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    grr, a few weeks after i first got to this forum, i couldn't help but start to write a wuxia story, of course after awhile, mi passion slowly seeped away, so hopefully, the readers can urge me to continue writing =)

    ive wrote up to 14 long chapters(each chapter gets longer cuz i think ive (hopefully) gained better writin skills)

    anyway, i'll post my first one and see how it goes, and a small preview to the characters/sects

    more characters will be added later on...
    Swordsman Shen Xuan Lei(Leader of the Jian Sect)
    Xiao Feng(disciple)
    Qiao Kai Yu(disciple)
    Shen Ming Guo(son)

    Hong Yu Feng(Leader of the Panther Sect)
    "Throat Terror"Wu Feng(Senior)

    "Whirlwind"He Jun Ye

    Yang Ke

    Wu Dang Sect
    Shaolin Sect
    Emei Sect
    HuaShan Sect
    KongTong Sect
    KunLun Sect
    Zi Ran(natural) Sect
    Jian(Sword) Sect
    Beggar Sect
    Sparrow Sect
    Panther Sect
    Xuan Zhao Sect
    Demon Cult
    Du She(venomous snake) Sect
    LengFeng(cold Wind) Sect

    more sects/clans will be added on later..

    Chapter 1: The Whirlwind meets the Tiger

    Xiao Feng took a small step back, moving twenty meters away from "Throat Terror" Wu Feng. A sudden push of the leg brought Wu Feng before the eyes of Xiao Feng in a blink of an eye, he unleashed the famed "Panther tearing the throat", reaching towards Xiao Feng's throat. Tilting his head, Xiao Feng managed to escape death but the force brought with the move caused his windpipe to dent inwards.

    Turning towards the on looking Qiao Kai Yu, Wu Feng pointing to Xiao Feng said,” His windpipe is now smaller than my finger nail and he won't even be able to eat without panting."

    Qiao Kai Yu looked at Xiao Feng who looked like a helpless baby panting heavily, a complete contrast to the proud man just an hour ago. Pity and anger rushed through him at the same time, and he immediately unsheathed his sword launching a series of vicious attacks at Wu Feng.

    Dodging the attacks, Wu Feng repeated the move,” The Jumping Panther" he had used to get to Xiao Feng just minutes ago to push himself away from Qiao Kai Yu momentarily, putting the "Panther Claw Gloves" on. It was a special glove fitted with panther claws, so that the user's hands were similar to that of a panther's paw.

    After twenty exchanges between the two, Qiao Kai Yu switched to the "The Sword Hungers" swordplay which attacked the main organs of digestion and used the stance "Tightening the Intestines", where the sword moved in such a way that the intestines would be tied up, a vicious move Qiao Kai Yu had never used against anyone in his 42 years of life. Wu Feng jumped up to avoid the attack and flipped in the air and curved his fingers into a claw, before striking at Qiao Kai Yu's head. Switching stances, Qiao Kai Yu ferociously pushed the sword upwards displaying "Blood comes out”. With no time to dodge, Wu Feng could only channel his inner energy to push himself away from the sword. Anticipating this move, Qiao Kai Yu had already gathered his inner energy and pushed the sword out of his hands towards Wu Feng. The sword struck Wu Feng's leg, and pain shot through it like a burning fire. Wu Feng hurriedly pulled the sword out of his leg and sealed the pressure points of his leg to limit the blood loss.

    "You've turned my junior in such a state, and killed over 50 Jian sect members! Today, I shall bring your dead body to their tombs!” thundered Qiao Kai Yu.

    A panther-like screech came from the forests surrounding the foursome, Xiao Feng, Qiao Kai Yu, Shen Ming Guo and Wu Feng. 20 men with gleaming blades grasped within their knuckles appeared all of a sudden. One of the men picked up Wu Feng and ran towards the forests, while the 19 formed the "Hunting Panthers” formation where half blocked the opponents attacks and defended while the rest attacked, wearing down the opponent slowly before all attacked at once, when the opponent is weakened,

    With the "Hunting Panthers” formation holding back Qiao Kai Yu and his juniors, the man carried Wu Feng on his back and slowly faded into the forests, accompanied by the rustling of leaves made by a young boy leaving the scene...


    A thick pungent air fills the air as the stars fade away from the sky. A clean, well constructed warehouse contrasted in the background of the streets leading up to the Beggar Sect's headquarters. Inside, a young boy eyes filled with anger and hate practiced "The Jumping Panther" and "Panther tearing the throat" over and over again, alone.

