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Thread: Legendary Siblings Unabridged (COMPLETED)

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 92

    On the left side of the stream, was a forest. Madam Bai walked through the forest hurriedly.

    Suddenly, she realized that there’s a dress swaying on a branch in front, with a red base and embroidered with a colorful begonia lightly covered by frost, looking extremely realistic under the sunlight.
    A set of beautiful, elegant woman’s clothing, this temptation is too great for Madam Bai. She really did not wish to wear this set of torn clothing that she has to see her husband. Madam Bai was tempted.
    She stared at that dress, her footsteps slowed, but she was still a little hesitant, and dared not reach out her hands to take the dress.

    Madam Bai told herself, “There must be some trick. I’m in enough trouble, why do I need more.” Once she thought of this, she did not even wish to take another look.  

    But that begonia is really exquisitely embroidered, the workmanship on the dress is so delicate, the material, the color, is indescribably pleasing.

    Madam Bai finally made a decision and thought to herself, “This is just a set of clothes, it can’t possibly grow teeth and bite me.”

    This really is just a set of clothes. There’s nothing wrong or strange about it, and anyone who took it down from the tree won’t be in any trouble at all.

    Madam Bai helped herself and immediately took off her tattered clothes and wore the new one. The soft silk rubbing on her freshly showered skin, is like the hands of a lover.

    But this pair of hands is really dishonest. Madam Bai suddenly felt her body itching. In the beginning, it seems that there’s a little worm crawling around the collar, and slowly making its way down her back.

    Later, this little worm seemed to have become ten, hundreds, thousands… crawling on every part of her body.

    She’s going so crazy with the itch that she can’t even walk. She kept scratching with her hands but the more she scratches, the more itchy it becomes, and not only her body, but even her heart itches as well.

    She felt comfortable and terrible, felt like crying and laughing… later she just collapsed onto the ground and started laughing morosely.

    Sudden a tinkling laughter was heard saying, “Are you comfortable wearing this dress?” So it turns out that the problem is with the dress after all.

    Someone walked over from afar, only wearing a gown white as the moonlight. Seen under the gentle sunlight, anyone’s soul would have been mesmerized. She turned out to be Su Ying.

    Madam Bai’s eyes almost popped out, and she cried hoarsely, “It’s you? This dress is yours?”

    Su Ying gave a slight smile, “I made it and was just about to wear it for the first time, do you think it’s nice?”

    But Madam Bai can no longer speak, and can only keep on furiously rubbing her body on the tree trunk, and stammered, “What is on the dress?”

    Su Ying smiled lazily, “Nothing much, just some herbs, it will fade after a few days.”

    It was as if someone was stepping on Madam Bai’s neck, and she let out a scream.

    Right now she is going crazy with the itch, and hopes that someone will give her a good whipping, with not a moment to lose. If it will take another few days, she’d rather kill herself.

    Madam Bai tore away the clothes like a mad woman and cried hoarsely, “I have no enmity with you, why must you harm me thus?”

    Su Ying replied icily, “You should think again, have you offended me before?”

    Although Madam Bai took off all the clothes, she still itches. She was crawling on the floor, twisting her body, crying and begging, “Good Miss, good Sister, I know I’m wrong, please let me off.”

    Su Ying smiled, “Then let me ask you, did you steal Hua Wu Que away?”

    At this time and place, Madam Bai would not dare to deny, and she immediately nodded her head, “It’s me, I deserve death.”

    Su Ying’s expression turned solemn and asked, “Where have you hidden him?”

    Madam Bai replied, “Just behind the hill, in that little valet, there’s a small house…”

    Su Ying was silent for a moment before she said each word slowly, “Have you really hidden him in that place?”

    Madam Bai said with a bitter smile, “In front of Miss, when have I ever lied?”

    Su Ying’s expression seemed to have changed a little, and she sighed with a shake of her head, “In the remote mountains, there would actually be such a sturdy stone house built there, didn’t you feel anything weird about that?”

    Madam Bai is in no mood to further pursue this matter anyway, and can only beg bitterly, “I’ve said everything, you should let me off now!”

    Su Ying smiled slightly and asked, “Where did you come from earlier?”

    Madam Bai was stunned for a moment before replying, “That little stream there.”

    Su Ying replied, “Then you should go back there.”

    Tie Xin Lan’s limbs were frozen cold, but her eyes kept darting around, afraid that there’ll be some man who might suddenly rush over.

    Luckily it was quiet all around, with not a shadow to be seen.

    Tie Xin Lan also wanted to secretly climb out and run away, but where can a naked girl run to? What if she meets a man… she dare not even imagine further.

    Suddenly, there was a naked lady running towards her and with a ‘splash’, jumped into the stream, panting.

    Tie Xin Lan was surprised and overjoyed, and was actually too shy to look. However, out of the corner of her eyes, she realized that this lady is the same one who tricked her of her clothes earlier. Tie Xin Lan was so shocked that her eyes widened in surprise, unable to speak.

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly leapt over and grabbed her hair, yelling, “Where is my clothes? Give it back to me.”

    Suddenly someone was heard saying with a smile, “Is this your clothes?” Tie Xin Lan turned her head around and saw Su Ying!

    Su Ying stood on the edge of the stream, looking like a lotus which has just bloomed.

    Tie Xin Lan only felt that in her whole life, she has never seen such a beautiful woman. Although she is a woman as well, she was also dazed at the sight of her.

    Su Ying smiled, “If you do not want to continue bathing, then come up and wear it!”

    Although Tie Xin Lan was still shy, but she had to get up. She hastily grabbed her clothes and hid into the bushes in a flash.

    Madam Bai smiled condescendingly and said, “I feel like coming up as well.”

    Su Ying replied nonchalantly, “Come up if you wish! No one is stopping you.”

    Madam Bai climbed onto the rock, but who would have expected that once the top half of her body left the water, and the wind blew over it, she started itching again, so itchy that she almost died.

    Su Ying said with a laugh, “As soon as you do not feel the itch, you can come out anytime.”

    Madam Bai asked, “How… how long would that take?”

    Su Ying smiled, “Maybe half a day, maybe two to three days… since you like bathing, then you might as well have a good bath.”

    Madam Bai was stunned, and almost fainted.

    By now Tie Xin Lan had wore her clothes and walked out, and with a polite bow, said, “Thank you, Miss.”

    Although her clothes were tattered and torn, but a beauty who had just stepped out of the bath, her fair legs like frost, her pale arms fairer than snow, her blushing cheeks as cute as an apple.

    Su Ying can’t help but grab her hands and said with a smile, “Such a pretty girl, inspiring kindness on anyone who sees you, men should be kneeling in front of you in rows to beg you, why must you trouble yourself to look for them.”

    Tie Xin Lan blushed again, and stammered, “I… I…”

    Su Ying smiled, “Who is the person who has such good fortune?”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “He… he…”

    Su Ying laughed, “You don’t have to tell me, I won’t know him anyway.”

    Tie Xin Lan followed her for a few steps before lightly sighing, “It’s best that you do not get to know him as well.”

    Su Ying lost her humor and asked, “Why? Could it be anyone who gets to know him will become unlucky?”

    Tie Xin Lan actually nodded her head and said , “Yes!”

    Su Ying suddenly turned her head around, stared at her and asked, “What is his name?”

    Tie Xin Lan did not notice the change in her expression, and said with a soft sigh, “His surname is Jiang, others call him Xiao Yu’er.”

    The three words Xiao Yu’er, made Su Ying’s heart start beating immediately like a drum. She realized that this young lady walking next to her, turned out to be her rival in love.

    Looking at Tie Xin Lan’s face, which is pretty as a flower, she felt a pang of jealousy and thought, “Xiao Yu’er, Xiao Yu’er, you really have good taste.”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly laughed and said, “Sometimes he can make you expire from anger.”

    Su Ying blinked, and smiled, “You hate him a lot?”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, “Sometimes I really do hate him, but sometimes…”

    Su Ying smiled and continued, “But sometimes you like him, like him so much that you can die?”

    Tie Xin Lan bit her lips, and only smiled foolishly.

    Su Ying stared in a lost for a moment before suddenly raising her voice, “But he may not necessarily like you, right?”

    Tie Xin Lan was dazed for a moment, her eyes slowly become more gentle, the corners of her lips revealing a trace of a sweet smile, lowered her head and said softly, “Although he treats me unkindly sometimes, but sometimes… sometimes he treats me quite nicely as well.”

    Su Ying felt as if there were needles pricking her heart, and wished that she could dig out Tie Xin Lan’s heart and prick it as well, so that she will never dare to think of Xiao Yu’er again.

    Tie Xin Lan was totally oblivious to her expression, her eyes staring at a cloud in a daze. This cloud seems to have taken on the image of a grinning Xiao Yu’er.

    Su Ying turned her head away, not looking at her and deliberately said loudly, “Even if he treats you very nicely sometimes, but it cannot prove that he likes you for a certainty. Maybe he treats every girl the same, maybe, he treats others better than you.”

    Tie Xin Lan replied softly, “As long as he is nice to me, I won’t mind how he treats others.”

    Su Ying asked, “Won’t you get jealous?”

    Tie Xin Lan smiled and said, “There are many men, who cannot be owned by only one woman by nature. Xiao Yu’er is this kind of person. Since I understand him so well, I should not be jealous.”

    Su Ying had wanted to hurt Tie Xin Lan, but who would have expected that Tie Xin Lan was not upset at all, while she herself almost expired from fury. After a moment, she can’t help but comment, “Maybe this is because he is the only man you know, that’s why you are so faithful towards him. If you get to know a few more men, you will realize that there are a lot more who are better than him.”

    Tie Xin Lan’s expression suddenly changed, her head going even lower.

    Only now did Su Ying noticed the change in the expression, and her eyes gleamed. She added, “Besides him, is there another one in your heart?”

    Tie Xin Lan blushed, and did not speak.

    Su Ying smiled, “My guess must be correct, no wonder you’re not jealous over him.” Tie Xin Lan blushed redder.

    With a twinkling laugh however, Su Ying added, “If a woman has two men in her heart, it may be problematic, but it’s very interesting as well…”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, adjusting her clothes, and after a moment, suddenly said, “I had planned to leave my life in Xiao Yu’er’s hands, it doesn’t matter if he treats me nicely or badly, I will never change, but who would have expected…”

    Su Ying rolled her eyes and smiled, “But the other man treated you extremely well, that you are unable to reject, right?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s tears fell, and stuttered, “But he treated me well, not because he wants to possess me…”

    Su Ying continued, “But the more he does that, the more you feel guilt towards him, right?”

    Tie Xin Lan agreed.

    Su Ying said, “I know, he must be the same as Xiao Yu’er, smart, humorous, cute, but sometimes a little irritating… but only a little irritating.”

    Tue Xin Lan replied, “You’re wrong.”


    Tie Xin Lan continued, “He is the extreme opposite of Xiao Yu’er, so much so that there is not a single point where they are similar. He is always polite to girls, and can’t even tell a joke.”

    Su Ying replied, “A man that is like a dog, I don’t like this kind at all.”

    Tie Xin Lan stammered, “But… but…”

    Su Ying smiled, “But someone likes it very much, right?”

    Tie Xin Lan blushed again, “I… it’s not that I like… like him, it’s just that not only has he saved my life, but he treated me very… very…”

    Her voice became even softer than a mosquito buzzing, and she was stuttering, stammering, as if she’s holding an egg in her mouth.

    Su Ying helped to finish her words with a coquettish smile, “Not only has he saved your life, but he took care of you extremely well. Even if you do not like him, but you must be grateful to him, right?”

    Tie Xin Lan chewed on her lips, stunned for a moment, before suddenly saying, “Even if I like him, he will not like me.”

    Su Ying smiled, “If he doesn’t like you, why is he treating you so well? Could there be something wrong with his brains then?”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, “Maybe he took care of me because of Xiao Yu’er.”

    This time Su Ying was really surprised, and she asked hoarsely, “He treated you well because of Xiao Yu’er, this I really do not understand.”

    Tie Xin lan explained slowly, “He said he hopes that Xiao Yu’er and I can… can be together.”

    Su Ying asked, “Could he be Xiao Yu’er’s friend.”

    Tie Xin Lan thought for a while before replying, “Sometimes they can really be considered good friends. If they know the other is in danger, they will rush there to save him regardless of their own life, but sometimes they will want to fight to the death.”

    Su Ying suddenly understood who is the person she is referring to, and was stunned for a moment before mumbling, “This is indeed marvelous, absolutely marvelous.”

    Su Ying’s eyes shimmered, and suddenly held her hands and said gently, “Once I saw you, I felt an affinity. If you do not dislike me, I wonder if you will accept me as a younger sister?”

    Such a gentle request, coming from such a pretty girl’s mouth, who can resist it.

    And so Tie Xin Lan became Su Ying’s elder sister.

    The sun was shining brightly, the forest so dense and green, the chirping of the surrounding birds accompanying the sound of the flowing stream, and in the gentle breeze there seems to be the intoxicating fragrance of flowers.

    Tie Xin Lan never imagined that she can be so happy. After all these time, she almost thought that she can never be happy again.

    Su Ying held her hands and said with a smile, “Since you are now my sister, I cannot let you look for Xiao Yu’er.”

    Tie Xin Lan asked, “Why?”

    Su Ying explained, “Men are all cheap. The more anxious you are to look for him, the more conceited he will be. If you ignore him, he may come crawling to you instead.”

    Tie Xin Lan smiled and asked, “Then… what would you want me to do?”

    Su Ying replied, “You don’t have to do anything, just sit quietly and wait, and I will have a way to make him look for you.”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, “But you don’t even know what he looks like…”

    Su Ying interrupted, “Now that you mention it, I remember now, is he a lad with very big eyes, and although his face is full of scars, but he did not look unpleasing at all. He keeps grinning and when he walks, he swaggers, as if he thinks he is very superior, very great.”

    Tie Xin Lan asked in surprise, “How do you know, he even said he’s the smartest person in the world.”

    Once she thought of Xiao Yu’er, Su Ying also felt a sweetness in her heart, and said with a coquettish smile, “If he said he has the thickest skin in the world, that would not be false at all.”

    Tie Xin Lan asked, “When did you see him?”

    Su Ying replied, “Not too long ago, only about two days ago.”

    Tie Xin Lan sighed and said, “But this person cannot stay still for even a minute. You saw him two days ago, who knows where he could have gone to by now?”

    Su Ying smiled, “Don’t you worry, as long as he’s in these mountains, I will have a way to find him.”

    Without waiting for Tie Xin Lan to speak, she continued, “For safety’s sake, I will bring you to a place now. The master there can be considered my godfather. He may look very fierce, but he is kind hearted, especially towards me, he treats me extremely well.”

    Tie Xin Lan laughed, “Even a god-sister like me would want to tear out my heart as a gift to you, much less your godfather.”

    Su Ying pouted, “You want to give me your heart, haven’t you given it to Xiao Yu’er?”

    She saw that Tie Xin Lan blushed, and laughed, “My godfather is surnamed Wei, if he knows you’re my sister, he will certainly take good care of you, but you must not forget, his looks is very frightening.”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “If I find him frightening, then I’ll just look less at him.”

    Su Ying clapped her hands and exclaimed, “That’s right, this is really the best idea.”

    She held Tie Xin Lan’s hands and walked out of the woods. The mountains were secluded, there seemed to be a sense of peace between heaven and earth, making one feel that being alive is a wonderful thing.

    After walking for a while, Su Ying suddenly stopped and exclaimed, “Aiya! I almost forgot I have another appointment.”

    Su Ying rolled her eyes and added, “Just walk up the hill from here, after a while you will find a large forest, that is where my godfather lives.”

    Tie Xin Lan asked, “You… you want me to go alone?”

    Su Ying replied, “It doesn’t matter if you go alone, you just have to walk into the forest and someone will receive you naturally.”

    Tie Xin Lan said, “But they do not know me.”

    Su Ying thought for a moment, and took down a pearl hairpiece from her head, saying “You just have to show them this pearl hairpiece, and say I told you to come, they will certainly be respectful towards you and arrange everything for you.”

    Although Tie Xin Lan was unwilling, she still went.

    She is now like a duckweed without hate, floating wherever the stream takes her. She does not even know herself what she should do, and can’t make any decisions.

    Su Ying watched as she walked further away, and had just let out a soft sigh when someone suddenly commented, “What a pitiful, silly lass, cheated and not knowing about it.”

    Someone else said, “Haha, this Miss Su did not sell her to you, so you came here pretending to be compassionate?”

    The third person giggled, “I originally thought that that Tie lass was not bad, but when compared to this Miss Su, she literally looks like a stupid fool.”

    The fourth person laughed loudly, “Our Xiao Yu’er must never have a stupid fool as a wife.”

    Amidst the laughter, four people suddenly appeared among the rocks and trees. The looks of these four people, is so strange that one wonders how they came to be together.

    The first person had disheveled hair and a dirty face, and wearing oily and torn clothing, looking just like a poor beggar, but in his hands he held an expensive jade snuff bottle.

    The second person had a round face, a round tummy, and although is not young, he looks like a little kid, and kept laughing loudly, like the Laughing Buddha.

    The third person’s hair was full of pearl and jade hairpieces, the powder on the face half an inch thick, as if wearing a mask, making it difficult for one to tell if she’s originally pretty or ugly, old or young. Her make-up was obviously that of a woman, but she was wearing men’s clothing. However, on her feet she was wearing red satin embroidered shoes with pearls.

    The fourth person is a man with a huge build, his eyes moving around, with a complacent look. However, his mouth is frightening large, as if it’s large enough to stuff his own fist in.

    End of Chapter 92

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 93

    Although Su Ying does not know that these four people are the famed Bai Kai Xin, Ha Ha’er, Du Jiao Jiao and Li Da Zui, but she has seen them before.

    She has also seen with her own eyes, how these four dealt with Wei Ma Yi. Now that these four suddenly appeared together and surrounded her, so although her feelings are usually not shown on her face, the expression on her face changed unknowingly.

    Li Da Zui laughed loudly, “Miss Su, you need not be afraid, my appetite has not been very good these two days, I must wait for at least a few more days if I want to eat you.”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “Such a clever girl like her, even if you bear to eat her, I would not agree.”

    Bai Kai Xin commented, “From what I see, just eat her and be done with it.”

    Ha Ha’er said, “Good. Ha ha, you really harm others without benefit to yourself. If Li Da Zui eats her, how would it benefit you.”

    Bai Kai Xin added, “At least I can rest assured, and won’t be sold by her.”

    Su Ying’s eyes shimmered, and she suddenly smiled and said, “Have the four of you feeling disgruntled for Tie Xin Lan?”

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed, “Come to think of it, that silly lass is actually quite pitiful.”

    Su Ying laughed, “If the four of you think that I am tricking her, why didn’t you stop her earlier?”

    Bai Kai Xin made a face and said, “She is neither my daughter nor my wife, what business is it of mine whether she is tricked or not? Why should I be a busybody.”

    Ha Ha’er added, “Besides, it’s not too bad to ask her to Wei Wu Ya’s place, haha, if Wei Wu Ya really took a liking for her, that would be so amazing beyond words.”

    Su Ying asked in surprise, “Since that is the case, why have the four of you come then?”

    Li Da Zui said, “We are looking for you to discuss a deal.”

    Su Ying asked, “A deal? What deal?”

    Ha Ha’er said, “Ha ha, naturally it’s a deal which will benefit both sides, but I wonder if you will agree.”

    Su Ying smiled, “If it’s a deal which will benefit both, why would I not agree?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Fine, let me ask you, you wish to marry Xiao Yu’er, right?”

    Su Ying smiled and said, “It’s not just a wish, I must marry him.”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked, “But are you certain that he will marry you?”

    Su Ying smiled, “The less certain the matter, the more interesting it is, isn’t that so?”

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “Good, now we can help you, and ask Xiao Yu’er to marry you, but you must promise us one thing as well.”

    Su Ying rolled her eyes and asked with a smile, “You are confident that you can make him marry me.”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Of course we are confident, don’t you forget, we raised Xiao Yu’er, how can we not know his temperament.”

    Su Ying asked, “What do you want me to do then?”

    “Bring him into Wei Wu Ya’s cave alive, and bring him out again alive.”

    Su Ying asked, “Why would you want to do that?”

    Du Jiao Jiao explained, “Because we want to get him to take something.”

    Su Ying thought for a moment and said, “What if he refuses to go?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “He may not have gone, but now he has no choice but to go, because you have helped us, you have sent Tie Xin Lan there.”

    Su Ying replied slowly, “What if I do not agree?”

    Li Da Zui chuckled, “If you do not agree, my appetite will immediately become better.”

    Su Ying smiled, “I believe that my flesh, no matter how it is cooked, will still be delicious, but I must advise you never to roast it. Such tender meat, it’ll be a real pity to roast. The best is stewed, the meat will then retain its freshness and tenderness.”

    Li Da Zui and the rest looked at one another in dismay after hearing it, shocked motionless instead.

    Li Da Zui laughed dryly, “You have just reminded me, the taste of stewed human flesh, is really the best in the world. It’s really been a long time since I tasted it.”

    Su Ying replied, “It’s best that you carve off the flesh from my body while I’m still alive, and when seasoning, you must not add vinegar, because human flesh is already slightly sourish.”

    Li Da Zui laughed dryly, “Thanks for the advice. I have eaten countless humans, but I did not expect that you’re more of an expert than me.”

    He took two steps, but Su Ying was sitting there calmly, not looking like one who is about to be eaten, but more like one who is about to be served food.

    Du Jiao Jiao suddenly said, “Li Da Zui, come here for a moment, I have something to tell you.”

    She pulled Li Da Zui to the side and whispered, “Have you eaten anyone like that before?”

    Li Da Zui grinned and took a glance at Su Ying, who was sitting on the other side, and can’t help but scold softly, “This lass looks as if she likes to be eaten by me, I really do not know what she has up her sleeves.”

    Du Jiao Jiao added, “Think about it, if she is not confident, why else would she be so calm, and it even seems that she’s afraid she’ll die too comfortably, even advising you to carve her alive. Think, would there be anyone like that in the world.”

    Li Da Zui was silent for a moment before saying, “You mean…”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “From what I see, let’s forget it. It’s not easy for us to live until now, we better not rock our boats and end up perishing in that lass’s hands. Now that would really be an injustice.”

    Li Da Zui agreed solemnly, “Your words ring true.”

    Su Ying laughed gaily and asked, “You’re still not coming over. Any more waiting and my flesh is going to grow old.”

    Li Da Zui laughed loudly, “Your flesh is too sour, I can’t be bothered to eat it.”

    “I did not expect that my flesh would be sour, could it be that I had too much vinegar (Consuming vinegar is another expression of jealousy*) usually.” She stood up slowly, and said, “Since you won’t give me face, then I can only take my leave.”


    Suddenly Bai Kai Xin shouted, “I am different from him. He’s a glutton, I am lecherous. Gluttonous people are usually a little more gutless, but lecherous people are different…”

    He walked towards Su Ying step by step and laughed loudly, “As the saying goes, the guts of a lecher are greater than heaven, you should have heard of this saying?”

    Su Ying can’t help but took half a step back, but there was still a slight smile on her face and she said, “If you find bachelorhood a bore, I can be your matchmaker. At the stream over there, there’s a beauty bathing. Not only is she much prettier than me, but she is also more enticing and understanding.”

    Bai Kai Xin giggled, “But I took a liking to you, I don’t want anyone else.”

    As he spoke, his pair of large hands made a grab for Su Ying.

    Even if there are a thousand marvelous plans in Su Ying’s mind, she can’t use even a single one now. When a woman meets an impatient lecher, there really aren’t any tricks that can be used at all.

    With a ‘swoosh’, a piece of Su Ying’s clothes were torn off by Bai Kai Xin.

    Right at this time, someone suddenly commented calmly, “How can a man bully a woman thus.”

    The words were spoken calmly and slowly, but he appeared faster then the wind, quicker than lightning.

    Bai Kai Xin only saw a shadow dropping down from heaven and with a shout, struck out with his palm.

    Li Da Zui and the rest suddenly saw a blurred shadow, suddenly heard a crisp clap and Bai Kai Xin’s body is already hanging from a tree like a ball.

    Taking another look at Su Ying’s side, there is now a suave and handsome young man. His clothes might look a little tattered, but it cannot hide the air of regality around him.

    Although this person saved Su Ying, but when Su Ying saw him, her expression changed instead and she cried hoarsely, “Hua Wu Que!”

    Hua Wu Que smiled slightly, his gaze swept over Li Da Zui and the others and said slowly, “Who else would like to strike?”

    Li Da Zui and the rest were stunned as well. Although Hua Wu Que does not know them, but they do know Hua Wu Que.

    They have seen with their eyes how Hua Wu Que, with his extraordinary skills, managed to scare the Murong Sisters away, and with a single stroke threw Bai Kai Xin onto the tree.

    Li Da Zui laughed loudly, “We have long been irritated by this old lecher, now that sir has punished him, that is for the best.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled as well, “A pity that sir’s strike is a little too light…”

    Ha Ha’er added, “Haha, if sir can throw him further, so that we cannot see him, that would be good.”

    Bai Kai Xin struggled, thinking to jump down from the tree, and shouted, “I just wanted to touch her, but that big mouth wanted to eat her.”

    They did not deal with the outsider, but ended up fighting amongst themselves instead. Hua Wu Que has never seen anyone like that, and can’t help but sigh and said, “All of you are really quite loyal…”

    Before he could finish his words, Li Da Zui is already rushing towards Bai Kai Xin with a roar. Bai Kai Xin could not seem to avoid him in time and was flown more than thirty feet away with one punch, and screamed, “Big mouth, you dare to hit others?”

    Li Da Zui roared, “I’ve wanted to beat you to death twenty years ago!”

    As he scolded, he ran after him, but who would have expected that with a hook of Bai Kai Xin’s leg, he fell over as well and the two of them were entangled into a ball.

    There were sounds of fists punching, angry shouts and curses, and although the curses were so bad that it should not be heard, the way they fought was even worse that it should not be seen.

    Hua Wu Que had thought that they would be some martial arts exponent, but now it seems that they are even worse than those scoundrels who would fight to the death over three coins.

    However Ha Ha’er was clapping and laughing loudly at the side, “Good, well fought, haha, grab his hair quickly. That’s right, grab harder.”

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “But we can’t let them go on fighting like this. If one of them got killed, won’t we have to waste money on his funeral, better go and pull them apart.”

    By now Li Da Zui and Bai Kai Xin have moved their fight to behind the tree, and the both of them were panting like dogs but refused to stop.

    Du Jiao Jiao and Ha Ha’er hurried over as well and shouted at the same time, “Do not fight further… someone’s going to get killed if you continue fighting!”

    So the two of them went behind the tree as well, seemingly trying to stop the fight.

    Hua Wu Que looked at them, and can only shake his head with a bitter smile. For him to meet such scoundrels, besides shaking his head, what else can he do?

    Su Ying suddenly smiled a little and said, “Master Hua, you have been tricked by them.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “What trick?”

    Su Ying smiled, “Do you really think they were fighting?”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned, “Could it be…”

    Su Ying covered her mouth and laughed, “They were just thinking of a way to escape. Although the martial arts of those two are not that great, but if they were to really fight, none can touch even the other’s finger within three hundred strokes.”

    Hua Wu Que leapt over, and truly not a shadow could be seen behind the tree.

    On the trunk however, there were four lines; “Many thanks for showing mercy, sorry for leaving without a word, maybe we do not have guts, but it may not be true that we are not loyal.”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned for a moment, and can’t help but said with a bitter smile, “Really tricked, I am ashamed.”

    Su Ying smiled, “Those four are full of tricks, and not many are like them. If a gentleman like Master Hua was not tricked by them, now that would be a strange thing.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled as well, “A gentleman, that may not be so as well… just earlier there were a few people who were tricked by me.”

    Su Ying asked, “Oh? Who?”

    After she asked that question, she understood and smiled, “That’s right, the ones who were tricked must have been Bai Shan Jun and his wife, is that right?”

    Hua Wu Que nodded with a small smile, “It is them.”

    Su Ying rolled her eyes and said, “Although I trapped you with drugs, but that drug is not harmful to humans, once exposed to the wind the drug will lose its effect. It’s just that they must have sealed your acupoint, so you still could not escape.”

    She smiled slightly and continued, “Were you pretending to be very seriously poisoned, so that they would not be on their guard against you, but you were secretly using the internal energy of ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’ to unseal your acupoint and escape.”

    Hua Wu Que laughed, “Intelligence such as Miss’s is really rarely seen.”

    The smile on Hua Wu Que’s face suddenly disappeared and he said with a sigh, “Although Miss may be unparalleled in your intelligence, but I do know there is someone… even if Miss meets him, I’m afraid even you would be at a disadvantage.”

    Su Ying lowered her head and sighed as well, saying slowly, “You’ve spoken rightly, not only do I know who you are referring to, but I’ve already been at a disadvantage.”

    Hua Wu Que can’t help but reveal a look of surprise on his face, and was about to ask further, when Su Ying suddenly smiled and said, “Even a gentleman like Master Hua has learned to trick others, I’m afraid it’s because you learnt from this person… have I spoken correctly?”

    Hua Wu Que can’t help but laugh, “This is called, being influenced by surroundings.”

    Su Ying said, “But a gentleman will always be a gentleman, that’s why although I treated you that way, not only did you not seek revenge, but you saved me instead.”

    Hua Wu Que’s expression suddenly turned solemn, “Do you know why I saved you.”

    Looking at the sudden change in his expression, Su Ying also felt a little startled, but she still said with a laugh, “I’ve already said, it’s because you’re a gentleman.”

    Hua Wu Que told her seriously, “I must tell you three things. Firstly, the secret to Shifting Flower Grafting Jade must not be revealed to outsiders. Whoever knows, there is only death! This is a strict rule of Floral Palace, no one is to be excused.”

    Although Su Ying was still laughing, but her laughter does not sound so melodious anymore.

    Hua Wu Que continued, “Secondly, no matter what things the disciples of Floral Palace has to do, they must do it with their own hands, and never let others interfere nor ask others to do it for them.”

    Su Ying asked, “Third… thirdly?

    Hua Wu Que said, “Thirdly, I am also a disciple of Floral Palace, no matter what, I cannot break the rules of Floral Palace.”

    Su Ying sighed, “So that means, you saved me because you want to kill me personally, right?”

    Hua Wu Que turned his head around, not looking at her and said each word slowly, “Although I am unwilling, but it must be done.”

    Su Ying replied, “Then… then I must tell you three things as well.”

    Without waiting for Hua Wu Que to ask her, she continued, “Firstly, don’t you forget, I could have a lot of opportunities to kill you, but I did not, so won’t it be a sin if you kill me now?”

    Although Hua Wu Que did not speak, he can’t help but sigh.

    Su Ying continued, “Secondly, although I know the secret to Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, but I will never learn such martial arts, and I have never told anyone else. If you kill me, aren’t you being ruthless?”

    Hua Wu Que seems to be slightly swayed.

    Su Ying said, “Thirdly, don’t you forget, I am a woman, and defenseless as well. A big man like you bullying a weak woman, not only is that rude, but repulsive as well.”

    Hua Wu Que unconsciously lowered his head.

    Looking at the change in his expression, Su Ying’s eyes gleamed, but she said coldly, “If you must do such a sinful, ruthless, rude and repulsive matter, of course I can do nothing about it, but if Tie Xin Lan were to find out, she will certainly be disappointed with you.”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly lifted his head.

    Su Ying said slowly, “That’s right, Tie Xin Lan… she kept telling me, you are the most gentle, most courteous man. I believed her originally, but now…”

    She deliberately sighed and stopped talking.

    Hua Wu Que’s fingers were already shaking a little, and he asked, “You… you know Tie Xin Lan?”

    Su Ying lifted her head, and said nonchalantly, “I can’t really consider us close, but we have just become sworn sisters.”

    Hua Wu Que looked as if he was suddenly whipped, and was stunned for a moment before asking while shaking his head, “Impossible… this is impossible! Where is she?”

    Su Ying replied, “Even if I tell you where she is now, you would not dare to look for her.”

    Hua Wu Que’s eyes shone and his expression changed, “Wei Wu Ya, you sent her to Wei Wu Ya.”

    Su Ying smiled, “Wei Wu Ya may treat others cruelly, but he’s very nice to us sisters.”

    Hua Wu Que stamped his feet and suddenly turned around, and cried out, “The secret of Floral Palace, you will never tell another?”

    Su Ying replied, “If there is a second person who knows, it’s not too late for you to kill me then.”

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh, “Although it may be too late then, but… but I still believe you. He stamped his feet again, and leapt forward.

    End of Chapter 93

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 94

    On seeing that Hua Wu Que is flying off, Su Ying suddenly said, “The one who was trapped with you is called Jiang Yu Lang, do you know him?”

    Hua Wu Que paused and unconsciously sighed again, “I wish I do not know him.”

    Su Ying sighed, “Why didn’t you kill him? Leaving this person alive will create endless troubles.”

    Hua Wu Que said, “He is sick and injured now, how can I strike him?”

    Su Ying laughed bitterly, “That is the problem with gentlemen, but if you do not have this problem I’m afraid even I…”

    She saw that Hua Wu Que was moving again and immediately shouted, “Wait, I have something else to tell you.”

    Hua Wu Que can only stop again and asked, “What is it?”

    Su Ying suddenly smiled, “Tie Xin Lan was not wrong, you really is a gentle and adorable man, and you really treat her well.”

    Everyone knows how impatient Xiao Yu’er is, and for an impatient person to just sit there and wait for someone, is almost killing him. Xiao Yu’er is as anxious as a cricket caught in fire, and kept on pacing the floor, kept on asking Herbalist Hu, “Are you sure Su Ying will certainly find her way here?”

    Herbalist Hu was initially very confident and said with certainty, “Yes!”

    But later, even Herbalist Hu became a little impatient, and can’t help but ask, “The poison I have, I’m afraid it’s about to react?”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly jumped up and shouted, “Let me tell you, if Su Ying does not come, I will never remove the poison for you.”

    Herbalist Hu said with a bitter look, “Whether Miss Su comes or not, what business is it of mine, but if your poison reacts…”

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “If the poison reacts, you can only count yourself unlucky. You deserve death anyway, who told you to say that Su Ying will certainly come.”

    He really is being unreasonable now, because he is almost going crazy from the wait.

    Herbalist Hu was even more impatient than him. His clothes which has just dried, is now soaked with sweat.

    Only Jiang Yu Lang does not look anxious at all. He sat there grinning, as if it doesn’t matter to him whether Su Ying comes or not. It turns out that he suddenly realized that the effect of that irritating medicine has dispersed, and he is slowly starting to feel comfortable, slowly beginning to feel his strength.

    Xiao Yu’er was almost wearing out his eyeballs from looking out, but there were still not a single trace of Su Ying to be seen. Finally he can’t help but ask, “Let’s go, doesn’t matter if she’s coming or not, let’s go and look for her first.”

    Jiang Yu Lang said slowly, “If we go and find Miss Su now and come back again to save Master Hua, I’m afraid Master Hua would already be…”

    He deliberately paused in his speech, and as expected Xiao Yu’er can’t help but jump up and shouted, “Afraid what? Speak!”

    Jiang Yu Lang said slowly, “To tell the truth, the place where I hid Hua Wu Que is not very comfortable, in fact it is a little stuffy, if after a long period of time, someone may be suffocated for all you know.”

    Xiao Yu’er jumped up and was thinking of leaping over but only halfway before he forced himself to stop, and the look of anger on his face immediately replaced by a smile, and said with a laugh, “Brother Jiang is a smart person, you should know that if Hua Wu Que dies, it won’t benefit Brother Jiang at all.”

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed and said, “Of course little brother knows, it’s just that…”

    Xiao Yu’er immediately interrupted, “If you save him, I will be responsible of asking Su Ying to give you the antidote.”

    Jiang Yu Lang gave a bitter smile and said, “Little brother has thought it over, and felt that everything in the world is just an illusion. Life and death, is just a dream. Little brother is not taking to heart whether the antidote can be obtained.”

    For him to suddenly say all these great philosophies, Xiao Yu’er stared at him with huge eyes, “You… you are really Jiang Yu Lang? Marvelous, marvelous, so Brother Jiang is the reincarnation of an old monk.”

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed again and said, “Although little brother no longer takes this human skin of mine to heart, it’s just that…”

    He turned his head to look at Tie Ping Gu and said sadly, “It’s just that her… the love she has shown me, makes me unable to put it down or abandon it.”

    Tie Ping Gu looked at him morosely, tears shimmering in her eyes, but does not know if it’s shock, love, belief or disbelief?

