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Thread: "Everyone was kung fu writing..."

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    Default "Everyone was kung fu writing..."

    ...their pens were quick as lighting."
    I know there has been many discussions about Jin Yong vs. Gu Long. They both have very different style of writing, but never the less they are ICON of the wuxia genre. When you think of wuxia hero you think of Gwok Jing, Yang Guo, Li Xun Huan, Chor Lau Heng, novels you think of LOCH, ROCH, SOD, Dagger Li, LXF and CLH adventures. Rarely you ever think of the Bride with the White Hair, Warriors of Mt Zu, or Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Why is that? What did Gu Long and Jin Yong do to become so iconic? Did they simpily wrote more than others? They have more interesting stories and characters? Or did Hong Kong entertainment industries had a helping hand? There seem to be more re-makes and adaptations of their novels than any other writers. Why aren't the other authors as iconic?

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    Why aren't the other authors as iconic?
    Just read their work.
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    I find some of the other authors are better than Gulong in terms of actual martial arts genre. Gulongs novels seem rather random and too much rambling about ppl interaction instead of martial arts.

    Just personal opinion.

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