    With her 10 year old kid standing by her side, a sickly woman knocked on the wooden door of the warehouse with her pale yet grimy hands. A young boy opened the door and stared at them. He saw the despair in the eyes of the woman, and then turned towards the boy beside her. The kid was around the same age as himself, with cuts and bruises all over, with a face full of suspicion and tiredness.

    The woman begged,” Young boy, please, would you allow the 2 of us to stay here for a night and give us some food and water."

    The young boy at the door silently opened the door and allowed the woman and her kid in, and pointed at a few buns on the floor. The woman thanked the young boy repeatedly, before taking the buns and giving them to her kid. However, he refused to take the buns and looked away,

    "Lei Jia, you've not eaten for days, why won't you eat these buns?” asked the woman.

    "It's not ours."

    The young boy stood there, momentarily stunned. The young kid seemed to be starving yet he chose to refuse the food. It was similar to how he often rejected food when strangers offered them. Instead, he would steal food and was often beaten up when caught. Sometimes, when he was caught, a kind shopkeeper would let him off and instead give him a few buns out of pity. He had always refused but would stop stealing from the shopkeeper who had let him off. Those who beat him up, he would repeatedly steal from them.

    A dagger flew in the warehouse and struck the sickly woman on the chest. She collapsed on the floor and gasped out,” Leave...the Xuan Zhao sect...They’re coming to kill all of us."

    Both the boys were momentarily stunned but the young boy quickly recovered himself. He ran to the backdoor and shouted to Lei Jia, "Come on, let's go!"

    Turning away from his mother's dead body, Lei Jia followed the young boy through the backdoor. After a few minutes of aimless running, Lei Jia and the young boy found themselves in a quiet forest and stopped. Lei Jia sat down with his back leaning against a tree, his face contorted with sorrow, his hands clasped over his head. The young boy laid down on the floor, facing the clear sky. Both of them could not believe what has just happened in the space of less than a minute.

    Four hours of silence passed, before the young boy turned towards Lei Jia and asked," Why were those men after you?"

    Lei Jia stared hard at the young boy, before he replied with anger and bitterness in his voice," My father "Whirlwind" He Jun Ye killed more than a hundred Xuan Zhao members, including 3 of the "6 seniors of Xuan Zhao" and stole their most valuable manual "Breaking of Xuan Zhao limbs"

    Xuan Zhao sect was a crucial ally of the Demon Cult, a major evil sect bent on destroying the 7 orthodox major sects in the wulin, Shaolin, Wudang, KunLun, Kongtong, Emei, HuaShan and Zi Ran .The Demon Cult was growing everyday, gaining influence everywhere, and had already killed top disciples of KunLun, Kongtong and recently, Qiu Shi Wei of Emei. The "6 seniors of Xuan Zhao" were said to be the top 6 elite fighter of Xuan Zhao other than their leader, Xuan Zhao Wu Tian. The "Breaking of Xuan Zhao limbs" was said to have been created by Xuan Zhao Wu Tian, and by using specific stances, the user would break his own limbs to inflict massive harm to the opponent. "Whirlwind" He Jun Ye was a heroic man known for his "Whirlwind" swordplay and had only been defeated by Zhang San Feng of Wudang and reverend Bu Tan(not greedy) of Shaolin. Recently, he had disappeared after stealing the manual.

    On hearing Lei Jia's family background, the young boy curiosity was aroused. A hero like He Jun Ye would have great martial arts, and as any loving father, would be eager to impart their skills to his son.

    "Did your father teach any martial arts to you?"

    "So what if he did? He's a bastard who left my mother and me alone after stealing the Xuan Zhao manual. We had to run away from the Xuan Zhao sect members by ourselves, begging for food and shelter along the way, and now he has caused mother to die! His skills aren't worth learning!” screamed Lei Jia.

    Hearing this, the young boy kept silent. His mother, Ling Yu Xiao and his father, Yang Jian had died under the hands of the Demon cult. He remembered climbing on the tree, watching his father and mother using the "Pure Love and Sorrow" swordplay, injuring many Demon cult members, yet showing mercy in not killing them. All of a sudden, they had collapsed on the ground, and the Fire Demon stepped out smirking announcing that had been poisoned with the "Fire of Hell" pill, before using the "Demon Fire" technique on them, causing both of them to scream out in pain. After watching them suffer for what seemed like eternity, the Fire Demon stopped and sliced the couple, into 36 pieces.