    Jiang Yu Lang commented with a sigh, “After what happened this time, little brother will no longer have any intention of competing with brother in the martial arts realm, and can only hope to make a complete break from all enmity, and find a secluded forest with her and spend the rest of our lives peacefully, but…” He continued with a pitiful laugh, “But even though little brother has this intention, alas I have committed too many wrongs in the past. Little brother also knows that Brother Yu will certainly not let me off, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a straight face, “As the saying goes, lay down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha immediately. Little brother would admire Brother Jiang for doing that, so why would I find trouble for Brother Jiang?”

    Jiang Yu Lang was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “Brother Jiang is knowledgeable, I’m sure you will know that there is a kind of wild fungus called Nu’er Hong (Blushing Girl).”

    At this point in time Tie Ping Gu can’t help but ask, “What is this Nu’er Hong?”

    Xiao Yu’er answered, “This Nu’er Hong is a kind of poisonous fungus which grows in extremely dark and damp places, and it’s said that no matter who eats it, they will contract a weird illness within three to five days.

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “What weird illness?”

    Xiao Yu’er explained, “There’s nothing much to this illness initially, just that one would feel sleepy and disoriented, like being lovesick. Unless he can find a bunch of ‘Er Po’ (wicked woman) grass every few months and eat it together with the roots, or else the lovesickness will become more serious, and in less than a year, that person would die.”

    Although Tie Ping Gu thought that the plants were very well named and extremely interesting, but once she thought that if a person were to unfortunately eat this kind of poisonous fungus, that would certainly be not interesting.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed and continued, “For Brother Jiang to suddenly mention this at this point in time, could it be that you want little brother to suffer from such lovesickness as well?”

    This time Jiang Yu Lang did not even bother to deny and just replied simply, “Exactly.”

    However Xiao Yu’er smiled and said, “Such a precious thing, where can you find it in such a short time?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “If Little brother were to look for it elsewhere, even if I search for another three to five years, I might not be able to find it, but coincidentally, there are some nearby. As soon as Brother Yu agrees, little brother will pick it for Brother Yu immediately.”

    Tie Ping Gu finally can’t help but cried hoarsely, “Are you crazy? How can you say such words? He… how can he possibly agree to it?”

    Jiang Yu Lang ignored her, and continued slowly, “Brother Yu must know as well that the ‘Er Po’ grass, although is as rare as Nu’er Hong, but it can be grown, and little brother coincidentally knows the way to grow it.”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, but did not speak.

    Jiang Yu Lang continued, “After this matter is done, little brother will immediately find a secluded place to live, and spend my effort growing the Er Po grass for Brother Yu. If Brother Yu wants to stay healthy, naturally you will try your best to save my life.”

    Only now did Herbalist Hu knows that his grand plan is to use this matter to threaten Xiao Yu’er, so that Xiao Yu’er will not create trouble for him in future.

    But isn’t this thinking too naïve, and Herbalist Hu almost wanted to laugh, and looking at Jiang Yu Lang he secretly sniggered, “Do you think Xiao Yu’er is a fool? This kind of matter, even if you kill me, I will not agree to it, must less this Xiao Yu’er who is more slippery than a fish.”

    It seems that Xiao Yu’er had been rolling his eyes for half a day before he replied with a grin, “You do not trust me, so how can I trust you? How would I know if you will grow the Er Po grass for me, how would I know if I will really get to eat Er Po grass?”

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed, “Little brother’s poison has also not been cleared, it’s still very easy for Brother Yu to kill me.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “But what if I cannot find you?”

    Jiang Yu Lang said with a laugh, “If Brother Yu really wants to look for me, even if little brother goes to high heaven or underground, I still would not be able to hide from you.”

    For a smart man like Xiao Yu’er, how can he actually utter such stupid words, and it made Jiang Yu Lang’s reply appear even more marvelous, making it seem like he is talking nonsense.

    But Xiao Yu’er seems to believe him, and only asked another question, “If I eat this Nu’er Hong, you will save Hua Wu Que?”

    Jiang Yu Lang assured, ‘If little brother were to go back on my words, Brother Yu can take my life anytime.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “All right, I agree.”

    Xiao Yu’er actually agreed. No one would have agreed to such an arrangement, but he actually agreed.

    Herbalist Hu looked at Xiao Yu’er in a daze, and secretly thought, “Lunatic, lunatic, so this person is actually a lunatic. Others said that people who are too smart, will sometimes become lunatic, it seems that such a saying is not wrong at all.”

    Tie Ping Gu also stared in shock, stunned into speechlessness.

    Jiang Yu Lang really took out a bunch of extremely vibrant looking Nu’er Hong. Xiao Yu’er really swallowed it with a grin.

    He wiped his mouth and actually laughed loudly, “Excellent, excellent. I did not expect this Nu’er Hong to be one of the most delicious things on earth. I have never tasted such fresh and tender thing in my life.”

    At this point in time, Jiang Yu Lang can’t help but reveal a look of glee in his eyes, but he deliberately sighed and said, “The beauties of an era, are usually jinxes on the country or city, the most fatal poison, are also usually one of the delicacies in the world. Only good medicine, are bitter to the taste.”

    Xiao Yu’er grabbed his hand and said with a laugh, “Nice words are usually used to trick others, Brother Jiang better speak less, and hurry to save a life instead.”

    Where the stone house is situated, is already extremely secluded. Jiang Yu Lang took Xiao Yu’er and walked further, and the paths became more and more winding and dangerous.

    But his illness have stuck again, after two steps and he’ll need to catch his breath, after another two steps and he’ll trip and fall. His legs were like the strings of the pipa (musical instrument), which kept vibrating.

    Xiao Yu’er is almost going crazy with impatience, and in the end he can’t stand it any longer so he carried him up and said, “Where is that place actually, tell me and I’ll carry you there.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “How can I trouble Brother Yu thus.”

    Xiao Yu’er gave a snort of laughter and said, “It’s all right, your bones are very light, it’s not a drain of energy at all for me to carry you.”

    Tie Ping Gu stamped her feet and said, “I beg the two of you, can you please stop bickering.”

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed, “How would I dare to bicker with Brother Jiang, it’s just that…”

    He suddenly stopped talking, and his finger pointed upwards, saying “Can Brother Yu see that hole up there?”

    Xiao Yu’er followed the point of the finger and looked up, and saw that on the side of the mountain overgrown with moss, there really is a dark hole, and there’s a stone ledge protruding out from the mouth of the hole.

    Jiang Yu Lang said, “This place is not bad, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Why didn’t you use a rock to seal the mouth of the hole?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “Master Hua is unable to walk now, I’m not afraid of him running away anyway.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly glared at him and raised his voice, “If the hole is not blocked, how could he have suffocated to death?”

    Without any change in his expression, Jiang Yu Lang said nonchalantly, “Maybe he won’t be suffocated, but in a cave in the wild mountains, there might be some poisonous snakes or ferocious beasts….”

    Before he could finish his words, Xiao Yu’er had already leapt up.

    Jiang Yu Lang added, “Why don’t Brother Yu put me down first to take a look and see if this is the right place.”

    The stone ledge was also overgrown with moss, making it extremely slippery. Xiao Yu’er put him down and he dared not even stand up, but crawled to the mouth of the hole to take a look. He suddenly shouted, “Master Hua, little brother has come to save you, can you hear?”

    Only his echo could be heard in the hole, but there was no reply from Hua Wu Que at all.

    Jiang Yu Lang furrowed his brow and said, “Master Hua, you… you… what’s wrong with you, why….”

    Xiao Yu’er stamped his feet and dragged Jiang Yu Lang back so that he can lie at the mouth of the hole. Looking inside, the hole is so dark that one cannot even see one’s extended hand. He cannot see anything at all.

    Jiang Yu Lang asked, “Brother Yu, can you see Master Hua?”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “What tricks are you trying to play, why…”

    Before he could finish his words, he suddenly felt a huge force knocking onto him from the sole of his feet. Before he could even scream, his body had fallen straight down the hole like a dropping leaf.

    The Jiang Yu Lang who could not even walk earlier, has now become so full of energy. He jumped up and dashed to the mouth of the hole and shouted, “Brother Yu… Xiao Yu’er…”

    Xiao Yu’er did not reply and after a moment, there was a ‘plonk’ sound. This hole is terribly deep.

    Jiang Yu Lang raised his head heavenward and laughed loudly, “Xiao Yu’er… Xiao Yu’er, you are not my match after all, you have been tricked by me after all.”

    Tie Ping Gu looked up from the bottom. What happened on the ledge, she could not see clearly as well, and now that she heard Jiang Yu Lang’s conceited laughter, she exclaimed in surprise, “What have you done to Xiao Yu’er?”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “If I don’t kill him, must I wait for him to kill me then?”

    Tie Ping Gu was stunned and furious, and asked hoarsely, “Have you not changed for the better? Weren’t you thinking of spending a peaceful life with me, why…”

    As she spoke, she wanted to jump up as well but just as she was jumping, she suddenly remembered that she’s only wearing Herbalist Hu’s long coat, and there’s nothing inside. If she jumps up, Herbalist Hu would get a good view from the bottom. So she can only drop down quickly, cover the long coat and kept stamping her feet.

    Herbalist Hu was also shocked still, and after a moment, can’t help but ask, “Since Xiao Yu’er has already been poisoned by Nu’er Hong, won’t you be able to use this to threaten him in future, and make him obey you. Now that you’ve killed him, won’t it be a pity.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “What you do not understand, Xiao Yu’er will not understand as well, that’s why he got tricked. That Nu’er Hong is only a lure, so do you understand now?”

    Herbalist Hu was stunned again. He felt that the malevolence and deviousness of Jiang Yu Lang’s plan, and the viciousness and shrewdness in which it was executed is something that one would never even dream of.

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly and said, “Xiao Yu’er oh Xiao Yu’er, you keep saying that you are the smartest man on earth, now do you know who should be the smartest person in the world?”

    Herbalist Hu can’t help but ask, “But what about Hua Wu Que? Has he been killed by you as well?”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “Did you think Hua Wu Que was stupid? Let me tell you, he knows how to trick others as well. He deliberately pretended to be dumb so that you will not be on your guard against him, and he took the opportunity to escape.”

    Herbalist Hu was stunned for a moment before asking with a bitter smile, “Then, what about Bai Shan Jun?”

    Jiang Yu Lang said, “At that time I had a very bad relapse and was in a daze. I did not look properly, seems like he went after Hua Wu Que.”

    Herbalist Hu suddenly jumped up and exclaimed, “Oh no, my poison has not been nullified, I still need him for the antidote.”

    Jiang Yu Lang suddenly smiled icily and said, “Very well, you can go down and look for him then.”

    Amidst the icy laughter, his palm suddenly extended and aimed it towards Herbalist Hu.

    Herbalist Hu had just jumped up the ledge and although he could have avoided this attack, but he did not have the chance to catch his breath yet. If he were to jump down immediately, he will be able to avoid the attack, but he has not changed the flow of his breathing, so even if he can avoid being injured from the jump to the ground, his stance will certainly be unstable. If at that time Jiang Yu Lang pressed on his advantage and jumped down as well, it would be difficult for him to avoid this attack.

    It’s extremely slippery on the ledge, so Herbalist Hu deduced that since Jiang Yu Lang is attacking on the ledge, his lower body must be unstable and if his lower body is unstable, the strength of his attack must not be very strong then.

    Jiang Yu Lang struck with his palm, but Herbalist Hu did not avoid it at all and risked taking the attack, but his leg kicked up, aiming a sweeping kick towards Jiang Yu Lang’s lower body.

    This move is defending by attacking, by attacking the enemy to save oneself and is the epitome of an excellent move. However, if one is not an experienced martial arts exponent, one would never dare to use such a risky maneuver.

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “What a good Second Master Rabbit, you really have some capabilities!”

    He suddenly leapt up, both his legs already kicking in midair.

    Herbalist Hu never imagined that at a place like this, he would dare to use a move like that, and in his surprise, he can’t avoid the attack even if he wanted to.

    It must be known that Herbalist Hu did not have time to recover after the kick he executed earlier, so his lower body would definitely be unstable. The tip of Jiang Yu Lang’s foot is already aiming towards his throat.

    He can only use his hands to block it, but the strength in the hands cannot be compared to the strength in the legs. Even if he managed to receive this kick, he will certainly be kicked down the hole by Jiang Yu Lang. But if he can grab Jiang Yu Lang’s foot, he would be dragged down together as well. This move may be almost unscrupulous, but under the circumstances, he couldn’t care less.

    Who would have expected that while in mid-air, Jiang Yu Lang would still have enough energy to change his stance.

    In the blink of an eye both his legs had executed seven to eight kicks. Not only was Herbalist Hu unable to grab his feet, but he can’t even tell from which direction the kicks are coming from.

    Only now did he realize that not only is Jiang Yu Lang viciousness and cunningness incomparable, but his martial arts is beyond his expectations as well. He knows that he is unable to defend any further, and can’t help but heave a long sigh, his body suddenly tumbled on the rock and actually jumped down the hole with the fathomless bottom.

    Tie Ping Gu stood there in a daze, not moving at all. Jiang Yu Lang deliberately showed off and turned a somersault in midair before dropping next to her like a large butterfly but she did not seem to have noticed.

    Jiang Yu Lang grinned, “Did you see the few kicks I executed earlier?”

    Without even looking at him, Tie Ping Gu said dully, “Saw it.”

    Jiang Yu Lang continued, “That is the essence of Northern Sect’s Springing Leg technique ‘Eight Styles of Crouching Fish’ and Hu’s Castle’s ‘Shadowless Kick’, Wudang’s ‘Meteor Steps’, Kunlun’s ‘Flying Dragon Stance’, the combination of the unique skills of four kinds of martial arts with changes made. I’ve given it a nickname, called ‘Kicking others to death without paying with life, unparalleled devil’s leg in the world’, don’t you think it’s marvelous?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied coldly, “Extremely marvelous.”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “You have such a highly skilled martial artist as a husband, aren’t you happy?”

    Tie Ping Gu suddenly turned her head and ran away.

    Jiang Yu Lang hurriedly flew after her and blocked her path, saying with a smile, “What are you doing? We have not been together for a long time, and now that my illness is cured, we can show some attention to each other, why are you ignoring me?”

    Tie Ping Gu said with an icy smile, “You better find someone else to pay attention to. A clever and highly skilled hero like you, how can I be compatible with you?”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “Find someone else, find who? The only person I like is you!”

    He hugged Tie Ping Gu up and kissed her face.

    Tie Ping Gu did not even struggle but stamped her feet and said, “You… you… you won’t let go?”

    Jiang Yu Lang said with a grin, “I’m not letting go, I just won’t let go, even if you hit me to death, I still can’t bear to let go.”

    His hand has already reached into the robe, and Tie Ping Gu’s struggles finally became less vigorous. She said, “Let go of me first, I want to ask you something.”

    Jiang Yu Lang grinned, “Ask away, I’m not covering your mouth anyway.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “Let me ask you, you’ve killed Xiao Yu’er, aren’t you happy enough, why must you kill Herbalist Hu as well?”

    Jiang Yu lang replied, “I saw the way that lad was looking at you lecherously and I almost went crazy. I wished I could kill him there and then.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “You… you killed him, because of me?”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “I don’t know why either, but when someone else take even a look at you, I get very angry. Besides, he even had intentions on you… besides me, whoever dares to touch even a finger of yours, I will kill him even if it cost me my life.”

    As he spoke, his hands moved even more.

    The look of fury on Tie Ping Gu’s face has long disappeared, and there’s a heady blush on her cheeks instead. Not only is her voice shaking, even her body is shaking as well.

    Jiang Yu Lang pressed his lips to her ears and said two sentences softly.

    Tie Ping Gu immediately blush and said with a struggle, “No, not here.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “There’s not even a ghost here, who would see, come on…”

    Before he could finish his words, and without even knowing why herself, Tie Ping Gu suddenly flew out of his arms and at the same time let out a scream.

    Jiang Yu Lang was also shocked and unconsciously looked up the direction she has flown. He saw Tie Ping Gu’s pale limps struggling in the air, but her body was shooting up like a rocket, and actually flew about seventy, eighty feet up and landed right on a tree.

    This tree is growing slanting out of the side of the mountain, and Tie Ping Gu’s robe was coincidentally hooked onto a branch, her naked body hung up like a sheep.

    Jiang Yu Lang could not even imagine how she was hung up, and can’t help but cry out, “Jump down quickly, I’ll catch you.”

    However, Tie Ping Gu seemed to be stunned from the scare and dare not even move. There was not a trace of blood on her face and the look in her eyes was extremely terrified. But her eyes were not looking at Jiang Yu Lang.

    Jiang Yu Lang can’t help but follow the line of her sight and only now did he realize that somehow, right in front of him stood a person in white with long flowing hair.

    Her snow white clothes were dancing in the wind but her body stood there unmoving like a log, and on her face she wore a mask carved out of wood, looking like a spirit who had suddenly emerged from underground.

    With a simple sweep of her hand and she can throw Tie Ping Gu up eighty to ninety feet, and make her land right on the tree as well. The kind of strength and martial arts required for such a feat will shock anyone who hears of it.

    When a man is just getting excited and if someone were to spoil his moment, that person would certainly be in a fury. Jiang Yu Lang only felt a ball of fire in his stomach and totally forgot about all other things and he yelled furiously, “What’s the problem with you, why must you find trouble with me.”

    The person in white still stood there, not moving, not talking as well. Jiang Yu Lang was even more furious and can’t help but strike out with a fist.

    The person in white still did not move, but the sleeves of her robe swept slightly, and the punch that Jiang Yu Lang was executing suddenly turned back without knowing why.

    With a ‘bang’, that punch actually landed on his own head.

    Jiang Yu Lang’s face immediately swelled up, but his brains is now clearheaded from the punch. He felt his legs almost giving way and stammered, “You… can you be the Princess of Floral Palace?”  

    The person in white commented icily, “A person like you, are you fit to utter the four words Princess of Floral Palace?”

    Jiang Yu Lang fell to his knees and uttered, “I am really not fit to say these four words, I deserve to be beaten.”

    He really is a smart person. Without waiting for the person in white to strike, he had already started hitting himself, and he really used a lot of strength, his hits heavy.

    The person in white looked on coldly, not speaking at all.

    End of Chapter 94

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 95

    She did not speak, so Jiang Yu Lang dare not stop. His fair and handsome face became like a pig’s liver in no time at all, with fresh blood flowing down the corner of his mouth.

    Tie Ping Gu was heartbroken on seeing the scene and can’t help but cry out, “Princess, please let him off.”

    Only now did the person in white lift her head and said, “You are pleading for him, but who will plead for you?”

    Tie Ping Gu lowered her head and said, “Your servant knows that she has sinned greatly, and dare not beg Princess for forgiveness.”

    The person in white replied, “Very good, then let me ask you, where have you brought Xiao Yu’er?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “Xiao Yu’er, he…”

    She suddenly remembered that if she tells the truth, if Princess were to find out that Xiao Yu’er had already died in the hands of Jiang Yu Lang, Jiang Yu Lang may be torn into a million pieces immediately.

    The person in white asked, “What’s wrong with Xiao Yu’er? Why don’t you speak?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “He… he is here as well, but I’m afraid he’s along the eastern side.”

    The person in white replied, “Fine, I will go and look for him now, and I hope you are telling the truth.”

    By now Jiang Yu Lang has collapsed onto the ground, but he still dare not stop.

    The person in white chided, “Enough, stop.”

    Jiang Yu Lang struggled to climb up and kowtowed, “Thank… thank you Princess.”

    The person in white said, “Now, I want you to keep an eye on her here, if anyone hurts her, I will take your life, if anyone takes her away, I will take your life as well, understand?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “I understand.”

    When Jiang Yu Lang lifted his head, that person in white had already disappeared like a spirit.

    He can’t help but sigh and said with a bitter smile, “That is the Princess of the Floral Palace, so the Princess of Floral Palace is like that, I did not expect that I will meet her today, I’m afraid I’m in luck.”

    Tie Ping Gu sighed, “Luckily it’s only the Younger Princess today. If it’s the Elder Princess, I’m afraid both of us would be dead by now.”

    Jiang Yu Lang looked into the distance, lost in thought.

    Tie Ping Gu said, “When she comes back, we still would not be able to live. You’ve killed Xiao Yu’er, she will never let you off.”

    Jiang Yu Lang asked, “Why? Didn’t she want Hua Wu Que to kill Xiao Yu’er?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “That’s right, but she will only allow Hua Wu Que to kill Xiao Yu’er personally, but won’t allow anyone else to touch even a finger of Xiao Yu’er. Even she herself, will never hurt Xiao Yu’er.”

    Jiang Yu Lang exclaimed in surprised, “But why is this so? This is really strange!”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “I can’t guess the reason as well. The sisters are already strange to begin with. No matter what, you must let me down quickly. Half my body is numb, she has sealed my acupoint.”

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed, “Even if I save you, we still would not be able to escape from her clutches.”

    Tie Ping Gu said, “We must at least try. When she comes back, it’ll be death anyway. If we can escape now and find a place to hide, we may be able to spend a few more happy days.”

    Jiang Yu Lang lowered his head and did not speak. After a while, he suddenly lifted his head and said, “But if you do not tell her Xiao Yu’er was killed by me, she won’t kill me, right?”

    Tie Ping Gu was stunned, “Maybe…”

    Jiang Yu Lang continued, “Since you have already lied to her earlier, why don’t you continue lying?”

    Tie Ping Gu stammered, “But… but I…:”
    Jiang Yu Lang said gently, “Since you are going to die anyway, why must you make me die with you? If you are really good to me, you should sacrifice yourself to save me, I will never forget you then.”

    Tie Ping Gu was totally stunned. She really cannot imagine that Jiang Yu Lang would actually say such inhumane words.

    Suddenly a person was heard chuckling, “Marvelous, marvelous, I have not heard such marvelous words for a long time.”

    Another person said with a laugh, “If this brother here is a girl, Xiao Mi Mi will certainly feel ashamed on seeing him.”

    A third person said, “Haha, I’m afraid even two Xiao Mi Mi cannot be compared to one of him.”

    A fourth person laughed loudly, “Ever since the Ouyang brothers died, you people keep worrying that you can’t find someone to make up the numbers, now isn’t there a ready one right here.”

    The laughter was continuous, and four people walked out.

    These four people, one has an especially large mouth, one looks neither male or female, one is full of smiles, and the last one looked like a beggar, but carried a hemp bag on his back.

    This hemp bag kept moving, and groans were coming out from inside the bag. The groans sounded extremely strange as well.

    The person who groaned, sounded as if he’s in pain, in discomfort, but also sounded like he’s very comfortable and the groans make one’s heart itch on hearing it.

    The one who looks like a beggar carried a branch in his left hand, and used the branch as a whip, whipping the bag once in a while.

    As he whipped, the groans in the bag became even more overwhelming, and the person mumbled something, which sounded like she’s almost pleading, “Please… whip harder, please…”

    That beggar looking person put down his whip instead, refusing to hit any further, and instead smiled at Jiang Yu Lang, “There’s actually someone who loves to be beaten, have you seen it before?”

    Jiang Yu Lang has really never seen anyone like that, nor even heard of anyone like that. Although he is very good at adapting to situations, right now he was totally stunned.

    Tie Ping Gu, who was on the tree, was feeling ashamed and anxious, and unknowingly passed out.

    The four who came, were without a doubt Li Da Zui, Du Jiao Jiao, Bai Kai Xin and Ha Ha’er. But who is the person in the hemp bag who likes to be beaten?

    Li Da Zui had already walked to Jiang Yu Lang and said with a wide smile, “Friend, what’s your surname?”

    Although Jiang Yu Lang does not know their background, on seeing that they all looked surreptitious, he dared not offend them.

    He coughed dryly before replying with a condescending smile, “I am Jiang Ping, and I wonder what your great names might be.”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “Brother may be young, but I’m sure you’ve heard of the name ‘Ten Evils’?”

    Ha Ha’er added, “Haha, look at his mouth, you should know who he is.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s gaze traveled to their faces, his palms unconsciously sweating.

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “Little brother, don’t you worry, we have no bad intentions coming to see you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang suddenly smiled as well, “You are all seniors in the martial arts realm, naturally you will not find problems with an unknown junior like me. Not only am I very much assured, but to be able to see the glory of seniors, I am extremely happy.”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “Look, this child can talk so well, as if he has honey on his lips.”

    Ha Ha’er added, “Haha, someone like that, even a monk like me will take a liking to him! No wonder the little lady on the tree is willing to sacrifice her life for him.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied with a straight face, “That lady on the tree, although is acquainted with me, but we’re just acquaintances, there’s no romantic connection between us at all, Elder must be joking.”

    Du Jiao Jiao added, “Since you are acquainted, she is being hung naked on the tree, why aren’t you saving her?”

    Jiang Yu lang sighed, “Although I feel like saving her, but… but a respectable distance should be kept between men and women. Now that her modesty has unfortunately been insulted and she is naked, if I were to save her, won’t it be very inconvenient.”

    Du Jiao Jiao commented, “So this means that you really are a gentleman.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “Although I have roamed the martial arts realm, but I have not forgotten about courtesy and righteousness.”

    Du Jiao Jiao suddenly started giggling loudly, and pointing at Jiang Yu Lang, said, “Look, isn’t he something. Forget about Xiao Mi Mi, even if the Ouyang Brothers were to see him, they would have to make him their teacher.”

    Ha Ha’er added, “Haha, the words of the Ouyang brothers, out of three sentences at least one will be true, but he only said four and a half sentences, out of which four sentences are lies.”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “Elder is joking again, how would I dare to lie in front of Elder.”

    Ha Ha’er said, “You dare not lie? Haha, that is another lie.”

    Du Jiao Jiao interrupted him and said coquettishly, “Every word you spoke is true? Fine, then let me ask you, if you are Jiang Ping, then there’s a little rascal called Jiang Yu Lang, who would he be then?”

    For a lie to be busted right in front of him, and still maintain a composed look, maybe only one or two people out of ten thousand would be able to do it. Naturally Jiang Yu Lang is one of them. His face did not turn red, his expression composed, he laughed instead.

    Du Jiao Jiao looked at him, as if finding him more and more interesting, and also asked him with a smile, “What are you laughing about?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “To lie in front of Elders, won’t it be akin to flaunting the axe in front of Lu Ban’s door (*Lu Ban’s building skills and invention of useful tools won him reverence as the founder of builders), selling the ‘Hundred Family Names’ ( in front of Confucius. For me to bite off more then I can chew, isn’t it funny then?”

    Ha Ha’er clapped his hands and laughed loudly, “Well said, well said, haha, this flattery is heaped right on us, and heaped just appropriately so as well.”

    Jiang Yu Lang added, “Before Elders spoke to me, I’m sure you have found out all about my background.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “That’s right, not only do we already know that you’re called Jiang Yu Lang, the precious son of the Hero of Jiang Nan, but we also know that your little lover was originally from Floral Palace.”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Do you know why we are so concerned about you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled slightly, “Could it be that Elders wanted to do something for me?”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “If I have a daughter, I’d rather marry her off to Li Da Zui than to you. At least Li Da Zui won’t eat her up, but you, I’m afraid you won’t even spit out the bones after eating a person.”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “Elder, you think too highly of me, how can I compare to Elder Li?”

    Li Da Zui replied, “You need not be polite. At the most I eat humans one by one, but you like to swallow them in groups. Those people in ‘Double Lion Escort’, weren’t they swallowed up by you in one night?”

    Without any change in his expression, Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “Why did Elders do such a thorough check on me?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Maybe you do not know, but ever since the Ouyang brothers died, there’s actually only nine left out of the ‘Ten Evils’.”

    She continued, “Besides the Ouyang brothers who have already died, Compulsive Gambler seemed to be slowly changing for the better these years and is becoming a good boy. Mad Lion Tie Zhan’s problem seems to be getting worse as well, when no one is fighting with him, he’ll fight with himself, and that ‘Mesmerizing others without paying with life’ Xiao Mi Mi, who knows which cave is she hiding in now. So ever since we left the mountains, we suddenly realized that the name ‘Ten Evils’ is slowly losing it’s ability to scare others in the martial arts realm.”

    Naturally Jiang Yu Lang knows where Xiao Mi Mi is…. Xiao Mi Mi has already been trapped by him and Xiao Yu’er in the underground prison, and she can forget about coming out in this lifetime.

    But he just smiled slightly and said, “Could Elders be looking for someone to take over the Ouyang brothers’ place?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “That’s right, if we want to boost up the name of the ‘Ten Evils’ again, we must find a new force to be reckoned with.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s gaze shimmered, and he smiled, “But this person is indeed difficult to find. From what I know, there’s not many in the martial arts realm that is qualified to be seen on the same level as Elders.”

    Du Jiao Jiao looked at him and smiled, “There’s one right in front, you are one of them.”

    Jiang Yu Lang hurriedly replied, “I dare not live up to it.”

    Ha Ha’er laughed, “Haha, you need not be so polite. You are so young and yet you have such accomplishments. In another six months, I’m afraid even us will lose to you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang looked as if he’s startled by all the attention, and kept saying, “I can’t, I can’t. For Elders to think so highly of me, how can I repay you?”

    Li Da Zui clasped his hands and chortled, “Interesting, interesting. For you to say something like that, this shows that you’re really an interesting person, and worthy of us thinking highly of you.”

    Bai Kai Xin suddenly said, “But lad, you must not be tricked by them. They want you to join them only because they want you to do something for them.”

    This person’s nickname of ‘harming others without benefit to oneself’ is really true. He did not speak for half a day but once he opened his mouth it’s certainly to pull others down.

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “Elder may have your good intentions, but if I can have the chance to help Elders, it’ll be my honor. Elders please do not hesitate to say what you want of me.”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “There’s a very formidable person in the martial arts realm, called Wei Wu Ya. He lives right in these mountains, naturally you would know that, but do you know which honored guest is now in his rat hole?”

    She suddenly changed the subject towards Wei Wu Ya, and the smile on Jiang Yu Lang’s face disappeared immediately. He coughed a little and said with a dry laugh, “If there is only one person in this world whom I want to have nothing with, he would be Wei Wu Ya. Even if everyone else in the world is dead, I still will not want to have anything with him. Whether there’s a honored guest in his cave, I will never know, nor would I want to know.”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “A pity that this honored guest is someone you know.”

    Jiang Yu Lang can’t help but feel shocked, “I know him? How would I know him?”  
    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Wei Yu Ya does not have a single friend in his life at all, even those in the ‘Twelve Zodiacs’, will look as if they’ve seen a ghost when they see him, and scramble to avoid him.”

    Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “This is precisely the saying, the rat crossing the street and everyone is shouting to hit it. I have seen a few who are willing to be in cahoots with poisonous snakes and ferocious beasts, but to be friends with a rat, I’m afraid there’s not even one.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “You’re wrong. There is one person who is willing to be friends with a rat.”

    Li Da Zui added, “In fact this person has already twisted Wei Wu Ya around his little finger, no matter what he says, Wei Wu Ya will listen to him. Wei Wu Ya has never treated someone else so well in his whole life.”

    Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “So it would mean that this person is really quite capable.”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked, “Do you know who this person is?”

    There is finally a look of curiosity on Jiang Yu Lang’s face and he said, “I really cannot think of a friend who is so resourceful.”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “Who said he is your friend… you may not have such a resourceful friend, but you have a resourceful old man, have you forgotten?”

    Now Jiang Yu Lang was truly stunned, and exclaimed hoarsely, “It’s my father?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “That’s right. Wei Wu Ya’s honored guest, is the Hero of Jiang Nan, Jiang Bie He.”

    Jiang Yu Lang was stunned for a moment before heaving a long sigh, “I did not expect my father to be friends with Wei Wu Ya.” Although he was sighing, but he can’t help but reveal the gleam of happiness in his eyes.

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “What’s wrong with making friends with Wei Wu Ya, with such a stong backing, even if the Floral Princesses were to find trouble with him, he need not fear.”

    Jiang Yu Lang almost couldn’t control himself and wanted to laugh, but he probed, “What does Elders want me to do then?”

    Du Jiao Jiao and Li Da Zui exchanged a look, and Li Da Zui said, “If you become Wei Wu Ya’s honored guest, then naturally you can move around the cave with ease...”

    Jiang Yu Lang asked, “Could it be that Elder would like me to find out something?”

    Li Da Zui clasped his hands and laughed loudly, “That’s right, to talk to someone with brains like yours, is really a joyful thing.”

    Li Da Zui and Du Jiao Jiao exchanged another look, and Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “It’s not a very big matter, but, we have a few chests and it seems like they have landed in Wei Wu Ya’s hands. Why don’t you go and take a look if the chests are really there? If it’s there, then where is the location, and after that we can think of a way together to get them out.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s gaze shimmered, obviously this matter is getting interesting, but he still maintained a nonchalant look on his face and said with a slight smile, “I wonder what kind of chests they are? What is inside the chests?”

    Ha Ha’er said, “Haha, it’s just a few tattered chests, they’re black and look awful and heavy. No one else will ever have such awful chests, so you’ll know once you see them.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “There were originally some jewels in the chest, but Wei Wu Ya could have already taken the jewels out.”

    Jiang Yu Lang asked, “Since the chest is empty, then why must Elders still look for it?”

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed, “In another’s eyes, they may just be tattered chests, but to us, they are priceless treasures.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s eyes shone even brighter and he asked, “Priceless treasures?”

    Ha Ha’er clarified, “Haha, this priceless treasure, you can’t even sell it for a silver tael. It’s just that the paint on the chest is slightly different, so in our eyes they become extremely precious.”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked, “Do you know what that paint is made of?”

    Without waiting for Jiang Yu Lang to reply, she continued, “It’s made of blood, the blood of our enemies. We are getting old, so old that even our ambitions have been eroded. Only those few boxes, can let us reminisce about our glorious days, so no matter what, we must not let them end up in the hands of others.”

    Jiang Yu Lang seemed stunned, and did not speak for a long moment.

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “If it’s the common treasures, no matter how much it is, if it has landed in Wei Wu Ya’s hands, we would have given up as there’s no point in us risking our lives. Even if we were waiting for money to spend, we would snatch it from others, won’t it be much easier?”

    Li Da Zui clenched his fists and said softly, “But if these few boxes were lost, it can be considered the end of our whole lives. Little brother, no matter what, you must help us, we’ll certainly not forget to reward you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang lowered his head and stared at his hands, as if he has never seen this pair of hands before. He was totally lost in thought.

    Li Da Zui asked, “Little brother, do you not trust our words?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied, “Since those chests are worthless in other’s eyes, Wei Wu Ya will certainly not take a liking to it as well. If he has taken out the jewels in the chests, he may have thrown the chests away long ago.”

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “We have thought of this question as well, therefore, if Wei Wu Ya has already discarded the chests, then we’ll trouble little brother to find out where he has thrown the chest.”

    She continued with a smile, “Although you are one of us now, we would not let you work in vain. Once the job is completed, we will certainly think of a way to get ten thousand gold taels and a few thousand beauties to let you enjoy yourself, and we guarantee to help you keep all your secrets.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s face was full of joy and he asked, “Does Elder want me to go immediately?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Of course the faster the better.”

    Jiang Yu Lang can’t help but take a glance up the tree, “What about her…”

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “Now you should know, if you are together with her, there’ll only be trouble and nothing good will come out of it.”

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed and said, “Even if there’s something good, it’ll not be as much as the trouble it brings.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Exactly, besides, although her looks are not bad, and her figure is good as well, but as soon as you finish the job, I’ll be in charge of finding ten other girls who are even more mesmerizing then her.”

    She leaned towards Jiang Yu Lang’s ears and said with a coquettish smile, “And I can teach them a few things first, skills that will make you ecstatically delirious.”

    Jiang Yu Lang’s beam is so huge that he can’t even keep his mouth closed and said, “Since that is the case, I will go immediately. But, after I complete the task, how should I contact Elders?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Regardless of your success, three days later, just take a walk around the mouth of the cave, we’ll think of a way to speak to you.”

    Jiang Yu Lang agreed, “All right, that’s settled then, it’s a deal.”

    Without saying anything more, without taking another look at Tie Ping Gu, he immediately left like the wind.

    Li Da Zui looked as Jiang Yu Lang left, and furrowed his brows, “This lad left so quickly, I think it’s a little risky.”

    Ha Ha’er said, “Haha, that’s because he’s afraid the Floral Princess will come and settle scores with him, so he wants to hide in the rat hole quickly.”

