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    Default FULL HOUSE




    This drama attempts to answer the question of whether two people -- a famous actor and an ordinary woman -- can learn to love each other in a marriage agreed upon only on paper. It also explores the meaning of the family by presenting no matter how hard the present may seem, the world is still a good place because of those who bring hopes into our lives through their presence alone.

    This drama features diverse characters: considerate, caring, frank, patient, sticking to the life’s basic values. But no matter how different the personalities, everyone finds happiness in the end.



    Song Hye-gyo as Han Jee-eun

    Jee-eun is a cheerful, spirited and lively realist, who under no circumstances seems to be upset, but who is also very stubborn. She looks very sprightly on the surface, but deep inside she is easily hurt and introverted. She pretends to be smart and upbeat but in reality she is dull-witted and naïve. She becomes easily attached to things and people she likes, and at the most decisive moments she tends to become soft-hearted. While naïve and unsophisticated, she always speaks out when she considers something to be wrong, because she thinks that hiding things in your heart is foolish. Jee-eun is an Internet love story writer, whose nickname is “money-maker.” She also has a part-time job as she needs more money to maintain the Full House. She is a cute personage who firmly believes that money is the only thing lonely people, like she, can trust.


    Jung Ji-hoon(Rain) as Lee Young-jae

    Young-jae is one of the best Asian stars. He does his utmost not to hurt other people and not to be hurt himself. Every movie he starred in became a blockbuster. He is stubborn when it comes to selecting which movies to star in, but he has received much acclaim for his talent. Although Young-jae always behaves and speaks as he wants, he does that only to protect himself from being hurt and to be careful not to hurt others. People think of him as a very candid person, but that is also Young-jae’s strategy to hide himself – or rather his failure to express himself to the fullest. As the one who is unaccustomed to being frank and open, Young-jae is bad at making friends and very proud of his ideals and principles.


    Han Eun-jeong as Kang Hye-won

    Hye-won is the daughter of Doctor Lee's friend. She is a fashion designer, who designs Young-jae’s clothes. She has known Young-jae’s family since her childhood. Her entire life Hye-won has lived in abundance and had many choices. She looks like a fairy-tale princess: long, straight hair, mysterious smile, slim body plus good manners and a charming personality. She comes from a rich family, and is accustomed to being loved. She has never been rejected by anybody, and only feels content when everybody around her loves her. This self-respectful girl is also smart and realistic. She knows the harsh reality of life and is very prudent. She believes that happiness is an objective thing that can be achieved through negotiating.


    Kim Seong-soo as Yoo Min-hyuk

    Min-hyuk is a director of a large media company. He dreams of establishing Asia’s Walt Disney or Fox. This tenacious and smart guy is also respected and recognized for his skills. He is confident in earning trust from people. He has always been a winner, and is determined to remain one for the rest of his life. This good-looking guy possesses sophisticated manners and is very eloquent – a prince charming that any girl could ever dream of. Min-hyuk believes that life is too short to live it without fun. Although he looks to be light-minded, he is very affectionate inside. Unlike his seemingly unrestricted personality, he is very composed and prudent. He can’t stand losing and has a strong desire to win in everything, which probably explains his successful career.
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    Default Episode 1


    JE is quietly writing her novel in the Full House, when all of a sudden her friends, Dong-wook and Hee-jin, come to see her. The 2 guests start boasting about winning a premium from a bank, and offer JE to share with them this opportunity to travel overseas for the first time in their lives. Although JE feels leery about the offer, as she believes there is no such thing as a free lunch, she agrees to join her friends.

    Meanwhile, YJ leaves for China to star in a movie. And JE turns out to be sit next to him on the place. On her first ever trip by plane JE ends up throwing up on YJ's shirt. As JE arrives in Shanghai, her tour guide who is suppose to meet her at the airport with her return ticket and spending money, fails to show up. After many twists and turns, she goes to her hotel only to find that her reservation has not been made. She manages to find a room with the help of MH, who was at the same hotel visiting YJ. JE friends are not picking up her calls and to make things worse, she is totally penniless.

    Hearing that MH has decided to return to Korea, YJ becomes nervous. He calls HW's number, but after some hesitation hangs up the phone. JE embarks on a sightseeing tour in Shanghai, and gradually runs out of money. She decides to go back to Korea, but has no money to buy a ticket.

    Left with no choice, she goes to YJ to borrow money. Upon hearing her request, YJ becomes flabbergasted. JE cooks up a story about being MH's girlfriend to get YJ to lend her money.

    JE returns to Korea and realise that her Full House is sold and her bank account emptied by her friends.

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    it is a great series, but it would be better if Han Eun-jeong ended up with kim seong-soo.

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    ok i hope that im not stealing this episode guide from the kind soul that posted it in her Full House Blog..

    Episode 2

    Ji-eun finds out Young-jae is the one who bought the Full House. He tends to her fever. He takes her in on the condition that she becomes the maid. Her earnings are to pay for all her debt. Young-jae is to propose to Hye-won. She reveals she likes Min-hyuk and Young-jae is unable to propose. Hye-won tells Min-hyuk she likes him but he tells her he only sees her as a sister and that Young-jae likes her very much. To get Young-jae out of the equation, Hye-won confronts Young-jae. Put in a difficult situation, Young-jae says he is in love with Ji-eun.

    Ji-eun won’t give up her house so easily. But Young-jae says, "I also paid lots of money to get this house." So Ji-eun offers to pay Young-jae back for the Full House. When Young-jae tells her she doesn't have the money, really, Ji-eun says "you may have not known but I write internet stories. Its not something very big but everytime I make money from it you can take it. Plus the money I owe I promise to pay you back." She adds, "This house was built by my father that passed away. This isn't just my house, its also a part of me. I can't just give it up like that."

    After all that talk Young-jae still kicks her out of the house. Hehehe. She checks her bag and the picture of her with her family when she was young is smashed. She starts cying and calls him arrogant, other bad words, lol. Young-jae gets ready to run (he exercises and runs a lot in the series) when he finds Ji-eun in front of the house in a bench sleeping. He tries to wake her up. Ji-eun says she's hurting but she gets up to leave and walk away from the house. Young-jae runs across the beach and comes back and finds Ji-eun on the bench again. He yells at her to get out. He checks her temperature and its high, so he carries her inside the house and runs to the town to get her medicine. (See, he's a jerk, but he really does always make up for it. Hehehe) He gives her the medicine and asks her if she's okay and if she doesn't need to see the doctor. Ji-eun resists going to the doctor and says she wants to stay home. Young-jae goes through her bags and looks at her agenda, and on the 19th it says the date where her father passed away. Young-jae looks at Ji-eun sleeping and pulls a blanket over her.

    Meanwhile, Min hyuk and Hye-won go to a bar. He invites her to come to his magazine launching but she is being coy about it. She asks him if he will stay in Korea but he said that he is still unsure if he will stay. There is still a possibility that he will go back to New York by the end of the month. There is a girl at the back checking Min-hyuk out and he asks Hye-won what she thinks of her. He says that the girl is cute and asks the waiter to get her a drink. Hye-won is upset and excuses herself to go to the bathroom. When she returns Min-hyuk has left with the girl and just leaves a note for Hye-won.

    Young-jae tries to cool Ji-eun’s fever down with a towel. The next day Ji-eun feels much better, but she acts like she's still sick. Young-jae has to go out so he tells Ji-eun to stay home and rest. He's made her some porridge. After he leaves, Ji-eun gets up and eats everything! She’s such a slob she makes such a mess with all her eating. Hehe. When later that day Young-jae comes home, Ji-eun just throws all the food wrappers and garbage into the fridge. When Young-jae realizes this, Ji-eun still pretends like she’s sick saying she has to stay in the house a little longer. Young-jae tells Ji-eun how she's putting on a great show and then he tells her to clean everything up. Hehehe.

    Young-jae gives her money to find a place to stay. When Ji-eun asks what the money is for, he says, "because you need it" (you’re poor, etc.) Ji-eun starts to yell at Young-jae for being a jerk, throws the money back at Young-jae and leaves the house. He goes out after her though [aww] and finds her going no where waiting in the bus stop so he picks her up and brings her back to his house.


    1. cook every morning bap, jji gae or gook by 7 in the morning.
    2. to pay particular attention to the cleaning since he is a neat freak.
    3. to stay in her room at all times and not to disturb him.

    Young-jae goes to Hye-won's clothes store for something to wear on Min-hyuk's magazine launching. She tells Young-jae she'll be going to New York to study (but basically really to follow Min-hyuk there). Young-jae cannot let the love of his life leave so easily so he decides to finally propose to Hye-won so she'll stay in Korea.

    Ji-eun is calculating how much she owes Young-jae when the doorbell rings. She finds out that a credit card has been opened under her name (of course Dong-wook is responsible for this) and she now owes a lot of money from the bank.

    At night, Ji-eun sees Young-jae practicing his proposal to Hye-won but she thinks it's just a movie line. She tells Young-jae the line is very corny/lame. Hehehe. Ji-eun says she can't be home early tomorrow and Young-jae asks why. Ji-eun says "lets keep our privacy" and Young-jae says the same.

    The next day Ji-eun goes to the hospital where she heard her friends come to. She stakes out and finds them coming out and chases them. Hee-jin, her girl friend, pretends to have fainted. When Ji-eun tries to get a taxi to bring Hee-jin to a hospital, she realizes it was all a diversion and Hee-jin and Dong-wook have escaped.

    Young-jae is waiting foe Hye-won to come in a nice restaurant to propose to her. They are the only people inside. He asks the cooks to put the ring on the dessert: ice cream. (They also leak out the news of Young-jae’s proposal to news media though). But when the dessert is ready, Min-hyuk calls Hye-won and she’s all ready to drop her date with Young-jae to be with Min-hyuk. Young-jae confronts Hye-won and asks her if she likes Min-hyuk. She admits to the fact. Young-jae tells her Min-hyuk doesn’t like her. But Hye-won is undaunted and tells Young-jae she’ll make him like her and then she leaves. Young-jae is unable to propose and he throws the ring away in a trash bin in the Full House.

    Young-jae is drinking when Ji-eun comes in and joins in. Ji-eun is so depressed at having such awful "friends". "For 15 years, we've been friends. But how can my closest friends con me like that... they know that this house is all I have." Then she asks him if the proposal shooting went well and what the movie is all about anyway. Young-jae tells her "there was once this guy who liked a girl but now, she is about to leave him. So the guy decided to confess his feelings for her and tell her not to go. To stay by his side..." Ji-eun continues the story saying that, really, the girl is in love with another man. Young-jae is amazed at how it's so true and asks her "how do u know this" and Ji-eun says, "because i'm a writer". She adds, "But he still couldn't give up on her, because if he lost her, he couldn't live without her. But he still couldn't confess to her because he was afraid that he would lose her if he did. Because there is more to love than just happiness, so he decides to stay by her side, even if it hurts him.” Young-jae asks her what happens next in the story but this time Ji-eun goes too far with the story and Young-jae loses interest. Hehehe. Young-jae is exasperated and he tells her to just go to sleep. While he is upstairs, he watches her clean up. Ji-eun finds the ring in the trash bin.

    During breakfast, Young-jae asks Ji-eun what was it that she served him, stew or soup? She answers: "it can be both: multiplayer" [Hehehe. I love it when she says the word 'multiplayer']

    Ji-eun asks Young-jae about the ring she found at the trash bin. He tells her to throw it out and grabs the ring from her and throws it in the back yard. She tells him that once she finds it again, it's going to be finders keepers.

    It's all over the newspapers about Young-jae's scandal [how he was to propose to a girl] and his manager is in an uproar over it. No one can get in contact with him, Ji-eun comes home and gives him the paper with him on the front page. The phone is ringing and he takes out the cord.

    While cleaning, Ji-eun asks him about the scandal, saying the ring she found looks like the one printed in the newspapers. He walks out to the backyard.

    Ji-eun finds an invitation to Min-hyuk’s new magazine launching. She figures there's going to be a lot of publicist there and so she wants to attend to hopefully find a publisher for her internet story. But Young-jae says no. She is whining, saying that she promises to behave. He still refuses. She said that when they get to the party they can separate immediately. He ignores her and Ji-eun calls him a “wang ssagaji” and pushes the swing that he was sitting on, forcing him to fall. Hahaha. Ji-eun still takes the ticket from the bookshelf without Young-jae knowing.

    At the party, Young-jae gives the a copy of Ji-eun’s story to his manager without her knowing. When he sees Ji-eun there he asks her how she got there and Ji-eun says, "Well, I took the bus." Hehehe. She drops a piece of chocolate cake on her dress [the one Young-jae got her in Episode 1, btw] and on her way back she sees Min-hyuk and they get on a candid conversation about her story.

