.”

    Li Xun Huan’s voice is also soothing. “When a man has a weapon, you should not be in his arms.”

    That young woman laughed, “You mean you could possibly bring yourself to kill me?”

    Li Xun Huan also laughed, “A young girl should never be so arrogant, nor should she take off all her clothes to seduce a man. She should instead wear her clothes tightly, waiting for the man to seduce her. Otherwise, the man would not feel satisfied.

    His hand now raised his dagger, its tip on her throat now, a bit of blood came out, falling on her pure white chest, like a plum flower in a middle of a snowfield.

    She’s fully shocked now, her soft body suddenly hard.

    Li Xun Huan laughs, “Are you still that sure of yourself now? Do you still think I can’t possibly kill you now?”

    The dagger’s tip continues to be on her neck.

    Her lips shaking, unable to speak.

    Li Xun Huan sighed, saying, “I hope you understand some things. One, men do not like to be passive. Two, you’re not as pretty as you think.”

    The young woman bit her lips tightly, saying, “I give up. I beg of you to please remove your dagger now.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I want to ask you one more thing.”

    “Go ahead.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Many man would give anything you want. That’s why you can’t possibly be interested in treasures. So why are you so intent on having this vest?”

    The young woman said, “I told you earlier, the harder to get, the more I want it.”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a moment, then said, “Even if I don’t take the dagger off your neck, do you think you can move your neck away from my dagger?”

    That young woman immediately left his arms, like a cat suddenly hurt.

    After a while, she smiled again, “I knew all along that you couldn’t bring yourself to kill me.”

    “Really? Why?”

    He’s still holding the dagger, saying, “If you don’t leave by the time I finish this sentence, I’ll kill you, do you believe me?”

    The young woman stopped talking.

    She picked up her cloths and dashed out.

    Only to hear her scream in a loathing manner, “Li Xun Huan, you’re not a man, you’re not even a human being! You’re useless, no wonder your fiancee ran away with your best friend. Now I know why!”

    Snow filled the land. Under the snowy light, the outside is beautiful. Yet this kitchen remains like a tomb, making people wish to leave immediately.

    Yet Li Xun Huan still sat there quietly, very still.

    His eyes filled with anguish and misery. That young woman’s words, are like needles, stabbing deeply into his heart.

    My fiancee.. My best friend...

    End of Chapter 4

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    Chapter 5: Chase on a Snowy Night

    Li Xun Huan picked up the wine bottle, finishing the rest of the wine, then just kept coughing and coughing, pale white face showing a blood-red color. His hand holding his chest, talking to himself, “Xiao Yun, ShiYin. I would never blame you two. No matter what others say, I still do not blame you, because you did nothing wrong, all the mistakes were made by myself alone.”

    Suddenly, the wooden door slammed open.

    A person crawled into the room, he’s like a meatball, full of fat on his body. His hair and mustache look horrible, as if he hasn’t bathed in years. One can smell his stink from miles away.

    He crawled into the room, because his legs are broken.

    Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows, saying, “If you’re here to beg for food, you’ve come at a bad time.”

    This person didn’t hear him. The person might be handicapped, but his movement is still very fast, one quick roll and he arrived in front of the fireplace.

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Are you also here for the Golden Thread Vest?”

    This person’s hand gave a push, and he arrived at the corpse. Of course, the vest is on this corpse.

    Li Xun Huan said coldly, “The dagger in my hand is quite capable of killing. If you do not stop, I’m afraid there will be an extra corpse in this room.”

    This person still did not listen, proceeded to take off the Golden Thread Vest. It only looks like a gold-colored vest, without any mysteriousness to it.

    Only to see this person holding the vest tightly, laughing out loud. “When snipe and oyster fight, the fisherman gets the award*. I can’t believe this treasure is in my hands now.”

    *[The above saying means that when two powerful parties fight each other over something, it’s the third party that wins by coming in after the first two parties are both deeply wounded from fighting each other. Or something like that...]

    Li Xun Huan said coldly, “My dagger is still here. I’m afraid your words might’ve spoken too soon.”

    This person again bounced with his hands like a toad towards Li Xun Huan, smiling as he looked at Li Xun Huan. His teeth all yellow.

    He chuckled as he spoke, “Since you have the dagger, why don’t you kill me? Little Li’s Flying Dagger never misses. If you simply use your dagger, there’s no way I, a handicap, can possibly dodge it.”

    Li Xun Huan also smiled, saying, “I think you’re interesting, so I can’t bring myself to kill you.”

    This strange person laughed a few times, then said, “If you don’t want to say the truth, I’ll say it for you.”

    He then continued while laughing, “Everyone else might think you weren’t poisoned, but I know you were. Except you’re very calm, so you were able to fool everyone else.”

    Li Xun Huan still did not change his expression. “Really?”

    This strange person said, “But you can’t possibly fool me, because I know that the poison in the wine has no color nor taste. Even if your nose can smell better than a dog’s, you still can’t smell the poison.”

    Li Xun Huan looked at him for a long time, then showed a faint smile. “Are you really this clear on the whole matter?”

    This strange person chuckled again. “Of course I’m sure, because I put the poison into the wine. I can obviously tell whether you’ve been poisoned or not. You can fool everyone else, but not me.”

    Li Xun Huan’s expression still did not change. But the muscles around his eyes are already starting to move, after a long time, he let out a sigh, saying, “It’s been less than a day, yet I already met six seven big events. Looks like my luck is pretty good.”

    This strange person said, “You mean you don’t want to know whose hands you’ll die under?”

    Li Xun Huan answered, “I was just about to ask.”

    This strange man said, “You’re so knowledgeable, so you should know that there are 7 most devious people in the martial world.”

    Li Xun Huan shockingly said, “Seven Ingenious People”

    This strange person said, “Correct. These seven people really are treacherous to the extreme. Their kung fu might not be top notch, but when it comes to poison, stealing, scheming and lying, their skills have no equal.”

    Li Xun Huan lit up his eyes. “So are you one of the Seven Ingenious People?

    This strange person said, “The most devious of the Seven Ingenious People is...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Flower Bee Ingenious Gentleman.”

    This strange person said, “Almost right. His full name is the ‘Black Heart Ingenious Gentleman’. This person’s abilities are quite limited. He’s a coward, even afraid to do much stealing and womanizing. Yet when it comes to poisons, even that famous 5-Poison Kid has to call him Grandfather sometimes.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You sure know a lot about this person.”

    That strange person answered, “Of course. Because he is me, and I am him.”

    Li Xun Huan sighed, shutting up.

    Flower Bee[I swear to God this name doesn’t sound this stupid in Chinese] laughed, “Are you so surprised that an Ingenious Gentleman is a chubby meatball?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If you are capable on seducing woman, then those woman must be blind.”

    Flower Bee said, “You’re wrong again. Not only are they not blind, their eyes are also very pretty. Except if a person has been locked up, with his feet broken, with only fatty food everyday for years, then they have to become meatballs.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I take it this is the work of Sun Kui couple.”

    Flower Bee thought for a while, then smiled. “Sun Kui told you a story earlier. I’ll tell you another story. Except mine is a lot more interesting.”


    Flower Bee continued, “That year I had some really bad luck. I was so into woman at the time that I seduced Big Beard’s wife [Ms. Qiang Wei from the previous chapter], and even had a child. So she had to run away with me.”

    Li Xun Huan’s shocked. “So the person he said was you? He’s the one who paid for your mistake?”

    Flower Bee said, “He lied a little bit. I did not steal her treasures. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. She’s too cunning for me to do so. However, we really were being chased by Big Beard. I’ve always been a coward, so I persuaded her to find someone to take my place for a moment. She hesitated at first, saying Sun Kui’s face isn’t white enough. But later agreed.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “So you two planed the whole thing.”

    Flower Bee continued, “If I had really left her then, everything would’ve been ok. But I really couldn’t give up her treasures, so I said that once everything’s calm again, we’d kill him and get back together. Who would’ve thought that she fell in love with him. And they end up breaking my feet, then jailed me like this for almost twenty years.”

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Why didn’t she kill you?”

    Flower Bee said, “If I knew how a woman thinks, then I wouldn’t be in this state. You know, I used to think I knew women’s hearts. That’s why I ended up like this. If a man thinks he understands women, then he should accept whatever problems that might cause him.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “This is indeed a great story.”

    “But you haven’t heard the most interesting thing yet.”

    “What would that be?”

    Flower Bee said, “After you’ve been poisoned, not only can you not use your flying dagger, you can’t even live for more than six hours. That’s why I won’t kill you now, since I want you to know how it feels to wait for your death.”

    Li Xun Huan calmly said, “This really isn’t necessary. I’ve waited for my death many times.”

    Flower Bee laughed, “But I can promise this is the last time.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed a bit too. “If that’s the case, then I have nothing more to say. Except there’s much wind and snow outside, so how are you going to travel?”

    Flower Bee said, “You don’t have to worry about this. My legs might be broken, but I can still ride a horse.”

    “In that case, travel safely. I’m sorry I can’t see you out the door.”

    But by that time, the sound of the horse steps is starting to disappear.”

    Li Xun Huan sat there and smelled the wine. “It really does have no smell and no taste. His poison skills really are quite good.”

    He drank another cup, then closed his eyes. “But this wine really is good. I’ll die from one cup. I’ll also die from one bottle. Why not drink the whole thing?”

    So he drank the whole bottle of poisonous wine.

    He then started to speak to himself. “Oh, Li Xun Huan. You should’ve been dead a long time ago. What’s wrong with dying? But you really should not die in a kitchen, with these corpses.”

    So he got up, and wobbly made his way towards the door.

    The footprints on the snow crossed each other, heading southeast.

    Li Xun Huan picked the cleanest part of the field, sat down, then took out that unfinished human figure.

    The figure just stared at Li Xun Huan.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly laughed, saying, “Why do you still look at me? I’m just a hopeless loafer, drunk. You did the right thing by marrying Xiao Yun. Only I’m wrong.”

    He tried to use his dagger to finish the figure.

    But he doesn’t have the energy anymore.

    Li Xun Huan kept coughing and coughing. Each cough seems to yell

    “Shi Yin, Shi Yin.”

    Can Shi Yin hear him?

    There’s no chance for Shi Yin to hear him. However, someone else heard him.

    The driver carried Li Xun Huan on his back, furiously running through the woods.

    “If we can find a broken-foot man who look like a meatball in 2 hours, I might have a chance to live. Because the person who applied the poison must also have the antidote.”

    This is the last sentence Li Xun Huan has the energy to say.

    The driver used every ounce of his energy, his tears became ice, welcoming the dagger-like wind.

    Suddenly, a sound came from afar.

    The driver hesitated, then started to run towards the sound. He first found a horse by the road. He did not see Flower Bee. Because he only saw Flower Bee’s corpse.

    On his body were countless hidden weapons of all sorts. The driver could not help but feel bad for him. But then he remembered the matter at hand.

    He quickly asked, “Is this the person?” He’s still hoping against hope that this corpse is not the person Li Xuan Huan needs to see.

    Li Xun Huan replied, “Correct.”

    The driver bit his teeth, took off his coat and put by a tree. Then he sat Li Xun Huan down. “The antidote maybe on him. Let me check.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Be careful. Don’t get scraped by the hidden weapons.”

    Even when his own life is in jeopardy, he still thinks of others first.

    The driver felt hot blood rising from his stomach, then forced himself to hold down the tears, trying his best to look for the antidote on the body.

    After a long time, he finally stood up again.

    Li Xun Huan said, “No antidote.”

    By this time, the driver is tongue-tied, unable to speak.

    Li Xun Huan smiled, saying, “Actually, I should’ve known that after all these years of imprisonment, he can’t possibly have any antidote on him.”
    The driver tightened his fist. Then started to hit his own head, saying, “If only I knew who killed him... Maybe that person took the antidote.”

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes, his face very heavy, “Maybe... maybe not.”

    The driver said, “Unfortunately, these hidden weapons are very common. Many people can use them.’


    The driver added, “He has so many hidden weapons on him, meaning that more than one person is involved.”


    His breathing slowed, as if he’s asleep. He worries so much for others’ safety, yet care so little for his own life.

    The driver continues to hit his hand, suddenly jumped up. “Yes! I know who killed him!”


    The driver ran to Li Xun Huan’s side. “Only person killed him. One person fired all thirteen types of hidden weapons.”


    The driver continued, “There are thirteen types of hidden weapons on him. Any single one could’ve taken his life. For a person to be this vicious and mad, you can’t find a second person on this Earth.”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “You’re right. There’s only one. Thousand Hand Luo Cha [Sorry I can’t find a way to translate ‘lou cha’. The person’s not important anyway]. Looks like Flower Bee still died in the hands of a woman.”

    The driver added, “Other than her, no one else can fire thirteen different hidden weapons at the same time.”

    He suddenly stopped, then said. “You should’ve figured it all out a long time ago.”

    Li Xun Huan’s lips showed a hint of a bitter smile, saying, “What does it matter if I noticed or not? Thousand Hand Luo Cha travels mysteriously, she’s long gone by now. No reason to go after her.”

    The driver said, “But we must find her no matter what.”

    Li Xun Huan shook his head, saying. “Don’t bother. If you can just find me some wine, let me die drunk, and I’ll forever thank you. I’m so very, very tired. I really just want to rest peacefully.”

    The driver kneeled onto the ground, no longer able to hold his tears, “Young master, I know you’re tired. In all these years, you’ve never been happy, sadness and hardship, really does make tire a person easily.”

    He suddenly started to hold Li Xun Huan’s face, saying out loud, “But young master you cannot die, you must gather your energy. If you die with everyone thinking you’re really a loafer, a drunk, old master[Li Xun Huan’s dad] would not rest peacefully in the underworld.

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes tightly, tears already becoming ice.

    Yet he’s still smiling, saying, “Loafer, alcoholic, they’re not so bad. At least better than those fake gentleman, right?”

    The driver’s face is still full of tears, saying, “But... but young master you should have the best reputation in the world. Your kindness no one can compare. Why do you torture yourself? Is it worth it for that Lin Shi Yin woman?”

    Light suddenly shot out of Li Xun Huan’s eyes, angrily said, “Quiet. You have the guts to say her her name?”

    The driver lowered his head again, saying, “I’m sorry.”

    Li Xun Huan stared at him for a while, then closed his eyes again. “Alright. If you want to find her, we’ll go look. The world is so big, and we have so little time. Where should we go?”

    The driver immediately stood up again. “The Heavens help those with bitter heart, we’ll certainly find her.”

    Just as he’s about to carry Li Xun Huan on his back, a snow fell from the tree, falling on him. When he tried to get it off, he found blood on it.

    There’s actually a person on the tree.

    A dead person. A dead woman.

    She was stuck on the trunk, her body already frozen. With a short sword stuck to her chest, nailing her to the tree.

    The two people only noticed the corpse on the ground, but did not see the corpse on the tree. The driver, like an eagle, went up to bring her back to the ground.

    Only to see her face covered with ice, so people cannot tell her age. But can tell that she was very pretty before death.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly laughed. “I guess Heaven really did sort of helped us find her.”

    The driver tightened his fists, saying harshly, “I heard that Thousand Hand Luo Cha is extremely vicious, yet after this person killed her, why did he take off her clothes?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Probably because her clothing are worth so much.”

    The driver’s eyes suddenly brightened. “You’re right. Rumor has it that she really cared about her clothing. Her clothes are made of gold, plus it’s full of expensive jewelry.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed bitterly. “If deer horns weren’t so valuable, and if deers didn’t have horns, then they wouldn’t be killed by hunters.”

    “Yet this person came for this priceless Golden Thread Vest, but still could not pass over a far less valuable clothing. There’s only one person this greedy.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You’re right. I also think there’s only one.”

    This driver hurriedly chimed in. “Hands in Casket, ‘Die for Money’.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Take out that sword.”

    This sword is quite intricate, plus it has some jade designs.

    Li Xun Huan added, “Yao Xian views money as life, so how could he possibly leave such a precious weapon here?”

    The driver thought a moment, then said, “There aren’t many such precious weapons in the world, could this be the work of Fan Xiao An?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Yes. They worked together.”

    The driver said, “One person views money as his life, the other views money as dirt, the two have totally different personalities. So how could they get together?”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. “Mr. Fan is famous for being extravagant at everything, clothing, food, living, traveling. Yao Xian following him can get endless benefits, why not?”

    The driver’s face suddenly lit up, saying proudly, “This is great. In this horrible weather, Fan Xiao An would not ride a horse, and definitely won’t walk. He must be in a carriage. If he’s in a carriage, then we can catch him.”

    There really are wheel marks outside on the road. They really are traveling by carriage.

    This type of carriage is quite comfortable, but not fast.

    The driver ran with all his might. Even with a person on the back, he still moves fluidly and quickly. No one would believe that a person with such great lightness kung fu would be servant. Plus, a person with such lightness kung fu must be quite famous.

    After a while, he suddenly found that the tracks ended. The lack of marks showed that no one had traveled through here for at least four to six hours.

    He then noticed a side road. He did not think much of this side road before, as it seems to lead to a grave of a very rich person.

    He followed this side road. It is indeed a dead end.

    The carriage is in front of the grave. The horses are gone. Three people with sheepskin coats lie on the ground. In the cart is a person wearing neat clothes, white-faced, looks about forty, yet still shaved cleanly.

    Just looking at his incredibly expensive ring showed that he must be Fan Xiao An.

    There are two women by his side, all died the same way, their fatal pressure point heavily sealed.

    Who did this?

    The driver said, “Could this be the work of Yao Xian?”

    Before he finished this sentence, another body appeared from the grave. His head bald, face facing the ground. Only his two hands are holding... like he was trying to hold something before death, but didn’t succeed.

    This is Yao Xian. However, he’ll never be able to take any more things from caskets.

    Li Xun Huan said, “It doesn’t matter if a person gambles or visit brothels, but he really should not make friends with the wrong people. Or they’d and up like Fan Xiao An, not even knowing who kill him before dying.”


    Li Xun Huan continued, “Other than Fan Xiao An, everyone else are astonished. They wouldn’t believe Yao Xian could possibly do this. Especially these two women, who might’ve even had some intricate relationship with Yao Xian before death. So they really could not believe this.”

    The driver suddenly said, “I heard that Yao Xian’s finger technique was number one in the Shan Xi province, used to be called ‘One Finger Chase Soul’. Looks like this really is his work. But...”

    Li Xun Huan then added. “Yao Xian’s probably been with Fan Xiao An for quite a while now. This time Fan Xiao An wants the Golden Thread Vest, Yao Xian wants to continue leech off of Fan Xiao An, so he went along with it. Who would’ve thought that the vest can be so alluring. Yao Xian stopped caring about friendship and killed them.”

    “But he’s dead too.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. “Maybe when he’s killing, someone nosy was watching from this grave. Yao Xian saw him and wants to kill him to close his mouth. Who would’ve figured that he couldn’t close that person’s mouth, but instead got killed.”

    “But Yao Xian’s kung fu is quite good, who can possibly kill him?”

    He moved closer to the grave, then found that there’s no wound on the body. Only his throat has added a hole.

    Li Xun Huan’s still on the driver’s shoulder. Two people looked for a moment, then both sighed, yet the corner of their mouth showed hint of a smile. Both said together, “Looks like its him.”

    The driver laughed, “Master Fei’s sword is faster than flying, no wonder Yao Xian couldn’t defend himself.”

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes, smiling. “Very good. Very good. The vest has finally found a proper owner with him. Now the Plum Flower Bandit should be caught.”

    The driver then said, “Let’s look for Master Fei. He couldn’t possibly be gone long.”

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Why bother?”

    “To find the antidote.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If Flower Bee really had the antidote, and has been taken away, then Yao Xian must still have it. Ah Fei would never take another person’s item. He took away the Golden Thread Vest, but only because he thinks the vest belongs to me.”

    The driver looked at all the jewelry on Fan Xiao An and those two women, then sighed. “You’re right. Even if ground is filled with gold, Master Fei would still not pick them up.”

    “That’s why if Yao Xian doesn’t have it, then its useless to look for Ah Fei.”

    So the driver picked up the body. This is really his last chance.

    He then noticed words on the wall.

    “I helped you get revenge,

    I rode your horse.”

    Li Xun Huan burst out laughing. “I originally figured it was him. Now I’m certain. Only Ah Fei would not even let a dead person owe him.”

    He continued with a bright smile. “This child really is lovely. Unfortunately I...”

    He did not finish the sentence, yet the driver know what he wanted to say, looks like the antidote is not here either.

    It’s unfortunate that he’ll never see this lovely kid ever again.

    The driver no longer has any more energy left. He’s almost about to fall.

    Li Xun Huan is still smiling, though. “You don’t have to worry about me. Death is not as bad as you think. Now that I have no energy, I feel rather peaceful, just wanting to have some wine.”

    End of Chapter 5

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    Chapter 6: Savior at Drunken Homeland

    The driver suddenly jumped up, took off his shirt, then welcomed the snow and wind with his bare chest.

    Like a horse he started to pull the carriage.

    Li Xun Huan did not stop him, because he knows that the driver needs a place to vent his frustrations. But as the carriage door closed, Li Xun Huan still could not help but shed a tear.

    After an hour, they arrived at Cow village [the same village Guo Jing/Yang Kang’s parents lived at <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Ok, not really, but...].

    Cow village is a very tight little town. It’s not dark yet, but the snow has stopped. Every household is trying to shove away the snow in their front yard.

    But when they saw the driver pulling the carriage running into town, they were astonished. Some even got scared and ran back to their homes.

    Of course there’s a wine store in this town.

    The people here have never seen anyone with such strength. So as the driver walked up to the wine store, most of the customers got scared andleft.

    The driver put three chairs together. Then put a clean cloth on the chairs. Then carried Li Xun Huan into the store, so he can sit comfortably.

    Li Xun Huan looks as if he has no blood left on his face. So everyone can see that he is seriously ill. The store has opened for twenty years, yet has never seen a person about to die to come drink wine. Everyone just stared at him.

    The driver hit the table hard, yelling loudly, “Get me some wine. Your very best! If you watered it down just a little bit, I’ll take your heads.”

    Li Xun Huan looked at him, then smiled. “You know, for the past twenty years, only today did you show the character of ‘Iron Armor Golden Steel’.”

    The driver’s body flinched, as if he was shocked by this title. Yet he still managed to laugh loudly. “I can’t believe young master you still remember this name. I already forgot.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You... you should break your resolution and have a drink today.”

    The driver said, “Alright! Today however much young master drink, I’ll match.”

    Li Xun Huan also laughed along loudly. “The fact thatI can make you drink again means that I didn’t live this life in vain.”

    Others, seeing at them laugh so happily, couldn’t help but look their way. No one can figure out how a near-death person can be so happy.

    The wine isn’t the best, but at least its not watered down.

    The driver said, “Young master, allow me to be so bold, I wish to propose a toast to you.”

    Li Xun Huan was about to drink to it, but he couldn’t hold his cup firmly, wine spilled out. As he coughs, he also tried to get the wine off his shirt, yet still laughing, “I’ve never spilled wine before, but today...”

    He laughed again, “This shirt has been with me for so many years, I really should reward it with some wine. Come, brother shirt, thank you for providing me with warmth all these years, I give you a toast.”

    He then poured the rest of the wine on his own shirt.

    The manager and the workers looked at him, saying to themselves, “This person’s not only ill, he’s also crazy.”

    The two kept on drinking and drinking, with Li Xun Huan must use both hands to hold the cup firmly.

    The driver then hit the table again. “Life is so unfair. If only I would never awaken from being drunk. Unfortunately, unfortunately...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “you should be happy today. What’s all this ‘unfair’, ‘never awaken’ stuff? One should just live life the fullest [Excuse me for not really translating this proverb. I don’t even understand it fully myself.]”

    The driver laughed once more. “You’re Right, Right!” Then his face hit the table with a thud.

    Li Xun Huan’s face is filled with gratitude, saying to himself, “These twenty years, if it weren’t for you, I... I probably would not have survived. Although I know your reasons, but doing this really is beneath you. Hopefully you can reclaim your status and fame of old. If so, although I...”

    The driver suddenly jumped up again, saying, “Young master you should not say such unpleasant words, ruining the mood.”

    They suddenly laugh and suddenly cry, both cry and laugh.

    The manager and the workers looked at each other. “Looks like they’re both crazy.”

    At this instant, they heard person rushing in, “Wine. Wine. Get me some wine quickly.”

    From his look, it seems that he’d die if not drink immediately.

    The manager said to himself, “Looks like another crazy person.”

    Only to see this person wear a blue shirt that’s been washed to the point its now white. His nails filled with dirt. Although wearing a scholarly hat, his hair is all messed up. His face looks both yellow and thin. A look of a poor scholar.

    The worker brought a bottle of wine.

    Who’d have thought that this poor scholar would not use a cup, instead holding the bottle and already drank over half of it, but then blew it back out again, yelling, “You call this wine? This is vinegar, plus it’s watered down vinegar...”

    That worker said, “Its not that we don’t have good wine, but...”

    That poor scholar said, “You think I don’t have money? Here, take this.”

    He just waved his hand, and gave 50 teals of silver.

    Every customer and worker are incredibly shocked. So this time they brought out the best wine.

    Again, the poor scholar did not bother with cups, and drank the whole bottle in one gulp. Then just sat there without moving. Everyone else figured he must’ve drank too fast and something happened. But Li Xun Huan knows that he’s just savoring the taste.

    After a while, he finally let out a breath. His eyes and face bright now. “Although the wine sucks, at a place like this, I guess I can’t expect anything better.”

    The manager laughed along, saying, “I’ve been saving that bottle for over ten years now.”

    The scholar suddenly hit the table, saying, “No wonder the taste is not thick [I’ve always thought wine tastes thicker as it ages, or does it not? I’m confused], give me some newer wine, only fermented three levels, then bring some food to go with the wine.”

    “What kind of food do you want?”

    “I know that in a crappy place like this, you can’t bring out anything good. Just get me a Wind Chicken and spicy fried crow intestine [yuck!], make sure the intestine’s very spicy and there’s no feather on the chicken.”

    This person looks really poor, yet he really knows how to eat and drink. Li Xun Huan couldn’t help but find him really interesting. Under normal circumstances, he would at least ask this person to drink with him. But now, he might fall at any time. So he doesn’t want to meet any more people.

    That person just kept drinking alone, drinking very fast.

    It seems that other than wine, nothing else matters to him.

    At this time, the sound of horses came, and stopped in front of the store. This person’s face suddenly changed a bit.

    He got up ready to leave. Then looked at the wine on the table, then sat down again. Drinking three more cups while savoring the intestines.

    Only to hear someone say, “What a drunkard, where do you think you’re going?”

    Another person said, “I told you we can find him in a wine store.”

    At this time, five six people came in, surrounding the poor scholar. They all look like they have pretty good kung fu.

    A tall, thin man with a horse whip pointed at the poor scholar’s nose saying, “You took our gold, yet you won’t cure illness for us, escaped to here to drink, what the hell’s going on?”

    The poor scholar smile, “So you don’t understand what’s going on? It’s just that I needed a drink. You should know that when Mr. Mei Er* needs a drink, he doesn’t even care if the sky falls, much less someone’s illness.”

    *[The word ‘Er’ here is the number 2. So Mr. Mei Er means his last name is ‘Mei’, and he’s the second child in the family.]

    A dot-faced guy said, “Big brother Zhao, did you here? We already know this drunkard is a horrible person. Once the money’s on his hand, he no longer cares about others.”

    The first man said, “Who doesn’t know this drunkard’s personality? But he must cure the fourth brother’s illness. We needed to find a doctor, so what else could we have done?”

    Li Xun Huan originally figured these people came for revenge, now after hearing their conversation, knows that this Mei Er is a doctor who just takes money but doesn’t cure patients.

    While these people kept yelling, he still kept sitting very still. Simply kept drinking.

    Zhao threw out his whip, hitting the wine bottles and cups, yelling, “Stop procrastinating, since we found you, you better come with us to help the patient. If the fourth brother gets well again, I’m guarantee you’ll have plenty of wine to drink”
    That Mr. Mei Er just looked at the broken wine cups, took a deep sigh, then said, “Since you know about my temper, you should know that I won’t treat three types of people.”

    “Which three?”

    “Number one, I don’t treat those who don’t pay up front. If they pay a penny less, I won’t cure them.”

    One of the man said, “We gave you plenty of money!”

    Mr. Mei Er continued, “Number two, I don’t treat those who are rude to me. Number three, I most certainly don’t treat thugs, thieves, and killers.”

    He then sighed, shaking his head. “You broke the last two rules, yet still expect me to treat him? You’re dreaming.”

    Those people said, “If you don’t treat him, then we’ll kill you.”

    “Even if you kill me I still won’t treat him!”

    The dot-faced guy went up and hit him, sending him flying into the air, blood coming out of his mouth.

    Li Xun Huan originally figured this doctor was hiding his skills. Now he knows that the doctor might have a tough mouth, but not a tough body.

    Big brother Zhao took out his knife, saying, “If you say the ‘no’ word half more time, I’ll first cut off an arm before talking again.”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “When I say no I meant no. Why would I be afraid of little thugs like you guys?”

    Big brother Zhao wanted to go forward, but the driver suddenly hit the table, speaking loudly, “This is a place to drink wine, if you’re not here to drink, leave immediately!”

    This sound was loud as thunder, scaring even Zhao. “Who the hell are you? You dare to butt in on my business?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, saying, “Having them just leave is no fun. Ask them to crawl out.”

    “Young master asked you people to crawl out. Heard him?”

    Big brother Zhao saw that this person is ill and has no energy, plus extremely drunk, so he got up the courage to say, “Since you guys are so bold, let me cut you open.”

    His saber glowed, slicing towards Li Xun Huan.

    The driver immediately extended his arms, trying to intercept the saber. Yet he’s already drunk, looking as if he’s trying to catch the saber with his arm.

    The manager got scared, thinking his arm would get chopped off. Who would’ve thought that while the arm stayed, the saber went into midair. Even Zhao was shocked big time, saying, “This person’s kung fu can actually make him impenetrable by weapons, looks like we met a ghost.”

    The dot-faced guy also got scared, forcing a laugh while saying, “Please tell us your name, my friend. Looks like we need to fight to meet. Let’s be friends from now on.”

    The driver said coldly, “You’re not worthy of being my friend. Get out!”

    Zhao jumped up, saying, “You should not be so rude. It’s not good to make an enemy of us, if...”

    Before he can finish, the dot-faced guy suddenly side something into Zhao’s ear, looking at Li Xun Huan’s dagger at the same time.

    Zhao’s face turned even whiter, saying, “It can’t possibly be him.”

    “Who else can it be? I heard half a month ago from Old Turtle that he came back from the borders. Old Turtle remember him from a long time ago. He can’t be wrong.”

    Zhao said, “But this drunkard...”

    “This person’s very into eating, drinking, women, and gambling, plus his health has never been good. But his dagger...”

    When he got to saying this dagger, his voice changed. “There’s no need to make enemy with someone like him.”

    Zhao laughed, “If I knew he was here, even if someone put a knife on my neck, I still wouldn’t come in here.”

    He then coughed twice and bowed while laughing. “Little me really has eyes but no eyeballs, didn’t recognize old man you. Sorry to intrude on old man your [you can tell I’m getting really lazy with all these ‘literal’ translations, eh? <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">] drinking. Little man me really deserve to die. Now I’ll scram.”

    It’s not clear whether or not Li Xun Huan heard him. He just kept drinking, kept coughing, as if nothing had happened.

    Those men who came in like tigers, now had left quietly as dogs. It’s only now that Mr. Mei Er got up, yet he didn’t thank Li Xun Huan. Instead got up on the chair while yelling. “Wine! Give me some wine.”

    The worker just looked confused, not believing that this was the person that just got whacked.

    The other customers had already left by now, leaving only those three people. All drank continuously, not talking at all.

    Li Xun Huan looked outside the window, suddenly smiling.”This wine thing is really peculiar. The more you want to stay awake, the quicker you become drunk. The more you want to be drunk, the more you can’t get drunk.”

    Mr. Mei Er suddenly also chuckled, saying, “Getting drunk solves thousands of problems, It’s best to be drunk til death. But unfortunately, heaven would not let them die so peacefully.”

    The driver raised his eyebrows as Mei Er walked wobbly towards their table, looking at Li Xun Huan. “Do you know how much longer you live?”

    “Not long.”

    “If you know that you can’t live long, why don’t you take care the things necessary before death, instead coming here to drink?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Why should such unimportant things such as life and death get in the way of drinking?”

    Mei Er clapped his hands, laughing.”Right. Right. Life and death is a small matter. Drinking is a major matter. Your words really fit my tastes.”

    He then suddenly opened his eyes, saying, “I guess you know who I am now, right?”

    Li Xun Huan replied, “Not yet.”

    “You really don’t know me?”

