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Thread: Legendary Siblings Unabridged (COMPLETED)

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 72

    Hua Wu Que heard Xiao Yu’er mention that Murong Jiu had already been taken away by Jiang Yu Lang and can’t help but feel startled, “Miss Murong?…. Was Miss Murong with him as well?”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “You… you didn’t see her?”

    Hua Wu Que was stumped, and replied “I only saw a girl next to him, but I didn’t think she would be Miss Murong. At that time I was only concerned about you, and the light here is so dim, I did not take a clear look at her face.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang suddenly slapped Xiao Yu’er’s shoulder and said, “But the girl who came out with you would slip away as well?”

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brow, “That’s right! Why did she slip away as well? Could it be she’s afraid of seeing Hua Wu Que?”

    Hua wu Que asked, “Who is this girl?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Her name is Tie Ping Gu…. Do you know her?”

    “I’ve never even heard of this name.”

    Xiao Yu’er tapped his head with his finger and mused, “Since you do not recognise her, why did she escape? I really cannot fathom…”

    Tie Ping Gu really did have a reason, and her reason is extremely valid.

    Hua Wu Que knew her originally, he have not heard of the name ‘Tie Ping Gu’, is because her name was not Tie Ping Gu then. Tie Ping Gu would naturally recognize Hua Wu Que.

    Once she saw Hua Wu Que, her expression immediately changed and turned her head instantly, until she was sure that Hua Wu Que did not notice her did she slip away with the greatest speed.

    By now it’s close to dusk, the setting sun lighting up the sky, reflecting on the lush green mountain, the slight breeze carried a fragrance. Tie Ping Gu took a deep breath, and could not describe how she felt.

    For over ten years, this is the first time she got her freedom, the first time she could stand on her own. She can do whatever she wants, can go wherever she wants. But instead she does not know what to do. Jiang Yu Lang followed her and slipped out. He was originally happy when he saw Hua Wu Que, but he saw that the way Hua Wu Que looked at Xiao Yu’er had changed and immediately felt that things were not right.

    Jiang Yu Lang also felt strange that Tie Ping Gu would slip away. Once Tie Ping Gu revealed her skills, Jiagn Yu Lang was even more surprised.

    This young girls excellent lightness skill may be surprising, but the weirdest thing is in the way that she flew, with a uniquely dignified pose, which bears some semblance to Hua Wu Que’s extraordinary moves.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s eyes immediately narrowed. He was surprised, bewildered, and with a roll of his eyes, he immediately dragged Murong Jiu and gave chase.

    Jiang Yu Lang will never let any opportunity go, but he did not realize that, the praying mantis is hunting the cicada, but the canary is right behind. There were two more people following him.

    By the time Xiao Yu’er, Hua Wu Que and Xuanyuan Sanguang came out, besides a few bodies, there was not a living being there.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at the bodies and sighed, “These people may have been brought here by Jiang Yu Lang, but Jiang Yu Lang could abandon and not bother about them, but we…”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang said, “You don’t have to bother about such things, burying the dead, is my expertise.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Then what do you want me to do?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang sighed, “You have to make preparations to deal with someone you’ve never met before, the most poisonous, evil, nauseating and also the most headache inducing enemy.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Are you referring to that toothless (Wu Ya) lad!”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied, “I am referring exactly to Wei Wu Ya.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “I did not kill those five people.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang retorted, “Do you think he’s very reasonable! As long as you have some brush against his men, he’ll never finish with you.”

    Xiao Yu’er took a deep breath and said, “You’ve made this ‘toothless’ person out to be so formidable, who is he exactly!”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang asked, “Have you heard of the name ‘Twelve Zodiacs’! He is the Rat in the Twelve Zodiacs…”

    Xiao Yu’er guffawed, “I thought who you were referring to, so it’s the Twelve Zodiacs… I’ve also had my fair share of experiences with those in the Twelve Zodiacs, but they can’t seem to do anything to me.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied, “The reason why the Twelve Zodiacs became famous, is because of Wei Wu Ya. When they were at the peak of their fame, when people in the martial arts realm hear of the words ‘Twelve Zodiacs’, they won’t be able to sleep at night. At that time I’m afraid you were not even born.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Looking at the way you say it, I’m lucky that I was not born early.”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang continued, “Don’t talk about others, even us ‘Ten Evils’, even though we’re not afraid of anything, but when we hear the three words ‘Wei Wu Ya’, we’ll still get a headache for a few days.”

    Only now was Xiao Yu’er moved, and said, “A character that can cause even the Ten Evils to have headaches, he must be of some calibre.”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly said, “I’ve heard of this name as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Could it be that Floral Palace is also having headaches over him.”

    Hua Wu Que replied slowly, “When I left the Palace, my Teacher wants me to specially take note of two people, one of which is Wei Wu Ya.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “What about the other one?”

    Hua Wu Que replied with a bitter smile, “Another person is Yan Nan Tian, Hero Yan.”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment before asking, “Where is he now?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied, “The Twelve Zodiacs could not raise their heads high these recent years, is because Wei Wu Ya suddenly disappeared ten over years ago. Some said he was injured by the Floral Palace Princess, so he went into hiding. Others said that he was practicing a mysterious form of martial arts, so he did not wish to see others….”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Where do you think… he will hide himself?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied with a sigh, “If he wants to hide, I’m afraid even ghosts won’t be able to find him.”

    Xiao yu’er furrowed his brows and mumbled, “Could it be that he’s hiding at Turtle Hill… the person those ‘Harm others without benefit to oneself’ brothers said before they died, could it be him…”

    He suddenly slapped Xuanyuan Sanguang’s shoulders and asked with a smile, “After you bury the dead, what else are you thinking of doing?”

    Xuanyuan Sanguang replied, “I actually wanted to find someone and have a gamble, but once I remember that Wei Wu Ya has appeared again, I’ve actually lost my interest for gambling.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Then I shall trouble you to send the silver in the cave to Duan He Fei, and tell Duan He Fei who was the person who kept these silver.”

    He continued with a smile, “It doesn’t matter if you return him the silver and then win it back from him. Duan He Fei loves to fight crickets, and loves to eat meat, if you gamble meat eating with him, he’ll certainly oblige.”

    Even if Xuanyuan Sanguang wanted to decline, it’s too late. Before Xiao Yu’er had even finished his words, he’d already dragged Hua Wu Que and left like the wind.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang could only shake his head and with a bitter laugh, said “Damn, it’s really not darn easy to reject what Jiang Xiao Yu ask you to do.”

    As Xiao Yu’er walked, he related what had happened to him.

    Naturally Hua Wu Que was surprised on hearing it, and even he does not know what plans this ‘Mr Copper’ has, and can’t help but start to feel suspicious about Mr Copper’s background.

    When he related what had happened to him, Xiao Yu’er also felt surprise, and can’t help but ask, “Since Hero Yan will only let you off after I’ve been found, then why is it that you’re alone now? Where has he gone to?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I don’t know why but these two days, I suddenly felt uneasy, as if some catastrophe is about to happen. I’ve never felt anything like this in my life.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “The one facing a catastrophe the last two days is me, why would you feel uneasy, that’s really weird.”

    Hua Wu Que answered, “I guess Hero Yan also noticed that I was looking a little out of sorts, so he asked me what I wanted to do, and I told him I would like to come out for a walk… I had thought that Hero Yan would not agree, but who would have known that he actually did”

    Xiao Yu’er asked hoarsely, “You want to go, and he just let you leave!”

    “That’s right.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Yan Nan Tian is really Yan Nan Tian, really different from that Mr Copper. To tell you the truth, to meet someone like him, is your great fortune.”

    Hua Wu Que kept silent. When he respects someone in his heart, he won’t say it out, besides, the person whom he respects is Floral Palace’s enemy.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed, “But you’re truly a gentleman as well, that’s why he’s assured. If the person he met was me, I’m afraid he won’t let me off so easily too.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled and asked, “Why do you think that you’re not a gentleman?”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, and said slowly, “Maybe because I’ve never seen a gentleman since I was young, I don’t even know what a gentleman is like, and by the time I see one or two gentleman, they always disappoint me…”

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “Hero Yan is still waiting for me, you…”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly interrupted, “When you see him, don’t say that you’ve seen me, all right?”

    Hua Wu Que was puzzled, “Why? Aren’t you coming with me to see him?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I… I was thinking of going to Turtle Hill, but he will certainly not allow me to go.”

    Hua Wu Que was even more puzzled, “You want to go to Turtle Hill? Why?”

    “I’m going to save some people.”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned, “Could they be the Ten Evils? But they… but they….”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a bitter smile, “They may not be good people, but I was brought up by them. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know about this matter, but since I know it now, I cannot not bother, besides… I want to find that Tie Ping Gu on the way as well. Her martial arts may be good, but she has never left her home, she won’t know the dangers of the world and could be tricked anytime. Since she saved me once, at least I have to save her once too…” He made a monkey face and laughed, “You must know, the feeling of owing a debt to a woman is never good.”

    Tie Ping Gu also doesn’t know if it was the fragrance of cooking that lured her here, anyway, she had entered this small town, and realized that she is famished. Although she also ate something in that cave, but when a person has been hungry for two, three days, how could her hunger be satiated be easily. The table which the dishes were placed, were shining with a layer of grease under the light, more than ten green headed flies were flying around the table full of dishes.

    This kind of place, usually even if there’s an eight men carriage carrying her here, Tie Ping Gu would not go in, but now, she’d crawl in even if she has to. The way Tie Ping Gu looks now, really does not resemble a good guest.

    Her face is full of dirt and sweat, her hair messy like a bird’s nest, her clothes dirty and torn. Even if she does not look like a prisoner who has just escaped from her cell, she looks like an escaped mistress from a wealthy family. A pity that she is also like most of the other people in the world, who only saw the dirt on others, but never their own.

    There were only three guests in the shop, all were staring at her with big eyes, but Tie Ping Gu could not fathom why these people were looking at her.

    The shop staff finally walked over and said with a forced smile, “Would Miss like a bowl of noodles? Our shop’s Yangchun Noodles is half a catty (about 300g) per bowl.”

    Tie Ping Gu took a deep breath and said, “Noodles, I’m not used to eating it. Give me a roasted chicken, a plate of fish fillets, a plate of fried potatoes, half a slab of ham with the skin removed and steamed, add a little rock sugar, a bowl of bamboo shoots and mushroom soup… oh, that’s right, give me some of those braised vegetables on the tray over there.”

    These dishes, to her, were really quite ordinary. She already felt that she’s doing an injustice to herself. With her voracious appetite now, she almost could eat a horse.

    But the three guests at the side, on hearing her say such a long string of dishes, burst out into laughter. Even the shop staff was staring with big round eyes and scratching his head.

    Tie Ping Gu stared at him and said, “Why, don’t your shop even have these few dishes?”

    The shop staff said slowly, “We have these dishes, but our shop also has a rule!”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “What rule?”

    “Our shop survives on a small profit margin, we can’t afford to be owed money, so all guests who come will have to pay first.”

    Tie Ping Gu was stunned. Why would she be carrying silver taels, she only knows that silver taels are dirty and heavy, she absolutely did not think that they would be so useful.

    The shop staff smiled a superficial smile and said, “A meal has to be paid for, doesn’t Miss know this rule?”

    The three guests at the side laughed loudly, and one of them said with a laugh, “Why don’t Miss come over this table here and eat with us. We may not have roasted chicken here, but there’s still half a duck head left, you can make do with it and take it with wine.”

    Tie Ping Gu only wished that she had never been born, never walked into this ghastly place. She felt that although it feels bad sitting here, but walking out like that would be an even bigger loss of face, so much so that she is at a loss as to what to do next.

    Jiang Yu Lang walked in right at this time, he has really chosen a great time.

    He walked to Tie Ping Gu and bowed respectfully, in his hands he held ten over shiny yellow golden spindles, saying with a smile, “Uncle knows that Cousin had come out in a hurry and may not have brought enough money, so he asked me to send some pocket money over.”

    The shop staff was immediately stunned, the three guests at the side were stunned as well.

    The most stunned, naturally is Tie Ping Gu. Of course she recognizes Jiang Yu Lang as the bad egg that Xiao Yu’er was talking about, but she could not guess what this is all about.

    She could only look on as Jiang Yu Lang sat next to her. Murong Jiu is like a puppet, smiling dazedly, sitting down with him dazedly. However that shop staff became very cute, bending his back, with a smile, sending dishes and wine. In an instant, the table was filled with food.

    Jiang Yu Lang used the hot tea to wash Tie Ping Gu’s chopsticks and said with a smile, “This braised vegetable is quite fresh, Cousin why don’t you just make do and eat some first.”

    Tie Ping Gu now suddenly has a ‘cousin’, and she really doesn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh. However, Jiang Yu Lang really understands a girl’s heart. When Tie Ping Gu was at her most embarrassed, he helped her regained her face, so how could Tie Ping Gu not feel gratitude. After the meal, Tie Ping Gu paid up grandly, and she can’t help but feel happy about it. But as for the remaining gold, she is embarrassed to take it.

    She has not spoken a single word to Jiang Yu Lang, and is still ignoring him now, and walked out on her own. Since Jiang Xiao Yu dislike this person, then this person must be nothing good. Tie Ping Gu walked in front, Jiang Yu Lang followed behind. Tie Ping Gu finally can’t help but ask, “What else do you want?”

    Jiang Yu Lang said with a smile, “I was only afraid that Miss would find it inconvenient wandering on your own, so I thought to offer some help to Miss.”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “You don’t have to bother about my affairs.” She may be saying it, but her heart has already been touched.

    There were people walking up and down the streets, but none of whom she recognize. The lights in the distance were getting less and less, the darkness even scarier.

    She really does not know where to go. She suddenly realized that if a person wants to live a carefree life in this world, it’s really not as easy as they imagined.

    Jiang Yu Lang did not make any noise for a long time, could he have gone? Tie Ping Gu suddenly realized that she’s afraid that he will be gone.

    She hurriedly turned her head, Jiang Yu Lang was still following behind her with a grin.

    Although she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, but yet she shouted, “Why are you still following me?”

    Jiang Yu Lang said with a smile, “The sky is getting dark, doesn’t Miss want to take a rest?”

    Tie Ping Gu chewed on her lips. She’s really tired, but where should she rest?

    Jiang Yu Lang’s eyes shone, and he smiled, “Even if Miss does not wish me to follow you, at least let me help Miss find an inn.”

    This time, Tie Ping Gu is unable to say anything to reject him.

    But once an inn was found, Tie Ping Gu immediately closed the door solemnly, and said loudly, “You can leave now, the further the better.”

    This time Jiang Yu Lang was actually very obedient. Tie Ping Gu waited for a while and did not hear anything from him and laid on the bed, heaving a sigh of relief.

    She thought of Jiang Xiao yu, thought of Hua Wu Que, and thought of Jiang Yu Lang… why is Jiang Xiao Yu at odds with him? He doesn’t seem to be too bad a person. But Tie Ping Gu is really too tired, and she slept suddenly.

    Once she woke up the second day, she immediately felt extremely hungry.

    There were a few times Tie Ping Gu wanted to ask someone to send food, but she stopped herself each time. The more she wanted to bear with the hunger, the more she could not do it.

    Suddenly she heard a waiter outside say with a smile, “Master Jiang has asked me to send Miss your breakfast, will Miss be eating now?”

    After she’s eaten, Tie Ping Gu finally realized how scary she looks now. She wished she could throw the mirror on the table far away, her whole body feeling numb.

    Right at this time, the waiter returned again. This time he carried many pieces of beautiful and soft new clothes, a set of exquisite combs, expensive rouges, soft shoes and socks. These things, can Tie Ping Gu reject them?

    When Tie Ping Gu has changed into these clothes and cleaned herself up, Jiang Yu Lang’s voice appeared, “I wonder if I can come in?”

    Now, Tie Ping Gu’s stomach is filled with food sent by him, on her body is the clothes and shoes sent by him, can she not let him come in?

    By lunchtime that day, Jiang Yu Lang naturally had not left, and Tie Ping Gu no longer had to intention to ask him to leave. Now, she only feels that she really cannot do without him.

    This naturally is also a small inn, and in the small dining hall of the small inn, there’s only the two of them. According to Jiang Yu Lang, “That Miss Murong is not feeling well, that’s why she’s not yet awake.”

    Actually, Jiang Yu Lang had sealed her sleeping acupoint, and wrapped her up in her blanket. She may be just a puppet, but Jiang Yu Lang is also not willing for her to come and disturb them.

    Naturally there won’t be any great dishes in a small inn, but Jiang Yu Lang still ordered a table of food, and two flasks of wine, and said with a smile, “If Miss does not object, I’ll like to have a little drink.”

    Tie Ping Gu did not reply, but when the wine came, she snatched over the flask, poured a huge cup to the brim and drank it up in a gulp. She only felt a burning and hot sensation, spilling down her throat, so burning that she her tears almost flowed. When has she ever drank before.

    Jiang Yu Lang was secretly laughing on seeing this but instead he said, “If Miss has not drank before, it’s best that you do not drink, if you were to become drunk…. Ai.” His face was a pretense of sincerity, as if he’s really concerned that Tie Ping Gu would become drunk. Actually he can’t wait for her to be dead drunk immediately.

    Tie Ping Gu lifted her head and drank another cup, Jiang Yu Lang sat next to her sighing, but he was actually extremely happy.

    After drinking a cup of wine, Tie Ping Gu only felt her whole body was warm and comfortable, and felt like flying. By the time she drank the fourth cup, she only felt that this ‘wine’ is really the best drink in the world, and did not think that’s it’s spicy or bitter. By her fifth cup, she had already forgotten all her troubles.

    By now Jiang Yu Lang is really pouring the wine for her. Jiang Yu Lang smiled and said, “I did not expect Miss to be such a good drinker, come, let me offer Miss another toast.”

    Tie Ping Gu drank another cup, and suddenly stared at Jiang Yu Lang, asking “Are you really a good person, or a bad person?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied with a slight smile, “Does Miss think that I look like a bad person?”

    Tie Ping Gu furrowed her brows, “You don’t look like one, but… why did Jiang Xiao Yu said you’re nothing good.”

    Jiang Yu Lang asked with a bitter smile, “Is Miss very well acquainted with him?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “Not too bad…. Not really acquainted.”

    “If Miss were to find out what he is like in future, you would understand… ai, that Miss Murong, if not for him, she would not have become like that.”

    Tie Ping Gu was stunned for a while, and poured another cup and gulped it down.

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “With such atmosphere, I really shouldn’t mention such troubling matters.”

    Tie Ping Gu suddenly laughed foolishly, “That’s right, we should talk about happier things. What happy things do you have to say, say it quickly. I’ll drink a cup for every happy thing that you say.”

    What talent does Jiang Yu Lang have, if he wants to talk about happy things, he won’t be able to finish even if he talked for three days and nights. He spoke about one matter after another, Tie Ping Gu drank one cup after another, laughing as she drank.

    Later she was still laughing even when Jiang Yu Lang had stopped talking, and even later, she couldn’t even laugh if she wanted to. She slipped down from the chair, unable to get up.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s eyes gleamed, and tested, “Can Miss still hear me?” Tie Ping Gu can’t even make a sound.

    Jiang Yu Lang pulled her up from under the table and felt that her whole body is so limp as if there’s not a bone in her body. If Jiang Yu Lang wants her to go east, she’ll go east, if he wants her to go west, she’ll go west.

    Suddenly someone laughed loudly, “Excellent planning indeed, Brother, I am really impressed.”

    Jiang Yu Lang was startled and he put Tie Ping Gu down before he suddenly turned around. He saw two people, one tall and one short, walking in with booming laughter.

    End of Chapter 72

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 73

    The light in the little hall was very dim. These two people, one tall and one short, standing in the gloomy shadow, were actually emanating an inexplicable eerie feeling. Their looks were not exceptionally special, but the expression, the posture, the eerie blue eyes, it’s as if they do not live on this world at all.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s heart had already tied into a knot, but he showed no expression on his face, and said with a slight smile, “Are the two of you referring to me?”

    The short person said with a silly laugh, “I have also seen numerous flirts, play boys, but if we’re talking about tactics to handle women, none of them were half as good as Brother here.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed heartily, “Your ability to tell jokes, is indeed marvelous.”

    The short person said with a creepy laugh, “Now this Miss is in Brother’s hands, now that we see that Brother will soon have warm, soft body in your arms, won’t Brother let my brother and me be happy as well?”

    The tall person said coldly, “What we mean, is that if Brother would like to have a good time, you have to give us brothers some benefits as well, or else…”

    Jiang Yu Lang rolled his eyes, and he said with a wide smile, “Could it be that the two of you want a share as well?”

    The short person laughed, “That we wouldn’t dare, just that since Brother has a new person, then the Miss in the blanket, you should at least give to us brothers.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “So the two of you really do know quite a bit.”

    The tall person replied coolly, “To be honest, ever since Brother started following this Miss, your every move has been seen clearly by us.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “Marvelous, marvelous. I did not expect Brothers to be so interested in me. Please take a seat quickly, and allow me to offer a toast to the two of you.”

    The tall person said, “Wine, we could use, but the snacks to go with the wine, my brother and I carry it with us.” He actually took out a rat from his sleeve, put it in his mouth and started chewing.

    Jiang Yu Lang was stunned, and laughed, “So you are from the same place as that five friends, no wonder you are so well-informed about me.”

    The tall person said icily, “Besides wanting to ask Brother to give us Miss Murong, we would also like to find out from Brother about something!”

    “What thing?”

    The eyes of the tall person gleamed murderously, and said “The three people in the cave, who are they really? And how are they related to you?”

    Jiang Yu Lang beamed, “Those three people, one is named Xuanyuan Sanguang, one is named Jiang Xiao Yu, one is named Hua Wu Que. Since the two of you saw what happened, you should know that they are my enemies?”

    That person smiled sinisterly, “Good, very good.”

    Jiang Yu Lang tried to test them, “Those five friends earlier, could they have been….”

    That person exclaimed, “That’s right, they’ve been killed by them!”

    Jiang Yu Lang heaved a sigh of relief, and added, “So this means that, we have a common enemy, I really should offer the two of you a toast.”

    That person said, “Very good, after Brother has drank this wine, then come with us!”

    The short person continued, “As for this Miss, during the journey Brother could always…. Haha, my brother and I will certainly prepare a comfortable and large horse carriage for Brother.”

    Jiang Yu Lang asked in surprise, “Where does the two of you want me to go?”

    That person smiled, “We would like to trouble Brother to come back with us, so that we can lure those three people.”

    Jiang Yu Lang suddenly laughed, “Your meaning, I have fully understood. Since the two of you are thinking of luring the three of them for revenge, it will also be beneficial to me, so why would I not agree?”

    The short person laughed loudly, “Brother is really an understanding person, we should offer you a toast as well.”

    The tall and short person lifted their cups and emptied it in one gulp.

    But they have just lifted their heads, the wine has yet to go down their throats, and Jiang Yu Lang’s cup has already flown out with a ‘whoosh’, hitting on the tall person’s throat. That person roared, the wine spurted out from his nose and he fell over.

    The short person was startled, and before he could react, Jiang Yu Lang’s palms had already struck out like lightning.

    His skills may not be as good as Xiao Yu’er’s, but it was vicious enough. There were two sounds of ‘pak, pak’ and the short person fell down as well.

    Jiang Yu Lang smacked his hands and said with a cold smile, “Just the two of you and you want to bring me away, you’re still far from it.”

    The two of them laid straightly on the ground, unmoving, but they were not dead yet. Jiang Yu Lang only sealed their acupoints. Tie Ping Gu slid down from the chair again. In this darkening dusk, her rosy cheeks really looked cuter than anything else. Therefore he called loudly to the staff to carry his ‘two drunk friends’ to the room next door, together with that ‘sick lady’. Although the two of them don’t look drunk at all, but most waiters are smart people, and know when they should open their eyes and when they should shut them.

    The waiter left the lighted accounts room, and stood in the little dark courtyard. Of course he did not come to eavesdrop on others intentionally, but if some slight noise were to come from this room, he would of course not cover his ears. He did not want to be a gentleman.

    It’s just like a turtle who met with something, and hid his head in his shell. As long as he doesn’t see it, he feels at ease.

    By now, Tie Ping Gu has sobered.

    She only felt her whole body in pain, in so much pain that it seems like it’s splitting, and she’s also having a headache. Alcohol has become like a little ghost, sawing through her brain from the inside.

    Then, she suddenly realized a sleeping Jiang Yu Lang lying next to her. She used all her strength and screamed. She used all her strength and pushed Jiang Yu Lang down.

    Jiang Yu Lang laid on the floor, and actually started crying! The person who should cry is someone else, but he actually did it first.

    Jiang Yu Lang cried bitterly, “I know I’ve done wrong, I know I’ve let you down, I only ask that you forgive me…”

    Tie Ping Gu gritted her teeth, her whole body shaking, “I… I wish I could…”

    “If you hate me, then kill me, I… I really could not control myself, I was drunk too, we should not have drunk.”

    He suddenly jumped up the bed and cried loudly, “I beg you to kill me, kill me, maybe I’ll feel better.”

    Tie Ping Gu had originally really wanted to kill him, but now… now there was not an ounce of strength in her hands. She was originally full of sadness and hatred, full of anger, but Jiang Yu Lang actually cried first, and crying so bitterly too, that she is now at a loss.

    Jiang Yu Lang peeped at the changes in her expressions through the gaps in his fingers, and sobbed even more miserably. He knows that a man’s tears, is sometimes even more useful than a woman’s.

    Tie Ping Gu finally also fell on the bed, and cried bitterly. Besides crying, she has no other ideas.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s eyes revealed a self-satisfied smile, but he still said through miserable cries, “What I have done may be wrong, but my heart is sincere, if you believe me, I will prove to you, I’ll never let you down in this lifetime.”

    He touched Tie Ping Gu’s body again, but Tie Ping Gu did not avoid him, and naturally Jiang Yu Lang understood the meaning very well.

    He suddenly hugged her tightly and cried loudly, “Either you forgive me, or kill me… you can kill me, but you cannot make me not like you, I’ll like you even in death…”

    Tie Ping Gu still did not move, Jiang Yu Lang knew that he had succeeded. He leaned next to Tie Ping Gu, and uttered the world’s most gentle and sweet words, he knows that this is what she needs most right now.

    Tie Ping Gu’s cries really weakened, she’s always been all alone, she originally felt at a loss, with no one to rely on, but now she suddenly realize that she’s no longer lonely. Jiang Yu Lang couldn’t help but laugh happily, and said gently, “You don’t hate me anymore?”

    Tie Ping Gu mustered up her courage, popped her head up, and while biting her lips, said “As long as you’re telling the truth, as long as you don’t forget your words today, I…” Suddenly, a shrill scream came from the room next door. Although this scream was very short, but it’s enough to make one’s hair stand on hearing it.

    With the greatest speed that a person can make to ensure that everything is in place, Jiang Yu Lang dashed out of the room like an arrow, he seemed to have forgotten about Tie Ping Gu immediately.

    Jiang Yu Lang dashed out, but he did not go into the room where the scream came from, but opened the three windows of the room first instead. Then, he lighted a lamp and threw it through the window! The oil lamp smashed onto the floor, and the flame started burning on the floor.

    The flickering firelight, made this dark and damp little room look even more eerie and mysterious. He saw that Murong Jiu was still well in the blanket and unconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

    But he had not finished breathing out in relief, when he realized that that tall and short person had disappeared, they’ve turned into two puddles of blood!

    This scene caused even Jiang Yu Lang to shiver, and yet he felt relieved.

    That dangerous and cruel man, if he was here to kill these two, then why should he object or feel afraid?

    By now, a person had appeared in the flickering fire.

    This person’s face, seems translucent under the light, so translucent that one can almost see his eerily blue skeleton.

    Those eyes of his, doesn’t look like human eyes, but like a kind of vicious man-eating beast who has been hungry for a few days and nights.

    Jiang Yu lang is not an ignoramus, and is not easily shocked, but when he saw this person, his heart almost stopped beating! This person also stared at Jiang Yu Lang icily, and said each word slowly, “Was it you who sealed their acupoints?”

    Jiang Yu lang forced out a thin smile and said, “Exactly, I was wondering what to do with them, and since you have gotten rid of them, I really do not know how to express my gratitude.”

    He has already realized that this person is far more dangerous that imagined, so he hurriedly tried to befriend him, but this person still stared at him coldly. He suddenly laughed, revealing snow white teeth that looked like a beast’s, and said slowly, “I am their Master! They were originally my slaves!”

    Jiang Yu Lang sucked in a cold breath of air, and said, “But you… killed them, not me.”

    That person suddenly pulled up a corpse from the blood puddle and tore off it’s shirt. In the flickering firelight, there were ten shining blue words on the body: “The followers of Wu Ya, rather be killed than humiliated!”

    Jiang Yu Lang almost vomited, and said hoarsely, “This… what does this mean, I don’t understand.”

    That person said slowly, “Since these two have been humiliated by you, I can only kill them, so that they will no longer make me lose face.”

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed, “I’ve killed sometimes as well, but I’ve always had a very valid reason, for example…”

    The fire that was burning on the ground, was suddenly extinguished, the surroundings were again as dark as a cemetery, but this person’s eyes, was still shining blue in the darkness. He asked coldly, “For example what?”

    Jiang Yu Lang said, “For example, when I know that someone is going to kill me, I’ll usually kill him first!”

    His eyes gleamed as well, on the ready to strike anytime.

    Although he strongly believed that this person is not someone to be trifled with, he also strongly believes that he himself is also not to be trifled with easily.

    Who would have expected that person to laugh suddenly.

    His laughter sounds like a rat gnawing on wood, causing goosebumps to rise all over one’s body. He said with a loud laugh, “When I want to kill someone, I won’t talk so much to him.” Jiang Yu Lang was surprised, “Why don’t you wish to kill me?”

    That person replied coolly, “If within seven days, you can take me and find Xuanyuan Sanguang, Jiang Xiao Yu and Hua Wu Que, not only will you not die now, but you will live a long life instead."

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed, “They are also my enemies, if you can kill them, naturally I’ll be very willing to bring you to look for them. A pity that it’s not an easy task to kill these three, but quite easy to be killed by them. If you failed in killing them and ended up being killed instead, won’t I be implicated as well.”

    That person asked fiercely, “What would make you believe that I can kill them?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “That will depend on what you can do to make me believe.”

    That person laughed icily, “I have more than a thousand ways to make you believe, if you would like to witness the miraculous skills of the followers of Wu Ya, I don’t mind letting you see one…”

    He seemed to have waved his hand, and a type of eerie blue flame shot out, landing on the wall. The flame was not very strong, and it extinguished immediately upon touching the wall, without burning at all. But once the flame flashed, this person is already in the courtyard. He did not fly out the window at all, but how did he get out? In Jiang Yu Lang’s shock, he suddenly realized there’s another large hole in the wall.

    Jiang Yu Lang was shocked stiff. This person’s lightness skill may be shocking, but it did not scare him. But this kind of non-burning, but destructive flame, he has really never seen it before.

    This person is now next to him, his gleaming eyes staring at him, and said each word slowly, “Do you want to see anything else?”

    Suddenly another person was heard laughing madly, “The marvelous skills of the followers of Wu ya, I don’t think it’s anything much!” Amidst the mad laughter, a shadow is already descending with the speed of a meteor.

    End of Chapter 73

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 74

    This person’s shape is not extremely tall or large, but seems to be as solid as a mountain!

    That follower of Wu Ya seemed to be worried about his aura, and took three steps back, saying fiercely, “Who dares to be so rude towards the followers of Wu Ya?”

    “It is Yan Nan Tian!” These five words were like shooting stars, able to light up the land!

    Yan Nan Tian shouted, “Who are you to Wei Wu Ya? Where is he now?”

    Although that person was afraid, but he still laughed madly, “You don’t have to look for my Teacher, the four head disciples of Wu Ya’s followers have all wanted to look for Yan Nan Tian to exchange moves. I did not expect that I, Wei Bai Yi, would be luckier than others…”

    Jiang Yu Lang suddenly exclaimed angrily, “Who are you, to have the audacity to be so rude to Hero Yan!”

    Amidst the shout, he had already jumped across, striking his lightning fast palms three times at Wei Bai Yi. These three palms were brilliant and lively, and it’s the orthodox moves of Wu Dang!

    The Wu Dang Palm is the most popular palm moves in the martial arts realm, and Jiang Yu Lang of course is up to no good when he secretly learned this kind of palm moves.

    He used al his strength in the three palm attacks, and it actually encompassed the essence of Wu Dang Palm. Wei Bai Yi laughed madly and said, “You dare to strike against me as well?”

    He only knows that he can fight off Jiang Yu Lang with only two or three moves, but he does not know that Jiang Yu Lang may be a coward, but he is definitely not a fool.

    He actually belittled Jiang Yu Lang’s martial arts. Suddenly, Jiang Yu Lang gained the upper hand, and he was unable to change circumstances back in his favor.

    Jiang Yu Lang knows that Yan Nan Tian will definitely not let him be disadvantaged, and with Yan Nan Tian supporting at the side, what else is there to be afraid of. The bolder he is, the faster his moves. Wei Bai Yi’s martial arts may be strange and vicious, but there was nothing he could do to him.

    Suddenly Wei Bai Yi’s body started turning, four to five eerie blue flames suddenly shot out! But it could not be seen where they are being shot!

    Yan Nan Tian roared, and a gush of air from his palm flew out, pushing Jiang Yu Lang’s body away, shattering apart the eerie blue flames, and causing Wei Bai Yi to stagger back a few steps.

    By now the roar has become a loud cry, and amidst the cry, Yan Nan Tian’s body had leaped into the air like a dancing roc. Wei Bai Yi lifted his head and looked up, his bravado completely deserted, by the time he thought of hiding, there is no way he can hide. He roared madly and blood spurted out from his mouth, and fell down, facing heavenward!

    Yan Nan Tian grabbed him by his collar and asked angrily, “Where is Wei Wu Ya?”

    Wei Bai Yi opened his eyes, looked at Yan Nan Tian and replied with an sly smile, “The followers of Wu Ya, rather be killed than humiliated…”

    This time when he opened his mouth to talk, there is already a putrid blue liquid flowing out of his mouth, and when he finished saying these ten words, he can never say another word again.

    Yan Nan Tian let him down and said with a long sigh, “It’s unexpected that the followers of Wei Wu Ya, would be such vicious and mad disciples…”

    He suddenly turned towards Jiang Yu Lang and said with a broad smile, “But you… are you a disciple of Wu Dang?”

    Only now did Jiang Yu Lang regain his thoughts, and immediately bowed and said with a smile, “Disciple of Wu Dang, Jiang Yu Lang, pays his respects to Elder.”

    Yan Nan Tian helped him up and laughed loudly, “Good, good, that the orthodox sects will have such an outstanding disciple like you, even if they were to recruit a few more madmen, I would not worry.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s expression became even more respectful, and said with a bow, “But if not for Elder who coincidentally happened to be here today, disciple would have lost his life.”

    When he said the word ‘coincidentally’, his heart was full of delight, for if Yan Nan Tian had come a moment earlier, had heard a few more words of his, right now he could be lying together with Wei Bai Yi on the floor.

    Yan Nan Tian said with a smile, “This is really a coincidence, if not for the fact that I have arranged to meet my little friend here, I wouldn’t be here as well.”

    He slapped Jiang Yu Lang’s shoulder and laughed loudly, “His name is Hua Wu Que, if you have been roaming in the martial arts realm these recent years, you would have heard this name.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s expression did not change and said with a smile, “Junior have not left the mountains for long, as to the heroes in the martial arts realm, I’m still not that familiar.”

    He had been looking out, and until now, there were still no movement from Tie Ping Gu, and this made him secretly heave a sigh of relief. He continued, “When disciple arrived just now, that Wei Bai Yi was about to strike a Miss Murong, this lady is still lying in the room right now, would Elder want to take a look.”

    Yan Nan Tian’s expression changed, “Miss Murong? … could she be from the Murong Family.” As he spoke, he was already leaping in. Naturally Murong Jiu was still lying on the blanket.

    The room was dark but Yan Nan Tian only took two looks and said, “This child’s sleeping acupoint has been sealed. This acupoint may not be a fatal one, but because the strength used to seal it was too heavy, and her acupoint has been sealed for at least twelve to fourteen hours.”

    Jiang Yu lang exclaimed hoarsely, “Has it been twelve to fourteen hours? In that case, this Miss’s strength must have been damaged greatly.”

    Yan Na n Tian said somberly, “That’s right, her vitality has been severely damaged, if I were to suddenly unseal her acupoint how, I’m afraid she will need to wait three months before she can recover.”

    Jiang Yu Lang asked, “Then… then what can be done?”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “When I use my internal energy to regulate her blood flow, any disturbance is the most taboo, if I am interrupted, not only will her condition become more severe, even I would suffer. But with your protection, I need not worry.”

    Jiang Yu lang smiled along and said, “Elder, rest assured. Disciple may not be capable, but I’m confident that nothing will go wrong in such a minor matter.”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “If I’m not assured about you, would I take this risk… if I can’t even trust the disciple of Priest Zi Xu, who else can I trust?”

    Therefore he sat cross legged on the bed, both his palms pressed onto Murong Jiu’s back. Although the room is still very dark, but the look of gravity could still be seen on his face.

    Jiang Yu Lang stood behind him, and the corners of his mouth curved up into a sinister smile unconsciously.

    Why isn’t there any movement from Tie Ping Gu? It’s because she had left long ago. Jiang Yu Lang’s honeyed words may have appeased her anger, but it made her more ashamed. When she sobered, she felt as if she had betrayed herself.

    She hated herself, why did she not kill Jiang Yu Lang. She hated herself for not being able to bring herself to strike. She knows that since she was unable to strike just now, she’ll forever be unable to strike.

    She hated herself, why did she make it so easy for someone to steal the most precious thing in her whole life, and she seemed to have fallen in love with this hateful thief in spite of that.

    Tie Ping Gu dashed out in a huff. This inn was at the edge of the little town. Running out of this little town, the earth seemed even darker, she can’t see any roads nor differentiate the directions.

    Suddenly, there were two human shadows walking over in the darkness. These two shadows seemed to be of the same size and height, as if they were cut from the same mold.

    They stopped far away, naturally Tie Ping Gu can’t see their faces clearly, but with such a quiet, dark night, no matter how soft a voice is, it will still sound very clearly. One of them said, “Jiang Xiao Yu, you really do not wish to see him?”

    The three words ‘Jiang Xiao Yu’ traveled to Tie Ping Gu’s ears, and she almost wanted to fly towards him and hurl herself into his arms.

    But she knows that now she no longer has the right to be in anyone’s arms. She can only grit her teeth and bear with it.

    The slight breeze really carried Jiang Xiao Yu’s voice with it! He said with a laugh, “You’ve said it wrongly, it’s not that I don’t wish to see him, just that ‘right now’ I don’t wish to see him.”

    Hua Wu Que continued, “How would you know that he will definitely stop you! Maybe…”

    Xiao Yu’er interrupted, “Of course he may let me go, but I don’t wish to take this risk. Since I have made up my mind to do this, then I must do it!”

    Hua Wu Que said, “But since you have accompanied me all the way here…”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Where would Hero Yan be waiting for you.”

    Hua Yu Que pointed, “At an inn in that small town just in front, this small town only has one inn, I will definitely not lose my way.”

    When she heard that, Tie Ping Gu’s heart jumped again… Jiang Yu Lang is still at that inn right now, and they are going to that inn as well. Although she hates Jiang Yu Lang to the core, but once she heard that Jiang Yu Lang is in danger, she forgot everything and strangely started being concerned about him.

    Xiao Yu’er was heard replying slowly, “I originally wanted to ask you to accompany me to Turtle Hill, but I know that since you have made an appointment with others, you will not break your word, right?”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment and said, “With our parting today, I wonder…” He suddenly stopped talking, and have no wish to continue.

    Xiao Yu’er pounded his shoulder heavily and said softly, “No matter what, we will have a chance to meet again…” He has not finished his words and was already walking out with large strides. Hua Wu Que thought for a while and ran after him, saying, “It’s still early now, I’ll send you off as well.”

    Tie Ping Gu looked at their silhouettes slowly disappearing, her body shivering, and gritting her teeth, she suddenly jumped up and ran back towards that inn.

    The window was opened and inside and outside the window, lay three bodies. A burly stranger was on the bed helping a lady regulate her energy flow.

    Jiang Yu lang’s eyes were shimmering with a strange light, the corners of his mouth revealed a cruel smile, staring at that man’s back and slowly raising his hand!

    Tie Ping Gu dashed to the front of the window, and without finding out what was actually happening here, just blurted out, “Jiang Yu Lang, you…”

    Once the three words ‘Jiang Yu Lang’ were out of her mouth, Yan Nan Tian had already turned around suddenly, and the color on his face changed, he is too late!

    Jiang Yu lang’s palms have landed on his back heavily!

    Yan Nan Tian roared angrily, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out onto Murong Jiu’s slim body! Jiang Yu Lang was also frightened into taking a few steps back by this roar, retreating to the wall.