    Bai Kai Xin said icily, “I don’t think he really believe all our words, if you think that he’ll really look for the chests for you, you must be dreaming.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “What I’ve said is reasonable, why shouldn’t he believe it? Besides, this lad is greedy for both wealth and beauty, ten thousand gold taels and ten beauties, it will certainly move him.”

    Bai Kai Xin said, “Even if he finds the chest, he may not give it to you.”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “If he doesn’t give it to us, what would he want to do with a few empty chests?”

    Ha Ha’er laughed loudly, “That’s right, that lad is a smart person. He’ll just have to use a few empty chests to exchange for gold and beauties, he will certainly do such a lucrative job.”

    Bai Kai Xin can’t help but laugh, “After the exchange, I must tell him what’s so good about those old and tattered chests, we must see how his face change.”

    Ha Ha’er replied, “Haha, his expression then will certainly be uglier than your butt.”

    As the mention of the word butt, Bai Kai Xin’s eyes drifted towards the top of the tree and with narrowed eyes he smiled and said, “Hey! Little Miss, the wind is very stong up there, aren’t you afraid of catching a cold?”

    Tie Ping Gu was still unconscious, but Li Da Zui furrowed his brows and said, “You’re still carrying one on your back, are you having designs on someone else again?”

    Bai Kai Xin grinned, “This little miss is all alone, and of all people she had to meet a heartless lover. She’s really pitiful, if I do not comfort her, who will.”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “Very well, comfort her quickly then. But when the Floral Princess comes knocking, do not blame us for not helping you.”
    With a cough, Bai Kai Xin grinned, “To speak the truth, such a piteous person like her, I really cannot comfort much as well. Besides, I already have one in my bag, and although she’s a little older, but the older ones are more experienced.”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “Now you finally understand the ways between men and women, a pity that men are better when they are young and strong, or else I…”

    Bai Kai Xin chortled, “Luckily I am older, or else if you take a liking to me, that would really be the world’s greatest trouble.”

    End of Chapter 95
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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 96

    Du Jiao Jiao stared at him, “What trouble?”

    Bai Kai Xin smiled, “There’s not much other trouble, it’s just that, no one can figure out when you’re a man and when you’re a woman. If I got the timing incorrect, won’t it be very dangerous.”

    Li Da Zui clasped his hands and laughed, “Marvelous, marvelous, I really did not expect that a crude person like you can actually say something so marvelous. Could it be that you have slowly been influenced by me.”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “That’s right, the ancient people have rightly said that birds of a feather, flock together, and ‘being influenced by surroundings’. After spending says and nights with such a learned person like Brother Li, even my speech will naturally become more refined.”

    These two were born loggerheads and although they are both listed in the Ten Evils, but they do not see each other frequently. But once they meet, they either quarrel or fight.

    Bai Kai Xin has a lot of enemies in the martial arts realm as well, but because of Li Da Zui, he’d rather hide himself like a dog in the martial arts realm than to hide in the Valley of Evil.

    For him to say such words now suddenly, even Li Da Zui was stunned.

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “Have you two rascals had enough? If you have, then let’s go back quickly!”

    Ha Ha’er added, “That’s right, I’m afraid Big Brother Du is waiting anxiously there now. Haha, the two of you should know that if Big Brother Du gets angry, it’s nothing to laugh about.”

    Bai Kai Xin sighed, “I did not expect a cold person such as Big Brother Du would actually treat that Xiao Yu’er so well. He’s afraid that Xiao Yu’er won’t be able to find his way and insisted on waiting there. If he knows that Xiao Yu’er can never arrive, he will certainly be very sad. We better return quickly so that we can console him.”

    Li Da Zui chortled, “You really think that Xiao Yu’er has been killed by that Jiang Yu Lang?”

    Bai Kai Xin stared at him, “Didn’t you hear it earlier?”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “Don’t you worry, if Jiang Yu Lang can really kill Xiao Yu’er, then he won’t be just a little rascal, he’ll be a living god.”

    Ha Ha’er added, “I’m afraid even if a living god won’t be able to kill Xiao Yu’er. Haha, I’ll be the very first to put my mind at ease.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “If Xiao Yu’er is really dead, I will at least shed a few drops of tears, why would I be so happy instead?”

    Bai Kai Xin asked, “Since that is the case, why do you want to harm him, and deliberately left those marks to lure him to that rat hole. Don’t you intentionally want him to die in the hands of that huge rat?”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “That’s because we know that even that huge rat cannot kill him.”

    Bai Kai Xin smiled icily, “I don’t think you’re really that kind hearted? You’re just afraid that he will join Yan Nan Tian to harm you, so you want to use another’s hands to kill him.”

    Li Da Zui angrily replied, “Why doesn’t anything decent even come out of your dog’s mouth?”

    Bai Kai Xin angrily retorted, “You do not dare admit to what I’ve said?”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “It doesn’t matter even if we admit it, but let me tell you, even if he was killed because of us, I will still weep for him…”

    At this time there really was a drop of tear dropping from the top of the tree. Luckily they have already left the woods, and no one noticed it.

    Tie Ping Gu did not really faint, but, with her in such dire straits, what else can she do but pretend to faint? Every word that they spoke, she heard them all.

    She did not expect Jiang Yu Lang to be so hypocritical towards her, and all the more she did not expect that Jiang Yu Lang would actually abandon her so easily.

    Her heart has long been broken. It’s only when they have all left that she can’t contain herself any longer and started bawling. She really hoped that she could die immediately.

    She cannot imagine why she would have so many feelings for that little beast.

    Maybe she has tolerated the loneliness in Floral Palace for too long, suppressed her feelings for too long, so that once it erupted, she cannot contain it. She had never known the taste of tears, but now her tears cannot stop flowing.

    Without knowing how much time has passed, she suddenly realized that a pair of eyes were staring at her unblinkingly, but this pair of eyes is not as greedy or hateful as other’s.

    Not only is this pair of eyes beautiful, but as bright as the first star in a spring night, making anyone who sees it want to bow down to it. Tie Ping Gu has never seen such alluring eyes.

    The owner of this pair of eyes smiled.

    She asked gently, “Miss, what’s your surname?”

    Tie Ping Gu can’t help but reply, “My surname is Tie.”

    Tie Ping Gu looked at her unworldly grace, looked at her elaborate clothes, and thought of her own situation and her tears dropped again.

    That young girl said gently, “You must not wish to see me at a time like this, but you need not feel bad. There are too many bad people in the world, and girls like us, will certainly be bullied. If you know that there are others in the world who are in worst situation than you, maybe you won’t feel so bad.”

    Tie Ping Gu can’t help but ask, “Can there really… really be people who are even more unfortunate than me in the world?”

    The young girl replied, “Why won’t there be? Do you know, in every city in the world, there will be a few pitiful girls, who are being violated by people they do not know, or even people they hate, and they even have to flatter those very people who violate them.” She really knows how to console others, because she understands the human heart very well.

    Tie Ping Gu really stopped crying and after a moment, can’t help but ask, “Can you help me down? I will certainly… certainly be very grateful to you.”

    The young girl sighed, “You don’t have to thank me. I would like to save you too, a pity that I can’t even climb up a ladder. Such a tall tree, I get dizzy even looking at it.”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “You… don’t you know even a little martial arts at all?”

    The young girl laughed, “You seemed very surprised, right? Actually there are more people who do not know martial arts in the world than those who do. Most normal people don’t know martial arts.”

    Tie Ping Gu heaved a long sigh and said dejectedly, “Then you… you better leave quickly!”

    The young girl replied, “At least I can do something for you. Are you cold? Why don’t I start a fire under you?”

    Tie Ping Gu only remembered her shame, her sadness and her fear earlier, and totally forgot about the cold. Only now did she realize that she’s shivering from cold, and the breeze blowing on her body is like a knife slicing through.

    The young girl really picked some dried branches, took out a very exquisite flint, and started a fire under the tree.

    The young girl smiled, “My name is Su Ying.”

    “Su Ying, you are Su Ying?” Tie Ping Gu was startled again, and cant help but cry out in alarm.

    Tie Ping Gu was silent for a moment before asking, “Have you come here looking for a person?”

    Su Ying was a little surprised as well and asked, “How do you know? Can it be that you… you know the person I am looking for as well?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied dejectedly, “That’s right, I know him.”

    Su Ying sighed and said with a bitter smile, “It seems that all the pretty girls in the world know him, don’t you think it’s strange. It seems that I have quite a few competitors.”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “I will not compete with you, I’m afraid no one will ever compete with you in future as well.”

    Before she could finish her words, her tears fell again.

    Su Ying’s face colored suddenly, and she asked hoarsely, “What do you mean by that.”

    Tie Ping Gu weeped, “He… he has been killed!”

    Su Ying was totally stunned, then she suddenly laughed loudly, “You must have made a mistake, how can Xiao Yu’er possibly be killed? Who in the world can kill him? If he doesn’t kill others, it’s already a blessing.”

    Tie Ping Gu replied sadly, “I did not believe that anyone in the world can kill him either, but this time I must believe it, because this time I saw it with my own eyes.”

    Su Ying started shaking, and she stammered, “You saw with your own eyes, who… who killed him?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “That person is called Jiang Yu Lang, he pushed Xiao Yu’er into the hole on the cliff over there. The hole is extremely deep, and besides, Xiao Yu’er has been poisoned…”

    Before she could finish her words, Su Ying had already started running towards the cliff.

    The cliff is ten thousand feet high, it’s edges as sharp as a knife, and that hole is at least a hundred feet from the ground. Although there may be places where one can stop on inside, but even someone who is good in lightness skill may find difficulty leaping up, much less Su Ying who does not know martial arts at all.

    The usually calm Su Ying, can’t help but lose control this time.

    Tears is already flowing down her face and she stamped her feet, “Why didn’t I learn martial arts? Who said that martial arts is useless…”

    Tie Ping Gu asked, “Can you go up?”

    Su Ying replied, “No matter what, I must think of a way to get up there, and I will find a way!”

    As she spoke this sentence, her tone suddenly became very firm. After saying these words, she wiped the tears away immediately, and refused to cry again.

    Even if she wanted to cry, it will have to wait, because she knows now is not the time to cry, she knows that the eyes cannot help her solve any problems at all.

    Tie Ping Gu saw the change in her, and saw her determination, and can’t help but secretly sigh, “I cannot imagine a defenseless girl would actually have such strong confidence, such determination, but me?...”

    Herbalist Hu has a stroke of luck.

    The cave that he dropped into, is really deeper than he imagined. The outside of the hole is at most hundred over feet high, but the inside is at least six times deeper.

    To drop down from a height of five hundred feet, even if this person’s lightness skill is unparalleled in the world, he still can’t avoid being smashed to pieces.

    Herbalist Hu thought that he will certainly perish! Before he had time to think a third thought, there was a ‘splash’ and he fell into the water. It turns out that there’s a pond at the bottom of the hole.

    Herbalist Hu was initially stunned, but shock quickly turned into joy. Since he did not fall to his death, naturally Xiao Yu’ er did not fall to his death as well.

    He wanted to jump up from the water, but the water was deep and he went headlong into the water, drank two mouthfuls of salty and dirty water which almost chocked him.

    He heard Xiao Yu’er chortling, “I was just feeling lonely. What joy that a friend would drop down from the sky. A pity that there’s no wine here, so I can only offer you two mouthfuls of dirty water.”

    The cave may be very dark, but there’s still some light coming from the top. Herbalist Hu rubbed his eyes and saw Xiao Yu’er.

    Xiao Yu’er was sitting on a huge rock at the side. His stomach is filled with the incurable Nu’er Hong, and he had been pushed into this hole where even someone with wings will find difficulty escaping from, and yet he was grinning. He doesn’t look worried at all, but very happy instead.

    Herbalist Hu swam towards the rock and climbed on it as well and can’t help but ask, “You… aren’t you worried?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “If being worried can get me out of here, I’ll start getting worried long ago.”

    Herbalist Hu was silent for a moment before he asked dumbly, “Can the antidote still be used after touching water?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Don’t worry, I kept the antidote well hidden, water can’t get at it.”

    Herbalist Hu coughed and laughed dryly, “Now that Brother Yu is in the same danger as I, we can be considered friends who are on the same boat. Shouldn’t Brother Yu give me the antidote now.”


    Herbalist Hu asked, “Wh.. why?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “As long as I don’t give you the antidote, you will continue to obey me. Even if I were to have a son in future, he will not be as obedient as you. With such an obedient person next to me, isn’t that a very happy thing, so why should I give you the antidote?”

    Herbalist Hu said with a tortured look, “But… but I…”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Rest assured, your poison will not react so soon.”

    They naturally spoke softly, but because of the sound traveling in a huge empty space, and with the water in the cave, if they were to raise their voices a little louder, anyone outside would hear them immediately.

    But they did not expect that the words spoken outside can be heard inside as well. The people outside, on seeing that there’s no one around, and will certainly not expect that there’ll be ears along the next wall, will naturally not be on their guard when they speak.

    When Jiang Yu Lang was uttering sweet nothings to Tie Ping Gu, Xiao Yu’er can only sigh and shake his head. There were a few times Herbalist Hu wanted to speak but was stopped by him.

    Suddenly he heard Tie Ping Gu’s cry of alarm, and Xiao Yu’er thought that she was being bullied by Jiang Yu Lang, but by now Jiang Yu Lang’s cry of alarm can be heard as well.

    Later, they heard the conversation between Jiang Yu Lang, Tie Ping Gu and the Floral Princess. After hearing the conversation, Xiao Yu’er was really stunned.

    Only now did he realize that Tie Ping Gu is a disciple of the Floral Palace.

    After a while, Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “So Tie Ping Gu turns out to be from Floral Palace, no wonder she slipped away once she saw Hua Wu QUe the other day! Then that ‘Mr Copper’ and “Madam Wood’ must be the Floral Princesses in disguise. No wonder the Floral Princess wants Hua Wu Que to obey ‘Mr Copper’ and ‘Madam Wood’. But why would the Floral Princesses want to disguise themselves?”

    He thought through everything, and got a headache from thinking about it. The more he thinks, the more confused he gets.

    The thought of the awe inspiring and frightening Floral Princess, would actually be tricked by him, so much so that she was waiting outside the toilet for him to poop, he can’t help but laugh.

    Suddenly Herbalist Hu laughed, “Excellent, excellent. The Floral Princess had just left, and a few of the ‘Ten Evils’has arrived. I think that lad Jiang Yu Lang will be in for a hard time.”

    Only now did Xiao Yu’er’s attention returned and after listening for a while, he beamed, “Those who came are ‘Neither man nor woman’ Du Jiao Jiao, ‘Does not eat human head’ Li Da Zui, ‘Daggers amidst laughter’ Ha Ha’er and ‘Harming others without benefit to oneself’ Bai Kai Xin.”

    Herbalist Hu asked, “Do you know them very well?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I’m afraid there’s no one else in the world who knows them better than I do.”

    Herbalist Hu was suddenly alert and he asked, “Then why don’t you ask them to rescue you quickly?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Wait, I want to listen on what they are up to.”

    When they revealed that Wei Wu Ya’s honored guest is Jiang Bie He, Xiao Yu’er was surprised and realized that on the day he was seriously injured, the person who came to Wu Ya’s cave is Jiang Bie He. If not for the fact that Jiang Bie He came, Su Ying might not be able to save him. Once he thought of that, Xiao Yu’er can’t help but smile again. He heard Herbalist Hu comment, “That’s strange, why do they place so much importance on a few chests?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with a laugh, “The downfall of youth is ambitions, the downfall of old age is greed. The older one gets, the more importance is placed on wealth, to the point that they forget that once they die, they cannot take even a single cent with them.”

    Herbalist Hu replied, “But all they want is just a few chests.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled and did not speak further, but there was a glint in his eyes. After a while, he heard Du Jiao Jiao and the rest talking about him.

    Once he heard that the directional signs were really laid by them to lure him into a trap, Xiao Yu’er’s expression changed unconsciously. He was silent for a moment before shaking his head with a bitter smile, “I did not expect that it’ll be as Su Ying deduced, even you want my life. But do you know, I’ve long found out the secret about Uncle Yan, but I did not think of taking your lives at all?”

    He sighed a few times, and was suddenly happy again, and laughed, “But if a person were to die and can get a few drops of tears out of Du Jiao Jiao, that would really not be easy.”

    What Xiao Yu’er is most capable of, is that however dire the situation is, he will surely find a way to make himself happy.

    But Herbalist Hu has no such capability at all. Naturally he now knows that Xiao Yu’er will not ask Du Jiao Jiao and the rest to save them.

    Herbalist Hu stood there dejectedly, unable to get his spirits up at all.

    Xiao Yu’er tapped his shoulder and smiled, “Don’t worry, even if they do not save me, there will be someone else who will.”

    Herbalist Hu was about to ask further, when Su Ying’s conversation was heard from the outside.

    When they heard the later part, Herbalist Hu can’t help but sigh and say, “Miss Su is really devoted to Brother Yu. With the affection of such a beauty, Brother Yu you are indeed lucky.”

    However Xiao Yu’er sighed as well, “If you think that is luck, then I can give it to you.”

    Herbalist Hu only smiled, and after a while, can’t help but ask, “But I really cannot think what plans she can think of.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “If you can think of the plans she has, you won’t be so unlucky now.”

    Suddenly they heard Tie Ping Gu exclaim, “Miss Su, the stone ledge is extremely slippery, you won’t be able to climb up.”

    From her tone of voice, it seems that she was feeling anxiety over Su Ying, and obviously Su Ying must be having a hard time climbing up. Xiao Yu’er can’t help but sigh, “Her legs must be fair and tender, if they were scratched, it’ll really be a pity.”

    Herbalist Hu sighed as well, “She looks so weak, but little did I expect her to have such strong determination.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “But for a smart person like her, to use such a stupid method, is really quite disappointing.”

    By now Su Ying’s voice cannot be heard at all from outside, but Tie Ping Gu kept screaming in alarm once in a while. Obviously Su Ying is in the dangerous position of falling down the cliff any minute.

    Herbalist Hu smiled, “Once a woman has affections for a man, there will never be any reasons, besides, women’s reasoning is something that men will never understand.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “That’s right, once I bump into women, I can only count myself unlucky!”

    Suddenly Tie Ping Gu cheered, and Su Ying can be heard saying loudly, “Xiao Yu’er, I’ve come to find you, can you hear me?”

    The words were coming from the hole at the top, and with the echo in the empty cave, not only can Xiao Yu’er hear her, his ear drums were almost shattered by the volume. Herbalist Hu was about to say something when Xiao Yu’er covered his mouth and whispered, “You must never reply her, or else she might jump down instead.”

    Su Ying’s face can be seen at the mouth of the cave, but because the hole is too deep and the lighting in the cave is dim, so Xiao Yu’er can see her, but she cannot see Xiao Yu’er.
    Xiao Yu’er can even see that her face has been scratched, and her whole face is wet, either from sweat, or tears.    

    Su Ying cried out, “Xiao Yu’er, why don’t you answer me? You… how can you be so useless, that even a little beast like that Jiang Yu Lang can kill you, isn’t that such an embarrassment.”

    Xiao Yu’er whispered close to Herbalist Hu’s ear with a smile, “Now she’s trying to antagonize me into talking, but I won’t be tricked by her.”

    Su Ying cried out again, “… I spent so much effort saving you, and you died just like that, aren’t you letting me down, you… you really disappoint me.”

    Xiao Yu’er still would not speak. By now there is nothing that Su Ying can say, and she can’t help but start bawling. Herbalist Hu saw that usually her every move is so elegant, and no matter what happened, her expression was always calm, and never did he imagine that she could bawl like a child as well.

    Tie Ping Gu said, “Didn’t you say so yourself earlier, that there are more unfortunate people than us in the world. Even I have stopped crying, so why do you cry?”

    Su Ying cried bitterly and said, “Don’t worry, once I cry this time, I will not cry in future, that’s why I must have a good cry this time. You need not console me.”

    Without knowing how much time has passed, Su Ying’s cry not only did not stop, but her cries became even more heart wrenching, as if she is really trying to cry out all her tears at once. Tie Ping Gu exclaimed, “Please, do stop crying, if you continue to cry, I… I’ll also…”

    Without even finishing her words, she started crying as well.

    Su Ying suddenly stopped crying and said, “Although we’ve only met, but we’ve an affinity. I hope that in future you will think of a way to block this hole with a rock, so that no one can disturb us.”

    Tie Ping Gu stammered, “You… how can you die? From what I know, you and Xiao Yu’er have not made any pledge to each other, why do you want to die for him.”

    Su Ying replied, “I don’t feel that I’m dying for him, I just feel that there’s no meaning in living.”

    Herbalist Hu was moved and said, “Brother Yu, things have come to this, aren’t you going to speak?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Do you really think she will die? She’s just scaring people. Don’t you know, a woman’s greatest capability is to cry, create a scene and threaten to die.”

    “But she…”

    Before he could finish his words, they suddenly heard Tie Ping Gu scream. Su Ying is already falling down from the top.

    End of Chapter 96

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 97

    Only now was Xiao Yu’er truly shocked. He used all his strength to leap up, thinking of carrying Su Ying’s body in mid-air, but the force of Su Ying’s fall was too great and although Xiao Yu’er’s martial arts has greatly improved, he still can’t catch her. There was a splash and the both of them fell into the water at the same time.

    A shower of water droplets flew out and it was only after a while that Xiao Yu’er can be seen coming out from beneath the water, drenched. Carrying Su Ying, he jumped onto the rock.

    Herbalist Hu can’t help but smile and said, “She’s not deliberately saying those words to scare people, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said with a bitter smile, “This lass is really different from other women. I can’t help but begin to suspect if she really is a woman.”

    He had thought that Su Ying must have fainted from fear. Who would have expected that although ‘this lass’s’ body is more fragile than a peach flower in spring, but her mind is stronger than an old bamboo in winter. Not only did she not faint, but she seems quite comfortable, quite intrigued, her large eyes staring unwaveringly at Xiao Yu’er.

    Xiao Yu’er was surprised for a moment, and suddenly released his hold and threw Su Ying onto the rock, shouting, “Let me ask you, what do you mean by this. I’m not in any dog arse way related to you, why do you want to die for me? Do you want me to be grateful to you? Be your slave for the rest of my life?”

    Su Ying replied slowly, “I do not wish for you to become my slave too, I only want you to become my husband.”

    Xiao Yu’er was again shocked, and pointing at Su Ying, asked Herbalist Hu, “Did you hear that? Did you hear what the lass said? Such a thick skinned woman, I’m afraid you’ve never seen one like that?”

    Su Ying smiled, “No matter what, he has finally seen one now, his eyes have certainly feasted.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her for a long time before suddenly sighing and while shaking his head, said “Let me ask you, you are willing to die for a man, but this man gets a headache once he sets eyes on you, don’t you feel even a little bad at all?”

    Su Ying replied, “Why must I feel bad? I know that although you keep saying you have a headache, but in your heart you must like it a lot. If you do not care about me at all, why did you jump up to catch me just now?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied coldly, “Even if it’s a dog who dropped down, I would still go and catch it.”

    Su Ying smiled, “I know you deliberately said such vicious and harsh words, deliberately pretended to be cold and fierce because you are afraid, so I will never be angry.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared and said, “Just what am I afraid of.”

    Su Ying replied slowly, “You’re afraid I’ll climb over you in future, and even more afraid that you will fall madly in love with me in future, so you deliberately made yourself that way to protect yourself, because you want others to think that you’re a heartless person. But if you’re really heartless, then you won’t have done all these.”

    Xiao Yu’er jumped up, “Bullshit, absolutely bullshit.”

    Su Ying laughed, “When a person’s heartfelt feelings are revealed by someone else, he’ll certainly be upset. Although you’re scolding me, but I don’t blame you.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her for a long moment before mumbling, “Heaven, heaven, why did you let me meet such a woman.” As he spoke, he suddenly somersaulted into the water and hitting his own head, said “Finished, finished, I’m finished. If a man were to meet such an emotional woman, he can only shave his head and become a monk.”

    Su Ying smiled, “Then there will be one more monk who drinks and eat meat, and a nun who drinks and eat meat.”

    Even Xiao Yu’er can’t help but feel surprised, “Nun who drinks and eat meat?’

    Su Ying explained, “When you’ve become a monk, naturally I can only become a nun. When I am a nun, naturally I will be one who drinks and eat meat, or could it be that only monks are allowed to drink and eat meat but not nuns?”

    Xiao Yu’er groaned and sunk into the water.

    Herbalist Hu almost wanted to burst out laughing from witnessing this scene and thought to himself, “This Xiao Yu’er usually can antagonize everyone with his words, I cannot imagine that he has met his match today. This Miss Su is really intelligent, she had known long ago that if a woman wants a man like Xiao Yu’er to give in to her, she must use the same method on him.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s head is still submerged in water, and he still refused to come up. It seems that he’d rather drown than die of exasperation.

    Su Ying ignored him as well, and asked Herbalist Hu instead, “You should be able to see by now that he likes me.”

    Herbalist Hu can only agree.

    Su Ying smiled, “Think about it, if he doesn’t like me, why would he hide his head in the water I used to wash my feet and still not find it smelly?”

    Before she could finish her words, Xiao Yu’er shot out of the water like an arrow.

    By now the water has stared to rise, and only the rock on that side is still above water, with Su Ying sitting right in the middle of the rock. If Xiao Yu’er doesn’t sit next to her, he will have to jump back into the water again.

    Xiao Yu’er can only sit next to her. Su Ying asked with a laugh, “Aren’t you the smartest person in the world? Why were you tricked by Jiang Yu Lang?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I liked it, I liked being tricked by him, what business it is of yours?”

    Su Ying said gently, “I know you will never be tricked by him, you’re just deliberately making fun of him, right?”

    She is really smart, she knows that she has really irked Xiao Yu’er’s temper, and if she doesn’t stop now, Xiao Yu’er would really be furious with her. That would have turned the tables on her. So she suddenly changed her tack, suddenly became indescribably gentle.

    Xiao Yu’er said coldly, “You need not flatter me. This time I was really tricked by him. For a person to be tricked once in a while, it’s nothing.”

    Su Ying knows that he is slowly simmering down, but it’s best that she do not antagonize him further, so without waiting for Xiao Yu’er to speak, she turned to ask Herbalist Hu, “You must know what this is all about, you tell me.”

    Herbalist Hu coughed, “This will have to start from Hua Wu Que, he…”

    When he reached the part about ‘Nu’er Hong’, Su Ying can’t help but exclaim, “He really ate that ‘Nu’er Hong’?”

    Herbalist Hu sighed, “He really ate it, because he ate this poisonous plant, that’s why he thought Jiang Yu Lang would not harm him further, that’s why he got pushed down here.”

    Su Ying said, “So he’s doing this just to save Hua Wu Que, that’s why he was willing. For a person to sacrifice himself to save his friend, it’s really noble, really noble…”

    As she spoke, she suddenly started shivering, and finally said hoarsely, “But didn’t you think that Hua Wu Que might have left long ago, and Jiang Yu Lang was just threatening you with a lie.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Of course I thought of that.”

    Su Ying’s voice quivered, “But do you know that once the poisonous effects of this ‘Nu’er Hong’ were to start, it’ll be worse than death.”

    Looking at her anxious expression, Xiao Yu’er was no longer angry, and grinned, “My life has been too happy, if someone can make me suffer a little, that’s not too bad as well.”

    Su Ying stared at him with wide eyes, “You… you’re not worried at all?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “You’re already feeling worried for me, so why must I feel worried for myself?”

    Su Ying was stunned for a moment before sighing, “When everyone thought that you will be tricked, you were not, when everyone thought that you won’t be tricked, but you got tricked instead. Sometimes I really wonder what tricks you have up your sleeves.”

    Xiao Yu’er crossed his leg and laughed loudly, “My tricks, is to make sure others can’t second guess me. If a person’s actions are always within other’s expectations, there’s not much difference between living and dying for him.”

    Su Ying replied with a bitter smile, “That’s right, when you die, there will certainly be a lot of people who will be shocked, but a pity you will not be able to see it then.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Not necessarily, I may be peeping from inside the coffin for all you know.”

    When Su Ying jumped down, Tie Ping Gu fainted as well.

    These past few days, she has really suffered, and her body is extremely weak, unable to withstand any more excitement.

    In her state of semi-consciousness, she seemed to have heard some conversation from the hole, but she cannot be sure. She no longer have any faith in herself.

    She remembered the quiet days while in the Floral Palace. Although at that time she thought her days were too empty, too lonely, but now… now she would give anything to have that kind of life again.

    She again remembered the two days she spent with Xiao Yu’er in the cave. In that dark cave, there were no food, no water, not even hope. Although her body was suffering from the torture that no one would be able to withstand, but her spirit was happy. As long as Xiao Yu’er was holding her hands, all pain would have melted into sweetness.

    Of course, she thought of Jiang Yu Lang as well. Although Jiang Yu Lang was evil, was hateful, but there were times when he was adorable, especially his gentle touches, tender honeyed words were unforgettable.

    With so much love and hate mixed up in her heart, how can death possibly be so easy? Streaks of tears were on Tie Ping Gu’s face, and even the strong wind was unable to dry them.

    She looked at the hole that Su Ying just jumped down and said dejectedly, “Why can she die so easily, but I can’t? Why don’t I have her determination? Didn’t she have more reasons than me to live on?”

    Tie Ping Gu stuck out her tongue and bit down on it hard!

    Tie Ping Gu did not die, but suddenly fainted. When she woke up, the first thing she saw was that eerily frightening copper mask.

    Princess Yao Yue was looking at her icily. That frosty look, is really more frightening than that eerie mask. But even more chilling, were her words. Princess Yao Yue asked, “Is your man gone?”

    Tie Ping Gu lowered her head, “Yes.”

    Princess Yao Yue continued, “But he did not save you.”

    These two sentences were like two arrows that pierced right through Tie Ping Gu’s heart. Although she never wanted to remember this matter again, she dare not refuse to answer. She can only fight to control her tears and said, “He… he dare not rescue me.”

    Princess Yao Yue laughed coldly, “Since he dare to escape, why doesn’t he dare rescue you?”

    Tie Ping Gu could not hold in her tears and finally weeped.

    Princess Yao Yue said, “You need not cry, this is your just desserts. You should have known long ago that few men are good, why do you still let yourself get tricked?”

    Tie Ping Gu suddenly raised her voice, “There are some good men, although some of them do things weirdly, but they are very kind at heart.”

    Princess Yao Yue asked, “Who are you referring to?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “I am referring to Jiang Xiao Yu.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s cold eyes suddenly burned like fire, and with a back hand slapped her across the face and said hoarsely, “Do you know that none of those surnamed Jiang are any good, and Jiang Xiao Yu is the same as his shameless parents.”

    Tie Ping Gu retorted, “I only know that he is kind and adorable…

    Princess Yao Yue cried furiously, “If you speak one more word about him, I will kill you immediately.”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “You can seal my lips and stop me from talking, but you cannot stop me from thinking about him. He is already dead, if you kill me, I can go and see him immediately. This is something that you cannot stop as well.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s body suddenly started shaking violently, because she remembered the scene when Jiang Feng and Hua Yue Nu died, the words that Hua Yue Nu said before her death were exactly the same uttered by Tie Ping Gu now.

    But she did not know that Tie Ping Gu said those words to antagonize her. Tie Ping Gu naturally knows how cruel the punishment is for those why betrayed Floral Palace. Ever since the incident about Hua Yue Nu, Princess Yao Yue became even more vicious and cruel than anyone else.

    What Tie Ping Gu wish for now, is a quick death.

    What angered Princess Yao Yue even more is that Xiao Yu’er had actually died in the hands of someone. The effort that she has spent for the last ten over years was all wasted. Because for the past twenty years, the words that Hua Yue Nu said before her death, the expression on Jiang Feng before his death, were as fresh as a burning flame, constantly burning her soul.

    The pain is almost making her insane, but she bore it with all her might, because she knows that one day, Jiang Feng’s two sons will face a wretched fate that she has designed with her own hands.

    She fantasized countless times about what will happen after Hua Wu Que kill Xiao Yu’er with his own hands. Only when she is thinking of this will her pain lessen. But now, Xiao Yu’er has already died in the hands of another?

    Although Tie Ping Gu could not see her expression, she has never seen anyone’s gaze that was as frightening. It seemed that she was unable to stand, her body leaning on the tree trunk. After a moment, it seems that there were actually tears in her eyes. Even in her dreams, Tie Ping Gu cannot imagine why that would be so.

    After another moment, Princess Yao Yue said calmly, “Is Xiao Yu’er really dead?” Tie Ping Gu nodded her head.

    Her eyes, which was looking into the distant suddenly turned towards Tie Ping Gu. Tie Ping Gu unconsciously shivered, and said. “But… but the person who killed him, is not me.”

    Princess Yao Yue said, “That’s right, you did not kill him. But if you did not take him away, how could he have died in the hands of another?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “I know that I am wrong, kill me.”

    Princess Yao Yue said each word slowly, “I also want you to suffer the pain of twenty years. Everyday, I will carefully carve a piece of your flesh. Now I want to dig your eyes first, so that you will not be able to see, and cut out half your tongue, so that you cannot speak.”

    Tie Ping Gu naturally knows that these are not empty words. If the Floral Princess wants someone to suffer for twenty years, then it will never be one day less.

    Right at this time, there was a sudden loud laughter from the valley!

    End of Chapter 97

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 98

    “I did not expect Xiao Yu’er to be so great, that even after his death, the Floral Princess will feel sad for him.”

    The laughter seemed to be coming from all directions, that even Princess Yao Yue cannot figure out where the person is.

    But her expression immediately calmed instead, and she said with a low voice, “Who is it that dares to utter such nonsense here?”

    That person still continued laughing loudly, “Can’t you recognize my voice now? Have you forgotten, when I was shitting, you were still smelling my smelly gas at the door!”

    Princess Yao Yue’s body shook, and said “You are Xiao Yu’er? You’re not dead? Where are you?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “I’m right in front of you, can’t you see me?”

    Princess Yao Yue turned her gaze and asked, “Are you in the belly of these mountains?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “I can’t come out, that’s why I can only wait here for you to rescue me. I concluded that you will certainly save me, right?”

    Princess Yao Yue took two deep breaths before replying, “That’s right, I will certainly save you.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “But if you do not let Tie Ping Gu go immediately, I’d rather die here.”

    Princess Yao Yue was stunned, and fumed, “How dare you?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Why wouldn’t I dare? If I feel like living now, I’ll live and if I feel like dying now, I’ll die. No matter how capable the Floral Princess is, there’s nothing you can do to me, right?”

    Princess Yao Yue was so furious that she started shaking.

    Xiao Yu’er added, “Now that the time has almost come for my appointment with Hua Wu Que, you won’t want me to die just like that, right?”

    Princess Yao Yue stamped her feet and said, “All right, I’ll let her go without harming a hair of hers.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “After I’m dead, there’s nothing I can do if you kill her then, but when I’m still alive, I can only be assured when I see her living comfortably.”

    Princess Yao Yue fumed, “What do you want exactly?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “This hole may be deep, but it’s all water below. No matter who jumps down, he will never fall to his death.”

    Before he could finish his words, Princess Yao Yue had already lifted Tie Ping Gu and threw her out.

    With a casual throw, she actually threw Tie Ping Gu more then a hundred feet away, and right into the hole as well, and making it look easier than a kid throwing a ball.

    After a moment, a ‘splash’ was heard.

    Xiao Yu’er again laughed loudly, “Excellent, excellent. I did not expect the respected Floral Princess would actually be so dumb. Now that you have given her to me, I need not listen to you anymore, right?”

    Princess Yao Yue was shocked and furious, so angry that she is at a loss for words.

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “Hua Wu Que is not here as well, so what is the use even if I come out? You get angry once you see me, and I get uncomfortable seeing you as well, I might as well stay here and not see each other.”

    Princess Yao Yue replied, “But the three month deadline is here.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “That’s right, the time is here, so you should find Hua Wu Que quickly, I’ll wait for you here.”

    Princess Yao Yue asked, “You’ll wait here?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “This hole is like a large wine tank, even if you were to drop down, you can forget about escaping. So what is there for you to worry?”

    He added with a loud laugh, “Besides, there’s nothing you can do even if you’re worried. Now I am the one making decisions, if I do not wish to go out, even ten Floral Princesses can’t ask me out.”

    There is really nothing the Floral Princess can say to rebut, so after a moment, she said “Isn’t Hua Wu Que here as well?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “That’s right, he is here. It’s just that there’s a lot of rat holes in this mountain, and you may not necessarily find him so soon. If you take too long to find him, I’m afraid I would have starved to death, so you better find me some food. You should know my taste, right?”