    The driver suddenly cut in. “If he says he doesn’t know then he really doesn’t know. Why so repetitive?”

    Mr. Mei Er still stared at Li Xun Huan saying, “Looks like you didn’t save me to cure your illness.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. “If you want to drink some wine, we can drink together. If you’re here to treat an illness, then I suggest you leave. Don’t waste my drinking time.”

    Mr. Mei Er continued to stare at Li Xun Huan for a long time, then said. “So lucky. So lucky. You know, you’re so lucky you met me.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I have no money to pay. Plus I’m not much different from robbers and thieves. You can leave now.”

    Who would’ve thought that Mei Er would shake his head saying, “No No No. It’s okay for me not to treat others’ illnesses. But I have to treat yours. If you don’t let me treat you, you have to kill me first.”

    The driver suddenly lit up his eyes. “You really can cure him?”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “Other than Mei Er, no one else in the world can treat him.”

    The driver got up and tugged his shirt, asking, “Do you know what illness he has?”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “If I don’t know then who would know? You really think Sixth brother Flower really can come up with that ‘Cold Chicken Powder’?”

    “Cold Chicken Powder? The poison is Cold Chicken Powder?”

    Mr. Mei Er chuckled. “Other than the Mei family ‘Cold Chicken Powder’, what other poison can possibly kill Li Xun Huan?”

    The driver’s shocked and rejoiced. “You mean, Flower Bee’s poison was made by you?”

    Mei Er laughed out loud. “Other than ‘Ingenious Middle Man’ Mr. Mei Er, who could possibly mix this poison? Looks like you are not knowledgeable at all, not knowing even this.”

    The driver’s now happy beyond belief. “So the poison was made by him! Young master, you’re saved!”

    Li Xun Huan just laughed bitterly. “Looks like while it’s hard for a person to live, it’s also hard for him to peacefully die.”

    They’re on the carriage again. The driver’s now taking care of Li Xun Huan but also keeping note of Mr. Mei Er.

    He’s still not satisfied, asking, “If you can cure his poison, then why do you need to find someone else?”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “I’m not looking for another person, just my big brother. He’s near. Don’t worry. If I say I would treat a person, then there’s no way that person can possibly die.”

    “Why do you need to find him?”

    “Because he has the antidote. Are you satisfied now?”

    This time he really did shut up.
    Mr. Mei Er shook his head laughing. “I can’t believe someone would practice a type of kung fu this stupid. Other than against some street thugs, its useless.”

    The driver coldly replied, “Stupid kung fu is better than no kung fu.”

    Oddly enough, Mr. Mei Er is not mad at all. He continued to smile. “I heard that to practice this kung fu, one must be a virgin. Don’t you think that this sacrifice might be a tad to much?”


    Mei Er continued. “I heard that in the past fifty years, only one person was stupid enough to learn this kung fu. This person’s ‘Iron Armor Golden Steel’ Tie Zhuan Jia. But twenty years ago someone threw him over the cliffs, and no one knew from that point whether he’s alive or not. Maybe he didn’t die. Maybe he can still drink wine.”

    It’s as if the driver’s mouth has been shut. No matter what Mei Er says or asks, he can’t respond.

    Mr. Mei Er could only close his eyes, recovering some strength.

    After a while, the driver opened his mouth again. “I heard that the ‘Seven Ingenious People’ all don’t care much for their faces [here it means reputation]. Yet you don’t look so.”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “I took those people’s gold, then won’t agree to cure him. You think that’s not bad enough?”

    “If you actually agreed to cure him, then you’ve really lost your face. Taking money can treating the patient are two different things. There’s no reason not to take money from those people.”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “Looks like you’re not totally stupid.”

    The driver then said, “Those that everyone thinks are devious might not all be devious. Yet of those people say are gentleman, how many really are gentleman?”

    Li Xun Huan just sat on the chair smiling. As if he’s listening to the conversation, yet also seems to be wandering elsewhere.

    Looking outside, the snow has turned everything white.

    If one can stay alive, then it’s still a good thing.

    Another person’s image suddenly appeared in Li Xun Huan’s head.

    She’s wearing a purple dress. Plus she has a light purple cape over her shoulders. Standing in the pure white background, she looks like a pretty purple Luo Lan [I can’t find this word in the dictionary. It seems to be the name of a flower, though.].

    He remembers that she loves snow the most. Every time there’s snow, she would pull him to the garden, hit him with a snowball, then dare him to catch her.

    He remembers that day he took Long Xiao Yun home, it also snowed. She was sitting in the pavilion of the plum garden, looking at the snow on the plum trees.

    He remembers that the columns are red. Yet as she’s sitting by the columns, both the columns and the plum trees all lost their color.

    He did not see Long Xiao Yun’s reaction at that time. But later he can imagine, Long Xiao Yun’s heart must’ve already been broken.

    Now, is that pavilion still the same? Does she still sit there often, counting the plum flowers?

    Li Xun Huan raised his and smiled towards Mr. Mei Er. “There’s wine in the carriage. Let’s have a drink.”

    Snow, fall sometimes stop sometimes.

    Under the guidance of Mei Er, the carriage turned onto a small road, up to a small bridge. Then can’t cross over.

    The driver carried Li Xun Huan over the bridge, only to see a shack within the plum forest. A sound suddenly came from the forest, as they got closer, a properly dressed man is telling two kids to pour water on the snow filled trees.

    The driver said quietly, “This is Mr. Mei Da*?”

    *[‘Da’ means ‘big’. In this case, it shows that he’s the eldest child of the family.]

    Mei Er replied. “Other than this idiot, who would use water to clean off the ice and snow on trees?”

    The driver could not help but laugh. “You mean he doesn’t know that he by pouring the water, snow will still remain the tree, while the water will become ice?”

    Me Er sighed, laughing bitterly. “He can tell the authenticity of any artwork by one look. He can instantly mix the most potent poison and the most potent antidote. Yet he can’t figure out some of the most basic logics.”

    As they speak, Mei Da turned his head to look at them, as if looking at a bunch of annoying kids, instantly losing the color on his face. Saying, “Hurry! Hurry up and hide all the precious paintings. Don’t let him see it, then go trade it for some wine.”

    Mei Er smiled. “Big brother. Don’t worry. I already had my wine today. I just came to bring two friends...”

    Before he can finish, Mei Da already covered his eyes, saying, “I don’t want to see your friends. Your friends are all terrible. If I see one, I’ll be destined to have three years of bad luck.”

    Mei Er also became annoyed, saying, “Fine. You look down at me. You don’t think I can possibly find any nice friend. Come, Li Tan Hua, let’s leave.”

    The driver suddenly said, “Where’s the antidote? How can we leave now?”

    Who would’ve thought that Mei Da’s expression suddenly changed. “You mean that family with seven members to pass the imperial examinations, father-son three people [the third person implies Li Xun Huan’s brother] all became Tan Hua, THAT Li Tan Hua?”

    Mei Er said coldly. “You know of another Li Tan Hua?”

    Mei Da looked at Li Xun Huan. “This one?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Yes. I am the one.”

    Mei Da looked over him up and down, suddenly held his hand, laughing loudly. “Famous for twenty years, I can’t believe I finally get to meet you. Brother Li.”

    He actually became extremely nice after knowing who the guest is.

    Mei Da then said, “Mr. Li, please excuse my rude remarks earlier. It’s just that much brother is so terrible. Two years ago, he led two people to my house, saying they’re art afficionados. Who’d have thought that when I showed them my precious paintings, they exchanged two with blank papers! I was so pissed I couldn’t sleep for three months.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed too. “Mr. Mei Da should not blame him. When one’s drinking urges start to come out, yet don’t have money for wine, that’s also a very nasty feeling.”

    Mr. Mei Da said with a smile. “Looks like brother Li is also this type of person.”

    Li Xun Huan smiled along. “Drinking can make people be in heaven [this is a really bad translation of a proverb].”

    Mei Da said, “Great. Qi He, stop with cleaning the tree. Go in and take that twenty yr old Zhu Ye Qing [A type of wine, roughly translated as ‘green bamboo leaf’]. Let brother Li here taste it. This wine’s been in there for all these years, the purpose is to keep someone as famous as brother Li here.”

    Mei Er said, “This is actually quite true. When other guests come, not only does he not bring out wine, he doesn’t even bring out vinegar. However, brother Li is not here to drink wine.”

    Mei Da just needed to take one look at Li Xun Huan, then said, “The poison is a small problem. Brother Li just don’t worry and drink. I know how to take care of the other things.”

    After three rounds, Mei Da suddenly asked, “I heard that the extremely rare ‘Qing Ming Da He Tu’ [must be a famous painting, but I’ve never heard of it] is in your mansion. Is this true?”

    Now Li Xun Huan knows why he’s so eager to greet them. “It is true.”

    Mei Da became happy beyond belief. “So can you bring it over sometime for me to look at?”

    Li Xun Huan replied, “If Mr. Mei Da wanted to see it, I really should not refuse. But alas, I gave the painting, as well as the rest of my property, to someone else.”

    Mr. Mei Da looked as if someone hit him on the head with a stick. Just kept mumbling, “so unfortunate... so unfortunate...”

    Then he said, “Qi He, put away the rest of the wine. Li Tan Hua here is done drinking.”

    Mei Er said, “So without ‘Qing Ming Da He Tu’, there’s no wine?”

    Mei Da said coldly, “My wine’s not here for people to drink.”

    Not only is Li Xun Huan not mad, he actually smiled. He feels that while this person is extremely fickle, he’s also quite innocent, at least better than those fake gentlemen.

    But the driver couldn’t hold his thoughts, yelling loudly, “So if there’s no ‘Qing Ming Da He Tu’, there’s no antidote?”

    Mei Da said, “If there’s no wine, where does the antidote come from?”

    The driver became very angry, wanting to run towards him.

    But Li Xun Huan held him back, saying, “Mei Da and we are strangers, so he has no obligation to give us the antidote. We already owe him some great wine. How can we still be so rude?”

    “But young master you... you...”

    Li Xun Huan waved his hand and smiled. “I think it’s time for us to leave now.”

    Who’d have thought Mei Da would ask, “You don’t want the antidote?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “We each have our own things. I never like to force people.”

    Mei Da said, “You do realize that without the antidote, you’re dead.”

    “Life and death are decided by the heavens. I personally never cared much for it.”

    Mei Da then stared at him again, saying, “Right. Right. If one can even give ‘Qing Ming Da He Tu’ to someone else, why would he care for his own life? People like this really are rare, Really are rare...”

    He then yelled, “Qi He, bring out the wine again.”

    The driver instantly became happy again. “So what about the antidote?”

    Mei Da looked at him for a second, then coldly said, “Now that there’s wine, you’re afraid there would be no antidote?”

    End of Chapter 6

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    Chapter 7: Accidently Hurting Friend’s Son

    After Li Xun Huan drank the wine, the antidote worked even faster. After twelve hours, Li Xun finds his energy gradually recovering.

    By now it’s almost dawn again. The driver did not sleep at all, but he’s still in high spirits, except he drank way too much, so his head hurts a bit.

    Mr. Mei Er starts to hit his own head. “Damn. Damn. It’s morning already.”

    “What’s wrong with morning?”

    Mr. Mei Er said, “The thing I hate the most when I drink is dawn. If it’s not bright outside, I can drink forever, but once I see the light, I just can’t drink anymore.”

    Li Xun Huan was originally resting, but just now smiled. “It’s not just you. Probably every alcoholic has this problem.”

    Me Er said, “In that case, before it gets too bright, lets hurry up and drink some more.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. “At the speed you and I are drinking, I’m afraid your brother would be annoyed.”

    Mei Er said, “That’s why he already went to sleep. If he doesn’t see it happening, he won’t get restless.”

    As Li Xun Huan was about to drink again, he started to cough.

    Mei Er stared at him, suddenly asked, “How long have you had this cough?”

    “I think over ten years.”

    Mei Er though for a moment, then said, “If that’s the case, you should not drink anymore. Too much coughing hurts your liver, if you keep drinking...”

    Li Xun Huan said with a laugh. “Hurt my liver? How? My liver is already wasted.”

    He suddenly stopped talking, his eyes moving around, then said quietly, “Someone’s coming.”

    Me Er said, “Anyone who comes at this hour cannot be my brother’s customers. They’re probably here for me.”

    Actually he only heard the sounds now. And there’s more than one person. All their footsteps are very light.

    Only to hear someone speak loudly, “Is this the Mei family’s clinic?”

    After a while, they heard Mei Da’s voice. “To come at this time of the night, are you robbers or thieves?”

    That person answered, “We’re here to visit. Not only are we not here to rob or steal, we even have a present.”

    Mei Da laughed coldly. “To present a gift at this hour? You people can’t have any good intentions. Please leave now.”

    That person laughed, “If that’s the case, I’m afraid I’ll have to take this Wang Muo Jie’s painting back too.”

    Before he finished, the door opened.

    Mei Er raised his eyebrows, saying, “These people checked out my brother’s temper before coming. They obviously want something. Let’s see what they’re up to.”

    He didn’t leave the room, instead just opened the door slightly to see who came.

    He saw three people. The first looks to be around thirty. He looks short and mean. His eyes very bright. His hand holding a long box.

    The second person’s face look like a prune. His beard so long it reached his stomach. Wearing a purple overcoat. Looks very proud. Seems like someone with great leadership qualities.

    Yet the third person is just a ten year old kid. Round face, round eyes, wearing a bright red shirt, his collars filled with rabbit fur, like a dressed up little red child.

    Other than him, the other two both looked very worried and impatient.

    That mean-looking person held the box, bowing in front of Mei Da saying, “This painting is bought by my master with thousands of taels of gold. It’s been authenticated. Definitely real. Please take a look.”

    Mei Da’s eyes had already been staring at the box for a long time now. Yet he just said, “You obviously aren’t giving it to me for free. What do you want?”

    That person smiled. “We just want the location of Mr. Mei Er.”

    Mei Da immediately let out a sigh of relief, saying, “This is easy.”

    He immediately snatched the box away from that person. Then yelled, “Second brother, come out. Someone wants to see you.”

    Mei Er sighed, shaking his head saying, “Bastard. Now that you have the painting, you don’t even care for your brother.”

    The old man in purple and the mean-looking guy immediately saw Mei Er. Both let out looks of joy. Only that kid kept shaking his head, asking, “Look at this guy, does he look like he can cure illnesses?”

    Mei Er responded, “Can’t treat serious illnesses, won’t kill those slightly ill. I’m halfway decent.”

    The old man in purple seems afraid that this kid would say something wrong again, immediately cut int, “I’ve long known that you have the ‘hands that can return Spring’, so I came here wishing that you may travel with me a bit. No matter how much money you ask for, I can pay immediately up front.”

    Mei Er laughed. “Looks like you’re really familiar with my habits. Yet you’re not afraid that I might run away?”

    The old man in purple stopped talking, as if saying that Mei Er can’t possibly escape.

    That short guy then forced a laugh, saying, “If Mr. Mei Er would go, we have something extra to go along with the gold and silver.”

    Mei Er said, “Other than payment, you do realize that I have another habit? Robbers I won’t cure. Thieves I won’t cure.”

    That short guy smiled while saying, “My name is Ba Ying, although I am a nobody, this person Qin Xiao Yi Master Qin is quite famous in the martial world. Mr. Mei Er should’ve at least heard of him, right?”

    Mei Er said, “Qin Xiao Yi? You’re ‘Iron Courage Spread in Eight Directions’ Qin Xiao Yi?”

    Ba Ying said, “Right. That’s my master.”

    Mei Er nodded his head, saying, “Looks like you’re fairly famous. Fine. Come back a few days later and I might go with you.”

    Before he finished, the red kid already jumped up, yelling, “I can’t believe this person’s so arrogant. Hey, why are we wasting our breath talking to him? Just kidnap him and problem solved.”

    Ba Ying immediately tugged at the kid’s shirt, forcing another smile. “If the illness is not so severe, then it would be ok to wait a few days. But forget a few days, we can’t even wait a few more hours.”

    Mei Er said, “So your patient is important? But my patient is not important?”

    Ba Ying said, “You mean Mr. Mei Er you have a patient here?”

    “That’s correct. Before I finish curing him, I can’t leave.”

    Ba Ying stuttered, “But... but my patient is Master Qin’s eldest son. He’s also one of Shaolin’s best disciples.”

    Mei Er also jumped up, saying, “So what if he’s Qin Xiao Yi’s son. So what if he’s a Shaolin student. Are you saying his patient is more important than mine?”

    By now Qin Xiao Yi’s just full of anger, but can’t say a word.

    But that red kid’s eyes rolled, suddenly said, “What if your patient is dead?”

    Mei Er laughed coldly. “If he’s dead, then I obviously no longer need to tend to him. Unfortunately, there’s no way he can possibly die.”

    The red kid giggled, then said, “Don’t be so sure.”

    He suddenly dashed into the inner room, quick as lightning. Even the driver was quite shocked. Ba Ying and Qin Xiao Yi looked at each other, but did not stop him.

    When he entered the room, the red kid immediately looked at Li Xun Huan, saying loudly, “So you’re the patient?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “Little brother, you really want me to die quickly?”

    The red kid said, “Correct. If you’re dead, then that old geezer will treat brother Qin.”

    As he’s speaking, three extremely small arrows shot out of his sleeves, aimed at Li Xun Huan’s forehead and throat. It’s speed and power are both very amazing.

    No one would’ve thought that this ten year old kid would be this venomous. If the person here is not Li Xun Huan, then he probably would be dead by now.

    But Li Xun Huan just casually waved his arms, catching the arrows. Then said, “You’re still a kid and already so venomous, I can’t believe what you’d become when you grow up.”

    The red kid laughed coldly. “You think that just because have some decent arrow-catching skills, that you can lecture me?”

    He suddenly turned his body as he takes out a short sword. Before he finished the sentence, he already made seven strikes at Li Xun Huan.

    Not only is this child fast and swift, he’s also very venomous. Most experienced fighters would not be as good. He acts as if the other person is a mortal enemy, and would like nothing better than to poke a hole through Li Xun Huan with a sword.

    Li Xun Huan said, “Looks like this kid would grow up to be another Yin Wu Ji*.”

    *[‘Yin’ means dark. ‘Wu Ji’ sort of means no match.]

    The driver said, “Although Yin Wu Ji has the ‘Blood Sword’ nickname, at least he has never killed an innocent. But this child...”

    The red kid smiled deviously. “What about Yin Wu Ji. I’ve been killing since I was seven. What about him?”

    Yet he saw that Li Xun Huan’s still sitting there. So he varied his moves even more. He also became even deadlier.

    Li Xun Huan smiled bitterly. “You’re right. Even Yin Wu Ji probably was not this venomous when he was your age.”

    The driver’s face became heavy. “If he were to grow up, he’d definitely be harmful to society. Maybe...”

    The red kid has already made over a hundred moves yet still cannot win. Finally figured out that he has met a very powerful person in the martial world. He became so angry his eyes red. Biting his teeth, he said, “Do you know who my parents are? If you harm me, they’ll cut you into a million pieces.”

    Li Xun Huan became very angry, saying, “In another words, only you can harm others. But they cannot harm you?”

    The red kid said, “As long as you have the guts, you can go ahead and kill me.”

    Li Xun Huan hesitated for a moment. Then said, “I still don’t want to kill you yet, because you’re still young. With good upbringing you can still become a good person. Go now. Before I change my mind.”

    The red kid also knows that he probably can’t win this time. Taking back his sword, he asked, “Your kung fu is really good. I wonder who you are? How come I’ve never seen you before?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You ask for my name. So you can get revenge?”

    The red kid’s face suddenly showed an incredibly innocent smile, saying, “You did not take my life, why would I seek revenge? I simply really respect you. I used one hundred and seven moves, yet you didn’t even move.”

    Li Xun Huan’s eyes suddenly brightened, asking, “Do you want to learn?”

    The red kid became very happy, asking, “You really would let me be your disciple?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “If I can help your parents watch over you, then you have a chance in the future.”

    Before he can finish, the red kid kneeled before him, saying, “Mentor above me, please allow your student a bow.”

    As the word ‘bow’ left his mouth, three bright light left his shirt’s back.

    This kid’s whole body is filled with hidden weapons.

    It’s only now that Li Xun Huan totally became shocked. If he weren’t so experienced, his reflexes quick as lightning, he probably would’ve died in this kid’s hands by now.

    The red kid saw that he still did not die, went up to Li Xun Huan again, yelling, “Who the hell do you think you are. You think you’re worthy of watching over me for my parents? Worthy of taking me as your disciple?”

    The driver’s face became cold as ice, saying, “For a person with such a venomous heart, he can’t be allowed to live!”

    Li Xun Huan also sighed. His palm turned and shot out.

    Qin Xiao Yi and Ba Ying both know perfectly well that the red kid is in there to kill someone. Yet they did not move a single inch.

    Mei Da just stared blindly at the new painting, not caring about anything else in the world.

    Mei Er on the other hand said, “The kid you brought here is now trying to commit murder. Yet you don’t care?”

    Ba Ying held out his hands and smiled. “To tell the truth, even if we wanted to, we can’t control him.”

    Mei Er smiled coldly, “But if he were to die today, would you care?”

    Ba Ying won’t answer, just kept smiling.
    Mei Er said, “Looking at your expressions, I can see that you must feel his skills are quite good. So only he can kill others. Others can’t possibly kill him, right?”

    Ba Ying could not hold down a laugh. “To tell the truth, his kung fu really is pretty good. Many experienced experts has died in his hands. Besides, he has a great dad and a great mom. Even if someone else got screwed, they can’t do anything about it.”

    “You mean his parents won’t control him?”

    “A kid this intelligent, his parent obviously don’t want to watch over too tightly.”

    Mei Er said. “You’re right. When his parents see him kill people, they might scold him a bit on the surface, but deep inside, they’re actually happier than anyone else. Unfortunately, he met my patient today. This is his bad luck.”

    Mei Er continued, “All my patient has to do is wave his hand, and the child’s life is gone.”

    Ba Ying laughed, “Just wave his hand and kill him? I don’t think I believe you. You mean your patient can be like Li Tuan Hua, Flying dagger takes life, never miss?

    Mei Er sighed. “To tell the truth, my patient really is Li Xun Huan.”

    When this sentence came out, Ba Ying’s face became pure white. But still had a dry laugh. “Why do you... make such a joke?”

    Mei Er said, “If you don’t believe me, just go see for yourself.”

    Ba Ying suddenly dashed inside, yelling, “Hero Li, Li Tuan Hua, please spare his life!”

    Mei Er sighed. “Looks like these self-proclaimed heroes aren’t really anything after all. Only their kids’ lives are valuable. Everyone else’s lives are worth nothing. Only they can kill others. Others can’t kill them.”

    Qin Xiao Yi’s stern face suddenly seemed to show a flicker of smile.

    He did his best to keep the smile down. Instead said, “If Li Xun Huan really did kill that child, then he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.”

    As Li Xun Huan’s palm shot out, it appears to have no strange movement.

    Although this red kid’s still small, he’s still very experienced. Even after seeing the palm, he still does not evade or block, thinking the opponent is using a decoy. That the real killer move is the next one. So he just kept on slicing with his sword.

    Although his palms has no movement, the sword can change moves midway. Even if the palm hits, the kid’s sword can also hit Li Xun Huan.

    His sword moves really are excellent. Very few people can match his speed, power, precision, and timing. It’s not that he had a great mentor. But rather he’s naturally very talented.

    Unfortunately, his opponent is Li Xun Huan.

    Although this palm has no movement, but it’s simply way too fast. Its speed beyond comprehension.

    So no matter how many tricks the red kid has, he can’t apply them. Before his sword reached Li Xun Huan, the palm already hit his chest.

    Yet the little kid did not feel any pain. He just felt a strange sensation spreading across his body. As if he just drank some hot wine.

    Only now did someone came from outside the door yelling, “Hero Li. Please do not hurt him!”

    But by this time, the red kid is already on the ground. As if awakening from a stupor. His body so soft he can’t move.

    Ba Ying asked, “Young Master Yun, how are you feeling?”

    The red kid also realizes things aren’t going well, his eyes red. “I... I’ve probably been deeply wounded by this person. Hurry. Go tell my dad to seek revenge for me.”

    Before he finished, he started to cry loudly.

    Ba Ying doesn’t know what to do. Sweat poured down from his forehead.

    The driver said coldly. “This child’s kung fu has been wasted, but at least he’s still alive. But only because my young master is so kind-hearted. If it were me...”

    Ba Ying acted as if he didn’t hear anything.

    “If you want revenge, go ahead.”

    Ba Ying did not speak, but instead kneeled in front of Li Xun Huan.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly became shocked, asking, “What’s your relationship with this child?”

    Ba Ying said, “My name is Ba Ying. Li Tan Hua obviously does not know me. But I know Li Tan Hua.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “It’s best that you know me. If this child’s parents want revenge, just tell them to come see me.”

    The red kid continued to cry loudly, yelling, “You’re so mean! You dare to waste my kung fu. I don’t want to live anymore... don’t want to live anymore.”

    The driver spoke loudly. This is just to teach you not to hurt others later. If so, then you might live a bit longer. Otherwise, you’ll probably die very quickly.”

    Only to hear a person say coldly, “If that’s the case, then the cold-blooded Li Tan Hua, why haven’t you died yet?”

    “Who is it?”

    Only to see an old man with a purple coat come in. “It’s been ten years. You mean Li Tan Hua doesn’t recognize me anymore?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, saying, “Oh, so it’s ‘Iron Courage spread in Eight Directions’ Mr. Qin. No wonder this kid can kill without hesitation. With you along, who can’t he kill?”

    Qin Xiao Yi said coldly, “I’m afraid I’ve killed less than half of brother Li.”

    Li Xun Huan said. “Mr. Qin should not be so modest. Except, when I kill, it’s because I’m a cold-hearted killer. When you kill, it’s for the justice of the world!”

    He snickered, then continued, “If this kid were to kill me, and words later spread. Obviously it won’t be that he killed fighting over a doctor. It would instead be he and Hero Qin fighting evil together, right?”

    Although Qin Xiao Yi is experienced and knows to keep a straight face, one can still see red coming out.

    The red kid originally was listening intently. Now he started to cry again, yelling, “Uncle Qin. Why aren’t you going to kill him as revenge?”

    Qin Xiao Yi smiled coldly. “If someone else injured you, obviously someone would get you your revenge. But since this person hurt you, then you can’t do a single thing about it.”

    The red kid said, “W...Why?”

    Qin Xiao Yi looked at Li Xun Huan, then asked the red kid, “Do you know who he is?”

    The red kid shook his head, saying, “I just know he’s a ruthless thug!”

    An evil smile appeared on Qin Xiao Yi’s face. “He’s the world famous ‘Number one Saber Under Heaven’ [a dagger is not a regular saber, but still classified as a one] Li Xun Huan. He’s also your father’s life and death sworn brother!”

    When these words came out. The red kid was obviously shocked, but Li Xun Huan was even more shocked. “Who’s his dad?”

    Ba Ying sighed, saying, “He’s Long Xiao Yun Fourth Master Long’s eldest child, Long Xiao Yun!”

    [Ok. This pisses me off. The father and son has the EXACT same pinyin. Well, their tones are different. The father is of fourth tone, Xiao(4). His son has the third tone, Xiao(3). But still... Anyway, from now on, I’ll write a number after the word Xiao to indicate who I’m talking about. If anyone has a better idea, feel free to tell me. It’s annoying having to type a number with the words. But I have no imagination, so can’t think of anything better.]

    At that moment, Li Xun Huan’s soul seemed to have left him for a moment. His eyes kept moving. Tears started to fall.

    The driver also changed his expression. Sweat came pouring out.

    He knows the most about the Long Xiao4 Yun & Lin Shi Yin couple’s relationship. Now Li Xun Huan actually hurt their child, it’s clear how badly he feels.

    Ba Ying said, “I really didn’t expect this. It all started when Master Qin’s son wanted to capture the Plum Flower Bandit. Unfortunately he got hurt from the encounter. With our best medicines, we managed to extend his life. But he still needs more help to live. We know that ‘Ingenious Doctor’ Mr. Mei Er is the number one wound doctor in the world, especially when it comes to wounds from hidden weapons. That’s why master came here. Who would’ve thought that this would happen.”

    He’s just speaking to himself, with no one else listening.

    Mei Er also seems to have noticed the pain on Li Xun Huan’s face. He looked at the red kid’s wound. Then stood up. “I promise this child not only is not is not in danger, he can do anything a normal person can do in the future.”

    “What about martial arts?”

    Mei Er responded coldly, “Why does he need kung fu? Does he still want to kill more people?”

    Ba Ying said, “Mr. Mei Er you don’t understand. It’s just that Fourth Master Long only has this one child, plus he’s incredible material for learning kung fu. The couple both had high hopes for him. Thinking he would make bring honor to the family. If they find out that the child can no longer practice kung fu, they’d be heartbroken.”

    Mei Er laughed coldly. “One can only blame it on their horrible upbringing. Letting their son be so evil. It’s no one else’s fault!”

    Li Xun Huan did not catch a single word of their conversation.

    For some reason, at this moment, he suddenly fell deeply into the past. Many memories that should not be re-awakened all suddenly came back.

    He remembered that was the seventh day of the beginning of the year. He had some important business to do, so he was forced to leave home before finish celebrating the new year.

    That day was also snowing. Lin Shi Yin specifically made some dishes for complementing wine. She also accompanied his drinking and watching the snow.

    Lin Shi Yin grew up in his house. Her dad is Li Xun Huan’s dad’s wife’s brother [which seems to imply that this wife is not Li Xun Huan’s mom. So there’s no blood relationship.] Even before they died, they talked about their marriage.

    Yet Li Xun Huan and Lin Shi Yin aren’t like most young rich children, who tend to keep their distances. They weren’t just lovers, they were also best friends.

    Although it’s been ten years, Li Xun Huan still remember that day as if it were yesterday.

    On that day the plum flowers were so pretty. Her half drunken smile was even prettier than the plum flowers. That innocence was filled with happiness and joy.

    But... tragedy soon came.

    As he was out, his enemy hooked up with a powerful local mafia to kill him. Although he was able to kill nineteen enemies, he also got injured. They capture and then hung him in a basket.

    At this time, Long Xiao4 Yun came.

    With a silver spear he took down the basket, saving his life. Then he spend a long time healing his injuries. Then escorted Li Xun Huan home.

    From then on, they became best friends.

    Yet later Long Xiao4 Yun became seriously ill. Such a strong person, yet in half a month became gravely ill. Very thin.

    Only after much asking did Li Xun Huan realize that he fell sick because of Lin Shi Yin. His love for her is to a point of madness..

    He didn’t know that Lin Shi Yin was already Li Xun Huan’s fiancee. So he asked Li Xun Huan to let his ‘cousin’ be his wife. He promised that he would take excellent care of her.

    How could Li Xun Huan answer him?

    Yet how could he look on as his savior and best friend die in front of him?

    Plus he couldn’t possibly ask Lin Shi Yin to marry someone else. Lin Shi Yin would never agree.

    His heart full of sorrow, full of denial. He can only find saving grace with wine. After five days of drinking, he finally made a decision. That was the most painful decision of his life.

    He decided that he will let Lin Shi Yin herself leave him.

    So he must provide chances for Lin Shi Yin and Long Xiao4 Yun to meet.

    Even as Lin Shi Yin begged him to reconsider, he would laugh it off. He then actually brought home two famous prostitutes.

    After two years, Lin Shi Yin’s heart finally broke. All her hopes dashed.

    She finally chose the one who was so faithful to her, Long Xiao Yun.

    Li Xun Huan’s plan finally worked. Yet his triumph is filled with sadness, with pain. How could he possibly stay there and continue to look at the plum flowers?

    Therefore he gave his whole home and property as present for the marriage. Then went away alone. He made up his mind to never see her ever again.

    Yet now, he injured their only child.

    Li Xun Huan swallowed this bitter memory, swallowed his tears. Got up and said, “Where’s Fourth Master Long? I’ll go with you to see him.”

    The old ‘Li’s Garden’ plaque has now changed to ‘Happy Cloud Mansion’. Yet the two set of words on the side still exist.

    ‘One family with seven passing the examinations’

    ‘Father son three people all becoming Tan Hua.’

    Li Xun Huan looked at these words as if someone kicked him in the stomach.

    Ba Ying had already carried the red kid inside. Qin Xiao Yi also pulled Mei Er with him. Yet everyone kept starring at Li Xun Huan.

    They’re all wondering why is this stranger staring at this place?

    End of Chapter 7

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    Chapter 8: The Past Cannot be Changed

    This used to be Li Xun Huan’s own garden. He grew up here. Here, he had a very happy and a very memorable childhood. However, it was also here that he carried the remains of his parents and elder brother to their graves.

    Who could believe that he would be a stranger here at this moment?

