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天涯海角 (The Legend of Heaven's Edge)
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Thread: 天涯海角 (The Legend of Heaven's Edge)

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    Talking 天涯海角 (The Legend of Heaven's Edge)


    The crimson moon trembled and hid itself away behind the dark, sullen clouds. The shaking of nearby branches seems like distant reverie fading into the dark silent night. A gust of wind whirled and whipped its untold misery followed by the quiet creaking of a broken window and the swinging of an ill-used door. The small hut in the woods rocked and stayed still. Yet all those were seemingly lost on the man standing by the house, awaiting his prey with the quiet patience of a hunter. The haunting features leaked his fiery. The engaging face was calm and controlled. But his thoughts drifted to happier times, happier places

    The sound of approaching footsteps penetrated the stillness of the night. All of a sudden, flares of red sprang up around the man. He jerked sideways with one hand on his saber defensively, but judging by the torch-holders expressions, he could tell that they were waiting for something. A dense fog disrupted his vision. Blinking, he looked up again. This time, he was left breathless. In the midst of the fog stood a lady so stunning that she seems unreal. He gripped his saber tighter at the same time speaking in a clear voice What important event is happening here to bring the Aqua Killer <<水灵杀手>> of the ice and snow palace《〈冰雪隐宫〉〉 here today?

    She smiled coldly and said in a soft, menacing voice Were here for the long-lost swordplay. Its been lost to the palace for 200 years, until rumors has it that you recently acquired it. I came to see if it is true.

    There is no swordplay, he said calmly, its the dying words of the late legendary founder of the palace. Youll be wise not to listen to those rumors.

    No tricks. She warned. Its all over the pugilistic world that for anyone who possessed the dying words, two unknown sources of power known as <<天涯海角>>, as well as the five elements: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth <<金木水火土>> can become the most powerful individual in the pugilistic world. Your sons name is Duan Tian Ya 《〈断天涯〉〉. I have long suspected that theres a connection.

    Of all the components of the legend, <<天涯>> and <<海角>> play the greatest part. How can such a minor character like my son be worthy of such a role?

    You underestimated yourself. As for whether your son is really part of the legend she stretched out her pale hands, youll never live to see the day!

    With a swift motion, she made a slit on the mans neck. He fell to the ground instantly. She smiled with satisfaction as he looked up in agony. She stepped inside the hut. The man gasped as she returned with a bundle. He looked at son one last time, and his eyes closed forever. One of the assets searched for the book of the dying words on the motionless body. She came back with a sealed book.

    She looked up Madam, the book is sealed.
    Hmmmm she mused, so the legend is true. All the elements are needed for the book to show its magic. Take the book and the boy. She ordered. She closed her eyes and disappeared into the night.

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    Lightbulb Picture + Cast

    Here below is a preview of the main protagonists:

    Note:In the picture above I used Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuan Yuan as Tian Ya and Xin Er. But if your not happy with what you see, then we're welcome to replace them with characters of your own. The story took place in Yuan Dynasty.

    Duan Tian Ya<<断天涯>>: An 18-year old famed assasin. At first distant and reserved due to the childhood in the Ice and Snow Palace , then at the end became warmer to those around him. Powerful set of martial arts that's used in various fights with the Mongolian government.

    Han name: Hujie Xin<<胡结心>> Mongolian Name: Xin Er Na Tu Mu Er <<心儿娜特穆儿>>: A cheeky, mischevious, spoiled princess of the mongolian government. 17-years-old and has been well-trained in martial arts, weapon usage, and the art of war. Although a little wild and stubborn sometimes, quite a sweet girl inside.
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    LOL I love Nic Tse I guess I'm definately reading this story lol

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    Not a big fan of Nic, but a absolute GYY Fan! The prologue seemed interesting enough. Please Update!
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    We know that we haven't updated it for a while........ It's just that school's started and everything..... Please wait a little more.......PLEASE!!!!!!!! The story is really interesting!!!!!!!! And if you read it, please reply!!!!!! Tell us what u think about it. All comments are welcome!!!!!!!!
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    Lightbulb Ch. 1

    Chapter 1

    Terror screams pierced the air of a small village as several drunken Mongolian

    officials staggered in, blindly waving their swords and loudly demanding wine. At

    the lack of wine in the small village, one bellowed loudly and kicked one of the

    pleading villagers. They snarled furiously and began waving their blood-stained

    swords. In a few moments, the fires of destruction burned through what had once

    been a peaceful village. Children were running and screaming for their parents. As

    the residents scattered to the distant grasslands, they watched as their homes

    are burnt to ashes.