    Princess Yao Yue replied, “That’s right, I do know.”

    She was so furious that even her voice has changed. Suddenly she struck out with her palm and with a crack, that enormous tree was broken in half.

    The water in the belly of the mountain rose even higher, and the area of the rock that was still above water is no bigger than a large round table. Xiao Yu’er, Herbalist Hu, Su Ying and Tie Ping Gu can only squeeze together on the rock.

    The tree outside had been broken by Princess Yao Yue, and the happier Xiao Yu’er smiled. Besides him, everyone else was dejected, unable to smile at all.

    Tie Ping Gu stole a glance at Xiao Yu’er and stammered to Su Ying, “I… I said I treated him… treated him well, that was to antagonize the Floral Princess, actually I…”

    Su Ying laughed loudly, “You need not explain, I am not a jealous pot. Besides, you’re not the only one who treats Xiao Yu’er well, it doesn’t matter even if you treat him nicely.”

    Although she said it ‘doesn’t matter’, but anyone would be able to smell the jealously in her words. Xiao Yu’er blinked, and laughed as well, “You treat me well, but I wasn’t bad in treating you either. If not for you, I would be able to find out more secrets about the Floral Princess.”

    Tie Ping Gu blushed so hard that she dare not even lift up her head.

    Su Ying can’t help but interrupt, “What secrets does the Floral Princess has?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I want to know what enmity she has exactly with my family, since she hates anyone surnamed Jiang to the core, but why won’t she strike herself, and why did she dress up as the ghastly ‘Mr Copper’ and force Hua Wu Que to kill me. Not only did she lie to me, but she’s behaving suspiciously towards her own disciple as well. At this point in time, I’m afraid Hua Wu Que is still unaware that Mr Copper is actually his Teacher.”

    Su Ying thought for a while and said with a bitter smile, “This thing is indeed strange, there’s absolutely no logic to it as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed again, “The logic behind all these, may only be known to the two sisters themselves, but as long as I am alive, they will never reveal it.”

    Su Ying smiled, “Maybe you wanted the Floral Princess to think that you have died, that’s why you might as well let Jiang Yu Lang push you down. Maybe you already know there’s water in this hole and you won’t fall to your death.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “How would I know that there’s water in this hole?”

    Xiao Ying smiled, “The sun had not set then, maybe a ray of sunlight happened to shine in and was reflected on the water surface below.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Even if that was the case, but even I should know that with such a deep hole, I won’t be able to come out once I fall in.”

    “Naturally you will have a plan, and you will have more than one plan.” Su Ying pursed her mouth and smiled, and added “Since any conversation outside would be heard clearly in this hold, you will certainly know who is walking past outside. And you’re not a mute, why can’t you ask others to save you.”

    Herbalist Hu was surprised and said, “But… but at that time he did not know that sound can travel in this hole.”

    Su Ying explained, “Maybe you do not know, but he grew up in a mountain valley, so naturally he is very certain on such matters.”

    Herbalist Hu sighed, “If that is the case, then I am really very ignorant.”

    Su Ying continued, “But there’s a loophole in this plan. The mountain here is secluded, if no one were to ever walk past, he would have been trapped to his death here. If the person who walk past is not his friend but his enemy, he would not dare to call for help.”

    Herbalist Hu rubbed his head and said, “That’s right, what if no one walked past, what if the person who walk past is his enemy, what can be done then?”

    Su Ying replied, “That’s why he has another plan.”

    Su Ying added, “Don’t you forget, this mountain is situated at the mouth of a river, and the water in the belly of the mountain is river water. River water will rise and fall with the tide and when the tide rises, the water in here will rise as well. When the tide falls, the water in here will recede as well.”

    Herbalist Hu stared blankly for a moment before saying with a bitter laugh, “That’s right, I should be able to think of this logic as well.”

    Su Ying said, “Since the river water can flow in here, then there must be an exit here that leads straight to the river. Once the tide recedes, we’ll be able to find this exit…”

    She smiled slightly, and turned her head towards Xiao Yu’er, asking, “Is what I have said correct?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied icily, “Do you think you’re very smart? All really smart women should know, no matter which man she is talking to, she should always know a little lesser than that man. Your problem is that you know too much. This kind of woman, most men would not want.”

    Su Ying replied, “But you’re not most men. A person like you, there’s only one in the whole world… besides, you should know such logic as well, so I still know a little lesser than you.”

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but laugh loudly, and after a moment, he sighed again and mumbled, “It seems that sooner or later I will one day be mesmerized by this lass.”

    Right at this time, something suddenly dropped down from the top. Herbalist Hu and Tie Ping Gu were both shocked, but Xiao Yu’er smiled instead and said, “The Floral Princess is indeed obedient, she’s sent us our dinner.”

    There’s really quite a lot of things Princess Yao Yue sent, a large bag thoroughly filled. As Xiao Yu’er ate, he noticed that the water has started to fall.

    Before the water has finished receding, Herbalist Hu had already jumped down, trying to look for a way out. However Xiao Yu’er lied down on the rock and started sleeping instead.

    Su Ying gently caressed his jet black hair and said worriedly, “He’s really tired. He has really suffered a lot these few days.”

    She turned her head around and smiled at Tie Ping Gu, “If it was someone else who suffered as much as him, who has as many setbacks as him, even if that person is not depressed, he will certainly blame heaven or others. But look at him, he did not seem to take it to heart at all. A man like this, how can you blame me for liking him.”

    Tie Ping Gu smiled, but her tears is almost flowing out. Su Ying can be proud of the man she loves, but what about her? What her man brought her, is only shame and misfortune.

    After a moment, Su Ying suddenly asked, “Do you know Tie Xin Lan?”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “I know she treats Xiao Yu’er very well, but…”

    Su Ying interrupted, “But besides Xiao Yu’er, she can still like someone else. But for me, other than Xiao Yu’er, I will never love anyone else. So I must never let her snatch Xiao Yu’er away, no matter what plans I must use, I must…”

    Right at this time, Herbalist Hu suddenly exclaimed, “It’s here, it’s right here, I found it!”

    There really is an exit leading straight to the river in this mountain. Although it looks like a narrow and winding passageway, but someone who is not too fat can still crawl through it.

    Su Ying shook Xiao Yu’er awake and said with a smile, “If you want to sleep, then have a good rest after you’ve gone out. We can leave now.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Why should I leave. Didn’t you hear that I am going to wait here for Hua Wu Que?”

    Su Ying asked hoarsely, “You… you’re really waiting for him?”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her, “Of course it’s real, this meeting has been arranged three months ago.”

    Su Ying replied, “But… but after he arrives, the Floral Princess will certainly force him to fight with you.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “The word fight is used inappropriately. With such highly skilled martial arts exponents like us, the word used should be dueling.”

    Su Ying anxiously replied, “But you are not dueling, you are fighting for your lives.”

    Su Ying turned his body around again, and stamping her feet, said, “But you… you are not his match now, because I know the wonders of that ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, is really the world’s greatest.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed and said calmly, “But do you know, in the whole world, I am the only one who knows how to break the martial arts moves of Floral Palace.”

    Su Ying was stunned, and asked hoarsely, “You really know… how did you know?”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Naturally someone taught me. The secret to Floral Palace’s martial arts, there is no one else in the world who would know it better than her.”

    “Why would the Floral Princess teach you the moves that will break her own martial arts move? Is she crazy?”

    Su Ying was startled for a moment before adding, “Even if you can break the martial arts of the Floral Palace, you will never kill Hua Wu Que, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Whether I kill him or not, how is it related to you?”

    Su Ying replied, “Of course it’s related. If you don’t kill him, he’ll kill you. If you stay here, it’s…”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly jumped up and roared, “Whoever wants to leave can leave, anyway I am certainly going to wait here!”

    Herbalist Hu was initially happily standing next to the exit, just waiting to leave this cave and he’ll be able to get the antidote. Once he heard Xiao Yu’er’s words, he only felt his legs go weak, unable to stand at all. His hands leaning on the side of the cave, he stared dumbly at Xiao Yu’er and kept panting, and suddenly asked breathlessly, “I… I feel that something’s not… not right, I’m afraid the poison… poison has taken effect.”

    Su Ying asked, “Is he the one who poisoned you?” Herbalist Hu nodded his head vigorously.

    Su Ying rolled her eyes and asked, “How did that poison taste like?”

    Herbalist Hu said with a piteous look, “Salty, wet, and a little… a little smelly.”

    Su Ying suddenly laughed, “He’s just deliberately scaring you, that is most certainly not poison. You thought the poison had taken effect earlier because it’s all your own imagination playing tricks on you.”

    Herbalist Hu was stunned, “If it’s not poison, what is it?”

    Su Ying laughed, “I don’t know what it is either, for all you know it’s a dirt ball he rubbed from his feet.”

    Herbalist Hu’s face changed between being red and pale. He suddenly turned around and like a wild dog who has just been kicked, dashed out and ran away like the wind.

    His only wish is that he will never see Xiao Yu’er again in his lifetime. He’d rather meet a hundred big headed ghosts than to meet Xiao Yu’er again.

    Su Ying’s gaze turned towards Tie Ping Gu and asked, “You do not wish to leave as well?”

    Tie Ping Gu lowered her head, not knowing what to say.

    But if she were to leave, she really does not know where she should go. The world may be large but there doesn’t seem to have anywhere that she can go.

    Su Ying asked, “Don’t you want to see Jiang Yu Lang again.”

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “I…”

    She thought that she will surely be able to say with conviction, ‘I will never see him again!’, but without knowing why, the words were at her mouth, but she just could not say it out.

    Su Ying seemed to have seen through her thoughts and with a smile, said “I know you must want to see him, because even if you no longer like him, don’t you want revenge?”

    Tie Ping Gu sighed, “But I don’t know how to take revenge.” She did not want to say these words initially, but without knowing why, she said them.

    Su Ying continued, “Do you know why you feel so terrible now. Because you feel that he has let you down, he abandoned you, you feel that he has never taken you to heart, that’s why your heart is breaking, right?”

    Tie Ping Gu was silent, because Su Ying’s words, is really what she was thinking.

    Su Ying added, “If you want to take revenge, then you must make him suffer, make him think you’re the one who abandoned him, make him think that you did not take him to heart at all, by that time, he’ll come begging you like a dog.”

    Tie Ping Gu lowered her head and thought for a long time, a gleam slowly filling her eyes.

    Su Ying asked, “Now do you understand what I mean?”

    End of Chapter 98

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 99

    Tie Ping Gu replied, “I understand.”

    Su Ying smiled and said, “Very good, as long as you follow my instructions, you need not fear that he will not look for you. The time when he comes looking for you, is the time for you to vent your anger.”

    Tie Ping Gu can’t help but smile as well, but she suddenly sighed again, “But I… now I….”

    Su Ying said, “You feel that you’re all alone, with nothing on you, and no one to rely one, so you’re a little afraid, right?”

    Tie Ping Gu silently nodded her head.

    Su Ying smiled, “Don’t you forget, you’re a very beautiful, very alluring girl, and you’re young. This is already a woman’s greatest asset. Just with that, you can put most men on the world on your palms, just with these, you will be able to hold your head high no matter where you go.”

    Tie Ping Gu really lifted her head and said with a smile, “Thank you.”

    She took a glance at Xiao Yu’er, as if she wanted to say something, but without saying anything, she left, left without even turning her head back.

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned for a moment, and roared, “You’ve made everyone else leave, why won’t you leave?”

    Su Ying replied calmly, “Leave? Why would I leave, isn’t this place very comfortable?”

    Xiao Yu’er pleaded, “I beg of you, leave quickly. My head is now three times bigger than anyone else’s, if you do not leave, I may become crazy right now.”

    Su Ying said nonchalantly, “If you fume at the sight of me, can’t you leave yourself?”

    Xiao Yu’er was shocked for a moment, and laughed instead, “Fine, little lass, I take my hat off you. Ever since I was born, no one has been able to make me so angry, I have finally met my match.”

    Su Ying did not pay attention to him, but instead started wrapping the left over food carefully, mumbling to herself, “This place is extremely damp, if the food is left here for a few more days, I’m afraid it will soon turn moldy.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “So what if it turns moldy, don’t tell me you’re thinking of taking it outside?”

    Only now did Su Ying turn around and say with a smile, “Do you think the Floral Princess will be able to find Hua Wu Que immediately?”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her for a long moment, and suddenly jumped in front of her and asked, “You know that Jiang Yu Lang lied to me, so you must have seen Hua Wu Que, right?”

    Su Ying sat down on the rock and crossed her legs. After staring at Xiao Yu’er for a long moment as well, she said slowly, “That’s right, I did meet him, and I know where he has gone, but I can’t tell you right now.”

    Xiao Yu’er raised his voice, “Why can’t you tell me?”

    Su Ying replied, “Because I’m afraid you’ll be angry.”

    Xiao Yu’er spoke louder, “If I become angry then I’m an a*shole.”

    Su Ying shook her head and laughed, “Because you’ll never become an a*shole, no one would suddenly become an a*shole, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “All right, if I become angry, I’ll do anything that you ask me to?”

    Su Ying beamed and said, “All right, I’ll tell you, Hua Wu Que has gone to look for Tie Xin Lan.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked hoarsely, “He went to look for Tie Xin Lan? Where would he know where Tie Xin Lan is?”

    Su Ying replied, “I told him.”

    Xiao Yu’er was truly surprised now and asked, “You told him? Where would you know where Tie Xin Lan is? How did you recognize her?”

    Su Ying explained, “I’ve already become sworn sisters with her, don’t you know?” Xiao Yu’er’s mouth gaped open, unable to talk at all.

    Su Ying asked, “You have not seen Tie Xin Lan for a long time, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er agreed.

    Su Ying continued, “Do you know, for the past two months, Tie Xin Lan has always been with Hua Wu Que?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “It’s not a bad thing that they can be together. I was worrying about her, but now I can put my mind at ease. I know that Hua Wu Que has always treated her very well.”

    Su Ying’s eyes gleamed, but she lowered her head and asked, “Why didn’t you ask me where Tie Xin Lan is right now?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “You can’t possibly have sent her to that rat hole?”

    Su Ying replied, “That’s exactly where she is.”

    The smile on Xiao Yu’er’s face froze like a rock, and then he jumped up more than thirty feet high, and landed right on the rock in front of Su Ying and roared, “You noxious lass how can you send her there.”

    Su Ying replied, “She is my sister, that place is very safe, no one will bully her there.”

    Xiao Yu’er fumed, “But Hua Wu Que is going there to look for her now, that big rat would not let Hua Wu Que off, you… aren’t you harming them, I… I… I…”

    He was so livid that he could not say another word but he grabbed Su Ying’s hand and snarled, “If I don’t give you a good beating today, I would be letting them down.”

    Su Ying said with a smile, “You said you won’t be angry, how can a great man eat his own words in front of a little lass like me.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned, and jumped thirty feet high again.

    Su Ying said gently, “Actually you need not be anxious, Hua Wu Que won’t die. Besides, he wanted to kill you, so he can’t be considered your friend. If he can’t come, then you need not be in a dilemma, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er hit his own head hard and raised his voice, “Do you think you were helping me? Do you think that I’ll surely be happy when he’s dead? To tell you the truth, if Wei Wu Ya were to really kill him, I will…”

    Suddenly someone was heard shouting outside, “Xiao Yu’er, where are you, can you hear me?”

    That was surprisingly Hua Wu Que’s voice.

    Xiao Yu’er and Su Ying were both stunned, Hua Wu Que is actually here and well, and so soon too.

    Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Hua Wu Que, I am here, put a rope down and I’ll be able to go up.”

    After a moment, Hua Wu Que’s head can be seen leaning in from the top, and the expression on his face was full of joy and concern.

    Xiao Yu’er was beaming from ear to ear, and laughed loudly, “Good lad, we’ve not seen each other for two months and neither of us has changed.”

    Hua Wu Que dropped a long rope down and said with a laugh, “I can’t see you when you’re below, come up quickly.”

    Looking at the two of them, Su Ying was feeling extremely perplexed. No matter how she sees them, they don’t look like enemies who are about to fight.

    Xiao Yu’er was just climbing up the rope when he jumped down again and asked her with a straight face, “Little lass named Su, you still do not wish to leave?”

    Su Ying lowered her head, “You leave alone, I don’t wish to see you being killed.”

    Xiao Yu’er roared, “You do not wish to see, all the more I want you to see. You do not wish to leave, all the more I want you to leave, let’s see how you can resist me.”

    Su Ying retreated and asked, “You… you dare?”

    Although she pretended to look very angry, but in her heart she was indescribably happy, because she knows that her hands is slowly beginning to feel Xiao Yu’er’s heart.

    Hua Wu Que stood next to Princess Yao Yue with lowered head, his face has become expressionless.

    To Hua Wu Que, not only is Princess Yao Yue his strict teacher, but also his foster mother. He has never seen any trace of a smile on her face since young.

    He also dare not behave impudently in front of her, because not only does he respect her, is grateful to her, but also a little afraid of her.

    Now, Xiao Yu’er finally saw Princess Yao Yue’s face.

    She has already removed that horrible copper mask, but her face is even colder than that mask, and no one could see any trace of expression on her face.

    Xiao Yu’er could not imagine that in the whole world, for a person who is thirty would actually look so young, and all the more he could not imagine that such a beautiful person would let someone take a look and no longer dare to take another look.

    Even Xiao Yu’er, after taking a look at her, felt a cold shiver rising from the bottom of his feet, as if he suddenly saw a beautiful spirit in the icy night.

    He did not even notice Tie Xin Lan was next to her.
    However Tie Xin Lan is so excited she is shaking. She saw Xiao Yu’er leaping down from the rock and can’t help but immediately ran towards Xiao Yu’er.

    But she took only two steps when her body suddenly hardens. She suddenly remembered Hua Wu Que. How can she abandon Hua Wu Que once she saw Xiao Yu’er?

    She stood between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, not knowing whether to advance or retreat. She only wished that she has never been born.

    By now Xiao Yu’er saw her as well, and greeted her with a smile, “It’s been a long time, have you been well?”

    Tie Xin Lan seemed not to have heard his words, but suddenly turned around and ran towards a large tree at the side with her head lowered. This tree just happens to be right between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que as well.

    Su Ying’s eyes have never left Xiao Yu’er. She noticed that although Xiao Yu’er is still smiling, but that smile has become very stiff. She took a look at Hua Wu Que, whose head was still lowered, not lifting even once.

    Su Ying can’t help but secretly heave a long sigh. Looking at these three person’s complicated and intricate relationship, besides sighing, what else can she do?

    Princess Yao Yue’s eyes, which were sharper than a knife, colder than ice, were staring at Xiao Yu’er as well. Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh, and lifted his head to stare at her as well, and said with a smile, “The things you’ve delivered are not too bad, but a pity there’s no chili. The next time you give me a treat again, you must never forget that I love spicy food.”

    There’s not much expression on Princess Yao Yue’s face, but Hua Wu Que looked up in surprise. He really could not imagine that there would be anyone in the world who dares to talk to Princess Yao Yue like that.

    Princess Yao Yue spoke, “Now I will give you another six hours. Within the six hours, you can try adjusting your internal flow and gather your energy, but you’re not allowed to leave this place!”

    Xiao Yu’er clapped his hands and laughed, “The Floral Princess really lives up to her name, who will never take advantage of others at all. You know that I’m tired, so you’re letting me rest first.”

    However Princess Yao Yue had already turned around and said, “Wu Que, you’ll follow me.”

    Xiao Yu’er spoke up, “I would like to say a few words to Hua Wu Que, is that all right?”

    Without even turning her head, Princess Yao Yue replied icily, “No!”

    Xiao Yu’er raised his voice, “Why not, could it be that you’re afraid I will tell him that you’re Mr Copper.”

    By now Hua Wu Que has also turned around, and did not turn his head back as well, but Xiao Yu’er can see that when he heard those words, his whole body was shaken. Xiao Yu’er smiled, because he has achieved his goal.

    Princess Yao Yue walked to the tree at the furthest end before she turned around, as if she’s speaking to Hua Wu Que, but Hua Wu Que had his back facing them.

    Su Ying said gently, “Six hours is not a long time, you better have a good rest.”

    It is morning now, the sun is slowly rising.

    Su Ying gathered the surrounding fallen leaves, piled it under the tree and pulled Xiao Yu’er there to sit on it, just like a wife making the bed for her husband.

    Tie Xin Lan is still standing under the tree on that side, tears already gathering in her eyes. She suddenly felt that her existence in this world, seems to be an excess.

    Since she did not walk to Xiao Yu’er earlier, all the more she cannot walk over now. Since she did not return to Hua Wu Que’s side earlier, all the more she cannot go back now.

    She also knows that under such circumstances, Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, will never walk to her side. The Floral Princess has used her cold hands and tore their friendship into two. If friendship no longer exists between the two, then her situation would become even more pitiful, even more awkward.

    She knows that the best thing she can do now is to go far, far away, the further the better, then no matter what happens, it will not be able to hurt her.

    But now that two of the closest person in her life, is about to have a life and death duel right here, how can she leave? How can she bear to leave?

    Xiao Yu’er lay down on the fallen leaves and closed his eyes.

    Others were nervous, some were in pain, but he languidly crossed his legs, and his mouth softly humming a mountain song, as if this matter is of no relation to him at all.

    Su Ying stood next to him, holding her head and looking at him. After looking for a while, she sighed softly and asked, “Did you see Tie Xin Lan?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Didn’t you see that I’ve already greeted her earlier.”

    Su Ying chewed on her lips and said, “But she… she’s really pitiful, you really should go and console her.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly opened his eyes and stared, “Why must I go and console her? Why can’t she walk over?”

    Su Ying sighed, “She’s really in a difficult position now…”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “She’s in a difficult position, but I’m not? Besides, she put herself in that difficult position, who asked her to stand there and refuse to come over? There’s no nail pinning her feet down.”

    Su Ying sighed again, “Since you won’t go over, then I will.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Do you know how to read lips?”

    Su Ying replied, “No.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “It would be nice if I can hear what the Floral Princess is telling Hua Wu Que right now.”

    Su Ying replied, “Even if you can’t hear, you should be able to imagine. She’s most likely telling Hua Wu Que what methods he should use to kill you.”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a long moment before saying slowly, “When I was in the hole earlier, Hua Wu Que was still talking and laughing with me. But he ignored me when I came out, and did not even take a look at me.”

    Su Ying said, “If you grew up in the Floral Palace, you would not have a mind of your own as well once you see the Floral Princess.”

    Xiao Yu’er gave a bitter smile, “Then it would seem that the Valley of Evil is much better than the Floral Palace, at least those in the Valley of Evil are still human, but those in the Floral Palace are a bunch of living ghosts, a bunch of moving corpses.”

    Su Ying smiled and said gently, “You take a rest, I’ll be right back after saying a few words there.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her, “Why must you go over? I’m not feeling too good now as well, why aren’t you accompanying me here?”

    Su Ying’s eyes shimmered and she asked, “Don’t you want to know how did she and Hua Wu Que leave that rat hole?”

    The tears on the fallen leaves have already dried up, but Tie Xin Lan’s tears have not dried up. She heard Su Ying walking towards her, and she gritted her teeth, determined not to let her tears fall.

    Su Ying walked to her side quietly, but she did not even lift up her head. The breeze was blowing at her hair, a fallen leaf was struggling in her disheveled hair, trying to fly up.

    Su Ying gently pulled out this piece of leave and asked quietly, “You’re angry with me, right?”

    After a long moment, Tie Xin Lan stood up slowly and said, “You need not be sad. If I had known that you’re my rival in love, I will not tell you the truth either.”

    Su Ying heaved a long sigh and holding her hands, smiled, “I really did not expect you’ll be this kind of girl. Right now I hope that you’re a fierce, vicious, and cunning woman, then I will feel much better.”

    Tie Xin Lan looked at her for a moment, and suddenly said, “But no matter what, you will not give up Xiao Yu’er because of me, right?”

    This is really not a very smart question, and even she herself does not know why she would ask such a question.

    Su Ying looked at her straight in the eye and replied, “That’s right, I will not give him up because of you, because if I give him up, it may create a bigger dilemma for you, right?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s head lowered again. This sentence is like a needle piercing right through her heart, causing her to be at a loss for words.

    Only until the leaves in her hands has been pinched into powdery pieces did she reply quietly, “I really should not say those words to you, and Xiao Yu’er did not put me in his heart in the first place as well. Maybe you’re the only one who is worthy of him.”

    Su Ying replied, “Xiao Yu’er did not forget you. If he really did not have a place for you in his heart, he would have walked over here long ago.”

    Tie Xin Lan was stunned for a moment and asked, “You… why did you tell me this? Why don’t you let me give up?”

    Su Ying smiled sadly, “Maybe it’s because I want to have Xiao Yu’er too much, so I do not want him to hate me in future. I want to let him choose for himself. If the person he likes is you, even if I kill you, it’s useless.”

    Tie Xin Lan’s head lowered further. She slowly chewed on these words, and felt pain and bitterness in her heart, because her feelings are getting more and more conflicting, more and more complicated. She asked herself secretly, “If the person Xiao Yu’er chose is me, would I really be happy?”

    Su Ying suddenly smiled, “Have you seen my Godfather? Did he look very scary?”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “I did not see him.”

    End of Chapter 99

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 100

    Su Ying asked in surprise, “When you reached the woods that side, didn’t anyone come and receive you? Have you gone to the wrong place?”

    Tie Xin Lan sighed and replied, “I did not go to the wrong place. When I reached that place, I saw a lot of rats burrowing here and there and I was so frightened that I collapsed immediately onto a tree, but who would have expected that there would actually be a corpse hanging on the tree. Looking in the distance, there were a few more corpses hanging on the other trees. I was just wondering what to do when Hua… Master Hua came.”

    Su Ying was totally stunned, her palms starting to sweat.

    Tue Xin Lan sighed, “From what I see, some great change must have happened over there, you… you better go and take a look.”

    Without waiting for her to finish her words, Su Ying had already turned around and ran, but after a few steps, she stopped. No matter what, Wei Wu Ya is her benefactor. If anything untoward were to happen to Wei Wu Ya, she can never ignore it, but now… now that Xiao Yu’er is looking at her, how can she leave?

    She stood there stunned, not knowing what to do at all.

    Su Ying finally returned to Xiao Yu’er’s side. No matter what has happened, she cannot abandon Xiao Yu’er here at this moment.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Looking at your expression, could it be that the Floral Princess has already killed Wei Wu Ya?”

    Before Su Ying could reply, a person suddenly floated in with the wind.

    She is equally cold as Princess Yao Yue, equally beautiful, just that her pair of eyes that were as bright as autumn’s water still has a hint of gentleness in it.

    Her body seemed to be even lighter than a falling leaf, and landed next to Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que immediately kneeled down in respect.

    Xiao Yu’er stared hard and said, “I’m afraid that would be Princess Lian Xing. She’s exactly made from the same mold as her sister, it’s just that she is breathing when compared to a dead person.”

    Su Ying replied with a bitter smile, “But these sisters can make those in the martial arts realm fear even to mention their names. If they are only breathing when compared to a dead person, then all those in the martial arts realm must be dead.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “You’re wrong. When a person is alive, he’ll surely cry, laugh, be happy, be sad, be afraid as well. People like them, there’s no meaning in being alive.”

    He deliberately laughed loudly so that the Floral Princesses can hear him. But the Floral Princesses did not even take a glance towards this side.

    Xiao Yu’er chortled, “I regarded them as dead people, for all you know they are already regarding me as dead, so no matter what I say, they will not be angry.”

    Although he was laughing as he said these words, but when Su Ying heard it, she felt indescribably sad, and almost cried.

    She really cannot see how Xiao Yu’er can hope to live on. Even if he can win Hua Wu Que, can kill Hua Wu Que, but he will still die in the hands of the Floral Princesses. Xiao Yu’er said to her, “Can you smile? As long as you smile, I’ll be happy even if I have to die.”

    Su Ying really smiled. But if she had not smiled she may still be able to control her tears, and now that she smiled, her tears fell as well.

    A gust of wind blew up the fallen leaves and Princess Lian Xing suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Yu’er and said coldly, “It’s almost time, do you know?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I am wishing that the time will come faster, or else I’m afraid I’ll be drowned by tears.”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, and grinned, “I do have a question to ask you.”

    Princess Lian Xing asked, “What question?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “A beautiful woman like you, why are you still not married? It can’t be that for all these years, not one man fell in love with you?”

    Princess Lian Xing suddenly turned around, and Xiao Yu’er can see that the two veins behind her neck is vibrating, and the fine green veins on her face seem to be suddenly dancing in the wind.

    After a while, she said each word slowly, “Stand up!”

    This time Xiao Yu’er was really obedient and immediately jumped up, asking, “Is it time to strike now?”

    He saw that Hua Wu Que who was under the tree on the other side turning around slowly as well.

    Su Ying suddenly grabbed Xiao Yu’er’s hand and said, “You… don’t you have anything you want to tell me?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “No.” Su Ying’s fingers released their hold one by one, and she took two steps back, tears flowing out of her eyes.

    Princess Lian Xing said, “Hua Wu Que, Xiao Yu’er, the two of you listen well. Starting from now, you will both walk fifty steps forward, once you’ve reach the fiftieth step, you can strike. No matter who wins or loses in this battle, no third party is allowed to help. Whoever is a busybody, will be killed immediately, there will be no mercy.”

    Su Ying can’t help but cry out, “You will not help as well?”

    Before Princess Lian Xing can reply, Princess Yao Yue had answered icily, “If she becomes a busybody, I will want her life as well.”

    Su Ying asked, “What if you yourself interfered?”

    Princess Yao Yue said, “Then I will take my own life.”

    Su Ying wiped away her tears and said loudly, “Xiao Yu’er, did you hear that? The words of the Floral Princess are like the wind, and she won’t retract them, so I beg of you not to lose to him no matter what, all right?”

    But she did not know that in the battle today, the loser may face only death, but the fate of the winner would be worse than death. If Xiao Yu’er can die in the hands of Hua Wu Que, then he’ll be a lot luckier than Hua Wu Que.

    The sky is getting gray, dark clouds becoming heavier, and a few dried leaves on the branches are still fighting the western wind, but that is just a useless struggle before death.

    Xiao Yu’er had started to walk forward. Hua Wu Que is also starting to move his feet slowly.

    Yao Yue, Lian Xing, Su Ying and Tie Xin Lan, four pair of eyes, were all staring unwaveringly at Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que’s steps.

    The four of them may all be thinking different things, but they are equally nervous.

    Tie Xin Lan knows that in a swift moment, one of the two will fall, and she does not know herself who is it that she would wish to fall.

    In the depth of her heart, she knows that if one of the two is to fall, then she won’t be in a dilemma anymore, she won’t need to choose, and things would become a lot simpler.

    She even tried to deny that she harbored such a thought, because such a thought is too selfish, too mean, too heartless, too venomous…

    But in Su Ying’s heart there is only pain, and no dilemma at all, because she has already decided that if Xiao Yu’er were to die, then she will not live alone as well. Although she knows that chances of Xiao Yu’er winning is not large, but she is still wishing for a miracle, wishing that Xiao Yu’er can defeat Hua Wu Que.

    And what about Lian Xing and Yao Yue? Now that their plan is beginning to happen, their patience is finally about to be rewarded, and the hatred in their heart will soon be avenged.

    They can only fantasize that only when one of the two falls, will this pain lessen, because only when that time comes can they reveal this shocking secret. This secret is like a heavy metal chaining their heart for the last twenty years, and they can only wait for the time when the secret is revealed before they can be free, or else they will forever become slaves of this secret.

    But now, they can only wait.

    Who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er had only taken three steps when he suddenly turned around and smiled at Su Ying, saying, “Right, I just remembered I have something to tell you.”

    Su Ying felt emotions rushing up, hot tears flowing out again. No matter what, Xiao Yu’er will certainly treat her differently from others.

    She tried to control her tears and said, “Tell… tell me, I am listening.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “I would advise you to find someone to marry while you’re still young, or else it’ll be more difficult the older you get. When you’re fifty years old, you’ll become old crones like them.”

    This is actually the last words of Xiao Yu’er. At a time like this, he can still say such words.

    Su Ying only felt that her heart seemed to be bounded tightly by a handkerchief, and after a moment, she gritted her teeth and replied, “Don’t you worry, I will certainly not wait that long.”

    A sentence lightly uttered by him shattered Su Ying’s heart, and also made Lian Xing and Yao Yue start shaking, their faces pale.

    But he behaved as if he has never said such words.

    Most strangely, at this point in time, everyone was hoping in their hearts that he will defeat Hua Wu Que. Of course Su Ying would want him to win, but Tie Xin Lan can’t bear to see him being defeated.

    Without knowing why, she always thought that Hua Wu Que is stronger, so he can withstand more pain, that’s why she’d rather hurt Hua Wu Que than to hurt Xiao Yu’er.

    Even more strangely, even Yao Yue and Lian Xing were hoping that Xiao Yu’er would win. Maybe they would not admit it themselves, but it is the truth. Because if Hua Wu Que were to defeat Xiao Yu’er, then they would have to reveal this secret in front of Hua Wu Que. Although they raised Hua Wu Que for the purpose of revenge, but after so many years, they would have some feelings for the child that they watch grow up.

    They were secretly counting Xiao Yu’er’s steps! “Eleven, twelve, thirteen…”

    The corners of Princess Yao Yue’s mouth unknowingly curved up slightly in a cruel smile.

    Now, Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que has already walked the fortieth step.

    Xiao Yu’er kept staring at Hua Wu Que. Although there were no expression on Hua Wu Que’s face, his eyes were always avoiding him.

    No matter how slowly they walked, they will still have to take the fiftieth step. Lian Xing and Yao Yue unconsciously gripped their fists tightly.

    But Tie Xin Lan and Su Ying can’t even hold their hands tightly. Their hands were shaking so badly, like the dried leaves blown by the western wind.

    Right at this time, Xiao Yu’er suddenly collapsed!

    At such a tense moment, so tense that one can stop breathing, Xiao Yu’er actually fell for no rhyme or reason.

    Hua Wu Que was totally stunned, Tie Xin Lan was surprised as well and Su Ying was even more shocked. They were so nervous that blood was coursing through their body and now, all the blood seem to be suddenly drained, their brains is suddenly empty and no one knows how to handle this sudden turn of events.

    Even Yao Yue and Lian Xing were stunned, and the expression on their faces changed greatly.

    After Xiao Yu’er fell to the ground, he suddenly started shaking, and the shakes were getting more violent, until his body slowly curled up into a ball.

    Princess Lian Xing stamped her feet and said, “What is happening to you?”

    Princess Yao Yue cried out furiously, “He’s pretending to be dead, kill him quickly.”

    Hua Wu Que lowered his head and said, “He is defenseless now, how can disciple strike?”

    Princess Yao Yue replied, “Since he dare not fight with you, that means he admit defeat, why can’t you kill him?”

    Hua Wu Que lowered his head, not striking, and not speaking as well.

    Princess Yao Yue said angrily, “Why are you still not striking, you don’t mean that every time he feigns death, you will let him go. Have you forgotten our sect’s rules, you dare to disobey my words?”

    Beads of perspiration rolled down Hua Wu Que’s head, and he looked at Xiao yu’er with lowered head and asked quietly, “Why won’t you stand up and fight with me? Must you force me to kill you under such circumstances?”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly grinned and said, “You better kill me quickly, I will never blame you, because you cannot be considered as the person who killed me, the person who killed me is Jiang Yu Lang.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s expression changed and she asked, “What do you mean by these words?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “Because if I have not been poisoned, then I will not lose the strength to strike, and I may not die. So even if I die now, you need not feel apologetic, because I did not die at your hands.”

    He suddenly turned and stared at Princess Yao Yue and said each word slowly, “Jiang Yu Lang will be the person who really killed me.”

    Princess Yao Yue and Princess Lian Xing exchanged looks, surprised again.

    After a moment, Princess Lian Xing asked fiercely, “What poison has he given you?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Nu’er Hong.”

    Princess Lian Xing heaved a long sigh and looking at Princess Yao Yue, said solemnly, “Looking at him now, it really looks like the symptoms of Nu’er Hong’s poison reacting.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s face was totally pale and after a moment, she suddenly smiled icily and said, “This person is full of tricks, how can you believe his words.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “It’s up to you whether to believe my words. Luckily when I was poisoned, there were a lot of witnesses.”

    Princess Yao Yue immediately asked, “Who are they?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “There’s Tie Ping Gu, and someone called Herbalist Hu, and of course there’s Jiang Yu Lang who poisoned me.”