    Young-jae is wondering where Ji-eun is and he sees Hye-won instead...

    In a corner, Min-hyuk is laughing heartily at Ji-eun's story. Hye-won sees all this and asks him why he is acting this way. She asks him if he is testing her right now, to see how far she can go, how much she can take it. She finally confesses to him that she likes him. But Min-hyuk replies "I’m sorry that you were mistaken but I only thought and still think of you as my younger sister. Don't you know that Young-jae likes you a lot?"

    "Then that's it. It's because of Young-jae, because he likes me?"

    So Hye-won walks away confronts Young-jae. "Yah, Lee Young Jae, do you like me, do you love me? If you do, then confess it to me here and now that you do..."

    And Young-jae says, "I really like you...Han Ji Eun..." and kisses Ji-eun while Hye-won and Min-hyuk stare on, and all the cameras flashing behind.
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    Episode 3

    Young-jae and Ji-eun agree into a contract marriage of 6 months when Ji-eun is to resume ownership of the Full House. In their "honeymoon" Young-jae teaches Ji-eun how to ride a bike. He is trying to move on and forget Hye-won.

    YoungJae and JiEun are leaving the party, and the media is going crazy. Young-jae's manager is pissed off about all this, and asks him how he will solve this problem. He responds by saying he'll marry her so also all the scandals with him and other girls will finally stop.

    At the Full House they don't talk but later Ji-eun asks Young-jae what he did at the party was all about. He tells her "Lets get married" but it'll just be for show. They'll get divorced in 6 months time, she'll get alimony plus he will pay her for the time she stays with him. she refuses but when he says he will give her back the Full House, she finally agrees.

    JiEun worries about this some, and then in the morning prints out a contract, telling the terms saying if it gets out it'll be void and they each sign a copy.

    JiEun's annoying friends hear about the engagement through the newspaper, and go over to JiEun's house. JiEun and them argue, fight, etc. In the end, they encourage her to get married, inside secretly happy, not that JiEun is getting married, but that JiEun is getting married to YoungJae the actor, which means lotsa money!

    Young-jae's father is a doctor and he only hears about his son's engagement through a patient. When he confirms it from the newspaper, he is visibly upset. It is obvious there is a gap between Young-jae and his father.

    In the Full House, JiEun is cleaning the house when the doorbell rings and its a driver sent to get JiEun and bring her to YoungJae's family. JiEun is surprised by this meeting and she gets questioned by YoungJae's grandmother... etc.etc. YoungJae finds out about this and races to his house. He pulls JiEun out of there, when they bump into his father. He says his greetings but ultimately goes off without much talk.

    Young-jae's father says he won't attend the wedding but Mother and Grandmother tells him about how Ji-eun is an orphan and she doesn't have anyone to walk her down the aisle. They lie to him saying Ji-eun actually begged for him to walk her (down the aisle).

    JiEun and YoungJae bicker again in the car. Ji-eun tells him he ought to have behaved better with his family, especially his father. Young-jae is all pissed tells JiEun to get out of his car. JiEun calls him a "Wang Ssagaji" (Real JERK)

    But later, Young-jae actually goes back to where he dropped Ji-eun off but she has already left and has started walking all the way back home. YoungJae is worried about her, and waits for her to get home, but when JiEun arrives, he pretends not to notice.

    JiEun however, is really pissed off, so she decides to pack all her things and go to her annoying friends to stay there. They of course do not want her to stay there because they want to leech off her after she gets married to YoungJae. So Dong-wook calls YoungJae to tell him Ji-eun is with them.

    JiEun is tricked by her friends ONCE AGAIN, saying they'll hide her from Young-jae. Instead, they actually take her to the hotel room where she is dressed up and made up for the wedding!

    Young-jae's father comes in, ready to escort her down the aisle and Ji-eun is very touched at his kindness.

    They take a boat to where they honeymoon. Of course, they are again bickering at each other. When Young-jae teases Ji-eun pretending to come on to her, Ji-eun starts backing off and tells Young-jae to return to his senses. Young-jae is walking towards her and she's walking back. When she reaches the edge of the boat, she falls down and Young-jae is amused. But Ji-eun can't swim so Young-jae saves her.

    In the hotel room, Young-jae won't let Ji-eun sleep on the same bed. He forces her to sleep outside and when Ji-eun tries to sleep next to him he pretends he's coming on to her again and so she goes outside to sleep. The childish Young-jae laughs all about at this.

    The next day, Young-jae notices Ji-eun all bored. [Oh, btw, there's a scene with Young-jae swimming in a very nice pool, he's such a hunk-a-babe! Hehehe] She's not talking to him. He mentions how he's going out to see the sights and all and Ji-eun scramps to join Young-jae [she loves sight seeing].

    But when she gets outside their cottage, she realizes she has to bike her way to the city. She makes an excuse saying she doesn't like biking and prefers to walk instead. But Young-jae says it's a VERY long way to the city. And Ji-eun admits that she can't ride a bike.

    So Young-jae teaches Ji-eun how to bike, [sweet] but all the while calling her dumb. Ji-eun is frustrated and hurt and starts to cry. Young-jae offers to buy her ice cream so she'll feel better and she tells him she's not a little kid who he can buy his way into with ice cream.

    They still buy ice cream, though, and Ji-eun feels better. They go sight-seeing and ride on an elephant(!) and over all, it's a very pleasant experience for both of them.

    When they get back at the Full House, Young-jae has bought Ji-eun room furnishings. [She didn't have any furniture left after the Full House was sold and she's only been sleeping on the floor all this time, hehe] She has a bed and curtains and all and Ji-eun is obviously very happy about this.

    Young-jae tells her he has another surprise outside. When Ji-eun looks out, she see's his car and she thinks he bought her a car of the exact same model and color as his. But, hehehe, the surprise is actually at the back of his car: a bike for Ji-eun!

    Hye-won has a photo shoot for her clothes but she thinks the model isn't too good (or she really just wants Young-jae to do it) so she calls Young-jae and asks him to do the modeling instead. But he's trying to move on and forget about Hye-won (which is really why he married Ji-eun in the first place) since she's in love with another man and all. So he refuses to do the modeling.

    So anyway, Young-jae continues to teach Ji-eun how to ride a bike and it's all sweet and nice and fun. And Ji-eun finally learns how to do it when Hye-won arrives at the Full House...
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    Episode 4

    Hye-won tells Young-jae "No matter what I do, I'm more important to you than anyone. Forget that and you're in trouble." Min-hyuk hires Ji-eun as a writer. He treats her out to dinner. Ji-eun and Young-jae visits Magic Land. He gets her a recorder for a gift.

    Ji-eun goes off and prepares some snacks for the lady visitor (Hye-won). Hye-won says, "I heard from your manager that you moved down here." She adds, "why didn't you tell me?" And Young-jae says, "Do I have to report to you everytime I do something?"

    "What?!?" says Hye-won. "I think your busy, I'm sorry to bother you," and she leaves.

    Je-eun receives a phone call from a publishing company and she thinks her story is going to be published now but when she gets there they're really just interested in Ji-eun writing a story on the actor Young-jae: The Secret Life of a Pop Star. Ji-eun asks for her manuscript back and curses at the publishing house. Hehehe.

    She then remembers about Min-hyuk and how he's now in the publishing business as well. She is unable to see him, though, since he's in a meeting. She leaves her manuscript for Min-hyuk to check out. Min-hyuk is visibly glad to see something from Ji-eun with his mail.

    When Ji-eun returns to the Full House she sees Young-jae sleeping on a bench with a book covering his face. "Hah, the secret life of a pop star. All he does is sleep and exercise!" Then she proceeds to wake up Young-jae so she can sit on the bench too. And Young-jae teases her saying her story didn't get accepted and he knew it really wasn't that good and all.

    Ji-eun sees the ring Young-jae threw away (the one he was gonna propose to Hye-won with) and she says how it's not a very unlucky day for her after all. Young-jae tries to take the ring away but Ji-eun bites his hand so he'll let go. Hahaha.

    Young-jae goes on to kick Ji-eun out of the house. He said he didn't know what he was thinking but her bite brought him back to his senses. He doesn't want to live with a homeless person he says. And Ji-eun says he's the one who should leave because as per their contract, in the event of a divorce. And Young-jae says how they're not gonna divorce but that she ought to leave anyways. Hehehe. Jerk.

    So Ji-eun goes to Dong-wook and Hee-jin's house to stay there. When they bicker about it she asks them to pay all the money they owe her and of course they don't have any money so they shut up and let her stay there. Ji-eun receives another call urging her to do the story on Young-jae. She tells the publicist she and Young-jae have separated and asks them to get off her back. So the next day, there's news all over on Young-jae and Ji-eun's separation.

    Young-jae seems to miss Ji-eun. He goes to her room and sees that on her calendar it says it's her birthday soon.

    The next day, Young-jae's manager asks him to go to Hye-won to do the photo shoot. He says he won't do it but his manager says this is business.

    So he goes to see Hye-won. They go to a bar and have some drinks and Hye-won asks him if she is the most important and most special person in Young-jae's life. Young-jae admits to the fact. And Hye-won says "No matter what I do, I'm more important to you than anyone. Forget that and you're in trouble." [This is like a summary of Young-jae's relationship with Hye-won through much of the series: she's priority number 1, ALL THE TIME]

    Young-jae's manager is trying to do fix the scandal about Young-jae's separation. She asks Ji-eun to prepare lunch for her and some of her staff. She tells Hee-jin they just ought to put up a restaurant but Hee-jin says her sushi are so ugly no one will buy them. Hehehe.

    Ji-eun delivers the lunch she prepared not knowing it's for Young-jae's photo shoot. She tries to leave without everyone knowing but Young-jae's manager sees her just in time and announces her arrival and how she's made lunch for everyone.

    So the photos start shooting on Young-jae and Ji-eun. They act for the photos, the lady asks Ji-eun to feed Young-jae so she shoves kim bahp down Ji-eun's throat. Hahaha. And Young-jae does the same to Ji-eun and back and forth. And they make faces at each other with their mouths all full. Haha. Then the lady photographer asks Young-jae to kiss Ji-eun and so Young-jae kisses Ji-eun on the cheeks. Hye-won is obviously affected.

    Young-jae's manager tells Ji-eun how a story he submitted to her is crap, not knowing it's really Ji-eun's story. She tries to defend herself. After lunch, Young-jae waits for Ji-eun and drives her back to the Full House.

    At breakfast the next day, Young-jae asks why she didn't prepare seaweed soup. [Apparently in Korea, seaweed soup is a birthday treat]. And Ji-eun asks why he wants seaweed soup and if it was Young-jae's birthday. And he says no, it's hers. And when she realizes this, she gets all excited saying she wants to go to Magic Land (it's translated Amazing Land in another episode) with Dong-wook and Hee-jin. And Young-jae's like, just the three of you? How about me? But then he takes it back immediately (hehe) lying and saying how he's got a lot of things to do at the office that day anyway.

    So, while cleaning the stairway, Ji-eun calls up his friends and Young-jae starts off to leave for "work". After he leaves, though, Min-hyuk calls Ji-eun up saying he wants to meet her and talk about her story. He also says he'll be very busy and this is the only time he has to meet with Ji-eun. So Ji-eun cancels their trip to Magic Land without Young-jae's knowledge.

    In Min-hyuk's office, he tells Ji-eun how painful reading her story was. Hahaha. He tells her how bad the narrative is and all. So Ji-eun is hurt and says how it doens't matter, and she screams saying she's still going to write, till the day she dies, and even after she dies! She starts to leave when Min-hyuk says the story isn't that bad. He offers her a job. She is to provide him a synopsis every week and if the story is good it might be made into a movie. Ji-eun is ecstatic. In the elevator she apologizes for her outburst and Min-hyuk invites her to dinner to celebrate getting a job writing.

    Meanwhile, Young-jae is bored to death at the office. He's read the entire paper and finished the puzzles and comics too. He's played with his cellphone games. He decides to go to Magic Land and it's so cute what great lengths he went through to look for Ji-eun. Since he's a famous actor, he's trying not to be too obvious and all, he even wears a mask. But when he had to eat a hotdog and momentarily take off his mask, a fan spots him and soon, there's a herd of girls running after Young-jae. Hahaha.

    He runs off to the comfort room and locks himself in. People think he has diarrhea and that's what comes out the next day in the papers. Hehehe. In the end, he had to call some of his people to pick him up and get him out of the place.

    At the restaurant, Ji-eun sees how expensive the food is. She asks Min-hyuk if he wants spaghetti instead. She knows a place where it's cheap to eat spaghetti. But Min-hyuk tells Ji-eun she can treat him out another day but this time he'll be the one buying.