    All of a sudden, a fog wrapped itself around the officials. They looked around in

    shock. Then out of nowhere came a chilling voice Dogs of the government

    It echoed. Surrender for a swift deathor else W-whos there? they

    demanded, looking around anxiously in the fog. When the fog finally cleared, they

    saw a figure dressed in white, walking slowly towards them. One of the officials

    laughed; he saw the figures face. Hes a mere boy. Take him! He rushed

    forward. The youth smiled coldly and spun his sword into an attacking position.

    The official rushed up with a slash of his sword, which the youth dodged easily.

    With an easy move, he pinned the attackers arm down in an instant. The official

    found himself with a sword through him. He groaned helplessly and fell to the

    ground. The youth turned his face towards the remaining officials. They had seen

    the level of his martial arts and are stiff with fear. One of them frowned His

    martial arts looks like its from the ice and snow palace. He turned when he

    heard the chattering of teeth behind him. One of his companions was shivering

    with fear. Hehehe is the ice and snow palaces famed a-assassin D-Duan

    Tian Ya!

    In 18 years, Duan Tian Ya had become one of the most feared and famous assassins

    in the pugilistic world. Under the tutorage of the Aqua Killer, he went through his

    trained to become a cold-blooded killer. But his handsome face revealed nothing of his

    merciless ways except for his eyes- cool and indifferent. Now he positioned

    himself, ready to strike.

    Suddenly a number of arrows flew towards the officials, piercing their hearts, all

    signs of life gone out of them. Tian Ya whipped around only to see an

    extraordinarily beautiful girl riding towards him, holding a bow and arrow expertly.

    She was dressed in expensive silk and hair garments. As she approached them,

    he heard one of her aides say Your highnesss archery skills improves a

    tremendous amount each day. Tian Ya gripped his sword tighter. But the girl

    barely looked at him. Get the corpses out of the way. She ordered, then caught

    Tian Ya looking at her with his eyes narrowed and his hands on his sword. She

    smirked, turned her back on him haughtily, and rode away into the sunset.

    Thats Princess Xin Er Na Te Mu Er he heard a voice behind him say. We Hans call her Princess Hujie Xin.

    Tian Ya turned to only to see a scrimpy, raggedy old man behind him. At his

    turning, the elder knelt down on the ground and whispered in a scratchy voice

    Our entire village give thanks to our savior. Tian Ya looked at him briefly, got on

    his horse and rode away, leaving the villagers kneeling behind him in confusion.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Princess Hujie Xin galloped to the outer palace in Da Du. At her arrival, the outer

    mass of guards and archers bowed their respects to her. Keeping their heads

    down, they said in unison We aides acknowledge Princess Hujies arrival. May the

    princess live for a thousand years. None of them had the courage to raise their

    heads until she sped past them to the inner palace. Princess Hujie jumped off her

    stallions saddle and headed towards the inner great hall. At the sight of her

    approaching, all the officials knelt down before her. At the far back of the great

    hall, sitting on the throne, was a tall, bearded man. His face is filled with battle

    scars but even age cannot erase his well-built and alert expression. Hujie Xin ran

    to him. Father! she cried and hugged him tight. The emperor stroked her hair

    and said in a proud voice, Xin Er, where were you these days. I have spent many

    nights worrying about you. Xin Er grinned Xin Er has been uml-learning from

    the top artists. She didnt add, and I killed 37 people separately from Shao Lin,

    Wu Dang, and E Mei, and wounded 61 learning from them. The emperor

    nodded and she continued, her eyes lighting up, Xin Er wants to be the top artist

    of the pugilistic world! Her father nodded and said heartily My Xin Er is

    ambitious, just like me! She smiled cheekily Youre the best father in the world!

    But maybe too ambitious. Came a chilling voice from behind her. Hello, my dear

    sister, welcome home.