    Lian Xing and Yao Yue exchanged looks again and the two of them suddenly flew off simultaneously. A gust of wind blew past and the both of them were already under a tree many feet away.

    Princess Yao Yue and Princess Lian Xing reached the tree at the same time.

    Princess Lian Xing asked, “What are your wishes?” Princess Yao Yue’s lips have turned pale and she did not speak.

    Princess Lian Xing said, “If this Jiang Xiao Yu has really been poisoned by Jiang Yu Lang, then he really cannot be considered to have died in Hua Wu Que’s hands. If that is the case, won’t our plan become totally meaningless?”

    Princess Yao Yue stammered, “I… I have suffered the pain for twenty years.”

    Princess Lian Xing’s gaze lowered slowly with the fall of her hands and said, “You have suffered the pain for twenty years, and was I happy for the last twenty years?”

    After a moment she continued, “But the pain we have suffered for the last twenty years is certainly not deserved, because in the whole world, only the two of us knows this secret, only the two of us knows that they are brothers. If we do not reveal this secret ourselves, they will not know even when they die.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s expression slowly warmed, and said, “That’s right, they will never know.”

    Princess Lian Xing said, “Therefore sooner or later, they will die in the hands of the other, their fate has already been decided and besides the two of us, no one can change this.”

    She added slowly, “And the two of us will certainly not change it, right?”

    Princess Yao Yue replied, “That’s right.”

    Princess Lian Xing continued, “So we need not be impatient now, our wait may be painful, but aren’t they in no less pain as well? We can watch them as they struggle with their fate, just like a cat watching the struggling mouse under it’s paw. Besides, we’ve already waited twenty years, so why not wait for another two or three months?”

    Princess Yao Yue said icily, “I know what you mean. You want to remove Jiang Xiao Yu’s poison before ordering Hua Wu Que to kill him. You want him to thoroughly die at the hands of Hua Wu Que, right?”

    There was a flash of gratifying smile in Princess Lian Xing’s eyes and she said gently, “That’s right, because that is the only way to make Hua Wu Que feel pain and regret, feel that living is worse than death. If you order him to kill Jiang Xiao Yu now, he will forgive himself, and even kill Jiang Yu Lang to avenge Xiao Yu’er. Then our plan would have become meaningless.”

    Princess Yao Yue was silent for a moment before saying, “But do you know if Xiao Yu’er is really poisoned?”

    Princess Lian Xing replied, “We can find this out immediately.”

    Xiao Yu’er is still on the ground, shaking. Tie Xin Lan, Su Ying and Hua Wu Que were not looking at him at all. Their eyes were staring unwaveringly at the Floral Princesses.

    A pity that not only can they not see anything, but they can’t hear a single word as well. They can only see that Princess Yao Yue’s icy face was filled with venomous hatred and an aura of death. The more they looked, the more anxious they became and cold sweat unconsciously broke out in their palms for Xiao Yu’er.

    Without knowing how much time has passed, the Floral Princesses finally walked over slowly. Hua Wu Que wanted to walk towards them, but he stopped his step as soon as he started it.

    Princess Yao Yue walked to Xiao Yu’er and asked solemnly, “When you were poisoned, Tie Ping Gu saw it as well, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er agreed, “Umm.”

    Princess Yao Yue said, “All right, tell her to come out, I’ll ask her.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Did you think that there’s only one way out of the belly of that mountain?”

    Princess Yao Yue smiled coldly, “If there was another way out, why didn’t you leave?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with an icy smile as well, “I did not leave, because I did want to honor my appointment with Hua Wu Que, but Tie Ping Gu has long gone. If you do not believe me, why don’t you go down yourself for a look.”

    Before he could finish his words, Princess Yao Yue had already flown up the cliff like a cloud. The rope that Hua Wu Que threw down earlier was still tied there.

    Princess Yao Yue slipped into that hole like a swimming fish and after a short while, flew out like a light breeze and the expression on her face seemed a little surprised.

    Xiao Yu’er smiled and asked, “Do you believe it now?”

    Princess Yao Yue replied, “Humph.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “Then you should know as well that if I do not wish to fight with Hua Wu Que, I could have left with Tie Ping Gu long ago. There’s no need to wait till now and pretend to be dead.”

    Princess Yao Yue was silent for a moment before saying, “Then do you know where Jiang Yu Lang is right now?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Of course I know. But I’m afraid once I reveal the place, you would not dare to look for him as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er deliberately added one more sentence to agitate her, and added icily, “Maybe this is the only place that you dare not go, because I have not seen a woman who does not fear rats.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s eyes gleamed and she asked, “Could you be referring to Wei Wu Ya? He’s in these mountains as well?”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a cold smile, “Of course he’s in these mountains. Do you really not know, or are you pretending not to know?”

    But there was no change in expression on Princess Yao Yue’s face at all. Although Xiao Yu’er was deliberately antagonizing her, she was unaffected at all.

    Obviously, Wei Wu Ya holds no importance to her at all, and instead Xiao Yu’er is placed on a much higher scale than him.

    At this point in time, Su Ying also felt that things are getting stranger and thought to herself, “No matter what, Wei Wu Ya is still a formidable character in the martial arts realm, and he does not mind hiding himself for the last twenty years to formulate a set of martial arts just to counter Floral Palace’s martial arts. Obviously he has great enmity with Floral Palace, but the Floral Princess has never taken this person to heart. But Xiao Yu’er has never even seen what the Floral Princess looks like and she does not even let go of any minute detail about him, to the extent of controlling her temper, so that Hua Wu Que can kill him personally. Why is that so?”

    Slowly, she is beginning to feel that this matter is really mysterious and complicated.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “All right, I’ll bring you there, but I really can’t walk now. Who will come and give me a hand?”

    Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan looked as if they wanted to extend their hands, but Hua Wu Que realized that the Floral Princesses were looking at him frostily, so he immediately turned his head around and looked at Tie Xin Lan, as if he wanted Tie Xin Lan to help Xiao Yu’er. But Tie Xin Lan realized that Hua Wu Que was looking at her and she immediately lowered her hand.

    Su Ying smiled and said gently, “If you do not find me too slow, then let me help you.”

    Su Ying helped Xiao Yu’er and they had walked quite a distance but Hua Wu Que was still standing there in a daze while Tie Xin Lan’s head dropped even lower, her tears flowing again.

    Princess Lian Xing took a glance at Hua Wu Que, and took another glance at Tie Xin Lan and suddenly took Tie Xin Lan’s hand and said gently, “You will walk with me.”

    Never in her dreams would Tie Xin Lan expect that the Floral Princess would take care of her, and does not know whether to feel surprise or joy. She only felt a soothing power flowing in from her palm and unconsciously flew out with Princess Lian Xing.

    Hua Wu Que saw Princess Lian Xing actually holding Tie Xin Lan’s hand and felt surprise and joy as well, but suddenly he thought of something and his brows furrowed in sadness again.

    Princess Yao Yue asked calmly, “Can you leave now?”

    This may be a very common sentence, but to Hua Wu Que’s ears, there’s another feeling, because he realized that the Floral Princess has seen through what he is feeling.

    And he does not speak to others what he feels.

    End of Chapter 100

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 101

    Xiao Yu’er said, “No matter what, Wei Wu Ya has treated you well, and you’ve also acknowledged him as your godfather. Now that the Floral Princesses are going to look for him, not only are you not anxious, but you’re leading the way instead. What logic is this?”

    Su Ying did not speak, and after a moment, sighed softly.

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “I know you must be hiding something and not saying it, could it be that earlier Tie Xin Lan….” He suddenly stopped talking, because by now Princess Lian Xing has caught up together with Tie Xin Lan.

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and suddenly smiled at Tie Xin Lan, “How long have we not met? I’m afraid it’s been more than two months?”

    Tie Xin Lan did not seem to expect that Xiao Yu’er would talk to her suddenly and in that instant, she seems to be at a loss, her face reddening and unable to speak.

    Xiao Yu’er turned around again and smiled at Su Ying, saying “Look, it’s just been over two months and she has become so distant with me. I just asked her a question and she actually blushed.”

    Su Ying sighed again and said “She has suffered enough, why must you continue to torture her.”

    Xiao Yu’er turned towards Tie Xin Lan again and smiled, “Did you hear that, she said I’m torturing you. I’m just asking after you, can this be considered torturing you?”

    Tie Xin Lan can only shake her head, and the rims of her eyes reddened again.

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “I think, these past two months, many things must have happened. Because I realize that it’s only been a little more than two months since I last saw you, but you have changed a lot.”

    Tie Xin Lan felt a stab of pain in her heart, and her tears unconsciously flowed down her cheeks, because she also realized that she has really changed.

    In the past, as long as she sees Xiao Yu’er, no matter what happens or who else is beside her, she will run towards Xiao Yu’er regardless of anything. In the past, as lone as she sees Xiao Yu’er, she will forget everything.

    But now Hua Wu Que’s position in her heart is getting bigger and bigger day by day, because for the past two months, a lot of things has really happened.

    Even if she can forget how Hua Wu Que saved her life time and again, but how can she forget that when she was injured, the care and concern Hua Wu Que showed her?

    Besides, even if she can forget all these, how can she forget the many unforgettable things that happened during that long journey.

    She has only to close her eyes, and she can almost see Hua Wu Que manically laughing in pain, manically laughing and telling her not to bother about him, because he did not wish to see her in pain because of him.

    When one knows that one is about to die, but is still concerned about another’s happiness and sadness, and disregard his own impending death, such feelings, how deep is it? Such feelings, who can forget it?

    Princess Lian Xing looked at her all these while, and suddenly said icily, “Do you feel that you have changed as well?”

    Tie Xin Lan stammered, “I… I…”

    Before she can finish her second word, she was already sobbing uncontrollably.

    Princess Lian Xing turned towards Xiao Yu’er and said coldly, “You need not ask her further, you should already know her answer.”

    She did not wait for Xiao Yu’er to speak and suddenly smiled, “But maybe you’d rather not know, right?”

    However Xiao Yu’er grinned at her and said, “If you think that I’m feeling bad, then you must have seen a ghost.” Is Xiao Yu’er truly not feeling bad at all? Only he will know the answer himself.

    Su Ying was really walking slowly, and after walking for more than an hour, they can only see a dense forest in the distance. Xiao Yu’er said, “After that forest in front, is Wei Wu Ya’s rat hole…”

    Before he could finish his words, he saw a fat and huge rat scurrying out from the forest and with a flash burrowed into the grass at the side.

    After another moment, they heard some movement amongst the grass, like choppy waves, as if there were a lot of rats running about.

    Xiao Yu’er raised a brow and said, “Wei Wu Ya have always treated these rats as his darlings, why would he let them run about now?”

    Although Su Ying did not speak, but she was feeling even more worried. She is sure that right now something big must have happened at Wei Wu Ya’s cave, or else these rats would certainly not run out.

    The wind were blowing even more impatiently and her steps unconsciously hastened. In the gloomy sky, someone can be seen hanging on a tree, swaying with the wind.

    Xiao Yu’er raised his brow and said, “That’s strange, how is it possible that someone hanged himself at Wei Wu Ya’s front door?”

    This person is really dead from hanging!

    There’s no injuries on his body, but on the left side of his face, it was red and swollen, as if he was given a heavy slap before he died.

    Princess Lian Xing raised her brow and asked, “This person is a disciple of Wei Wu Ya?”

    Xiao Yu’er did not reply, but loosened the person’s clothes. And saw that on his chest there were really two lines of blue words. ‘The followers of Wu Ya, rather be killed than humiliated.’

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Now you should know. I guess someone wanted to go into Wei Wu Ya’s rat hole and he could not stop that person and was given a tight slap instead. He’s afraid that Wei Wu Ya would take care of him so he was so frightened he hanged himself first. It seems like he’s not the only one who hanged himself.”

    There really is more than one person who hanged himself. In the forest, there were more than ten hanging corpses, each of them with a swollen left cheek, and some of their bones in the cheek were even shattered.

    Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “This person’s arm strength is really powerful, just a simple slap and he smashed their faces, I wonder who could it be? He actually dare to come and create trouble for Wei Wu Ya, he must be quite brave.”

    He lowered his head and realized that on the ground there were lots of bloody teeth. Obviously this person’s slap not only broke other’s bones and made the face swell, but actually knocked the teeth out from them as well. These ten over people looked as if they did not even have the chance to retaliate.

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but secretly feel startled. He knows that the martial arts of Wei Wu Ya’s disciples are not weak. After staying silent for a moment, he mumbled, “It seems like the person who struck them, his martial arts is at least a few times better than mine.”

    Su Ying was getting more and more worried, because she knows that Wei Wu Ya’s martial arts is not that much higher than Xiao Yu’er. If this person’s martial arts is many times better than Xiao Yu’er, then Wei Wu Ya would most likely have perished under his hands.

    Xiao Yu’er continued, ‘But this person obviously did not use his real skills and was just conveniently slapping out. Not only were they unable to block, they can’t even avoid it. Obviously this person struck quickly, his speed is even much faster than mine. Just a slap from him can smash their bones, apparently his internal strength is a lot stronger than mine.”

    Su Ying turned around to look and saw that the Floral Princesses looked extremely serious, obviously they agreed with Xiao Yu’er’s deductions. After a moment, Princess Yao Yue suddenly said, “How long do you think they have been dead?”

    This question was actually posed to Xiao Yu’er. Obviously the Floral Princess who disregard everything else, is now beginning to take into regard Xiao Yu’er’s opinions.

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Only when a person has been dead for more than three hours, will his body become totally cold.”

    Princess Lian Xing asked, “Then when do you think this happened?”

    Xiao Yu’er answered, “Before dusk yesterday.”

    Princess Lian Xing asked, “How do you know?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Because I know five hours ago, that Miss Tie was here. If these people were not dead, they would certainly bring her into that rat cave, so when Hua Wu Que arrives, he will certainly have to fight with Wei Wu Ya, and when you come looking for Hua Wu Que, you’ll certainly clash with Wei Wu Ya as well.”

    Princess Lian Xing took a look at Hua Wu Que and said, “That’s right.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “But obviously you did not find Hua Wu Que here, so we can see that at that time Hua Wu Que and Miss Tie left on their own accord, right?”

    Princess Lian Xing said, “Then why can’t it be that they died five hours ago? Why must it be before dusk yesterday?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “It is noon now, five hours ago, the sky is still dark.”

    He suddenly smiled at Princess Lian Xing and added, “If you were to come and find trouble with Wei Wu Ya, would you have come at night?”

    Princess Lian Xing was silent for a moment before replying calmly, “No.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “That’s right, you most certainly will not, because if you look for someone at night, won’t you be lowering your own status. Besides, the darker it is, the more advantageous it is for people like Wei Wu Ya. You are fighting with Wei Wu Ya at the place that he lives in so you’ll have lost the advantage in location, so if you come at night, you’ll lose the advantage of light.”

    Princess Lian Xing took a look at Princess Yao Yue, and although she did not say anything, but from her eyes it seems that she has revealed a hint of appreciation.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Looking at the way this person struck, we know that he must be aboveboard in the way he does things. Besides, for someone who can accomplish his standard of martial arts, will certainly not be stupid. Therefore I can be sure that he will certainly not come at night. Since he did not come at night, then it must have been before dusk yesterday.”

    He clapped his hands and grinned, “Does everyone think that my suggestion is good?”

    Princess Yao Yue said icily, “Such reasoning is already very obvious and simple, anyone would have seen that.”

    Xiao Yu’er chortled, “Since you can tell as well, why did you still ask me.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s expression turned somber, and no longer bothered about him. With a sway of her body, she flew towards the forest. Xiao Yu’er made a face behind her back and laughed, “You don’t have to be angry. Actually I know that although you’re not saying it out, but you admire me secretly.”

    After the forest, there was a mountain wall in front, separating heaven and earth like a screen. Interlocking vines grew on the wall, totally covering the color of the mountain rocks.

    Princess Yao Yue did not see any holes or caves, and turned around and asked, “Where is the place that Wei Wu Ya stays?”

    Although she was looking at Princess Lian Xing when she spoke, actually she knows that Princess Lian Xing does not know as well, so naturally this question is aimed at Xiao Yu’er.

    However Xiao Yu’er deliberately pretended not to know, and raised his head heavenward, mumbling, “I thought that it would rain, who would have expected the weather to turn better again.”

    Princess Yao Yue stared at him and said fiercely, “Where is Wei Wu Ya’s cave?”

    Xiao Yu’er seems to be stunned and said, “Such a simple and obvious thing, why do you need to ask me?”

    Princess Yao Yue’s face paled from anger, speechless.

    Su Ying helped Xiao Yu’er walk over, and swept a section of vines away.

    The vines were grown tightly together, but more than half of them has dried up and died. Sweeping away the vines, a dark cave was revealed, and not even a trace of light can be seen inside.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “This is it, everyone, please come in.”

    With Wei Wu Ya’s reputation and the scores of disciples he has, no one would expect that he’ll actually live in a little cave that’s worse than a dog hole.

    Everyone can’t help but feel surprise, especially Hua Wu Que. He saw that Su Ying’s cave is so elegant and exquisite, and thought that Wei Wu Ya’s residence would certainly be a bigger eye opener. He can’t help but ask, “This is where Wei Wu Ya lives?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “That’s right, are you feeling perplexed?”

    Hua Wu Que wanted to say something else, but after taking a look at Princess Yao Yue, lowered his head again.

    As Xiao Yu’er spoke, he has already going in. His body was stumbling, his steps unsteady, obviously he has not regained any strength.

    Princess Yao Yue furrowed her brows and said fiercely, “Stop there!”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Why do you want me to stop? Who knows what strange thing has happened in this rat cave, for all you know we’ll be walking towards death. Isn’t it good that I’m checking out the place for you first?”

    Princess Lian Xing replied, “Precisely because the first person to walk will be in danger, that’s why she wants you to stop.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “I did not expect you to be so concerned about me. Thank you, thank you. But since I’ve been poisoned, it’s very boring to be alive, and dying is just what I needed.”

    Princess Yao Yue said frostily, “You won’t be able to die.”

    Xiao Yu’er felt a swish of the wind, and Princess Yao Yue has already flown in front of him through a gap next to him which was less than a feet, without even touching his clothes.

    On witnessing such Lightness Skill, Xiao Yu’er can’t help but sigh and mumble, “If Wei Wu Ya is already dead, that would be his fortune, or else if he were to end up in the hands of these two great Princesses, he’ll most likely end up like me, unable even to die.”

    Everyone followed Princess Yao Yue and walked for ten over steps and turned left, and this dark and narrow cave suddenly opened up into a wide passageway.

    On both sides of the passageway were stones as smooth and shiny as white jade and on the top it seems that there’s light shining through but the source of light cannot be seen.

    Tie Xin Lan, Hua Wu Que and the Floral Princesses really did not expect that there will be another world in this cave, and can’t help but more or less reveal looks of admiration and surprise on their faces.

    Xiao Yu’er grinned and said, “Are all of you feeling perplexed? Wait till you see what is inside, it will be an even stranger scene. Although I have never been to the palace, but I think the palace may not be any prettier than Wei Wu Ya’s rat cave.

    He laughed as he spoke, as if he’s afraid that others won’t be able to hear him. The passageway was filled with his echo, his laughter can be heard everywhere.

    Princess Lian Xing said icily, “Even if you do not speak, no one will think that you’re a mute.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Are you afraid Wei Wu Ya will hear?”

    Without waiting for Princess Lian Xing to reply, he continued with a laugh, “If I want to find someone and create trouble, then I must walk in openly. If I’m afraid of being heard and behave furtively, then I cannot be considered a true hero.”

    Princess Lian Xing did not reply, but just called out calmly, “Wei Wu Ya, listen, there’re visitors from Floral Palace, come out.”

    Her words were not spoken loudly, but it covered Xiao Yu’er’s laughter and each word was sent far away, but besides her echo, not a single sound was heard.

    Su Ying’s expression became even more worried.

    By now Wei Wu Ya is most likely dead. If he is not dead, he will not wait for Xiao Yu’er to talk and laugh loudly, and all the more he will not wait for Princess Lian Xing to speak out, the traps in the passageway would have been activated long ago.

    Suddenly Princess Yao Yue stopped walking and said, “Look, what is this?”

    Everyone turned their eyes towards her and realized that on the ground, there’s a line of footsteps, after every three feet, there’ll be one. Even if the steps were taken with a measured ruler, it won’t be as neat as this.

    The stones on the ground of this passageway are the same as those on the walls, smooth and solid. Even if a knife was used to carve it, it won’t be easy.

    But this person’s footsteps are even clearer than if it’s carved with a knife.

    Princess Lian Xing said, “This person came to look for Wei Wu Ya, why did he waste his energy here and vent his frustration on these stones.”

    Xiao Yu’er shook his head and laughed, “From what I see, the person who said these words is really a little dumb.”

    Princess Lian Xing fumed, “What did you say?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “From what I know, just in this passageway alone, there is at least ten over traps hidden here, and each one can take your life.”

    Princess Lian Xing asked, “How do you know?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Because I have tried at least thirteen types.”

    He continued, “Since this person is here to seek trouble with Wei Wu Ya, he must know Wei Wu Ya very well, and he will surely be very careful walking in this passageway and all his internal strength filled and ready to be used anytime. Look at the distance between his steps, it’s so neat that we can imagine his situation at that time.”

    Princess Lian Xing replied, “That’s right, when a person’s martial arts is at the peak, when he gathers his internal energy, his every move will surely be well structured.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “But he did not know when the traps will be activated, so his concentrated energy is ever at the ready to strike, that’s why he unconsciously left his footsteps on the ground.”

    He took a glance at Princess Lian Xing and added with a laugh, “From this we can see that this person is not stupid, it’s just that his internal energy is too great.”

    Princess Lian Xing’s expression turned somber and did not speak.

    Princess Yao Yue said, “But none of the traps in this passageway was activated, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “That’s right. When the traps are activated, they will certainly leave some traces regardless of whether anyone was injured, and will need someone to clean up the place before it can return to normal. But once this person walked in, all the people in the cave seemed to have died, or else we would have seen at least ten or more types of traps on our way here.”

    Princess Yao Yue said, “But when this person came, there must be someone still in the cave, so why weren’t the traps activated?”

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and said, “Although I did not see the circumstance in which this person walked in, but I can imagine that he would be like us, announcing himself as he walked , ‘Wei Wu Ya, listen, so and so is here to see you!’ The traps were not activated, it must be that once Wei Wu Ya heard his name, he was shocked and knew that even if he activated the traps it would be useless, and was also afraid of antagonizing this person, so he might as well try to be more gracious.”

    The two sisters took a glace at one another, as if they suddenly thought of a person. Only Xiao Yu’er knows that they have thought wrongly.

    Su Ying suddenly said, “Looking at this person’s footsteps, he must be at least half a size bigger than the average person. Obviously his build must be very solid. A simple step of his is already three feet wide, obviously he has very long legs.”

    She noticed that everyone’s eyes were looking at her, as if waiting for her to continue talking.

    She continued, “From what I know, in the whole world, there is only one person with such great internal strength, and rumors said that his build is the same as this person.”

    The Floral Princesses took another look at each other, and Princess Lian Xing asked quietly, “Who.”

    Su Ying replied, “The great hero Yan Nan Tian!”

    Naturally the Floral Princesses have long thought that this person is Yan Nan Tian, but now that they suddenly heard the three words ‘Yan Nan Tian’, the two sisters who is as calm as the snowy water on the frozen lake, cannot help but reveal a change in their expression. The two sisters can’t help but took a look at Xiao Yu’er, but immediately retracted their gaze.

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes were also studying the changes in their expressions.

    Only Xiao Yu’er knows that this person is certainly not Yan Nan Tian, because even though Yan Nan Tian is still alive, his internal strength would not recover so quickly.

    But he rolled his eyes, clapped and said, “That’s right, this person must be Hero Yan Nan Tian, besides Hero Yan, who else would be so highly skilled, have such great strength.”

    Princess Yao Yue suddenly said, “This person will never be Yan Nan Tian!”

    Princess Yao Yue added coldly, “Even if he is not dead, he would not be much different from being dead.”

    Princess Lian Xing said, “That’s right, this person loves fame. In the past, he must do something that everyone knows every one or two months. If he is not dead, why isn’t there any news of him at all these past twenty odd years?”

    Su Ying’s eyes shimmered, and she asked slowly, “Why don’t you go in and have a look, maybe he’s still in there.”

    Before she could finish her words, the two Floral Princesses flew past the passageway.

    Even Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan were dragged along by them.

    End of Chapter 101

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 102

    Tie Xin Lan was coincidentally standing between Hua Wu Que and Xiao Yu’er again. She dare not even lift her head, her expression is so sad, so piteous.

    Hua Wu Que’s eyes were filled with dilemma and pain as well. He lifted his head, as if he wanted to say something, but did not utter even a single word and just continued walking quickly with his head lowered.

    Who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er would suddenly pounce in front of him and say with a smile, “Thank you.”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment before forcing out a smile, “There’s nothing you need to thank me about.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “Now that three months has past, I know that you no longer treat me as your friend, but you still helped me kept some secrets. Naturally I should thank you.”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a long moment again. Every word he spoke, seemed to be filled with difficulty and after a moment, he said slowly, “You need not thank me, it’s just that I’ve never been a talkative person.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “But you should be telling your Teacher this, and you did not say a single word. Naturally this is because of me, only friends will keep secrets for one another, enemies…”

    The muscles on Hua Wu Que’s face twitched and he said fiercely, “But I am not such a conniving person!” As soon as he spoke this sentence, he has dashed past Xiao Yu’er and went in.

    Xiao Yu’er sighed again and mumbled, “Precisely because you’re too much a gentleman, that’s why you don’t have the courage to rebel. Why can’t you learn to be like me, and become a traitor as well…”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly covered her face and dashed away.

    Su Ying immediately called out to her loudly but she ignored her. There is only one thought in her mind, and that is to go far away from this place, far away from these people.

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “If a person is determined to leave, no one would be able to stop him.”

    Although he is smiling, but no one would expect that Xiao Yu’er’s smile can actually be so miserable as well.

    Su Ying said, “But you will certainly be able to stop her.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly jumped up and shouted, “What do you want me to do? Do you want me to chain her down? Or do I have to go down on my knees, hold her legs and cry miserably!”

    Su Ying looked at him dully, her gaze slowly blurring, the corner of her eyes slowly gathered two drops of crystal clear tears, which flowed down her pale face, landing on her clothes.

    Xiao Yu’er turned his head around, not looking at her and said icily, “You should be happy that she’s gone, what are you crying about?”

    Su Ying said through her tears, “Now I wish that I can be like her as well, and go far, far away, never to see you become angry because of her, be sad and troubled because of her.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “I’m sad? I’m troubled? Why should I be troubled?”

    Su Ying replied, “Because this time she’s leaving you, and not you’re leaving her.”

    Such a simple sentence, but it involves the deepest and most complicated reasoning and just like a needle, pierced directly through Xiao Yu’er’s heart.

    Xiao Yu’er jumped up again and said, “Since that is the case, why didn’t you leave?”

    Su Ying can only use her tears in place of an answer.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly hugged her, his lips pressing down hard on her lips. He hugged her so tightly, as if he wants to crush her into pieces.

    Su Ying seemed to have totally buckled, but suddenly, she used all her strength to hammer on his chest, calling out, “Let me go, let me go.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “You… don’t you like…”

    He suddenly released his hold, and covered his mouth with his hands, his lips seem to be bleeding and his expression changed, which seemed to be anger, or confusion. Su Ying had already retreated to the corner of the wall, panting hard.

    Xiao Yu’er finally heaved a long sigh and said with a bitter smile, “Only now did I realize that I’ve made a mistake.”

    Tears flowed down Su Ying’s eyes again, and she said, “You’re not mistaken, and it’s not that I do not wish you to… to hug me, but I really do not want you to hug of me, and yet think of someone else.”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, and just as he lifted his head, his words still unspoken, he realized that Princess Lian Xing was already standing at the end of the passage way and looking at them frostily.

    In the middle of this place, there’s a very, very huge stone chair, carved from a whole piece of rock. Although it’s a stone, but it’s clearer than jade, not a flaw or discoloring to be seen. The chilling air in the cave can penetrate into a person’s body, but if one sits on this stone chair, he will immediately feel as warm as spring.

    A stone chair like this, is unlikely that there will be another one in the world, but now this stone chair has been cut into two by a sword!

    Princess Yao Yue and Hua Wu Que is in front of this stone chair, staring at the place where the stone chair was cut, the expression on their faces extremely serious.

    Princess Yao Yue did not speak, and after a while, she suddenly took out a dark green short sword from within her spacious white robe.

    The sword was seventeen inches long, and on a glance it did not look very polished, but on another look, one will feel that it carries a forceful, dense air that makes one find difficulty even in opening the eyes.

    Princess Yao Yue seems to treasure this short sword very much, using her finger tips to gently hold the sword. She hesitated for a long moment before handing the sword to Hua Wu Que and said, “Use 90% of your strength and strike once on this stone chair.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Yes.”

    He received the sword with both hands, and realized that for a sword this short, it’s heavy weight is beyond his expectations, and once his fingers touched the body of the sword, he felt a wave of cold air penetrating right into his heart.

    Hua Wu Que dare not ask further, and with his right hand holding the sword and his left foot taking a step forward, and using a common stoke, the light from the sword cutting towards the stone chair like lightning.

    He has gathered almost all his energy into his wrist. Even if this sword is not a sharp weapon made to cut gold or jade, but just a bamboo sword, this strike would still be enough to smash the stone to smithereens!

    There was a ‘clang’, and sparks flew. This sword only managed to cut about one foot into the stone chair and it got stuck in the stone.

    Hua Wu Que’s hand held onto the handle of the sword, stunned for a moment, cold sweat breaking out on his forehead.

    The person who split this stone chair, even if he was using a similar precious and sharp sword, his internal energy would be more than ten times higher than his!

    That there would actually be such a highly skilled person in the world, is simply unimaginable.

    Princess Yao Yue seemed to have sighed, and said calmly, “I’ve long heard that the solidity of the Jade Tablet Stone is unparalleled in the world, now it seems like it’s really the truth. This person can split the Jade Stone into two, his sword skills are not bad either.”

    Hua Wu Que can’t help but say, “This person’s sword skills may be great, but I’m afraid his internal strength will be even…”

    Princess Yao Yue interrupted him and said icily, “The back of this chair is five foot high, and he can cut it with one stroke, but you can only cut about one feet with your attack, so you think his strength must me at least three times higher than yours, right?

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Disciple is ashamed.”

    He added, “When disciple struck at the stone, I felt that there’s still a lot of strength remaining, and I can cut it down to at least three feet, but I did not expect that once the sword cut in about a foot, all the remaining strength was used up. From this I know that the further I try to cut it down, the more difficult it would be.”

    Princess Yao Yue agreed, “That’s right.”

    Hua Wu Que continued, “When disciple had cut one feet through this stone chair, I only used 30% of my strength, but when I went down another three inches, I have used up 70% of my strength. This person can split this stone chair down five feet with one stroke, his strength is surely more than three times of mine.”

    Princess Yao Yue smiled slightly, “You’re wrong, you need not disparage yourself. In the whole world, there is none whose strength can be three times higher than yours, it’s just that you do not understand the logic behind this.”

    Hua Wu Que lowered his head, “Yes, disciple is ignorant.”

    Princess Yao Yue said, “That person can split the stone chair in one stroke, but you can’t, not because his strength is many times better than yours, but because he is more adept at using the sword than you.”

    The logic behind these words may seem simple, but actually it’s the most complex martial arts logic. Hua Wu Que was carefully digesting the information, and realizing that it is extremely useful, felt surprise and joy.

    Princess Yao Yue added, “This person is not only more adept than you, but his speed is faster as well, because ‘speed’ is ‘strength’, that’s why he can do what you cannot. If you were to fight with him, within fifty strokes, he will be able to block your sword attacks, within a hundred strokes, I’m afraid he’ll be able to take your head!”

    Cold sweat beaded on Hua Wu Que’s forehead again.

    Princess Yao Yue continued, “Besides this, when he was striking with his sword, he must be full of fury, thinking only to take someone’s life, and did not consider whether his stroke will be able to cut the stone chair into two. Therefore, the way he struck would naturally be different, but when you struck, you’re only thinking of how deeply you can cut into this stone chair. Your stance is already weaker by 70% compared to this person. If you’re the same when fighting with others, that would be very dangerous.”

    Hua Wu Que dared not lift up his head on hearing these words, his sweat penetrating his layers of clothes.

    Suddenly someone clapped and laughed, “The Floral Princess giving such a penetrating lecture about the theory of martial arts, it is indeed a eye opening information, that even I can’t help but feel a little impressed with you.”

    Xiao Yu’er has already walked in with a grin. If it was someone else, whose mouth has just been bitten raw, he would surely try to cover the wound.

    But Xiao Yu’er did not care at all, his eyes turned, and suddenly stared at that dark green short sword, and his countenance changed, “Could this be the legendary ancient weapon, the remarkable Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing?”

    Princess Yao Yue said icily, “Your eyesight is not too bad.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “It seems that since ancient times, when remarkable weapons are being made, the blood of a living person must be used as a sacrifice to the sword before it can be made, and there are some who would not even mind killing themselves with the sword. Since the beginning of time, the history of every sword, will surely be a moving yet sad story!”

    Princess Yao Yue replied, “This is not the time to tell stories.”

    Xiao Yu’er ignored her and continued, “Only this Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing, when a person’s blood was used as sacrifice, the sword still cannot be made. The sword maker’s wife, son and daughter all sacrificed and killed themselves with the sword, but it was useless as well. In his grief, the sword maker himself jumped into the cauldron. Who would have expected that after he jumped in, the fire immediately flared up and after burning for a long one, a passing Taoist Priest managed to complete the making of the sword. Legend says that when this sword was taken out of the stove, the sky turned color, there was a loud thunder, which shocked the Taoist Priest, and coincidentally fell onto the sword, thus becoming the first casualty of the sword since it’s birth.”

    After he finished speaking, Xiao Yu’er smiled and said, “Of course these words are the stories of the descendants, and cannot be believed. Imagine, if all those people are dead, who would be able to tell the story?”

    Princess Yao Yue replied, “That’s right, it should not be believed, but there is one matter which you must believe.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “What is that?”

    Princess Yao Yue said, “When the sword maker fell into the cauldron, in his fury and grief, he made a curse, saying that if this sword can be made, anyone who sees this sword in future, will certainly die under the sword.” She stared at Xiao Yu’er icily, and said each word slowly, “Only this matter, you must believe it.”

    On hearing this, Su Ying can’t help but shivered, and turned her head away, not daring to take another look at that cursed weapon.

    Hua Wu Que suddenly took out the sword from the stone, and took it back to Princess Yao Yue with both hands. Princess Yao Yue’s eyes shimmered, and she said calmly, “You keep it.”

    Hua Wu Que’s expression changed, and he lowered his head and said, “Disciple…”

    Before he could finish his words, Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly again, “You’re giving the sword to him, is it because you want him to use this sword to kill me? But don’t you forget, if the curse of the sword maker is really so effective, you will have to die under this sword as well?”

    Princess Yao Yue’s expression suddenly turned ashen as well, her gaze suddenly turned sharply towards Hua Wu Que, but Princess Lian Xing immediately interrupted and said, “Wu Que, go and find Tie Xin Lan.”

    Hua Wu Que seemed shocked and asked hoarsely, “She…” He took a look at Xiao Yu’er and shut up immediately.

    Princess Yao Yue said, “She has left. With her strength, she won’t be able to go far, you will surely be able to catch up with her.”

    Hua Wu Que lowered his head and said, “Disciple… disciple…”

    Princess Lian Xing asked angrily, “What about you? Are you going to disobey my words?”

    Hua Wu Que took another look at Xiao Yu’er, and although his expression was full of pain and hesitation, but he dare not speak further and dashed out immediately.

    Xiao Yu’er seemed not to have noticed him at all, and asked, “When you came in, there’s no one in this rat hole already?”

    After hearing those words earlier, Princess Yao Yue seems to be still troubled by it.

    Princess Lian Xing said seriously, “Not a single person was seen.”

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows, “Then what about Wei Wu Ya, could he have escaped.” Although Su Ying did not speak, she can’t help but reveal a look of pleasant surprise.

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, and said, “Can you help me walk around and take a look?”

    Even if Wei Wu Ya is the world’s most cruel and vicious villain, but when he does things, he really goes all out to do it, and he actually almost dug out the entire belly of the mountain.