    Yan Nan Tian’s hair was in disarray, his eyes piercing, and he shouted hoarsely, “Rat, I saved your life, and you dare to make a sneak attack on me?”

    Jiang Yu Lang was so petrified that his legs have turned soft, his back stuck to the wall, he slid down with a ‘plonk’, not even having the strength to climb up again.

    Yan Nan Tian clenched his fists tightly, walked over step by step and shouted, “Who are you actually? Why did you sneak an attack upon me? Speak!”

    How would Jiang Yu Lang dare to raise his head to look at him, but he sneaked a peek at Tie Ping Gu who was outside the window. There’s no more spark in the eyes, just a piteous look.

    On seeing that Jiang Yu Lang actually using such a vicious method to harm someone, Tie Ping Gu was shocked and angry, but when she saw his pitiful eyes, her heart softened again.

    Without knowing why, she leaped over in confusion, she hit out a palm with a bellow in confusion, and Yan Nan Tian finally collapsed!

    Jiang Yu Lang jumped up in joy and said with a laugh, “You want to know who I am? Fine, I’ll tell you, I am the son of the Hero of Jiang Nan, Jiang Yu Lang! What Wu Dang disciple, in my eyes they’re not even worth a fart!”

    Yan Nan Tian was startled, and shocked, and he finally closed his lids slowly, and laughed madly, “Good! Good! I have roamed the world, but never did I expect to die today at the hands of a rat like you!”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled sinisterly, “Since you are so rude with your words, I will let you suffer a little more before you die!”

    Tie Ping Gu kept staring at her own hands in a daze, and suddenly she held on to Jiang Yu Lang with these hands and said, “He is about to die, why must you be so cruel again.”

    Jiang Yu Lang caressed her face with a smile and said, “Fine, you ask me to spare him, I’ll spare him…”

    Tie Ping Gu pushed his hands away and said, “Hua Wu Que is coming!”

    The smile on Jiang Yu Lang’s face disappeared immediately, and he asked hoarsely, “You saw him?”

    Tie Ping Gu bit her lips and replied, “And Jiang Xiao Yu!”

    Jiang Yu Lang did not speak further, but pulled Tie Ping Gu and walked. He walked out the door, but came back, and carried up Murong Jiu from the bed. Anything that is beneficial to him, he will never give up.

    They actually left this little town very easily. Later, Jiang Yu Lang suddenly asked, “You said you saw Hua Wu Que, how did you recognize him?”

    Tie Ping Gu’s eyes gazed into the distance and was silent for a long moment before saying each word clearly, “Because I am also from the Floral Palace…”

    Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que walked slowly, the night is so dark and quiet, that they could hear the silent breathing of the earth. Suddenly, a loud roar was heard from afar!

    Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que suddenly paused in their steps. Without saying a word, the both of them ran towards the sound of the roar.

    At the door of the inn, there’s a person lying on the ledge of the door vomiting. This happens to be the owner of the inn. He saw with his eyes, heard with his ears a series of cold blooded murder happening in his shop, but there was nothing he could do except to vomit, as if he is trying to throw up the discomfort and shame he felt.

    Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que still did not talk, but just exchanged a look and ran into the inn together. They saw in that house with the lamp Yan Nan Tian who had collapsed in a pool of blood!

    This is just like a mountain that suddenly collapsed in front of them, this is just like the earth suddenly splitting in front of them, they were immediately shocked stiff!

    Yan Nan Tian struggled, and opened his eyes. On his slowly hardening face, he revealed a trace of bitter smile, and said, “You… you are here…. Very good… very good…”

    Hua Wu Que finally went over and kneeled down, asking hoarsely, “Has Junior come too late?”

    Yan Nan Tian smiled sadly, “To be able to see the both of you before I die, I shall die without regrets!”

    Xiao Yu’er had already carried him up in tears, crying loudly, “You will not die, no one can kill you!”

    Hua Wu Que actually started shouting, “Who did such a vicious thing? Who?”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “Jiang Yu Lang!”

    Hua Wu Que took a long breath, and said each word slowly, “I must kill him, to avenge you!”

    Yan Nan Tian smiled again and turned towards Xiao Yu’er.

    Xiao Yu’er has been looking at him closely, and now he suddenly exclaimed, “No need for him to kill Jiang Yu Lang, Jiang Yu Lang is mine. No matter who Elder is, I will avenge Elder regardless of anything else!”

    Hua Wu Que was shocked, and asked hoarsely, “No matter who Elder is?… Who else could Elder be if not Hero Yan?”

    ‘Yan Nan Tian’ has started laughing loudly. Although it pained him to laugh, and beads of sweat as large as soy beans were on his forehead, but he still laughed endlessly. He looked at Xiao Yu’er and laughed, “I thought I could fool everyone, who would have expected that I could not fool you in the end.”

    Hua Wu Que exclaimed again, “Could it be that Elder is not Yan Nan Tian, Hero Yan?”

    ‘Yan Nan Tian’ replied, “Yan Nan Tian is only my first good friend in my life…”

    Hua Wu Que asked hoarsely, “Then Elder, you …?”

    ‘Yan Nan Tian’ said, “My surname is Lu.”

    Xiao yu’er asked, “Lu Zhong Yuan? Could Elder be the ‘Nan Tian Hero’ Lu Zhong Yuan!”

    Lu Zhong Yuan smiled, “You have heard of my name?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Disciple have heard of Elder’s heroic name since I was five years old, that ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha, although he almost died at Elder’s hands, but he still respects Elder very much.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “But… but why would Hero Lu want to pretend to be Hero Yan?”

    Lu Zhong Yuan replied, “Be.. because Yan…” His breathing became fast, his strength even weaker, even talking would cause him great pain now.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “I think I can guess a little about this matter, why don’t I say it out for Hero Lu. If I’m correct, Elder can nod his head, If I’m wrong, Elder can always speak on his own.”

    There was a look of approval in Lu Zhong Yuan’s eyes, and he nodded his head with a slight smile, “Fine!”

    Xiao Yu’er thought for a while, and said “Ever since Hero Yan escaped from the Valley of Evil, although he has slowly regained his senses, but he has not totally recovered the use of his martial arts for the time being, right?” Lu Zhong Yuan nodded his head.

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “After he left the Valley, he looked for Hero Lu, right?”

    Lu Zhong Yuan replied, “That’s right.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “On the way, he already realized that some major catastrophe is about to happen in the martial arts realm, and hated himself for being unable to stop it, so he wanted to ask Hero Lu to help him, right?”


    Xiao Yu’er continued, “He was afraid that his martial arts would be lost, so once he saw Hero Lu, he told you the secrets to his martial arts.”

    Without waiting for him to finish talking, Lu Zhong Yuan was shaking his head and struggling to say, “More than ten years ago, I was defeated by Wei Wu Ya. Only at that time I realized that my martial arts were not up to par, and was about to retire…” His face revealed a look of pain again.

    Xiao Yu’er immediately continued, “So this time Hero Yan begged Elder to come out of retirement, and Elder is afraid that your martial arts would still not be up to par, so you asked Hero Yan to reveal the secrets of his martial arts, right?” Lu Zhong Yuan nodded with a smile.

    Xiao Yu’er added, “Because of this reason, and because Hero Lu does not want to take credit for others, so this time when you came back to the martial arts realm, you borrowed Hero Yan’s title.”

    He continued with a smile, “With Hero Lu’s status and reputation, naturally he does not wish to use Yan Nan Tian’s martial arts to boost the name of ‘Nan Tian Hero’, I wonder if I have guessed correctly?”

    Lu Zhong Yuan replied with a smile, “Besides this, there’s another point.”

    Xiao Yu’er thought for a while again, and said “Could it be that Hero Yan deduced that once he leaves the Valley of Evil, all the evil people in the Valley would leave it in a swarm. He was even more afraid of these people doing more evil in the martial arts realm, and knows that only the three words ‘Yan Nan Tian’ can scare them, so he begged Elder to impersonate him for the time being.”

    Lu Zhong Yuan used all his remaining strength and asked despite his pain, “You are really a smart person, but… but I… I believed that not only have I learnt Yan Nan Tian’s martial arts, I even asked Wan Chun Liu to changed my looks. As for Yan Nan Tian’s voice and smiles, I think that I have imitated him well, I really cannot understand how you can see through me?”

    “When Elder saw me first, you should have mentioned Wan Chun Liu, but Elder totally forgot about this person. From that moment, I started having my suspicions. Besides, Elder’s expressions, although is exactly the same as what was said about Yan Nan Tian ten over years ago, this is not only abnormal , but absolutely impossible.” He continued sadly, “Because I know deeply the pain that hero Yan endured these ten over years, and after such suffering, no one can remain unchanged!”

    Lu Zhong Yuan can’t help but say sadly, “That’s right, Yan Nan Tian has… has really changed a lot.” His voice was so weak that even Xiao Yu’er almost couldn’t hear him.

    In his heart there’re these words that he did not say out loud, if he is the real Yan Nan Tian, how could he not have recognized that the Jiang Bie He of today is the Jiang Qin of yesteryear! But since he had promised Jiang Bie He, he can only keep this secret.

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh and said, “Now I only beg that Elder tell me, Hero Yan, Uncle Yan, where is he right now?” Lu Zhong Yuan did not reply, he has closed his eyes yet again.

    End of Chapter 74

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 75

    Now, the ‘Nan Tian Hero’ has been buried. In this breezy little town, although the funeral is unavoidably simple, it is also a solemn affair.

    Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que stood solemnly in front of Lu Zhong Yuan’s tomb, and with a cup of wine, paid their last respects to the heroic spirit of the great hero of their times.

    In the deepening dusk, the earth slumbers, it’s now deep into autumn. Until night descends, the stars ascend, only then did they leave dejectedly.

    Hua Wu Que looked heavenward and sobbed, lamenting, “The thieves are not eliminated, the martial arts realm is not at peace, Hero Lu really died too early a death… He did not even have time to reveal Hero Yan’s whereabouts and died with hatred.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled bitterly, “Maybe it’s because he does not wish for anyone to disturb Hero Yan’s peace, maybe… Hero Yan has already passed away, and he did not wish to say it out and make me sad.”

    Hua Wu Que replied sadly, “I wish I can still see Hero Yan in this lifetime, or else…”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly puffed up his chest and said loudly, “Of course you can still see him, of course he will not die, he has not seen me become famous, how can he die in peace?”

    Hua Wu Que stared at him, and smiled “That’s right, if Hero Yan is not willing to die, no one can make him die, even the King of Hades is no exception. One day, I will be able to see him again.”

    Xiao Yu’er looked heavenward and laughed, “Well said, the way you speak, is almost the same as me, in another 75 days, even if I die, you can live for me.”

    Hua Wu Que’s expression suddenly became sad again. He was silent for a long moment before suddenly saying, “Now you are rushing to Turtle Hill?”

    “Let’s go together, I guarantee that you’ll watch an exciting and lively show.”

    Hua Wu Que lowered his head and said, “A pity I can’t go with you.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned for a moment before saying loudly, “We only have 75 days left, and you actually won’t accompany me?”

    Hua Wu Que looked at the distant stars, and said slowly, “If what I am doing is successful, you and I can become more than 75 days of friends.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at him for a while, and asked loudly, “You want to return to Floral Palace?”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “I only want to go back and clarify, why do they insist that I kill you.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Do you think they will tell you?”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a long moment, and replied with a slight smile, “Jiang Xiao Yu, could it be that you’ve already bowed down to fate?”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned, and laughed loudly, “Fine, go then, no matter what, you and I will surely meet one more time, this is enough to make one happy at the thought of it!”

    Here, the flowers were in full bloom. Chrysanthemums, peonies, rosebuds, plums, peach blossoms, orchid, moonflowers evening primrose, tulips… these flowers should not be blooming at the same place, and even more so, should not be blooming at the same time, were all blooming right here.

    This is the deep mountain, the cliffs, it should be permeated dark fog and cold wind, but here, the sun is like rays of gold shining on the flowers, the weather so gentle that it’s been spring forever.

    Whoever comes here, will be enchanted by this sea of flowers, and forget their troubles in the mundane world, and even more so, forget about danger, forget everything. But this is the world’s most mysterious and dangerous place, this place is Floral Palace!

    But this time, there is a young girl who is climbing up, regardless of everything.

    She was wearing snow-white clothes, but now it’s stained with mud and blood. She was very pretty, but now her face is frighteningly gaunt.

    Anyone can see that she has spent a lot of effort, tolerated immense hardship before she came to this mysterious place.

    When she reached the place, she collapsed. Her lips were cracked, her stomach acidic, she could not stand, but can only crawl.

    She’ll crawl her way up even if she has to. The young girl who is climbing up, is Tie Xin Lan.

    Of course she knows the mystery and danger of Floral Palace, but she must come regardless, the intention is also to ask the Floral Princesses a sentence, ‘Why must Hua Wu Que kill Jiang Xiao Yu?”

    Now, she sees a sea of vibrant blooms, and unconsciously heaved a long sigh of relief. No matter what, all pain has passed! She fainted, and she thought that she would never wake again.

    When she awoke, she found herself lying quietly on a soft and fragrant bed. The sun is gone, but the lamplight seems to be even more brilliant than sunlight. She shut her eyes, and when she opened them again, she saw Hua Wu Que.

    Hua Wu Que was also looking at her gently, in these brilliant rays of light, he looks even more like a prince in a fairytale, so handsome, suave, and unreachable.

    Tie Xin Lan groaned and asked, “Hua Wu Que, are you really Hua Wu Que.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled gently, and said tenderly, “It’s me, I am standing right next to you, you do not have to be afraid.”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly struggled to get up, and begged hoarsely, “I beg of you, take me to see the Floral Princess, I came here regardless of hardship, with only the aim of begging her to see me just once.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled bitterly, “I came back, also to beg an audience with her, but a pity, they’ve long left the palace.”

    Tie Xin Lan collapsed on the bed and asked hoarsely, “They both are away?”

    Hua Wu Que continued, “For both princesses to leave the palace at the same time, this is a very rare occurrence.”

    Tie Xin Lan exclaimed piteously, “Why is my luck always so bad, I… I…” The words choked in her throat, she covered her head with the silk blanket, unable to talk anymore.

    Hua Wu Que was silent for moment before slowly saying, “I think… I know the reason for your coming. I also thought of coming back to ask her the same thing, but I did not expect them to have left the palace for so long.”

    Tie Xin Lan wept silently beneath the blanket, and suddenly asked, “During the past few days, have you already seen him?”

    There’s no need to say aloud the name, others would know who the ‘him’ she was referring to.

    Hua Wu Que replied with a gentle smile, “He’s very well now, you do not have to worry for him.”

    Although he tried his best to pretend nonchalance, but his smile inevitably carried a sense of bitterness.

    Tie Xin Lan finally stuck her head out from beneath the blanket, and mumbled, “Do you know, where is he now?”

    Hua Wu Que tried his best to smile a little happier, and said gently, “I know, as long as you recover, I can bring you to look for him.”

    Tie Xin Lan stared at him, tears flowing down her cheeks unconsciously, and said with a shivering voice, “You… why are you always so good to me, you… you…”

    Suddenly, a strange sound was heard coming from the outside. This sound is neither shrill nor piteous, but it makes one’s hair stand up involuntarily.

    The sound at first sounds like an iron saw sawing through wood, but on hearing it again, sounds like silkworms chewing on mulberry leaves. On closer hearing, it sounds like knives and swords rubbed against one another making anyone who hears it grit their teeth and weaken their legs. Later, screams of young girls are heard.

    Hua Wu Que’s expression colored slightly, and said, “I’ll go out and take a look.”

    He knows very well that although most of the disciples of Floral Palace are young girls, but none of them will be alarmed so easily. To be able to shock them into screaming, it is certainly no easy matter. Tie Xin Lan checked that she is neatly dressed, and jumped down from the bed, saying, “I’ll go with you.”

    The two of them rushed out, only to see the young girls all hiding beneath the eaves, all frightened stiff, and some were even shivering in fright. On second look, amongst the sea of flowers, there were countless things moving.

    Tie Xin Lan cried hoarsely, “Rats! Where did so many rats come from!” It’s really rats!

    Thousands and hundreds of rats as large as cats, were weaving among the flowers, nibbling at the flower stems, eating the precious flowers.

    Although the disciples of Floral Palace all were highly skilled, but still, they are all girls. They are not afraid of tigers, but to see so many rats, their legs all turned soft. Hua Wu Que leaped out and shouted, “Are those who have come disciples of Wei Wu Ya?”

    There was silence everywhere, and no one could be seen. This sea of flowers, which countless hours have been spent to grow them, is now unkempt in the blink of an eye. Hua Wu Que was both stunned and furious, but faced with so many rats, there’s nothing he can do as well.

    In Floral Palace, he can’t use fire to burn them, or water to drown them. Even if he were to chase them, these rats were not afraid of humans at all. He could not imagine the famous Floral Palace not being able to do anything to the most useless and crafty animal.

    By now, a series of mad laughter could be heard from the darkness.

    A shrill voice was laughing madly and saying, “A pity the Floral Princesses are not home, or else if they were to witness their precious flowers eaten up by our rats, I’m afraid they would be vomiting blood.”

    By now, Hua Wu Que had calm down instead. He is no longer stunned or angry, it was as if he did not see even a single rat.

    There was a slight smile on his face and he asked slowly, “Since the senior of Wu Ya Sect is here, why won’t you come out and see us?”

    In the darkness, that person laughed loudly, “This lad is quite composed, do you know who he is?”

    Hua Wu Que still did not move, and said lightly, “I am Hua Wu Que, also a disciple of Floral Palace!”

    That person replied, “Hua Wu Que, I seemed to have heard this name.”

    He has not finished his words, when in the dark corner, there was an eerie blue light suddenly, and in the flickering light, two human shapes slowly appeared.

    These two people were tall and skinny, like bamboo poles, one wearing a green robe and the other wearing a yellow robe, but their faces were a glossy green, as if they were wearing masks. Without knowing why, they make one’s hair stand upon seeing them, and make one nauseous as well.

    The bluish eyes of the man in green looked up and down Hua Wu Que a few times, and laughed wickedly, “Since you know that my brother and I are disciples of Wu Ya Sect, it shows that you are quite knowledgeable. So for you to die so young, I can’t help but feel that it’s a pity for you.”

    The person in yellow laughed, “His name is Wei Qing Yi (Qing Yi = Green Robes), my name is Wei Huang Yi (Huang Yi = Yellow Robes). We did not want to kill you originally, but this time our Teacher is coming out to the martial arts world again, and the first thing he wants destroyed is Floral Palace, we don’t have a choice as well.”

    The young girls, on hearing such inexplicably ugly laughter, on seeing those two people surrounded by rats, not one of them dared to strike.

    Wei Qing Yi’s shoulder moved slightly, and Hua Wu Que flew up into the sky immediately, and instantaneously, there was a blue light shooting out from Wei Qing Yi’s palm!

    But by now, Hua Wu Que has already moved away, and where the blue light stuck, a young girl had collapsed to the floor in a scream, but Hua Wu Que did not turn back, both his palms striking out at the top of Wei Qing Yi’s head!

    Wei Qing Yi did not expect that his speed would be so fast, he took a wrong step and received the attack with his own palm. Wei Huang Yi also struck out with his palm, but who would have expect that Huq Wu Que’s mid-air palm attack is actually a false move. In the middle of the attack, he suddenly retracted his hand and did not receive Wei Qing Yi’s palm, but made an empty circle instead.

    Wei Qing Yi only felt his palm attack losing it’s strength, and at this moment when the old strength is lost and he has yet to gather new strength, another strange force has swept his palm attack to the side. Without knowing why, this palm that was stuck out, was actually meeting Wei Huang Yi’s extended palm.

    With a ‘pak’ sound, both palms met, followed by another sound. Wei Qing Yi’s arm, was actually broken by the impact from Wei Huang Yi!

    Hua Wu Que actually used his alarming speed and making a calculated risk, used the marvelous ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’ and gained the upper hand!

    After the palm exchange, Wei Qing Yi and Wei Huang Yi were both stunned.

    Although Wei Huang Yi was not injured, but on seeing that he has injured his partner, was even more flustered, his leg stomping down on the rats. The rats all escaped in fright.

    Although Hua Wu Que gained the upper hand in one move, but he just stood there smiling, and did not take the opportunity to attack. This is because he has already tested these two person’s martial arts with his one move, and knows that they are not easy to deal with. He knows that he gained the upper hand through luck this round, and he should not be greedy for victory and press on an attack. He still wants these two to be tricked yet again. By now the rats have scattered all over, and weaving in all directions again.

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly gritted her teeth, and pulled off a log of wood from the window eaves, and dash out with gritted teeth. She lifted the log in her hands and smashed it down on a rat.

    The rats that were originally spreading out, now scurried towards Tie Xin Lan. Tie Xin Lan could feel cold shivers in her heart and her arms have turned soft, but she gritted her teeth and refused to retreat.

    Finally one of the young girls hiding under the eaves dashed out. As long as one of them comes out, the rest will follow. As long as they can kill one rat, their courage will be emboldened.

    Ten over gentle and pretty looking young girls, sweating, panting, has forgotten everything except to fight it out with the rats wholeheartedly! The rats finally lost, most of them beaten to death while the rest escaped.

    The young girls stared at the bodies of the rats and stared at their hands, they almost could not believe these rats were killed by them. This feels just like a nightmare!

    The, some of them threw down the logs and started vomiting, some shouted and laughed as if they’ve gone mad, and some started hugging one another, crying loudly.

    These happenings, is something that will never happen in Floral Palace, but it has happened, because after this furious battle, they have subconsciously loosened up.

    Only Tie Xin Lan, once she stopped, she went to look for Hua Wu Que immediately! But Hua wu Que is gone! Even Wei Qing Yi and Wei Huang Yi are gone too!

    Tie Xin Lan looked around in a panic, feeling flustered and scared. She was totally concentrating on dealing with the rats earlier, that she forgot to take a look at what’s happening here!

    Hua Wu Que may be highly skilled, but since these two people dared to create trouble at Floral Palace, they can’t be weak either. Hua Wu Que was up against the two of them, and he may not be their match. Tie Xin Lan was almost mad with worry.

    Suddenly, she realized that among the crushed flowers, there seems to be a body. The right arm is broken, there’s a big, gaping bloody hole in the chest, the ghastly greenish face swollen up from a beating.

    It’s indescribable how horrific that person looked, and Tie Xin Lan dare not look at it any longer! She hurriedly averted her eyes, and inadvertently saw Wei Qing Yi’s left hand.

    On the first two fingers of his claw-like hands were two bloody eyeballs! Obviously he had dug it out from his own eyes! She started tearing unconsciously.

    Suddenly, she heard a deep and frantic breathing, like the breathing of an injured beast, coming down from the cliff above. She immediately rushed there! She saw a person with a bloodied face, his arms hanging, squatting and panting underneath a tree, his eyes are now two bloody caves!

    But this person is not Hua Wu Que either, but Wei Huang Yi. Obviously under the influence of the marvelous ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’ move, his eyes have been gouged out by his own companion!

    End of Chapter 75

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 76

    On seeing that the person with the bloodied face is not Hua Wu Que, Tie Xin Lan may have heaved a sigh of relief, but seeing this person who is more vicious than wolves, seeing this cruel but strange scene, she can’t help but start shivering.

    Luckily she saw Hua Wu Que immediately! Hua Wu Que was now standing far away beneath a tree opposite Wei Huang Yi.

    Every vein and muscle in his body is tensed up, his pair of eyes staring unblinkingly at Wei Huang Yi’s pair of hands. Although both of them stood there motionless, but such a situation is more tense than anything else. Even Tie Xin Lan, who was standing on a cliff far away, was almost breathless from the tension.

    Suddenly Wei Huang Yi roared madly and leaped towards Hua Wu Que! Although he now has no eyes to see, but he can listen with his ears! This leap is not only incomparably fierce, but the direction extremely precise.

    But right at this time, Hua Wu Que’s right and left hand both flicked a piece of stone, while he himself burrowed under Wei Huang Yi’s body with lightning speed! With a crack, a tree that was wider than a face basin which was behind Hua Wu Que was broken by Wei Huang Yi’s body! He actually did not collapse, but with a jump, turned back again.

    He turned his head left and right, and laughed eerily, “Hua Wu Que, I know you are there, you cannot escape. Today neither of us shall leave here alive, I want to die here with you!”

    Actually he has no idea where Hua Wu Que is. Hua Wu Que is opposite him, but his head unconsciously turned left and right.

    Looking at him, Tie Xin Lan felt both fear and pity, if not for the fact that Hua Wu Que is still not out of danger now, she really cannot bear to continue watching.

    Obviously Hua Wu Que could not bear it too, and can’t help but sigh, saying sadly, “I really cannot bear to strike against you, I would advise you to…”

    Wei Huang Yi suddenly jumped up and roared, “I do not need your pity, I… even if I cannot find you, I do not need you…” He could not continue his words, but he started beating his own chest, his mouth emitting a quiet humph, although he was not crying, but it’s ten times more piteous than crying.

    Tie Xin lan actually can’t help but weep as she witnessed this scene. Even if Wei Huang Yi is the world’s most evil and cruel person, she still cannot bear to see him endure such suffering. She can’t help but sigh, “You better leave quickly, I know that Hua… Master Hua will never stop you.”

    Wei Huang Yi laughed hoarsely, “Leave… don’t you know that the followers of Wu Ya, rather be killed than humiliated…”

    Amidst the mad laugh, he suddenly leapt up with all his strength, straight towards Tie Xin Lan who was on the lower cliff, and laughed sinisterly, “You should not have talked, although I cannot kill Hua Wu Que, but I can kill you!”

    Tie Xin Lan is already stunned by his mad look, and did not know how to evade him at all.

    Before Wei Huang Yi finished his words, he is already on the cliff, his steel like arms clutching at Tie Xin Lan, laughing madly, “Even if I die, there must at least be one other to accompany me!”

    Tie Xin Lan only felt as if her body is breaking, that face flowing with fresh blood, that two bloody black holes, is right in front of her, she was so shocked that she could not even scream!

    Suddenly there was a ‘puff’, and Wei Huang Yi’s mad laughter broke off suddenly, his arms suddenly slack. He took half a step back and plunged down the cliff.

    Hua Wu Que is already in front of her. Tie Xin Lan could not take it any longer and threw herself into Hua Wu Que’s arms, crying loudly.

    Hua Wu Que caressed her hair and said sadly, “I could not bear to kill him initially, I…”

    Tie Xin Lan cried bitterly, “I was wrong, I should not have spoken, or else you won’t have to force yourself to kill a sightless person. I… why do I always make a mess out of things.”

    Hua Wu Que replied gently, “Do you think you’re wrong? You’re just too soft hearted, you’re not at fault, you only want to do everything well. You’ve tried your best.”

    Tie Xin Lan said through her tears, “You’re always so good to me, and yet I… I…”

    Hua Wu Que dared not look at her any longer, he turned his eyes, lowered his head and stared at the body of Wei Huang Yi beneath the cliff. He heaved a long sigh and mumbled, “The followers of Wu Ya, what formidable followers of Wu Ya, Jiang Xiao Yu, can you handle them?”

    With just a passing sentence from him, he changed the subject to Xiao Yu’er.

    Tie Xin Lan’s body really trembled, the gratitude and feelings she felt in her heart for Hua Wu Que, really turned into concern for Xiao Yu’er immediately.

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “The followers of Wu Ya are already so formidable, much less Wei Wu Ya himself. Jiang Xiao Yu oh Jiang Xiao Yu, I really can’t help but worry for you.”

    Tie Xin Lan finally could not take it and asked hoarsely, “Jiang Xiao Yu, could he have already…”

    Only now did Hua Wu Que turn his head back, and said solemnly, “I’m afraid he has already arrived at Turtle Hill now, I’m afraid he is soon going to meet Wei Wu Ya!”

    On the second day, Hua Wu Que brought Tie Xin Lan and journeyed straight towards Turtle Hill.

    Either consciously or unconsciously, he was keeping a distance from Tie Xin Lan. When travelling he will be following behind Tie Xin Lan, while eating he will deliberately look for something to do, and only come to the table when Tie Xin Lan had finished eating. Even when they stayed at inns at night, he does sleep in the room next to Tie Xin Lan’s but will find a room far, far away.

    Their hearts were heavy, and there was hardly a smile the entire day.

    After travelling for two days, they stayed the night in an inn. Hua Wu Que went to his room very early to sleep, but how can he really sleep.

    Hua Wu Que stared at the flickering candlelight, thinking of Xiao Yu’er, thinking of Tie Xin Lan, thinking of the Floral Princesses, and thinking about that mysterious ‘Mr Copper’. Everyone was tied into a dead knot in his heart, and he really does not know how he should handle it. Suddenly there was a light knock outside his door.

    Hua Wu Que took it as the innkeeper coming to add water, and said, “The door is not closed, come in.”

    He really did not expect that the person who was pushing the door and coming in is Tie Xin Lan.

    Under the light, she was wearing snow white clothes, her long jet black hair flowing over her shoulders, her eyes seemed to be a little swollen, her eyes seemed a little dazed.

    But she lowered her head, her dazed eyes never looking up. Hua Wu Que felt as if his heart has gone into sudden spasm.

    Tie Xin Lan said with her head lowered, “I… I can’t sleep, I have something I wish to tell you.”

    “Please sit.” He really does not know what he should say, and could only say the two words ‘please sit’, but he does not know how cold and how distant these two words sound.

    She hesitated for a long while, and as if she was mustering up her courage, said sadly, “I knew for the past few days you deliberately treated me coldly, distancing yourself from me.”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment before he sat down heavily and sighed, “You want me to speak the truth?”

    “You’ll have to say it sooner or later, why not say it now?”

    Hua Wu Que carved out a section of wax from the candle stand, and pinched it with his fingers, as if he is pinching his own heart.

    “You know, once humans get close to one another for a long time, they will inevitably develop feelings, especially during times of misery and difficulty.” He said each word slowly, with much difficulty.

    Tie Xin Lan stared at the wax in his palm in a daze, as if the thing he is pinching is her heart.

    “I’m not afraid that you will let him down, but I’m afraid of myself, I…” He gritted his teeth, and continued “I can’t bear to throw your emotions into confusion, if I get too close to you, not only will I suffer, you will suffer as well.”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head again. Tears already flowing from her eyes.

    She suddenly lifted her head, and looked at Hua Wu Que with tears in her eyes, saying loudly, “But I…I am a lonely girl, I only wish to treat you as my real brother, I hope you can believe me…”

    Hua Wu Que did not speak.

    Tie Xin Lan continued, “I came only to tell you, you do not have to avoid me, or be on your guard against me. As long as in our hearts, we are above board, we need not fear letting anyone down, nor fear what others might think.”

    Hua Wu Que finally smiled and said, “Only now do I realize you’re very courageous. This courage, is not normally seen, but at the correct time, you are more courageous than anyone else.”

    Tie Xin Lan let out a long breath, and also smiled, “After saying these words, I really feel much better now, I really feel like having a drink in celebration.”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly stood up and laughed, “I too feel much better, and I also feel like having a drink to celebrate.”

    After the two of them spoke out what was troubling their hearts, it was as if they have suddenly opened a lock. A pity that there is no more wine and food in the inn, so the two of them walked out into the streets.

    The lights on the street are sparse, and the shops have all closed, only the furnace of a noodle shop at the corner is still burning. Whiffs of fragrance from the beef soup, seem to be extremely concentrated in the night breeze.

    Tie Xin Lan said with a smile, “Drinking wine at a small noodle shop like this, is quite an experience as well, just that I wonder if you’ll find it dirty?”

    Hua Wu Que gave a little smile, “Do you really see me as the kind of people who would only drink wine in a classy restaurant?”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly laughed, and they have not even reached the noodle stall when she shouted, “Give us half a catty of beef, and a catty of wine.”

    Next to the noodle stall there were two wooden tables placed haphazardly, which were both empty right now. Only a skinny person clad in black was squatting on the long bench in front of the stall, drinking his wine.

    In the hazy heat and under the lamplight, the man in black’s skinny face, seemed to be even more dried up than the braised vegetables in the little wooden cabinet. But his pair of eyes, were brighter than the stars in the sky.

    He was on the bench, chewing on a duck head and drinking his wine at the same time, but his thoughts seem to be at a far away place.

    A downtrodden person, sitting on a bench at a noodle shop drinking, chasing after his lost youth and joys. This is a very common scene, and Tie Xin Lan and Hua Wu Que did not pay him much notice.

    They chatted freely, but later they suddenly realized that no matter what they chatted about, it all seems to have some relation to Xiao Yu’er.

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “Such a fine night, with wine and meat, this should have been enough, but I keep feeling that there is something lacking, and only now do I realize what is lacking.”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, “You mean… lacking a person?”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “Without him, how can you and I be truly happy?”

    Tie Xin Lan was silent for a moment, and lifted her head, “Do you think, there will be a time when the three of us can drink together?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Why won’t there be?”

    He raised his cup with a smile and said, “Come, let us toast to Jiang Xiao Yu.”

    Once the three words ‘Jiang Xiao Yu’ was uttered, the person in black suddenly threw down his duck head, put down his wine cup, and his eyes shot towards them like lightning.

    Tie Xin Lan downed her cup in one gulp, her face even redder. Although she was smiling, but there were tears in her eyes, and said sadly, “If I am also a man, how good that would be…”

    He raised his head, and suddenly realized that a skinny, skeletal man in black, have walked to them, a pair of shining eyes kept looking at both their faces. Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan were both stunned.

    That man in black looked them up and down a few times, and suddenly asked, “You are Hua Wu Que?”

    Hua Wu Que was even more astonished, “Exactly, you are…”

    That man in lack did not listen to his words at all, and has turned to Tie Xin Lan, “You are Tie Xin Lan!”

    Tie Xin Lan nodded her head, so shocked that she could not speak.

    That man in black’s eyes became even larger, and asked “Did you just drink a toast to Jiang Xiao Yu?”

    She knows that Xiao Yu’er have quite a lot of enemies, she thought that this man in black is also here to look for trouble, but who would have expect this man to actually pull over a stool, sat down and said, “Good! You drank a toast to Jiang Xiao Yu, I must at least drink three toasts to you!”

    He actually lifted the wine jar, and poured for all of them. Tie Xin Lan and Hua Wu Que looked at the wine in front of them, and do not know if they should, or should not drink it.

    That man in black have already downed his wine and stared at them, saying “Drink! Could it be you’re afraid that the wine is poisoned?”

    Hua Wu Que was still suspicious, but Tie Xin Lan had already replied loudly, “Sorry, we do not have the habit of drinking with strangers. If you want to offer a toast to us, at least you must tell us who you are?”

    The man in black replied, “You don’t have to bother who I am, you just have to know I am Jiang Xiao Yu’s friend.”

    Tie Xin Lan stared at him for a while, and said “Fine, since you are Jiang Xiao Yu’s friend, I will drink this cup.”

    The man in black turned towards Hua Wu Que and asked, “You?”

    Hua Wu Que smiled slightly, “I will drink three cups.”

    That man in black laughed loudly, “Good, you’re very good, a good friend indeed.”

    He drank three cups with Hua Wu Que, and continued, “With such stars, sitting here with such a beauty drinking wine, and yet your heart did not forget Jiang Xiao Yu, good… good, I’ll offer you another three toasts!”

    The wine bottle is almost empty. Although the eyes of the man in black is still sharp, but his expression carried a tinge of tipsiness. He no longer cared if others were drinking, or if others were talking, only downing the wine into his stomach cup by cup, looking up at the sky once in a while, as if he’s waiting for someone. Who is he waiting for?

    Tie Xin Lan stared at him, and can’t help but ask again, “Are you really friends with Jiang Xiao Yu?”

    The man in black widened his eyes, “Jiang Xiao Yu is not some remarkable or important person, why would I pretend to be his friend?”

    He paused and suddenly said, “If you see him, you can send him my regards.”

    Tie Xin Lan tested him and asked, “When we see Xiao Yu’er, who should we say you are?”

    The man in black said with a low voice, “Just tell him it’s his Big Brother.”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly stood up and asked fiercely, “Who are you really!”

    “Didn’t I just tell you…”

    Tie Xin Lan smiled icily, “Bullshit, Xiao Yu’er will never acknowledge anyone as his Big Brother, do not think to fool me.”

    The man in black suddenly laughed loudly, “Fine, fine, you are really Xiao Yu’er’s bosom friends, I’ve always wanted him to call me Big Brother, but he always called me just brother.”

    Tie Xin Lan can’t help but ask again, “Hey, you seemed to be troubled? Right?”

    The man in black stared again, “Troubled? What troubles could I have?”

    Tie Xin Lan continued, “If you really treat us as Jiang Xiao Yu’s friends, why don’t you tell us your troubles, maybe… maybe we can help you.”

    The man in black suddenly threw his head heavenward and laughed madly, “Help! Would I need anyone’s help!” His high pitched laughter, was actually full of pain and anger.

    Tie Xin Lan wanted to ask further, but was stopped by Hua Wu Que’s eye signal. In the distance, the night watcher’s drum could be heard, it is already three in the morning.

    The man in black suddenly stopped his laughter, and stared at Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan, saying “All right, each of you shall offer me three toasts, and that would be considered helping me.”

    After drinking six cups of wine, the man in black looked heavenward and laughed, “I should be spending the night alone, but who would have expect me to meet you, and drink the night with me away, this is also considered one of the greatest happy moments in my life…”

    The man in black suddenly stood up, as if he had something to say, but he did not say a single word, but turned around and left.

    He walked to the front of the noodle stall and emptied everything in his arms, and there were actually a few bars of gold, over ten pearls, and he threw it on the stall, saying “This is to pay for the wine, all for you.”

    The noodle stall boss was stunned, by the time he wanted to say ‘thanks’, that man in black has already walked far away, the yellowish lamplight, cast his long shadow on the floor. He looked so lonely and dejected.

    Hua Wu Que said slowly, “On the night before his death, he thought he would have to spend it alone, he actually could not find a friend to spend his last day with.”

    Tie Xin Lan exclaimed hoarsely, “The night before his death?”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “Can’t you tell…” He suddenly stopped speaking, and flew over, dragging Tie Xin Lan with him.

    The man in black was staggering, as if he was walking very slowly, but in a blink, he suddenly disappeared, as if he had been suddenly swallowed up by night. After flying past a few roofs, Hua Wu Que put Tie Xin Lan down and told her, “I’m going to chase him, you’ll wait here!”

    Tie Xin Lan can only wait. But her heart cannot remain calm.

    Who is this man in black? Why would he die? Xiao Yu’er and him… a flash of a shadow, Hua Wu Que was already in front of her.

    Hua Wu Que said, “Come with me!”

    The two of them flew past a few more roofs, and Tie Xin Lan can’t help but ask, “How do you know he’s about to die?”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “He kept taking note of the time, obviously he has some important task to do.”

    Tie Xin Lan concurred, “I’ve noticed this as well.”

    Hua Wu Que said slowly, “But since he is Jiang Xiao Yu’s friend, how can we sit there and watch him die?”

    Tie Xin Lan chewed on her lips, and said, “His Lightness Skill is considered extremely highly skilled, even if he can’t defeat the other party, he should be able to escape. But he did not harbor any hope of escape, his opponent, won’t he be very frightening.”

    Hua Wu Que replied seriously, “That’s why you must be extra careful, I’ll be there, so you must never strike unnecessarily.”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly realized that at the foot of the hill in the near distance, there is a large temple, it looks as majestic as the mansion of a wealthy family.

    At this time, at this instance, the backyard of this temple is still aglow with lights. Tie Xin Lan commented, “Could he have come to this Taoist temple.”

    Hua Wu Que interrupted, “When he went in, his actions were extremely careful. With his Lightness Skill, others would definitely not find out for the time being, that’s why I rushed back to look for you.”

    Tie Xin Lan glanced over, and saw that although the lights in the temple are not extinguished, but there is no sound of human activity at all, and she can’t see even a trace of danger.

    Hua Wu Que furrowed his brows and said, “You wait here, I’ll go in and take a look.”

    Tie Xin Lan held him back, and said with a lowered voice, “I think there must be something amiss here, it could be that he had set up a trap with someone, and deliberately lured us here!”

    Hua Wu Que smiled slightly, “If this person really meant to trick me, then all the more I want to take a good look.”

    He gentle pushed Tie Xin Lan’s hands away, and with a flash, disappeared into the darkness.

    Looking at his disappearing back, Tie Xin Lan smiled bitterly, “I can’t imagine that this person’s temper is exactly like Xiao Yu’er’s sometimes.”

    Hua Wu Que moved to the backyard from the dark roof, and realized that this lighted backyard, is no longer a temple. Regardless of the design of the building or the décor in the rooms, there is not much difference from those of a wealthy family.

    The weirdest thing is, there is no sound of any human activity in the backyard at all, nor could anyone be seen. But in the elaborately decorated hall, on the lush carpet, was a ferocious tiger lying prone.

    The hall seems to be bigger in size than this, but there was yellow curtain so long that it was touching the ground in the middle, which separated half of the hall, the tiger lying in front of the yellow curtain. Why is there a need to separate this hall with the curtain, and what secret could there be behind it?