    At the Full House Young-jae waits for Ji-eun. He throws the mask he used at the Magic Land on the couch. He sees Min-hyuk drop Ji-eun off and then he runs to the couch and pretends he's sleeping. Young-jae orders Ji-eun to prepare dinner for him.

    When she is about to go upstairs she sees the mask and tries to scare Young-jae. She asked him if he waited long for her at the Magic Land. Young-jae says how he's bored and a person needs to relax once in a while and that's the only reason he went there. [this is cute]

    During dinner, Ji-eun tells Young-jae they should go to Magic Land. She always goes to Magic Land every year during her birthday and this year she didn't get seaweed soup nor did she get to blow a cake so she should at least go to Magic Land.

    When they get there, the place is closed. Ji-eun asks what Young-jae has to do in the movies and he realizes he knows someone (i guess from a movie gig) and they are able to get in.

    They share a sweet moment ice skating. This time Ji-eun is the one helping Young-jae out since he can't skate very well. She tells him all same things he did when he was teaching her how to bike. Hahaha. Ji-eun tells Young-jae it was her mom who taught her how to skate. And then she tells him about her job at Min-hyuk's company. Her mom told her to be a writer that touches lives. And then she says "Aja! Aja! Fighting" (meaning I can do this!)

    The next day, Ji-eun finds a gift for her. It's a recorder and in it it says "Be a writer that touches lives."

    Grandmother and Mother goes to visit Ji-eun. She gets scolded for not calling to say they've returned from their "honeymoon". They didn't call up when they were in their honeymoon either so Young-jae's family are so worried. She scolds Ji-eun for not wearing her wedding ring. "That's it," says Grandmother, "you two are moving in with us."
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    Episode 5

    Young-jae and Ji-eun visit Ilsan. Ji-eun does The Three Bears number. They play in a park.

    Grandmother and Mother are at the Full House. They scold her for not calling. Grandmother says Ji-eun and Young-jae should move in with them.

    At the office, Young-jae's manager asks him if he is going to have dinner with them. He says he's going to have dinner at home instead. So his manager teases him saying how she didn't realize it before but his wife is really cute. And then Young-jae says how common Ji-eun's face is! "And yet," says his manager, "you can't wait to get home for dinner". Hehehe.

    So Young-jae says he won't have dinner at home anymore. He'll even treat everyone out. But his manager says he ought to go home. He was going to insist he take them out for dinner when Ji-eun calls and tells him to get home as soon as possible.

    When Young-jae gets to the Full House he's fussing about Ji-eun's bad cooking. "You ask me to go home early for this?" But Ji-eun says that's not the thing. And then she says how Grandmother said they'd have move in with his family next week.

    Young-jae and Ji-eun prepare to go to Ilsan (where his family is) to try to fix things. He gives her some background on his family. And then he says not to worry about his Grandmother and the only reason she's giving Ji-eun a hard time is because she has a thing against pretty girls. So he's basically saying Ji-eun is pretty. (Hehe) But then true to his character, he takes it back by saying she shouldn't believe his Grandmother. Before they leave, Ji-eun tells Young-jae to put on his wedding ring too.

    At Ilsan, Grandmother fusses about how Ji-eun pays respect to the elders (she has to bow the traditional Korean way) and how she's not wearing the traditional Korean dress. Young-jae tries to help Ji-eun out by saying he's not wearing a traditional dress either. Then Grandmother fusses about how Ji-eun didn't even bring a gift. So, Ji-eun says I do have a gift. The gift of a song: and then she sing (and dances) to the Three Bear Song.

    Grandmother, Mother and Young-jae are all too stunned/mortified (haha) to say anything after Ji-eun's performance. Luckily, Father starts to clap for Ji-eun. At Young-jae's car, he teases her about the song/dance. To make her feel better he offers to buy her some ice cream.

    They proceed to a park where Young-jae actually asks Ji-eun to buy ice cream for the two of them. At the store, Ji-eun sees a Chu Chu Bar and buys that for herself instead. When she goes by the swing, Young-jae wants the Chu Chu Bar for himself and he makes Ji-eun exchange with his ice cream cone! (So childish yet so cute!)

    Ji-eun thanks him for the recorder. She says she thought he didn't really care about her since he's always bossing her around. So Young-jae says that if she's really thankful, she ought to pay him back by pushing the swing for him. So she does so and it gets too fast and too high. Young-jae is asking Ji-eun to stop. But Ji-eun says why should she when Young-jae is going to kill her when the swing stops.

    Also, they play at the park some more. It's really sweet
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    Episode 6

    Young-jae does not show up after inviting Ji-eun to dinner. He is tending to Hye-won's broken heart. When Hye-won is taken to the hospital, Young-jae takes care of Hye-won.

    Young-jae gives Ji-eun a hard time by asking her to do the chores first before letting her leave. But she has to meet Min-hyuk to submit her first synopsis. On the subway, she dozes off and accidentally leaves her recorder on the train. When Min-hyuk sees Ji-eun upset, he asks her what the matter is. She tells him about the recorder and they go to a mall to look for the exact same model. When they finally see the same model, Min-hyuk offers to buy the recorder for Ji-eun. In the end, she declines thinking a recorder from Min-hyuk isn't the same as the recorder from Young-jae.

    Min-hyuk invites Ji-eun out to eat but Ji-eun says she has to do all the chores that day.

    Ji-eun admits she's lost the recorder. Young-jae scolds her but offers to buy her another one. He even says they'll eat out for dinner.

    But Hye-won has just met with Min-hyuk. Again, he tells her off saying he only sees her as a sister. He says she doesnt really love him but only wants to own him. Hye-won is upset and calls up Young-jae.

    As number one on Young-jae's list, he drops Ji-eun at the mall by herself and goes off to meet Hye-won. He tries to comfort her. He says she wants to own Min-hyuk because she loves him.

    Ji-eun is waiting for Young-jae so they can have dinner. When she calls him up, Hye-won insist that Young-jae go so Young-jae tells Ji-eun to wait for a little bit. But then before Young-jae leaves, Hye-won goes after him, hugs him and asks him not to leave her. [hate-that-*****-moment]

    So Young-jae ends up bringing Hye-won home. The mall has closed on Ji-eun [I felt so sorry for her] and she has to go home by herself. She's upset but still, she waits for Young-jae to go home.

    The next day, Young-jae invites Ji-eun to a movie. Before Ji-eun leaves the house, she receives a call from Hye-won looking for Young-jae. She says she can't contact him on his cellphone so Ji-eun promises to tell Young-jae she called.

    Ji-eun and Young-jae watch the movie. He is only able to get in after the lights were turned off. After the movie, Ji-eun mentions Hye-won's call. Young-jae learns Hye-won is in the hospital. He makes a quick detour. In the hospital he's running all frantic and Ji-eun can't keep up. She's jealous when she sees Young-jae's care and concern for Hye-won. She hesitates going inside her room but Young-jae's father (who brought Hye-won to the hospital) sees her and tells her to go inside.

    Young-jae's father explains Hye-won and Young-jae are childhood friends which is why he cares for her so much and so Ji-eun shouldn't worry about the two of them. After they get back at the Full House, Young-jae leaves again to look after Hye-won at the hospital. Ji-eun waits for Young-jae to return home safely.

    The next day, Young-jae makes porridge for Hye-won. Ji-eun is jealous and asks him if <i>she</i> were sick if he'd make her porridge too. And then Young-jae tells her she ate porridge when she got sick staking out of the Full House (in Episode 2).

    Young-jae visits Min-hyuk and warns him to never hurt Hye-won again. Min-hyuk tells him to think of Ji-eun first and to straighten his priorities.

    Young-jae visits Hye-won in her clothes store. She dresses him up. She wants him to wear a ring, but she sees his wedding ring on. She asks him if it's okay to take it off and Young-jae says yes.

    Later, Hye-won realizes Young-jae left his wedding ring at her store. At home, Ji-eun asks where Young-jae's ring is. She says it represents their promise to each other. When Young-jae sees Ji-eun is upset, he calls to have a new ring made for him. But Ji-eun draws a ring on Young-jae's finger instead. Then she says she'll give him a watch too! And then she charges Young-jae for the "jewelry", so Young-jae draws a watch on Ji-eun and charges more. To pay him back, Ji-eun says she'll give Young-jae an pair of sunglasses too, since he seems to have a fetish for sunglasses. And they run around and it's so cute.
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    Episode 7

    Young-jae says he won't let go of Hye-won's hand until she lets go of his. Ji-eun confronts Hye-won and asks her to leave Young-jae alone and to stop calling him. Hye-won kisses Young-jae. Ji-eun tells Young-jae she is falling in love with him.

    Ji-eun creates a character for her story based on Young-jae. She names him YJ, Career: Actor, Personality: Rude and has a Prince Syndrome, Interests: scolding, especially yelling.

    When Young-jae is about to leave she asks him what time he'll be back and if he's going to eat out. "Why do you ask so many questions?" asks Young jae, "it's so annonying".

    At nightfall, Ji-eun is still typing. She looks at her wrist to see what time it is and sees the watch Young-jae drew for her and she starts to smile.

    The next day, Ji-eun and Young-jae put up their wedding picture. Hye-won calls and asks Young-jae to meet her. Young-jae finds himself lying to Ji-eun and says he has to go to work. Hye-won returns his wedding ring. She also sees the watch Ji-eun draw on Young-jae. She admits she does not like Ji-eun and she says it herself that she is clinging to Young-jae. Young-jae says he cannot let go of her hand until she lets go of his. He says how he's tried that before but it didn't work.

    Ji-eun waits for Young-jae for dinner. When Young-jae is still not home, Ji-eun makes herself some "mixed rice": rice mixed with kimchee, cucumbers, and basically everything she has in the refrigerator. Young-jae catches her eating this and he teases how it isn't mixed rice but dog food. Ji-eun complains that he should have called to say he would be late. Young-jae scolds her for meddling with his life.

    When Ji-eun finds out Hye-won had Young-jae's wedding ring, she is annoyed. Young-jae defends Hye-won though and admits he went out to see Hye-won.

    The next day, Ji-eun accompanies Grandmother and Mother to the museum. When someone asks Grandmother about Ji-eun, she introduces her as her daughter and says she is proud of her. Ji-eun is very delighted with Grandmother's comments.

    Dong-wook starts to work at Young-jae's company. Young-jae scolds him for swindling Ji-eun and threatens to put him in jail.

    Ji-eun eats dinner at Ilsan with Grandmother, Mother and Father. She teaches them how to play cards. They offer that she stay for the night and she accepts. She stays in Young-jae's childhood room. Back at The Full House, though, Young-jae is worried that Ji-eun has not come home yet. He hesitates calling her because of all the fuss he made about meddling with each other's lives. He eventually does call her up. "Han Ji-eun, do you know what time it is? Whare are you?" Then Ji-eun answers, "Why are you yelling? I'm in your room right now." "What? My room?" and he looks for Ji-eun in his room at the Full House. Then Ji-eun asks him "What do you have so many awards on your wall?" And Young-jae realizes she's at his room at Ilsan. Hehe.

    Ji-eun sees glass jars filled with origami stars and cranes and asks Young-jae made them. "Why would I make them? Hye-won made them for me when we graduated middle school." And Ji-eun replies, "Oh, I see..." And then she comes across a framed picture of Young-jae in suspenders. (Haha) She goes to tease him about it. And she sees another picture, a girl who barely had hair. Young-jae goes into a narrative about it was his sister who has passed away. He says his father never let his sister cry when taking her medicine, 8 shots a day was what she had. Young-jae is upset at his father, "He should have let her cry," Young-jae says. And he tells Ji-eun how Hye-won used to cry a lot and how he would buy Hye-won ice cream to make her stop.

    Ji-eun is hurt, though, that it turns out eating ice cream isn't really their "thing" but Young-jae and Hye-won's.

    "Hey, are you sleeping?" asks Young-jae because Ji-eun isn't saying anything on the phone. He asks her if he should come pick her up. And again, true to his character, he takes the sweet moment back by saying "cause who'll feed me?" Ji-eun hangs up, annoyed. She then recalls scenes from the previous episodes: Young-jae telling her how a man is in love with a woman and planned to propose to her, Young-jae rehearsing his proposal, Young-jae throwing the ring away. She finally realizes that Young-jae is in love with Hye-won.

    The next day, Ji-eun catches Young-jae eating "mixed rice". Young-jae says forget the whole not knowing each other's businesses deal because it's too inconvenient. But Ji-eun goes and prepares a schedule on how the two of them will use The Full House so that they would never have to see each other and meddle in each other's businesses. To communicate, each would just post notes on the refrigirator. Ji-eun says "Stay healthy. Till we meet again" and then bows her head. Ji-eun then goes to stay in her room all day to avoid Young-jae. But Young-jae starts to feel lonely. Hehehe. He forces her out by ordering her to clean the house.