    Ling Yu Xiao was known as the "Small sparrow" in the sparrow sect, a small sect known for it's first rate lightness kungfu. Yang Jian was known for his swift and fierce swordplay, the "Mad Tiger" swordplay and had also learned profound techniques from the Beggar Sect and Wudang. The "Pure Love and Sorrow" swordplay was meant for 2 couples in love, on the verge of leaving each other. In love, both would cover each other's weaknesses without thought of exposing their own, in sorrow, they would not care for their lives and attack recklessly. By combining love and sorrow, the yin and yang elements of both male and female, the swordplay's might was incredible. The Fire Demon, was 1 of the "5 Demons of Hell", known for his "Fire of Hell" pills, which caused the organs on the victim to burn after 2 hours, and "Fire from hell" skill.

    "What about you?"

    The young boy did not reply. Lei Jia repeated the question with a hint of impatience. The young boy still kept silent. Finally, Lei Jia lashed out at him, using "Whirlwind Palms". The young boy dodged using the "Sparrow escapes". However, he had severely underestimated Lei Jia's "Whirlwind Palms" and only used 50% of the skill. The "Whirlwind Palms" moved the palms as if a whirlwind was around the palms, attacking the opponent with swift and fierce palms and even if the "Sparrow escapes" had been fully utilised, it would not have been enough to dodge the move.

    As a result, the young boy was hit in the head, chest and stomach twice each but due to Lei Jia's shallow internal strength, it did not cause any serious injuries to him. Still, the young boy was humiliated at being hit and immediately unleashed the most powerful move his father had taught him, the "Driven by madness, the tiger kills without mercy". He appeared to be a tiger attacking ferociously at the head and neck, his legs driven by anger, arms lashing out recklessly.

    Inexperienced, Lei Jia did not recognize the power of such a stance, but seeing the furious and fierce movements of the young boy, he subconsciously used the "Whirlwind disappears", a defensive stance where the user uses soft techniques to slow down the attacks of the opponent so that it would eventually become useless. However, Lei Jia hadn't practiced it in years and the movements were stiff and slow, and although he managed to slow the arms of the young boy, he received 2 kicks on the chin.

    Throughout the next 40 minutes, both of them fought fiercely, each occasionally receiving a punch or kick. Exhausted, Lei Jia and the young boy slumped to the soft ground of the forests, and both fell into a deep sleep.


    Drops of water hang on leaves up to tree tops. Thin trees uprooted by fierce winds litter the soft, muddy forest floors. A beautiful rainbow appears on the clear blue skies. A fierce storm had passed, but remarkably, could not awaken 2 boys out in the forests from their slumber.

    Loud, splashing footsteps and mad barks awoke Lei Jia and the young boy. A huge, scarred dog appeared out of nowhere, and stopped in front of the two boys. More dogs came running out and gradually surrounded Lei Jia and the young boy. Growling and baring their teeth, the dogs circled both boys. The scarred dog that had appeared first seemed to be the leader, and stared at Lei Jia and the young boy with its wide, yellow eyes.

    The leader of the dogs gave a loud growl and the circling dogs immediately pounced on the two boys, who had prepared for a fight to the death. Lei Jia bended his left knee and crouched down, palms out ready for a fight, while the young boy had already started running towards the dogs, launching a series of stances.

    The dogs ran towards the two, baring their salivating teeth, hoping to fill their empty stomachs. Lei Jia using his Whirlwind palms managed to fight off seven dogs attacking him. Every lunge was stopped halfway by a palm and every palm broke several bones with a ‘crack’. In a minute, half the wild dogs were laying down on the floor dead.

    On seeing this sight, the leader gave a sharp growl and turned away from the fight, while the rest of the wild dogs ran with him. Unsatisfied, the young boy used "The Jumping Panther" grabbing the head of the leader and tore out its throat, proceeding to butcher the rest of the dogs the same way. Meanwhile, Lei Jia had started a fire, broke off 2 dog legs and started to cook them on the flickering flames.

    When the young boy returned, Lei Jia threw 1 of the cooked dog legs at him. Both boys had not eaten for a day and immediately tore into the tender dog meat in their hands. They broke off the remaining legs of the dogs and roasted them to a crisp.

    “Not bad right?” the young boy remarked.