    He went over silently in the darkness, not because he is extremely fearless, but because he is confidant about his Lightness Skill. He naturally did not let out any sound as he moved. Who would have expected that right at this time, the ferocious tiger which seemed to be sleeping, suddenly leaped up with a roar that shook heaven and earth, that caused the leaves in the courtyard to fall from the trees.

    End of Chapter 76

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 77

    Hua Wu Que’s Lightness Skill might be one of the most marvelous in the world, but this tiger need not use its eyes to see or its ears to hear. It only needs its nose to sniff, and no matter who it is that enters the backyard, none can escape its notice. Since that person in black has already entered the courtyard, it seems unlikely that he can avoid calamity. After Hua Wu Que’s surprise, he can’t help but feel a sense of regret.

    The lights in the hall were flickering, the ferocious tiger had already stood up. Other animals really cannot compare to the ferocity of the tiger, and even Hua Wu Que was secretly alarmed.

    Just at this time, a gentle voice came from the back of the yellow curtain, saying softly, “Little Kitten, sit down, don’t learn to be a guard dog and scare the guest.” The ferocious tiger actually walked over obediently and sat down, like it has suddenly turned into a kitten.

    Hua Wu Que was stunned at the sight, and saw from the back of the curtain, a soft, dainty hand as clear as jade, lightly caressing the tiger’s back. The gentle, voice said with a hint of laughter, “Since you are here, why don’t you come in and take a seat.”

    Hua Wu Que thought to himself, “Did that man in black experience exactly the same thing that I am experiencing now? Did he go in? What happened to him after he went in?”

    He deduced that since the man in black came with thoughts of certain death, he will definitely not withdraw. This hall may be a tiger’s den, but he will still barge in! Once he thought of this, Hua Wu Que hesitated no longer, and walked in with a large step!

    He smiled a little, and walked in step by step, like a polite guest who has come to visit his friend. A tinkling laughter came from behind the curtain, saying “What a handsome and suave gentleman, dare I ask for your esteemed name.”

    Hua Wu Que clasped his fists together and replied, “I am Hua Wu Que, and I wonder what is Miss’s name?”

    A giggle raised from behind the curtain, “I am married, how dare I call myself Miss… your humble lady is surnamed Bai.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “So it’s Madam Bai.”

    Madam Bai replied, “I wouldn’t dare, Master Hua, please take a seat.”

    Hua Wu Que really sat down, and said, “Thank you, Madam.”

    This is a habit that Hua Wu Que cannot change. As long as others is polite to him, even if he knows that they are going to kill him, he will still be polite to them as well.”

    Madam Bai laughed again, “Sir has come from afar, but your humble lady cannot come out and be a better host, I hope that Sir will forgive me.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “To be able to speak with Madam separated by a curtain, I am already feeling very honored.”

    Madam Bai suddenly laughed loudly, “I am already being very polite, but I did not expect you to be even more courteous. At the rate that we’re being polite to each other, I’ll feel embarrassed about asking why you are here, and you’ll feel embarrassed to say it. Such polite talk, why don’t we dispense with it.”

    Hua Wu Que replied with a slight smile, “Being courteous before using force, this is the way gentlemen fight. In my opinion, it’s better to be more polite.”

    Madam Bai asked, “We have no enmity with each other, and you do not even know what I look like, how do you know I am being courteous with you before using force? I do not have the intention of ‘using force’ with you at all.”

    Hua Wu Que answered, “A stranger who comes to visit in the night, even if Madam were to meet that person with arms, it is still expected.”

    Madam Bai tittered, “Although I do not know the reason for your arrival, but seeing that you look gentle and suave, and scholarly and well articulated as well, you do not look like a bad person at all. If you were like that person who came in earlier, I may not make things difficult for you, but others will not let you off.”

    Hua wu Que heaved a long sigh, and said solemnly, “I thank Madam for your praise, but I am here precisely because of that person who came earlier.”

    Madam Bai exclaimed, “Aiyo, could you be friends with that sneaky little black devil?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “If Madam can enlighten me on his whereabouts, I will be extremely grateful.”

    “Even if I tell you his whereabouts, do you have the capability to save him?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “In front of Madam, I dare not belittle myself.”

    Madam Bai laughed heartily, “Good, what a good ‘dare not belittle yourself’, since that is the case, why don’t you show me some moves, let me see if you really have the ability to save him.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled slightly and said, “I shall demonstrate my humble skills.”

    He sat there without moving, but his whole body suddenly flew up, the heavy red sandalwood chair seemed to be glued to his body.

    Madam Bai laughed loudly, “Good, with skills like yours, no wonder you said you dare not belittle yourself, but I’m afraid…”

    Hua Wu Que raised his brow, “Afraid of what?”

    Madam Bai continued, “We have two guests here, who did not see eye to eye with that little black devil, and who knows what happened, but they ended up fighting as they spoke! Hai, that friend of yours may look fierce, but he is not a match to that two friends of mine.”

    Hua Wu Que asked hoarsely, “Could he have already perished at the hands of others?”

    Madam Bai replied, “Your friend seemed to have been taken away by my friends, but I do not know where they have taken him.”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned, and for a moment did not know what to do.

    He also could not decide who this Madam Bai is, or decide if her words are true or false. Besides, even if he knows that she’s lying, there is nothing he can do. He can’t leave, he can’t stay, his mind is in a blank.

    Who would have expected that Madam Bai would actually giggle, and said “But you need not worry, if you really want to look for him, I can bring you there.”

    Hua Wu Que replied happily, “Thank you, Madam.”

    But Madam Bai sighed and said, “It’s just that I have been locked up here, and cannot move, so how can I bring you there?”

    Hua Wu Que looked at that delicate hand caressing that ferocious tiger who is as well trained as a house cat, and mumbled, “Madam is the owner of this house, and this tiger is kept by Madam, who could have imprisoned Madam here, I really cannot fathom.”

    Madam Bai sighed again, “This is a long story, come and lift up this curtain first, then I’ll tell you.”

    Hua Wu Que hesitated, “could this be a trap?”

    Madam Bai replied, “And you still call yourself highly skilled, don’t you even dare to lift this curtain?”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly stood up, and pulled open the curtain. Once the curtain was drawn, he was shocked speechless.

    The front half of the hall was exquisitely and grandly decorated, but the back half of the hall, which was separated by the curtain, has no decorations at all. The ground was filled with hay, and there was a water trough at the corner. This is not a place fit for a human to stay, it looks more like a pig’s sty, a horse’s stable.

    This scene is enough to make one shocked, but the most startling thing is, the neck of this pretty lady dressed in finery, was clasped in steel, and the other end of the steel was nailed deeply into the wall. Hua Wu Que seemed to have been nailed to the ground as well, unable to move at all.

    Madam Bai looked at him and smiled sadly, “Now you understand why I cannot bring you there.”

    Hua Wu Que secretly sighed, and said “This… who did this, who…”

    Madam Bai lowered her head, and said each word slowly, “My husband!”

    Hua Wu Que almost jumped up and cried hoarsely, “Your husband?”

    Madam Bai replied sadly, “That’s right, my husband is the most easily jealous and most unreasonable man in the world, he kept thinking that once he leaves, I will flirt with other men.”

    Hua Wu Que stared at her blankly, unable to talk at all.

    Madam Bai continued, “You see that I am quite finely dressed, and think this is strange, right?”

    She carried on with a long sigh, “If someone were to take a look at me, he will kill that person. How that you have seen me, even if you do not save me, he will still look for you to settle scores.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled bitterly, “What I hate most, are people who bully women and girls. Even if I did not require Madam’s help, even if such a thing did not happen, I will still save Madam no matter what.”

    Tie Xin Lan laid in the darkness, and waited for a long time. Suddenly, she heard an earth-shattering roar of a tiger, but after that roar, the surroundings reverted to quietness, with no movements at all. This quietness worries Tie Xin Lan more than no movement at all.

    She waited for a while more, and became more anxious as she waited, until she could take it no longer, she finally jumped out from her hiding place. No matter what she must take a look to see what had happened.

    Tie Xin lan leaped up to the top of the wall. She had just jumped up the wall when suddenly there was a flash of light. It was a specially made lantern, a ray of light flashed past her face like lightning.

    Then, in the darkened main hall, someone laughed slowly, “And I thought who could it be, so it’s Miss Tie Xin Lan.”

    Tie Xin Lan was stunned, and almost froze on the wall, and asked hoarsely, “Who are you?”

    “Miss need only to walk in and take a look, and you will know who I am.”

    Tie Xin Lan felt both surprise and suspicion, so how would she dare to walk into this darkened main hall rashly.

    That person laughed and added, “Since Miss is already here, it’s better that you come in and take a look, or else, even Miss’s two friends cannot leave with their level of martial arts, with Miss capabilities, do you think you are able to leave?”

    Tie Xin Lan started shaking, “Could Hua Wu Que have already fallen into other’s trap, and have met with misfortune?”

    That person replied in the darkness, “Under the pillar next to the stone steps, there’s a lamp and a flint, Miss better light the lamp before coming in. Others have always said that under the light, I am a very handsome man.”

    Tie Xin Lan hesitated again, “What devious plot can this be?”

    But no matter what, light can usually bring some courage to people, the danger of darkness is larger. Therefore she searched for the lamp and lighted it. Tie Xin Lan held on to the lamp tightly, and walked into the main hall slowly.

    There is no one in the main hall at all. The huge incense urn, the faded yellow curtain, the enormous yet legendary statues of gods… the lamp seem to have suddenly dimmed.

    Tie Xin Lan can’t help but felt a cold shiver, and asked loudly, “Who are you exactly? Why are you hiding?”

    No one answered, and there is no one to be seen as well. Could it be that those wooden statues are playing tricks on a mortal girl?

    Tie Xin Lan dare not lift her head, but she can’t help but lift it. The enormous mountain god, was riding on a ferocious tiger, and looked as if he is smiling sinisterly at her.

    Tie Xin Lan almost felt like throwing down the lamp and running away. The copper lamp turned cold, her hands have started shaking. Suddenly, mad laughter could suddenly be heard from behind the statue.

    Someone laughed loudly, “Tie Xin Lan oh Tie Xin Lan, you are really quite brave.” This voice shockingly sounded like it was coming from the wooden statue.

    But Tie Xin Lan instead composed herself and asked with an icy smile, “Since you invited me in, why are you hiding behind the statue and dare not see me.”

    That person laughed loudly, “A woman’s bravery, is sometimes really more than a man’s. I had wanted to give you a scare, but did not expect you to see through the loophole.”

    Following the laughter, a person turned out slowly from behind the statue, the flickering lamplight shone on his pale face and sharp eyes. He is indeed a very handsome man. But when Tie Xin Lan saw this man, she was even more surprised that if she had seen the devil.

    She exclaimed hoarsely, “Jiang Yu Lang, it’s you!”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “That’s right, it’s me. I played a trick on you earlier, were you frightened?”

    Tie Xin Lan retreated step by step, “You… what do you want?”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled a little, “We are old friends, why are you so afraid on seeing me?”

    Even Tie Xin Lan’s toes have turned cold, but she forced a thread of smile on her face and said, “Who said that I’m afraid, I’m very happy as well.”

    As she spoke, her legs were still moving backwards. She suddenly threw the lamp in her hands towards Jiang Yu Lang’s face and flew out of the main hall. She suddenly ran into someone’s arms!

    Tie Xin Lan need not use her eyes to see, and she already knew who this person is. This person’s clothes is soft and smooth, so smooth that it feels like a foul poisonous snake.

    This person’s hands are also soft and smooth. He actually hugged Tie Xin Lan lightly and asked gently, “Why did you escape, do you fear me?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s whole body weakened, her whole body started shivering. She did not even have the energy to push him away.

    Jiang Yu Lang lightly caressed her shoulder and asked slowly, “Tell me, what are you actually afraid of?”

    Tie Xin Lan tried her best to calm her racing heart. She stamped her feet and cried, “I’m going to ignore you, you scared me half to death just now, why should I be bothered with you?”

    She knows that she is definitely not Jiang Yu Lang’s match. She knows that at this point in time, a girl’s wiles is her only weapon.

    Jiang Yu Lang really smiled, and laughed loudly “You’re really an adorable woman, no wonder both Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que are smitten over you.”

    Tie Xin Lan interrupted, “You think that you cannot be compared to them?”

    Jiang Yu Lang squinted his eyes and asked, “How do you think I fare compared to them?”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “They are still kids, but you… you’re already a man.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed heartily “You really have good taste, a pity why you did not let me know earlier!”

    He hugged Tie Xin Lan even tighter, Tie Xin Lan almost felt like vomiting.

    However, she said with a coquettish smile, “Are you stupid, do you need to wait for me to tell you.”

    In this cooling night breeze, in this quiet darkness, with such a gentle and beautiful woman in his arms… no matter how formidable Jiang Yu Lang is, his heart should have softened as well.

    Tie Xin Lan’s voice became even more gently, and said slowly, “Now, I don’t mind telling you, actually I have already…”

    She has been ready for some time, right now energy has gathered in her arm and with all the strength in her body, she hit towards Jiang Yu Lang’s waist.

    But her hand had only just moved, and Jiang Yu Lang has already pressed down the acupoint on both her shoulders. She can’t even exert an ounce of strength now. Jiang Yu Lang, this devil, had already seen through her intentions.

    She only felt Jiang Yu Lang’s hands slide down her back, and along the way pressing another seven to eight acupoints and immediately she cannot move even her fingers.

    But Jiang Yu Lang’s hands continued moving along her body, and he chuckled, “I know you have already taken a liking to me, I will not let you down tonight.”

    His cold and gentle hands, have already slipped into her clothes. The skin on Tie Xin Lan’s body started trembling under his fingers. This is her virginal territory, and now it has been invaded by this evil man. She felt as if her soul had left her body, her heart had left her chest. She felt like dying! The warm air coming out from Jiang Yu Lang’s mouth covered her ears.

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed quietly, “You need not be afraid, I’ll be very gentle towards you, extremely, extremely gentle… you will immediately realize, that comparing Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que to me, they are really just kids.”

    Tie Xin Lan bit on her lips and did not scream at all. She knows that at this point in time, not only is screaming and struggling useless, it will instead excite Jiang Yu Lang’s beastly impulses further. She is already prepared to accept this disastrous fate. She shut her eyes, her tears flowing like a river.

    Who would have expect that right at this time, Jiang Yu Lang’s hands suddenly stopped moving. Before Tie Xin Lan could realize what was happening, Jiang Yu Lang had already pushed her away. She fell helplessly, and landed on the floor. She immediately saw a woman.

    This woman was dressed in snowy white clothes, on her pale face, her eyes looked at Jiang Yu Lang without moving. In her icy eyes, there was neither anger nor sadness.

    Jiang Yu Lang clapped his hands and said with a forced smile, “This lass here is treating me like a fool, she actually wanted to trick me, so how can I not teach her a lesson.”

    That girl still looked at him icily, not speaking at all.

    “Are you jealous?” He caressed her face with a grin, and continued, “You don’t have to be angry, and all the more you don’t have to be jealous, you know that you are the only person I truly like in my heart.” The girl just stood there unmoving like a piece of wood, letting him touch her.

    That girl finally spoke. She stared at Jiang Yu Lang and said each word clearly, “I don’t care if you’re lying or not, from now on, if I see you touch even a finger of another woman, I will kill you immediately and then commit suicide in front of you.”

    End of Chapter 77

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 78

    Jiang Yu Lang stuck his tongue out and laughed, “You’re really full of doubts, with such a pretty wife like you, would I be eyeing others?” He caressed Tie Ping Gu’s neck and kissed her on her cheek.

    She lowered her head, her eyes seemed to be a little wet, and continued softly, “You must know, you’re not only the first man in my whole life, but also the only person who has been so close to me in my life. No matter what you have done is real or fake, as long as you treat me like this forever, I’ll be satisfied. Even if you were to commit other evil deeds, I… I… “ She bit down on her lips, unable to continue her words.

    Tie Xin Lan looked at her, and listening to her words, can’t help but secretly sigh in her heart, “What a lonely woman this is, and what a pitiful woman. She obviously knows that Jiang Yu Lang is being false towards her, and yet she accepted his false affections, could it be that she cannot tolerate any more loneliness?” Tie Xin Lan felt pity and pain at the same time.

    There’s actually a secret tunnel under the hall.

    This tunnel can lead to a few underground rooms, and Tie Xin Lan was sent to a very comfortable room by Tie Ping Gu.

    She immediately realized that the ‘man in black’ is already in this room. He was draped over a chair, obviously his acupoints were also sealed by someone.

    What surprised Tie Xin Lan was the young lady sitting opposite this ‘man in black’.

    This young lady has a pair big and pretty eyes, but a pity that this pair of huge eyes which should be sharp, is now filled with a layer of haze.

    She stared dully at that ‘man in black’, as if she’s thinking about something. That ‘man in black’ also stared dazedly at her.

    “Why is Murong Jiu here as well?” Tie Xin Lan can’t help but gasp in surprise.

    Jiang Yu Lang looked at them and laughed loudly, “There’s also an old friend of yours here, right?”

    Tie Xin Lan gritted her teeth, and managed to stop herself from scolding him.

    Jiang Yu Lang walked towards Black Spider and laughed, “Brother Spider, another friend has come to see you, why are you ignoring her?”

    Only now did Black Spider seem to rouse from his dream, and taking a look at Tie Xin Lan, asked in shock, “You? … Why are you here as well?”

    Tie Xin lan replied with a bitter smile, “We had wanted to… wanted to come and help you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang raised his head heavenward and laughed madly, “A pity that no one else in the world can save you now!”

    Tue Xin lan gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t you forget, there’s still Master Hua…”

    Jiang Yu Lang was breathless from laughing, and continued with another bout of laughter, “Hua Wu Que is now waiting for others to save him.”

    Hua Wu Que finally released the lock on Madam Bai’s neck.

    He heaved a long sigh and asked, “Can Madam stand up now?”

    However Madam Bai’s body collapsed onto the hay and said breathlessly, “How can I stand up now?”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned, “Why can’t you stand up?”

    Madam Bai sighed, “Silly, can’t you see that I don’t even have an ounce of strength now.”

    Her address of him actually changed from ‘Master’ to ‘Silly’. Hua Wu Que could only reach out to support her arm.

    However, Madam Bai seemed to be paralyzed on the floor, and he was unable to help her up. If not for the fact that his legs were steady, he would have been dragged down onto the hay by Madam Bai.

    He can only reach out to support Madam Bai’s waist.

    Madam Bai suddenly started squirming and giggled, “… me to death, so you’re not a kind person as well, you’re deliberately making fun of me.”

    Hua Wu Que blushed again, and said, “That is not my intention.”

    Madam Bai bit her lips and said, “Who knows if that’s really not your intention!”

    Hua Wu Que dare not look at her eyes, and turned his head around, saying “If Madam still does not get up, I will have to…”

    Madam Bai said smoothly, “Silly, a big man like you, have you lost your senses once you meet with such a small problem?”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “So what would Madam like me to do?”

    “If you can’t help me up, can’t you carry me up?” Her cheeks were flushed, her ample bosom raising up and down…

    If it was Jiang Yu Lang, it’ll be strange if he does not dash forward to carry her. If it was Xiao Yu’er, he would have given her a tight slap, and then ask her what is her intention.

    But Hua Wu Que, all the women in the world are his bane. Not only will he not be rude to them, but he will not show his temper towards them.

    Even up to this point in time, he has not realized that this dainty and weak lady, is actually ten times more dangerous than the white ferocious tiger at the side.

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment before he sighed and said gently, “If Madam really cannot stand up right now, I will just wait here.”

    Madam Bai rolled her eyes and laughed, “What if I can’t stand even after two hours?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I have always been very patient.”

    Madam Bai chuckled, “What if I still cannot stand after three days and nights, are you going to wait three days and nights?”

    Hua Wu Que is still not angry, and replied with a slight smile, “I know that Madam would never let me wait three days and nights.”

    She suddenly sighed lightly, jumped up and leaped into Hua Wu Que’s arms.

    Only now did Hua Wu Que became alarmed and asked, “Madam, you…”

    “Oh no, my… my husband is back.”

    Hua Wu Que’s face colored as well and asked hoarsely, “Where?”

    Madam Bai started trembling and stammered, “At…. Right at…”

    Suddenly a person can be heard shouting from outside, “Right here!”

    With a loud bang, the window on the left side was shattered to pieces, a burly man flew straight in from the shattered window frame.

    He was wearing a multicolored brocade outfit, his complexion tanned, his reddish beard that looked like iron, his eyes so bright that no one would dare to stare at him.

    Hua Wu Que had long wanted to push Madam Bai away, but Madam Bai held on to his neck tightly, refusing to let go, as if she is frightened to death.

    Naturally that burly man’s eyes were almost cracking at the sight and he roared, “S.lut, look what you’ve done?”

    He leaped into the hall with one jump, and that ferocious tiger walked over wagging its tail, like an obedient pet dog. However, with one punch, the burly man sent the ferocious tiger which was more than a hundred kilos almost flying, and it landed about ten feet away. The man jumped on his feet and scolded, “What a useless thing, I wanted you to keep an eye on this b.itch but you only know how to sleep.”

    The ferocious tiger did not make any sound at all, but stood up with a flip, and squatted at the side obediently. Looking at it’s dejected look, it looked even worse than a sick cat.

    Hua Wu Que was completely stunned by the sight, and can’t help but say, “Please hold your temper for a moment, and listen to me…”

    It would not have been so bad if he had not spoken, but once he spoke, the burly man flew into a bigger rage and roared, “Listen to you what, listen to you my! My front leg has just left the house and you adulterous couple have done something shameless. I have long known that this b.itch is a born s.lut, that she would actually take a liking to a young brat like you!”

    Madam Bai instead shouted, “To tell you the truth, we have been together for two, three years, once you leave, we will become intimate, so what can you do?”

    The bury man looked heavenward and roared, beating his own chest and hollered, “How deathly infuriating!”

    But Hua Wu Que was ten times more infuriated than him, and gasped, “Madam… Madam Bai, I have no enmity with you, you… why did you…”

    Madam Bai said gently, “Good man, what are you afraid of, anyway since things have come to this, why don’t we lay it clear to him, right?”

    Hua Wu Que was so angry that his hands were shaking, and spluttered, “You… you…”

    The burly man shouted angrily, “It’s useless even if you lay things clear, if you adulterous couple are thinking of making me a cuckold, you’re dreaming!”

    He dashed over with a roar, striking with his fist!

    The force of the fist attack actually caused all the flames in the hall to flicker, and Hua Wu Que’s clothes were also fluttering from the force!

    He really did not want to fight this unwarranted battle, and with a shake of his body, lightly avoided the attack!

    The burly man was even more enraged and yelled, “Rascal, no wonder you dare to steal another’s wife, so you have some skills!”

    Amidst his shout, another three punches were thrown. Hua Wu Que moved and avoided the strikes, if it’s possible not to retaliate, he really would prefer not to fight back.

    But not only was that burly man’s punches powerful, his styles were extremely sharp and vicious. His martial arts ability far exceeded Hua Wu Que’s expectations.

    Hua Wu Que really had no choice but to fight back now. He struck with his left fist, and his right hand skillfully drew half an arc.

    This is exactly the amazing ‘Shifting Flower grafting Jade’ which had stunned the world. No matter who the person is, once they have been lured by this strange pull, the moves that they execute will all end up on themselves.

    Who would have expected that the man would give a roar, and his body moved stiffly back, and he actually forcefully stopped his own fist attack halfway!
    The power of his punch was so forceful, that he must not have any reserve energy left, and now that the force of his attack suddenly rebounded, no one should be able to block that.

    Hua Wu Que did not expect that this person can actually nullify the powers of ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’. Besides ‘Yan Nan Tian’, this is the second person that he has ever seen doing it! He cannot help but be startled at the depth of this man’s powers, it is unimaginable!

    The burly man looked at him and smiled sinisterly, “So you’re from Floral Palace, no wonder it’s so strange… but with that little skill of yours, what can you do to me Bai Shan Jun. It would be better if you asked your Teacher out.”

    He attacked with his fists again, his powers even more intense, as if he does not take into regard the earth shattering ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’ at all. Now he has no choice but to fight back.

    The martial arts of Bai Shan Jun, have evoked a feeling of hostility. Since he have suddenly met with such a strong opponent, he always wants to see who is the better!

    Madam Bai stood at the side clapping and cheering, “That’s right, no need to fear fim. For my sake, you should have had it out with him!”

    Although Hua Wu Que heard the cheers, but the more he thought about it, the more unhappy he is, but now it’s like he’s riding on a tiger, difficult to dismount even if he wanted to.

    He really cannot fathom what tricks this Madam Bai is up to!

    Bai Shan Jun’s fist attacks are becoming more vicious. He seemed to be using all his strength in his every strike and every punch, so much so that it looked like he has used up all his strength, but when his second punch flew out, it’s power seemed to be equally vicious as the first punch.

    However, Hua Wu Que’s body moved like a wild goose, like a swimming dragon, dancing around the hall. Bai Shan Jun’s attack may be so powerful that it causes his clothes to flutter around like a dance, but it still could not do anything to him.

    Madam Bai laughed affectionately, “Good man, I really did not see that you actually have such good martial arts. With a lover like you, what do I have to fear. Hurry up and kill this old man, then we can forever become husband and wife in peace.”

    Her words were becoming more outrageous, and Hua Wu Que is unable to seal her lips nor stop himself from listening, and although he could remain calm, but he was still a little distracted. However, Bai Shan Jun’s fist attacks allow no room for any distraction.

    Madam Bai suddenly gasp in alarm, “Aiyo, be careful of his next move Tiger Claws Grabbing the Heart!” Amidst her scream, Bai Shan Jun really struck out with his fingers as he roared like a tiger.

    This move does not seem to be particularly powerful, Hua Wu Que just stepped back slightly and avoided it, but he was feeling perplexed as to why madam Bai would suddenly scream. He knows there must be a trick somewhere.

    But there is no time for him to think now. He took another step back and the back of both his knees were struck by a secret weapon.

    He fell stiffly down, still unaware that the secret weapon was thrown by Madam Bai. But Madam Bai had already walked over and hugged Bai Shan Jun’s neck, sighing affectionately, “I thought I had fallen in love with someone else, but once you started fighting, I realize that the person I love will always be you. I would rather kill all the men in the world then to see others lay a finger on you.”

    Hua Wu Que sighed and closed his eyes, thinking in his heart, “Hai, women…”

    Only now did he understand why Xiao Yu’er finds women a headache.

    He heard Bai Shan Jun laugh madly, his laughter getting nearer and nearer, and finally reaching his side. He shut his eyes tightly, and did not feel like talking, listening and all the more, seeing.

    Bai Shan Jun laughed wildly, “Now you should know my wife’s prowess. Whoever is associated with her, will certainly meet with misfortune. You’re so young, and don’t look stupid, why of all things must you do this?”

    Hua Wu Que gritted his teeth, having no wish to defend himself. However, Bai Shan Hu grabbed him by his collar and dragged him away.

    He felt Bai Shan Jun put him down on a short cot and flipped him over, facing down, and he actually took off his pants.

    Hua Wu Que immediately shouted in alarm, “You… what are you trying to do?” He struggled to lift his head and opened his eyes!

    He saw Bai Shan Jun standing next to the cot grinning, but there was no trace of viciousness on his face. He was holding a shiny black horseshoe, and said slowly, “The viciousness of my wife’s secret weapons, even the Yan Nan Tian of yesteryear would have a slight headache on hearing them. Both your legs have been struck by one, if I don’t use this Magnetic Steel Star to suck them out, you can forget about walking for the rest of your life.”

    Hua Wu Que was both surprised and suspicious, and asked, “You… why are you saving me?”

    Bai Shan Hu suddenly chortled loudly, “Do you think I really believe my wife’s words?”

    By now he has extracted two small needles as fine as a cow’s hair from the back of Hua Wu Que’s legs. The needles may be small, but when it was pinned in Hua Wu Que’s legs, his whole body became so weak that he could not move even his finger.

    Now that the needle has been sucked away, Hua Wu Que immediately regained his strength miraculously, and stood up with a flip. He stared at Bai Shan Jun and asked, “Since you do not believe her words, then earlier why… why were you so furious?”

    He seemed to have fallen into dense fog, unable to understand anything at all.

    Bai Shan Jun slapped his shoulder and smiled, “Lad, I know you have been confused, sit down and listen to me then.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled bitterly, “I was thinking of seeking some clarification.”

    Bai Shan Jun actually sighed as well, and also said with a bitter smile, “Do you know, there is a type of strange people in the world, if others were to love or respect her, she would feel tortured. If you were to humiliate and torture her, she would instead feel more comfortable and happy.”

    Hua Wu Que was surprised, but can’t help but think it’s a little funny as well, and asked, “Are there really people like that in the world?”

    Bai Shan Jun smiled bitterly, “Naturally there is, my wife is one of them.”

    “She… how did she end up like that?”

    Bai Shan Jun sighed, “It seems that she has been like that since young. Not only does she like others to torture her since young, but she will also torture herself. When she’s older, this behavior became worse. She can’t even stay in a normal house and insist of decorating her place to look like a horse stable, and even want me to chain her up.”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “So she willingly suffers it, and I had thought…”

    Bai Shan Jun continued, “Although I know this problem of hers, but sometimes I really cannot bear to hit or, nor am I willing to, so she often angers me deliberately so that I will beat her up.”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “What happened today, I guess must be for this reason then.”

    Bai Shan Jun said, “She is slowly growing old, and kept thinking that I will grow sick of her and find another love, so she will frequently try to stir my jealousy…”

    “Actually all these acts of Madam Bai are unnecessary, your love for your wife, since the beginning, has never changed, right?”

    Bai Shan Jun lifted his head and laughed, “That’s right, I only care about her happiness, but I let Friend here become disadvantaged. The truth is, it’s our fault, to hit or to punish, I will let Friend decide, how about that!”

    Hua Wu Que arranged his clothes and said with a slight smile, “To tell you the truth, I was feeling a little angered over this matter. But after listening to your words, not only do I sympathize with your situation, I also greatly respect the depth of your love towards your wife. Besides, I have lost in your hands and became your prisoner, so you should decide on what to do with me.”

    He suddenly stopped talking, because he had just taken two steps, when he suddenly realize that although he can move effortlessly now, but he was unable to breath deeply to his waist.

    Hua Wu Que asked calmly, “Why did you secretly do something to my waist?”

    Bai Shan Jun seemed to be startled, and replied hoarsely, “Really? I guess it must have been when I was pulling out the needles for you earlier, and carelessly struck that ‘Gossamer Needle’ into some acupoint at your waist.”

    Hua Wu Que said slowly, “It’s right under the ‘Laughter Acupoint’.”

    Bai Shan Jum seemed anxious, and interrupted, “If it’s near the Laughter Acupoint, then it’ll be troublesome. I really dare not pull the needle out for you rashly, or else if I’m not careful, and that Gossamer Needle were to pierce your Laughter Acupoint, even the gods won’t be able to save you. I can only stand and see you laugh madly for three days, until you die from laughter.”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment and said, “Since that is the case, I can only take my leave, and find another way.”

    Bai Shan Jun sighed, “If you were to walk recklessly now, the Gossamer Needle would move with the movement of your blood, and pierce your Laugher Acupoint. No matter how careful you are, you still cannot take more than seventy steps.”

    Hua Wu Que paused in his steps and turned around slowly, staring at him quietly. After a long, long moment, he heaved a long sigh and said with a bitter smile as he shook his head, “The ways of you and your wife, are really difficult to fathom. Your wife does not wish to be a human, but would rather be a horse. We shall not speak about her, but you…”

    Bai Shan Jun stared at him for a long while before slowly saying, “You really still do not know who I am?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I have never been very experienced.”

    Bai Shan Jun laughed, “That’s right, the disciples of Floral Palace, naturally would not take note of the figures in the martial arts realm… but the name ‘Twelve Zodiacs’, have you never heard it being mentioned before as well?”

    Hua Wu Que gasped in recognition, “That’s right, ‘Shan Jun’ refers to tigers, no wonder not only do you use tiger to represent you, but you kept a tiger as a slave. ‘Ma’ (horse) refers to the ‘tiger’s wife’, no wonder your wife would rather be a horse than a human.”

    Bai Shan Jun laughed loudly, “Since you already know who I am now, then all the more you should know that those in the ‘Twelve Zodiacs’ are enemies with Floral Palace. Since you are now in my hands, are you not afraid?”

    With no change in his expression, Hua Wu Que replied lightly, “If you had wanted to strike, you need not have saved me earlier. Since you saved me earlier, I guess there is something that you need my help with. Since you require my help, would I still be afraid?”

    Bai Shan Jun laughed loudly again, but as he laughed, he suddenly became serious again, and said “That’s right, I really have something to ask of you. As long as you tell me the secret to this skill Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, not only will I release you immediately, but I will agree to any request of yours.”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly laughed as well, “If you think that the secret of Shifting Flower Grafting Jade can be obtained so easily, then you will be greatly disappointed.”

    Bai Shan Jun’s expression changed, “You dare to not reveal it?”

    Hua Wu Que replied with ease, “There are many ways to make people talk in the world, some use life and death as threats, some use torture, some use wealth or women. Why don’t you try all of them, and see if you can make me talk.”

    Bai Shan Jun was silent for a moment before he suddenly smiled and said, “I have no plans to think about, nor do I wish to waste my energy, so it seems like I can only leave. If you wish to stay, then stay, leave if you want to, I can’t be bothered with you. But in case you want to look for me, you just need to shout and I will come.”

    He was actually leaving as he said he would, and before he had finished his words, he had walked away.

    This move is out of Hua Wu Que’s expectations again, and for a moment he felt at a loss. Bai Shan Jun had just walked out the door when he turned back again and said with a smile, “But don’t you forget as well, don’t ever take more than seventy steps, or else the taste of dying from laughter, is really worse than dying by any other means.”

    End of Chapter 78

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 79

    Hua Wu Que looked at Bai Shan Jun walking out the door. He could have followed behind him, but he can only stand there dismally, unable to move at all.

    He knows that Bai Shan Jun’s words were not meant to deceive him. Although he can walk out, he does not wish to gamble with his life, to gamble if he can take more than seventy steps. Right at this time, he suddenly heard a roar.

    The windows in the room were originally tightly closed, but after the roar, a gust of wind suddenly blew up, and the lamp started wavering. All the chairs and tables also seemed to collapse from the wind! Hua Wu Que’s face colored, the tiger has already entered the hall.

    The tiger has already regained its authority as the king of the jungle. Although it’s steps were slow, but every step seemed to carry the weight of a thousand kilos!

    A pity that he can’t even gather his strength now, and is defenseless against even a chicken, much less a tiger. Since the tiger has come straight in, he can only retreat step by step.

    The ferocious tiger is now in front of him, it’s tail erect like a flag pole, followed by a leap, a heave and a cut, and this is something that the Hua Wu Que now cannot block.

    Cold beads of sweat starting flowing down Hua Wu Que’s forehead! If he does not call out to Bai Shan Jun for help now, it is unavoidable that he will be torn to pieces by tiger claws and made into a meal for the tiger.

    Although he does not wish to die, and look upon life as something extremely precious, but for someone like him, how can he willingly cry for help?

    There was another roar, a few vases shattered into pieces with a ‘clang’!

    Jiang Yu Lang has walked out, laughing madly. Listening to his gloating laughter, Tie Xin Lan’s limbs felt cold.

    She knows that although Jiang Yu Lang is evil, but he’s a coward. If he is not confident that he can defeat Hua Wu Que, he would not be gloating so much now, or be so assured!

    Tears, have already started flowing out from her eyes.

    Suddenly Black Spider laughed coldly, “A woman after all. Death, what’s the big deal about it, is there a need to cry so miserably?”

    Tie Xin Lan chewed her lips and said, “You… you think that I am feeling sad for myself?”

    Black Spider suddenly stared at her, “Could it be because of that Hua person?”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, and Black Spider asked loudly, “If it was Xiao Yu’er who died, would you be this sad as well?”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly lifted her head and looked at him for a moment before smiling sadly, “If he dies, do you think I can still live?”

    “Since that is the case, then why are you feeling sad for others… a woman can only be sad for a man. The lives and deaths of other men, she should not take it to heart.”

    Tie Xin Lan heaved a long sigh and said dejectedly, “The affairs of my heart, you will not understand, you will never understand, no one else would understand.”

    Tie Xin Lan turned her gaze towards Murong Jiu. Murong Jiu was still standing there dazedly, and have not moved even her finger at all, as if she will never move again.

    Tie Xin Lan smiled sadly, “Aren’t you here because you want to save others as well?”

    Black Spider shouted, “That’s right, I came to save her! But I am willing to die for her. Other than her, even if other women were to die in front of me, I might not even lift a hand.”

    Tie Xin Lan looked at him and said sorrowfully, “But no matter how good you treat her, or how true, she will not know.”

    Black Spider stared at her angrily and said each word slowly, “Let me tell you, how good I treat her, I do not need her to know, nor is there a need for her to treat me well. I love her means I love her, there are no other conditions!”

    Tie Xin Lan quivered, “Even if she will not love you in future, or even ignore you, you will still love her?”

    Black Spider replied loudly, “That’s right, I love her, not because I want her to marry me. As long as she can live well, it doesn’t matter even if I die.”

    Tie Xin Lan was silent for a moment, and tears dropped again. She said melancholically, “If a woman in her whole life, can have this kind of love, it won’t matter even if she dies, she is already satisfied…”

    She lifted her head, suddenly realizing that Murong Jiu’s face is full of tears now.

    Tie Xin Lan was shocked and ecstatic, and said loudly, “Can you understand our conversation? Can you understand his feelings now?”

    Although tears kept flowing from Murong Jiu’s eyes, but her gaze was still dull. A flicker of excitement and joy had shone on Black Spider’s face, but now the shine had dimmed again.

    Tie Xin Lan said gently, “You don’t have to feel bad, although she has lost her senses now, but your true feelings have obviously touched her. As long as your heart remains unchanged, the day will come when she will be able to feel it all.”

    Suddenly a person was heard giggling, “The day will come…. Heh heh, I’m afraid that day will never come.”

    Jiang Yu Lang sauntered in again. Tie Xin lan asked in surprise, “Why did you come back for?”

    Jiang Yu Lang grinned, “Naturally I came to see you.” He strolled over to Tie Xin Lan and extended his hand to touch her face.

    Tie Xin Lan immedialty shrieked, “You… don’t you forget, that lady in white said…”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “Naturally I would not forget her, so I’ve already given her some calming medicine. Now she is sleeping soundly, so even if you were to scream yourself hoarse, she will not hear.”

    Tie Xin Lan started trembling involuntarily and screamed, “If you touch even a finger of mine, I will…. I will tell her.”

    Jiang Yu Lang chuckled, “No, you won’t tell her. I guarantee that when she wakes up, you will not be able to talk at all.”

    His hand have slipped slowly from her shoulder to her chest.

    Even Tie Xin Lan’s blood have run cold, and she stammered, “Ple… please, don’t do that, please kill me.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “Kill you? Why would I want to kill you now? The lover of Jiang Xiao Yu and Hua Wu Que, if I don’t enjoy myself, won’t I be letting them down?”

    With a loud laugh he carried Tie Xin Lan and said with a wicked grin, “To tell you the truth, I want to have you irregardless of everything, not really because I have really taken a liking to you, but because Hua Wu Que and Jiang Xiao Yu…”

    Tie Xin Lan can no longer hear his words, she had passed out.

    Although Black Spider was gritting his teeth so tightly that it was chattering, but he can only watch as Jiang Yu Lang carried her out the door, watch as she is about to be violated.

    The ferocious tiger got ready to pounce, Hua Wu Que can almost see himself dying at the claws of the tiger.

    Right at this time, he suddenly noticed a painting that was hanging by his side was stuck firmly to the wall and the frame at the bottom was also stuck tightly to the wall.

    Without a thought, Hua Wu Que reached out and with a pull of the frame, the whole painting suddenly sank in and a door appeared. He immediately dashed in.

    There was another earth shattering roar, but Hua Wu Que had already shut the secret door.

    Although Hua Wu Que would like to take a look at the situation within the door, but he really did not dare to carelessly take another step. With every step that he took, the next step could be a fatal step!

    But right then there was a trembling voice that drifted out, “Please, don’t do that, please kill me!”

    Shockingly, this is Tie Xin Lan’s screams.

    A hot rush of blood flooded to Hua Wu Que’s head, and without any care, he walked over with large steps!

    Jiang Yu Lang was gloating and was just about to carry Tie Xin Lan out the door when he suddenly realized someone was standing at the door, blocking his path.

    The light shone on this person’s pale, furious but handsome face, and it’s actually Hua Wu Que, but there were no trace of Bai Shan Jun and Madam Bai.

    Jiang Yu Lang felt as though he had been whipped and immediately staggered a few steps back.

    Hua Wu Que stared at him furiously. If at this moment he can gather even an ounce of energy, Hua Wu Que will not let this vicious and despicable scum continue to live on this earth.