    Li Xun Huan smiled, a song seems to have brushed by his ear, “Seeing him building the house. Seeing him hosting guests. Seeing his house collapse.”

    He deeply felt the intricacies of these words. Understood life’s meeting and parting, life’s gloomy song.

    The driver* quietly said, “Young master, let’s go in.”

    *[I should mention that GL actually described the ‘driver’ as ‘qiu ran da han’ or badly translated as ‘A dragon-horn-like muscular man’ ever since the middle of chapter 1. I couldn’t think of a suitable translation, one that’s short and accurate. So I just kept him as the ‘driver’. But I really should point out that GL had a different name. I would’ve done so sooner if I knew he was going to be in the book for such a long time. I really didn’t remember him being this important.]

    Li Xun Huan took a deep breath, laughing bitterly while saying, “Since we’re here, we have to go in sooner or later, right?”

    Who would’ve thought that just as he arrived at the front door, a man suddenly yelled, “Who are you? How dare you enter Fourth Master Long’s place?”

    A person freckled man, with a sheepskin coat, carrying a birdcage, came and blocked Li Xun Huan’s path.

    Li Xun Huan said, “You are...”

    The freckled man put his hand on his waist, yelling loudly, “I am the governor of this estate. My daughter is Lady Long’s foster sister. What do you want?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Well... If that’s the case, I’ll just wait here.”

    The freckled man laughed coldly, saying, “I won’t let you wait here. Do you think Master Long’s front door is a place for everyone to stand at?”

    Although the driver is really pissed, he could only control his anger.

    Who would figure that the freckled man would yell again, “I told you scram, are you pretending to be dead?”

    While Li Xun Huan can still hold his temper, the driver could no longer do so.

    Just as he’s about to show the freckled man some manners, someone inside started to yell, “Xun Huan, Xun Huan, is that really you?”

    A upright, properly-dressed, handsome middle-aged man came out, his face full of joy and excitement. As he saw Li Xun Huan, he embraced him tightly, saying, “I’m right. It really is you... really is you...”

    Even before he finished, tears filled his face.

    Of course, how could Li Xun not possibly feel the same way, saying, “Big brother...”

    When that freckled man saw this, he could only stand there looking like an idiot.

    Only to hear Long Xiao4 Yun keep saying, “Brother, I’ve thinking of you all these years... thinking of you...”

    No one knows how many times he said this, but he suddenly laughed again, saying, “Us brothers meeting again is a happy occasion. Why are we crying here like old ladies...”

    He laughed while taking Li Xun Huan with him inside. Then he yelled, “Go get the mistress. Everybody out. Come see my sworn brother. Do you know who my sworn brother is? Heheh... What I say is guaranteed to shock you.”

    The driver looked at them, his eyes on the verge of tears. His heart is sour, not knowing if this is happiness or sadness.

    Only now did the freckled man take another breath, feeling his head while saying, “Oh my God, he’s actually Li... Li Tan Hua. I heard even this house was his present. Yet I wouldn’t even let him inside. I... I really deserve to die.”

    That red kid Long Xiao3 Yun was just surrounded by several people, sitting on the big couch in the living room. He also now understand the relationship between Li Xun Huan and his dad, and became so scared he even afraid to cry.”

    Yet just as Long Xiao4 Yun took Li Xun Huan inside, two people standing on Long Xiao3 Yun’s side suddenly came over, yelling while pointing at Li Xun Huan’s nose, “Are you the one who injured young master Yun?”

    Li Xun Huan responded, “Right!”

    That man said, “Nice, you really do have a lot of guts!”

    Two people one right one left, both came to attack Li Xun Huan at the same time.

    Li Xun Huan did not move at all, but Long Xiao4 Yun suddenly shot out his palm, then jumped up with a kick, finishing off those two attackers. Then angrily yelled, “You dare to attack him? You really have a lot of guts. Do you have any idea who he is?”

    Those two people never thought that their kissing up backfired.

    One of them can only stutter, “We only want to help young master...”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said with authority, “What do you want to do? I’ll tell you, Long Xiao4 Yun’s son is Li Xun Huan’s son. Forget about simply teaching him a lesson, even if he took that bastard’s life, it’s still not a problem.”

    He then added, “From now on, no one will bring this up again. The person who brings this up again is deliberately making an enemy of me!”

    Li Xun Huan’s still standing there, not knowing how he feels.

    If Long Xiao4 Yun had yelled at him, or break off their friendship, then maybe he’d feel better. But Long Xiao4 Yun instead so values their relationship, making him even more guilty and distressful. “Big brother, I really didn’t know...”

    Long Xiao4 Yun tapped his shoulders, saying with a smile, “Brother, since when did you become so timid? This bastard’s been coddled way too much by his mother. I really shouldn’t have taught him kung fu.”

    He then added, “Come, come. Get some wine in here. Whoever can get us brothers drunk gets 500 taels of silver.”

    When he mentioned money, who in the room didn’t become greedy? Everyone immediately came up to toast the two.

    Only to hear someone say, “The Lady is here.”

    Li Xun Huan finally saw Lin Shi Yin again.

    Although Lin Shi Yin is not a perfect woman, no one would deny that she’s a beauty. Her is face too pale, her body is too thin, and although her eyes are very bright, they’re also very cold. Yet her stature, her gracefulness, are unparalleled.

    No matter the situation, she can make her presence felt. No matter who sees her, will never forget her.

    This face has appeared in Li Xun Huan’s mind tens of thousands of times. Yet each time it’s so far away, so very, far away.

    Every time Li Xun Huan wants to embrace her, he would wake up from this dream, sitting in his own cold sweat, looking at the dark, cold night outside, then wait painfully until morning. Yet even when the morning comes, he’s still just as in pain, just as lonely.

    Now, the woman of his dreams is finally in front of him. Yet reality can be so much more cruel than dreams. In reality, he doesn’t even have the choice to run away, but can only use his smile to cover his true feelings. So he forced a smile, saying, “Sister-in-law. How are you?”


    The woman in his dreams suddenly became his sister-in-law. The driver turned his head, could not bear watching anymore. Because only he knows how painful it is for Li Xun Huan to say this “Sister-in-law”.

    He doesn’t know if he can say those words if he were in Li Xun Huan’s shoes. Doesn’t know if he has the courage to accept such a reality.

    If he didn’t turn away, he’d be in tears by now.

    Yet Lin Shi Yin didn’t even seem to notice this greeting.

    Her sadness seems to be concentrated fully on her child.

    When that kid saw his mom, he quickly ran into his mother’s arms, then resumed crying out loud, “I can no longer practice kung fu, I’m crippled. I... I don’t want to live any more!”

    Li Shi Yin held him tightly, saying, “Who... who injured you?”

    The red kid said, “HIM!”

    Lin Shi Yin’s eyes followed the direction he pointed at, finally resting on Li Xun Huan’s face.

    She stared at Li Xun Huan, as if staring at a stranger. Then little by little hatred appeared in her eyes. Speaking one word at a time, “You...It really is you who injured him?”

    Li Xun Huan can only nod quickly.

    No one knows what energy is holding him up. He actually did not fall.

    Lin Shi Yin continued to stare at him without blinking, speaking as she bit her lips, “Very Good. Very Good. I knew a long time ago that you would not let me live in peace. You even take away my very last bit of happiness. You...”

    Long Xiao4 Yun cut her off, saying, “You can’t talk to him like this. This is not totally his fault. It’s all because of Yun Er [‘Er’ is an expression for calling a small child] getting into trouble. Besides, he didn’t even know he’s our child at the time.”

    The red kid suddenly yelled again, “He knew! He knew the whole time. Originally, he couldn’t hurt me. But when I heard that he’s dad’s friend I stopped fighting. Yet he instead took advantage and hurt me.”

    The driver’s whole body is about to explode, yet Li Xun Huan can still just stand there, with no intention of explaining things.

    He’s been through the worst pains in his life. So why does he need to argue with a kid?”

    But Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Bastard, how do you dare to lie?”

    The red kid just kept crying loudly saying, “I didn’t lie, mom. I really didn’t lie!”

    Long Xiao4 Yun angrily move closer to pulled him over, but Lin Shi Yin blocked in front of him, saying, “What do you want?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun stomped his feet, saying, “This bastard is way too wild. I should cripple him right now, so he would stop causing trouble!”

    Lin Shi Ying’s pale face suddenly showed a hint of redness, saying, “Then go ahead and kill me too!”

    Her sight suddenly switched over to Li Xun Huan, then said with a cold grin, “You guys are very powerful anyway. It would be easy for you to kill a child. So add another woman should be no problems.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun let out a sigh, saying, “Shi Yin, since when did you become so unreasonable?”

    Lin Shi Yin didn’t even take notice, already carried the child back to her room. Although her steps are light, it’s still enough to stomp Li Xun Huan’s heart to little pieces.

    Long Xiao Yun sighed again, saying, “Please forgive her, Xun Huan. She used to be quite reasonable. But once a woman becomes a mother, then she would become very irrational.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I know. For her child, anything a woman does is correct.”

    He forced a smile, saying, “Although I’ve never been anyone’s mom, I have been a mother’s child.”

    ‘When you drink to ease distress, you only become more distressful’ is not quite accurate. It’s true that small amount of wine will make one remember more of the past, more painful memories. But when a person becomes truly drunk, then he would forget everything.

    Li Xun Huan obviously knows this, so he drank as if his life depends on it.

    It’s not hard to get drunk. But when a person has so many problems, he would drink a lot more. So when it comes time when he absolutely needs to be drunk, he wouldn’t be able to get drunk.

    It’s already very dark.

    A lot of wine has been drunk, yet Li Xun Huan did not show a slight hint of being drunk.

    He also suddenly found that no one else is drunk either. Almost twenty people getting together and drink for so long, yet with no one drunk, is definitely not common.

    It’s getting deeper and deeper into the night. Yet everyone’s faces are heavy, as if expecting someone to come.

    Suddenly the heard the bell, it’s midnight.

    Everyone’s expressions all changed immediately. One said, “It’s midnight. How come the Venerable Zhao is still not here?”

    Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows saying, “Who’s this Zhao guy? Is everyone waiting for him to come before drinking?”

    One person smiled and said, “I don’t want to hide this from Li Tan Hua, but if the venerable Zhao’s not here, we really don’t have the heart to drink.”

    Another person said, “Venerable Zhao is considered ‘Totally Objective Iron Face” Zhao Zheng Yi. He’s also Fourth Master Long’s sworn big brother. You mean you don’t know?”

    Li Xun Huan still had a huge smile, saying, “In ten years since we last met, it looks like big brother you made this many new great friends. I drink to you.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun’s face seems to be red, but forced a smile saying, “My brother is your brother. Come, I also drink to you.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “This isn’t bad, I can’t believe I suddenly got a few more big brothers. But I don’t know if these heroes would want me as their brother.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun laughed loudly, saying, “They would be happy beyond belief. Why would they possibly be unhappy?”

    It’s not clear what he intended to say, but he suddenly changed his words, instead said, “Venerable Zhao has always been ‘Totally Objective Iron Face’, I heard it’s hard to ever see him smile. If I see him, I’d probably lose all desire to drink. Never thought everyone here would wait for him before drinking.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun thought for a while, then suddenly smiled, saying, “The Plum Flower Bandit has reappeared...”

    Li Xun Huan took this opportunity to cut in, “I already heard.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “But do you know where he is?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I heard this person never stays in the same place.”

    Long Xiao Yun also cut him off, saying, “Correct. He does indeed can be anywhere. But I promise you that right now, he must be in this town. He might even be near my house.”

    When he said this, everyone else’s necks shrank. That big fire in the middle of the room, seemingly can no longer hold off the freezing wind outside.

    Li Xun Huan said, “So does this mean that he already made an appearance?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said one word at a time. “Correct. Third Brother Qin’s eldest child almost died in his hands two days ago.”

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Who else did he hurt?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun replied, “That I don’t know. This person usually only hurts one person at a time. Plus he only appears after midnight!”

    Mian Qiang chuckled, saying, “The way he kills seems like some people’s drinking habits, not only does he set the time to do it, but also the amount.”

    Li Xun Huan also chuckled, but he doesn’t look any more relaxed. He asked, “What about last night?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Last night was peaceful.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “In that case I guess his target is young master Qin. He won’t appear again.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “He’ll show up sooner or later.”

    “Why? Does he have some problems with you, big brother?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun shook his head, saying, “His target is neither Qin Zhong nor myself.”

    “Who then?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun barely was able to say, “His target is Lin...”

    When he said the word ‘Lin’, Li Xun Huan’s whole face changed. But thankfully he did not say ‘Lin Shi Yin’, but rather ‘Lin Xian Er’ [‘Xian’ means a god or a goddess. So her name is ‘little goddess’.).

    Li Xun Huan let out a sigh of relief in his heart, saying, “Lin Xian Er? Who is she?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun laughed loudly, saying, “Brother, if you don’t know who Lin Xian Er is, then you really must be old. If it were ten or fifteen years ago, you’d probably be more familiar with this name than anyone else.”

    Li Xun Huan also laughed, “It looks like she must be a beauty.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Not only is she a beauty, she’s also the considered the most beautiful woman in the martial world. The number of young heroes to have fallen for her are endless.”

    He then looked at the other people there, laughingly said, “Do you really think they came here for me? If it weren’t for Lin Xian Er, even if I put the best food and the best wine on the table, they’d still probably not show up.”

    Everyone’s faces turned red. But two youngsters faces became very red. Long Xiao Yun looked at them, saying, “You two are pretty lucky. At least you now have a chance. If my brother here is still young, you’d have absolutely no chance.”

    Li Xun Huan also laughed, asking, “So big brother thinks I’m really that old? My body might be old, but my heart’s still young.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun’s eyes brightened, then suddenly laughed again. “You’re right, you’re right. Although she has countless people as her subordinate, but other than you, I don’t think she’d care for anyone else.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Unfortunately, I’ve been sunk in wine for the past ten years. My techniques aren’t what it used to be.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun held his hand tightly, saying, “But you don’t realize something, brother. Not only is this Ms. Lin very beautiful, she’s also very ambitious. She doesn’t want to marry anyone. But she told the whole world that whoever kills the Plum Flower Bandit, even a freckled old man, she’d still be his wife.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “So it’s probably due to this that the Plum Flower Bandit must be so intent on killing her.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Correct. Plum Flower Bandit went to the Cold Fragrance quarter two nights ago just to find her. But he didn’t realize that Qin Zhong was there instead, so he injured him.”

    Li Xun Huan eyes brightened, “So young master Qin’s also one of her subordinates?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun chuckled, then said, “He originally had a chance, but now...”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, “Cold Fragrance House’s been empty for quite a while now. But now that this lady lives there, it must be much warmer now. There’s even a lovesick youngster outside at midnight.”

    Long Xiao Yun’s face became red, saying, “Cold Fragrance House used to be where you live. I really shouldn’t have let someone else live there. But... but...”

    Li Xun Huan cut in, “That place can now receive the aura of a beauty, it’s really its luck. If the wood knows who’s there, they’d probably be filled with joy. They’d never let me carelessly spit[I think those living in the US doesn’t know about this habit, but its common in China to spit saliva everywhere] in there ever again.”

    “But just what relationship does this woman have with big brother?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun coughed twice, said, “She and Shi Yin met when they went to the temple to pray. They liked each other immediately, and became sisters. Like you and me.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “So her dad is that governor I saw at the front door?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun laughed, saying, “You can’t believe it, right? Actually, no one would believe how that dad can have such a daughter. This is called ‘Inside a crow’s nest born a Pheonix’.

    Li Xun Huan said, “So that Venerable Zhao’s gathering people to protect her? You mean now the venerable Zhao has suddenly became a romantic?”

    Long Xiao Yun didn’t seem to notice Li Xun Huan’s message, so he just said, “Other than protecting her, he also wants to capture the Plum Flower Bandit. Besides, so many people have already put together all that reward money. That money’s in my house. If anything were to ever happen to it...”

    When Li Xun Huan heard this, he suddenly asked, “Why would big brother you take this responsibility?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Well, someone has to do it, right?”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a moment, then said, “It’s already past midnight. Is it possible that the bandit will no be here tonight?”

    He suddenly got up, saying, “Since the venerable Zhao’s still not here, and everyone else would not drink, I think I’ll just wander around. Maybe I’ll go visit my old friends the plum trees.

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Brother you probably not only want to visit the plum trees, but also see the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    Li Xun Huan just smiled. But Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Why are you going into danger alone?”

    Li Xun Huan still just kept smiling.

    Long Xiao4 Yun still just looked at him, then said with a smile, “Fine. Fine. I know that when you make up your mind, no one can stop you. Besides , when the Plum Flower Bandit find you here, He would not dare to show up.”

    The plum trees in the garden are still there. But what happened to the person in the garden?

    Li Xun Huan just sat there quietly, starring at the candlelight in the building faraway. Ten years ago, this little building was his. The person in the building was also his.

    Now, everything has passed. No longer can be brought back. Only dreams, loneliness remains.

    Dreams might be painful, but without dreams, he probably could not keep on living.

    After crossing the bridge is the plum forest. There’s also a house here among the trees. This used to be the place Li Xun Huan practiced martial arts and read books. If he simply opened the windows of this house, he would see the other house, would see that person smiling beautifully back at him.

    But now...

    When love becomes deep it turns shallow. Li Xun Huan sighed, brushing off the snow on his shoulders, then crossed the bridge. There’s no one here. He can’t hear anyone either. After midnight is the time for the Plum Flower Bandit’s appearance. No one would dare come here at this time.

    He doesn’t really want to see Lin Xian Er. He also knows that Lin Xian Er can’t possibly stay here long. He just want to see the house.

    It’s at this time that he heard light laughter.

    Li Xun Huan’s whole body changed. That lazy body now filled with energy, charging towards the place of the voice.
    The laugh seems to be that of a woman. And it’s a very quiet one.

    He then saw a white shadow trying to run away from behind him. Then a black shadow came to attack him.

    This person is quite big and very fast. Although he’s still more than 10 feet away, Li Xun Huan already felt a strong, cold wind coming from him.

    Li Xun Huan recognizes that the person’s kung fu is very strange but very powerful.

    The Plum Flower Bandit!

    Could the person be it?

    Li Xun Huan did not block this move. If he doesn’t need to, he would never have an all-out fight with anyone. Because he feels that his energy is more important than others’.

    Once, Golden Fist Deng Lie kept asking him to match inner power, but Li Xun Huan kept rejecting him. Deng Lie asked why.

    Li Xun Huan only responded, “I’m not a cow. So why should I fight like one?”

    He thinks that kung fu is also an art. Movement should come freely. If one forcefully duel with someone else, then they must be as stupid as cows.

    But since Deng Lie is his friend, he can turn down the request. But this person wants him to die, so he must block off all of Li Xun Huan’s escape routes first.

    Besides, the two are running towards each other. Even if Li Xun Huan manages to evade the attack, the enemy immediately gains initiativ. So when the enemy makes his second move, Li Xun Huan really would have no chance to escape.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly moved back.

    The speed at which he changed directions is amazing, even better than fishes.

    But the man in black is still coming at him with the palm.

    After falling back with lightning speed, his body came to a state of rest. His hand doesn’t seem to be moving, but the Flying Dagger is already shot out!

    The dagger glowed brightly, like a shooting star in a dark night!

    The man in black suddenly screamed in pain. Jumped up, turned around, and then ran back into the forest.

    Li Xun Huan just stood there. He acted like a bored person, but didn’t give chase.

    Before the man in black can leave the forest, he fell.

    Li Xun Huan shook his head and sighed. He followed the blood trail, with the man in black at the end of the trail.

    His hands holding his own throat, blood gushing out. That bright little dagger, has been pulled out, resting by his side.

    Li Xun Huan picked up his dagger, then looked at the painful expression on that person’s face, asking, “If you’re not the Plum Flower Bandit, why did you attack me?”

    That person kept biting his teeth, but couldn’t speak.

    Li Xun Huan said, “Although you don’t know me, I recognize you. You’re the eldest student of Yi Ku. I saw you ten years ago. If I see someone, I would never forget him.”

    That person struggled mightily to say, “I... I also recognized you.”

    “If you recognized me, why do you still want to kill me? You want to prevent me from leaking out information? But even if you’re meeting someone here, it can’t possibly be that secretive, right?”

    That person wants to talk, but can’t do so.

    Li Xun Huan shook his head, saying, “I know you must’ve been doing something you don’t want others to know. That’s why you want to kill me. At that time, you probably did not figure it was me.”

    He sighed again before continuing, “Since you wanted to kill me, I had to kill you. You chose the wrong person. So did I...”

    That person suddenly screamed, then ran towards Li Xun Huan.

    But Li Xun Huan still just stood there. As that person’s palms almost reached Li Xun Huan’s chest, he fell down, never to get up again.

    Li Xun Huan still just stared at him. After a long time, he finally looked up and said, “Two nights ago it was Qin Xiao Yi’s son. Today it’s Yi Ku’s student. Looks like this Lin Xian Er really has a lot of spare time, and has good tastes. All her acquaintances are famous youngsters. But which young girl doesn’t dream of meeting her knight? What’s wrong with a lovesick young man? These certainly aren’t crimes. Why do they have to hide it? What other secrets do they have?

    The Cold Fragrance House’s light is still on. He seems to be the person that escaped. The body very slim. Could it be Lin Xian Er?

    As he’s thinking, Li Xun Huan walked over.

    His eyes suddenly glowed, as if he just thought of something really interesting.

    As the wind zips through the forest, more snow fell on the ground.

    Suddenly, each snow seems to be moved apart by a strange aura. Someone is attacking Li Xun Huan from behind.

    Li Xun Huan tightened his body, fully aware of the sword energy aimed at him.

    At this time, the sword has already sliced apart his coat.

    In this quiet cold evening, in this quiet plum forest, there’s actually someone who really wants his life! He has wandered for ten years, just returned home.

    Could this be the welcome prepared for him?

    If Li Xun Huan had dodged left, his right arm would’ve been cut off. If he dodged right, his left arm would’ve been cut off. If he had moved forward, his back would’ve been penetrated. No matter which direction he goes, he can’t possibly be faster than this sword!

    He’s been through hundreds of battles, yet he’s never seen a sword this fast!

    The tip of the sword has penetrated Li Xun Huan’s coat.

    But just at this moment, Li Xun Huan’s body moved, he skimmed the edge of the sword as the icy cold tip passes by him.

    In all his countless battles, he has never been so close to death.

    The enemy seems even more shocked that his attack failed. But suddenly the sword tip turned, slicing down at Li Xun Huan, but by this time, the dagger in Li Xun Huan’s hand suddenly sliced his wrist.

    This dagger is so fast no enemy can describe its movement.

    That person, shocked beyond belief, yelled loudly. He dropped his sword while retreating.

    Is there anyone’s kung fu that’s faster than Little Li’s Flying Dagger?

    Suddenly, someone yelled loudly, “Brothers. Stop!”

    This is the voice of Long Xiao4 Yun.

    Li Xun Huan gathered himself. Long Xiao4 Yun has entered the forest. That person also revealed himself. He’s a youngster with a white face in white clothing.

    Long Xiao4Yun put himself in the middle of the two. Then asked, “How did you two managed to get in a fight?”

    That youngster’s eyes in the night looked like an owl. He stared at Li Xun Huan, saying coldly, “There’s a dead person outside the forest. So I thought the person in the forest must be the Plum Flower Bandit.

    Li Xun Huan smiled, “How come you didn’t think the dead person is the bandit?”

    The youngster laughed coldly, saying, “How could the Plum Flower Bandit die so easily?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You mean the Plum Flower Bandit can only die in your hands? Unfortunately...”

    Long Xiao Yun cut in while laughing, “How about both of you stop. This is just a misunderstanding. It’s a good thing we came, or someone might get hurt.”

    Li Xun Huan smiled a bit, then picked up the sword still stuck on his coat. He looked at the sword and said, “Great sword!”

    He then gave the sword back to the youngster, saying, “The sword is famous. Then the person must also be famous. Today we had a misunderstanding, but it’s still nice to have met you. It’s not everyday that we get to see such a famous sword.”

    Red appeared on the youngster’s white face. After taking the sword, he just flicked it, breaking the sword in two.

    Li Xun Huan sighed, saying, “Such a great sword. Too bad.”

    The youngster stared at Li Xun Huan saying, “Even without this sword, I can still kill. You don’t have to worry about me.”

    Li Xun Huan laughingly said, “If I knew earlier, I would’ve asked you to give me your sword, so I can exchange it for another coat to wear.

    The youngster coldly laughed, saying, “You don’t have to worry about this either. Forget one coat, even if its ten coat, I’ll still pay for the damages.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “However, there’s not another coat like mine.”

    “Why’s that? Is there something particular colorful with this coat?”

    Li Xun Huan said with a serious face, “Nothing colorful. It’s just that my coat has an eye.”

    End of Chapter 8

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    Chapter 9: Another Encounter

    The youngster heard Li Xun Huan’s words, gathered himself, then grinned, saying, “Interesting. Your words really are interesting. How can a coat have eyes?”

    Li Xun Huan said with a smile, “If my coat didn’t have eyes, then how can it see your precious sword? How can I then dodge the sword attack from the back?”

    The youngster’s face suddenly changed, his hands shaking.

    Long Xiao4 Yun coughed twice, then laughed, “The two of you really know how to joke. Hidden Sword Mansion’s young master would certainly never care for such a sword, yet why do you care so much for your coat?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “So this is young master You.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said with a smile, “Right. Not only is he the son of Hidden Dragon elder’s son, he’s also the Number One Sword Snow Eagle elder’s only disciple. In the future you two should be more acquainted.”

    You Long Sheng’s eyes still kept staring at Li Xun Huan, saying coldly, “I don’t know if that’s possible. But this friend of yours, his name is...”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “So brother You doesn’t know this brother of mine. His last name is Li, called Li Xun Huan. In this world, I’m afraid only this brother of mine is worthy to be your friend.”

    When he heard the name, You Long Sheng’s expression changed yet again, staring closely at Li Xun Huan’s dagger.

    Yet Li Xun Huan didn’t even seem to notice their conversation. Instead he just kept thinking, “Another famous youngster...” Suddenly, someone came in, asking, “Who killed the person outside?”

    This person’s quite muscular. His voice booming. His expression extremely serious. This person just happens to be the venerable Zhao Zheng Yi.

    Li Xun Huan smiled, then said, “Other than I, who else could’ve done it?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi’s eyes stared at Li Xun Huan like a sharp knife. Said loudly, “You? I should’ve known it was you. No matter where you go, you bring the odor of death.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “So that person doesn’t deserve to die?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi asked him, “Do you know who he is?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Unfortunately not the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “If you knew he wasn’t the Plum Flower Bandit, then why did you still kill him?”

    Li Xun Huan said in a calm voice, “Although I don’t want to kill him, I also don’t want him to kill me. No matter what, it’s still nicer to kill then to be killed.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “So he wanted to kill you first?”


    Zhao Zheng Yi asked, “Why?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I wanted to know too. But when I asked, he ignored me.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi asked, “Why didn’t you keep him alive?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I wanted to keep him alive. But alas once the dagger leaves my hand, I can no longer control my opponent’s life and death.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi stomped his feet, saying, “If you went outside already, why did you come back?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, saying, “Because I really wanted to see you, venerable Zhao.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi’s is now so angry his face became yellow. Pointing at Long Xiao4 Yun saying, “Very Good. This problem is caused by you great brother. No one else is responsible.”

    Long Xiao Yun can only smile, saying, “Why the temper, big brother. Let’s just talk it out.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “What’s there to say? It’s already hard enough to deal with the Plum Flower Bandit. Now we have to deal with the Green Devil Yi Ku too.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed coldly, saying, “That’s right, I did kill Yi Ku’s student Qiu Du. If he finds out he’ll certainly come to seek revenge. But he’s only going to look for me. Why would the venerable Zhao be so worried?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun suddenly said, “Since Qiu Du came here after midnight, he obviously has some evil intentions. Brother, you didn’t wrongfully killed him. If it were me, I’d probably do the same thing.”

    Before he can finish, Zhao Zheng Yi turned around to leave.

    You Long Sheng suddenly smiled, saying, “The venerable Zhao really is old. Your temper keeps getting bigger and bigger, but your courage keeps getting smaller and smaller. Really, what’s wrong with Yi Ku coming? This way, at least I can see the world famous flying dagger in action.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Actually, if you want to see my dagger, you don’t have to wait til Yi Ku comes here.”

    You Long Sheng’s face changed again, as if he wanted to say something. But when he saw Li Xun Huan’s dagger, he stopped. Then he also turned around and left too.

    Long Xiao4 Yun wanted to go after him, but stopped. Shaking his head saying, “Even if you don’t like them and look down upon them, you should still not have angered them.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Who cares. They already think I’m beyond help. It doesn’t matter if I piss them off. In fact, it’s actually better to get them angry enough to leave, so I can be in peace.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “But it’s better to have more friends than less.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “But how many people really can live up the word ‘friend’? Having a friend like big brother, one’s enough for any person.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun laughed heartily, holding Li Xun Huan’s shoulders saying, “Brother, just to hear you say that, even if I anger every other friend, it’s still fine.”

    Li Xun Huan suddenly felt a surge of warmth, but then started coughing again.

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Your cough...”

    It’s as if Li Xun Huan doesn’t want him to bring up this topic, so he immediately cut him off by saying, “Big brother. I just want to see a person right now.”


    He raised his eyebrows, didn’t wait for Li Xun Huan to respond, then added, “Is it Lin Xian Er?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, saying, “Big brother really knows me well.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun laughed out loud too. “I knew you just can’t wait to see her. If Li Xun Huan won’t even see the most beautiful woman in the world, then Li Xun Huan is not Li Xun Huan.”

    Li Xun Huan just kept smiling, as if confirming this.

    But what does he really think? Other than himself, probably no one else knows this.

    Long Xiao4 Yun already grabbed his hand heading out, saying with a smile, “If you really came her looking for her, then you’ve come to the wrong place. After the events two nights ago, she had moved out of that room.”


    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “The past two nights she stayed with Shi Yin. You can also take this opportunity to see Shi Yin too. She is a woman after all. You should try to go calm her a bit.”

    He didn’t seem to notice the painful look on Li Xun Huan’s face, sighed and continued, “Actually, it’s not like she doesn’t know that what Yun Er does outside is horrible. She’s not really blaming you.”

    Li Xun Huan forced a smile, saying, “But since we’re here, we might as go to the Cold Fragrance House. Maybe Ms. Lin came back.

    Long Xiao4Yun said with a smile, “That’s fine too. Looks like if you don’t see her tonight, you won’t even be able to sleep.”

    Li Xun Huan still kept smiling, not saying anything.

    But there’s something in his eyes, something that shows that he has a secret.

    There really isn’t anyone in the room.

    As Li Xun Huan entered, he suddenly entered the memories of ten years ago.

    This room had not changed all these years. Each table and chair, even the paper, brushes, ink, all remained in their original place.

    If this were ten years ago, then maybe he had just accompanied Lin Shi Yin as she counted the plum flowers, maybe he came in to get a fur coat for her to wear, or maybe to write down some of their conversations, so he would never forget them.

    But now that he think about it, he never could forget those memories. If he had known this earlier, he would’ve never bothered to write them down.

    Snow is falling again.

    Snowflakes fell lightly on the rooftops, gentle as a lover’s words.

    Lin Xun Hun took deep breath, saying, “Ten years... Maybe even more than that. Sometimes you think time goes by too slowly. But once they’ve passed, then you begin to realize how quickly they pass.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun laughed and said, “Do you remember the first day we came? It also seemed to be snowing on that day.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “How... how can I forget.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun laughed, “I remember that we must’ve drunk all the wine stored in your house that day. It’s also the only time I’ve ever seen you drunk, but won’t admit it. You even made a bet with me, saying you can write out “The Eight Qiu Xing” [probably a book of poems or something] without any mistake.”

    He suddenly took out a brush from the table, saying, “I remember it was this brush you used.”

    Li Xun Huan’s smile seem so artificial, yet he continue to smile. “I also remember that I won the bet.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun responded, “But you didn’t know that ten years later, your brush would still be here, right?”

    Li Xun Huan just smiled without talking, but a thought suddenly came to him. “The brush is still here, but isn’t someone else living here now?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “You know, it’s quite strange. It’s almost as if Lin Xian Er knew you were coming back. Although she’s lived here for several years now, she never moved anything.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Actually, she didn’t have to.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said with a smile, “We also didn’t force her to do this, but she...”

    Suddenly someone from outside yelled, “Fourth Master. Fourth Master Long!”

    Long Xiao4 Yun opened the window, said with an irrate face, “I’m here. What’s the problem?”

    His expression suddenly changed, then turned back and said, “Brother you...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I... I still want to remain here a bit longer. Is that a problem?”

