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Thread: Legendary Siblings Unabridged (COMPLETED)

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 52

    If this happened two years ago, Xiao Yu’er would either perish under the fists or die under the sword, but the Xiao Yu’er now, is no longer the ignoramus he once was.

    He saw Little Fairy’s left hand move, and his right hand slid up her sword and lightly brushed it. Little Fairly only felt a blur in front of her, and the sword in her hand seems to be attracted to a huge force. The stroke that was meant to stab Xiao Yu’er, is now aiming towards Yan Renyu instead. The startled Yan Renyu hurriedly changed his stroke and with a whoosh, his sleeve was sliced.

    This ordinary stroke of ‘Flower Grafting to Wood’, in Xiao Yu’er’s hands, turned into a miraculous move, and although the method differs, it seems to produce wonderfully the same results as the famed move ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting to Jade’ of the Floral Palace. This is because once martial arts reach a certain level, some parts will be quite similar to each other.

    However, Nangong Liu and Qin Jian could not discern the subtle differences at that moment and asked hoarsely, “Are you a disciple from Floral Palace?”

    Xiao Yu’er did not reply, and instead darted behind Black Spider with a loud laugh, “I may have consumed some meat, but the mastermind is not me, why did you come specifically for me?”

    Yan Ren Yu and Little Fairy saw that he obviously had the upper hand, and yet did not take the chance to retaliate, and instead avoided them. Fury clouded their judgment and without asking for an explanation, attacked again.

    This time, their strokes were even more venomous, and more careful in their attack. But the person who’s going to bear the attack is not Xiao Yu’er, but Black Spider.

    Black Spider was surprised and troubled, with the situation like this, how could he explain?

    In the flash of an eye, the light from the sword flickered, the shadows from the fist flying, Little Fairy and Yan Ren Yu had stuck out more than ten strokes, and Black Spider also returned three palm attacks.

    Under Little Fairy’s rapid sword strokes and Yan Ren Yu’s vigorous fist attacks, how could Black Spider try to explain himself? He could not even open his mouth.

    Xiao Yu’er, on the other hand, was behind him laughing, “Right, that’s right, fight it out with them, what’s there to be afraid of!”

    Black Spider was grunting with fury, and wanted to shake Xiao Yu’er off his back, but Xiao Yu’er is like a shadow glued to his back, and occasionally clapping his hands and laughing, “Good! This sword stroke is good… hmm, Yan Family’s Godly Fist is not bad either, Black Spider oh Black Spider, I think you are no match for them!”

    Little Fairy and Yan Ren Yu were clouded by fury earlier, and their thoughts disorganized, which was why Xiao Yu’er managed to gain the upper hand once he struck.

    After ten odd strokes, their thoughts have settled, their hands stable. Although Yan Ren Yu’s fist attacks were fierce, his strokes were slightly raw. Little Fairy is more experienced in combat than anyone else since she looks for fights almost daily. Her sword stabbing and piercing left and right, her strokes fast and venomous. Not only was she on the offensive, she also makes up for the loopholes in Yan Ren Yu’s fist strokes, and Yan Ren Yu’s firm strokes, also covered up for the lack of intensity in her sword strokes. The two of them were well established in Wulin, and were able to complement each other without the need to practice in advance.

    Black Spider may be well known, but it was not due to his martial arts, and now to face the two of them… one quick and one slow, one intense and one soft. Slowly, he was having difficulty fending off such seamless partnership.

    Besides, there is Xiao Yu’er behind him, seemingly helping him, but actually creating more trouble.

    Nangong Liu was watching the fight from the side, and commented “Ren Yu is really born to learn martial arts.”

    Qin Jian added, “But Sister Qing is always slightly better than him.”

    Nangong Liu replied, “Then you are wrong. Ren Yu’s attacks are a little raw now, but that’s because of his strict upbringing. He dared not create trouble, so had no chance to fight. If he were allowed to roam around in Jiang Hu, within three to five years, his reputation will definitely be far ahead of Sister Qing’s.”

    Qin Jian concurred, “Second Brother really has a good eye, no wonder those in Jiang Hu who had been mentioned by Master Nangong, will immediately see a rise in their value.”

    Nangong Liu continued, “The person we should take notice of today is not Black Spider, but that yellowed face youth. This person is crafty, and does not follow the norm. If I am not wrong, he must be some famous person in disguise.”

    This Master Nangong’s martial arts, whether it’s good or bad, is yet unknown, but with his pair of sharp eyes, he is already worthy of being called the descendent of the Wulin family with more than a hundred year’s history in Jiangnan.

    As they spoke, it is now obvious who has the upper hand in the fight.

    With Black Spider’s strange moves, it would have been difficult for Yan Ren Yu and Little Fairy to gain the upper hand, but with Xiao Yu’er sticking to Black Spider’s back, Black Spider kept feeling as if there is a weight hanging behind him, so his moves are naturally affected. By now, he is caught in a dangerous situation.

    Xiao Yu’er deliberately sighed, “No good, no good. Seems that a man like Black Spider, is going to be defeated by these two little kids today.”

    Actually, Little Fairy and Yan Ren Yu are also well known in Jiang Hu, and not little kids. By saying this, Xiao Yu’er’s intent is to deliberately antagonize Black Spider.

    Black Spider has a strong temper, and despite knowing his intentions, he was still provoked into shouting, “You crazy fellow, what do you actually want?”

    Xiao Yu’er whispered, “You can’t win them, but don’t you know how to escape?”

    Black Spider was even more incensed, “My as*! Am I such a person!”

    Xiao Yu’er commented, “Black Spider is well known for your strange skills, but today you are not doing what you do best, and instead fighting head on, isn’t that stupid.”

    Although Black Spider was scolding him, but he knew in his heart that what Xiao Yu’er said was reasonable. Because he was distracted by the talk, he almost got stabbed.

    Xiao Yu’er said calmly, “If you are able to retreat safely today, and bring me along with you, not only will those in Jiang Hu not ridicule you when they find out, instead they will be full of admiration.”

    Black Spider stamped his foot, and replied “Fine!”

    He had just said ‘fine’, and Xiao Yu’er had already dashed out from behind him, ‘Breaking the Jade and Splitting the Gold’, both his palms attacking diagonally left and right.

    Yan Ren Yu and Little Fairy were taken unawares, and were forced back two steps by this move.

    Right at this time, a silver thread flew out from Black Spider’s sleeve, out of the door, and attached to an old cypress tree outside the ancestral hall, with Black Spider flying right behind.

    Xiao Yu’er had long clung onto his clothes, and followed him out. His body light as cotton, and although he was clinging onto Black Spider, Black Spider did not feel any burden at all.

    It looks as if his body is a kite pulled by a thread, floating up the cypress tree, both his feet lightly touched the tree and he flew up again, landing on a second cypress tree. That silver thread flew out again, and attached to a third cypress tree further ahead. Black Spider lightly landed on the third cypress tree, and somersaulted over to the fourth tree, and the silver thread was attached onto the fifth tree…

    By the time Qin Jian and the rest rushed out, the two of them were already more than ten feet away, and in another instant, were lost in the darkness, and only a voice could be heard from afar, saying “If you are still not convinced, then no harm coming back here tomorrow night during the third watch!”

    Black Spider flew on without stopping, and only rested in the dark when they reached the edge of the city.

    Xiao Yu’er clapped, “What a great Black Spider, you really come and go like lightning, moving so swiftly over a thousand miles. This Lightness Skill ‘Silver Thread Flying Spider’, is really the one and only in Jiang Hu… unparalleled!”

    Black Spider huffed, “Humph, it’s no use sucking up to me.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “I know you must be feeling very peeved right now, and I only wanted to calm you down.”

    Black Spider demanded, “Let me ask you, you obviously did not do it, why put the blame on yourself, and drag me into it. And you were hiding behind, letting me be the scapegoat.”

    He got more irritated as he spoke, and shouted “That I shall not mention further, but the most intolerable thing is that, you could have openly helped me, but you choose to escape, and made me lose face with you. What is this all about?”

    Xiao Yu’er chuckled, “You still do not understand? This is because I want to harm you.”

    Black Spider was stunned, “Harm me?”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “With our escape, I can just leave, but you Black Spider has a name and reputation, if word gets out in future, saying that Black Spider is a cannibal like Li Dazui, would you still be able to stay around?”

    Black Spider roared angrily, “Then why do you want to harm me?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Because only when I drag you into with me, you will do your best for me. But you don’t have to be too worried. I harmed you because I think you’re not too bad. I can’t even be bothered with others who begged me to harm them.”

    Black Spider replied fiercely, “You’ve harmed me, I should be killing you, why would I work for you.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “If it was another person, and I have harmed him, he will naturally want to settle scores with me. But you, Black Spider is very different from others. Of this I am very clear.”

    Black Spider glared at him, before suddenly bursting out in laughter, “Fine, you really know my temper! Once I’ve encountered weird events like this, I would not relent even though I know very well that I am being tricked.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “If that is not the case, Black Spider would not be Black Spider.”

    Black Spider asked, “By doing this, is there no other intention other than dragging me into this matter?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Of course I do. That Nangong Liu and Qin Jian thinks they so are remarkable, that their eyes are growing on their forehead. If I were to invite them out on a normal day, they would not entertain me. But now I want them to come at the third watch tomorrow, they would never be a minute late.”

    Black Spider asked, “Fine, now that I am embroiled in this matter, and you have caught hold of their weak spot, tell me, how shall we continue this show?”

    Xiao Yu’er mused, “That Mr ‘Nonsense’ secretly killed the girl, and wants you to eat her, yet he secretly told others to capture you, what kind of ploy do you call this?”

    Black Spider replied hatefully, “He is of course shifting the blame onto me.”

    “Such a mischief maker who maligns others, how do you think he should be dealt with?

    Black Spider gritted his teeth and said, “If I were to see him again, I would kill him.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Do you know that mischief makers like this, besides Mr ‘Nonsense’, there is a lot others, and what they have done, is more evil than what Mr ‘Nonsense’ has done, so how should they be treated!”

    Black Spider replied, “I’ll capture and kill them one by one.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “It’s too good for them if you kill them, besides, it’s not easy to kill them either.”

    “Who are you actually referring to?”

    Xiao Yu’er emphasized each word, “Jiang Bie He!”

    Black Spider almost jumped up, and asked hoarsely “How is it possible that the Hero of Jiang Nan would do something like that?”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at him steadily, “You don’t believe me?”

    Black Spider stared back at Xiao Yu’er, and said “You’re a secretive person… and sneaky. The ways you handle matter are odd and full of diversity, who in the world would believe you!”

    He sighed, and slowly continued, “I believe you, only because although you are a scoundrel, but you’re definitely not a hypocrite.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “That’s right, the most detestable people are hypocrites, and that Jiang Bie He is one of the most hateful ones.”

    Black Spider asked, “How do you want to deal with him?”

    With shining eyes, Xiao Yu’er replied, “Give him a taste of his own medicine. They know how to shift the blame to others, then I want to shift the blame to them. This is called a tooth for a tooth.”

    Black Spider queried, “Why don’t you tell me how you intend to do it.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at him and asked, “Do you know who that lady in the loft is?”

    Black Spider suddenly turned his head, and said “I’ve already said so earlier, I don’t know.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued slowly, “Let me tell you now, she is the Ninth Miss of the Murong Family!”

    Black Spider’s eyes became alert immediately, and asked hoarsely, “She is Murong Jiu?”

    “That’s right. Now that Nangong Liu, Qin Jian, Little Fairy are all anxiously looking for her, if they find out that someone has been hiding her, they will certainly get into a huge fight with that person.”

    Black Spider’s eyes shone as well, “So, you want to make Jiang Bie He take the blame.”

    Xiao Yu’er clapped and laughed loudly, “Precisely, I want him to have a taste of what it is like to be maligned.”

    Black Spider asked, “But that Jiang Bie He is experienced and shrewd, how would he get tricked?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “That Jiang Bie He may be wily as a fox, but with your help, I will have a way to trick him.”

    He jumped up, grabbed Black Spider and said, “Time is running out, let us go settle the matter.”

    The two of them flew into the city.

    Along the way, Black Spider kept mumbling to himself, “Until now, I still no not understand how it would benefit that Mr ‘Nonsense’ by killing and cooking that person from Murong Family and maligning me.”

    He guessed that ‘Wan’er’ must be connected to the Murong Family, most likely she is Ms Murong’s personal maid.

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “That Mr ‘Nonsense’ you are referring to, is not Li Dazui, but Bai Kaixin. He has a nickname ‘Harm others without benefit to oneself’, and he will be happy as long as others get tricked.”

    Black Spider asked hoarsely, “How can there be someone like that in the world?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “You say there isn’t, but there is. They know that the son-in-laws of the Murong Family is looking for Murong Jiu, so they kidnapped that ‘Wan’er’ and killed her, so that those son-in-laws of the Murong Family will think that Murong Jiu has also been killed and eaten, so of course they will not be able to find her. When they are sad, Bai Kaixin will be happy.”

    Black Spider sighed, “There is a person like Bai Kaixin in the world, and yet there is someone like you as well. The two of you are plotting against each other, but I am the one who is unfortunate instead.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “If it was not for me tonight, you’ll be worse off. You would have been caught red handed, and even if you have a hundred mouths, you can forget about explaining yourself.”

    “But no matter what, you should not have admitted…”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Since when did I admit it, when did I say that I have already eaten Murong Jiu? I only said… ‘What I have done to her, need I still say?’, ‘This is no big deal, what are you afraid of?’….”

    Black Spider thought for a while, and can’t help but laugh, “That’s right. Although you seemed to have admitted it earlier, but actually it’s as if you’ve said nothing at all…”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “That is where the ingenuity is.”

    As they spoke, he brought Black Spider back to the loft.

    Surrounding them, there were no lights, and only the lamp in the loft is still lighted. Murong Jiu was bent over the table, most likely she had dozed off unknowingly while thinking.

    Xiao Yu’er commented, “This lady listens to you the most. You told her to carry a knife, and she carried a knife. You tell her to kill someone, and she will. Now, I only want you to tell her to write a note.”

    Black Spider asked curiously, “At a time like this, why the sudden need to write a note?”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “Ask her to write : ‘If you want me alive, please bring eighty thousand taels of silver to the appointed place without delay, or else Sister will be sacrificed.”

    Black Spider gasped, “Eighty thousand taels!”

    Xiao Yu’er explained, “Eighty thousand taels may not be a small amount, but with Nangong Liu and Qin Jian’s background, it is not considered a lot as well. Others may not be able to raise the money within a day, but I presume they will have a plan.”

    He continued with a smile, “Besides, this note truly has the handwriting of Murong Jiu… one point to note, you must tell them the eighty thousand taels must be in silver, not gold or jewelry.”

    Black Spider asked, “I tell them?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Naturally you will have to tell them, and naturally you will have to send this note… Black Spider comes and goes without a trace and covers a thousand li in an instant. To send such a letter, who else in the world can be better than you?”

    Black Spider stayed silent for a while, before he replied with a sigh, “Fine… but I still do not understand, why insist on silver?”

    Xiao Yu’er repled, “This of course a reason in this, you will know when the time comes. After sending the letter, you just have to wait for the show to begin.”

    Black Spider asked, “Are you really going to collect the silver personally when the time comes?”

    “When the time comes for the silver to be collected, it will be my scapegoat going.”

    Black Spider pondered, “Then… if Qin Jian and Nangong Liu did not see you but someone else, won’t they be suspicious.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Qin Jian and Nangong Liu don’t even know who I am… they saw this waxed yellow face of mine, and saw me executing ‘Flower Grafting to Wood’’ they think that I am a ‘Floral Palace’ disciple in disguise. Right now that real ‘Floral Palace’ disciple is together with Jiang Bie He.”

    Black Spider pondered for a while, and sighed “So every move you make has a reason. A person like you, if there are a few more in the world, then it would be a difficult life for others.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed out loud, “Don’t you worry, there never will be a second person like me in the world.”

    At dawn, the bewildered store keeper of ‘Qing Yu Hall’ was dragged out of bed by Xiao Yu’er to send a letter to Third Missy’s place.

    By morning, Xiao Yu’er has already returned to his look of the medical hall staff, lying on his bed at Qingyu Hall and had a good sleep.

    Then, Third Missy arrived.

    This time, she is no longer calling from the window, but came straight in, and dragged Xiao Yu’er from the bed, full of happiness and grouse, and stamping her foot, saying, “Where have you been these two days, don’t you know how anxious I was.”

    Xiao Yu’er rubbed his eyes and smiled, “If you’re really anxious for me, then you should help me.”

    Third Missy replied gently, “Since when have I rejected what you have asked.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “But this matter, you must not reveal a single word to a third person.”

    Third Missy lowered her head and asked, “Don’t you trust me?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Fine, let me first ask you, have you seen that Jiang Yu Lang these two days?”


    Xiao Yu’er stared at her and ask, “Think again, could it be possible that one of the people around Jiang Bie He could be Jiang Yu Lang in disguise.”

    Third Missy really paid it some thought, and answered firmly “No, it’s impossible, Jiang Yu Lang was definitely not here these past two days.”

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a sigh of relief, “That’s right, a girl’s intuition may be baffling, but sometimes they are right. Since you are so sure, I guess Jiang Yu Lang is not here then.”

    Third Missy asked quietly, “You called for me, just to ask about him?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “That is because you and he have a big association.”

    Third Missy huffed, “Don’t you sprout nonsense, what association do I have with him?”

    Xiao Yu’er lowered his voice, “Do you know that your family’s money was stolen by him.”

    Third Missy gasped, “Really?”

    Xiao Yu’er explained, “He left suddenly within these two days, firstly is to avoid me, secondly is to find another place to hide the money, because he thinks that I know more secrets than I actually do.”

    Third Missy blinked, and asked, “Who are you really? Why is he so afraid of you?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Strictly speaking, until now, he does not know who I am.”

    Third Missy was silent for a while, before she replied quietly, “I don’t care who you are, I will…”

    Xiao Yu’er hurriedly interrupted her, “As long as my guess is correct, as long as he is not here, my plan will succeed… you must take note for me, if he comes back, you must tell me immediately.”

    Third Missy asked, “What plan do you actually have? Why is it that your plan can only succeed if he is not here?”

    Holding her hand, Xiao Yu’er said gently, “You will find out in future, but now, please do not ask me.”

    If there is anything in the world that can make a girl shut up, it would be her beloved speaking to her gently. Third Missy really shut up, no longer asking.

    She only bowed her head, and asked “You… don’t have anything else to say to me?”

    “Tonight, at the beginning of the watch, wait for me outside the door in the back courtyard of your house…”

    Third Missy’s eyes immediately brightened in joy, and fluttered, “Tonight… the door in the back courtyard?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “That’s right, don’t you forget, you must be there on time.”

    Third Missy smiled tenderly, “I will definitely not forget, even if the sky was to fall, I will be there on time.”

    She turned around with a tender smile, imagining a beautiful and romantic scene.

    Xiao Yu’er roamed around on the streets, and walked past many restaurants but he did not go in. Instead, he found an old and run down noodle shop outside the eastern gate of the city.

    This little noodle shop actually has a very beautiful name, called “Nostalgia Stall”.

    Xiao Yu’er went in and ate a large bowl of hot, soupy noodles, four fried eggs, and asked the shopkeeper, who looked as if he had not bathed for three years, to help him buy brush, ink and seventy, eighty pieces of paper.

    Using a piece of paper as big as a rice bowl, he wrote ,”Happy friend, at the ‘Xu’ hour tonight, there will be a person surnamed Li waiting for you at ‘Nostalgia Stall’ outside the eastern gate of the city, you have no choice but to come.”

    The same words, he wrote continuously on seventy… eighty pieces of paper, and hired two beggars, asking them to paste it on the visible areas in the streets and alleys in the city.

    The shopkeeper looked on curiously, and could not help but ask, “What is this all about? I really do not understand.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Those who should know would naturally know, those who should not know would naturally not know.”

    The villager scratched his head and asked, “Who should know?”

    But Xiao Yu’er had left, chuckling away. He went to a boutique and bought a black suit, went to the provision shop and bought some ink… plaster, glue.

    Later, he went to an average sized inn, and had a good sleep! When he woke up, the sky is almost dark.

    Xiao Yu’er looked into the mirror, and like a young girl putting on make up, took quite some time applying things on his face. After he put on that suit, and stood in front of the mirror… how could that be Xiao Yu’er, isn’t that Li Dazui himself standing there.

    Xiao Yu’er was very satisfied with the outcome and chortled “Although it’s not exactly the same, but I think that Bai Kaixin has not seen Li Dazui for twenty, thirty years, in the darkness of the night, I should be able to pull this off.”

    He is not short all along, and after two years of roaming, his body is has become firmer. When he stands with his chest out, not only does he look 90% like Li Dazui, even his build is similar to the tall and stout Li Dazui, that even those who sees Li Dazui everyday may not be able to tell the difference if they do not pay attention.

    He rolled up his old clothes and stuffed it under his blanket, so that when seen from outside, it seems that there is someone sleeping on the bed.

    Then, he used the pen on the table and wrote a letter, this letter is actually for Jiang Bie He. Using his left hand, he wrote crookedly “Jiang Bie He, your son and the money is now in my hands. If you want to talk terms, come to the abandoned ancestral hall outside the city at the third watch tonight.”

    He sealed the letter tightly, and wrote on the envelop, “To be opened by Jiang Bie He personally, not to be seen by others.”

    Xiao Yu’er kept the letter close to him, and chuckled “Jiang Yulang is not in the city, most likely he has gone to hide the money. As long as he don’t come back tonight, even if Jiang Bie He is a fox, he will still be tricked when he sees this letter. Even if he does not believe it totally, he will still be unable to bear the suspense and will go take a look during the third watch.”

    With a self satisfied smile, he slipped out the window.

    By the time he reached ‘Nostalgia Stall’, it is already late into the ‘Xu’ hour.

    Although it is dinnertime, there wasn’t a lot of people in ‘Nostalgia Stall’, and even that shopkeeper was no where in sight. Only one customer was sitting there drinking.

    This person was wearing a new satin suit, and there is even a pearl in his hat. He was dressed to look like a wealthy gentleman, but his mannerism is that is a scoundrel, not sitting properly, but instead squatting on the stool drinking. His shifty eyes kept looking around, as if he is a thief on the lookout for his captors.

    Xiao Yu’er walked in with a big step and laughed loudly, “Good man, you’re really here. We’ve not met for so many years, yet you rascal have not forgotten you have a friend surnamed Li, you’re quite punctual.”

    He grew up with Li Dazui, so naturally it is easy for him to imitate Li Dazui’s accent and mannerisms accurately, and he looks as if they came from the same mould.

    However, that person kept a straight face and stared at him, saying “Who are you, I don’t know you.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “You want to hide from me, but although you are dressed like a human, that shifty monkey head and brain of yours cannot be changed.”

    That person actually laugh loudly, “You scoundrel who eats people without spitting out bones, we’ve not met for so many years, can’t you be more polite when talking to me?”

    Xiao Yu’er sat down opposite him, on the table were two sets of cups and chopsticks, but only a bowl of roasted meat. Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brow and said, “You penniless thief is really getting poorer and poorer. Quick call that shopkeeper out, so that old brother here can have a hearty meal with you.”

    Bai Kaixin replied, “He won’t come.”

    “Why? Where is he?”

    Bai Kaixin pointed at the bowl with a grin, “Right in this bowl.”

    Without any change in his expression, Xiao Yu’er guffawed, “You sure know how to bootlick me, and have not forgotten what I like to eat. But that shopkeeper looked as if he had not bathed for many years, I’m afraid even the meat would have spoiled.”

    Bai Kaixin beamed, “I’ve long washed him clean from head to toe before cooking him.” He raised his cup to toast with Xiao Yu’er, and poured another cup of wine.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “You’re quite a filial son.”

    He picked up a piece of meat, and only chewed it for a while before he spit it out again, and asked with a stare, “What kind of poultry is this, passing off as human meat?”

    Bai Kaixin clapped his hands with a hearty laugh and said, “Surname Li, you are really something. This bird mouth of yours can really tell that it is not human meat once you tasted it. Think for yourself, would I kill for you?”

    Naturally he had wanted to use this method to test if this person who came is really Li Dazui. Xiao Yu’er was secretly smirking, but he did not blow his cover. He stared at him and said, “Who else can you be filial to if not to me? That shopkeeper maybe a bit dirty, but the meat is still quite firm. I already have the intention of roasting him, but where have you hidden him?”

    Bai Kaixin replied, “He went home long ago, I have already bought over this shop of his… ha ha, he was actually very happy when he received my fake silver taels, and thought that I was the one who got hoodwinked.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “You have no use for this run down noodle shop, but you tricked him badly, and made me unable to enjoy good meat. Your that nasty habit of ‘Harming others without benefit to oneself’, will never be changed.”

    Bai Kaixin grinned, “I can’t change my habit, but can you change yours? A dog will never change from eating poop… you’ve been hiding in your dog’s den for so many years, why are you suddenly coming out? ”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at him and raised his voice, “Let me ask you first, you used my name to send a couplet to Tie Wushuang, and used my name again to kill someone’s maid and cooked her, what are you thinking?”

    Stunned, Bai Kaixin asked, “You know everything?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Think about it, what else can be hidden from me.”

    Bai Kaixin grinned, “Those people had nothing to do, and I don’t like it, so I found some things for them to do. Cooked some meat and invited them for a meal, and yet told on them, so that the two sides with fight it out, only then will I be happy… tell me honestly, do you think my plan is brilliant?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed coldly, “What a regret that that Qin and Nangong kids, having lived for so long, actually believed anyone who came to talk to them. If it was me, and you came to tell tales, I will detain you and ask you how you would know that others are eating human meat.”

    Bai Kaixin replied, “Can’t I write a letter? Why must I go personally?”

    “An anonymous letter and they believed it?”

    Bai Kaixin explained, “Even if they do not believe, they will still go take a look.”

    Xiao Yu’er smacked the table and laughed, “That is precisely the reason! That is just what I wanted you to say out.”

    Bai Kaixin rolled his eyes and asked, “What devious idea are you thinking of now, that you want me to be tricked?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “You used my name, but I will not punish you for now, provided you write another letter to that Qin and Nangong kids. Since they have already proven that your first letter is not false, they will definitely believe your second letter.”

    “What letter?” Bai Kaixin asked.

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Naturally it is a letter to trick others, if it is not a letter to harm others, I don’t think you would want to write it.”

    Bai Kaixin beamed, “If it is to harm others, I can still agree, but who will be the one being harmed?”

    Xiao Yu’er told him, “You just have to tell them, at the third watch tonight, go to the guest room in Duan He Fei’s back courtyard to take a look, and they will naturally see something that they will find interesting… but it must be on the dot at the third watch, not a moment earlier or later. As to who we are harming, you will know sooner or later.”

    “What if I refuse to write?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied icily, “I know you will write. How can you still sleep when you refuse to do something that will harm others? Besides, if you do not agree to write this letter, I have ways to make you…” Suddenly he took out the letter for Jiang Bie He, held it in his hand, and with a palm stroke smashed the oil lamp on the table.

    Bai Kaixin’s expression changed and he asked, “What are you doing?”

    End of Chapter 52

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 53

    Xiao Yu’er whispered, “Someone here’s to catch us, get ready to escape!”

    Before he could finish speaking, flashes of sword could be seen from outside the window.

    Someone shouted, “Li, Bai! You have committed many evil crimes, and you can forget about escaping today, come out and receive death.”

    In the darkness, there were many shadows, this Nostalgia Stall has been surrounded.

    Bai Kaixin mumbled, “Weird, these people actually knows that we are here…”

    Xiao Yu’er whispered, “This person is full of honor and compassion, it must be Jiang Bie He.”

    Bai Kaixin replied, “Hmm.”

    “Let us dash out from his side.”

    Bai Kaixin remarked, “Dash out to the person with the best martial arts? Are you crazy?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a slight smile, “Naturally I have my reasons.”

    The voice outside shouted again, “If you do not reply, we will charge in.”

    Actually, these people also dread facing the ‘Ten Evils’, and for the time being, no one dared to charge into this dark house.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly stood up and shouted, “Li Dazui is coming, you just wait!” He picked up a stool and threw it out the east door but he jumped out from the west window instead.

    The three words ‘Li Dazui’ is really scary. As soon as the stool flew out, the east side was in chaos, and a few knives attacked without any reason, but all the cuts landed on the stool.

    Xiao Yu’er jumped out the window, and there were also two blades slashing down. Xiao Yu’er roared, and with a flying kick, sent the sword from the left flying.

    His body has already flown over the person on the right, and conveniently kicked on that person’s head, and that person immediately became shorter.

    This ‘Double Flying Mandarin Duck Kick’, is basically not a very superb skill, but in his hands, with some changes, it immediately countered two highly skilled martial arts exponent.

    It must be known that what he obtained in the dungeon, consists the essence of the martial arts of all the sects in the world. After he has studied and mastered the book, it does not matter which sect the styles belong to, as long as it is in his hands, he would be able to turn the common into the exceptional, and yet others would never be able to tell the background of his martial arts.

    Someone exclaimed in alarm, “This Li person is really powerful, everyone be careful…”

    He did not even finish his words, where a ‘pak’ sound was heard, followed by loud laughter. Most likely the person who spoke has been slapped by Bai Kaixin.

    Xiao Yu’er’s stance of ‘Double Flying Mandarin Duck Kick’ downed two people, followed by Zhao Nan Sect’s ‘Flying Cannon’, which sent another burly man flying into the sky with one punch.

    Suddenly he saw in front of him, the flash of a sword, quick and lethal, controlled and adequate.

    Someone laughed coldly, “Li Dazui, your martial arts may be good, but you can forget about escaping today.”

    As he spoke the three sentences, he has already stabbed eight times, and each stab aiming to be a fatal one.

    Without even looking, Xiao Yu’er already knew that it is Jiang Bie He. He continuously avoided the eight stabs, but did not retaliate, but lowered his voice and asked, “Do you wish to know the whereabouts of your son and the money?”

    The sword in Jiang Bie He’s hands really slowed, and he asked hoarsely, “What did you say?”

    Xiao Yu’er pierced that letter onto the tip of Jiang Bie He’s sword, and told him, “Take a look first.”

    Jiang Bie He could not decide whether to retrieve the letter for a look, or to stab and injure the other party. As he hesitated, Xiao Yu’er has already leaped away from his side.

    Bai Kaixin also followed behind.

    Jiang Bie He looked as the two of them escape, and by the time the others came by, not even Xiao Yu’er or Bai Kaixin’s shadow could be seen.

    Xiao Yu’er and Bai Kaixin only stopped when the reached the dark woods.

    Bai Kaixin looked at Xiao Yu’er and asked with a frosty smile. “How did those people know we were there?”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked, and laughed, “Naturally someone told on us.”

    Bai Kaixin laughed coldly, “The person who told on us, I’m afraid is you.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “If it was me, why would I still help you escape. Others are not blind, can’t they have seen the big words on the notice.”

    Bai Kaixin smiled icily, “How would these people understand those words.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Naturally someone would understand them.”

    Bai Kaixin paled, “Who? Could it be that our old friends are in the city as well?”

    Xiao Yu’er thought for a while, and replied, “No harm telling you, there are two people, one called Luo Jiu, one called Luo San, who are intent on finding trouble for us, and is very familiar with our background.”

    Bai Kaixin furrowed his brows and asked, “How does these two people look like?”

    “Fat, tall, the two of them look exactly the same, they’re twins.”

    Bai Kaixin replied, “I only know of a pair of skinny twins, but not fat ones.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “You don’t know them, but they know you.”

    Bai Kaixin fumed, “Since you already know that they understand that notice, and you already knew that they would tell on us, why were you still doing this?”

    Xiao Yu’er beamed, “I want them to tell on us, I want them to find someone to capture us, only than can I hand that letter to Jiang Bie He… if I use other ways to hand that letter to him, he may not place much importance on it, but if the letter was handed to him by Li Dazui personally, the standing will not be the same anymore.”

    Bai Kaixin asked, “But how would you know that Jiang Bie He would surly turn up.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “He calls himself a hero, can he not be involved when he heard that the ‘Ten Evils’ are in the city? As long as he comes, and listen to what I have to say, he will surely not let us off.”

    Bai Kaixin was silent for a while, before he sighed and said, “You calculated everything so well, I’m afraid even the real Li Dazui cannot be compared to you.”

    This time, Xiao Yu’er was stunned, and he giggled, “What real Li Dazui, it can’t be that I’m a fake one?”

    Bai Kaixin suddenly chortled, “You could imitate Li Dazui’s looks and accent so well, that even I was a bit impressed, so much so that I can’t really bear to see you die in front of me. But what a pity you have to die!”

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows and asked, “Have to die?”

    Bai Kaixin replied with a weird smile, “The wine you drank, has already been poisoned by my creation ‘Crystal Intestine Piercing Powder’. You could have lived for another hour, but after all that commotion earlier, I’m afraid you are going to die now!”

    Xiao Yu’er fumed, “You horrible thief, I’ll have it out with you!”

    He jumped up with the intention of throwing himself at him, but he had just moved when he fell to the ground with a thump, his face pale, his hands clutching his stomach, and with a trembling voice, said “No good, I… I… can’t make it….”

    Bai Kaixin danced around and chuckled, “You should know by now that the ‘Ten Evils’ are not to be trifled with.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked hoarsely, “But… but how did you know that I… I am not Li Dazui? I don’t believe you can see the difference.”

    Bai Kaixin explained, “You were able to imitate Li Dazui’s every move so well, you must know him, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er started trembling in pain, and said “Yes…. Yes.”

    Bai Kaixin asked, “Have you heard him mention me before?”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned, and replied, “No…. no.”

    Bai Kaixin replied, “This is because our enmity is deeper than the sea, he hates me to the core, and won’t even want to mention my name, so why would he treat me as a friend, and drink with me at the same table.”

    He continued with a loud laugh, “You think that since the ‘Ten Evils’ are all evil, everyone is alike, so they must all be friends, but you do not know that there are also enemies who hate each other to the core in the ‘Ten Evils’… after all that calculation, you have calculated a wrong move, and this move is enough to take your life!”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a long sigh, “So you already knew that I am not Li Dazui, then why did you… why…”

    Bai Kai Xin sniggered, “I have been feigning ignorance, so that I can see what you are actually up to and also to have fun with you. Now that I’ve had my fun, you will just have to wait for death.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed bitterly, “Although I am going to die in your hands today, but there is this matter of yours…”

    His body suddenly twitched, and he lied on the ground, facing up. Although he struggled to speak, not a sound came out from his moving lips.

    Bai Kaixin pressed on, “What matter of mine? Speak.”

    With beads of perspiration, Xiao Yu’er struggled to say “You… you…”

    Although he was using all his might, but the sound emitted was as soft as a mosquito buzzing.

    Bai Kaixin could not take it anymore, and he lowered his head and said, “Speak louder, I can’t hear.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly shouted, “I said you are a big fool!”

    As he shouted, his hand shot out quick as the wind, and has pressed on ten over acupuncture points on Bai Kaixin’s body. Bai Kaixin had just been startled by the sudden roar, and now his whole body fell on the ground.

    Xiao Yu’er jumped up and said with a loud laugh, “The ‘Ten Evils’ might all be as quick witted as ghosts, but once they meet me, they will still be tricked. Now you should know that I am not to be trifled with.”

    Bai Kaixin laid on the ground, staring. He could not believe that there is actually someone more devious that the ‘Ten Evils’.

    Xiao Yu’er continued with a laugh, “Although I was not sure if that wine was poisoned, but faced with you, one of the ‘Ten Evils’, I have to take some precautions. You thought that I drunk that wine, but actually I held the wine under my tongue, and spit it out together with the fake human meat.”

    “I… why didn’t I notice that?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “This kind of cheating business, I’ve learnt it since I was five years old. Don’t talk about hiding a small cup of wine in my mouth, even if I hid a large duck’s egg in my mouth, you would not have noticed it.”

    Bai Kaixin looked as if he has seen a ghost, and trembled in reply, “You… who are you actually?”

    Xiao Yu’er beamed, “So now you know how to be afraid! A person like me, should be feared. If you want to know who I am, just help me obediently, and I might just tell you.”

    On hearing that this person who is even fiercer than a ghost does not have the intention of killing him, only to ask him to run some errands, he can’t help but give a relieved answer, “Yes, yes… Junior here will write the letter immediately.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “So now you have turned from a ‘Senior’ to a ‘Junior’… but if Senior here were to let a Junior like you off just like that, I can’t help but feel slightly worried.”

    With both his hands behind his back, he has long rolled a ball of dirt in his hand secretly. Suddenly he pinched Bai Kai Xin’s nose and stuffed it into his mouth forcefully.

    Bai Kaixin only felt something sticky and wet… with a faint smell of something indescribably bad, slip down into his stomach from his throat, and asked in surprise, “What… what was that?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “You have your creation ‘Crystal Intestine Piercing Powder’, I have my own creation ‘Dark Spirit Killing Pill’…”

    Bai Kaixin’s expression changed, “Dark Spirit Killing Pill? I… Why is it that I’ve never heard of this name?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied slowly, “Of course you’ve never heard of this name. I have researched this for many years, and it’s only formulated recently. It has no antidote in the world, and within fourteen hours of consuming it, the whole body will become black and swollen, and in another hour, the whole body will decompose, and you will become a puddle of black and putrid water.”

    He weaved the story on the spot, but his description sounded genuine.

    Beads of sweat trickled down Bai Kaixin’s head, and said, “You… don’t you have things for me to do?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Of course, I would have my own antidote.”

    Bai Kaixin begged, “I have no enmity with you, please….”

    Xiao Yu’er stared and him and raised his voice, “If you can do what I ask you to do within fourteen hours, if you can satisfy me, then come back here and wait. I will naturally save you.”

    He then conveniently released Bai Kaixin’s acupuncture point with a slap of his hand.

    However, Bai Kaixin still laid on the floor, as if he has no strength even to stand, and asked, “You… you will not forget me?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied coldly, “Time is running out. If you don’t hurry up, I’m afraid you won’t be able to make it.”

    Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Bai Kaixin has already sprung up from the floor, and like a wild horse that has just been slashed on the bottom, ran away like the wind.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at his retreating back and laughed, “So the feared ‘Ten Evils’ is so easily tricked as well.”

    Before dawn, Xiao Yu’er is back at the loft.

    Luo Jiu and Luo San were really not in. Murong Jiu was sitting on the carpet, holding a clay doll in her hands and softly singing, “Little dear, sleep quickly, the sky is dark outside the window, the little bird has gone home, even the crow is resting…”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, and continued the song “When it’s dawn, the sun is out, and birds sing and the flowers bloom…”

    Murong Jiu stopped singing, and stared at him in a daze for a moment, mumbling, “Who are you, I don’t know you.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a gentle laugh, “Have you forgotten? I’m the person who taught you how to get rid of the devil in your heart yesterday.”

    “Ah, so it’s you, your looks seemed to have changed a little?”

    Xiao Yu’er deliberately whispered, “I was afraid the devil would look for me, so I purposely disguised myself, so that he won’t find me. Don’t you ever tell any one else.”

    Murong Jiu nodded her head, “I know, I understand, that devil is very powerful, he must never find you.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “I knew you would understand, you’re a very clever girl.”

    Murong Jiu smiled. The smile that appeared on her troubled face, seems like the ray of sunlight emitting from a grey sky, and the flowers seem to bloom in that instant.

    Xiao Yu’er took two looks, and his heart felt something weird. He knew immediately that he cannot continue looking, and so he hurriedly continued “Now, I want to bring you to a place. Soon, you will be able to see someone who is more capable than me, who can help you chase that devil away.”

    Without knowing why, Murong Jiu seems to obey him. She immediately stood up, walked two steps, blinked, and suddenly ask, “Then… what about you?”

    Xiao Yu’er gave a bitter smile, “In future, I’m afraid you will not see me anymore.”

    Murong Jiu immediately paused in her steps, “If I cannot see you in future, then I’m not leaving.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned for a moment, and he could not describe what he was feeling, but he hurriedly shouted back, “After the devil in your heart has been chased away, you yourself would not want to see me, by then, there will be many people accompanying you everyday.”

    Murong Jiu thought for a while, and replied, “Then, let that devil stay in my heart.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s nose seems to have soured up, and he laughed, “Silly child, don’t tell me you want to be like this all your life?”

    Murong Jiu stared at him, and biting her lips, replied “Actually there’s nothing bad about that, besides, as long as you accompany me everyday, you can chase that devil away too, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er rubbed his nose, and replied with a stern expression, “Why would I accompany you when you are so disobedient.”

    Murong Jiu lowered her head, and asked quietly, “If you insist that I go, I will go, but you…”

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but sigh, “As long as you remember the conversation today, I will still visit you in future.”

    Xiao Yu’er helped Murong Jiu with her cape, and by the time they walked to the small door at the Duan’s back courtyard, Third Missy is already waiting there.

    Her eyes bright, her heart thumping non-stop, and although her body was shivering with cold, her face was heated up, so heated that even her ears were red.

    She saw Xiao Yu’er from afar, and bounded towards him in joy. Only when she reached Xiao Yu’er did she realize that there is someone else behind him.

    Her heart immediately sank, and biting her lips, asked “You… you did not come alone.”

    It is unclear if Xiao Yu’er knows what she felt in her heart, or is he pretending not to know, but he raised his brow, looked at her and grinned, “I’ve never said that I’ll be coming alone!”

    Only now did Third Missy see his face, and asked hoarsely, “Who… who are you?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “You could recognize me just now, why is it you can’t recognize me now?”

    Third Missy had already recognized his voice, but was still suspicious, and muttered, “Just now I only felt… felt that it was you, but your face…”

    Xiao Yu’er lowered his voice, “I have something secretive to do, so I have no choice but to disguise myself. You must never tell anyone else, you are the only person who knows about this matter.”

    Although he did not say what matter ‘this matter’ is, but he knows that once young girls know that they are the only ones who know their lover’s secret, they will not ask anything else.

    Third Missy really became happy again. Xiao Yu’er is really nice to her, or else why would he tell her a secret that no one else knows.

    She immediately whispered, “Don’t worry, I will never tell others.”

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows and said, “But this matter, I still need someone’s help.”

    Third Missy hurriedly asked, “Can I help?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Actually, I can find someone else, but you… if you are agreeable to help, that would be the best.”

    Third Missy was even happier, and said “As I’ve said before, no matter what you ask of me, I will agree.”

    The man she loves only looked for her for help, and not others, so obviously she is different from others. She was ecstatic.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at her expression, and knows that there will not be any problem. He lowered his voice and said, “Actually, this matter is not that difficult, as long as you bring this person to your room, and at the third watch, quietly bring her to Jiang Bie He’s room and find a place for her to hide.”

    Third Missy replied, “This is very easy, I’ll definitely be able to do it.”

    “But you must remember two things. Firstly, you must not let anyone see her. Secondly. You must hide her well at precisely the third watch, not too early nor too late.”

    Third Missy smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t make a mistake.”

    Only then did she notice Murong Jiu.

    End of Chapter 53

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 54

    Murong Jiu was wrapped in the black cape, and even her head was covered. Third Missy could not see what she looked like, and hesitated for a while before she can’t help but ask, “Who is this person?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “She is very involved in that matter that I’m doing, you will know in future.”

    He pushed Murong Jiu towards Third Missy, and told them, “The two of you should go in.”

    Murong Jiu nodded her head and looked at him, as if she wanted to say something, but Xia Yu’er has already hurried away. Looking at their expression, Third Missy unconsciously looked suspicious, but in the end, she only sighed and said, “Hey, you follow me.”

    Xiao Yu’er hurried to the ancestral hall and was early. He looked around and the people he invited have not arrived. After sprucing up the area a little, he found the best spot and hid himself.

    Then, he thought about the whole matter from the beginning to the end again.

    Qin Jian and Nangong Liu will certainly come on receiving Murong Jiu’s note.

    Jiang Bie He will have no choice but to come after seeing that letter.

    Qin Jian’s men will be carrying eighty thousand taels of silver with them, while Jiang Bie He’s men would be here looking for the ‘stolen cargo’. When these two parties meet, won’t there be a good show?

    In the darkness of the night, the two groups must be feeling anxious, and if they cannot come to terms with each other, it’ll be abnormal if they do not fight.

    Even if they do not fight, but when Third Missy brings Murong Jiu to Jiang Bie He’s room, and when Murong Jiu’s men hear about Bai Kaixin’s tip-off and find her, would her men still let Jiang Bie He off? No matter how powerful Jiang Bie He is, the Murong Family is also not one to be trifled with.

    This plan of Xiao Yu’er, is killing more than two birds with one stone.

    Firstly… he is letting others have a taste of their own medicine, and let Jiang Bie He knows what it feels like to be maligned. He can finally feel avenged for himself.

    Secondly, Nangong Liu… Little Fairy, they accused him last night, so he also wants them to suffer a little. He deduced that after they received Bai Kaixin’s tip off, they will certainly split into two groups, one to take a look at Duan’s family back courtyard, and another to come to this ancestral hall. Those who come will most likely be Qin Jian… Little Fairy and Yan Renyu, and although these three may be able to handle Jiang Bie He, they will still invariably suffer a little in the process.

    Thirdly, he is finally able to send Murong Jiu back to her own family. Even if she does not regain her senses in future, at least she will not be bullied when she is with her family. This way, it will be a stone off Xiao Yu’er mind.

    Fourthly, if Jiang Bie He did not die after getting tricked this time, he will become a little more honest. Bai Kaixin and the others, will not dare to be such busybodies. This way, life in Jiang Hu will become more peaceful.

    Fifthly, The Duan Family’s money might be returned to its rightful owner after this. The Duans have been kind to him, so this would mean that he has repaid them for their kindness.

    Sixthly, the maligned Tie Wu Shuang, would be able to clear his name, so that this old man who ‘Values Talent as much as One’s Life’, would not leave a black mark on his name after his death.

    This plan which he thought of at the spur of the moment, could actually achieve six goals at once. Although this plan is a little difficult to execute, and a little complicated, it is still worth it.

    What Xiao Yu'er did was good and bad, but if you compared there was more good than bad. The bad was not low and dirty, the bad was interesting bad. Moreover, the people that he caused trouble were bad people that were many times worse than him.

    Jiang Bie He, Qin Jian, Nangong Liu, Bai Kaixin, Luo Jiu, Luo San… everyone involved in this plan, although are extremely powerful characters, have been made use of by him without them even knowing. He absolutely does not believe that there is anyone in the world who can see through his plan.

    The more he thought about it, the more smug he felt, and he can’t help but giggled, “Who dares to say that I am not the smartest person in the world, who dares to say that I am not a genius.”

    “Hey, follow me.”

    Third Missy repeated her words again, her voice louder, but Murong Jiu was still staring in a daze at the place where Xiao Yu’er disappeared.

    Third Missy asked icily, “He’s already gone, why are you still looking?”

    Murong Jiu tilted her head and thought for a while, before she gently smiled, “That’s right, he’s already gone… but do you know, he will come look for me in future.”

    Third Missy raised her voice, “He lied to you, after he sends you here, he will not be bothered with you anymore.”

    Murong Jiu smiled, “He will never lie to me, I know.”

    She lifted her head, full of confidence, the moonlight shining down on her smiling face, the expression that was filled with happiness and hope for the future.

    Although Third Missy is also a woman, she can’t help but look at her in a daze, and asked, “You… how do you know he won’t lie to you?”

    Murong Jiu smiled, “He sent me here to chase the devil in my heart away, after that, he will look for me.”

    Looking at her infatuated but pretty face, Third Missy slowly asked, “You don’t remember anything at all?”


    “If it is not because of the state of your mind, he would not have sent you here?”

    Murong Jiu replied, “I know he also cannot bear to leave me.”

    Third Missy asked, “When… when you are well, he… he will look for you?”

    Her voice is already trembling with jealousy, such a strong feeling of jealousy, is enough to make a woman to anything.

    However, Murong Jiu is unaware, and continued smiling, “He will surely look for me.”

    “What… what else did he say?”

    Muring Jiu’s hazy eyes lighted up, and she smiled, “He also said, I am a clever girl, if I obey him, he will accompany me everyday. Of course I will be obedient, you tell me if I should be obedient?”

    Third Missy suddenly shouted, “No, No!” Murong Jiu was stunned.

    Third Missy screamed madly, “You’re not clever at all, and not pretty at all. You’re only crazy; he will never like an ugly and weird crazy girl like you.”