    At night, working, Ji-eun leaves the computer for a while and Young-jae turns it off. He says that it is a waste of electricity. Ji-eun is infuriated that all her work has been lost. When she throws a fit and Young-jae offers ice cream, she screams "From now on, I no longer want ice cream. I don't want it. I don't want it."

    Young-jae shows Ji-eun a diskette with her work saved. To make up for what he did, he sings a modified Three Bears Song for Ji-eun (this time, there are four bears: Grandmother, Mother, Father and Baby Bear).

    The next day, Young-jae tells Ji-eun to go to his primiere. Ji-eun asks if its free and Young-jae says she has to pay. "What about a discount?" asks Ji-eun. No discount says Young-jae.

    After dropping off her synopsis for Min-hyuk, Ji-eun meets him on the elevator and they go to the primiere together. In his car, she wonders what other "thing"s Young-jae have with Hye-won. She is delighted to learn that Min-hyuk taught Hye-won how to ride a bike instead of Young-jae. Ji-eun and Min-hyuk themselves share a moment when Min-hyuk pulls her toward him to protect her when a speeding car suddenly passes by. Hye-won sees this and is obviously jealous and hurt.

    Ji-eun sees her two friends and Dong-wook gives her a ticket from Young-jae (even if he said she was to pay for it, hahaha) and when Hee-jin sees Min-hyuk smile at Ji-eun, she insist Min-hyuk likes Ji-eun but she won't believe her.

    Ji-eun confronts Hye-won about Young-jae's wedding ring. Hye-won says Young-jae doesn't seem to think much about the ring anyway. Ji-eun asks Hye-won to leave Young-jae alone and to stop calling him. But Hye-won bluntly says no. She even offers Ji-eun to make a wager on who wins Young-jae's affection first. Ji-eun agrees but is almost sure she will loose.

    Ji-eun is no longer able to watch Young-jae's movie. She stays put, thinking. After the movie, she meets Young-jae at the parking lot. "Let's go home," she says. But Hye-won has invited Young-jae out. (Btw, when Hye-won first invited Young-jae he asked if Ji-eun could come but Hye-won said no). So even if Ji-eun asked him not to go, Young-jae still left with Hye-won. [sad]

    In his car, Young-jae calls Dong-wook and asks him to take care of Ji-eun, bring her home and get dinner for her.

    Young-jae and Hye-won visit their Elementary School. Hye-won recalls the time when Young-jae kissed her and she cried, Young-jae bought her some ice cream. Then, asking Young-jae to look away, Hye-won kisses Young-jae on the cheek and says, "Want some ice cream?" They go on to share a moment by the drinking faucets.

    On their way home, Hye-won reveals her childhood dream: to be a good wife. Then, she says, "Calling you and bothering you, I know it's not something I should do. But if I don't have you with me, I think I will suffer a lot." [It's too hard for me not having you by my side] She goes on to say sorry for her behaviour.

    Ji-eun waits for Young-jae to return home. At the dinner table she asks Young-jae where they went. Young-jae tells her they went to their old school. "Are you okay?" asks Young-jae, "Do You want to eat ice cream?". But Ji-eun makes a fit screaming that she NEVER wants to eat ice cream ever again. "From now on, buy me roses instead." "They're too expensive," says Young-jae. "Who cares! I want roses! Roses!" And Young-jae says "Chi..."

    Young-jae starts to laugh and Ji-eun tells him not to laugh. "It's my life. I can laugh if I want." And then Ji-eun says he shouldnt laugh becuase it attracts her. Then she says, "Young-jae sshi, If you protect someone, it means you love that person, right? Young-jae, you can protect Hye-won, because I will be protecting you." She then goes on to say, "Young-jae, I think I'm falling in love with you..."
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    Episode 8

    Young-jae stops seeing Hye-won to protect her. He tries to prevent Ji-eun from seeing Min-hyuk. Min-hyuk tells Ji-eun he likes her and asks her if she can like him back.

    Ji-eun tells Young-jae she thinks she is falling in love with him. When Young-jae laughs at this, Ji-eun is forced to laugh with Young-jae saying it was all a joke. The next day, before leaving, Young-jae teases Ji-eun, "Honey, I love you too!"

    In an interview, Young-jae is asked about his relationship with Hye-won. Rumors are spreading about the two of them and Young-jae's manager arranges an interview with the married couple to clear things up.

    Hee-jin calls Ji-eun and tells her the interview is to cover up for the rumors that Young-jae is having an affair with Hye-won. Ji-eun decides not to do the interview with Young-jae. She reasons that she has a lot to do so Young-jae does all of Ji-eun's house work for her.

    During the interview, Young-jae and Ji-eun pose for the camera. When Ji-eun is asked about Hye-won being close to Young-jae, she says "Of course. They've known each other since they were nine. They help each other out. When things get tough, they give each other advice... Having a friend such as Hye-won is a good thing"

    After the interview, Ji-eun tells Young-jae it is okay to see Hye-won but that he ought to be discreet about it so everyone doesn't end up feeling sorry for her. "If you ask me to cover up for you again," Ji-eun threatens, "I won't make dinner anymore".

    She then adds, "Can I say nothing else? How annoying" (i.e. It's so pathetic that I can't threaten him with anything else)

    Young-jae then says that Ji-eun does have the I'll-pack-my-bags-and-leave thing. But Ji-eun says that doesn't really threaten Young-jae. "The house seems dark and lonely without you," counters Young-jae. But before Ji-eun gets any romantic ideas, Young-jae takes it back (as usual) by saying he meant there wouldn't be anyone to open the lights.

    Young-jae declines Hye-won's invitations to come over. But when she orders him, "Meet with me now. I'll be waiting." he goes to her still. She confronts him and asks if he is avoiding her. She tells him to just deny the rumors. It wasn't as if it was his first scandal, why, he's had many. "What are you so afraid of?" asks Hye-won.

    Young-jae says he is afraid of strangers bothering Hye-won, of the rumors and the scandal possibly affecting her. He is afraid she will get hurt because if she does get hurt, he is hurt all the more.

    Hye-won asks Young-jae if she leaves Min-hyuk, "Will you come to me then?" She tells him to keep his promise: "that you won't let go of my hand until I let go of yours."

    Ji-eun, on the other hand, watches Young-jae's movie with Min-hyuk. He admits he like her. "I am a very busy man. And yet, I always make time for you."

    When Dong-wook tells Young-jae that Ji-eun and Min-hyuk are out to see his movie together, he orders Ji-eun to go home. When Ji-eun refuses, he makes up a lie that Grandmother is sick. Ji-eun is worried and cancels their dinner date. Ji-eun and Young-jae visits Grandmother and when she sees Grandmother is all well, Young-jae continues his lie and says he just dreamt the whole thing.

    The next day is Min-hyuk's birthday. He invites Ji-eun to go out with him. When Young-jae finds out, he tries to keep Ji-eun from going by ordering her to do her chores. Ji-eun runs off, though.

    During their date, Min-hyuk wonders, "Why don't you like me." He proceeds to say he's actually very popular with the girls. He says they say he's goodlooking, rich and he has some abilities. "Do you have a Prince Complex?" [superiority complex] asks Ji-eun. He laughs and she says its just a joke. But Min-hyuk says he's not joking. He says Young-jae doesn't appreciate Ji-eun enough. And he goes on to ask for Ji-eun's heart, "Will you like me?"
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    Episode 9

    Min-hyuk finds out that Young-jae's marriage is only by contract. Hye-won tells Min-hyuk she's letting go of him. Young-jae tells Ji-eun she is nobody to him. Min-hyuk decides to take Ji-eun from Young-jae.

    Min-hyuk asked Ji-eun to like him. She says that if he wants someone to eat with, or if he's sick or if he's bored or if he doesn't feel good, he can always call Ji-eun and she'll like him.

    She invites Min-hyuk inside the Full House but Min-hyuk declines.

    Young-jae pretends to have just woken up. "Did Min-hyuk drive you home?" Ji-eun says yes and says she actually ivited him in but he said it was too late into the night. Young-jae wants to know why Min-hyuk saw Ji-eun.

    Young-jae: Why did he want to see you today? Is your synopsis actually going to be made into a movie?
    Ji-eun: no, it wasn't anything like that, but today is his(Min-hyuk's) birthday
    Young-jae: oh really?
    Ji-eun: you say he's a good friend, and you don't even know his birthday?
    Young-jae: psh. He doesn't even know his own birthday.
    Ji-eun: birthdays are supposed to be remembered by those around you and not the person themselves.
    Young-jae: anyway, so it's his birthday... so?
    Ji-eun: well seems like he had no family to celebrate with so i ate with him... when someone has money and their feeling lonely have nothing to do with each other
    Young-jae: so is that all, you guys only ate?
    Ji-eun: well... he asked me if i could like him... *YJ spits* oh! are you okay?
    Young-jae: so... so... what did you say?
    Ji-eun: what should i say, i said okay, that i would like him... I make Min-hyuk laugh, so i said that i woiuld keep making him laugh, and when he's lonely that i would be his friend. you know what else he said, he said that you don't know HanJiEun's potential (she's talking about herself). I'm only a rice maker to you, but i can be someone else's present.
    Young-jae: present?!
    Ji-eun: by the way have you eaten yet?
    Young-jae: NO I HAVEN'T! MAKE MY FOOD!
    Ji-eun: WOW... you haven't eaten yet... because you were waiting for me?
    Young-jae: it's not that i haven't eaten because i was WAITING FOR YOU, it's because i've been busy all day, and I JUST GOT HOME... MAKE MY FOOD... now...
    Ji-eun: imitates YJ

    In his bed, Young-jae is tossing to and fro, "Present? A rice maker is a present too!"

    At work, Min-hyuk goes to see Young-jae. Young-jae apologizes for not remembering Min-hyuk's birthday. He says it's okay since he doesn't know Young-jae's birthday either! Young-jae says it's okay for Min-hyuk to see Ji-eun but that he ought to at least let Young-jae know so he doesn't make any wrong conclusions. He says Ji-eun is different from other girls and Min-hyuk ought to not play with her. Min-hyuk then says he thought Young-jae only had eyes for Hye-won but it now seems it's not so. Min-hyuk says he doesn't need to apologize and tells Young-jae to be careful. [I'm not sure what he means by this.]

    Young-jae is eating with Ji-eun and he tells her not to think of anything with Min-hyuk's kindness. He says Min-hyuk is good with girls and all that. Ji-eun says they are only friends and everybody knows she and Young-jae are married so it's highly improbable that Min-hyuk would be making passes at her. Young-jae says he's just giving her advice because she has thing thing about making people happy. "Huh?" "What I'm saying is, I don't want to give my rice maker to anyone as a present, so behave!" (hehehe)

    While Young-jae is watching TV, Ji-eun says she wants to invite Min-hyuk over since he's always treating her out. Young-jae says he doesn't owe Min-hyuk anything and its his house so they can't invite Min-hyuk over. But Young-jae thinks of something so he invites Min-hyuk to dinner in the end.

    Ji-eun is surprised but she tries to prepare nonetheless. She calls up Mother at Ilsan to ask her how to make jab-chae. Grandmother says "Aigoo... how come you don't know how to make that? I know how to make it so come here and I'll teach you."

    But Grandmother doesn't really know how to make jab chae. She gives Ji-eun instructions but in the end, it doesn't taste very good. When Ji-eun finds the recipe Grandmother was hiding and confronts her about it, Grandmother is humiliated and says she's sick. Ji-eun starts to cry because she thinks Grandmother really hates her... So Grandmother sings the Three Bears Song for her. In the end, Mother just lets Ji-eun bring home a meal she's already prepared so Ji-eun has something to present to Min-hyuk.

    On his way over, though, Min-hyuk comes across Hee-jin and gives her a ride to the Full House. Hee-jin is trying to make a conversation and she says how the Full House is really Ji-eun's house and that if they hadn't conned her she wouldn't have had to get into a contract marriage with Young-jae. Min-hyuk goes "What?" and Hee-jin realizes her blunder. She doesn't stay long at the Full House and just gives the watermelon she brought for Ji-eun.

    Young-jae makes Ji-eun act like she's going to throw up. At that, he makes up a story that Ji-eun is pregrant. It totally sets Min-hyuk off.

    Hye-won meets with Min-hyuk to give him his birthday present. She thanks Min-hyuk for everything and basically she says she's going to let go of him now.

    Young-jae promises to buy Ji-eun dinner. But Hye-won calls up Young-jae. Again, never failing by his promise, he goes to Hye-won. He comforts her saying letting go of Min-hyuk was the right thing to do.

    Ji-eun gets stood up AGAIN (I really hated Young-jae here). It's so sad how she waited till they had to close the store.