    The speaker was a roughly built man in his early thirties. His tallness is noticeable

    even for a Mongolian. Burly and granite-faced, his strength is evident. But what

    draws people in to Prince Keluen Temr is his personal magnetism, that animal

    force so necessary for a leader of man. Yet his hot-temper and outbursts marked

    his greatest weaknesses. Unlike Xin Er, who leads with her quickness of mind and

    sharp wit, he obtains his goals through brutal force.

    Now Xin Er looks at him with loathing while her fathers face broke into a broad

    smile. Keluen. He proclaimed with all the force of a proud father, your sister has

    returned from her journey in the Central Plains. His lips curled into what Xin Er

    assumed is a forced half-smile. She nodded coolly. Keluen smirked at her. Xin Er.

    Those weeks in the Central Plains was a burden to you, I presume? For Im afraid

    you have forgotten your place. Xin Er narrowed her eyes. Let me do you a favor

    by reminding you. He continued intensely, your place in the court of nobles is

    the ladylike, calm, and controlled Princess Temr and not the wild princess Hujie

    Xin. Xin Er started to argue, but her father brushed it away. He does have a

    point. Xin Er, when will you ever learn to be ladylike? Xin Er pouted while the

    emperors face strafed into a yawn. He gave his children notices to join him at

    supper in the back garden that evening and retreated into his chambers, leaving

    Xin Er and her brother to their glaring contest.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Xin Er went into her sleeping chambers in a rage. She eyed her silk pillow and

    began punching it furiously. Just then, Granny Wong, her childhood nurse,

    appeared in the doorway, her wrinkled face filled with disapproval. Xin Er saw the

    hint of another lecture and decided that the best defense is a strong offense. Xin

    Er immediately rushed to her for a warm embrace. Granny Wong! I missed you so

    much! she exclaimed, OhI But her nurse was well aware of her tricks. She

    led Xin Er to her dressing table and undid her hair. As her long hair fell past her

    shoulders, Xin Er winced with anticipation. As she suspected, the lecture began

    with Xin Er, when will you ever learn your place as the princess Temr?

    Xin Er replied at the cue. Yes. Ill try my best.

    Granny Wong sighed. Xin Er, you are not a little girl anymore. Its time to stop

    pretending to be the stubborn, headstrong Princess Hujie. She frowned at the

    Han name. and start being Princess Temr-the poised, refined

    But you never said anything when I was young. Xin Er whined.

    Granny Wong smiled as she combed Xin Ers hair. That was when youre a little girl.

    But now youre almost 17Its time to think about marriage.

    Xin Er said in disgust. I dont need a husband. Im perfectly capable of running an

    empire by myself. Not many can surpass me in martial arts

    Her nurse protested gently. Martial Arts is not all that matters. Your husband

    should be a nice young man.

    If I do have a husband Xin Er began, which I wont! she added hastily. He

    needs to love me for WHO I am, not WHAT I am.

    She suddenly reminded the confused look on Duan Tian Yas face earlier that day,

    and before she can control herself, she collapsed into giggles.

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    __________________________________________________ _________________

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    Lightbulb Chapter 2

    Chapter 2

    The familiar ambience of the Ice and Snow Palace rose up to greet him as Duan Tian Ya made his way through
    Bingyuan path. As he rode briskly, the sound of a waterfall tinkled in his ears.


    Ao Xue Shi Mei! He was 8, a quiet, slightly mischievous boy. He saw his shi mei

    running towards him through the long grass and smiled. After she caught up with

    him, they looked at each other expectantly. Tian Ya gave a slight, barely

    noticeable nod. They raced to their favorite area of Ice and Snow palace, the

    cascading waterfall and the crystal clear pond that the waterfall flowed into. They

    stood at the edge of the waterfall and leaped down, linking hands as they went.

    Tian Ya and Ao Xue splashed into the cool, refreshing water, laughing as they

    rose to the surface

    End Of Flashback

    He smiled to himself, lost in thought until the soaring melody of the (qin)zither

    reached his ears. Judging by the tune of it, the player was in a light-hearted

    mood, the tune of Blizzards Wake floated across the distant shores of the

    hidden lake. He approached the red and gold pavilion that stood a little way apart

    from the rest of palace. In the midst of the heavenly surroundings, the pavilion

    seemed like another world. One away from all the affairs of the pugilistic world. He

    saw the player sitting quietly, facing the glistening waters, listening to the lapping

    of the water against the shores.