    Muring Jiu burst out in tears, and covering her face, said “I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy….”

    Third Missy asked, “You’re not crazy, then let me ask you, do you know who you are?”

    Murong Jiu tried hard to think, but could not remember who she is. She suddenly felt a splitting pain in her head and kept on hitting her own head, crying bitterly, “Please, don’t ask me, I don’t know, I don’t know…”

    Third Missy laughed coldly, “A person who does not even know who she is, if that is not crazy, what is?”

    Murong Jiu screamed hoarsely, “I am crazy, I am crazy… he won’t like me, won’t like me…”

    Amidst her cries, she bounded out in tears.

    Only when Third Missy saw her disappearing back, did she heave a sigh of relief. The corners of her mouth unconsciously turned up into a cruel but victorious smile.

    After all the calculations Xiao Yu’er did, he ultimately forgot one thing. He actually forgot that no woman in the world would be spared from jealousy.

    Xiao Yu’er waited quietly in the darkness, but still no one appeared. In the wilderness there would be no night watchman too, so he does not know the time as well.

    However, he is patient, and by now, voices could be heard from afar.

    Xiao Yu’er became alert, and mumbled, “I wonder who will be here first? Both groups may be equally anxious, but Jiang Jie He would be able to hold his emotions well, so logically speaking, the one who arrives first should be Qin Jian.”

    Amidst the sounds of people, were also the sounds of carriage wheels rolling, and the sounds of the mules calling.

    Xiao Yu’er secretly thought, "It is indeed Qin Jian and his men, and they actually used a mule carriage to transport the silver…”

    His thought turned, and suddenly he felt something is not right.

    Qin Jian… Nangong Liu, rich men like them, would use a horse drawn carriage, and never a mule drawn carriage if they are transporting the silver.

    By then, the carriage is within his sight.

    The group who arrived is neither Qin Jian and Nangong Liu, or Jiang Bie He, but five or six village women wearing mourning clothes and with their hair in disarray.

    On the mule carriage were not silver, but a coffin.

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned. How could something like that happen? It’s the middle of the night, why are these village women here?

    He saw these few women walk into the ancestral hall, knelt on the floor in unison, and started bawling. The lady on the left banged her head and cried, “Oh my dead father-in-law, if you can hear me in heaven, then be my judge. I have been a widow in your family for tens of years, and it was not easy to wait for my son to grow up, hoping that he will be filial to me, so that I can enjoy life in my later years. Who knows that he will be killed by others, how do you expect me to spend the rest of my life?”

    This lady looked as if she is already forty, fifty years old. Although she was in mourning clothes, she still looked dignified. As she cried, a young lady next to her patted her back, and cried “Second Madam, please don’t cry yourself sick. If you die of heartbreak, the family property will end up in other’s hands, so why should you let them gain.”

    On witnessing the scene on this side, the lady on the right was also not to be outdone, and immediately cried out bitterly, “Oh my dead father and mother-in-law, if you can hear me in heaven, then help me tear off that sl.ut’s mouth. I may not have given birth to the boy, but he is still of our family’s flesh and blood, and can only considered to be my son. That sl.ut has no status, who does she think she is? She maligned me, because she wants to usurp the family property.”

    This lady looks older and uglier, and although she looks as skinny as a bone, her wails were louder than anyone else’s.

    As she cried, there is also a younger lady next to her, crying as well, “First Madam, please don’t cry yourself sick. Everyone has eyes; they will not let that evil woman take over the family property.”

    After hearing these few words, Xiao Yu’er understood.

    There is nothing wrong in coming to the ancestral hall to judge such matters, but of all places, they should not have come to this ancestral hall at such a time.

    Xiao Yu’er can never imagine that there would be such a coincidence in the world, and felt both angry and funny at the same time, and really wished that these ladies could be chased away.

    He was scolding them in his heart, when he suddenly saw a few men in black, flying in. The few of them were dressed lightly in black, with black cloths covering their faces.

    Xiao Yu’er’s heart jumped, “Jiang Bie He is here.”

    The women were still crying and admonishing, totally oblivious that there are now a few more people in the ancestral hall. The men in black stood coldly at the back, not speaking.

    That First and Second Madams were initially scolding on their own, but by now, it has erupted into a quarrel. The First Madam pointed at the Second Madam and scolded, “You sl.ut, you used your wiles and seduced my husband to his death, now that your son is also dead, this is heaven’s way of punishing you, you still dare to scold me?”

    That Second Madam would not take it lying down and immediately retorted, “You jealous hag, why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror? You still wish to fight for attention with others? My husband died of anger because of you!”

    First Madam roared, “Who is your husband, shameless, the husband is obviously mine.”

    Second Madam smiled icily, “You are the shameless one, married to him for so many years and you did not even let out a fart (ie: no children). If not for me, he won’t even have someone to carry his alter when he died.”

    This Second Madam is really good at arguing, being sharp tongued and venomous in her reply. That First Madam was so antagonized that she started shivering in anger, and suddenly slapped across.

    Second Madam yelled after being slap, “Good, you dare to strike, I will have it out with you.”

    She leaped up and grabbed First Madam’s hair.

    The two to three young ladies next to them rushed up to split up the fight, but later, a slap from you, a smack from me, and the ones separating the fight fought a fiercer fight instead.

    The few ladies pulling each other’s hair… clothes, were entangled into a ball, and fell rolling to the floor, rolling closer and closer towards those men in black.

    The men in black were quite strange, acting as if they did not see them fighting right in front of them, but just stood there coolly.

    Just at this time, a string of scoffing sounds was heard, and tens of black light flashed out from among the pile of fighting women.

    These secret weapons were fast and poisonous. Under the rain of the secret weapons, there is no escape for the men in black!

    Xiao Yu’er already felt that something is not right!

    The few ladies may be disheveled, their face rough and old, but every one of their hands, were pale and tender.

    Xiao Yu’er realized this, and his eyes brightened, and thought to himself, “The ladies of Murong Family, are really great, it seems like Jiang Bie He will surely be tricked.”

    He has just finished his line of thought, when secret weapons were shot out again. Who would have known that these men in black have already expected such a move.

    As the secret weapons flew out, these few people flew up as well, and with a swish, drew out their swords in mid air, the flashes of blades like meteors, slashing straight down at those ladies!

    These ladies were no weaklings as well, their bodies rolled and separated, and evaded the slashing swords. When they jumped up, they were already carrying their weapons in their palms.

    The leader of the men in black laughed icily, “What ignorant women, who dares to play such tricks in front of me. You are far from tricking me. I have already investigated, the descendents of this ancestral hall have all died… who are you actually, if you do not reveal your background, then all of you can forget about leaving here alive today.”

    Xiao Yu’er secretly sighed, “This Jiang Bie He is really an old fox, no matter what he does, he will always be on his guard against every move of his opponent, investigate everything clearly beforehand, never letting his guard down.”

    That First Madam smiled coldly, “Don’t you know what we are here for?”

    This is actually a very simple question to answer, or one could even say that it does not matter even if there is no answer, but this person in black is scheming. To others it may just be a simple sentence, but to him, the sentence becomes very complex.

    If he says that he ‘knows’, it would mean admitting that the ‘cargo’ was stolen by him, and if this is a trap set by the other party to make him reveal the truth, he would have been tricked.

    On seeing him hesitating and refusing to answer, the ladies felt suspicious. That First and Second Madams exchanged a look, and the Second Madam asked, “Who exactly are you? Don’t tell me you are not here because of that letter.”

    This time he did not hesitate, and replied coldly, “If not for that letter, why would I be here?”

    Second Madam continued, “So that means, you insist on having those silver?”

    There is no longer doubts in this person’s mind, and he replied angrily, “Not only the silver, but the person as well.”

    First Madam’s expression changed slightly, and fumed “After getting the silver, you still want the person?”

    “Both cannot be left out.”

    Enraged, Second Madam replied, “What right do you have to be so unreasonable?”

    The man in black smiled icily, “Based on this sword I have in my hand?”

    Both parties got even more agitated as they speak, and Xiao Yu’er became merrier the more he hear, and only wished that they would come to blows soon, and the fiercer the fight, the better.

    The First and Second Madams exchanged another look.

    Second Madam shouted, “To tell you the truth, you can forget about getting both the silver and the person. We did not even carry the silver with us, as for the person… if you want the person, than we’ll want your life!”

    The expression in the eyes of person in black changed, and he replied icily, “As I have already said, the silver and the person, both cannot be left out. Now I’ll just take the silver first.”

    Before he finished speaking, he has already made a hand signal behind his back secretly. The ladies may not have seen his hand signal, but Xiao Yu’er saw it clearly.

    Naturally the other four men in black also saw it, and the two in front suddenly attacked. As their swords flashed, they slashed at the mule that was pulling the carriage to the ground!

    The two behind lifted up the coffin on the carriage and tipped it over, and with a loud clink, countless silver flowed out of the coffin.

    Although the night is dark, the silver are still sparkling, and blinding. The men in black unconsciously stared at the silver in stupor.

    The leader of the men in black laughed, “As I have already said, you are far from trying to trick me!”

    Obviously these silver are his stolen cargo.

    As he spoke, he has already made another hand signal secretly, and the men in black charged with their swords held high. Just then, right at that moment, they suddenly heard a series of ‘poof poof poof!’ and from the coffin shot ten over dark flashes of light, flying towards the men in black!

    The men in black screamed in pain, and all fell to the ground.

    Only that leader who stood further away, and had faster reflexes, blocked the secret weapons with a flurry of his sword. On seeing that none of his men survived, he unconsciously revealed a look of alarm and fury in his eyes, and shouted, “What wicked women, who dare to…”

    First Madam laughed coldly, “To deal with a wicked person like you, of course we can only use such wicked methods!”

    The few of them surrounded him, and there was a ‘boom’, the bottom of the coffin flew up from the impact, and another person jumped up and stood behind the man in black, and asked sternly, “What else do you have to say?”

    The man in black stood alone in the middle of the group, but showed no fear, and instead laughed icily, “I did not expect you to be so meticulous in your dealings as well. I’ve belittled you, but it is still too early for you to feel so smug now.”

    The person who jumped out from the coffin was dressed in tight fitting attire, her figure curvaceous, and although her face was covered with a light veil, Xiao Yu’er recognized her as Little Fairy at one glance.

    It must be because of her impatient nature, and her inability to act and cry, that she was asked to hide in the coffin so that she would not let the cat out of the bag and spoil the plan.

    Now that she has been controlling her temper in the coffin, she finally could not hold it in any longer, and stabbed towards that man in black’s back, yelling, “No more nonsense, give me your life!”

    It looked as if there were eyes growing on his back, and without even turning his head, he almost disarmed the sword in her hands with a back flip of his hand.

    Little Fairy’s wrist was sore and numb from the impact, and only then did she realize that this person in black is the strongest opponent she has ever met in her life. Startled and angry, she shouted, “Death is at your door, and you are still showing off!”

    Borrowing the strength from the sword attack to retreat to the corner of the wall, the man in black replied with a frosty smile, “Whose door is Death at, why not you take a look!”

    Everyone can’t help but followed his gaze and turned around for a look, to see that there are now countless men in black outside the ancestral hall, every single one of them cocking their bow and arrow.

    At the windows, at the gaps in the wall, were filled with the glittering reflection of the arrowhead. The expression on the ladies’ face changed.

    The man in black said coldly, “Outside this ancestral hall there are already 140 steel bows in ambush, each bow has the strength of thirty stone. At the count of three, if you do not put down the weapons in your hand and surrender, you can imagine what the outcome will be!”

    140 steel bows, if they were split into two teams, and take turns to shoot, even the most highly skilled martial arts exponent can only defend themselves for a while.

    Naturally, these ladies already know, amongst them, there may be one or two who can escape, but the rest would perish under the rain of arrows!

    The few of them gathered around and discussed among themselves quietly. Little Fairy and that Second Madam’s voices suddenly stopped, as if they want to fight it out, but First Madam held on to their hands tightly.

    The man in black looked on coldly, and suddenly shouted, “One!”

    First Madam suddenly asked, “What if we give you both the silver and the person?”

    The man in black replied icily, “The person must first…”

    Before he could finish his sentence, there was a sudden scream, and a few men in black outside the ancestral hall fell. The dense formation of the arrows was suddenly thrown into disarray.

    Second Madam’s eyes shone, and she screamed, “Third Sister, Sister Qing, strike now, what are you waiting for!” As she screamed, a shiny short sword was already making its way towards the man in black.

    Once Xiao Yu’er heard what that First Madam said, he knows that he cannot let them negotiate any further or his plan would be revealed!

    Once he thought of that, he struck with the sharp stones that he has been holding in readiness in his hand!

    His attack was fast, and he was well hidden, so even though ten over people were struck on their head and fell to the ground bleeding, none of them could make out where the secret weapon came from.

    By then, Second Madam’s short sword has blurred into a cold light, and made more than ten attacks in the blink of an eye. She may be a female, but the speed and strength of her sword strokes, is even better than the two wandering sword fighters, Black Route Qing Hao and White Route You Xia.

    The man in black was secretly stunned that his attacks were warded off by her.

    The sword strokes of the Second Madam were not only vicious, but every stroke was lashed out as if she did not mind perishing with her opponent. In Jiang Hu, there is not much women like her around.

    Looking at the First Madam, she was holding her sword close to her chest, looking at the fight from the side, as if she does not intend to help out. A woman fighting with a man, but the woman will usually be at the losing end.

    No one in Jiang Hu would say anything if women were to gang up and win the battle, and until this stage, this Second Madam is still fighting alone, unwilling to have the two of them against one person. Such bearing among women in Jiang Hu, is even rarer than phoenix’s feather or kirin’s horn.

    The man in black thought it was weird the more he watches, and was alarmed the more he thought.

    What was even more surprising is that, there were two lasses who were frightfully accurate with their secret weapons, as soon as their hands waved, one or two people would fall down screaming outside.

    Little Fairy has long charged out, and out of a hundred odd men in black, about forty or fifty of them had fallen. The rest were too busy defending themselves to even think of releasing their arrows.

    Xiao Yu’er stared with his mouth agape, almost laughing out loud. Having lost out to Jiang Bie He a few times, he has finally taken his revenge today.

    After another ten odd strokes, that Second Madam’s swordplay was even faster and more vicious, each stab aiming for the fatal points of the man in black, and the tip of her sword closing onto his throat. Others witnessing this, thought that she now has the upper hand.

    However, they do not know that the man in black is the most cunning person, and he was thinking as he fought. Although he was fencing with the sword in his hands, but he was not concentrating on his moves, only fighting to keep himself unscathed. Now that he has straightened out his thought, he suddenly gave a loud laugh, and struck out with his sword.

    For a moment Second Madam felt her opponent’s long sword flitting towards her, the sword has not come near, when she already felt a force gushing towards her. She had no time to react and had no choice but to wave her sword to meet the attack head on.

    Her sword strokes may be venomous, but her internal strength is way below that of the man in black. The single stroke of the man in black is enough to make her forsake what she is skilled in and use what she is incompetent. By blocking the attack head on, is akin to throwing an egg at the stone.

    This is all because she really belittled the martial arts of this man in black, and by the time she realized her mistake, it is too late. Although she knows that she is at the losing end, she can only meet it head on.

    That First Madam saw everything clearly, and cried in alarm, “Don’t fight with him on strength!”

    Although she disliked winning by numbers, but at this critical moment, she had no choice. With a shout, she drew her sword and charged. There was a loud ‘clang’, and sparks flew.

    With First and Second Madam fighting two against one, their strength is still not enough to counter the attack. They felt half their bodies go numb, and the swords in their palms seemed to have flown out of their hands.

    Xiao Yu’er was secretly stamping his foot, “These lasses are not using the martial arts they excel in, but instead fighting with brute strength, isn’t that looking for trouble?”

    First and Second Madam was thrown by the impact into the air, and almost retreated to the wall, but they maintained their composure, and got ready their secret weapons in their hands.

    The ladies of the Murong Family are famed for their Lightness Skills and secret weapons. If that man in black were to crave for a quick win and give chase, it would be difficult for him to retreat safely.

    Who would have expected that the man in black stopped immediately after his failed attack, and laughed loudly, “I don’t want anything today, farewell.”

    As he spoke, he retreated.

    Even Xiao Yu’er was greatly surprised by this move, and the First and Second Madam, on seeing him leaving although he obviously had the upper hand, were even more baffled.

    Second Madam can’t help but ask, “You were intent on killing us earlier, and now you are thinking of leaving just like that, why?”

    The man in black laughed heartily, “Just now I don’t know who you are, if I left, it would be difficult for me to find you in future, so naturally I would never have left then.”

    “What about now?”

    The man in black smiled icily, “The ladies of the Murong Family have names… have houses. What I cannot retrieve today, I will pay a visit to your estate in future, I have no fear of not being able to obtain it then!”

    Second Madam’s expression changed, “You have found out our background?”

    “The Second Missy of the Murong Family is famed for her vicious sword strokes, if I can’t see that, then I must be blind!”

    Second Madam suddenly pulled a bunch of hair from her head… a mask, and revealed a pale face, her round, almond shaped eyes, her willow brows snapping in anger, and she smiled icily “You recognize me, but I don’t recognize you. Since we will never find you in future, do you think we will let you leave today?”

    Someone continued loudly, “He won’t be able to leave!”

    Little Fairy is already standing behind the man in black, blocking the door.

    The man in black chortled, “If I can’t leave today, I would not have said what I said earlier!”

    The Murong ladies shouted, “We would want to see how you can escape!”

    This Second Missy of the Murong family really is impatient and rash. She just took a beating, but is not afraid at all, and charged forward waving her sword.

    A clash of swords, and that ‘First Madam’ actually blocked her sword.

    Murong Shuang asked angrily, “Third Sister, do you really want to let him go, don’t you want to find Ninth Sister anymore?”

    Murong Shanshan replied, “In my opinion, there seems to be something fishy in this matter.”

    “What’s fishy?”, asked Murong Shuang.

    Murong Shanshan explained, “If this person asked us here, he should have long known who we are, but he only found out about our background now, isn’t that weird?”

    Murong Shuang was surprised, but she still stamped her foot and asked, “What’s so weird, who knows if he was not pretending.”

    Little Fairy interrupted, “That’s right, capture him first and talk later.”

    That man in black was listening intently, and suddenly shouted, “The three of you do not strike, I’m afraid we have all been tricked.”

    He has not finished his words, when suddenly a loud ‘whoosh’ was heard, and an incense burner dropped down from the beam, dragging a huge piece of white cloth along with it.

    On that cloth it was written, “Jiang Hie He, you have committed so many evil deeds, now you can forget about denying them!”

    The words were as big as bowls, so that it is clearly visible even at night. The few who saw them, were all shocked.

    Murong Shuang gasped, “You… you are Jiang Bie He?”

    The man in black widened his eyes in surprise. He heard the exchange between the Murong ladies and knew that however carefully he had planned, he still fell into another’s trap today, and yet he does not even know who the real mastermind behind all these is.

    He has all along been cunning. Others might have only thought of one point, but he has thought of ten, but this sometimes backfire on him, because he will forget to reply once he is thinking of something.

    Murong Shuang smiled coldly, “The respectable Hero of Jiangnan, would actually do such a thing. This is totally unexpected.”

    The man in black did not even manage to reply, when another ‘whoosh’ was heard, and another incense burner dropped down, with another strip of white cloth.

    On the white cloth were words as big as bowls saying, “Jiang Bie He, the person you are hiding has been found, what do you have to say.”

    Naturally, these cloths were all prepared in advance by Xiao Yu’er. He nailed one end of the cloth on the beam, wrapped the incense burner at the other end of the cloth, and tied a long and thin thread to the incense burner, leading from the beam to where he was hiding. Once the thread was pulled, the incense burner would drop, and the cloth would fall down as well.

    He heard earlier how Murong Shanshan was talking about the whole situation, and if she continued speaking, his brilliant plan would have been exposed, so he quickly pulled on the thread.

    He deduced that by now, Qin Jian and his men must have found Murong Jiu in Jiang Bie He’s room, and once they come with Murong Jiu, Jiang Bie He would not be able to defend himself even if he had a hundred mouths. This is such a surefire plan, that he would not expect it to go wrong even in his dreams.

    End of Chapter 54

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 55

    After the two pieces of cloth dropped down, there are no more doubts in Murong Shanshan’s mind. Even Little Fairy and Murong Shuang looked murderous, wishing that they could kill Jiang Bie He first before saying anything else.

    That ‘man in black’ did not admit that he is Jiang Bie He, but he did not deny it as well. He only stood there silently, staring at the swords of his opponents.

    Murong Shuang stared at him and asked, “Third Sister, what do you say we do now?”

    Murong Shanshan sighed, “Let’s capture him first.” Little Fairy could not wait for her to finish her words and had already stuck out with her sword.

    Her sword strokes were fast and offensive; Murong Shuang’s sword strokes were vicious and ruthless.

    Although Murong Shanshan’s sword strokes were not as fast as Little Fairy’s, or as vicious as Murong Shuang’s, but her eyes were sharp, her mind clear, every stab is aimed at the opponent’s weak point.

    These three persons and three swords are not to be trifled with. Besides, they have been training with the sword since young, and their strokes complement each other seamlessly.

    The man in black may be highly skilled, but even he found it difficult to handle them. He blocked a few strokes, and the sword stances suddenly changed drastically. He is already defending by attacking, waiting to find a chance to escape.

    How would he expect that the three girls are experienced in dueling, because once he changed his sword stance, the three of them saw through his mind.

    It would be better if he did not try to leave, because once he thought of that… his opponents were sure that he is involved even if he is not guilty. Little Fairy and Murong Shuang charged forward, sparing no thoughts for their own safety.

    The other two girls they brought along were more than capable of handling the remaining men in black outside.

    The beads of sweat on the man in black’s head, has soaked the cloth covering his face. Only now does he realize that the famed Murong Sisters are really not easy to deal with.

    However, he does not know that the sister’s forte is not swordplay; secret weapons and Lightness skills, that is their expertise! Only because they were afraid that he would escape, so they had no time to take out their secret weapons.

    With a ‘whoosh’, Murong Shanshan’s stroke of ‘Splitting Flower, Knocking Tree’, was flying towards him, the light from the sword shimmering without rest, not knowing if the move is a real or false one.

    This move of hers is not to injure the enemy, but to confuse the enemy’s eyes, so that others can strike. However, if the man in black does not avoid this move, it will immediately turn from a false move into a real one.

    Without a thought, the man in black turned his body and raised his sword, and as expected, Little Fairy and Murong Shuang is already waiting for him, the light reflected from the sword like rainbows crossing each other, attacking from both left and right.

    The strokes executed by the three of them were not some superior strokes, but their coordination was seamless. Three ordinary sword strokes attacking together, but the power is more than three times. The shimmering swords were blocking all the escape route of their opponent, and it seems like even if he could avoid this sword, he cannot avoid the other one.

    Who would have known that once the man in black blocked Murong Shanshan’s sword, he immediately loosened his hold, and dropped his sword. Quick as the wind, his hands have grasped Murong Shanshan’s wrist.

    This move is indeed dangerous, and yet also ingenious. If not for a person like him, no one else would think of such a move, that even Xiao Yu’er almost cheered when he saw it.

    The other hand of the man in black is already at her throat, and shouted, “Do you still want her life?”

    At this point in time, the back of the man in black is empty; the two swords of Little Fairy and Murong Shuang could have stabbed him a few times anytime.

    But Murong Shanshan’s life is in his hands, how can the two of them dare to strike? The two swords were pointing at the man in black, but they did not dare to stab forward.

    Murong Shuang stamped her foot and shouted, “Let go, or I will kill you!”

    The man in black smiled icily, “If the two of you do not let go, I will kill her!”

    Little Fairy spoke up, “You let go first, then we’ll let go.”

    The man in black laughed loudly, “A gentleman does not fight with a lady, you better let go first.”

    Murong Shuang asked angrily, “How can we trust you?”

    He replied coldly, “I don’t see why I should trust you as well!”

    Both parties do not dare to strike, or release, and it was a stalemate for quite a while. Little Fairy and Murong Shuang are impatient by nature, and were already sweating in anxiety.

    On the other hand, Murong Shanshan was not nervous at all, and replied calmly, “Second Sister, you must not let go, he will never dare to harm me.”

    The man in black smiled coldly, “I’ve always been patient, it doesn’t matter even if we continue like this.”

    In her anger, Murong Shuang unconsciously moved the tip of her sword forward, and on the other side, Murong Shanshan was immediately gasping for breath.

    Little Fairy roared in anger, “How long do you want to drag this on?”

    “Until you let go.”

    Little Fairy’s face is full of sweat, as if she is so anxious that she does not know what to do anymore!

    Xiao Yu’er laughed bitterly, “Silly girl, what are you so anxious about, are you afraid that there is no help coming?”

    Right at this time, three shadows flashed from the outside, and in an instance was right in front of them, and it is indeed Nangong Liu… Qin Jian and Yan Renyu are here!

    Xiao Yu’er… Murong Sisters were ecstatic, but that man in black did not appear frightened or surprised! Qin Jian is here, he will definitely not let Murong Shanshan die.

    As long as he holds Murong Shanshan hostage, he need not fear about walking out from this place.

    On seeing his beloved wife being held hostage, Qin Jian’s expression changed. Yan Renyu’s Jiang Hu experience is the least, and on seeing such a situation, was dumbfounded.

    Little Fairy stamped her foot and shouted, “Stupid, you’re still not coming to help?”

    The man in black shouted, “Who dares to come over?”

    Qin Jian asked, “What… what is this all about, friend we can talk things out.”

    The man in black raised his voice, “This is all a misunderstanding, but now that things have come to this, no matter how I explain, you will never believe me. Whatever that needs to be said, can be said after I walk out!”

    By now Nangong Liu has seen the cloths hanging from the beams, and asked hoarsely, “Could you really be the Hero of Jiang Nan?”

    Little Fairy shouted, “What dog as*ed hero, this person is Jiang Bie He!”

    Murong Shanshan took a breath and asked, “Don’t bother about me, have you found Ninth Sister already?”

    Nangong Liu sighed, “We went to Hero Jiang’s residence just now…”

    Xiao Yu’er heard that, and his heart leaped, if they have found Murong Jiu at Jiang Bie He’s place, how would they still be so courteous to him, addressing him as ‘hero’!

    Murong Shanshan anxiously asked, “Ninth Sister is not there?”

    Qin Jian replied worriedly, “Don’t you bother about Ninth Sister, you yourself… you…”

    Nangong Liu laughed bitterly, “Ninth Sister is not at Hero Jiang’s place, I’m afraid we’ve all been made fun of!”

    Xiao Yu’er was so shocked, that he almost jumped out from his hiding place. How can Murong Jiu not be there, unless they were looking at the wrong place?

    Qin Jian continued, “We’ve also just met Master Hua Wu Que and Miss Tie Xin Lan, and he said Ninth Sister has long been missing, and it definitely has nothing to do with Hero Jiang!”

    Murong Shuang stood there, stunned, her sword unconsciously drooping.

    Little Fairy mumbled, “It seems that Tie Xin Lan is not the kind who will help defend Jiang Bie He.”

    Murong Shanshan sighed, “I’ve also felt that something was wrong, come to think of it, if Hero Jiang really wanted our ransom, why would he need to come here himself? Since he is here, how can he not know who we are? Besides, if he really wants to hide Ninth Sister, there are so many places to do so, why hide her in his own room?”

    Puzzled, Qin Jian asked, “If you have thought of that, then why were you fighting with Hero Jiang?”

    He saw that the man in black has not loosened his hold, so naturally he had to first reprimand his wife.

    However, Murong Shuang argued, “He…. Hero Jiang himself did not say a word, how would we know.”

    Murong Shanshan rolled her eyes, and suddenly asked, “But… are you really Jiang Bie He, Hero Jiang?”

    Once this sentence was said, everyone became suspicious.

    Only to see that man in black finally lowering his hand, and smilingly said, “Since the misunderstanding is cleared, it’s all the same if I am Jiang Bie He or not.”

    However, he still did not remove the cloth covering his face.

    Qin Jian has already rushed to Murong Shanshan’s side, and whispered, “Are you alright?”

    Murong Shanshan held on to his hand with a smile, but her eyes were still staring at the man in black, and said, “Your humble wife has injured so many of Hero Jiang’s men, and we really deserve death, but we hope that Hero Jiang would forgive us.”

    She deliberately emphasized on the words ‘Hero Jiang’, and even repeated the name twice.

    The man in black still did not deny or concur, but only smiled “Since both parties have fought, injuries are unavoidable, so how can I blame Madam. Only, the person who tried to secretly frame me, is really hateful!”

    As he spoke, his pair of cold eyes suddenly stared at the area where Xiao Yu’er was hiding, and everyone’s eyes unconsciously followed his gaze.

    Murong Shuang shouted, “Correct, that person must never be let off!”

    Little Fairy continued, “If I can find that person, I will first cut off his tongue, dig out his eyes, before asking him why he wants to execute such a devious ploy.”

    As the few of them spoke, they subtly surround Xiao Yu’er’s hiding place at the same time. With so many martial arts exponents surrounding one person, no matter who that person is, he can forget about escaping!”

    Xiao Yu’er’s palms started breaking out in cold sweat, and he knows that once these people capture him, the outcome would be unthinkable. His plan backfired, and instead of harming others, brought harm to himself instead.

    During this short period of time, his mind has turned a few hundred rounds, but he cannot think of a single way to escape.

    By then, the man in black called out with a cold smile, “By now, you are still not coming out?”

    Murong Shuang asked with hatred, “Since you have long known that he is hiding here, why don’t you say so earlier?”

    The man in black replied, “Just now I saw the secret weapons flying out from here, and injuring my men, so I thought it was an ambush placed by Madams.”

    Xiao Yu’er secretly scolded, “This pair of dog eyes, are really vicious.”

    However much he scolded, he knows that it would be difficult for him to escape this time. Unless he is dreaming, he would not be able to escape from here.

    The man in black said icily, “If Friend does not come out yourself, I shall have to give orders for my bowmen to shoot!”

    Murong Shuang suddenly snatched over a bow and arrow, and shouted, “I’ll let you see Miss Murong’s skills with the bow and arrow!”

    Since viewing Murong Shuang’s room the other day, Xiao Yu’er already knew that she is exceptional with the bow and arrow. He certainly does not wish to squat here and be her target. Just then, someone suddenly chuckled, “It’s so crowded here, is there a show going on?”

    Everyone turned around, and saw a person wearing a long robe with disheveled hair, chuckling stupidly, and walking forward like a spirit, who is none other than Murong Jiu!

    Where did Murong Jiu go just now? Why is she here now? Even Xiao Yu’er was stunned by the sight.

    The Murong sisters were ecstatic, and cried out hoarsely “Nine, I’ve missed you badly!” As they cried, two of them were already rushing forward to grasp Murong Jiu’s hands.

    Murong Jiu took a look at them, and her gaze was bewildered, and chuckling, asked “Who are you? I don’t know you?”

    Murong Shuang paused, “Ninth Sister, you… don’t you even recognize Second Sister?” Before she could finish her sentence, tears were already welling from her eyes.

    Murong Shanshan was also weeping, “Ninth Sister, how did you end up like this?”

    Murong Jiu looked that them in a daze, and did not reply.

    Yan Ren Yu could not control himself any longer and walked over, asking, “Ninth Sister, do you recognize me?”

    Little Fairy interrupted, “She doesn’t even recognize Second and Third Sister, how could she recognize you?”

    Yan Ren Yu lowered his head, his tears dripping on the floor. Qin Jian and Nangong Liu also wore expressions of pain.

    Murong Shuang stamped her foot, “Who made her like this? Who?”

    Little Fairy suddenly wailed, “She saw Xiao Yu’er resurrected from the dead, and she was scared into this state, actually Xiao Yu’er did not die, but deliberately scared her.”

    Murong Shuang raised her voice, “Who is Xiao Yu’er? Where is he now?”

    Little Fairy replied, “I’m afraid he’ll be dead by now.”

    Murong Shuang was stunned, “You said earlier that he’s not dead, and now you said that he’s dead? So is he dead or not?”

    Little Fairy explained, “He did not die initially, but later he fell over the cliff and died.”

    She paused, and continued, “But this person is full of tricks, full of talents, others are so sure that he is dead, but he turned out to be alive. Without seeing his body personally, no one dares to say if he’s really dead!”

    The man in black suddenly spoke up, “He is not dead. I saw him again recently.”

    Murong Shuang shouted, “You know where he is?”

    The man in black replied frostily, “From what I see, I’m afraid right now he is at…”

    He seemed to have already guessed that the person hiding is Xiao Yu’er, and Xiao Yu’er’s heart went cold again. Who would have expected that before he could finish his sentence, Murong Jiu suddenly shouted, “Xiao Yu’er… Xiao Yu’er! I remember!”

    Everyone was shocked and ecstatic, Murong Shuang asked, “You… you remember everything?”

    Murong Jiu looked at her dully, and said slowly, “You are Second Sister.”

    Murong Shuang screamed in joy and hugged her, and started crying for joy.

    Murong Shanshan was also weeping with happiness, and said “Nine, Nine… heaven took pity on us, you’ve finally recovered.”

    Murong Jiu smiled, “Third Sister… Third Sister, I can still see you? Am I dreaming?”

    The sisters were laughing and crying in a circle, and Xiao Yu’er, secretly looking from the side, also felt his eyes getting wet, and could not explain how he felt.

    The man in black suddenly sighed, “That Jiang Xiao Yu has hurt your sister in such a way, no one in Jiang Hu will let him off.”

    He is still not leaving, because he wants to deal with Xiao Yu’er, and is afraid that the Murong sisters would forget about this matter in their joy, so he hurriedly reminded them again.

    Murong Shuang really stopped crying, and said with hatred, “If I know where that little thief is hiding, I will kill him.”

    Murong Jiu suddenly interrupted, “Actually this matter cannot be blamed on Xiao Yu’er.”

    Once this sentence was said, everyone was shocked, and the most surprised was Xiao Yu’er himself, followed by Little Fairy.

    She can’t help but ask, “Who else can you blame but him? Don’t you hate him to the core?”

    With a sorrowful smile, Murong Jiu replied “Seeing him resurrected from the dead, I was traumatized, although I was a little dazed, but I soon regained my thoughts after a while.”

    Murong Shuang wondered, “Since you have regained your memory, why didn’t you recognize us just now?”

    Murong Jiu replied, “I was harmed by Jiang Bie He!”

    Once these words were uttered, even Xiao Yu’er was confused. Why would Jiang Bie He harm her?

    Murong Jiu continued, “He saw that I was conscious, so he used drugs to confuse me. He wants to make use of my befuddled state, to force me… to marry him, because he wants to be the son-in-law of the Murong Family. He kept me under supervision day and night, just now, when I saw that he was not around, I slipped out secretly.”

    Everyone thought earlier that Jiang Bie He had been wronged, but now the words were spoken from Murong Jiu’s mouth, how could it be false?

    Murong Shuang fumed, “What a wicked Jiang Bie He, we were almost tricked by him!”

    Nangong Liu was berating himself, “No wonder we couldn’t find her just now, so she had escaped herself. Luckily Heaven has eyes, so that she escaped here. The law really has long arms!”

    As they spoke, they once again surrounded that man in black.

    Xiao Yu’er was both surprised and delighted, but confused as well. How did things turn out this way? Even if Xiao Yu’er is the smartest person in the world, he could not figure out what this is all about.

    Murong Shuang shouted, “Jiang Bie He, what else do you have to say now?”

    Who would have expect that man in black to suddenly burst out laughing, “Who said that I am Jiang Bie He?”

    He removed the black cloth covering his face, revealing a face full of fine beard. Everyone has seen Jiang Bie He before, and this face really did not belong to Jiang Bie He. Everyone was surprised.

    Murong Shuang asked hoarsely, “Who are you actually?”

    Murong Shanshan asked, “If you are not Jiang Bie He, then where is Jiang Bie He?”

    The man in black suddenly shouted, “Jiang Bie He is right here!”

    He actually dashed into where Xiao Yu’er was hiding and shouted, “Jiang Bie He, come out now.” As he spoke, his palm struck down like lightning.

    End of Chapter 55

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 56

    Xiao Yu’er was surprised on seeing that palm bearing down at him, and in his haste blocked the palm and shouted, “You are Jiang Bie He in disguise, who are you trying to trick?”

    That man in black also shouted, “You are Jiang Bie He in disguise, who are you trying to trick?”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, and scolded, “Jiang Bie He, you evil thief, you son of a b*tch, as*hole, turtle!”

    He thought that Jiang Bie He is quite a character, and would not scold himself.

    Who knew that the man in black also shouted, “Jiang Bie He, you evil thief, you son of a b*tch, as*hole, turtle!”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Even if I can’t force you to reveal your true colors, hearing you scold yourself, is enough to release my frustration. Ha ha, scolding yourself a turtle, so funny, oh so funny.” That man in black also laughed, “Even if I can’t…”

    And he actually repeated what Xiao Yu’er said, not changing a word, saying everything as it is. Xiao Yu’er was happily scolding, but he was not too bad himself.

    The two of them scolded as they fought, and everyone looked at them in astonishment.

    Murong Shanshan commented, “Jiang Bie He’s martial arts is said to be Number One in Jiang Nan, so it can’t be bad.”

    But the two of them, with their flying fists and legs, not only were their strength intense, even their moves were every changing and strange. They are both highly skilled!

    For a moment, no one can tell who is stronger or weaker.

    The continuous sounds of fighting rung in their ears, and everything that came into the path of their blows, will immediately be shattered into pieces.

    The two of them fought from the inside to the outside, from near to far.

    It must be known that the person in black does not want others to guess his background, and neither does Xiao Yu’er. With the same thoughts in their mind, they naturally brought the fight further and further.

    Their strokes may be fierce, but actually none of them wants to drag the fight any longer. Suddenly, they stopped, and one went towards the east while the other went towards the west.

    They were so fast that by the time Murong Shuang and the others caught up, they were too late to go after them. Besides, the two of them fled separate ways, and no one knows who they should be going after!

    Right at this moment, a man suddenly flew out from the forest and blocked Xiao Yu’er’s path. Pointing at Xiao Yu’er, he gave a weird smile and said “This is Jiang Bie He, this is the real one.”

    It was clear under the moonlight, this person turned out to be ‘Harming others without benefit to oneself’ Bai Kai Xin!

    Xiao Yu’er was both startled and livid, and shouted “Are you mad? Don’t you want the antidote to save your life?”

    Bai Kai Xin giggled, “Who’s saving who? You harmed me, why should I not harm you?”

    Suddenly with a somersault, he disappeared into where he came from.

    By then, the Murong Sisters have caught up, and a few swords were already surrounding Xiao Yu’er.

    Murong Shuang cried out heatedly, “Jiang Bie He, if I let you escape today, then my surname is not Murong.”

    Xiao Yu’er hopped in frustration and asked “Who is Jiang Bie He? Only an as*hole is Jiang Bie He!”

    Murong Shanshan smiled icily, “If you are not Jiang Bie He, why are you fleeing?”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned; he really has no answer to this question.

    Murong Shuang immediately continued, “That’s right, if you are not Jiang Bie He, why don’t you let us examine your face!”

    They have been tricked once, and will no longer be tricked again. As they spoke, their hands were not idle, the swords in their palms striking out with increasing viciousness.

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I am a man, how can I let you girls touch my face. As the saying goes: There’s gold on a man’s face, there’s shit on a girl’s hand. How can I let my face be smeared with shit.”

    In his anxiety, he started sprouting nonsense, with the intention of antagonizing them, so that he can find a chance to escape.

    As expected, Murong Shuang was incensed and scolded, “What fa*t, you face is the one with shit.”

    Little Fairy cried out, “If you end up in my hands, see if I don’t soak you in a container of shit!”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Even if I soak in a container of shit, I can’t let women touch me as well.” Everyone else has guessed his intention, and knew that he is trying to distract them with his nonsense, so they ignored him. Only that Yan Ren Yu was most naïve, and he can’t help but ask, “I’m not a woman, why not you let me examine you?”

    Xiao Yu’er rebutted, “Aren’t you originally a girl? And I thought you were their sister.”

    As he spoke, he himself found the thought funny, and he had just laughed when the front of his shirt was sliced open. If not for his superb martial arts, his intestines would have been carved out.

    Since by now, he is going all out in his fight, and on seeing Qin Jian and Nangong Liu not making any moves, but just watching the fight from the side, he laughed and said, “Everyone in Jiang Hu envies the son-in-laws of the Murong Family, saying that you have married well. From what I see, you might be better off if you have married a pock marked or crippled woman.”

    He was happily talking, when his shoulder suffered another strike, and although it did not strike his bone, but where the sword passed through, the fresh blood is already oozing out from the wound.

    Qin Jian replied with a frosty smile, “I actually did not want to win you by numbers, but since you are like that, I shall have no arguments.”

    As he spoke, he has already struck out thrice, and these three strikes were just right in terms of strength and depth, well complementing the lack of steadiness in the Murong Sisters’ swordplay.

    Although he is secretly lamenting in his heart, but his words were scathing, and he laughed “Nangong Liu, why don’t you attack as well, unless your martial arts cannot be seen, and you are only roaming about Jiang Hu with your wife’s backing?”

    Nangong Liu’s expression changed slightly, and he said with a low voice, “Fu Jie, Fu She… Shi Feng, Xu Zhong… Huan Tiao…” (various acupuncture points)

    He has not finished his sentence, but there were already three swords attacking the acupuncture points he mentioned, and with a ‘whoosh’, the position next to Xiao Yu’er’s ‘Huan Tiao’ point has been sliced open!

    As he watched coldly from the side, he spoke calmly, telling them the areas where Xiao Yu’er has difficulty avoiding and blocking. Xiao Yu’er was busier than ever.

    Nangong Liu continued, “Ling Men, Zhong Fu, Yin Shi, Liang Qiu… Cheng Fu!”

    ‘Swish, swish, swish’, three strikes later, Xiao Yu’er’s ‘Cheng An’ point was slashed, as expected. He was thinking to himself, “Once I hear you calling out the position, don’t tell me I can’t avoid it?”

    But who knows that when it was spoken, he just cannot avoid the attacks.

    Nangong Liu was controlling the whole situation, and is well aware of Xiao Yu’er’s moves, so the positions he mentioned are naturally Xiao Yu’er’s fatal points.

    Nangong Liu continued, “You Men, Tong Gu… Fu Hui, Gui Lai… Tong Quan!”

    This ‘Tong Quan’ point is at the bottom of the feet, and Xiao Yu’er was surprised on hearing it, and thought to himself, “Your swords can’t possibly can attack the bottom of my feet?”

    Murong Shanshan’s sword came attacking straight at his ‘Fu Hui’ and ‘Gui Lai’ points, and he could have avoided it, bit another sword was blocking his path.

    In his haste, he did not spare a thought and his leg flew up to kick Murong Shanshan’s sword holding wrist. Murong Shanshan might have retreated, but with a ‘swish’, Murong Shuang attacked, directly on his ‘Tong Quan’ point. Xiao Yu’er was wearing leather boots, and although this strike did not cause any serious injury, he couldn feel beads of cold sweat dripping down.

    Nangong Liu continued calmly, “Shen Tang, Xin Yu… Wei Zhong, Yin Gu… Que Xuan!”

    This time, Xiao Yu’er was even more attentive, and concentrated on protecting his ‚Que Xuan’ point, but he did not expect to feel a cold rush of air behind, and his ‘Hui Yang’ point was struck.

    Right at the same time that Nangong Liu called out, “Hui Yang!”

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but secretly sigh, “Forget it…”

    Who would have expected that right at this time, Murong Jiu’s screams can be heard from afar, “Help…. Jiang Bie He… you evil villain…. Third Sister… Second Sister…. Help….”

    Her cries were getting further and further.

    Murong Shanshan cried out, “Oh no, we forgot about Ninth Sister at the ancestral hall…”

    Little Fairy replied, “Jiang Bie He is there.”

    Yan Ren Yu added, “This person is really not Jiang Bie He!”

    Amidst the cries, they have already flown towards the direction of Murong Jiu’s cries. Nangong Liu was the slowest to leave, and he clasped his fist towards Xiao Yu’er, and said “You have amazing skills, and seems to have combined all the best points of various sects into your own skills. However, you were not able to apply the moves seamlessly, and revealed your weak points. I assume that it’s because you had things on your mind, and were not concentrating on the fight. If you can change this habit in future, it would have been useless for us even if I was giving pointers from the side.”

    Xiao Yu’er was surprised, and asked, “Why are you telling me all these?”

    Nangong Liu replied, “You are definitely not Jiang Bie He, Jiang Bie He’s moves would not have been so raw.”

    Xiao Yu’er fumed, “Since you have realized it, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

    “I may have realized it, but at that time I wanted to see who you really are, so I did not mention anything. But now that Ninth Sister is in trouble, it’s another matter altogether.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, and asked “It’s because I scolded you, so you deliberately let me suffer.”

    Nangong Liu smiled, “If it is not because I was feeling troubled as well, I would not have been affected…”

    With a slight clasp of his fist, he turned around and gave chase as well.

    Nangong Liu may have left, but Xiao Yu’er was still digesting what he had said earlier, and the more he thought, the more he savored the thought.

    “…I assume that it’s because you had things on your mind, and were not concentrating on the fight…”

    With another sigh, Xiao Yu’er mumbled “His words struck right to my core. Seems like this descendant of the aristocratic Wu Lin family is really quite capable, and is not one to be taken lightly.”

    Dazed for a while, he then walked forward with a large step, thinking of looking for that ‘Harming others without benefit to oneself’ Bai Kai Xin so that he can settle some scores with him.

    As he walked, he can’t help muttering to himself, “Why is that Bai Kai Xin suddenly not afraid of death, that he did not even want the antidote? … And what is it with Murong Jiu? Has she really been captured by Jiang Bie He?”

    The more he thought, the more confused he became, so he might as well stop thinking. However, he started feeling the pain on all the wounds on his body, so he found a large tree in the forest and sat down for a rest.

    By now, the stars are fading, and rays of sunlight are slowly emerging from the east. Birds are starting to chirp in the forest and the earth seems so quiet and peaceful.

    Xiao Yu’er closed his eyes and mumbled, “I’m afraid I’ve been too much of a busybody, but one cannot just eat and not do anything. Besides, once trouble comes knocking, there’s no way one can hide.”

    Who would have expected that right then, a voice suddenly called out, “Xiao Yu’er… Jiang Xiao Yu… where are you?”

    Xiao Yu’er jumped up, and said with a bitter laugh, “Trouble really came a knocking… but I wonder who this person is? And how would that person know I am in this forest?”

    That voice called out again, “Xiao Yu’er, I know you’re in this forest, come out quick, I have something important to tell you… aren’t you coming out?” This voice sounded like Murong Jiu.

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes brightened, and smiled “If it’s Murong Jiu, she came at the right time. I wanted to look for her, and she’s here.”

    A person with long hair and a long robe, was floating towards him among the misty morning fog, looking like a forest goddess flying on clouds. It is Murong Jiu.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly jumped right in front of her and shouted, “Hey!”

    Murong Jiu was startled, and with her hands raised to her chest, gently chided, “You want to scare me to death again?”

    Xiao Yu’er looked her up and down, and grinned, “I have not seen you for half a day, and you seem to be getting prettier.”

    Murong Jiu pursed her lips and smiled, “I have not seen you for half a day, and you seem to be getting more handsome as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “You don’t hate me anymore.”

    Murong Jiu replied, “A girl’s heart is ever changing, don’t you know?”

    Xiao Yu’er answered, “I have been tricked by women before.”

    Murong Jiu laughed, “Who tricked you! Who lied to you? Could it be… that Miss Tie?”

    Xiao Yu’er felt a sharp pain in his heart, and shouted “No! It’s Murong Jiu.”

    Murong Jiu giggled, “When have I lied to you?”

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes gleamed, and said each word clearly, “You are not Murong Jiu!”

    Murong Jiu laughed loudly, “Who else could I be if not Murong Jiu? Don’t tell me you are feeling faint, and can’t recognize me anymore.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her with big eyes for a while, and suddenly jumped up, turned a somersault, rolled on the floor, and rubbed his eyes before laughing loudly, “I thought it could not have been you, but it must be you.”

    Murong Jiu smiled, “Who are you talking about?”

    Xiao Yu’er grabbed her and laughed, “You’re Aunty Du… Du Jiao Jiao!”