    Long Xiao Yun said with a smile, “Of course. These were yours anyway. Even if Lin Xian Er came back, she would only welcome you.”

    He then quickly left. As he left the door, his smile disappeared.

    Li Xun Huan sat on a wide chair with tiger skin covering it. This chair is even bigger than he remembered in his youth.

    He remembered that when he was very little, he loved to climb to onto this chair and wet the ink for his dad. He just wished to be taller, so he can sit on this chair. At that time he had a strange thought. He was really afraid that chairs would be like people, get bigger as time passed.
    Finally came the day when he could sit on the chair. He also figured out that the chair cannot grow bigger. Then he would privately feel bad for this chair.

    But now, he only hope to be like this chair, never grow older, never have pain, but unfortunately, this chair remains the same, but he’s already an old man.

    Old man... old man...

    Suddenly he heard someone laughing gently while saying, “Who said you’re an old man?”

    The person is still outside, but the laughter filled the room with warmth. Although her body had not came in yet, her voice carried Spring along with it. If her laughter is like this, one can imagine what her person’s like.

    Li Xun Huan’s eyes suddenly lit up again, but he only stared at the door, not getting up, not saying a word.

    Lin Xian Er finally came into the room.

    The other people really weren’t kidding. She really is as beautiful as a goddess. If someone actually tried to describe her beauty, that person is doing her a huge injustice.

    There’s not single part of her that isn’t arousing. But the most arousing part of her body are her eyes. No man on this Earth can possibly resist those eyes.

    Looking at her eyes makes people feel like they’ve commit a crime.

    Yet she also looks like the most gentle, the most heart-warming girl there ever is.

    But no matter what she looks like, though, she can no longer erase Li Xun Huan’s image of her, because this isn’t the first time Li Xun Huan has seen her.

    In the kitchen of that bar, Li Xun Huan has already felt her gentleness, her warmth. But Li Xun Huan still could not believe that the woman in front of him is the same mysterious beauty who wanted to exchange the Golden Thread Vest with him.

    Because her look now is totally different from that day. If Li Xun Huan didn’t trust his eyes totally, then he would not believe that venomous, ****ty woman is the same one that’s smiling innocently and sweetly in front of him.

    Li Xun Huan let out a sigh, then closed his eyes.

    Tears began to roll in Lin Xian Er’s eyes. She said gently, “Why did you close your eyes? You don’t want to see me?”

    Li Xun Huan chuckled, saying, “I just wanted to remember how you looked that day with your clothes off.”

    Lin Xian Er’s face suddenly became red, then said, “I originally didn’t want you to recognize me, but I also know that it’s quite impossible.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If I really did forget you in such a short time, then wouldn’t you be disappointed?”

    Li Xian Er still kept smiling, “But when you saw me you didn’t look shocked. Does this mean you knew who I was already?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “This might be because not many woman can be considered a beauty in this world.”

    Lin Xian Er said with a smile, “But it might also be because you saw Yi Ku’s disciple, remembered my Green Devil Hand, then saw You Long Sheng, remembered my Hidden Fish Sword, right?”

    Li Xun Huan also smiled, saying, “I’m only curious to know, since you know I’m here, why do you still have the guts to come see me?”

    Lin Xian Er sighed, then said, “An ugly daughter-in-law has to see her mother-in-law sooner or later. It’s unavoidable. So when Brother Long asked me to come, I immediately came.”

    “Really? He told you to came here?”

    Lin Xian Er laughed again, saying, “You mean you don’t understand his reasons? He has wanted us to get together for quite a while now. Maybe it’s because he has always felt that he owe you something. Robbed your...”

    When she said this, she saw that Li Xun Huan’s face immediately became more sullen, because he knows what she was going to say. But when his expression changed, she also immediately stopped.

    She never says things others don’t want to hear.

    Yet Li Xun Huan seems to be waiting for her to finish. Only after a while did he say, “He doesn’t owe me anything. No one has ever owed me anything. Only I owe other people.”

    Lin Xian Er stared at him, asking, “Who do you owe?”

    Li Xun Huan replied coldly, “I owe way too many people. Too many to count.”

    Lin Xian Er said gently, “No matter what you say, I still know that you’re not that kind of person.”

    “You know what kind of person I am?”

    “Of course I know. I’ve heard your stories ever since I was little. So when I found out this is where you used to live, I was so happy I couldn’t sleep.”

    She turned around, saying, “Look. Everything in this room. Does it not look exactly as you left it ten years ago? Even that bottle of wine you hid on the bookshelf, I did not move. Do you know why?”

    Li Xun Huan only stared at her coldly.

    Lin Xian Er chuckled. “Of course you don’t know. But I can tell you, because only this way can I feel like this is your room. Sometimes I would imagine you still in this room, sitting in this chair, talking with me quietly.”

    She then continued in a softer voice, “Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night, thinking you’re by my side. On that bed, on that pillow.”

    Li Xun Huan suddenly smiled, saying, “Other than me, there are probably other people there too, right?”

    Lin Xian Er bit her lips, asking, “You really think I let other people in here?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “This is your room. You can let anyone you want in here.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “You really think those like You Long Sheng and Qiu Du had been here, right?”

    Her eyes are already red, continuing, “I’ll tell you. They have never ever walked into this room. That’s why they had to wait in the forest. If I let them come in, then maybe Qiu Du and Qin Zhong would not have died.”

    “If that’s the case, then why don’t you let them come in?”

    Lin Xian Er again bit her lips as she said, “Because this is your room. I must... help you preserve the...”

    She doesn’t seem to know how to continue.

    Li Xun Huan smiled, finishing the sentence for her, “scent?”

    Lin Xian Er’s whole face became red, saying, “Do you understand me yet?”

    Li Xun Huan said with a smile, “But it’s only now that I know I actually had a particular scent. So what is it? Sweet? Horrible?”

    Lin Xian Er lowered her head, saying, “I didn’t say these things to you so you can ridicule me.”

    “Then why?”

    “You mean you still don’t know?”

    Li Xun Huan laughed, saying, “If that’s the case, even without someone helping, I already have a really good chance with you.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “If I didn’t already... already feel... then that day why would I...”

    She only said half of each sentence, but sometimes saying half a sentence is much more effective than saying the whole sentence. Plus it’s much more interesting.

    Li Xun Huan said, “So you did that because you liked me. And I thought you did it for the vest.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “Of course I also wanted the vest. But if the person wasn’t you, then why would I...would I...”

    Li Xun Huan laughed, saying, “So you wanted both.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “You must be wondering, why would I want the Golden Thread Vest, right?”

    Lin Xun Huan said, “Frankly, I really am curious.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “That’s because I want to kill the Plum Flower Bandit myself!”


    “You must know. I said that I would marry the one who kills the Plum Flower Bandit. Although I said it, I still didn’t like it.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You want to kill the Plum Flower Bandit so you can marry yourself?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “I only do this because I really don’t want to marry. So if I killed the bandit myself, I won’t have to marry.”

    She suddenly looked up at Li Xun Huan, saying, “Because no man on this Earth is worth me marrying.”

    Li Xun Huan’s eyes also looked at her, asking, “What about me?”

    Lin Xian Er’s face became really red, saying, “You’re obviously different.”


    Lin Xian Er said quietly, “Because you’re different from other men. Those man are like dogs. No matter how I treat them, they would still follow me. Only you...”

    Li Xun Huan smiled a bit, saying, “Then why don’t you just leave the Golden Thread Vest with me? If I kill the Plum Flower Bandit, then you can marry me. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

    Lin Xian Er hesitated a bit, then smiled again, saying, “This is actually a good idea. Why didn’t I think of it?”

    Li Xun Huan’s eyes flickered, grinning while saying, “Who else other than myself can come up with an idea as ingenious as this one.”

    Lin Xian Er seemingly did not understand the meaning of Li Xun Huan’s words, instead held his hand, saying, “I know the Plum Flower Bandit will appear the next night or two. Tomorrow I’ll wait for him here.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You want me to come too, right?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “you can use me as bait, getting him to appear. You have the vest anyway, so even if you can’t kill him, you’re at least safe. If you were to capture him...” She suddenly lowered her head again, those eyes staring quietly at Li Xun Huan. Although she spoke no words, those eyes explained her feelings perfectly.

    Li Xun Huan’s eyes also brightened, said with a smile, “Sure. I’ll certainly come tomorrow night. If I don’t come, then...”

    Lin Xian Er pulled her hands off of Li Xun Huan, but she then drew a circle on his hand’s back, as if to circle around Li Xun Huan’s heart.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly laughed again, saying, “Looks like you’ve learned to behave now.”

    Lin Xian Er said with a red face, “I’ve always behaved.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You finally learned for the man to make the first move.”

    But Lin Xian Er suddenly became nervous, saying, “But you... you won’t now... right?”

    Li Xun Huan looked at her. His eyes still that cold, but his mouth already showed a not-so-cold smile, saying, “How do you know I won’t?”

    Lin Xian Er chuckled, saying, “Because you’re a true gentleman, right?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I’ve only been a true gentleman once in my life. Then I regretted my decision for three whole days.

    As Lin Xian Er’s laughing, she seems to show a wish to escape.

    But Li Xun Huan then immediately pulled on her arms, then said with a smile, “So not only have you learned for the man to make the first move, you also learned to escape.”

    Lin Xian Er responded, “But this is how you taught me. This is how you taught me to seduce you, right?

    End of Chapter 9

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    Chapter 10: Problem of 18 years Ago.

    Li Xun Huan took a deep breath, then said, “I taught you way too much. You are also learning way too fast.”

    He suddenly released his hands, got up and straightened his clothes, then said while staring at the window, “Today’s show is over. If you still haven’t seen enough, then please come back tomorrow morning.”

    A laugh suddenly came from outside the window. A person said, “Your techniques really are quite excellent. Hopefully, you dagger is just as good.”

    After he finished the last sentence, he’s already gone.

    Lin Xian Er’s expression changed, “It’s You Long Sheng.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You’re afraid that he might be jealous?”

    Lin Xian Er’s eyes showed a venomous expression, laughing coldly, she said. “What right does he have to be jealous? I can’t believe a supposed righteous character in the martial world would also do something like this. Don’t think I’ll ever talk to him again.”

    Li Xun Huan said with a smile, “You’re not afraid that he’ll take the Hidden Fish Sword back?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “Even if I throw the sword in front of his face, he still would not dare touch it.”


    Lin Xian Er smiled deviously, “I told you already. These people are like dogs. The more you yell and kick them, the more closely they follow you, wagging their tail.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “It’s not bad having a dog wagging its tail in front of you.”

    Lin Xian Er grabbed his hand, said, “You really are leaving? Why not sit a bit longer?”

    Lin Xun Huan said with a smile, “If I sit any longer, waiting for a dog to bite me, then things will no longer be interesting.”

    Lin Xian Er said viciously, “Humph. He wouldn’t dare...”

    Before she could finish, they heard You Long Seng say from a far off distance, “That show’s over, but another show is just starting. Do you wish to watch?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “See. I told you he wouldn’t let me sit any longer.”

    Lin Xian Er again said viciously, “Annoying little bastard.”

    She suddenly smiled again, holding Li Xun Huan’s hand saying, “But there’s still tomorrow.. Please come earlier tomorrow.”

    Just as Li Xun Huan left the forest, he heard two people yelling at each other.

    He already realizes that one of them is the driver. He then used ‘Sparrow Three Touches of Water’, touched the ground three times, before reaching the scene.

    At this time two people are fighting. With such powerful palm and fist attacks, snow started to fly around them.

    Only to hear the driver said, “Qin, you make yourself look all virtuous, but in reality you’re worthless. So what if your son is beyond help. It’s no one else’s fault. Why do you have to try to kill him?”

    The person fighting him is Qin Xiao Yi. At this time he just snickered, “Who the hell do you think you are? Look at your own place for a moment. How do you dare interfere with my business. Fine, I’ll cripple you too.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun tried to break them up, but You Long Sheng just stood there.

    As Li Xun Huan arrived, Long Xiao4 Yun went up to him, saying, “Brother. Try to calm them down. Even before the Plum Flower Bandit arrives, we’re already fighting each other. This... this really...”

    You Long Sheng coldly laughed, then said, “This is called ‘There are no weak soldiers under a powerful General’. I never thought Li Xun Huan’s servant is this powerful. Really is vicious, vicious...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “That’s right. He is quite vicious. But only if someone angered him.”

    He didn’t give You Long Sheng a chance to respond, immediately turned to Long Xiao4 Yun asking, “What’s going on here?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Because Qin Zhong’s injuries are so severe he’s beyond help, brother Qin...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “So he blamed it all on Mr. Mei Er, right?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun laughed bitterly, “The father-son relationship is very close, so it’s not unexpected that brother Qin became so angry. He accidently injured Mr. Mei Er, but it’s not serious.”

    Li Xun Huan chuckled a bit, not bothering to add anything.

    Long Xiao Yun said, “Please stop him. I know he only listens to you.”

    Li Xun Huan responded in a cold voice, “Why should I stop him? If he isn’t doing this already, then I would’ve instead.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun froze for a moment, not knowing what to say.

    Only to see the driver’s fist filled with power, each fist is an all-out attack, although the moves aren’t very elaborate, the killer energy behind it is quite shocking.

    Qin Xiao Yi looks as if he can’t even breathe.

    You Long Sheng coldly laughed. “A servant with this type of kung fu, really is rare.”

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Really?”

    You Long Sheng said, “Each time he makes a move, it’s as if he’s ready to get hit also. This type of fist really makes observers hard to understand.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “This is because he can easily withstand his opponent’s attacks, but if he lands a hit on the opponent, then that person would have serious problems.”

    Before You Long Sheng can respond, someone else came yelling, “What a bold servant dog, even dare to attack someone above you. Watch as I take care of you.”

    As he spoke, Zhao Zheng Yi arrived at the scene.

    Just as he’s about to join the fight, he heard Li Xun Huan said coldly, “If someone wants to fight two against one, winning through numbers, then I’m afraid I’ll have to release my dagger!”

    Zhao Zheng Yi immediately stopped, afraid to step forward. He yelled angrily, “You brought a servant who dare to attack a person above him. Not only do you not discipline him, you even protect him? You think there’s no justice in the martial world?”

    Li Xun Huan said calmly, “What justice? Is it justice to fight two against one?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi responded loudly, “You should know that this is not fighting, but rather disciplining a servant!”

    Li Xun Huan said, “He never needed disciplining. But if the venerable Zhao wants to fight him, go ahead and get the venerable Qin back here, then fight him yourself.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “What kind of a thing* does he think he is? He’s not worthy of fighting me.”

    *[the word ‘dong xi’, translated as ‘item’ or ‘thing’ is commonly used to put someone down. I kept the original wording because of the text that follows.]

    Li Xun Huan said calmly, “It’s true that he really isn’t any ‘thing’. He’s a person.”

    He then looked at Zhao Zheng Yi with a smile.”So venerable Zhao, are you a ‘thing’?”

    [Gu Long reuse this little joke all time in his books. It really is quite funny in Chinese. Maybe someday I can rack my brains come up with a suitable humorous translation.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi became so mad his face turned all yellow.

    At a time like this, even Long Xiao4 Yun don’t know what to say either. But suddenly, with a loud noise, two fist attacked at the same time. But where’s Qin Xiao Yi? It’s as if he flew out after getting hit, then fell to the ground with a loud thud.

    You Long Sheng again laughed coldly. “Looks like not only can a master not discipline a servant, but it’s actually the other way around.”

    Only to see Qin Xiao Yi whisper something into Zhao Zheng Yi’s ear. Zhao Zheng Yi got up and stared at the driver, saying, “I can’t believe you actually have such good kung fu. Even I did not notice. No wonder when third brother lowered his guard, you were able to use some sneaky means of defeating him.”

    The driver laughed coldly. “If you people lose, then the other person must have used some devious method. If I were to lose, then it’s because I have lesser skills. I’m quite familiar with this idea. You don’t have to repeat it.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said angrily, “I originally thought you were a brave man, so I wanted to protect you. Don’t anger me.”

    The driver responded, “I already lived til today without your protection. I guess I was just beginning to dislike my life, so if you have something up sleeve, just go ahead and use it.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi stared at him, fire came out of his eyes, then showed a nasty grinned. “Very Good...”

    He said ‘very good’ five or six times. Then picked up Qin Xiao Yi and left.

    Long Xiao4 Yun went up and said with a smile, “If there’s a misunderstanding we can talk. Why...”

    Qin Xiao Yi chuckled, “After all that has happened to my son and I, you think there’s still room for talking?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun stepped back, and watched Qin Xiao Yi and Zhao Zheng Yi leave.

    Li Xun Huan took a deep breath, then said, “Big brother, I just came back and already caused so many problems. If... I knew...”

    Long Xiao4 Yun suddenly laughed loudly, “Brother. Don’t ever say these things. Since when have we worried about problems?”

    Li Xun Huan forced a smile. “Brother, but... I know I’ve made things hard for you...”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Brother. Don’t worry about me. No matter what you do, I’ll always be by your side.”

    Li Xun Huan almost cannot keep tears of joy from coming out eyes.

    Long Xiao4 Yun looked at that driver, as if wanting to say something. But he suddenly changed his words, “It’s almost dawn. Looks like the Plum Flower Bandit will not show up today. You’ve traveled quite a bit. Why don’t you rest here?”


    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “I already furnished a room for you. But if you still want to live in your old place, then I can ask Lin Xian Er to move out.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “That’s not necessary.”

    The driver just sat there, deep in thought. After a long time, he bit his teeth, as if he’s about to make a painful decision. Then he said, “Young master, it looks like I have to go now.”

    “You’re leaving? You’re also leaving?”

    The driver said, “You’re my savior, so I originally planned to serve you all my life, but now...”

    They suddenly heard sound of horses in this middle of the night.

    He continued, “Zhao Zheng Yi already knows my identity. He’s probably contacting my enemies right now. I never cared much for my life, so I don’t worry about them. But...”

    “But you don’t want to get me involved, right?”

    The driver said, “I know young master you’re not afraid of trouble. But the defendant in the case of eighteen years ago was me. I don’t want young master you also being yelled at with me.”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a second, then said, “That was an accident. In the past eighteen years, you’ve more than made up for your mistakes.”
    The driver said, “But they won’t care. Blood debts in the martial world can only be repaid by blood!” He didn’t wait for Li Xun Huan to cut in before continuing, “Besides, I want to see Mr. Mei Er. After his injuries, I’m not sure how far he went. No matter what, he only came because of us.”

    Li Xun Huan just sat there for a long time, then asked, “So where do you plan to go?”

    The driver sighed, responds, “Right now even I don’t know that answer. But...”

    He suddenly smiled, “I won’t go very far. When there’s a calm night with a bright moon, I might be back to drink with young master.”

    Li Xun Huan suddenly stood, saying, “You sure?”


    When their eyes met, tears came out. So they were forced to look away. When heroes part, they sometimes act mushier than little girls. This is because although they care so much for each other, they would never speak of them.

    Li Xun Huan only said, “If you’re really leaving, at least let me escort you out.”

    The street is very quiet. Even sound of Li Xun Huan’s cough isn’t enough to break the eeriness.

    The driver suddenly stopped. “We have to part sometime. Young master... you should go back.”

    Li Xun Huan walked a few more step, but finally stopped. After staring mindlessly at a tree at the end of the street for a long time, he turned his head, “Fine. I’ll go back now. Take care of yourself.”

    The driver nodded, then said, “Young master, please take care too.”

    He no longer looked at Li Xun Huan, simply walked past him. After walking a few more feet, he then added, “If young master doesn’t have anything else to do, then you should just stay here. No matter what, master Long is a good friend.”

    He added, “If that’s the case, then maybe I’ll be back looking for young master in the near future.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Maybe I will stay here. It’s not like I have anywhere else to go.”

    He still smiling, but what is he smiling about?

    The driver bit his teeth as he walked away.

    He now must resume this life of hiding. He already hid with Li Xun Huan for ten years, no one knows what this life is like. It’s like a never-ending dream.

    But for the past ten years, at least he had Li Xun Huan to accompany him.

    Now he is alone.

    If he were a coward, then maybe he wouldn’t have escaped. Because he knows that hiding by yourself is more painful than even death.

    But he must escape. He just saw that Li Xun Huan might be settling down again. He must leave. Only by leaving can Li Xun Huan live in peace.

    He should have first thought out everything before going. But he can’t calm himself enough to think. He just knows that he needs to go to a crowded place. After walking for some time, he came to a food market. He felt pretty funny about this.

    In this life, he has been to countless places. He’s been to huge mansions and broken down shacks. He’s seen girls of very high places, while been to the cheapest brothels. He’s been in the cold, a place where noses might be frozen off, He Long Jiang [a river in the very northern part of China]. He’s been to places so hot you can cook an egg on the ground.

    He’s seen sunrise from the tall mountain peaks. He’s seen sunset on the ocean beach. He’s even ate raw meat with local tribes in the uncivilized areas.

    But this is the first time he’s been to a food market.

    On a winter morning, only the food market has so many people, such big crowds. No matter who comes here will no not feel lonely.

    Here are mothers holding their babies. Old man with crutches, cooks filled with oil.

    All kinds of people, holding their baskets to buy food, arguing with the meat and vegetable sellers over small amounts of money.

    Here there are the smell of raw fish, oily smell from fried food, and even stink from chickens and ducks.

    Suddenly he heard someone in front yell, “We sell meat here. Fresh meat...”

    Then the voice stopped.

    The people in front then all stepped back, their faces very pale.

    Only to hear someone from behind ask, “What’s going on?”

    The person in front said, “Someone’s selling meat.”

    “There are over a dozen people here selling meat, what’s problem?”

    “But this person is selling a different kind of meat. He’s selling human meat.”

    The driver raised his eyebrows, then split the crowd to take a look.

    When he got close he became more shocked than everyone else.

    The meat seller has a sign that says, “Yellow Cow, White Sheep. Kill now Sell now.”

    Behind the counter is a tall, large, fat one-eyed woman. Her hand holding a regular butcher knife.

    But on the counter is a live person!

    This person’s clothes have been torn, showing a thin white body. Every single muscle shaking.

    The one-eyed woman’s left hand holds his neck, her right hand holds the knife. Her eyes filled with murderous rage.

    The one-eyed woman looked at the driver a bit, then smiled, asking, “Are you here to buy meat?”

    The driver look like he’s frozen, and didn’t hear what she said.

    The one-eyed woman chuckled. “I knew for quite a while now that only you would buy this piece of meat. So I’ve been waiting for you.”

    Only then did the driver let out sigh. He smiled bitterly. “It’s been years. Sister-in-law you...”

    The one-eyed woman suddenly spit on the driver’s face, then said angrily, “Sister-in-law? Who’s your sister-in-law? If you call me that again, I’ll cut out your tongue!”

    For some reason, the driver would not respond.

    The one-eyed woman continued. “You betrayed Weng Tian Jie. I bet you’ve become filthy rich by now, right? So how come you would even hesitate to buy some meat?”

    She suddenly grabbed that person’s hair, asking, “Are you buying or not? If not, I guess I’ll just kill him and feed him to the dogs.”

    The driver looked, said with a shock, “Mr. Mei Er, it’s you!”

    The person on the counter on had a blank look on his face. He just kept drooling, unable to talk. The driver then said, “Fine. I’ll buy him.”

    The woman said, “If you want to buy him, then you have to follow me.”

    The driver bit his teeth, then said, “Fine. I’ll go with you.”

    The woman then stared at him a bit more, said, “You’re smart to agree. I’ve been searching for you for seventeen years now. Do you honestly think I’ll let you escape?” The driver sighed. “Since you’ve found me, then I obviously have no intention of escaping.”

    At the bottom of the hill is a small house by the graveyard.

    Inside is a person who has lived here for a long time. He just sat there, staring at a bowl strangely.

    His eyes showed pain and anger. But it’s not clear what he’s thinking. The ground is already frozen, but he didn’t seem to notice. After a while, sound came from outside.

    This person suddenly grabbed an axe, asking, “Who?”

    Outside the house that one-eyed woman responded, “It’s me!”

    This person suddenly became nervous, asking, “Is he really in town?”

    The one-eyed woman said, “The Old Turtle’s information really is quite good. I already brought him back!”

    He suddenly turned around and kneeled. His eyes filled with tears. He would not get up again for a long time.

    Suddenly another set of steps came.

    The one-eyed woman asked, “Who?”

    Someone outside answered, “It’s seventh brother and myself.”

    One man is a freckled, muscular man. His shoulder carrying lots of cabbage. The other is small and skinny. He’s a stinky-tofu seller.

    At this moment both stared viciously at the driver. The cabbage seller grabbed him, spoke loudly, “Tie bastard[‘Tie’ is the driver’s last name], what more do you have to say?”

    The one-eyed woman said, “Release him. If you have something to say, wait til everyone arrives first.”

    The freckled man bit his teeth, but finally released him. Then bowed three times to the bowl on the table. His eyes also filled with tears.

    In the next hour, three more people came in. One carried a medicine box, obviously a doctor. One carried wine, chicken and some cups. One is a blind fortune teller.

    When these three people saw the driver, they’re all filled with hate. All seven people just sat there. All with serious expressions. They look like they’re ghosts, coming out of the underworld to seek revenge.

    The driver is still expressionless, not saying a word.

    The one-eyed woman suddenly asked, “Fifth brother, when can the third brother arrive?”

    That wine-seller fat guy said, “He will be here. I have received his letter.”

    The one-eyed woman asks, “If so, then why is he still not here?”

    The blind fortune-teller sighed, then said, “We’ve waited for seventeen years. Why does it matter to wait another hour or two?”

    The one-eyed woman also sighed, saying, “Seventeen years, seventeen years...”

    She must’ve said it seven or eight times, each time more dejected.

    These seventeen years must have been hard on them. Countless bitterness must’ve surrounded this time, so much blood and tears!

    That blind fortune-teller said, “In the past seventeen years, I’ve wanted to see Mr. Tie every single moment. Unfortunately now...”

    He then asked, “What does he look like now? Fourth brother, tell me please.”

    The doctor said, “He looks about the same as seventeen years ago, except his beard is longer, his body a bit fatter?”

    The blind man said, “Great. Great. Tie bastard, do you realize that in these seventeen years, I’ve prayed night and day for you to be healthy. Looks like Heaven has answered my prayers.”

    The one-eyed woman said while biting her teeth, “He betrayed Weng Tian Jie, so he’s obviously a very rich man by now. How could he possibly be living our filthy lives?”

    She pointed at that wine-seller. “Mr. An Le, fifth brother Zhang, is now selling wine. Second brother Yi is now blind. I bet you don’t know these things, right?”

    The driver would not say a word. He’s afraid that if he opened his mouth, tears would follow.

    Yet who could possibly understand the suffering he went through?

    Suddenly someone yelled outside, “Sister-in-law. I have great news...”

    End of Chapter 10

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    Chapter 11: Savior From the Sky

    When the one-eyed woman heard someone yelling outside, she went out, asking, “What’s so important that you have to scream so loudly?”

    That person said, “I just saw Zhao Zheng Yi. He said that the Tie guy is at…”

    As he spoke, he pushed the door open inside. When he got in, he suddenly froze. Because the person wanted to find is already here.

    The one-eyed woman chuckled. “You didn’t expect this, did you?”

    That person let out a deep breath, then said, “Zhao Zheng Yi said he’s at Long Xiao4 Yun’s house. I didn’t think…”

    He immediately grabbed the woman’s hand, asking, “How did you find him?”

    She said, “I heard it from the Old Turtle, said he and Li Xun Huan are coming here. So we followed all the way. I originally was afraid of Li Xun Huan, so I didn’t dare to make a move. Who would’ve thought that he left Li Xun Huan?”

    The last person that came in is wearing some ripped-up clothing. He’s the only one of the eight dressed like a person in the martial world, wearing a spear on his back.

    After a while, he stared at the driver and yelled, “Tie Zhuan Jia, Do you still remember me?”

    Tie Zhuan Jia nodded, “How are you…”

    That person said, “I’m doing great. Since I’ve never done anything immoral, I never had to hide all the time. So my days must be better than yours, right?”

    The freckled guy said, “Third brother, why are you still talking to him? Just kill him now. Kill him to sacrifice to the big brother.”

    Bian Hao responded, “Seventh brother. What you’re saying is wrong. Yes we are here to kill someone. But we have to do it formally, so no one can say anything about it.”

    The blind man added, “We all ready waited for seventeen years, a bit longer won’t kill us.”

    After saying this phrase twice, no one can say anything anymore.

    The one-eyed woman asked, “How are we going to do that then?”

    Bian Hao said, “Not only do we have to get the whole story right, we also have to find an judge. If everyone thinks that this Tie guy should die, then we can kill him.”

    The freckled man jumped up, saying, “Why all the fuss? I won’t believe there’s a single person who’d feel that he doesn’t deserve to die!”

    The blind man said coldly, “If that’s the case, then what’s the problem with asking?”

    The freckled man bit his teeth, then said, “Who do you plan on asking?”

    Bian Hao said, “The person I’ve invited not only is totally objective, but also has nothing to do with us ‘Eight Righteous of Central Plains’ or Tie Zhuan Jia.”

    “Just say who it is.”

    Bian Hao said, “The first person is ‘Totally Objective Iron Face’ Zhao Zheng Yi. This person is…”

    Tie Zhuan Jia suddenly laughed, “You people don’t have to go through all that trouble. Just kill me and get it over with. I admit that I betrayed Weng Tian Jie, so I do not regret dying today.”

    The one-eyed woman said, “Looks like he doesn’t seem to like this Zhao Zheng Yi.”

    The blind man said, “Since Zhao Zheng Yi told third brother of his location, they must’ve had some problems. So how can he be objective in this matter?”

    Bian Hao said, “It’s still ok, because I found two more people in addition to him. One is the ‘Fast Brush’ elder. This person is considered the best writer today. Plus he has absolutely no relationship with the martial world. The third is a new kid…”

    The one-eyed woman said, “What could a new kid know?”

    Bian Hao said, “Although this person is new to the martial world, he has a strong personality, can be considered a true man. Although I’ve only known him for two days, I know that he’s definitely trustworthy!”

    The one-eyed woman said with a cold laugh. “You know what kind of person he is in just two days? Looks like your habit of making friends didn’t change.”

    She then added, “It was you who way back when brought this Tie guy here, saying that he’s a good person. If we hadn’t became friends with him, then how could Weng Tian Jie die so early?”

    Bian Huo lowered his head and did not speak anymore.

    But the blind man said, “No matter what, it’s good to get some witnesses. We should not kill for no reason.”

    He laughed, then said, “Since third brother already brought them here, then we should invite them inside.”

    Tie Zhuan Jie swore to never open his eyes again. He really didn’t want to see that Zhao Zheng Yi’s face again.

    He decided to not say a single word either.

    He then heard footsteps. Two people came in.

    The first one’s footsteps are very heavy, showing great inner power. ‘South fist North Legs’. Zhao Zheng Yi is from the north, so most of his kung fu has to do with his legs. The second person breathed pretty hard, showing that even if he knows kung fu, it’s not that great. He did not heard a third person’s steps.

    Could it be that the third person’s footsteps have no sound?

    The blind person got up, then said, “Due to a little misfortune of one of our brothers from long ago, we had to ask three people to come here. Then wait in the snowstorm. I’m terribly sorry about everything.”

    His voice is flat. The speed neither fast nor slow. No one can tell if his words are genuine or just pretending.

    Only to hear Zhao Zheng Yi said with a booming voice, “In order to bring justice to the martial world, I would even be willing to die. Mr. Yi[the blind guy] do not need to be so thoughtful.

    When this person speaks, it’s bound to be bright and virtuous. But Tie Zhuan Jia just want to vomit when he hears it.

    Only to hear another person speak with a calm but crisp voice. “I’m only a scholar. But I have heard stories of gallant heroes in the martial world. I’m grateful that people here think enough of me to be a judge here.”

    The blind man said, “I hope you will write this whole story as told, so when others bring it up, they would know that what we did was right.”

    The old scholar said, “Of course. When I get back, I’ll certainly write down the whole truth. When Mr. Bian asked me to come, he also had this in mind.”

    Tie Zhuan Jia finally understood why Bian Huo invited this person here. He felt respect for Bian Huo for being so meticulous.

    Only to hear the one-eyed woman said, “But who is this gentleman here? Can you tell us your name?”

    This question is aimed at the third person.

    The third person did not speak. But Bian Huo replied, “My friend here doesn’t like others to know his name.”

    The blind man said coldly, “His name has nothing to do with this anyway. If he doesn’t want to say, then we don’t need to ask. But he should know our names.”

    Bian Huo immediately said, “We are eight brothers, called ‘Eight Righteous of Central Plains’ by our friends in the martial world. But they’re really making too big a deal out of it.”