    Ji-eun waits for Young-jae at home. She is all sad and teary-eyed. She asks Young-jae how dumb he really thinks she is. She said she shouldn't have made her wait. She's always waiting. But Young-jae tells her she's nobody to her.

    "I know. I'm nobody to you. So from now on, you're nobody to me too." (Oh this part is so sad)

    The next day, Young-jae wakes up and Ji-eun is not home. Instead she is at the park, thinking of all the good memories she and Young-jae have. At home, Young-jae is worried about her and is waiting for her. When a downpour starts, he goes off looking for her. It was so sweet...

    Ji-eun is so sad, she doesn't immediately seek shelter. When the rain gets heavier, she calls up Min-hyuk. He immediately comes to pick up Ji-eun. He takes her to his apartment and tends to her. She falls asleep on Min-hyuk's couch. A tear gently falls on Ji-eun's cheeck.

    "This is a real dilemma. What would you have me do?" asks Min-hyuk to a sleeping Ji-eun. He figures Young-jae is just causing Ji-eun so much pain so he decides to pursue Ji-eun's heart and take her away from Young-jae.

    Young-jae is super duper worried at Ji-eun now. He gets a phonecall and he immediately says "Ji-eun?" but it's Min-hyuk calling. He says how he figured Young-jae must be worried by now so he's calling to say Ji-eun is at his apartment. When Young-jae demands to speak to Ji-eun he says she's sleeping. Then Min-hyuk tells Young-jae he has decided to take Ji-eun away from him...
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    Episode 10

    Young-jae says sorry for always making Ji-eun wait. He says she is not just a nobody to him. Min-hyuk asks Ji-eun for a chance at her heart. He buys her flowers. Young-jae and Ji-eun revise their contract, the marriage is now to last 3 years. Hye-won tells Young-jae she wants to be with him. Ji-eun asks Young-jae if it is okay to like Min-hyuk.

    Ji-eun wakes up at Min-hyuk's apartment. He cooks dinner for her but Young-jae has come for Ji-eun. "Ji-eun, come out! Let's go!" he orders. When Young-jae starts to drag her out, she politely says goodbye to Min-hyuk.

    Young-jae is infuriated that Ji-eun slept at Min-hyuk's apartment. However, when he finds out that Ji-eun is sick, he immediately tends to her. With Ji-eun asleep he says "I'm sorry. I was wrong. Get better." When Ji-eun wakes up, she sees Young-jae asleep by her bedside.

    Ji-eun doesn't get up from bed until Young-jae has gone. Downstairs, though, she finds a pot porridge prepared for her. Grandmother and Mother call her up, though, and invites her over for lunch. When Grandmother learns Ji-eun was sick, she takes her to the doctor. After learning that Ji-eun is all well, Grandmother asks the doctor to prescribe some fertility-enhancing drugs.

    Hye-won asks Young-jae out to see a concert. He declines saying Ji-eun is sick and he has to go home early. When Young-jae finds out that Ji-eun has not eaten the porridge, he goes to scold Ji-eun. He says even chickens seek shelter during the rain but to Ji-eun he says, "You are the stupidest chicken!"

    At this, Ji-eun gets up from bed, angry. To make up for it, Young-jae sings (and dances to) the Three Bears Song in two versions! One Korean and one American version. Ji-eun is well entertained to say the least. She eats her porridge and takes the fertility medicine. "It's good for the hormones," she says and imagines a scene where she tries to seduce Young-jae.

    The next day, Young-jae promises Ji-eun he will call if he'll ever be late again. He says how he's not used to having someone wait for him, having to call up when late. And then he takes back what he said Ji-eun the previous episode, "You are <b>not</b> someone who is nothing to me." [i.e. you're not just a nobody to me]

    Ji-eun is touched at Young-jae. "Come back soon" she says by the door as Young-jae's car speeds off.

    Hee-jin visits Ji-eun and admits to have accidentally slipped off the fact her marriage is but a contract marriage to Min-hyuk. Ji-eun asks Min-hyuk out to find out how much he knows. She is finally able to treat Min-hyuk to spaghetti. They stroll by the park and Min-hyuk buys her flowers. Ji-eun says it's the first time she's ever been given flowers.

    Min-hyuk admits knowing Young-jae didn't marry Ji-eun for love. He also says he hates thinking about "if's". But lately, it's all he thinks about: If he had the chance first, if Ji-eun had met him first, if she hadn't married Young-jae... "If two people's marriage isn't real, then it's not yet too late for me, right? Will you give me a chance?"

    At home, Young-jae asks about the flowers. When he starts bickering about it, Ji-eun says, "What does it matter to you? Our marriage is made as it is" With only a few more months left in their contract she tells Young-jae to meet with Hye-won all he wants and she'll do what she wants with her life.

    At that, the next day, Young-jae searches the whole house for the marriage contract. When his efforts are unsuccessful he suggests he and Ji-eun make a new contract. Ji-eun aggrees. Under the new contract Young-jae is forbidden to call her rice bowl, vacuum cleaner, bird, or chicken! Young-jae insists the marriage last 3 years.

    Ji-eun will not accept being married to Young-jae for 3 years. But when Young-jae tells her how disappointed his family will be if they divorce that early, Ji-eun reconsiders. She loves Young-jae's family.

    With the new contract in place, Young-jae is forced to eat toast for breakfast, wash the dishes and help Ji-eun out with the chores. "Don't forget to buy me flowers" Ji-eun says before Young-jae leaves. It is Clause 105 of the new contract: Every Wednesday Young-jae will buy Ji-eun flowers.

    Meanwhile, Hye-won overhears Dong-wook on the phone with Hee-jin. She too learns of the contract marriage. She goes to see Ji-eun and asks why Young-jae got married so suddenly. She tells Ji-eun how hard it is for her to not have Young-jae by her side. Ji-eun says it is unfair to always want Young-jae by her when she loves another man. "I know," says Ji-eun. "Which is why from now on, I will only have eyes for Young-jae."

    Hye-won asks Ji-eun to help her get Young-jae back. Ji-eun admits Young-jae loves Hye-won very much and is the reason why he married Ji-eun in the first place.

    Hye-won and Young-jae meet at a bar. This time, Young-jae calls up Ji-eun to say he will be late as he is to meet Hye-won. After Young-jae hangs up, Ji-eun says "Don't meet Kang Hye-won. Just go home... just go home..."

    Hye-won and Young-jae reminisce a childhood memory. Hye-won says she hadn't realized that Young-jae has always been by her side. "Thank you, for being patient with me. Young-jae, I want to go to you, will you take me in?"

    Over some beer, Ji-eun tells Young-jae of her conversation with Min-hyuk. She asks Young-jae, "Is it okay if I like him [Min-hyuk]?"
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    Episode 11

    Young-jae lets Ji-eun see Min-hyuk. He agrees to be with Hye-won after his marriage contract of 3 years. Ji-eun asks for a divorce.

    Hye-won has told Young-jae she wants to be with him. Ji-eun asks Young-jae for permission to like Min-hyuk. Young-jae tells Ji-eun that she does not need permission to see Min-hyuk. "It is not your heart that I have under contract. Your feelings are your own."

    "My heart is mine," Ji-eun tells Min-hyuk, "but I do not have his".

    Ji-eun is mad that Young-jae lets her go so easily. She is cold and will not do her chores. Young-jae does not know what is wrong and offers to increase her salary. He says he will cook dinner for her instead, but pulls a prank on Ji-eun. He pretends to have cut off his finger and when Ji-eun finds out it is a trick, she bites Young-jae's finger. At dinner, she asks Young-jae if it is really okay to be with Min-hyuk. "Do you have even the smallest feeling about that?"

    "What kind feeling? I don't feel anything. There is no feeling." (I know the translation is bad, sorry.)

    After allowing Ji-eun to see Min-hyuk, Young-jae goes to see Hye-won and says that his marriage to Ji-eun is to last 3 years. Hye-won says she will wait as Young-jae has obviously waited longer for her. She visits Young-jae's family to give gifts to the family.

    Ji-eun is invited at Ilsan to have dinner with Young-jae's family. She is jealous of the friendship Hye-won shares with Young-jae's family. She and Hye-won talk. Hye-won reveals that Young-jae has agreed to be with her after 3 years. Ji-eun is hurt and decides to divorce Ji-eun so that he and Hye-won can finally be together.

    Ji-eun takes off her wedding ring. She is compliant of Young-jae's every command. Young-jae is uncomfortable and asks her what is wrong. When he sees she does not have her ring, he assumes that she has lost it and is the reason why she is being compliant. He draws a ring for her the way she did him when he lost his ring. He asks her to draw him another watch and to sing The Three Bear song.

    When Ji-eun finishes her first screenplay, she and Min-hyuk go out to celebrate. She tells Min-hyuk she likes him. She also purposely stays out longer to see if Young-jae will wait for her as she always does for him.

    Young-jae does wait for Ji-eun. He also prepares a party to celebrate her first screenplay. There is a candlelit table, wine, balloons and candles. When Ji-eun calls to say she will be late, he is furious, but waits for the girl.

    With Young-jae already fallen asleep at the couch waiting, Ji-eun arrives and is touched when she sees everything he has prepared for her. She wakes him up and they celebrate. Young-jae brings out a cake.

    Ji-eun returns the wedding ring to Young-jae and asks for a divorce. "Do you want Hye-won, the girl you love so much, to wait 3 years?"

    "What about my family?" Young-jae asks.

    "They all love Kang Hye-won. Don't worry."

    "Is it because you dont like cooking? Dont cook."

    Ji-eun disagrees and says that it is because she doesn't think she can still live with Young-jae.

    "Did Min-hyuk ask for you to divorce me fast?"

    "Its not that. I love you. I really love you. Can't you see that I am in pain? It's because it hurts that i cant go on. so please, lets stop. Lets stop this."

    And to this Young-jae hurtfully replies, "You dummy, you shouldn't have told me that. if you say that, then we really can't be tovether."

    "Let's get a divorce and go to Kang Hye-won."

    And Young-jae replies, "I'm sorry but I can't be with you anymore."
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    Episode 12

    Ji-eun takes back her appeal for a divorce. Young-jae makes up for how he has treated Ji-eun. He buys her 105 roses. He vows to protect Ji-eun. Hye-won catches Ji-eun kissing Young-jae on the cheek.

    Min-hyuk gives his permission to publish a report on Young-jae's faulty marriage.

    Ji-eun asks Min-hyuk to have lunch. She reveals she has asked Young-jae for a divorce.

    A newspaper article came out on Young-jae's marriage. When his manager talks to Dong-wook about Young-jae and Hye-won, Dong-wook accidentally spills out that Young-jae and Ji-eun's marriage is merely a contract marriage. Young-jae's manager meets with Ji-eun and asks her to postpone their divorce. She explains how bad it will be for Young-jae's career. She also meets with Hye-won and asks her to stop seeing Young-jae. She tells Hye-won that if she wants to see Young-jae, she should do so when he is divorced.

    Ji-eun follows the advice of Young-jae's manager. She tells Young-jae she was only testing him and making him realize how bad he has been treating her. Young-jae is cross. To make up for it, Ji-eun offers a joke, tries to sing The Three Bear Song and pretends to be a ghost saying, "Young-jae, don't be angry anymore". Nothing works though, and Ji-eun tells Young-jae to just hit her and they'll be even. Young-jae refuses to smack her and he ends up getting hurt instead.

    Young-jae tells Ji-eun how bad breaking up made him feel. The next day, he tries to make up for how he's treated Ji-eun. He cleans the house and makes Ji-eun breakfast. Ji-eun says she would rather that Young-jae not be so nice to her. "It makes me anxious to death," she says.

    Young-jae cleans the whole house for Ji-eun. He learns his next movie was given to another actor.

    Min-hyuk talks to Young-jae and tells him that reports are going to be coming out about him, Ji-eun, and their marriage. He tells Young-jae to let Ji-eun go so as not to hurt her. Young-jae thanks Min-hyuk for his advice but says he will protect Ji-eun.

    Ji-eun receives a delivery of 105 roses. It was delivered to "Bird". Young-jae says it is for an early ointment, so that future bad events won't hurt as much. They talk about how they'd go back to Amazing Land or go back to where they honeymooned. Ji-eun is so touched at Young-jae she places a kiss on his cheek.

    Hye-won sees this, though. She is standing by the door of the Full House.
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    Episode 13

    Young-jae tells Ji-eun he'll move out and be with Hye-won. Ji-eun is hurt and accepts an invitation to go to Venice with Min-hyuk. Hye-won realizes Young-jae is in love with Ji-eun and finally sets him free.

    Hye-won storms out of the Full House after seeing Ji-eun kiss Young-jae. Young-jae runs after her but Hye-won drives off crying and without talking to Young-jae.