    That ‘Murong Jiu’ also stared at him for a while, and suddenly burst out laughing, “Little imp, you’re smart, you actually saw through my disguise. I’m afraid there’s no one else in the world besides you who can see through my disguise.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “That’s right, but… I don’t believe that Aunty Du would really come here. Never in my dreams would I think that you would leave the ‘Valley of Evil’.”

    Du Jiao Jiao actually sighed, and said slowly, “There are many things in the world which is unexpected.”

    Xiao Yu’er widened his eyes, “I did not expect that even Aunty Du would sigh, and I can’t imagine why you would leave the ‘Valley of Evil’, and the most puzzling is how did you know about my matters, and disguised yourself as Murong Jiu?”

    There are too many questions in his mind, and he can’t help but ask them all at once.

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “You are rattling off your questions like a cannon, how am I supposed to answer you?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “For the past two years, no one knows where I am, so how did you find out, and why did you disguise yourself as Murong Jiu?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “After I left the valley, I heard about some of your antics, but I did not know where you were actually hiding! And I can’t even find out.”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked in satisfaction, and grinned, “Of course you couldn’t find out, if I wanted to hide, no one can find out where I am.”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “I couldn’t find you, but I bumped into you a few days ago! Not only did I see you, but I talked to you as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er scratched his head, and asked with a bitter smile, “That’s weird… I actually spoke to you…?”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “You were so fierce then, staring at me and asked me to scramble off. I was really afraid of offending you, so I had to obediently scramble far, far away.”

    Xiao Yu’er jumped up, and with widened eyes, laughed, “I know, you are that… that…”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “I am that silly maid at the Luo Brother’s house.”

    Xiao Yu’er chortled, “I must really hand it to you, you were really good, I can’t even imagine it in my dreams.”

    He laughed heartily for a while, and stopped, asking “But before that day, you did not see me?”


    “So you would not have guessed that I will be at Luo Jiu’s house.”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “I’m not god, of course I couldn’t have guessed.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Then why were you disguised as a silly maid, waiting for me there?”

    There was a sudden flint of anger in Du Jiao Jiao’s eyes, and she bit each word out “I was there for the Luo Brothers!”

    Xiao Yu’er was enlightened, “I know, they originally had some enmity with you.”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “I left the Valley, besides to look for you, it’s also to look for two other people.”

    “The ones you are looking for, is them?”

    Du Jiao Jiao did not reply, but slowly continued, “20 years ago, among the ‘Ten Evils’, five were forced to enter the ‘Valley of Evil’. The situation then was very urgent, and they left in haste, so they did not have enough time to bring with them several important things.”

    Xiao Yu’er nodded, “That’s right, you and Uncle Li, Uncle Du and the rest have roamed in Jiang Hu for so many years, so naturally you would have gathered some things, and those things that you actually took a fancy to, naturally must be very precious.”

    Du Jiao Jiao added, “You know, we do not have friends in Jiang Hu, only the other five of the ‘Ten Evils’ can be considered birds of a feather.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Of course I know about this point.”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “So, we can only hand our things to them, but that ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan was always crazy, and once he gets mad, he can disregard even his own life, much less things that others had given him. That ‘Harm others without benefit to oneself’ Bai Kai Xin is not only untrustworthy, but he is at loggerheads with Li Da Zui.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “And if you give it to ‘Compulsive Gambler’ Xuanyuan San Guang, you’re afraid he will lose it all.”

    Du Jiao Jiao can’t help but laugh, “That’s right, this ‘Compulsive Gambler’ may have gambled all his life, and considers himself a better gambler than everyone else, but he often loses until even his pants are gone. He will only stop when ‘the light breaks (Tian Guang), the man is empty (Ren Guang), and the money is gone (Qian ye Guang)’. His name Xuanyuan San Guang arose because of this saying.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “As the saying goes, even a god will lose in a long gamble. And he’s only a compulsive gambler, not even qualified to be a god, so how could he not lose.”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “That time, everyone initially decided to hand our things to ‘Charm to Death without Compensating with Life’ Xiao Mimi, but we didn’t know where she has hidden herself, and could not find her.”

    She continued, “So after much thought, we can only hand our things to the Ouyang Brothers.”

    Xiao Yu’er commented, “From what I seem these two brothers are even more unreliable. Since these brothers likes to take advantage of others, by handing your things to them, is akin to walking straight into a lion’s den.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled bitterly, “We did think of that point, but these Ouyang Brothers were most afraid of ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha, who never takes advantage of others, but only kill them. Therefore we thought they won’t dare to cheat us, but who would have expected that these brothers, once they thought that since ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha had escaped to the ‘Valley of Evil’ and would not dare to come out, they need not fear him. So they stole our things.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Which is why you came looking for them once you left the valley.”

    “That’s right!”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked, “Are that Ouyang Brothers somewhat related to the Luo Brothers?”

    Du Jiao Jiao emphasized each word, “The Luo Brothers, are the Ouyang Brothers!”

    Xiao Yu’er cried out hoarsely, “No wonder their styles are so vicious, I’ve long suspected that their background is strange… but, from what I know, they do not look like the Ouyang Brothers at all!”

    Du Jiao Jiao explained, “Over the years, they deliberately made themselves fat, and appear swollen. They were originally skinnier than ghosts, so once they put on weight, the looks on their face would have changed, and no one would be able to recognize them. These two brothers are really smarter than others, to think of such a perfect way to disguise themselves.”

    Xiao Yu’er clapped, “That’s right, using natural fats to disguise themselves, is the best way, trust them to think of such a brilliant idea!”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Therefore, I chose one of the silly maids they hired, killed her and disguised myself as her. They could not see through me, but I could see through them, and have already known that they are the Ouyang Brothers. However, if I were to reveal them, I’m afraid they will escape, or they would not tell me the whereabouts of our things.”

    Xiao Yu’er guessed, “Which is why you have to wait until you find out the location of those things before you strike.”

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “Although I did not know initially that the dim witted girl was Murong Jiu, but I found her a bit weird. So while I was feeling bored, I made a mould of her face, or else how could I have disguised myself as her in such short notice earlier, and without any tools as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, and suddenly laughed coldly, “You made this mask, not out of boredom I think.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Then, what do you think I made it for?”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “You must have thought to kill her if the need arises, disguise yourself as her, and since the ‘Luo’ brothers would not be on their guard against her, it would be easier for you to investigate.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “You’re a smart little imp after all, only you can guess what is in my heart.”

    End of Chapter 56

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 57

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “You idea might be brilliant, but you did not expect me to take Murong Jiu away, so since your mask is now useless, you might as well do me a favor and use it to save me.”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “Once I saw that it was you, I knew that you must be up to some mischief, so I was constantly keeping a watch on you. This morning, I also overheard you and Black Spider asking Murong Jiu to write a letter.”

    She continued with a coquettish smile, “If not for me keeping an eye out for you outside, I’m afraid you would have been found out by that Ouyang Brothers this morning.”

    Xiao Yu’er was secretly startled, but he carried on with a smile “Even if they found out, it doesn’t matter.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “You’d really rather die than accept help.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “So you overheard about the letter, which is why you knew we would be at the ancestral hall at night…”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Besides that, I also met another person.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked hoarsely, “Bai Kai Xin?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, ‘While you were rubbing that dirt ball, I was already looking.”

    Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “Weird, how could I not have heard that you are near?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “With your current skills, you should have heard, but at that time Bai Kai Xin was facing me, and I have made a secret hand signal with him, asking him to create a din to divert your attention. Besides, you were so smug with yourself then, how could you have noticed.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled bitterly, “Seems like no matter the time, a person should never be too smug.”

    He paused and suddenly guffawed, “No wonder Bai Kai Xin did not ask me for the antidote earlier, because you have already told him that was only a dirt ball. He ate the dirt ball, so naturally he would want to harm me to vent his frustration.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “If things were not such a coincidence, you would not have benefited from it.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a straight face, “This may seem like a coincidence, but it is not really a coincidence, everything that happened, happened for a reason. This kind of ending is the most reasonable of all.

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “After all these, the only one who suffered is that Jiang Bie He.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “If someone is to be harmed, then naturally it would be more meaningful to harm someone like him. If I were to harm an honest, respectful person, I might as well stay at home and count my fingers.”

    Du Jiao Jiao thought for a while and slowly nodded, “This statement sounds quite reasonable, harming a bad person is indeed more interesting than harming a good person, since they definitely will not dare to make known what had happened. Besides, if others know that you have tricked him, they would only admire you, and no one would look for you to settle scores with.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “So, if you learn from me, and only harm the bad people and not the good, not only can you satisfy the craving for tricking people, you need not hide or fear them looking for you. Not only is it impressive, dignified but also worthwhile.

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “Worthwhile matters, have all been done by you, little imp.”

    Xiao Yu’er wondered, “But I still can’t think why you would leave the ‘Valley of Evil.’

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed again, “There are many things in the world which is unexpected.”

    The same sentence, she said it twice, and each time she speaks this sentence, she would unconsciously heave a long sigh.

    Xiao Yu’er thought of something, and asked, “Could it be that something unimaginable has happened in the ‘Valley of Evil’?”

    Du Jiao Jiao heaved another long sigh, “Something really serious.”

    Xiao Yu’er pressed on anxiously, “What is the matter, tell me quick…”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied slowly, “Do you know…”

    Suddenly there was a light ‘whish’, and a shadow flew from the top of the trees, exclaiming loudly, “So you are here, I had a hard time looking for you.”

    The person who came, is Black Spider.

    With a long sigh, Black Spider said, “I almost missed seeing you.”

    Only then did Xiao Yu’er realize that his usually black satin shine clothes are now muddied, his hair disheveled, and asked hoarsely, “How did you end up looking like this?”

    Black Spider explained, “When I went to deliver the letter, I saw that there was not a single person in Nangong Liu’s room, so I sneaked in and placed the letter on the table…”

    He did not finish his sentence, when Xiao Yu’er interrupted, “Why did you walk into the room, can’t you just throw that letter in? Their own maid has been killed and eaten; of course they will be extra cautious about their accommodation.”

    Black Spider laughed bitterly, “I was too careless. I had just placed the letter on the table when suddenly a long whip curled in and snatched the letter over. I knew something was not right but by the time I wanted to escape, the doors and windows have been blocked.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “They deliberately left the room empty to lure you in. How else could it be possible that others can walk in and out of Nangong Liu and Murong Shuang’s room at leisure?”

    Black Spider continued, “In my shock, I wanted to charge out, but I did not expect all of them to be highly skilled, and their secret weapons astonishing. Not only was I unable to escape, it seems like I will soon be injured and captured by them.”

    “The secret weapons of the Murong Family really live up to it’s name…but since you managed to escape from their circle, doesn’t it mean that you are stronger than them.”

    Black Spider replied with a long sigh, “How could I have escaped single handedly.”
    Startled, Xiao Yu’er asked, “Could it be that there was someone else helping you?”

    Black Spider added, “I saw that I was losing, and suddenly someone floated in. Yan Ren Yu’s Godly Fist can be considered a strong opponent, but this person just lightly waved his sleeve, and he flew straight out!”

    Xiao Yu’er asked hoarsely, “This person’s martial arts is so powerful?”

    Black Spider sighed, “This person’s martial arts is greater than anything that I have seen in my life. Even in my dreams I would not have imagined that there would be someone with such powerful martial arts.”

    Xiao Yu’er stirred, “Even you are in awe of him, this is rare.”

    Black Spider continued, “With a wave of his sleeve, he sent the secret weapons back out, and the strength was even greater then when they threw out the secret weapons. As they were dodging in alarm, this person has already taken me away.”

    He continued with a bitter smile, “I was actually clasped under his arm, unable to move, and only saw that he flew about seventy, eighty feet with a light jump, as if he was floating on clouds.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “You story is getting more miraculous, how could there be someone with such superb Lightness Skill in the world.”

    Black Spider said seriously, “You might not believe it, and even I, who witnessed it personally, almost could not believe my own eyes. But think about it, if this person does not possess such magnificent martial arts, would he be able to clasp me under his arms?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “That’s right, it’s impossible that there would be someone in the world who could clasp you under his arm.”

    Du Jiao Jiao could not help but interrupt, “What does he look like?”

    Black Spider replied, “This person is not very large, but has immense strength. I was only held by him for a while, but my whole body was so numb that I could not move.”

    Once Du Jiao Jiao heard that this person is ‘not very large’, she heaved a sigh of relief, but Xiao Yu’er pressed on, “What about his face?”

    “He was wearing a fierce and ugly looking copper mask, his pair of eyes looked extremely eerie. I’ve always considered myself brave, but with just one look at him, even my palms started breaking out in cold sweat.”

    On hearing his description, Xiao Yu’er unconsciously felt the hair on his back stand as well, as if a cool breeze brushed past him, and a cold shiver ran down his spine.

    Black Spider continued, “He ran up a small hill carrying me, and jumped up onto a huge tree, before putting me on a branch. My whole body was so numb that I could not move, not that I even dare to, as I was afraid I would fall once I move.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “What about him?”

    “He was also sitting on a branch, looking at me coldly, not talking. That branch looked so weak that even a child could have broken it, but he actually looked very comfortable sitting on it.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “That is indeed a weird person… could it be all highly skilled martial arts exponents will have some weird habits.”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “If you think like that, you are doomed.”

    Black Spider added, “Indeed, he waited for half a day, and pressed two of my acupuncture points and left me there on that tree. With a wave of his sleeve, he disappeared.”

    As he spoke, he seemed to have remembered something, and stared at Du Jiao Jiao, asking “Miss Murong has regained your senses?”

    Du Jiao Jiao chuckled, “Have I recovered my senses…. I don’t know either?” She suddenly turned around and fled.

    Black Spider was about to give chase when Xiao Yu’er held on to him and laughed, “Let her go, don’t bother about her, tell me what happened to you on the tree first.”

    Black Spider’s eyes seemed to be clouded over, and after hesitating for a while, he finally continued, “At that time the wind was getting stronger, and my body was moving with the wind. The branch looked as if it was about to break and I could not even move my fingers, so naturally I was petrified.”

    “Then how did you come down from the tree?”

    Black Spider smiled bitterly, “I was just thinking of revenge when that person appeared, and as if he has read my mind, he asked ‘Were you thinking of revenge?’”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Even I could see what you are thinking of. Your mouth may not say anything, but your eyes have revealed it all.”

    Black Spider said, “He saw through my mind, so I stared at him angrily, thinking that even if he kicked me down, it would be better than suffering on the tree. I did not expect him to laugh and say ‘I saved your life, and you did not think of repaying me, but you are thinking of how to take revenge?’”

    Xiao Yu’er chortled, “These words are indeed brilliant.”

    Black Spider added, “I was stunned by his words, and although revenge must be taken, I must also repay him, I cannot be an ungrateful person. However, his martial arts was so good that not only was I unable to take revenge, I don’t even know how I should repay him even if I want to. Sometimes, repaying a debt can be more difficult than seeking revenge.”

    Xiao Yu’er mused, “I’m afraid he saw through what you were thinking again.”

    Another sigh, and Black Spider said, “He really saw through it, I have not finished my sentence, and he already said ‘You don’t know how to repay me, right?’, I humphed, and he said ‘If you can deliver letter for others, can’t you deliver a letter for me?’. I can’t help but ask ‘Is it considered debt repaid if I deliver the letter for you?’. He actually nodded his head, took out a letter, and asked me to deliver it to…. make a guess who?”

    “That I cannot guess.”

    Black Spider said, “He actually wanted me to deliver a letter to Hua Wu Que.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes shone, and he laughed, “This is really getting more interesting, how is he related to Hua Wu Que? Why does he want you to deliver the letter for him, he obviously could have spoken to Hua Wu Que directly.”

    Black Spider replied, “Maybe he does not wish to see Hua Wu Que.”

    Xiao Yu’er countered, “Even if he did not wish to see Hua Wu Que, with his Lightness Skill, he could even deliver the letter right to Hua Wu Que’s bed without him realizing it.”

    Black Spider suddenly said, “Maybe he knows that there is no way for me to repay the gratitude, so he thought of this errand for me.”

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a deep sigh, “That is possible as well, a weird person like him, it’s possible that he would have such strange logic. You did not want to owe him a favor, so maybe he did not want another to owe him a favor as well…”

    Black Spider agreed, “Exactly, I don’t owe anyone else, naturally I would not want someone to owe me anything. Without such debts, life would be a lot better. If I know that there is someone who wants to repay me, I would feel bad.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Seems that the two of you have equally weird temperament, no wonder he would save you… but did you see what was written on the letter?”

    Black Spider lashed out, “Am I one who will peep into another’s letter? After he released my acupuncture point, I delivered the letter to Hua Wu Que immediately. I did not even take a single look at what was written on the envelop.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “You are indeed a gentleman, but I’m sure Hua Wu Que said something after reading that letter.”

    Black Spider replied, “It is precisely because he said something extremely bizarre after reading the letter that I was in such a hurry to find you.”

    Xiao Yu’er pressed on, “What did he say?”

    “He said, ‘Although I did not know Jiang Bie He for long, but we know each other very well, so how would I be swayed by rumors that he is an evil person. This Senior is overly worried.’”

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows and wondered, “How is that weird person related to Jiang Bie He? Why would he help Jiang Bie?”

    Black Spider added, “After Hua Wu Que said those words, I was just about to ask him ‘Who is this Senior?’, when instead he told me ‘You are so lucky to have seen this Senior, I wonder what he looks like, was he really wearing a copper mask?’”

    Xiao Yu’er mused, “Since Hua Wu Que has never seen him before, why would he listen to him?”

    Black Spider replied, “I thought it was peculiar too, that the Mistress of the Floral Palace has instructed him, if he should meet a ‘Mr Copper’ in future, he must never disobey him. Whatever this ‘Mr Copper’ said, he must comply.”

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed, “So that weird man is called ‘Mr Copper’, this name is really as weird as him!”

    Black Spider carried on, “The Mistress of the Floral Palace also said, this ‘Mr Copper’ is the most outstanding person in Jiang Hu since time memorial, and his martial arts is the best in the world. She even said that compared to this ‘Mr Copper’, she is far beneath him.”

    Xiao Yu’er was moved, and said “The Mistress of the Floral Palace is such a haughty person, would she say such a thing? If the Mistress of the Floral Palace is so in awe of him, then this ‘Mr Copper’s’ martial arts must be really intimidating.”

    Black Spider replied, “But Hua Wu Que really obeyed what that ‘Mr Copper’ said, so he would really do his utmost to help Jiang Bie He in future. With someone like him helping Jiang Bie He, it’s enough of a headache for you.”

    Xiao Yu’er gave a slight smile, “That doesn’t really matter.”

    Black spider stared at him for a while before he suddenly said, “Farewell, my debt may have been repaid, but my revenge has not been taken!”

    Xiao Yu’er asked hoarsely, “You want to seek that ‘Mr Copper’ for revenge?”

    Black Spider replied coldly, “Can’t I?”

    “But… but his martial arts…”

    Black Spider fumed, “Can’t I take revenge if his martial arts is better than mine? Am I a person who bullies the kind and fear the evil?” As he shouted, he flew out. Now, there are three more mysteries in Xiao Yu’er’s mind.

    Firstly, where has the real Murong Jiu gone to?

    Secondly, what frightening event took place at the ‘Valley of Evil’?

    Thirdly, who is that ‘Mr Copper’ really? How is he connected to Jiang Bie He? Why must he insist that Jiang Bie He is a good person?

    By now, the sun has risen, and Xiao Yu’er has removed the mask on his face. He does not wish to see others with Li Da Zui’s face during the day.

    The streets are starting to get crowded, but nine out of ten of them were walking from the west to the east, and most of them looked like members if Jiang Hu. Some of them even tied a black cloth on their sleeve, and all of them looked excited, mumbling incomprehensibly.

    Xiao Yu’er was feeling perplexed, when right then, a very elaborate but strangely designed carriage drove up from the side and stopped right in front of Xiao Yu’er.

    The carriage door opened, someone stuck her head out and said, “Come up quickly.”

    The sun was shining on her face, her features looked delicate but her complexion was extremely rough. It turned out to Du Jiao Jiao. Xiao Yu’er jumped up the carriage, and saw that the interior of the carriage was even more elaborately decorated, with thick, soft and wide cushions, and extremely comfortable when seated.

    Xiao Yu’er could not help but laugh, “You’re really resourceful, where did you get this carriage from?”

    Du Jiao Jiao did not reply, but asked, “I waited for you for almost half the day, why did you come out only now. What is there to discuss between you and that Black Spider.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “We were discussing about a ‘Mr Copper’, have you heard of this name?”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked hoarsely, “The weird person who saved him is ‘Mr Copper’?”

    “You know of this person?”

    Du Jiao Jiao looked stunned, but she suddenly raised her voice “I don’t know this person, I’ve never heard of this name.”

    End of Chapter 57

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 58

    Xiao Yu’er saw that Du Jiao Jiao was humming and hawing once Mr Copper was mentioned, and looked troubled, so he did not press on. He noticed that the carriage was also traveling towards the east, going the same direction as those members of Jiang Hu.

    He could not help but ask, “Why are these people hurrying?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “To see the show. The disciple of the best martial arts sect in the word fighting against the most respected and powerful organization in Jiang Hu, don’t you think this would be an interesting show?”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and asked, “Could it be Hua Wu Que and the sons-in-laws of the Murong family?”

    Du Jiao Jiao answered, “Nangong Liu and Qin Jian have gone to look for Jiang Bie He to settle scores, but Hua Wu Que pledged that Jiang Bie He is innocent. Both parties could not come to an agreement, so they can only duel.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed with gleaming eyes, “This fight is going to be really interesting. But, this thing only happened this morning, how did so many others find out about it?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “I’m afraid it was Jiang Bie He who informed them. He must have thought that he has Hua Wu Que on his side backing him up, so he would definitely win. Naturally he would want more people to see the show.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “That’s right, the Murong Family may be powerful, but compared to Hua Wu Que, they are still a little inferior… is there really no one else in the world who can deal with Hua Wu Que?”

    Du Jiao Jiao looked at him with a smirk, “Only you.”

    He really did not feel like continuing on this topic, and luckily there is a topic that he wants to discuss right now. He rolled his eyes and immediately changed the subject, “You were interrupted by Black Spider earlier, what major incident happened at the Valley of Evil?”

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed, “Do you remember there was a Wan Chun Liu in the valley?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “How can I forget. When I was young, he would soak me in his medicine everyday, until I was giddy from it all. I may not be able to beat up others very well now, but I am quite good at taking a beating, thanks to all those soaking.”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Do you remember in Wan Chun Liu’s house, there is a person called ‘Medicine Jar’?

    Xiao Yu’er was secretly startled, but without any change in his expression, he grinned, “Of course I remember, he eats more medicine than me. Every time Wan Chun Liu finds a new kind of herb, he will always let him try first.”

    Du Jiao Jiao stared at him and said each word slowly, “Ten months ago, Wan Chun Liu and this Medicine Jar, both disappeared!”

    Xiao Yu’er’s heart almost jumped out from his throat, but even if you are so close that your nose is sticking to his face, you would not be able to see any twitch of his facial muscle.

    He only smiled lightly and asked, “This is nothing much, why are you all so excited about it?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled as well, “Do you know who that Medicine Jar is?”

    Xiao Yu’er widened his eyes, “Who?”

    “Have you ever heard that there was once a man in Jiang Hu, who could let you feel the force of his sword once he drew it even if you are standing over ten feet away. He can also shave off your beard and hair without you feeling anything.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “I’ve heard of this person, think he’s called Yan Nan Tian, right?”

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed, “Besides Yan Nan Tian, there is no one else.”

    “But isn’t he already dead?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “He is not dead! He is that Medicine Jar!”

    Xiao Yu’er deliberately replied in shock, “Medicine Jar is Yan Nan Tian, with the most powerful swordplay in the world, this is really unimaginable. But if Yan Nan Tian’s swordplay was really so good, how did he end up half dead?”

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed, “It was all because of you. We were trying to save you from his clutches, so we had no choice but to injure him.”

    She sounded so believable that if Xiao Yu’er had not already heard from Wan Chun Liu about this secret, he might really have believed her right now.

    He secretly sighed, and thought “Yan Nan Tian may be my benefactor, may be a hero, but there are no feelings between us. You people may be evil, but after all these years, we have developed some feelings for one another, so how could I bear to seek revenge on all of you for him, why do you still need to lie to me!”

    Strictly speaking, although Xiao Yu’er is not a very good person, but he is a hot blooded, sentimental, and soft hearted person, although he may appear otherwise.

    Xiao Yu’er was sighing in his heart, but put on a smile on his face and said, “For me? How is he related to me?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “This is a long story, we’ll talk about it slowly in future. You only have to remember, we offended Yan Nan Tian because of you. With the departure of Yan Nan Tian, we don’t even dare to stay on at the Valley of Evil anymore.”


    Du Jiao Jiao explained, “The Valley of Evil may be viewed by others in Jiang Hu as a restricted place, but if Yan Nan Tian was to charge in, who in the world can stop him. He was tricked once, and this time he would be even more cautious.”

    Her cunning and changeable eyes revealed a look of fear, and she continued with a long sigh, “This time when he comes, I’m afraid we the Evil people would turn into evil ghosts instead.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes glimmered, and asked, “You think… that he has regained his martial arts?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied with hatred, “Even if he has not recovered his martial arts now, but that Wan Chun Liu must have concocted some herbs that can treat his injuries, if not how would he have escaped with him out of the valley!”

    Xiao Yu’er replied slowly, “But he could have recovered by now, right?”

    Du Jiao Jiao involuntarily shivered, and stared at Xiao Yu’er, “You wish that he has recovered by now!”

    Without any change in his expression, Xiao Yu’er replied calmly, “Although I do not wish it to be so, but no matter what, we have to make plans for the worst case scenario.”

    Du Jiao Jiao was silent for a long moment, before she sighed again, “That’s right, he could have long recovered his martial arts, he could be looking for us right now…” Her eyes looked out the carriage window, no longer in the mood for conversation.

    The carriage was moving faster and faster, and sounds from the whip of the carriage driver were continuous, as if he is also in a hurry to watch the exciting battle.

    At the bottom of three hills, there is a little valley, and by now there were already a few hundred people standing on the hills, even the tree branches were seated with people.

    The carriage stopped outside the valley and Xiao Yu’er was unable to catch any glimpse of what is happening in the valley.

    Voices could be heard discussing, “That mild looking scholar, could he be the disciple of the ‘Floral Palace’? I really can’t see how he can be highly skilled.”

    “It seems that there is no one in Jiang Hu right now whose martial arts is better than his. Even Hero Jiang is in awe of him, I wonder how true that is.”

    Someone sighed, “He looks so young, and yet is the best martial artist in the world. With such pretty looks, no one else in the world can be compared to him.”

    The discussions were all focused on praising and envying him. Xiao Yu’er was peeved upon hearing them and Du Jiao Jiao looked and him and smiled, “You are not feeling good after hearing all these?”

    Xiao Yu’er stared, “Who said that I don’t feel good. I am perfectly comfortable.”

    Du Jiao Jiao chuckled, “He may be the son of heaven, but our Xiao Yu’er is in no way worse than him. I’m afraid Jiang Hu would belong to the two of you in future.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly pushed the door open and said, “I’m going out to join in the fun, what about you?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “You go ahead, I will wait here, but… you must do something for me.”

    “What thing?”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Try to get that Ouyang… Luo brothers up into this carriage, you may be able to do that.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “As long as this carriage of yours is large enough, even if I were to make everyone in this valley get in, it would be a simple task.” He jumped down the carriage and walked away with big steps. Suddenly he turned around and stared at the carriage driver, who was just scratching the beard under his chin, looking at him grinning.

    Xiao Yu’er squeezed into the crowd and climbed up the hill with ease.

    On the hill, there were hundreds of big trees, and one could view the whole area sitting on it. Unfortunately, the trees were full of people sitting on it. Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, suddenly shook his head and sighed, “So strange that there were be so many people who do not fear death in this world, sitting right on top of the poisonous snake’s lair. If the poisonous snake were to take a bite on the butt…”

    He had not finished his words and those people on the tree were already jumping down in fear. After the chaotic situation, they realized that the person who sighed and spoke earlier, is now seated comfortably on the tree.

    These people can’t help but ask, “Hey, Friend, you said this tree is a snake’s lair, why is it that you dare to sit on it yourself.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Oh? Did I say those words earlier?”

    The crowd was surprised and furious, and heard Xiao Yu’er mumble, “With the Hero of Jiang Nan and the Murong ladies settling their problems here, if one were to think of causing a quarrel here, that person must really be sick of living.”

    The crowd looked at one another, and had no choice but to swallow their fury. Some climbed up the tree again, and for those who could not squeeze themselves up, they could only consider it their bad luck.

    On the empty spot in the valley was a horse carriage, and that Hua Wu Que was leaning on the carriage door casually, as if he is talking to the person in the carriage.

    Jiang Bie He was sitting on a piece of stone next to him, and was smiling and acknowledging those people around him that he knew, without putting on any airs that befits a ‘hero’.

    Xiao Yu’er also saw those ‘Luo Jiu’ brothers. With the two of them so tall and fat, they were a head taller than everyone else in the crowd.

    However, none from the Murong Family was there, and some of the members of Jiang Hu were starting to feel displeased, thinking that they were trying to put on airs.

    Hua Wu Que does not look anxious at all, and was happily smiling. Every time his eyes turned to look into the carriage, that pair of piercing eyes will become especially gentle.

    Xiao Yu’er unconsciously gripped his fists, feeling unspeakably awkward and wondered, “Who is the person in the carriage? Could it be that Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan are never far from each other, and he brought her here as well?”

    Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowd, twelve burly men dressed in black with colored belts carrying three large sedans hurried in.

    Behind each large sedan there was a small sedan following behind, and on them sat three bright eyed, charming young maids. Once the sedan stopped, the three maids came down from the small sedans, and opened the door of the large sedans. From within the large sedans, three dazzling beauties walked out.

    These three were Murong Shuang, Murong Shanshan and ‘Little Fairy’ Zhang Qing. The three of them were elaborately dressed today, and had taken pains to dress up, looking exactly like well bred ladies out to receive guests, and not like valiant heroines or martial arts exponents coming out for a fight.

    Most of the people sitting on the hills had only heard of the reputation of Murong Jiu and her sisters, but only a handful has really seen them before. Now, everyone’s eyes brightened, and nine out of ten of them were stunned by the sight. Even Xiao Yu’er almost could not recognize the last lady walking quietly behind is the same fierce Little Fairy who was galloping in the plains and spoiling for fights.

    Hua Wu Que’s gaze of course shifted from the carriage to their faces. Instead of saying that his eyes were full of admiration, it would be more accurate to say it was full of surprised curiosity.

    Murong Shanshan, with small, light steps, was walking in front. With a curtsy, she smiled and said “We are late, and had to trouble Sir to wait for us. Please forgive us.”

    She spoke so gently and politely, so how could Hua Wu Que be ill-mannered in front of these ladies. He immediately bowed and smiled, “It’s not Madams that came late, it is I who came too early.”

    Murong Shanshan smiled. “It is such a fine day today, and with the breeze and the sun as elegant as Sir, we should have come out earlier for a walk. Unfortunately, we were delayed by mundane matters, and could not arrive earlier.”

    The laughing banter between the two, sounds is if they were a lady and a gentleman who has arranged to meet to enjoy the scenery, and not a thread of fury could be detected.

    Hua Wu Que asked, “Master Nangong and Master Qin should be arriving soon?”

    Murong Shanshan smiled, “Something happened at their homes, so they have already rushed back.”

    Murong Shuang added, “Outsiders are not allowed to interfere in matters involving the Murong Family.”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned, and asked “But… but aren’t Madams…”

    Murong Shuang smiled in reply, “We may be their wives, but matters pertaining to the wives do not involve the husbands as well. Would we Murong sisters marry a husband who likes to poke his nose in his wife’s affair?”

    Murong Shanshan continued with a laugh, “Sir would not wish to marry a controlling wife either, right?”

    The words of these sisters actually stumped Hua Wu Que into silence, but Xiao Yu’er was secretly snickering, “Whoever marries the ladies of the Murong Family, is truly lucky. It’s obvious that Nangong Liu and Qin Jian themselves do not dare to duel with Hua Wu Que, but the way the ladies explained it off, not only was their reputation not affected, others would praise that they are considerate husbands instead.”

    But, since they are willing to let their beloved wives attend, they must believe that their wives are confident of winning. Xiao Yu’er secretly thought about it!

    Jiang Bie He could really control his temper well, and only now did he speak up with a smile, “If Master Nangong and Master Qin is not coming, how can this matter be settled?”

    Murong Shuang shifted her gaze towards him, and the smile on her face disappeared immediately. She replied with a stare, “Who said that it cannot be settled?”

    Hua Wu Que coughed and asked with a bitter smile, “How could I duel with Madams?”

    Murong Shanshan smiled, “If Sir does not wish to duel with us, then we ask that Sir do not interfere in the matter between us and Jiang Bie He. He is not a child, can’t he handle his own affairs?”

    Her smile may be gentle, but her words were sharper than knives. Everyone who heard her stopped smiling in shock, and felt that no matter what, Jiang Bie He would not be able to take these words lying down.

    Who would have expected that not only did Jiang Bie He not react, but he smiled “Friends in Jiang Hu would know that I would never wish to hurt others, so how could I hurt Madams? And over such a minor misunderstanding as well.”

    Murong Shuang shouted, “Jiang Bie He, listen, firstly, this is definitely not a misunderstanding! Secondly, you may not be able to injure us, so just strike!”

    Jiang Bie He replied with a slight smile, “This misunderstanding cannot be cleared for now, but the truth will come to light in time, so how can I fight with Madam now. Even if Madam were to kill me, I cannot retaliate.”

    These words were beautifully spoken, and some people in the crowd could not help but cheer. Even Xiao Yu’er can’t help but secretly admire him, “I’m afraid there’s no one else in the world who can be compared to Jiang Bie He with regards to handling others. Especially in such situations, his ability really shows.”

    Murong Shuang roared, “You obviously know that Master Hua would not let us kill you, so you deliberately said those nice words.”

    Suddenly someone shouted, “At least Hero Jiang would not slip home on his own, and let his wife come out and quarrel with others.”

    Xiao Yu’er could see clearly that the person who shouted was Ouyang Ding, also known as Luo Jiu. However, the Murong sisters could not see him, and does not know who the one who spoke was.

    They pretended not to hear, but they knew in their hearts that they cannot continue arguing with Jiang Bie He. Since both parties are using similar tactics, it’s better that they tolerate each other a little.

    Little Fairy suddenly shouted, “All these talk will not settle the problem, let’s just start the fight. How about me taking on Master Hua first?”

    Hua Wu Que looked her up and down, and smiled “Do you think I can fight with you?”

    Murong Shanshan smiled, “I guess that Master Hua will not duel with women.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “It would be a sin if I were to accidentally smudge Madam’s make up, so how could I even fight with you.”

    Murong Shuang raised her voice, “This matter has to be settled. If Sir has no other ways, I do have an idea.”

    “Please advice.”

    Murong Shuang replied, “I will say three things, if Sir can accomplish them, then we will never look for this Jiang Bie He. However, if Sir is unable to accomplish them, then we ask that you stop interfering in Jiang Bie He’s affairs!”

    Right at this time, Xiao Yu’er suddenly realized, that the reason Qin Jian and Nangong Liu deliberately refuse to come, and the Murong sisters dressed so elaborately, was to stop Hua Wu Que from really fighting, so that they could use the three terms to tie Hua Wu Que up. Once Hua Wu Que takes the bait, it would be considered a battle won!

    But Hua Wu Que is not stupid either. He was silent for a while before continuing with a smile, “What if the three tasks that Madam sets up is impossible to be completed?”

    Little Fairy shouted, “If you are unable to complete the three tasks after we say them, then you shall see us complete it. This should be considered very fair.”

    Murong Shanshan continued, “Of course these three tasks can be done by anyone, regardless if they are men or women. We only wanted to witness Sir’s martial arts and wits.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “If that is the case, then I will retire from Jiang Hu in future.”

    Xiao Yu’er has already guessed that the three tasks set by the Murong sisters must be something bizarre and extremely cunning, and could not help but secretly laugh, “Hua Wu Que oh Hua Wu Que, once you agreed, you will be tricked! The tasks they spent so much effort thinking of, I’m afraid even I would not be able to accomplish it, much less you!”

    It must be known that although Hua Wu Que said those words lightly, but the four words ‘retire from Jiang Hu’ is too severe. His reputation now is rising day by day, and his life in Jiang Hu in the years ahead will definitely be exciting and glorious. However, if he were to lose today, he will spend the rest of his life in monotony. He may have confidence in himself, but the onlookers can’t help but feel nervous for him. The Murong sisters quietly held a discussion among themselves.

    Murong Shuang finally smiled and said, “The first task for Sir, we ask that Sir stand using the ‘Golden Chicken Standing on One Leg’ position, and let someone push you. If Sir does not fall, then you have won.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “But I wonder how many people would Madam want to push?”

    Murong Shuang rolled her eyes and said, “Any number will do! For example, two hundred!”

    Hua Wu Que took a deep breath, and replied with a smile, “Fine, so it shall be.” Once this sentence was uttered, everyone was surprised. How enormous the pressure of two hundred men would be. Even if those men are of average built, the combined strength will be more that what Hua Wu Que alone can stand against, much less now that he is going to stand on only one leg.

    “What’s so exceptional about this, just have to use his brains and anyone would be able to accomplish it. You just have to stand against the face of the hill, forget about two hundred people; even twenty thousand people would not be able to ‘push’ you down.”

    Xiao Yu’er assumed that Hua Wu Que also thought of this point, but who knows that he did not walk towards the hill, but just stood on one leg on the plain field and said with a smile, “Once I count to three, Madam can ask the men to push.”

    The Murong sisters exchanged looks among themselves, unconsciously revealing the ecstatic look in their eyes, and chorused, “Yes Sir.”

    The few hundred people in the Valley, including Xiao Yu’er, all thought that Hua Wu Que would surely be defeated, and some had already started sighing.

    Judging by Hua Wu Que’s martial arts, even a hundred men would not be his match, but this task required a test of strength, and no skill is required. He can’t borrow another’s strength to bolster his own, nor can he dodge or hide. If others pushed with a force of a hundred kilos, you must also oppose the force with a hundred kilos

    Hua Wu Que was heard counting, “One, Two, Three…”. At the count of ‘three’, his one leg on the ground suddenly sunk into the ground half an inch, that solid rock under his feet was like soft mud. Murong Shanshan was secretly alarmed on seeing this, and with a wave, said “Master Hua is ready, what are you waiting for?”

    The eighteen burly carriage bearers dressed in tiger robes immediately ran forward. Obviously they have practiced for this, and as they stood in line, the second person is already placing his hand on the first person’s shoulder, the third person putting his on the second person… the steps of the eighteen people getting faster and faster, rushing towards Hua Wu Que and pushing him.

    This push not only garnered the strength of these eighteen people, but also the strength picked up from the run. It’s not difficult to imagine how large the force would be.

    End of Chapter 58

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 59

    Who would have expect that after the eighteen men pushed him, not only did Hua Wu Que not fall, he did not even take a step back. His body actually sunk another few inches into the ground.

    The more strength the eighteen men used, the faster he sunk. Beads of perspiration dripped down the heads of the eighteen men, who were using all their strength.

    Hua Wu Que’s body has actually sunken down by two feet, and half his leg is embedded into the stone ground. He carried a slight smile on his face, as if he had not exerted any strength at all, and was just standing on sand.

    The rest of the people stared in awe, as if they were witnessing a magic show, and even thought their eyes were playing tricks on them… could it be he is really standing on sand and not real stone.

    Xiao Yu’er was also stunned.

    Hua Wu Que’s approach may be more foolish than his own plan, and more difficult, but only this method would surprise and gain admiration from others.

    After much thought, even Xiao Yu’er did not know if Hua Wu Que’s method was smarter, or his own plan was smarter.

    Hua Wu Que’s body was sinking slower and slower, obviously the strength of the eighteen men wase getting weaker and weaker.

    When Hua Wu Que stopped sinking, the eighteen men suddenly dropped to the ground, totally exhausted, and unable to stand up.

    Hua Wu Que actually used ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting Jade’ and cleverly shifted the direction of their force. The force which was supposed to push him back, after Hua Wu Que’s shift, is now pressing him down instead. It looked as if they were pushing him, but in fact they were just pressing him down to the ground.

    The rest of the people naturally did not understand the intricacy of the move, and the more they do not understand, the more in awe they are of Hua Wu Que’s martial arts, and finally could not help but cheered thunderously.

    The Murong Sisters expressions changed unconsciously, and Hua Wu Que said with a slight smile, “Does Madams want to find others to push?”

    Murong Shanshan forced out a smile and replied, “Sir’s capability is really incredible, we are all amazed.”

    Little Fairy pouted and shouted, “We’ll consider the first task accomplished, but there is the second task.”

    With a slight smile, Hua Wu Que bounded up, and when the wind blows, the half of his pants which was embedded in the ground immediately fluttered into the wind like butterflies.

    The other heroes cheered continuously, and even after the cheers stopped, the clear, crisp sound of someone clapping could be heard from inside the carriage. Xiao Yu’er’s heart immediately tightened on hearing that sound.

    Although he had to admit that Hua Wu Que’s martial arts is indeed worthy of ‘her’ applause, but once he thought of this point, he can’t help but feel miserable.

    Hua Wu Que has already asked with a smile, “What would the second task be, would Madam please advice.”

    Murong Shanshan rolled her eyes, and smilingly replied “Inside Anqing City, there is a shop that specializes in selling snacks, called ‘Xiao Fang Zhou’. I wonder if Sir knows about it?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Brother Jiang has brought me there a few times.”

    Murong Shanshan continued, “The Eight Treasures Rice, Thousand Layer Cakes made by ‘Xiao Fang Zhou’ is sweet but not overly so, melts in one’s mouth, and is really the most wonderful in the world.”

    Hua Wu Que laughed, “I may not be interested in such sweet stuff, but I do have a friend who heaps praises on these two items.”

    Xiao Yu’er naturally knows who this ‘friend’ refers to, and the thought of Tie Xin Lan enjoying the Eight Treasures Rice with him is enough to make him almost fall off the tree in anger.

    Murong Shanshan smiled gently, “Not only do we heap praises on these two items, but we keep pining about them, and cannot forget them. I wonder if we can trouble Sir to make a trip there to satisfy our craving.”

    This task seems to be too unreasonable, and also too easy.

    Hua Wu Que was also feeling perplexed, but he would never reject a lady’s request. He was stunned for a moment before he finally replied with a smile, “It would really be my honor if I could be of assistance to Madams.”

    Murong Shanshan replied, “But this two items, will only taste good when eaten hot.”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, and replied, “When I come back, I’m afraid they will still be hot.” Murong Shanshan smiled even more sweetly and continued, “But for the trip, Sir’s legs cannot touch the ground, I wonder if Sir can do that?”

    Once her words were spoken, the others realized therein lays the difficult part of her task. But how could he make the trip to and from An Qing City without his feet touching the ground?

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but want to laugh again, and thought to himself “The tasks set by this Miss Murong are really ridiculous. Two feet not touching the ground, can’t he travel by carriage or horse?”

    This is another treacherous task, and if Hua Wu Que is unable to accomplish it but Murong Shanshan was able to do it, with Hua Wu Que’s character, he would admit defeat.

    Hua Wu Que suddenly took off his shoes, revealing a pair of clean, white socks and replied with a smile, “Whether my feet touches the ground or not, these socks will be the evidence.”

    Before he has even finished speaking, his had already flown off like smoke.

    He did not go up the carriage, neither did he ride on the horse, but flew to a large tree and broke off two branches. The branch on his left hand landed lightly on the ground, and he has flown thirty feet away, followed by another light tap on the ground with the branch on his right hand, and he is now sixty feet away. His voice could now be heard coming from a distance, “Madams, please wait a moment, I will be right back.”

    He has executed the Lightness Skill ‘Frosty duck plays with water’ to perfection. Although another can use this Lightness Skill, but to cover several li in a moment is impossible.

    As the discussion continued, time seems to pass very quickly, and a person could be seen from afar. Hua Wu Que has really arrived, and was holding on to something with his mouth.

    His two branches tapped on the ground, his body immediately turned upside down, and his pair of clean white socks were still clean, not a speck of dirt to be seen.

    Amidst the cheers, Hua Wu Que somersaulted, and both his feet slipped into the shoes which he had taken off earlier. He threw away the branches, and presented the parcel to Murong Shanshan, and smiled “I have not failed you, please eat it while it’s still hot.”

    Murong Shanshan forced out a slight smile and said, “Thank you, Sir.”

    She took over the parcel, opened it up, and inside were indeed steaming hot Eight Treasures Rice and Thousand Layer Cakes. She had no choice but to pick up a piece and slowly eat it.

    This sweet and fragrant Thousand Layer Cake, actually seems to taste a little bitter in her mouth.

    That’s right, Hua Wu Que might have used a dumb method, but Xiao Yu’er not only cannot call him stupid, but he could not help but secretly admire him.

    His first ‘stupid plan’ showed off his amazing internal strength, and again with this second ‘stupid plan’ he showed off his remarkable Lightness Skill.

    If he had not used these two ‘stupid plans’, not only will the gathered people not clap, they might even throw rotten eggs, orange peels at him.

    Murong Shanshan managed to swallow a piece of the Thousand Layer Cake with much difficulty, and she could not imagine that it would be so trying to swallow a piece of cake.

    Hua Wu Que did not move until she has finished eating, and asked with a smile, “What about the third task?”

    Little Fairy could not take it any longer and shouted, “There’s a house with a closed door. You are not allowed to touch that door with any part of your body, nor are you allowed to hit it with any object. Can you enter this house?”

    Xiao Yu’er secretly sniggered, “This third task is even more ridiculous than the second task. He can’t touch the door, couldn’t he just open the window and go in?”

    But by now he also knows that Hua Wu Que will never use such a plan. Hua Wu Que was silent for a while before he replied, “There are no houses here, I wonder if this horse carriage…”

    Murong Shuang interjected, “The horse carriage will do as well. Your hands cannot touch the door of the carriage, and if you can enter the carriage, you would have won.”

    Hua Wu Que shifted his gaze towards Murong Shanshan and asked, “Is that the case?”

    Murong Shanshan thought for a while before replying with a smile, “The horse carriage and the house are the same.”

    Hua Wu Que asked with a slight smile, “If I accomplish this task, will Madam have anything to say?”

    Murong Shuang cast a look at Murong Shanshan, and Murong Shanshan replied, “If Sir can accomplish this task, we would leave immediately.”

    She really could not think of anything else that could make it more difficult for Hua Wu Que, and even if they were to fight, they are no match for him, so what else could they do but leave?

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “Since that is the case, then would Madam please witness…” As he spoke, he was already walking towards the horse carriage.

    Xiao Yu’er thought to himself, “Could it be he can use ‘Hitting the bull from across the hill’ or a similar palm stroke, and shatter the door of this horse carriage?”

    Hua Wu Que walked to the front of the carriage, and suddenly said, “Miss Tie, open the door.” A tinkling laughter could be heard replying from within the carriage, “It’s opened.”

    The gathering heroes were first stunned, then perplexed, and finally can’t help but started roaring with laughter. Even Xiao Yu’er almost wanted to laugh as well, but on hearing that tinkling giggle, he really was unable to laugh. The Murong Sisters stared at Hua Wu Que walking in the door, and were confounded as well.

    Hua Wu Que could be heard asking from within the carriage with a laugh, “I have not broken any of Madam’s rules, and have walked into the carriage. Would Madam agree that I have won?”

    The Murong Sisters were tongue tied, and was unable to speak.

    The method, which Hua Wu Que used, was even smarter than what the Murong Sisters and Xiao Yu’er have thought, and even more ridiculous. He only used such a plan at the last task, and by now not only will the gathered heroes not look down on him or find him a disappointment, instead they were even more in awe of his intellect. One by one, they all cheered, “Of course Master Hua has won, that goes without saying.”

    Even if Murong Shanshan tried to force out a thread of smile, she failed.

    She stomped her feet, turned around and walked up the sedan. Murong Shuang followed behind and Little Fairy stared at Jiang Bie He with hatred, and said with a vengeance “Don’t be too smug, I won’t make life easy for you.”

    Jiang Bie He looked at her with a smile, not answering.

    The eighteen men carried the three large sedans and three small sedans, and ran out of the Valley as if they are fleeing.