    Besides this main cave that looks like a palace, countless small caves were built on all four sides, each of them lined up like honeycomb cells.

    Su Ying helped Xiao Yu’er walk over to each of them, and saw that every room was very neat, or rather very grand, and all of them has a very soft and comfortable bed.

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “I think I have not slept in such comfortable beds for two or three years, I didn’t expect that these little rats would live a more comfortable life than me.”

    Su Ying said, “Wei… Wei Wu Ya may be very mean to his disciples, but as long as they do not commit any mistakes, the comfort for their daily living are not bad.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “But why would the rats want to move away? Could it be that they have known that the cat is coming? Even if Wei Wu Ya is extremely capable, but I don’t think he can foretell the future.”

    Su Ying was silent for a moment before saying, “That’s right, if this person came unexpectedly, Wei Wu Ya would never be able to know. If he escaped in a rush, then his departure would not be so orderly.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “Besides, he has trained hard over the last twenty years here, and built so many traps, with the sole purpose of preparing himself to deal with Hero Yan and the Floral Princesses.”

    Su Ying nodded her head, “That’s right, he did have this intention.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “But now he has left, why is that so? Can you think of a reason why?”

    Su Ying smiled bitterly, “I can’t.”

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “Besides this, there’s another matter I can’t seem to reason it out.”

    Su Ying asked, “Oh?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “When I was seriously injured the other day, Wei Wu Ya suddenly left hurriedly to receive an honored guest. Only now do I realize that this honored guest is Jiang Bie He.”

    Su Ying agreed, “That’s right.”

    Xiao yu’er said, “Jiang Bie He may be the Hero of Jiang Nan, but the four words ‘Hero of Jiang Nan’, I’m afraid it’s not even worth a single cent on Wei Wu Ya’s eyes.”

    Su Ying said, “So it seems that they have known each other long ago, or else Jiang Bie He would not be able to find him.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “This is something that I can’t figure out again. Jiang Bie He’s fame in the martial arts realm only started a few years ago, but Wei Wu Ya has been in hiding here for at least seventeen to eighteen years, so how did they get to know one another?”

    He sighed and continued, “Since these two are now in cahoots, Wei Wu Ya has a greater advantage now, so he shouldn’t have left, but he did. Therefore I suspect that there must be some plot in this matter, or it could possibly be a trap they deliberately laid. Once I stepped in, I felt that there’s something wrong in this place.”

    Suddenly someone asked, “What’s wrong?”

    This voice suddenly came from behind them, but not only were Su Ying and Xiao Yu’er not startled, they did not even turn back for a look, because they know that the Floral Princess will certainly follow them, and they know that with the Floral Princess’s Lightness Skill, they will certainly not be able to detect her.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Although there’s not a single person here, but I feel that there’s a murderous air in here, as if we’ve walked into a grave and will never be able to leave.”

    Princess Lian Xing said icily, “That is only your imagination at work.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “It may just be my imagination, but no matter what, I do not wish to stay in this place any longer. If you do not wish to leave, I’ll make a move first…”

    Before he could finish his words, someone suddenly chuckled, “I’m afraid it’s too late for you to leave now.”

    Although Xiao Yu’er’s life up to now is not considered very long, he has heard many types of laughter. However, no matter how horrible the laughter sound, when compared to this laughter, they become like music from heaven. And he also knows that in the whole world, only one person’s voice would sound so horrible.

    The Floral Princesses and Su Ying’s expression suddenly changed.

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but cry out, “Wei Wu Ya is still here!” Since everyone in the cave has left, why is Wei Wu Ya still here?

    That person chuckled, “That’s right, I am still here! I have waited a long time for everyone’s grand arrival.”

    The laughter came from a stone room next door.

    Amidst this piercing laughter, the stone wall of the cave suddenly opened miraculously, and a very small and exquisite vehicle with two wheels slid out from the stone wall.

    This vehicle is made from a shiny gold metal, and looks very light and maneuverable, and on it sat a child like dwarf.

    His knees were on the wheelchair, and his legs cannot be seen at all.

    His eyes were crafty and vicious, having the color of dull gray that reminds one of desperation, but sometimes revealing a glimpse of innocent mischief, like a mischievous child.

    His face was twisted and scary, looking like a hungry wolf that’s waiting to eat someone up, but the corners of his mouth revealed a trace of a sweet smile.

    What Xiao Yu’er said was correct, this person is really made up of poison and honey. You obviously know when he is going to kill you, but you can’t help but pity him as well.

    Once the Floral Princess saw him, she can’t help but stiffen, not willing to get even another inch closer to him, like a person who has suddenly seen a poisonous snake.

    Wei Wu Ya said lazily, “What you have said earlier is correct, this place is already a grave, you can forget about leaving!”

    Princess Yao Yue’s expression changed, “What did you say?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “This place is the key position of the traps in all the caves, now that I have sealed all exits, even a fly can forget about flying out, not to mention humans.”

    In his surprise, Xiao Yu’er wanted to rush out to take a look, but he suddenly stopped, because he knows that since Wei Wu Ya can say something like that, he is certainly not lying.

    He rolled his eyes and laughed instead, “You have sealed all exits?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “That’s right.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Then, you do not wish to leave either?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “I no longer wish to leave.”

    End of Chapter 102

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 103

    Xiao Yu’er chortled, “Who would believe your words? Even if you want to bury them alive here, you can find someone else to activate the traps, why do you want to accompany them to their deaths here?”

    Wei Wu Ya said calmly, “Because I want to see them die with my own eyes, see with my own eyes the pain they suffer before death. I also want to see with my own eyes when tortured with hunger and fear, can they still maintain their saintly composure!”

    Xiao Yu’er took a glance at the Floral Princesses, and saw that the sisters seem to have suddenly turned into two stone statues, not moving at all. Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and suddenly laughed loudly, “But you will do that, because you know that you are not their match, or else you could have killed them while dueling, without a need to sacrifice yourself as well, right?”

    Wei Wu Ya sighed, “That’s right, I had thought that these twenty years, my martial arts have improved a lot, enough to kill them, but until I met Jiang Bie He, I realized that I was wrong.”

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but feel startled, “Why must you wait until you see him before realizing that you’re wrong?”

    Wei Wu Ya said, “Twenty years ago, Jiang Bie He’s martial arts were nothing at all, but now he can be considered one of the most highly skilled in the martial arts realm. Even his martial arts have improved so much these twenty years, much less the Floral Princesses. If the improvement of my martial arts is on the same pace of the Floral Princesses, then I will still be unable to defeat them even if I train for another twenty years. Besides, there are two of them, while there’s only one of me.”

    He smiled, and continued, “That’s why I thought it over, and can only use this method.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Since that is the case, it will still be very easy for them to kill you, you…”

    Wei Wu Ya said icily, “These doors are all made from huge stones weighing ten thousand kilos, and not that it’s been sealed, I’m afraid even I won’t be able to open it myself.”

    Xiao Yu’er was as still as a rock as well, unable to talk anymore.

    Wei Wu Ya added, “Besides, even if you know that the doors have been sealed tight in here, you will still carry a glimmer of hope, and I am your only hope, so I take it that you will never kill me?”

    He suddenly smiled, “Ying’er, why are you hiding outside, not daring to come in?”

    Su Ying walked in with lowered head, her face frighteningly pale.

    Wei Wu Ya stared at her for a long moment, then took a glance at the Floral Princesses and said, “I have always treated you well, do you know why?”

    Su Ying lowered her head and replied, “I… I do not know.”

    Wei Wu Ya smiled, “If you were to take a look at the two Princesses, and then look into a mirror yourself, you will know.”

    Xiao Yu’er felt a lurch in his heart, and only now did he realize that besides the looks between Su Ying and the Floral Princesses, which bear a 70% similarity, they are all great beauties, their complexion so pale, their expression so cold, that they look like mother and daughter or sisters. Su Ying does not know whether to feel surprise or joy, and asked, “You treated me well, is it because you want me to grow up to be like them?”

    Wei Wu Ya said, “That’s right, or else of all the orphaned girls in the world, why did I save only you? I have always acceded to all your wishes, because I want to groom you into someone haughty and cold. I want you to stay there alone, because I want to nurture isolation in your character…”

    Su Ying asked, “You tried all ways and means, just to make me turn out exactly like them?”

    Xiao Yu’er clapped and laughed, “Now I understand, so your beloved is the Floral Princesses, but because you cannot have them, so love turned into hatred, that’s why you hate them to the core.”

    He is the world’s smartest ugly dwarf, but he would actually fall in love with the world’s most dignified, most beautiful women. This thing is really unimaginable, strangely wonderful.

    The more Xiao Yu’er thought of it, the more he felt it funny, and he was laughing so hard that he was panting.

    But Wei Wu Ya looked very serious and said slowly, “Twenty over years ago, I made a special trip to Floral Palace, to seek their hand in marriage…”

    Xiao Yu’er panted and laughed, “You… you went to seek their hand in marriage?”

    Wei Wu Ya said with a straight face, “This is the union of intelligence and beauty, it is the world’s most serious, most compatible thing, why are you laughing!”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Yes, yes, yes. This matter is really the most compatible thing, but a pity that not only did they not agree, but they wanted to kill you as well, and that’s how your enmity started, right?”

    Wei Wu Ya sighed, and although he did not say anything, his silence expressed his agreement.

    Taking another look at the Floral Princesses, they were already shaking with anger.

    Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and said with a grin, “It’s your honor that a great hero like him would come and seek your hand in marriage, why didn’t you agree to it? I feel that it’s really a pity.”

    Wei Wu Ya laughed loudly, “You need not antagonize them to make them strike at me. Even if they killed me, you won’t stand to gain either. If you’re really smart, you should convince them not to kill me. When I cannot withstand the hunger myself, I may think of a way to open those sealed doors.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at him for a long moment before saying, “That’s right, you really do not have to die now. I still have a lot of questions for you.”

    Wei Wu Ya said, “The first thing you want to ask me, is who exactly is the person who came earlier and could cut the stone chair? Is that right?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Wrong, there’s no need for me to ask you this now, because I understand now. No one came at all.”

    Wei Wu Ya laughed loudly, “No one came at all? Then could it be me who left those footprints in the passageway?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “The footsteps on the passageway were carved by you, that’s why they are so neat.”

    Wei Wu Ya’s eyes glimmered and asked, “Then who killed those people in the woods?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Naturally you killed them yourself. You slapped them, so naturally they dare not fight back or avoid the attack. If you want them to hang themselves, they won’t dare to jump into the river instead.”

    Wei Wu Ya said, “So that means that the Jade Tablet Stone Chair was also cut by me?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Since you can carve the Jade Tablet Stone into a chair, then you must possess a precious sword that can cut through metal like mud. Since this precious sword can be used to carve the Jade Tablet Stone into a chair, then it most certainly can cut it into halves… isn’t this logic very obvious?”

    Wei Wu Ya sighed, “That’s right, this logic is really very obvious.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “You killed your disciples in the forest, and left those footprints on the passageway, solely to lure us in here.”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “This is very logical as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “But you’re afraid that once we walk in and realize there’s no one here, we’ll leave immediately, so you cut that stone chair into two to arouse our suspicious, and…”

    He took a breath, and continued, “Since the doors here are all made from huge stones weighing a thousand kilos, to seal them up totally, is not something that can be done in an instant.”

    Wei Wu Ya continued, “That’s why I want to put all of you to concentrate on that stone chair, so that I can have enough time to seal the door, right?”

    Xiao Yu’er clasped his palms and answered, “Exactly the case.”

    Wei Wu Ya suddenly laughed hard, so hard that he almost dropped to the ground from the wheelchair.

    Xiao Yu’er stared at him, “What are you laughing about? Is my guess wrong?”

    Wei Wu Ya laughed heartily, “Right, right, right, absolutely right, you’re really the smartest person in the world.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “As for this point, I am never modest about it.”

    Wei Wu Ya said, “But I have some questions for you as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Oh?”

    Wei Wu Ya said. “You have been to my place before, you should know that this place is full of treasures, but why is there none now?”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned for a moment, and said, “This… this is naturally because you told your disciples to take it out.”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “Why would I want them to take it away? Since I am determined to die here, why didn’t I die with the treasures here, but give them away. Since I have never treated my disciples as humans, why should I let them have this big reward… can you think of the reason why?”

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes suddenly gleamed, “Because you want to leave this place after seeing us die.”

    Wei Wu Ya said, “If I have such intentions, then all the more I won’t take the treasures away, because if I really want to leave, I will surely have to wait for all of you to die first. Would I then be afraid that people like you who are about to die with take my treasures away?”

    Only now was Xiao Yu’er truly stunned. “So this means that, there really was a highly skilled martial arts exponent who was here? Who was the person who came?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “You know this person as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “How do you know I know him?”

    Wei Wu Ya said calmly, “Because he asked about you.”

    The expression on Xiao Yu’er’s face changed, and he suddenly laughed loudly, “Don’t tell me you want to say that the person who came is Yan Nan Tian?”

    Wei Wu Ya stared at him and said each word slowly, “That’s right! The person who came is Yan Nan Tian!”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned for a long moment, and suddenly chortled, “If Yan Nan Tian came, how can you still be alive now and harming others?”

    Wei Wu Ya laughed icily, “Did you think that his martial arts is better than mine?”

    Xiao Yu’er’s expression changed again, but in an instant he beamed instead and said, “If he was really here, the footsteps on the passageway would have been left by him, and the stone chair would naturally be cut by him using his precious sword. The might of this one stoke is enough to move heaven and earth. With your skills, I’m afraid you can’t even hurt a strand of hair of his… I know your capability.”

    Wei Wu Ya was silent for a moment before heaving a long sigh, “That’s right, just with the power of his sword, it’s enough to rule the world, I really am not his match.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “If he was really here, why didn’t he kill you?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied calmly, “Naturally because there was a bargain.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “What bargain?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “I promised to hand him one person, and he promised not to harm me.”

    Xiao Yu’er pressed on, “Who did you promise to hand him?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “Jiang Bie He!”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned yet again, and asked hoarsely, “Jiang Bie He? Hero Yan actually was willing to let you off because of Jiang Bie He?”

    Wei Wu Ya affirmed, “That’s right.”

    Siao Yu’er asked, “Why did he want to save Jiang Bie He?”

    Wei Wu Ya laughed, “He did not want to save Jiang Bie He, but wants to kill him.”

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but feel surprised again, “What enmity does he have with Jiang Bie He?”

    Wei Wu Ya was silent for a moment before saying calmly, “Do you know who Jiang Bie He really was?”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Who?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “He was originally your father’s page boy Jiang Qin, and grew up in your household. Your father and him were master and servant in name, but were actually like brothers.”

    Xiao Yu’er was so surprised that his mouth gaped open, unable to close it at all. He can’t help but ask, “Since Jiang Qin and my late father were like brothers, why would Hero Yan want to kill him?”

    Wei Wu Ya explained, “Not only was Jiang Feng one of the world’s rare handsome man, he is also extremely wealthy. Many in the martial arts world are already having designs on him, but because of Yan Nan Tian, they dared not strike. Who would have expected that Jiang Feng’s senses would suddenly be blinded and actually eloped with a female disciple of the Floral Palace, and this woman is your mother.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied angrily, “You better be more courteous in your choice of words.”

    Wei Wu Ya grinned and continued coolly, “Although these two were dizzily in love and were disregarding everything else, but they do know that the Floral Princess will not let them off, so once they escaped back, Jiang Feng either sold or gave his properties away! He himself just took some basic necessities and roamed the world, staying in hiding to avoid trouble.”

    Xiao Yu’er fumed, “So stinking robbers like you became jealous.”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “That’s right. Jiang Feng’s plan was to let Jiang Qin ride on to look for Yan Nan Tian first, while he himself will bring your mother through an old abandoned passageway and hurry to meet up with Yan Nan Tian. This plan is not too bad actually, and the route he took was actually very well hidden, but a pity that before Jiang Qin went to look for Yan Nan Tian, he came to look for us, the Twelve Zodiacs first.”

    Xiao Yu’er said wrathfully, “No wonder you are acquainted with Jiang Bie He, so it turns out that you were already in cahoots and dealt with each other before.”

    Wei Wu Ya smiled and said, “Although I know about this, but I did not strike, because even if I do not strike, I am not afraid that the rest won’t give a portion to me after they succeed. Besides I had something on at that time and was unable to leave.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Those who struck were killed by Hero Yan. They should have known what Hero Yan was like, why did they still strike?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “They had the intention of pushing this blame to Floral Palace, and let Yan Nan Tian thinks that it was the Floral Princesses who struck. Besides, Jiang Qin has noted down all the possessions that your father carried with him. Such a huge business deal, why would the Twelve Zodiacs let it go?”

    Xiao Yu’er gritted his teeth, “But Jiang Qin should know what the Twelve Zodiacs are like. Since this deal is now made with the Twelve Zodiacs, what else can he gain from this?”

    Wei Wu Ya smiled, “He is not very greedy, he just wants 20% of the wealth. He also knows that we, the Twelve Zodiacs have always been fair in our deals, once we promise him a portion, we will never try to deny it. Besides, although your father treated him like his own brother, but in other people’s eyes, he’s still a servant in Jiang Feng’s household. If your father does not die, he can forget about being someone great for the rest of his life.”

    He smiled slightly and continued, “Although this person is not very greedy, but he is extremely ambitious, with the sole intention of becoming famous in the martial arts realm, so he must kill your father first.”

    Xiao Yu’er felt his hands and legs getting cold and was silent for a moment before saying, “But my father did not die in the hands of the Twelve Zodiacs ultimately, right?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “What happened later, I’m not very sure about the details. I only know that when Yan Nan Tian got there, your parents are already dead, and only you were alive.”

    Xiao Yu’er forced himself to contain the pain in his heart, and asked, “No matter who was the one who killed my parents, all these were caused by Jiang Qin. If he did not betray my father, these people will surely be unable to find them, right?”

    Wei Wu Ya agreed, “Exactly.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Since this is the case, why didn’t Hero Yan kill him at that time?”

    Wei Wu Ya explained, “I’m afraid Yan Nan Tian did not know at that time that Jiang Qin is the root of the tragedy. By the time he found out, Jiang Qin has escaped. From then on, no one has ever heard any news about Jiang Qin in the martial arts realm, and no one has ever heard of any news about Yan Nan Tian. Only later did I hear that Yan Nan Tian has died in the Valley of Evil.”

    He sighed again and said with a bitter smile, “Who would have expected that this piece of news is bullshit. Not only did Yan Nan Tian did not die, but his martial arts improved tremendously. And that Jiang Qin actually became the Hero of Jiang Nan.”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment. He really cannot think of why Yan Nan Tian would suddenly appear? How can his injuries have healed suddenly? Could it be that some miracle has happened? Or is there another ‘Hero Nan Tian’ like Lu Zhong Yuan, who borrowed the name ‘Yan Nan Tian’? Who can this person be?

    End of Chapter 103

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 104

    Su Ying suddenly asked, “Has this Hero Yan killed Jiang Bie He already?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “Not yet.”

    Su Ying asked, “Why hasn’t Hero Yan killed him?”

    Wei Wu Ya explained, “Because he wants to keep Jiang Bie He for Xiao Yu’er, so that he can take revenge with his own hands. As long as he cannot find Xiao Yu’er, Jiang Bie He will not die. If he can’t find Xiao Yu’er for the next 10 years, Jiang Bie he will live for the next 10 years.

    Su Ying asked hoarsely, “In that case, is Jiang Bie He already…. already…” Although she did not finish her words, but her meaning is very clear.

    Wei Wu Ya laughed loudly, “That’s right, Jiang Bie He will never die, because Yan Nan Tian will never find Xiao Yu’er. His martial arts may be 10 times better than Jiang Bie He, but he will never be as devious as Jiang Bie He. By keeping someone like Jiang Bie He next to him, is akin to walking the streets with a tiger. Sooner or later, he will die in the hands of Jiang Bie He.”

    Xiao yu’er exclaimed furiously, “He spared your life and yet you treated him thus, can you still be considered human?”

    Wei Wu Ya stopped his laughter and said with hatred, “Although he did not kill me, but he chased all my disciples away, and wanted them to take all my jewels with them. Isn’t this almost the same as killing me?”

    Only now did Xiao Yu’er understand, and can’t help but laugh, “I’m afraid not only did he chase your disciples away, even your precious rats were chased away, right?”

    Wei Wu Ya gritted his teeth and said, “Humph.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “So you feel that there’s no meaning in living anymore, that’s why you thought of this last move. But if you had treated your disciples a little better, would they have left while you were in trouble?”

    Wei Wu Ya suddenly smiled sinisterly, “But now that I have all of you to accompany me in death, I am already very satisfied.”

    Suddenly the Floral Princess called out, “Jiang Xiao Yu, come over here.”

    Xiao Yu’er was unwilling to go over initially, but after thinking about it, he walked over. He took two steps, and turned around to look at Su Ying.

    Su Ying looked as if she wanted to see Wei Wu Ya’s reaction first, but suddenly changed her mind and just smiled at Xiao Yu’er, following him as well.

    The two Floral Princesses were standing in the middle of the ‘hall’, and although their expression is still proud and cold, but it also seems that they now suddenly look small, lonely and pitiful.

    They were still standing very straight, not sitting at all. They looked as if they have never sat down before.

    Princess Yao Yue suddenly turned around, as if she’s afraid that if she take another look at Xiao Yu’er, she will be unable to control herself and kill him.

    Princess Lian Xing said slowly, “We have checked through this cave thoroughly earlier. The doors in here are indeed sealed.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “I don’t even have to check to know that this is certainly not a hoax.”

    Princess Lian Xing was silent for a moment before adding, “These doors are huge stones weighing a thousand kilos, and cannot be opened with sheer human strength, but I think Wei Wu Ya will certainly not be willing to trap himself to death here.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Could it be that you want me to find this way out?”

    Princess Lian Xing was silent again, and said slowly, “I think, maybe you have a way to find out from Wei Wu Ya.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Do you really think my capability is that great?”

    Princess Lian Xing replied, “If he refuses to talk, then you shall kill him!” She took a glance at Su Ying and said, “I can see that he already hates you to the core, if there is a way for him to kill you personally, he will not miss it.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “These words are correct, bit a pity that if I fight with him, the one who die will not be him, but me.”

    Princess Lian Xing said, “I know as well that your martial arts is not as good as his, but if I teach you six hours of martial arts, then he will certainly not be your match.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Oh, you’re really that confident? I don’t really believe it.”

    Princess Lian Xing said calmly, “The mystery and intricacies of our sect’s martial arts is not something that people can imagine.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly stopped talking. He tilted his head and thought for a long time, and suddenly burst out laughing.

    Princess Lian Xing fumed, “Do you think this is a joke.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Why should I waste so much of my effort to fight with Wei Wu Ya?”

    Princess Lian Xing can’t help but feel startled, and said, “If you can defeat him, and threaten him with death, he may reveal the last escape route.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Why would I want to escape? Isn’t this place very comfortable?”

    Princess Lian Xing was so furious that her face paled, unable to speak further.

    Xiao Yu’er said lazily, “I’ve been poisoned anyway, so I have to die sooner or later. Even if you can neutralize my poison, I may still die in the hands of Hua Wu Que. Since no matter how I see it, I still have to die, I might as well die here. This tomb is quite elaborately done up as well.”

    Princess Lian Xing kept staring at him, and until he finished talking, she still stared at him for a long while, then suddenly said, “What if I guarantee that you will certainly not die in the hands of Hua Wu Que?”

    Princess Yao Yue suddenly exclaimed heatedly, “The battle between you and Hua Wu Que must happen, nothing can change it…”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Since that is the case, there’s no way then, we can just all wait here for death.”

    Princess Lian Xing said, “But don’t you forget, if I can make your martial arts win Wei Wu Ya, then you can win Hua Wu Que as well. If you can kill Wei Wu Ya, then you can defeat Hua Wu Que!”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked, “You are the ones who brought up Hua Wu Que since young, not only is he your disciple, he’s almost your son. But I am the son of your enemy, if not for the fact that I know the gap between our martial arts level is too huge, I may have taken your lives long ago. But now you actually want to teach me martial arts, want me to kill your disciple, I’m afraid no one in the world will believe such words.”

    Princess Lian Xing took a look at her sister, and Princess Yao Yue said, “Naturally there is a…”

    Xiao Yu’er’s gaze shimmered, and waited for her to continue, but she just said those few words and suddenly stopped. Xiao Yu’er pressed on, “If you want me to believe it, it’s very easy too. As long as you tell me the reason behind all these, I will do whatever you want me to do, I will agree to anything.”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her and said calmly, “Or would you rather let Wei Wu Ya see your ugliness before your deaths then to reveal this secret? I can tell you that when a person is about to die, they not only look very awful, but very funny as well.”

    Princess Yao Yue gritted her teeth and suddenly turned around. Princess Lian Xing followed her as well and turned around calmly, neither of them wanting to take another look at Xiao Yu’er, or listen to another word of his.

    Xiao Yu’er stood there stunned like a log for a moment before suddenly turning towards Su Ying and asked, “You have known quite a bit about what is happening, right?”

    Su Ying sighed, “Now I know that Aunty Jiang was formally a disciple of Floral Palace, later… later…”

    Xiao Yu’er gritted his teeth and said, “Without a doubt, my parents died in their hands, they did not kill me then, but wants to kill me now to prevent further trouble. But why must they insist that Hua Wu Que kill me personally? If they were willing to strike themselves, I would have died many times over.”

    Su Ying said, “They thought that you would hate Hua Wu Que a lot. If you do not look for them to seek revenge, then you’ll certainly look for Hua Wu Que. But who would have expected that your thinking is very open, and views that the enmity involving the older generation has got nothing to do with the younger generation, so they can only force Hua Wu Que to kill you. From what I see, there must be some complicated relation between you and Hua Wu Que.”

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes gleamed, but he furrowed his brows and said, “But it’s impossible that I could be related to Hua Wu Que. I was taken to the Valley of Evil immediately after I was born, and in this world, I have no relations left.”

    The silence in the cave is not much different from that of a tomb, the light reflecting from the stone wall very gentle, like the moonlight, shining on Xiao Yu’er’s face. This was actually a happy, proud, stubborn and charismatic face, but now it appears indescribably dull, indescribably tired. Su Ying looked at him dully, her eyes seem to slow fill with tears.

    Without knowing how much time has passed, Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “Su Ying, you must know that I am not afraid of death, but if I were to die just like that, I really cannot accept it… really cannot accept it!”

    Su Ying said, “If the doors in here have really been sealed, then the whole cave should be like a tomb with no air at all, but… until now we don’t have any feeling of suffocation. Besides, any place with lack of oxygen, even a flame will not be able to stay lighted.”

    Xiao Yu’er hit his own palm with his fist and said, “Good, as long as he has really left a way out, I will have a way to make him speak.”

    Su Ying suddenly smiled, “Didn’t you say that you do not wish to leave?”

    Xiao Yu’er made a face at her, “I was deliberately threatening them. Before the truth of this secret is revealed, not only can I not bear to let myself die, I can’t bear to let them die as well.” In desperation, there is now suddenly a glimmer of hope, and the two of them can’t help but feel more energetic and upbeat. Just as they were about to walk forward, there was a sudden sigh that came behind them. “You need not search, I am here!”

    The stone platform which the stone chair was originally on, suddenly moved away. Wei Wu Ya was on his wheelchair, slowly rolling up from the bottom.

    “I know that right now you must be planning, thinking of a way to make me reveal the place where air is coming from. Then let me advice you, you need not bother. Because when I was building these air holes, I was afraid the rats would escape from these holes.”

    Xiao Yu’er thought for a moment, and suddenly asked, “Are you afraid that we’ll die too quickly?”

    Wei Wu Ya smiled, “That’s right. I spent so much effort to make you come to this place, how can I bear to let you die of suffocation so fast? Of course I’ll hope that the slower you die, the better, only then can I slowly appreciate the various unsightly ways that you will die. I can guarantee that there is nothing more interesting than this in the world.” He seems to find the thought amusing, and was laughing so hard that his whole body was twisted.

    Xiao Yu’er actually smiled as well, and said, “We would like to ask you, what kind of ugly behavior would you expect us to make?”

    Wei Wu Ya’s eyes gleamed, and he laughed, “You should know that the Floral Princesses will never casually sit down, finding everywhere else dirty. But I can guarantee, in less than three days, they will lie down on the beds that those stinking men had slept on. Usually they would refuse to eat anything else, but in another few days, they might even swallow a dead rat, or they may kill and eat the two of you, would you believe that?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “If they will really eat me up, it’ll be quite marvelous as well, I’d rather be buried in their stomachs.”

    Although he is laughing loudly, but he can’t help but secretly feel terrified, because he knows that what Wei Wu Ya said, is not entirely impossible.

    Wei Wu Ya continued with a smile, “Besides, I know that the four of you are still virgins, not one of you have really tasted the joys of being a human. When death is impending, you may suddenly realize that to die just like that is a bad bargain, and you may think what doing that thing feels like.” His eyes were filled with lewdness, as if he is already imagining the situation then, and curled his body, laughing madly and added, “By then, I’m afraid you, little lad, will become a treasure.”

    “Why don’t you want a taste of this yourself? Or can it be that you can’t do it anymore?” Xiao Yu’er stared at his pair of spindly, crooked legs and laughed frostily, “So you can’t do it since a long time ago, that’s why you became a lunatic. I had thought that you were hateful, now I realize that you’re actually very pitiful.”

    Wei Wu Ya suddenly roared madly and threw himself towards Xiao Yu’er. Xiao Yu’er twisted his body quickly, his palms extended in retaliation. Who would have expected that Wei Wu Ya’s body would suddenly protrude ten over short swords, slicking towards his wrist. It turns out that on each of his fingers, he kept his nails three to four inches long, which are curled up usually, but once he fights, his internal energy flowed through his fingertips and his fingernails will spring out like swords. Under the light, the ten fingernails reflected darkly, obviously they contain deadly poison. If Xiao Yu’er was scratched even lightly, he’ll be beyond saving.

    With his one leap, there were actually three different subsequent moves hidden in it, the change in each move unexpected, the strokes weird and vicious, truly unparalleled in the world. Su Ying can’t help but scream in alarm. Xiao Yu’er’s body dropped to the ground and rolled over twenty feet away, this type of retaliation is not those of orthodox martial arts, but is something that Xiao Yu’er invented at that moment.

    Who would have expected that Wei Wu Ya would twist his body and he landed back on the wheelchair. Just as Xiao Yu’er was about to leap over, the wheelchair suddenly started making circles around him.

    In that instant, Xiao Yu’er only felt that Wei Wu Ya is surrounding him on his left, right, front and back, and is actually even more formidable than the famed ‘Eight Diagrams Moving Body Palm’.

    But no matter how fast a person can walk, he will never be faster than the turning of wheels. Xiao Yu’er felt giddy and almost wanted to fall even before Wei Wu Ya struck. Xiao Yu’er suddenly called out and flew straight up. This move is actually the most powerful move of Kun Lun Sect, ‘Eight Formations of the Flying Dragon’. In the whole world, only ‘Eight Formations of the Flying Dragon’ can break Wei Wu Ya’s such moves. Besides this, even if it was the abbot or leader of Shao Lin and Wu Dang, Wei Wu Ya will still trap them.

    Who would have expected that just as he leapt up, Wei Wu Ya jumped towards him again, ten shiny and black fingernails aiming towards his throat. This person actually seemed to have become Xiao Yu’er’s shadow, and Xiao Yu’er did not even have enough time to change his move and had to execute Shao Lin’s ‘Thousand Kilo Drop’ in haste.

    It’s also not an easy task for the body to suddenly drop down while it is still leaping up into the air. But Xiao Yu’er indeed dropped down at this moment.

    Who would have expected that just as he dropped down, ‘swish, swish, swish’, the sound of something darting through the air, three rays of dark light shot towards him from three different directions.

    It turns out that although Wei Wu Ya’s body has flown up, but that wheelchair is still turning, and this three rays of dark light was actually shot from the chair. This move is truly beyond Xiao Yu’er’s expectations, if it was any other highly skilled martial artist from whichever sect, he will certainly die under this three dark boned arrows!

    His body suddenly turned and twisted, and all the bones in his body seemed to have suddenly separated, and the three dark rays of light slicked past his clothes right at that instant.

    Wei Wu Ya truly has numerous weird moves, making it difficult to fight him, and even his wheelchair will shoot out secret weapons once in a while, taking one by surprise.

    Wei Wu Ya will suddenly join with the wheelchair as one, will suddenly split and attack separately, in less than thirty moves, Xiao Yu’er already felt as if he can’t take anymore of this.

    Xiao Yu’er seemed to have taken a wrong step, and suddenly shot out two palm attacks lightly. These two palm attacks does not look as if it’s anything special, but without knowing why, Wei Wu Ya almost could not avoid it, and he cannot imagine where Xiao Yu’er learned this move from.

    What is even more unexpected is that Xiao Yu’er’s move suddenly changed again, each move seems soft and light, as if there’s no strength in it at all. But every move is aimed towards loopholes that Wei Wu Ya himself did not think of, and it seems that although there’s no variety in the moves at all, but the changes in the moves are endless.

    End of Chapter 104

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 105

    Su Ying was almost crazed with anxiety, but now she beamed. It turns out that when Xiao Yu’er was in the most danger, he suddenly realized that the two Floral Princesses were exchanging moves in the distance as well. The moves they used, one attacking and the other defending, every move executed very slowly, as if they’re afraid that others will not be able to take a good look.

    No matter how stupid Xiao Yu’er is, he will know that they are teaching him martial arts. At this point in time, there’s no way he can reject even if he wanted to.

    He just off handedly executed one of Princess Yao Yue’s move and it is indeed enough to startle Wei Wu Ya, and when Wei Wu Ya attacked, he used the moves executed by Princess Lian Xing to save himself. Without knowing why, after about ten over moves, Xiao Yu’er easily gained the upper hand.

    By the time Wei Wu Ya noticed them, he is almost breathless from fighting with Xiao Yu’er. He cannot imagine why his own moves which are so strange, can be countered by such casual moves. But he did not know that these few moves from the Floral Palace, is not casual, but simplified. They have taken the essence of all the most complicated moves, and merged all the moves into a single one. After thirty over moves, Wei Wu Ya is beginning to weaken, running out of moves.

    Who would have expected that right at this time, there was a sudden sound. This sound seems to have come from outside the cave, but the echo shook the whole cave. Xiao Yu’er was initially startled, which turned into joy. Wei Wu Ya’s wheelchair has slid thirty feet away.

    By now the sound kept coming in from the outside, and Princess Lian Xing’s eyes can’t help but reveal surprise and joy.

    Wei Wu Ya said, “There’s neither food nor water here. No matter how capable you are, you can only survive for another ten days at the most. By the time those people outside comes in, I’m afraid you’ll be only a heap of bones.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly roared, “Since that is the cause, then we have no choice but to kill you?”

    Wei Wu Ya replied, “That’s right, kill me, and you can avoid embarrassing yourselves in front of me, but… isn’t it a pity for you to kill me now. Why don’t you follow me and see a few things first.”

    Xiao Yu’er took a glance at the Floral Princesses and said, “Fine, I will follow you, anyway I’m not afraid of you tricking me.”

    Wei Wu Ya said, “In front of the Floral Princesses and the world’s smartest person, what other tricks do I have?” He wheeled his wheelchair down the underground passageway. The Floral Princesses followed behind him like shadows.

    Wei Wu Ya went through a very narrow stone door. Could this stone door be the secret exit?

    Xiao Yu’er hurried over but once he went in, he can’t help but feel disappointed. Behind the stone door it’s actually a six-sided stone room, with no other doors in it. The light in this stone room is especially dim, Xiao Yu’er seem to be able to see a stone coffin in front of him, and many stone statues in the distance. Xiao Yu’er can’t help but ask, “What are all these stone statues?”

    Wei Wu Ya giggled, “All these are my masterpieces, I’ll go light the lamps so that you can see better.” His laughter carried an indescribable feeling, once Xiao Yu’er heard this laughter, he knows that there must be something strange about these stone statues.

    By now Wei Wu Ya has reached the stone wall and took out a flint, and lighted the ten over copper lamps placed in the niches on the walls.

    By the time he lighted the fourth lamp, Xiao Yu’er was stunned.

    All these stone statues were carved in the semblance of the Floral Princesses and Wei Wu Ya, and were almost the same size as the real person, separated into groups, the poses in each group different.

    The first group looked as if the Floral Princesses were kneeling on the floor, tugging at the corners of Wei Wu Ya’s clothes, begging him.