    Luckily Jiang Yu Lang does not know that he does not have the power to hurt, so even if Jiang Yu Lang had borrowed another gut, he would never dare to strike against him.

    Hua Wu Que only sighed in the darkness and said slowly, “Aren’t you going to put her down?”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s face was full of smiles when he respectfully placed Tie Xin Lan on the chair.

    Hua Wu Que said, “I do not wish to hurt you either, you… better leave quickly.”

    Jiang Yu Lang looked as if he has been given a big pardon and escaped in a flash, all the while smiling awkwardly, “Little brother will obey… little brother will obey!”

    Black Spider can’t help but roared, “Hua, what do you mean by that? This kind of person, why don’t you kill him?”

    Hua Wu Que replied with a bitter smile, “It will dirty my hands if I kill him, just let him go.”

    He was afraid that Jiang Yu Lang might be eavesdropping, so naturally he dare not reveal the real reason.

    Black Spider retorted angrily, “You’re afraid of dirtying your precious hands, but I’m not afraid. Release my acupoint quickly, I’ll go and settle scores with him.”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned, where can he find the strength to unseal other’s acupoints? He can only pretend not to have heard.

    Black Spider was furious, “Aren’t you willing to help me as well? Will I dirty your hands as well?”

    Hua Wu Que can only lower his head, and walked towards Tie Xin Lan. It took him more than ten steps before he reached her, and he felt that the walk was so long that it’s frightening.

    Black Spider laughed frostily, “Good, very good, so you’re that kind of a person. We have really seen wrongly. A person like you, if your finger even touches me, I’ll feel nauseous instead.”

    Hua Wu Que sighed secretly, he has nothing he can say.

    He has never been insulted thus in his whole life, but now he can only endure it, because if he were to reveal the truth now, and if Jiang Yu Lang heard it, all of them can forget about living. The only person Jiang Yu Lang fears now is him, and isn’t he on his guard against Jiang Yu Lang as well. By now Tie Xin Lan has slowly regained consciousness.

    Once she saw Hua Wu Que, her teary eyes immediately brightened, and gasped with happiness, “You’re here! You’re really here, I just know that no one can hurt you, I’ve known long ago that you will surely come and save us.”

    Black Spider laughed coldly, “If I need someone like that to save me, I’d rather die.”

    Tie Xin Lan asked curiously, “You… why do you speak to him like that?”

    Suddenly a person was heard commenting, “Master Hua cannot even save himself now, where can he find the energy to save you, can’t the two of you tell? Why must you force him so?”

    Amidst the mad laughter, Jiang Yu Lang had sauntered in again. Hua Wu Que can only look at him walk in, unable to say anything at all.

    Tie Xin Lan was shocked stunned, and asked hoarsely, “This… is this true?”

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh and said slowly, “Jiang Yu Lang, I did not wish to kill you, but do you really want to come and seek your own death?”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “That’s right, I have come to seek my death. Now I am going to carry Miss Tie away, and die on top of her.”

    His words may be bold, but no matter what he was still a little apprehensive towards Hua Wu Que, so he walked around him before he dared to go near Tie Xin Lan and carried her up.

    Tie Xin Lan screamed, “You… you dare…”

    Jiang Yu Lang saw that Hua Wu Que still had not struck, so he became even bolder, and laughed loudly, “Why won’t I dare? Or can our Master Hua do anything to me at all?”

    He carried Tie Xin Lan and retreated backwards step by step towards the exit, his eyes still staring at Hua Wu Que.

    Hua Wu Que’s perspiration rained down his body. He has already walked fifty, sixty steps, the next step could mean his death!

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed wildly, “Hua Wu Que oh Hua Wu Que, why don’t you come over? Where has the martial arts which you thought best in the world gone to? Do you really want to watch me carry your lover up the bed?”

    He has already retreated to the door, but deliberately stopped.

    Hua Wu Que’s body was shaking. Death, may be frightening, but the more frightening thing is, he knows that if he dies, Tie Xin Lan’s ill-fated outcome still cannot be changed.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s hands, invaded Tie Xin Lan’s chest again, and laughed sinisterly, “Look, what a soft chest this is, what smooth skin, the body of a virgin, should have belonged to you totally, but now, it belongs to me. I can enjoy it however I like it!”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly walked over step by step!

    He knows that even if it means death, even if he knows that he cannot save Tie Xin Lan, but he cannot watch Tie Xin Lan being molested in such a way!

    Jiang Yu Lang’s laughter suddenly stopped.

    He looked at Hua Wu Que’s frighteningly pale face, and asked in shock, “You… you dare to walk over?”

    Hua Wu Que took a deep breath and said, “Put her down.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s gaze flickered, and suddenly realized that although Hua Wu Que’s expression looked serious, but his steps were light, the way a person who does not know any martial arts at all would walk.

    Jiang Yu Lang immediately laughed loudly again, “Hua Wu Que, you cannot scare me! I have already seen through, that you have been injured by Bai Shan Jun and his wife, and you can’t even exert an ounce of your martial arts, right?”

    Hua Wu Que gritted his teeth and did not speak, still walking forward step by step.

    He naturally knows that Jiang Yu Lang spoke the truth, and knows that he is walking towards death, but death is the only way for him now, there are no other choices!

    Jiang Yu Lang shouted fiercely, “Good lad, you really have guts! But if you dare to take another step nearer, I will kill you!”

    Hua Wu Que sighed secretly, and took another step forward. He suddenly realize that death is not as frightening as he imagined.

    Tie Xin Lan can’t help but screamed, “Hua Wu Que, please, don’t come over. I… I’m all right, and I am no good for you, so why place me in your heart?”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled sinisterly, “Don’t you forget, each person only has one life.”

    Hua Wu Que replied slowly, “That’s right, life is indeed precious, there is nothing that can exchange for it…”

    He smiled slightly, and continued, “So, if I were to die for someone, there’s no need for any exchange of terms with you. Whether she is good to me, or whether she loves me, it doesn’t really matter.”

    Tie Xin Lan has gone hoarse from crying, unable to say anything more.

    Black Spider finally can’t help by shouted, “A good man! I, Black Spider has never bowed down to anyone in my life, but towards you… I was wrong about you earlier, now I solemnly apologize to you, you… you can go in peace.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled, “Thank you.”

    He took another step forward again!

    Jiang Yu Lang seemed to have been frightened by this relentless courage, he never expect that Hua Wu Que would be like Xiao Yu’er, who will really stake their lives when it is really needed! Life, to others is naturally precious, but in their eyes, they seem to treat it very lightly.

    End of Chapter 79

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 80

    Jiang Yu Lang saw that Hua Wu Que is walking slowly towards him, and finally laughed sinisterly, “Fine, since you want to die, then I shall grant you your wish! Killing someone would not spoil my mood for enjoyment.”

    His palm is already holding a secret weapon, getting ready to throw it out!

    Who would have expected that at this time, Hua Wu Que’s body suddenly started shaking, as if he has been pierced by needles, and then, he actually started laughing madly. His laughter sounded maniac, and Jiang Yu Lang cannot imagine that the gentle Hua Wu Que can actually emit such maniac laughter, and can’t help but ask hoarsely, “Have you gone crazy?”

    When Hua Wu Que took the last step, he suddenly felt a needle piercing the weakest and softest part of his whole body, and a strange feeling, painful and ticklish, went straight to his heart.

    He can’t help but laughed madly, unable to control it at all, but the energy which was blocked, suddenly surged forward!

    Jiang Yu Lang was stunned, and a fistful of silver needles suddenly flew out like rain!

    Hua Wu Que shouted amidst his laughter, “You… you dare!”

    As he shouted, his hands drew an arc, and the roomful of secret weapons, suddenly disappeared all at once, as if it has been swallowed by the sea, not knowing where they have gone to!

    Black Spider’s expression changed, “What a brilliant move of Shifting Flower Grafting Jade!”

    Jiang Yu Lang was so frightened that his face turned ashen and he shouted in alarm, “Were you pretending just now?

    Hua Wu Que replied, “That’s right…. Haha… put her down!”

    Jiang Yu Lang stammered, “I… I’ll put her down, and you’ll let me off?”

    Jiang Yu Lang stammered, “I… I’ll put her down, and you’ll let me off?”

    Hua Wu Que laughed loudly, “Let… let….”

    Jiang Yu Lang knows that once he said something, he will surely keep his word, so he dared not quibble further. He put Tie Xin Lan down, turned around and ran, disappearing in the blink of an eye!

    Hua Wu Que laughed madly, but his heart has turned cold! Bai Shan Jun’s words are indeed true!

    Hua Wu Que gritted his teeth but it could not stop the laughter, so he can only try not to think of this for the moment, and released Tie Xin Lan’s acupoint.

    Tie Xin Lan stared at him and asked in surprise, “You have tricked all of us, and made us worry for you so, do you think it’s very funny?”

    Hua Wu Que knows that Tie Xin Lan has misunderstood again, but he could not explain. At this time, he is still afraid that once Tie Xin Lan finds out the truth, she will be upset because of him.

    He can only turn around and unseal Black Spider’s acupoint first.

    Black Spider also asked furiously, “Do you think this joke is very funny?”

    Hua Wu Que secretly sighed, who can see the pain in his heart! Others can only see that he seems to be laughing smugly. He dragged Tie Xin Lan up and ran out.

    No matter what, Black Spider is very experienced in the martial arts realm, and he finally realised that something is wrong. He was furrowing his brow and thinking about it when he suddenly realized that Murong Jiu is looking at him dully.

    He immediately cast aside all thoughts, dragged Murong Jiu and ran out as well!

    Tie Xin Lan came in from this tunnel, naturally she knows the way out of the secret room.

    Taking advantage of the dark night, they ran into the wilderness. The stars in the sky were slowly disappearing, the quietness of the woods made Hua Wu Que’s laughter sound even more piercing to the ear.

    Tie Xin Lan can’t help but ask, “Can you stop laughing now?”

    Hua Wu Que’s heart is almost breaking, and he almost wanted to reveal the truth.

    But he suddenly thought that, instead of letting Tie Xin Lan wait and see how he dies horribly, why not just let her misunderstand forever. He is dying soon anyway, why make others sad as well?

    Tie Xin Lan stamped her feet, “You… If you continue laughing like that, I’m going to leave!”

    Hua Wu Que secretly sighed, but he still laughed loudly, “Go then! Haha… Anyway I already know that the person you love is not me… hahaha, go quickly!”

    Tie Xin Lan’s body trembled and she quivered, “You really want me to leave?”

    Hua Wu Que laughed madly, “Yes!”

    Tie Xin Lan looked at him dazedly, and retreated step by step. Hua Wu Que is already looking heavenward and laughing wildly, not even giving her a glance.

    Tie Xin Lan gritted her teeth and stamped her feet, “Fine, I’ll go, I… only now do I realize that you’re that kind of a person.”

    She turned around and ran wildly, her tears flowing down her face. Hua Wu Que was still laughing continuously.

    He already knows that he will surely die. He watches as the person he treasures most leaving him, even those that he risked his life to safe does not understand him at all, but he… can only laugh endlessly, laugh endlessly…

    The dark, quiet woods, is filled with his sad yet mad laughter. The last lone star, also disappeared into the gray night solemnly.

    Hua Wu Que’s tears finally flowed uncontrollably down his face as well.

    Since young, he has grown up in a cold and heartless world, he never knew what it is like to shed tears, but now… he is crying as he laughed!

    Suddenly, Tie Xin Lan came up to him again, looked at him quietly.

    Hua Wu Que hurriedly wiped his tears and laughingly asked, “Why have you come back?”

    There was a look of fear on Tie Xin Lan’s face and she trembled, “Tell me, what is this really all about?

    Hua Wu Que replied, “What is it about?… Haha, I just find that you’re funny! Hahaha, can’t you even be chased away?”

    Tie Xin Lan answered, “I know you’re not that kind of person, I cannot leave!”

    “You’re not leaving? Haha, fine, I’ll leave!”

    He have not even turned around when Tie Xin Lan embraced him, “Tell me, you… have you suffered some strange injury?”

    Hua Wu Que laughed loudly, “How I can be injured?”

    Tie Xin Lan only felt that his hands are as cold as ice, and berated, “Why won’t you tell the truth?”

    Hua Wu Que felt like knives were slashing at his heart, but he can only laugh, laugh without stop.

    Tie Xin Lan cried again, “I know it’s because of me that you became like that, you…”

    Hua Wu Que laughed wildly, “Because of you… haha, you better go look for Jiang Xiao Yu quickly, go quickly, go quickly!”

    Tie Xin Lan cried, “I’m not going, I’m not going to look for anyone, I must accompany you, no one can make me leave.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “What about Jiang Xiao Yu?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s tears were glowing and she quivered, “Xiao Yu’er? … I’ve long forgotten about him.”

    Hua Wu Que laughed loudly, “But you still cannot forget him, haha…. Love, is not an exchange, hahaha, if you love someone, no matter how he treats you, you will still love him.”

    Tie Xin Lan stammered, “I… I…” She finally collapsed onto the floor and cried bitterly.

    Hua Wu Que looked heavenward and laughed, “You better go and look for him…. Take care of him, all right? … Haha… I hope that the two of you will live happily for the rest of your lives…”

    The sounds of his laughter suddenly became further away! When Tie Xin Lan lifted her head, Hua Wu Que is missing.

    She knows that she can never catch up with him, so she could only cry and scream hoarsely, “Hua Wu Que, you rascal… If you die like that, how can I marry Xiao Yu’er? If you die like that, our whole lives, will there be another day of happiness?”

    She used all her strength and shouted, “Hua Wu Que, Hua Wu Que… come back!”

    But by now, how could there be a response from Hua Wu Que? Only the cold wind coursing though the woods, seemingly emitting the sounds of sad sobs… When the day breaks, Hua Wu Que’s life will come to an end! He knows that his life will be even shorter than a moth in the cold wind!

    Is he going to wait for death just like that?

    Hua Wu Que was actually sitting down in dejection, but now he suddenly jumped up.

    He looked heavenward and laughed madly, “Hua Wu Que oh Hua Wu Que, at least you’re still living now! You can at least make use of this short life to do something! Even if you were to die, you should not die quietly!”

    Heaven and earth resonated with his loud laughter.

    He turned around and flew back towards that Shan Jun Temple. The main hall is still dark and eerie.

    Hua Wu Que leaped in and with a flying kick, sent the statue of the Shan Jun God falling down, and continued with a mad laughter, “Bai Shan Jun, come out!”

    Amidst his mad laughter, Hua Wu Que lifted the statue and threw it heavily into the courtyard, laughing loudly, “Bai Shan Jun, listen, I may be dying, but I will still want to kill all of you vicious people to rid the world of evil!”

    Suddenly there was a tiger’s roar, that white tiger had dashed in like an arrow.

    Hua Wu Que welcomed it amidst his laughter, and with an evasive move of his body, avoided this ferocious tiger’s unstoppable attack, and with a turn of his back and a palm strike, chopping down on the tiger’s neck!

    The movement of Hua Wu Que’s body is like a dragon proudly dancing in the air. How can that ferocious tiger get near to even his clothes, and after three leaps, it had used up its strength!

    Hua Wu Que struck with his palm again, and the ferocious tiger is now lying on the floor, unable to move!

    There was no one else in the courtyard as well!

    Hua Wu Que was full of grief and anger but there was no avenue for him to vent his frustration. He kicked open a door, grabbed a table and threw it far away. The table was smashed to pieces, but even if the whole courtyard was destroyed by him, what use is there?

    Hua Wu Que shouted and laughed, “Bai Shan Jun, Bai Shan Jun! Where are you! Why won’t you come out and fight with me!”

    Now he only wishes for a fight, and even if he perish in the fight, he is willing!

    Hua Wu Que felt a rush of hot blood gushing up, and drops of fresh blood splattered as he laughed wildly, the blood landing on his clothes like flower petals.

    He only felt as if his energy is used up, his body swaying, almost falling! His anger, seems to have turned from strong to weak, fading away.

    Hua Wu Que suddenly realized that right now he only wishes for someone to be at his side, it doesn’t matter who, he really does not want to die alone!

    He only hopes to die in battle! But no one seems to be bothered with him, he hopes to die in a crowd, but he almost has no more energy to walk out!

    Hua Wu Que staggered backwards and fell into the chair, his eyes staring blearily at the approaching dusk, only hoping that death will come with dusk. He has given up hope, he is actually waiting for death!

    But he still cannot help but laugh, laugh continuously, laugh madly. He is laughing the life out of his body, but cannot laugh the bitterness out from his heart!

    He can escape everything, but how can he escape his own laughter. This laughter is like a poisonous maggot attached to his bone, which will trap him until he dies!

    Now he would not mind giving up everything, if only he can stop this maddening laughter. He tried to cover up his ears, but how can he not hear his own laughter.

    This laughter is making him crazy, to make the laughter stop, he is ready to end his own life!

    Right at this time, from the boundless dusk, a shadow suddenly appeared!

    The fog was thick, like dense smoke, Hua Wu Que finally took a clear look at her face. That beautiful face also seems to carry a deathly look that is devoid of hope!

    Madam Bai! This person is actually Madam Bai! She finally appeared after all!

    Hua Wu Que had thought that he would dash over as soon as he sees her, but who would have expect that right now he just sat there dully, looking at her dully.

    Hua Wu Que thought that she must have come to kill him, but who would have expect
    that she only stood quietly in front of him, looking at him quietly.

    Hua Wu Que suddenly laughed madly, “You’ve come at the right time, since you’ve arrived, why have you not struck?”

    Madam Bai only looked at him without speaking.

    “So you’ve only come to watch me die?”

    Madam Bai still did not talk.

    “Very well, it doesn’t matter why you’ve come, I’m still grateful to you, I was just feeling lonely.”

    Madam bai suddenly heaved a long sigh and said sadly, “Poor man, don’t you even have the courage to beg for life?”

    Hua Wu Que felt a stab of pain in his heart, and he laughed hoarsely, “You wished for my speedy death, but now you want me to live, don’t you think that my suffering is enough?”

    Madam Bai replied, “But I also know that I’ve let you down, and can only beg for your forgiveness.”

    Hua Wu Que laughed madly, “Why do you have to say such words? Are you trying to lie to me again?”

    Madam Bai lowered her head sadly, “I know that you will never believe me, but… but can you come with me to see something?”

    Hua Wu Que sat there unmoving, his laughter hoarse.

    Madam Bai lifted her head and looked at him, quivering, “I only beg of you this one time, no matter that, this won’t cause you any greater harm, right?” The look in her eyes seemed to be full of genuine plea.

    Hua Wu Que laughed hoarsely, “That’s right, I am about to die, who else can harm me?”

    Finally, he did follow her out.

    After passing a few rooms, Hua Wu Que suddenly saw a person hanging upside down across the beam, with fresh blood all over the body, a long knife pierced through the chest.

    Hua Wu Que cried hoarsely, “Bai Shan Jun is dead!”

    The mad laughter covered the surprise in his voice, and there was even a sense of disappointment in his voice, but definitely no joy. Although he wished to fight with Bai Shan Jun, although he wanted to get rid of this person, but when suddenly faced with the horrible death of this person, he thought of how short a person’s life can be, and can’t find any joy in the death of his opponent.

    Madam Bai said slowly, “I want you to see for yourself his body, and precisely because I feel that I have let you down…”

    “You killed him?”

    Madam Bai heaved a long sigh, “That’s right, it’s I who killed him!” Hua Wu Que staggered back, unable to utter a single word.

    Madam Bai secretly took a peep at Hua Wu Que and said, “Why I treated you thus, is because I wanted with all my heart to retain his love. For him, I will not hesitate to harm anyone, or hesitate to do anything…”

    The tears in her eyes fell again, and she almost could not talk with her sobbing.

    Hua Wu Que asked, “Since you treat him thus, then why did you kill him?”

    She suddenly threw herself into Hua Wu Que’s arms and cried bitterly, “He actually did not take into regards our relationship as husband and wife, he… he… he actually wanted to kill me!”

    Hua Wu Que did not push her away at all.

    Under such circumstances, he still cannot bear to push a woman who is crying so bitterly in his arms… A bitterly crying woman, lying in the arms of a madly laughing man, next to a bloody corpse hanging from the beam, the strangeness of such a scene is really quite indescribable.

    Hua Wu Que asked, “So… you killed him.”

    Madam Bai replied, “Actually I would not have hesitated to die for him, but when he really came to kill me, I could not tolerate it any longer. The torture and grievances of the past twenty years, the suffering and pain of the past twenty years, all burst out at that instant. I can’t help but drew my knife and stabbed towards him!”

    She continued, heartbroken, “I had thought that this stab would unlikely have injured him, but who would have know that he never expected me to retaliate, so he was totally thrown off guard. This stab of mine, really…. really took his life!”

    What can Hua Wu Que say? His laughter is slowly getting hoarse, his legs are slowly getting soft. All the strength is his body has been laughed out!

    Hua Wu Que suddenly said, “There is no need to mention what has passed, I… I will not hate you again…”

    Madam Bai asked, “You forgive me?”

    Hua Wu Que nodded his head, “Have you finished your words?”

    Madam Bai replied, “I’ve said what I have to say, you… don’t you have anything to say to me?”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “I… I only hope that you…”

    Naturally he hopes that Madam Bai can stop his life threatening laughter, but at this point in time, he still cannot utter any words of pleas in front of a woman.

    Madam Bai looked at him quietly for a moment before saying solemnly, “Actually there’s no need for you to verbalize it, I should have taken that Gossamer Needle out from your laughter acupoint long ago. But you have exerted too much strength earlier and the needle is now deeply embedded in the acupoint. I am powerless to help you take it out now.”

    Hua Wu Que felt a stab of pain in his heart, and suddenly pushed Madam Bai away, turning around to leave. At this point in time, he knows that his fate has decided that, he can only laugh until he dies! Who would have expected Madam Bai to block his path and said, “You can’t leave yet.”

    Hua Wu Que could not take it any longer and felt his anger rushing up, but he forced it down again, and said “Since things have come to this, why do you still want me to stay?”

    Madam Bai said, “There is still one person who can save you in this world. Although I cannot save you, but I can increase your life span for another three days, and I can bring you to that person within three days. If you want to live, then you should have the courage to beg him! You’re young, it’s not a disgrace to beg others, but it is a real disgrace if you dare not continue living.”

    Hua Wu Que guffawed, Even if I beg him, he may not save me, so why should I…”

    Madam Bai interrupted, “I understand that person very well, as long as you go, he will certainly save you.”

    She continued slowly, “Besides, you are not going there to beg him, you’re just going there to treat your illness. If a sick person does not see the physician, then this person should not be respected, but laughed at instead!”

    She kept justifying the reasons, and Hua Wu Que was finally moved. No matter how much a person does not fear death, if there is a chance to live, that person would still not wish to die.

    Hua Wu Que finally nodded his head. He can never reject such sincere pleas.

    End of Chapter 80

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 81

    Hua Wu Que and Madam Bai has already left, the big hall seems even more quiet, even more eerie. The light from the setting sun shone on the fresh blood on the corpse, the fresh blood revealed an eerie blue color under the light.

    By now Jiang Yu Lang had strolled back, and clasping his hands, laughed, “Elder is really shrewd, I am really impressed.”

    The ‘dead person’ hanging on the beam suddenly laughed, “This ploy may be good, but only people like that Hua guy will be tricked. If it were you or me, I’m afraid we would not have believed a woman’s words so easily.”

    This ‘dead person’ leaped down from the beam, his right hand pulling off the blade’s handle stuck to his chest, his left hand pulling off the tip of the blade stuck on his back. So this knife is in fact two broken parts, which were stuck on Bai Shan Jun’s body.

    Hua Wu Que sat in the carriage in a state of semi-consciousness. Madam Bai had given him a very strong sedative, and once the effect of the medicine kicked in, he felt like sleeping. Luckily the carriage is very comfortable. He does not know where Madam Bai got this carriage from, nor does he know who the carriage driver is, and all the more he doesn’t know where the carriage is heading towards. A dying man, what is there not to trust towards others!

    On an evening three days later, the carriage came to a hillside and slowly stopped. Flowers filled the hillside, and it looked like a painting.

    Looking afar, the river is like a ribbon, the round sun behind the hill is like fire. The setting sun shone on the river, making it look even more sparking and magnificent.

    Hua Wu Que secretly sighed, “Even if I were to die on this journey, to be able to die at such a place, the journey would not have been in vain.”

    Madam Bai heaved a long sigh, and said, “That person has an extremely weird temperament, I… I have no wish to see him.”

    She opened the carriage door and helped Hua Wu Que down the carriage. Pointing towards the front, she said, “Do you see that pavilion over there?”

    Amidst the green trees and red flowers, there was a pavilion, a stream flowed next to the pavilion, shimmering in a shade of jade, and under the sunset, it looks even more colorful, it’s brilliance unmatched.

    Hua Wu Que’s life is almost at an end, and to suddenly arrive at this place, he suspected that he is already in heaven. The faint fragrance of the flowers blew over with the wind and he was stunned for a moment before he nodded and said, “I see it.”

    Madam Bai contined, “After you pass by that pavilion, you will see a stone door hidden among the vines on the side of the hill. The stone door is never closed, so you can just walk in.”

    Hua Wu Que secretly sighed, “Certainly someone living in this kind of place will not be a nobody. I am lucky enough to meet such an esteemed person, and it should be a happy thing, but what a pity I am in such a state now.” Hua Wu Que asked, “What is his name?”

    “Her name is Su Ying.”

    Hua Wu Que thought to himself, “Su Ying… Su Ying… We do not know each other at all, yet I am here to beg you to save my life, I’m afraid you will only think this hilarious.”

    Madam Bai added, “After you’ve seen her, maybe she will ask who brought you here, you only need to say my name… that’s right, my maiden name is Ma Yi Yun.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I’ll remember.”

    Madam Bai smiled sadly, “Although my life in future would be like a living dead, you do not have to be concerned about me. From now on, there will not be another woman with such a bitter life like me…”

    She suddenly stopped talking, turned around and ran back into the carriage. The carriage immediately rode off in a rush. Hua Wu Que was stunned for a moment, and he cannot even tell what he is feeling now.

    This woman had harmed him so much, but now he felt only gratitude, only trust, and not an ounce of suspicion or hate.

    The carriage wove past a few hills, and suddenly stopped. At the side of the hill, under the vines, were three people, and they were Tie Ping Gu, Jiang Yu Lang and Bai Shan Jun. Hua Wu Que had already walked into that stone door which had been dyed green by the vines.

    Behind the stone door, the quietness of the cave makes one who is in it to be totally lost in time.

    Hua Wu Que hated his own laughter, that destroys the quietude that makes one forget the world. He used his strength to cover his own mouth, but the laughter still came out.

    After walking for a while, he is now deep in the cave and the walls on both sides of the hill slowly became closer, but after walking a few more steps, the area suddenly opened up. It seems that he is no longer on earth, but in heaven.

    There is a valley in front, with the white clouds in the sky, flowers all over the land, the clear stream and weird looking rocks. They all seemed intertwined, exquisitely mixed up.

    From afar the cry of a crane was heard, and three to five white cranes, accompanied by two brown deers wandered over. They don’t seem to be afraid of humans, but looked as if they are welcoming this guest who has come from afar.

    Hua Wu Que was still feeling affected by the scene when that white crane had already lifted his clothes and led him towards the stone path which was covered by flowers.

    A clear stream flowed past, and next to the stream sat a person.

    She sat there with lowered head, as if in deep thought, but also as if telling the swimming fishes in the water how youth can be easily lost, and the loneliness of living in the hills.

    Her long black hair hung over her shoulder, her light, flowing clothes white as snow.

    Hua Wu Que was unconsciously brought here by the welcoming crane. The person’s silhouette was a mirror image of the silhouette reflected in the water, he was staring unconsciously.

    The young lady in white also turned around and took a look at him. It doesn’t matter if she had not turned back, but now that she turned back, all the fragrant flowers in the valley seemed to have suddenly lost their color. Her brows were like a painting, her dainty dimples like jade, her exquisite lips may seem a little too big, her wide forehead may seem a little too high, but her eyes that looked like an autumn’s moon, like shining stars, is more than enough to compensate for everything.

    She may not be as dazzling as Tie Xin Lan, or have the simple beauty of Murong Jiu, or as charming as Little Fairy… she may not be considered very beautiful. But her incomparable grace, will make one feel inferior, and dare not belittle her.

    Right now, there is a thread of surprise in her eyes, a thread of complaint, as if she’s asking this crude guest why is he laughing so weirdly.

    Hua Wu Que unconsciously blushed, and said, “I… I am Hua Wu Que, and have come especially to see Su Ying, Old Master Su.”

    That young girl in white replied slowly, “I am Su Ying.”

    Hua Wu Que was really stunned. He had thought that since this ‘Su Ying’ can cure him, he must be an aged person, a famed physician in the martial arts realm, a highly skilled exponent who has retired. He never imagined that Su Ying would actually be a young lady who is not more than twenty years old.

    Su Ying’s eyes rolled, and asked lightly, “My mountain abode is extremely deserted, I wonder who is the one who showed you the way?”

    “This… I…” He really could not imagine why Madam Bai would want him to come and beg this young girl to save his life. Faced with such a slight smile, such cold eyes, how can he express his request?

    Su Ying continued, “Since you have come from afar, don’t tell me you can’t even say a single sentence?”

    Her words may sound polite, but she seemed to be looking down on this guest who is laughing distressingly. Her mouth was still talking, but her eyes have wandered back to the swimming fishes in the water.

    Hua Wu Que suddenly said, “I came here by accident, I’m really sorry for disturbing Miss’s peace…” He bowed slightly and actually turned around and walked away.

    Su Ying did not turn around as well, until Hua Wu Que’s back is almost lost among the flowers did she suddenly called out, “Sir, please stop.”

    Hua Wu Que can only halt his steps and asked, “Does Miss have anything else?”

    Su Ying replied, “Come back.”

    These two words may sound a little impolite, but the tone has become indescribably gentle, indescribably persuasive, no man in this world would remain unaffected upon hearing such a tone. Hua Wu Que walked back unconsciously.

    Su Ying still did not turn around, and said slowly, “You did not come here accidentally, but came with a purpose. It’s just that you saw that Su Ying is actually a young girl, you felt a little disappointed, right?”

    Hua Wu Que really did not have anything to say.

    Su Ying continued calmly, “Just because you are this kind of a person, who feels that pleading before a young girl is a loss of face, so although you came with a purpose, you left with an excuse, right?”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned again.

    The young girl only took a short glance at him, but this glance seemed to have bored through his heart. No matter what his heart was thinking, it seemed that nothing can be hidden from this pair of beautiful eyes.

    Su Ying sighed lightly, “If you still want to leave, of course I will not stop you, but I must tell you, you will never walk out of that stone door outside!”

    Hua Wu Que trembled, and before he can speak, Su Ying had added, “Now your heart is about to be torn, there is a deathly cast on your face. In the whole world, there are only three who can save you, and I…”

    She continued lightly, “I am one of them, and I’m afraid also the only one who will extend a hand to save you. If you do not know how to treasure your own life at all, won’t that be a disappointment to others!”

    This is a large and comfortable house, with large windows on all four sides. Now the sky is getting darker, the candle lighted, the fragrance of the flowers in the valley floated in with the warm night wind, the stars in the sky also shone in. Su Ying opened the last window, that slender hand, seemed so pale that it’s almost transparent.

    The area without windows, was filled with ancient pine bookshelves, the pinewood also emitted a light fragrance in the night wind. There were large and small compartments on the shelves, and on it were placed books of all kinds, big and small bottles, some made of jade, some made of stone and some carved from various types of wood.

    These things filled the four walls, and seemed a little haphazardly placed at first glance, but on a closer look, they look so elegant and exquisite, that the most brash person were to walk into this house, a little of his brashness would be wiped out.

    But there is a very weird matter about this house, which is, in such a big house, there is only a chair and nothing else.

    This chair is also extremely weird. It did not look like a normal armchair, nor did it look like those commonly found in a lady’s boudoir.

    This chair actually looked like a very, very large chest, just that there is an indent in the middle, so that whoever sits on it will look like he’s engraved into it. Hua Wu Que had already walked in.

    He only felt that although this young girl’s words sounded gentle, but one is unable to argue with her as well. He also felt that her although her words sounded icy, but one is unable to reject her. Su Ying had already seated herself on that only chair.

    Hua Wu Que can only stand there, and in his heart he does not know whether to laugh or cry.

    The armrest of the chair was very wide, and actually looked like a chest as well, which can be opened.

    Su Ying had already opened up the lid on top and reached inside and gently pulled. There was a ‘creak’ sound.

    The floor in front of Hua Wu Que suddenly split open, revealing a hole, and a bed rose up slowly from that hole.

    Su Ying said calmly, “Now there is a bed for you to lie on, what else do you want?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I… I would like some tea.”

    This is not the words that he really wanted to say, but he unconsciously said them. He really would like to test how great this young girl’s abilities are as well.

    Su Ying replied, “Ah, I actually forgot. A guest have come from afar, and even if there is no wine, but a cup of tea should have been offered long ago.”

    As she spoke, her hand pulled something in the chest again.

    Suddenly sounds of water could be heard from behind a bookshelf on the wall, followed by the shelf moving aside on its own, a small wooden man slid out slowly from behind the bookshelf.

    There really was a tea tray on the wooden boy’s hands, and on the tray there were two jade cups, the water in the cup looked milky. Su Ying smiled slightly, “I’m terribly sorry, there’s no tea here, but this hundred year’s stone milk should be able to pass off as a welcome to a guest, please.”

    Hua Wu Que can’t help but said, “Zhugu Wu Hou’s (also known as Zhugu Liang) wooden ox* can’t even be compared to it’s ingenuity.”

    (*ancient transport vehicle,

    Su Ying smiled slightly, “Mr Kong Ming’s (courtesy title of Zhuge Liang) wooden ox is well used on the battlefield, but if it’s used to serve tea and guests, it seems a little too aggressive for that.” What she meant was, even Zhuge Wu Hou is not worth her notice.

    By now it’s late in the night, the starlight is not enough to lend shine on anyone’s face and although there were copper lamps on the bookshelves, they were not lighted. Hua Wu Que can’t help but ask, “Can it be that Miss can light the lamp without even using your hands?”

    Su Ying said, “I’m a very lazy person, a lazy person will usually think of many ways…”

    Her hand gently pulled again, and between the copper lamps, immediately stuck out the flints and with the sound of a ‘choke, the sparks flew. The copper lamps were really lighted.

    Su Ying said with a laugh, “Look, even if I were to sit here without moving, I can still do a lot of things.”

    Hua Wu Que laughed loudly… really laughing loudly, and replied, “From what I see, even if you were to light the lamp and serve tea personally, it would be so much easier than making such mechanisms. How can a lazy person like you think of the most troublesome way?”

    Without knowing why, he really wanted to knock her down a peg. He is not that kind of a person, but now maybe all the laughing have made him lose his normal sensibility.

    Su Ying replied coldly, “A person like me, would I pour tea for you?”

    Hua Wu Que answered, “Why don’t you have a maid or servant, won’t this way be much easier as well?”

    Su Ying replied icily, “I’m afraid these people’s uncouth ways would taint me.”

    Hua Wu Que is speechless again. Su Ying stared at him quietly, and continued slowly, “You said these words, because you think that I am too formidable, so you want to suppress me, right? I don’t mind telling you, no one in the world can suppress me, I am forever high above. You need not waste your efforts.”

    Hua Wu Que laughed loudly, “Actually you’re just a weak girl, anyone can push you down with a palm.”

    Su Ying replied, “You actually can tell that I do not know martial arts, your eyesight is really not bad.”

    “Thank you”

    Su Ying added, “Your martial arts is very good, right?”

    Hua Wu Que answered, “It’s passable.”

    Su Ying continued, “But now you are the one begging me to save you, and not me who is begging you to save me. You can tell from this that there are many things in the world which cannot be settled by martial arts. Man is the leader of all animals, because he is intelligent, not because he is strong. If we were to compare strength, even a donkey would be stronger than a man.”

    Hua Wu Que can only feel a surge of anger rising up, and wanted to leave again, but Su Ying chose this time to suddenly smile and walk over, saying gently, “Now, you will lie down honestly. After I let you take a bottle of medicine, your terrible laughter will stop immediately.”

    Faced with such an adorable smile, such gentle voice, how many men in the world can still be angry. Besides, the words that she has spoken, are what Hua Wu Que would most like to hear.

    Hua Wu Que is not afraid of death, but this laughter… now he cannot think of anything more horrible than ‘laughing’. The laughter finally stopped. Hua Wu Que fell into a deep sleep after taking the medicine.

    Suddenly a person can be heard giggling, “Good sister, you really have your way, no matter how fierce a man is, he will become obedient like a little puppy in front of you…” Walking in after the sound of the giggles, was Madam Bai.

    Su Ying did not even take a look at her, but said calmly, “Why have you come now, you’re worried about me?”

    Madam Bai smiled, “It’s just that everyone knows how proud Sister is, so they wanted me to come plead with Sister, to bear with it this time. As soon as this lad tells us the secret of ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, we will kill this lad immediately to appease Sister’s anger…”

    Only now did Su Ying glance at her icily, “You think that my way of treating him is not good.”

    Madam Bai smiled condescendingly, “Not that it’s not good, but… now we are trying to trick him into revealing the secret, so…”

    Su Ying replied coldly, “You think that I should be more gentle towards him, should try to gain favor with him, give him some drugs, and if need be even take off all my clothes and fall into his arms, right?”

    Madam Bai giggled, “Anyway this lad is about to die, so there’s no harm in letting him take some advantage.”

    Su Ying had already added coldly, “To tell you the truth, if I really use such methods on him, he will never speak. Such methods can only be used on your husband.”

    Madam Bai fluttered, “But… but…”

    Su Ying replied, “To deal with a person like him, will need methods like mine, only then will he acquiesce. Because I have treated him thus, he will never think that I have a favor to ask of him, and he will never be on his guard against me. Or else why would I deliberately let him see that I do not know martial arts? You should know that although I have never learnt such silly stuff, but if I were to pretend to be a highly skilled martial artist, I can still put up a convincing act.”

    Madam Bai beamed, “Only now do I understand. Sister, your methods are really unparalleled.”

    Su Ying smiled lazily, “It’s good that you understand, now you better hide far away. By this time tomorrow, I will make him honestly reveal the secret of ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’…”

    End of Chapter 81

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 82

    When Hua Wu Que woke up the second day, his laughter has really stopped. He only felt his whole body feeling weak, without an ounce of strength, lying on the bed, unable to even get up at all. There is no one in the house, sounds of birds chirping and the fragrance of flowers surround him, with thick shades covering the windows.

    Suddenly a person could be heard shouting weirdly from behind the house, “Go out, go out, I’ve said that I won’t eat this root or bark, why are you always making me eat it.”

    Su Ying could be heard saying gently, “This is not roots or barks, it’s ginseng.”

    That person roared, “Who cares if it’s ginseng or what seng, I said I won’t eat it and I won’t.”

    Su Ying actually laughed, “I’ve never seen anyone like you. Fine, fine, I’ll take it out if you won’t eat it.”

    A person like her would actually tolerate such behavior from another. Hua Wu Que was feeling perplexed after hearing these, and can’t help but secretly guess what kind of a person would this man be who can treat her thus. After a while, Su Ying walked in with her head lowered.

    Once she stepped into the house, she immediately regained her haughty yet refined expression, only that she still held the ginseng soup in her hands.

    Hua Wu Que sighed secretly, “That person won’t eat it, so she will bring it for me instead?” Although he really needs it now, but he has secretly decided, if she brought the ginseng soup for him, he won’t eat it either.

    Who would have expected that Su Ying would walk to the window and throw all the soup out the window instead. She would rather throw ‘that person’s’ thing away than to let others eat it.

    Su Ying had walked over to the bed and asked slowly, “Are you feeling better now?”

    Only now did Hua Wu Que remember the unbearable pain of not being able to stop laughing, only now did he feel as if he is in heaven, and can’t help but sigh, “Thank you, Miss.”

    Su Ying replied, “You do not have to thank me now.”

    Hua Wu Que’s expression changed, “Wh… why?”

    Su Ying answered, “Your laughter may have stopped now, but that gossamer needle is still in your acupoint. It’s just that my medicine have forced it slightly to the side and is no longer touching your Laughter acupoint, but once you exert your strength, your old illness will still recur.”

    Hua Wu Que expressed in alarm, “This… what can be done?” He would rather sacrifice everything now than to laugh like that again.

    Su Ying replied, “This gossamer needle is already deeply embedded, even a treasure like the black stone may not be able to draw it out. Only your own internal strength may be able to force it back.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “But… but I can’t even exert an ounce of strength now.”

    Su Ying said icily, “Naturally you cannot do it now, if you can, you will have no need to look for me.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “Does Miss have any methods which can let me internal energy flow unhindered.”

    Su Ying said calmly, “Naturally I have, now you only have to tell me the essence of all the internal martial arts you have learnt, and I will help you from the side to make your internal energy flow and force out the poisoned needle.”

    She had said it so lightly, as if this is a most normal thing, as if as long as she gave the instructions, Hua Wu Que would reveal the secret to his internal martial arts.