    Jiang Bie He said with a smile, “Brother Hua’s intellect and martial arts is really the best in the world, I am really impressed.”

    As the gathered heroes cheered thunderously, Hua Wu Que clasped his fists in thanks from within the carriage, and the carriage horse rode off amidst the cheers.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at the horse carriage, and thought of Tie Xin Lan in the carriage, feeling bewildered. His heart felt like a handkerchief that had been tied into knots, and after a while, he suddenly said, “Since when have I treated her so nice? Why must I suffer for her? I must have seen a ghost!”

    When Tie Xin Lan was with him, he did not feel anything, but when Tie Xin Lan is now with someone else, he suddenly felt that she is more important than anything else.

    Xiao Yu’er was dazed for quite a while, when he suddenly saw two tall and huge fat men walk out from the crowd, and only then did he remember what he had promised Du Jiao Jiao.

    He jumped down the tree, squeezed his way through, and lightly tapped on that ‘Luo Jiu’ Ouyang Ding’s shoulder. Ouyang Ding turned around suddenly, his expression changed.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “You are always so nervous, it’s strange that you did not get any thinner.”

    Only when Ouyang Ding recognized him did he start smiling, “The gratitude of a beauty is most difficult to swallow, and I have no beauty who is gratuitous towards me, so I can only eat to while away my time, so naturally I would become fat.”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and smiled, “So the two of you already knew that I was the one who took that lady away?”

    Ouyang Ding grinned, “Who else would she leave with besides with Brother?”

    Ouyang Dang laughed, “Only we did not expect that Brother would also be interested in that silly maid, and took her away as well.”

    None of their guesses were correct, and they would not expect that ‘silly maid’ is actually Du Jiao Jiao, and thought that Xiao Yu’er also took that ‘silly maid’ away.

    Naturally Xiao Yu’er did not correct them, and grinned “To have is better than not to have, and two is better than one, right?”

    As they spoke, they have already walked out of the Valley, and were almost upon Du Jiao Jiao’s carriage.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly stopped walking, and said “The two of you can go ahead, we’ll meet again tonight.”

    Ouyang Ding chuckled, “Could it be Brother is going to meet a lady again?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled mysteriously, and said “Maybe…” He deliberately cast a look towards the carriage.

    Ouyang Ding rolled his eyes and laughed loudly, “We have nothing to do anyway, and were thinking of having a chat with Brother.”

    Xiao Yu’er pretended to be anxious and said, “I have to go someplace else, the two of you…”

    Ouyang Dang suddenly raised his voice, “I’m afraid Brother is going someplace else.”

    Ouyang Ding had already dashed to the front of the horse carriage, pulled the door open and started clapping and laughing, “My guess is indeed correct, the lady is really here.”

    These two brothers, one would always want to take advantage of others, and the other would rather die than be at a disadvantage, and after seeing the ‘beauty’ that they found being stolen by someone else, felt that they had suffered a huge loss. If they don’t take some advantage back, they won’t even be able to sleep in peace. Unanimously, the brothers went up the carriage.

    Ouyang Ding laughed, “Brother should come up too, as my brother and I will not be chased off.”

    Xiao Yu’er was secretly snickering, “You’d ‘rather die then be at a disadvantage’, seems like you will certainly take advantage today.”

    He went up the carriage dejectedly, and sighed “If I had known, I should have avoided you earlier, and not run up to greet you…. ai, I’m afraid all the excitement had gone to my head.”

    And so the carriage starting moving, running forward.

    The Ouyang Brothers were grinning and sat down comfortably on the thick and soft seat, not knowing that seated opposite them is their nemesis.

    Du Jiao Jiao lowered her head, as if she was shy, but actually she did not want the ones sitting opposite her to have a good look at her face.

    Ouyang Ding chortled, “It’s only been a day, how did Miss become so pretty.”

    Ouyang Dang grinned, “The flower will bloom even more beautifully with the morning dew, don’t you even understand this?”

    Although these two brothers are always on their guard against others, but in this carriage, with the wall of the carriage behind them, what is there to guard against.

    Even though Xiao Yu’er knows that Du Jiao Jiao wanted to trick these two up the carriage so that she can settle scores with them, but he does not know how she would go about doing it.

    Du Jiao Jiao continued sitting there shyly. She did not seem anxious to reveal her cards, neither was there any intention of asking for Xiao Yu’er’s help, as if she is already sure of her plans.

    Xiao Yu’er felt that this show is more interesting than the one earlier, and almost couldn’t wait to see how Du Jiao Jiao would strike, and how the Ouyang Brothers would retaliate.

    By now the horse carriage has traveled faster and faster, away from the crowd, into the wilderness.

    Ouyang Ding can’t help but ask, “Why is Brother’s love nest so far away?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed out loud, “If you want to taste the fruit, you have to be patient.”

    Ouyang Dang chortled, “That’s right, that’s right, but….”

    Du Jiao Jiao suddenly lifted her head and said with a coquettish smile, “But this fruit is extremely sour, I’m afraid you won’t be able to take it.”

    The Ouyang brothers were both stunned, as if they already felt that something was not right.

    Ouyang Ding laughed loudly, “Since when did Miss become such a good talker!”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Very long ago, about twenty years.”

    The expressions on the Ouyang Brothers’ faces changed again, and the two of them were getting ready to rush out of the carriage.

    Xiao Yu’er was secretly furrowing his brows and thought, “When did Du Jiao Jiao become so impatient in her affairs, those two sentences of her, isn’t she afraid of alerting them?...”

    Right at this time, there was a ‘poof’ sound, and beneath the spacious carriage seat, four hands shot out from the thick and soft cushion!

    The two of them felt numb between their elbows, and their arms were pressed down by the four hands, in addition to an iron hoop around their chest, and they were unable to move at all!

    Ouyang Ding was extremely startled and stammered, “Bro… brother, you… why are you doing this?”

    Xiao Yu’er felt surprised and funny, and said “This has got nothing to do with me, don’t ask me.”

    Ouyang Ding turned towards Du Jiao Jiao and asked, “Could this be… Miss’s idea?”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “Who else but me?”

    Once the Ouyang Brothers heard that tone, their faces paled, and Ouyang Dang asked, “You… Who are you really?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “It was genuine when you did not recognize me just now, but if you still don’t recognize me now, you must be faking it.”

    Ouyang Dang stammered, “We…. How would we know Miss?”

    “If you don’t know me, why are you so afraid?”

    Ouyang Ding replied with a forced smile, “Afraid? Who’s afraid….”

    Ouyang Dang chuckled, “We brothers of course know that Miss Jiao is joking.”

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed, “Ouyang Ding, Ouyang Dang, there is no use in you pretending anymore…”

    Ouyang Ding said, “Sister Du, you think it’s funny too! A skinny person could actually become so fat.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “I’m afraid you ate pig’s food.”

    Ouyang Ding replied, “That’s right, that’s right, we brothers really seemed to have eaten pig’s food, ha ha…”

    Du Jiao Jiao stared at them and said frostily, “Now is the time you spit out the pig’s food, right?”

    The two of them kept going ‘ha ha’, but did not say anything, and Xiao Yu’er knows that these two must be up to no good again.

    Suddenly a person could be heard laughing from beneath the carriage, “Besides getting themselves round and fat over the last twenty odd years, I did not expect the Ouyang Brothers to learn the skills of Ha Ha, why don’t you just accept them as your disciples.”

    It was an eerie, weird voice, and it’s Bai Kaixin.

    Someone laughed loudly, “Haha, if I accepted these two as disciples, I’m afraid they would even take my trousers, and I can only walk on the streets with my naked butt, haha.”

    These two sounds of ‘haha’ were loud and the genuine, ‘child like’, ‘Dagger in Laughter, Little Monk’ Ha Ha’er is here.

    The Ouyang Brothers were originally thinking of escaping, but once they heard those two were hiding underneath, what hope do they have of escaping.

    Ouying Ding laughed dryly, “Little Brother here unexpectedly sat on two elder brothers, what a sin.”

    Bai Kai Xin laughed underneath the cushion, “That’s all right, Sister Du made the bottom area here more comfortable than my own bed at home, and there’s wine and meat….”

    Ha Ha’er continued with a laugh, “But the thought of your fat butts right on top of my head, makes me lose my appetite.”

    Ouyang Dang replied, “The two of you won’t let go, little brother here is unable to stand up, and if little brother can’t stand up, the two of you can only continue squatting underneath… Sister Du, what should we do?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Isn’t that easy? As long as you spit out the pig’s food, they will let go immediately.”

    Bai Kaixin added, “If not we can always kill the both of you.”

    Ha Ha’er continued, “Haha, this is not a bad idea.”

    Ouyang Ding sighed and said, “The things that Sister Du handed to us brothers, we had long wanted to send them to the Valley of Evil, but…”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked with a frosty smile, “But the things were lost, right?”

    Ouyang Ding replied with a dejected expression, “Sister Du’s guess is indeed correct, the second year you went to the Valley, those things were all snatched by someone. My brother and I were afraid that Sister Du would blame us, so we can only…. can only….”

    Du Jiao Jiao’s expression did not change at all, even her eyes did not blink, and she said “This is indeed a good reason, but who was the one who snatched the things?”

    Ouyang Ding heaved another sigh and replied, “Lu Zhong Da.”

    Du Jiao Jiao suddenly giggled, and said “Brother Ha, do you think they told a good lie?”

    Ha Ha’er responded, “Haha, not bad indeed, they obviously know that there is no way we can ask Lu Zhong Da.”

    Bai Kaixin chuckled, “This is called the dead cannot verify.” Ouyang Dang replied, “If there is any ounce of untruth, then may I be destroyed by heaven and earth, and die a horrible death. I will be reincarnated as a sow in my next life and be barbequed and eaten by Brother Ha.”

    Xiao u’er secretly sniggered, “This curse really sounded ridiculous, I wonder how many times a day he says it, or else how could he rattle it out so smoothly…”

    However, Du Jiao Jiao raised her head and ignored him. Ha Ha’er and Bai Kaixin were also silent under the cushion, but sounds of chewing could be heard. Apparently Bai Kaixin is starting to eat the meat.

    The Ouyang Brothers kept talking, and were sweating from their speech, as if they have talked their mouths sore, but Du Jiao Jiao did not seem to have heard a single word.

    The more Xiao Yu’er saw the proceedings, the more interesting he felt it was, and although he wanted to leave initially, now he couldn’t bear to. By now the horse carriage suddenly stopped, and then, a face appeared at the window of the carriage.

    This face is cold and pale, so pale until it looked as clear as ice.

    The Ouyang Brothers saw this face, and looked as if they had just been whipped, their whole body crouched into a ball, and Ouyang Ding stammered, “So… so Du... Brother Du is here too!”

    End of Chapter 59

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 60

    The Ouyang Brothers were so eloquent and articulate earlier, but now that they saw Du Sha they can’t even speak a few words properly.

    On seeing ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha’s icy looking face, Xiao Yu’er suddenly felt a surge of kindred spirit, and can’t help but laughingly ask, “Uncle Du, how are you?”

    Du Sha replied, “Fine!”

    He only took one look at Xiao Yu’er, but in this moment, the frosty look in his eyes seemed to have melted a little, but when this pair of eyes stared at the Ouyang Brothers, the icy look was even frostier.

    He pulled open the carriage door, without saying anything, his other hand is already on Ouyang Dang’s face, to and fro, slapping more then twenty times, before he asked coldly, “Do you still recognize me?”

    Ouyang Dang dare not make a single sound, and smilingly replied, “Little… Little Brother would not dare to…. to not recognize Big Brother Du.”

    With a chilling smile, Du Sha gave a back slap, and pressed on his ‘Xu Pi’ point on his right knee, and similarly slapped Ouyang Ding as well. He turned around and said fiercely, “Come down!”

    Ouyang Ding stammered, “Little… Little brother here can’t move my legs, how do I go down?”

    Du Sha replied, “You can’t use your legs, then use your hands and climb down!”

    The Ouyang Brothers cast a look at each other, and really crawled down obediently.

    The carriage stopped outside a deserted mansion, and the carriage driver is already gone.

    The few of them walked into the deserted mansion, and saw that in the dilapidated hall, there was a fire, and on top of the fire, something unknown was cooking in a pot. There were also a few clay jars, scattered around the floor in a mess, looking as if they contained ingredients for cooking.

    Someone was squatting next to the fire, and it was the carriage driver. In such a hot day, he was sitting next to the fire and yet there is not a bead of perspiration on his head.

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Xiao Yu’er, you’re still not hurrying to go see your Uncle Li, he has been thinking of your everyday all these years, but I wonder if he was thinking of eating your flesh?”

    Xiao Yu’er giggled, “Seems like, Uncle Li is angry about something?”

    Li Da Zui couldn’t control himself and chuckled, pulling Xiao Yu’er hand and laughed, “I didn’t expect you little rascal to remember this sentence.”

    Only now did the Ouyang Brothers crawl in, sighing, with ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha following coldly behind them. When they slowed in their crawl, he gave them a hard kick, and treated them worse than pigs.

    Ha Ha’er laughed loudly, “These twenty years, it’s the first time that so many of our brothers are here together. What a rare occasion, we must celebrate.”

    Du Jiao Jiao chuckled, “If others in Jiang Hu were to find out that we old friends have gathered again, I wonder what they will think?”

    Ha Ha’er laughed, “I’m afraid that they will be so scared that their guts will break.”

    Li Da Zui replied with a straight face, “The guts must never be broken, or else the meat will be so bitter it cannot be eaten.” Xiao Yu’er’s eyes rolled around, looking at these people, thinking of the times when he was growing up, and felt a surge of indescribable feeling in his heart.

    These people may be evil, but in his eyes, each one of them has their adorable sides, and they are really so much more endearing than that hypocrite Jiang Be He.

    Xiao Yu’er was feeling really happy, but once he thought that how each one of these people are like the plague. Now that they have resurfaced in Jiang Hu, there will be many people who are going to be unlucky, he can’t help feeling a little troubled.

    He can’t just stand there looking, he must think of a way.

    He heard Du Jiao Jiao say, “Now, we’re only left with Yin Lao Jiu. I wonder what have he bumped into, why is he not here yet?”

    Ouyang Ding, who was sprawled on the floor, answered with a smile, “Little Brother here is ecstatic that we brothers are reunited again.”

    Du Jiao Jiao commented, “That’s right, but you have cheated us of all our money, where else do we have the money to buy wine?”

    Ouyang Ding replied, “If Sister Du let Little Brother here off, I will immediately go and look for that Lu person, and snatch the things back even if it cost me my life.”

    He has not finished his words when Du Sha’s steel hooks are already hooked into his shoulder, and hung him up by the hook. Ouyang Ding could not take it any longer and screamed like a pig for slaughter, “Big Brother Bu, Little Brother here has never lied, please let me off.”

    Du Sha asked coldly, “Where are the things? Speak!”

    Ouyang Ding stammered, “It’s really…. really been taken by Lu Zhong Da…”

    Du Sha’s fist pounded into his face once the word ‘Da’ was uttered, and a mouthful of fresh blood, together with three teeth, spurted out.

    Although Xiao Yu’er knows that these Ouyang Brothers were worse than anyone else, but looking at them now, he could not bear to see them suffering. Just as he was going to think of a way to help them, Ouyang Ding had already screamed, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk. The things are still around, Lu Zhong Da did not even touch them. I was lying just now, please let me off.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, and mumbled, “You knew you had to speak, why did you not say so earlier, or must you really wait until they use such methods against you? Then I cannot blame them for being ruthless.

    Du Sha asked, “If the things are still around, where are they?”

    Ouyang Ding replied, “If I tell you, will you still kill me?”

    Ha Ha’er laughed, “Haha, we were originally like brothers, why would we kill you?”

    Ouyang Dang commented, “This words should be spoken by Big Brother Du before my brother and I can rest at ease.”

    ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha may be vicious, but he has always kept his words, and has never told a lie. This point is well known by everyone in Jiang Hu.

    Du Sha coldly replied, “After you tell us, we will definitely not take your life!”

    Ouyang Ding heaved a long sigh, and said “The things are hidden in a cave at the peak of Turtle Hill…”

    Ouyang Dang interrupted, “Little Brother here can draw a detailed map for you.”

    After the map was drawn, everyone looked ecstatic, and four pairs of hands reached out at the same time. A sting of ‘pak’ sounds were heard, your hand hitting mine, my hand hitting yours, and four pairs of hand shrunk back… there’s only four pairs of hand, because ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha’s hand, besides for killing, will never be stretched out so easily.

    Li Da Zui finally said loudly, “This map should be kept by Big Brother Du, or else I will not rest at ease.”

    Suddenly a person spoke slowly, “That’s right, besides Big Brother Du, there is no one else who will put me at ease.”

    Amidst the lingering words, a person had already appeared outside the window.

    Ha Ha’er commented, “Ha ha, Yin Lao Jiu is truly a smart person, he waited until we have exhausted ourselves before coming in to take the pickings.”

    Yin Jiu replied coldly, “You have exhausted yourselves, but did I not?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “What effort have you exhausted? Unless you were hounded by a ghost and could not escape?”

    Yin Jiu You said each word slowly, “I did meet a ghost.”

    Yin Jiu You’s eyes landed on Xiao Yu’er, and suddenly smiled sadly, “Xiao Yu’er, make a guess what ghost was it?”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and laughed, “A ghost who can hound you is rare, but one that can scare you, there could be one…”

    Du Jiao Jiao jumped up and asked hoarsely, “Could it be that you saw Yan Nan Tian?!”

    Yin Jiu You smiled craftily, “If I met him, can I still come here? … I only saw him from afar, saw him riding on a horse, very much alive, and seems that he is in better shape than before.”

    On hearing this, Xiao Yu’er was surprised and happy. Li Da Zui, Ha Ha’er, Bai Kai Xin and Du Jiao Jiao’s expressions all changed, especially Du Jiao Jiao, who rushed forward and asked, “He… He was going towards which direction?”

    Once this sentence was spoken, the infamous ‘Ten Evils’ could not even sit down. Li Da Zui was the first to stand up and said, “This is not a place to stay for long, let us leave.”

    Ha Ha’er added, “Naturally we must leave, I admire the person who will not leave.”

    Ouyang Ding fluttered, “Please, take me away as well, I… I do not wish to see Yan Nan Tian too.”

    The three words ‘Yan Nan Tian’ seem to have some magical effect, to be able to make these ruthless killers so restless and lost.

    On seeing this, Xiao Yu’er was surprised, ecstatic and envious, and thought to himself “If a person can be like Yan Nan Tian, then he would not have lived his life in vain…. I thought that I was not too bad, but compared to him, who am I?”

    But Yan Nan Tian is also human, what Yan Nan Tian can do, why can’t Jiang Xiao Yu do it, and in what way is Jiang Xiao Yu inferior to others?

    For a moment, a million thoughts were churning in Xiao Yu’er’s mind, he suddenly felt downhearted, but suddenly felt warm blood rushing through his body, and his heroic spirit rose…

    Suddenly he heard Ouyang Ding scream, and fresh blood spurted out. One of his arms and legs were already cut off by Du Jiao Jiao.

    Ouyang Dang asked hoarsely, “Big Brother Du, you… you promised…. you…”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Big Brother Du only promised not to take your life, but he did not promise anything else.”

    As she spoke, she cut off one hand and one leg of Ouyang Dang, and poured a jarful of sugar all over the both of them.

    Ouyang Dang shouted, “You… you might as well offer me a quick release, kill me!”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Big Brother Du said not to kill you, how can I kill you!”

    Ouyang Ding replied bitingly, “You… your heart is vicious, what a venomous method!”

    Du Jiao Jiao chuckled, “You may say this now, but if I were to end up in your hands, I’m afraid you will be twice as vicious as me.” She walked out with a coquettish smile, without even turning back to take a look at them.

    No one seems to hear the screams of the Ouyang brothers. By now, the sun is setting, it is now dusk.

    Xiao Yu’er stood along in the setting sun. Du Jiao Jiao, Bai Kai Xin, Li Da Zui, Du Sha and Yin Jiu You have all left, and before they left, each of them spoke to Xiao Yu’er. But what exactly did they say, Xiao Yu’er did not really pay attention, he only knew that they are all going to Turtle Hill, and did not ask him along. Besides, Xiao Yu’er has no intention of following them, he only heard them say, “Be on your guard against Yan Nan Tian, and try to defeat Jiang Bie He. It’s inconvenient if you follow us, we will look for you again in future.”

    Xiao Yu’er did not really listen to their words seriously, because since an unknown time, his whole mind seems to be filled with the words ‘Yan Nan Tian’.

    “Yan Nan Tian, why can’t I learn to be like Yan Nan Tian? Why learn to be like Du Jiao Jiao, Li Da Zui…. When I hate someone… why can’t I be like Yan Nan Tian, and look for that person openly, and have a duel. Instead, I became like Du Jiao Jiao and Li Da Zui, and only know how to play tricks on him in secret!”

    The screams of the Ouyang brothers, came drifting with the wind, and Xiao Yu’er suddenly turned around and dashed back towards the abandoned manor.

    The Ouyang Brothers were lying in a pool of blood, and thousands and millions of ants were rushing from all directions in the abandoned manor towards them. The suffering that they were going through cannot be aptly described with any words.

    They saw Xiao Yu’er coming, and shouted in fear, “Please, stab me, I’ll be grateful to you even in death.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, and carried the two of them out. He found a well and washed the ants off the two of them.

    The Ouyang brothers never imagined that he would save them. Four eyes looked at Xiao Yu’er, and in their eyes were full of surprise and gratefulness.

    Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “I’ve suddenly become compassionate, are you feeling strange? Although I know that you are not good men, but to make you die slowly like that is a bit too much as well.”

    Ouyang Ding stared at him, and said, “You… if you are willing to save me, I… will reward you handsomely.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “As long as you can live, I will certainly save you, but I don’t want your reward.”

    Ouyang Ding looked at him, as if he had never seen him before, and suddenly said “The treasures are not hidden in Turtle Hill.”

    He suddenly spoke this sentence, which stunned Xiao Yu’er.

    That face of Ouyang Ding, which would make anyone who sees it be on their guard, again revealed a thread of sinister sneer, and he said bitingly, “The words that I spoke under those circumstances, everyone would not think that it would be false, right? This is just what I want them to think, how else would those evil ghosts be tricked by me!”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “At the most, they will just be making a wasted trip, it can’t really be considered being tricked.”

    Ouyang Dang was in so much pain that his lips were quivering, but he still laughed loudly, “If my brother and I wants to trick them, it would be more than a wasted trip.”

    Ouyang Ding grinned evilly, “Even if they can survive this trip, they would have left half their lives on Turtle Hill.”

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows and asked, “Why?”

    Ouyang Dang smiled sinisterly, “The place that my brother and I told them, there is no treasure, but a devil. This devil has not revealed himself for many years, and never in their dreams would they think that he would be hiding in Turtle Hill.”

    Ouyang Ding added, “Even if we died, they did not benefit as well. After seeing this devil, I’m afraid their suffering would be ten times worse than ours.”

    Xiao Yu’er shook his head and smiled, “Since you were going to die, why do you still want to harm others?”

    Ouyang Ding laughed loudly, “I knew that they would not let me off anyway, so I might as well suffer a little more, and drag them down with me. I, Ouyang Ding, must take advantage even if it costs me my life.”

    Ouyang Dang laughed loudly as well, “The two lives of my brother and mine, in exchange for their five lives, this deal covers both my cost and my interest and I, Ouyang Dang, would rather die than be at a disadvantage.”

    Looking at them writhing in pain and yet trying to laugh loudly, Xiao Yu’er felt goose bumps all over his body, and shaking his head in a bitter smile, he said, “You are not harming others because you knew you were going to die, rather, you won’t mind dying if you can harm others. Someone like the two of you is really rare.”

    These two brothers who were trying their utmost to harm others, although they were laughing, but their laughter were getting weaker. Ouyang Dang rolled over to Ouyang Ding’s side, and asked, “Big Brother, are we really going to tell that lad where the treasures are hidden?”

    Ouyang Ding replied, “This lad is born a bad person, after he got our treasures, he will surely harm even more people. After our death, to see this lad using our treasures to harm others, would also be a pleasure.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Others said, when one is about to die, even their words would be benevolent. You are looking at death in the face, won’t you even say something nice?”

    Ouyang Dang stammered, “We…. We were evil while alive, even in death…. we want to be evil ghosts.”

    Ouyang Ding continued, “Let me tell you, the real place where the treasures are hidden, is at…. Han Kou City, Ba Bao Lane, at the end of the lane on the right side, inside the three small houses, the door is yellow in color.”

    Ouyang Dang giggled, “They all thought that we would surely hide the treasures in some god forsaken secret cave, but would never expect that we would deliberately keep the treasures in a congested area, so that they would not think of this even in their dreams.”

    Their words were also getting weaker, to the point that it was barely audible, and the blood from the wound gradually stopped flowing as well.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed, “Very well, if the two of you want to become evil ghosts, then go be one, but don’t you forget, evil ghosts have to climb hills of knives, and be fried in oil, it won’t be a good experience.”

    Ouyang Dang’s body suddenly shrunk into a ball, and he whispered, “I’m not an evil person, and I don’t want to be an evil ghost, I… I don’t want to go to hell.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Only now did you think of saying these words, isn’t it a little too late?”

    Ouyang Dang wailed, “I beg of you, use our treasures and do some good deeds for us.”

    Ouyang Ding agreed, “That’s right, that’s right, we have committed too many evil deeds, please help us atone for our mistakes.”

    Xiao Yu’er shook his head and commented, “Weird, a lot of people think that they can atone for their mistakes with some stinking money, isn’t this a ludicrous thought? If that is really the case, won’t heaven be full of rich people, and will the poor have to go to hell.”

    The Ouyang brothers wailed in unison, “We beg of you, help us!” The Ouyang brothers started shaking, and could not longer say anything, but could only nod their heads vigorously.

    Xiao Yu’er shook his head and commented, “If we let all the evil people in the world take a look at the two of you now, I’m afraid there will be a lot less people who will commit evil deeds in future.”

    With a sigh, he continued, “But no matter what, I will try for you. Although it is too late now for you to repent, but it is still a little better than not repenting even in death, so put your minds at ease and die.”

    In everyone’s life, there will be a day that is especially memorable.

    Naturally Xiao Yu’er would have such a day as well, and on this day, Xiao Yu’er suddenly realized many things… it’s not that he was totally unaware of these things in the past, just that he has never put much thought to them.

    This day, for Xiao Yu’er, whose life has always been colorful, is also especially memorable. Because on this day, he experienced such sadness and disappointment that he has never felt before, and also experienced excitement and exhilaration that he has never felt before. If he was a child in the past, this day has made him a fully grown up.

    Now, Xiao Yu’er washed his face clean, went into the boutique and changed into a set of blue clothes. Looking in the mirror, he felt extremely pleased with himself.

    And so he looked for the biggest, busiest restaurant and had a satisfying meal. The Jiang Hu friends from all over the place were still in An Qing City and of the tens of tables on the upper level, more than half were occupied by heroes of the martial arts world.

    With a feeling of appreciation, Xiao Yu’er looked at them take large mouthfuls of meat and drink large bowls of wine, and felt that these crude men actually have their adorable points.

    He heard someone at the next table laughingly comment, “I guess Brother Ouyang will come to this Scholar Place tonight.”

    That ‘Brother Ouyang’ laughed, “All thanks to Hero Jiang, who gave me an invitation as well, so I must come here for a drink tonight.”

    He deliberately spoke loudly, and as expected, quite a number of people surrounding him turned to look at him, their looks filled with envy and jealousy.

    On seeing this, Xiao Yu’er felt laughter and anger at the same time. Jiang Bie He actually has the cheek to invite guests, and those invited were actually proud that they are being invited. This really made Xiao Yu’er so angry his stomach could burst.

    At another table near the window, someone suddenly exclaimed, “Hero Jiang is holding a feast tonight for Master Hua, but why have Master Hua left now? Could it be that he is not giving due respect to Hero Jiang?”

    Another person commented, “The weather is fine today, the sky clear, I guess Master Hua is bringing his future wife out of the city for a walk right now, and not really leaving.”

    A large carriage, coming from the East, with its bamboo curtain rolled up halfway at the window. The outline of a beautiful lady with jet black hair could be made out from the window.

    Hua Wu Que, who appeared refined and handsome, his clothes white as snow, riding on a Thousand li horse with a brightly colored saddle and bridle was following next to the carriage, speaking and laughing softly with the person in the carriage.

    Xiao Yu’er took a glance, and was almost thrown into a stupor again.

    By now most of the people on the upper level of the restaurant had rushed to the window and looked down, unconsciously sighing with envy. Someone even greeted with a smile, “Master Hua, how are you?”

    Hua Wu Que lifted his head, and smiled slightly.

    The people in the restaurant were afraid that he would not see them, so all of them stuck out their heads as far as they could, while Xiao Yu’er was afraid that he would see him, and quickly shrunk his head back.

    Only when Hua Wu Que’s carriage had passed, did the people in the restaurant returned to their seats. Xiao Yu’er was still sitting there in a daze, and suddenly mumbled to himself, “Hiding from him like this, how longer must I continue hiding, must I hide from him my whole life…” As soon as he thought of this, he suddenly stood up and rushed down the stairs.

    End of Chapter 60

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 61

    Xiao Yu’er did not care at all how others looked at him, but just hitched up his clothes and ran faster and faster. In a short while, he had caught up with Hua Wu Que’s carriage.

    The carriage was just about to leave the city, when someone suddenly shouted, “Hua Wu Que, hold on!”

    Hua Wu Que furrowed his brows slightly, and held his horse back automatically. Tie Xin Lan had just stuck half her head out of the window when Xiao Yu’er ran towards them like an arrow.

    The sudden appearance of Xiao Yu’er surprised even Hua Wu Que, who almost could not believe his own eyes, and Tie Xin Lan was even more stunned.

    Xiao Yu’er controlled himself desperately, determined not to take a single look at Tie Xin Lan, and stared at Hua Wu Que with unblinking eyes. With a sudden laugh, he asked, “You think I am here to invite death, right?”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, and replied, “That’s right.”

    Facing a person like that, Xiao Yu’er can’t seem to smile anymore, and raised his voice, “Since you wish to kill me so much, why didn’t you look for me but waited for me to look for you?”

    Hua Wu Que slowly replied, “Personally, I do not wish to kill you, so I was not in any hurry to look for you. But now that I have seen you, I still must kill you!”

    Tie Xin Lan only regained her senses at this time, and suddenly pulled open the carriage door and dashed out from within, blocking Xiao Yu’er’s front and shouted, “This time he came to look for you himself, at least you cannot kill him this time.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly pushed with his might, and she was knocked onto the carriage. Hua Wu Que’s expression changed, but finally forced himself not to speak.

    Tie Xin Lan looked at Xiao Yu’er and fluttered, “You… why did you treat me like that?”

    Without taking even a glance at her, Xiao Yu’er stared at Hua Wu Que and said frostily, “I heard that this Miss Tie is your future wife, why is she meddling in my affairs, I don’t even know her.”

    Tie Xin Lan bit her own lips with force, and although her lips are now bloodied, although tears were rolling in her eyes, but she did not leave.

    Hua Wu Que felt stabs of pain in his heart, and deliberately avoided looking at Tie Xin Lan, asked calmly “Don’t you want others to help you this time?”

    Xiao Yu’er looked heavenward and laughed loudly, “If I needed help, why would I still look for you?”

    He suddenly stopped laughing and shouted, “You would know in your heart that, a person like me, would never come and look for you and offer my life. Why then did I come, you must be wondering.”

    “Indeed I was wondering.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “You thought that I am unable to kill you, and I also thought that you are unable to kill me. If this drags on, even in another two hundred years, we would not know if you are correct or if I am correct. I am feeling anxious, and I’m afraid you are even more anxious than me, therefore, I came here today to settle this once and for all with you!”

    A slight smile flickered in Hua Wu Que’s eyes and he said, “How are you thinking of settling this?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “You just have to name a place, and three months later, I will certainly find you for a death duel! No one is allowed to escape before a winner is found!”

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh, and continued, “But before this three month deadline, even if you see me, you must pretend not to see me, and you definitely cannot look for me for a duel!”

    Hua Wu Que was silent.

    Xiao Yu’er said loudly, “If I do not look for you, you would not be able to find me anyway within these three months. You are not losing out with this request, why won’t you agree?”

    Hua Wu Que slowly replied, “This request that you made, there must be a ploy within.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at him and asked, “You… you will not agree?”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly turned his horse around and said, “Three months later, I will be at the vicinity of Wu Han, you will certainly find me there.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied loudly, “Very well, since you trust me so much, I will certainly not disappoint you!” Before he finished his words, he also turned around and walked away with large strides.

    Tie Xin Lan was hoping that he would turn around for a look, but he never did turn his head back. Until his outline totally disappeared from view, Tie Xin Lan was still standing there in a daze. Hua Wu Que sat quietly on the horse, not rushing her at all.

    Not knowing how much time has past, Tie Xin Lan finally went up the carriage slowly. Upon seeing Hua Wu Que still sitting on his horse waiting for her when she opened the door, she felt an inexpressible feeling in her heart.

    Hua Wu Que initially wanted Tie Xin Lan to take a stroll to relax, which is why he encouraged her to leave the city for a walk. But this trip out of the city, both of their hearts were tied into a knot, and it seems that it would be difficult to untie.

    Tie Xin Lan kept rolling up the bamboo curtains of the window up, and releasing it down again. The view may be picturesque outside the city, but she no longer has the mood to take a look at it.

    At the woods in front, thousands and millions of nameless mountain flowers were in full bloom, with a little stream flowing through the flowers and woods. The water in the stream was twinkling from the rays of the autumn sun.

    In the distance, there is a poor man, who was lying face up next to the stream, tanning in the sun. Nearby the sounds of crickets were heard, with the sounds of birds chirping and the fragrance of the flowers. The soil on the ground was soft like carpet.

    Hua Wu Que came down from his horse and stood beneath a flowering tree, deep in thought, with the gentle wind blowing his snow white clothes.

    Tie Xin Lan opened the carriage door gently and walked on the soft soil. Looking at Hua Wu Que’s back view, she seems to be in a daze, when she suddenly spoke, “You obviously know that it must be a ploy, why do you still agree to his request?”

    Hua Wu Que seemed to sigh, but he did not turn his head back, nor say anything.

    Tie Xin Lan walked past him, plucked off a little flower from a low branch, and gently crushed the unnamed flower, before she suddenly turned her head back and looking at him, asked “Why are you not speaking?”

    Hua Wu Que smiled slightly, before he slowly replied “Silence, isn’t it sometimes better than words?”

    Tie Xin Lan turned around and said, “These two years, you have been looking after me. If not for you, I would have died long ago. No one else has ever treated me as well as you do in my entire life.”

    Hua Wu Que gazed at the fluttering strands of hair on her neck, and did not say a word.

    Tue Xin Lan continued with a soft sigh, “In my entire life, there is no one else who treated me as bad as him, but I… I don’t know why either, when I see him, I lose my senses.”

    Hua Wu Que shut his eyes and said, “These words, you need not say them to me.”

    Tie Xin Lan’s shoulders trembled, and replied, “I know these words should not be said, but if I don’t tell you the truth, I’ll feel bad, I’ll feel that I’ve let you down even more.”

    Hua Wu Que gently asked, “How can this be blamed on you? What wrong have you done me?”

    That poor man in the distance, slowly stretched his body, and mumbled, “So young, and so tortured over such a small matter. Wait till you’ve grown up and you will realize that in this world, there are a lot more other things a thousand, million times more painful than this!”

    Hua Wu Que initially did not pay attention to him, and did not think that his soft conversation on this side, would actually be heard by someone so many feet away. Even Tie Xin Lan unconsciously stopped her soft crying, and lifted her head.

    That poor man yawned, and suddenly stood up with a somersault.

    His face was skeletally thin, his brows dark as ink, with greenish marks on his face. Under the piercing rays of the sun, looking from afar, one could not tell how old he could be.

    Ever since Hua Wu Que debuted, he never thought too highly of any of the heroes in the world. But without knowing why, this lazy poor man, have an inexplicable air of power. His build may not be very large, but no matter who is the person standing in front of him, that person would naturally feel very small.

    That poor man, on seeing Hua Wu Que, seemed to be surprised as well, and mumbled, “Could it be him? Or else how could they look so alike. I would not interfere in other people’s matters, but he… how can I not fulfill his wish?”

    Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan could not hear clearly what he was talking about, and this poor man is already walking towards them. He walked languidly, as if he was walking very slowly.

    However, it only took two steps and he is already in front of Hua Wu Que, and only then did Hua Wu Que take a clear look at him.

    He was wearing a set of clothing, which was originally black but now had faded to white from washing, on his feet he wore a pair of tattered straw sandals, his large and long arms hanging down by his side, almost over his knees. A straw rope was tied around his waist, and on the rope an old rusty sword was slotted diagonally across.

    This poor man had looked up and down a few times, scrutinizing Hua Wu Que, and suddenly grinned, “Do you really like this lady from the bottom of your heart?”

    Hua Wu Que did not expect him to ask such a question at all, and was stunned.

    That poor man shouted, “What silence is sometimes better than words, it’s all bullshit. If you don’t say it out, how would she know that you like her.”

    Hua Wu Que actually blushed, and could not even speak. He always thought that it’s better to be subtle, but without knowing why, such crude words, coming out from this poor man’s mouth, actually has an air of valor, making one feel strangely moved.

    Although Tie Xin Lan was also blushing, she suddenly blurted out, “Some words, I would know even if he did not say it.”

    The lightning like eyes of the poor man immediately shifted its attention to stare at her face, and said laughingly, “Very good, I didn’t expect you to be more outspoken than him. This kind of girl, even I would take a liking to, not to mention him.”

    The poor man continued, “Do you like him?”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “I don’t…”

    She lifted her head and took a look at Hua Wu Que, and lowered her head again, adding on, “It’s not that I don’t like him, but…”

    That poor man did not wait for her to finish her sentence, and was already chuckling, “Since you do not dislike him, naturally it means you like him. Since the two of you like each other, then let me be the matchmaker, and you shall get married here today!”

    Once these words were uttered, Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan were both shocked.

    Hua Wu Que asked hoarsely, “Are you joking?”

    That poor man stared at him, and raised his voice, “How can this be a joke, look at this place, the birds chirping and the flowers fragrant, the weather so fine, if the two of you get married here, it will be so much better than any place else.”

    He was getting more excited as he spoke, and could not help laughing, “The glow from the red candle, how can it be compared to the beauty of the sun’s rays. The red carpets in the world, cannot be compared to the fragrance and softness of this soil. The two of you are able to swiftly complete your rites under the rays and on the soil, won’t it be a great joy. Even I, feel overwhelming happiness!”

    Listening at him talking to himself, Hua Wu Que does not know whether to feel angry or happy. Tie Xin Lan stood there in shock, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh.

    Although she felt like rejecting the idea right now, she could not bear to hurt Hua Wu Que’s feelings.

    Hua Wu Que looked at her expression, and suddenly said, “You may have your good intentions, but we are unable to comply.”

    That poor man’s laughter stopped, and he stared at him and asked, “You will not agree?”

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh, and replied, “Yes.”

    The poor man laughed, “I know, it’s not that you are unwilling, but you are afraid that she is unwilling. However, she has not finished her words, so why should you be overly concerned.”

    Hua Wu Que thought for a moment, and said slowly, “There are many words which need not be voiced out.”

    That poor man sighed, “You obviously like her a lot, but for her, you’d rather harden your heart and not agree to it. A sentimental man like that, you are really your father’s son.”

    Hua Wu Que did not understand what he meant by those words, and that poor man is already staring at Tie Xin Lan and asking, “A man like this, who else can you marry but him?”

    Although Hua Wu Que knows that he was doing it for himself, but he couldn’t help feeling a bubble of anger, and asked with a cold smile, “I have seen many kinds of people, but I have never seen someone like this who forces others to marry.”

    That poor man replied, “The way you spoke, you think that I can’t kill you, right?”

    Once the word ‘right’ was uttered, he suddenly pulled out the sword at his waist, and slashed it towards a tree next to him. This sword is already rusty beyond recognition, and looked as if it can’t even slice through a branch, but who would have expected that with a slash of his sword, the huge trunk which is wider than an arm’s length actually broke into two!

    Tie Xin Lan was worried that Hua Wu Que might offend him with his words, because this person’s martial arts is so profound, that even Hua Wu Que might not be his match.

    It must be known that Tie Xin Lan has the kindest heart, although she did not wish for Hua Wu Que to injure Xiao Yu’er, she also do not wish for others to injure Hua Wu Que. Without waiting for Hua Wu Que to reply, she interrupted, “I agree.”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly said, “I will never agree.”

    Hua Wu Que obviously know that Tie Xin Lan did not agree wholeheartedly, and the more he loves Tie Xin Lan so deeply, the more he does not wish her to feel an ounce of reluctance.

    Hua Wu Que said coldly, “I do not agree, means I do not agree. If you want to kill me, then just strike!”

    Tie Xin Lan asked hoarsely, “You… don’t you like me?”

    Hua Wu Que did not take a single look at her… There may not be a thread of semblance in terms of looks between him and Xiao Yu’er, but in terms of character, he was exactly the same as Xiao Yu’er.

    That poor man stared at him and asked, “You would rather suffer for the rest of your life than to agree?”

    Hua Wu Que affirmed, “I will never agree.”

    The poor man shouted, “Fine! Instead of letting you suffer for the rest of your life, why don’t I end it all for you now!”

    The sword flashed, aiming straight towards Hua Wu Que! Although he did not use all his strength in this attack, but the swiftness of the move, the force in the stance, no one else in the whole of Wu Lin would be able to attain the same.

    With a ‘pak’ sound, Hua Wu Que might have avoided this strike, but the jade hairpiece tied to his hair was actually shattered by the force of the sword, and his full head of hair was standing up from the impact! How forceful was this sword stroke! It is unbelievable!

    Tie Xin Lan cried out hoarsely, “Sir please stop quickly! He refused to agree because of me, I really do not wish to agree in my heart. Sir, if you want to kill someone, then kill me!”

    In her fear, she unconsciously revealed the truth. Hua Wu Que felt a stab of pain in his heart, and the three palm strokes he executed, he did it without a care, heading straight on towards the flash of sword.

    Who would have expected the poor man to actually retract his sword attack, and laughed loudly, “Those surnamed Jiang are really the all stubborn like an ox, but you are dumber than your father. Think about it, if she really disagreed, if she really don’t like you, would she die for you.”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned, and Tie Xin Lan was shocked as well, and said, “His surname is not Jiang, he’s called Hua Wu Que.”

    The poor man rubbed his head, his expression full of surprise, and muttered, “Your surname is not Jiang? This is really weird, you look like a Jiang, you look exactly like him.”

    Hua Wu Que also forgot to strike, and only thought this person seems crazy.

    The poor man sighed, and said with a bitter smile, “Since your surname is not Jiang, whether you get married or not, is no longer my problem. Leave if you want to.” He actually does not care anymore, and turned around with a bitter smile.

    Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan looked at each other, not knowing what this is all about, only to see that poor man muttering to himself as he walked, “This youth is actually not Jiang Xiao Yu, weird, weird…”

    Tie Xin Lan was both surprised and ecstatic, and asked hoarsely, “Could Sir thought that he is Jiang Xiao Yu, that’s why you were forcing us to get married?”

    That poor man replied, “Although I could not bear to see the both of you in agony over matters of the heart, but if I was not under the impression that he is Jiang Xiao Yu, I would not have interfered.”

    The poor man suddenly turned around, took a look at Tie Xin Lan, took a look at Hua Wu Que, and suddenly bust out laughing, “I got it, I got it, so the person who treated you badly that you were referring to, is Jiang Xiao Yu, and the two of you would have gotten married! Just because of Jiang Xiao Yu, it ended up in this situation.”

    Tie Xin Lan sighed sadly, and lowered her head.

    That poor man knocked his head with his hand and laughed, “I wanted to do some good, but who would have expected me to mess things up even more instead…”

    He has spent his life exploring sword techniques, and in addition spent the later years of his life roaming in Jiang Hu, having a nomadic life, and has never tasted the feeling of romance.

    On hearing his laughter, Hua Wu Que felt anger and bitterness, and suddenly asked, “Are you thinking of leaving?”

    The poor man laughed, “I know you are feeling unhappy, so I’ll just let you punch me twice to vent your frustration.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled coldly, “Your martial arts may be the strongest in the world, but you will never be able to take a palm attack from me. If you do not defend yourself, then you are looking for death!” As he spoke, a palm shot out.

    Althougn this palm attack looked gentle, but the position it was attacking, was extremely vicious. Besides, the depth of the palm, has gathered the strength of the attack, and obviously once it was struck out, it would be beyond redemption.

    That poor man has extremely good eyesight, and exclaimed, “Very good palm attack!”

    He loves martial arts by nature, and now on seeing this young martial arts expert, he can’t help but want to test the other party’s skills, and he met the attack head on with his own palm!

    Who would have expected that Hua Wu Que’s palm attack would suddenly change. The palm that was attacking like an arrow, suddenly moved towards the right. The ingenious change was really unimaginable.

    This move is precisely Floral Palace’s unique ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting Jade’. Once Hua Wu Que executed this move, the other party’s palm attack will surely be aimed towards himself instead.

    Unexpectedly, the poor man’s body turned smoothly, and actually avoided this stance of ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting Jade’, which no one else in the world has ever avoided.

    Only now was Hua Wu Que truly shocked, and asked “Who are you actually?”

    The poor man suddenly looked up to heaven and laughed loudly “I have always hated that I did not have the chance to have a taste of ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting Jade’ in my life, I did not expect that today I would actually meet a disciple of the Floral Palace here…”

    The thunderous laughter shook the flowers off from the branches around them.

    Tie Xin Lan asked in fear, “Could it be that Senior has some enmity with Floral Palace?”

    The poor man suddenly stopped laughing and bellowed, “My enmity with Floral Palace is as deep as the sea. I practiced my sword for ten years, so that I can exterminate everyone in Floral Palace!”

    Hua Wu Que exclaimed hoarsely, “Yan Nan Tian! You are Yan Nan Tian!”

    Floral Palace’s biggest enemy is Yan Nan Tian. In the whole world, besides Yan Nan Tian, there is no one else who would dare go against Floral Palace!

    End of Chapter 61

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 62

    Just as Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan were feeling stunned, there was a flash of light in that poor man’s eyes, and he said “I am Yan Nan Tian!”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment, when he suddenly took off his long shirt slowly, carefully folding it, and slowing walking towards Tie Xin Lan and gave her his shirt with both his hands.

    Naturally Tie Xin Lan knows although it is only a set of clothing that he handed to her, but the underlying meaning was heavy and complicated.

    Hua Wu Que said, “To be able to duel with Yan Nan Tian, is the lifelong wish of anyone who practices martial arts. Even disciples of Floral Palace, will find pride in being able to duel with Yan Nan Tian.

    Tie Xin lan whispered, “You… Can’t you leave? I’ll help you block him, he will never kill me!”

    Hua Wu Que smiled slightly, and said, “This duel is not for myself, but for Floral Palace…” He suddenly stopped talking, but the meaning of his unfinished sentence, was unimaginably heavy.

    He slowly turned around, but suddenly turned his head back and said, “I also want you to know, that I did not want to kill Jiang Xiao Yu for myself, but for Floral Palace as well. When you see him three months later, you can tell him, although I wanted to kill him, but I have never harbored any hatred towards him. I hope he… he would not hate me either.”

    Tie Xin Lan’s face was full of tears and she cried hoarsely, “Why must you always think about others in whatever you do? Are you living your life for others? You… shouldn’t you be doing something for yourself?”

    Hua Wu Que has already turned around, looking heavenward, he suddenly laughed and said, “For myself? … Who am I then?” This is the first time he revealed his pain in front of others, and the two sentences may be a simple one, but the underlying sadness is heavier than a mountain.

    Looking at him, Tie Xin Lan weeped and whispered, “Others said that you are the most perfect, lucky, enviable person in the world, but who would understand your pain. Others said that you are the steadiest, calmest, but who would understand that you have lost even yourself. Others all wish to live your life, but who would understand that you are actually living for others.”

    Yan Nan Tian has all along been looking on from the side, and now he suddenly laughed loudly and said, “Hua Wu Que, you are indeed worthy of being a disciple of the Floral Palace! It doesn’t matter if you win or lose in this duel, the reputation of Floral Palace will remain high because of you!”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Thank you.”

