there were a good number of young heros in roch(who fought besides YG at the inn against li mochuo) how would you rank them.
yelu yi was on par with hou dotang and sun bu'er. so he's at the top. cheng ying was haung yaoshi's student, she probably was not below yelu yi and YG in skills at that time.wanyan ping and yelu yan were at the same level and the wu brother's ad guo fu were around the same but i don't think they trained as hard as wanyan ping. the wu bros were probably nearly the same as wanyan ping and yelu yan but a little below till they learned yiyang finger, guo fu was a little below. she never trained hard in martial arts. lu wushang was the worst till she learned jade maiden. so rankingat battle at inn.:
:yelu yi
YG was still a little below in inner power and expirence till huashan incident)
:cheng ying
:wanyan ping
:yelu yan
:wu xie
:wu dun
:guo fu
:lu wushang