    It’s because she knows that this is the only way to talk that won’t let Hua Wu Que think that all these is a trap they have much effort in laying. Hua Wu Que really did not think of it.

    But the secret to ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’ is the biggest secret in the martial arts realm, and for him to just reveal it, he can’t help but have some hesitation.

    Su Ying looked at him quietly for a moment before saying slowly, “Are you afraid that I will secretly learn your internal energy?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “That is not my intention, it’s just that…”

    Su Ying smiled lightly, “A person like me, if I have the love for martial arts, even if I am not the world’s number one martial artist, I would be close to being number one.”

    She sighed and continued coldly, “Martial artists are all like you, always treating your own martial arts like some treasure, so how would you know that this thing to me, is not worth even a single cent.” Before she finished her words, she had already walked away with a throw of her sleeves.

    Hua Wu Que cried out hoarsely, “Miss, please hold.”

    Su Ying did not turn her head, and only said icily, “Although it’s up to you whether to say it, but I might not want to listen to it.”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “The internal energy I learn, is called ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, which is…”

    When dusk arrived, Bai Shan Jun and his wife, together with Jiang Yu Lang and Tie Ping Gu, had already waited a long time, and they can’t help but reveal their anxiety on their faces.

    Jiang Yu Lang can’t help but say with a laugh, “I really cannot imagine what kind of a person this Miss Su Ying is, that you two Elders would fall over her so.”

    Madam Bai smiled, “Little lad, let me tell you, when you see her, I’m afraid you won’t even know how to speak.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “Elder is making it sound so mysterious. Don’t tell me that I will suddenly stop talking, opening my mouth and yet can’t say a word.”

    A fairy wearing a colorful feathered robe, under the setting sun, glided over, a snowy white crane with a red head was actually walking in front of her, a deer walking obediently behind her. The gentle evening breeze, messed up the strands of her hair, she lifted her hand and lightly pulled… just a light pull like that, is enough to make the men in the world stop breathing. A painting like that, is not something that anyone can draw.

    She may not be born beautiful, but that certain grace is without compare. Jiang Yu Lang only felt that his soul seems intoxicated, how can he even speak.

    Madam Bai glanced at him with a hidden smile, and walked up, laughing, “Good Sister, you’ve really come.”

    Bai Shan Jun came forward in welcome as well and smiled, “The secret of ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, I guess Sister must have gotten it out.”

    Su Ying replied, “That’s right, I’ve got it.”

    Bai Shan Jun and his wife were ecstatic, and beamed “Thank you, thank you…”

    Su Ying replied icily, “You need not be in such a hurry to thank me now.”

    Madam Bai stuttered, “Then… then…, could Sister have already written down the core of ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’?”

    Bai Shan Jun added, “Right, right, naturally Sister would write it down for us. Old woman, why are you so anxious?”

    Su Ying replied calmly, “I don’t intend to write it out for you now either.”

    Bai Shan Jun was stunned, “Then… then… Sister, you mean to say…”

    Madam Bai smiled condescendingly, “When would Sister tell us then?”

    Su Ying replied, “Maybe in three to five days, maybe a year or half, maybe ten or eight years, when I’ve had enough fun, I’ll naturally tell you.”

    Bai Shan Jun and his wife looked at each other, stunned for a moment, before Madam Bai smiled and said, “Good Sister, don’t joke, if we were to wait ten or eight years, won’t we die of anxiety.”

    Su Ying replied, “Whether you die of anxiety or not, that’s your problem, what has it got to do with me.”

    Madam Bai asked anxiously, “But… but Sister, haven’t you already promised me…”

    Su Ying interrupted coldly, “I only promised you that I will make Hua Wu Que reveal the secret to ‘Shifting Flower grafting Jade’, but I did not promise to tell you the secret.”

    Bai Shan Jun and his wife were stunned, unable to say a single word.

    Su Ying turned around slowly and said, “It’s difficult to receive guests in the deep mountains, so I will not keep you, you better go back.”

    Madam Bai said, “Sister, please hold.”

    Su Ying replied lightly, “You should know that I will never change my words once I’ve said it, so why bother.”

    Madam Bai sighed, “I just want to ask, how is that Hua person now?”

    Su Ying furrowed her brows, “You can rest assured, I will never let him off. He can forget about seeing anyone in this lifetime now.” As soon as she finished her words, she walked away without even turning back.

    Bai Shan Jun and his wife can only stare with their eyes wide open, neither of them dare to stop her.

    After a while, Tie Ping Gu sighed, “This lady sure is arrogant.”

    Jiang Yu Lang instead said, “Obviously this lass has no means of defense, why didn’t Elder just capture her.”

    Bai Shan Jun sighed, “The old man treats her like a treasure, whoever dares to touch even a finger of hers, it’ll be strange if the old man doesn’t have it out with that person. My wife and I have no intention of irking that old man now, so we can only let her off.”

    Madam Bai sighed as well, “Besides, don’t think that she is defenseless, but she is full of tricks, the few of us may not necessarily be able to capture her.” Jiang Yu Lang smiled slightly and did not speak.

    Bai Shan Jun looked at him for a moment, his eyes suddenly glittered, “You are not convinced?”

    Jiang Yu Lang took a glance at Tie Ping Gu, and just smiled.

    Bai Shan Jun clapped him heartily on the shoulder and laughed loudly, “Good lad, I’ve long heard that you have a way with women, you can go and try. That lass might be looking for love, she may really tell you after all.”

    Jiang Yu Lang glanced at Tie Ping Gu from the corner of his eye and laughed, “What ways can I have with women, Elder must be joking.”

    Madam Bai had already hugged Tie Ping Gu and giggled, “Good Sister, let him go, sister-iin-law here will guarantee that he will not dare to have a change of heart. If he dares to betray you, I will ask Xiao Bai to bite his head off.”

    Jiang Yu Lang sauntered into the valley. The night breeze blowing into his face, the fragrance of the flowers caressing his face, his body felt light, as if there’s no weight on his bones at all.

    With regards to women, he feels that he’s an old hand, especially young women like her. He only need to go into action and they will fall into his hands.

    What assured him further is that this girl does not know martial arts at all. Even if he does not succeed, he can at least retreat safely, without a hair on his body harmed.

    Besides, when it’s necessary, he can still force himself on her. By then nothing can be changed, so need he still be afraid that this girl would not bow to him obediently.

    Furthermore, even if this Miss Su has a weird temper, and would rather die then to tell him, anyway he had already taken advantage of her, it will always be others who is on the losing end, and never him. The more he thinks about it, the happier he is, so happy that he is almost flying.

    Suddenly someone asked coldly, “Who are you? What right have you to come barging in here?”

    It turned out that he was so jubilant that he did not realize that Su Ying had already been staring at him coldly for a long time.

    Once he saw Su Ying, Jiang Yu Lang immediately gave a pitiful look and lowered his head, sighing, “I have taken the liberty to barge in, and it’s really discourteous…”

    Su Ying interrupted, “Since you know it’s discourteous, then you should leave quickly now.”

    Jiang Yu Lang had actually prepared lots of honeyed words, thinking that it’s enough to touch any girl’s heart, but who would have expected that there seemed to be an ice wall in front of Su Ying, which did not give him any opportunity to penetrate at all.

    He had not even spoken a single sentence of his prepared words and Su Ying had already turned and walked back icily. Jiang Yu Lang rolled his eyes and suddenly called out, “Miss, please hold. Miss, you must at least save my life.”

    Su Ying really turned her head around and said with furrowed brows, “If you are sick, then you should see a physician. This place is neither a clinic, or are there plans to open one, why did you come here?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied dejectedly, “If others could save my life, would I dare to come and trouble Miss. A pity that although there are many famed physicians, most of them are frauds. If they were to have even a tenth of Miss’s capabilities, I would… ai, I would not need to travel so far to come and disturb Miss.”

    As the saying goes, ‘There may be a thousand or million loopholes, but there will never be loopholes in being obsequious’. Jiang Yu Lang knows this point better than anyone else. Su Ying’s expression really warmed up, but she still said coldly, “How do you know I can cure your illness? Who told you?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “It… it was an Elder, who could not bear to see me die, therefore he gave me a way out and brought me here.”

    He lowered his head further and said with a bitter smile, “This Elder would not allow me to reveal his name, but in front of Miss, how dare I lie. The person who guided me here, is Elder Bai, Bai Shan Jun and his wife.”

    Su Ying’s expression really warmed further, and said with her head shaking, “This couple really know how to find problems for me.”

    Jiang Yu Lang saw her expression and knows that there is hope, so he immediately continued his act and actually knelt down, “This illness of mine, cannot be cured by others anyway, if today Miss refuses… refuses to pity me, I might as well die in front of Miss.”

    Su Ying’s eyes, clear as autumn’s water, stared at him for a while before she softly sighed, “You really know how to bug people…” As she spoke, she turned around and walked away again.

    Jiang Yu Lang shouted, “Miss, you can’t leave, Miss must at least save my life.”

    Su Ying turned around and smiled, “Silly, I’m leaving, but don’t you know how to follow me?”

    This smile, is enough to make Jiang Yu Lang’s bones go weak, and this expression of ‘silly’, is making Jiang Yu Lang’s heart itch even more, so much so that he does not know what to do.

    Su Ying brought him to that bright porch. The candles are already lighted, the bed is still there, but Hua Wu Que, who was on the bed, is nowhere to be seen.

    Su Ying asked, “Now you can tell me, what illness have you contacted? Where do you feel unwell?”

    What illness could Jiang Yu Lang have, so in anxiety, he blurted out, “My… my stomach is in great pain.”

    Su Ying’s expression immediately became stern, and said icily “But I see that you don’t look like you’re in great pain.”

    Jiang Yu Lang was stunned for a moment. If it was someone else, that person would have blushed by now, but Jiang Yu Lang indeed live up to the name of an adept liar, and with a roll of his eyes, said with a smile, “In front of Miss, how would I dare to behave improperly. Besides, no matter who that person, on seeing a fairy-like person like Miss, would forget all about his pain.” His words have just hit the right note.

    Su Ying smiled and said, “Since your pain stops upon seeing me, then what else is there to cure?”

    Jiang Yu Lang beamed, “If I can accompany Miss, it doesn’t matter even if I die of pain, it’s just that… just that…”

    His internal energy has already reached a deep level, and right now he secretly adjusted his energy and on his forehead, beads of perspiration as large as beans immediately appeared. Su Ying seemed anxious and exclaimed, “Look at you, already in such pain, lie down quickly.”

    She gently held Jiang Yu Lang’s hand, and Jiang Yu Lang, being a wolf in sheep’s clothing, immediately leaned on her and breathed into her ears, “Thank you, Miss.”

    Su Ying was actually not angry at all, and Jiang Yu Lang became bolder and his arms reached out as well. Who would have expect Su Ying to escape with a twist and she pouted, “If you do not lie on the bed obediently, I shan’t be bothered with you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang hurriedly agreed, “Yes, yes, I’ll be obedient.”

    Su Ying chuckled, “Only an obedient child is a good one, Big Sister will buy candies for you.”

    Her anger rises and falls easily, she seems angry yet happy, she really is a woman of many emotions, making one forget oneself.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s heart itches so badly that he really does not know how to scratch it. He pointed to his stomach and said, “I’m in pain... the pain is worse now, come quickly… quickly and take a look.”

    Su Ying really walked over, “Where’s the pain?”

    Jiang Yu Lang held her hand to massage his stomach and said, “Here… right here.”

    Su Ying’s soft and slender hands really massaged his stomach lightly and asked gently, “Are you feeling better now?”

    Jiang Yu Lang closed his eyes, “Better now… but you must not stop, I’m in pain once you stop.”

    Su Ying’s hands really did not stop massaging, really dare not stop.

    Jiang Yu Lang was secretly feeling smug and hilarious, and thought to himself, “Others keep saying how formidable this Miss Su is, but in my opinion, she’s just a young girl who has just began to understand the feelings of the heart. I only need to execute a little ingenious plan of mine, and didn’t she fall into my hands immediately.”

    Suddenly he caught a whiff of fragrance and Su Ying’s slender hands have reached the side of his mouth, in her hands she held a pill with a fresh fragrance and said gently, “This Clearing Soul Suppressing Pain Pill is a concoction I made specially. Not only can it stop pain, it’s also very nourishing. Eat it now and your stomach will not feel any pain immediately.”

    Jiang Yu Lang shook his head, “I won’t eat it.”

    Su Ying furrowed her brows. “Why won’t you eat it?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “Once I eat it, my stomach will no longer be in pain, if my stomach is not in pain, then won’t Miss refuse…. refuse to massage for me anymore.”

    Su Ying smiled, “Naughty… all right, you eat it, and I’ll still massage you.”

    This expression of ‘naughty’ is enough to make Jiang Yu Lang’s soul float away, so he might as well say coquettishly, “Is this pill bitter?”

    Su Ying covered her mouth and laughed, “Not only is this pill not bitter, but it’s very sweet instead, just like sugar. Come, open your mouth obediently, I’ll feed it to you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang closed his eyes and opened his mouth, feeling really comfortable in his heart.

    Suddenly a person can be heard shouting outside, “Where’s the wine? There’s no more wine, Little lass Su Ying, bring me wine quickly.”

    Su Ying furrowed her brows and her hands actually stopped, and said “You’ll lie here obediently, I’ll be right back.”

    She actually seemed a little anxious, and have rushed out without even finishing her words. However, she turned back and said, “If you stand up and run around, I’m not going to be bothered with you then.”

    In the distance that person shouted again, “The lass named Su, are you deaf? Why aren’t you here yet.”

    Su Ying actually smiled, “Coming, coming, I’ll go and bring some wine for you now.”

    Jiang Yu Lang was secretly feeling perplexed, “This Miss Su is really interesting. Others treat her courteously and yet she’s cold towards them. This person keep calling her lass, and does not treat her like a person at all, but instead she yields to him. I wonder what ability this brother has to make her so obedient.”

    He really felt like climbing out of bed and taking a peek but he changed his mind, thinking that now that there’s hope, he better not act rashly and spoil the plan. So he might as well close his eyes and imagine that this beauty will soon be in his arms, and the secret that everyone in the martial arts realm is yearning for will soon be in his hands.

    He almost can’t help but want to laugh, and mumbled, “Bai Shan Jun oh Bai Shan Jun, do you think I will tell you after listening to this secret? If you really think that I’ll tell you, then you are the world’s greatest fool.”

    Suddenly someone laughingly asked, “Who did you say is the world’s greatest fool?”

    Jiang Yu Lang was secretly startled, but he immediately smiled and said, “Whoever that dares to call Miss a lass, that person is the world’s greatest fool.”

    Su Ying laughed, “That is an old muddle headed person, an old drunkard, we need not be bothered about him.”

    Once Jiang Yu Lang heard the word ‘old’, he was greatly relieved, and when he heard the word ‘we’, he was so overjoyed that he can’t help but laugh loudly, “Yes, yes, yes, we need not be bothered about him.”

    Su Ying asked, “You’re laughing so happily, your stomach’s not in pain anymore?”

    Jiang Yu Lang immediately furrowed his brows and said, “Pain… the pain is greater now, I beg that Miss help massage me again.”

    Su Ying covered her mouth and smiled, and massaged his stomach again. Jiang Yu Lang felt his whole body weaken, as if he’s in heaven. After massaging for a while, Su Ying asked slowly, “Actually, in your heart, you think that I am the world’s greatest fool, right?”

    Jiang Yu Lang was stunned, and carried on with a smile, “How would I dare to think that, unless I’ve gone crazy?”

    Su Ying said slowly, “You think that I’m very young, and have not met much men, so I must be easily tricked. You think that you have a way with women, just a little ploy of yours and you can make me throw myself at you, and even tell you truthfully the secret to ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’… is that right?”

    Only now was Jiang Yu Lang shocked, and he said with a forced smile, “There… there’s no such thing, Miss, you’re…. you’re too…”

    Su Ying calmly interrupted, “Besides, you know that I know no martial arts at all, so even if I see through your plan, I can’t do anything to you, so you became even bolder, right?”

    In his shock, Jiang Yu Lang wanted to leap up, but without knowing why, his whole body was so weak that there’s not an ounce of energy left. He can’t help but exclaim, “Miss please do not accuse wrongly a good person, I have no such intention at all.”

    Su Ying replied, “Not only do you have such intentions, but if it is necessary, you even thought to force yourself on me. Anyway I am powerless to resist, so after the deed is done, what can I do but to obey?”

    She could actually count all the rotten ideas in Jiang Yu Lang’s mind. As Jiang Yu Lang listened, he started to sweat and he fluttered, “Miss you must not malign me, if I have such thoughts, then I’ll die a horrible death.”

    Su Ying smiled, “At this point in time, do you think you can die nicely?”

    Jiang Yu Lang stammered, “I… I…. Miss… ai!”

    Su Ying’s hands were still massaging his stomach, now she suddenly pressed down hard and Jiang Yu Lang roared, in so much pain that his whole body started to break out in cold sweat.

    He did not know himself that he would actually be so afraid of pain.

    Su Ying smiled, “You wanted me to massage your stomach, so I massaged it for you, do you know why I was so obedient?”

    Jiang Yu Lang stammered, “I… I do not know, I beg Miss to stop massaging…”

    Su Ying laughed, “Now that you feel pain, you want me to stop massaging. But I know that your stomach is in much pain, and you’re seriously ill, so how can I bear to stop massaging you."”

    Jiang Yu Lang shouted, “I’m… not sick… not sick at all.”

    Su Ying’s expression turned somber, “You are not sick? Why did you lie to me?”

    Her hands pressed down again, Jiang Yu Lang shouted, “I’m sick, sick…”

    Su Ying beamed, “That’s right, not only are you sick, but your illness is serious as well, and it’s getting worse, until such time that even if a leaf were to land on your arms, you would feel as if it’s a knife slicing.”

    Jiang Yu Lang exclaimed in alarm, “Please… Please save me, Miss, save me…”

    Su Ying’s hands continued massaging gently, but Jiang Yu Lang no longer found comfort in that. He only felt as if all the bones in his body are being massaged into pieces.

    He heard Su Ying sigh, “There’s no way I can save you now, because I took the wrong medicine just now. The one I gave you, is not the Clearing Soul Suppressing Pain Pill, but Hundred Illness and Pain Life Ending Pill…”

    Jiang Yu Lang was startled, “Hundred Illness and Pain Life Ending Pill? What medicine is that?” He has really never heard such a name in his whole life.

    End of Chapter 82

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 83

    Su Ying cried, “Because a sick person who takes this pill, his illness will worsen ten times, if a person who’s not sick took this pill, he will immediately be plagued by a hundred illnesses, and his whole body will be in great pain…”

    Jiang Yu Lang cried hoarsely, “Miss… I have no enmity with Miss, why would Miss want to harm me thus."

    Su Ying laughed, “Didn’t you say that you are deathly sick! I did not wish to treat you as a shameless liar, so I gave you this medicine out of the kindness of my heart. If you were really sick, then it means you weren’t lying… besides, I was afraid that your illness will take a long time to heal, so I kindly massaged your stomach to help the medicine work faster.”

    She sighed and continued sadly, “Look, I was being so nice to you, and you didn’t even thank me.”

    Jiang Yu Lang was shocked, scared and in pain, the sweat on his head running down like rain and he stammered, “Miss Su… Elder Su… I… only now do I know your prowess, please, on the account of Bai Shan Jun and his wife, let me off.”

    Su Ying replied, “Aiyo, I actually forgot that you’re Bai Shan Jun and his wife’s friend.”

    Jiang Yu Lang stuttered, “Miss… Miss must not forget it.”

    Su Ying sighed, “That’s right, since you are their friend, I can’t just watch you die of illness here, no matter what I have to save you… a pity that this medicine is not a poison, so there’s no antidote. You’ve eaten it down… what can be done?”

    Jiang Yu Lang pleaded, “Please, Miss, Miss must certainly have a way out.”

    Su Ying clapped her hands and exclaimed, “That’s it, I’ve thought of a way.”

    Jiang Yu Lang asked in joy, “What way?”

    Su Ying replied, “I only have to split your stomach open and take the pill out.”

    Jiang Yu Lang choked, “Split my stomach open?”

    Su Ying said gently, “Don’t you worry, I will certainly cut it gently, and take the pill out gently, you will not feel an ounce of pain.”

    Jiang Yu Lang can’t help but reply with a bitter look, “Once the stomach is cut open, the person would be dead, would he still feel pain?”

    Su Ying clasped her hands and laughed, “You’re really a smart person.”

    She chuckled, “This is the secret method that has been passed down our family for stopping pain. Cut off the hand if it hurts, cut off the leg if it hurts, cut of the head if it hurts, cut up the stomach if it hurts, it’s guaranteed to be a miracle cure.”

    As she spoke, she walked away, mumbling, “Where’s the knife… where’s the knife…:

    Jiang Yu Lang exclaimed in alarm, “Miss… Miss please don’t…”

    Su Ying asked, “Don’t you want me to cure you anymore?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied hoarsely, “No, no.”

    Su Ying sighed, “Since you refuse, there’s nothing I can do, but this is your own idea, you can’t blame me for not saving you, right?”

    Jiang Yu Lang agreed, “Right, right, right. Extremely right.”

    Su Ying asked, “Do you know now, who is the world’s greatest fool now?”

    Jiang Yu Lang said with a bitter look, “It’s me, I am the world’s greatest fool, greatest scoundrel, greatest…” He actually can’t help but start bawling.

    Su Ying smiled, “Useless, such a big man and still crying, it really makes me feel bad seeing this.” Her hand reached into the armrest of the chair again and lightly pressed, and the bed suddenly bounced, together with Jiang Yu Lang on it. A hole appeared on the ground behind the bed and with a scream, Jiang Yu Lang fell into the hole, sliding down as if he was on a slide.

    Su Ying smiled lightly, “One crying, one laughing, these two are really a match made in heaven, so I’ll let you keep each other company…”

    As she spoke, the bed settled on the ground again, the hole covered up again.

    In the distance that person can be heard shouting again, “There’s no meaning in drinking alone, Lass Su, come and accompany me.”

    Su Ying sighed and said with a bitter smile, “He is really the bane of my life, why am I at a loss once I see him.”

    Behind this porch the flowers grew thick like cotton, on the little hill grew fine trees. At the bottom of the hill there’s a cave, the lamp inside shining as bright as day, and decorated even more comfortably than the room of a rich young girl. But at the mouth of the cave there are iron bars, thicker than a little child’s arms.

    Right now, inside the cave, a person was sitting at the side of the table drinking wine by the cupful. His head was hanging, his feet bare, he was wearing a loose and large white robe, and he looked extremely hilarious indeed.

    He was facing the inside, and his face cant be seen clearly, but he kept yelling “Lass Su, if you still won’t come, I will…”

    Su Ying said gently, “Aren’t I here now? I’ve never seen someone as impatient as you.”

    That person banged the table and yelled, “Are you complaining that I’m impatient now? I’m born with a temper like that, if you’re not used to seeing it, you can not look!”

    Su Ying lowered her head, her tears almost flowing out.

    That person suddenly laughed, “But if I have no wish to see you, why would I be so anxious to ask you here. As people always said, a day without meeting, is akin to three autumns without meeting, but I cannot not see you for even a single moment.”

    Su Ying can’t help but break into smiles amid her tears, and biting her lips, said with a laugh, “I know that this life of mine, will surely die of frustration because of you.”

    That person laughed loudly, “You must never die, once you’re dead, who will drink with me?”

    He turned around as he laughed, the light shone on his face.

    His face was spotted and there were countless knife scars, and he seems like a horribly ugly person at first. However, on a closer look, it seems that there’s not a single scar on his face. His eyes were large and bright, his nose straight and upright, his thin lips, lazy smile…isn’t this person the one who cannot be cut away, cannot be abandoned, making one think of him day and night, the loveable and yet hateful Xiao Yu’er?

    Su Ying saw Xiao Yu’er turn around, and her eyes shone. She said with a gentle laugh, “Since you want me to come and drink with you, why didn’t you bring the cup over.”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked his eyes and said with a grin, “Since you’ve come to accompany me to drink, why won’t you come in.”

    Su Ying shook her head and smiled, “I’ll drink with you outside here, isn’t it the same?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a straight face, “How can that be the same, you must sit beside me, talk with me, only then can I drink my wine. Didn’t I say earlier how much I miss you.”

    Su Ying’s eyes glimmered, her cheeks showing a slight blush, and she lowered her head and said with a smile, “I’m outside here anyway, you can still see me.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly jumped up and scolded, “You stinking lass, stupid lass, who wants you to come and drink with me, scram quickly!”

    Su Ying was actually not angry at all, and just laughed, “Anyway, even if you try to flatter me, I won’t go in, if you scold me, I stilll would not go in.”

    Xiao Yu’er roared, “Why won’t you come in, are you afraid I’ll eat you up? I’m not Li Da Zui.”

    Su Ying smiled, “I know you do not eat humans, but once I open the door to go in, you will take the chance to dash out, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er snarled and said frostily, “You are not the worm in my stomach, how do you know what I’m thinking?”

    Su Ying only laughed lightly, not saying anything at all.

    Xiao Yu’er walked a few rounds inside and suddenly stopped in front of her, saying with a smile, “I know you’re a good person, and you treat me very well. You’re not angry even when I scold you, but why must you lock me up here?”

    Su Ying said slowly, “You’re one who loves action, and impatient as well. If I do not lock you up, you must have long gone by now, but you have not recovered from your injury yet. Once you move, it will become worse.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “So you have good intentions after all.”

    Su Ying smiled, but who would have expected Xiao Yu’er to suddenly jump up again and shouted, “But I care naught for you good intentions. Whether I live or die is none of your business, so don’t think that just because you saved me, I will obey you and be grateful to you…”

    Su Ying lowered her head and said, “I… I did not ask you to be grateful to me, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er walked another seven, eight rounds inside, and suddenly smiled, “Tell me the truth, why did you save me, I really cannot understand why.”

    Su Ying was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “That day, I happened to go to ‘Heaven Outside Heaven’…”

    She had only said one sentence when Xiao Yu’er jumped up again and yelled angrily, “What ‘Heaven Outside Heaven’, that is just a rat hole.”

    Su Ying smiled in surprise, “Fine, even if that is a rat hole, you need not be so angry.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked loudly, “Why shouldn’t I be angry, now I get a headache once I hear the word ‘rat’.”

    Su Ying replied, “But you are the one who said the word, I didn’t say it.”

    Xiao Yu’er pulled a face, “I get a headache hearing others say it, so naturally I get a worse headache hearing myself say it.”

    Su Ying tried to control her laughter and said, “Can’t you not say it then, no one forced you to say it.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “My mouth itches if I don’t say it, I…” As he said these, he himself can’t help but almost burst out laughing, he himself felt that he is really quite unreasonable. He turned his head around, controlled his urge to laugh and said, “Why didn’t you continue talking?”

    Su Ying continued, “That day, I happened to go to Heaven…. to ra…” She suddenly realized that she cannot say the words ‘Heaven Outside Heaven’, nor the word ‘rat’, and can’t help but feel the hilarity of it. She could only bit on her lips and said, “That day, I went to that place to collect the herbs they bought for me, but who would have expected that I’ll see you there. You were there coincidentally as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er commented, “It’s my bad luck that I went to that ghastly place, and it’s your bad luck to bump into me.”

    Su Ying smiled and continued, “But when I saw you that day, you did not look like you’re having any bad luck at all. Although the clothes you wore were tattered and torn, but your bearing was as if you wore the world’s most magnificent and expensive clothes.”

    Xiao Yu’er sat down, propped his leg up and asked, “Besides that? Not only was I regal, but I’m not too bad looking as well.”

    Su Ying covered her mouth in a smile, “That’s right, you’re really not too bad looking, especially your eyes.”

    Xiao Yu’er raised his voice, “My brows, my nose, my mouth are not good looking then?”

    Su Ying giggled, “From the top of your head to your toes, there’s nowhere which it’s not good looking… is that enough?”

    Xiao Yu’er drank a mouthful of wine, and laughed, “Hmm… that’s better…”

    Su Ying was laughing so hard that she almost couldn’t breathe, “I am not one who is easily shocked, but when I saw you, I…”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “When you saw me, your eyes turned straight, your mouth gaped open, you looked as if you’ve seen a big head ghost. At that time I really felt like stuffing a large egg into your mouth.”

    Su Ying guffawed, “That was because I was feeling perplexed. How did you manage to find… find that place.”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, and replied with a frown, “Of course there must be a reason for that, but you… you need not know it, because no matter how I manage to find that ghastly place, it’s none of your business.”

    Su Ying sighed, “What bewildered me even more, is that you were not afraid at all when you were there.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed coldly, “What is there to be afraid of, I’ve seen lots of places that are even more horrible and terrifying.”

    Su Ying asked, “But have you seen anyone more… more frightening than Wei Wu Ya?”

    It was as if Xiao Yu’er could not speak anymore suddenly, the hand that was holding onto the wine cup seems to be shaking, that even the wine in the cup is almost spilling over.

    Su Ying sighed again, “From the time I was seven or eight, I had to see him almost every two to three days, but until now, when I see him, I still feel like shivering as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er banged the cup on the table and shouted, “I am not afraid of him, I just felt sickening, that face of his, that look is totally not human at all… He looks as if Heaven had taken a rat, a fox and a wolf, tore them up, and then mixed with a bottle of poison and a bowl of stinking water, a living ghost made out of these.”

    Su Ying can’t help but laugh again, “This mouth of yours is really wicked, but you have really described him so well.”

    With a ‘humph’, Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed as well, “To tell you the truth, when I saw the two of you, I really felt like laughing in my heart. The two of you sitting together, it looks like a fragrant crispy pigeon placed next to a pile of dog shit, there’s nothing more incompatible than that in the whole world.”

    Su Ying lowered her head, and was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “He may not be a good person, but to me… to me he’s always been nice. These ten over years, he has never rejected any of my requests. No matter what I wanted, he will agree.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Humph, an ugly person flattering a little beauty, that is the most logical thing in the world.”

    Su Ying was silent for a moment again, then she beamed and said, “He saw you barging in suddenly, and even had the guts to stare at him and yell, he was really shocked as well. For so many years, I have never seen anyone who could make his face change color, but when he saw you, it seems that even his eyes have turned green.

    Xiao Yu’er raised his head and laughed madly, “It was most likely that he thought those rotten metal pieces outside the cave would be enough to stop me, but those things, in my eyes, is just child’s play.”

    Su Ying replied, “It’s precisely because you were able to break through his eighteen traps, that’s why he was a little wary of you, so even though you were yelling at him, he just sat there unmoving.”

    Xiao Yu’er interrupted, “Since he already knows my capabilities, why did he order those fools to their deaths?”

    Su Ying explained, “He did not strike himself, but ordered his disciples to strike, because he wanted to test the level of your martial arts first. He knows that those people are not your match as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly again, “Do you think that I know not what he was thinking? That’s why I deliberately made it such that he cannot guess the basis of my martial arts.”

    Su Ying laughed, “Wei Wu Ya really did not expect that even he would not be able to see the basis of your martial arts.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “That’s why he kept sitting there and did not strike, right?”

    Su Ying agreed.

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “He can just sit there and see those people being beaten to death?”

    Su Ying sighed, “Those people may be his disciples as well, but they have not been allowed into the inner hall yet, and are not the few of his beloved disciples. Besides, he does not take into heart at all the life and death of others. As long as it’s beneficial to him, even if he have to cut his own son’s head off as a gift to another, he would not even frown on it.”

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed angrily, “I’ve long known that this person is inhumane! Who would have expected that he’ll be worse than a beast!”

    Su Ying sighed, “Who would have known that you would be tricked by him in the end.”

    Xiao Yu’er glared, “What do you know, when it comes to battle of the wits, he’s far from it.”

    Su Ying replied, “But you… you’re still…”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed as well, “He may not win me in a battle of wits, but I cannot win him in a battle of strength. To tell you the truth, I really did not expect that beast’s martial arts to be so powerful.”

    Su Ying replied, “It was said that twenty years ago, his martial arts were already one of the best in the world, that the ‘twelve Zodiacs’ can terrorize the martial arts realm, is solely because of his ability…”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “He was not boasting. Those in the ‘Twelve Zodiacs’, I have seen two as well, but their martial arts are not even a tenth of his.”

    Su Ying said, “Twenty years ago, he thought that he was invincible, but later he met the Floral Palace Princesses, and it seems that he suffered a great loss, that’s why he retired and hid here. These twenty years, he has been practicing his martial arts day and night. According to him, even if both the Floral Princesses were to attack together, he might not be afraid of them.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Now he’s boasting. Don’t talk about the Floral Princesses coming themselves, even if the disciples of the Floral Princesses were to come, he would not have an easy way out.”

    Su Ying’s eyes shined, and asked, “How many disciples does the Floral Princesses have?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I don’t know about the females, but there’s only one male.”

    Su Ying’s gaze fixed on him, “You… you and him are friends?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “I could have been friends with him, but now… now it seems like we must be enemies.”

    Su Ying smiled, “Very good, excellent!”

    Xiao Yu’er stared, “What’s so good?”

    Su Ying lowered her head with a smile, no longer talking.

    Naturally Xiao Yu’er did not understand her thoughts, and all the more did not know that Hua Wu Que is about to die. He stared at her for a moment before continuing, “I also knew that he wanted me to sit, and had wanted to use devious means to harm me. I was afraid of fighting with him based on brute strength, but I’m not afraid of a battle of wits, that’s why I sat down immediately.”

    Su Ying smiled again and said, “There’s actually a trap on his chair, he just have to press with his hand, and the person sitting on the chair will fall into an abyss of knives. No matter how good that person’s martial arts is, he will not survive.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Is it really that powerful?”

    Su Ying replied, “Not only is his martial arts formidable, he is also well versed in other unorthodox skills. He thought that he only had to release the trap and you will certainly die, so he did not wish to waste his energy fighting you.”

    Xiao Yu’er commented, “I’m afraid he would never have thought that after he had triggered the trap, I would still be safely seated without moving.”

    Su Ying mused, “Not only was he perplexed at that time, I was befuddled as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “To tell you the truth, I’ve long realized that there’s something wrong with that chair, so although it looked as if I was seated, but my butt did not touch the chair at all.”

    Su Ying smiled, “You’re really an imp.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “I took the opportunity to scold him a little more, but who would have expected that old beast would have a shorter temper than me, and he actually jumped up to fight with me. Once I saw that he was about to strike, I knew I was going to be in trouble.”

    “But you still fought with him for quite a while, That great battle, I’ve never seen one like it before.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “That old beast really is quite skillful, not only is his martial arts formidable, his strokes vicious, even his attacks were slick and underhanded. Even if my martial arts were better than his, I won’t be able to take any advantage of him at all.”

    Su Ying said, “He himself had also made this comment, even if those whose martial arts are better than him, that person might not necessarily win, because no matter what strokes he executed, he made sure that he would not be at the losing end.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “Precisely because he retained 30% of his strength while fighting, that I can take him on for such a long time, but in my heart I knew, as soon as I’m careless, I would die in his hands.”

    Su Ying sighed, “There really aren’t any survivors among those he defeated.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “Since I know that sooner or later I will suffer under his hands, and I cannot even escape, I then decided, even if I were to die, I do not wish to die in the hands of someone like him.”

    Su Ying fluttered, “That’s why you… you…”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “That’s why I retreated step by step, until I reached the side of the wall.”

    Su Ying said, “There’s also a trap on the side of that wall, once you step on it, knives will come flying out immediately.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Do you think that I didn’t know that?”

    Su Ying was surprised, “You knew? Why did you still go over if you knew?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “It’s because I could see that there’s a trap along the wall, because I knew he wants to lure me there, that’s why I deliberately pretended to be forced to a corner by him, and stepped on that trap. When the flying knives shot out, I pretended that I could not dodge and received a knife.”

    Su Ying was stunned and asked hoarsely, “Why? Why did you deliberately let yourself be trapped.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Because I did not wish to die in his hands.”

    “But do you know that there’s poison on the flying knives?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Even if there’s poison in the knives, it’s so much better than his ghastly claws. If I were clawed by him, death will be a certainty, that’s why I would rather take the knife.”

    He continued with a loud laugh, “I deduced that once he saw me injured by the knife, he would not continue the fight, or else I would have to fight him to the death… So now you should know that I was not really tricked by him.”

    Su Ying looked at him for a moment, and heaved a long sigh, “If we were to compare the dexterity in reacting to situations, the remarkable methods, the quick turn of wits, I’m afraid no one in the world can really compare to you.”

    Xiao Yu’er pulled a face, “Don’t you know that I am the smartest person in the world?”

    End of Chapter 83

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 84

    Su Ying guffawed, and after a while, she said slowly, “But if you have not met me, you, the smartest person in the world, would still not survive, you… how should you repay me.”

    Who would have expected Xiao Yu’er to laugh coldly instead, “Even if you did not save me, someone else would.”

    Su Ying was again surprised, “Who?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Zhang San, Li Si, Wang Er, Ma Zi*, I don’t know who right now, but someone will certainly save me. Do you think I look like a short lived person?”

    (Zhang San, Li Si, Wang Er, Ma Zi = same meaning as Tom, Dick or Harry)

    Su Ying chewed her lips lightly, “So that means that I should not have saved you.”

    Xiao Yu’er made a noise of agreement.

    Su Ying continued, “I should have waited and see, see which idiot would come and save you.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “That’s right, anyone who saves me is an idiot, you’re absolutely correct.”

    Su Ying stamped her foot, “You… you…”

    Xiao Yu’er propped his feet up and smiled lazily, “Anyway, even if there are no idiots saving me, I still would not die. ‘The good are never long lived, the bad will live a thousand years’, have you heard of this saying?”

    Su Ying finally could not take it but burst out laughing, she chuckled “You… you little rascal, you really make others helpless.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “No matter what, you really should not have saved me, I’m afraid you are regretting that now.”

    “Regret? … No matter what I do, I have never regretted anything before.”

    She continued calmly, “After you were poisoned by the knife the other day, you lost consciousness not soon after. Wei Wu Ya was sure that you will certainly die, so he ordered others to carry you out to feed the rats.”

    Xiao Yu’er stuck his tongue out and asked hoarsely, “Feed the rats?”

    Su Ying replied, “Hmm.”

    Xiao Yu’er felt his whole body itch, but he continued to laugh, “So lucky, so lucky.”

    Su Ying asked, “So now you know that you were lucky.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “It’s not me who is lucky, it’s those rats who were really lucky.”

    Su Ying was stunned, “You said the rats were lucky?”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a straight face, “From the top to the bottom, from the inside to the outside, even my veins, skin and bones are all rotten. If the rats were to really eat me, it would be strange if they do not vomit or have diarrhea.” Before he can finish his words, Su Ying was already laughing so hard that she bent over.

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Are you feeling very happy?”

    As Su Ying laughed, she suddenly stopped, and looked at him for a moment in a daze, before saying with a sad sigh, “Do you know, ever since I was born, I’ve never laughed so happily before.”

    Her eyes suddenly reddened, she lowered her head, not talking further.

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her for a long time, rubbed his nose and laughed, “Don’t be sad, I may be saying otherwise, but I’m still grateful towards you in my heart.”

    Su Ying replied with her head lowered, “I know you may be saying bad things, but in your heart… in your heart you’re still a kind person, whereas some people may speak beautifully, but their hearts are uglier than anything else.”

    Xiao Yu’er lifted his head heavenward and laughed loudly, “Do you think you’re very smart? Do you think you can see through people’s mind?”

    Su Ying shook her head, not speaking. A while later, she continued slowly, “Actually I had no chance to save you that day, but an important guest of Wei Wu Ya came coincidentally, so he brought that person in to talk, because he never liked others to see me."

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Because everyone else is born better looking than he is, of course he’s afraid others will snatch you away.”

    These words seemed to have triggered off Su Ying’s melancholy. She lowered her head again, and only continued after a while, “Only after he left, was I able to tell that two little disciples of his to carry you here. I told them that there’s a kind of flower which must use a dead person as a fertilizer before it can bloom well…”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Those two idiotic disciples may believe such words, but how can Wei Wu Ya possibly believe it!”

    Su Ying replied, “His disciples all fear him, that they dare not even utter a single word when they see him.”

    Xiao Yu’er stretched lazily, and said “Could it be that you thought it would be such a pity for a smart man like me to die, that’s why you saved me.”

    Su Ying smiled, “I do not know why I saved you either, maybe… maybe it’s because of the air you had around you when you saw Wei Wu Ya, maybe it’s because after you were injured by the poisoned knife, you still looked at me and smiled… Someone who would smile at me before he died, how I can see him really die.”

    Xiao Yu’er clasped his hands and laughed loudly, “That smile of mine, is really useful.”

    Su Ying asked, “Could it be… could it be that you smiled at me, because you wanted me to save you?”

    Xiao Yu’er chuckled, “I’m about to die, what else is there to smile about.”

    Su Ying bit her lips and asked, “You… why didn’t you just lie to me, just said that it’s because after you saw me, you were enchanted, so you unconsciously smiled…”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Now that you’ve already saved me, why should I still lie to you. Besides… the look when you’re angry, is so much better looking then when you’re smiling.”