    The figure turned and faced him with a gentle smile on her face. Every time Tian

    Ya sees his Shi Mei, her beauty takes his breath away. Shes a slender girl. If she

    is like any other girls, with her exquisite, almond-shaped eyes and her willowy

    figure, she can have anything, or anyone, her heart desires. But Ao Xue is not like any other

    girl. She is bound, just as he is, to the strict rules and regulations of the Ice and

    Snow Palace. Sometimes, he sensed sadness in her voice, but perhaps its just an

    echo. If Ao Xue is joyless at the moment, however, she hid it well. Her eyes

    sparkled at the sight of him, and she smiled a rare smile. You are back!

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    __________________________________________________ _________________

    __________________________________________________ _________________

    __________________________________________________ _________________

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    Thumbs up

    Wow!!! Those are GORGEOUS posters!!!!!!! I love Nic!!! I'm dying to know what happens next. Update soon!!!

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    Thx. Im writing ch.3 right now.

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    great story and pictures. where did u get the pictures?
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    Thanx!!!!!!! We made the pictures on Photoshop.....

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    She wrapped her thin arms around him into a soft embrace. Almost immediately,

    she realized her actions, and swiftly removed her arms from his shoulders,

    blushing slightly. Tian Ya grinned mischievously and brushed a strand of hair away

    from her pale cheeks. Do you know what I brought back with me? he asked,

    with a devious smile, alight on his face. Ao Xue pondered for several moments

    before she shook her head. Tian Ya held out his thumb. Ao Xue laughed as she

    pressed her own thumb to his- a childhood gesture to keep a secret. Tian Ya held

    out his remaining hand from behind his back. He held a thin pamphlet. Its faded

    cover imprinted with the words Teng Long Sect; Swordplay of Illusion Shadows.

    Ao Xue gasped, You stole this?

    Borrowed. Tian Ya replied with a smirk. And besides, I was only following Shi Fus orders.

    Almost at once, a voice echoed above them. Well done, Tian Ya. They turned to

    see a blur of colors as a swirl of wind rushed past them. They both recognized the

    Lightness Martial Art as their Shi Fus Sunset of Dreams, created by her when

    she was alone in her chamber. Swiftly, Tian Ya and Ao Xue placed their palm

    across their hearts and as their heads bowed, they called in unison. Shi Fu.

    The middle-aged woman landed several paces away from them. Her bright eyes

    fixed on them while her long, dark hair was flowing freely in the wind. Currents of

    black silk wavered as her regal features softened into a rare smile. Tian Ya

    suddenly found himself wondering if it is just his luck to be surrounded by

    beautiful woman. His two other Shi Fus faces are lined with aged battle scars and

    gaunt, hollow faces. However, his female teacher has the looks of a young

    woman. Her face seems to have escaped times notice. Her skin, like Ao Xues, is

    crystal clear. Yet she seems to impose a heavy presence in the atmosphere.

    Tian Ya began to report to her his mission. 4th Ranked official in the government,

    Hu Jiang of Xuzhou will not be bothering anyone anymore. He began. Hes

    disposed into the Ji An River. His teacher nodded her approval, then smiled again

    to Tian Ya. Welcome home.

    It was several days later when Tian Ya suddenly asked, Ao Xue, do you know

    who Princess Hujie Xin is?

    Ao Xue looked astonished. The Princess? Of course.

    He nodded and told her about how the soldiers died in the hands of their own

    princess. I did not get a clear view of her from a distance, but she seems

    younger than what I would have expected of such an expert archer.

    Ao Xue nodded, She is spoiled, or so I have heard. She has every right to be. In

    the pugilistic world, there is not one who does not have the slightest drop of envy

    towards her. She sighed. Sometimes, I would wonder about her life and

    howhow shes the object of affection for so many Her voice trailed off in horror

    as she tried to correct herself. I-I didnt mean. S-She is the daughter of our

    enemy after all. I shouldntshouldnt be saying such things.

    But as Ao Xue fell asleep that night, her thoughts drifted to the Princess, about

    her perfection in life. She hopes that Hujie Xin knows how fortunate she is to be

    loved by the courts and everyone around her.