    The blind person cut in, “They’re not exaggerating. Although our kung fu and looks might not be stand out, we do things with righteousness as our number one priority.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Who doesn’t know the famous ‘Eight Righteous of Central Plains’?”

    The blind man said, “I am second brother Yi Ming Hu. I used to be called, ‘Lighting Quick Eyes’. Now…” He continued with a smile, “Now I’m called ‘Have Eyes but no Eyeballs’.”

    The doctor said, “I believe you know my third brother ‘Fast Horse Amazing Spear’ Bian Hao. I’m the fourth brother. My name is Jin Feng Bai.”

    The scholar said, “From your voice, it seems like you’re from Nan Yang.”


    The scholar said, “There’s a Jin family medicine shop* in Nan Yang that’s very famous. I even bought some medicine there once. Are you…”
    Jin Feng Bai laughingly said, “What’s the big deal? Even the Wan family’s young master is now selling chicken feet.”

    The old scholar asked, “And who would that be?”

    The wine-seller said, “Obviously me.”

    [Note: chicken feet is a famous dish to serve with wine. So some wine-sellers sell chicken feet too. I personally can’t drink, so I never get all these special dishes that are suppose to ‘go with wine’. Chicken feet is just nasty, in my opinion.]

    The freckled man then added, “I’m the seventh brother, called Gong Sun Yu. Because my freckles are tighter than raindrops [‘Yu’ means rain in Chinese].”

    The vegetable seller said, “I’m the eighth brother.”

    The scholar asked, “But where is your big brother?”

    Gong Sun Yu said, “My big brother Weng Tian Hao was killed. This is his wife, Mrs. Weng. But you should also remember her name.”

    The scholar smiled along, “Although I am an old man, my memory is still fairly good.”

    Mrs. Weng said, “We want you to remember our names not to become more famous, but so we can spread our sad tale. This way, people in the martial world will know the truth.”

    Gong Sun Yu added, “This person is called Tie Chuan Jia. He’s the person who killed our big brother!”

    Jin Feng Bai said, “Our eight brothers had always been very close. Although we all have our things to do, we always gather every new year at our big brother’s house.”

    Zhang Cheng Xun added, “The eight of us originally were happy together, so none of us really bothered to seek other friends. But on that year, third brother brought a person to the annual gathering. He said that person was his friend.”

    Gong Sun Yu cut in bitterly, “This person is the ungrateful bastard that would betray friends for money, Tie Chuan Jia.”

    Jin Bai Feng said, “Big brother was a person who’s not afraid of death. When he saw that Tie Chuan Jie look like a real man, he treated Tie Chuan Jie as a friend too. Who’d have thought that he’s not a man, but rather a dog!”

    Zhang Cheng Xun said, “After the new year we all left. But big brother wanted him to stay two extra months. It was at this time that he secretly contacted some of big brother’s enemies. They attacked at night, killing big brother. Although his wife did not die, she still suffered major injuries.”

    Mrs. Weng yelled, “Do you see this scar on my face? This cut almost split my face in half. If they didn’t think I was already dead, I could not have escaped.”

    Gong Sun Yu said, “That day everyone else in the house died, so no one knows who did it.”

    Jin Feng Bai said, “When we found out, we immediately dropped everything and vowed revenge. Fortunately, Heaven has eyes...”

    Mrs. Weng said, “Now that we have told our story. Please say if this person deserve to die or not.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “If you say the truth, then even if we slice him into a thousand pieces, it would still not make up for his crime.”

    Gong Sun Yu jumped up and said angrily, “Every single word is the truth. If you don’t believe us, ask him yourself.”

    Tie Chuan Jia said while bitting his teeth, “I’ve said long before. I am ashamed of my actions. So I am willing to die.”

    Gong Sun Yu then yelled, “See! He admits it himself!”

    The scholar said, “He really is very vicious and devious.”

    Mrs. Weng said, “If this is the case, then the three of you must all believe he deserve to die, right?”

    The scholar said, “Yes!”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Not just kill him, but cut him into a thousand pieces, to bring back righteousness to the martial world.”

    Only to hear another voice say, “You keep saying ‘martial world’. Do you represent the martial world?”

    This voice is crisp and direct. Each world like a sword, cold and fast.

    This is the first time he spoke in this room. He must be that ‘third’ person who can walk without sound.

    Tie Chuan Jia’s heart suddenly jumped. He realized that he knows this voice.

    He couldn’t help but open his eyes, finding out that the person by Zhao Zheng Yi’s side is that lonely youngster, Ah Fei!”

    Master Fei? Why are you here?

    Tie Chuan Jia almost blurted out those words. But he held his mouth.

    But Zhao Zheng Yi’s mood changed. “Does this mean that you feel he shouldn’t die?”

    Ah Fei said coldly, “If I feel that he doesn’t deserve to die, will you kill me too?”

    Yi Ming Hu said, “We brought you here for justice. If you can give us a good reason to let him go, we will do so immediately.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “I think he just wants to stir up trouble. Why bother to reason with him?”

    Ah Fei looked at him. Then said calmly, “You say he betrayed his friends for riches, but aren’t you the same? That day at Weng’s house, aren’t you also one of the attackers? It’s just that Mrs. Weng did not see you!”

    The brothers all look shocked, asking, “Is he saying the truth?”

    Ah Fei said, “He wants to kill this person only to silence him!”

    Zhao Zheng Yi originally was very calm, but now he started to shiver.


    Angrily, he almost started to use obscenities . But then realized at the last second that such words aren’t useful.

    [Actually the half spoken obscenity is ‘let out your mom’s dog fart’. But it has the same effect as saying BS. ^_^]

    Instead he said with a cold smile.”I never realized that such a youngster like you can lie so well. Good thing these are your words alone. No one will believe you!”

    Ah Fei said, “Really? But why should we believe their words then?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Mr. Tie has admitted his guilt. Didn’t you hear?”

    Ah Fei said, “I heard.”

    Before he finished those words, his sword is already at Zhao Zheng Yi’s throat!

    Zhao Zheng Yi has been through hundreds of battles. It’s not easy to sneak up on him. Yet for some reason, he could even see how this youngster pulled out his sword!

    He just saw a blur, and the sword is already at his throat. He froze, then said, “What... what do you want?”

    Ah Fei said, “I just want to ask you. That day at Weng’s house, were you there?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi yelled angrily, “You’re crazy!”

    Ah Fei said calmly, “If you don’t admit it, then I’ll just have to kill you!”

    He said those words with a normal tone, as if he’s just joking.

    Sweat poured down Zhao Zheng Yi face. “I... I...”

    Ah Fei said, “You better answer correctly. Pray that you don’t say a single wrong word.”

    Everyone had seen the sword on Ah Fei’s waist. They all thought it was pretty funny. But now, no one still feel that way.

    Ah Fei kept on talking. “This is the last time I’m going to ask you. I will not repeat again! Did you kill Weng Tian Hao?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi could not help but say quietly, “Yes...”

    When he said these words, the brothers were simply shocked beyond belief.

    Ah Fei suddenly smiled, said, “Please don’t worry. He had nothing to do with Weng Tian Hao’s death.”

    Now the brothers just stared at him.

    Ah Fei said, “I just wanted to present a point. That is, when a person admits his guilt under pressure, it useless to use it as evidence!”

    But the brothers asked, “When did we pressure him?”

    “Did you think we beat him until he admitted?”

    “If that’s the case, why doesn’t he say anything?”

    Yi Ming Hu suddenly said, “Tie Chuan Jia, if you feel that you’ve wronged, please say so now.”

    Tie Chuan Jia just bit his teeth tightly, his face filled with pain.

    Mrs. Weng said, “Since you have nothing to say, it means you’ve admit it. We never put a sword to your throat.”

    Tie Chuan Jia sighed, “Master Fei. I really have nothing to say. I’m sorry that your kindness is in vain.”

    Ah Fei said, “No matter what he says, I still do not believe he’s that kind of person.”

    Gong Sun Yu said, “Look at the facts. You can’t argue with it.”

    Mrs. Weng laughed coldly. “Who cares if he doesn’t believe us. Why should we care about him?”

    Jin Feng Bai said, “That’s right. This has nothing to do with him anyway.”

    Mrs. Weng said angrily, “Who do you think you are? Minding our business.”

    The doctor said, “So what if I hurt him? What are you going to do?”

    The doctor usually say the least words. And move the quickest. Before he finished, his axe has already cut down. The move, ‘Splitting Mount Hua’, is what he’s most famous for. Tie Chuan Jia just sat there, only waiting for the axe to split him in two.

    The scholar gasped, knowing he’ll see blood.

    Who’d have thought that at this moment, the sword shined, instantly cutting the axe in half. The top fell before Tie Chuan Jia. The brothers all saw this sequence, no one could believe their eyes. Before anyone can speak, Ah Fei’s sword has reached the throat of that doctor.

    When Ah Fei attacked Zhao Zheng Yi, everyone thought it wasn’t a big deal, as it’s a sneak attack. But when he made this move, everyone could not help but look shocked.

    They just can’t believe that such a fast sword exists!

    Yet Ah Fei just act as if everything’s normal. He pulled Tie Chuan Jia up, then said. “Let’s go drink some wine.”

    Gong Sun Yu, Jin Feng Bai, and Bian Hao all blocked their bath.

    Jin Feng Bai said, “Do you want to leave now? I don’t think it’s that easy.”

    Ah Fei said calmly, “What do you want me to do? Do you want me to kill you?”

    Yi Ming Hu suddenly sighed, “Let him go.”

    Mrs. Weng said, “How can we let him go? All that effort wasted...”

    Yi Ming Hu continued, “You can go. This is the way the martial world is anyway. Whoever has the fastest sword is right!”

    Ah Fei said, “Thanks for your word of advice. I will never forget it.”

    Mrs. Weng is already in tears. “How can we let him go... How can we let him go!”

    Yi Ming Hu still did not show any emotions. “What do you want then? Do you really want him to kill us all?”

    Bian Hao said, “Second brother is right. As long as we stay alive, we can get our revenge later.”

    Mrs. Weng suddenly went over and grabbed his shirt. “You have the guts to talk? This is another one of your ‘friend’. It’s the second time...”

    Bian Hao said, “You’re right. I did bring him. I will hold myself accountable.” As he said this, he left the room.

    Mrs. Weng gasped, then yelled, “Third brother. Come back!”

    But when she chased him out the room, he’s already nowhere to be seen.

    Yi Ming Hu sighed, then said. “Let him go. Hopefully, he can find that friend of his.”

    Jin Feng Bai’s eyes brightened. “You mean...”

    Yi Ming Hu said, “Since you know who I’m talking about, why bother asking?”

    Jin Feng Bai said, “If third brother really can find him, then no matter how fast this youngster is, he still won’t escape.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi suddenly laughed. “Actually, Mr. Bian do not need to find that person.”


    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “In the next two days, three people will come here. Even if that youngster has three heads and six arms, I can still guarantee that all three heads will come off!”

    Jin Feng Bai asked, “Which three?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “If I said their names, you’d probably all be shocked.”

    End of Chapter 11

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    Chapter 12 Both are Heart-Broken People

    Although it’s still noon, the sky is as cloudy as dusk.

    Ah Fei walked calmly, just as the way he walked when Tie Chuan Jia first saw him. Still so lonely, so worn out.

    But now Tie Chuan Jia knows. If there was danger, this youngster would immediately become alert. Walking besides him, Tie Chuan Jia wanted to say so many things, but doesn’t know where to start. Li Xun Huan never talked much. And being with Li Xun Huan for so many years, he knows how to use silence to replace words. He only said two words, “Thank you.”

    He immediately realized that even these two words aren’t necessary. Because Ah Fei and Li Xun Huan are the same. One never has to use the words ‘Thank you’ in front of them.

    There’s a pavilion here. Ah Fei walked over to it, then suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you tell them the truth?”

    Tie Chuan Jia thought for a long time, then sighed, “There are some things I would rather die than say.”

    Ah Fei said, “You really are a great friend, but you’re wrong about one thing.”

    “What’s that?”

    Ah Fei said, “You think that since life is your own’s, you have the right to die!”

    “So am I wrong?”

    Ah Fei said, “Of course it’s wrong.”

    He suddenly turned around, staring at Tie Chuan Jia, then said, “When someone is born, it’s not to die.”

    Tie Chuan Jia said, “You’re right. If it weren’t for dire circumstances...”

    Ah Fei said, “Even if you must die, you still have to do anything you can to live.”

    He continued to stare at Tie Chuan Jia, said crisply, “God has done much for you. What have you done for him?”


    “In order to raise you, your mother and father must have given so much. What have you done for them?”

    Tie Chuan Jia can only lower his head.

    Ah Fei said, “You know that some things can never be spoken. If you say it, then you’ll be betraying a friend. But if you simply die like this, aren’t you betraying your parents, betraying God?”

    Tie Chuan Just stared into the sky, then said, “I was wrong. I was wrong...”

    He looks as if he suddenly made a big decision. “I didn’t want to say it, because...”

    Ah Fei cut him off, “I trust you. You don’t have to explain.”

    Tie Chuan Jia could not help asking, “But how can you be sure that I did not do what they claimed?”

    Ah Fei said, “I just know.”

    His eyes very bright, filled with confidence. Then he continued, “This might be because I grew up in the wild. So like beasts, I have a knack for distinguishing between good and evil.”

    In Li Xun Huan’s mind, if there’s one thing worse than not being able to drink, it’s to drink with annoying people.

    He feels that of the people here, all are extremely annoying. Comparatively speaking, You Long Sheng is actually the best of the bunch. At least he doesn’t kiss up to others.

    So all he can do is pretend to be sick.

    Long Xiao4 Yun knows his temper, so he did not say anything. Therefore, Li Xun Huan simply lied on his bed, waiting for night to fall.

    He knows that lots of interesting things will happen tonight.

    When he thought of the date with Lin Xin Er tonight, his eyes brightened. But when he thought of Tie Chuan Jia, he became gloomy again.

    It’s finally dark.

    Just as Li Xun Huan got up, he heard light footsteps in the snow outside. So he immediately lied back down again.

    Just at this moment, the footsteps have reached the window.

    Li Xun Huan did not do anything. He didn’t ask who it is. Since the person was afraid to come in, he can’t be Long Xiao4 Yun. Long Xiao4 Yun would never pace outside the room.

    So who could it be?

    Shi Yin?

    All the blood in his body shot up to his head. He couldn’t help but shiver. But then the person outside lightly coughed.

    “Is brother Li already asleep?”

    This is the voice of You Long Sheng. Li Xun Huan let out a sigh of relief. He doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

    You Long Sheng came in and sat down. His eyes never looking once at Li Xun Huan. Li Xun Huan lit up the candle, and suddenly saw that the youngster’s face is pale.

    Li Xun Huan asked with a smile, “Do you want tea, or wine?”

    You Long Sheng said, “Wine.”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “Good. I never keep tea in my room.”

    You Long Sheng immediately drank three cups. Then asked, “Do you know why I’m drinking wine?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You probably don’t have any to be sad about, so could it be to gain courage?”

    You Long Sheng stared at him. Then suddenly burst out laughing.

    At this moment, he pulled out the sword on his waist.

    He suddenly stopped laughing. Then asked, “Do you recognize this sword?”

    Li Xun Huan lightly touched the side of the sword, then said, “Excellent sword!”

    You Long Sheng’s eyes flickered. “Since brother Li is also a sword expert, I’m sure you know that this sword is one of the most famous in the world.”

    He looked at the sword and said, “This is the ‘Love Snatching Sword’ used by the famous Di Wu Zi 300 years ago. But I’m sure brother Li has not heard of the story behind it, right?”

    “Please do tell.”

    “Di Wu Zi was madly in love with his sword, so he did not fall in love with a woman until he’s middle-aged. They planned on getting married. But a few days before the wedding, he found his fiancee and his good friend ‘Sabre God’ Peng Qiong meet secretly. In his anger, he killed Peng Qiong with this sword. Then the sword became his sole companion, for he no longer cared for marriage.”

    He looked at Li Xun Huan. “You might think that this is a simple, straightforward, boring story. However, it is true story.”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, then said, “I just feel that while this Di Wu Zi is an excellent swordsman, he’s a bit narrow-minded. Why would a true man jeopardize friendship over a woman?”

    You Long Sheng also smiled, then said, “Yet I seem to feel that he is a true man. Only a true man will fall so deeply in love.”

    Li Xun Huan chuckled. “I’m thinking you want to emulate Di Wu Zi from 300 years ago, right?”

    You Long Sheng stared at Li Xun Huan with icy cold eyes, then said coldly, “This depends on whether brother Li wants to emulate ‘Sabre God’ Peng Qiong from 300 years ago!”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “You know, the moon is very beautiful tonight. Why would you disrupt such a nice scenery with such words?”

    You Long Sheng said, “In that case, I take it you’ll definitely go there tonight!”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If I leave a girl like Ms. Lin to watch the moon alone tonight, I’d feel like a criminal.”

    You Long Sheng’s pale face suddenly turned red. His anger readily apparent. The sword turned, aiming at the side of Li Xun Huan’s neck.

    Yet Li Xun Huan still kept his smile. “With your swordsmanship, you’re not quite good enough to emulate Di Wu Zi.”

    You Long Sheng said angrily, “I don’t even need to use my full abilites to kill you.”

    Even as they speak You Long Sheng has attacked ten times.

    Only to hear the sound of sword splitting the wind, quick and loud. The wine cups on the table have all been shattered the wind generated by the sword. Wine spilled all over the floor. Although his each sword stroke faster than the last, Li Xun Huan just seemingly stood there. As if nothing’s happening. Every single stroke missed.

    You Long Sheng bit his teeth. His strokes made with more and more urgency.

    He saw that Li Xun Huan’s hands are empty. So each sword stroke was made to keep Li Xun Huan from using his dagger.

    Yet Li Xun Huan doesn’t seem to any intention of using his dagger, instead waited for this set of attacks to end. Then he suddenly smiled, said, “For someone your age, your sword skills are amazing. However, for someone with a father and a teacher like you, if you were to travel around, your teacher and father’s reputations would be shattered.”

    Incredibly enough, he still talks freely even while under a barrage of attacks. You Long Sheng became more and more impatient and angry. Yet for some reason, his strokes always miss Li Xun Huan’s clothes.

    When he tried to attack Li Xun Huan’s throat, Li Xun Huan would twist his body left. When he tried to change his aim to the left, he’d find that Li Xun Huan did not really move.
    So although all his attacks are some of the most deadly in the world, they could still not harm Li Xun Huan.

    You Long Sheng bit his teeth tightly, his next stroke aimed directly at Li Xun Huan’s chest. Thinking, “No matter what you do this time, I would not fall for your tricks anymore.”

    After getting tricked by Li Xun Huan so many times, he determined that he will not change the direction of his attack anymore.

    Only to see Li Xun Huan’s left shoulder moved slightly, twisting his body to the right. This time he really did move! You Long Sheng missed again.

    At this moment, Li Xun Huan flicked his fingers at the side of the sword.

    You Long Sheng suddenly felt a powerful vibration. His whole body instantly became paralyzed, unable to control his sword. The sword then suddenly shot out of his hand, out the window, and into the woods.

    Li Xun Huan’s still just standing there. His feet hasn’t moved an inch all this time.

    You Long felt all his blood rushing to his head, then all dropped back down to his feet. His whole body became cold. Li Xun Huan tapped his shoulder with a smile, then said, “Your sword is very precious. You should go get it.”

    You Long Sheng stomped his feet. Then turned around and rushed out. But suddenly stopped. He said, “If... if you have guts, wait a year. A year later I’ll come to seek my revenge.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “A year? I’m afraid a year won’t be enough.”

    He then added, “You have nice potential. Your swordsmanship is also pretty good. The problem is your temper. You’re too impatient and proud. So when you meet a foe stronger than you, you immediately fall apart. Actually, if you had patience today, it’s quite possible for you to injure me.” You Long Sheng’s eyes immediately brightened, but before he can say anything, Li Xun Huan continued, “But patience is something easier said than done. So if you want to beat me, you need at least seven years!”

    Li Xun Huan then said with a smile, “You can go now. Go practice for seven years and then come to seek your revenge. Seven years is not a long time.”

    The night resumed its peacefulness.

    Li Xun Huan looked at the night sky through the window, stood there quietly for a long time. Then said into the distance, “Youngster, you shouldn’t hate me. Actually, I’m trying to save you. If you stay with Lin Xian Er, she’ll ruin your life.”

    He brushed off the dust on his clothes, then walked out the room.

    He knows that Lin Xian Er is waiting for him, and that she also prepared another trick. He’s quite intrigued as to what she has in mind.

    When You Long Sheng left, he’s no longer that proud, that cold. He told Li Xun Huan, “If you really like Lin Xian Er, you’ll regret it. She’s already mine. We’ve already had...had... Why would you wear my old shoes?”

    Yet Li Xun Huan just smiled. “Old shoes are always more comfortable than new ones.”

    When he thought of You Long Sheng’s expression as he left, he felt very sympathetic, yet also kind of funny. But is Lin Xian Er really that kind of a girl?

    As he walked out the door, he suddenly saw light coming from the forest.

    Two servants came, each with a lantern, and are whispering to each other, and secretly laughing. Yet when they saw Li Xun Huan, they stopped whispering and laughing.

    Yet Li Xun Huan instead started to chuckle, he asked, “Did Ms. Lin ask you to come get me?”

    The servant on the left is a bit older and taller. She said, “Actually, it’s our Lady who wants to meet Mr. Li.”

    Li Xun Huan shockingly said, “Lady?”

    He then asked nervously, “Which lady?”

    The younger servant could not help but chuckle. “There’s only one Lady in this house.”

    Li Xun Huan’s body is still there, but his mind has already wondered outside the forest. Flew into that little building...

    Ten years ago, he constantly went there. He remembers that the table there always has his favorite food.

    As Li Xun Huan walk hastily, he’s back at this little building again.

    The light upstairs is very pleasant. The same as it was ten years ago. Even the snow on the ceiling are just as lovely as they were ten years ago.

    However, ten years still passed...

    It’s ten years that can never be taken back.

    Li Xun Huan just couldn’t get up his courage to go up the stairs.

    Yet he has to go.

    No matter why she asked him to come, he has no reason to reject her.

    He froze immediately upon reaching the top of the stairs.

    Ten long years, all seemed to have disappeared at this very instant. It’s as if he just traveled back to ten years ago. His heart started pounding, like a youngster with his first love. The warmness of ten years ago... The dreams of ten years ago...

    Li Xun Huan wouldn’t dare to keep on thinking. To do so would be betraying Long Xiao4 Yun, as well as himself. He wanted to run away.

    But at this time, he heard someone say from behind the curtain, “Please sit down.”

    The voice is just as beautiful as it was ten years ago. Yet now it’s so distant, so cold. If it weren’t for those familiar dishes on the table, he almost wouldn’t believe that he’s meeting a close friend.

    He can only sit down and say, “Thank you.”

    Then a person came out from the back room.

    Li Xun Huan almost stopped breathing. The person coming out is only a child. He’s still wearing the same red clothes, yet his face as white as a sheet of paper.

    The voice from behind the curtain said, “Don’t forget what mom just told you. Go pour a cup of wine for your uncle Li.”

    The red child said, “Yes.”

    Li Xun Huan doesn’t know what do think or say. Even though he did nothing wrong, he could still not help but feel like a criminal in front of this child.

    Shi Yin, Shi Yin. Is the purpose of your invitation to torture me?

    How could he possibly drink this wine? Yet how could he not drink it?”

    The red child said, “Although your nephew can no longer practice kung fu anymore, a true man cannot live under his parents his whole life. So I hope uncle Li can teach me some defense skills. So your nephew will not be bullied later in his life.”

    Li Xun Huan sighed inside, then took out his hand. The hand has a small dagger on it.

    Lin Shi Yin said from behind the curtain, “Your uncle has never taught anyone his dagger skills. If you learn it, you won’t have to worry about others bullying you. Go thank your uncle Li.”

    The red child really did kneel on the ground, said, “Thank you uncle Li.”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, but he thought, “Nothing beats the love a mother has for her child. Yet I wonder how a child treats his mother?”

    The servant has taken away the child, yet Lin Shi Yin is still behind the curtain. She would not let Li Xun Huan leave.

    Li Xun Huan has always been a very confident person. Yet for some strange reason, he could only sit there like an idiot.

    The night becomes even darker.

    Is Lin Xian Er still waiting for him?

    Lin Shi Yin suddenly asked, “Do you have something you need to do?”

    Li Xun Huan replied, “”

    Lin Shi Yin paused for a second, then said, “You must’ve seen Xian Er already.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “One or two times.”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “She’s a poor child. She grew up in a bad environment. If you’ve seen her dad, you’d know what I mean.”

    “I know.”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “One year I went to the ‘Sacrifice Cliff’ to pray, I saw her about to jump down the cliffs. So I saved her... Do you know why she wanted to jump off the cliff?”

    Li Xun Huan replied, “No.”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “Because of her father’s illness.”

    Li Xun Huan could only sit there.

    Lin Shi Yin continued, “Not only is she very smart and pretty, she’s also very proud. She knows that she’s from a poor family, and need to rely on others for many things. She’s always afraid that others would look down on her.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I’m thinking no one would look down upon her today, right?”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “This is due to her perseverance over the years. Unfortunately, she’s still too young, her heart’s too soft. I’m always afraid that she would fall for other people’s tricks.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed bitterly. “If others won’t fall for her tricks, I’d be happy.”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “I just want her to find a good husband, and not get duped without knowing what’s going on. Then live in pain for the rest of her life.”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a second, then asked, “Why are you saying this to me?”

    Lin Shi Yin thought for a second, then said, “Why am I saying this to you, you don’t know?”

    He did indeed figured it all out.

    The reason Lin Shi Yin kept him here is to prevent his meeting with Lin Xian Er. Obviously, You Long Sheng told her this.

    Lin Shi Yin said, “No matter what, we’re old friends. I want to ask you a favor.”

    Li Xun Huan’s heart felt cold, yet he still smiled. “You don’t want me to go see Lin Xian Er.”


    Li Xun Huan took a deep breath, then said, “You... you think I like her?”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “I don’t care how you feel about her. Just do me this favor.”

    Li Xun Huan finished the whole cup of wine in front of him in one gulp, then said, “You’re right. I’m an useless wanderer. If I were to see her, I’d be hurting her...”

    End of Chapter 12

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    Chapter 13: Strange Disaster

    Lin Shi Yin said, "So you agree?"

    Li Xun Huan bit his teeth. "But don't you know that I've always liked to hurt people?"

    He got up and said, "Good night."

    Lin Shi Yin's said with a trembling voice, "Since you've already left, why come back again? We've been living so peacefully. Why... why come back and cause us trouble?"

    Li Xun Huan needed all his energy to keep his mouth closed. Yet his lips still tremble.

    Lin Shi Yin's voice suddenly became venomous. "Is it not enough that you've ruined my son? Do you have to ruin her too?"

    Her face is just that pale, that beautiful. Her eyes filled with distress, with pain. She has never lost her composure in front of anyone else before.

    Could all this be just for Lin Xian Er?

    Li Xun Huan did not turn back.

    He doesn't have the courage to turn back, to look at her.

    He walked quickly down the stairs, then said calmly, "Actually, you didn't really have to plead with me. Because I don't like her one bit!"

    Lin Shi Yin watched as he left. Her body suddenly lost all energy as she fell to the floor.

    The pond has turned into ice. There's a bridge over the pond.

    Li Xun Huan sat on the side of the bridge, staring aimlessly at the pond.

    His heart just like this pond.

    He could see light coming from Lin Xian Er's room far away. Is Lin Xian Er still waiting for him?

    He knows that there's a reason why Lin Xian Er asked him to go. He also knows that if he goes, lots of interesting things will happen. Yet he still just sat there, staring at the candlelight far away.

    He started to cough endlessly again.

    Suddenly, he saw a shadow from that house. Li Xun Huan immediately gathered himself and flew over.

    His steps are quick beyond description. Yet he by the time he got there, the shadow had already disappeared.

    Li Xun Huan wondered to himself, “Did I make a mistake?”

    He opened the window, then said softly, “Ms. Lin.”

    There’s no response.

    Li Xun Huan looked around. He saw wine spilled all over the floor. Then on the table, he saw a single plum flower!

    The Plum Flower Bandit!

    Could Lin Xian Er be in the hands of the Plum Flower Bandit?

    Li Xun Huan picked up the wine cup, sweat came out of his palms.

    At this instant, he heard a faint sound, and the candlelight immediately went out. Then came countless hidden weapons from all directions.

    Yet of all the hidden weapons in the world, which can come close to Little Li’s Dagger!

    Li Xun Huan twisted his body, his hands already caught 18 weapons. The rest bounced off his foot.

    He then heard a loud shout from outside.

    “Plum Flower Bandit. You can’t escape. Come out and die!”

    “No matter how good you are, we can still make you die a terrible death!”

    “I won’t lie to you. Seventh Master Tian from Luo Yang is here. Plus Mr. Gong Sun, the Venerable Zhao, and Fourth Master Long.

    Li Xun Huan shook his head, then said silently, “Tian Qi* really did came.”

    *[Tian Qi is Seventh Master Tian. “Qi” means seven.]

    Then he heard someone said, “Since you’re here, why don’t you come out?”

    Li Xun Huan coughed lightly, then spoke with a thick voice, “Since you’re all here, why don’t you come in?”

    People outside start to talk among themselves, “Looks like this guy wants to lure us into the room.”

    Then one booming voice rose above the chatter. “The Plum Flower Bandit can only sneak around in the dark. Why would he have the guts to meet us?” Everyone else also immediately echoed this, trying to get the person inside to come out.

    Then they heard, “Right, the Plum Flower Bandit does tend to sneak around, but what does that have to do with me?”

    That booming voice then said, “If you’re not the Plum Flower Bandit, then who are you?”

    Another voice said, “Mr. Gong Sun, why bother to ask him? The venerable Zhao could not have been mistaken. This person must be the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    Li Xun Huan suddenly burst out laughing. “Zhao Zheng Yi, I knew this was all your doing.” In the middle of the laugh, he shot out the window and into the crowd. Everyone took a step backward.

    Then Long Xiao4 Yun said loudly, “Everyone stop. This is my brother Li Xun Huan!”

    Li Xun Huan looked immediately at Zhao Zheng Yi. He said with a smile, “Mr. Zhao really has great eyesight. If my hands and feet weren’t so agile, I’m afraid I’d already be the Plum Flower Bandit’s dead body double.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi’s face is pure green. He said coldly, “Someone hid here in the middle of the night. If I don’t think that person is the Plum Flower Bandit, then who could it be? How could I know that you’re suddenly no longer ill, then secretly came here.”

    Li Xun Huan said calmly, “I don’t have to secretly come here. I can go anywhere I want. Besides, How could the venerable Zhao know that the lady did not invite me here?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi laughed. “I don’t know what your relationship is with Ms. Lin. But everyone knows that Ms. Lin could not possibly come here tonight.”


    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “In order to avoid the Plum Flower Bandit, she moved out earlier today.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If that’s the case, you can at least make sure you’ve got the right person before attacking.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “In order to beat people like the Plum Flower Bandit, one must take the initiative. Otherwise, we run the risk of him escaping.”

    All his words are logical and righteous. They sound irrefutable.

    Li Xun Huan laughed loudly. “Very nice ‘taking the initiative’. Looks like if I died today in your hands, I can only blame it on bad luck, and not you.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun coughed twice, then forced a smile. “It’s easy for one to make a mistake in the middle of the night. Besides...”

    Zhao Zheng Yi then said coldly, “Besides, maybe I didn’t make a mistake.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Oh? So you’re saying that I am the Plum Flower Bandit?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi laughed. “Maybe, maybe not. Everyone only knows that the Plum Flower Bandit’s lightness kung fu is very good. His speed amazing. But whether his name is Zhang, or Li, no one knows.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You’re right. My lightness kung fu is certainly quite nice. My speed also decent. The time the Plum Flower Bandit reappeared is about the same time I came back. If I’m not the Plum Flower Bandit, then something must be wrong.”

    He chuckled. Then stared at Zhao Zheng Yi. “Yet if you’re so certain that I’m the Plum Flower Bandit, then why don’t you capture me now?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “It doesn’t matter when I capture you. Besides, I have Tian Qi and Muo Yun here. Do you really think you can escape?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun’s face turned pale. He said, “Come on. We’re just joking around, right? Let’s not be serious. I can promise everyone that he’s not the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “No one can joke about something like this. You two haven’t seen each other in such a long time. How could you be so sure?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “But... but I know what kind of person he is.”

    One person suddenly said, “You might know a person, but you don’t know his heart. Fourth Master Long surely must’ve heard of this saying.”

    This person is thin as a stick. His face shriveled, looking like ill old man. Yet his voice is crispy clear. This is the famous Gong Sun Muo Yun.”