    Su Ying can’t help but break into a guffaw, and asked “Why exactly were you looking for Wei Wu Ya?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Haven’t I said the reason the other day?… I went to look for Wei Wu Ya, because I wanted to save my friend.”

    Su Ying asked, “How do you know that your friend is there?”

    Xiao Yu’er explained, “My friend secretly left signs along the way, the signs pointed towards that… that ghastly ‘Heaven Outside heaven’.”

    Su Ying was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “But I can tell you, for these past three months, no one had gone to that place, only you… you’re the first person who barged into that place!”

    Xiao Yu’er leaped up and shouted, “It can’t be!”

    Su Ying asked, “How do you know if that’s not faked?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Besides they themselves, there will never be anyone else who can make those signs.”

    Su Ying sighed and said, “Maybe they themselves dare not barge into that place, so they made you explore the area for them, to scout for them. Maybe they dislike you, so they’re sending you to your death!”

    Xiao Yu’er collapsed onto the chair, his eyes staring straight ahead in a loss, mumbling, “Impossible, impossible… they raised me from young, why would they harm me now?… Why would they harm me?”

    He suddenly jumped up again and dashed towards the iron bars, shouting “Let me out, let me out quickly, I want to find them and get to the bottom of this.”

    Su Ying said gently, “You have not recovered from your injury, and the poison has not been purged totally, how can you leave…. You are the world’s smartest person, but why are you so impatient?”

    Suddenly a person laughed sinisterly, “How gentle! How caring!”

    Xiao Yu’er was shocked, and raised his voice, “Who is that?”

    There’s no change in Su Ying’s expression at all, even the muscles on the sides of her mouth did not move. She only turned around slowly, and said calmly, “This place rarely sees any guests, no matter who comes, I will still welcome him.”

    Someone giggled amongst the flowers, “A pity that I came at the wrong time, right?”

    Su Ying smiled, “It doesn’t matter even if you do not wish to come out, it’s just that the flowers are thorny, and there’s poison on the thorns. If something were to happen to you, please don’t blame me for not knowing how to receive guests properly.”

    Before she could finish her words, there was a person amongst the flowers jumped up, as if he had been kicked on the buttocks. This person has a triangular face, an eagle nose, and mousy eyes. The features make one nauseous on seeing it, but of all things, he was wearing a shiny brocade shirt.

    When he saw Su Ying, he actually bowed his head and said, “I just made a little joke, and did not expect Miss Su to be a little startled by it, please forgive me.”

    Xiao Yu’er saw that this person is actually someone that Su Ying knows, and is actually playing a prank on her, so he felt more at ease. But this person does not only look irritating, his words were even more irritating. Xiao Yu’er wanted so much to give him a ‘little’ slap, followed by a ‘little’ kick.

    Su Ying’s expression turned somber, and asked coldly, “Why have you come? Didn’t your teacher tell you that this place is not for you to come as you will?”

    That person simpered, “With my little guts, how would I dare to barge into Miss Su’s cave, but this time it is Teacher himself who asked me here.”

    Su Ying rolled her eyes and said, “He asked you to come? Why have he asked you to come?”

    That person’s eyes closed into a straight like and said with a smile, “He asked me to come take a look, the flower that must use a dead body as fertilizer, to see how beautiful it can actually bloom. He has a guest who would like to take a look at this strange flower.”

    Once these words were said, Su Ying and Xiao Yu’er can’t help but feel startled.

    Su Ying’s icy features immediately warmed up, and she said with a smile, “Since that is the case, I’ll bring you to take a look at that flower.”

    That person replied, “But now I have no need to see it. Since the fertilizer is still drinking wine, naturally that flower has not bloomed, right?”

    Su Ying’s eyes shone, and she cajoled, “Then you… what do you intend to do?”

    “With my little guts, how would I dare to lie to Teacher, unless…” That person grinned and continued, “Unless Miss can make my guts bigger.”

    Su Ying smiled, “And how can your guts become bigger?”

    That person looked at Su Ying through narrowed eyes and said, “As they always say, ‘The guts of a lewd is greater than heaven!’ Have Miss not heard of this saying before?”

    Su Ying’s expression changed slightly, but she still smiled and said, “You’re not afraid your Teacher would be jealous?”

    That person chuckled, “That’s right, Teacher will indeed be very jealous, if he were to know that the fertilizer is drinking wine… hee hee, by then I’m afraid he would not be too courteous towards Miss”

    Su Ying chewed on her lips and replied, “Actually why do you need to threaten me, I had already wanted to be with you…” As she spoke, her hands seemingly leaned onto the bars unconsciously.

    That person suddenly laughed loudly, “Could it be Miss is thinking of letting the fertilizer out to silence me… hee hee, as soon as Miss’s hand touches it, I will leave immediately. In a little while, Teacher would come over!”

    Su Ying really put her hands down and said with a smile, “You’re really a suspicious person. But this is not the place to…. to talk, let’s go into the house!”

    That person hurriedly shook his hands, “No need, no need… I’ve long heard that Miss’s house is full of intricate traps, if I were to follow Miss in, I’m afraid my little life will be in danger.”

    Su Ying said gently, “Then you… you’re thinking of here…” She smiled coquettishly, and walked over step by step.

    Who would have expected that person to retreat a few steps suddenly, exclaiming, “Don’t come over…”

    Su Ying giggled, “Since you want me… why won’t you let me go over?”

    That person smiled sinisterly, “Naturally I want Miss to come over, it’s just that I want Miss to take off your clothes first, and you must take off everything, not a single item to be left.”

    Su Ying replied, “Whether I know martial arts or not, don’t you already know?”

    That person said, “Although Miss does not know martial arts, but you’re full of tricks, so how can I take it, it’s just that…” He continued with a grin, “If Miss were to take off all your clothes, then I would be much relieved. If a woman is totally naked, there’s no tricks that she can play.”

    Xiao Yu’er was almost bursting with anger while witnessing the scene from the side. This person is wilier than a fox, more slithery than a snake, no matter who is the person who meets someone like him, that person must be in really bad luck.

    However Su Ying smiled, and her slender hands, really reached up to loosen her clothes.

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but cry out, “So infuriating I can die.”

    Su Ying said gently, “You will certainly not die, and I will certainly not…”

    Suddenly, there was a ‘swoosh’ sound, an extremely sharp, extremely strong sound of the wind swished past. That person was startled and turned around, but there was nothing behind.

    He was stunned for a moment before he turned back slowly and mumbled, “Could I have seen a ghost.”

    A green bamboo flew over with a ‘swoosh’, and impaled him onto the ground, fresh blood spurting like rain. That person twitched on the ground for a moment, and then he can never move again!

    Even with Xiao Yu’er’s eyesight, he still could not see how this person fell. The speed of the attack by the killer, is really shocking!

    Su Ying’s face paled, and she asked, “Who… who is the Elder who have lent a helping hand, please come out so that I can offer my gratitude.”

    The wind blew past the leaves, making rustling noises, but there was no reply.

    Xiao Yu’er raised his voice, “At a time like this, you still won’t let me out so that I can go take a look?”

    Su Ying sighed, “If I were to let you out now, is akin to harming you. I have never cared about the life or death of another person on my whole life, but only you.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied angrily, “I’d rather die, what can you do?”

    Su Ying smiled, “Once I’ve decided on something, I will never change… even if you were to really commit suicide now, I’ll think of all ways to save you.”

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed, “You… you’re not human, you’re a female spirit.”

    Su Ying covered her mouth and smiled, “A female spirit with a little imp, isn’t it a match made in heaven?”

    As she spoke, she blushed, and she ran away with reddening cheeks.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at her, as if in a daze, and then he mumbled with a bitter smile, “There’s actually a woman like this in the world, what a rarity. It seems like she’s intent on following me, this is really a troublesome matter.”

    Su Ying can be heard saying from far away, “You wait here, I’ll go and take a look where that Elder is, I’ll be back immediately.”

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but call out, “That person’s martial arts in unfathomable, you… you be careful.”

    Su Ying laughed, “Don’t you worry. You’re not dead yet, so I can’t bear to die as well. Besides, since this Elder saved me, how can he harbor evil intentions towards me.” The sound of her voice got further, disappearing into the trees and flowers.

    Xiao Yu’er shook his head and sighed, “This person seemed weaker than everyone else, but who would have expected her to be so brave, and so stubborn?”

    As Su Ying walked amongst the flowers, she smiled and said, “This place may look beautiful, but there are deathly traps everywhere. Elder, you have saved me, if you are injured here, how can I feel good?”

    She is faced with a mysterious person, with unfathomable skills, but she was not concerned with her own safety at all. Instead, she kept saying that she’s afraid the other party will be hurt. A pity that even if that person heard her, he was not appreciative at all, and still ignored her.

    Su Ying sighed, and muttered “This person is really strange, since he saved me, but he dare not see me, why is that so?”

    The lamps at the porch are still lighted, and no one can be seen. That ‘chair’ is still there, and does not seem like it has been touched by anyone else.

    Su Ying went in a circle and returned to that cave… and only now did her expression change. The bars on the cave has been deactivated by someone, and Xiao Yu’er has already disappeared! Could it be that he has escaped regardless of everything? Impossible, he will never escape on his own, he can never deactivate the iron bars. Those who can deactivate the iron bars, are only Wei Wu Ya and his head disciple Wei Ma Yi. Could it be that they’ve come here and captured Xiao Yu’er?

    If it were someone else, that person would have certainly panicked once he thought of this point, and totally helpless as well, but Su Ying calmed down instead.

    If Xiao Yu’er has really been captured by Wei Wu Ya, then where have that martial arts exponent who saved her earlier have gone to? Could it be that he left immediately after he saved her?

    Besides, if it was really Wei Wu Ya who had come, how is it possible that Xiao Yu’er did not make any noise at all, and just let himself be captured?

    Su Ying secretly sighed, and suddenly she heard in the distance someone scolding in alarm. This voice is made by Xiao Yu’er.

    Xiao Yu’er watched Su Ying walked away, and was about to lift his wine cup when suddenly there was a ‘clang’, and a small stone struck onto the iron bar, with sparks flying. Then, the iron bar rose slowly.

    Xiao Yu’er was both surprised and overjoyed, and for a moment he was actually stunned. In the darkness a shadow appeared like a spirit, with long robes and a tall hat, his eerie gaze staring icily at Xiao Yu’er, but he did not speak.

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh and asked, “You’ve come to save me?”

    That person replied, ‘Yes.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “The person who killed Wei Wu Ya’s disciple, is it you as well?”

    That person replied, ‘Yes.”

    Xiao Yu’er queried, “Who are you actually? Who do you want to save me?”

    That person smiled coldly, “If you do not wish to come out, I don’t mind putting the iron bars back down again…”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and smiled, “You have to know, no matter what is the reason you saved me, I will not show appreciation, and all the more I will not repay you in gratitude.”

    That person replied, “If you were to repay me, I would not have saved you.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Since we are now clear on this, I must at least let you save me once then.”

    Others have saved him, but not only is he not thankful, it seems that he wants other to be grateful to him instead, and that person is not in the least offended at all.

    Xiao Yu’er leaped out and with a smile, mumbled “Miss Su Ying, my apologies. I may come and see you when I am free in future. As for your kind intentions towards me, I am thankful…”

    That person seems to be floating, riding on the wind as he moved. Xiao Yu’er followed behind and smiled, “Your Lightness Skill is not bad at all, but where exactly are you bringing me?”

    End of Chapter 84

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 85

    That person replied, “You will know when you are there.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly paused in his steps and said, “Don’t think that because you saved me, I will follow you. If you do not clarify right now, then I’m very sorry, you will go your way and I am going to go mine.”

    That person turned his head around and laughed, “No wonder others say that you’re most difficult to deal with and to offend, now it seems that it’s all true…”

    His suddenly stopped talking and with a lowered voice, said “Be careful, someone is coming, it could be Wei Wu Ya.”

    Xiao Yu’er was really startled, and asked “Where is that person?”

    That person held on to his hand, and suddenly smiled icily, “Right here!”

    Xiao Yu’er was shocked again, and felt half his body go weak. It turned out that he had locked his pulse point, his five fingers steel-like, so how can Xiao Yu’er struggle out of his grasp. He asked hoarsely, “You… what are you doing?”

    That person did not speak, but with lightning fast speed his left hand had pressed on various acupoints.

    Xiao Yu’er asked angrily, “Are you crazy, since you saved me, then why did you sneak an attack upon me?”

    That person laughed coldly, “Just because you did not expect it, or else how could I have succeeded?”

    As he spoke, he used a rope to hang Xiao Yu’er from a tree.

    Xiao Yu’er was both startled and furious, and yelled in anger “You’re crazy, beast, what do you actually want?”

    But that person did not even take another look at him, but just clapped his hands and walked away.

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but berated, “Crazy, crazy, why do I keep bumping into crazy people.”

    Su Ying heard Xiao Yu’er’s admonishments and was surprised and overjoyed. No matter what, at least Xiao Yu’er is still in this valley. She was just about to run over when she suddenly heard a voice saying icily from the darkness, “You do not have to look further, I am here!”

    A person walked out slowly, as thin as a skeleton, with hempen garments and tall hat, high cheekbones, nose hooked like an eagle, his gaze freezing, and filled with arrogance. Su Ying can’t help but feel startled, before heaving a long sigh and saying, “So it’s you!”

    The man in hempen clothes uttered, “Humph!”

    Su Ying smiled, “I had felt earlier that the way that person killed is a lot like you, but I did not expect…”

    The man interrupted coldly, “You did not expect that I will come, right?”

    Su Ying sighed, “I really did not expect it, since you fell out with that old man, it’s been four years…. Four years and three months where we did not have news of you.”

    The man looked heaven looked heavenward and said, “And you still remember me.”

    Su Ying lowered her head, “How can I forget you, you’ve always treated me so well.”

    The man suddenly said angrily, “Who said I was good to you, in the whole world, I’ve never been good to anyone.”

    Su Ying asked, “You did not?”

    The man heaved a long sigh, and said loudly, “That’s right, and it’s also because of you. I cannot stand the way that he someone with a foot already in the grave, and yet… yet he wants to treat you like his forbidden fruit. If someone were to take even a look at you, he’ll go crazy.”

    Su Ying was silent for a moment before she said, “But now, you still came back.”

    The man replied, “I come and go as I please, who can dictate me.”

    Su Ying said, “That’s right, even that old man was a little ambiguous about you. He frequently said that although he has many disciples in his whole life, but only you managed to get his true teachings.”

    The man laughed icily, “Do you think that he is the one who taught me my martial arts? Humph… Wei Wu Ya is selfish and demanding by nature, who does not know about that. He accepted so many disciples, because he wants some servants which he need not pay. Since when has he really taught his martial arts to others… he only taught me a few basic moves and he wants me to lay down my life for him!”

    Su Ying asked, “Then your martial arts..”

    The man said coldly, “My martial arts were stolen bit by bit…. When he was practicing martial arts, I was secretly watching, secretly learning.”

    Su Ying sighed, “He really did not treat his disciples well, but towards you… then why do you come back now?”

    The man replied, “I… I only wanted to come back for a look.”

    Su Ying’s eyes shimmered, and she smiled, “You came back because you wanted to see me, right?”

    The man said loudly, “Now I already know, you are a heartless person. No matter how well others treat you, you would not remember it, or be grateful about it.”

    Su Ying felt extremely maligned, and she said with lowered head, “I… Am I really this kind of person?”

    The man affirmed.

    Su Ying replied, “But still, you killed Wei Shi Ba because of me, you cannot stand him bullying me, so obviously, you still treat me well, right?”

    The man suddenly laughed loudly.

    Su Ying blinked, and asked, “What are you laughing about?”

    The man suddenly stopped his laughter, and said each word slowly, “To tell you the truth, I have long given up hope on you! I may disdain those who expose others secret, or who shamelessly tell on others, but no matter who you like, I will never put it to heart again!”

    Su Ying looked at him quietly for a moment, and slowly replied, “Then, why did you kidnap the person that I like?”

    The man smiled frostily, “You will know the reason soon enough, do you wish to take a look at him now?”

    Su Ying answered, “What do you think?”

    The man replied, “Fine, follow me!”

    Xiao Yu’er saw that it was actually Su Ying who came with that man, and they seem to be very familiar with each other. He was startled and surprised, and can’t help but yelled, “Who is this crazy person? You know him?”

    Su Ying saw that Xiao Yu’er is actually tied up a tree, and can’t help but sigh and say with a bitter smile, “The world’s smartest person, how did he end up like that?”

    Xiao Yu’er angrily replied, “Because I did not expect this person to be crazy, the things he does really makes one flabbergasted.”

    Su Ying replied, “Among Wei Wu Ya’s disciples, his martial arts is the highest. When those in the martial arts realm mention ‘Taking Lives Without Mercy’ Wei Ma Yi (Ma Yi = hemp cloth), who would not be terrified. Why else would you be tricked by him as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er was shocked for a moment before he heaved a long sigh, “This person is actually Wei Wu Ya’s disciple, it seems like I’ve really seen a ghost.”

    Wei Ma Yi said coldly, “Since we’ve met, is there anything you would like to say?”

    Xiao Yu’er made a face at him and said, “Words there are none, but I do have a fart, do you want to smell it?”

    He was hanging upside down, and a person’s face when seen upside down, is already quite funny, and now that he’s making a monkey face, that look is really hilarious. Su Ying can’t help but guffawed in laughter.

    Wei Ma Yi is of course feeling vexed, but on seeing his look, can’t help but want to laugh as well. He immediately turned his head, stared and Su Ying and asked, “This is the one you like?”

    If it was any other woman, even if their heart is full of liking, they will definitely be embarrassed to say it out, but Su Ying did not even lower her head and just replied, “That’s right.”

    Wei Ma Yi smiled coldly, “I’ve thought that you have high standards, who would have expected that you’ll actually like this crazy fool.”

    Su Ying smiled, “He is not too bad, or else I… how can I be mesmerized by him?”

    Wei Ma Yi was stunned, “Such words, and you dare to utter them.”

    Su Ying replied, “Why won’t I dare to say how I feel? This is nothing shameless. If one were to be surreptitious or furtive about it, liking someone but dare not say it out, now that would be shameless… do you agree?”

    Wei Ma Yi’s yellow waxen face seemed to have blushed, and he said with a cold laugh, “You may like him, but he may not necessarily like you.”

    Su Ying replied, “I only have to like him, it doesn’t matter if he likes me or not, and you need not be concerned.”

    Wei Ma Yi cried out, “Humph, you…” He had wanted to argue, but he only uttered ‘humph’, and was unable to continue.

    Su Ying continued with a smile, “Besides, even if he doesn’t like me now, I have ways to make him like me.”

    Once he heard this, Xiao Yu’er can’t help but laugh loudly, “Good, well said, I actually feel that I’m liking you a little now.”

    Wei Ma Yi’s face seemed to turn green, then pale, and he said fiercely, “Since that is the case, if he is dead, you will certainly be very sad, right?”

    Su Ying smiled slightly, “I’ve long known that you will use him to threaten me, what do you actually want? Or are you too embarrassed to say?”

    Wei Ma Yi looked at her eyes that seems like spring water, looked at her slightly heaving bosom under her light clothes, and felt his heart beat faster, his lips dry, and said, “… I want you…”

    Suddenly he shouted and turned around abruptly, and punched himself in the chest seven, eight times. His eyes not daring to look at her, he yelled, “I only want you to tell me the secret you heard yesterday!”

    Su Ying suddenly laughed, “Actually, even if you wanted me, I would have given myself to you, a pity that you do not have the courage, and missed such a great opportunity.”

    Wei Ma Yi roared angrily, turned around and grabbed her shoulders, shouting hoarsely, “You… you stinking lass, little s.lut, you… you… you…” He only spoke one sentence, and could not continue. Suddenly his palm struck out, aiming a slap towards Su Ying’s cheeks, but who would have expected that Su Ying did not dodge at all. Instead she turned her face towards him, and said, “Hit me if you want to, but can you bear to strike me?”

    The pale starlight, shone through the leaves on the tree, illuminated her face. Her iris were like silk, her cheeks were like fresh flowers, delicate and fragile. Wei Ma Yi’s palm stopped suddenly in midair, unable to strike further.

    However Su Ying leaned her body forward, closed her eyes and said, “Hit me, why aren’t you hitting me?”

    Wei Ma Yi’s body seemed to be shaking, in his heart he wishes so much to embrace this soft and fragrant body, but he did not have the guts to really reach out.

    Xiao Yu’er felt both anger and amusement on witnessing the scene, when he suddenly noticed Su Ying’s slender hand. On her hand, there is now a shiny ring, and no one knows when she put it on.

    Hanging upside down, his eyes were on a level with this ring, and he could see clearly under the starlight that there is actually a very sharp and thin silver needle on the ring.

    Su Ying was twisting her waist, her mouth mumbling something, and this hand that has the ring, was going to hug Wei Ma Yi’s neck.

    The delicate skin on Wei Ma Yi’s neck, only needs to be slightly pricked by this silver needle, and he can forget about living. And right now he is breathless, his heart pumping, his eyes reddening, and his mind seem to have floated somewhere, so how could he have expected that this deathly thing is less than an inch away from him.

    Who would have expected Xiao Yu’er to suddenly shout, "Be careful of her hand! There’s a poisoned needle on her fingers!”

    Wei ma Yi roared and raising his hand, pushed Su Ying away.

    Su Ying knocked into a tree and she stared at Xiao Yu’er, exclaiming hoarsely, “You… are you crazy?”

    Su Ying bit her lips, not talking anymore. Wei ma Yi was both startled and furious, but he really does not know why Xiao Yu’er would save him instead, so he just stood there staring, not talking as well.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “I saved him, because I also wanted to hear that secret of yours.”

    Su Ying asked, “… what did you say?”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “You’d rather offer him your body, then to reveal the secret, so obviously you look upon this secret as something more important than your own body.”

    Su Ying replied, “He would not dare to kill me, because if he kill me, he can forget about knowing that secret.”

    Xiao Yu’er interrupted with a laugh, “I want to hear this secret, and only if he threaten you, will you have no choice but to reveal it. If he’s killed by you, I’m afraid you will never reveal this secret, so I won’t be able to listen to it as well.”

    Su Ying stamped her foot, “But since I saved you, can’t it be that I will tell you the secret in future?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “That is two different matters. You saw that I was about to die, and you were anxious, only then will you reveal the secret. When I have been saved, you will be worried that I’ll leave, by then you will use this secret to threaten me, and I can’t tell how long will it take before you’re willing to reveal it. How can I wait for so long then.”

    He continued with a loud laugh, “To tell you the truth, after you save me, I might leave immediately, by then won’t I be unable to know the secret forever, and won’t I be frustrated for the rest of my life.”

    These words that he said, even Wei Ma Yi can’t decide if he wants to laugh or cry when he heard them, and Su Ying is naturally so furious she is about to burst. She shouted, “Since this secret is so important, if you hear about it, how could he let you off. You… you think of yourself as the world’s smartest person, but why didn’t you think of this point.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “If I can hear Taoist teachings in the morning, then I can die contented in the evening.* I only have to listen to such an exciting secret, it doesn’t matter if I die.”

    *From the analects of Confucius

    Su Ying looked at Xiao Yu’er, looked at Wei Ma Yi, and suddenly smiled coquettishly, “Interesting, interesting; that there would actually be a person like this, a situation like this in the world. Actually I would not have revealed this secret for anyone at all, but for you…”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “For me, you are willing to divulge?”

    Su Ying turned towards Wei Ma Yi, her expression immediately somber, and said slowly, “Actually, even if I tell you the secret to Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, it’s useless as well. Anyway you cannot master it, nor break it…”

    Wei Ma Yi have not spoken, but Xiao Yu’er’s expression had changed, and he cried hoarsely, “What did you say? The secret to Shifting Flower Grafting jade?"

    Su Ying replied, “That’s right, the secret to Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, is also the greatest secret in the martial arts realm. He and his Teacher, because of this secret, have never had a good meal or a good rest for the past twenty years.

    Xiao Yu’er stared hard and said, “You… you know the secret to Shifting Flower Grafting Jade?”

    Wei Ma Yi is already getting impatient, and he shouted, “As long as you tell me, it’s my business if I can master it or not.”

    Su Ying replied, “Fine, listen well…”

    Before she could finish her sentence, Xiao Yu’er suddenly shouted, “Heaven and Earth, by the imperial edict of the Jade Emperor, the Bodhisattva Guan Yin with her willow stalk and bottle, together with the King of Hell, Cow Head and Horse Face, come and save me quickly!”

    He was screaming and yelling, shouting and crying. Whatever Su Ying said, Wei ma Yi can’t hear a single word at all, and with a large step towards him, he roared, “Are you crazy?”

    Xiao Yu’er made a monkey face at him and grinned, “I’m not crazy, it’s just that I have no wish to listen to this secret already.” Once he said these words, Su Ying was stunned again.

    Wei Ma Yi was livid and roared, “You actually tried everything to listen to this secret, and now that the secret of Shifting Flower Grafting Jade is about to be revealed, even death would be worth it. And now why do you not want to listen to it anymore?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Other secrets I might want to listen, but as for the secret of Shifting Flower Grafting Jade… heh heh, I knew it since I was three, so it won’t be interesting if I hear it again.”

    Wei ma Yi was stunned, “You… you know it as well?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “This secret, if revealed by Su Ying, you can forget about mastering it even if you practiced until you are 100 years old. Besides, you may not even live beyond 50.”

    Su Ying giggled, “The words are quite true.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “But if the secret is revealed by me, you will be able to master it within three days, because what I know, is the shortcut to Shifting Flower Grafting Jade.”

    Wei Ma Yi’s face heated up on hearing this, and can’t help but ask, “If you can really divulge it, I…”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a straight face, “I don’t need your gratitude, I only want you to release me.”

    Wei Ma Yi agreed, “Yes, yes, yes, I will certainly…”

    Xiao Yu’er interrupted, “Fine, listen well, you will practice as I speak.”

    “The technique of Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, the first step is to use your hands as feet, and stand upside down. Lift your head, open your knees and breath calmly.”

    Wei Ma Yi asked with furrowed brows, “What kind of martial arts is that?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a straight face, “You have to know, the greatest thing about Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, is that everything is in reverse, so the posture for practicing it, naturally must be that way as well.”

    Although Wei Ma Yi was still doubtful, but as long as he can master Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, he really does not mind sacrificing everything. As long as there is a slight chance, he will not give up. Su Ying watched from the side pouting, not talking as well.

    Wei Ma Yi straightened his body, and was already upside down, his legs slightly apart, his head lifted high, looking exactly like a toad.

    Xiao Yu’er looked with a straight face, not a trace of a smile can be seen at all, commenting, “Bend your knees a little further, lift your head a little higher.”

    Wei Ma Yi was really quite obedient, and immediately followed the instructions, asking, “Is this all right?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “More or less, just make do with it.” After he said this, he did not continue.

    Although Wei Ma Yi’s internal strength is profound, but this pose is really killing. No matter how highly skilled a person is, while in such a pose, they will definitely feel the strain.

    After a while, Wei Ma Yi’s head was sweating, and he can’t help but ask, “How much longer must I wait?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “All right, now your inner energy has sunk to your chest, you can consider the first step prepared. Before you start on the second step, let out a fart first.”

    Wei Ma Yi angrily replied, “I think you’re bull shitting.”

    Although he is stunned and furious, but because he feared that the preparation will all be in naught, he dared not stand up.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “You must know, farts are bad gasses in a person’s body. I want you to fart, because I want you to force out the bad gasses in your body first, before you can start practicing martial arts.”

    End of Chapter 85

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 86

    When Wei Ma Yi heard that Xiao Yu’er wanted him to fart, he thought to himself, this sounds logical. It must be known that for one with great internal energy, he can control the pulse in his own body with ease, so letting out a fart is nothing difficult at all. Su Ying has already covered her nose and turned around, her shoulders shaking, as if she’s trying to control her laughter.

    Xiao Yu’er said with a straight face, “This fart must be released after you remove your pants.”

    Wei Ma Yi stammered, “Remove… remove…” His face is red from blushing, and he can’t even complete his words.

    Xiao Yu’er added, “This step is called removing the pants to let out a fart, a good fart.”

    It must be known that he is not a fool, he can even be considered sly and devious, it’s just that he was too anxious to master Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, that he seemed to have lost his senses. As the saying goes, ‘with the arrival of benefits, out goes logic’, that’s why Xiao Yu’er had a chance.

    By now Wei Ma Yi thought that something is not right, and he flipped over and fumed, “This… what kind of martial arts is this really?”

    Still with a straight face, Xiao Yu’er answered, “This martial arts is called ‘A Fool letting out Farts’, this is a lot more formidable than Shifting Flower Grafting Jade.”

    Wei Ma Yi clenched his fists, his whole body shaking, almost dying from anger. Su Ying could not take it any longer and burst out into laughter.

    Only now did Xiao Yu’er laugh and say, “Fool, do you think if I really know Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, I would still be tied on this tree by you? You tricked me, so if I do not trick you as well, I’ll be letting you down.”

    Su Ying giggled, “But you… you’re too much in doing that.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Those who want to take advantage of me, are bound to take some losses.”

    Wei Ma Yi roared, “You want to trick me, then I shall have your life!” As he roared, he leapt over.

    However, Xiao Yu’er shouted instead, “Heaven and Earth, Heavenly soldiers, big and small ghosts, if you don’t come and save me, I am going to curse.”

    “A person like you, even ghosts would not save you.” Wei Ma Yi’s finger is already aiming towards Xiao Yu’er’s mute acupoint.

    Right at this time, someone suddenly said eerily from the darkness, “You’re not a ghost, how would you know that ghosts would not save him?”

    This voice sounded flighty and dispersed, with no sense of life at all, it does not sound like it came from a living being. And when the voice was emitted, it seemed to be coming from the west, but at the end of the sentence, it has already moved to the east.

    In the deserted woods at night, to suddenly hear a voice like that, really makes one turn cold.

    In the darkness, at the top of the tree, there really was a grayish shadow, his hempen clothes fluttering in the wind, looking extremely eerie, not like a living person at all.

    Wei Ma Yi is after all not a mediocre person, so when he saw the other party’s outline, he was able to hold his temper and walk over slowly. He said coldly, “Since you wish to become a ghost, I will grant you your wish!”

    As he spoke, a rain of silver needles shot towards the treetop.

    From the bottom to the top, it’s not easy to exert enough strength, but the wrist power of Wei Ma Yi is really remarkable. The speed of those silver needles is in fact faster than the speed of a shooting arrow.

    The person on the treetop screamed and dropped down like falling leaves. Wei Ma Yi laughed coldly, “Let’s see if you can still pretend to be a ghost.”

    Before he can finish his words, someone laughed, “Dying the first time will become a ghost, dying two times will still become a ghost, look over here again.”

    Wei Ma Yi turned around in alarm, that grayish shadow is suddenly at the treetop ten over foot away to the left, a pair of grayish eyes staring at Wei Ma Yi in cold laughter.

    No matter how highly skilled or bold Wei Ma Yi is, right now his limbs can’t help but feel cold. Right at this time, someone suddenly laughed behind him, “Such a big man, and frightened by ghosts?”

    Wei Ma Yi suddenly flipped over, and saw a beaming round faced monk, swaggering over. Wei Ma Yi puffed himself up and said fiercely, “Are you a ghost then?”

    That monk laughed, “Monk is not a ghost, Monk is a ghost-catching monk.”

    Wei Ma Yi smiled icily, “Since that is the case, then Monk can go and catch that ghost.”

    The Monk replied, “That is not a ghost…. Haha, the ghost is not there.” That monk suddenly pointed at the dark woods at the side. Wei Ma Yi can’t help but look towards where his finger was pointing, and saw that suddenly there was someone sitting in the darkness, in his hands holding something alive and munching it with relish.

    Wei Ma Yi looked around, his heart strategizing on how to deal with his enemies, on how he can defeat the opposing parties at one go, his mouth instead smiling and asking, “How can ghosts be as delicious as this?”

    That monk said, “Haha, he does not believe… why don’t you let him take a look.”

    That person in the woods chuckled, and threw the thing in his hands towards Wei Ma Yi and Wei ma Yi instinctively reached out to grab it. He only felt that the thing was soft and tender, and on closer look, realized it’s half an arm, with obvious teeth marks on it, and it has been cooked as well.

    Only now was Wei Ma Yi truly startled, and felt half his body go numb. He hurriedly threw this half-eaten human arm far away. That person in the woods reached out to grab it and grinned, “The people here all have a stinking rat smell, and cannot be eaten. I had a hard time finding an edible human, and through my frugality was able to make it last for three days. Now there’s only half an arm left, won’t it be a waste for you to throw it away?” As he spoke, he chewed voraciously again, with cracking sounds as he chomped.

    Wei Ma Yi can’t help but puked, and unconsciously retreated, asking hoarsely, “Who… who are you people actually? What do you want?”

    Suddenly another person said icily, “There’s only one person here, if you have anything to say, you can tell it to me!”

    Amidst the talk, a person walked over with large steps. That person was tall and skinny, with clothes white as snow, sleeves so long it touched the ground, his pale face so cold that it’s like ice. He’s really uglier than a ghost. Wei Ma Yi exclaimed fiercely, “Fine, even if you’re human, I will make you into a ghost!”

    The speed of his attack is really as quick as lightning, and as he spoke he had already struck out.

    His five fingers were filled with internal energy, and even an iron rock, if grabbed by him, will be crushed. However, that man in white seemed unable to deflect his attack in time, unable to dodge as well.

    Wei Ma Yi grabbed that person’s hand with ease, and suddenly felt that the hand was icy cold. It was not a human hand that he is holding. In his shock, the man in white had already laughed sinisterly and said, “Release your hand!”. With a splitting sound, his long sleeve has torn into two, and Wei Ma Yi saw that his opponent’s ‘hand’ had already slashed through his palm, fresh blood flooding out immediately. The hand of this man in white, is actually a steel hook!

    Although the injury on Wei Ma Yi’s palm was not serious, he is worried that there might be poison on the hook, so he dared not meet the fight head on. He retreated, getting ready to run away. Suddenly, someone angrily shouted, “How can the disciples of Wu Ya be people who will escape, no matter if they are human or ghosts, what are you afraid of?”

    This person is skinny and small like a boy, on his indescribably ugly face, was a very nicely grown beard. The long beard swayed with the wind, almost touching the ground.

    On his head was a gold headpiece, his long robe glowing blue, looking extremely hilarious yet funny at the same time. That man-eating ghost in the woods exclaimed in alarm, “Wei Wu Ya is here! Even the ghosts are afraid, better escape!”

    By then everyone, whether ghosts or humans, escaped in a flash, leaving only Xiao Yu’er hanging on the tree. Even Su Ying is no where to be seen.

    Wei ma Yi sighed and said with a bitter smile, “Only now does disciple know, no matter what, I am still incomparable to Teacher.”

    Wei Wu Ya smiled frostily, “It’s good that you know.”

    He waved his sleeve and added, “Where did that person injure you? Is it poisoned? Hold your hand out and let me take a look.”

    Wei Ma Yi extended his hand slowly, and suddenly struck towards Wei Wu Ya.

    Although this attack is quick, but Wei Wu Ya seemed to be prepared for such an attack, and with a dodge of his body, retreated about a ten feet away, and burst out angrily, “What a cursed disciple, to be so rude towards your Teacher.”

    Wei Ma Yi laughed madly, “Your art of disguise may be good, but if you are thinking of disguising yourself as Wei Wu Ya, you’re still far from it!”

    That Wei Wu Ya laughed as well, “Good, you actually saw through me, but let me ask you, in what way was my impersonation incorrect?”

    Wei Ma Yi laughed loudly, “Don’t you know that he is born handicapped, both his legs are like a baby’s, and he walked as if he crawled. He’s afraid that others would see it, so he never walked on his own.”

    There was laughter, and that monk jumped out from the darkness again, waving his hands and laughing, “Xiao Jiao has met your match this time.”

    That man-eating ghost suddenly appeared as well and chortled, “An ugly and strange person like Wei Wu Ya, it’s difficult to find a second one in the world. It’s really not easy to impersonate him, I’ve long said that your hard work will be all for naught.”

    That person’s body grew, and suddenly she was taller by two feet, and said “Now I’m only thinking of what are the ways to make Wei Wu Ya take a few steps.”

    Wei Ma Yi suddenly somersaulted, and flew like an arrow back to where Xiao Yu’er was. He drew out a jade green dagger and pointed it at Xiao Yu’er’s throat, shouting “Are you here to save him?”

    That man-eating ghost laughed loudly, “You want to kill him, but can you kill him?”

    Amidst his laughter, Xiao Yu’er who was unable to move and hanging upside down on the tree, suddenly could move! Not only can he move, his movements were faster than lightning. Both his hands moved, and hit Wei ma Yi’s various acupoints. In his shock, Wei Ma Yi did not even have the chance to retaliate and he has already been subdued. Xiao Yu’er took his dagger, pointed it at his throat and chuckled, “You have been tricked again.”

    Wei Ma Yi could only stare at him, gritting his teeth. At a time like this, what else can he say. Xiao Yu’er looked at him, grinning, “Now you should know, it’s not easy to take advantage of me. If you take advantage of me, sooner or later I would take it back, together with interest.”

    That man-eating ghost sauntered over, and after sniffing Wei Ma Yu’s neck, immediately revealed a look of extreme joy. He clasped his palms and laughed, “Wonderful, wonderful, this person no longer has any rat smell. If more onions and ginger were added, together with superior quality soy sauce to stew, it is at least still edible.”

    Wei Ma Yi’s eyes were filled with fear, and staring at him, he asked hoarsely, “You… are you ‘Does not eat human head’ Li Da Zui?”

    That man-eating ghost looked heavenward and laughed, “I have not roamed the martial arts realm for over twenty years, I did not expect that there’s still people who will remember my name.”

    Wei Ma Yi’s whole body weakened. If it was someone else who wanted to eat him, he might not believe that person, but if Li Da Zui said he wants to eat him, that is not a joke at all.

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Why are you scaring him, if his bitter gall breaks from the fear, won’t the meat be wasted then.”

    Suddenly a person floated down from the treetop, his white hempen gown dancing in the wind, and settled in front of Wei Ma Yi. He looked at him with a grin and said, “You only recognize ‘Does not eat human head’ Li Da Zui? Do you recognize me?”

    This person is the one who was hit by Wei Ma Yi’s secret weapon and fell from the treetop earlier, and on his white hempen hairpiece, there was a silver needle. Obviously, although it did not strike him, but it was a close shave at least.

    Wei Ma Yi took a look at him, closed his eyes and sighed, “Pretending to be a ghost, I should have guessed that you are ‘Half Human Half Ghost’ Yin Jiu You.”

    However that person snapped a branch, lifted his eyelids and said, “Open your eyes bigger and take a look; where is Yin Jiu You.”

    Wei Ma Yi can only open his eyes and glanced over, and saw that on the treetop there is still a person in hempen clothes floating on the treetop, dressed exactly the same as the person in front of him.

    So there were two people who were pretending to be ghosts earlier, no wonder it was ‘suddenly in front, suddenly behind, suddenly to the left, suddenly to the right’, once the trick was revealed, it’s not worth even a single cent.

    Wei Ma Yi heaved a long sigh and said with a bitter smile, “Ten Evils, how many have arrived today?”

    That person said, “Not too many, only six, old man here is ‘Harming others without benefit to oneself’ Bai Kai Xin, have you heard of my big name?”

    Wei Ma Yi replied coldly, “I have long heard that of the ‘Ten Evils’, Bai Kai Xin can be considered the most useless one. It’s just that those in the martial arts realm added you in to make up the numbers.”

    Bai Kai Xin’s expression changed, but he still laughed loudly and said, “Don’t you try to sow discord. I am already forty-eight, and will no longer be tricked by such.”

    That monk clapped, “Bai Kai Xin have really grown up, it’s just that you’re obviously fifty-two, why did you say you’re forty-eight. You’re not a woman, why the need to hide your age.”

    Bai Kai Xin stared, “I have not married, if I don’t hide a few years, who would want to marry me.”

    He tapped Wei Ma Yi’s shoulder and added, “You must remember, this monk has knives hidden in his smiles, he’s the worst.”

    Wei Ma Yi sighed, “What a good ‘Dagger in Laughter’ Ha Ha’er!”

    His eyes flitted over to that pale looking man in white, “You are…. You are…”

    That man in white flicked his long sleeves, revealing his hands… his right hand is actually a shiny steel hook, his left hand shiny, and red as blood!

    Wei Ma Yi cried hoarsely, “Bloody… bloody hands Du Sha!”

    Du Sha replied, “Humph!”

    Wei Ma Yi laughed miserably, “Good, good, good, so it’s true that six of the ‘Ten Evils’ are here. That I, Wei Ma Yi were to end up in your hands, what else can I say?”

    Du Sha said coldly, “That’s right, you can only die!”

    He walked over step by step, with a flash of light, his steel hook taking a swipe towards Wei Ma Yi’s throat.