    Xin Ers earliest memories were those of her father. In her mind, he is nothing but

    a busy stranger. A shade of gray in her world of dulled colors. As a child, she

    spent her days wandering aimlessly around the palace until she is discovered by

    one of the maids or sentries and brought back to her chambers. Watching other

    palace children being loved and occasionally chided by loving fathers and mothers,

    the young girl couldnt help feeling a sense of loneliness. She often sat in the

    dark, creating lovely fantasies of her family. Her father will always be there beside

    her. Instead of her nurse asking whether she needs to summon the royal

    physician when Xin Er woke up, screaming from her nightmares, her father would

    wrap his arms around her and tell bedtime stories. Her mother would be nearby,

    humming a soft lullaby. When shes asleep, they would both kiss her and sit

    nearby, watching their daughter in her sleep.

    Then a sharp-tongued nurse would find her in the dark and tell her that her

    mother is dead. Her father has a myriad of sons and daughters, not all will even

    have the chance to see him once. Then her dreams and fantasies will shatter.

    Until the next day, when she will place them together again, piece by piece, in her

    own world with her dreams.

    Aside from her pretense scenarios, Xin Ers world is filled with harsh, demanding

    strangers. If the concubines of the palace were emotional victims of the emperor,

    so was Xin Er- perhaps even more so. Feeling unwanted and unloved, and did not

    know how to cope as a child, Xin Er blamed herself for the lack of affections. One

    day, she overheard two maids talking about how the emperor values talent and

    well-learned scholars. An idea sparkled in Xin Ers mind. From that day onwards,

    she began to haunt the imperial library. Overnight, she developed an interest in

    the fine arts, giving orders to hire masters in each separate expertise. Over the

    next few years, Xin Er drove herself harshly. By the time she was ten, Xin Er

    managed to memorize every book in the imperial library by heart. Became expert

    in the arts of dance, music, chess, and painting. Her music tutor discovered her

    extraordinary voice. Once, caught up in a particular song, Xin Er had sung it

    through the night. Palace guards heard it and reported night morning that a ghost

    is haunting the palace, a ghost with the voice of an angel. As Xin Er grew older,

    her features began to mature. Those who were asked to portray the Princess

    found themselves stumbling to found a description of her extraordinary beauty.

    Artists hired to paint her often resigned at the job, mumbling to themselves that

    they are simply not skilled enough to capture her stunning looks. Legend soon

    spread around the palace that Xin Er is a goddess from heaven. If the palace was

    captivated by her appearance, Xin Er is oblivious to it. No one in the palace dares

    to compliment her and she rarely sees strangers. Most often, she found it easier

    to pose as a boy. The hems and bodices in her dresses became an annoyance.

    Through the years, the only thought that kept her strong was the thought of not

    merely seeing her father, but to talk to himand to hear his voice.

    On her 15th birthday, everything changed for Xin Er. Her fathers messengers

    delivered an invitation, requesting her presence at a gathering. In it he mentioned

    a certain distant relative of hers. Xiu He is the daughter of the Chang Nan king to

    the North. Her father remarked of her cousins fame of being a beautiful girl and a

    graceful lady in the court. Immediately, Xin Er ordered her maids to put forth her

    best dress. If her father prefers a dignified, tame lady of the court, then that is

    exactly what shell become.

    On that day, Xin Ers dress is made of the most exquisite design, grand enough

    for a queen. Soon after she put it on, however, she began to regret her decision.

    Her dress bounded tightly to her waist, almost suffocating her. The shoes that the

    maids put out for her feels as if she is being scratched by thorns every step she

    took. However, she gritted her teeth and bit back the words of complaint.

    It was a different girl who stepped into the large hall that day. At her arrival,

    several young officials held their breaths, almost scared that this goddess will

    vanish before their eyes. The new girl stepped in. Just as the officials began to

    recall the ability to breathe, she turned her gaze towards them. Bewitched, they

    caught sight of her dark, mysterious eyes, framed by long lashes, curling softly at

    the tips of her eyes. The girl nodded to each of them politely. It is perhaps,

    fortunate, that she turned away at the moment, for she is certainly capable to be

    the cause of death for many men present that day. Walking towards her father,

    the girl gave a perfect curtsy. The man at the throne, the girls father, studied her

    carefully. The emperor has seen exquisite women from every region. Every one

    stunning. Yet their images of beauty in his mind seems to wilt in his daughters

    appearance. The girl, though no more than sixteen, has the mesmeric beauty of

    an immortal. Her slender figure, and dark, silken hair compliments the girls fair,

    flawless complexion. The emperor felt himself numb with shock. Her resemblance

    to her mother is startling.