    Young-jae talks to Ji-eun. He tells the story of how when he was young, he decided to run away from home. He hated his father so much after his sister died. He said he would have run away, had it not for Hye-won. "Did she tell you not to go?" asks Ji-eun. No, Young-jae answers. But the money he had to run away, he used to buy Hye-won ice cream. "How can a man leave a girl crying like that?" He tells of a promise he made to Hye-won then: that he'd protect her all his life. He then tells her how happy Ji-eun makes him feel, how, with her, he seems like a different man. And how with her, he forgets about Hye-won. Now, he tells Ji-eun, he has to go to Hye-won and take care of her.

    The next day, Young-jae tells Ji-eun he will be moving out in a week's time. When Min-hyuk asks Ji-eun out for lunch, she asks him to buy her beer instead. To Min-hyuk, Ji-eun cries and tells him what Young-jae told her. "Who keeps promises made when you were 9?" she asks.

    Young-jae waits for Ji-eun to return home. Drunk, she tells Young-jae she won't let him go to Hye-won. "I will take care of you" she says and dozes off at the kitchen table.

    Young-jae carries Ji-eun to her room and gently places her on her bed. With tears in his eyes he tells Ji-eun, "For me, don't get hurt". [i.e. Don't get hurt just because of me]

    Thinking he is only hurting Ji-eun by her being with him, Young-jae tries to push Ji-eun away. He offers that she go stay at where they honeymooned. When Ji-eun asks why, he says reports will be coming in about them and she should stay there to avoid all the commotion. Ji-eun says that with bad things coming their way she should be at Young-jae's side.

    Young-jae tells Ji-eun he is a jerk. He orders her around, screams at her. He tells Ji-eun to pack her bags and leave him. But Ji-eun won't give in. Young-jae tells her all the promises he's made Ji-eun are nothing, and that she is nothing to him.

    Ji-eun gets the message. The next day, she leaves without saying where she will be and who she will be with. She goes out with Min-hyuk. During dinner, Young-jae and Hye-won goes to the same restaurant as Min-hyuk and Ji-eun and they share the same table.

    Ji-eun and Young-jae taunt each other. They are again screaming at each other. After dinner, Hye-won sees how Young-jae is obviously hurt at seeing Ji-eun leave with Min-hyuk.

    Min-hyuk asks Ji-eun to go to Venice with him. She accepts. When she asks Young-jae to at least drive her to the airport, Young-jae replies, "Don't want to."

    With Ji-eun off to Venice with Min-hyuk, Young-jae goes to Hye-won. He has packed his clothes. In his car, though, he accidentaly calls Hye-won Ji-eun. He tells Hye-won he is worried about Ji-eun. How she can't speak English very well, how she gets sick all the time, if she's brought her medicine. Hye-won screams at Young-jae, "You shouldn't have let her go then!".

    Young-jae then runs off to the airport, hoping to catch Ji-eun. When he is unsuccessful, he and Hye-won goes to a bar to have drinks together. He tells her he really liked Ji-eun, how happy he is when he is with Ji-eun and how he can't even protect her. "Then protect her from now on. Don't hurt her," says Hye-won. Hye-won urges Young-jae to be with Ji-eun. When Young-jae says he can't be with Ji-eun, Hye-won asks, "Why? Because of me?". And then she tells Young-jae how she's always known that he was in love with Ji-eun and how she's denied it all this time because it hurt her so much. She says sorry for having wronger her most best friends. "I am letting go of your hand."

    Ji-eun is unable to leave Korea with Min-hyuk. She returns to the Full House running, looking for Young-jae. When she is unable to find him, she thinks he has left the Full House to be with Hye-won. She cries and Min-hyuk tries to comfort Ji-eun.

    But Young-jae does return to the Full House. His welcome scene though, is that of Min-hyuk and Ji-eun, his arms around her shoulders. Young-jae is obviously hurt.
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    Episode 14

    Ji-eun tries to talk to Young-jae about their relationship but her efforts are unsuccessful. Young-jae's father finds out Ji-eun married his son for money. He asks her to leave/end the relationship. Grandmother won't forgive Ji-eun. She asks Young-jae for a divorce. She says Young-jae doesn't know how to love/care/protect someone. When Young-jae asks her if Min-hyuk can take care/love her, she says yes. Thinking he has nothing else to offer Ji-eun, Young-jae sets her free and gives her a divorce. Hye-won tells Ji-eun Young-jae is in love with Ji-eun.

    Young-jae catches Min-hyuk and Ji-eun at the back. Ji-eun is upset that Young-jae has left the Full House. Min-hyuk says she can always meet him. But Ji-eun says Young-jae told her not to call. He's such a jerk, she says. Min-hyuk offers to beat Young-jae up. But Ji-eun says she's a good fighter too and how Young-jae always gets beat up. She so sad, Min-hyuk wipes away her tears.

    note: i read on an episode summary in a forum how at this part Min-hyuk kisses Ji-eun. It's not on the VCD copy I have so I didn't see such a scene but it fits well into the story. Maybe the person doing that ep summary has the director's cut version of the series. it's true that on the next episode during their argument Young-jae asks Ji-eun if she and Min-hyuk are doing any more kissing... so anyway, according to the episode summary i read Min-hyuk kisses Ji-eun and when she asks him about it he says it's to surprise her so she'll stop crying. "You really surprised me. It shocked me so much my tears went back in" and Min-hyuk laughs. She tells Min-hyuk she's ok now and that he ought to go home. And Ji-eun says, "Oh, and next time, if you're going to make me stop crying by surprising me again, I'm going to kill you, ok?"

    The next day, Ji-eun goes to Young-jae's room, missing him. When he opens the door, though, she sees him there, sleeping. She rubs her eyes to make sure she's not hallucinating. She goes on to wake up Young-jae. "What's wrong with you? Why are you bothering a sleeping person?" And Ji-eun asks him how he's supposed to be moving out and Young-jae says if she's up already, she should go make breakfast. (Hehe)

    Young-jae makes an excuse and says something went wrong with the apartment. Ji-eun also makes an excuse and says she has business to take care of which is why she didn't go to Venice with Min-hyuk.

    Ji-eun tries to talk to Young-jae about their relationship.

    JiEun: Lee YOungjae sshi.. (no respone from YJ) Lee YoungJae sshi??

    YJ: What??

    JiEun: i've been thinking..

    YJ: wow, i never knew chickens could think. How amazing. (sarcastically)

    JiEun: (tries to keep her patience) i don't understand why you're so mean to be these days.. After you always criticizing me, i felt kind of bad when i left for the airport.

    YJ: ...

    JiEun: so, let's try to talk to over. Why are you like that? What did i do wrong that is such a big problem to you? What's wrong?

    YJ: i don't like to have conversations with a chicken. I just want to get a divorce and leave after all this so just let it be.

    JiEun: Don't be like that. let's try to talk..

    YJ: I said no. I don't like to talk to stupid people like you.

    JiEun: STUPID?

    YJ: you're always changing you're mind. one minute you're crying and the next minute you're all happy.

    JiEun: what in the world are you talking about?

    YJ: what's wrong with you?!? How long has it been since i left home?!? was it a day?? or was it even two days?! Then you bring another guy into this house? Han JiEun, i didn't know you were that kind of girl! are u that kind of girl? what's wrong with you?!?

    JiEun: Excuse me?

    YJ: (regrets saying all this) never mind.. forget it..

    JiEun: You knew MH was here yesterday? how did you know?? (YJ doesn't respond)
    Yoon MinHyuk sshi was just taking me home..

    YJ: It doesn't matter. Did i say anthing? What i'm saying is.. good luck with MH. I don't care if you go out with him. Remember? we promised to stay out of each other's business.

    YJ: Dragging a guy into a house without anyone is a bad thing.. (hahah he's so cute!)

    JiEun: (mad) What??? drag in?? If you didn't like me "dragging" in MH to our house, why don't you bring HW into our house too? i don't care!!

    YJ: what??!?!?!?!?!

    JiEun: and plus, it's not like you've never been to her house? You went to her house and ate nangchae (his favorite food)

    YJ: Why are you dragging that into this conversation?? And, HW and I have been knowing each other for 15 years. I always went to her house as a young kid. But how long have you known MH? It's not like you've known each other for a long time.. you were so happy and laughing along stupidly. you sure looked fuunny..

    JiEun: Time doesn't matter between a man and a woman. How well they get along is important.

    YJ: Of course time is important. It's just that you're stupid...

    JiEun: What?? stupid???????

    YJ: ..

    JiEun: that's it. I don't like to have conversations with wang ssah gajis. me, stupid? (gets up)

    YJ: did you just figure out that you were stupid??????

    Ji-eun goes off and the doorbell rings. Young-jae opens the door and he's surprised to see Min-hyuk. He's brought flowers for Ji-eun.

    Young-jae lies and tells Min-hyuk Ji-eun isn't home. He grabs the flowers and says he'll just give it to her. And he says how he wants to let Min-hyuk in but he has to go out soon too and just before he could close the door on Min-hyuk, Ji-eun says "Is someone there?" And Young-jae looks like "Oh shit", hahaha.

    So Min-hyuk comes inside and he tells Ji-eun Young-jae says she was out. She tries to cover up for Young-jae and says yeah, she was out and she just got in. While Ji-eun prepares drinks, Young-jae purposely rearranges their wedding picture. Hahaha.

    Young-jae asks Min-hyuk if he's not busy and what he's doing there anyways. Min-hyuk says he was worried about Ji-eun (seeing that she was so upset yesterday and all). Young-jae says "Well, as you can see, Ji-eun is fine. I'm going to be home so you don't have to worry about her..." Min-hyuk asks him why he's still there and how he was supposed to move out and be with Hye-won.

    Ji-eun comes in and hands out the drinks. Min-hyuk asks Young-jae how he just said a while ago he's going to go out soon. So Young-jae goes up to his closet. He changes and pretends to have received a call saying he no longer needs to go to work. But Ji-eun and Min-hyuk have decided to go for a drive. Ji-eun tells Young-jae to prepare his own meal because she'll be dining out with Min-hyuk. Just before Ji-eun gets into Min-hyuk's car, Young-jae tells Ji-eun not to go. "You're... supposed to do your house cleaning today!"

    "I'll clean when I get back, sheesh..."

    But Young-jae says "Han Ji-eun, don't go... If You go right now... (and Ji-eun looks at him) who's going to give me food?"

    So Ji-eun apologizes to Min-hyuk saying "It seems I can't go. I'm really sorry."

    At the Full House, with Ji-eun cleaning, Young-jae asks Ji-eun why he didn't leave. She tells him "Well, you told me to clean." And then she adds how she remembered the time when she went to Young-jae's primiere and she told him not to go but he still went with Hye-won anyway. She says it made her feel bad and he didn't want Young-jae to feel the same way.

    So Young-jae promises her "That won't ever happen again..." [awww]

    While Ji-eun is cleaning the windows, Young-jae comes over and helps her out. They're so cute. And he looks at her and he says she has some dirt on her face and she ought to close her eyes. When she does, Young-jae tries to kiss Ji-eun but then someone rings the doorbell and he's all "What the... Hahaha, be right back"

    Young-jae gets the door and it's Dong-wook with Hee-jin. They've come to return the rest of Young-jae's wardrobe from when he tried to move out. Dong-wook says Young-jae shouldn't go to the office for a while since there are reporters asking about his marriage. Young-jae tells Dong-wook not to mention this to Ji-eun.

    But Hee-jin has already told the story to Ji-eun. The reports are that she's a swindler, marrying Young-jae for money especially since Young-jae went and paid Ji-eun's credit card off.

    Young-jae's father is approached by a reporter and he learns about the whole deal. He's infuriated and goes to visit Young-jae and Ji-eun at the Full House.

    Young-jae notices Ji-eun is gloomy. When he asks her what it's about she tells him it's becuase of the news that she married Young-jae for money. Young-jae tells her not to think too much about it. And he tries to kiss her again but then someone rings the doorbell again and he's all "What the..."

    This time, it's his father by the door. Ji-eun apologizes to Young-jae's father. He's so mad a Young-jae, for dropping out of med school, becoming an actor, moving out of the house and then this. But Young-jae says it's how he wants to live his life and his father ought to stay away from his business. His father is so mad he starts to hit Young-jae. Ji-eun tries to stop Father and gets in the middle of things. She's crying and all, saying it's all her fault.

    Father and Ji-eun talk separately in a coffee shop. Again, she apologizes. He says she probably has her reasons but that he refuses to accept how she could deceive them like that. He tells her she's not his daughter anymore and that he'd like it if he didn't see him anymore. He asks Ji-eun to just leave the relationship.