    Yan Nan Tian continued loudly, “But I also want you to know, besides you, there are many other people in the world, the things that they do are not for themselves either. Those who only know how to live for themselves, they might not be happy in their hearts, in fact they could be even more miserable than you!”

    Hua Wu Que looked at him with unwavering eyes, and asked slowly, “You want to kill, is it because of others as well?”

    Yan Nan Tian was silent for a while, and suddenly heaved a long sigh heavenward, as if he is full of misery, but unable to talk to others about it.

    Hua Wu Que sighed, and suddenly took out a silver sword.

    Tie Xin Lan has seen him fight on many occasions, but has never seen him use a weapon. She almost thought that all disciples of Floral Palace do not use weapons at all.

    This silver sword in his hand, has a narrow body, and looked as if it’s thinner than chopstick, but it’s more than five feet long, with sliverish light flasing from tip to end, as if it might fly out of the hand anytime!

    Yan Nan Tian’s gaze flickered, and only took an uninterested glimpse at this strange looking weapon, and shouted, “Since you have already taken your weapon out, why are you not striking?”

    Hua Wu Que lightly flicked the sword with his left middle finger, and the silver sword let off a “zing” buzzing sound. Before the buzzing sound stopped, the sword is already out of his hand!

    When this sword is not moving, it is already shimmering with silver light, dazzling to the eyes. Now that the sword is executed, the shimmering silver looks as if a basin of mercury has been poured out from heaven.

    Yan Nan Tian stood straight in the face of the sword, like a mountain. Hua Wu Que’s sword was coming towards him, but he did not move at all. Suddenly, the silver light turned, and the sword attack suddenly changed direction. It turns out that Hua Wu Que’s attack was a fake move.

    Hua Wu Que used a fake move to test his opponent, and did not expect the other party to be so calm.

    Hua Wu Que then executed seven fake moves continuously.

    The continuous seven moves are Floral Palace’s unique sword moves. Although they are all fake moves, but under the glare of the sword, no one can be sure that it is a fake move, and anyone would want to block and avoid the attack. However, no matter how he block or avoid, his moves have all been anticipated in this seven moves.

    How would he expect that Yan Nan Tian was totally unaffected by these dazzling flashes of sword moves, and the uniqueness of this sword play, was totally lost in front of Yan Nan Tian.

    As soon as Hua Qu Que’s seventh move was executed, the steel sword in Yan Nan Tian’s hands was already stabbing out, piercing through the dazzling light, aiming straight towards Hua Wu Que’s chest.

    This attack is ordinary, without any fancy moves at all, but the speed of the attack, the extreme ferocity of the move, is exactly showing off it’s magnificence through normality, it’s solidity through its power!

    It doesn’t matter how many changes Hua Wu Que’s sword play could morph into, because he would have no choice but to avoid this attack first. Once the sound of the sword swishing was heard, Yan Nan Tian has already stabbed three times! Hua Wu Que avoided these three moves, but only managed to return a single attack.

    Sliver flashes of light could be seen shimmering throughout the sky, and Yan Nan Tian looked as if he’s trapped within the silver light, but in fact, these sliver lights of sword shimmering in the sky are unable to even attack once.

    Hua Wu Que was attacking around Yan Nan Tian relentlessly, but Yan Nan Tian’s feet did not even move an inch. Hua Wu Que’s sword attacks are like flowing water, and Yan Nan Tian is like a pillar in the stream.

    Their swordplay, one extremely gentle, the other extremely severe, one changing like the clouds, the other fiercely steady, one like a mercury pool, flowing into every nook and cranny, the other like a steel bucket, not leaking even a drop of water.

    Although Hua Wu Que looks as if he is on the offensive, but in actual fact he is at a disadvantage. Tie Xin Lan stared at the fight in confusion, and has forgotten where she is. The abundant flowers in the woods fell like rain and covered the ground.

    Xiao Yu’er found an inn with the intention of having a good sleep, but was unable to fall asleep despite tossing and turning. Therefore, he might as well wear his clothes and walked out.

    In the large courtyard, besides Xiao Yu’er, there is only another room which was occupied, and the occupant looked likes he’s just moved in. There were voices coming out from the house, but the door and windows are tightly shut.

    Suddenly a burly man in green dashed into the courtyard, in his hands he held a horse whip, like a carriage driver. Once he stepped into the courtyard, he shouted, “Is Jiang Bie He, Master Jiang here?”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned, why is Jiang Bie He here as well? What is he here for? There is not time for Xiao Yu’er to think too much, and he hid himself behind a pillar in a flash.

    He saw the door of that house opened halfway, and someone inside asked, “Who’s that?”

    The carriage driver said, “The lowly one here is Duan Gui, who sent Master Hua out of the city earlier…”

    He has not finished speaking, when Jiang Bie He walked out, but the door was immediately shut again.

    Jiang Bie He furrowed his brow and asked, “Why are you back here? And how did you find your way here?”

    Duan Gui replied, “Master Hua seemed to have run into some trouble outside the city, I hurried back to report, and happened to bump into Duan Fu who escorted Master Jiang here. That’s how I found out Master Jiang is visiting here.”

    Jiang Bie He gave a slight smile and commented, “Even if Master Hua met with some problems, he would be able to handle it, do you need to be so anxious?”

    “But… but that person looked fierce, and Miss Tie looked as if she was very nervous, so I thought, Miss Tie knows the capabilities of Master Hua, and since even she was nervous, then this must be no small problem.”

    Jiang Bie He sighed, “Since that is the case, I’ll go and have a look.” Jiang Bie He turned his head and spoke towards the house, “At the latest tonight, I will surely come back…”

    As he spoke, he was already hurrying out with Duan Gui.

    At first Xiao Yu’er wanted to find out, who is that in that house? Why is he being so secretive? But after thinking, he decided that this person would have to wait for Jiang Bie He here anyway, so there is no rush to find out right now.

    He really wants to see who is the person who could give Hua Wu Que so much trouble?

    There is no relationship between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, in fact, it can be said that they are at odds, but without knowing why, Hua Wu Que’s affairs always could move Xiao Yu’er’s heart.

    A horse carriage outside just left, Jiang Bie He must have been sitting in that carriage. Xiao Yu’er followed behind, but he can’t execute his lightness skill in the middle of the road, and two legs will always be slower than four legs. By the time he left the city, the horse carriage could not be seen.

    Once the horse carriage left the city, Jiang Bie He asked loudly from within the carriage, “Did Master Hua fight with that person?”

    Duan Gui replied, “He seemed to have received a palm attack.”

    Jiang Bie He furrowed his brow, “This person was able to receive one of Master Hua’s palm attack, he is indeed skilled, but I wonder what he looked like?”

    Duan Gui answered, “This person is large and tall, but his clothes are even more torn than mine, but he bears a proud look.”

    Jiang Bie He’s brows furrowed even tighter, and asked “How old is this person?”

    “He looks to be about forty, or maybe more than fifty, but… but he looks like he’s just turned thirty. He looks exactly like the age that one would think him to be, I have never seen such a strange person.”

    Jiang Bie He furrowed his brow and sigh, the expression on his face gradually getting heavy.

    Duan Gui suddenly exclaimed, “That’s right, on that person’s waist, there’s a steel sword, but it’s all rusty…”

    He has not finished his words but Jiang Bie He’s expression suddenly changed. He was stunned for a while, and lowered his voice, “You shall stop the carriage far away, don’t go too near, understood?”

    Although Duan Gui felt strange about this, and did not know why he wanted to stop the carriate far away, but Master Jiang’s words, he dare not disobey. It was still over a hundred feet away from the woods but the carriage has already stopped.

    The air was full of sword energy, and a person’s body could be seen leaping up and down, like a flying dance, and the other person was as still as the rocks in Mount Tai, not moving at all.

    At this time, Hua Wu Que’s moves was still very nimble, his sword energy still strong, and doesn’t look as if he is losing. But Jiang Bie He has very good eyesight, and with one look he knows that although Hua Wu Que’s sword moves were exquisite, but he could not attack even once! The sounds of the fencing, one strong and one weak, the difference very contrasting.

    Jiang Bie He’s expression turned ashen, and he mumbled, “Yan Nan Tian! This must be Yan Nan Tian!”

    Jiang Bie He knows that right now Yan Nan Tian only wanted to take a longer look at Floral Palace’s unique swordplay, or else Hua Wu Que would have died under his sword long ago!

    That Duan Gui naturally could not see the intricacies of such a profound swordplay, and also because he could not see anything at all, he was even more anxious.

    Duan Gui saw that overbearing sword energy, and is already sweating in anxiety over Hua Wu Que, and exclaimed “Isn’t Master Jiang going to help Master Hua?”

    Jiang Bie He replied, “Of course I will. Why can’t this carriage door be opened, is there something wrong?”

    Duan Gui jumped down from his seat and went to open the door. The carriage door opened immediately, there was no problem at all.

    Duan Gui smiled, “I’m afraid Master Jiang may be too anxious, that’s why you can’t even open the carriage door.”

    He has not finished speaking, when he suddenly saw Jiang Bie He’s face, amost turning green, his eyes staring at Duan Gui, his gaze as if it’s already turned frightfully green.

    Jiang Bie He smiled sinisterly, and said slowly, “One best not be a busybody, or else one won’t live long.”

    Duan Gui was so startled that his legs softened, and turned around thinking of escaping, but suddenly felt his collar being grabbed, and he was dragged into the carriage.

    Duan Gui said through chattering teeth, “Jiang… Master Jiang, I did… not… not offend old master, you…”

    He has not finished his words, a short sword was already pierced under his ribs, right to the hilt of the sword.

    Jiang Bie He slowly took out the short sword inch by inch, afraid that the fresh blood would stain his clothes. Once the short sword was pulled out, it still looked as clean as autumn waters, killing others without seeing blood. This is exactly the precious sword that cut open the ‘Love lock’.

    Jiang Bie He breathed out a long sigh and mumbled, “Now, no one would know that I was here, and no one would know that I did not save Hua Wu Que although I saw that he will die. My reputation as a hero, cannot be spoiled by this stupid lad… you used your life to guarantee my reputation as the ‘Hero of Jiang Nan’, it’s not too unjust a death.”

    As he spoke, he quietly slipped down the carriage and turned around. There was a fierce fight going on in the woods, naturally no one would notice him.

    There was no one at the suburbs. After walking around, Xiao Yu’er finally saw the strong sword energy emanating from the woods, and later saw that horse carriage.

    He did not see Jiang Bie He. Could it be Jiang Bie He is still in the carriage? Why is the horse carriage stopped so far away?

    Xiao Yu’er had no intention of finding out these matters, he only wanted to stand far away and look at the fierce fight going on in the woods, look at how Hua Wu Que’s sword play changed so uniquely, so that he can be on his guard the next time he sees him.

    Naturally, he also wanted to see who is the person fighting Hua Wu Que.

    But he suddenly saw on that tightly closed carriage door, at the gap, there were fresh blood flowing out… could it be that Juang Bie He has died? Or else whose blood could it be?

    Xiao Yu’er was both excited and curious, and could not help but go and take a look.

    Once he opened the door, he saw Duan Gui’s fiercely contorted face, and then, he saw the pair of eyes full of fear and alarm. But Jiang Bie He is already gone.

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but feel shocked, stunned, but suddenly he became immediately aware… the viciousness of Jiang Bie He, no one else would know better than Xiao Yu’er.

    He also immediately realized the danger Hua Wu Que is facing now, and the expression of anxiety Tie Xin Lan had for Hua Wu Que, inexplicably made him feel a stab of pain in his heart.

    Suddenly, a long cry was heard across the sky! A flash of sword, flying into the sky, Hua Wu Que staggered back, and finally fell!

    Yan Nan Tian actually used his pure and hard sword, and shattered the sharp and soft sword right out of Hua Wu Que’s hand! Hua Wu Que felt his breath and blood backflow, and finally tumbled down!

    At this split second, without knowing why, but Xiao Yu’er felt hot blood rushing up to his head, and actually forgot the grudges and rivalry he had with Hua Wu Que… he actually suddenly forgot all these, and suddenly flew out without a thought!

    Yan Nan Tian’s loud cry continued, his steel sword ready to attack again. Tie Xin Lan cried out in fear… just at this time, she suddenly saw someone flew in, blocking right in front of Hua Wu Que and shouting, “No one is allowed to hurt him!”

    Tie Xin Lan saw that this person is actually Xiao Yu’er, and with her mouth agape, was stunned.

    Yan Nan Tian’s eyes were like lightning, and took a look at Xiao Yu’er, shouting “Who are you? You actually dare to come between the tip of my sword!”

    Tie Xin Lan finally regained her senses, and shouted, “He is Jiang Xiao Yu!”

    Yan Nan Tian replied hoarsely, “Jiang Xiao Yu? Jiang Xiao Yu is you?” the pair of eyes bored into Xiao Yu’er’s face, refusing to let go.

    Xiao Yu’er also stared at him, and asked haltingly, “You… You are Yan Nan Tian, Uncle Yan?”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “He is Old Master Yan.”

    Xiao Yu’er was surprised and happy, and suddenly dashed forward, hugging Yan Nan Tian and exclaiming, “Uncle Yan, I missed you so much….”

    Tears seemed to have formed in Yan Nan Tian’s eyes, and he mumbled, “Jiang Xiao Yu… Jiang Xiao Yu, have Uncle Yan not missed you as well?”

    Tie Xin Lan saw that a lonely vagrant like Xiao Yu’er had suddenly found his relative, and it turned out to be the famed Yan Nan Tian. She also truly felt surprise and happiness, and hot tears were brimming in her eyes.

    Yan Nan Tian suddenly pushed Xiao Yu’er aside, and asked gravely, “Do you know that this Hua Wu Que is a disciple of Floral Palace!”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I know.”

    Yan Nan Tian raised his voice, “Do you know that the person who killed your parents, is the Mistress of Floral Palace?”

    Xiao Yu’er’s body shook, and he asked hoarsely, “Could it be true?”

    When he was very young, although there was a mysterious person who brought him out of the Valley of Evil and told him about this matter, but he thought that this person was too secretive, and the words may not be trustworthy, so he never regarded Floral Palace as his arch enemy.

    But now that these words were spoken from Yan Nan Tian’s mouth, he cannot disbelieve it. Yan Nan Tian stared at Xiao Yu’er, asking “Why do you want to save him?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I… I…”

    He himself does not really know why he wants to save Hua Wu Que, even if Floral Palace does not have any enmity with him, he originally should never have saved Hua Wu Que!

    Yan Nan Tian suddenly threw his steel sword onto the ground, and bellowed, “Kill him with your own hands!”

    Xiao Yu’er’s body shook, and he turned his head around to take a look at Hua Wu Que.

    Hua Wu Que has already been knocked unconscious by Yan Nan Tian’s sword energy, a tattered flower, landed on his face. The fresh red flower, made his face look even paler in contrast.

    Looking at this pale face, Xiao Yu’er felt an inexplicable feeling in his heart. He does not know why, but he suddenly shouted, “I can’t kill him!”

    Yan Nan Tian asked furiously, “Why can’t you kill him? You already know he is a disciple of your enemy! Besides, he wanted to kill you!”

    “I…. I….”

    He sighed, and suddenly raised his voice, “I’ve already had an agreement with him, to have a duel to the death three months later! So I can’t let Uncle Yan kill him, and all the more I can’t kill him while he’s injured!”

    Yan Nan Tian was stunned for a moment, and suddenly looked heavenward and laughed loudly, “Good! You are indeed worthy of being Jiang Xiao Yu, indeed worthy of being my Second Brother Jiang’s son…. Second Brother oh Second Brother, to have a son like this, you should be able to rest in peace now!”

    His happy laughter, suddenly became mournful.

    Xiao Yu’er felt a rush of hot blood in his chest, and suddenly knelt down, crying out, “Uncle Yan, I swear that from now on I will not let my Father be ashamed of me!”

    Yan Nan Tian held onto his shoulders, and quietly asked, “Do you feel that the things you have done in the past, might have let him down?”

    Xiao Yu’er lowered his head, and chokingly said, “I….”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “You don’t have to be sad, don’t have to blame yourself, whoever grows up in that environment of yours, will be worse than you. Besides, from what I know, your ploys may be wrong, but they are never really evil.”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “That Yan Nan Tian can see Jiang Feng have a son like you, it is the happiest thing in my life.”

    There were tears in his laughter, and it could be seen that he was feeling both happy and sad. Tie Xin Lan saw the feelings flowing between them, and unconsciously lowered her head, her tears dripping to the floor.

    She was also feeling both joy and happiness. Xiao Yu’er’s pain has the understanding and consolation of Yan Nan Tian, but who would understand her pain?

    She’d die to stop Hua Wu Que from killing Xiao Yu’er, but if Xiao Yu’er was to kill Hua Wu Que, she will feel very bad as well. She only hopes that the two of them can be on good terms.

    Who would have expect that they are arch enemies, and this enmity obviously cannot be dissolved, and one of them will certainly die at the hands of the other! Or else this enmity will never end!

    What makes it even more heartbreaking is that for Xiao Yu’er, she does not mind sacrificing everything, but Xiao yu’er did not even take a single look at her.

    By now Yan Nan Tian had dragged Xiao Yu’er to the bottom of a tree and sat down, and asked suddenly, “Do you know that Du Jiao Jiao, Li Da Zui and the rest have all left the Valley of Evil?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I know.”

    Yan Nan Tian’s gaze flashed, and asked, “Could it be that you have already seen them?”

    Xiao Yu’er nodded his head, and suddenly asked laughingly, “Uncle Yan, can you let them off?”

    Yan Nan Tian bellowed, “How can I let them off!”

    Xiao yu’er continued, “They may have thought to harm you, but they did not manage to in the end. Besides, they are still the ones who brought me up, and they have turned over a new leaf.”

    Yan Nan Tian thought for a while, and sighed, “For your sake, as long as they do not do any more evil deeds in future, I will let them off!”

    Xiao Yu’er was ecstatic, “If they hear this news, they will be so happy, why would they harm others in future!”

    Yan Nan Tian took a glace at Tie Xin Lan, and smiled slightly, “You should go and speak to that Miss now, I can’t always take your time.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s expression turned sullen, and said “I don’t know that Miss, in fact I have never seen her before.”

    Tie Xin Lan could not take it anymore, and started wailing. She ran towards Xiao Yu’er in tears, but before she reached him, she suddenly turned around and ran away with her face covered.

    Xiao Yu’er gritted his teeth, and did not go after her.

    Looking at Tie Xin Lan running further away, Yan Nan Tian turned his head to look at Xiao Yu’er and asked, “What is this all about? The matters of you young people, I really cannot understand.”

    Xiao Yu’er was also stunned, and did not speak for a long time.

    Yan Nan Tian took another close look at him, and suddenly stood up and laughed, “Do you want to venture on your own, or do you want to follow me?”

    Only now did Xiao Yu’er regain his senses, and he beamed, “Although it’s best if I follow Uncle Yan, but others would escape at the sight of Uncle Yan. I’ll have nothing to do, and it’ll be boring.”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “You have aspirations indeed!”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “But I wish to have a longer chat with Uncle Yan….”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “At this time tomorrow, I’ll still be here waiting for you. I just remembered that I have something to be done, and should be leaving!”

    He patted Xiao Yu’er’s shoulder with a smile, picked up his steel sword, and with a leap, was soon gone from sight.

    Xiao Yu’er did not expect him to leave so soon, and he actually did not notice that the direction Yan Nan Tian went, was the same as Tie Xin Lan.

    He gently picked up the fallen flower on Hua Wu Que’s face, held onto Hua Wu Que’s palm, and secretly passed a flow of energy through his palm. After a while, Hua Wu Que jumped up, his eyes looked around in confusion, and when he saw Xiao Yu’er, he exclaimed in surprise, “Why are you here?”

    Xiao Yu’er looked at him with a smile, and did not speak. On hearing his voice, Xiao Yu’er already knows that he was knocked unconscious earlier because his internal energy was shocked into flowing in reverse, but because his internal strength is deep, he did not sustain any internal injury.

    Hua Wu Que thought for a moment, and asked, “You saved me?” But Xiao Yu’er remained silent.

    End of Chapter 62
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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 63

    Hua Wu Que stared silently at him for a long moment, then slowly turned around, as if he did not want Xiao Yu’er to see the change of expression on his face.

    He suddenly turned back again and asked loudly, “Why did you save me?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied calmly, “When others wanted to kill me, you saved me as well.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “But that is because I want to kill you myself!”

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes shone, and asked “How do you know that I did not want to kill you myself? Don’t you forget, three months later, you and I have a date for a death duel for which we will not leave until we meet!”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a while, and heaved a long sigh, mumbling, “Not leave until we meet, no rest until death…”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed loudly, and said, "Although you and I were born to be arch enemies, but we can be friend at least during these three months?" His laughter may be loud, but amidst the laughter there seems to be many regrets.

    Hua Wu Que stared at him, and did not move for a long time, and the corners of his mouth suddenly curved up into a slight smile. Everything was understood, although it was unspoken.

    The two of them walked out the woods together, and saw that most of the flowers had dropped due to the impact of the sword energy, the ground was full of fallen flowers. Some seemed to be gracefully dancing when blown up by the wind.

    Hua Wu Que can’t help but heave a long sigh, but who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er also happen to sigh at this moment. The two of them can’t help but took a look at each other, and smiled when their eyes met.

    Hua Wu Que was secretly thinking, “To be able to become friends with this person for three months, I guess it would be one of the joys in life.” He has always been a man of few words, and although he was thinking of it, he did not say it out.

    However, Xiao Yu’er smiled and commented, “To be able to become friends with you for three months, it might be one of the greatest joys in life…”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned, and finally could not help but burst out in laughter. In his entire life, he has never laughed like this before.

    A horse carriage was parked far away outside the woods, and the horse looked as if it had been trained. Although there was no one driving it, it did not go far.

    Xiao Yu’er opened the carriage door, pointed at the corpse in the carriage and asked, “Do you know who killed this carriage driver?”

    Hua Wu Que asked with wide eyes, “Who?”

    Xiao Yu’er thought for a while, and smiled, “If I tell you now, you won’t believe me. You will find out in future.”

    Jiang Bie He was robed in a green suit, mingling amongst the guests, and although his face was full of smiles, but there was a hint of worry between his brows, as if something was troubling him.

    The famed martial artist from He Fei, ‘Unbeatable Golden Knife’ Peng Tian Shou was the oldest, and given a seat at the VIP table. Right now, his hand stroking his white beard, he laughed, “Could Hero Jiang be missing Master Hua right now?”

    Jiang Bie He smiled bitterly, “I know that nothing will ever happen to him, but I don’t know why, I still feel a little alarmed…”

    He heaved a long sigh, and continued, “I just wish that nothing has happened to him. If he has really met with danger, and here I am happily drinking, how can I ever face friends again in future.”

    There was a sudden flurry of praises from the gathered heroes.

    Suddenly, someone laughed loudly and added, “That’s right, whoever can become Jiang Bie He’s friend, it must be because he has done a lot of good deeds in his previous life.”

    Amidst the candid laughter, someone tall and straight, with a candor expression on his face, which has a long and deep scar, a youth with an inexplicable charm walked out with a large stride.

    He may not be very old, but his style seems grand. Although his smile looked extremely warm and adorable, but the eyes that looked about actually looked like it did not hold any regards to anyone.

    None of the gathered heroes know who this youth is, and were all secretly guessing, that this must be the descendant or disciple of some famed sect or martial arts family.

    On seeing this youth, Jiang Bie He’s expression suddenly changed drastically, and asked hoarsely, “You… Why are you here as well!”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Can’t I come?”

    Before Jiang Bie He spoke any further, he already saw the person who came with Xiao Yu’er…. Hua Wu Que has already walked up as well, and was standing next to Xiao Yu’er with a smile.

    That Xiao Yu’er would actually come here, has already given Jiang Bie He a huge shock. Hua Wu Que is actually alive, that is another big surprise for Jiang Bie He.

    Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que came together, and looked as if they have settled their differences and became friends. This comes as a tremendous shock to Jiang Bie He.

    Once the heroes saw Hua Wu Que, they all stood up and greeted him with smiles, no one noticed that Jiang Bie He was so shocked at the side that he was frozen to the spot for a long time.

    He has a lot of questions that he wants to ask, but was troubled as some questions were not convenient to ask, and some questions cannot be asked. He was stunned for a long time, before he remembered that he should express his concern and anxiety towards Hua Wu Que, but a pity that no matter what he wants to express now, it’s too late.

    There were still a few empty seats at the VIP table, everyone was giving way to one another, and no one sat down. However, Xiao Yu’er just strode over and sat down.

    It was as if he was born to sit there. Others were staring at him but he did not blush or blink his eyes. He picked up a wine cup for a look and suddenly laughed, “Hero Jiang is throwing a feast, and there’s not even wine available?”

    Jiang Bie He coughed dryly twice, and commanded, “Bring in the wine!”

    Xiao Yu’er commented, “Looking at Hero Jiang’s expression, you don’t seem to welcome a guest like me? However, I did not want to come, it was Hua Wu Que who invited me.”

    Jiang Bie He’s expression changed again, but he laughed and said, “Brother Hua’s guest, is my guest.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “If that is the case, Hua Wu Que’s friend, would be your friend too?”

    Jiang Bie He replied, “Exactly”

    Xiao Yu’er’s expression suddenly changed and he said icily, “But Hua Wu Que’s friend, is not my friend!”

    When the gathered heroes heard the conversation between Xiao Yu’er and Jiang Bie He, they all knew that Xiao Yu’er is in no way related to Jiang Bie He at all.

    ‘Unbeatable Golden Knife’ Peng Tian Shou was the first who could not take it, and with a humph, said frostily, “This little friend’s words are really difficult to understand.”

    “What I meant was, if I treat Hua Wu Que’s friends as my friends, then I’ll be very unlucky! Hua Wu Que himself is not a bad person, but the friends he makes…. Heh heh, heh heh.” Xiao Yu’er replied icily. “The friends he makes not only does nothing when he sees someone in trouble, but…”

    Peng Tian Shou roared angrily, “Who are you referring to?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Whoever is Hua Wu Que’s friend, will be the person I am referring to.”

    Peng Tian Shou heatedly replied, “Hero Jiang is also a good friend of Master Hua, could you….”

    Xiao Yu’er answered coolly, “At least the person I am referring to is not you! Because you are not even worthy to be friends with Hua Wu Que, at the most you can only boot lick Jiang Bie He.”

    Peng Tian Shou slammed the table with a ‘pak’, and roared, ”Do you know who I am?”

    “I really do not know”

    Peng Tian Shou has not spoken, but someone at the side had interrupted, “You don’t even know who ‘Unbeatable Golden Knife’, Old Hero Peng is, and you still want to roam in Jiang Hu?

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Old Hero Peng’s name, if it was changed to ‘Unbeatable Boot Licker’, won’t it be even more appropriate.”

    At Jiang Bie He’s feast, Peng Tian Shou was initially a little apprehensive, but until now, not only did Jiang Bie He not try to stop the argument, it was as if he did not even notice the quarrel.

    Peng Tian Shou naturally did not know that Jiang Bie He was hoping that Xiao Yu’er would make more enemies, and thought that Jiang Bie He was deliberately backing him up.

    After hearing the words ‘Unbeatable Boot Licker’, he could not take it any longer, and flew over the table towards Xiao Yu’er.

    Xiao Yu’er came with the intention of creating trouble, so he just grinned while Peng Tian Shou was leaping over, and suddenly picked up his chopsticks and lightly poked.

    Peng Tian Shou only felt his body suddenly go numb, unable to exert any strength at all, and with a ‘peng’, fell onto the table, the bowls, plates and utensils all scattered to the ground.

    Xiao Yu’er chortled, “Jiang Bie He, could it be that you cannot bear to serve the dishes, and are now using this boot licker as the cold dish?”

    There were quite a number of people among the gathered heroes who were friends with Peng Tian Shou. Those seated far away were already shouting, and those seated nearby were thinking of attacking.

    Hua Wu Que looked at Jiang Bie He quietly, but Jiang Bie He still looked as if he has no intention of settling the dispute, as if all these guests were not invited by him.

    This is because right now, he is hoping that the messier the situation, the better. There was a sound, and Peng Tian Shou rolled down from the table, and the table flipped over as well. A few people rushed forward, but were all thrown out by the scruff of their necks by Xiao Yu’er. The waiter was crying out in alarm at the side, busy collecting the plates and bowls, and for a moment, the restaurant was in chaos. However, once the gathered heroes saw Xiao Yu’er’s martial arts, none of them really dared to go over for a fight.

    Only now did Jiang Bie He ask with a furrowed brow, “Brother Hua, looking at this, how do you think it should be settled?”

    Hua Wu Que replied with a slight smile, “I don’t know.”

    Jiang Bie He never expected him to say such a sentence, and can’t help feeling stunned. He heard the sound of a fist punching through air, Xiao Yu’er is already striking at him with a fist, bellowing, “Jiang Bie He, he saw that Hua Wu Que was in danger and swiftly slipped away. He was afraid that the carriage driver would reveal his wickedness, and actually silenced him. I am not thinking of anything else today, only thinking of giving you a good beating, take my challenge.” As he spoke, he fought. By the time he finished his words, he have already struck out more than ten fist attacks.

    Jiang Bie He only avoided his attacks and did not retaliate until he finished his words, and frostily replied, “You are maligning me, I’m afraid others will find it hard to believe.”

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Let me tell you, that carriage driver may have been stabbed by you, but he did not die…”

    Jiang Bie He’s expression changed involuntarily.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly took a few steps back and shouted, “Look, he is already walking here from that side!”

    The gathered heroes could not help but all turned towards the direction he was pointing at.

    Instead Jiang Bie He answered with a cold smile, “You cannot trick me, he…” As soon as he said these words, he suddenly stopped, his face suddenly turned pale.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Indeed I cannot trick you, everyone else turned around, only you did not turn around, because only you know that he cannot be alive, correct?”

    He created such a ruckus earlier on, firstly to suppress the others, secondly to let the situation deteriorate so that Jiang Bie He would not be able to remain steady, or he would not have been tricked now.

    Jiang Bie He’s gaze swept through the crowd, and saw that the expressions on the gathered heroes revealed surprise and doubt. He walked towards Hua Wu Que and said, “Brother Hua, do you believe him, or believe me?”

    Hua Wu Que replied with a sigh, “It doesn’t matter even if this is not brought up…”

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Whether this is brought up or not, I still want to fight with him. Are you helping him, or helping me?”

    Hua Wu Que replied with a bitter smile, “If the two of you really want a duel, then no one else can interfere.”

    Xiao Yu’er was waiting for him to say this sentence, and immediately shouted, “Fine, if others interfere, I will look for you!”

    Before he finished his words, another fist struck out.

    Jiang Bie He saw that the ten over fist attacks executed earlier did not even touch his clothes, and thought that his martial arts is mediocre, so he replied with a cold smile, “Since you insist on fighting, then do not blame me!”

    As soon as he finished his sentence, Xiao Yu’er has already attacked another four times.

    Jiang Bie He’s palm shot out, swift and fierce, his style seemingly directionless. Xiao Yu’er had to use all his skills to narrowly avoid the attack. The gathered heroes can’t help but cheer Jiang Bie He on.

    Jiang Bie He knows that in Jiang Hu, the winner is the strongest, so as long as he injures Xiao Yu’er, no one would pursue the murder incident earlier. Feeling revitalized, he added with an icy smile, “All the friends in Jiang Hu are witnesses here today, it was you who asked to be humiliated, do not blame me for bullying a young person.”

    Xiao Yu’er looked as if he was only concerned with fighting and dodging, and did not even have the extra energy to argue. He deflected less than twenty moves, but there were many times which he was almost in danger.

    Jiang Bie He has always suspected that he is the secret troublemaker, and harbored caution, but now that he saw that his martial arts is so mediocre, his suspicion lessened, and his attack slowed down for a moment as well. He smiled, “You may not know your place, creating a scene here, but on account of your youth and ignorance, I do not wish to make things too difficult for you. As long as you are willing to admit your mistake, on account of Brother Hua, I will let you off.”

    His words were not only magnanimous, but it also gave some credit to the friendship with Hua Wu Que, indeed on par with the reputation of the ‘Hero of Jiang Nan’.

    Xiao Yu’er kept panting, as if he can’t even talk anymore.

    Actually he has already known that in front of so many people, as long as Jiang Bie He can show off his reputation as ‘Hero’, he will certainly not let the chance off.

    He knew that in front if so many people, the more he pretended to be weak, the more Jiang Bie He would not be so vicious in his attacks, or he would have lost his bearing as ‘Hero’.

    Jiang Bie He’s attack were more gentle as expected, but someone among the gathered heroes shouted, “Towards such a person, Hero Jiang need not be too courteous.”

    Those beaten up by Xiao Yu’er earlier, all expressed agreement.

    Jiang Bie He looked as if he was forced with no other choice, and said with a sigh, “You are young, I really do not wish to injure you, but if I don’t teach you a lesson, other friends would not tolerate it…” As he spoke, Xiao Yu’er was forced back a few more steps.

    Jiang Bie He said with a slight smile, “After this ‘Splitting Flower Striking Willow’ move of mine, I will attack your chest, you must be careful! It’s best that you do not resist, or else if my attack is too heavy, you may lose your life.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Thanks for the advice!”

    After Jiang Bie He’s ‘Splitting Flower Striking Willow’ move, his right palm suddenly struck out diagonally, the palm attack like an axe splitting a mountain, aiming straight towards Xiao Yu’er’s chest. This palm attack may not be very mystifying, but the swift changes in the palm attacks are unequalled. Although he had already disclosed his plan of attack, but the gathered heroes did not expect that his palm moves could actually move to such a position, and it seems like Xiao Yu’er would not be able to avoid this palm attack.

    The gathered heroes can’t help but cheer again. Xiao Yu’er suddenly struck out his hand to meet the attack head on!

    Jiang Bie He suddenly felt a large force surging towards him. By the time he wanted to use all his strength, it is too late. With a bang, his body actually flew up from the force!

    The many years of anger bottled up by Xiao Yu’er, is finally expelled in this palm attack!

    Jiang Bie He’s body knocked into the crowd, and the few people standing in front also fell down from his knock, staggering a few steps back before sitting down on the floor!

    The cheers of the gathered heroes stopped suddenly, everyone of them mouth agape, stunned. Xiao Yu’er clapped his hands and laughed, flew out of the window and left!

    Although Xiao Yu’er can’t really give Jiang Bie He a good beating, but to be able to embarrass Jiang Bie He, is also giving vent to his frustration, and he was feeling extremely happy.

    Of course, Xiao Yu’er is very clear about these words ‘quit while you’re ahead’.

    The gathered heroes may not totally believe that Jiang Bie He is one who would not save someone in need and one who silences others, but at least there will be doubts in their hearts.

    After walking around the streets for a while, he slipped back into the inn, taking a rest in the room that he reserved during the day. When there are no more sounds coming from the courtyard, he slipped out.

    He saw that the door and windows if the mysterious person’s room was still tightly closed, and the room inside is lighted, but no human shadows could be seen.

    Xiao Yu’er looked around and jumped up the roof, quietly making his way to the eaves, laying low in the darkened shadows, not moving at all. There is no sound at all in the room. Is this mysterious person sleeping, or has he left? Jiang Bie He had arranged to meet him, how could he have left? Besides, the light in the room is still lighted.

    Xiao Yu’er controlled his impatience, and waited. He deduced that Jiang Bie He will certainly come. The night starry, the air cool like water, waiting there, he almost fell asleep.

    Suddenly, a ‘swoosh’ sound was heard, and a shadow flew in like smoke. Xiao Yu’er has never seen such expert Lightness Skill before.

    He almost could not see this person’s shadow, and was secretly startled. He heard the soft sound of the door, and this person has already walked into the house.

    There is still no sound in the house.

    This person’s Lightness Skill is so superior, that not only he himself is below par, but even Hua Wu Que would not be as good when compared to him. Why would there be such a person in the Martial Arts realm!

    This kind of person in cahoots with Jiang Bie He, wouldn’t it be terrible! As Xiao Yu’er thought, another person suddenly slipped into the courtyard.

    This person was looking left and right as he walked, and came over silently. He also walked to the front of this house, softly coughed, and knocked on the door.

    Someone in the house immediately responded, “Who?”

    This man in black said in a low voice, “It’s Junior.”

    On hearing this voice, Xiao Yu’er realized that Jiang Bie He is here, and felt energized. The door opened a little, and Jiang Bie He slipped inside in a flash. The two conversed, but Xiao Yu’er can’t hear clearly what was being said.

    Suddenly he heard Jiang Bie He say, “Junior witnessed an astonishing matter today.”

    That person asked, “What matter?”

    Jiang Bie He replied, “Yan Nan Tian is not dead, and he has reappeared!”

    No matter whom the person is in the Martial Arts realm, on hearing this news will definitely be alarmed. However that person appeared nonchalant, the tone of voice calm, and said, “Humph, it’s best that Yan Nan Tian is not dead. If he’s dead, it’ll not be interesting.”

    The more Xiao Yu’er listened, the more he was surprised. This person is not only unafraid of Yan Nan Tian, but seemed to have the intention of pitting himself against Yan Nan Tian.

    Who in Jiang Hu would dare to oppose Yan Nan Tian? Xiao Yu’er cannot think of a single person.

    Jiang Bie He added, “Besides Yan Nan Tian, that Jiang Xiao Yu has actually revealed himself as well!”

    That person seems a lot more interested in Jiang Xiao Yu than Yan Nan Tian, and asked “How is his martial arts? How is it compared to Hua Wu Que?”

    Jiang Bie He laughed, “His martial arts is definitely not comparable to Hua Wu Que, but when he fights, he’s full of tricks. If one is even slightly careless, one will definitely be tricked by him.”

    That person seemed to smile, and said “I was worried that his marital arts would be too bad, now I am relieved.”

    Xiao Yu’er thought it very weird, he cannot understand why this person would be so interested in him, or could it be someone like him actually knows him?

    That person added, “No matter how strong is Jiang Xiao Yu’s martial arts, Hua Wu Que will deal with it, there is no need for you to worry.”

    Jiang Bie He sighed, “But now Hua Wu Que seemed to have become friends with Jiang Xiao Yu…”

    The person laughed coldly, “The two of them are born enemies, and will not cease even in death. Even if they are friends, it will not be long. You can be assured on this point.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned! How could this person be so clear about the matter between him and Hua Wu Que?

    There’s not a lot of people who knows about this matter.

    Jiang Bie He seemingly smiled, and said “If that is the case, I wonder what other instructions does Elder have for me?”

    The person said, “I only want you….”

    The voice suddenly lowered, and Xiao Yu’er could not hear even a single word, but with each sentence this person said, Jiang Bie He would reply, “Yes.”

    When this person finished speaking, Jiang Bie He laughingly comment, “These few matters, Junior will definitely obey.” That person replied coldly, “These few matters benefit you as well, naturally you will obey!”

    Jiang Bie He hesitated, and smilingly said, “Elder only need to instruct, and I came immediately, but right until now, I do not even know Elder’s great name.”

    That person chided, “You do not need to know my name. You only need to know that in the whole world, besides me, there is no one else who can help you. If not for me, not only will you not be able to become a ‘Hero’, you will not even live!”

    Jiang Bie He was silent for a moment before he replied, “Yes.”

    The person said, “You can leave now. I will naturally look for you when it’s time.”

    Jiang Bie He replied, “Yes!”

    The person added, “The few matters that I asked you to do, if you make any mistake, there will be no need for Yan Nan Tian and Jiang Xiao Yu to strike. I will kill you myself! Do you understand?”

    Jiang Bie He replied, “Yes!”

    End of Chapter 63

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 64

    Jiang Bie He walked out with his head lowered, but his movement suddenly became fast and looking around to see there’s no one, he was out of the courtyard in a flash. Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and also slipped away from the eaves quietly.

    Xiao Yu’er leaped past a few roofs before he dared to jump down and left the courtyard from a side door. He found the kitchen, where there was still a small fire going on the stove, a kettle of water boiling on top.

    He took that kettle of water and strode back. The light in the room was still lighted. Xiao Yu’er walked over, knocked on the door and asked, “Would guest like to add some water to your tea?”

    He wanted to take a look at what this mysterious person really looked like, and don’t mind taking the risk, not caring if this person would recognize him. There was no response from within the room.

    He gathered his courage, and lightly pushed on the door. The door was not locked, and opened once he pushed it.

    He saw that the lamp was still lighted on the table, next to the lamp there’s a plate. On the plate there’s a teapot with four teacups, and the teapot and teacups have not been touched at all.

    He looked at the bed. The blanket on the bed was folded neatly.

    Although this mysterious person is staying in this house, he did not touch a single thing in the house. Obviously he only used this house to talk to Jiang Bie He.

    Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “I wonder if there’s still tea in the pot. I might as well fill it up, in case the guest has nothing to drink when he comes back.”

    As he spoke, he walked into the room.

    Once he entered the room, he realized that there is a lingering fragrance in the room, and he felt as if he had stepped into a woods full of flowers in full bloom.

    But besides this strange fragrance, there is not a single suspicious trace in the room. It was as if no one has ever stayed in this house.

    However, this room was extremely clean, even the dust under the bed has been swept clean. The table, chairs, cupboard, all looked as if it had been washed.

    Even the stone floor was gleaming from the wash.

    That mysterious person, since he’s only using this house to talk, and has no intention of staying here or using the things here, then why would he clean this place up so well, and even use such mysterious and expensive fragrance.

    Or could this mysterious person be a cleanliness freak. Xiao Yu’er can’t help but furrow his brows and mutter, “It so rare to see someone who loves cleanliness so much…”

    Suddenly a person asked coldly, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

    This voice obviously came from behind Xiao Yu’er! Xiao Yu’er was truly shocked, but he smiled and said, “I came to take a look if guest would like to top up your teapot.”

    That person asked, “You are a staff here?”

    Xiao Yu’er hurriedly replied, “Yes.”

    “The person who came during the day doesn’t seem to be you.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Big Brother Qian works the day shift, Wang San here works the night shift.”

    That person suddenly laughed coldly, “Jiang Xiao Yu really reacts quickly to circumstances, and answers fluently. A pity that I recognize you since the day you were born, it’s useless for you to pretend to be anyone else in front of me!”

    Xiao Yu’er was startled, “Who are you?” That person did not reply.

    Xiao Yu’er turned around suddenly, there was nothing behind, and the door was still swaying with the wind! Outside the door, darkness is approaching, there is no shadow at all! Could that person have left again!

    Xiao Yu’er was surprised and curious, and has just breathed out in relief when someone said coldly from his back again, “You will not be able to see me!”

    That person is actually behind him again! Xiao Yu’er turned around continuously for five, six times. His speed cannot be considered slow, but that person is always behind him, like a shadow stuck to his body. No matter how bold Xiao Yu’er is, right now he can’t help but break out in cold sweat. Since this person’s Lightness Skill is thus, his martial arts ability is imaginable. Xiao Yu’er knows that not only is he not a match against the enemy, he cannot even escape.

    His eyes rolled, and he might as well stand there and not move. He asked with a grin, “If you do not wish to be seen by me, then why did you come?”

    That person replied, “You can’t think of why?”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked his eyes and replied, “I think, you can’t be wanting to kill me.”

    That person asked, “How do you know I won’t kill you?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “A person who is about to die, it does not matter even if he sees your real look, so if you want to kill me, you won’t mind letting me take a look, right?”

    He already felt that this person really had no intention of killing him, and unconsciously became bolder. As he spoke, he suddenly leaped to the front of the cupboard.

    The paint on the cupboard was originally very new, and after being given a thorough wash, it was gleaming like a mirror. Xiao Yu’er squatted down, and a person clad in white was reflected clearly on the cupboard.

    This person has long hair, the clothes white like snow, the bearing looked extraordinary, but on the face he was wearing a fiercely terrifying copper mask.

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help feeling shocked, and exclaimed, “So you are Mr Copper!”

    Xiao Yu’er felt his eyes staring at him with hatred. The glare from this pair of eyes, reflected from the cupboard, makes one feel eerily creepy.

    Xiao Yu’er forced out a laugh, “That day, Black Spider was saying how superior your martial arts were, and I did not really believe it. On witnessing it today, I realized he was not bluffing.”

    Mr Copper smiled coldly, “You do not have to flatter me. Since I do not wish to kill you, I will never kill you.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Never?” Mr Copper replied, “Yes!” Xiao Yu’er heaved a sigh of relief, and smiled, “I see that you love cleanliness a lot, and with this fragrance, I originally thought you are a woman… luckily you’re not a woman, or else even if you say that you will not kill me, I will not believe it.”

    Mr Copper asked, “You do not trust women?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “The words of women, must never be listened to. Anyone who believes in women, would be extremely unlucky!”

    Mr Copper suddenly asked angrily, “Is your mother not a woman?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “The women in the world, who can be compared to my mother? She is gentle, and pretty…”

    Although he has never seen his mother, but in every child’s mind, his own mother would naturally be the most gentle, most beautiful woman.

    As he spoke, he unconsciously closed his eyes, and according to his imagination, started to describe. He is naturally eloquent, and as he described, he made his mother out to be someone so rare, that not another one can be found in this world.

    The cold eyes of Mr Copper seem to have suddenly burst out in flames.

    Xiao Yu’er did not notice, and seemed to be talking in his dreams, “The other women in the world, if they were to be compared to my mother, they can’t even compare to soil, I…”

    He has not finished his words, when he felt an intense pain on his neck, his body numb, and his whole body seemed to have been lifted up by this ‘Mr Copper’.

    With Xiao Yu’er’s level of martial arts now, he was actually unable to stop it at all!

    Mr Cooper’s eyes were full of fury, the cold palm getting tighter and tighter, as if it was going to break Xiao Yu’er’s neck.

    Xiao Yu’er cried in alarm, “You… You said you would never kill me. How can you not keep your words.”

    Mr Copper replied, “Because you are talking a lot of nonsense, it’s hateful.”

    “Since when was I talking nonsense?”

    Mr Copper said, “Whether your Mother is good or bad, pretty or ugly, you have never seen her before, and yet you are boasting about her, is it not talking nonsense then!”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “You… how did you know I have never seen my Mother before?”

    Mr Copper relied coldly, “If I don’t know, who will?”

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but ask, “What does my Mother look like?”

    Mr Copper replied, “Your Mother is crippled and hunchbacked, pock faced and balding, she is the most evil and ugly woman in the world, any woman in the world would be better than her.”

    Xiao Yu’er retorted angrily, “What a fart! You are the one speaking nonsense!”

    He has not finished his words when he felt two slaps on his face.

    Although Mr Copper did not use his real strength in the two slaps, but the slaps had caused the two sides of Xiao Yu’er’s face to swell, fresh blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth. However, Xiao Yu’er did not cease in his scolding.

    Although he has never seen his Mother, but once he thought about her, he would have an inexplicable feeling in his heart, it’s pain, but it’s warmth as well.

    Usually he loves to sway where the wind blows, so if this ‘Mr Copper’ were to humiliate him, he would never retaliate and argue if he knows that he is not his match. But it was his mother being humiliated, he can never accept that.

    Mr Copper continued slapping, yet Xiao Yu’er continued scolding. Once his stubborn streak arose, he would not care at all about his own life.

    Mr Copper said through gritted teeth, “If you dare to continue scolding, I will kill you.”

    With his mouth full of blood, Xiao Yu’er replied hoarsely, “As soon as you admit that my Mother is the gentlest and prettiest, I will stop scolding you.”

    Mr Copper asked, “You… You would rather die than admit that your Mother is the most evil and ugly woman?”

    Xiao Yu’er nodded immediately.

    Mr Copper continued, “You… you are willing to die for her?” His gaze was full of viciousness, but there was a slight quaver to his voice.

    ‘Mr Copper’ was standing there, his whole body shaking.

    Xiao Yu’er secretly took a peek at him, but dared not move. After a while, he finally could not take it and asked, “What enmity does my Mother have with you, that you must scold her thus?”

    However, Mr Copper seemed not to have heard him at all.

    Without hesitation, Xiao Yu’er jumped up and out of the window. Turning his head around for a look, that Mr Copper did not seemed to be chasing him. Although Xiao Yu’er were full of doubts, but he can’t be bothered about them now, and with all his skills, fled for his life. In a blink of an eye he was out of the inn.

    Suddenly he heard someone from behind him ask coldly, “You still would not admit it?”