    The second group of statues looked as if Wei Wu Ya was flogging them with a whip, the expression of pain on the Floral Princesses’ face so detailed and lifelike.

    The third group of statues look as if the Floral Princesses were flat on the ground, with Wei Wu Ya stepping on their chests, his hand holding a wine cup and drinking.

    The later versions of the statues are not fit to be seen, but each statue was so life like and detailed.

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but sigh, “I did not expect this madman to be such a genius.”

    The Floral Princesses were so furious that their bodies were shaking. Now they suddenly dashed forward and carried up a statue, throwing it into pieces.

    All these solid stone statues, once in the hands of the Floral Princesses, became like paper. Several painstakingly crafted words became a pile of shattered stones in a blink.

    Wei Wu Ya quietly witnessed the scene, not moving at all. Princess Lian Xing finally jumped in front of him and said furiously, “You beast, do you still think I will let you off this time?”

    As she shouted, she has already grabbed Wei Wu Ya’s collar and pulled him up from the wheelchair, throwing him heavily towards the stone wall.

    There was a cracking sound and Wei Wu Ya actually shattered into pieces, but a person is made of blood and flesh, so how can he be ‘shattered’?

    Princess Lian Xing was stunned, and realized that this ‘Wei Wu Ya’ is carved from stone as well, just that it’s wearing clothes.

    No one knows when the real Wei Wu Ya had slipped away.

    The only door in this stone room has been sealed, on four sides there are still walls, which are the walls of the mountain as well. The Floral Princesses threw such heavy statues at it but the walls did not even vibrate at all, so obviously it is extremely solid.

    Su Ying was silent for a moment and said, “Since he has already trapped us, why did he want to lure us here then?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled bitterly, “There are too many reasons. Firstly, by keeping us here, he can move around freely, or even eat and drink. By the time we starve to death, he’ll be able to leave. This plan he used, is called ‘Fighting to stay alive in the face of death’, a plan within a plan, the main purpose is to lure us here. All those words and things that was said and done outside, is all an act.”

    Su Ying lowered her head and quietly sighed. Xiao Yu’er continued with a bitter smile, “Now we’re like a bunch of monkeys trapped in a cage, and can only perform tricks for him to see.”

    Su Ying can’t think of what to say anymore, and after a while, Xiao Yu’er smiled and mumbled, “Even I cannot imagine what I would look like before I died, this would be quite interesting. I may very well eat you up, are you afraid?”

    Su Ying said gently, “Then the two of us will forever be as one, why should I be afraid?”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her face for a long, long time before he sighed, “A pity that you’re a little too smart, or else I may really like you.”

    Su Ying blushed and chewed on her lips, “I heard that once women gives birth, they become a little more stupid.”

    If it was any other time, Xiao Yu’er would certainly roar with laughter on hearing such words, but now he felt a wave of sweet tenderness floating in his heart, and with it an indescribable pain as well. He does not know what this feeling is, but only knows that he has never experienced such a feeling in his whole life.

    Without knowing how much time has passed, Xiao Yu’er suddenly stood up and walked towards that jade green stone coffin and lifted the lid of the coffin, placing it in front of the coffin. He then piled the shattered stones on both sides of the coffin.

    The Floral Princesses have no idea what he is doing, and the more the look, the more perplexed they are. Although they feel like asking him, but they hoped that Su Ying would ask him instead. However Su Ying’s eyes were filled with love and tenderness, looking at Xiao Yu’er with a smile, not speaking at all, as if she understands his intentions.

    Xiao Yu’er grinned and said, “Eat, drink, poop, pee and sleep, are the five things that a human must do. Although we don’t have anything to eat and drink now, but what we ate previously would still have to come out. Since we can’t make them stay in the stomach, or poop in our pants, so we can only use this method.”

    The Floral Princesses were so angry their faces reddened, but they were at a loss for words. Xiao Yu’er has piled the shattered stones on two sides of the coffin into a wall, and with the lid of the coffin, it really looks like a latrine. He clapped his hands and laughed, “I have always respected the elders, if the two of you would like to use it, please go ahead first.” The Floral Princesses blushed and stamped their foot, turning their bodies around.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at Su Ying and smiled, “What about you?”

    Su Ying blushed as well, “I… I don’t… don’t feel like it now.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Since that is the case, I shall help myself.” As he spoke, he had already wriggled in and after a while, walked out languidly, sighing and mumbling along the way, “Relief, relief, I’m afraid there’s not many things in the world as relieving as this.”

    He walked back and sat down, closing his eyes, as if he’s falling asleep. Su Ying finally could not take it and climbed up quietly, walking towards that side. Who would have expected that she had only started moving, Xiao Yu’er’s left eye suddenly opened and he said with a grin, “You feel like it now?”

    Su Ying blushed and pouted, “You’re really a little bad egg.”

    Without knowing how much time has passed again, Princess Lian Xing’s face slowly became red and swollen, and after a short moment, her legs seem to be shaking a little. The sound of Xiao Yu’er’s breathing was low and steady, as if he is asleep. Princess Lian Xing suddenly floated over like the wind. Even when she was fighting with the most formidable opponent, her speed was not that fast. Who would have expected Xiao Yu’er to suddenly guffaw and said, “I’m afraid now you won’t say that I’m rude, but will thank me instead.”

    By the time Xiao Yu’er stopped laughing, the Floral Princesses have also sat on the floor finally. Only two, three days has passed, but to all of them, it felt as if ten years have gone by. Right at this time, a hole the size of a ricebowl opened up on the ceiling, and something dropped down onto the floor from the hole. It’s actually a pomelo.

    Su Ying looked at this pomelo, her eyes wide. She never imagined that a pomelo can actually affect her so much, and taking a look at the Floral Princesses’ eyes, they have also changed because of a pomelo. Princess Lian Xing stared at this pomelo, already standing up slowly.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “I did not imagine the haughty Floral Princess, would actually want to pick and eat something someone threw onto the floor, interesting, interesting.” Princess Lian Xing’s body suddenly stiffened, but her fingertips are shaking. However, her eyes are still staring at that pomelo unwaveringly.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “But if I were to pick up food that others have thrown onto the floor and eat it up, no one would laugh at me, because my skin is almost as thick as a wall.” As he spoke, he has already jumped up and took that pomelo.

    Xiao Yu’er split the pomelo into halves, and the refreshingly fragrant juice spurted onto his face. He stuck his tongue out to lick and mumbled, “So sweet, so fragrant, it seems that having a thick skin is not such a bad thing after all.” He suddenly turned around and smiled at Su Ying, adding, “But your skin has never been thin, so I should share this pomelo with you, right?”

    Su Ying can’t help but beam, and say gently, “Sometimes I really wonder, someone has the mouth of a rogue, but still has a kind heart.”

    Xiao Yu’er took a sniff at the remaining half of the pomelo and suddenly stood up to walk towards the Floral Princesses. He offered them the half pomelo with a grin and said, “This half is yours. I know you will surely not eat anything that others throw away, but this half a pomelo is given by me respectfully, you can rest assured and eat it.” The Floral Princesses looked at each other, stunned.

    After a moment, Princess Lian Xing can’t help but ask, “You… why are you doing this?”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “When a person is about to die but yet can maintain his own status and refuse to embarrass himself, even I would admire such a person.”

    Xiao Yu’er walked over with a grin, no smug look on his face at all, nor any sadness. He looked as if he’d just eaten a hundred pomelos and gave the half that he could not finish to others.

    Su Ying split her half of the pomelo into two and said gently, “Since you have given me this half of the pomelo, it’s mine, and naturally I want to share half with you.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I don’t want it. Because your half is bigger than mine, I want your half.”

    Su Ying chuckled, “If I have a child like you, he’ll be the death of me.”

    End of Chapter 105

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 106

    The forever high and mighty Floral Princesses, finally became as common as others. Only now did Xiao Yu’er feel that they are humans, and have the various needs of a human, and the various feelings of a human, and even tears. Would they reveal the secret now?

    Su Ying rubbed her eyes and said quietly, “Do we really not even have one shred of hope now?”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, and also lowered his voice, “If we can hold our temper and quietly wait for death, there may still be hope.”

    Su Ying asked, “Since we’re quietly waiting for death, what hope would there be?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Wei Wu Ya wants us to die slowly, because he wants us to be in pain, to go mad, or even kill one another, because only then will he gain satisfaction. But now we’re all very calm, if we were to just die quietly, he will certainly be unable to tolerate it, he will certainly make other moves, then that will be our chance.”

    Su Ying blinked, and said, “So we must now think of a plan to force him.”

    The Floral Princesses could not hear what they were saying, but after a while, Xiao Yu’er suddenly stood up and respectfully bowed to the two sisters, and said with a long sigh, “That I, Jiang Xiao Yu, is able to die and be buried together with the Floral Princesses, it’s considered fate as well. Now that we’re all about to die anyway, any enmity in the past shall be erased from now on. Why do you insist that Hua Wu Que kill me, what secret could there be, I do not wish to ask further.” The Floral Princesses had no idea why he would suddenly say such words, and can only stare at him with wide eyes, waiting for him to continue talking.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Since Hua Wu Que is not here now, and there doesn’t seem to be any hope of us escaping this place, I only beg that you let me have a quick death. I am not afraid to die, but I really cannot withstand the wait for death.” The expression on the Floral Princesses’ face became more somber suddenly.

    As he spoke, he secretly winked at the Floral Princesses. Princess Yao Yue was shocked, but Princess Lian Xing is already tugging at her sleeve quietly and said, “Fine, you’ll die then.”

    Su Ying suddenly said, “I have two poison pills with me here, it’s what Wei Wu Ya prepared for his disciples.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I know how potent this kind of poison is, just one will be enough.”

    Su Ying smiled sadly, “If you’re dead, I won’t be able to stay alive for even a moment longer, don’t you know that?”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment and said, “Fine, we shall die together then, at least it won’t be lonely on the road to hell.”

    Suddenly someone laughed loudly, “You can’t die, can’t die. You’re young and in love, if you live a day longer, you’ll have joy for a day longer, isn’t it a pity if you were to die now?”

    Xiao Yu’er and Su Ying exchanged looks, and secretly thought, “He really is getting impatient.”

    Wei Wu Ya continued, “If you’re feeling troubled, a few drinks will make you feel better, haha… take this as a gift from me.” As he spoke, a wine bottle dropped down from the small hole at the top. Xiao Yu’er had just caught it, when another bottle dropped again. In a short moment, Xiao Yu’er was already cradling twelve wine bottles in his arms, and each bottle quite large as well.

    Xiao Yu’er put the wine in front of the Floral Princesses and said, “It’s still the same rules, each gets half. If you really do not take alcohol, then all the more you should have a few drinks now. A person would really have lived in vain if he has never tasted wine in his whole life.” In an instant, he has already drunk half a bottle of wine.

    If this is a very spicy drink, the Floral sisters may be able to resist drinking it, but this wine is top quality Bamboo Green, with a light and refreshing fragrance, making one feel comfortable upon smelling it. The light green color of the wine is pleasing to the eyes, and if anyone can really resist drinking it, that would be a really strange thing.

    Princess Lian Xing took a glance at Princess Yao Yue and finally can’t stand it and opened a wine bottle, taking a small sip. It might have been better if she had not drank it, but once she swallowed it, she felt warmth seeping into her diaphragm and can’t help but shiver in response. Later, all the blood in her body warmed and her eyes gleamed. It might have been better if she had not drank it, but once she swallowed it, how can she resist taking another sip?

    Xiao Yu’er tapped hard on the wine bottle and sang loudly, “Have you ever seen, the Yellow River’s water flowing from Heaven, straight into the sea, never to return. Have you ever seen…” This is Li Bai’s famous song ‘Bring the wine’, and although the Floral Princesses have read it before, but they’ve always felt that it’s nonsense sprouted by a drunkard.

    But now that Princess Lian Xing has drank a few mouthfuls of wine, after hearing just two verses, felt that this song is really imposing, a rarity.

    By the time the song was finished, Princess Lian Xing unconsciously felt hot blood rising, warm tears in her eyes, and had already unknowingly drank a whole bottle of wine, her mouth mumbling, “My great horse, worth a thousand, come bring him out to exchange for fine wine, and we’ll drink our worries away… come, Jiang Xiao Yu, I offer you a toast, and let us drink our worries away.”

    Su Ying looked at the scene in a daze, she cannot imagine that Princess Lian Xing would actually drink a whole bottle of wine, or even imagine that she would become like this. This is really not like Princess Lian Xing at all, it’s like she has changed into another person.

    Although Princess Yao Yue took two sips as well, but on seeing that she has drank half of the second bottle of wine, she can’t help but furrow her brows and snatched the bottle away, saying, “You’re already drunk, put the bottle down.”

    Princess Lian Xing suddenly exclaimed, “I don’t want you to interfere, I want to drink! You have been controlling my whole life, now that I’m going to die, you still want to control me?”

    Princess Yao Yue was startled and furious, but when she heard the last sentence, she can’t help but heave a long sigh and took another sip as well and said quietly, “That’s right, I am near death myself as well, so why should I bother about you.”

    Princess Lian Xing turned towards Xiao Yu’er again and smiled, “Come, let me offer you another toast, you’re really a very cute child.”

    Xiao Yu’er does not seem to take it to mind at all, and said casually, “Since that is the case, why do you still want to kill me?”

    Princess Yao Yue’s expression suddenly changed, but Princess Lian Xing only grinned and said, “This secret, once you’re dead, I will certainly tell you.” At a time like this, she can still control herself from revealing the secret.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “It’s a deal then, but… what if you die before me?”

    Princess Lian Xing said, “Then you can die with me, I will certainly tell you on the way to hell.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “To be able to die with you, I can consider that I have not lived in vain. Do you think only Wei Wu Ya is crazy about you? Such a cute person like you, I… I really…” He could not speak further, but only stared at her face.

    Princess Lian Xing’s eyes wavered, and suddenly pointed at Su Ying and asked, “Am I cuter than her?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “How can she be compared to you, if you’re willing to marry me, I’ll marry you right now.”

    Their conversation became more and more outrageous, treating everyone else around them as being dead, as if they did not see Su Ying’s face turning pale or Princess Yao Yue shaking in anger.

    Princess Lian Xing smiled as she collapsed into Xiao Yu’er’s arms and smiled coquettishly, “I have never been so happy in my life, I…” Without waiting for her to finish her words, Princess Yao Yue had already flown over.

    Suddenly she heard Xiao Yu’er say quietly, “Do you want to get out of here alive, or kill Wei Wu Ya to vent your anger!” Princess Yao Yue was stunned, and Xiao Yu’er lowered his voice further, “If you want to, then do as I say and extinguish all the lamps here.”

    Wei Wu Ya was really peeping all this time outside. When he saw Princess Lian Xing throwing herself into Xiao Yu’er’s arms, his eyeballs almost popped out, and his body shaking with excitement, his palms sweating. Who would have expected that right at this time, the lights suddenly went off.

    The room suddenly became so dark that one cannot even see one’s extended fingers, nothing can be seen at all. Wei Wu Ya was so anxious he jumped up.

    Various sounds were heard in the darkness, firstly the coquettish laugh of Princess Lian Xing, the furious roar of Princess Yao Yue, followed by a series of the sound of the wind generated by palm attacks. But now in the darkness, not a sound can be heard. This silence is even more alluring, more exciting than noise. Wei Wu Ya was almost crazed with impatience. He painstakingly arranged all these, so that he can witness this scene. For this matter, he has spent a lot of effort, even sacrificing everything.

    But now he cannot see anything at all. He pushed his wheelchair like a crazed man, took a lamp, thinking of shining the light down the small hole, but once the light moved to the hole, it was extinguished as well.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed as he panted, “I won’t allow you to peek.”

    Wei Wu Ya felt as if a fire is burning in his heart, or countless worms crawling about, and finally gritted his teeth and grinned evilly, “You don’t want me to see it, then I want to see it even if I have to die.”

    He deduced that Princess Yao Yue must have been defeated by this time, and Princess Lian Xing and Xiao Yu’er would not have the time to deal with others now. Of course he need not consider Su Ying at all.

    He waited for more than ten years for this day, so how can he miss such an opportunity. So he took another lamp and opened the knob on the door. The heavy stone door, slid open silently.

    Wei Wu Ya was breathless from excitement, his hands were shaking, and so did the lamp. He pushed his wheelchair with all his might, and rolled over quietly. Who would have expected that right at this time, a sudden mad laughter roared out in the darkness.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed madly and said, “Wei Wu Ya, you’ve finally been tricked once by me!”

    In his shock, Wei Wu Ya’s heart sank. Where the light shone, he suddenly realized that Xiao Yu’er is not doing anything at all, and standing upright in front of him. He thought to retreat, but Princess Yao Yue had already blocked that door.

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “You lost to the world’s smartest person, would you feel bad? If someone were to write my biography or set up a monument for me, you will certainly be mentioned, then your name will go down in history too.”

    Wei Wu Ya felt bitterness in his mouth and he exclaimed, “You… what do you want now!”

    Xiao Yu’er’s expression turned serious and he said with an icy smile, “Do you still want us to believe that all the exits in here have been sealed?” As he spoke, he walked towards Wei Wu Ya step by step, and taking a look at Princess Yao Yue, whose eyes are staring daggers and emanating a vicious air.

    “You just want me to bring you out? That’s very easy.” Wei Wu Ya beamed, “I am moving towards the exit now, can’t you see?”

    Xiao Yu’er asked in bewilderment, “You’re now…” He suddenly stopped talking, as if he has suddenly seen a ghost, the expression on his face filled with shock, his throat stuck, unable to talk at all. Xiao Yu’er pointed at Wei Wu Ya, his finger shaking.

    Princess Yao Yue was standing behind Wei Wu Ya, and could not see his face.

    Xiao Yu’er stammered, “You… you come over…. over here and see him.” Princess Yao Yue hurriedly flew to the front of Wei Wu Ya, and was stunned as well.

    The lamp, was still in Wei Wu Ya’s hand, the flame swaying. In the swaying light, Wei Wu Ya’s face has turned a deadly black, his eyes and mouth shut tightly, fresh blood flowing out from the corner of his eyes and mouth.

    Princess Yao Yue can’t help but take half a step back and said in shock, “He actually committed suicide.” Wei Wu Ya’s twisted mouth, seem to carry with it a hint of cruel smile. Princess Yao Yue stood there, stunned.

    Su Ying’s face paled, and she walked to the front of Wei Wu Ya and bowed a few times respectfully, a few drops of tears flowing down her face. Is she feeling sad for Wei Wu Ya? Or is she feeling sad for herself?

    Suddenly Xiao Yu’er exclaimed in alarm, “Oh no.” As he exclaimed, he has dashed towards that stone door.

    Princess Yao Yue and Su Ying exchanged looks, not knowing what has happened to him again. But now everyone has regarded Xiao Yu’er as the leader and now that Xiao Yu’er has cried out in alarm, the expressions on their faces also changed unconsciously.

    By now Princess Lian Xing’s breathing was deep and steady, as if she is asleep. It turns out that during the darkness earlier, Princess Yao Yue had sealed her sleeping acupoint. And right now Princess Yao Yue carried Princess Lian Xing and followed Xiao Yu’er out.

    They came out of the passageway, and that large cave is still quiet, nothing has changed, even the lamps on the four sides are still burning. But Xiao Yu’er stood there, his face totally pale.

    Xiao Yu’er asked seriously, “Can you hear anything?”

    Su Ying replied, “I don’t hear anything?” The surroundings are as quiet as a tomb!

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh, “Precisely because you cannot hear anything, that is the frightening part.” Before he finished his words, Su Ying’s expression has changed.

    If Hua Wu Que was outside digging a tunnel, there will certainly be sounds of stones being chipped or knocked, but now there’s no sound at all, obviously he has stopped. They have lost even their last hope.

    Su Ying sat down at the side, hugging her head, as if she’s thinking very hard. Xiao Yu’er stood opposite her, looking at her quietly.

    Xiao Yu’er stared dazedly for a moment before walking over and patting her on the shoulder, asking, “What are you thinking about?” Su Ying lifted her head and smiled, her eyes like the stars in a foggy night, so far, so hazy, so beautiful that makes it difficult for one to grasp.

    She lightly hugged Xiao Yu’er’s leg and said, “I was thinking, Wei Wu Ya must have left for himself a last exit, this is unquestionable, but why can’t we find it?” She chewed on her lips and continued slowly, “I have checked the four sides very thoroughly, all the exits have indeed been sealed, and if there’s a secret door on the wall of the mountain, we will certainly be able to tell.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly smiled, “I already know where this last exit is.”

    As soon as the words were spoken, Su Ying and Princess Yao Yue can’t help but jump up, and Princess Yao Yue has already flown towards Xiao Yu’er like the wind and asked, “Where?”

    Xiao Yu’er lifted his finger and pointed, “There’s a protruding stone in that corner there, and under the stone there’s a larger air hole, you should be able to see it.”

    Princess Yao Yue said, “That air hole may be a little bigger than the others, but the diameter is less than a foot, how can a person wriggle through it?”

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh, “We only know that Wei Wu Ya will certainly leave a way out for himself, but we forgot one thing.”

    Su Ying’s expression changed immediately, “That’s right, we have really forgotten the most important thing.”

    Xiao Yu’er said each word slowly, “We all forgot that Wei Wu Ya is a dwarf with a twisted body. We may be unable to leave from that air hole, but he can wriggle his way out. Although he did leave a way out, we can only stare at it.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s body shook, and she almost could not stand steadily. Now that all their hopes are dashed, besides death, there really is no other way out.

    End of Chapter 106

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 107

    Now she finally understood that Wei Wu Ya’s plan is really well thought out, really seamless. The most extraordinary part about this plan is that although he did leave a way out, but others are unable to use it. Although he did leave food, others can forget about eating it. It’s a cage full of disgusting live rats.

    Princess Yao Yue felt her legs go weak, unable to support any longer, and finally poured a drink and swallowed it in one gulp.

    Xiao Yu’er carried up a bottle as well and walked out, dragging Su Ying with him. Although Su Ying’s heart is filled with sadness and doom, but it’s also filled with gentle sweetness.

    Who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er had just taken two steps, when he exclaimed hoarsely, “Oh no! We still had hope earlier, so everyone were on the same boat, thinking of escape, naturally we would work together. But now all hope is lost, she will not let me off.” Just as he finished his words, a shadow moved in front and Princess Yao Yue is already in front of them. Xiao Yu’er smiled bitterly and looked at Su Ying, mumbling “Isn’t my guess correct…. sometimes I really hope that I can guess a few things wrong occasionally.”

    Princess Yao Yue said icily, “Have you finished your conversation? I will give you a little more time, talk faster.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed loudly, “Fine, sooner or later we will need to fight to the death, but since you said that you will let us talk a little more, then you must not be like Wei Wu Ya and eavesdrop at the side.”

    He dragged Su Ying to the corner and mumbled a few sentences, and as he spoke, Su Ying nodded her head, until in the end Xiao Yu’er could be heard saying, “Do you understand?”

    Su Ying replied quietly, “I understand, but you… you must be careful too.”

    Princess Yao Yue smiled coldly, “It’s no use no matter how careful he is, come over.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “You want to kill me, why don’t you come over yourself?” Princess Yao Yue was so furious that the color on her face changed, but who would have expected that as soon as Xiao Yu’er finished his words, he flew up and executed three lightning fast palm attacks.

    These three palm attacks are swift, fierce and strong, and few in the martial arts realm will be able to escape from this three ‘killer moves’. But in Princess Yao Yue’s eyes, it’s like child’s play. She did not seemed to have moved at all, but Xiao Yu’er’s palm attacks did not even get anywhere near to her clothes.

    Su Ying took only one look and knew that Xiao Yu’er is certainly not Princess Yao Yue’s match. It seems that she can’t bear to watch any further and walked out with her head lowered. The more he fought, the more energetic he became, and there was no sense of fear at all. Every move of his is filled with strength, obviously he has used a hundred percent of his energy in it. But no matter how formidable his moves are, Princess Yao Yue need only to lightly wave her hands to deflect his attacks into nothingness.

    Strange moves were executed, but until now, she has neither used the moves of ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, nor executed any deadly moves.

    Xiao Yu’er blinked, and suddenly smiled, “Are you actually trying to kill me? Or are you having fun with me?” Without waiting for Princess Yao Yue to reply, he continued with a laugh, “Are you waiting to find out how I executed my strength before you kill me?”

    Princess Yao Yue’s expression changed slightly and she asked with a furrowed brow, “Why would I want to find out how you execute your strength?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Because if you cannot figure out the direction my strength is coming from, then you cannot execute ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, right?” His mouth kept on talking, his hands kept on attacking, but his eyes kept staring at Princess Yao Yue, never leaving.

    The expression on Princess Yao Yue’s face really changed again, but she said frostily, “When I want to use Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, I will use it, there’s no need for you to be anxious.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “You need not lie to me, I have seen through you! The secret to Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, do you need me to explain it to you?”

    Princess Yao Yue said icily, “You are not even fit to utter the four words ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Why am I not fit? What’s so great about Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, it’s just a martial arts move that uses the opponent’s strength, not much different from Wu Dang’s ‘Moving a thousand pounds with four ounces of force’, Shao Lin’s ‘Eighteen Falls’, it’s just that you’re extremely fast in your moves and you can steal your opponent’s strength before he can fully execute it. That’s why in other’s eyes, it became extremely inexplicable, and in addition you deliberately made it look more mysterious than it is, making a very simple thing into a very complicated, very mystifying matter, so others will think that this martial arts is formidable.”

    He kept on talking, and only took a breather now. Princess Yao Yue’s expression revealed shock and asked fiercely, “What else do you know!”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Although I do not know how you manage to deflect the energy in your opponent’s veins, but this is not important, because I already know the most important thing in your martial arts, which is to first figure out from where and which direction your opponent’s energy is from!”

    Princess Yao Yue exclaimed, “Humph.”

    Xiao Yu’er added, “Because the energy from most people is from the few acupoints around the pelvic area, so you need not spend much effort to figure out where their energy came from, but me…”

    He continued with a chuckle, “The martial arts I learnt is different from everyone else, and I have at least seventy, eighty masters, even you are one of them. Precisely because the martial arts I learnt are too mixed, so my internal energy is not that great. It’s my biggest disadvantage, but when fighting with you, this has helped me a lot instead.”

    Princess Yao Yue said, “Did you think…” She only spoke three words, and stopped.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “Because my internal strength is not that great, and there’s no sequence in the way I fight, so you cannot figure out where my internal energy is coming from in short notice, so you cannot even execute Shifting Flower Grafting Jade at all.”

    Amidst Princess Yao Yue’s icy laughter, her slender fingers have already sealed the point between Xiao Yu’er’s ‘Qu Ze’ and ‘Tian Quan’ acupoints, the movements of her hands as if she’s plucking a flower.

    These two acupoints belongs to the hand’s ‘yin’ veins, and the two moves that Xiao Yu’er is executing now, the energy is coming right from this place, obviously she has figured out where Xiao Yu’er’s internal energy is flowing from.

    Who would have expected Xiao Yu’er to turn, and turn three feet away, and nothing happened to him at all. ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, which has never missed a target, became useless when used on Xiao Yu’er.

    Now Princess Yao Yue is truly surprised. Since she has pinpointed that Xiao Yu’er’s energy came from the hand’s ‘yin’ veins, then she can never be wrong.

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “You didn’t expect that right, let me tell you, you thought that I used a lot of strength in that two moves of mine, but I did not use any strength at all. You wanted to use my energy to attack me, but there was no energy at all. This is my way of dealing with Shifting Flower Grafting Jade, do you think this is a good idea?”

    Princess Yao Yue’s expression changed, and she smiled coldly, “Very well, trust you to think of such a stupid idea. If you do not use any strength in your attacks, you’re already at a losing end, when two people fight, and you cannot win, isn’t that stupid?”

    Xiao Yu’er nodded his head and grinned, “That’s right, I think this is really a stupid idea as well, but to deal with a person like you, sometimes the more stupid the idea, the better it works. Besides, you are the one who wants to kill me, I have no wish to kill you at all. As long as I can stop you from hurting me, I am satisfied.”

    Princess Yao Yue exclaimed angrily, “Can’t I kill you if I do not use Shifting Flower Grafting Jade then?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I do want to see what other capabilities you have that can kill me!”

    Before he could finish his words, he could feel a wave of energy coming towards him, and Princess Yao Yue’s hands seem to have become seven, eight pairs of hands. Xiao Yu’er only felt that there seem to be Princess Yao Yue’s palms all around him, and could not tell which is real and which is fake, and all the more does not know how to dodge or defend.

    He really cannot imagine that a person’s movement can be so swift. Although he forcibly avoided a few attacks, but he does not know whether he will still be able to avoid Princess Yao Yue’s next attack.

    All she need now is a fatal strike! Suddenly Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Wait, I have some last words to say.”

    Princess Yao Yue totally ignored him, and attacked with lightning speed, but after one move, she suddenly stopped, just that her palm is still inches away from Xiao Yu’er, and her eyes never leaving Xiao Yu’er’s face, and she said coldly, “At a time like this, what other tricks are you trying to play?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “You should know by now, no matter what, I will not be able to escape, or will there be anyone who will come and save me. I have no choice but to die at your hands. Then, at a time like this, you should tell me that secret.”

    His expression was full of anticipation and plea, and looked indescribably pitiful, no one would expect Xiao Yu’er would actually reveal such a pitiful expression. Princess Yao Yue looked at him, and did not speak for a long time.

    Princess Yao Yue suddenly said, “After you’re dead, I will certainly tell this secret to Su Ying.”

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed, “You… can’t say it to me?”

    Prinecss Yao Yue replied, “No!” This reply is as determined as the past reply, there is no room for negotiation at all.

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh, “You’re fiercer than a robber, and would not even agree to my last request before I die. If I were to ask for another thing, would you agree?”

    Princess Yao Yue hesitated for a moment, and finally said slowly, “That will depend on what you’re asking.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I want to pee, can I?”

    At a time like this, he can actually make such a request, and one wonders whether to cry or laugh. Princess Yao Yue’s pale face seems to be turning red with anger.

    Xiao Yu’er continued, “I drank too much wine earlier, and I can’t hold it in any longer. If you do not agree, I will have to do it right here.”

    Princess Yao Yue exclaimed furiously, “I will kill you right now!” Princess Yao Yue gritted her teeth and stared at him for a moment, and suddenly smiled coldly, “Fine, you can go, I don’t believe you still have any tricks left.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “This place is like a dead end, I can’t possibly know the ’72 changes’, and change into a fly and fly out!”

    He went back to the underground cave, and saw that Wei Wu Ya’s body is starting to shrivel, and it makes one want to puke upon seeing it.

    Xiao Yu’er blinked, “You’re not coming in? Aren’t you afraid I’ll escape?”

    Princess Yao Yue ignored him. There is only one exit in this cave, and naturally she knows that no matter how capable Xiao Yu’er is, there is no way he can escape.

    After a moment, the sound of water flowing was heard, and when in her life has Princess Yao Yue ever heard such a ‘scary’ sound. Her face unconsciously reddened, and can’t help but cover her ears. Luckily no one will be able to pee for too long a time, and she only has to tolerate for a moment.

    Who would have expected that after a long moment, the flowing sound is still ongoing. After another while, the sound can still be heard.

    The more Princess Yao Yue waited, the more impatient and perplexed she became. Princess Yao Yue can’t help but call out, “Jiang Xiao Yu, why aren’t you out yet?”

    There is only the sound of ‘flowing water’ inside, but no one replied.

    Although Princess Yao Yue obviously knew that there’s no way Xiao Yu’er can escape, but she can’t help but feel suspicious, and after calling out two more times without hearing a reply, she can’t help but thought quietly to herself, “Could this little imp really found another way out. He already knew the way out is here, that’s why he devised such a plot so that he can escape, but trap us in here!” Once she thought of this, her limbs turned cold, and without a thought for anything else, she dashed in.

    No, there is no change in here at all, there is still the sound of water flowing, it’s just that there’s a ‘wall’ blocking her line of view, and she can’t see if Xiao Yu’er is in there. Once Princess Yao Yue dashed in, she waved her hand and emitted a gush of energy.

    With a ‘crack’, the three walls made with the pile of stones and the coffin cover broke apart, and indeed not a shadow could be seen inside.

    There were only a few wine bottles bundled together with a cloth rope, hanging in midair from the hole at the top, and there’s a small hole at the bottom of the bottles. The wine in the bottles flowed into the coffin, the sound continuous.

    In her surprise, Princess Yao Yue suddenly saw a shadow dart out from the corner of her eyes. It turned out that Xiao Yu’er had been hiding behind that door, and when Princess Yao Yue’s turned her attention towards that side, he sneaked out. By the time Princess Yao Yue realized it, he is already outside the door.

    When Princess Yao Yue wanted to give chase, the stone door had already closed noiselessly, and even Xiao Yu’er’s loud laughter was totally cut off. Only now was Princess Yao Yue totally shocked still.

    No matter what she had faced in her whole life, she has never exclaimed in alarm, or begged anyone else, but now she can’t help but shout out, “Jiang Xiao Yu, open the door, let me out.”

    After a while, Xiao Yu’er’s voice drifted in from the air hole at the top, and he chuckled, “Let you out, would I let you out to kill me?”

    Princess Yao Yue bit her lips and said, “I… I promise not to kill you.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied loudly, “Even if you do not kill me, I will not let you out, because even if you do not kill me, but I want to kill you. Don’t you forget the great enmity between us.” Princess Yao Yue’s heart pounded, there is nothing she can say further.

    End of Chapter 107

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 108

    Princess Yao Yue’s head almost lowered.

    Suddenly Xiao Yu’er said, “I really do not wish for you to die so horribly, as long as you promise me one thing, I’ll let you out immediately.”

    Princess Yao Yue asked without thought, “What is it?” Once she said these words, she knew what Xiao Yu’er wants her to do.

    Xiao Yu’er really said it, “As long as you tell me that secret, I will let you out immediately.”

    Princess Yao Yue sighed, “You…. You can forget about it….”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “You are willing to die together with Wei Wu Ya? If anyone were to come in here in future, and found the two of you dead in the same room, what will they think.” He added with a laugh, “They will certainly say that, although Princess Yao Yue looks cold and haughty, but she actually had a secret lover, and the two of them actually came to this place for a rendezvous, and…”

    He laughed and stopped, deliberately not continuing his sentence. Princess Yao Yue is already shaking.

    Xiao Yu’er added, “Why don’t you consider it, I will let you out when you say it. Anyway I won’t have long to live after hearing this secret.”

    Princess Yao Yue did not speak. At least she is not rejecting him now. Su Ying, who was next to Xiao Yu’er all this time, sighed and said, “At a time like this, why must you force her to reveal the secret? What good will it do you if she reveals it, it will only add to your troubles.”

    Xiao Yu’er did not answer her, but asked her instead, “You should know that, between me and Hua Wu Que, one must die in the other’s hands. If he does not kill me, I have to kill him. But I do not believe that there is really such a thing as fate in this world, I must think of a way to change it, so I can only force her to reveal this secret. If I know why she insists that we duel, then I will have a way to solve it.”

    Su Ying said quietly, “But… but isn’t your fate changed now! Now, you are unable to kill him, nor can he kill you, because you… you will die here.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Who said I will die here? I am born lucky, no matter what dangers I face, calamity will certain change into fortune when the time comes. I can bet with you, someone will certainly come and save me.”

    Su Ying was silent for a moment before replying, “Actually Hua Wu Que will certainly think of a way to save you, but now, who knows what trouble he might be in himself, or else he would never have stopped.”

    Xiao Yu’er clasped his palms and laughed, “That’s right, the people he is most likely to meet, will be Li Da Zui and the rest, because they have an appointment here, they will certainly come within these two days.”

    Su Ying asked, “Then, do you think they will think of a way to come in and save you?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled bitterly, “Of course not, now I know that they keep thinking that I will join forces with others to deal with them, so they wish that I would die faster. But they think that Wei Wu Ya kept some treasures, and they will not give up unless they come in. I guess that they will be here in less than a day.”

    Su Ying asked, “Do they have a way to come in?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “With their capabilities, they will be able to come in even if the walls here are made of copper or steel.”

    Su Ying finally smiled, “I hope that you won’t guess wrongly this time.” Before she could finish her words, sounds of clanging could be heard from outside.

    Xiao Yu’er clasped his palms and chuckled, “You should trust me by now.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s nervous disposition gradually calmed, and she was quietly adjusting the flow of her breathing, slowly going into meditation.

    Xiao Yu’er said, “It seems that I have to tell her now that Hua Wu Que will be coming in soon.”