    Xin Er felt the butterflies in her stomach grew with every step. When she curtsied,

    she felt her knees wobble and managed to steady herself before she fell in front

    of everyone. She is aware of everyones gaze on her and the butterflies in her

    stomach expanded to the size of dinosaurs.

    As the banquet began, Xin Er, unfortunately, was placed beside her cousin.

    Great. She had thought dully, All the better to the our contrasts.

    Xin Er observed Dugu Xiu He carefully. Her kindred is exquisite, she admitted to

    herself unwillingly, delicate figure and finely arched features. Xin Er imitated her

    cousins way of speaking and dining, managing to keep her reserve. Only once did

    she experience any cacophony through supper. She had slightly turned sideways,

    causing one of her hair garments to pin into her neck. She gave a cry of pain. As

    the officials turned, Xin Er whispered to her cousin, I screamed because I saw a

    spider the size of my hand, crawling towards you. Dugu Xiu Hes yelps of alarm

    directed the attention away from her. Xin Er grinned wickedly at her triumph inside

    while plastering on a look of horrified alarm.

    A few days after, her father discovered the extent of her knowledge and her

    remarkable array of talents. Over the next two years, Xin Er became

    indispensable, writing treaties and editing parchments declaring war. Her brother

    Keluen, older and stronger, became an instant hindrance. Battles of both wit and

    power raged between the two. To Xin Er, the war between them is not for power.

    To her, the battles are merely there so she could test her newly developed

    military strategy. However, the knowledge that given a chance, Keluen will not

    hesitate to eliminate her is fresh in her mind.

    It was one of her sword matches with Keluen, however, that resulted in her

    greatest, strongest rival, Duan Tian Ya.

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    Tian Ya staggered into his quarters, drained from the training. He had a

    particularly demanding session that day. His Shi Fu had forced in a tremendous

    amount of inner energy into his body. Finally, the inner energy had reached their

    peak from the amount poured into him that they burst several main blood vessels.

    His blood was spilt all over the walls of the room. As soon as he maintained

    control of the new energy, he was summoned to the training courts. Practicing for

    several hours after the transfer left him devoid of strength. But such training is

    common and he had long gotten used to it. It is the reason he survived while so

    many others are corpses, rotting in the dust. Selection in the Ice and Snow Palace

    began at six. During the early days, children were eliminated based on their

    performance in adaptation, speed in learning and mental stability. Those unable

    to pass the examinations were eliminated to prevent them from revealing the

    palaces secrets. As the children grew older, physical challenges filled their lives.

    Provided their own their own instincts, the children were put to various tests for

    survival. At the age of twelve, those who survived were made a part of the

    palace. The children swore allegiance to return the Han dynasty to its former glory

    at all costs. The Mongolians are their greatest enemies and are never to be


    Tian Ya had grown up in the palace, told that he was an orphan at birth, and had

    long became used to the rules of the palace. As a child he developed a

    determined, fierce aptitude for survival. Tian Ya is several years younger than

    many children in the palace. Yet his keen intelligence and his reputation of being

    an unbeatable fighter made him a legend among the children in the palace. He

    was a natural leader. Over the years, bands of children had formed in the palace.

    Taking over the control of one of the largest groups, Tian Ya launched several

    strategic attacks throughout the next few months. His tactics invented as a child

    gained the admiration of both youths and adults alike. By the end of that

    particular year, Tian Ya, who was eight, had united all bands of children, with him

    as their leader. It was on that day in which Tian Ya caught sight of a girl in the

    midst of the crowd. Aside from the rules of the palace, the children themselves

    formed a system of hierarchy. New arrivals were to pay tribute to their leader as a

    sign of loyalty and respect. Tian Ya enjoyed it tremendously. The girl came

    forward. She sobbed quietly to herself, as her pale skin seems to glow in the

    darkness of the cave in which they held their meetings. Qian Wu, Tian Yas official