    Another person appeared behind him. This person looking like a rich young master. He chuckled and said, “That’s right. I, Tian Qi, has been a long time friend of Li Xun Huan. Yet when something like this happens, I can only set aside our friendship.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Although I have many friends. Yet I don’t think I’ve ever had a friend in such a high place as Tian Qi.”

    Tian Qi’s face changed. His eyes screamed murder.

    Everyone in the martial world knows that when he wants to kill, he’ll immediately attack. Yet for some reason, he still just stood there.

    Only to see Gong Sun Muo Yun, Zhao Zheng Yi, and Tian Qi all surrounding Li Xun Huan. All three look very serious.

    Yet they could only stand there, staring at the dagger in Li Xun Huan’s hand.

    Li Xun Huan didn’t even bother to look at them. He simply said, “I know all three are just itching to kill me now. By killing me, not only do you become incredibly rich and have a gorgeous woman, your name will remain famous for years to come.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Money and women are not important. We’re only killing your for justice in the martial world.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed loudly. “How righteous! How honorable! You really do live up to your nickname, venerable Zhao.”

    He touched the tip of his dagger lightly, then said, “So why don’t you come capture me?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi stared intently at the dagger while remain quiet.

    Li Xun Huan continued, “Oh. I know. Tian Qi’s staff is without equal in the world. Mr. Zhao must be waiting for must be waiting for Tian Qi to go first. So how come Mr. Tian Qi is just standing there?”

    Both of Tian Qi’s hands remained behind him, as if he didn’t hear a single word.

    Li Xun Huan said, “Is Mr. Tian Qi waiting for Mr. Gong Sun to go first? That’s a good idea. Mr. Gong Sun’s 14 Cloud Fist has thousands of variations. Obviously, he should go first.”

    Gong Sun Muo Yun also seemed to have turned deaf, not making a move.

    Li Xun Huan laughed loudly into the air and said, “This is strange. All three wants to kill me. Yet none would make a move. I wonder why?”

    Those three people really are patient. No matter how Li Xun Huan ridicule them, they still just stood there motionless.

    Obviously, all three wanted to kill Li Xun Huan immediately. Yet Little Li’s Flying Dagger never misses. As long as he has the dagger, who would dare move?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun suddenly smiled. “Brother, can’t you see they’re just kidding? Come, let’s go drink some wine.”

    He walked up to Li Xun Huan with a big smile. Then pulled on his wrist.

    Li Xun Huan instantly became shocked, said with a trembled voice, “Big brother you...”

    He wanted to escape from Long Xiao4 Yun’s grab, but it’s too late.

    At this moment, only to hear a faint sound, Tian Qi’s hands came out from his back, a short golden staff appeared, hitting Li Xun Huan directly on the leg.

    Li Xun Huan’s fist, even without his dagger, is among the best in the world. Yet because he was grabbed by Long Xiao Yun, he could not do anything.

    After he dropped to his knees, Gong Sun Muo Yun immediately sealed seven pressure points on his back. Zhao Zheng Yi then followed with a kick, and Li Xun Huan fell back a few feet.
    Long Xiao4 Yun jumped up and yelled, “How could you do this to him? Release him.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said coldly, “We can’t risk such a thing.”

    Tian Qi said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Long.”

    Gong Sun Muo Yun had already blocked Long Xiao4 Yun’s path. Long Xiao4 Yun tried to attack, but Tian Qi’s staff immediately paralyzed his legs.

    Before he can do anything else, Zhao Zheng Yi sealed his pressure point.

    As Long Xiao4 Yun dropped to the floor, he said. “Brother Zhao. How could you...”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Although we’re brothers, justice in the martial world comes before friendship. Hopefully you’ll understand this, so you won’t get dragged down by rotten people like him.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “But he can’t be the Plum Flower Bandit!”

    Gong Sun Muo Yun said, “Fourth Master, you have a good home and a good reputation. People like him aren’t worth your sympathy.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “If you release him, I’ll hold myself accountable for everything.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “What about your wife then? Your son? You would see them get dragged down with you?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun’s whole body shivered.

    Li Xun Huan’s dagger is still in his hand, but he’ll never have a chance to use it!

    Would this true man, real hero, meet such a cruel ending like this?

    Long Xiao4 Yun could not help but shed tears. He said, “Brother, it’s all because of me. I hurt you. Your big brother failed you.”

    The hours before dawn are usually the darkest. Even all the light in the hall could mask the infinite darkness.

    A group of people gathered outside the hall, chattering amongst themselves.

    “Tian Qi really is awesome. Did you see how fast his staff was? Even if Fourth Master Long weren’t there, I bet Li Xun Huan still could not block it.”

    “Besides, he had Mr. Zhao and Mr. Gong Sun by him.”

    “You’re right. No wonder people say that the Venerable Zhao’s feet are worth twenty thousand taels of gold. His kick was stunning.”

    “Yet what about Mr. Gong Sun’s fist? If he didn’t attack so quickly, I bet Li Xun Huan would not falter so quickly.”

    “Mr. Tian, Mr. Zhao, Mr. Gong Sun. Humph, Li Xun Huan really is unlucky to have met these three.”

    “Although that’s all true, but if it weren’t for Fourth Master Long...”

    “What about Fourth Master Long? Could he be more of a friend to Li Xun Huan?”

    “Fourth Master Long really is a true friend. Li Xun Huan is incredibly lucky to have such a brother!”

    Long Xiao4 Yun sat on a red wood chair in the hall. The last words seemed to have stuck in him like needles. His face full of sweat.

    Only to see Li Xun Huan lying there on the floor, coughing endlessly again.

    Long Xiao4 Yun shed a tear. “Brother. It’s all my fault. It’s your bad luck that you’d meet a friend like me. I... I ruined your life.”

    Li Xun Huan did all he can to stop his cough. He forced a smile and said, “Big brother. I just want you to know one thing. If I were to live my life again, I’d still be your best friend.”

    Long Xiao Yun started to cry. “But... if I weren’t holding your hand, how could you... you...”

    Li Xun Huan said sincerely, “I know whatever you do, it’s for my benefit. I can only thank you.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Why don’t you just tell them that you’re not the Plum Flower Bandit? Why do you..”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “Life and death are trivial stuffs. I’ve already lived a full life. Why do I care so much about dying? Why bother to bow down in front of these filthy, annoying people.”

    Tian Qi was listening in on the whole conversation. He looked at them and clapped. “Very nice. Very nice!”

    Gong Sun Muo Yun laughed coldly. “He knows that we would not let him go no matter what, so he can only ridicule us, making himself feel better before death.”

    Li Xun Huan said calmly, “You’re right. At this point, I can only ask for death. Yet now that I no longer have my dagger, why do you still not kill me?”

    Gong Sun Muo Yun’s wrinkled face suddenly turned red.

    Zhao Zheng Yi said loudly, “If we were to kill you now, words might spread around the martial world that we only wanted to kill you for our selfish needs. We need to fairly execute you!”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “Zhao Zheng Yi, I really do deeply admire you. Although your heart’s absolutely disgusting, all your words are bright and righteous. And you can say them with a straight face.”

    Tian Qi said with a laugh. “Mr. Li. You do have guts. If you really want to die so quickly, I have a plan.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I originally wanted to say something to you too. But I didn’t want to stain my mouth.”

    Tian Qi went on as if Li Xun Huan didn’t say anything. “If you want to die a little quicker, just write down that you’re guilty. Then we can provide you with a merciful death.”

    Li Xun Huan didn’t even have to think. “Fine. I say it. You write it.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun hurriedly said, “Brother. You can do this!”

    Li Xun Huan just ignored him. He kept on going. “My crimes are too numerous to speak. I pretend to be righteous when my heart’s evil. I scheme for power, break other people’s friendship, sneak attack on others, use devious methods when fighting, I have no integrity and did tons of horrendous things. Yet I still feel as if I’m a true gentleman!”

    Only to hear a loud sound, as Zhao Zheng Yi slapped him hard on the face!

    Yet Li Xun Huan just smiled. “No matter. I’ll just pretend that I got bitten by a crazy dog.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said angrily, “You bastard. Listen well. Even if I can’t kill you yet, I can still make you wish that you were dead!”

    Li Xun Huan still just laughed. “If I were afraid of you little filthy fake gentleman, I wouldn’t be a true man. Just use whatever torturing method you want!”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said. “Good!”

    Long Xiao4 Yun simply shivered on his seat. He said, “Brother. I’m sorry. You might be a hero, but I’m a coward. I...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “This isn’t your fault, big brother. If I had a son and a wife, I’d do the same thing.”

    At this time Zhao Zheng Yi had already grabbed hold of him, pulling his muscles hard. The pain is excruciating for anyone to endure, yet Li Xun Huan still just smiled.

    At this time, someone said outside, “Ms. Lin, where did you come from? And who’s this friend of yours?”

    Only to see Lin Xian Er’s clothing messed up, with parts torn, walking into the hall.

    By her side is a youngster. Even on such a freezing day, he’s just wearing a thin piece of clothing. Yet his shoulders are still straight. As if nothing in this world can make him bend!

    Yet he’s carrying a dead body.

    Ah Fei!

    Why is Ah Fei here?

    Li Xun Huan’s heart pounded, not knowing whether to be happy or shocked. Yet he suddenly turned away, not wanting Ah Fei to see him like this.

    He doesn’t want Ah Fei to do anything stupid for him.

    Yet Ah Fei still saw him.

    His cold face suddenly lightened up. Then marched towards Li Xun Huan. Zhao Zheng Yi did not block him, for he knows how skillful this youngster is.

    But Gong Sun Muo Yun doesn’t know this. He immediately blocked Ah Fei’s path and said, “Who the hell are you? What do you want to do?”

    Ah Fei said, “To teach you a lesson!”

    When he heard this, Gong Sun Muo Yun attacked.

    Lin Xian Er only looked shockingly at Li Xun Huan, not caring about anyone else. As for Long Xiao4 Yun, he doesn’t really want to do anything anymore.

    Yet oddly enough, Ah Fei didn’t even bother to dodge.

    Only to hear a loud noise as Gong Sun Muo Yun’s fist landed on Ah Fei’s chest. Ah Fei didn’t move an inch, yet Gong Sun Muo Yun was in such pain he bent down on his knees.

    Ah Fei didn’t even bother to look at him, instead walking up to Li Xun Huan and asked, “Is he your friend?”

    Li Xun Huan just smiled. “Do you think I have a friend like him?”

    At this time, Gong Sun Muo Yun attacked again. Suddenly, Ah Fei turned around, and with another loud thud, Gong Sun Muo Yun landed several feet away.

    The crowd couldn’t believe what they’re seeing. No one would believe that the famous Cloud Fist would look like crap in front of this youngster.

    Only Tian Qi laughed loudly. “Friend you are quite fast. The youngsters really is overtaking us old folks.”

    He bowed and said. “My name is Tian Qi. What’s your name. Maybe we can be friends.”

    Ah Fei said, “I don’t have a name. Nor do I care to have a friend like you.”

    Other people’s expressions changed, yet Tian Qi kept on smiling. “Unfortunately, you’re very bad at making friends.”

    Ah Fei said, “Really?”

    Tian Qi pointed at Li Xun Huan and said, “Is he your friend?”


    Tian Qi asked, “Do you know who he is?”

    “I do.”

    Tian Qi chuckled, “Do you also know that he is the Plum Flower Bandit?”

    Ah Fei raised his eyebrows. “Plum Flower Bandit?”

    Tian Qi said, “This really is hard to believe. But one has to accept the truth.”

    Ah Fei stared at him, his stare penetrating his heart.

    Ah Fei said coldly, “He’s definitely is not the Plum Flower Bandit.”


    Ah Fei suddenly dropped the dead person on his shoulders. Then said, “Because this is the real Plum Flower Bandit!”

    The crowd could not help but starting to gather around the corpse.

    This corpse is thin and dry. The knife wounds on his face made it hard to tell who he is.

    Tian Qi laughed again. “You’re saying that this is the real Plum Flower Bandit?”

    Ah Fei said, “Yes.”

    Tian Qi said, “You really are a youngster. Do you really think everyone’s so gullible? Do you think we’ll believe you just by bringing some corpse and say it’s the Plum Flower Bandit?”

    Ah Fei said, “I never lie. And I never get tricked.”

    Tian Qi said, “In that case, how can you prove it?”

    Ah Fei said, “Just look at his mouth!”

    Tian Qi laughed again. “Why should I look at his mouth. Can he talk or something?”

    Everyone else also laughed along. Even if they didn’t think it was very funny, they still laughed along because Tian Qi did.

    Lin Xian Er suddenly came and said, “I know he’s not lying. This person really is the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    Tian Qi said, “Really? Did the corpse tell you?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “That’s right. He told me himself.”

    She didn’t let anyone interrupt her before continuing. “When Qin Zhong died, I can see he died from a very powerful hidden weapon. It’s not too big a deal that he couldn’t dodge this weapon. Yet there’s something fishy if even a master like Wu Wen Tian couldn’t dodge this hidden weapon. Now I know why.”

    Tian Qi’s eyes twitched. “Oh? So why?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “Yes. The secret is in his mouth.”

    She suddenly used a knife to open the corpse’s mouth. There’s a little barrow inside.

    Lin Xian Er said, “It’s only because the weapons came out when he was talking, that no one would guard against such an attack!”

    Tian Qi said, “If he has this barrel in his mouth, how can he talk?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “This is the secret within the secret. He doesn’t need his mouth to talk. Because he can do so with his stomach. His mouth is for killing people!”

    While what she said sound ludicrous, knowledgeable people like Tian Qi knows that such an ability does exist. Supposedly, it came from Persia, and was mainly used as circus tricks. Normally it sounds very weird. Yet if used by a true martial arts expert, the sound can obviously be much more realistic.

    Lin Xian Er said, “Before Mr. Tian and others fight, where do you look at?”

    Tian Qi said, “Obviously at the opponent’s body.”

    Lin Xian Er asked, “What part of the body?”

    Tian Qi responded, “Shoulders and hands.”

    Lin Xian Er smiled. “See. That’s my point. When experts fight, they never look at the opponent’s mouth. Only when dogs fight do they worry about the opponent’s mouth. Since people aren’t like dogs, they never bite.

    Everyone else chuckled. When a beauty such as Lin Xian Er say something like this, how could one not laugh along?

    Yet Lin Xian Er immediately looked sullen, then said, “Yet the Plum Flower Bandit just happen to use his mouth as his weapon. The better the fighter, the easier it is to get tricked. Because a high level martial arts expert would never notice the opponent’s mouth.

    Tian Qi asked, “So how did you find out about this secret?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “I only found out after he used the hidden weapons.”

    Tian Qi chuckled. “So is our little friend a dog? He only likes to stare at other people’s mouths?”

    End of Chapter 13

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    Chapter 14: Somethings Can't Be Explained

    Lin Xian Er said, “So the Mr. Tian still can’t see that he’s wearing the Golden Thread Vest?”

    Tian Qi’s eyes brightened. “So that’s why when brother Muo Yun hit him, he hurt his hand.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “I didn’t plan on going back to my room today. But at night, I suddenly remembered that I left something important there. Just as I got back, the Plum Flower Bandit appeared.”

    Her beautiful face revealed much fear as she continued, “At that time, I hadn’t seen him yet. I just felt someone behind me. When I turned around, he had already sealed my pressure point.”

    Tian Qi said, “If that’s the case, then this person’s lightness kung fu must be fairly good.”

    Lin Xian Er sighed. “His movement is like that of a ghost. I didn’t even realize what was going on before he grabbed me. At that time, I thought he must be the Plum Flower Bandit. So I asked, “What do you want? Why don’t you just kill me?”

    “What did he say?”

    Lin Xian Er bit her teeth, then said, “He didn’t say anything, just laughed sinisterly.”

    Tian Qi’s eyes brightened. “So he didn’t say that he’s the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “He didn’t have to tell me. At that moment, I just wanted to die, but unfortunately, I had no strength. Then suddenly, a shadow appeared before us.”

    Tian Qi said, “I bet that person must be our little friend here.”

    Lin Xian Er replied. “Yes. It was him.”

    She looked at Ah Fei a moment. Her eyes filled with gratitude. “He came so quickly even the Plum Flower Bandit was surprised, who immediately put me down on the ground. Then I heard him ask, “Are you the Plum Flower Bandit?” The Plum Flower Bandit said, “What if I am? What if I’m not? You’re about to die real soon either way.”

    Before he finished, needles shot out of his mouth. I was both shocked and terrified. When I saw those needles landed on that gentleman’s chest, I thought he was dead. Yet for some reason, he wasn’t even hurt.”

    After that, I just saw a flash of a sword, and the Plum Flower Bandit fell to the ground. His speed was such that I can’t even begin to describe.

    When she spoke to this point, everyone stared at that sword on Ah Fei’s waist. No one thought this sword can kill anyone, much less the Plum Flower Bandit!

    Tian Qi also stared intently at this sword.

    He then smiled. “Looks like you must’ve already been waiting there?”

    Ah Fei said, “Correct.”

    Tian Qi said, “So when you saw them, you immediately went over and asked if he was the Plum Flower Bandit?”


    Tian Qi smiled. “So do you always hide in the dark, asking every stranger that passes by if he’s the Plum Flower Bandit?”

    Ah Fei said, “I don’t have that much spare time.”

    Tian Qi asked, “So when you do have that much spare time, what do you ask strangers on a street?”

    Ah Fei said, “Why would I ask them anything? What do they have to do with me?”

    Tian Qi said with a smile. “See. If you were to ask, you’d say, ‘Who are you?’ For example, a while back you only asked who Mr. Gong Sun was. You didn’t ask if he was the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    Ah Fei replied. “I know he’s not the Plum Flower Bandit. Why would I bother asking him?”

    Tian Qi started to look serious. He pointed at the corpse and asked, “In that case, why did you ask that person? Could it be that you already know that he’s the Plum Flower Bandit? If you already knew, why bother even asking?”

    “Only because someone told me that the Plum Flower Bandit would appear these few days.”

    Tian Qi stared intently at Li Xun Huan. “But who told you? Was it the Plum Flower Bandit himself? Or his friends?”

    It’s as if he knew Ah Fei would not respond to this question. Actually, just by asking this question, his goal has been reached. He needed no response.

    When everyone else heard this, they also can’t help but stare at Li Xun Huan. They all immediately figured that this was all a scheme made by Li Xun Huan and Ah Fei.

    Tian Qi immediately walked up in front of a youngster and asked loudly, “Are you the Plum Flower Bandit?”

    That youngster became terrified, barely able to speak. “How... how could I be...”

    Before he finished, Tian Qi sealed his pressure point. Then he turned around and said, “Hey! I’ve captured another Plum Flower Bandit.”

    He continued, “I’m sure everyone would agree it’s not that easy to capture the Plum Flower Bandit, right?”

    The crowd burst into laughter. They all started to ask each other jokingly, “Are you the Plum Flower Bandit?”

    “Actually, you look more like the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    “How come there are more and more Plum Flower Bandit?”

    Li Xun Huan suddenly sighed. He said, “Brother. You should just go.”

    Ah Fei looked agitated. “Go?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “With the world-famous venerable Zhao and Seventh Master Tian here, how could an unknown youngster kill the Plum Flower Bandit? No matter what you say, it’s useless.”

    Ah Fei squeezed his sword. He said coldly, “I also don’t want to talk to these people. But my sword...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Even if you kill all of them, still no one would believe that you’ve killed the Plum Flower Bandit. Can’t you understand this logic?”

    Ah Fei’s bright eyes dimmed. “You’re right. I finally understand. I finally understand...”

    Li Xun Huan chuckled. “If you want to be famous, then you better understand this logic. Otherwise, sooner or later, you’d end up like me, becoming the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    Ah Fei said, “You point is, if I want to be famous, then I better know how to follow orders, right?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You’re right on the money. If you’ll simply let these ‘heroes’ get all the credit, they’ll proclaim you a youngster with a great future. Then after you wait ten or twenty years, when these heroes all die, you’ll become famous.”

    Ah Fei just stood there for a while, then suddenly smiled.

    He said with a smile. “Looks like I’ll never become famous.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “That may not be a bad thing.”

    When he saw Ah Fei smile, Li Xun Huan’s smile became much more natural. Their smiles are like a discussing the most interesting story in the world.

    Everyone looked at these two people, not knowing what their problem is. Suddenly, Ah Fei flew to Li Xun Huan’s side. He grabbed Li Xun Huan’s hand and said. “Fame is no big deal. But since we met today, we really should at least have a drink.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Normally, I would never turn down wine. But today...”

    Tian Qi said, “Today, unfortunately, he can’t make it.”

    Ah Fei became serious and spoke coldly, “Says who!”

    Tian Qi waved his hand. Two muscular man came in. One said, “Seventh Master Tian said so. His words must be obeyed!”

    The other one said, “Whoever disobeys his orders must die!”

    Although these people look like servants, the speed in which they came in showed that they have excellent kung fu.

    While they spoke, two steel saber turned into two flying rainbow. Carrying a powerful wind, the saber came. One left one right. One up one down. Cutting like lightning at Ah Fei’s shoulders.

    Ah Fei just stared at them coldly while they made their attack, and looked like he didn’t even move. Suddenly, there was a flash. And then another flash. Then came two loud screams. Two sabers went up into midair. Then both man’s left hand grabbed their right hand. Their expressions filled with pain. Blood poured out of their palms.

    Yet Ah Fei’s sword is still on his waist. No one saw how he pulled out the sword. But everyone saw that the sword now has blood stains.

    What an incredibly fast sword!

    Tian Qi’s smile also disappeared.

    Ah Fei said calmly. “Seventh Master Tian’s words are orders. Unfortunately, my sword doesn’t listen to orders. It only kills people.”

    The two man showed incredibly looks of shock on their faces. They retreated a few steps before rushing back out the door. Swords might not be able to give orders, but sometimes, they’re more effective than anyone’s orders.
    Ah Fei grabbed Li Xun Huan’s hand. “Let’s go. Let’s go drink some wine. I won’t believe that there are still people who’d dare block us.

    Before Li Xun Huan can speak, Long Xiao4 Yun asked, “If you want him to leave, why don’t you unseal his pressure point?”

    Ah Fei’s mouth twitched. At this moment, Li Xun Huan’s heart pounded. He suddenly remembered the events that day...

    That day, Ah Fei captured Hong Han Min and left him for Li Xun Huan.

    That day, Li Xun Huan thought it was weird. Why didn’t Ah Fei just seal his pressure point? Now he realized everything!

    This youngster’s sword might be without equal, but he doesn’t know about pressure point sealing!

    Li Xun Huan’s heart dropped. But his expression remain unchanged. With a smile, he said, “Today I don’t have the money to invite you!”

    Ah Fei thought for a moment, then said one word at a time. “I’ll invite you.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I will never drink wine not bought with my own money.”

    Ah Fei stared at him. His cold face suddenly showed a hint of sadness.

    He also knows that Li Xun Huan doesn’t want him to get in any danger.

    Because if he can’t unseal Li Xun Huan’s pressure point, he can only carry Li Xun Huan out. If he carried Li Xun Huan out, then they might not make it.

    Tian Qi’s eyes lit up again. He looked at their expressions, then said with a smile. “Li Xun Huan really is a true man. You’ll never drag others down with you. Little friend. You should go now.”

    Li Xun Huan knows that this old fox saw Ah Fei’s weakness. He immediately said, “You really don’t have to lure him. He’s not going to fall for it. Besides, even carrying me, you people might not be able to defeat him.”

    He continued. “Besides, you know that I won’t go with him. If I were to go with him today, then I’ll never have any chance to clear my name.”

    These words are obviously for Ah Fei.

    Ah Fei stood there for a while, then said, “If they say you’re the Plum Flower Bandit, then you must be the Plum Flower Bandit, right?”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. “Some people’s words are no different from a loud fart.”

    Ah Fei said, “Then why do you care if they’re just farting?”

    He suddenly turned and picked up Li Xun Huan, carrying him on his back. At this moment, Tian Qi moved. Only to see the shadow of the staff, shooting at the eleven big pressure points of Ah Fei’s chest. If his staff even touch Ah Fei’s body slightly, then Ah Fei would never have another chance of moving!

    Ah Fei did not pull out his sword!

    He’s just like Li Xun Huan. If he pulls out his sword, then it must draw blood.

    Yet at this moment, he is not absolutely certain that he can injure Tian Qi.

    Everyone looked at the shadow of Tian Qi’s staff. Tian Qi’s staff pressure sealing ability is one of the best in the martial world, yet he can’t seem to control this youngster.

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Killing the Plum Flower Bandit is of the highest honor. Why would anyone miss this chance?”

    Before he finished, seven people drew their weapons. All aiming towards Li Xun Huan. Lin Xian Er hurried towards Long Xiao4 Yun and said, “Fourth brother. Why don’t you stop them?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “You mean you can’t see that my pressure point has been sealed?”

    At this moment they heard a loud noise. Three people fell to the ground.

    Ah Fei finally drew his sword!

    He might not be able to hurt Tian Qi, but if others want to die, he can only kill them. The blood came out of the brightness of the sword. Li Xun Huan’s coat now filled with blood.

    Every single weapon disappeared. All except for Tian Qi’s short staff, which like a snake still attacks endlessly at Ah Fei’s pressure points.

    Lin Xian Er suddenly sighed and said, “Venerable Zhao really is a true gentleman. He would not win with numbers!”

    Zhao Zheng Yi’s eyes suddenly lit up. Then said, “But against the likes of Plum Flower Bandit, it’s useless to obey Martial world rules!”

    He grabbed a long spear by his side. Then attacked directly at Li Xun Huan back.

    It seems that his reputation isn’t totally baseless. Zhao Zheng Yi’s move is quite impressive.

    As both the staff and the spear are longer than Ah Fei’s short sword, he’s already at a huge disadvantage. Not to mention there’s a person on his back.

    Tian Qi originally wanted to use his advantage in weapon length to beat this youngster. Yet he always misses at the last moment, for some reason.

    After many rounds, he suddenly found that this youngster had not attacked even once. But his steps are amazing. Just as he was about to seal Ah Fei’s pressure point, Ah Fei seems to mysteriously escape.

    Tian Qi is quite knowledgeable in martial arts. Yet he just can’t figure out where this youngster’s steps come from.

    Suddenly, he thought of an idea. Tian Qi smiled. “Little friend. Why don’t you just put him down. Otherwise, before he can drag you down, you’d have dragged him down.”

    Ah Fei bit his teeth. “If you want me to put him down, then why are you still attacking me?”

    Tian Qi immediately withdrew his staff, then retreated a few steps. Zhao Zheng Yi’s spear also stopped midway and turned around.

    Ah Fei didn’t even bother to look at them as he put Li Xun Huan down on a chair. Li Xun Huan’s face is all red. Yet he still did his best to control himself, forcing himself not to cough. He’s afraid that his cough would affect Ah Fei’s concentration.

    Ah Fei looked at Li Xun Huan. Then he turned around, looking at Zhao Zheng Yi and said, “I only regret one thing. Last time, why didn’t I kill you!”

    While he spoke, his sword came out.

    This sword’s speed is beyond description. How could Zhao Zheng Yi possibly dodge it? Just as he’s about to spill blood, someone outside said, “Praise be to Buddha.” As he spoke, a shadow from the outside came in. By the time he said the second word, that shadow is already behind Ah Fei. Ah Fei originally was about to strike, but he suddenly turned his sword the opposite way, striking that shadow.

    After a loud sound, the sword struck the shadow, which turned out to be Monk’s beads.

    The sword still vibrates, but Ah Fei remains motionless.

    It’s dawn now.
    In the morning sunlight, six monks in grey clothes came into the all. The first with white eyebrows, but his face still looks sharp. His eyes shine bright.

    He opened his hands. And those beads returned to his hands.

    After getting over the shock, Zhao Zheng Yi gathered himself. Then bowed in front of this white-brow monk. “I didn’t know reverend you are coming. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to greet you outside.”

    The white-brow monk just smiled. His eyes focused on Ah Fei’s face. Then said, “Your sword is quite fast.”

    Ah Fei said, “If my sword wasn’t fast, I’m afraid that you’d arrive just in time to help me find the directions to the underworld.”

    The white-brow monk said, “I simply did not want to see more deaths. That’s why I made my move. Although your sword is fast, but it’s still not as fast as the Buddha’s eyes.”

    Ah Fei said, “But are your beads also faster than Buddha’s eyes? If I were to die from your beads, then wouldn’t there also be another death?”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said, “How dare you speak to a Reverend Shaolin elder like that?”

    The white-brow monk just smiled. “No matter. This youngster’s mouth is quite a sharp sword.”

    Lin Xian Er suddenly said with a smile. “Since Reverend Xin Mei let you go, hurry and leave now.”

    Zhao Zheng Yi said coldly, “I’m afraid he no longer has the chance to leave!”

    Ah Fei said, “Really? Do you think you can block my path?”

    While he spoke, he had already walked out the door.

    Zhao Zheng Yi’s expression changed. He said, “Reverend...”

    Tian Qi hurried up and responded, “Elder Xin Mei is very forgiving. He’s just a youngster. Let him go.”

    Xin Mei then said seriously. “I came after receiving a letter from the head of Shaolin, saying that a Shaolin disciple Qin Zhong is gravely injured. So I can as soon as I could.

    Zhao Zheng Yi sighed. Then stared at Li Xun Huan. “Unfortunately, Reverend came a bit too late.”

    It’s quite bright now outside. People are beginning to wonder around the streets. Ah Fei just walked on the snow. Although his steps are light, his heart is heavy.

    Then he heard a voice. “Wait up! Wait up!”

    This voice is crisp and beautiful. Ah Fei didn’t have to look back to know who’s behind him.

    This is because everyone has now stopped walking and talking, instead just staring like idiots at someone behind him.

    Ah Fei did not turn around. He just kept on walking.

    But then he smelled a sweet fragrance from behind his back. The fragrance extremely enchanting. He could not help but turn back.

    Lin Xian Er is just as beautiful and alluring as ever.

    Ah Fei’s eyes are still as cold as the snow.

    Lin Xian Er lowered her head, her face all red. “I came to apologize. I...”

    Ah Fei said, “You have nothing to apologize for.”

    Lin Xian Er bit her teeth a bit. “But those people are so wrong. And so impolite.”

    Ah Fei said, “That has nothing to do with you.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “But you saved me. How could I...”

    Ah Fei said, “I saved you. I didn’t save them. I didn’t save you for you to apologize for them.”

    He then asked, “What else do you want to say?”

    Lin Xian Er became speechless. She has never met anyone quite like this. She had always thought that even frozen mountains would melt in front of her.

    Ah Fei said. “Goodbye.”

    He turned around and began to walk again. But after a few steps, Lin Xian Er suddenly yelled, “Hold on a minute. I have more things to tell you.”

    Ah Fei said, “There’s no need.”

    Lin Xian Er then said, “But... what if something happens to Li Xun Huan? Who would I tell?”

    Ah Fei turned around and said, “Do you know of the Shen’s little inn on the west side?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “Don’t forget. I’ve been living in this town for six years.”

    “That’s where I’ll be. Before nightfall, I won’t leave.”

    Lin Xian Er asked, “And when night comes?”

    Ah Fei looked at the sky for a long time. Then said, “Don’t forget. Li Xun Huan’s my friend. I don’t have many friends. As for a friend like Li Xun Huan, it’s impossible to find another one like him. So if he were to die, this world would become incredibly uninteresting.”

    Lin Xian Er sighed. “I knew you’re still planning on rescuing him. But do you realize that no matter how good a friend is, he’s still not worth as much as your own life.”

    Ah Fei looked down at Lin Xian Er, staring at her intently in the eyes. Then he said slowly and clearly, “I sincerely hope you never ever say this sort of thing again. This time, I’ll just pretend that I didn’t hear you!”

    End of Chapter 14

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    Chapter 15: True Love

    After snowing for so many days, sunlight finally reappeared today.

    Yet sunlight did not reach this particular room. Li Xun Huan did not despair. He knows that many places on Earth never see the sunlight.

    Besides, he’s already very familiar with despair.

    He’s not sure exactly what Tian, Zhao, and the others will do to him. He’s too lazy to think of such things. Right now, Tian Qi is taking the Shaolin monks to see Qin Xiao Yi and his son. They simply threw him into this storage room. However, Long Xiao4 Yun didn’t say a thing.

    Li Xun Huan doesn’t blame Long Xiao4 Yun.

    Long Xiao4 Yun has his reasons. Besides, he can’t do anything anyway.

    Now, Li Xun Huan can only hope Ah Fei would not come back and try to save him. He knows that although Ah Fei’s sword is fast, his martial arts has many holes. If he meets up with the likes of Tian Qi and Reverend Xin Mei, and his sword doesn’t draw blood with the first strike, then his sword would probably never draw blood again!