    Back at home, Young-jae is upset. Ji-eun tells him he should've just apologized. She asks him to go and eat but he's not really in the mood. Ji-eun says that if he won't eat then she won't eat either. So Young-jae eats dinner so Ji-eun doesn't go hungry.

    Ji-eun tries to cheer Young-jae up and offers to tell another joke. Young-jae says he'd rather not hear it. (Hehe) but he agrees to hearing it anyways. Ji-eun laughs at her own joke and Young-jae is just staring at her. "Not funn?" "Very funny. I'm going to die from laughter (sarcastically)"

    Young-jae asks Ji-eun if she's okay. He reminds her how he told her it would be difficult. He says it's why he bought her all the flowers before. And he says he's going to keep buying flowers for her.

    But Ji-eun says how sorry she is. She says she'll go to Ilsan to apologize. Young-jae tells her not to go so she won't be hurt but the next day she still goes to Ilsan. Grandmother won't talk to her, though. She's crying and begging Grandmother for forgiveness but she refuses to even see Ji-eun.

    Min-hyuk gets a call from Ji-eun. She's at the park crying. She tells Min-hyuk how the time she married Young-jae she didn't realize it was wrong but now she realizes how very wrong it was. "I never meant it to go like this. I don't know where things went wrong." Then she goes to say how she really loved Young-jae's family and how very sad she feels right now. "I feel so horrible I think I'm going crazy".

    Young-jae is waiting for Ji-eun. He hears a car coming on the driveway. Young-jae is mad that Ji-eun went and met with Min-hyuk again. Ji-eun explains that she and Min-hyuk just talked about some things. Young-jae asks her what it is that she can't talk to him about.

    YJ: come on, say it! why can't you say it?? What, did he ask you to go on vacation with him again?? or did he ask you to Kiss again?? is that it??

    JIEun: Excuse me?? What did you just say?!?

    YJ: I'm really sorry. Because of me, you guys can't even get together. All because of me! You can't even get a divorce because of me! I'm really sorry (sarcastically)You guys must hate me!


    YJ: come on! tell me what you guys talked about?

    JIEun: i told him that i'm tired and fustrated. (Yj's slightly taken back)

    YJ: Why are you so tired? Tired about what??

    JiEun: Because of you. You're always hurting me..

    YJ: (shocked) what?

    JIEun: do you know how much i cried after i met you? Even when i'm hurting like this and i feel so tired, you're asking me why i'm tired? Tired about what??

    YJ: i.. won't.. hurt you anymore. I won't make it hard for you..

    JiEun: You won't hurt me??

    YJ: Yes, i won't hurt you. I'll protect you..


    YJ:....what? (omg i was so sad at this part.. stupid jieun)


    YJ: (he's very hurt now.. god, this was sad..)

    JiEun: i don't want to be hurt anymore. besides, we're married because of a contract.. it was a wrong start. let's just end it here.

    YJ: what?

    JiEun: Let's just end it. i want it to be over. Just go to Hye-won.


    JiEun: ...

    YJ: Han Jieun.. let me just ask you one question.


    YJ: MH doesn't hurt you? He makes you feel loved?


    YJ: can he protect/love you?

    JiEun: ..yes..

    note: again in my copy there's NO scene where she says "Yes". It just goes up to where Young-jae asks her if Min-hyuk can protect her. But again, it makes perfect sense that Young-jae will do what he did next because Ji-eun said Min-hyuk can protect her/love her. (i want to watch the director's cut dvd...)

    The next morning, Ji-eun finds a note on the fridge that says "Good job on preparing food for me every morning and night. i really appreciated it. Be healthy. (he draws a chicken) AJA AJA FIGHTING!!" and Ji-eun gets all teary eyed.

    Hye-won goes to visit Ji-eun saying how she's heard she and Young-jae have broken up. Ji-eun finally returns the ring Young-jae got for Hye-won (when he was to propose to her). She tells Hye-won to always make Young-jae smile, make him happy. Hye-won says she can't do that and she says how Young-jae is stubborn and how he can't say what's on his mind. "He can never express how he truly feels"

    Ji-eun says "I know that" and Hye-won goes on saying, "Then how come you don't seem to realize he loves you. Please give Young-jae another chance."

    But in Ji-eun's mind she has wronged and hurt so many people: Father, Mother and Grandmother, evern Young-jae. She says she wants to end their relationship while it's still early.

    In a hotel, Young-jae prepares to give a press conference. His manager reminds him he might not be able to come back after this (meaning his popularity might not be able to recover) but he says he's ready to do it. (All for Ji-eun... awwww. Dang, the rest of this is just SO SO sad...)

    Young-jae tells the press people why he called for a press conference. He tells them of a girl that he loves. "I really love that girl. She always finds hope and joy in the smallest things. When I'm with her, I'm cheerful. I've come to know what happiness means. Because I love her so much I wish to protect her. And in order to protect her, I have decided to get a divorce."

    Young-jae goes to his hotel room and he starts to remember all his memories with Ji-eun. He's crying. At the Full House, Ji-eun is also remembering their good times. At the swing in the playground, the swingset at the backyard, cleaning together, at the skating rink, etc. Young-jae chokes up when he remembers Ji-eun saying "Young-jae, you take care of Hye-won, because I'll take care of you."

    Young-jae speeds off in his car to leave.

    (time passes) and the Full House is back to being so disorderly. Someone rings the doorbell and Ji-eun runs to open it. She sees a boquet of flowers and then she sees Min-hyuk...
    ~yOu aRe my sUnshiNe my oNly sUnshIne
    yOu mAke mE haPpy wHeN sKieS aRe gReY
    yOu nEvEr kNoW jUsT hOw mUcH i LoVe yOu
    pLeaSe dOn'T takE my sUnshInE aWay~
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    Episode 15

    Young-jae finds recluse in a monestary. With Young-jae gone, Min-hyuk proposes to Ji-eun. But Young-jae goes back to the Full House when he is tricked into thinking Min-hyuk has abandoned Ji-eun. He asks forgiveness from his Father for Ji-eun's sake. He proposes to Ji-eun.

    Min-hyuk tells Ji-eun he's found a director and an actor for the movie for her screenplay. She says the actor has to be tall. "About Young-jae's height?" asks Min-hyuk. Ji-eun explains that there will be a scene where the actor has to be able to reach above the actress, cleaning a window. "Can't we cast Young-jae for the lead?" she asks. Min-hyuk goes on to invite her out to eat. While dining, Min-hyuk proposes to Ji-eun:

    Min-hyuk: Eating together. Drinking tea together. Talking together. Laughing together. [like this] What do you think about that? Like, for everyday?

    Ji-eun: Everyday?

    Min-hyuk: I'd love to see you everyday...

    Ji-eun: ...

    Min-hyuk: Han Ji-eun, I'm actually proposing to you right now.

    Ji-eun: It hasn't been long since I've divorced...

    Min-hyuk: "Then... I'll wait for you."

    Back at the Full House, Ji-eun is gloomy. She looks inside Young-jae's room, missing him. She opens the box where she stores her wedding ring and looks at it longingly.

    Min-hyuk asks Young-jae's manager if Young-jae can do the part for his new movie. But Young-jae's manager says how she's not sure, how Young-jae's popularity has declined, and how he's not even in Seoul right now. But Min-hyuk insists on casting Young-jae as Ji-eun wants it. So Dong-wook is sent to fetch Young-jae.

    The actor is shown to have found recluse in a monastery. He's praying, sweeping the area, studying. Dong-wook asks him to go back to Seoul. Young-jae refuses so Dong-wook says, "Aren't you curious how Ji-eun is doing?" And he makes up a story saying Ji-eun is sick. Young-jae is at once worried for Ji-eun. "What? How much?" he asks Dong-wook. But then he realizes it's not his place to worry about her anymore. "She has Min-hyuk now." But he can't help being worried. "If she's sick, doesn't Min-hyuk visit her? She needs porridge..."

    Dong-wook goes on with his lie. He says how it turns out Min-hyuk is a complete womanizer! And how it seems he only wanted the challenge of taking Ji-eun from Young-jae. But now that Young-jae is gone, Min-hyuk is bored with Ji-eun and has abandoned her! Now, Ji-eun feels cheated and betrayed.

    Ji-eun (a very healthy Ji-eun) is shown walking by the beach contemplating. She looks out to the sea by the post. At the monastery, Young-jae too is contemplating. He looks at his wedding ring which he still wears.

    The next day, Hee-jin visits Ji-eun to ask her to invest/lend her some (more) money. She says how there's just one video store in their area and that it'd be a good idea for them to put up another video store. But Ji-eun says she doesn't have any money and to that Hee-jin says she has Min-hyuk. Ji-eun just tells Hee-jin not to talk about Min-hyuk like that. But Hee-jin doesn't see what's wrong since, she says, Young-jae is now a washed up failure. Ji-eun defends Young-jae saying he'll be fine in no time. "He's gone to the mountain and won't come down," reveals the ever tattle-tale Hee-jin.

    Ji-eun is surprised. Then she learns how Young-jae didn't come down even when Grandmother was sick. Hee-jin says she got sick because of the news about Young-jae. Ji-eun is even more surprised. She goes to visit Grandmother at the hospital. She holds her hand and starts to cry, "Grandmother, I'm truly sorry. I was wrong. Grandmother, get up. I was wrong..."

    Grandmother starts to wake up but the next scene is of Ji-eun coming out of Grandmother's hospital room. She sits by the door and cries some more. Father sees Ji-eun, but leaves without talking to her.

    Ji-eun then gets a phone call. She goes to Ilsan. Again, she apologizes to Grandmother. "Because of you, Young-jae and his father may never talk to each other again," says Grandmother. "Young-jae did nothing wrong. It's all my fault." says Ji-eun. When Grandmother tells her to stop crying she says, "I'm trying not to, but the tears keep coming out..." Grandmother tells Ji-eun that she will forgive her if she can reconcile Young-jae with his Father.

    Ji-eun visits Hye-won and asks her to talk to Young-jae. "But would he listen to me?" asks Hye-won. Instead, she says, why not Ji-eun. "Tell him to stop being foolish and come back." Ji-eun says, though, "I can't see him anymore." When Hye-won asks her why she says "All that's happened to Young-jae is my fault... I've wronged him so much."

    But Young-jae has come down from the mountain! He's running, frantically searching for Ji-eun at the Full House. When Ji-eun arrives and sees him standing by the doorway, she starts to cry...

    Inside, Young-jae notices dust on the staircase and he's annoyed and all. He also sees that their wedding picture has been taken down and replaced with a painting. Also, he notices that Ji-eun isn't wearing her wedding ring anymore.

    Young-jae starts to order Ji-eun to clean the house. Ji-eun just asks him when he arrived. "Just a little while ago," says Young-jae and then he asks how a sick person can just go out like that and asks Ji-eun if she's all better now. Ji-eun is like, "What?" Young-jae continues and says "See, that's why I tried to get you to work out in the mornings. You stopped exercising didn't you?" But Ji-eun can't see how that's even important right now, "Where were you all this time?" she asks. "Cholle. Received good teachings, meditated a lot. Don't I look transformed? [Rain's so cute here] I've been at peace and I think I've matured"

    So anyway, Ji-eun asks Young-jae why he didn't even visit Grandmother but Young-jae says it was just a ploy to get him to come down from the mountain. Ji-eun asks Young-jae to just apologize to his father but Young-jae won't and tells her not to worry. "So why'd you come here for?" asks Ji-eun. "This is my house," says Young-jae and then he says he's decided he'll stay there from now on.

    But Ji-eun throws Young-jae out of the house just like he did on Episode 2. (hahaha) Young-jae even calls Ji-eun a jerk just like she did him! When Ji-eun peeps out through the door, she sees Young-jae on the bench meditating! Later, he starts to sleep on the bench but there are too many mosquitoes and he starts to walk away from the bench towards the house. When Ji-eun peeps over her window to check on him and sees he's not there anymore, she runs downstairs, goes out and starts calling for Young-jae. She's all frantic and worried. When Young-jae sees this, he starts to get all teary-eyed.

    When Ji-eun returns to the Full House she starts to fuss about how he didn't even say goodbye. She peeps indide Young-jae's room, still missing him. Of course, there he is! Sleeping. She wakes him up asking how he got in. He says its through a broken window at the back. Then he starts to smile, all happy that his room is still the same. But then Ji-eun starts to cry. Young-jae doesn't know why and asks her if sleeping in his room is too exasperating for Ji-eun. He says he doesn't want the Full House back, he'll just stay until he's found his own place. But Ji-eun won't let him. She begs him to just apologize to his father.

    The next day, Young-jae apologizes to his father. He says he is in the wrong and asks for forgiveness. When his father asks him if he's really truly sorry, Young-jae reveals Ji-eun begged him to ask for forgiveness.