    War advisor commanded her name. Ao Xue the girl had whispered. The

    insecurity and vulnerability about her touched Tian Ya somehow. That night, he

    found her crying softly under the willow trees. Tian Ya knelt down beside her and

    flashed his best smile at her. Surprised, she forgot to cry and stared at him with

    large, frightened eyes. Do you like Sugar-Covered Rock Candy? he suddenly

    asked, I have some in my room. He grinned mischievously, Dont tell Shi Fu, of

    course. Ao Xue looked shocked. Then a small smile appeared on her face and she

    nodded. Tian Ya stood up, extending his hand. The two children remained

    unseparable ever since. Both orphans, the closest thing Tian Ya and Ao Xue have

    to a family is each other. The many hardships faced only served to strengthen

    their bond.
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    The years passed by and the tests increased in difficulty. Tian Ya, a quick learner,

    swiftly realized the hints given before the tests on the previous day. Overnight,

    he and Ao Xue will spend their time in the library, reading about their tasks the

    next day and learning the basics of Martial Arts for tomorrow.

    At sixteen, Tian Ya was sent on his first assignment. On the way, he realized he is

    the reason for glances his way from girls. Quickly realizing it as a powerful asset,

    Tian Ya unleashed his charm on all female targets. Usually, one smile from him

    would dazzle them enough to pour out everything they know to him. Although

    Tian Ya sees himself personable enough, he has never understood why he

    attracted so much attention, nor does he care for any. At sixteen, he was

    strikingly handsome. Girls would dream about his dark, stormy eyes, his unruly

    hair that seems to always fall perfectly over his eyes, and his killer smile. In

    physical appearance, he neared perfection, portraying many girls man of their

    dreams. His easy, boyish manner and wit drew many unwanted interests. As a

    result, Ao Xue became a subject of jealousy among girls in the palace.

    Tian Ya struggled to fall asleep, yet the thoughts of tomorrow are clear in his mind

    as he remembered his Shi Fus instructions for his next mission.

    The Teng Long Sect is to hold a Sword Induction Ceremony to deem an
    appropriate owner for their famous sword, The Illusion Shadow. You will be
    competing against some of the most advanced Martial Arts Experts in all of the
    central plains. Also, I want you to note the Princess Hujie Xin. She will be there.
    From what I have heard, she is an extraordinary beauty. Beware of her tricks;
    that girl is up to no good.


    Xin Er wondered suddenly if she is downed by some rare maniac disorder in her

    family. As far as she can tell, she is the only one, perhaps in the entire palace,

    prone to challenge such an impossible task. She wracked her brain, trying to

    remember if any of her ancestors were mentally handicapped. Finding none, she

    began to trace her thoughts back to the food she had eaten. She swore in a most

    unladylike way. The sword is unreachable. Shes only to die when competing with

    some of the central plains most deadly experts. Finding nothing to blame her

    actions on, she blamed her brother for destroying her sword.

    In a sword match, Keluens sword had snapped hers in half. His blade is made of

    the purest silver from the mountains, hardened over thousands of years. Her
    prized sword is no match for his. One of her men ad informed her of Teng Long

    sects priceless sword. It is precisely her flaw of determined competition that has

    gotten her into trouble. She suddenly wondered if Duan Tian Ya will be there. She

    had seen him from a distance that day and had seen the level of his martial arts.

    She sarcastically added another reason to her long list of why she is insane to go

    to the induction.

    The air increased in tension as every leader of attending sects arrived. Tian Ya

    said nothing as he quietly observed each one while subconsciously looking for the

    Princess. So far, the only woman he had seen is plump and middle-aged, with a

    double chin and a bellowing voice. Tian Ya had serious doubts about her being the

    young girl he had sighted briefly that day. All of a sudden, murmurs rose among

    the crowd. Tian Ya turned only to see a girl

    approaching them.

    Xin Er scrutinized the crowd for nothing in particular. She observed several

    legendary masters in the pugilistic world present. But mostly, her attention

    focused on what she assumed could only be Duan Tian Ya.