    In just three more years, Ah Fei would be able to cover his weaknesses. At that time, he would be invincible.

    So he must live for another three years.

    The floor is very wet. Li Xun Huan coughed again. He only wish that he could drink some wine.

    Yet now, even this wish is beyond his reach. If someone else was in this position, that person would probably cry.

    But Li Xun Huan laughed instead. He thought that some of the things in this world are quite funny.

    This used to be his house. Everything here used to be his. Yet now everyone thinks he’s a thief, locking him in this little room like a dog. Who would’ve thought?

    The door suddenly opened.

    Perhaps Zhao Zheng Yi can’t even wait this short a while, and decided to kill him now?

    Yet Li Xun Huan immediately found out that it’s not Zhao Zheng Yi. He smelled excellent wine. And saw a hand holding the wine bottle.

    This hand is quite small, covering the wrist is a bright red sleeve.

    Li Xun Huan said, “Xiao3 Yun, Is that you?”

    The red child came in giggling. He held the bottle with both hands and smelled the wine. Then said with a bright smile, “I know you really want a drink, right?”

    Li Xun Huan also smiled. “Since you know that I really want wine, you brought me some, right?”

    The red child nodded. He poured some wine into a cup, then put it in front of Li Xun Huan’s face. Just as Li Xun Huan opened this mouth, the red child withdrew his hand. He then spoke with a smile, “You have to guess what kind of wine this is before I let you drink it.”

    LI Xun Huan closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, then said. “This is an old Zhu Ye Qing. It’s my favorite wine. If I can’t even smell this type of wine, then I truly deserve to die.”

    The red child smiled. “No wonder people all say Little Li Tan Hua is an expert on women and wine. But if you really want to drink this wine, then you better answer a question.”

    “What’s the question?”

    The bright smile from the red child’s face disappeared quickly.

    He stared at Li Xun Huan and asked, “What exactly is your relationship with my mother? Does she like you a lot?”

    Li Xun Huan’s face also changed. He just said, “Is this really something you should ask?”

    The red child answered, “Why can’t a child ask about his mother?”

    Li Xun Huan said in an angry tone. “You should realize that your mother loves your father wholeheartedly. How could you think otherwise?”

    The red child laughed coldly. “Do you think you can hide this from me? Stop dreaming.”

    He bit his teeth. “When mother heard what happened to you, she just closed the door and cried secretly in her room. Even when I almost died, she didn’t cry like this. I’m asking you now. Why?”

    Li Xun Huan’s heart dropped. It’s as if he just became a pile a mud, being stepped on by passing people. After a long time, he finally regained his composure. “I’ll tell you this right now. You can question anyone. But never your mother. That’s because she has nothing to hide. Now you can take your wine and go.”

    The red child stared at him. “This wine is for you. How could I take it back?”

    He suddenly poured the whole cup on Li Xun Huan’s face.

    Li Xun Huan didn’t move. He didn’t even look at the red child’s face. Instead he just said, “You’re just a kid. I don’t blame you.”

    The red child laughed coldly. “Even if I weren’t a kid, what can you do to me?”

    He suddenly pulled out a dagger, which he waved in front of Li Xun Huan’s face. “Do you see this dagger clearly? This is your dagger. She said that if I have this dagger, you’ll protect me. But can you protect me now? You can’t even protect yourself.”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “You’re right. Dagger is for killing anyway, not for protection.”

    The red child’s face turned all white. He said venomously, “You crippled me. Now I want you to experience the same pain. You...”

    Suddenly someone yelled outside. “Xiao3 Yun? Is that you inside?”

    This voice is warm and enchanting. Yet when Li Xun Huan and the red child heard this, their faces immediately changed. The red child immediately hid the dagger, his face regaining that innocent smile. “Mom. I’m in here. I brought some wine for Uncle Li. But when mom you yelled, it scared me. Look, you got me to spill all this wine on Uncle Li’s face.”

    As he spoke, Lin Shi Yin arrived at the door. Her beautiful eyes now all red, filled with sadness.

    Yet when she saw the red child, she immediately regained her warmness. “Your Uncle Li doesn’t want to drink wine right now. You should be resting in bed right now. Come on.”

    The red child said, “Uncle Li isn’t really guilty, is he? How come we won’t try to save him?”

    Lin Shi Yin said softly, “A child should not say such things. Go to sleep.”

    The red child turned and looked at Li Xun Huan. “Uncle Li. I need to go now. Tomorrow I’ll bring more wine for you.”

    As Li Xun Huan looked at that child’s innocent smile, cold sweat poured down his face.

    Then he heard Lin Shi Yin sigh. “I was originally afraid that he might try to hurt you. But now... now I don’t worry anymore. Although he has made some mistakes, he’s still a good boy.”

    Li Xun Huan could only smile along.

    Lin Shi Yin didn’t look at him. After a long time, she said, “You used to at least keep your promises. Why did you change?”

    Li Xun Huan felt as if his throat had been stuffed, preventing him from saying anything.

    “You promised me not to see Lin Xian Er. Yet they found you in Lin Xian Er’s room.”

    Li Xun Huan laughed. He doesn’t even know himself why he laughed, but he did laugh. Looking at his own feet, he said, “I remember that this shack was built only about fifteen or so years ago.”


    “Yet now this room is already old. The window is broken. There’s a hole on the roof. This shows that ten years is indeed a long time. If a room can changed, how come people can’t?”

    Lin Shi Yin squeezed her own hand, then asked, “Since... since when did you became a liar?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I’ve always been a liar. It’s just that I’m much more experienced now.”

    Li Xun Huan still kept smiling. His goal has been reached.

    He wanted to hurt her. Hurt her so she’ll leave. He can’t drag down others with him. So he must be heartless to hurt those he loves.

    Because these are the people he cares for the most.

    Hurting them is like hurting himself. Although he smile on the surface, his heart is already broken.

    He closed his eyes so tears won’t come out. By the time he opened them again, he found that Lin Shi Yin is still right in front of him, staring into his eyes.

    “Why..why are you still here?”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “I just want to make sure. Are you... are you really the Plum Flower Bandit?”

    Li Xun Huan burst into laughter. “Am I the Plum Flower Bandit? You ask if I’m the Plum Flower Bandit...”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “Although I don’t believe it, I still want you to tell me yourself.”

    Li Xun Huan kept on laughing. “If you don’t believe so, why do you ask? If I’m a liar, then why bother asking me? If I can lie to you once, I can lie to you a hundred times! A thousand times!”

    Lin Shi Yin’s face became more and more pale. Her whole body shaking.

    After a long time, she said, “I’ll let you go. I don’t care if you’re the Plum Flower Bandit. I’ll still let you go. I only hope that you’ll never come back this time!”

    Li Xun Huan said loudly, “Stop! How can you do this? Do you think I’ll run away like a dog? What kind of a person do you think I am?”

    Lin Shi Yin ignored him, and instead went over to unseal his pressure point.

    At this moment, someone said, “Shi Yin. What do you think you’re doing?”

    This is Long Xiao4 Yun’s voice.

    Lin Shi Yin turned around and stared at Long Xiao4 Yun. She spoke one word at a time. “You don’t know what I’m trying to do?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun’s face changed. “But...”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “But what? You’re suppose to be the one to do this! Did you forget all the things he did for us? Did you forget the past? Are you going to watch him die like this?”

    Long Xiao Yun squeezed his own hands. Then he started to hit his own chest. “I don’t have the courage. I’m afraid. I’m a coward. But why don’t you think a minute. How can we do this? If we let him go, do you think they’d let us go?”

    Lin Shi Yin looked at him, as if looking at a stranger. She took a few steps backward. “You’ve changed. You’ve also changed... You weren’t like this before!”

    Long Xiao Yun sighed. “You’re right. I’ve changed. Because I now have a wife, a son. No matter what I do, I have to think of them first.”

    Before he finished, she cried. Nothing in this world can move a mother more than her child.

    Long Xiao4 Yun kneeled in front of Li Xun Huan, his face full of tears. “Brother. I’ve failed you. I can only seek forgiveness.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Forgive you? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve said it before. None of this is your fault. If I wanted to leave, I could’ve done so already. I wouldn’t need you to save me.”

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    (Tiger Wong did this half of Chapter 15)

    He was still staring at his own feet, because he really couldn't bear to look at them. He was afraid he would not be able to control his tears.

    Long XiaoYun said: "Brother, I know well of your hardships, but I can guarantee that they would not kill you. You only need to see Sum Wu Dai Tze and then you'll be fine."

    Li XunHuan wrinkled his brows: "Sum Wu Dai Tze? Could it be that they are planning to send me to Shaolin?"

    Long XiaoYun said: "That's right. Cheun Zhung Suer was Sum Wu Dai Tze's beloved disciple. Sum Wu Dai Tze would also not carelessly accuse an innocent man. Besides, senior Bak Heal Seng is at Shaolin right now, he will definitely help you find justice.".

    Li XunHuan did not say a word. Because he had just spotted Tian Qi.

    Tian Qi was staring at him, snickering.

    In that brief moment when Tian Qi appeared, Lin ShiYin restored her composure, nodded slightly towards him, and slowly walked out.

    The evening wind cuts to the bone. She took two steps, and suddenly said: "Yun Yue, come on out.".

    The red child slipped out from behind the building and smiled: "Mom, I couldn't sleep, so......therefore.....".

    Lin ShiYin said: "Therefore you led them here. Am I right?".

    The red child laughed and rushed over. He suddenly saw the gloomy complexion on his mother's face, and stopped running, bowing his head.

    Lin ShiYin watched him quietly. This was her precious child, her flesh and blood. A few teardrops fell from her eyes.

    After a long time, she let out a sad sigh, raised her face towards the heavens, and said: "Why is it that hatred is so much more harder to forget than kindness....."
    Tie ChuanJia clenched his fists and paced back and forth within the temple grounds. After who knows how long, the fire went out but nobody went to replenish the firewood.

    A Fei just sat there quietly, not moving.

    Tie ChuanJia said angrily: I'd already guessed that even if you killed the Plum Flower Bandit, those "dai haps" wouldn't go along with it. If a pack of wild dogs saw a fat piece of meat, how can they be willing to give it up?

    A Fei: You did advise me, but I still went, because I had to!

    Tie ChuanJia sighed: Luckily you went, otherwise you might not have recognized these "dai haps" true faces.

    He suddenly turned around and stared at A Fei: You really didn't get to see my Master?

    A Fei: No.

    Tie ChuanJia watched the extinguished bonfire and started to space out, mumbling to himself: I wonder how he's doing...

    A Fei: He never wished for others to worry about him.

    Tie ChuanJia laughed loosely: That's right. Even though those "dai haps" view him as a thorn in the side, a nail in the eyes [OUCH!], not a single one of them would dare to move one of his fingers.

    A Fei: Mmm.

    Tie ChuanJia looked outside the doorway: The sky is light, I need to depart.

    A Fei: Fine.

    Tie ChuanJia: If you happen to see my Master, say - "If Tie ChuanJia is able to solve his own problems, he will definitely return to look for him.".

    A Fei: Fine.

    Tie ChuanJia looked at his thin face, grasped his fist and said: Farewell.

    Although there was a caring sentiment in his eyes, he turned his head, and walked out without glancing back.

    A Fei still didn't move, but within his pair of strong, shining pupils, there suddenly appeared to be a bit of moisture.

    A Fei shut his eyes, as if to go to sleep, but a teardrop escaped from the corner of his eye, like a cold dew drop in a field.

    He did not tell Tie ChuanJia of his encounter with Li XunHuan, because he didn't want to watch Tie ChuanJia go stake his life for Li XunHuan, he will go stake his own life for Li XunHuan!

    What is the price of one life when it comes to friendship?

    After a period of time, the morning sun casted a person's shadow across the area, the long dark shadow advanced to cover A Fei's face.

    A Fei did not open his eyes, he only asked: It's you? Do you have any news?

    This youth's intuition was better than a wild animal's. The one who came in was Lin XianEr: It's good news.

    Good news?

    A Fei was hard pressed to believe that there was still good news in this world.

    Lin XianEr: Although he is still not free at the moment, at least he will not be in any danger.

    A Fei: Oh?

    Lin XianEr: Because Tian Qi and those guys can only go along with Reverend XinMei's proposal to send him off to Shaolin. Shaolin's Abbot XinHu has always been fair. And I also hear that Bai XiaoSheng is there. If these two men can't clear his name, then no one can.

    A Fei: Who is Bai XiaoSheng?

    Lin XianEr giggled: This person is the world's number one knowledgable person, there is nothing he doesn't know. It is also said that only he can determine whether a Plum Flower Bandit is the real deal or not.

    A Fei was silent for a moment. Then he suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Lin XianEr: Do you know which is the most despicable type of person in this world?

    Lin XianEr smiled: Would it be like Zhao ZhengYi, that type of Fake Gentleman?

    A Fei: A Fake Gentleman is worth hating, but a know-it-all is the most despicable.

    Lin XianEr: A know-it-all? Are you referring to Bai XiaoSheng?

    A Fei: That's right. This type of person thinks highly of himself. He thinks of himself as very intelligent, that theres nothing he does not know. On his one word alone, he can seal another man's fate, but how much can he truly know?

    Lin XianEr: But everyone says...

    A Fei laughed coldly: It is only because everyone says there is nothing he doesn't know that, in the end, he winds up fooling himself, and believes that there is nothing he doesn't know.

    A Fei continued: I'd rather put my trust in someone who doesn't know a thing.

    If a person wants others to have a good impression of him, the best method is to first let others know that he likes himself. Lin XianEr has used this method a number of times.

    But this time she didn't use it successfully. A Fei watched the snow fall outside the doorway for a long time, then asked: When are they preparing to move out?

    Lin XianEr: Tomorrow morning.

    A Fei: Why are they waiting until tomorrow?

    Lin XianEr: Because tonight they are giving a welcoming dinner for Reverend XinMei.

    A Fei quickly turned his head, and looked at her with bright eyes: There is no reason other than this?

    Lin XianEr: Why does there have to be another reason?

    A Fei: Reverend XinMei would not delay a day just for a meal.

    Lin XianEr shifted her eyes: Although he would not stay because of a meal, he must do so because tonight there will also be another special guest.

    A Fei: Who?

    Lin XianEr: TieDi Xian Sheng [Mr. Iron Flute].

    A Fei: TieDi Xian Sheng? Who is he?

    Lin XianEr's eyes widened and appeared very startled: You don't even know who TieDi Xian Sheng is?

    A Fei: Why must I know who he is?

    Lin XianEr sighed: Because even if TieDi Xian Sheng is not THE most reputable person in today's martial world, he is not far from it.

    A Fei: Oh.

    Lin XianEr: It is rumored that this person's martial arts is high and not any lesser than the leaders of the Seven Major Sects [Here we go with the 7 major sects again...].

    At the same time she was speaking, she was watching for a reaction on A Fei's face.

    But once again, A Fei disappointed her.

    His face did not appear frightened at all. On the contrary, he laughed: So, they invited this TieDi Xian Sheng to take care of me.

    Lin XianEr lowered her eyes: Reverend XinMei always plans things very carefully. He's afraid...

    A Fei: He's afraid I will go rescue Li XunHuan, so he got TieDi Xian Sheng to be a bodyguard.

    Lin XianEr: Even if they didn't look for him, TieDi Xian Sheng still must come.

    A Fei: Why?

    Lin XianEr: Because it seems that his beloved concubine died at the hands of the Plum Flower Bandit.

    A Fei: Therefore, they will finish dinner before heading out.

    Lin XianEr thought for a moment: Or maybe...

    A Fei: Or maybe they will never head out.

    Lin XianEr: Why?

    A Fei: If my wife died at someone else's hands, I would not allow him to live long enough to get to Shaolin.

    Lin XianEr changed expression: Are you afraid that once TieDi Xian Sheng arrives, he will move against Li XunHuan?

    A Fei: Mmm.

    Lin XianEr paused for a second, and sighed: That's right. This is a possibility. TieDi Xian Sheng never let's others persuade him, if he was set on attacking, even Reverend XinMei may not be able to stop him.

    A Fei: You have finished saying everything. You may leave.

    Lin XianEr: But are you planning to rescue Li XunHuan before TieDi Xian Sheng arrives?

    A Fei: Whatever I'm planning, it's none of your concern. Bye.

    Lin XianEr: But depending on your one person's strength, there is no way you can rescue him!

    She continued on: I know that your martial arts is very high, but Tian Qi and Zhao ZhengYi are also not weak. Furthermore, Reverend XinMei is Shaolin's 2nd ranked master, his inner power is pure....

    A Fei stared at her coldly, not saying a word.

    Lin XianEr gasped for breath: XingYun Manor can be said to contain an assembly of masters, if you want to go perform a rescue, thats....thats......

    A Fei suddenly said: That's crazy. Right?

    Lin XianEr lowered her head, not daring to look at his eyes.

    A Fei laughed and laughed: Everyone can occasionally be a bit crazy, sometimes that is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Lin XianEr bowed her head: I understand your meaning.

    A Fei: Oh.

    Lin XianEr: Because no one is expecting you to dare strike in broad daylight, their defenses won't be very tight. And besides, last night was very busy. They could be sleeping past noon...

    A Fei: You've already spoken way too much.

    Lin XianEr: Fine, I'll shut up. But should still be careful, in the event something happens, don't forget that there is still someone in XingYun Manor who owes you a life.

    A Fei waited across from XingYun Manor for an hour.

    He is crouched there, like he's outside a mouse hole, not a single movement from head to toe, just a pair of sharp cat-eyes.

    The wind cutted across his body, cold like a knife.

    But he did not care one bit. When he was ten, in order to catch a fox, he waited on top of snow without moving for two hours.

    That time he endured, because of hunger. If he didn't get that fox, it was possible he would starve! In order to survive, it is not difficult for a man to endure hardship.

    But for a person to endure hardship in order that someone else can survive is not an easy thing. Very few people can pull this off.

    At this time a person staggered out from XingYun Manor. Even though he was very far, A Fei could still make out that this person was a freckled man.

    He naturally didn't figure that this freckled man was Lin XianEr's father, he only saw that he was a high ranking servant of XingYun Manor.

    Because an ordinary servant would not be so arrogant - and if one is not a servant, he would also not be this arrogant.

    Although this man's belly was not full of envy, it was full of wine.

    Right now he was staggering over to the teahouse to do some heavy-duty boasting. Who knew that when he reached the street corner, he suddenly discovered that a sword was pointing at his throat.

    A Fei did not like to use a sword on this type of person, but using a sword to speak was more effective than using one's tongue. He coldly said: I ask one thing, you answer one thing. If you can't answer, I'll kill you. If you answer incorrectly, I'll also kill you. Do you understand?

    Freckled Lin wanted to nod his head, but was afraid of getting stabbed by the sword. He wanted to say something, but nothing came out. The wine in his belly had changed into cold sweat.

    A Fei: I ask you, Is Li XunHuan still inside the manor?

    Freckled Lin: Yes...

    His lips trembled a few times before he could get this word out.

    A Fei: Where?

    Freckled Lin: In the firewood......firewood shed.

    A Fei: Lead me there!

    Freckled Lin became terrified: How could I lead you there....I don't....I don't have the means.....

    A Fei: You can definitely think of a way.

    He suddenly moved his sword, and with a "chi" sound, the blade of the sword stabbed into the wall.

    A Fei's stare penetrated inside Freckled Lin's veins, and coldly said: You can definitely think of a way, is that right?

    Freckled Lin's teeth clattered: Yes....yes.....

    A Fei: Good, turn around and walk straight back inside. Don't forget I'm right behind you.

    Since this wasn't the first time Freckled Lin has brought a friend here, when A Fei followed behind him, the doormen did not take much notice.

    The firewood shed was not far from the kitchen, but the kitchen was very far from the Master's room. Because a gentleman is far from the kitchen, and the former master of XingYun Manor was a true gentleman.

    Freckled Lin took the shortcut to the firewood shed and did not bump into anyone. Even if he was discovered, they would just think that he was going to the kitchen to steal some food and wine.

    Within a lonely courtyard was a lonely building. Outside the broken door was a strong padlock.

    Freckled Lin: Master....master Li is locked inside this building. Sir, you...

    A Fei stared at him: I don't think you would dare lie to me.

    Freckled Lin laughed: How can this servant dare to tell a lie, how can I dare to risk my own head to play a joke.

    A Fei: Very well.

    After saying these two words, he extended his hand and knocked the freckled man unconscious onto the floor. He ran over and with one leg, he kicked open the door.

    End of Chapter 15

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    Chapter 16: False Compassion, False Kindness

    There’s no one guarding the door. Maybe no one expected Ah Fei to come in the daytime. Or maybe they just want to take a nap.

    This storage room has just one small window. It’s as dark as most jail cells. By the stacks of firewood lies a person.

    When Ah Fei saw the fur coat, the blood in his chest began to boil. No even he knows why he feels so much friendship to this person.

    He stepped forward and said, “You...”

    Just at this time, a sword sparkled from under the coat!

    This lightning-quick sword stroke totally shocked Ah Fei!

    Not only was it so unexpected, it was also very fast!

    It’s a good thing Ah Fei still has his sword. His sword is even faster, fast beyond belief. Even though that other person attacked first, Ah Fei still gained the initiative.

    Ah Fei’s sword hit the handle of the handle of his opponent.

    That person’s wrist shook, the sword came out of his hand.

    This person is also a top swordsman. Even under such circumstances he still did not falter. With a quick roll, he retreated a few meters. At this time, Ah Fei saw his face. It’s You Long Sheng.

    Ah Fei doesn’t know who he is, so it didn’t affect his concentration. He attacked again, but also began to retreat out the room at the same time. Although his movement very fast, it’s too late.

    A golden sabre and a staff has already blocked his path. Also at this time, many people appeared from behind the stack of firewood. Each with arrows aimed at him. At this distance, these arrows are incredibly deadly.

    No matter how powerful a person is, if he thinks he can leave the room in this situation, then he’s dreaming.

    Tian Qi laughed. “Is there anything you want to say, my friend?”

    Ah Fei sighed. “Go ahead.”

    Tian Qi said, “You don’t waste any time, do you. Fine, I’ll grant you your wish!”

    He waved his hand, and those arrows shot out of those people’s hands like rain.

    Just at this time, Ah Fei suddenly rolled on the ground. His left hand picked up the sword dropped by You Long Sheng. As the swords danced in his hand, the arrows bounced off. In an instant, he reached the door.

    Zhao Zheng Yi let out a roar, his golden sabre came piercing down at Ah Fei.

    Yet before his stroke connect, he saw a flash of light in front of him.

    This sword stroke is amazingly fast.

    When Zhao Zheng Yi tried to adjust, it was too late. The sword has penetrated his throat. Blood spilled out.

    Tian Qi stuttered a bit.

    But at this time, Ah Fei had left the room.

    Tian Qi wanted to chase after Ah Fei, but then he stopped. Zhao Zheng Yi is still clutching his throat. Amazingly enough, he’s still not dead.

    Ah Fei flew out of the garden. But before he let, he threw You Long Sheng’s sword at Tian Qi.

    Tian Qi wanted to give chase, but thought better of it.

    At this time You Long Sheng let out a long sigh. “This youngster really is incredibly fast!”

    Tian Qi chuckled. “His luck isn’t so bad either.”

    You Long Sheng asked, “Luck?”

    Tian Qi said, “Didn’t you see that two arrows hit his body?”

    You Long Sheng said, “You’re right. His sword strokes is still not perfect. He wasn’t good enough to block all the arrows. But he somehow didn’t injure himself.”

    Tian Qi said, “This is because he was wearing the Golden Thread Vest. I calculated for everything, but somehow forgot about this. Otherwise, he had no chance to leave this room today.”

    You Long Sheng looked at the sword and sighed again. “He shouldn’t have come today.”

    Tian Qi laughed. “Don’t worry too much about losing. Besides, just because he escaped our trap doesn’t mean he can leave here.”

    Just as Ah Fei went out the door, he heard a Buddhist chant. The chant was very loud and seems to be coming from every side.

    Then five monks surrounded him.

    The first one is Reverend Xin Mei.

    Ah Fei surveyed the situation and kept his calm. He simply said, “So even monks will trap people these days.”

    Reverend Xin Mei said slowly. “I do not intend to hurt anyone. You are very witty with words. But words cannot hurt others, just yourself.”

    He said in an even tone. Yet as the words reached Ah Fei’s ears, they shook loudly.

    Ah Fei said, “Looks like someone’s just as good as I am with the way of words!”

    He knows that if he were to escape from above, the reverend’s beads can easily take advantage and cripple his legs. So his only chance is to escape between two monks.

    Yet just as he moved, the monks started to rotate around him. All five moving so fast Ah Fei could not possibly escape.

    Just as Ah Fei stopped moving, so did the monks.

    Reverend Xin Mei said, “As monks we don’t like to kill. You have a sword in your hand and shoes on your feet. If you can break our Luo Han Formation, you may leave.

    Ah Fei started to breathe deeply. His body perfectly still.

    He sees that not only do these monks have incredible kung fu, they also complement each other very well. This formation doesn’t have any weaknesses at all.

    When Ah Fei was nine, he saw a crane being surrounded by a large snake. Although the crane has a sharp beak, it never made a move.

    He originally wondered why. Only afterwards did he found out that the crane knows the snake’s personality. After surrounding the crane, the snake can attack with both his head and tail in a quick and smooth fashion. If the crane attacks the head, then the tail will wrap it. If it attacks the tail, the head can bite it.

    Therefore the crane simply stood there. The snake became impatient and attacked first. Only that way did the crane deter the attack quickly and fought off the snake.

    To counter speed with stillness.

    Therefore, as long as the monks stay still, so will he.

    After a bi, the reverend seemed to have become a bit impatient. “Are you going to give up?”


    Reverend Xin Mei said, “If so, then why don’t you try to leave?”

    Ah Fei said, “You’re not going to kill me, and I can’t kill you. So I can’t leave.”

    Xin Mei chuckled. “If you can kill me, I would have no regrets.”

    Ah Fei said, “Good!”

    With a sudden flash of the sword, Ah Fei attacked Xin Mei.

    The Shaolin monks immediately moved to attack Ah Fei.

    Yet somehow Ah Fei suddenly changed his movement. No one saw how he did it. They just realized that he suddenly turned the other way.

    That stroke was originally aimed at Xin Mei. Now it’s aimed at the fists of the other monks.

    Xin Mei said. “Excellent!”

    As he said the word, he rolled his sleeves. The sleeves of shaolin monks are sharp as knives. He prepared to attack Ah Fei

    Although the other four monks are being attacked, he does not have to help them defend. This is one of the strong points of the Luo Han Formation.

    No one would’ve thought that at this instance, Ah Fei changed his move again.

    When other swordsman switch to a different sword stance, they simply change the direction from which the attack comes from or the attacking point. But Ah Fei could change the direction of his whole body.

    A stroke that originally attack east suddenly attack west.

    Nothing else changed. Just his footwork, with such lightning speed others could not believe what they’re seeing.

    In the next instant, his sword cut through Xin Mei’s sleeves. His sword and body as one entity. So as the sword escaped, so did the body.

    Only to hear Xin Mei said, “Please walk carefully. I’ll send you out.”

    Ah Fei then felt a surge of energy from his back, as if a huge iron rod hit him. Although he’s wearing the Golden Thread Vest, he still could not help feeling much pain.

    One of the monks said, ”After him!”

    Xin Mei said, “No need.”

    The monk said, “He can’t escape very far. Why let him go?”

    “If he can’t escape very far, why bother to chase after him?”

    That monk thought a moment. Then said, “Martial uncle is right.”

    Xin Mei looked in the direction of Ah Fei, then said, “Monks should not hurt others if possible.”

    Tian Qi was looking at the whole event from afar. He suddenly chuckled. “Monks are really great. If others will help them kill people, then they won’t bother.”

    The power of a Shaolin reverend’s palms really are amazing. It took a while for Ah Fei just to get his balance back.

    He realized that he has a major internal injury. But at least this is an injury he can recover from.

    After years of training and hardship, he’s incredibly durable. It’s as if his body is made of steel.

    If Ah Fei really can escape, then he’d be incredibly lucky. There are very few people who could escape from the combined attack of five top Shaolin fighters.

    Except Ah Fei doesn’t really want to escape.

    Where did they hide Li Xun Huan?
    Like an eagle, Ah Fei’s eyes surveyed his surroundings. He quickly dashed to the backyard garden. It’s much easier to hide there.

    Suddenly, he heard a laughter.

    Ahead of him is a pavilion. The person laughing sits there, reading a book. He looks deeply enchanted by the book.

    He’s wearing plain clothing that looks worn-out. His face is skinny and yellow, with a long beard. He looks like an old scholar who doesn’t know how to take care of himself.

    Yet only a top level expert can make his laughter heard from so far away.

    Ah Fei stopped. He stared at this man closely.

    This old man didn’t seem to notice Ah Fei. He turned the page and continued to read intently.

    Ah Fei back stepped. After ten steps, he turned around and flew away. With only two steps he’s already in the plum forest

    Ah Fei took a deep breath, swallowed the blood coming up from his throat.

    He realized that his injury is more serious than he originally thought. It’s unlikely he can still fight in this condition.

    At this moment, he heard a sound of the flute.

    The music is loud and crisp. The plum flowers’ pedals all started dropping around Ah Fei.

    He then saw a person playing the flute under the trees behind him. It’s that old scholar he saw a minute ago.

    Ah Fei did not walk away this time. Looking at the old man, he said, “Mr. Iron Flute?”

    The sound of the flute slowly disappeared.

    He stared at Ah Fei for a long time, then asked suddenly, “You’re injured?”

    Ah Fei was surprised, thinking that this man really has great eyesight.

    Mr. Iron Flute then asked, “Injured on the back?”

    Ah Fei said, “Since you know about the injury, why bother asking?”

    “Xin Mei hurt you?”

    Ah Fei said, “Humph.”

    Mr. Iron Flute shook his head. “Looks like the reverend of Shaolin isn’t all that great.”

    Ah Fei asked, “Why do you say that?”

    Mr. Iron Flute explained. “For someone in his position, he shouldn’t have attacked you from behind. And if he did, he should not have allowed you to live long enough to see me.”

    He suddenly smiled. “Could it be that the this old monk want someone else to help him kill you?”

    Ah Fei said, “Let me tell you three things. First, if he hadn’t attacked me from behind, he would’ve never had a chance to hurt me. Second, even though he hit me, he still couldn’t kill me. Third, you can’t kill me either!”

    Mr. Iron Flute laughed loudly. “You really are very arrogant, young man.”

    He suddenly stopped laughing. “Since you’re hurt, I shouldn’t fight you. But you’re too arrogant, so I have to teach you a lesson.”

    Ah Fei already felt he said too much. He didn’t want to say anything else.

    Mr. Iron Flute said, “Because you’re hurt, I’ll let you have the first three moves.”

    Ah Fei looked at him, then suddenly chuckled.

    As he chuckled his sword returned to his waist. Turned around and walked away.

    Mr. Iron Flute said, “Now that you’ve met me. Do you really think you can leave alive?”

    Ah Fei didn’t even turn around. He simply said coldly, “If I don’t go, then you have to die!”

    Mr. Iron Flute couldn’t help but laugh. “Who’s dying, you or me?”

    Ah Fei said, “No one could let me have three moves first.”

    “So if I do so, then I have to die?”


    Mr. Iron Flute said, “Then why don’t you try?”

    Ah Fei stopped talking, turned around, staring at him.

    He never saw anyone’s eyes like this.

    This pair of eyes contain no emotions. They seem to be made of stone. When they look you, it’s like a god looking at a mortal being.

    Mr. Iron Flute subconsciously retreated a few steps.

    At this moment, Ah Fei made his move.

    When his sword attacks, it never misses.

    This is Ah Fei’s philosophy. If he didn’t have total confidence, he would not pull out his sword!

    The snowflakes and the plum pedals flew in the air together, creating a beautiful scene. Only to see Mr. Iron Flute’s body flowing and dancing among the falling snow.

    Ah Fei didn’t even look up. His sword returned.

    Mr. Iron Flute flew back down. His decent is very slow, like a piece of paper dropping down. A pool of blood appeared on the snow.

    Ah Fei looked at the snow on the ground, then said, “No one can let me have three moves. Not even one move!”

    Mr. Iron Flute leaned on a tree. His face pale white. His chest full of blood.

    He never had the chance to use his worldly renowned iron flute!

    Ah Fei then said, “But you didn’t die. Because you kept your words.”

    He then chuckled. “At least you’re better than Xin Mei.”

    Xin Mei said he would never hurt Ah Fei. As long as Ah Fei escaped his formation, he can leave. But instead he attacked from behind. This is a lesson Ah Fei swore he’ll never forget.

    Mr. Iron Flute then said, “You still have two more moves.”

    “Two more?”