    Xiao Yu’er had just jumped up, when he fell again. He knows that once this person is chasing him, it would be like maggots attached to the bone, he can forget about getting rid of him. He suddenly shouted, “If you have the ability, then kill me!”

    As he shouted, he turned around suddenly, both his fists striking out like raindrops. However, he did not even manage to see the shadow of the other party. His back felt numb and he fell to the ground.

    Hua Wu Que has never liked drinking, but without knowing why, he started drinking alone this night, and drank up as soon as he filled his cup. He drunk himself into a daze, collapsed onto his bed and fell asleep.

    Right at this time, someone was outside the window calling out, “Hua Wu Que! Wake up!”

    The voice may be soft, but it seemed that every word was clearly sent to Hua Wu Que’s ears.

    Hua Wu Que composed himself and pushed the window open. It was night outside the window, a person clad in white, with a ghostly face was standing fifty, sixty feet away.

    Under the reflection of the pale starlight, this person’s face seemed to be giving off a gree glow. On a closer look, he realized that this person was wearing a fierce looking copper mask on his face.

    Hua Wu Que was shocked, and asked hoarsely, “Could it be Mr… Mr Copper?” That person nodded and said, “Come out!”

    Mr Copper had already flown up the roof. Hua Wu Que followed and jumped over the roof, over the quiet street,

    Without turning his head, Mr Copper said coldly, “Since when has the disciple of Floral Palace become a drunkard and sloth!”

    Hua Wu Que was shocked, and lowered his head, not daring to speak.

    This Mr Copper did not seem to be moving from his head to his chest, but his flight was incomparably fast, and looked as if he was riding on the wind. On witnessing such Lightness Skill, Hua Wu Que can’t help but feel secretly startled.

    Mr Copper said, “You obviously already know who I am.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “When Junior left the Palace, my Teacher had already instructed, if I see Sir, it would be as if I am seeing my Teacher. Junior will obey all instructions that Sir have.”

    Mr Copper added, “When you left the Palace, what else did the Princess instruct you?”

    Hua Wu Que finally replied quietly, “Teacher wants me to personally kill this person called Jiang Xiao Yu!”

    Mr Copper seemed to have smiled, and replied, “Very good!”

    He did not talk further, and did not turn his head back at all. As they traveled, it became more secluded, and they finally came to a small hilltop. On the hilltop there was a large tree with thick branches and leaves. Mr Copper suddenly flew up, but said, “You stand under the tree!”

    By the time he finished the five short words, he is already standing on the treetop. The starry night, reflected on his white clothes, made him seem even more suave, unworldly and unattainable.

    Suddenly Mr Copper carried a person from within the thick leaves and shouted, “Catch!”

    The shout has just been heard when a person fell straight from the tree.

    This big tree is more than a hundred feet high, a person’s weight may be less than a hundred kilos, but being thrown down from the treetop, the force would be more than five hundred kilos. Hua Wu Que could not guess who was this person he threw down, and was not confident if he could catch this person. In an instant, without any thought, he flew up.

    Hua Wu Que suddenly reached out and grabbed this person’s belt, but he heard a ‘si’, and this person’s clothes tore. Hua Wu Que was also brought down by the force of the fall.

    However, when they reached the ground, the force of gravity has lessened, and with a shout, made a somersault in the air and threw this person up into the air again.

    When this person fell a second time, Hua Wu Que extended both his arms and gently caught hold. The starry night, reflected on this person’s pale face and tightly shut eyes.

    This person is actually Xiao Yu’er! Although Hua Wu Que is usually calm, at this point in time he can’t help but let out a gasp.

    Mr Copper stood alone on the treetop and asked icily, “Is he Jiang Xiao Yu?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “That’s right.”

    Mr Copper replied, “Good, kill him then!”

    Hua Wu Que was taken aback, and lowering his head looking at the unconscious Xiao Yu’er, he felt a little bitterness in his mouth. For a moment, he was stunned.

    Mr Copper said slowly, “If you do not wish to kill a person who cannot retaliate, you can unseal his acupoint!”

    Hua Wu Que stretched out his hand in a daze and unsealed Xiao Yu’er’s acupoint with a tap. Xiao Yu’er opened his eyes, saw Hua Wu Que, and beamed, “Did you save me?” Hua Wu Que stood there, stunned, unable to speak a single word.

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “I knew you would come and save me, we are friends.”

    Without knowing why, Hua Wu Que felt sourness in his heart, and turned his head around.

    Suddenly a person was heard asking coldly, “Hua Wu Que, why are you still not striking?”

    Only now did Xiao Yu’er saw that Mr Copper standing on the treetop, and with a sharp intake of breath, turned around to face Hua Wu Que, his large eyes staring….

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh. Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, and said with a bitter smile, “I know you do not dare to defy him… fine, strike then!”

    Hua Wu Que was also silent for a moment, and said each word calmly, “I cannot kill you now!”

    Xiao Yu’er was ecstatic, but Mr Copper asked in fury, “Have you forgotten your Teacher’s words?”

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh and replied, “I have a three month agreement with him, before the time is up, I cannot kill him!”

    Mr Copper shouted, “If your Teacher finds out about this matter, what then?”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly lifted his head and raised his voice, “Although Teacher’s command cannot be defied, but a promise cannot be broken, even if Teacher is here right now, she cannot make me become a person who goes back on his words!”

    Mr Copper replied angrily, “Hua Wu Que don’t you forget, seeing me is as good as seeing your Teacher, you dare to disobey me?”

    Hua Wu Que replied with a sigh, “Whatever that Sir ask of me, I will do them all, except for this matter, I can never obey.”

    Mr Copper suddenly shouted, “You do not wish to kill him, not because you want to keep your word, but because there is another reason? Is that so?”

    Hua Wu Que felt another shock, he himself does not know if the reason for insisting on not killing Xiao Yu’er is because he wants to keep his word, or if there is another reason.

    When Xiao Yu’er was lying helpless in his arms earlier, he suddenly felt a surge of inexplicable feelings. Looking at Xiao Yu’er’s face, he suddenly felt that this is not his enemy, but a close friend he has known for years.

    He felt Xiao Yu’er’s faint breathing on his arm, and only felt that this is not someone he wants to kill, but someone he should be protecting at all costs.

    Until the time Xiao Yu’er fell to the ground, this strange feeling still lingered in his heart, and after seeing that confident smile of Xiao Yu’er, how can he strike now!

    Hua Wu Que sighed again. In his heart, he did not feel a thread of enmity towards Xiao Yu’er, and he himself cannot tell when this strange feeling started.

    This feeling, seemed to have been buried in his heart since a long time ago, and was only triggered when Xiao Yu’er’s skin touched his skin.

    Looking at Xiao Yu’er, he was mumbling in his heart, “Jiang Xiao Yu, Jiang Xiao Yu, what are you thinking? Are you having the same thoughts as me?” Xiao Yu’er was also staring intently at him, and indeed is having deep thoughts.

    Mr Copper looked down from the treetop, and on seeing two people standing shoulder to shoulder, his cold eyes became hotter than fire, and shouted, “Hua Wu Que, do not wait another three months! Strike now!”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly looked heavenward and laughed madly, “Why can’t it wait another three months? You’re afraid that after three months, all the more he will not strike?”

    Mr Copper raised his voice, “What do I have to fear! The two of you are born enemies, your lives are fated, that one of you must die at the hands of the other!”

    Xiao Yu’er roared, “Since that is the case, then why do you want to force him now. If you want me to die right now, then do it yourself…. Why don’t you dare to do it?”

    It was as if someone stabbed Mr Copper right at the heart, and he flew down with a cry.

    End of Chapter 64

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 65

    Hua Wu Que’s expression changed, and thought he would attack Xiao Yu’er, but unexpectedly, he flew into the woods with a long cry and with a strike of his palm, shattered the trunk of a tree!

    His body was spinning in a dance, his palms striking out continuously, and about seven, eight trees on the hill were struck down by him. As the branches fell, they emitted a deafening sound.

    On witnessing such amazing palm prowess, Xiao Yu’er can’t help but feel tongue-tied.

    He knows that with Mr Copper’s martial arts, it would be easy as a pea to kill him. He also knows that this Mr Copper hates him to the extreme, and can’t wait to kill and disembody him, with a thousand stabs and slashes. However this Mr Copper insisted on not doing it himself, and would rather vent his frustration on the trees. Why is this so? This is really incomprehensible!

    In the time that his thoughts turned, Mr Copper has already flown to Hua Wu Que, and shouted, “You insist on waiting until three months later to kill him, right?” Hua Wu Que took a deep breath and said, “Yes!”

    Mr Copper suddenly laughed hysterically, “Since you place such importance on your words, as your Senior, how can I make things difficult for you. If you want to wait three months, what’s the problem in me letting you wait for three months?”

    This change is really unexpected, and Hua Wu Que was both surprised and ecstatic.

    Mr Copper suddenly stopped laughing, “Now, you will leave.”

    Hua Wu Que took a glace at Xiao Yu’er and asked, “Then he….”

    Mr Copper replied, “He will stay here!”

    Hua Wu Que was taken aback, “Could it be that Sir wants to…”

    Mr Copper said coldly, “It doesn’t matter if he will go back on his words or not, but within these three months, I will protect him well, and not let him have an ounce of injury. Three months later, I will hand him in completeness to you…”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “To let you spend so much effort to protect me, how can I accept such kindness?”

    Mr Copper replied, “To protect a person like you, would it require much effort of mine?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “If you think that I am very easy to protect, then you are wrong. I have no other bad habits, except to create trouble for others. There’s more than one person in Jiang Hu who wants to kill me.”

    Mr Copper said, “Besides Hua Wu Que, no one else can kill you!”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “You have said such boastful words, if I am hurt in anyway within these three months, I really wonder how you can face others.”

    Mr Copper shouted, “Within these three months, if you are in any way injured, I will be held responsible.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “That will put my mind at ease. Within these three months, it doesn’t matter what I do, anyway no one will be able to hurt me.”

    Mr Copper replied coldly, “Rest assured, within these three months, no matter what you want to do, you won’t be able to do it.”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked, and grinned, “Not necessarily…”

    Hua Wu Que thought that Xiao Yu’er is so cunning and mischievous, even with Mr Copper’s excellent martial arts, it might not be easy for him not to be tricked. Once he thought about that, he unconsciously smiled.

    Mr Copper asked angrily, “You’re still not leaving? What are you doing waiting here?”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “Rest assured and leave, three months later, I will be here waiting for you!”

    He turned towards Mr Copper, and continued with a smile, “Now I want to tell him some things in private, are you worried?”

    Mr Copper said icily, “There is nothing in the world that can worry me.”

    Xiao Yu’er wrinkled his nose and laughed, “Your abilities may be great, but aren’t you a little too boastful?”

    Mr Copper said angrily, “How dare you be rude!”

    Xiao Yu’er chortled, “Why would I not dare, anyway during these three months, no one can hurt me, right?”

    Mr Copper was so angry that he stood there stunned, unable to move at all.

    Xiao Yu’er walked to Hua Wu Que and whispered with a smile, “What a pity he’s wearing a ghastly mask, or else the expression on his face right now would look so good.”

    Although he deliberately lowered his voice to talk, but he allowed the words to be just heard by Mr Copper. Hua Wu Que almost could not take it and wanted to laugh, but he hurriedly cough and asked, “What was it that you wanted to say?”

    Xiao Yu’er told him, “Tomorrow afternoon, Yan Nan Tian, Hero Yan will be waiting for me at the woods today. Can you help me tell him that I won’t be able to make it for the meeting.” This time, he was really whispering.

    Hua Wu Que furrowed his brows and said, “Yan Nan Tian? …”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “I know you have some issues with him, so even if you do not agree, I will not blame you.”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly smiled, “These three months, we will be friends, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er looked at him for a while, and smiled, “You’re very good, to have a friend like you, is not in vain at all.”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment, and said calmly, “A pity there’s only three months.” He deliberately pretended to be calm, but his pretense was not too good.

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “There are many unexpected things in the world, these things happen a few times every day, for all you know I will see you again in another two days.” Hua Wu Que sighed, “I always don’t believe in miracles.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “If I don’t believe in miracles, do you think I can still laugh now?”

    Suddenly Mr Copper could be heard saying coldly, “A miracle will never happen! Hua Wu Que, you’re still not leaving?”

    Looking at Hua Wu Que walking further away, Xiao Yu’er sighed, “If a person must die, to be able to die in his hands, is better than dying in other people’s hands.”

    Mr Copper raised his voice, “You do not hate him?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Why must I hate him”

    “His Seniors killed your parents!”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “When my parents died, I’m afraid he wasn’t even born yet! The things done by his Teacher, are not related to him at all. If his Teacher had a meal, it can’t possibly be that he will have to shit on his behalf?”

    On hearing the words that Xiao Yu’er said, Mr Copper can’t help but feel stunned. Xiao Yu’er looked at him intently and suddenly smiled, “Let me ask you, why do you want me to hate him?”

    Mr Copper suddenly said, “Whether you hate him or not, what matter is it of mine?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “That’s right, whether I hate him or not is no matter of yours, then why are you so concerned?”

    Mr Copper actually did not speak. Xiao Yu’er continued with a slight smile, “He had to kill me with his own hands, but cannot tell me the reason, I had already thought this is a little strange, now it is getting stranger.” Mr Copper answered, “Although you do not hate him, but he hates you, so he wants to kill you, what’s so strange about that?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Do you think he really hates me?”

    Mr Copper’s body seemed to shake and he raised his voice, “He must hate you!”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “This is what I was feeling strange about. You and his Teacher can kill me easily, but you do not strike yourselves, so I feel that you did not actually want me dead, but only wanted him to kill me. It seems that the both of you must see him kill me personally before you will feel happy.”

    Mr Copper replied, “Wanting him to kill you, means wanting you dead, what’s the difference?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “There is a difference, and this difference must extremely subtle. I know there must be a very strange reason, but what I pity I cannot guess the reason for now.”

    Mr Copper replied, “In this whole world, only two people know about this secret, but they will never tell you!”

    A flash of light seem to pass through Xiao Yu’er’s eyes, but he deliberately said with a low sigh, “The Mistresses of Floral Palace will naturally know…”

    Mr Copper agreed, “Naturally.”

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “The Mistresses of Floral Palace are two sisters, and since you said this secret is only known to two in the world, then how did you know?”

    Mr Copper’s body seemed to have trembled again, and said angrily, “You speak too much, shut up now!”

    He suddenly reached out his hand and sealed Xiao Yu’er’s acupoint. Xiao Yu’er only felt a white shadow flash by, and could not even see what his hand looked like.

    This mysterious ‘Mr Copper’ not only did not want others to see his real face, he did not even want others to see his hand!

    Hua Wu Que is also feeling suspicious about this inexplicable matter, only the matters that he is concerned about, there is no one he can talk to, and he himself does not wish to tell others.

    By day break, the wine was still making him sleep, and without knowing how long he has slept, there was a sudden commotion in the courtyard, jarring him awake.

    He wore his clothes as he got up, and just as he walked out the door, he saw Jiang Bie He standing under the tree with his hands crossed behind his back, and on seeing him walked over with a smile. He said smilingly “Elder brother had a date with someone else last night, and had no choice but to leave. By the time I returned, I realized that Younger brother had drunk quite a lot on your own, and was actually drunk.”

    Not only did he not make any mention of what happened at the restaurant last night, he even changed his way of address, and starting saying ‘Elder brother’ and ‘Younger brother’. It was as if that matter is due to someone trying to sow discord, not worth a mention at all, this is better than any explanation. Hua Wu Que’s eyes moved, and asked, “I wonder what is the time now.”

    Jiang Bie He replied with a smile, “It is past noon.”

    Hua Wu Que said hoarsely, “Ah, I have actually slept for so long…” As he spoke, he hurried back into the room to wash up.

    Jiang Bie He also followed him in, and tried to probe, “How about Elder brother here accompany Younger brother out for a walk?”

    Hua Wu Que said with a laugh, “I have been staying in the City for so long, is Brother Jiang worried that I would be lost?”

    Jiang Bie He stood at the door for a long while, before forcing out a laugh and said, “Since that is the case, Elder brother will just go to the front and take a look at Miss Duan.”

    It seems that he has already felt that Hua Wu Que is not hiding things from him, and although he did not say it out loud, his heart is already tied into a knot. He walked to the courtyard and spoke softly to two men. The two burly men replied in unison, “Yes.”

    Jiang Bie He looked at them bounding out of the courtyard, the corners of his mouth revealed a thread of sinister smile, and mumbled, “Hua Wu Que oh Hua Wu Que, although I sincerely want to become friends with you, but if you are thinking of letting me down, then do not blame me for letting you down!”

    Hua Wu Que seemed to be leisurely strolling. He stopped in front of a shop selling birds and listened to the birds chirp for a long while, and walked to a teahouse and drank two cups of tea and ate a plate of salted snacks. Someone on the street immediately went to report to Jiang Bie He.

    Jiang Bie He mused, “Drinking tea… why would he go to a teahouse to drink alone? Could it be he has asked someone to meet him at that teahouse?”

    That burly man replied, “Master Hua was at that teahouse for a very long time, no one walked over to talk to him.”

    After another while, someone came back to report, “Master Hua is on the street looking at Steel Arm Wang performing right now.”

    Jiang Bie He furrowed his brows, “That type of low down performance, and he can still tolerate seeing it? Do you see if anyone in the crowd spoke to him?”


    Jiang Be He asked, “Who is keeping an eye on him now?”

    The man replied, “Song San and Li Ah Niu are in charge of that street…”

    He has not finished his words when Song San has already rushed in frantically, and fell to the floor exclaiming, “Master Hua suddenly disappeared!”

    Jiang Bie He was furious, and slapping the table, exclaimed, “Are you blind? In the bright daylight with so many people walking up and down the streets, he cannot use his Lightness Skills, so how could he have suddenly disappeared?”

    Song San stammered, “After that Steel Arm Wang and his disciple performed the ‘Single sword breaks the spear’, it was his daughter’s turn to perform the ‘Meteor Hammer’. However who would have expected when she executed the move ‘Catching the Moon amongst Clouds’, the Meteor Hammer suddenly broke. The Meteor Hammer, which was as large as a small watermelon, flew up into the sky and all those in the crowd were afraid it will drop down on their heads, started screaming and running, and the situation became messy immediately.”

    Jiang Bie He asked, “How did the chain on the Meteor Hammer break?”

    Song San replied, “Your servant does not know.”

    Jiang Bie He asked icily, “I’m afraid you were dazzled from looking at Steel Arm Wang’s daughter?”

    Song San stammered, “Your…. Your servant wouldn’t dare.”

    Jiang Bie He shouted, “Since your eyes are so useless, then why still keep it?”

    Before he finished his words, two burly men were already dragging Song San out. Song San’s face turned ashen, but he dare not even cry out for mercy. After a while, a shrill scream could be heard coming from the back!

    Jiang Bie He did not seem to have heard, but only mumbled to himself, “Where have Hua Wu Que gone to? Why does he want to hide from me? Could it be he has an appointment with Jiang Xiao Yu to take care of me? If the two of them were to join forces, what shall I do?” His words were said very softly, but the look in his eyes already revealed the a killer look, and said with an icy smile, “I would rather betray everyone, than to let anyone betray me… Jiang Bie He oh Jiang Bie He, you must never forget these words!”

    Hua Wu Que left the city, a slight smile on his lips, and if someone were to ask him now, “How did the Meteor Hammer break?” he will surely laugh very loudly.

    To be able to use a small stone to break that chain made of fine steel, he is indeed feeling very pleased about his own skills.

    When Hua Wu Que reached the woods, the silk-like purple flowers, were already ravaged by the sword energy yesterday. The fog covered the daylight, and the breeze started to feel cool.

    Once Hua Wu Que thought that he would be meeting Yan Nan Tian again, the smile at the corner of his mouth disappeared. Although he knows that this trip will certainly hold some danger, but he must come.

    Stepping on the fallen flowers, Hua Wu Que walked into the woods. However, Yan Nan Tian was not in the woods, instead there was a girl clad in snow white clothes, leaning against a tree trunk with her head lowered, as if she was counting the fallen flowers on the ground.

    Her back was towards Hua Wu Que, so Hua Wu Que could only see her slim body, and that long, lustrous, jet-black hair draped on her shoulders. Although Hua Wu Que could not see her face, but at a single glance, he could already tell who she was… Tie Xin Lan. Tie Xin Lan, why is she still here?

    He did not expect to see Tie Xin Lan here, and he does not know whether he should greet her, and there seems to be some bitterness in his heart.

    She seems to be troubled, and did not even realize that someone was here. The cool wind caressed her hair, which was as shiny as satin.

    After a long moment, there was a long, sad sigh, and she muttered, “Flowers bloom and flowers wither, and shortly they will decay, is life not like that as well?”

    Hua Wu Que originally did not want to startle her, and could not bear to startle her as well. He only wanted to turn around and leave quietly, but at this point in time he couldn’t help but let out a small sigh. Tie Xin Lan seemed surprised and happy, and turned her head around, saying “You…” She only said one word, and on seeing that the person who came is actually Hua Wu Que, was immediately stunned.

    Hua Wu Que may be feeling troubled, but he still smiled and asked, “How are you?”

    At this moment, he really could not think of any other words. Who would understand that in this little greeting of his, the amount of feelings that was put in it. Tie Xin Lan seems to be at a loss for words as well, and lightly nodded her head.

    After a moment, Hua Wu Que added with a smile, “You did not expect that it would be me who came, right?”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head and said slowly, “I see that you are not injured, I am really happy.”

    She almost could not hear herself talk, but Hua Wu Que heard every word clearly, and felt a stab of pain in his heart.

    He tried hard to make his smile more naturally, but doubtlessly failed. Luckily Tie Xin Lan did not see his smile at all.

    It was as if she did not dare to look at him at all. After another moment, Tie Xin Lan said with a sigh, “I actually have a lot of things to say to you, but I don’t know how to say them.”

    Hua Wu Que’s smile became bitter, and said gently, “Some people are very hard to forget, sometimes you may think that you have forgotten him, but once you see him, his every word and every smile, will all return to your heart…”

    Tie Xin Lan asked, “You… you can forgive me?” She suddenly raised her head, her eyes filled with tears.

    Hua Wu Que dared not look at her as well, and with a lowered head, said with a smile “You have nothing to ask for forgiveness. If I were you, I might do the same as well.”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “But I have really let you down, you… why don’t you scold me? Blame me? Then I will feel better. Your pity and understanding will only make me more miserable.” As she spoke she became more agitated, and finally burst out crying.

    End of Chapter 65

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 66

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment, before looking heavenward and sighed, “I will never hate you, although I cannot be with… with you, but I will treat you like a sister for the rest of my life.”

    He smiled and continued, “Also, I want to tell you, I have never hated Jiang Xiao Yu. He may be fated to become my enemy, but he is the only true friend in my entire life. If you… you can be together with him, I’ll feel very happy as well…”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly exclaimed, “Big… Big Brother, I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life, really grateful to you.”

    She was smiling as she cried, and really doesn’t know if it’s sadness or happiness. Hua Wu Que also does not know if it’s sadness or happiness. He knows with Tie Xin Lan’s cry of ‘Big Brother’, it can never be changed for the rest of their lives. Although they might have built up some feelings, but such feelings has been totally changed by this cry of ‘Big Brother’. This cry of ‘Big Brother’ was uttered so affectionately, but so alienated as well.

    Hua Wu Que looked towards Heaven, and finally could not help but heave a long sigh, saying, “I hope that he will not let you down… will not let you down!” This is a wish, a prayer, and also a pledge, a kind of self-release and putting his mind at ease… It is unlikely that anyone else can understand the complexity of the feelings in these two sentences.

    But no matter what, now the both of them are more confident about their feelings. The two words ‘Big Brother’ is a like a wall, making them feel that their feelings will no longer flood over.

    Tie Xin Lan finally smiled, and asked, “Big Brother, why are you here?”

    Hua Wu Que replied solemnly, “I was entrusted by someone to come look for a person.”

    Tie Xin Lan pressed on, “Are you here to look for Hero Yan?”

    Hua Wu Que can only nod. Tie Xin Lan’s eyes shone, and asked “Could it be he was the one who entrusted you?” Hua Wu Que replied, “Yes.”

    Tie Xin Lan asked, “He… why didn’t he come himself?”

    Hua Wu Que did not reply, but instead asked “Why is Hero Yan not here, but you’re here instead?”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head and said, “Last night, Hero Yan found me, and told me many things. He told me to wait for him here today. You should know, Hero Yan’s words, no one would disobey.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “What did he tell you?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s face reddened, and biting her lips, replied “Hero Yan said, he wants me… me to chat with him first, and then…”

    Suddenly a person could be heard laughing loudly from outside the woods, “Have you two young lovers talked, am I too early?”

    Hua Wu Que turned around suddenly, and saw Yan Nan Tian taking large strides into the woods. On seeing him, his laughter stopped abruptly, he expression changed, and he bellowed, “Why are you here? How did you come?”

    His lightning like gaze swept Tie Xin Lan’s face, and asked, “Where is Xiao Yu’er?”

    Tie Xin Lan unconsciously lowered her head and said, “I don’t know, he said…”

    Hua Wu Que continued, “Jiang Xiao Yu asked me to inform Hero Yan, that he can’t make it for the appointment today.”

    Yan Nan Tian asked angrily, “Why can’t he come?”

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh and said, “He has been imprisoned by someone, I’m afraid his moves will be restricted….”

    He knows that once he said those words, the outcome would certainly be unimaginable. Before he finished his words, Tie Xin Lan’s expression changed as expected. Yan Nan Tian fumed, “Who imprisoned him?”

    Hua Wu Que hesitated for a while, but finally said, “An Elder in Wulin, whom everyone addresses as ‘Mr Copper’!”

    Yan Nan Tian suddenly roared, “Mr Copper? I have roamed the Martial Arts realm for ten over years, I’ve never heard if a person called ‘Mr Copper’ in the Martial Arts realm. Did you make up that name!”

    With a step, he was right in front of Hua Wu Que, and shouted, “Have you secretly hurt him, and yet you dare to come here and pretend to be a good guy!”

    Hua Wu Que fearlessly replied, “I was entrusted by someone, it’s a matter of loyalty. Hero Yan only need to ask, and I will tell all that I know, but Hero Yan keep having doubts about my character, I…” Hua Wu Que said each word clearly, “I may not be Hero Yan’s match, but I must still have another duel with Hero Yan!”

    Yan Nan Tian looked heavenward and laughed hysterically, “You still dare to say such a thing? You are very bold!”

    Hua Wu Que replied calmly, “I am not bold, but I am not a coward who’s afraid to die!”

    Yan Nan Tian shouted, “Since you are not afraid to die, then I shall grant you your wish today!”

    Before he finished his shout, Tie Xin Lan had already rushed over, crying out, “Hero Yan, I know him. He is not a liar no matter what!”

    Yan Nan Tian shouted, “Xiao Yu’er has already fallen into another’s hands and yet you are speaking up for him! No wonder Xiao Yu’er ignored you, you are also a fickle minded woman!”

    Tie Xin Lan’s tears were bursting out again, and fluttered, “If Jiang Xiao Yu is in danger, Junior would save him even if it costs me my life, but Hero Yan said Master…. Master Hua is lying… Junior would not believe it even in death.”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed icily, “You want to fight with your life for Xiao Yu’er, and also want to die for Hua Wu Que, how many lives do you actually have?”

    Tie Xin Lan sobbed, “No matter how Hero Yan berates me, even if you think Junior is a… is a loose woman, there is nothing Junior can do ….”

    She collapsed onto the floor and cried hoarsely, “Junior only ask that Hero Yan let Master Hua off. If in future Hero Yan finds out that he was lying, even if you tear my body to pieces, I would be willing.”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed fiercely, “Fine! Since you want to vouch for him with your life, but a fickle woman like you, how much can your life be worth?”

    This famed hero, already has a fiery character, and now that he is worried about Xiao Yu’er, all the more his anger flared, and cannot be stopped.

    Hua Wu Que’s expression changed and he said, “Yan Nan Tian, I respected you as a Hero of our times, and have been tolerant towards you. I did not expect you to actually say such words to a girl. This kind of hero, heh heh, how much is he worth?”

    Yan Nan Tian has already struck out his fist with a furious shout. Hua Wu Que also moved his body, and charged up.

    Tie Xin Lan knows that once these two fight, no one in the world would be able to stop them. Once she thought about the injustices and grievances she had suffered for Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, which not a single person can understand, once she thought about the hard efforts she had made, which only resulted in being scorned as ‘fickle’, her efforts totally useless…. she finally could not take it any longer and starting wailing loudly. Her piteous cries were even more heartbreaking than a cuckold who cried out blood. The energy from the fist and palm shattered the flowers, which dropped like rain.

    This is literally a duel between the two strongest martial artists in the martial arts realm belonging to the old and new generation! This literally is the most earth-shattering duel in the martial arts realm in the last hundred years!

    The last time, they used swords, but this time, they’re only using their hands, but the excitement and intensity of this duel is not below that of the previous one! Yan Nan Tian’s fist moves were like his sword moves, sweeping with overwhelming power. The power of his strokes is incomparable in the world! Floral Palace’s martial arts have always countered brute strength with subtleties, and striking only when the enemy has struck. Hua Wu Que’s gentle and brooding character is also due to this type of martial arts, which he had learnt since young.

    But now, his moves have totally changed!

    He actually executed a forceful strike, attempting to attack at every opportunity! It’s because without this kind of moves, there is no way he could vent the anger he is feeling! This battle, is no longer entirely a battle for his life! It is a battle to protect the person he cared for most in his entire life!

    He may be a gentle and quiet person, but Tie Xin Lan’s heart rending cries, have triggered the ferocity in his blood! This hot, furious blood, is inherited from his mother – his respectable mother, who for love, faced death without fear, and died smiling.

    Floral Palace’s cold and solemn upbringing may have gradually turned Hua Wu Que’s blood cold, but the fire of love, have rekindled it! He suddenly felt that life and death is not really that important.

    The most important thing is, he is going to have a duel to the death with Yan Nan Tian. He wants to use his own blood to wash the injustice that the person he cares about most has suffered, and also to wash the injustice he himself has suffered. The intensity of power of his palm attacks, seemed to have shocked heaven and earth.

    Hua Wu Que’s palms kept attacking, straight attacks, diagonal attacks, side attacks, his moves were strong yet nimble, but Yan Nan Tiam’s fist moves were like an iron wall. Hua Wu Que could not even make a single successful attack!

    His hair was in a mess, and the messy strands of hair landed on his pale forehead, but his cheeks were red from the hot rush of blood. Anyone would have thought that to use ferocious moves to attack Yan Nan Tian, that person must be tired of living.

    His palm attacks may be as sharp as nails, but Yan Nan Tian’s fist attacks is like hammer, the heartless hammer, beating down on him heartlessly.

    He only felt himself slowly suffocating, slowly losing his breath, Yan Nan Tian’s dance-like fists, seemed in his eyes to be growing bigger, growing bigger…

    He knows that this time Yan Nan Tian will not let him off! But he did not give up, did not despair, as long as he still have one last breath in him, he will not give in even in death!

    Who would have expected that Yan Nan Tian suddenly somersaulted, retreated seven feet, and shouted, “Hold it!”

    He saw that he could have killed Hua Wu Que with his fists, and yet he suddenly stopped.

    Hua Wu Que was surprised, and can’t help but asked as he panted, “Why do you want me to stop?”
    Yan Nan Tian stared at him with bright eyes, and said each word clearly, “Although I have never heard of this name ‘Mr Copper’, neither do I believe that ‘Mr Copper’ really exists in this world, but I now believe that you did not lie.”

    Hua Wu Que said, “Oh?…”

    Yan Nan Tian continued, “If you had lied, you would surely have felt guilt, a guilty person would never be able to execute such ferocious moves!”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment, and looking heavenward, laughed, “Don’t you feel that it’s a little too late to believe me now?”

    Yan Nan Tian said with a deep voice, “If you felt that I have insulted you earlier, then I sincerely apologize.”

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh, “Admitting a mistake without trying to shift the blame, a hero of the world indeed, even if I want to fight with you to the death, I will not be able to strike now!”

    Yan Nan Tian shouted, “But I will still strike!”

    Hua Wu Que was again surprised, and asked, “Why?”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “You may not have lied, but I still cannot let you go. No matter who that ‘Mr Copper’ is, he is surely related to you, right?”

    Hua Wu Que thought about it, and said, “Right.”

    “He imprisoned Jiang Xiao Yu, is it because of you?”

    Hua Wu Que replied with a bitter smile, “I did not ask him to do it, but it’s true that was his intention.”

    Yan Nan Tian roared, “That’s it then, since he kept Jiang Xiao Yu, then I will keep you! The time he releases Jiang Xiao Yu, will be the time I release you!”

    He took a step forward, and said fiercely, “If he kills Jiang Xiao Yu, then I’ll kill you!” Hua Wu Que’s expression changed, but he heaved a long sigh and said, “That sounds very fair.”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “I have always been fair in my dealings.”

    Hua Wu Que said coldly, “But the words you said to Miss Tie were most unfair.”

    As he said these, he suddenly realized, that Tie Xin Lan is no longer under the tree. No one knows when this heart broken girl left!

    Yan Nan Tian roared, “Do you stay willingly, or do you want me to fight with you again?”

    Hua Wu Que’s expression paled, and he said out each word, “Even if you want me to leave now, I will not leave. If something untoward were to happen to Tie Xin Lan, even if you let me off, I will not let you off!”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed heartily and said, “Good, very good! Before I find Tie Xin Lan and Jiang Xiao Yu, I think the two of us cannot be separated, right?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Exactly!”

    Mr Copper carried Xiao Yu’er and flew up the tree top again.

    The branches on this tree were dense and at the tip of the tree, the circumference was about ten feet or more. The branches were firm yet supple, able to hold the weight of a few hundred catties. Mr Copper placed Xiao Yu’er at the top, and only pressed the branch down a little, and the dense leaves were wrapping Xiao Yu’er up like a blanket. Unless it’s a flying bird, or else no one would realize there is someone being hidden there.

    Although Xiao Yu’er could not move, but he was still grinning and said, “This is really a good place to hide. It seems that I can have a comfortable sleep here.”

    Mr Copper said coldly, “You better honestly sleep.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Are you leaving? You are such a loner, and loves cleanliness so much, I just know that you will not guard over me forever.”

    Mr Copper smiled coldly, “You can forget about running away. Once I have finished my work here, I will bring you to a safer place.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “I can’t even move my fingers, even if you were to put me on the road, I won’t be able to run.”

    Mr Copper replied, “It’s best that you can understand this point.”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and commented, “If it rains, and I don’t have a very good constitution, I’ll fall sick once I get caught in the rain. It’s no big deal if I fall sick, but if I’m injured due to my sickness, won’t it spoil your reputation? You promised, never to let me be injured, right?”

    Mr Copper said icily, “No matter how sick you are, I will be able to cure you.”

    Xiao Yu’er thought for a while, and continued, “I’m heavier than an ox, if this branch can’t take my weight and break into half, and if I fall and break my arm or leg, can you patch them up as well?”

    Mr Copper replied, “Even if two of the branches were to break, you still would not fall.”

    Xiao Yu’er widened his eyes and smiled, “What if there were eagles or similarly large birds that flew over my head, and thought my eyes were pigeon eggs and pecked me. Can you mend that as well?”

    Mr Copper suddenly exclaimed, “Why are you so annoying!”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Since I was born, I don’t have any other ability other than annoying others. If you find me annoying, why don’t you kill me. A dead person won’t be annoying.”

    In Mr Copper’s entire life, he has really never met such an irritating person. If it was anyone else, that person would have been cut into eight pieces long ago.

    He was so angry his body was shaking, but he had no choice but to take out a silk handkerchief to cover Xiao Yu’er’s face, saying fiercely “Is this better?”

    Xiao Yu’er took a deep breath and smiled, “Your handkerchief is really fragrant, is it some love token given to you by some lady?"”

    Mr Copper bellowed, “Why can’t you just shut up?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “If you were to seal my mute acupoint, then won’t I be unable to talk? But you would also know that the mute acupoint cannot be sealed for more than six hours, or that person would die of asphyxiation.

    Xiao Yu’er continued with a laugh, “So if you were to seal my mute acupoint, every three hours, you would have to come back and let me take a breath, won’t that be even more troublesome.”

    Mr Copper said through gritted teeth, “You know quite a lot.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “Besides this, there is another less troublesome method.”

    He deliberately paused, and continued, “That would be running away, the best plan in the thirty-six plans. Once you’re gone, no matter what I say, you won’t be able to hear me. Won’t that be a relief to your ears?”

    Without waiting for him to finish his words, Mr Copper had already flown down the tree.

    Xiao Yu’er deliberately sighed, and mumbled, “He’s finally gone, I hope that gentleman would not come too early, so that I can have a good sleep first.”

    He has not finished his words when Mr Copper flew up again, took away the handkerchief that was covering his face, and asked fiercely, “Who is the gentleman you were referring to?”

    Xiao Yu’er pretended to be startled, “Ah, the words I have just said, you’ve heard them all?”

    Mr Copper said coldly, “Within a thousand feet, nothing can escape me.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed again, “You’ve hidden me on the tree, no one can see me, so how can there be anyone who would save me? I was just talking and amusing myself earlier on.”

    Mr Copper asked, “Who did you think would come and save you?”

    Mr Copper was deep in thought for a moment before he exclaimed, “That’s right, Hua Wu Que might come back for a look.”

    He stopped speaking, carried Xiao Yu’er again and flew down the tree. He thought himself to be astute, but he did not see Xiao Yu’er secretly smiling.

    Xiao Yu’er did not expect anyone to save him at all. He knows that if he stays on the tree, there will be no chance for him to escape at all. He can only harass Mr Copper, until he’s dizzy from the harassment. As soon as he is a little careless, there will be a chance for him to escape.

    If it’s martial arts, Xiao yu’er is definitely not Mr Copper’s match, but when it comes to petty tricks like these, even two Mr Copper would not be a threat to Xiao Yu’er.

    He carried Xiao Yu’er and flew down the tree, but hesitated again.

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Where are you taking me to? You can’t possibly just stand here carrying me.”


    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “I have not bathed for a few days, don’t you find it dirty carrying me?”

    He has not finished his words and Mr Copper had released his hold.

    Xiao Yu’er fell to the ground and cried loudly, “Aiyo, oh no, my bone’s broken!”

    Mr Copper kicked his hipbone, thus unsealing the acupoint for his lower body and shouted, “Stand up and follow me!”

    Xiao yu’er felt that his legs can move, but groaned, “My bone’s broken, how can I stand up, this time you really must carry me!”

    Mr Copper fumed, “What is your bone made of, that it will break with a fall?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Even if it did not break from the fall, it would have broke from your kick… aiyo, so painful!”

    He might as well start screaming in pain.

    Me Copper’s gaze flickered, and he finally can’t help but ask, “Is it really broken?”

    Xiao Yu’er groaned, “Touch it for yourself if you don’t believe me.”

    Mr Copper hesitated, but finally bent down to inspect Xiao Yu’er’s leg.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “No, it’s not there.”

    “Where is it?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Not at the thigh, it’s a little higher.”

    Mr Copper’s hands suddenly shrunk back, as if he has been bitten by a poisoned snake. He stood up straight, his chest panting.

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Why is it that you don’t even dare to touch, unless you’re a woman?”

    Mr Copper bellowed, “Shut up!”

    Xiao Yu’er stuck out his tongue and laughed, “You want me to shut up, even if you wish to seal my mute acupoint, you can use a cloth to stuff my mouth!”

    He could have stuffed Xiao Yu’er’s mouth, but now that Xiao Yu’er had said it out first, if he were to do that, won’t it be a loss of face?

    Mr Copper said icily, “Why should I stuff your mouth, I want to hear you talk.”

    Xiao Yu’er tried to hold his laughter and said, “I did not expect my words to be so nice. Since you like to listen, why don’t you sit down, we can have a comfortable chat.”

    Mr Copper stared at Xiao Yu’er in anger, but there’s nothing he can do. He had thought that there would be no one in the world that he cannot handle, but who would know that there would be a Jiang Xiao Yu. For the first time in his life, he felt a headache coming on.

    End of Chapter 66

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 67

    Yan Nan Tian and Hua Wu Que walked out of the woods together.

    Hua Wu Que suddenly said, “Which direction did Tie Xin Lan walk towards? Did you not notice as well?”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “No!”

    Hua Wu Que raised his head and looked up, saying with a soft sigh, “I wonder where Jiang Xiao Yu is right now as well?”

    Yan Nan Tian asked, “When did he end up in the hands of that ‘Mr Copper’?”

    “Last night”

    Yan Nan Tian was silent for a moment, and suddenly said, “How can there be a ‘Mr Copper’ in the martial arts realm? If he is so highly skilled, why have I never heard of him? … Do you know his background?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I only know he is extremely skilled, unbelievably so, but I do not know his background as well.”

    Yan Nan Tian smiled coldly, “If my guess is correct, he must be someone in disguise.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “But who in the world would be so highly skilled?”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “The Mistress of Floral Palace…”

    Hua Wu Que said with a slight smile, “Why would my Teacher want to disguise herself? And why would she want to hide it from me? How would doing this benefit her? Hero Yan, can you think of a reason why?”

    “I can’t think of any…” He paused for a while, and added, “Where would you think that ‘Mr Copper’ would bring Jiang Xiao Yu to?”

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh as well, “I can’t think of any as well.”

    By now Xiao Yu’er is already asleep. Taking advantage of the night, Mr Copper brought Xiao Yu’er back to that room in the inn. He really could not think where else he can bring this troublemaking youth. Xiao Yu’er lied on the bed, sleeping soundly, but Mr Copper can only sit on the chair and look at him. He is just like a statue sitting on the chair, not moving at all. Xiao Yu’er’s breathing lowered, as if he is sound asleep, and like a child who is sleeping next to his mother, there was a slight smile at the corners of his mouth.

    When he’s awake, on this face, not only is it full of captivating charm, but there is also a carefree, mischievous air. But now that he is asleep, this face looked as innocent as a baby.

    Mr Copper looked at his innocent and handsome face, looked at the scar on his face that can never be removed, and his whole body started to shiver.

    His hand clutched tightly at the back of the chair, so tightly, that his cold eyes became hotter than fire, as if it’s filled with pain, or filled with hatred.

    There was a ‘pak’ sound, and the back of the teak chair was shattered to pieces by him!

    Xiao Yu’er slowly opened his eyes, rubbed his eyes and smiled at him, asking, “Did I sleep for a long time?”

    “Very… very long” He tried his utmost to make his voice sound calm, but there was still a slight shiver.

    Xjao Yu’er smiled, “You have been sitting there guarding me all along?” Although Xiao Yu’er could not move his body, but with a kick, he jumped down the bed and said with a smile, “I’ve taken over you bed, and you could not sleep, I’m really sorry about that.”

    Mr Copper stared at his leg, and asked fiercely, “You… your leg is not injured?”

    Xiao Yu’er made a face at him, and started walking out.

    Mr Copper shouted, “Where are you going?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “I have a habit, once I wake up I need to… need to go to the toilet.”

    Mr Copper fumed, “You’re not allowed!”

    Xiao Yu’er said miserably, “If I’m not allowed, then I’ll have to poop in my pants, that would be very smelly.”

    Mr Copper almost jumped up, and shouted, “You… You dare to do it?”

    Xiao Yu’er said slowly, “No matter how fierce or capable a person is, even if he can kill or set fire, but he cannot ask others not to poop.”

    Mr Copper stared at him, his gaze almost smoking with fire.

    However, Xiao Yu’er remained unperturbed, and smiled, “If you do not want me to poop, there is only one way, which is to kill me immediately. Or else… or else I really cannot hold it in any longer.” As he spoke, he was about to squat.

    Mr Copper quickly yelled, “No… not here….”

    “Are you letting me out?”

    Mr Copper stamped his feet angrily and said, “Scram!”

    Without waiting for him to finish talking, Xiao Yu’er is already walking out with his back bent, and laughingly said, “If you’re worried, you can look at me from outside the toilet.”

    Mr Copper was indeed worried, and indeed could only wait outside the toilet.

    He would not even imagine in his dreams, that in his life, he would actually be standing outside a toilet, waiting for someone who is pooping inside.

    After almost an hour, Xiao Yu’er walked out slowly rubbing his belly. Mr Copper was quite mad and fumed, “Have you died inside?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “A few day’s worth of stuff, to be cleared in one go, of course it would take some time.”

    Mr Copper was so angry that he did not know what to say, and can only turn his head away.

    However, Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Now we should go for a meal.”

    Mr Copper fumed, “You… what did you say?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Eating and pooping, is the most common thing, what’s so strange about that? …. Have you never seen anyone who wants to eat?”

    Mr Copper was stunned for a while, and suddenly smiled frostily, “Although I cannot stop you…. you from going to the toilet, but I can stop you from eating.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “You won’t allow me to eat?”

    Mr Copper roared, “You will only eat when I let you, other wise you will shut your mouth!”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked, and smiled, “But the mouth is on my face, right? So, when I want to eat, you will have to let me eat, or else I will never eat. If I starve to death, your plan will be finished… do you understand?”

    Mr Copper went forward with a step, grabbed Xiao Yu’er’s collar and hissed, “You… you dare to say such words to me?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “I may not be able to win you in a fight, but if I want to starve myself, there is nothing you can do, right?”

    Mr Copper was shaking with fury, but can only pretend not to hear.

    Yan Nan Tian and Hua Wu Que naturally could not find Tie Xin Lan, and of course Xiao Yu’er. They walked aimlessly for a while when Yan Nan Tian suddenly asked, “Do you drink?”

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “I can drink a cup or two.”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “Good, then we’ll go for a drink!”

    So the two of them went back to the city, and Yan Nan Tian said, “The food in Jiang Zhe are too sweet, Northern cuisine too bland. Only Sichuan food, salty, spicy and hot, are suitable for a man’s taste, what do you think?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “There is this restaurant called Yang Zi Jiang in the city that seems to have a famous chef.”

    At this time the night market is still open, the streets were crowded, and it was quite a bustling atmosphere. On the upper level of Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant, were also filled, not a table untaken.

    Jiang Bie He was alone drinking.

    There are too many things worrying him these two days, Xiao Yu’er, Hua Wu Que… and his son Jiang Yu Lang, who still have not returned.

    Suddenly a burly man hurriedly ran upstairs, knocked over two chairs and walked to him, whispering, “Master Hua is here, he’s just downstairs, and seems like he’s coming up for a drink.”

    Jiang Bie He asked, “Is he alone?”

    The burly man replied, “He is with a tall, skinny man with tattered and torn clothes, seems like…”

    He has not finished his words but Jiang Bie He’s expression had turned ashen, and immediately stood up, and fluttered, “Quickly… you think of a way to block them first.”

    But by now Hua Wu Que and Yan Nan Tian had already walked up, and Hua Wu Que is walking towards him with a smile.

    Jiang Bie He’s hand held onto the table, almost unable to stand from fear.

    He heard Hua Wu Que said with a smile, “I didn’t expect Brother Jiang to be here as well.”

    Jiang Bie He replied, “Yes… yes…”

    He stared straight at Yan Nan Tian, and only felt his throat drying, his legs softening, unable to utter even a single word, as if he’s already scared out of his wits.

    Yan Nan Tian looked at him up and down twice, and smiled, “Is this the recently famed person in the Martial Arts realm ‘Hero of Jiang Nan, Jiang Bie He’?”

    Jiang Bie He stammered, “I wouldn’t… wouldn’t dare.”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “Fine, let’s sit together, and have a few drinks.”

    He pulled a chair over and sat down, but realized that the cups and plates on the table kept moving. It turns out that Jiang Bie He’s whole body was shaking. Yan Nan Tian furrowed his brows and asked, “Why won’t Brother Jiang sit down?” Jiang Bie He immediately sat down straight on the chair.

    Yan Nan Tian said with a laugh, “Although I have not stepped into the martial arts world for a long time, but I have long heard of Brother Jiang’s heroic name. I must have a good drink with you today.”

    Jiang Bie He hurriedly poured three cups of wine and said with a forced smile, “Let Junior offer a toast to Hero Yan first.”

    He used the wine cup to cover his face, but in his heart he was totally surprised! “So Jiang Xiao Yu have not told him about me, but he… how could he not have recognized me? These twenty years, my looks have not changed much.”
    He secretly looked over from the corner of his eyes over the wine cup, and was silently contemplating, “But his looks have changed a lot, could it….. could it be….”