    Li Da Zui hurriedly grabbed his hands, “This cannot be done.”

    Du Sha asked fiercely, “What do you want?”

    Li Da Zui smiled, “How would little brother here dare to interfere in Big Brother Du’s affairs. It’s just that, there’s already not much flesh left in him, if you kill him before cooking him, there will be a great loss of blood, and the meat would have much taste left.”

    Du Sha agreed.

    He slowly put his hands down, but Wei Ma Yi had already stammered in alarm, “Li Da Zui, you and I are after all both in the martial arts realm. I will die with no complaints if you kill me, but how can you… how can…” He only felt a wave of nausea, and vomited out everything in his stomach.”

    Li Da Zui pinched Wei Ma Yi’s flesh and mumbled, “A person of this size, I’m afraid just two catties of soy sauce, a catty of cooking wine, ten cents worth of ginger and spring onions would be enough, of course, and another five cents worth of five spices and aniseed.”

    Wei ma Yi’s body went numb, and finally stammered, “Please, I… I beg of you…”

    Li Da Zui carried Wei Ma Yi up with his hands and laughed, “Everyone, I am hungry, and will make a move first…”

    He has not finished his words but Wei Ma Yi had already fainted after emitting a maddening roar. Ha Ha’er clapped his hands and laughed, “Fainted from fear, fainted from fear, Li Da Zui really has a few capable tricks.”

    Bai Kai Xin touched Wei Ma Yi’s head and said, “When this lad wakes up, he will certainly listen to us obediently. If we want to pick Wei Wu Ya’s rat hole, we’ll need to rely on this lad’s help.”

    Ha Ha’er agreed, “Exactly the case, or else why need we spend so much effort to scare him.”

    Xiao Yu’er stretched lazily and laughed, “But pity me, that I had to hang on this tree for an hour more.”

    Du Jiao Jiao looked at him for a moment before suddenly exclaiming, “That lass Su obviously was about to reveal the secret to ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, why did you stop her instead?”

    Bai Kai Xin added, “That’s right, why did you stop her, aren’t you going to fight it out with Hua Wu Que soon? If you can find out the secret to ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, won’t it be a sure win?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled lazily, “If I know the secret to his martial arts, then what’s the point of fighting with him?”

    Bai Kai Xin stared at him for a while before heaving a long sigh and commented, “So you are a good person.”

    He suddenly laughed loudly, clapped his hands and said, “A child brought up by Ha Ha’er, Li Da Zui, Big Brother Du, Du Jiao Jiao, Yin Jiu You, the five of you, would actually be a good person… a sheepdog that comes from a den of foxes, don’t the five of you feel ashamed?”

    Yin Jiu You, Du Sha’s expressions changed slightly.

    End of Chapter 86

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 87

    However, Li Da Zui laughed loudly immediately, “You’ve also learnt Du Jiao Jiao’s method? And come to sow discord?”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “He was beaten by Xiao Yu’er, and have been upset about it.”

    Ha Ha’er added, “What’s the use of being upset? Haha, even ten Bai Kai Xin will not be able to defeat one Xiao Yu’er. If you want to vent your anger, you better give up that thought.”

    Bai Kai Xin was not angry, but grinned instead, “What is there for me to be upset about? If one day the fox is eaten up by the dog, then I will be really not ‘upset’.”

    Once these words were spoken, even Li Da Zui’s expression turned a little awful.

    Xiao Yu’er seemed not to have noticed, but clapped and laughed loudly, “Harming others without benefit to oneself, really harming others without benefit to oneself.”

    Before he could finish his words, someone else with a tinkling laughter said, “The ‘Ten Evils’ really live up to their names, I am extremely awed.”

    On a tree whose trunk is as wide as four people hugging it in a circle, a door suddenly opened. It turned out that this tree is hollow, and if anyone hides inside, others can forget about finding that person.

    Su Ying walked out from inside the tree slowly, bowed slowly and smiled, “The world famous Ten Evils are here, and I was amiss in receiving you, please forgive me.”

    Ha Ha’er laughed loudly, “Miss please do not stand on ceremony, people like us are born lowly, if someone were to treat us a little more respectfully, we would think that he has something bad up his sleeves.

    Li Da Zui suddenly jumped up and shouted, “Go away, go away, go away quickly, or else I cannot stand it anymore!”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked, “What can’t you stand?”

    Li Da Zui explained, “Look at this lass’s tender skin and white flesh, I am almost salivating, but I know that Xiao Yu’er will never let me eat her. If she doesn’t leave, I’ll go crazy.”

    As he spoke, he had already walked out like the wind with Wei Ma Yi on his back.

    Bai Kai Xin jumped up as well, “I am leaving as well. Looking at this dainty beauty, even a bachelor like me feels something. I better leave quickly, out of sight out of mind, in case Xiao Yu’er and I fight over her in jealousy.”

    As he spoke, he somersaulted and jumped more than thirty feet away, and was gone in the blink of an eye.

    Ha Ha’er followed him out and said with a laugh, “That’s right, if I don’t go, even a monk will feel stirrings in his heart.”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “Luckily half of me is still a woman, or else…” She took a glance at Xiao Yu’er, and with a coquettish smile leaped up the treetop and disappeared.

    Yin Jiu You smiled eerily, “If Miss becomes sick of being a human, you can come and look for me. Being a ghost is sometimes more interesting than being a human. Pretty female ghosts are all the rage these days.”

    Su Ying pursed her lips and smiled, “Thank you for your guidance, but my life now is still quite interesting.”

    Yin Jiu You pointed at Xiao Yu’er and laughed loudly, “If you fall in love with this person, it won’t take long before you realize that life is boring…” By the time he finished his sentence, the sound of his laughter is already more than a hundred feet away.

    Du Sha stared at Xiao Yu’er and smiled, “How long more are you planning to hang here?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “I’m afraid not much longer.”

    Du Sha asked, “Do you know where you can find us?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I know”


    He has already flown out of the woods, but suddenly turned his head around and added, “Be careful, when pretty women want to eat humans, even the head would be devoured.”

    Su Ying giggled, “Elder please do not worry, my appetite has always not been good, I’ve always been a vegetarian.”

    The woods is suddenly quiet again. Su Ying looked at Xiao Yu’er with a hidden smile, “When Wei Ma Yi hung you up on the tree, these people are already here?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “They’ve come at the right time.”

    Su Ying continued, “But you still pretended that you cannot move and tricked me.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “I was not tricking you at first. Wei Ma Yi tricked me once, so how can I let him off just like that, I must at least let him know my prowess.”

    Su Ying said, “You may not be tricking me at first, but in the end you still tricked me.”

    Xiao Yu’er shrugged his shoulders, “If you want to see it that way, there is nothing I can do.”

    Su Ying added, “You know that I treated you very well, so you made use of this point to trick me, and let me be worried about you, be anxious about you. I came to save you regardless of everything, but you made use of this situation to threaten me to reveal my secret instead.”

    She stared at Xiao Yu’er unblinkingly, her eyes as dark as the seawater in the darkness. Xiao Yu’er twisted his head around, but suddenly turned back again and laughed, “I’ve said long ago that I’m not a good person. Whoever treats me well, that person would be in trouble.”

    Su Ying sighed and continued slowly, “Most of the people in the world are afraid that they will become too evil, but you’re just the opposite. You seem to be afraid that you will become too good, so you keep doing things to prove that you’re not a good person… why is that so? I’m afraid even you don’t know why, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “I’m afraid this is because I’m a born crook.”

    Su Ying looked at him for a moment, and suddenly smiled, “But do you know, you’re not as bad as you think you are?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Why don’t you tell me about it.”

    Su Ying said slowly, “Because you grew up with those bad people, so in your heart, you keep thinking that you cannot become too good.”

    Su Ying paused, and continued, “Besides, you think that if you become too good, you’ll be letting those who brought you up down, so sometimes you had no choice but to do something bad to prove yourself…”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed loudly and interrupted her, “We have only met for a few days, and you think you know me very well?”

    Su Ying replied, “Actually I do not understand very well at first, but after seeing those people, I understood.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Oh?”

    Su Ying added with a smile, “These people can be considered geniuses among the bad people, so innately bad, that they can make something so unscrupulous, vicious or cruel out to be something that is interesting instead.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “You do not have to scold them like this, they did not offend you.”

    Su Ying said each word clearly, “Haven’t you realized by now, it was them who lured you into that… that rat hole.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly again, “What a joke, this is really a joke, why would they want to trick me?”

    Su Ying replied, “Maybe it’s because they have already realized, you are actually not as wicked as them. They think that you may betray them, so they deliberately left those secret marks to lure you into that rat hole, thinking of using Wei Wu Ya’s hands to eliminate you...”

    Xiao Yu’er stopped laughing, and shouted, “Then let me ask you, since they want me dead, why did they save me earlier?”

    Su Ying’s eyes shimmered, “This may be because they suddenly decided that you are useful again, it’ll be a pity to kill you, maybe they did not wish to kill you with their own hands.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly jumped up and yelled, “What a fart, I do not believe a single word you said.”

    Su Ying sighed, “It’s not necessary that you believe my words, but you must be on the alert, that’s all.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “You’re asking me to be alert? I think you should be the one to be more alert.”

    Su Ying sighed, “You’re right, I’m afraid this place will really become a place of trouble in future. It seems like there’s no way I can continue staying here. But you.. have you found out something?”

    Xiao Yu’er said with ease, “A person who is hung up on a tree, will always see a little more things than others.”

    Su Ying pressed on, “What have you actually seen?”

    “I saw two people.”

    Su Ying smiled, “Even if you saw twenty people, it’s not something unusual.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “But these two people are very unusual.”

    Su Ying replied, “Oh?”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “These two people have long been hiding behind that small rock over that side. When my friends came to save me, they’re already there, but they did not seem willing to bother about the business this side. Only until Wei Ma Yi and you walked into the woods here, they flew immediately and slipped to the house over that side, and their Lightness Skill are actually top notch…”

    Not only was Su Ying not surprised, but she smiled instead and said gently, “So you do care about me.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled coldly, “If you like to live in your own fantasy, there is nothing I can do, but now is not the time for you to do so, that two people…”

    Su Ying interrupted him again and said sweetly, “You need not be worried for me. That is a very interesting couple, who frequently does things because they think they are smart. The man is a little better, but the woman keeps thinking she is a lot smarter than others, but actually she’s a lunatic.”

    Xiao Yu’er made a face and said, “Those who think themselves as smart, mostly have some problems, but I am an exception, because I am indeed smarter than others.”

    Su Ying asked, “Have they left?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Not only have they left, but they took away two large bags of things…”

    Su Ying was stunned, “When did they leave?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Just now, when you were most happily laughing.”

    He deliberately sighed and said, “Now, I’m afraid you can’t laugh at all.”

    Who would have expected Su Ying to just roll her eyes and laughed again.

    She said with a smile, “What they stole are not two bags of things, but two people.”

    This time Xiao Yu’er was really surprised, and asked hoarsely, “Stole two people? Are they alive?”

    Su Ying replied, “Can’t really consider them alive, but not dead as well. They can be only considered as two half dead people.”

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh and said, “Seems that this couple really have a little problem.”

    Su Ying suddenly smiled, “But they have actually done you a great favor.” Xiao Yu’er was stunned again.

    Su Ying continued, “One of the two that they stole away, is the enemy whom you are going to fight with.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s heart started to sink, and stammered, “You… you, you mean to say… Hua Wu Que?”

    Su Ying replied with a smile, “That’s right!”

    Just like a cat whose tail has been stepped on, Xiao Yu’er jumped up and screamed, “You mean Hua Wu Que has been taken away? Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

    Su Ying replied with a bitter smile, “How would I know he had been taken away? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly slapped himself on the cheeks left and right, “That’s right, why didn’t I tell you earlier! Why didn’t I stop them?…” As he lamented, he sped out of the woods like a crazy man.

    By the time Su Ying wanted to stop him, he is so far away that he cannot be seen. Su Ying is the only person left in the woods, and she was stunned there for a long moment, mumbling, “Su Ying… Su Ying… are you just going to let him leave like this?”

    She suddenly seemed to have made a big resolution, and hurriedly turned around back to the house. She kept mumbling to herself, “Xiao Yu’er… Xiao Yu’er… I won’t let you leave just like that, because I know that I will never find another person like you, so no matter where you go, I must find you.”

    She had just disappeared into the little house, when under a large tree in the woods, a rock suddenly moved to the side.

    There was actually a hole under the rock! And a person actually came up from that hole!

    As he looked as Su Ying disappearing, the corners of his mouth curved up into a vicious smile and muttered, “You do not have to worry, no matter what that lad has gone to, I will help you find him.”

    At a hidden area behind the mountain, there was suddenly a long neigh. It turned out there is a horse carriage hidden there, and the carriage driver is actually Tie Ping Gu.

    Her brows were deeply furrowed, and it seems like it’s not because she was anxious from waiting, but because there are too many, too complicated things in her mind.

    Suddenly there were two ‘swooshing’ sounds, the wooden leaves on the carriage moved slightly.

    Tie Ping Gu said with a lowered voice, “Has Elders returned?”

    Bai Shan Jun’s voice was heard replying, “It’s us.”

    Madam Bai’s laughing voice added, “Don’t you worry, your Yu Lang is lying here right now.”

    Tie Ping Gu gave a sudden whip and the horse carriage dashed out.

    After passing a level lands, they are getting deeper and deeper into the mountains. It turned out that the carriage is not going out of the mountains, but deeper into the mountains.

    At this time Jiang Yu Lang’s moans can be heard coming from the carriage.

    His body curled up into a ball, he stammered, “Cold… cold, I’m chilled to death.”

    But not long after, he was sweating profusely, and kept crying out, “Hot, so hot I can die.”

    On the journey, he was alternating between feeling chilled to the death or feeling so hot he could die, and was in so much torture that Madam Bai can’t help but shake her head and sigh, “I don’t know what poison that lass has given him, which has been torturing this child thus.”

    Bai Shan Jun suddenly laughed coldly, “This lad is neither our relative or friend, but just someone who has come to us, so why must you feel so bad for him?”

    Madam Bai caressed his face and said, “Silly old man, do you really think I was feeling bad for him? I only feel that that lass’s methods are really good, take a look at our Master Hua…”

    Bai Shan Jun sighed as well, “This Hua fellow’s situation now, is really worrisome.” Hua Wu Que seemed to have become an idiot. He sat there dully, not talking or moving, his gaze clouded over, as if his whole body is numb, without feeling at all.

    The Hua Wu Que now is no different from a dead person, the only difference is that he is breathing. No matter what others ask him, he seemed not to have heard.

    In the dark woods, there was actually a small stone house, which looks like a house that practicing monks used to mediate in the days of old, but has now become a hiding place for Bai Shan Jun.

    Hua Wu Que was actually carried in. Not only can he not hear, he cannot even walk now.

    Madam Bai looked at him and furrowed her brows, “Do you think he’s really become like this, or is he pretending?”

    Bai Shan Jun replied, “That is difficult to say.”

    Tie Ping Gu was carrying Jiang Yu Lang and sitting under the tree outside the stone house. She still dared not face Hua Wu Que, and dare not enter.

    Right then Bai Shan Jun’s eyes shimmered and he suddenly dashed out, asking “Is he feeling cold or hot now?”

    Tie Ping Gu sighed and said, “Right now he feels his whole body is in pain, I don’t know…” Before she could finish her words, she suddenly felt her shoulders go numb, and the two main acupoints on her left and right shoulder has been sealed with lightning fast speed by Bai Shan Jun.

    Bai Shan Jun asked, “I heard you escaped from Floral Palace, right?”

    Tie Ping Gu gritted her teeth and said, “You… since you already know, why do you still ask me.”

    Bai Shan Jun smiled sinisterly, “Since that is the case, then let me borrow the use of your body.”

    He grabbed Tie Ping Gu by her hair and lifted her up.

    Jiang Yu Lang, who was in Tie Ping Gu’s arms, immediately fell to the ground, but he stammered out in a laugh, “No… no problem, Elder… Elder can just borrow it!”

    This person is truly vicious and evil, who says whatever the situation asked for. When he knows no one will bother about him even if he cries out in pain, he stopped shouting. Bai Shan Jun dragged Tie Ping Gu into the stone house, dashed towards Hua Wu Que and asked fiercely, “Do you recognize this woman?”

    Hua Wu Que’s eyes just stared straight at Tie Ping Gu, not shaking nor nodding his head at all.

    As Bai Shan Jun smiled evilly, his hands suddenly rose up and ripped the clothes on Tie Ping Gu’s chest, revealing that luscious yet soft bosom.

    Tie Ping Gu gritted her teeth, not begging nor shouting, because she has long learnt to accept whatever comes her way, and knows that crying for help is useless.

    Hua Wu Que sat there, his face expressionless, his eyes still staring hugely, looking at Tie Ping Gu in a daze.

    Bai Shan Jun cried fiercely, “You still do not recognize her? Fine, then I’ll let you have a clearer look!”

    A few more ripping sounds, Tie Ping Gu’s willow slim and firm body, with the lure of a mature woman’s body, is now totally naked in front of Hua Wu Que.

    Her long and slim limbs which were tightly closed together, and her chest were slightly shivering from the cold wind of the deep mountains. Although tears of shame have slid from her eyes, but her fiery eyes also revealed sorrow and hatred, staring straight at a Bai Shan Jun with detestation.

    However Bai Shan Jun was only staring at Hua Wu Que’s eyes.

    But Hua Wu Que did not avert his eyes at all, only staring at Tie Ping Gu in a daze. That smooth little tummy, those long, slender legs… in Hua Wu Que’s eyes, it just looked like wooden logs to him.

    Bai Shan Jun cried angrily, “You are seeing your fellow disciple treated like this, and yet you do not care, aren’t you afraid you will lose the faces of everyone in your Floral Palace?”

    Although his words were roaring, Hua Wu Que seemed not to have heard a word at all.

    Bai Shan Jun smiled sinisterly, “Fine, since you are not afraid of losing face, I might as well make it a bigger loss for you.”

    He carried Tie Ping Gu’s naked body, and actually wanted to…

    End of Chapter 87

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 88

    Madam Bai had been watching from the side with a hidden smile, and only now did she walk over, tapped Bai Shan Jun’s shoulder and laughed, “Enough, enough. Don’t tell me you really want to turn the play into reality, satisfy your own desires under the pretense of work, taking advantage of the situation. If this act continues, I am going to be jealous.”

    She tapped Tie Ping Gu’s body and said with a smile, “This is just an act, don’t be angry.”

    Tie Ping Gu closed her eyes, her tears finally flowing out.

    Madam Bai furrowed her brows and said, “Look at you, you hateful old man, to scare a little Miss thus.”

    Bai Shan Jun laughed, “If she’s angry, she can rip my clothes off as well.”

    Madam Bai removed her outer clothing and wrapped Tie Ping Gu in it, saying gently, “When men sees pretty ladies, they can’t help but want to take some advantage, you don’t have to feel bad…”

    She carried Tie Ping Gu out and placed her gently next to Jiang Yu Lang, saying with a smile, “Better let you two little lovebirds get cozy.”

    It’s not known whether it was deliberate or not, but she did not unseal Tie Ping Gu’s acupoint, as if she knows that after this incident, Tie Ping Gu would secretly run away. Although Jiang Yu Lang has turned pale from the pain, but he still pretended to laugh and said, “Still a kid after all, others just played a trick and you cried.”

    Tie Ping Gu can’t help but berated him, “You… you… are you still human?”

    Jiang Yu Lang looked around, and seeing that Bai Shan Jun and his wife were still in the house, he heaved a long sigh and said with lowered voice, “When in the house of others, one has no choice but to acquiesce. Now that we’re in such straits, if we were to be stubborn, can we still live?”

    Tie Ping Gu gritted her teeth, “I am not afraid of death. I’d rather die than to be bullied like a dog.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “Those who are not afraid of death are all fools. But do you want to take revenge to vent your anger?”

    “Of course.”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “Then you should know that the dead are unable to seek revenge!”

    Bai Shan Jun and his wife sat in the house, looking at each other, their expression indescribably downcast. After much difficult planning, they managed to steal Hua Wu Que from Su Ying’s hands, for the purpose of again trying to find out the secret from him.

    But now all their hard work is for naught.

    Madam Bai heaved a long sigh, stood up and walked out of the house. Bai Shan Jun was not in the mood to ask her where she was going as well, but just stared at Hua Wu Que with a bitter smile.

    After a moment, suddenly he heard Madam Bai exclaiming in shock outside, “Come out quickly and take a look, what is this?”

    Bai Shan Jun rushed out of the house, but only saw Jiang Yu Lang and Tie Ping Gu lying there, heads together, as if asleep. Madam Bai was standing under the tree in a daze.

    There’s nothing under the tree at all, only a pile of fallen leaves.

    There was surprise and excitement on Madam Bai’s face, and she said, “Look what is this?”

    Among the fallen leaves, there’s a little hole, like a rabbit’s hole, or a fox’s lair.

    Bai Shan Jun replied, “But this is just a hole, have you never seen such a hole before?”

    Madam Bai suddenly turned her head back and stared at him with large eyes, as if a gingko tree has suddenly grown on Bai Shan Jun’s face.

    Bai Shan Jun smiled and commented, “Have you never seen me before as well.”

    She bent down and swept away the fallen leaves around the hole, and now it can be seen that the four edges of this hole were smooth and neat, and there is no other way out underneath.

    Madam Bai said, “Take a closer look at this hole.”

    Bai Shan Jun’s expression changed, “I understand! This hole is dug by a person!

    Madam Bai clapped her hands, “That’s it, such a small hole, who can hide in it?”

    Bai Shan Jun furrowed his brows, “But he has not shown himself for twenty years, and it’s rumored that he has died long ago.”

    Madam Bai replied lightly, “Think, would a person like him die? Who can kill him?”

    Bai Shan Jun sighed, “That’s right, the good do not live long, the bad will live a thousand years…”

    Madam Bai giggled, “You’re still jealous of him?”

    Bai Shan Jun replied with a stern look, “Even if your old lover is coming soon, you need not smile so happily in front of me.”

    Madam Bai hooked her arms around his neck and smiled coquettishly, “Silly old man, if I like him, why would I have married you?… come…”

    However Bai Shan Jun pushed her away and said loudly, “No.”

    Bai Shan Jun kicked violently at the fallen leaves and said, “The thought that that lad might be around here, I have no mood whatsoever. I am staying here.”

    Madam Bai asked, “Why?”

    Bai Shan Jun said each word slowly, “To wait by the tree stump for the rabbit.”

    Jiang Yu Lang is in so much pain that he could die, so how could he have fallen asleep… he only closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

    When he heard the couple making so much commotion over a hole, he can’t help but feel perplexed as well, and on hearing the couple flirting with each other, he felt hilarious. But when he heard that the small hole can actually hide a person, he almost wanted to blurt out, “Such a small hole, even a five year old kid would find it difficult to hide in there, how can an adult hide in it? Unless this person is a dwarf?”

    Lastly he heard Bai Shan Jun said, “To wait by the tree stump for the rabbit!” (Chinese idiom)

    A thought suddenly passed through his mind and he secretly thought, “The person they’re waiting for, could it be the ‘Rabbit’ of the Twelve Zodiacs?”

    It must be known, although the Twelve Zodiacs are the bandits and curse of the martial arts realm, but they thought that being called cows or horses too uncouth, so they referred to the classics and found themselves graceful names.

    The rat is called ‘Wu Ya’; the cow ‘Yun Liang’ (Transporting the grain); the tiger ‘Shan Jun (Master of the mountains); the rabbit ‘Dao Yao’ (Pounding medicine); the dragon ‘Si Ling Zhi Shou’ (Leader of the Four Supernatural Beasts); the snake ‘Shi Lu Shen Jun’ (Deer Consuming God); the pig ‘Hei Mian’ (Black face); the horse ‘Ti Wei’ (Kicking the stomach) but also known as ‘Tiger’s wife’; the goat ‘Chi Shi’ (Shouting at stones); the chicken ‘Si Cheng’ (Heralding daybreak); the monkey ‘Xiao Guo’ (Offering fruits), the dog ‘Ying Ke’ (Welcoming Guests). These twelve graceful names, came from poems. The ‘Rabbit’ of the twelve zodiacs is surnamed ‘Hu’, and the name is taken from ‘Pounding medicine on the moon’, but no one knows if this person is male or female.

    Because there is not many people in the martial arts realm who can see the real face of this Herbalist Hu, so no one knows what he actually looks like!

    Bai Shan Jun really sat under the tree and ‘waited by the tree stump for the rabbit’

    Madam Bai looked at him quietly for a moment, and suddenly smiled, “You’re going to spend so much effort waiting here, what if the rabbit doesn’t come?”

    Bai Shan Jun replied, “Since he was here before, he will surely know that you will come back here. With you here, would he not come?… Heh heh, maybe he is already secretly following us, waiting for a chance to meet you.”

    Madam Bai giggled, “I’m already an old woman, what’s there to see?”

    Bai Shan Jun smiled icily, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. To others, you may be an old woman, but in his eyes, you may still be a little beauty.”

    On hearing this, Jiang Yu Lang really felt like laughing. He cannot imagine that this old couple would actually be flirting right here.

    Suddenly Bai Shan Jun exclaimed softly, “He’s here!”

    Jiang Yu Lang can’t help but open his eyes to peek, and saw a dried log about three feet long and a little thicker than a person’s head, rolling over from afar.

    Not only can this log roll on the ground on its own, but it seemed to have eyes as well. Where there are wood or stones blocking the way, it can actually change direction on its own. To actually witness such a strange sight in the abandoned woods, if it were other times, even if Jiang Yu Lang has guts, he would surely be frightened as well.

    But now he already knows that this dried log must be related to that Herbalist Hu, and guessed that Herbalist Hu may very well be hiding inside this log, so it doesn’t seem so frightening anymore. He just felt perplexed and thought, “This log is not much bigger than a pillow, can a person hide in it?”

    Bai Shan Jun stared unblinkingly at this log, his eyes seemed to be smoking, his hands clenched tightly into a fist.

    Madam Bai lightly pressed on his hands and smiled flirtingly, “It’s an old friend we have not met for a long time, you can’t behave like the past and fight upon seeing each other.”

    That log actually laughed and said, “We have not met for years, I did not expect you virtuous couple to be still as loving as ever, it really calls for congratulations.”

    Bai Shan Jun shouted, “How do you know if we’re still as loving, have you been spying on us all this while.”

    That log laughed, “If it’s not as loving as ever, why would there be such a strong air of jealousy. This fact is very obvious, and need no eyes to look, right?”

    A head actually emerged suddenly from the log.

    Although Jiang Yu Lang already knows that there’s someone in the log, but he can’t help being startled at that moment… that a human head would suddenly pop out of a log, no matter what, this is a very creepy sight.

    This hair on this head is all white, but there’s not much beard on the chin. His eyes were round and bright, like two enormous pearls.

    The weirdest thing is, not only is this head not small, but it’s a little larger than the average person. The log may be hollow, but it would still be a tight fit for the head.

    Not only is the head big, but the ears are even bigger, and they’re big and pointed, almost identical to a rabbit’s ears but twice as big.

    How can a dwarf have such a large head, such large ears?

    Jiang Yu Lang can’t help but feel even more startled. Although he still wished to pretend to be asleep, but he cannot bear to close his eyes. Looking at Tie Ping Gu, she was also staring with wide open eyes.

    Madam Bai giggled, “We have not met for more than ten years, I did not expect you to be as playful as ever.”

    That person laughed, “This is called, a leopard can never change its spots.”

    Bai Shan Jun laughed frostily, “If you think that women still like playful men, you are wrong.”

    That person grinned, “Oh, has the trend changed now? I remember that playful men have always been popular.”

    Bai Shan Jun retorted, “Playful men are naturally still popular, but playful old men… heh heh, it will only give one goose pimples, makes one feel nauseous.”

    Seeing that there are still men fighting over her, Madam Bai was indescribably overjoyed and thought, “It seems that I’m not old yet.”

    But she pretended to be angry and said with a stern face, “Whichever of you start quarrelling, I will ignore that person.”

    Bai Shan Jun roared, “Don’t you forget, I am your husband, you cannot ignore me even if you want to.”

    Madam Bai giggled, “Look at you, it’s not as if I’m really ignoring you, why must you be so uptight.” Her eyes shone, her cheeks reddened, she really looked like she is now suddenly ten over years younger.

    That person sighed and said with a laugh, “Old Brother Bai, it seems that you’re really lucky. I’m afraid even when you’ve gone into the coffin, this little sister-in-law of mine would still be as young as a miss.”

    Bai Shan Jun roared, “Are you cursing me? Even if I’m dead, you won’t get a chance as well.”

    Amidst his roar, a punch struck out.

    With a ‘whoosh’ sound, that log was actually smashed to smithereens by the gush of air from his punch and a person jumped out from the log and dashed up a tree.

    Jiang Yu Lang could not even catch a good glimpse of this person’s shadow,

    This person’s large head poked out among the leaves and grinned, “The man has no heart to harm the tiger, but the tiger has the intention to injure the man… But Old Brother Bai, the reason I came this time, is not to fight with you.”

    Bai Shan Jun roared, “Why are you here? This tiger may not eat humans, but eating a rabbit is nothing at all.”

    That person smiled calmly, “If you hurt me, I’m afraid you will never have the fortune of hearing the secret to ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’ in your life.”

    Bai Shan Jun was stunned, and his face immediately was full of smiles and he laughed, “Younger Brother Hu, you and my wife are old friends, have you forgotten her character?”

    That person asked, “What about her character?”

    Bai Shan Jun replied, “She loves others being jealous over her. Since I am her husband, naturally I often have to think of ways to make her happy, actually…”

    Before he could finish his words, he was slapped in the face. Madam Bai stared at him and asked, “Actually what?”

    Bai Shan Jun was not angry at all, but grinned, “Actually I really like you too, but I like that ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’ as well.”

    Madam Bai rolled her eyes, but smiled as well. She stared towards the tree and laughingly chided, “Irritating rabbit, aren’t you coming down?”

    That person laughed loudly, “Yes, I’m coming right down.”

    He leaped down with a smile, but he’s not a dwarf at all, but a seven feet tall man, and seems to be a head taller than Bai Shan Jun.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s eyeballs almost popped out. He really cannot imagine how such a large person can hide in such a small piece of log.

    Suddenly he saw Bai Shan Jun walking over and looked at him with a smile. “So you have been awake a long time.”

    Jiang Yu Lang did not even blush, and said with a smile, “I am in a daze, and did not actually sleep very soundly.”

    Bai Shan Jun added, “Let me tell you, this is the world famous Herbalist Hu. Those in the martial arts realm, not a single person does not know that Herbalist Hu’s ‘Locking Shrinking Bone Skill’ is a rare skill in the martial arts realm, and there is no other like it in the world.”

    Jiang Yu Lang exclaimed hoarsely, “Locking Shrinking Bone Skill? Could it be the secret that Priest Wu Wei had in yesteryear but which he will not impart?”

    Bai Shan Jun laughed, “So you do have some knowledge. So now you should understand.”

    “I understand.”

    Bai Shan Jun suddenly stared, “Since you understand, why aren’t you going further away. Or could it be you want to listen to that secret as well?”

    Although he was extremely reluctant, he had no choice but to leave. Tie Ping Gu also gritted her teeth and stood up, and helped him into that house.

    The wind blew past, and blew up the robes Tie Ping Gu was wearing, revealing a pair of long, straight and legs so pale that it makes one giddy.

    Herbalist Hu’s eyes seemed to have been locked, and smiled “This lady’s legs are really not bad.”

    Bai Shan Jun walked over and whispered with a smile, “Not only are her legs extremely nice, other places… heh heh.” Before he could finish his words, his ears were suddenly pinched.

    Madam Bai gritted her teeth and scolded with a smile, “Old lecher, to see how improper you are, I wonder how many women you have toyed with outside without my knowledge, is that right? Speak quickly!”

    Herbalist Hu laughed, “From what I know, Old Brother Bai have always been faithful to you.”

    Madam Bai stared at him, “You need not speak up for him, you’re not much better.”

    Herbalist Hu exclaimed, “Aiyo, then you’re really misunderstood the good.”

    Madam Bai guffawed and released her hands, “Men… out of ten, nine are lechers.”

    Bai Shan Jun rubbed his ear and smiled, “Let’s not talk about inconsequential things, back to the topic, Younger Brother Hu, do you really know that secret?”

    Herbalist Hu laughed loudly for a moment before continuing, “I saw you drag Old Man Wei’s eldest disciple Wei Ma Yi here, and after muttering for half a day, asked him for look for a lady named Su.”

    Madam Bai interrupted, “Su Ying, that is Old Man Wei’s precious, don’t you know?”

    Herbalist Hu smiled, “Of course I know now, but at that time I was puzzled, since you have a way, why ask others to walk it for you. Later I saw you secretly following him.”

    Madam Bai replied, “That lass refused to learn martial arts, but Old Man Wei taught her all about traps and machines, and it seems that she has surpassed Old Man Wei in that aspect!”

    End of Chapter 88

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 89

    Herbalist Hu continued, “I never managed to learn about traps and machines, so I dared not roam recklessly, hence I found a place to hide. After a moment, I saw Wei Ma Yi tricked a young lad to the area where I was hiding, and sealed that lad’s acupoints as well and hung him up.”

    Bai Shan Jun commented, “At that time we heard someone scolding from afar, I guess it must be that lad scolding Wei Ma Yi.”

    Madam Bai furrowed her brows and asked, “How does that lad look like?”

    Herbalist Hu replied, “He seems not older than twenty, his build is about the same as mine, his face is full of scars, and extremely ugly, but strangely, he doesn’t look at all irritating, but quite lovable instead.”

    Madam Bai said, “It’s rumored that in recent years, a little devil appeared in the martial arts realm, called something Yu, seems like Xiao Yu. This person’s martial arts may not be very good, but he’s full of tricks, and cunning as well. Anyone who offends him, will surely be tricked by him. Even someone like Jiang Bie He gets a headache on seeing him.”

    Herbalist Hu was silent for a moment before he smiled and said, “That’s right, that lad is this person. He’s really an imp. Wei Ma Yi can be considered a formidable person, but later he was thoroughly duped by him…”

    Bai Shan Jun can’t help but interrupt, “How is this person related to the secret of ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’?”

    Herbalist Hu replied, “Let me ask you, how many people in the world knows the secret to ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’?”

    Madam Bai answered, “There may be a few who know it, but there is none who will reveal it.”

    Herbalist Hu smiled, “That’s right, but, now I have a plan to let one of them reveal it.”

    Madam Bai asked, “Who can you make to talk?”

    Herbalist Hu replied, “Su Ying!”

    Madam Bai sighed, “If you can make that lass speak, then I can make a bottle speak as well.”

    Herbalist Hu smiled, “You do not believe me?”

    Madam Bai sighed again, “All right, what plan do you have, let’s hear it.”

    Herbalist Hu lowered his voice, “This plan of mine, involves that fish (Xiao Yu).”

    Madam Bai furrowed her brows, “What plan is that? I do not understand.”

    Herbalist Hu explained, “That Su lass, is besotted with Xiao Yu, if we can catch that fish, no matter what we want Su Ying to reveal, she would not dare to refuse.”

    Madam Bai replied, “I’m afraid this plan is not too reliable. According to what we know, that lass’s heart is harder than stone, there is no man in the world that she holds in regard.”

    Herbalist Hu assured, “It will surely work, I saw with my own eyes that it worked.”

    Madam Bai said slowly, “But, if we want to net that fish, it might not be easy.”

    Herbalist Hu laughed loudly, “Then we’ll need sister-in-law yourself to make the net.”

    Madam Bai smiled and cast a coy look at him, “Don’t you worry, the more mischievous the man, the better I can handle him.”

    Hua Wu Que is still sitting in the house dazedly, like a wooden log.

    When Jiang Yu Lang and Tie Ping Gu walked in, they were talking about her legs outside. Listening to those lecherous laughs, Tie Ping Gu can’t help but want to weep again.

    Tie Ping Gu suddenly grabbed Jiang Yu Lang’s hands tightly and asked, “Why don’t we take the opportunity to escape now?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “If you escape alone, you might be able to run two to three miles, but you will still be caught. If you were to carry me, I’m afraid you cannot even reach half a mile.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “Then you… what do you intend to do?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “Wait, wait for a chance, tolerate, tolerate with all your might.”

    He suddenly smiled, “Do you know, when it comes to tolerating, I’m afraid no one in the world can be better than me.”

    This statement is really not false. This person can be really vicious, and patient, or else he would have died many years ago in the dungeon of ‘Charm to Death without Compensating with Life’ Xiao Mimi.”

    Tie Ping Gu lowered her head, not speaking further. By this time Bai Shan Jun and his wife as well as Herbalist Hu had stepped in.

    Madam Bai walked towards Jiang Yu Lang, and gently massaged his shoulders, asking gently, “Is it still painful with this?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “Pain… it’s still painful, but it seems… seems to be better…”

    Before he can finish his words, he suddenly screamed like a pig being slaughtered. The hands that Madam Bai were massaging his shoulders with, were suddenly infused with internal energy.

    Half of Jiang Yu Lang’s pain may be faked, but the other half is real as well. Right now, the internal energy of Madam Bai’s palms were forcing their way through the acupoints in both his shoulders and he immediately felt as if countless needles were poking him all over his body, and all his joints seemed to have shattered.

    Madam Bai was still full of smiles and asked gently, “Are you feeling better now?”

    Jiang Yu Lang cried miserably, “Beg… beg of you…. let go…. Save…”

    Tie Ping Gu had also rushed over and leapt towards Madam Bai. However, Bai Shan Jun’s movements were as fast as lightning and pulled her arm over.

    Madam Bai said with a smile, “I am just massaging his bones and you are already feeling pained for him, if I kill him, won’t you go crazy then?”

    Actually Tie Ping Gu is almost going crazy now, and is now screaming madly, “You cannot do this… you cannot…”

    Madam Bai replied slowly, “As long as you agree to help us with something, I will let him go immediately.”

    Without a thought, Tie Ping Gu immediately replied, “I agree, I agree…”

    Madam Bai sighed and mumbled, “I did not expect that between a man and a woman, the power of love would be so great.”

    She finally released her hands, lightly tapped Jiang Yu Lang’s face and smiled, “Little lad, seems that you really do have some ability, to be able to make a woman follow you so wholeheartedly. This ability is really quite something.”

    Herbalist Hu suddenly laughed, “The depth of Su Ying’s infatuation over that fish, is much more than hers.”

    Bai Shan Jun laughed loudly, “If that is the case, then this plan of ours will certainly work.”

    Madam Bai said, “Now you will stay here, we’ll hand these two over to you…”

    Bai Shan Jun replied, “Don’t you worry.”

    Tie Ping Gu is still draped over Jiang Yu Lang, quietly sobbing.

    Madam Bai pulled her up and said, “You come with me… but you must remember, if you disobey and spoil our grand plan, this lover of yours will die in your hands!”

    Although Xiao Yu’er felt a burning impatience, he did not walk very quickly.

    He knows it’s useless to walk quickly, and walking quickly may make him miss some things that he should take notice of, and now he cannot afford to miss a single thing.

    Although night has passed, but half the mountain was still covered in fog, and the eyes cannot see far. The leaves in the distance seemed to be floating on the mist, the branches hidden.

    Even the secret signals that Ha Ha’er, Li Da Zui and the rest left behind cannot be easily found, and naturally it’ll be more difficult than ascending heaven than to find the traces left behind by martial arts experts.

    But sometimes the more difficult the matter, the more patient Xiao Yu’er became instead. First, he went to look for a little stream, and washed his face. He calmed himself down, smoothened the flow of his breathing for a moment, and took a look at his own injury to see if it has healed.

    After he exercised his internal energy, he realized that there’s not much difference between now and before he was injured, the only difference is that he had lain on the bed for too long, and his legs felt weak.

    He can’t help but smile and mumble, “That lass spoke of my injury as something so serious, I knew she was scaring me so that I won’t leave…. Ai, women. Whoever believes the words of a woman, that person will become a woman’s slave for the rest of his life.”

    But when he thought of Su Ying’s gentleness and feelings, he can’t help but feel a twinge of sweetness in his heart. No matter what, if a person is being loved, it’s always a very happy matter.

    Wei Wu Ya’s cave is in a secret place on the west side of the mountain.

    Although Xiao Yu’er is fearless, but he has been defeated once by Wei Wu Ya, so he was still wary and dared not travel towards the west.

    He sat on a rock next to the stream and after a long moment, while he was still wondering where he should start looking for Hua Wu Que, he saw on the upstream, something red floating down the running stream.

    Since Xiao Yu’er is unwilling to miss any clues, naturally he would not want to miss this thing right now. He immediately chopped a branch off, leapt to a large rock in front and hooked this thing up.

    It turned out to be a woman’s skirt, and there were flowers embroidered on it. The craftsmanship exquisite, and it looks like a dress a lady from a wealthy family would wear.

    But the waist area of the skirt is torn, as if it has been ripped off the person by force.

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows, “How is it possible that there would be a woman who wear such a dress in the deep mountains? Could this woman have met with a lecher?”