    Mr. Iron Flute bit his teeth, forcing a smile. “I said three moves. You only used one.”

    Ah Fei looked at him for a while, then replied. “Fine!”

    He attacked slowly and lightly. Two punches that barely landed. “Great. Now I’ve made three...”

    At this moment, he heard a light sound, Ten “Cold Star Thunder Storm Needles” came out of the iron flute!

    Mr. Iron Flute’s pale face suddenly brightened. He said, “Today I learned a lesson. Never let someone have the first three attacks. You should also learn a lesson. That is, if you attack, the opponent better die. Otherwise, don’t bother attacking in the first place!”

    Ah Fei bit his teeth while looking at the needle on his leg. He responded one word at a time. “I’ll never forget this!”

    Mr. Iron Flute said, “Good. You can leave now.”

    Before Ah Fei could respond, he heard someone yell from afar.

    “Elder. Old Iron Elder. Did you get him?”

    Mr. Iron Flute told Ah Fei, “Hurry. I am unable to kill you, but I also don’t want you to die in someone else’s hands!”

    Ah Fei immediately rolled away.

    His legs cannot move, but his hands can.

    He felt a lot of blood surging from his throat. Although he’s desperately trying to keep it down, it’s all in vain.

    Even if no one chases after him, he knows that he doesn’t have that long to live. He only want to see Li Xun Huan, to tell him that he did his best.

    At this moment, a shadow came quickly towards him.

    There’s only one candle in the room.

    Long Xiao4 Yun looked at Li Xun Huan. He waited for Li Xun Huan to finish coughing, then let him drink another cup of wine.

    After he finished this cup, Li Xun Huan smiled. “Big brother. Noticed that not a drop came out? Even though I’m hanging upside down, I can still drink every drop of wine brought to my mouth.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun wanted to smile, but he couldn’t. “Why don’t you let me unseal your pressure points?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I can’t stand temptations. If you unsealed my pressure points, I’d probably escape.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Now... now there’s no one’s here. Don’t you understand what I’m trying to do?’

    Li Xun Huan cut him off, “Big brother. Don’t you understand what I’m trying to do?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “I know, but...”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “I know what you want to say. Actually you didn’t do anything wrong. Just for this cup of wine, I’ll never regret our friendship.”.

    End of Chapter 16

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    Chapter 17: True Nature Revealed

    After Long Xiao Yun heard these words, he lowered his head for a long time “Tomorrow... tomorrow you’ll be leaving. I...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Don’t even think about sending me off. I never like to send others off and don’t want others to do the same for me. When I see people’s expressions on such occasions, I just want to vomit.”

    He chuckled. “Besides, I’m not going very far. Maybe I’ll be back in a few days.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun also looked energetic again. “You’re right. When you come back, I’ll definitely welcome you. Then we can get drunk together.”

    Suddenly someone said, “You know perfectly well that he’ll never come back after leaving, why do you still lie to yourself?”

    Lin Shi Yin came in. Her beautiful face looking very frail.

    Li Xun Huan’s heart felt a deep pain. Yet he just kept smiling. “Why won’t I be back? This is the place of all my best friends. I...”

    Lin Shi Yin didn’t let him finish. She just said coldly, “Who’s your friend? You have absolutely no friends here.”

    She suddenly pointed at Long Xiao4 Yun. “You think he’s your friend? If he’s your friend, then he should release you this instant.”

    Long Xiao Yun said, “But he..”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “He’s not leaving because he doesn’t want you in trouble. But why don’t you release him? He can decide whether to escape or not. But you’re the one who decides to release him or not.”

    She didn’t wait for Long Xiao4 Yun to respond, turned around, and left.

    Long Xiao4 Yun stood up and said, “No matter what you want to do, I still should release you.”

    Li Xun Huan started laughing.

    Long Xiao4 Yun looked bewildered. “Wh..why are you laughing?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Since when did you start taking orders from a woman? The Long Xiao4 Yun I remember is a true man. Not a poor guy afraid of his wife.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun clenched his fists. Tears came out of his eyes. “Brother, you... you’re so good to me. It’s not that I don’t know what you’re thinking. It’s just that how... how can I ever repay you?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I just happen to need a favor from you.”

    “What do you need? Not matter what you ask, I’ll do as you say.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Remember that youngster Ah Fei from last night?”

    “Of course.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If he ends up in some trouble, please take care of him.”

    Long Xiao Yun sighed. “Even under this situation, you’re still looking out for others. Have you ever thought for yourself?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Just tell me if you’ll do it or not.”

    “Of course I’ll fulfill your request. Except I might never get to see him.”

    Li Xun Huan became shocked. “Why? Could it be that...”

    Long Xiao4 Yun did his best to smile. “You saw him leave yesterday. Why would he come back?”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “I also wish that he’d never come back, except I know he will.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “If he come to save you, then why is he not here yet?”

    He took a deep breath. “Brother. I know you care about friends more than anything else in the world, but others aren’t all like you.”

    Li Xun Huan tried to smile. “It’s his decision what he wants to do. I just wish big brother to remember that he’s my best friend when you see him.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Your friend is my friend.”

    Suddenly someone outside yelled, “Fourth Master Long... Fourth Master Long.”

    Long Xiao Yun stood up, then sat back down again. “Brother, you...”

    Li Xun Huan said with a smile, “I don’t need to drink anymore, just go. And don’t forget not to send me off tomorrow.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun walked to the door and saw Tian Qi standing under a tree. He quickly walked over and asked quietly, “Did you get him?”

    Tian Qi said, “No.”

    “What? All those people you sent, plus Reverend Xin Mei and Mr. Iron Flute... couldn’t even take care of a kid?”

    Tian Qi said, “But this kid really is unbelievable. Even a bit scary. Not only did he injure Brother Zhao, he also injured Mr. Iron Flute.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun stomped his feet. “I knew that this kid is not easy to deal with. But you said Mr. Iron Flute can deal with him.”

    Tian Qi said, “Even though he escaped, he did get injured by Xin Mei’s palm.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “In that case, he shouldn’t have escaped very far. Why don’t you chase after him?”

    Tian Qi said, “The Shaolin monks are already doing this. I’ll tell you when I get the good news.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “I’ll go take a look. You get someone to guard here.”

    There’s a fake mountain behind the tree.

    Just as the two of them left, a person appeared from behind the mountain. Her beautiful eyes full of shock and disbelief, and also pain and hate.

    Her whole body kept shaking, tears filled her face.

    Lin Shi Yin’s heart broke into pieces. Then, as if she made an important decision, she began to walk over to Li Xun Huan’s room.

    The she hear several footsteps. Lin Shi Yin immediately hid behind the fake mountain again.

    Tian Qi led eight man here and said, “Guard him. Don’t let anyone in the room, whoever goes in dies.”

    He’s in a hurry to capture Ah Fei. So even before he finish talking, he already left.

    Lin Shi Yin bit her lips. So hard blood came out.

    She hate herself for always not caring about martial arts, never really practice it.

    Now she understood that there are certain things that only fighting can solve.

    She can’t figure out any way to enter that room.

    Suddenly she heard something. The person’s footsteps aren’t methodical, but very fast.

    Lin Shi Yin realized that this Mr. Iron Flute.

    She heard Mr. Iron Flute say loudly, “Is that Li guy in this room?”

    A guard said, “We’re not sure.”

    Mr. Iron Flute said, “Fine. Let me go in and check.”

    That guard said, “Master Tian said no one can go in.”

    Mr. Iron Flute said, “Tian Qi? Who cares about him? Do you know who I am?”

    That guard looked at his blood-covered body. “No one can go in.”

    Mr. Iron Flute said, “Very well.”

    He raised his hands a bit. The needles shot out.

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes, as if he’s asleep.

    Suddenly he heard shrieks of pain. The sound was not loud, and quite short.

    He raised his eyebrows. “Is someone trying to save me?”

    Then he saw a man carrying an iron flute walking into the room. His face full of murderous intent.

    Li Xun Huan’s eyes rested on his iron flute. “Mr. Iron Flute.”

    Mr. Iron Flute looked at his face. “Someone sealed your pressure points?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “You know that if there’s wine in front of me and I’m not drinking, then I must not be able to move.”

    Mr. Iron Flute said, “If you can’t move, then I really shouldn’t kill you. But I must kill you.”


    Mr. Iron Flute stared at him. “You’re not going to ask why?”
    Li Xun Huan chuckled. “If I asked, then you’ll probably get say it and get mad. If I then try to explain, you won’t believe me, and still would kill me. So why bother talking at all?”

    Mr. Iron Flute suddenly looked incredibly sad. “Ru Yi, you really died a horrible death. But now at least I have avenged you.

    He raised his iron flute.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “Ru Yi, when you see me you’ll definitely be shocked. Because even though you don’t know me, I know you...”

    Suddenly, Lin Shi Yin walked into the room. “Hold on, I have something to say.”

    Mr. Iron Flute turned around in shock. “Mistress? I suggest you don’t interfere with me. No one can interfere.”

    Lin Shi Yin’s face turned green. “I don’t want to prevent you from doing anything. But this is my house. If someone is to be killed I should be the one to do it.”

    “But why do you want to kill him?”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “I have more reasons to kill him than you. You want to kill him to revenge your wife. But I’m doing it for my son. I only have one son.”

    Her point was obvious. You don’t just have one wife.

    Mr. Iron Flute thought for a long time. “Fine, you go first.”

    He’s confident that his iron flute needles are quick as lightning. So even if she goes first, he can still kill him before she does. But as Lin Shi Yin walked past him, she suddenly turned around and attacked.

    Although Lin Shi Yin’s martial arts is fairly low. She’s still not weakling. For this palm she used all her strength. Plus Mr. Iron Flute did not expect it at all, so her attack worked.

    Due to his old injuries which got reopened, his whole body shook, blood came out, and he fainted.

    Lin Shi Yin became startled, and almost faint herself.

    Li Xun Huan knows that she has never so much as stepped on an ant before! Now seeing her hurt someone, he doesn’t know whether to be sad or happy. But he suppressed those emotions and instead simply said, “Why the hell are you here again?”

    Lin Shi Yin took a few deep breaths before she could stop shaking. “I’m here to let you go.”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “Have I not made myself clear enough? I’m not going.”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “I know you won’t leave because of Long Xiao4 Yun. But you don’t know that he...he..”

    She started to shake again, even worse than last time. She clenched her fists, her nails cutting through her skin. With all her power, she said, “He already betrayed you. They were all in it together.”

    After she said this, she lose all energy. If it weren’t for a chair there, she probably would’ve fallen. She thought Li Xun Huan must be shocked by these words.

    Yet Li Xun Huan didn’t change his expression at all. Not even a tiny bit. Instead he chuckled. “It must be some sort of misunderstanding. How could he betray me?”

    Lin Shi Yin used all her energy to hold the table. The items on the table all shook.

    She said, “I saw this with my own eyes, heard this with my own ears.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Your eyes and ears are mistaken then.”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “So you don’t believe me?”

    Li Xun Huan said gently, “You’ve been too tired these couple of days. So it’s not a big deal that you’d be deluded. Go take a nap. By this time tomorrow, you’ll realize that your husband’s a good man.”

    Lin Shi Yin looked at him. Her mind lost. After a long time, she suddenly fell onto the table and started to cry.

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes. He couldn’t bare to look at her. His voice trembling, “Why do you...”

    Before he could finish, he coughed up some blood.

    Lin Shi Yin finally could no longer control herself. Ten years of suppressed emotions all bursted out at this moment.

    She rushed towards Li Xun Huan. “If you don’t go, I’ll die in front of you!”

    Li Xun Huan bit down hard on his teeth. He said slowly. “What does your death have to do with me?”

    Lin Shi Yin looked up at him, staring. Her voice weak. “You... You... You...”

    Every time she spoke, she stepped back a bit. Suddenly, she felt as if she just fell into someone.

    Long Xiao4 Yun’s face looks heavy as iron.

    He tightly wrapped his hands around her waist. As if afraid that should he release her, she’d disappear from his life forever.

    Lin Shi Yin saw his hands. Regaining her senses, she said coldly, “Release your hands. And please remember to never ever touch me again.”

    He finally released his hands, looking at her. “So you know everything?”

    Lin Shi Yin said coldly, “There’s no everlasting secret in this world.”

    “You.. You already told him?”

    Li Xun Huan suddenly smiled. “Actually, she didn’t need to tell me. I already knew everything.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun originally couldn’t face him. Only now did he raise his head. “You knew?”



    Li Xun Huan sighed. “When you held my hand, and allowed Tian Qi to seal my pressure points. But... even though I knew it was you, I don’t blame you.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “If you knew, why didn’t you say it?”

    “Why do I need to say it?”

    Lin Shi Yin looked at Li Xun Huan. “You didn’t say it because of me, right?”

    Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows. “Because of you?”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “You don’t want to hurt me, or break up this family. Because this family was your..”

    She couldn’t finish. Tears filled her face.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly burst out laughing. “Why do women always think everything revolves around them? I didn’t it say it because it’s pointless. I didn’t leave because I knew they won’t let me.”

    Lin Shi Yin said, “It doesn’t matter what you say now. Because I already know...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “What do you know? Do you know why he did that? He was afraid that I’d break up your family. That’s why he did what he did! Because he views his family as being more important than anything else in the world. He feels that you are the most important person in his life.”

    Lin Shi Yin stared at him, then also suddenly burst out laughing. “He ruined you, yet still help him? Great. You really are a great friend. But don’t you realize that I’m also a person? How could you do this to me?”

    Li Xun Huan began to cough endlessly, coughing up blood everywhere.

    Long Xiao4 Yun lost all his control and started to yell. “I was originally the head of this family. But once you came, I feel like a guest. I had a great son. But when you came, he became crippled.”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “You’re right. I really shouldn’t have come.”

    Lin Shi Yin closed her eyes. Tears covered all parts of her face. “If you thought of me for even one instant, you shouldn’t have done this.”

    Long Xiao4 Yun said, “I know. But I’m just too scared.”

    Lin Shi Yin asked, “Scared of what?”

    Long Xiao Yun said, “I’m scared that you’d leave me. Because even if you don’t say it, I still know that you... you haven’t forgotten him. I’m afraid you’ll go back into his arms.”

    Lin Shi Yin suddenly jumped up and yelled, “Get your hands off of me! Not only are you a vicious person, but what kind of person did you think I am? What kind of a person did you think he is?”

    She dropped to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably, “Did you forget that I... I am your wife?”

    Long Xiao4 Yun just stood there like he’s made of wood. Only his tears are moving.

    Li Xun Huan looked at them, thinking to himself, “Just who’s fault is this? Who was wrong...”
    Only to hear someone say, “Are you awake?”

    This voice is so lovely, so tender.

    When Ah Fei opened his eyes, he saw a face of a goddess. This face has the world’s cutest, kindest smile. Those eyes contain the most profound love.

    This face looks almost like his mother.

    He remembers that when he was ill as a kid, his mother would sit by his side like this, also watching over him tenderly.

    But that was a long time ago. So long ago even he almost forgot about them...

    Ah Fei tried to get off the bed. “Where am I?”

    Just as he sat up, he fell back down again.

    Lin Xian Er gently pulled him up, and said sweetly, “Don’t worry about where you are. Just think of this as your home.”

    “My home?”

    He never had a home.

    Lin Xian Er said, “I think your home must be very warm, because you have such a great mom. She must be very gentle, very beautiful, and love you very much.”

    Ah Fei just sat there. After a long time, he said, “I don’t have a home, nor a mother.”

    Lin Xian Er looked a little confused. “But... but when you were unconscious, you kept yelling her name.”

    Ah Fei did not move, nor did his face show any expressions. “She died when I was seven!”

    Although he still has a blank face, his eyes became watery.

    Lin Xian Er lowered her head. “I’m sorry. I... I shouldn’t have brought out your sad memories.”

    After a while, Ah Fei asked, “Did you save me?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “By that time, you’ve already fainted. So I carried you over here. As long as you stay, I promise you that no one will come in.”

    Ah Fei said, “Right before my mother died, she kept telling me to never accept anyone’s gratitude. I never forgot those words. But now...”

    His stone face suddenly became alive, yelling, “Now I owe you my life!”

    Lin Xian Er said gently, “You don’t owe me anything. Don’t forget, you’ve save my life before too.”

    Ah Fei kept on sighing. “Why did you save me? Why save me?”

    Lin Xian Er looked at him kindly. She couldn’t help but put her hand on his face. “Don’t think about anything right now. Later...later you’ll know why I...I saved you. Why I’m doing this for you.”

    Her hands really are beautiful.

    Ah Fei closed his eyes.

    He never thought he would have this kind of feeling.

    He asked, “What time is it?”

    “No yet midnight.”

    Ah Fei tried to get up again.

    Lin Xian Er asked, “Where are you going!”

    Ah Fei bit his teeth. “I can’t let them take away Li Xun Huan.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “But he’s already gone.”

    Ah Fei feel back down onto the bed. His face full of sweat. “But you said it’s not yet midnight.”

    Lin Xian Er said, “I did say that, but Li Xun Huan was taken away yesterday morning?”

    Ah Fei looked shocked. “I’ve been asleep for that long?”

    Lin Xian Er said, “Your injuries are very serious. Other than you, I don’t think anyone else could’ve stayed alive. So right now you must listen to me and wait for your injuries to heal.”

    “But Li...”

    Lin Xian Er said, “I won’t let you bring him up. Because his situation is not as bad as yours. Even if you’re going to save him, wait til your injuries have healed.”

    She moved him so his head rested on the pillows. “Don’t worry, since Reverend Xin Mei is personally escorting him, he’s not going to be in any trouble on the road.

    Li Xun Huan sat on a chair in the carriage, looking at Tian Qi and Xin Mei. He thought it was kind of interesting, and couldn’t help but smile.

    Tian Qi stared at him. “What’s so funny?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I just think it’s really interesting.”

    “What is?”

    Li Xun Huan yawned, closed his eyes, as if going to sleep.

    Tian Qi shook him. “What’s so interesting about me?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t talking about you. There are many interesting people in this world. But you’re not one of them. You’re ridiculously boring.”

    Tian Qi looked pissed, but finally removed his hands.

    Xin Mei couldn’t help but ask, “Do you think I’m interesting?”

    He’s never met anyone who thought he was interesting.

    Li Xun Huan yawned again. He said with a smile, “I find you interesting because I’ve never been in a carriage with a monk before. I’ve always thought that monks never ride on a horse nor in a carriage.”

    Xin Mei also smiled. “Monks are also people. Not only do we have to ride in carriages, but also eat.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “But if you’re going to sit in a carriage, why not sit in a more comfortable position? The way you’re sitting makes people feel you have some skin irritation.”

    Xin Mei’s expression suddenly changed. “Do you want me to close your mouth?”

    Xin Mei looked at Tian Qi. Tian Qi’s hands moved to one of Li Xun Huan’s pressure point. He smiled, “If I press this finger down, you know what will happen, right?”

    LI Xun Huan chuckled. “If you press down, then you’re never be able to hear many interesting things.”

    Tian Qi said, “In that case, I guess I’ll just...”

    In the middle of the sentence, the horse suddenly let out a loud scream, then stopped.

    Tian Qi yelled to the people outside, “What’s going on? What...”

    When he opened up the curtain and looked outside, his face turned pale.

    A person is standing in the snow. His right hand is holding the carriage, preventing the horse from going forward. He just stood there motionless.

    End of Chapter 17

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    Chapter 18: Many Surprises in One Day

    That person is wearing a green blouse. This blouse would be considered too long for most people, but on him, it’s actually too short.

    He’s already tall enough to scare people. But he had to wear a strange long hat. From afar, he almost look like a tree.

    The ability to instantly stop a galloping horse really is scary. But his eyes are even scarier, those eyes that don’t look human.

    His eyes are green, and they glitter.

    Just as Tian Qi looked out, he immediately came back inside. He does not look well.

    Xin Mei asked, “There’s someone outside?”

    Tian Qi said, “Yi Ku?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “Unfortunately he’s just like all my other friends. He just want my head.”

    Xin Mei’s face looks heavy. He pushed open the door, then said, “Mr. Yi?”

    The Green Devil Hand looked at him, then said coldly, “Are you Xin Hu? Or Xin Mei?”

    Reverend Xin Mei said, “Monks don’t lie. There’s also a Mr. Tian Qi and Mr. Li onboard.”

    Yi Ku said, “Good. Just give me Li Xun Huan and I’ll let you go.”

    Xin Mei said, “What if I don’t agree?”

    Yi Ku said, “Then I’ll just have to first kill you. Then kill Li Xun Huan!”

    He suddenly reached out his hand. Only to see a green flash, the Green Devil Hand came towards Xin Mei.

    Xin Mei said a prayer, and 4 gray clothed youngster came. After Xin Mei dodged this first attack, the young monks surrounded Yi Ku.

    Then Yi Ku started to laugh.

    During his laughter, he shot out an arrow with green smoke. Xin Mei immediately said, “Hold your breath!”

    While he warned his students, he forgot himself. When said the world ‘hold’, he felt a strange odor enter his mouth.

    When the other monks see his expression change, they all panicked.

    Only to see Xin Mei immediately flew back a few meters, sat down, and started to meditate. He needed to use his inner strength to force out the poison.

    The Shaolin monks then formed a wall in front of him. They only care for Xin Mei’s safety, forgetting Li Xun Huan.

    Yet Yi Ku didn’t even bother to look at them. He just walked to the carriage.

    Li Xun Huan is still there. But Tian Qi is gone.

    Yi Ku stared at Li Xun Huan. “Did you kill Qiu Du?”


    Yi Ku said, “Good. To exchange your life for Qiu Du’s is not a bad deal for you.”

    He raised his Green Devil Hand...

    Ah Fei looked at the ceiling. He hasn’t spoke for a long time.

    Lin Xian Er said sweetly, “What are you thinking?”

    Ah Fei said, “Do you think he’ll be in danger on the road?”

    Lin Xian Er smiled. “Of course not. He has Reverend Xin Mei and Tian Qi escorting him. Who’d dare try to hurt him?”

    She stroke her hand on Ah Fei’s hair. “If you’re thinking of me, then just sleep. I’ll be here. I promise I won’t leave.”

    Ah Fei stared at her. Her eyes are so warm.

    Ah Fei finally went to sleep.

    Yi Ku stared at Li Xun Huan. “What else do you have to say?”

    Li Xun Huan looked at his bright Green Devil Hand. “Just one sentence.”

    “What’s that?”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “Why come all the way here to die?”

    He suddenly flipped his hand!

    A dagger flashed brightly, Yi Ku suddenly fell back.

    Much blood appeared in the snow!

    By now Yi Ku is far away. He yelled, “Li Xun Huan, Don’t forget. I...”

    When he got here, he stopped.

    The winter wind cuts like a knife. The snowfield suddenly became eerily quiet.

    Suddenly someone clapped. Tian Qi came out from behind the carriage, smiling and clapping.”Great. Great. Great. Little Li’s Flying Dagger really does never miss. As incredible as everyone say it is.”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a while. “If you unsealed all my pressure points, then he couldn’t have escaped.”

    Tian Qi laughed. “If I unsealed all your pressure points, then you’d be the one who’d have escaped. With only hand to move, one dagger to use, you’ve managed to seriously injure Yi Ku. I really have to be extra careful against a guy like you.”

    By this time those monks have carried Xin Mei over. When he got on the car, Xin Mei immediately said, “Let’s go.”

    After a while, he said, “The Green Devil Hand really is venomous.”

    Tian Qi smiled. “But not as venomous as Little Li’s Flying Dagger.”

    Xin Mei looked at Li Xun Huan. “I didn’t expect you to save us.”

    Li Xun Huan chuckled. “I was just saving myself. Don’t worry about it. Don’t bother to thank me either.”

    Tian Qi said, “I just asked him if he wanted to go with us to Shaolin, or stay with Yi Ku. Then unsealed the pressure point for his right arm and gave him a dagger.”

    He snickered. “That is already enough.”

    Xin Mei said, “The legendary Little Li’s Dagger... really is fast!”

    Although his reflexes aren’t great, he does have great inner power. By nightfall, Xin Mei forced out all the poison in his body. By next morning, he has almost made a full recovery.

    Then they found a small restaurant by the road. A meal without wine is like a dish without seasoning. Light and tasteless.

    Tian Qi said, “It’s good enough that you have food to eat. Don’t expect too much.”

    Shaolin rules really are strict. These monk didn’t make any noise during dinner. Although it’s just some plain vegetables, but they’re used to that. Besides, after traveling for such a long time, they’re already quite hungry. So they ate a lot.

    Only Xin Mei, since he just recovered from an injury, had to ask for some special food. So he did not eat.

    Li Xun Huan picked up a piece of tofu, put it by his mouth, then put it down. His expression changed. “We can’t eat this.”

    Tian Qi said, “If Master Tan Hua can’t stand these plain dishes, then I guess he can only go on an empty stomach.

    Li Xun Huan said plainly, “This food is poisoned!”

    Tian Qi laughed. “Just because we won’t allow you to drink doesn’t mean...”

    He suddenly stopped laughing. As if someone stuffed something down his throat.

    Because he saw that those four Shaolin monks’ faces looked grey. Yet they didn’t seem to notice, just kept on eating.

    Xin Mei immediately said, “Stop eating. Meditate to protect your vital organs.”

    Those monks didn’t even know what’s going on. They just smiled. “Is martial uncle ordering us?”

    Xin Mei quickly said, “Of course. Can’t you tell you’ve been poisoned?”

    “Who’s poisoned?”

    The four of them suddenly looked at each other. All said at the same time, “Your face...”

    Before they finished that sentence, all four fell down. By the time Xin Mei looked at them again, their body has began to rot.

    The poison is not only tasteless and odorless, but also prevent the poisoned to not notice any problems. By the time they realize that they’re poisoned, they’re beyond help!

    Tian Qi shuddered. “What kind of poison is this? How could it be so powerful?”
    But who’s the culprit?

    Li Xun Huan stared at the scorpion. “I knew he would come sooner or later.”

    Tian Qi asked loudly, “Who? You know who it is?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “There are two types of poison in this world. One’s from grass and other plants. The other is from snakes and insects. Many people can produce poison from plants. But few can make poison from snakes and insects. Only one person can make such a poison kill people without them even realizing it.

    Tian Qi was taken aback, “You mean the Five Poison Kid?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I was also hoping it wouldn’t be him either.”

    “Why would he come here? What did he come here to do?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “He came for me.”

    He knows that Li Xun Huan can’t possibly have a friend like this. So just as he started to say something, he changed his mind. “Looks like you don’t have many friends, but quite a few enemies.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I don’t really mind having lots of enemies. But a person only needs a few friends, because sometimes friends are even scarier than enemies.”

    Xin Mei suddenly cut in. “How did you know that there’s poison in the food?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “It’s like when I gamble. I simply go with my gut feeling. If someone else asks me why, I can’t really answer.”

    Xin Mei looked at him suspiciously. Then said, “From now on. We eat whatever he eats.”

    They then gave those dead monks to a local monastery, and started to travel again.

    Although they can go for a long time without eating, the driver doesn’t want to go hungry with them. So he found a little shop and started to eat. He carried some bread in a sack as he came back, eating some on the way.

    Tian Qi kept staring at him. After a while, he suddenly asked, “How much were these bread?”

    The driver smiled. “Very cheap, and pretty tasty, why don’t you try some?”

    Tian Qi smiled. “These bread can’t be poisonous. Why don’t you have some, reverend?”

    Xin Mei said, “Have some, Mr. Li.”

    Li Xun Huan chuckled. “I never thought you two would become so polite.”

    He picked up a piece in his left hand, because only his left hand can move. Then he said, “We can’t eat this.”

    Tian Qi said. “But the driver has no problems with it.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “He can eat it, but we cannot.”


    “Because he’s not the person Five Poison Kid want to kill.”

    Tian Qi laughed coldly. “Are you trying to trick us into starving?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If you don’t believe me, why don’t you try it?”

    Tian Qi stared at him, then asked the driver to stop. He gave half a piece to the driver and asked him to eat it. The driver ate the whole thing and showed no signs of being poisoned. Tian Qi said coldly, “You still think we can’t eat this bread?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Nope.”

    He yawned. Then seemingly went to sleep.

    Tian Qi was annoyed, “I’ll eat it just to spite you.”

    Although he said this, he still didn’t eat the bread. Then he saw a wild dog walk by, looking very hungry.

    Tian Qi immediately gave a piece to the dog. The dog didn’t seem to care for it. It just ate a little bit before leaving.

    Yet after it walked a few steps, the dog suddenly yelled loudly, jumped up, and then dropped dead.

    Only now did Tian Qi and Xin Mei really became surprised.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “I told you. Unfortunately, only a dog died. Not you.”

    Tian Qi was looking pretty confident with himself. But now his whole expression changed. He stared at the driver, asking, “What’s this all about?”

    The driver kept shaking. “I don’t know. I bought the bread from the shop.”

    Tian Qi grabbed him. “How come the dog died but not you? Unless you’re the one who put in the poison?”

    The driver became so scared he couldn’t respond.

    Li Xun Huan said, “It’s useless to ask him. Because he doesn’t know what’ going on either.”

    “If he doesn’t, then who does?”

    “I do.”

    Tian Qi gathered himself. “You do? Then explain.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “The bread is poisoned, but his soup has the antidote.”

    Tian Qi said coldly, “If that’s the case, then we could’ve drank the soup, right?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If you drank the soup, then the poison would’ve been in there.”

    The Five Poison Kid’s tricks really are impossible to guard. Against someone like him, you can only shut your mouth tight.

    Xin Mei said, “Who cares if we have to go hungry for a couple of days? Let’s just keep going.”

    Tian Qi said, “I’m afraid that even if we don’t eat there will still be trouble.”


    “Because he might be waiting for us to become weak before attacking.”

    Xin Mei doesn’t know how to respond.

    Tian Qi’s eyes suddenly glowed. “Actually, I have a suggestion.”


    Tian Qi said quietly, “His target aren’t us. So if we just...”

    He looked at Li Xun Huan and stopped talking.

    Xin Mei’s face became heavy. “Since I already promised to take him to Shaolin, I can’t let him die on the road!”

    Tian Qi did not say anything else. But every time he looked at Li Xun Huan, his eyes screamed murder.

    Not only do monks have to sleep and eat, they also have to use the restroom.

    Yet Xin Mei somehow realized this. So whatever he does, he won’t let Li Xun Huan out of his sight.

    Although Tian Qi became annoyed and impatient, he can’t do anything about it.

    The next day, they saw a little shop selling tortillas by the road. It’s business is quite good. A lot of people are waiting in line to buy it. When they get it, they immediately start eating. No one died of poison.

    Tian Qi couldn’t resist. “Can we eat this?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “They can eat it. Only we cannot. Even if ten thousand people eat it and have no problems, if we eat it, we’ll be poisoned to death!”

    If he had said this two days ago, Tian Qi obviously would not believe him. But when he said it now, Tian Qi has to listen.

    Only to hear a child cry, “Mom! Mom! I want to eat the tortilla.”

    They saw two kids around seven or either by the side of that shop, yelling and jumping up and down. A woman in a store by the shop came out and slapped them on the face.

    That kid cried, “When I become rich, I’ll never eat tortillas again. I’ll just eat egg noodles.”

    Li Xun Huan sighed. The gap between the rich and poor really is great. In these kids’ minds, even egg noodles are considered a delicacy.

    The street is narrow. There are lots of people here. So their carriage couldn’t get across even after a long time.

    This time those two kids brought out two bowls of porridge. They kept staring at the other people who are eating the tortillas.

    Tian Qi suddenly got off the carriage, put some coins on the counter of the tortilla shop and took some tortillas. He then walked up to the little boys and said, “I give you my tortillas. You give me your porridge, ok?”

    Those kids’ eyes grew very bright, thinking there can’t possibly be anyone this nice.

    “I’ll also give you some money to buy candy with, ok?”

    Xin Mei couldn’t help but chuckle. Tian Qi finally brought the two bowls of porridge onto the carriage. Xin Mei smiled. “You really are tricky.”

    Tian Qi laughed. “Well, we certainly need the energy to keep traveling.”

    He gave a bowl to Xin Mei.

    Although this porridge has no flavor, they still ate it like an extravagant meal, because they’re certain it’s not poisoned.

    Tian Qi looked at Li Xun Huan and chuckled. “Do you think it’s safe to eat this?”

    Before he can respond, Li Xun Huan began to cough.

    Tian Qi said with a smile. “If Five Poison Kid knew beforehand that the kid wants to eat tortillas, and that we’d use tortillas to exchange for his porridge, and put in the poison in beforehand, then I’ll gladly die.”

    As he said those words, he gulped down the whole bowl.

    Xin Mei didn’t think the porridge was poisoned either. Because no matter what, Five Poison Kid can’t possibly predict the future!

    End of Chapter 18

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