    Suddenly Yan Nan Tian asked, “Why haven’t Brother Jiang drank up your cup of wine?”

    Jiang Bie He hurriedly gulped it down, and said with a laugh, “Junior have long been respectful of Hero Yan’s heroic name, I did not expect to meet you today, it is indeed an honor.”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “That’s right, it’s the first time we met, we must really have a good drink.”

    On hearing the four words ‘first time we met’, Jiang Bie He felt even more perplexed, but can’t help heaving a long sigh of relief, and laughed, “We really must have a good drink, and not leave until we are drunk.”

    Yan Nan Tian slapped the table and laughed, “What a good ‘not leave until we are drunk’…. Come, hurry up and bring us thirty catties (= 15 kg) of wine!”

    Mr Copper and Xiao Yu’er walked out of the inn. It’s late in the night, there’s no one else on the long street and the shops on both sides are all closed.

    Xiao Yu’er clasped his hands behind his back and walked around, seemingly very happy, and smiled, “Don’t be anxious, even if the restaurant is closed, as long as you’re willing to spend, even the ghosts will work for you. There’s no need to worry that the restaurant won’t open for you.”

    Mr Copper controlled his anger and said, “There’s a restaurant here, you can call for them.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “This restaurant is called San He Place, it’s Jiang Zhe dishes(Jiang Su and Zhe Jiang Provinces), it can’t do… hmm, there’s a restaurant Zhen Bei Ping here, must be Northern food, can’t do as well.”

    Mr Copper fumed, “Why can’t it do? Can’t you just make do with it?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a straight face, “No, a person can let his friends down, but he must never, never let his own stomach down, because friends will run away when you are having bad luck, but the stomach will stay with you for life.”

    Mr Copper stared at him angrily, before slowly commenting after a moment, “Everyone in the world fears me, you… why are you not afraid?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a smile, “I obviously know that you will not kill me yourself, why should I be afraid of you?”

    Mr Copper suddenly turned around and walked away with large strides.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Actually you don’t have to be angry. You obviously know that the angrier you are, the happier I will be, so why must you make things difficult for yourself?”

    They saw on the upper level some distance away, there is still light, and the large gold words on the signboard were also shining. “Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant, authentic Sichuan Cuisine”.

    But by then there are no customers at the Yang Zi Jiang Restaurant, only a few workers were cleaning up.

    The few of them lifted their heads and all were stunned by their fear – a person wearing a ghastly copper mask, had wondered upstairs since who knows when, is looking at them icily.

    Xiao Yu’er however, was grinning, “What are you all stunned about, this Sir here may be wearing copper on his face, but there’s lots of silver hung on his waist. The God of Fortune is coming to your door, aren’t you going to welcome him quickly?”

    The worker replied numbly, “Sor… sorry, our shop is closed.”

    Mr Copper looked at him frostily, and suddenly grabbed his hair.

    That worker’s was like travelling on cloud, his whole body flew out. When he regained his senses, he realized he’s sitting on the beams of the roof. Although he was not physically injured, but he was scared out of his wits. His head felt faint and he fell straight down. If not for Xiao Yu’er catching hold of him, his head would have been smashed like a rotten watermelon.

    Mr Copper coldly said, “I don’t care of you’re closed or not, whatever that he wants to eat, you will have to serve it. If any one item is missing, then no one among the four of you will live!” How would the four workers dare say the word ‘no’.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Oh joy oh joy, to have a meal with someone like you, is really joyous.”

    He sat down comfortably and said, “I’ll have four cold dishes first, chicken sticks, cold dish in four sauces, hot and spicy tendons, garlic meat, and a fat camphor tea duck, roasted oxtail, black bean fish….”

    With every dish he said, the workers nodded their heads, until they were a little dizzy from all the nodding. Xiao Yu’er finally sighed and said with a smile, “It’s so late at night, there’s no need to prepare so many dishes, I’ll just make do with these few. However, the wine must be of excellent quality, either Bamboo Green or Huadiao will do, let us have twenty or thirty catties first.”

    The few workers were tongue-tied. These dishes are enough for twenty people, yet this lad said that he’s just ‘making do with it’. They were stunned for a while before they stammered, “Sorry…. Our… our shop’s wine, have all been drunk by the three customers earlier.”

    Mr Copper said icily, “If it’s finished then go someplace else to buy it. Thirty catties, even if it’s one catty less, I’ll have your head!”

    The four workers could only blame it on their bad luck, they just sent off three Gods of Plague, and here comes another two evil spirits.

    In less than an hour, all the dishes and wine were served, and indeed not a single item was missing. Xiao Yu’er immediately started eating and drinking voraciously, but Mr Copper would not even sit down.

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Why are you not sitting down, the way you are standing, how can I find my appetite?”

    He raised two cups and smiled, “This wine and dishes are really not bad, why don’t you eat a little. If you have lost your appetite from anger, and starve yourself sick, I would feel bad.” Mr Copper totally ignored him.

    Xiao Yu’er picked up a piece of Camphor Tea duck, and sighed as he chewed, saying “The mouth is on your face, if you refuse to eat, there’s nothing I can do. But you are neither eating nor sleeping, how can you take it?”

    Mr Copper suddenly stuck with his palm, and shattered a table by the side to pieces. He really has no way to vent the anger he is feeling, and can only take it out on the table.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “The table did not offend you, why must you make things difficult for it… in my opinion, why don’t you let me go and save yourself from such suffering.”

    Mr Copper replied angrily, “Let you go, forget it!”

    Xiao Yu’er raised his head and took a drink, laughing loudly, “To tell you the truth, even if you release me now, I won’t leave. I have a bodyguard when I’m asleep, someone is paying for my meals, such happy days, where else can I find it?”

    Mr Copper stared at him for a while, before saying each word slowly, “I want you to live happily, that way when you die, it will be more painful.”

    Xiao Yu’er put his chopsticks down and stared at him, and suddenly said with a sigh, “Let me ask you, I do not know you at all, why do you hate me so much? Since you hate me so much, why won’t you kill me yourself?”

    Mr Cooper looked heavenward and laughed coldly, “The secret within, you will never know!”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “For a person to never find out a secret closely related to himself, isn’t it the most cruel, most pitiful thing.”

    Mr Copper laughed harshly, “That’s right, it is indeed the most cruel, most pitiful thing in the world. I can guarantee that you can never escape from this pitiful fate, because there is definitely no one in the world who can reveal this secret. So now your only concern is to remain happy, as long as you can really be happy, then be happy by all means.”

    Yan Nan Tian, Hua Wu Que and Jiang Bie He, the three of them seemed a little drunk. They staggered around under the star lit night.

    Jiang Bie He has never drunk so much wine in his life, but since Yan Nan Tian wants to drink, he can only drink with him, although later whenever Yan Nan Tian drank a cup, his own cup is at the most only half filled.

    Yan Nan Tian sang loudly, “The Piebald horse, the lady raids, a shout to change for excellent wine, to drink away worries with you…. Worries…” The song was gallant yet filled with grief, as if the heart is full of anguish.

    Yan Nan Tian looked towards heaven and heaved a long sigh, “Why is it that the best person and the worst person in the world, are all surnamed Jiang?”

    Jiang Bie He stammered, “Wha… what do you mean by that?”

    Yan Nan Tian sighed, “That 2nd Brother Jiang of mine, is gentle and kind, and can be considered the best person in the world, but then there is Jiang Qin…”

    As he said the two words ‘Jiang Qin’, Jiang Bie He suddenly felt a cold shiver. Yan Nan Tian’s hair was disheveled, his gaze fierce, and he continued angrily, “Although my 2nd Brother Jiang treated Jiang Qin like a brother, but that heartless murderer, actually secretly colluded with someone else and betrayed him!”

    Cold sweat was dripping down Jiang Bie He’s face, but he forced out a laugh and asked, “That Jiang… Jiang Qin is truly so vicious?”

    Yan Nan Tian took his hands in a tight clench and hissed, “A pity that murderer has gone into hiding, and I could not find him… if I find him, I will definitely crush all his bones one by one.”

    Jiang Bie He shivered again, and seems to have been shocked out of his drunkenness. He only felt Yan Nan Tian’s hold on his hands getting tighter and tighter, as if he is going to crush his bones.

    Jiang Bie He can’t help but forced out a smile and said, “Ju… Junior is not Jiang… Jiang Qin, Hero Yan please do not crush Junior’s hands.”

    Yan Nan Tian released his hands with a laugh, and saw in front of him in the dark night, a few people flying into a house like a cat, and who knows what secret deals they are making.

    Hua Wu Que felt the alcohol rushing up, and seemed to have become more high spirited, and laughed, “It’s the middle of the night, these few people must be up to no good, I’ll go take a look.” Yan Nan Tian suddenly said, “With me around, would there be a need for you to go look?”

    With a jump, he flew over the wall and said fiercely, “Yan Nan Tian is here, friends inside should all come out now!”

    He has not finished his words when there were a few people scattering out in the darkness like rats.

    Yan Nan Tian roared, “Stop, not a single one is to leave!”

    The few men of the night seems to have been really shocked by the name ‘Yan Nan Tian’, and all of them stood there, not even daring to move at all.

    Yan Nan Tian said fiercely, “With me in this city, how care you think of committing misdeeds, don’t you want your lives anymore!” He stood alone on the wall, his clothes fluttering in the wind, and at a glance really looked like a God descended from heaven.

    The few of them saw how imposing he looked, and only then confirmed that it is really the undefeated Yan Nan Tian who is here. The few of them were so startled that they all prostrated on the ground and fluttered, “We did not know that Hero Yan has returned to the martial arts realm, we hope Hero Yan will forgive us.”

    Yan Nan Tian bellowed, “But Hero Jiang is in this city, did you not know as well?”

    The few of them took a glance at Jiang Bie He, and although they did not say anything, but the meaning is quite obvious. No matter how hard Jiang Bie He works, but Jiang Bie He’s ‘Hero’ is way below when compared to Yan Nan Tian.

    Yan Nan Tian roared, “On the account that you have not committed any misdeeds, all of you are to give yourselves twenty slaps, scram quickly!”

    The few of them actually really raised their hands and slapped themselves twenty times, kowtowed once, and flew off in distress.

    On witnessing this, Jiang Bie He was astonished, envious and jealous, and can’t help but heaved a long sigh, “If a person can have such a reputation, only then would his life not have been in vain.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled and said, “In the whole world, to have such a reputation, I’m afraid it’s not only Hero Yan.”

    Yan Nan Tian asked, “Hua Wu Que, you still refuse to accept my ability?”

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “If they know that someone from Floral Palace is here, I’m afraid they would run even faster.”

    Yan Nan Tian stared at him for a while before suddenly laughing loudly, “To make someone like you accept, is really a difficult task.”

    He jumped down from the wall and started walking and singing again.

    Jiang Bie He quietly tugged on Hua Wu Que’s sleeve and whispered, “Good Brother, Hero Yan seems to be a little drunk, why don’t we say our farewells to Yan Nan Tian and leave quickly.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “I’m afraid I will have to say my farewell to Brother Jiang.”

    Jiang Bie He was stunned, and asked, “Good Brother you… you really want to go with Hero Yan?”


    Jiang Bie He’s palm broke out in cold sweat, “If your Teacher were to find out, won’t it be a little inconvenient?”

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “Even if my Teacher were to know, I will still need to leave with him.”

    Jiang Bie He was shocked for a moment, and asked, “You…. where are you going?”

    “To look for Jiang Xiao Yu.”

    Jiang Bie He secretly shivered, and thought to himself, “Even if Yan Nan Tian has not recognized me, even if he still regards me as a friend, but once he sees Jiang Xiao Yu, I will still be finished.”

    The three of then walked another two rounds, and also ended up at the inn where ‘Mr Copper’ was staying. Jiang Bie He’s eyes rolled, and suddenly said with a smile, “Would Hero Yan want to go into this inn to have another drink?”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “You are indeed understanding… come, let us go in.”

    Once they’re in the house, Yan Nan Tian ordered for wine to be brought, while Jiang Bie He looked for an excuse to go outside, and secretly slipped into Mr Coppers’s house.

    Naturally he was thinking of looking for Mr Copper to deal with Yan Nan Tian, unfortunately Mr Copper was not in the house. Although the light fragrance is still in the air, but he could have left this place long ago.

    Jiang Bie He was full of disappointment, and when he returned to the room, Yan Nan Tian had already drunk a few catties of wine. He may be a good drinker, but by now he is a little drunk. Hua Wu Que was also getting drunk. Jiang Bie He had a thought, and slipped out. He used his hands to induce vomiting, and threw up all the wine in his stomach before returning with the intention of urging them to drink more.

    Later Yan Nan Tian finally collapsed on the bed and slept soundly. Hua Wu Que was mumbling, “Wine with friends, not leave until drunk, come, have another cup…” Before he finished his words, he also fell asleep on the table.

    End of Chapter 67

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 68

    Jiang Bie He sat there quietly for a while, and stared at Yan Nan Tian with large eyes. Hua Wu Que was lying on the table, also unmoving.

    Jiang Bie He can only hear his own heartbeat, getting louder and louder…

    If he wants to rule the martial arts realm, now would really be the opportunity.

    But this chance, has come too easily! He clenched both his fists tightly, his palm in cold sweat. “Jiang Bie He oh Jiang Bie He, if you miss this chance, then there would never be another opportunity like this. If you do not kill them today, you will die in their hands sooner or later, what are you afraid of? Why are you hesitating? The two of them are already drunk, why aren’t you striking?”

    Once he thought of this, he suddenly stood up, but sat down again with a plonk! “No! I must not think of it as luck, there will never be something so easy in this world!”

    His palms were shaking badly, that he had to grab hold of the chair tightly!

    “But this kind of thing, even I do not believe it, naturally they would not believe it even more. Just because they do not believe, that’s why they are not on their guard at all.”

    Jiang Bie He’s eyes gleamed!

    “That’s right, Hua Wu Que and Yan Nan Tian would never think that I would kill them, this really is a rare opportunity… Jiang Bie He oh Jiang Bie He, why can’t you make up your mind now…? You just have to strike now and the world would be yours!…”

    Jiang Bie He no longer hesitated, and stepped towards the table in one step, his palm aiming straight down!

    Just at this instant, Hua Wu Que suddenly jumped up and shouted, “Jiang Bie He, I’ve finally seen your true colors, Jiang Xiao Yu really did not malign you!”

    As he shouted, he jumped over.

    Who would have expected that Yan Nan Tian would actually be faster than him.

    Jiang Bie He’s palm was aiming down, Yan Nan Tian’s iron palm is already aiming up!

    With a ‘pak’ sound, Jiang Bie He’s body was thrown back by the force and knocked heavily against the wall. He only felt all the joints in his body seemed to have cracked and could not stand up at that moment.

    Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “These few cups of wine, how can they make me drunk? I also want to see why this person is drinking and puking, puking and drinking, what his intentions are?”

    He suddenly stopped laughing and roared, “Jiang Bie He, what do you have to say now?”

    Jiang Bie He laughed bitterly, “Forget it… the martial arts that I’ve practiced for twenty over years cannot even withstand a palm attack from Yan Nan Tian, what else do I have to say?”

    Yan Nan Tian asked fiercely, "I have no enmity with you, why do you want to sneak an attack on me?”

    Jiang Bie He deliberately heaved a long sigh and said, “Two heroes cannot stand together, you and I cannot live together, with a ‘hero’ like you still living in the world, where can a ‘hero’ like me still stand!”

    He clenched his teeth, and continued loudly, “Just now when I saw how those people, after seeing you, did not even bother about me, I made up my mind that I must get rid of you! Since now my martial arts cannot win you, what revenge can I speak of?”

    Yan Nan Tian said angrily, “Even if your martial arts are unparalleled in the world, just with that thinking of yours, you cannot live up to the words ‘hero’.”

    Jiang Bie He asked, “You… what do you want?”

    Yan Nan Tian replied fiercely, “You have the false name of a hero, but your heart is so vicious, your methods so unscrupulous. If I do not get rid of such an evil in the martial arts world, I wonder how many more people will die in your hands in future!”

    “You want to kill me?”

    Just as Yan Nan Tian shouted “Exactly”, his palm struck out like lightning.

    Jiang Bie He avoided his attack and suddenly laughed loudly, “If you kill me, then no one else in the world will know Jiang Qin’s whereabouts… you can forget about finding him for the rest of your life!”

    Yan Nan Tian was shocked, and asked hoarsely, “You… you know Jiang Qin’s whereabouts?”

    Jiang Bie He stood up slowly, and said calmly, “Exactly.”

    Yan Nan Tian rushed forward and grabbed him by his collar, and hissed, “Where is he?”

    Jiang Bie He stood there, not avoiding, and said slowly, “You can kill me, but you cannot make me reveal his whereabouts.”

    Yan Nan Tian raised his palm and roared angrily, “Do you want to try?” Jiang Bie He smiled, “You are a hero, if you’re thinking of torturing me into talking, won’t it be unbefitting of your reputation as a hero?”

    Yan Nan was stunned, and his palm lowered unconsciously.

    Jiang Bie He continued with a smile, “If you really want me to tell you, unless you promise me two things.”

    Yan Nan Tian angrily asked, “What else do you want?”

    Jiang Bie He said slowly, “I want you to promise, not only must you let me go today, you cannot harm even a hair on me in future!”

    Yan Nan Tian was silent for a while before roaring, “Fine, I promise you… I don’t believe that besides me, there is no one else in the world who can hurt you!”

    Jiang Bie He smiled, and said, “Also, after I have revealed Jiang Qin’s whereabouts, you must keep it a secret, and never let a fourth person know where Jiang Qin is.”

    Yan Nan Tian raised his voice, “This is originally my business, I want to kill him with my own hands, why would I let others know.”

    The corner of Jiang Bie He’s mouth tilted up into a sly smile, and said “Very good, but what if you cannot kill him?”

    Yan Nan Tian hurriedly said, “If I cannot kill him with my own hands, all the more others cannot kill him!”

    Jiang Bie He turned around and asked, “What about you Master Hua?”

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh and said, “This is originally Hero Yan’s business. Since he has agreed, of course I would not oppose it.”

    Jiang Bie He looked heavenward and laughed loudly, “Good, very good.” Yan Nan Tian asked, “Where exactly is Jiang Qin?”

    Jiang Bie He slowly stopped his smile, looked at Yan Nan Tian, and said each word slowly, “Right here!”

    Yan Nan Tian’s body shook, and stammered, “You… you…”

    Jiang Bie He laughed loudly, “I am Jiang Qin, but you have already promised, never to hurt me!”

    Yan Nan Tian felt as if he had been whipped, and took a few steps back, his fists clenched, his whole body shaking. Even Hua Wu Que can’t help but feel astounded as well.

    Jiang Bie He laughed madly and said, “You were intent in finding out Jiang Qin’s whereabouts, therefore you promised me. Although now you already know Jiang Qin’s whereabouts, but you can never kill him.”

    He was laughing himself hoarse, as if he felt that there is nothing funnier than this in the world. Yan Nan Tian’s gaze turned red, and suddenly dashed out with a roar, “You… you wicked thief, how can I allow you!”

    Jiang Bie He stared at him and said fiercely, “A reputable hero like Yan Nan Tian, could he be one who goes back on his word!”

    Yan Nan Tian was shaken, and stood there in a daze.

    His hair was angrily messy, the corner of his eyes seemed to be cracking, all the bones in his body unconsciously shaking, and he finally staggered a few steps back and fell sitting on the bed, and said with grief, “Jiang… Fine… I promised you, go.” Yan Nan Tian suddenly jumped up again and hissed, “If you still do not leave, be careful that I may change my mind!”

    Jiang Bie He clasped his fists in a bow and said smilingly, “Since that is the case, I shall make a move. Thank you, thank you. Goodbye, goodbye.”

    He laughingly walked out with large strides, and a dead silence immediately fell upon the room, and only Yan Nan Tian’s heavy breathing was heard. Even the roof seemed like it’s about to collapse from the weight.

    After who knows how long, Hua Wu Que suddenly heaved a long sigh and said, “Hero Yan, now I really yield to you.”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed bitterly and said, “I defeated you twice with fists and swords but you did not yield to me. With a roar from me, I made all the thieves fear me but you do not yield to me as well. Now that I am seeing my enemy walk calmly away and yet cannot do anything about it, you yield to me instead?”

    Hua Wu Que replied with a straight face, “It’s exactly because I saw you let Jiang Be He leave, that I know that Yan Nan Tian is really worthy of being called the hero of our times. It would have been easy for you to kill him, there’s not a lot of people who can kill Jiang Bie He in the world, but to be able to let him go like this, I’m afraid only Yan Nan Tian can do it!”

    He continued after another long sigh, “So, even though there may be others whose name would cause more fear than yours, there may be others whose martial arts are better than yours, but only you is fit to use the word ‘Hero’.”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed bitterly and replied, “But do you know, if a person wants to keep the word ‘Hero’, how much suffering and loneliness he will have to endure…”

    Hua Wu Que gave a long laugh and said, “I finally know now that it’s really not easy if a person wants to live up to the word ‘Hero’. Not only must he be able to do what others cannot do, he must also tolerate what others cannot tolerate…”

    His eyes looked at Yan Nan Tian, and said with a wide smile, “But no matter what, it would be worth it, right?”

    Once Jiang Bie He walked out the courtyard, he was unable to continue laughing immediately. He knows that although he was able to cheat Yan Nan Tian today, but there would be more troubles in future.

    The wind was blowing at the bamboo leaves, which rustled. Jiang Bie He hid into the bamboo woods in a flash, with the intention of taking a look at Yan Nan Tian and Hua Wu Que’s intentions.

    He thought, these two people must be extremely vexed and furious right now, and he can’t wait to see Yan Nan Tian perish of anger, for only then will he feel happy.

    But after a while, Yan Nan Tian’s booming laughter actually emitted from the house. This might be a great setback, but Yan Nan Tian did not seemed to have taken it to heart at all.

    Amidst the laughter, Yan Nan Tian and Hua Wu Que could be seen walking out with arms over each other’s shoulder, and with a jump and a flash of a shadow, they disappeared into the dark night.

    Where are they going? To look for Jiang Xiao Yu? The three of them should be enemies, but is it that they seem to be on the same side now.

    Jiang Bie He may not be able to guess the real reason, but ‘suspicions’ are making him even more uneasy, more agonized. He bit his lips and thought for a while, but could not come to a decision.

    Suddenly a shadow flickered, an eerily green copper mask, was shining in the night. Mr Copper is actually back again.

    Jiang Bie He was ecstatic and was about to rush over, but right at this time, he saw clearly the person next to Mr Copper, turned out to be Xiao Yu’er! Jiang Xiao Yu’s face was red from the wine, his face full of smiles, as if he’s very happy…

    Mr Copper is actually with Jiang Xiao Yu, and these two looked as if they had just finished a drinking session!

    His only thought was to rely on this mysterious Mr Copper to deal with Yan Nan Tian and Hua Wu Que, and this is almost his only hope of winning.

    But he never would have thought that Mr Copper would be with Jiang Xiao Yu. These two old and young weirdoes, when did they become friends? Mr Copper originally wanted to kill Jiang Xiao Yu, but why have he changed his mind now?

    Could it be he had been affected by Jiang Xiao Yu’s honeyed words?

    Jiang Bie He was surprised, angry, worried and terrified. Even when Mr Copper and Xiao Yu’er had walked into the house, he was still there in a daze.

    He suddenly felt that he is totally alone, there are his enemies everywhere, and not a friend whom he can trust.

    He has always had a suspicious streak, and now that he has witnessed it himself, he is sure that Yan Nan Tian, Jiang Xiao Yu, Hua Wu Que, Mr Copper, these four persons are now in cahoots to deal with him. By now the night is dark, the dew on the bamboo dripping down in droplets, dripping on his body, face, and even onto his neck.

    But he did not realize it at all, only muttering quietly to himself, “I want to defeat those four, how should I do it? Naturally with only me, it’s not enough, I need to find helpers, but who can I find?”

    Suddenly a worm on the bamboo leaf suddenly dropped down, and landed on his head. Jiang Bie He reached out and caught it, and saw the worm wriggling on his palm, like a little snake.

    His face suddenly revealed an expression of joy, and said hoarsely, “That’s right! Why didn’t I think of him! With him alone it might still not be enough, but if we were to add that Tiger husband and wife and me, four against four, won’t it be well matched!”

    He flew out of the woods in joy, but suddenly remembered that Mr Copper and Jiang Xiao Yu was still in the house opposite, and he stopped his steps in shock, his palms already breaking out in cold sweat.

    But there seemed to be no reaction coming from the house opposite at all, the lamp may be lighted in the house, but no human shadows could be seen on the window. Mr Copper and Xiao Yu’er had actually left.

    When Xiao Yu’er walked out of the house, he also did not think that Jiang Bie He would be looking at him from outside.

    The light in the room has been extinguished, and although Xiao Yu’er cannot see anything at all, but he realized that the fragrance in the room was stronger than when they left the house. Could someone have entered this house?

    Xiao Yu’er was just feeling perplexed when he suddenly heard Mr Copper say coldly, “Why are you here only now?”

    It was actually a lady’s voice coming out from the darkness, saying “It’s not easy to find a place that is to your satisfaction, that’s why I’m late.”

    This voice is naturally gentler compared to Mr Copper’s rough and hard voice, but the tone was equally icy, as if it’s of the same tune as Mr Copper’s.

    Xiao Yu’er was surprised and curious, and secretly thought, “I did not expect a weirdo like Mr Copper would actually have a girlfriend, and the way she speaks is also as strange as him, they are really a match made in heaven.” He felt around for a flint and quickly lighted the lamp.

    When the light shone, Xiao Yu’er saw a lady with long hair dressed in black, and on her face was an expressionless mask, carved from fragrant wood. Now that the lamp is burning brightly, to suddenly see such a person, Xiao Yu’er can’t help but jump in shock. This lady in black was also looking at Xiao Yu’er, and suddenly asked, “You are Jiang Xiao Yu?”

    Xiao Yu’er asked with wide open eyes, “You… but why do I not know you?”

    The lady in black said, “Since you know that there is a Mr Copper in the world, how can you not have heard of Madam Wood?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Madam Wood? … that’s right, I seemed to have heard of this name before.”

    He remembered that when Black Spider told him about Mr Copper, he also mentioned this name Madam Wood, and he also said that these two people are equally weird.

    Madam Wood looked at Xiao Yu’er, and looked at Mr Copper, saying, “I have reached this place long ago, but the two of you…”

    “I went drinking with Mr Copper, to trouble Madam to wait so long for us, I’m really sorry.” Xiao Yu’er said with a grin, “Mr Copper is really nice to me. He’s afraid that I will starve myself sick, so he took me out for a drink. He knows that I like salty and spicy food, so he took me for Sichuan cuisine… I’ve never met such a nice person before.”

    Madam Wood’s eyes seemed to convey surprise, but also looked as if she finds it a little funny.

    Xiao Yu’er realized now that her tone of voice may be as frosty as Mr Copper, but this pair of eyes, is a lot more lively and warm when compared to Mr Copper.

    He rolled his eyes and immediately sighed, continuing, “Just that Mr Copper is really too concerned about me, and only wants to look at me, so much so that he won’t even eat or sleep. I’m really afraid that he will be exhausted, so if Madam is a good friend of Mr Copper, why don’t you look after me on Mr Copper’s behalf so that he can take a rest.”

    Madam Wood said, “Elder… Elder Brother, if you’re feeling tired, then it’s good to hand him to me.”

    Although the laughter in her eyes were even more obvious now, but the tone of her voice was still icy.

    Mr Copper suddenly flew up and with a ‘pak’ from his palm, he slapped Xiao Yu’er. This may not be a heavy slap, but it was an excellent place that he slapped on.

    Xiao Yu’er did not feel any pain at all, but felt his brains getting dizzy, his body finding difficulty standing. He staggered a few steps back and finally fell down.

    In his semiconscious state, he heard Mr Copper said frostily, “This time, no one can think of taking him away from me. When he’s alive, I will of course look at him, even if he’s dead, I will still look at him, until his body decomposes.”

    Madam Wood said, “But I….”

    Mr Copper laughed coldly, “You are the same, you are not any more loyal towards me compared to others.”

    Madam Wood asked, “You… you don’t even trust me?”

    Mr Copper said each word out, “Ever since the day Yue Nu took Jiang Feng away, I stopped trusting anyone!”

    Madam Wood was silent for a while, and slowly lowered her head, “I know that you still remember that one time, you kept thinking that I am fighting with you over Jiang Feng…”

    Mr Copper said fiercely, “You loved him too, you said these words yourself, right?”

    Madam Wood raised her head and said loudly, “That’s right, I love him too, but I did not want to possess him, and even more so I did not want to fight with you over him. I have never fought with you over anything in my life, right?”

    Her cold voice suddenly shook, and she said hoarsely, “Ever since we were young, as long as there’s anything good, I’ll always let you have it. Ever since the time when you and I were fighting to pluck the only ripe peach on that tree, and you pushed me down from that tree, resulting in my broken leg. Ever since that day, I never dared to fight with you over anything, do you still remember?”

    Mr Copper’s gaze was like a blade, staring at her. After a long time, he finally heaved a long sigh, and slowly lowered his head, saying quietly, “Forget about this matter, no matter what, neither of us got him, right?”

    Madam Wood was silent for a long while, and also heaved a long sigh, and said sadly, “Elder Sister, sorry, I should not have said such words. Actually I have long forgotten about that matter.”

    A pity that Xiao Yu’er had fainted long ago, and did not hear what they said at all.

    Before Xiao Yu’er woke up, he already felt that intoxicating fragrance.

    He thought that he is still in that house in the inn, but once he opened his eyes, he immediately knew that he was wrong. There is no inn in the world that will have such a magnificent room, and no inn would certainly have such fragrant bedspreads, such soft beds. Later, he noticed two young girls standing at the head of the bed.

    They were wearing soft, delicate clothes and on their heads, a brightly colored floral crown.

    Their faces may be prettier than the fresh flowers, but on such a pretty face, there was no expression or color at all, looking as if they were carved from ice.

    Xiao Yu’er rubbed his eyes and mumbled, “Could it be that I am dead, and could this be Heaven?”

    The girls stood there unmoving, their gaze looking expressionlessly straight ahead. Not only did they seem not to have heard him, but they seemed to have not seen him at all.

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes rolled and he grinned, “Naturally I am not dead, because if I am dead, I will never be in Heaven, and Hell will definitely not have fairies as pretty as you.”

    He thought that they would laugh, but who would have expected that they still did not take a look at him.

    Xiao Yu’er rubbed his nose and asked, “Can’t you see me?… Could I have suddenly learned the art of invisibility?”

    The girls did not even move their eyeballs.

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, and said “I originally thought of seeing you smile, I think you must look very pretty when you smile, but now I can only admit defeat. Go find that ghastly Mr Steel here then.”

    The girls were actually still ignoring him.

    Xiao Yu’er jumped up and said loudly, “Say something! Why aren’t you talking? Could it be that you are deaf, blind, mute?”

    He jumped down to the ground and stood in front of them barefooted for a while, and walked two rounds around them, furrowed his brows and mumbled, “Could it be that these two are not human? Could they have been carved from ice?”

    He actually reached out his hand, to pinch that girl’s nose.

    That girl suddenly waved her hand lightly, her long fingers, as supple as spring, but the five fingernails, red with the sap from the Balsam Flowers, looked like five small knives aiming straight at Xiao Yu’er’s throat.

    Xiao Yu’er fell back to the bed with a somersault and laughed loudly, “So, although you can’t bear to talk, but at least you can move.”

    That young girl again stopped moving like a statue.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Even if you do not wish to talk to me, but at least you should smile. If you keep on having such a straight face, you’ll get old especially easily.”

    He jumped down the bed again, and found a pair of soft silk shoes, wore it, and suddenly said slowly, “There was a person in the past, who was careless in whatever he does. One day when he was going out, he wore two shoes, both were for the left foot. He only felt that it was inconvenient when he walked, but did not realize he has worn his shoes wrongly. Until he reached his friend’s house, that friend told him, and only then did he realize. He hurriedly ask his servant to go home and change his shoes. That servant was gone for half the day but when he returned, he was empty-handed. Can you guess why?”

    As he said this, Xiao Yu’er failed to control his laughter. He continued as he tried to control his laughter, “That person thought it weird too, so he asked his servant why his shoes were not changed, and that servant replied ‘No need to change, that pair of shoes at home, were both for the right foot.”

    He has not finished his words when he was already bending over in laughter, but that two young girls did not even twitch their eyes.

    Xiao Yu’er also felt that there’s no meaning laughing on his own, and sighed, “All right, I admit I can’t make you smile. But I have a friend named Zhang San, could make people laugh very well. One day, he went for a walk with two other people and saw a lady standing under the tree, just like the two of you, icily. Zhang San said that he can make this lady smile, and his two friends naturally disbelieved him. So Zhang San said ‘I can make her smile with just one word, and I can make her angry with another word, do you want to bet with me, the wager would be a feast.’ That two friends naturally accepted the wager immediately.”

    Xiao Yu’er had always been a good talker, and right now he was telling his story with delight and drama. Although that two girls are still not looking at him, but they can’t help but want to hear how this ‘Zhang San’ can use a single word to make a person laugh and to use another word to make that person angry.

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “So that Zhang San walked to the front of that lady, suddenly knelt down in front of a dog that was next to the lady and said ‘Father’. That lady, on seeing him acknowledging a dog as Father, can’t help but laugh, but who would have expected that Zhang San would kneel down in front of her and said ‘Mother’. That lady immediately became so angry that her face was red and her teeth clenched. So Zhang San really won this wager.”

    He has not finished his words when the young girl on the left with a round face could not help but let out a puff of laughter. Xiao Yu’er clapped and laughed loudly, “You laughed! You laughed! You still laughed!” But that young girl had just revealed her smile when her expression suddenly turned ashen.

    No one knows when Mr Copper had walked in, and looking at her frostily, asked icily “Do you think he’s very funny?”

    That young lady was shaking and fell to the floor in a kneel, stammering, “Servant… servant did not talk with him…”

    End of Chapter 68

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 69

    Mr Copper asked fiercely, “But you smiled because of him, right?”

    That young girl was so frightened that she could not even speak, and suddenly covered her face and cried. Mr Copper said calmly, “Go out now.”

    That young girl cried hoarsely, “I beg of you… beg of you to spare servant’s life, servant will not dare to do it in future.”

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed in shock, “Spare her life?… You… You want to kill her?”

    Mr Copper replied icily, “Kill, not necessarily, but only cut off her tongue, so that she can never laugh in future.”

    Xiao Yu’er was extremely startled, “She only laughed, and you want to cut off her tongue!”

    Mr Copper said coldly, “This can only be blamed on you, you should not have made her laugh.”

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “I only told her a joke, you… you don’t have to be jealous!”

    Mr Copper suddenly struck with his palm again, and Xiao Yu’er actually could not avoid it at all, and fell to the ground with this slap. But he was still angrily shouting, “It doesn’t matter that you slap me, but you must never punish her because of this matter.”

    Mr Copper’s eyes flashed with fury again, “You…. You dare to speak up for her?” He looked extremely angry, that even his body was shaking in fury.

    Xiao Yu’er said loudly, “This matter cannot be blamed on her, if someone has to be blamed then it should be me.”

    Mr Copper quivered, “Fine…. Fine! You would rather that I hit you then to let me punish her. You… you are just like that father of yours, sentimental beings!”

    As he said the words ‘sentimental beings’ he suddenly gave a roar, and with a back flip of his palm, sent that round faced young girl flying out of the door, who fell to the ground like a pile of mud, never to move again!

    Xiao Yu’er jumped up and shouted, “You… you actually killed her!”

    Mr Copper’s whole body was shivering, “That’s right, I killed her. She can never escape with you secretly again.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned and livid, “Are you crazy? Since when is she going to escape with me secretly?”

    Mr Copper said, “It will be too late if I kill her after both of you have escaped.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at him with huge eyes and hissed, “You’re crazy, you’re really crazy… I originally thought that you may have an icy temper, but you’re not a cruel or vicious person. Who would have expected that you would treat a girl so brutally.”

    He got angrier as he spoke, and suddenly flew over, both his palms extended.

    By now, the level of Xiao Yu’er’s martial arts can be compared to any famed martial arts family in that era and the two palm attacks which he shot out in fury also integrated the essence of two largest sects, Wudang and Kunlun’s palm attacks. Not only can Xiao Yu’er use these skills at ease now, he can fully display all their force as well.

    But who would have expected that these two palm attacks, which could have shaken the Martial Arts realm, became like child’s play in front of Mr Copper. My Copper lightly bent his body, and his whole body looked as if it has been broken in half.

    His palm also attacked at the same time, and if it was not seen with one’s own eyes, no one would believe that an attack could be made from such a position.

    Xiao Yu’er felt his body shake, and he seemed to have fallen to the ground with the attack. Although he was not hurt, but he was scared stunned by this strange martial arts. Mr Copper lowered his head and looked at him, smiling coldly, “With martial arts like yours, at the most you can receive fifty strokes from Hua Wu Que. I originally thought you can have a good fight with him, but who knows that you are such a disappointment.”

    Xiao Yu’er said through gritted teeth, “How many strokes of his that I can receive, what farting business is it of yours?”

    Mr Copper was actually not angry, but instead took out a yellow silk scroll and said calmly, “Inside here there are three strokes that can counter Floral Palace’s martial arts move. If you can master it within these three months, you might not win Hua Wu Que, but at least you can block a few moves of his.”

    He actually wanted to teach Xiao Yu’er martial arts, this is even more unbelievable than ingots falling down from the sky. Xiao Yu’er was tongue-tied and asked, “You… what do you mean by that?”

    Mr Copper threw the silk scroll in front of him and walked out with a cold smile.

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Do you actually want Hua Wu Que to kill me, or me to kill Hua Wu Que? What’s the problem with you?”

    Mr Copper suddenly turned around and said icily, “Your life, is destined to have a unfortunate ending, it’s the same whether you kill Hua Wu Que, or if Hua Wu Que kills you.”

    Mr Copper walked out without turning back and closed the door with a bang. Xiao yu’er was stunned for a while, lifted his head, and realized that tears were rolling down the eyes of the young girl standing alone in the room. However this time, Xiao Yu’er dare not talk to her anymore. He really could not bear to see a lively and pretty young girl die because of him again.

    That young girl stood there numbly, and even though her tears were flowing down her cheeks, she did not raise a hand to wipe them. Xiao Yu’er sighed and opened that silk scroll. On it were truly three wondrous moves, every move was sharp, simple yet effective, and exactly the nemesis of the kind of complicated moves that Hua Wu Que uses.

    On the silk scroll, not only were there clear pictures, there were also detailed word instructions. Unless one has an expert understanding of Floral Palace’s martial arts, he would never be able to invent such moves.

    Floral Palace’s martial arts were all along the greatest secret in the martial arts realm, how would Mr Copper understand it so well, isn’t it strange.

    But Xiao Yu’er did not think of this point. Right now he does not want to think of anything at all, but just looked at the scroll in a daze.

    Sometime later someone sent in food, and they turned out to be camphor tea duck, black bean fish, chicken sticks… every one of them were authentic Sichuan cuisine, as well as a large pot of excellent aged Huadiao (wine).

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, and ate his fill, but left a plate of roasted oxtail and half a camphor tea duck, as if he was talking to himself, mumbled “These two dishes are not spicy, it’s up to you whether you want to eat it.”

    That young girl still stood there, not even moving the tip of her fingers. Suddenly she turned around, used her hand to tear off the half of the duck and ate it clean.

    If she did not eat it, Xiao Yu’er would have expected it, but now she is actually eating, Xiao Yu’er was feeling quite perplexed, that he was stunned.

    But that young girl, after eating a drumstick, looked as if she could not eat anymore, but she was still forcing herself to finish that half of the duck.

    Her mouth was chewing, but her eyes were staring unblinkingly at the hourglass on the table, the gold colored sand flowing down, signifying the passing of time.

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but give a bitter smile. Time, is extremely precious to him right now, but he can only look at the time passing by right in front of him and yet have no idea at all. Suddenly that young girl walked over, right in front of him, and whispered, “Can you still eat?”

    She actually opened her mouth suddenly to talk. Xiao Yu’er was shocked. That young girl continued, “It’s all right to talk now, no one will come.”

    Only now did Xiao Yu’er smile, “My stomach is about to burst, I can’t even eat an ant now.”

    That young girl added, “You better eat a little more, these two days, I’m afraid we’ll have nothing to eat.”

    Xiao Yu’er was again shocked and asked “Why?”

    That young girl’s eyes shot out brightly and said each word clearly, “Because we are going to start escaping now, and during our escape, there will be nothing to eat, and even water will not be available.”

    Xiao Yu’er was shocked stiff, and asked numbly, “Escape? … You mean running away?”

    “That’s right. I kept on eating just now, so that I will have the strength to escape!”

    “But Mr Copper…”

    The young girl added, “This is the time when he rests, at least within these four hours, he won’t come here.”

    “Are you sure?”

    The young girl assured, “He has never changed this habit for over ten years, it seems like more than ten years ago, a girl of the same status as me also escaped with someone at this time.”

    Xiao Yu’er was enlightened, “No wonder he was so furious just now, so he was afraid that history would repeat…”

    Tears welled up in that girl’s eyes again and she asked, “Do you know who was the girl he killed earlier?”

    Xiao Yu’er’s expression changed and he asked, “Could she be your… your…”

    Tears finally flowed down the girl’s eyes and she quivered, “She is my sister.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned for a moment, and said sorrowfully, “Sorry, I should not have made her laugh earlier.”

    The young girl replied with hatred, “My sister followed him for seven years, but he can be so brutal over such a small matter. But you do not know my sister at all and yet you argued for her, and even risked your life for her…”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Is it because of this reason that you took the risk to save me?”

    He suddenly held her cold hands and said seriously, “But after what happened ten over years ago, he must have taken strict precautions, how can we escape?”

    That young girl said, “If we were in his restricted palace, we would not even have an ounce of a chance to escape, but here, is only a place where he rests temporarily.”

    By this time, her face revealed for the first time a bitter smile, and pulling at him, said “Besides, not only did I find this place, but it was also done up by me. We might not be able to escape for certain, but we must at least try. It’s better than waiting for death here.”

    Xiao Yu’er glanced around and can’t help but ask, “What place is this actually?

    “This is a temple.”

    “This is actually a temple?” His eyes looked at the surrounding grand décor, his nose breathing in the intoxicating fragrance, and could not believe that this is actually a temple.

    The young girl said, “This is originally a quiet ancient temple, but after a whole day of decoration by us, it became like this.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “You people are indeed extremely capable.”

    He suddenly smiled and said, “But time is precious, why are we not going yet? If you want to chat, we’ll have lots of time after we escape.”

    The young girl said, “We need to wait for someone to collect the cutlery before we can leave, or else we’ll be found out immediately that we are not in the house.

    Xiao Yu’er laughingly said, “That’s right, I’m careless about small matters, seems like every girl is more meticulous than me.

    That young girl looked fixedly at him and asked slowly, “Do you know a lot of girls?”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a bitter smile, “I really hope I can know a few less… what about you? The boys that you know…”

    The girl said coldly, “I don’t know a single one.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “At least you already know me now. My Surname is Jiang, I’m Jiang Xiao Yu, what about you?”

    The girl was quiet for a moment before saying slowly, “Why don’t you call me Tie Ping Gu.”

    Xiao Yu’er seemed to be stunned, and smiled bitterly “Your surname is also Tie? Why are there so many girls with the surname Tie…”

    Before he could finish his words, Tie Ping Gu waved to interrupt his sentence.

    There was a soft sound coming from outside the door. Xiao Yu’er hurriedly lied on the bed, and a solemn girl dressed in purple came in with a woman dressed in green. Tie Ping Gu stood there, not even looking at her.

    That girl in purple walked to her and said coldly, “Your sister is dead.” Tie Ping Gu also replied icily, “I know.”

    The girl in purple asked, “Are you sad?”

    Tie Ping Gu responded, “If I am sad, are you happy?”

    The girl in purple suddenly turned around, her pair of cold yet furious eyes happened to be facing Xiao Yu’er, and Xiao Yu’er made a face at her. By now that woman in green has already cleared the cutlery.

    The girl in purple suddenly said, “You can go out as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned, and forced out a smile, “You’re saying that I can go out?”

    The girl in purple turned around again to stare at Tie Ping Gu, saying frostily “You obviously know that I am referring to you, why are you still not leaving?”

    Xiao Yu’er was shocked, his heart almost stopped. However Tie Ping Gu asked icily, “Who asked me to leave?”

    The girl in purple replied with a cold laugh, “You can change shift now, isn’t it good that I’m asking you to take a rest.”

    Tie Ping Gu did not say another word, turned around and walked out.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at her walking out and although he was feeling anxious, he can’t think of any plans at all. That girl in purple is staring at him again, and said each word slowly, “You do not wish for her to leave?”

    Xiao Yu’er yawned and smiled, “It’s best that she leaves. I’m sick of looking at that stern face of hers. Although you’re not that much better than her, but a new one is always better than an old one. I’m born to have this habit of liking the new and discarding the old.”

    The girl in purple smiled coldly, “If your eyes dare to look at me, I will dig them out.”

    Xiao Yu’er saw that Tie Ping Gu has quietly returned, and deliberately laughed loudly, “Although your mouth is saying that you don’t want me looking at you, but your heart is willing. For all I know you even wish for me to hug you, to kiss you. Or else why would you transfer her away and stay here yourself?”

    The girl in purple was so livid that the color on her face changed, and she stammered, “You… you dare to say such words to me?”

    Xiao Yu’er stuck out his tongue and laughed, “You’re not a male tiger, why wouldn’t I dare, I even want to take a bite out of you.”

    He saw that Tie Ping Gu is already behind the girl in purple and deliberately made her madder.

    The girl in purple shouted, “Don’t you think that I cannot kill you, at least I can break your..”

    Before she could finish her words, her head suddenly drooped down, followed by her body slumping down on the ground, and not a noise was made.

    Tie Ping Gu had chopped down on her neck with her palm.

    Xiao Yu’er jumped up and asked, “Aren’t you afraid others will find…”

    Tie Ping Gu coldly interrupted him and said, “This is a rare chance, I’ll just have to risk it. Besides, the people here will never be concerned about the matters of others. Even if she did not show herself for three days, no one would look for her.”

    As she spoke, she had already moved the bed half a foot out, reached out her hand and ran it along the wall for a while. A narrow door immediately appeared from the wall.

    Tie Ping Gu went in with a push and said with a low voice, “Follow me in quickly.”

    Once inside the wall, there was a corridor, winding and deep, not knowing where it would lead. The eerie and damp air makes one nauseous.

    Xiao Yu’er was both shocked and ecstatic, and walked a distance with his nose pinched, until he could take it no longer and said, “I did not think a temple would actually have such a complicated underground tunnel, when did you find out about this?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “I already found it when I was cleaning up this place.”

    She added, “I guess that this ancient temple was built during the Wu Hu uprising (Wu Hu: Collective term for non-chinese tribes, usually nomadic). At that time roving bandits and thieves were rampant, and human lives were cheaper that those of a dog or a pig, so many became monks to avoid trouble. But the temple is also not a safe place, so the monks built this complicated tunnel to avoid being killed by escaped soldiers or bandits.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “You’re really different from the other girls that I know. You have brains… In this world, there are less and less girls with brains, and there are some who have brains, but are too lazy to use it. They keep thinking that it’s enough as long as they have a pretty face.” Tie Ping Gu seemed to have smiled again, and said “But this can only be blamed on men.”

    Xiao Yu’er commented, “Oh?”

    Tie Ping Gu added, “Because men all do not like smart girls, they’re afraid that the girls would be better than them, so the smarter the girl, the more she has to pretend to be stupid and weak. Since men by nature like to feel that they are better than women, like to protect women, so why shouldn’t women let them think a little more, and suffer a little more.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “So the way you say it, it is men who are the stupid ones…. But, you don’t even know a single man, how would you understand men so well?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “Women are born to understand men, but men will never understand women.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “This phrase is indeed correct. If a man thinks he understands women, then he won’t be far from days of suffering.”

    At this time the both of them are actually filled with fear and trepidation, so they kept finding topics to talk about, because conversations usually can relax and calm an anxious mind.

    In this dark and eerie tunnel, when one does not even know if one’s life is save, if the two of them maintain silence, won’t that be even more unbearable? The tunnel is getting more and more damp, more and more dark.