    “Here, the biggest one.” Lei Jia generously offered, holding out an especially big piece of meat. The young boy grabbed it and stuffed it into his mouth before spitting out the bitten pieces.

    “Damn it’s raw! You’re finished!” The young boy took the raw meat and threw it at Lei Jia. Lei Jia hurriedly ran to avoid the flying pieces of meat which the young boy was rapidly throwing now. The joyous laughter from them seemed to wash away the tragic death they had witnessed.

    Finally, the two stopped and lay down, tired and sweaty and quickly fell into a deep sleep as the sun finally came down. Their sleepy eyes missed the sparkling stars appearing and then fading away. Morning came and the sun shined brightly on the two boys.

    “Eh, I’m very hungry now.” Lei Jia announced, patting his empty stomach.

    Turning his head, Lei Jia spotted the young boy shutting his eyes in a meditating position. Beads of sweat trickled down his temple before dropping off at his chin. The young boy felt a warm soothing surge of energy travel throughout his body and when he finally opened his eyes, he felt re-energized.
    “Training your internal strength?” Lei Jia questioned.

    Seeing the young boy nodding his head, Lei Jia hurriedly sat down and practiced his internal cultivation, not wanting to seem inferior to the young boy. He Jun Ye had been taught Wudang internal cultivation method and the training had been passed on to the son.

    The young boy saw Lei Jia training his internal strength and did not want to interfere. He hurried on through the woods using the lightness kungfu his mother had passed to him and went in search for food. As he rushed through the wet forest, he looked in different directions holding his sword.

    Venturing deeper and deeper in the forests, he finally saw a light brown colored deer racing away at the sight of him. The young boy knew it was going to be his breakfast and swiftly picked up speed. Ducking under branches and moving past tight corners, he quickly caught up and looked into the deer’s eyes.

    He could see the despairing look in its eyes and followed the deer who was helplessly moving left and right, trying to shake off the young boy. Looking at the deer, the young boy could not bring himself to kill it for a while, but eventually, he realized that if he didn’t kill the animals, he would starve to death himself. His heart hardened and he swiftly moved forwards before plunging the sword straight through the deer’s throat.

    The wounded deer crashed to its feet and laid sideways, the wound on his neck spurting out with blood. It moaned in pain before the young boy brought his suffering to an end by slashing its head off. He then carried the dead creature on his back, his hands grabbing the legs of the fallen deer.

    By this time, Lei Jia was still training his internal strength, and his face was screwed up with concentration. His whole body had turned red and his eyes were shut extremely tight. The young boy settled down and took a few twigs, rubbing them fiercely together. The twigs caught fire and he immediately started a fire on the branches he had gathered.

    Five hours passed and the young boy had long finished his meal. Flies were already gathering near the carcass of the deer, yet Lei Jia had not shifted from his position. All of a sudden, he fell off his mediating position and collapsed on the ground. His body still had a red color to it, and his forehead burned fiercely. His clothes were totally soaked with sweat and his wrists were slippery.

    The young boy who had been practicing his swordplay quickly rushed towards Lei Jia and asked, “What happened?”

    Lei Jia did not reply and lay on the cool floor, unaware of his surroundings. The young boy touched his body and took away his hands after a few seconds. He had felt an extremely hot sensation when his hands made contact with the body, and was at a loss at what to do.

    Finally, the young boy decided to get cold water to cool Lei Jia’s body and ran off in search of a water source. He soon found a lake and quickly threw his clothes in the lake, soaking them. Then, he hurriedly went off to Lei Jia and squeezed his wet clothes, forcing the water to drip onto Lei Jia.

    Minutes later, Lei Jia’s temperature dropped, the redness on his body disappearing and he shifted his body weakly, muttering, “What happened?”

    The young boy gave a quick reply, “I don’t know, you were practicing your internal strength when you suddenly collapsed.”


    Unknown to the 2 boys, the Wudang internal cultivation Lei Jia had been taught had to be practiced smoothly and unforced, the practitioner making steady progress. Unfortunately, Lei Jia was unaware and pushed himself as hard as he could. As a result, the boost in his internal strength was tremendous, but the energy wasn’t pure although aggressive. Also, it was rather dangerous for the internal cultivation to be forced and could result in fire-deviation.

    The days passed quickly, the two lost in their own world unaware of the happening outside. 3 long years passed, the two boys learning to be independent, hunting for their own food, training their internal strength and martial arts. In this period, they also formed a bond deeper than blood brothers and neither could do without the other.

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