    Su Ying’s eyes brightened, “That’s right, I will tell her first that Hua Wu Que is coming here, then tell her that if she refuses to disclose this secret, we will seal this place. I think even if she thinks this secret is important, it will never be as important as her own life.” Before the echoes of her voice have faded away, someone suddenly spoke behind them.

    Princess Lian Xing said each word clearly, “You’re wrong, she really thinks this secret is more important than her life.” Although the words were spoken slowly and calmly, but to Xiao Yu’er and Su Ying’s ears, it sounded like a sudden bout of thunder. In the dim light, Princess Lian Xing’s face was as pale as paper. Princess Lian Xing continued, “Maybe if I have never been drunk it will be better.”

    Her expression was still in a daze, as if she does not even know what she is talking about.

    Xiao Yu’er’s eyes rolled, and suddenly smiled, “It seems like you’re feeling terrible, actually, it’s nothing shameful about being drunk. Everyday there are a least a few hundred thousand people who are drunk in this world, why should you feel bad? Did you think you have done anything? You fell asleep immediately after you were drunk, and only uttered a few words, it’s like you were dreaming.”

    Princess Lian Xing slowly exhaled, and light slowly came back into her eyes, her pale face slowly gaining some color as well, and mumbled, “That’s right, I did have a dream, and it’s a very strange dream.”

    Su Ying looked at him, full of admiration in her eyes, like she is really proud of him. Every girl will wish that her lover is generous, warm and kind. Although Xiao Yu’er had done some unscrupulous things in order to stay alive, but he does have a warm and kind heart towards others.

    After a moment, Princess Lian Xing said slowly, “She can’t kill you now, let her off.” Her tone was very weird when she said this sentence, she was not being forceful in her request at all, but sounded more like an outsider trying to mediate.

    Xiao Yu’er took a look at her, and without saying a single word, dragged Su Ying towards where the switch for the trap is. Princess Lian Xing did not follow at all.

    They can’t help but to go down and have a look, but he did not expect Princess Yao Yue to really stay in the cave and not leave. Instead she sat down at the side of the wall. Princess Lian Xing stood far away, looking at her, lost in thought, the expression on her face a little startled, a little envious, and even a little jealous.

    The more Xiao Yu’er sees it the stranger he felt. Although Princess Lian Xing’s expression was strange, Princess Yao Yue’s expression was stranger. Her face was neither red nor pale, but looked transparent. Under the light, it seems that every vein and every bone in her muscles can be seen clearly. This extremely beautiful face, has now become indescribably strange and frightening.

    Su Ying exclaimed in alarm, “What is happening, could it be that she is… is already crazy?” Xiao Yu’er shook his head, and before he could speak, Princess Lian Xing had quietly retreated, standing there in a daze, not knowing what she could be thinking about. Su Ying and Xiao Yu’er were right in front of her, but she does not seem to have seen them.

    Xiao Yu’er went forward to make conversation, saying “For a person’s face to turn transparent, it’s really rare, is this one of the martial arts you learn as well?”

    He saw Princess Lian Xing’s expression and thought that she will never answer this question, but who would have expected that although Princess Lian Xing still did not take a look at him, but she replied slowly, “That’s right! The last stage of ‘Clear Jade Skill’ will cause this.”

    Xiao Yu’er probed further, “Then, this martial arts must be very formidable?”

    Princess Lian Xing replied, “There are altogether nine levels in this martial arts, and once one reaches level six, he can duel with the best martial arts exponent, if he reaches level eight, he will be invincible. Twenty years ago, we have already reached level eight. To master level eight of this martial arts, it would have needed at least thirty two years of hard work, but we only took twenty four years, and this speed of advance has already exceeded all those before us. We thought that we would need another four to five years to reach the last level.”

    Xiao Yu’er knows that she has already been lured into conversation, so he did not speak further, but just waited quietly for her to continue. After a while, Princess Lian Xing really continued with a sigh, “Who would have expected that these twenty years, there is no improvement in our martial arts at all, as if we can only reach this level, unable to move on to the next level.”

    Su Ying can’t help but ask, “But you… why can’t you reach it?”

    Princess Lian Xing stared at Xiao Yu’er and did not speak for a long time, as if considering if she should answer this question, and Xiao Yu’er waited patiently. After another long wait, Princess Lian Xing finally heaved another long sigh and said slowly, “It’s because twenty four years ago, we had no distractions when we were practicing martial arts, but the last twenty years, we are like any other normal humans, we had troubles and pain, and no longer can we be as devoted as before.”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment before mumbling, “Twenty years ago?…. twenty years ago….” He stopped his mumbling, Princess Lian Xing’s face slowly turned pale again, because she realized that Xiao Yu’er has guessed what is the troubles and pain that happened twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, isn’t that the first time they set eyes on Jiang Feng.

    Su Ying suddenly asked, “Now… could it be that Princess Yao Yue has reached the ninth level now?”

    Princess Lian Xing replied, “That’s right.” There was a trace of envy and jealousy in her eyes again, and she said calmly, “I really did not think that for twenty years she was unable to achieve it, but at a time like this, a place like this, I… I really am happy for her.”

    Xiao Yu’er chewed his lips, and laughed, “I’m afraid it’s because I have helped her.”

    Princess Lian Xing sighed, “I’m afraid that’s exactly the reason, because after you have trapped her there, it really removed any chance of survival. At a time like this, a person’s mind would have some unexpected change, maybe in that instant, she understood. Maybe she herself cannot imagine that she will have such an unexpected gain.”

    The sounds of the rocks being moved outside are still ongoing. Listening to those chipping sounds, Xiao Yu’er does not know how he feel. If Princess Yao Yue is really invincible, his days ahead would be even more difficult.

    Who would have expected that right at this time, the sounds suddenly stopped. Su Ying and Princess Lian Xing’s expression changed, and waited patiently for a long time, hoping that the sound would start again. But they were disappointed.

    After a day, there is still no movement outside at all, and this day feels even longer than a million years. This time, even Xiao Yu’er is unable to guess what can make the Ten Evils stop. Now there is no hope for them at all.

    End of Chapter 108

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 109

    Hua Wu Que did not find Tie Xin Lan at all. Tue Xin Lan seemed to have disappeared mysteriously.

    With Hua Wu Que’s lightness skill, no matter which direction Tie Xin Lan had gone, he will certainly be able to catch up, but he searched the whole of Turtle Hill and can’t find even her shadow. By the time he returned dejectedly, Wei Wu Ya’s cave has already been sealed.

    This change of event caused Hua Wu Que to be shocked and at a loss, he shouted madly but no one responded. Obviously the Floral Princesses and Xiao Yu’er have been sealed in the cave, or they would not have left without a word. Hua Wu Que only felt his limbs go numb, at a loss as to what to do.

    By the time he borrowed a shovel and an axe from a woodcutter in the hills, the sun is slowly setting, and the light from the setting sun shone on the ground, the dusk seems to be bloody red.

    He used all his strength and started to cut into the mountain. At the beginning, the rocks seem to be very weak beneath his shovel, but later it became harder and harder, as hard as steel.

    He knows that his strength is slowly weakening, but he cannot stop. He does not even know what has happened in the cave, and he is almost going crazy. By now night is falling, in the boundless twilight, a shadow suddenly appeared. She did not speak, but just stood there quietly, looking at Hua Wu Que morosely. Although Hua Wu Que did not hear her voice, but his senses seemed to have detected something, and he slowly stopped working and quickly turned around.

    Then, he became like this shadow, standing there in a daze, unable to move. Never did he imagine that the person standing in front of him now, is actually Tue Xin Lan, whom he was unable to find earlier. As he was searching for Tie Xin Lan all over the mountain earlier, his thoughts were like his steps, never stopping.

    He thought of many things that he wanted to say to Tie Xin Lan. But now, although he is facing Tie Xin Lan, he can’t even speak a single sentence. Tie Xin Lan did not say anything either, and dare not even look directly at him, but quietly lowered her head, fiddling with her clothes that was blown up by the wind.

    “You… where did you go earlier?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s head lowered further and said, “I did not go anywhere, I’ve always been here.” The corners of Hua Wu Que’s lips moved, as if he wanted to smile, but did not.

    Therefore he lowered his head as well and said, “So you did not go far at all, no wonder I couldn’t find you…”

    Tie Xin Lan blinked her eyes and asked, “Did you see Wei Wu Ya earlier?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I did not, there was no one in there at all, but I think Wei Wu Ya must have hidden himself and while they were caught off guard, sealed off all exits.”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head and smiled, “It seems that you really have a suspicious nature.” Hua Wu Que can’t help but lower his head and smiled as well, and realized that he is still holding Tie Xin Lan’s hands. His heart skipped, and immediately wanted to release his hold.

    But who would have expected that Tie Xin Lan would actually grab his hands unconsciously and said, “This cave has been sealed by your Teacher, it seems that she does not wish for others to go in again, I just hate myself… hate myself for not going in to take a look earlier.” Hua Wu Que only felt his heart beating very quickly. He heaved a long sigh and forced a smile, “Actually there’s nothing much to see inside.”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “I hear that Wei Wu Ya loved to collect treasures, there are many things which are rarely seen in this world, didn’t you see any?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I did not see anything, maybe he took them all away.”

    Tie Xin Lan said, “Maybe you did not take any notice at all.”

    Hua Wu Que wanted to say something else, but suddenly realized that her eyes looked strange. Her eyes used to be clean and clear, it’s just that these past few days, it showed a hint of worry, making one’s heart break on seeing it. But now, her eyes seems extremely sharp, as cunning as a fox, and carried with it an evil air which made one’s hair stand.

    In the darkness of the night, her figure and movement, her expression and face, is the same as Tie Xin lan, only this pair of eyes… This pair of eyes can never belong to Tie Xin Lan. Hua Wu Que felt a chill in his heart, and thought of retreating.

    But it is too late by now!

    Hua Wu Que felt his palms go numb, and the numbness spread to his limbs. With his last ounce of strength, he sliced over with a backhand, but this ‘Tie Xin Lan’ has already retreated twenty, thirty feet. He wanted to give chase, but he can no longer move his arms and legs.

    ‘Tie Xin Lan’ smiled, “Hua Wu Que oh Hua Wu Que, seems that you’re a lot worse than Xiao Yu’er. If it’s Xiao Yu’er, he would have seen through me before I speak my third sentence.”

    A thought flashed through Hua Wu Que, and he suddenly remembered the name ‘Neither Man nor Woman’ Du Jiao Jiao, but now he could not even stand properly, and before he could utter a word, he collapsed.

    Someone was heard laughing icily, “You need not be too smug, from what I see, your art of disguise is quite sloppy as well, didn’t he still see through it in the end?”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “That’s right, he did see through it in the end, but that’s just because I did not have the time to learn more about Tie Xin Lan’s look. I only studied her for an hour, if you can give me half a day’s time, this lad may not even be able to see through me during the day.”

    Hua Wu Que has more or less guessed who these few people are, and also knows that now he has fallen in their hands, it’s like a fat sheep being sent to the slaughterhouse. But he was not worried about his own situation at all, because he knows that the situation the Floral Princesses and Tie Xin Lan is in must be more dangerous than his.

    Li Da Zui walked over with a big laugh and looked Hua Wu Que up and down thoroughly, his tongue clicking.

    After clicking his tongue a few tines, he mumbled, “Good, good, very good, such good meat, there may not be even one in ten thousand people. It’s just that it’s a little too thin, if it was stewed, there’ll be too little oil.”

    As he spoke, he seemed to be salivating, and he reached out his hand, as if he is going to squeeze Hua Wu Que’s neck, like an old woman going to the market to buy chicken. Hua Wu Que was anxious and furious, but he could not stop him at all. Du Sha suddenly called out, “Stop!”

    Li Da Zui’s arm retracted halfway and said with a laugh, “I am not killing him now, what does it matter that I’m only squeezing him a little?”

    Du Sha said coldly, “This person can be considered one of the heroes of our time. I may not be able to win him in a fight, but at least I must treat him with courtesy. It doesn’t matter if you kill him, but you cannot humiliate him!”

    Only now did Hua Wu Que hear something that is more befitting to a human, and can’t help but heave a long sigh and say, “Thank you.”

    Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment before saying solemnly, “I am now in your hands, and have disregarded death, so I dare not ask for the word ‘respect’, it’s just that Tie Xin Lan…” He stared at Du Sha and said each word clearly, “Have Tie Xin Lan landed in your hands as well?” He did not ask anyone else, only Du Sha, because he can tell that among these five people, only this person with a murderous air will not lie.

    Du Sha really replied, “Yes.”

    Hua Wu Que still ignored the others, and only stared at Du Sha, “If you will let her go, I will die with no complains.”

    Du Sha replied, “I don’t mind telling you, her father is my sworn friend, I wouldn’t make things difficult for her. Although Tie Zhan is considered one of the ‘Ten Evils’ but besides his proud character, if we consider only his deeds and his stout stature, he is definitely not below those people who consider themselves heroes…”

    Hua Wu Que sighed, “Since you have said that, I am relieved. I would like to ask, my Teacher…”

    He just said two sentences and Du Jiao Jiao interrupted with a smile, “You should put your mind at ease about this as well, they have been trapped by Wei Wu Ya in the cave, unless someone can borrow the mountain splitting axe from Ri Lian Valley, or else they can forget about coming out for the rest of their lives.”

    Hua Wu Que felt his body turn cold, “Is this real?” Du Sha replied seriously, “I did not see them coming out.”

    Hua Wu Que closed his eyes, no longer speaking.

    End of Chapter 109

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 110

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “Since Wei Wu Ya is able to trap them inside, he must have laid out detailed plans long ago, there certainly will not be any food that will drop down into the cave.”

    Li Da Zui added, “That’s right, Wei Wu Ya must have planned long ago to starve them to death in there.”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “But how long can you stay hungry?”

    Li Da Zui’s eyes gleamed and replied, “If there’s no food, I can last at least half a month, but without water, I won’t be able to stand it after two days.”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “Exactly, no matter how strong a person is, if there’s no water for two days, he will still have to lie down. Even if the Floral Princesses is stronger than anyone else, still she will surely not be able to last more than three days.”

    Ha Ha’er clasped his palms and said, “Haha, that’s right, why don’t we wait another three to five days before we go in”

    Before he could finish his words, Bai Kai Xin had somersaulted out from the forest and was laughing loudly, “That’s right, why can’t we wait for another three days before we go in, haha, Du Jiao Jiao oh Du Jiao Jiao, you’re really a lot smarter than I imagined ”

    Although Hua Wu Que’s eyes were shut, but his ears were not, and on hearing these words, his heart unconsciously sank, as if it has sunken into a bottomless abyss.

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “Since everyone has decided to stay here, there’s a few things that need to be done.”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “That’s right, since we have decided to stay here, then we should bring that two lasses here as well. Although that half human half ghost weirdo promised to keep an eye on them there, but I still don’t feel assured,”

    Du Jiao Jiao agreed, “Exactly, I may have use for those two ladies, so, Ha Ha’er, we’ll have to trouble you to bring them here.”

    Bai Kai Xin ‘humphed’ and asked, “What about me then? What do you want me to do?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “You will go find some food and drinks, enough to last us at least for these three days.”

    Li Da Zui jumped up and exclaimed, “Why do you want him to go? That lad knows nothing about food, he can even survive on a cold bun. The food that he will bring back, I’m afraid even dogs would not want to take a sniff at it.”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “That’s right, lechers are usually not that particular about food, but it’s better than asking you to go. If you bring back a plump roasted human, then we will have to go hungry. In the small town at the bottom of the hill, there seems to be a blacksmith, go there and get some tools for splitting open the rocks. From what I see, it won’t be an easy task to cut through this cave.”

    Ha Ha’er replied, “Haha, if it’s an easy task, the Floral Princesses would have come out long ago.”

    The three of them split up, and the soonest to return was Ha Ha’er. He was leading a donkey, and the donkey was pulling a huge rock.

    Hua Wu Que was waiting anxiously for Tie Xin Lan, but Ha Ha’er only brought back a donkey. Hua Wu Que was both surprised and disappointed.

    Right at this time, something stranger happened. From this rock, a very strange moaning sound was heard, accompanied by a giggling laugh.

    Hua Wu Que almost could not believe his own eyes, nor believe his own ears. Du Jiao Jiao glanced at him and suddenly said, “Do you see this rock? This is a magic rock, it will eat people up, so it’s called Carnivore Rock, that Miss Tie of yours have been eaten by it.”

    Hua Wu Que gritted his teeth, to control himself from speaking. Although Hua Wu Que does not believe it, but his eyes can’t help but keep looking towards that direction. His eyes may be looking, but in his heart there is still disbelief.

    Who would have expected that with a wave of Du Jiao Jiao’s hands, that rock really opened. There are actually two people in the rock. And surprisingly it’s Madam Bai and Tie Xin Lan.

    At a time and place like this, with a scene like this, Hua Wu Que is really shocked, but Ha Ha’er and Du Jiao Jiao were clapping their hands and laughing heartily.

    Hua Wu Que finally realized as well, that this stone is actually made from canvas, and moss was stuck onto the canvas piece by piece. It’s so well made that it can pass off as the real thing, and with the darkness of night, even with Hua Wu Que’s sharp eyesight, he can’t immediately tell the difference.

    Flipping open the canvas, there’s actually a metal cage made from fine steel, and Madam Bai and Tie Xin Lan were kept in this metal cage. Tie Xin Lan was stooped in a corner, covering her face with her hands, as if she does not wish for others to see her, nor does she wish to see anyone. Madam Bai was almost naked, and she kept wriggling about, giggling continuously, and also moaning continuously.

    Hua Wu Que only took a glance, and he closed his eyes, unable to watch any longer. He can’t bear to see Tie Xin Lan’s appearance, nor bear to see Madam Bai’s appearance. Tie Xin Lan made him feel sad, but Madam Bai made him feel a little nauseous.

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Tie Xin Lan, Miss Tie, do you know who we’re talking to?” Tie Xin Lan still covered her face with her hands, refusing to lift her head up.

    Ha Ha’er said, “Why don’t you open your eyes to take a look, I guarantee that once you open your eyes, you will certainly be shocked.”

    Hua Wu Que only hoped that Tie Xin Lan will not open her eyes, will not see him in such a situation, he will never want Tie Xin Lan to feel upset because of him. But Tie Xin Lan’s hands have already slid down, her head already lifted.

    Her body started shaking immediately. She rushed over, her hands grabbing the steel cage, her eyes filled with sadness and despair. She did not scream or shout, but the look in her eyes is enough to break one’s heart. Hua Wu Que closed his eyes, hoping that the ground would suddenly split open and swallow him up forever.

    Right at this time, Bai Kai Xin is back.

    He brought back two large bags of things, and kept on panting, his mouth mumbling, “I would actually go through so much trouble to find things for you, I can’t even believe it myself.”

    Du Sha asked, “Where is Li Da Zui? Why isn’t he back yet? Didn’t you go with him to that town?” Bai Kai Xin exclaimed, “Why would I go the same way as that big mouth wolf, if he can go to heaven, I’d rather go to hell.”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked, “Then, where did you get these food from?”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “At the temple at the foot of the mountain. Did you think that the monks in the temple are vegetarians? Let me tell you, you’re in luck. This temple that I found, is opened by a monk who drinks wine and eats meat. Even a boss won’t let his staff eat more than a kati of meat, but they would eat meat by the kilos.”

    From within his bag he took out a piece of meat and started chewing on it, mumbling again, “The mouth is used for eating, not for scolding, whoever uses it wrongly, the only person who will be unlucky is himself.”

    Madam Bai, who was in the cage, suddenly jumped up and stared at that two bags. Her body is full of lined injuries, some were due to whipping, some were due to her own scratching, she has been so tortured that she no longer seems human, she has lost the dignity of being a human. Even the gaze in her eyes looks like a wild beast.

    Du Jiao Jiao took out a bun and said, “You want to eat as well? So sorry, but I must want you to go hungry.”

    Madam Bai did not speak, because the strange illness of her struck again.

    Du Sha furrowed his brows and asked, “Why do you want them to go hungry!”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled coquettishly and replied, “Because I want to use them in an experiment, to see how long will it take to starve them to weaken them, by that time, we can start digging the hole.”

    The last to return was Li Da Zui. By the time he came back, the sky is already bright. He had traveled for a whole night, but not only was he not tired at all, he was very excited instead.

    Bai Kai Xin sniggered and said icily, “Look at him, he looks like the Ox Demon who has just eaten Tang Seng’s flesh.”

    (Tang Seng: Tripitaka, or Tang Xuan Zang, a monk from the Tang Dynasty, made famous in the novel Journey to the West. According to the novel, any demon who ate his flesh would become immortal.)

    Du Jiao Jiao interrupted, “Don’t you listen to his bullshit, tell us quickly what strange things you saw.”

    Du Sha asked icily, “What actually happened?”

    Li Da Zui explained, “By the time I left the mountains it was almost the ‘Zi’ hour (11pm – 1am), and I thought those in town would certainly be asleep by then. Who would have expected that the town was still brightly lit, the streets filled with people, and it was even more crowded than the temple fair in the city. So I thought it strange as well, and I pulled someone aside to ask, and I found out that there were two people who opened a gambling den in town. Not only those who stay in that town would gamble till daybreak, even those people in the surrounding hundred kilometers came as well, so this originally secluded town became even more crowded than a trading town.”

    Ha Ha’er replied, “Haha, opening a gambling den is a lucrative business, why don’t we join in the fun, and I can have be a competition to that two lads.”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “A gambling den like theirs, I’m afraid we can’t afford to open one. Because they are not intent on earning money with their gambling den, but to ease their gambling urges. Those who go there to gamble, if they win, the banker will pay their winnings, but if they lose, they just have to kow tow and they can leave. It seems that within three days, the two lads have lost several thousand taels.”

    Bai Kai Xin opened his eyes wide and said, “There are people in the business of killing others, but no one will be in the business of making a loss, could there be something wrong with these two?”

    Li Dai Zui replied lazily, “There’s nothing wrong with these two at all, it’s just that their gambling addiction is shocking, as long as someone will gamble with them, they’ll be ecstatic, and they never bother about winning or losing.”

    Ha Ha’er suddenly clapped and said, “Haha, I know, a gambling addict like this, there can never be a second one in this world.”

    Du Sha furrowed his brows, “It is really Xuan Yuan San Guang?”

    Li Da Zui replied, “I saw him, but he did not see me, because at that time, besides the dice and cards in his eyes, he wouldn’t recognize his own father if he went. But the stakes there are really strange, a kowtow is considered one tael, a slap on the buttocks is considered five coins, when he wins, sounds of heads being knocked on the floor and buttocks being slapped will be heard throughout the gambling den, and add that to his smug laughter, it’s really lively.”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked, “What if he lost?”

    Li Da Zui replied, “If he lost, there really would be piles and piles of silver taken out to pay the others, not a single cent less.”

    Du Sha suddenly asked, “The person who was banker with him, do you recognize him?”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “Skinny and wrinkled, not very good looking, I’ve never seen that person.”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied slowly, “That may not be necessarily so, maybe I will be interested in this person.”

    Bai Kai Xin laughed, “I am quite interested in this person as well, I really want to see how he became friends with that compulsive gambler. For all you know, Compulsive Gambler’s silver may be coming from his pockets.”

    Du Jiao Jiao rolled her eyes and smiled, “Since we’re both so interested in him, then let us pay him a visit tonight.”

    Although it’s deep into the night, but the town was really brightly lit, and those walking on the streets were mostly happy, but nine out of ten of them doesn’t look like respectable characters.

    But Du Jiao Jiao’s appearance now, is very respectable. She is dressed up as a poor scholar who looks like he’s got not much money, but a lot of flair. Naturally Bai Kai Xin can only be her follower.

    Du Jiao Jiao chose to take a seat at a stall selling noodles, and ordered a bowl of noodles, a braised egg and a plate of braised beef. Bai Kai Xin can only stand at the side and watch.

    The boss of the noodle stall is an old man, and as he cooked, he tried to make conversation, “Are you gambling as well?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled and asked, “Have you ever seen the two persons who opened the gambling den?”

    That old man sighed, “Those two are mad, especially the skinny one. When he’s not gambling, he looked as if his father had just died, a look of despair on his face, but once he gambles, he is immediately energetic. This time he has gambled for three days and night.”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked, “Can they afford to lose?”

    That old man replied, “It seems that they brought with them two huge carriages of silver. If the ancestors have not done anything wrong, would their family have a wastrel like him.” That old man was really polite in his conversation, so polite that it makes one feel good.

    As they spoke, they have followed a few people to the only inn in the town. The inn was not very large, and now it’s almost bursting to the seams. Xuanyuan San Guang’s gambling den is right in this inn.

    Du Jiao Jiao walked over, and everywhere there were people squeezing and pushing one another. She has never been tall, so she can’t even see where Xuanyuan San Guang is. But she finally heard Xuanyuan San Guang’s voice.

    Someone laughed loudly and shouted, “Ge Lao Zi (Old Man Ge), will you sons of turtles come up one by one, any more squeezing and even your egg yolks will be squeezed out.” Du Jiao Jiao have not heard his voice for twenty years, but once she head the words ‘Old Man Ge’, she knew with certainty it must be Compulsive Gambler.

    (Ge Lao Zi: A slang used in Si Chuan. Somewhat like an exclamation.)

    Du Jiao Jiao rolled her eyes, pulled Bai Kai Xin to the side and suddenly sealed the acupoints of the two people in front of them. They collapsed without a sound, and the others did not even take a look towards their direction. Du Jiao Jiao actually stood on top of these two people. And so she finally saw Compulsive Gambler Xuanyuan San Guang.

    They are gambling on ‘odds and evens’ now, and on the table, there was a white piece of cloth, with a black line drawn in the middle of the cloth, odd is on the left side, even on the right.

    Once the dice is shown, if it’s ‘odds’ then those who bet on ‘evens’ would kowtow and slap their buttocks. Such method of gambling, is really simple and easily understood, and very exciting as well.

    Half of his cloths have slid down his body, his hair messy as well, but he just used a dirty and smelly towel to wrap his head, his whole face oily, his eyes bloodshot, looking exactly like a butcher.

    In front of him were some meat buns, obviously not only did he not sleep, but there’s no time for meals as well, and only a bite was taken out of that bun. He looked totally disheveled, but his face is full of joy, and his voice may have become hoarse, but he’s still roaring at the top of his lungs.

    Du Jiao Jiao stared at a person next to Xuanyuan San Guang, and Bai Kai Xin finally followed her gaze and took a look. This person is really dark and skinny, his appearance ugly, but his bloodshot eyes looked bright.

    Xuanyuan San Guang shouted, “Sons of turtles, place your bets quickly, I’m going to open.” On both sides of the tables, bets were placed, some betted with a few copper coins, some with two stones, some even wrote a few words on a tattered piece of paper. At the side of the table, there were two who were still kowtowing, obviously they lost too much.

    Xuanyuan San Guang shook a broken bowl in his hands, the dice rolling about in the broken bowl, the dark and skinny man staring at the side, his forehead sweating. Suddenly Xuanyuan San Guang roared, “Open!” and with a ‘bang’ the broken bowl was lifted from the table.

    End of Chapter 110

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 111

    Cheers immediately erupted from the crowd, and someone laughed loudly, “Seven points, it’s odd, I win.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed, “When there’s a winner there’ll be a loser, winners will be paid, those sons of turtles who lost come and kowtow first!”

    He took a string of copper coins from the table and smiled as he counted, “Old Man Ge, fifty, you son of a turtle actually wanted to win from us fifty taels of silver…. Which one is it, come out quickly and kowtow.”

    He asked three times, but no one in the crowd answered. Before he could finish his words, that dark and skinny man suddenly flew up like a large bird, somersaulted and pulled someone up by his hair.

    That person screamed in alarm, “I didn’t place the bet…. I didn’t place the bet…” But that skinny man on tapped lightly with the tip on his foot on another person’s shoulder, and actually carried that person up in the air and flew back with a ‘swoosh’.

    Du Jiao Jiao said with a low voice, “Not only is this person’s Lightness Skill superb, but his moves are so weird that I have never seen it before.”

    Bai Kai Xin replied with a low sigh, “We seemed to have seen it before, it’s just that…” Du Jiao Jiao smiled coldly, “It’s just that we have forgotten it now, right?”

    By this time the dark, skinny man has thrown a man clad in green with a plaster pasted on his temple onto the table, and that man was still shouting, “It wasn’t me, you’ve seen wrongly.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang grabbed him and roared angrily, “Old Man Ge, you son of a turtle thinks that our eyes are useless, you son of a turtle can try asking the people here, when have we ever seen wrongly.”

    The more he spoke, the angrier he became, and with a back slap gave the man a smack, and as he slapped, he scolded, “You can gamble shrewdly, gamble slyly but not cheat, you son of a turtle doesn’t even know this rule and yet you dare to come and gamble… scram you son of a b*tch.”

    With a wave of his arms, he sent this person flying straight up, and naturally no one dared to go back on their bets. Immediately sounds of kowtowing and slapping resonated, and added with Xuanyuan San Guang’s loud laughter, it really sounded quite festive.

    Du Jiao Jiao shook her head and laughed, “I think this ‘Compulsive Gambler’ should change his nickname. The strange thing is that, why would this dark lad be as crazy as him? Or could their silver have dropped down from the sky?” She laughed, and continued, “Maybe this lad is too young to know how adorable money is, when he’s my age, he will know that there’s nothing as adorable as money in the world.”

    By now Xuanyuan San Guang is again roaring, “Son of turtles, have you placed your bets? I am going to open again.”

    With a ‘bang’ he placed that broken bowl on the table, when someone suddenly called out, “Please hold, wait for me.” This voice is gentle and clear, it’s actually a lady’s voice, and it seems that the person who spoke is still outside, but her words traveled in clearly, over the sounds made by the surrounding noisy crowd.

    Xuanyuan San Guang grinned and said, “The rules of the gambling den, is that since you’re late, you’ll have to place the next bet, but on the account that your voice sounded so nice, I will wait for a while.” That voice laughed a tinkling laugh, “Thank you.”

    Her laughter sounded even nicer than her voice, and everyone can’t help but want to see who this person is, and the people in front all turned their heads around and extended their necks to look.

    They did not see anything at all, but only saw a group of people standing near the door suddenly falling down the two sides with gasps of alarm, and heard a man’s voice shouting, “Scram, make way.” Later, everyone saw five to six men as huge as towers wearing cotton clothes, their hands carrying leather whips, barging their way in.

    Amidst the talking, another four large men walked in from the outside, two of them carrying two very large chests, and the chests seem very heavy. They carried the chests to the front of the gambling table and stood at the side with their arms crossed.

    Xuanyuan San Guang’s eyeball rolled about, and he laughed loudly, “I did not expect that a great Bodhisattva would come to this small temple of ours.”

    He slapped that skinny dark lad’s shoulders hard and laughed, “Brother, haven’t you kept saying that there’s not enough kick gambling? It seems that the kick is now coming!”

    There’s no expression on that skinny dark lad’s face at all, nor did he say anything. If not for the fact that his eyes are still opened, others will surely think that he has fallen asleep. Right at this time, three glowing young ladies strolled in.

    It was very noisy in the gambling den, but once the three of them walked in, silence suddenly surrounded the place. Everyone was gaping, staring, and almost stopped breathing, because these three young ladies are really too beautiful, so beautiful that it makes one breathless.

    Besides the difference in the color of their clothes, these three young ladies look as if they are made from the same mold, even the way they walk is the same. By now they have strolled to the front of Xuanyuan San Guang, and smiled.

    The young lady in purple standing in the middle said, “Thank you for waiting, so sorry about that.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang smiled, “No matter, I have not gambled with beauties for a long time, it doesn’t matter if I have to wait a little longer.”

    The huge men had moved three chairs in from outside, and used their sleeves to clean it up before respectfully asking that three young ladies to take a seat.

    Xuanyuan San Guang clapped his hands and called out, “Good, now Misses can place your bets, please!”

    The young lady in purple nodded slightly to the huge man next to her, and that huge man immediately opened one chest, and everyone only saw silver rays almost blinding their eyes.

    Xuanyuan San Guang’s eyes shone immediately as well, and laughed, “So it turns out that Misses have readied yourselves for a good gamble, now that Misses have found me, you’ve really gotten the right person!”

    The lady in purple asked, “Is there a limit to the bets here!”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “Don’t you worry, it’s up to you how much to bet, the banker will still pay up.”

    The lady in purple replied, “That’s the best.”

    She waved her hand and said, “Fifty thousand, even!”

    Once the two words ‘fifty thousand’ were uttered, everyone thought there was something wrong with their ears, but that huge man really placed fifty thousand taels of silver there.

    Bai Kai Xin can’t help but ask, “Do you think those three beauties are really here to gamble?”

    Du Jiao Jiao shook her head, “People like them, even if they want to gamble, they won’t come all the way here.”

    Bai Kai Xin added, “Then, could it be that they are here to create trouble for this compulsive gambler?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied with a quiet voice, “Right now I can’t see through their intentions as well, anyway just wait and see, this ‘Compulsive Gambler’ will certainly not have a good day today.”

    By this time that skinny lad seemed to have suddenly woken up from his dream in shock, his dark face seemed to gleam red, while Xuanyuan San Guang kept kneading and rubbing his fists, and said, “Good, taken, must be taken, how satisfying.”

    His hands that was as large as a fan suddenly seized the broken bowl and shouted, “Open!” Both dice are red, one is one point, the other is four points.

    Sighs immediately erupted through the crowd, “Five points, odd, the banker wins.” That lady in purple did not even blink her eyes, as if she has lost only five coins, and she actually waved her hands lightly again and said nonchalantly, “Fifty thousand, still even.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “Right, there’s no loss in gambling, again.” The dice were clanking in the bowl, then there was a ‘ba’ sound, and Xuanyuan San Guang opened the broken bowl with all his might again.

    Both dice were black, one is three points, the other is six points. Odd again.

    The lady in purple actually bet on ‘even’ for six times continuously. The dice opened ‘odd’ for six times continuously! Of the two large chests, one is already empty, and everyone in the gambling den were sweating. But there was no change in the lady in purple’s expression.

    The two persons next to her, were actually smiling slightly, neither speaking, nor even furrowing their brows. They did not even shift in their seats.

    The huge man said, “There’s still two hundred thousand.”

    The lady in purple said calmly, “Bet all of it this time!” The lady in purple quietly said one word through her lips, “Even!”

    She is still betting on even! Those in the crowd can’t help but exclaim, but once the sound of the dice was heard, all other sounds ceased immediately, and not even the sound of breathing was heard.

    Xuanyuan San Guang banged the broken bowl onto the table again, his two huge hands holding on to it tightly, his eyes staring at the young lady in purple and said, “Do you really want to bet on even this time? Fine, good, even your father* take my hat off you.”

    (your father = a crude way of saying ‘I’)

    He finally said the words ‘your father’, obviously even this ‘Compulsive Gambler’ is beginning to feel anxious. That dark skinny man’s eyes seemed to be twice as large, and stared unblinkingly at Xuanyuan San Guang’s pair of hands, his forehead sweating.

    There was a loud shout, “Open!”

    The dice was revealed and it was odd again. This time, even Xuanyuan San Guang was stunned, he really could not imagine that he would have such luck, that the dice would open up to be odd seven times in a row. The crowd exclaimed in surprise and sighed as well.

    But there was still no change in the expression on the three young ladies’ faces, even the pearl hairpiece on their hair was not moving. The three of them only took a glance at the two dice, stood up, and without a word, turned around quietly, walked out quietly.

    Xuanyuan San Guang suddenly called out, “Misses please hold. Gamblers like Misses, although there may be more than one, but it’s still a rarity. If a gambler were to meet an opponent like misses and to let you off lightly, then this gambler should be banished to the eighteenth level of hell. Don’t Misses want to recoup your losses?”

    The young lady in purple laughed, “A pity that we have lost everything today, another two more days perhaps.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Losses are always to be paid instantly in gambling dens, no credit is allowed, but for gamblers like Misses, exceptions can be made.”

    He slapped the table and laughed, “Misses can place your bets freely, no matter how much is the bet, I’ll just take your word for it.”

    The lady in purple glanced at her sisters standing next to her from the corner of her eyes, then smiled calmly, “You trust us?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “As long as Misses are willing to gamble, would I be afraid that Misses would give me a cent less!”

    The young lady in purple hesitated, the three of them exchanged looks again and finally turned around in unison, walking slowly back to the gambling table. Du Jiao Jiao smiled slightly and said softly, “I have long known that this Compulsive Gambler would not let them go.”

    End of Chapter 111

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