    Xiao Yu’er extended his hand to touch, and on both sides it’s no longer the smooth wall, but hard, rough, stone wall overgrown with moss. He also felt that the ground is uneven, and finally could not stand it but had to ask, “Could this temple’s side be against the middle of a mountain?”

    Tie Ping Gu did not reply, but lighted her exquisite flint.

    This is indeed the middle of the mountain, and the criss-cross network of tunnels was as tight as spiderwebs. No one knows where the wind was coming from, and the breeze was causing the hairs to stand. Xiao Yu’er laughed, “In such a place, even if Mr Copper has supernatural skills, it won’t be easy to find us. Tie Ping Gu replied, “But if we want to leave, it might not be easy too.”

    Xiao Yu’er was startled, and asked hoarsely “You… you don’t know the way out either?”

    “Of course I do not know.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked in amazement, “Then you… why do you say that we can escape?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “As long as there is a path, we will naturally have hope of escaping.”

    Xiao Yu’er answered with a bitter face, “Miss, aren’t you looking at things too simply. Do you know that some of these tunnels in a hill are actually dead ends.”

    “But there are some who leads to the outside, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Even if there is a path, but these tunnels are even more complicated and dangerous than Zhugu Liang’s Eight Chart Diagrams. Sometimes you can go around in circles for three months and find out in the end that you’re back where you started.”

    He heaved a long sigh, “As far as I know, since ancient times, the number of people who are trapped to death in this kind of mountains, if they were to come together, even the King of Hade’s Sen Lo Hall would be bursting from the seams.”

    Tie Ping Gu was walking in front, and without even turning her head, said icily, “Since that’s the case, it’s not too many if another two are added.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “You… You’re not anxious at all?” Tie Ping Gu said coldly, “If you’re anxious, you can still go back…”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned, and said with a bitter smile, “Don’t be angry, I was not blaming you, it’s just that…”

    Tie Ping Gu suddenly turned her head around and yelled, “You think that I do not know the dangers here? But no matter what, we still have half a chance of escaping, it’s still better than sitting there waiting for death, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er stuck out his tongue and smiled, “If I knew you would be so angry, I wouldn’t have said these words.”

    Tie Ping Gu stared at him fiercely for a while, and suddenly sighed, “I really did not expect you to be such a weird person.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a laugh, “I really did not expect either that your temper would be so great.” His mouth kept on talking, but his eyes were not lazy.

    At this time, he suddenly realized that on the thick moss on the wall, he seems to be able to see an arrow. Tie Ping Gu’s gaze shifted, obviously she saw it as well.

    She immediately followed the direction that the arrow was pointed in. After walking for over ten feet, there was really was another arrow on the corner of the wall.

    However, Xiao Yu’er still stood there, not moving at all.

    Tie Ping Gu furrowed her brow and asked, “Now that we obviously can leave, why are you standing there and not moving?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “If you follow this arrow, in another moment, you’ll be able to see Mr Copper. But I do not wish to see that face of his again.” Tie Ping Gu was stunned, and asked “Aren’t these arrows meant to show the way?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “If the arrow is meant to show the way, but not the way out.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “How do you know?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “They were afraid they would be lost as well, and be trapped to death in here, so they carved these arrows, right?”

    “That’s right.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “In order to hide from the bandits, so they hid here, until they know that the bandits have left, where do you think they would go then?”

    “Naturally it’s back to the temple.”

    She said the words without much thought, and suddenly realized, saying hoarsely “That’s right, these arrows must be showing the way back to the temple. They only want to hide in these mountains for a while, so why would they indicate the way out.

    Xiao Yu’er clapped and laughed, “I’ve already said, you’re a very smart girl. You finally understand. I think you pretended earlier not to have thought of this point.”

    Tie Ping Gu lowered her head, her face blushed to the roots of her hair. She suddenly passed the torch to Xiao Yu’er and said, “You… you lead the way.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and mumbled, “So the smarter the girl, the more she has to pretend to be stupid and weak. So now you want me to crack my brains more and use more effort.”

    He has not finished his words but Tie Ping Gu is already stamping her foot with her reddened face, saying “We’ll take it that you’re right about this matter, it’s no big deal anyway.”

    Xiao Yu’er looked at her with a grin, and after staring at her for a long moment, finally said very slowly, “I just want you to blush, to be angry. Only when you’re angry do you truly behave like a girl. I really cannot tolerate that icy look of yours.”

    Tie Ping Gu was about to put on a stern look but Xiao Yu’er has already turned and walked with a big laugh. She can’t help but change the stern face that she just put on into a smile and muttered, “Was I really blushing? I really do not know how I look like when I blush, I’m afraid this is the first time in my life.”

    Xiao Yu’er followed the arrow, and after every ten over feet, at the corner, he would find another arrow there. However, if the arrow was pointing forward, he would walk back, and if the arrow was pointing to the left, he would go right. Every time he passed an arrow, he would try to destroy that arrow. Tie Ping Gu followed behind him for a while before she could not help but ask, “The way you are walking, will there be a way out?”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a smile, “Although I do not know if we can walk out, but the way we are walking, at least we are moving further and further away from that temple.”

    By now the tunnel is getting more and more narrow, and Xiao Yu’er sometimes cannot walk through them at all. By now, the directional arrows were gone as well.

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “Now, we’ll have to depend on our luck, we might as well walk forward with our eyes closed.”

    As he spoke, he extinguished the torch. Tie Ping Gu stopped talking, and only felt her hand being held by Xiao Yu’er. Her heart suddenly started jumping, in the darkness, this heartbeat seems especially loud. Tie Ping Gu can’t help but blush again, and can’t wait to find a hole to hide into.

    Xiao Yu’er was heard saying with a laugh, “If a person’s heart were to beat, no one else can make it stop.”

    With a ‘humph’ Tie Ping Gu wanted to hit his arm, but her hands stopped suddenly, and she stood there in a daze. She suddenly realized that all these years, this actually is the first time she felt that she is made of flesh and blood.

    In the narrow tunnel, walking was difficult, and sometimes they even had to climb. To walk on such paths in the darkness, is really not a comfortable thing. Tie Ping Gu’s clothes were torn, maybe some parts of her body are already bleeding, but she did not feel any pain at all, and felt as if she’s walking in the clouds.

    After walking every short distance, Xiao Yu’er would light the torch and take a look at the surroundings, but later, the brilliance of the torch was getting weaker and weaker.

    Xiao Yu’er knows that the torch is about to be used up, so he dared not use it too much. He knows that in such a place, if there were totally no light, then it’s a sure way to die. The path was even more difficult to traverse now.

    Tie Ping Gu’s footsteps finally became heavy. Later, she felt her whole body in pain, dizzy with blurred vision, hungry and thirsty. Naturally her constitution is not like Xiao Yu’er, who seems to be made of steel, so how could she take such hardship. If not for Xiao Yu’er talking to her and making her laugh, she won’t be able to move even a single step. Actually Xiao Yu’er himself also could not walk anymore. If it were others, when they reach such a dire strait, even if they do not become crazy, they would be wailing and shouting by now.

    However, Xiao Yu’er was born with a weird character. It may be easier to make him die, but to make him anxious, make him not laugh, that would be so much more difficult. Tie Ping Gu finally could not take it and said, “Let’s rest for a while before moving on.”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a low voice, “We must never rest, once we rest, we can forget about moving again.”

    “But I… I’m already…”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Think about it, since ages past, very few people would have been at this mysterious tunnel strolling hand in hand. This is such a beautiful, such a flirty and romantic thing. Others will never have such a chance in their lifetime, why don’t we enjoy it a little more.”

    Tie Ping Gu replied dejectedly, “A pity I… I am not the person you love.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Who said you’re not, right here right now, besides you, is there anyone else in the world who is closer to me now?”

    Tie Ping Gu cried out, and suddenly fell into Xiao Yu’er’s arms. Her face was burning like fire, and this fire, is spreading from the bottom of her heart!

    End of Chapter 69

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 70

    Tie Ping Gu has never been close to a man. The fire of her youth had been suppressed for too long, and besides, now that one is on the brink of death, the sensibilities are even more fragile.

    Tie Ping Gu herself did not expect that she would fall into Xiao Yu’er’s arms, but now that she’s in it, she felt no shred of regret at all. She only felt Xiao Yu’er’s hands, already slowly hugging her shoulder.

    Tie Ping Gu stammered, “Life, life is really full of wonders, only now do I realise… I do not know you a few days ago, but now… now…”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly asked, “Do you know, what am I thinking about now? The thing that I want to do most now is take a look at your face.”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “No… I beg of you, no…”

    But the torch is already lighted. Tie Ping Gu used her hands to cover her face, she is blushing again. She stammered, “The torch… is almost used up…”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “The torch may be precious, but to be able to see your look now, no matter what precious thing that has to be sacrificed, would be worth it.”

    Tie Ping Gu’s hands slowly lowered, and she asked, “Really?”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a laugh, “What a pity there’s no mirror now, or else I would want you to know that, the way you look now, is so much prettier than the icy look you had in the past.”

    Tie Ping Gu’s eyes stared at Xiao Yu’er, and asked slowly “Would you blame me if we really cannot find out way out?”

    “Blame you? Why would I blame you?”

    Tie Ping Gu explained, “You would not die if you were there, but now…”

    Xiao Yu’er chuckled, “If that’s the way, you should be blaming me. If not for me, you won’t be suffering like this.”

    Tie Ping Gu said with a sweet smile, “I don’t even take myself as a woman, what more about others? Others may look upon me as a fairy or demoness, but will never look upon me as a woman.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “But you are definitely a woman, I can use a thousand ways to prove it.”

    Tie Ping Gu laughed, “I myself know it now, so even if I were to die now, I’ll still be happy.”

    The flame on the torch, slowly became the size of a pea.

    Tie Ping Gu stared at the flame, her eyelids getting heavier, and said with a low voice, “I also know, that you’re treating me like this not because you really like me, but just to console me, so that I can have a final moment of happiness.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed “You… you think too much.”

    The corners of Tie Ping Gu’s mouth curved up into a small smile, and she said softly “But I’m still grateful to you, it’s just that I am… I am really tired, please let me sleep. Even if I never wake up from my sleep, I’ll be satisfied…”

    Xiao Yu’er looked at Tie Ping Gu’s eyelids slowly closing, and can’t help but sigh.

    Right at this time, there was a ‘swoosh’ sound, and there was a line of fat and huge rats, joined from nose to tail, running past them.

    Tie Ping Gu was startled, opened her eyes and her body curled up in fright.

    Xiao Yu’er was full of joy and said loudly, “You don’t have to sleep, we’re saved.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “But these are just rats.”

    XiaoYu’er replied, “Look, these rats are fat and huge, they certainly do not belong in the mountains. There’s not even a grain of rice here, so they can never have such fat rats.” Tie Ping Gu’s eyes shone as well, and said, “You mean these rats came from outside the mountain?”

    Xiao Yu’er affirmed, “That’s right, this place must be near the brink, there must be a pathway nearby.”
    As he spoke, he was already walking towards the direction that the rats came from.

    Luckily the torch is not totally extinguished, in a short time he found a medium sized hole, and there was a faint ray of light coming from outside. He immediately dragged Tie Ping Gu over and squeezed through the hole.

    Outside turned out to be a treasure cave, chests of gold and, silver and precious stones were piled there. Although it’s not considered a lot, but it’s still a considerable amount.

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned, and laughed, “I’m not money mad, but heaven always want me to discover some kind of mysterious treasure. I really cannot understand why there are so many treasures in the world.”

    Tie Ping Gu held onto a chest, and suddenly exclaimed, “This is not some mysterious treasure. These chests have only been here for a few days, there’s not even a layer of dust on it.”

    He lifted his hand for a look, and there really was no dirt on his hands.

    He suddenly realized that on the cover of every chest, there was a piece of red paper stuck on it, and on the paper there were actually the four words ‘Duan He Fei’s Property’.

    This discovery almost made him jump.

    These treasures must be those goods that Jiang Bie He and his son had stolen, which were hidden by Jiang Yu Lang here. He must have thought that this place is extremely secreted, but did not expect that it would be found out by Xiao Yu’er. Xiao Yu’er was so surprised and delighted, that he almost wanted to shout with joy.

    Tie Ping Gu’s body suddenly leaned nearer, and whispered, “There’s someone outside!”

    They saw that a stone slab that is shaped like a door, there seems to be light streaming in. Xiao Yu’er walked over quietly, and really saw that beside a huge stone outside, two people were sitting across each other.

    The person facing this side, was pale looking, and surprisingly it was Jiang Yu Lang. The one sitting opposite Jiang Yu Lang, was extremely large and tall, but his face could not be seen clearly.

    Beside that huge rock, there were a lot of meat and wine, but neither of them was eating or drinking, only concentrating on looking at this huge rock in front, their two pairs of eyes opened widely, unblinkingly.

    Tie Ping Gu can’t help but whisper, “What’s so nice about that rock, why are those two people so absorbed with looking at it? Could they be mad?”

    Xiao Yu’er swallowed his saliva a few times and lamented, “From what I know, this person is not only sane, but his brain is clearer than anyone else.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “You know him?” Xiao Yu’er’s eyes were still staring at those meat and wine, and affirmed, “Mmm.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked again, “Then why are they staring at that rock?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Maybe they are hoping that flowers would grow out of that rock.” His eyes finally shifted away from the meat and wine, towards the rock.

    The rock was square and straight, nothing extraordinary about it at all. But in the middle of the rock, there was a line, and on the left and right side of the line there was a small piece of fatty meat. The eyes of the two of them were staring at the fatty meat, not moving at all.

    Xiao Yu’er was also perplexed by their actions, and can’t help but laughingly said “I know that lad has no problems in the past, but now I’m not too sure. Could it be he has forgotten he’s supposed to use his mouth to eat the meat, and not use his eyes to look at it.”

    Tie Ping Gu unconsciously swallowed her saliva as well and whispered, “If you know him, why don’t you go teach him.”

    Xiao Yu’er gave a bitter smile and said, “How I wish I could teach him how to eat, but a pity that as soon as I walk out now, he would want to eat me. He can’t wait to eat me up.”

    Tie Ping Gu sighed again, and can’t help but ask, “What about the other person?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I still can’t see who the other person is, looks like…”

    He has not finished his words, when suddenly a rat ran out from the darkness, up that huge rock, bit a piece of fatty meat from the front of the burly man, and fled with it.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s expression immediately changed, and said with a bitter smile, “Fine, you win again this time.”

    That burly man laughed loudly, “Now, you already owe me a 1.3 million taels. You should have lost most of your things over there!”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied coldly, “Don’t worry, there’s a lot more.”

    The burly man laughed madly, “I am having fun gambling now, if you were to lose everything so quickly, I’ll wrangle you.”

    As he laughed, he sliced another small piece of fatty mean and placed it on the rock.

    Tie Ping Gu realized what was happening, and can’t help but say laughingly, “So these two are gambling, the person whose meat placed in front of him is taken by the rat, will be the winner. This type of gamble, is really rarely seen in the world.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “But this type of gamble is very fair, no one can think of cheating.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “What happens if the rat doesn’t come?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “If the rat doesn’t come, they’ll just wait. The more one is itching to gamble, as long as there’s a gamble, he won’t mind even if he has to wait a few days and nights.” Tie Ping Gu chuckled, “That’s right, right now it seems like they have gambled for more than a few days and nights.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Do you know who is this person who has his back to us? He is ‘Compulsive Gambler’ Xuanyuan Sanguang. If he does not gamble until he loses all his possessions and money, he would never walk away.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked in surprise, “Compulsive gambler? Could he be one of the ‘Ten Evils’…” Tie Ping Gu was quiet for a moment, when she suddenly asked, “Do you know who the ‘Ten Evils’ actually are?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “You’ve really asked the correct person, there are really not a lot of people in the world who knows more about the ‘Ten Evils’ than me.”

    He counted off his fingers, saying “Ten Evils, referring to ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha, ‘Dagger in Laughter’ Ha Ha’er, ‘Neither Man nor Woman’ Du Jiao Jiao, ‘Half Human, Half Ghost’ Yin Jiu You, ‘Does not eat human head’ Li Da Zui.”

    As he said these, Tie Ping Gu’s body seem to be shaking a little, and her expression changed, but Xiao Yu’er did not look at her at all, but continued, “And there is ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan, ‘Charm to Death without Compensating with Life’ Xiao Mimi, ‘Compulsive Gambler’ Xuanyuan Sanguang, ‘Harm others without benefit to oneself’ Bai Kaixin, and in addition the brothers Ouyang Ding and Ouyang Dang.”

    Tie Ping Gu commented, “So according to what you’ve said, won’t there be eleven people?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “It’s because these Ouyang Brothers are never apart from each other, no matter what they do, they’ll be together, so they can only be counted as one person.”

    Tie Ping Gu slowly lowered her head and asked, “Are these people really extremely evil?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Actually there are a lot more people in the world who are more evil than them. It’s just that the way they do things are extremely peculiar, and they have extremely weird habits.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “What do you mean by that?”

    Xiao Yu’er explained, “For example, this ‘Does not eat human head’ Li Da Zui, on normal days, not only is he amicable, he can also be considered a talent in both scholarly and martial pursuits. But once his weird habit happens, he can even eat his own wife. Those who have met him, would never expect that he could do such a thing.”

    As he said the name ‘Li Da Zui’, Tie Ping Gu shivered again, and was stunned for a moment, before asking gently, “Could it be that you know them?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Not only do I know them, to tell you the truth, I grew up with them.”

    Tie Ping Gu was again startled, and asked, “You… do you know where they are now?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I’m afraid they’re in the vicinity of Turtle Hill.”

    He suddenly paused, and asked with a laugh, “Why are you asking in so much detail?”

    Tie Ping Gu forced out a smile and said, “I was just curious, who would have expect that there would be such weird people in the world?”

    Naturally their voices were very low, and by now Jiang Yu Lang and Xuanyuan Sanguang were so engrossed that they would have forgotten their own birth dates, so naturally they would not hear the conversation.

    Jiang Yu Lang suddenly smiled, and said “We have gambled for seven, eight days, but neither of us have lost everything, aren’t you annoyed?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied, “Not annoyed, not annoyed. Even if we were to gamble for another three years and six months, I will still not be annoyed.”

    Jiang Yu Lang said, “But at the rate we’re gambling, I am feeling a little annoyed.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang immediately stared at him with large eyes and raised his voice, “Even if you’re annoyed, you still have to gamble with me.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “I’m not saying that I’m not gambling, it’s just that I’m thinking of upping the stakes.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang laughed loudly, “When I gamble, I normally complain about small stakes and not large ones, the bigger the stakes the better. How big do you want it to be, speak.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied slowly, “The things you have with you, are obviously worth seven to eight hundred thousand taels, and now that you’ve won 1.3 million taels from me, then let this bet be two million hundred taels.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang clasped his hands and smiled, “Win or lose in one bet, this is hearty, but…” he suddenly stopped laughing and shouted, “I have already seen, in that cave of yours, there’s only two to three million taels at the most, and now that you have lost half, where else can you find so much money to gamble with me?

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “There is at least a million taels remaining in the cave.”

    “Then what about the other million?”

    “The other million, will be topped up by a person.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang laughed madly, “You son of a turtle is worth a million?”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s expression did not change, and replied with a slight smile, “I may not be worth a million, but there is someone who is worth a million.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang asked, “Where?”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “Are you going to estimate the worth?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang stared, “Of course I need to estimate, when it comes to the gambling table, even relatives would not be spared. Even if a son were to bet with the father, the accounts must be settled clearly, not a single cent can be less.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied with a slight smile, “Since this is the case, I will bring her here then…”

    Behind Xuanyuan Sanguang, on a protruding rock, was a copper lamp. Jiang Yu Lang took that copper lamp and walked out, smiling at the same time, “Please rest assured, I will return immediately.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang laughed, “I will naturally be assured, you son of a turtle’s possessions are all here, and you’re anxious to recoup your losses, it’ll be strange if you don’t come back.” He tore off a chicken drumstick, and chewed it with a drink of wine.

    Tie Ping Gu was at a loss at the scene before her, and she suddenly sighed, “Once these people start gambling, their stakes are at least a million taels of silver, it’s almost as if their silver are stolen money.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Who said these silver are not stolen?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “Even if it’s stolen, that would require some effort. To lose everything at once, isn’t it a pity.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “This is called easy come, easy go, besides, a compulsive gambler would even lose his wife and son without feeling any heartache.”

    Tie Ping Gu can’t help but laugh, “Could it be he wants to use his wife as stake?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Even if he has a wife, she’ll not be worth a million. What tricks is that lad up to, even I cannot fathom. There’s not a lot of people who are worth a million.”

    By now Jiang Yu Lang has walked in with someone, the person pulled in by him, was slender, and is a girl. Only her face is covered by a veil, and it could not be seen.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang furrowed his brows and asked, “Why did you bring a woman?”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “Of course it’s a woman, if it’s a man, he won’t be worth much.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang laughed loudly, “But the leftover goods from your hands, I’m afraid it’s not even worth a cent.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied with a straight face, “Although this lady have followed me for a few days, but I have not touched her at all.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang rebutted, “A hungry cat that does not steal fish, I don’t believe you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “If you do not believe me, you will know with a try.”

    He placed the copper lamp on the rock, but this time he did not put it behind Xuanyuan Sanguang, but behind himself instead. The light shone from above his shoulder, shining right in front of Xuanyuan Sanguang.

    It doesn’t matter where a lamp is placed, it’s a small matter, naturally no one would bother, but Xiao Yu’er can’t help but furrow his brows and mutter, “What is this lad up to, he’s bringing this lamp in and out, there must be a reason.”

    What evil Jiang Yu Lang is capable of, naturally no one knows better than Xiao Yu’er.

    That lady with the black veil, stood there like a piece of wood. Jiang Yu Lang raised his hand to remove the veil on her face but she still stood there numbly without moving at all.

    Under the light, her face is truly so pretty that it does not bear any taint of the mundane world. Xuanyuan Sanguang and Tie Ping Gu, on seeing that face, was pleasantly surprised. Xiao Yu’er, on seeing that face, almost cried out in shock.

    Murong Jiu, this girl is actually Murong Jiu. After she was chased away by Third Missy, she walked in a daze aimlessly and walked out of the city in a daydream. Others who saw her may think it weird, but on seeing her grand clothes, her refined beauty, no one dared to do anything bad to her. Who would have expected that this piece of news would actually find its way to Jiang Yu Lang.

    He immediately thought that this girl must be Murong Jiu, so he immediately stopped all his current work and rushed back. Coincidentally he met a famished Murong Jiu on the way.

    Jiang Yu Lang was of course not afraid that she would reveal his secret, so he took her along to hide the stolen loot here. Who would have expected that there would be someone behind him, and Xuanyuan Sanguang has already been following him!

    When Xuanyuan Sanguang saw Murong Jiu’s face, he can’t help but was stunned for a moment, before he sighed, “A beauty, really a beauty, a pity that these twenty years, I am no longer interested in any beauty. You better take her away!”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “This lady may be beautiful, but it’s not this face of her that is valuable, but her status.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang laughed loudly, “Could she be a princess then?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “she may not be a princess, but she’s not that much different from a princess.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang asked angrily, “Who is she actually? Why do you, son of a turtle keep talking in circles?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied slowly, “She is Miss Murong Jiu of Jiu Xiu Villa.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang can’t help but feel surprised, and his expression changed, “The Ninth Miss of the Murong Family, how did she end up in your hands?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “She was harmed by someone evil and lost her senses and her way. The eight sisters and the eight son-in-laws of the Murong Family could not find her. I was lucky and found her unexpectedly.”

    He continued with a smile, “Please think about it, if someone were to send her back to her sisters and brothers-in-law, how grateful would Qin Jian, Nangong Liu and the rest be. Would the appreciation gift be any less?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang thought for a while, and with a clap of his hand, exclaimed “Fine, I’ll gamble with you!” Suddenly someone was heard shouting, “It cannot be gambled!”

    With this sudden shout from Xiao Yu’er, not only were Xuanyuan Sanguang and Jiang Yu Lang shocked, even Tie Ping Gu was startled.

    Xiao Yu’er was not anxious. He leaned towards Tie Ping Gu’s ears and whispered, “You’ll follow me out, whatever you want to eat, just take and eat it. Don’t ever be shy, I already have a plan to deal with that lad.”

    Only after he finished his words did he stride out and say with a smile, “The friend who hid under the cesspool eating shit, could you have forgotten about me?”

    When Jiang Yu Lang saw Xiao Yu’er, he was even more surprised than if he had seen a ghost, and took two steps back, saying hoarsely, “You… how is it that you’re here?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “I’m like a lingering ghost, sure to follow you son of a turtle.”

    He was clever beyond words, and extremely adept at copying, so when he learnt Xuanyuan Sanguang’s tone of voice, it was very convincing. With a hard slap on his shoulder, Xuanyuan Sanguang laughed loudly, “If it was someone else stepping out from inside, I’ll be surprised too, but you mischievous imp, even if you were to climb out from the ground, I won’t think it any strange.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang was bending over in laughter, but Xiao Yu’er has already started eating and drinking. Murong Jiu looked at him numbly, as if she knows if, as if she doesn’t know him.

    Jiang Yu Lang saw that behind Xiao Yu’er there was actually another incomparable beauty, whose table manners were exactly like Xiao Yu’er, like a hungry ghost reincarnated. He was staring at the sight, not knowing what to do at all.

    With much difficulty, Xuanyuan Sanguang controlled his laughter and was panting as he asked, “Little brother, I have been gambling all my life, why do you say that I cannot gamble this time?”

    Xiao Yu’er said through a mouthful of meat, “Because once you gamble, you will be tricked.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang asked, “I am an old gambler, that son of a turtle can only be considered a little gambler at most, how could he have tricked me. Besides this type of gamble is the most fair, no one can cheat, unless he is a rat spirit.”

    Xiao Yu’er said slowly, “You said this type of gambling is the most fair, you have won a lot of times as well, right?”

    “That’s right.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “Do you know how you won?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang said, “I’m having a streak of good luck these two days.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “No.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang furrowed his brows and asked, “Could there be another reason?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “It’s because….” He deliberately took a glance at Jiang Yu Lang, and immediately said while shaking his head, “No, I cannot say.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang jumped up and asked, “Why can’t you tell me?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “I’m not in good health these past few days, I’m afraid that lad will fight it out with me.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang fumed, “If that son of a turtle dare to touch a finger on you, see if I don’t break his bones one by one.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “If I fight with him, will you help me?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied, “Of course.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled broadly, “Good, then I can speak assuredly.”

    He continued with a grin, “You should know that rats are the most afraid of light, and would only show themselves at night. However once a lamp is lighted, there will be nothing they can do.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang laughed, “I didn’t expect you to know about rats so well too.”

    Xiao Yu’er chuckled, “Fish and rats, are in the same boat, and will get a headache on seeing a cat. Who else but me would understand them?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang was breathless from laughing again, and asked, “But this... what has this got to do with anything?”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “The rats here, must have moved in here recently from outside, it could be there’s an evil cat outside who chased them into the cave. Who would have expected that there is no rat inn here, if they were not famished, they would not dare to steal meat right in front of you...”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang said with a laugh, “And it also requires me not to move. Anyone who can’t take it and move, the rat would not dare to eat the meat in front of him.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “But you forgot another point, just now, the lamp was behind you. Your body blocked the light, that’s why you won a few times continuously.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang clapped his hands and exclaimed, “Indeed correct, you are indeed a mischievous imp, that you can even think of such a thing.”

    After a while, Xuanyuan Sanguang seemed to be enlightened, “I understand, that son of a turtle has now changed the position of the lamp, and the light is shining right at the meat in front of me. He calculated that I will surely lose, that’s why he upped the stakes.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Exactly, not only can he win back the money he lost to you this time, he can cheat your money as well.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang felt fury and amusement at the same time, and said “If not for your reminder, I would have lost it all.”

    Xiao Yu’er turned around and looked at Jiang Yu Lang, “How is it? Have I spoken correctly?”

    The expression on Jiang Yu Lang’s face had changed long ago, but he still said with an icy smile, “If you must use the heart of a scoundrel to measure the intention of a gentleman, there’s nothing I can do.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Jiang Yu Lang, you’re full of evil ideas. Others may not know it, but will I not know it too? Why are you still pretending in front of me?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied frostily, “I’m afraid it’s just that I’m down on my luck, that’s why I saw a ghost.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “That’s right. To have met me, you must have been down on your luck for the last eight reincarnations. Now that I’ve caught you red-handed, you shall follow me and explain to Duan He Fei.”

    Jiang Yu Lang looked at him, and looked at Xuanyuan Sanguang, before saying with a lowered head, “Since things have come to this, I have nothing else to say, but…”

    He suddenly grabbed Murong Jiu’s wrist and placed himself behind her back, and said with a sinister laugh, “But don’t you want this Miss Murong’s life anymore?”

    End of Chapter 70

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 71

    Xiao Yu’er was secretly startled, but he laughed loudly and said, “If you think to threaten me with Murong Jiu, then you are wrong. Unless you do not know that she keeps wanting to take my life, so why would I save her.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang also laughed and said, “I have long lost interest in women, her life or death, has got nothing to do with me.”

    Without a change of expression, Jiang Yu Lang said with a slight smile, “Since that is the case, why aren’t the two of you attacking me yet?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied, “I have no desire to kill you.”

    Xiao Yu’er also laughed, “Friend who eats shit, I’m afraid I’ll dirty my hands if I kill you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “Since that is the case, I shall make a move. This Miss Murong, will naturally have to follow me.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Go then! You took away Murong Jiu, there’s no need to fear that no one would want to settle scores with you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled frostily, “This you do not have to worry, if some one asks me, I’ll just say that I took Miss Murong away because I was worried that she will be harmed by you. If not for Jiang Xiao Yu, would Murong Jiu have ended up in such a state?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Like father like son, you and your father, don’t have any other skills. But the skills of pinning blame on others and pretending to be good men, no one else can really compare to you. But you stole Duan He Fei’s silver, the fact is here, that you cannot deny.”

    Jiang Yu Lang said, “What silver, my hands are empty, where are the silver. Now whoever has the silver, is the person who stole them, such reasoning is so simple.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang suddenly exclaimed, “Now you son of a turtle are trying to blame it on me!”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied with a cold laugh, “You said that I’m blaming it on you, I’ll say that you’re blaming it on me. Why don’t we see, whether those in the martial arts world will believe the words of you, ‘Compulsive Gambler’, or me Jiang Yu Lang.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang was furiously stunned, and said with a bitter laugh, “If you son of a turtle were born a few years earlier, I will have no place in the ‘Ten Evils’.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “You flatter me, I am only…”

    Before he finished his words, there were suddenly a few screams, coming from outside.

    The screams were not only especially shrill, but long as well. The person who screamed, seemed not only to have witnessed an extremely cruel, chilling event, but also seemed to be suffering from a pain that a normal person would never be able to tolerate. The screams, jarring on the ear, are enough to make anyone’s blood congeal.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s expression changed the fastest, and the most ashen. Dragging Murong Jiu, he was about to turn around and run out.

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Since the person who came can make his men emit such chilling shrieks, he must be extremely frightening. It doesn’t matter if you want to go out and die, but Murong Jiu….” His words suddenly stopped, in the darkness, there were already five shadows!

    Although at this point in time no one can see their faces, but the eerily evil air they brought in with them, is enough to make everyone’s palm break out in cold sweat.

    In the darkness, a series of continuous, hair-standing squeaking sounds were heard, and the five persons walked slowly over.

    The first thing Xiao Yu’er saw, was their miserable, eerie, shining blue eyes, followed by their terrified expressions. The blood flowing from the five of them, seemed to be a scary blue. The five of them were all wearing long black robes reaching to the ground, their right hands holding a silver whip, but their left hands holding a steel cage, and that nauseating squeaking sounds, were coming out from the steel cages.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang shouted, “Friends, who are you? Why are you here?”

    His shout was as loud as thunder, causing reverberations all around the valley, and was using this shout to reveal his internal energy to scare the opposite party.

    But who would have expected that the five men in black did not even blink their eyes. The eerie blue eyes kept flitting among Xiao Yu’er and the other’s faces, and they did not talk at all.

    Jiang Xiao Yu had already retreated and was shouting, “The Ninth Miss of Jiu Xiu Villa and ‘Compulsive Gambler’ are all here, if friends know them, you better retreat quickly, any later and you won’t be able to leave even if you want to!”

    He was quick witted, and on seeing that there’s something wrong with the other party, hurriedly used Xuanyuan Sanguang and Murong Jiu’s reputation to scare them. These two names are of some influence, besides, even if the other party is not frightened, he was using the names of others, it has nothing to do with him at all, so the other party won’t even look for him. The five men in black still remained unperturbed, their steps unwavering.

    Tie Ping Gu suddenly cried out in alarm and pulling Xiao Yu’er’s hands, stammered, “Rats… so many rats in the cage.”

    Several dozens of rats were in the steel cage squeaking. Xiao Yu’er may not be afraid of rats, but to see the several dozen pairs of shining eyes, a huge pile of furry rats, he can’t help but feel his goosebumps rising.

    The leader of the men in black laughed and said, “That’s right, rats… us five are here only to find rats, nothing to do with humans. If everyone were to stay still and not move, I will certainly not offend you.”

    His words may be polite, but the voice is even more nauseating than the cries of the rats. Xuanyuan Sanguang can’t help but ask, “What are you catching the rats for?”

    That man in black said with a laugh, “Our leader only loves rat meat, so we were ordered to catch them, but all the rats around a hundred miles radius of here have already escaped into the mountains, that’s why we followed them here.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed with sudden understanding, “No wonder these caves have an exceptional number of rats, so they chased them here. And I originally thought there was an evil cat outside.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang’s expression changed slightly, as if he thought of a person, and asked fiercely, “Friends, who is your master?”

    That man in black no longer spoke, but waved his hand.

    From the mouths of the five of them emitted the sound of a bamboo flute, this sound seems like the whistling of leaves, yet it is not. The sound makes one feels dread and nauseous.

    Tie Ping Gu has already covered her ears, Xiao Yu’er also felt uncomfortable hearing the sound, but his sense of curiosity is the strongest, and on witnessing such a strange thing, he only wanted to take a good look.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang stared with huge round eyes, but there was a look of fear in his eyes.

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but whispered, “Who is this friend who loves rat meat? Do you know?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied, “Mmm.”

    He seemed to have thought of a very frightful thing, and was lost in his thoughts. Xiao Yu’er was talking into his ear, but he did not hear a single word at all.

    Right at this time, there were strange sounds coming out from beneath the dirt floor, like a few thousand, a few hundred rats, all squeaking, trying their hardest to escape and squeeze out!

    The men in black immediately placed the steel cages they held in their hands in five different positions.

    Right at this time, a large pack of rats, from the cracks on the mountain walls, the dark corners, ran out in waves, so many that it’s immeasurable.

    All the rats that Xiao Yu’er have seen in his lifetime, were not even one-tenth of the number of rats now. Never in his dreams could he imagine that there would be so many rats in the world.

    If right now, it were a pack of hungry wolves or tigers or leopards, Xiao Yu’er might not necessarily feel afraid, but such a large pack of rats, is making his face turn pale, his body turn cold. The wine and meat he just ate, were almost bursting out from his chest, and he nearly vomited them out.

    Although he could still control himself, but Tie Ping Gu could not, and with a ‘wa’, vomited all over the floor. The rats were running past them, and the few highly skilled martial arts exponents, all can’t help but jump up, leaping onto the huge stone, squeezed together.

    Tie Ping Gu covered her eyes with her hands, refusing to open them even if it means death, but Xiao Yu’er eyes were opened widely.

    A few thousand, few hundred rats were running past his own legs, this is not a sight that everyone can witness, so how can he bear not to see.

    The men in black kept on whistling on the bamboo, the whips in their hands dancing, and chasing the packs of rats into the steel cages. The steel cage may not be small, but it’s not large either, but the rats kept running in, just like packing ducks, squeezing themselves in even though it’s full. One piled on another, a pack piled onto a pack.

    Until the five cages were so packed, it looked like five large meat dumplings, did the men in black put their whips down and stopped their whistling. The rest of the rats immediately looked like they have been pardoned, and scurried away in all directions again. In the blink of an eye, none were left. The cave immediately returned to its original silence, Tie Ping Gu secretly took a glance before she dared to put her hands down. Her face was wet with cold sweat, as if she had just woken up from a nightmare.

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh before saying with a bitter smile, “Only now do I know that rats are so scary.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang coughed dryly and said, “Thousands and hundreds of rats, really look very different from ten or eight rats. Si Chuan has the most rats, but I’ve never seen so many before.”

    Jiang Yu Lang giggled, “I was not really afraid, I just find it revolting.”

    The leader of the men in black laughed loudly, “What this friend said is correct, not only are rats not scary, but they are extremely tasty.”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a cynical look, “Tasty?” The man in black said with a strange smile, “If you don’t believe it, you’ll know once you try.”

    He actually scooped up a furry rat from the cage and wanted to pass it to Xiao Yu’er’s hands.

    Xiao Yu’er hurriedly shook his hands and said with a smile, “A gentleman will not take what another likes. Since the rats are so tasty, you better keep it for yourself.”

    The man in black chuckled, “A pity, a pity. Although you look very brave, but you don’t even dare to eat a rat, or else once you have a taste of rat’s meat, you would find that eating other meat would be like chewing wax.”

    The goosebumps on Xiao Yu’er’s body stood up again, and he said loudly, “Since friend has already found your rats, shouldn’t you be gone by now.”

    Jiang Yu Lang suddenly said with a sinister smile, “You’ve always loved being a busybody, why aren’t you interfering this time?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “If there’s someone who likes to eat rat meat, that’s his own business, why should I bother. It’s the same as you liking to eat shit, I can’t interfere in that.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s expression changed slightly, and looking at the man in black, asked “Is friend really leaving?”

    The man in black replied, “As I have already said, we’re here for the rats, and have nothing to do with humans.”

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed, “Doesn’t friend know that there is something better than rats in here?”

    The man in black took a look at Murong Jiu and Tie Ping Gu and replied with a weird laugh, “The disciples in our sect, all feel that women are not as cute as rats…”

    Jiang Yu Lang pulled Murong Jiu aside, far away from Xiao Yu’er and Xuanyuan Sanguang, before saying with a grin, “Aren’t money and jewels cuter than rats as well?”

    The man in black’s eyes shone, and asked, “Money and jewels? Where?”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s eyes rolled towards the back for a glance, and said with a smile, “With these two around, I dare not say.”

    Xiao yu’er sighed and said with a bitter smile, “I’m so weird, why didn’t I kill you in the past.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “Even if you want to kill me, I’m afraid it’ll not be easy.”

    The few men in black looked at one another, carried their steel cages and walked towards the cave behind. Xiao Yu’er blocked their path with a flash and said with a grin, “There’s no rats behind, you better return.”

    The man in black said with a grin, “It’s best that friend knows, you may not dare to eat rats, but the rats will dare to eat you.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “I have not taken a bath for a few days, my flesh is very dirty, I’m afraid even the rats won’t want to eat it.”

    The man in black laughed loudly, “Good, you’re a very interesting person, your courage not small…”

    Just as he said the word ‘small’, the whip in his palm flew out.

    The whip was black and shiny, made of unknown material, but it’s weight quite heavy. The man in black’s strength was not little as well, and the whip flew out, steady and heavy, the sound of the whip whistling through the air.

    But Xiao Yu’er caught the whip with a stretch of his hand and said with a smile, “Friend might not know that rats may cause me a headache, but humans, I am not afraid of them.”

    The expression on the man in black had already changed, and was trying to snatch his whip back but the whip seemed to have attached itself to Xiao Yu’er’s hands. He used all his strength but could not even move it an inch.

    Xiao Yu’er said with a grin, “The rats don’t know me, and I don’t know the rats, so even if you catch and eat all the rats in the world, I won’t bother about you. But if you have other intentions, I won’t be courteous.”

    The man in black said with a cold smile, “If you don’t find trouble with us, we won’t find trouble with you, but if you’re thinking of blocking our path, we will not be courteous!” As soon as he finished speaking, his mouth suddenly emitted the sound of the bamboo flute again.

    The two men in black next to him opened the door to the steel cages in their hands and the rats that were packed in the cages all scurried out like arrows.

    Xiao Yu’er was startled, tens and hundreds of rats were climbing onto him, squeaking and biting. Xiao Yu’er was both shocked and disgusted, and he can’t shake or chase them off. He had no choice but to release the grip on the hand holding the whip.

    Five whips immediately made their way towards him.

    There were rats all over Xiao Yu’er’s body, how could he have fought the whips, so he could only dodge and retreat, and kept shouting, “Xuanyuan Sanguang, aren’t you coming to help?” But Xuanyuan Sanguang’s face had already turned green. He hesitated for a moment before walking over slowly.

    The man in black said fiercely, “Xuanyuan Sanguang, since you have already guessed who we’re under, do you still dare to strike?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang was startled, and actually retreated. Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Xuanyuan Sanguang, are you like a woman, afraid of rats?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang might as well turned his head away, refusing to look at him.

    The rats on Xiao Yu’er’s body were not getting any lesser, in fact, it was getting more. He felt pain, itch and numb, and who knows how many bites had the rats taken out of him. That five silver whips were flogging towards him like poisonous snakes. By now Xiao Yu’er is truly anxious.

    No matter what he met, he’ll always have a way to deal with it, but these body full of furry rats were turning him into a frenzy and he does not know what to do at all.

    Jiang Yu Lang can’t help but laugh loudly, “For someone who thinks he’s the smartest in the world, and he can’t even deal with rats… Jiang Xiao Yu, would you have expected to die in the hands of rats.”

    Xiao Yu’er has already suffered a few lashes of the whips, and can’t help but heave a long sigh, “I really did not expect…”

    Suddenly, a shadow flashed past, and someone held a man in black by his neck and threw him out from behind, the whip in his hand snatched away as well.

    The other four men in black exclaimed in alarm, and four whips lashed out at this person, but without knowing why, the whips seem to disobey them. Your whip lashing at me, my whip lashing at you. The four of them were actually fighting amongst themselves.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Hua Wu Que, I did not think that you’ll actually come.”

    The person who came is naturally Hua Wu Que, beside his ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’ martial arts, who else can make the four of them hit themselves.

    On seeing him, Xiao Yu’er naturally heaved a sigh of relief. On seeing him, Jiang Yu Lang was also very happy, thinking that Hua Wu Que is saving Xiao Yu’er so that he can kill him personally.

    Hua Wu Que’s whip danced about, chasing all the rats on Xiao Yu’er’s body away.

    The five men in black were all shocked stiff, their tongues tied, and looking at Hua Wu Que numbly, not daring to lash out with the whips on their hands.

    The leader of the men in black asked dazedly, “Who might friend be? Why are you interfering?”

    Hua Wu Que replied calmly, “Even if you do not know me, shouldn’t you know my martial arts?”

    The man in black thought for a while, and his expression changed, “Shifting… Shifting Flower Grafting Jade.” The man in black stamped his feet and exclaimed, “Since the people from Floral Palace are here, I can only take my leave.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “You’ve caused my body to be full of rat droppings, and you’re thinking of leaving now?”

    That man in black said with an icy smile, “I’m afraid it’s not up to you to say such words, just based on you… humph!” Hua Wu Que asked, “Are you looking down on him?”

    Hua Wu Que smiled slightly and said, “Since that is the case, without the help from rats, why don’t you have another fight with him. It doesn’t matter if the five of you attack together, I will not strike.”

    The man in black sniggered, “If you do not strike, this lad…”

    Before he could finish his words, Xiao Yu’er had already struck out with his fist. He obviously saw Xiao Yu’er’s punch coming towards him, but he just could not dodge it. Before he could even flick his whip, his body was already flying out from the punch.

    The other four men in black pounced at the same time, but Xiao Yu’er made a few false moves and in a short moment the five were staggering from his beatings, their faces bruised. Hua Wu Que said with a slight smile, “Do you know his capability now?”

    None of the five men in black could speak at this point in time, they were all lying on the ground, unable to get up. Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “I did not expect you to be worse than rats, can’t even take a beating.” The men in black dare not reply, nor move.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang kept making eye and hand signals at Xiao Yu’er, his intention to ask Xiao Yu’er to let them go. Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows and said, “My hands are not painful anymore, stand up quickly.”

    Not only did the men in black not stand up, but their bodies huddled up into a ball instead.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly and said, “Five adults, and you still have the cheek to laze on the ground, don’t tell me you’re waiting for your Teacher’s Wife to come and carry you up?”

    The men in black were originally trembling, but now they were not moving at all.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang hurriedly made his way over, dragged a man up, with with only one look, his expression changed. He slowly put the man in black down and sighed, “I’m afraid they will never be able to stand.”

    Once Xuanyuan Sanguang touched their bodies, fresh blood oozed out from their mouths, noses, eyes and ears, and even those blood were a scary blue.

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned, “The five of them only suffered a few punches, don’t tell me they’re so upset they had to commit suicide?”

    Hua Wu Que said with furrowed brows, “Maybe they thought that you would not let them off, so they…”

    Xiao Yu’er stamped his feet and exclaimed, “Even if they made my body to be full of rat droppings, I won’t kill them. Could these people have eaten too many rat meat, and became as narrow minded as rats.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang said with a bitter laugh, “These son of turtles died just like that, and they died really quickly.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “That’s right, could it be they hid poison in their mouths, ever ready to die.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang furrowed his brows and squatted, turning over the mouth of the man in black. Immediately there was a ghastly blue liquid as think as ink flowed out from his mouth, emitting a nauseating stink.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang sighed, “You’re right, these bastards actually hid the poison in their teeth.”

    Xiao Yu’er said with furrowed brows, “But why do they want to commit suicide? I have no intention of killing them, or forcing them to talk, could it be that they’re tired of living?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang searched the body of the man in black and only found a few taels of silver and nothing else, not even a handkerchief.

    These people actually did not bring anything with them except for silver.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang thought for a moment, and suddenly tore the body’s clothes, and exclaimed hoarsely, “The matter that you cannot understand, the answer is right here.”

    On the chest of the man in black, were surprisingly ten large words.

    These ten ghastly blue words seemed to be burned using phosphorus, and almost burnt to the bone, the scar embedded deeply in the flesh, so that there is no way it can be removed. The ten words are, ‘The followers of Wu Ya, rather be killed than humiliated’.

    Xiao Yu’er muttered, “The followers of Toothless Gate, rather be killed than humiliated… what kind of a daft meaning is this?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang sighed, “This means that when they cannot defeat others, they should kill themselves quickly so that they will not disgrace their master. If they do not commit suicide now, their deaths would be ten times more horrible when they go back.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “You mean they were afraid of their master’s torture when they return, that’s why they’d rather commit suicide now, correct?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang affirmed, “Exactly.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “But they got a beating here, their master doesn’t know at all, as long as they don’t say it out, would I have said it out instead?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied, “These son of turtles may be measuring the actions of a gentleman with the heart of a scoundrel, and thought that you…”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly interrupted, “That is not the reason.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “What would you say is the reason?”

    Hua Wu Que slowly replied, “When I saw them, there were originally seven of them.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang clapped his hands, “That’s right, the five of them came in, and left two in a secret place. That two saw that the situation was not right, and might have slipped away secretly. The five of them deduced that they would surely return to report, so instead of suffering at a later time, they might as well have a clean death now.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at Hua Wu Que, “When you came in, didn’t you see the other two?”

    Hua Wu Que said with a bitter smile, “I heard your shouts and dashed immediately in, I did not notice anything else.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly slapped his own head and shouted, “Oh no, we’ve actually been muddled by these stupid rats that five, six living humans slipped away from us without us actually knowing.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang glanced around and also exclaimed hoarsely, “That’s right, that little bastard Jiang has slipped off.”

    Xiao Yu’er stamped his feet and said, “When you came in, I still saw him, at that time he seemed to look very happy, thinking that you’re here to kill me. Later he must have realized that the situation is not right so he immediately escaped… ai, this lad has always been an imp, I should have specifically kept a close watch on him.”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment, and with a small smile, said, “It might be good that he left on his own accord.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at him “You saw him earlier, right?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I seemed to have caught a glance.”

    “But you still let him leave.”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “No matter what we were once acquainted…”

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Then why did you let him take Murong Jiu with him?”

    End of Chapter 71

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