    "Do you really love her?" asks his Father. And then his Father says he should've just married Ji-eun for real. "At that time, I didn't know I'd love her so much," says Young-jae. When his father asks him what he will do next, Young-jae says he'll marry Ji-eun. "I don't want to loose her again." and he buys her a new ring.

    So back at the Full House, he tells Ji-eun Dong-wook is bringing all his clothes back. He says he's already apologized to his father as Ji-eun wanted but then he lies and says his father hit him again. (Rain is so cute, pretending to be all beat up) He asks Ji-eun out to dinner saying there's something he wants to tell her. But Ji-eun says that since he's not that popular anymore he should start being prudent and that whatever he wants to say, he should just tell her then.

    Right then, Ji-eun gets a call from Min-hyuk. He's on his way to the Full House. You'll see Young-jae all hurt when he asks "You still go out with him?" and Ji-eun says "That's right I am. Why?"

    Min-hyuk makes spaghetti since Ji-eun loves it so much. Young-jae won't eat Min-hyuk's spaghetti so he orders Ji-eun to make him rice. When Ji-eun says they don't have rice, he's forced to eat ramen! Min-hyuk tells Young-jae about the movie role he has for him. Young-jae refuses and he and Ji-eun start to taunt each other again. Hehehe. Min-hyuk also tells Young-jae he'll find him an apartment and that he can move out on the weekend. "What's it to you?" asks Young-jae. "It's just that you staying with my woman makes me uncomfortable."

    Later, Min-hyuk tells Young-jae that he has proposed to her. Young-jae is surprised but manages to say "Oh, I see." Min-hyuk goes on saying how he told Ji-eun she should finally come to him. "What did she say?" asks Young-jae.

    "It hasn't been long since the divorce so she's waiting and thinking about it. Young-jae, if you've let her go, then just leave. With you back, would you have her go through what she did before? When you've let her go, she'll finally be able to rest with me."

    At night, Ji-eun sees Young-jae drinking beer. She joins him at the dinner table. She asks him if he has really apologized to his father. When he says yes, she suggests they go to Ilsan the next day to thank them, eat dinner, sing the Three Bears Song. But Young-jae reminds her they're not her family anymore; they've divorced. "I'm leaving tomorrow. You're getting married to Min-hyuk, I heard" But Ji-eun can't answer. "I thought Min-hyuk abandoned you. Do you know how worried I was." Then he goes on to say Min-hyuk is rich, talented and handsome and how he doesn't understand how Min-hyuk could ever like someone as stubborn and as messy as Ji-eun. But he tells her not to worry, that she'll do well. "Aja! Aja! Fighting!"

    The next day, there is a note on the fridge: "Don't be sick. And be happy. Why does a chicken sleep so much? Be sure to exercise in the mornings." Ji-eun runs to Young-jae's room but of course, finds it empty.

    Ji-eun meets Min-hyuk at the park. She tells him Young-jae left again. "You see, when Young-jae isn't around, I'm always waiting for him. Even when I know he's not coming, I'm still waiting. I mean, when I do see him, it's not even that great. But when he's not by my side, it doesn't feel right. I shouldn't wait. It takes up so much of my feelings..."

    And then she says, "That's why you shouldn't wait for me anymore... I'm sorry."

    When Ji-eun returns to the Full House she sees Young-jae and she almost runs to meet him. He says he forgot some things, and he forgot to say something and that there's something he forgot to give her.

    "I said I wouldn't loose you again... I can't take it anymore.

    "You say I'm the man who always hurts you, the man who can't protect you. You say I dont know how to love someone. I don't know how to express it. And making you happy, I dont know that either. So I thought about it... Since I don't know how, whatever you order me to do, whatever you teach, I'll do it all. If you tell me to wait, I'll wait. If you tell me to sing, I'll sing. If you tell me to dance, I'll dance. If you ask me for flowers, I'll buy you flowers.

    "I'll do anything you ask. I'll do anything you want...

    "So Han Ji-eun, Ji-euna [then he takes the ring out] wear this."

    "What's this?" asks Ji-eun. "Can't you see? It's a ring." (Hehehe, comedy)

    "Han Ji-eun... Let's get married...

    "Will you.. marry me?"
    ~yOu aRe my sUnshiNe my oNly sUnshIne
    yOu mAke mE haPpy wHeN sKieS aRe gReY
    yOu nEvEr kNoW jUsT hOw mUcH i LoVe yOu
    pLeaSe dOn'T takE my sUnshInE aWay~
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    Episode 16 - FINAL EPISODE

    Ji-eun declines Young-jae's proposal. Young-jae goes to great lengths to get Ji-eun back. He finally reveals the depth of his emotions to Ji-eun. Young-jae and Ji-eun return in each other's arms.

    Young-jae is proposing to Ji-eun:

    "Han Ji-eun... Let's get married...

    "Will you.. marry me?"

    But Ji-eun says that it's all so strange. "You tell me to do well with Min-hyuk and then you leave... and now suddenly you do this. It's strange you know. How can a guy be so fickle?"

    Young-jae explains, "I'm not being fickle. At that time, I thought letting you go like that would be cool. [I guess he means he thought it would be the right thing to do] Anyhow, are you gonna take this or what?

    "I mean, are you going to marry me?"

    Ji-eun: ... I'll think about it.

    Young-jae: Kshhh...

    And Ji-eun starts to walk back into the house. Inside, Young-jae asks her if she's refusing him because of Min-hyuk. But she reveals she and Min-hyuk have decided to be just friends.

    "Then what is it? Am I not good enough?"

    "I have to give it some thought."

    And Young-jae asks her when she'll give him an answer. Ji-eun says a week. "No way! That's too long. Three days." (Hehehe)

    The next day, Young-jae tries to wake up Ji-eun by knocking on her door up so they can exercise together like he's always wanted. But he sees her downstairs. She's fallen asleep by the computer again. Young-jae tries to take care of Ji-eun by putting a blanket over her (like he usually does). In addition, though, he turns off the computer before going off on his morning run.

    When Ji-eun wakes up, she's exasperated because apparently Young-jae forgot to save all her work. Young-jae goes to insult her writing saying she need not worry if she were really a great writer. Of course, he calls her chicken. "Why do you want to marry me then? Why do you want to marry a chicken?"

    But Young-jae tries to cover up by saying "Who says its because I like you? [It's because] I feel sorry for you. Who would want to take a small, noisy and stupid person like you?"

    And Ji-eun says there's Min-hyuk. She says she'll give an answer to Young-jae's proposal right then: "I don't think I can marry you."

    So later, Ji-eun asks Young-jae when he will be moving out. Young-jae says he would like to stay till he finds an apartment. He offers to pay rent but Ji-eun says she has no need for money. Instead, she offers that Young-jae work as her maid! (Oh how the tables have turned!)

    Young-jae asks Ji-eun to reconsider her answer to his marriage proposal saying she might regret it later. But she says being married to him before wasn't that great anyways. "There was only cleaning and fighting." Also, she says they don't really know each other well anyway. "Let's just be good friends."

    Dong-wook and Hee-jin arrive at the Full House to return all of Young-jae's clothes. Later, though, Hee-jin tells Dong-wook to stop unpacking since Young-jae won't be able to stay there since he got rejected in his marriage proposal. So, Dong-wook and Hee-jin promise to help Young-jae get Ji-eun in return for some financial help setting up a video rental. They hand him a document containing Ji-eun's likes, dislikes, weaknesses, some things she's said.

    Young-jae finds out Ji-eun was 48th in a class of 48. (Hahaha). "I didn't call her a bird for nothing," he says. The document also contains a GUIDE TO ROMANCE:

    Phase 1: Dinner in a restaurant
    Young-jae asks Ji-eun out and takes her to the restaurant where Ji-eun and Min-hyuk first dined together. He offers a joke but Ji-eun already knows the punch line. When Ji-eun tells him Min-hyuk has brought her to that restaurant, Young-jae is irritated and tells Ji-eun they're leaving. (Haha)

    Phase 2: Stimulate your woman through caress
    Young-jae asks Ji-eun to wash laundry. She stomps on it the way she usually does and Young-jae joins in. Ji-eun stomps on her foot though. (Haha)

    Phase 3: Surprise romantic proposal. Confess your heart to her and... a hot kiss!
    Young-jae asks Ji-eun to asks Ji-eun to go back to Magic Land. She tells him she has a lot of work but he insists saying he'll wait and she better show up or she's dead. She ignores his threat and continues working.
    Young-jae waits for Ji-eun on the skating rink. He practices his proposals:
    "I'll make you happy. I've changed a lot...
    "Because of you... I've changed...
    "My heart... Take it..."
    But Ji-eun is still working. Later, she decides to go to Magic Land anyway. When she calls him up Young-jae tells her not to go anymore since it's so late already but when he hears her say she's at the entrance, he lights up and when he sees her, he wont talk to her initially. He gives her a boquet of flowers and they skate. Later, Ji-eun apologizes for not getting there earlier. Young-jae starts to propose but the cleaners have arrived and they are forced out of Magic Land!

    Young-jae uses Dong-wook and Hee-jin's document as tissue for the cold he got from staying at the skating rink so long. When Dong-wook calls him up, he tells him Phase 4: Camping out in the night.

    So Young-jae insists he and Ji-eun go camping. He is able to get Ji-eun to go but he is very sick now so Ji-eun says he should just rest. Before he dozes off on account of being so sick, he says to Ji-eun "Don't go anywhere. Stay by my side...

    "You can't go to Min-hyuk. You can't go to Min-hyuk..."

    Ji-eun prepares porridge for Young-jae. But Young-jae won't eat the porridge saying they should've gone camping. So Ji-eun promises they will go camping after he eats the porridge.

    It's too late to go somewhere else so Ji-eun has set up the tent on their backyard, by the bay. Again, Young-jae proposes to Ji-eun. Then she says they've already married before and shows him her wedding ring. She says she used to wonder if their marriage was real or if was a lie. But, she says, Young-jae made it real by making her so happy. And Young-jae tells her about the time he doubted being able to protect her, how he thought so much about it, "I thought I was gonna go crazy...

    "Thinking about you constantly... Worrying about you... And missing you...

    "I really... I was really hurting.

    "Loving someone hurts. But it's not something I can stop. Going to you, I can't stop that.

    "Ji-euna, I love you. As much as the entire universe exploding. As much as the waters in every ocean drying. With my spirit burst, as much as it spreads outward. I love you very much.

    "Han Ji-eun, I love you so much."

    Ji-eun is unable to say anything so Young-jae says, "Why aren't you saying anything? I said I love you."

    And Ji-eun kisses Young-jae. She smiles and Young-jae kisses her.

    They fall asleep on each others arms and when Ji-eun wakes up she is holding his necklace which is a key [I guess it represents the key to his heart]. When Young-jae wakes up, he starts to feel a little shy about having opened up to Ji-eun about his feelings (he's so cute hiding on the blanket).

    The next scenes show Dong-wook and Hee-jin with their baby, in their video rental store. Young-jae did do Ji-eun's movie screenplay. He's popular again. In a press conference when a reporter tells him he's been through a lot he says "There were those who helped me. One bird in particular really helped me a lot."

    He invites Min-hyuk to the Full House to celebrate the success of the movie. He agrees and says he'll bring Hye-won too.

    Young-jae asks Ji-eun out. They stroll by the park, goofing around with the merchandise, sings K-TV, etc. (These are really oh so very sweet scenes because it shows them being all sweet with each other for a change.)

    Young-jae, Ji-eun, Min-hyuk and Hye-won are shown to have a nice time during dinner at the Full House. Later, Min-hyuk is looking at Young-jae and Ji-eun be all sweet to each other and Hye-won says they do look good together and then asks Min-hyuk if he's jealous. Then she jokingly says, "If you had come to me, you wouldn't feel that way!"

    The last scenes are of Young-jae and Ji-eun riding together on separate bikes. Scenes from the whole series: when they first met, when they taunt each other, etc. The last ones are of Ji-eun resting on Young-jae's shoulder during their "honeymoon" and then of Ji-eun again resting on Young-jae's shoulder, her arms around his waist, by the bay at the back of the Full House.
    ~yOu aRe my sUnshiNe my oNly sUnshIne
    yOu mAke mE haPpy wHeN sKieS aRe gReY
    yOu nEvEr kNoW jUsT hOw mUcH i LoVe yOu
    pLeaSe dOn'T takE my sUnshInE aWay~
    alec 有朋 alec 有朋 alec 有朋

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    i luv this movie..
    Super Hottie

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    I like FULL HOUSE href=""></a>... THE END touch my heart.... the story was star by SONG HYE KYO n RAIN!!! both of they r very cuterz....

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