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Thread: Hockey anyone?

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    Lets go black hawks.
    not a fan of hockey. Have to support ur home town
    Am i Crazy!?!?!?!

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    Well, I guess no one has posted in this thread for a while and looks like no one will again after I post.

    As a Nucks fan, damn we were close. But in the end, the usual happens and we should all be used to it by now. We lose in the finals. What's worse is those damn idiot rioters. I mean again... seriously. Damn idiots. If this is the result of us making to the finals or losing in the finals, I wish we never do it again. Human lives is >>>>>>>>> than a hockey game.
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    Those guys that started this stuff were not hockey fans. They came prepared to cause problems. These guys came with tools ready to vandalize and set fires. Last time I remember, you don't bring those things to watch a hockey game. Win or lose, this would have happened. They need to throw the book at those morons. The whole mob mentality was scary. Look at all those women jumping on top of cars and posting on facebook. I was disgusted.
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    Hey, Guys, do you know that the International Hockey Federation which is better known as FIH.This new sets of rules were introduced in the month of January and will formally be implemented in every international hockey matches, though in the hockey world cup too. If you need live insights check
    These new set of rules have forwarded a brand of changes in playing hockey.Those changes are-
    1. No equipment etc. to be placed on the goals
    2. Clarification that decisions taken prior to correcting a team having more than the permitted number of players on the pitch cannot be changed if time and/or play has already been re-started
    3. Clarification that any change between goalkeeping options, even for Players with Goalkeeping Privileges, either on or off the pitch, must take place as a substitution
    4. Change of the description of ‘gloves’ to ‘hand protection’; specification of the size of hand protection which may be used, both for normal play and to defend Penalty Corners; addition of guidance regarding the use of knee pads when defending Penalty Corners
    5. Deletion of ‘single’ in color of Goalkeeper shirt
    6. Adjustment to the guidance to ‘A ball is also considered dangerous …’
    7. Addition into guidance that if a ball hits discarded Penalty Corner defense equipment then a Free Hit will result if outside the circle or a Penalty Corner if inside the circle
    8. The changes to Rule 13.2, which were posted to the FIH website on 16 February 2016 as an adjustment to the previous Rules, are now formally incorporated
    9. Tidying up of two paragraphs of repeated guidance concerning the completion of Penalty Corners
    10. Addition of ‘once the whistle has been blown to start the Penalty Stroke’ for no movement of the Goalkeeper’s feet at a Penalty Stroke
    11. Adjustment of the guidance for the caution/carding procedure for a Goalkeeper moving early at a Penalty Stroke, bringing it into line with the Indoor Rule
    12. Addition of the new ‘Corner’ signal in the Umpiring Signals section

    If have tried to keep the workings and writings as intact as possible, if you want to have more insights of hockey then check from this app

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