    He had originally thought that this is the work of Wei Wu Ya’s men, but Wei Wu Ya’s cave is in the west, while the stream flowed from the southeast.

    Right at this time, something else flowed down the stream, and it’s also red. This is a pair of embroidered ladies shoes.

    But the Xiao Yu’er now is not only feeling curious, but also outraged. He felt that this lecher has gone overboard, no matter what he has to be taught a lesson.

    Next to the stream were rocks overgrown with moss, and extremely slippery but with Xiao Yu’er’s Lightness Skill, naturally he is not afraid of slipping.

    He jumped on these rocks and after jumping three to five feet, he picked up from the water a bright red embroidered undergarment which has been shredded to pieces.

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows, “Don’t you think this is too much? Although most women are not good, but men who bully women are worse.”

    As he went forward, another undergarment floated over. This undergarment is sky blue in color, but also shredded.

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed hoarsely, “So it’s not only one, but two women.”

    He stopped instead, and suddenly realized that in the deep mountains, there will never be two women like that. Women who wore such clothes, are a rarity even in the streets.

    Right at this time, a scream was heard upstream! The scream was shrill, it’s really a woman’s voice.

    Xiao Yu’er stood on the rock, and after a while, the corners of his lips curved up into a mysterious smile and he mumbled, “Women, women… why it is that no matter where I go, I will surely meet strange women?”

    At the end of the stream, there is a waterfall flowing down from the top of the peak and at the bottom was an enormous rock.

    The waterfall fell on the enormous rock, and the water spread out in all directions into the stream. On the enormous rock were two women.

    They were almost totally naked, and the waterfall was splashing down on them from the top. The pressure of such water is obviously extremely great.

    Their long and firm legs were involuntarily convulsing from the force of the water, their long, black hair were spread over the gray rock.

    When Xiao Yu’er arrived, he can’t help but feel stunned.

    This image may be horrendous, but also filled with the lure of sin, enough to let any man in the whole world to blush, the heart to beat faster, unable to control himself.

    The mist from the water, the floating clouds, the clear stream, the waterfall, naked beauties, horrendous torture… this is so outrageous that it’s unbelievable.

    Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “Who did this? This person is absolutely a crazy genius!”

    The two women were groaning, as if they have sensed someone has approached, and cried, “Help… help…”

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Are you unable to move yourselves?”

    That woman only cried out, “Please… save us!”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Who did this to you? Where is he?”

    That woman’s cries grew weaker, her mouth seemed to be saying something, but Xiao Yu’er can’t hear a single word clearly. The rock he is standing on is still twenty feet away.

    With Xiao Yu’er’s Lightness Skill, twenty odd feet is nothing to him. All the men in the world, if they were to have his skills, and on seeing such a scene, will certainly leap over.

    Who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er did not save them, nor did he leave.

    He actually sat down on the rock, and stared… Such an action is really out of the ordinary and besides him, there is no other person in the world would be able to do such a thing.

    The women on the rock, are naturally Madam Bai and Tie Ping Gu. Now, Madam Bai is stunned as well. Every scheme and every trap that she planned had always been strange, sudden and thorough, sometimes even unbelievable.

    Every scheme that she planned would have a touch of cruel, sinful lure, that is so irresistible that one cannot help but fall into the trap.

    This time, she knows that the other party is also a smart person, so naturally she put even more effort into the plan. She knows that no matter who it is, after being hung on the tree for so long, would certainly need to drink… and especially the smart ones, will find a place to drink, because a smart person, before he carries out any task, would first calm themselves.

    As long as it’s a man, on seeing the evidence of a woman being raped flowing down the stream, will certainly come upstream to find out what had happened.

    Therefore she waited here, showing off her still beautiful and alluring body. She is sure that no man in the world would not come over on seeing such a situation.

    But she still could not put her mind at ease, she is still worried that time has weakened the lure of her body, so she pulled Tie Ping Gu in as well.

    She knows that this name ‘Xiao Yu’er’ was spoken from Jiang Yu Lang’s lips, and naturally knows that Tie Ping Gu had once saved Xiao Yu’er.

    Because when Jiang Yu Lang came to seek help from them, not only had she grilled Jiang Yu Lang on his background, she was not lax with the girl that Jiang Yu Lang brought with him as well.

    To gain her trust, Jiang Yu Lang told her everything about Tie Ping Gu… naturally Jiang Yu Lang would not help another keep secrets.

    Therefore she thinks that there is no reason that Xiao Yu’er would not come. Dripping water can pierce a hole through a rock, much less the force of the waterfall; This rock has been grounded round and smooth by the waterfall, and in the middle of the rock there is a hollow, but the surrounding area is so slippery that no one would be able to stand properly on top.

    Madam Bai is lying in the hollow. Once Xiao Yu’er jumps on this rock to save her, she only have to push lightly and Xiao Yu’er would fall into the water.

    And right now, Herbalist Hu is lying underwater, with a reed in his mouth, the other end above water so that he can breath. Once Xiao Yu’er falls into the water, it’ll be like a fish swimming into a net… when a person falls into water, he will naturally flail his limbs, and his weak points will be exposed. Herbalist Hu would be concentrating instead, so naturally he will be captured easily.

    Under the rushing waterfall and above the slippery rock, this is an extremely dangerous position. Even if Xiao Yu’er is extremely skilled, once he comes over, there is no way that he will not fall down.

    Madam Bai placed herself in such a dangerous position, it is really a devious plan, but never in her dreams did she expect that not only did Xiao Yu’er not come over, but he did not leave as well. He just sat far away and looked, as if he is watching a show.

    Xiao yu’er was sitting there in a relaxed manner, and he actually took off his shoes and started washing his feet in the stream. The expression on his face is indescribably happy.

    After another while, he actually started clapping and singing!

    “Clear stream to wash feet, such happiness! Beauties to feast the eyes, such happiness! With such in life, what more can one ask for?”

    Madam Bai was livid with anger on hearing it and can’t help but scold through gritted teeth, “This Xiao Yu is inhumane… could he have seen through my ploy?”

    The later sentence, is naturally asking Tie Ping Gu, because the sound of the falling water is so loud that even if she raised her voice a little more, only Tie Ping Gu would be able to hear her.

    Tie Ping Gu was originally full of shame and hatred, but now she can’t help but laugh secretly and deliberately replied, “He must have seen through it.”

    Madam Bai replied with hatred, “This plan is seamless, how can he see through it?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “Many have said that he is the smartest person in the world, it seems that they are not wrong.”

    Her skills are below Madam Bai’s, and the rush of the waterfall has made it difficult to breath, but now she is feeling so happy that not only can she say everything in one breath, but her voice was not soft either.

    Madam Bai asked coldly, “Are you trying to give him hints? But it’s best that you do not forget, your lover is still in my hands. If this is not successful, you will become an unwed widow.”

    End of Chapter 89

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 90

    Once Jiang Yu Lang was mentioned, Tie Ping Gu’s heart dropped immediately. Although she hoped that Xiao Yu’er would not be tricked, but all the more she can’t bear to let Jiang Yu Lang die. Tie Ping Gu dare not speak again.

    After a while, Madam Bai asked instead, “I know you saved him once, right?”

    Tie Ping Gu affirmed it.

    Madam Bai pressed, “Why isn’t he saving you now?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “Maybe… maybe he did not recognize me…”

    Madam Bai said quietly, “That’s right… when men see a naked beauty, their eyes will only stare at her body, and usually will not look at her face.”

    Tie Ping Gu’s face reddened in a fiery blush, she suddenly felt Xiao Yu’er’s eyes staring at her. How she wish she could cover her chest, her legs… but for Jiang Yu Lang, she dare not even move.

    Madam Bai said coldly, “Now, you must quickly turn your head a little more, and cry for help… your cries must not be too loud, but it must not be too soft either, you must make it sound exhausted, understand?”

    Tie Ping Gu immediately cried out, “Help… help…”

    She turned her head, and instead realized that Xiao Yu’er had already finished washing his legs and was half lying on that rock with his hand supporting his head, and he looked asleep.

    Naturally Madam Bai saw it as well, and gritted her teeth, “What a sly lad, what is he really up to?”

    She heard someone talking from beneath the rock, “Weren’t my words correct, this fish is very difficult to capture.”

    It turned out that Herbalist Hu could not bear it any further as well, and half his head rose out of the water.

    Madam Bai hurriedly said, “Get down quickly, don’t let him see you.”

    Herbalist Hu smiled, “No matter how skilful he is, can his eyes see around corners? How can he look behind the rock?”

    Madam Bai sighed, “In your opinion, has he seen through this plan?”

    Herbalist Hu queried, “But why didn’t he come over?”

    Madam Bai said, “Maybe this lad is born with a suspicious nature, and will have some suspicions towards any matter, so he is not coming over first, but taking his time there to gauge our reaction?”

    Herbalist Hu said with a bitter smile, “But we are suffering here, and he is enjoying himself there. In this waiting game, how can we win him?”

    Madam Bai said, “What else can we do but wait? This lad is even more slippery than a fish, if he were to see through us this time, netting him would be even more difficult than ascending heaven the next time.”

    Herbalist Hu heaved a long sigh and said, “Since that is the case, it seems that we can only wait with him, but how long can you take it?”

    Madam Bai was silent for a moment before continuing with a bitter smile, “Since things has come to this, we’ll just take each moment as it comes…”

    Who would have expected at this time, Xiao Yu’er suddenly stood up.

    Madam Bai was surprised and overjoyed, and whispered, “Get down quickly, the fish is about to be hooked.”

    Without waiting for her to finish her words, Herbalist Hu had already dived underwater, and that reed poked out of the water again.

    Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “I don’t think this is a trick, or else they will not be able to bear with it for so long.”

    As he spoke, he wore his shoes, and dipped his feet into the water. Obviously he was also worried that the rock over there would be too slippery, so he was wetting the soles of his shoes. Madam Bai knew that he would be coming over soon, and the joy in her heart cannot be described with words, but Tie Ping Gu almost wanted to burst into tears.

    At this point in time she almost forgot about Jiang Yu Lang, almost wanted to cry out immediately, telling Xiao Yu’er not to come over and get tricked, because in the split second between life and death, the morals that are deep in a person’s heart will usually suddenly win over selfishness.

    A pity that Madam Bai also understands this point very well, and with a low voice, said each word clearly, “Remember, do not forget about your lover.”

    Tie Ping Gu’s heart froze, and bit her own tongue, feeling a stab of pain in her chest; She may not have screamed, but her tears have flowed.

    Suddenly Xiao Yu’er was heard shouting, “Misses, do not be afraid, I am coming to save you!” Amidst the shout, he was already leaping up, flying towards the rock.

    Xiao Yu’er struck a pose for some time to ready himself, and Madam Bai thought that his leap must be light and graceful, but who would have expected that his skill is neither light, and his posture was extremely awful as well.

    When a person spend so much effort throwing the net, he will always hope that he’ll catch a big fish, but this ‘fish’ seems to be a really small one.

    Madam Bai secretly sighed, “It’s true that most clever men are not hardworking. If I had known that his martial arts is so atrocious, I would not wasted so much effort.”

    As she was thinking, she suddenly heard a splash and the water splattered all over… Xiao Yu’er did not leap onto the stone with his jump, but leapt into the water instead.

    There were sounds of gulping, and he seemed to have swallowed a few mouthfuls of water, his nose bubbling in the water, and later he actually started shouting, “Help… help… I’m drowning…”

    The savior, is now crying out to be saved instead.

    Madam Bai found the situation both infuriating and hilarious. She really did not imagine that not only is this lad’s martial arts so terrible, but his water skills is worse than his martial arts. At this point in time Xiao Yu’er can’t even scream for help, but there were bubbles coming up from beneath the water, and it seems that this little fish is about to drown.

    Madam Bai secretly scolded, “If not for the fact that I still have use of you, I’ll let you drown today.”

    By this time she no longer has any misgivings, and was going to sit up, but the force of the water from the top is really too strong, and her strength is almost used up. She only managed to sit up halfway when she was pushed down by the water again.

    That reed has turned around from behind the rock. Madam Bai saw that since Herbalist Hu has come to catch the fish, she might as well save her strength.

    The water is very clear, Herbalist Hu opened his eyes underwater and saw that this little fish is now looking like a drenched puppy instead, and he could almost catch him once he extend his hands.

    But who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er would suddenly leap out of the water.

    He flicked his fingers lightly, and a little black pill was flipped out of his fingers, and it actually dropped into that hollow reed coincidentally. Herbalist Hu was breathing when he suddenly felt something drop down the reed. After being underwater for so long, he was naturally breathing very hard, and by the time he wanted to exhale, it was too late.

    With lightning fast hands, Xiao Yu’er pulled the reed out of his mouth and with a gulp, he swallowed that thing.

    He only felt that this thing was salty, wet and smelly, and even has the smell of salted fish. He was just opening his mouth to spit it out but water rushed in instead. After gulping two mouthful of water, even if he had swallowed dog poop, he can forget about spitting it out.

    Madam Bai only heard the splashing of water, and just as she was wondering what happened, Xiao Yu’er had already pulled out the reed and at the same time sealed her ‘Tong Quan’ acupoint on the sole of her feet.

    By the time Herbalist Hu jumped out of the water like a toad who was struck by an arrow, Madam Bai has already become a dead horse, lying on the stone and unable to move.

    Herbalist Hu leapt onto the rock and immediately opened his mouth, trying to vomit so hard that even his tears and nose was running.

    He saw Xiao Yu’er, who had already returned to the rock on the other side, looking at them with a grin, as if nothing had happened.

    Only now did Madam Bai realize that the fisherman is now being fished instead.

    She was startled and furious and called out, “Quick… unseal my acupoint quickly.”

    Herbalist Hu was rubbing his eyes and panting as he asked, “What… what acupoint?”

    Madam Bai replied, “Tong Quan acupoint.”

    Herbalist Hu was just thinking of it when Xiao Yu’er commented with a lazy smile, “If I were you, I will certainly not save her.”

    Herbalist Hu’s finger really paused in mid-air, and asked, “Why?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Do you still have the energy to save others? Why don’t you think of a way to save yourself first.”

    Herbalist Hu’s face turned ashen, “That… what was that?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “If it’s not poison, could it have been a tonic pill then?” Herbalist Hu weakened.

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “If you want me to save you, you better sit there obediently and don’t move.”

    Madam Bai interrupted, “No matter what, you can unseal my acupoint first and we can force him to hand us the antidote.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Just with the two of you, you can’t even force me to fart.”

    With the two of them talking back and fro, Herbalist Hu was stuck in the middle, not knowing whether to listen to Madam Bai, or to Xiao Yu’er.

    Tie Ping Gu witnessed the scene with surprise and joy, and after being stunned for a moment, suddenly thought, “What a better time to jump if not now?” She immediately rolled down the rock into the water.

    Madam Bai was frantic with impatience and asked, “You… why are you still not moving?”

    Herbalist Hu sighed and said with a bitter smile, “I do want to save you, but my own life is more important after all.”

    Madam Bai stared at him, so furious that she is at a loss for words.

    By now Tie Ping Gu had swam over with a struggle, and just as she was about to jump on the rock, she suddenly remembered that she is not wearing even a stitch, so how can she face others?

    However, Xiao Yu’er’s eyes looked towards her and even smiled. Tie Ping Gu wished that she can hide her face in the water.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “You want to tell me to turn my head around, right?”

    Tie Ping Gu hurriedly nodded her head.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “All right, I’ll turn around then, but I must first ask you, you were not shy while lying there earlier, so why are you suddenly shy now?”

    Tie Ping Gu stammered, “I… I only…”

    Xiao Yu’er said lazily, “You wanted to trick me earlier, right? A pity that the one who got tricked is not me, but someone else.”

    This sentence is like a whip, and Tie Ping Gu’s face paled, and stammered, “You… why do you malign me thus?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed coldly, “I malign you… haha, then I want to ask you instead, since you can move and talk earlier, why didn’t you warn me not to be tricked?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “It’s because I… I…” She finally realized that she really has nothing to say, and her tears flowed unknowingly.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “You don’t have to cry, I am not Hua Wu Que, and have never has his nature of caring for females. Even if you were to cry until a river flows, I still will not pity you.”

    Tie Ping Gu’s body started shivering and she said hoarsely, “I did not ask you to forgive me, I… I will never beg you as well…”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly stared and shouted, “But I must still ask you, why did you betray me? Why? Why?…”

    Tie Ping Gu started wailing and replied hoarsely, “Because I think that you are an arrogant, selfish jerk who thinks you’re so special. You think that you’re better than others, so I want you to die in the hands of others!”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned for a moment, and he actually laughed and said with a grin, “The louder a woman speaks, usually her words are not true. The way you say it, I think that you’re not deliberately tricking me, you must have your difficulties, maybe I really should forgive you.”

    Tie Ping Gu was tongue-tied, and was stunned. She only felt that this person’s actions and words, not a single one will not shock others.

    Xiao Yu’er continued slowly, “Maybe you have someone close who is in their hands, and to save that person’s life, you can only betray me.”

    He sighed and added, “If that is really the case, I really cannot blame you, because I know that for the person she loves, a woman will not hesitate to betray herself as well.”

    This words really touched a chord in Tie Ping Gu’s heart, and she can’t help but cry again. She really did not expect this hateful Xiao Yu’er would really be able to understand another’s pain, understand another’s thoughts.

    Xiao Yu’er asked gently, “But who is this person? Is he worth you sacrificing so much for him?”

    Tie Ping Gu cried as she said, “You… you know him, I cannot reveal his name.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s expression changed, but his voice was still gentle, “Do you mean Jiang Yu Lang?”

    This time Tie Ping Gu really kept her mouth shut. But by keeping her mouth shut now, is akin to acknowledging it. Xiao Yu’er suddenly jumped up and raised his voice, “Fine, fine, fine, you actually betrayed me because of that little bastard Jiang Yu Lang. Do you know what a rotten person that lad is, that even if he was beheaded a hundred times, it would still not be enough.”

    Tie Ping Gu was stunned again.

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her and after a moment, suddenly sighed, “Actually I still should not blame you, that lad is full of honeyed words that even women who are ten times smarter than you would have been tricked as well.”

    Tie Ping Gu stood in the water at a loss, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

    By now Xiao Yu’er had calmed down, and stood up with a grin and commented to Herbalist Hu, “Very good, you are very smart, and did not strike rashly. But a smart man like you, married a wife who keeps stripping, isn’t that a let down!”

    Herbalist Hu sighed, “I don’t have a wife.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned for a moment before laughing loudly, “Marvelous, marvelous. So this means that, you are smarter than I imagined… but if a woman like her has no husband, she’ll surely turn crazy, where is her husband?”

    He rolled his eyes, and immediately continued with a smile, “Her husband would naturally be watching over Jiang Yu Lang, right?”

    Herbalist Hu can only sigh, “Exactly.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly leapt up and flew towards that huge rock. This time he leapt lightly, and lightly landed on the rock, and certainly will not fall into the water again.

    Madam Bai bit her lips until it bled.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at her with a grin and said, “For an old woman like you, you don’t really have a lot of fats on your body, which is not easy. Since you have a husband as well as a lover, why do you still want to look for me?”

    Madam Bai said through gritted teeth, “Since you are so smart, why can’t you guess?”

    Without even thinking, Xiao Yu’er immediately replied, “Because amongst the three of you, there must be one who had secretly seen how anxious Su Ying was over me, so you thought of using me to threaten Su Ying and make her reveal the information that Hua Wu Que refused to reveal.”

    Before he could finish his words, Madam Bai is already stunned. Although she had asked him to guess, but she did not expect this darn Xiao Yu’er would really guess it correctly, as if he had witnessed it all from the side. Madam Bai felt as if she had swallowed bitter water, but unable to spit it out.

    Xiao Yu’er added, “But even if you want to trick me, you do not have to take off your own clothes and torture yourself thus. I’m afraid this is because you have this perverse liking by nature to let others see you naked… some crazy people like to pee in front of women, I’m afraid they have the same perversion as you.”

    Madam Bai was so furious that her lips quivered, and she can’t help but start berating him.

    She used almost all the vicious words in the world to scold him, but Xiao Yu’er seemed not to have heard a single word, and did not even take another look at her.

    Tie Ping Gu was still soaking in the water on the other side, not daring to stand up, and not knowing what else to do either. The stream was freezing, and she was so cold that her lips had turned pale. She felt sadness, pain, shame, and thought that there is no more meaning in living, and was about to knock herself dead.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly said loudly, “You know that Miss Tie had saved my life, and is also my good friend, but now she is soaking in the water, not daring to come out. Do you think I will feel bad?”

    Herbalist Hu replied, “I would think that you will… will feel a little bad.”

    Xiao Yu’er retorted angrily, “Since you know that I feel bad, why aren’t you taking off your own clothes and give it to her.”

    Without daring to say anything more, Herbalist Hu can only take off his outer clothes and threw it towards Tie Ping Gu. Tie Ping Gu caught it with her hands, but was unsure whether to wear it or not.

    She heard Xiao Yu’er say, “When Tie Ping Gu is wearing her clothes, if you dare to take a single look at her, I will dig your eyes out, understood?”

    Herbalist Hu felt both angry and funny, and secretly thought, “Haven’t I seen enough earlier, even if you want me to look now, how can I have the mood or the appetite to do so.”

    Tie Ping Gu finally wore the clothes in the end.

    Xiao Yu’er tried to control his smile and mumbled, “I wonder if she has worn the clothes.”

    Herbalist Hu can’t help but reply, “She has.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly roared, “I did not expect that you still peeked!”

    Herbalist Hu stammered, “No… No…”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Actually, since you have seen everything earlier, you’re only taking another peek now, there’s nothing to it, you need not be afraid.”

    Herbalist Hu stared at Xiao Yu’er, and also felt as if he has swallowed bitter water but unable to spit it out.

    His martial arts is not weak, his brains are not bad either, and he thought of himself as exceptional as well, but who would have expected that now he is being fooled by an underage kid. He really wished that he can cast aside everything else and have a good fight with this hateful rascal.

    Xiao Yu’er shifted his gaze and suddenly tapped his shoulder and said with a smile, “You don’t have to feel bad, only a fool would not treasure his own life. You submitted to me because you want me to save you, and this is where you’re smart.”

    Herbalist Hu sighed, and slowly felt that he is great after all, “To be able to submit thus, is really not something that can be easily done by others, so what’s so shameful about it?” Once he thought of this, the earlier thought of fighting with Xiao Yu’er flew out of his mind.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed even happier, and said, “Now, you only have to do one more thing for me, and I will give you the antidote.”

    Herbalist Hu sighed, “Since that is the case, I am willing to hear your instructions.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Bring me to her husband.”

    Once Herbalist Hu thought that Hua Wu Que is still in Bai Shan Jun’s hands, and using Hua Wu Que to threaten him, he need not be afraid that Xiao Yu’er would not give him the antidote.

    Once he thought of this, his eyes brightened and he immediately bowed and replied, “Certainly!”

    Herbalist Hu took a glance at Madam Bai and can’t help but ask, “But what about her?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Since she like to strip and bath, might as well let her bath herself clean here.”

    After a short while, the stone house is already in sight. The wind blew past the woods, making shuffling noises, but the house is quiet, not a sound to be heard at all.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly reached out and gripped Herbalist Hu’s wrist and said with a low voice, “They are in that house?”

    “That’s right.”

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows, “Three living adults in the house, but why is there not a single sound at all?”

    Tie Ping Gu can’t help but blurt out, “I… I’ll go and take a look first.”

    However, Xiao Yu’er’s other hand grabbed her as quickly and said with a serious expression, “Since we’re already here, why are you so impatient!”

    Tie Ping Gu hemmed and hawed, “If you still remember that I… I was good to you, I only beg that you do not kill him.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared, “Not kill him! Keep him alive so that he can harm others?” Tie Ping Gu’s head lowered further, tears flowing.

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment before saying with hatred, “Seems like that little beast have cheated you quite badly, but I have told you long ago, I am not a gentleman. If you expect me to repay you in gratitude, you are mistaken.”

    Tie Ping Gu replied sadly, “You may sound vicious, but I know your heart is not like that, you… you… you won’t kill him, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er stamped his feet and suddenly cast Herbalist Hu’s hand aside sharply and said fiercely, “Tell them to come out now, do you hear?”

    Herbalist Hu cleared his throat and called loudly, “Brother Bai, come out, I have returned.”

    The words sounded in the empty mountain, echoing in the distance. But it was still quiet in the stone house, no reply at all.

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows, “Could this Bai person be deaf.”

    Herbalist Hu’s eyes shimmered and he said, “Why don’t I go in and have a look.”

    Xiao Yu’er thought for a while and said with a low voice, “All right, you walk first, but do not walk too fast. If you make any unexpected moves, I will break your hand first!”

    Herbalist Hu heaved a sigh, and walked over step by step. As he reached the door, he saw Jiang Yu Lang curled up in a corner alone, his whole body shaking.

    Bai Shan Jun and Hua Wu Que have disappeared!

    End of Chapter 90

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 91

    Herbalist Hu and Tie Ping Gu were both shocked and puzzled, but Xiao Yu’er, on seeing Jiang Yu Lang, can only feel the fumes of anger bursting up, and couldn’t care less about anything else.

    Jiang Yu Lang saw them as well, and said with a dry laugh, “So it is Brother Yu who has arrived, it has really been a long time.”

    Xiao Yu’er burst out scolding, “Who is brother with a little beast like you. A pity the last time the shit did not drown you, or else how would Hero Yan have died in the hands of you little beast.”

    He became angrier as he spoke and suddenly leapt over, his fists beating down like rain.

    Jiang Yu Lang has no energy to attack at all, and can only scream in pain, “Brother Yu please have mercy, little Brother here is fatally ill, and cannot take the beating.”

    Xiao Yu’er shouted furiously, “If you’re afraid of being beaten, then why didn’t you do less evil acts.”

    Tie Ping Gu stood at the side, looking with tears streaming down her face but she dare not stop him. Although he did not use all his strength, Jiang Yu Lang is now bruised and his eyes swollen. Even though Tie Ping Gu turned her head away, unable to witness the scene any longer, she knows that Xiao Yu’er no longer has the intention to kill him, or else he could have killed him with just two punches, and need not waste so much energy now.

    Jiang Yu Lang cried out, “Ping’er, why aren’t you pulling him, you saved his life once, he will listen to you, can you bear to see me being beaten to death?”

    Tie Ping Gu secretly sighed, “It’s not that I’m not saving you, I just hope that after this lesson, you will change for the better. As long as you have the intention to change, even if I were to die for you, I’ll be willing.”

    However, Jiang Yu Lang suddenly laughed madly and said loudly, “Fine, beat me to death if you have the guts, then you can forget about seeing Hua Wu Que for the rest of your life.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s fist immediately paused in mid-air, only now did he remember that Bai Shan Jun and Hua Wu Que are supposed to be in the house as well.

    Xiao Yu’er pulled him up from the ground and asked fiercely, “Where is Hua Wu Que? Are you telling?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied slowly, “If you want to see him, then you should beseech me respectfully.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s fist sprung out again and shouted, “Little bastard, beseech my”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed icily, “Fine, hit me, but a fist cannot find answers. If it were anyone else, would he have spoken after getting a few punches? Won’t your punches be even more forceful after I’ve spoken.”

    “I, hit you? When have I ever hit you?” He actually slapped the dust on Jiang Yu Lang’s body away, helped him to a seat and said with a smile, “It has been a long time Brother Jiang, how have you been recently?”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “Fine, fine, just that I was bitten a few times by a mad dog earlier.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “A mad dog will usually only bite another mad dog. Brother Jiang is not mad, and not a dog as well, so how can there be a mad dog biting you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly as well, “If that is the case, little brother here might have seen wrongly.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a laugh, “Brother Jiang must be missing little brother, that even your eyes are red from crying, that’s why your eyesight is not so clear.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “That’s right, little brother kept thinking, how has Brother Yu been recently, will he suddenly have epilepsy or piles? Once I think of this, little brother here gets very worried, haha, very worried.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Little brother thought that a person like Brother Jiang will certainly be free from illness and pain, but who would have expected that when I see you today, Brother Jiang seemed to have epilepsy, or else why would you be shaking on the ground.”

    The two of them debated, one speaking after the other, as if they’re engaged in an opera.

    Herbalist Hu watched from the side, finding the scene hilarious, and at the same time can’t help but lament that the saying ‘the young surpasses the old’ is really quite true. In the past, although there were a few quick and cunning powerful characters in the martial arts realm, but when compared to these two youths, they are obviously not as good.

    And he cannot imagine where Bai Shan Jun and Hua Wu Que would be? If Bai Shan Jun took Hua Wu Que away, why would he leave Jiang Yu Lang here? He heard Xiao Yu’er comment again, “The mountains are secluded, Brother Jiang is sitting alone in here, aren’t you afraid that there will be some blind, evil ghosts who will come and seek Brother Jiang to take your life?”

    “This, Brother Yu does not have to worry. Little Brother here is a little short of cash right now, if there’s any souls or ghosts who really dare to come, I will capture and sell him in exchange for a few silver taels and buy some wine. Besides, I was not sitting here alone earlier.”

    He finally went to the point with the last sentence.

    However Xiao Yu’er pretended not to understand, “Oh, I wonder who else was here?”

    Jiang Yu Lang grinned, “One of them is surnamed ‘Hua’, would Brother Yu recognize the name?”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Is it Hua Wu Que? Little brother is just about to look for him over some matters, but I wonder where has he gone to now?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied with a straight face, “Little brother knows that he has some issues with Brother Yu, and am afraid that he will seek trouble with Brother Yu, and had wanted to do a little something for Brother Yu and just kill him.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “If Brother Jiang had really killed him, that would spare little brother a lot of trouble. Killing someone is always easier than interrogating him, right?”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed as well, “Later little brother thought about it, if Brother Yu wants to kill him personally, my flattery would have gone amiss? Therefore little brother only gave him some drugs.”

    Herbalist Hu can’t help but ask, “Bai… Bai Shan Jun was drugged by you as well?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied with a grin, “It’s not too seriously drugged, after about three to five days, they will wake up. A person who has been drugged for three to five days, even if he wakes up, I’m afraid he will only become a retard or handicapped person.”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, and suddenly laughed loudly. Jiang Yu Lang immediately laughed loudly along with him as well, and the two of them laughed so hard that they were almost tearing.

    Tie Ping Gu and Herbalist Hu looked at them in shock, not knowing what the two of them were laughing about.

    Xiao Yu’er clasped his stomach and laughed, “Interesting, interesting, my stomach is about to burst from laughter.”

    Jiang Yu Lang asked, “What is Brother Yu laughing about?”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly stopped laughing and stared at Jiang Yu Lang, “It seems that although Brother Jiang has not died from your illness, but you’re not too far from it, yet you can carry two large men weighing seventy to eighty kilos and hide them. Isn’t this the most ridiculous joke?”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “Brother Yu’s imagination is really good, a pity that Master Hua…”

    Xiao Yu’er finally felt some anxiety and can’t help but ask, “What’s wrong with Master Hua?”

    Herbalist Hu sighed, “Not only has Master Hua’s acupoint been sealed, but he seemed to have suffered a great shock, and his mind is already in a stupor, I’m afraid… afraid he is unable to walk.”

    Xiao Yu’er cocked his head, tapping the side of his forehead with his finger, and tapped for about 17, 18 times before the corners of his mouth revealed a slight smile, and muttered, “After they collapsed, you carried them out?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “This sickness of mine, will relapse at will. When it relapses the pain is so agonizing that even being carried will be torturous, much less carrying others, but when it does not relapse, there’s no problem carrying a person.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes flitted towards Herbalist Hu, and Herbalist Hu nodded his head.

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “Little brother here is not lying, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Not lying, not lying… but after you carried them out, why did you come back? Or could it be that your body itches, so you came back to wait for a beating?”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s expression did not change, neither was he angry, but instead replied with a smile, “Ping’er is still in their hands, even if little brother here knows that Brother Yu is coming and wants to cut me into a thousand pieces, I still have to wait here and see Ping’er one more time.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s mouth curled, and he smiled, “Since when has Jiang Yu Lang become such an affectionate person. Interesting, interesting, really interesting…”

    Tie Ping Gu could not take it any longer and collapsed beneath Jiang Yu Lang’s feet, bawling her heart out.

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and mumbled, “Silly lass, if this lad says that his fart is fragrant, would you believe him as well?”

    But Tie Ping Gu only asked with tears flowing, “Are your injuries serious? Is it painful?”

    Jiang Yu Lang gently caressed her hair and said softly, “Even if I am in pain, as long as I see you, I won’t feel the pain.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly shouted, “Enough, enough, I’m having goosebumps, have the love sage finished his act?”

    Jiang Yu Lang asked, “What instructions does Brother Yu have?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said with a bitter smile, “Now that the goods are in your hand, you are the boss, so just tell me your price.”

    Jiang Yu lang said very slowly with a smile, “This illness of mine, is all thanks to Miss Su… and Brother Yu is on good terms with this Miss Su?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “If I do not know her, I would not have so much trouble.”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “This is not considered much trouble, as long as Brother Yu asks Miss Su here and cure this illness of mine, little brother will invite Master Hua out immediately as well and cure his illness.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Fine, let’s go.”

    Jiang Yu Lang said, “Little brother here will accompany you as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “I can’t bear to leave you all alone here as well.”

    Herbalist Hu suddenly said, “It doesn’t matter if this trip is not made, because that Miss Su will be here shortly.”

    Jiang Yu Lang was surprised and asked with furrowed brows, “How do you know she’ll be coming here?”

    Herbalist Hu smiled, “Just like this Miss Tie and you… Miss Su is also attracted to Xiao… Master Xiao Yu. Once Master Xiao Yu leaves, she will follow.”

    Jiang Yu Lang clasped his hands and laughed loudly, “But even if Miss Su has left to look for Brother Yu, she might not be able to find her way here.”

    Herbalist Hu said with a slight smile, “This you do not have to worry, she will certainly find it.”

    Jiang Yu Lang thought for a while and smiled, “That’s right, you had wanted to use Brother Yu to threaten her, naturally you would have left clues along the way for her to find her way here.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “Since that is the case, we will just wait here for her then.”

    Madam Bai moved inch by inch on the rock, and finally found the correct position, using the force of the waterfall to unseal the acupoint on her sole.

    She finally got up halfway with much difficulty, and was just wondering what to do, when she suddenly realized that among the grass on the shore, a pair of eyes were staring at her.

    This person’s face is full of dirt, and it seems like the face has not been washed for a very long time, but the pair of eyes is large and bright, as if finding the scene interesting.

    Madam Bai rolled her eyes, and instead puffed her chest a little higher, and said with a coquettish smile, “Little lad, have you never seen a woman bath before?”

    That person seemed to be stoned, and shook the head numbly. That person suddenly smiled and said, “You need not be afraid of me, I… I am also a female.”

    As she spoke, she had already stood up from among the grass. Although her clothes were dirty and tattered, it showed off even more of her alluring silhouette.

    Madam Bai was stunned, and her expression even seemed a little disappointed. Not only is this young lady not ugly, she is actually quite a rare beauty.

    Madam Bai kept staring at her, and suddenly smiled and tried to question her, “Looking at Miss’s appearance, have you traveled a long way?”

    The young lady lowered her head and agreed.

    Madam Bai continued, “The mountains here are not green, nor the stream sparkling, so why have Miss rushed all the way here?”

    A tinge of worry suddenly appeared between that young lady’s brows, and she was in a daze for a long moment before replying dejectedly, “I… I came to look for a person.”

    Madam Bai suddenly thought of something and said, “You will certainly not recognize him, and he might not be here either.”

    No matter what, that a lonely young lady would actually dare to come into the deep mountains to look for a person, it is certainly not an ordinary matter, so there must be something to it. However, that young lady seemed to be leaving.

    Madam Bai hurriedly smiled and asked, “Miss, what is your name? Can you tell me?”

    The young lady blushed and replied with a smile, “My name is Tie Xin Lan.”

    Tie Xin Lan finally sat down next to the stream.

    She felt that although this lady would actually be so bold as to bath naked in the stream, but she is so beautiful, so affable as well.

    She has spent the past few days in sadness, confusion and pain. She came here, naturally to look for Xiao Yu’er, to look for Hua Wu Que.

    So what if she really found them? She does not know either.

    For the first time, Tie Xin Lan felt more relaxed, and can’t help but take off her shoes, whose soles have been worn through, and extended her slender legs into the stream.

    Her legs were aching and swollen from the walk, and now that it’s soaking in the cool water, that wonderful feeling is enough to make her feel as if she’s floating among the clouds. She can’t help but let out a small sigh and closed her eyes.

    Madam Bai paid attention to her expression, and said with a gentle smile, “Why don’t you learn from he and have a satisfying bath?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s face blushed again and asked, “Bath here?”

    Madam Bai said, “I bath here everyday, and besides you, I’ve never seen anyone else.”

    Tie Xin Lan chewed on her lips and asked, “Is there really…. Really very few people who will come here?” Obviously she was a little tempted.

    Madam Bai laughed, “If there are people who frequent this place, would I dare to bath here?”

    Tie Xin Lan was even more tempted. She took a look at Madam Bai, and lowered her head with a blush again, “I… I think I’ll just wash my feet.” Tie Xin lan is still in doubt.

    Madam Bai had already closed her eyes and smiled, “Hurry, what’s there to be afraid of… after you’ve bathed, you’ll know how comfortable it is.”

    Tie Xin Lan took a look at her, and took a look at the clear green water… She is really so filthy that she itches, and this water is really a temptation that no one can resist,

    She hid among the grass and removed her clothes swiftly. Although there was no one peeping, but the sunlight has already secretly crawled up her generous bosom.

    Her whole body was blushing red, and her heart almost jumped out. She hurriedly jumped into the little stream and hid in the water. The cooling water, with a hint of warmth immediately surrounded her body.

    Only now did she heave a sigh of relief and smiled, “Ready.”

    Madam Bai opened her eyes and looked at her, smiling, “Comfortable?”

    Tie Xin Lan nodded her head.

    Madam Bai said, “All right, I’m coming down now, you can help me.” Only now did she really heave a sigh of relief as well, and slowly slid into the water.

    The current was indeed very strong, and with her weakened legs, if no one were to help her, she really would not have the strength to swim to shore. Even if she is not drowned, the current would have swept her away.

    Tie Xin Lan hurriedly helped her and asked anxiously, “You… you are leaving?”

    Madam Bai laughed, “I’m only going to the shore to keep a look out for you, just rest assured and bath.”

    Tie Xin Lan was relieved and smiled, “But you must not go too far.”

    Madam Bai giggled, “With a little beauty like you showering here, can I bear to go too far?”

    Tie Xin Lan blushed all the way to her ears, and dare not even lift her arms out of the water. She realized that a woman’s eyes, can sometimes be as scary as a man’s.

    With her help, Madam Bai finally reached the shore and she smiled, “All right, I’m going to wear my clothes now, and you’re not allowed to peep either.”

    Actually Tie Xin Lan had already closed her eyes, not daring to look at all. Once she sees her body which was as white as snow, Tie Xin Lan’s heart seemed to keep pounding… she again realized that a woman’s naked body is not only temptation to a man, sometimes it’s the same to a woman as well.

    Although the clothes were dirty and torn, it’s better than nothing at all. Even if Madam Bai’s hide was thicker than a wall, she still dare not run around naked.

    Tie Xin Lan closed her eyes for a long while, and only heard Madam Bai comment, “The material of this dress is not too bad, a pity that it’s really too dirty.”

    Tie Xin Lan can’t help but open her eyes for her look and she was so shocked that she paled, and exclaimed hoarsely, “How can you wear my clothes?”

    Madam Bai grinned, “If I don’t wear your clothes, whose shall I wear then?”

    Tie Xin Lan cried out, “If you wear my clothes, than what about me?”

    Madam Bai laughed, “Then you can bath here a little longer, anyway there’s quite a lot of people who will pass by here, although they’re all men, but not all men are lechers. Maybe there’ll be one or two kind hearted ones who will take their pants off for you to wear…”

    It would have been better if she did not say anything, for once she said that, Tie Xin Lan became so anxious that she was about to cry. However Madam Bai was laughing so hard that she was bending over, and continued with a coquettish laugh, “Have you ever worn a man’s pants? Although it’s a little big, but it’s loose and airy, and it’s more comfortable than those split-seat pants that you wore when you were a kid.”

    Tie Xin Lan blushed and cried hoarsely, “You crazy woman, wicked woman, give me back my clothes.” She almost can’t help but dash out of the water, but Madam Bai was already ignoring her, walking away with a laugh.

    Tie Xin Lan was so furious that she was yelling, “You’re not human, you’re a beast, a b*itch…”

    Without even turning her head back, Madam Bai laughed, “Go on scolding, after a few more curses, the men nearby will all be attracted here by you.” Tie Xin Lan was so shocked that she dare not utter another word.

    Her body bent over in the water, her tears already flowing. She did not believe that an adult can be so anxious that he will cry like a child, but now she realizes that anything can happen in this world. Once she thought of that, she wished that she could just drop down dead.

    End of Chapter 91
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