    Tian Ya watched as she made her way through the muttering groups of people. As

    she sat down, he studied her carefully. He had noticed that she was exceptionally

    beautiful that day. But his brief impression had left no time for him to actually see

    her face clearly. Seeing her up close, he understood what the murmurs in the

    crowd were about. The princesss complexion is flawless- paler than an average

    Mongolian or perhaps even a Han. The girls features are on the verge of maturity,

    but not quite so- still leaving some traces of delicate coyness of a young girl. Shes

    just his age, perhaps even a little younger. Dark strands were left undone, falling

    down to her middle back. High cheekbones with long, curling lashes framing a set

    of luminous black eyes gave her face the look of a ravishing beauty.

    Meanwhile, Xin Ers eyes are also carefully inspecting Tian Ya. Despite her lack of

    experience in telling apart the men with good looks and the men that doesnt, this

    time she is positive Duan Tian Ya is handsome, or is considered handsome by the

    rest of the female population with her as an exception. A perfect build, with dark

    hair falling casually over his eyes. Just then, he looked up; his stormy eyes caught

    hers in a swift gaze. She found herself melting into them as the tints of light gray

    formed currents of electricity before an approaching storm. She caught herself

    before she fell off the edge of her chair. He broke away the eye contact. Xin Er

    sighed with relief and her breathing gradually returned to normal. She tried to

    look at everything but himand his eyes. She caught sight of several men behind

    him staring open-mouthed. Unfortunately, the men seemed to look like ugly

    brutes to her after Duan Tian Ya. She gave a smile and nodded.

    Tian Ya saw the Princess smile and felt his men leaning forward to catch a better

    look of her. He threw them a warning glance and cleared his throat. They quickly

    shifted their gaze to the ground then bowed their heads. Tian Ya summoned the

    head of his men. My lord? the man inquired.

    Order the men to make no contact with the Princess. He looked at his men.

    Those who refuse to follow my orders will be executed immediately.

    The man bowed and retreated.

    A snap in a distance caught Tian Ya's attention. An untrained ear would never

    have caught the sound. Almost at once, a fibered net from above fell on the crowd

    of people...
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    Xin Er awoke in feverish state. Her lips are dry and parched. Shes

    weak as water, feeling the walls for support, she struggled to stand. It is dark all

    around. She sensed that shes in a prison cell. Her long hair, original tied back

    with a ribbon, had fled loose. Her clothes are soaked with perspiration. Fighting

    waves of dizziness, she scrambled up on her feet. She pushed back her hair

    impatiently and promised herself that one day shell cut it as short as a mans. A

    field of black appeared into front of her and she almost fell back. All of a sudden,

    she felt someone catch her arm and steady her.

    A voice came to her in the darkness, surprising familiar. Princesswe meet


    There was a small cell window, equipped with metal bars, which a small amount of

    light filtered through. The figure took a breath and stepped into the light.

    Xin Er gasped aloud, De Feng.

    It was a year ago when Xin Er first encountered him. His father, De Kun, is the

    king of a massive tribe in the North. De Feng had been eighteen to her fifteen. At

    their arrival, Xin Ers father welcomed their honored guests into the main hall. Xin

    Er was placed to the left of her father, as Keluen is placed on the right. Their

    father rose for a deep bow as the King returned as gesture. De Kun is a massive

    man, bearded and tall- a commanding sight. Written in his adorned scars told

    stories of raids and victory, of blood-thirst and deadly ambitions. The King is

    dressed in his native clothing. Behind him stood several slaves, each carrying a

    myriad of gifts. A young man behind him approached the emperor and bowed. My

    son, De Feng. The King announced proudly in his gruff voice.

    Xin Er mentally listed the qualities of the young Prince.

    Noble Mien
    Unscarred Skin
    Wiry Built

    Five excellent reasons she hated him on sight. Shes familiar with young men of

    similar purposes. Theyre dukes and princes. Theyre wealthy merchants and rich

    business owners. All to achieve one goal- her. Some came for the power the

    engagement would give. Some came for the fame of marrying a legendary beauty.

    By now, Xin Er could mentally list the order they would choose to present


    First, they would bow, as De Feng is before her. Then, they would choose flattery

    and describe her beauty. After that, they would boast of their accomplishments.

    Finally, they would end with an invitation for her to join them at a particular place.

    De Feng proved to be no exception. The moment he met her gaze, he flashed a

    dazzling smile. O Princess. Your beauty surpasses those who are goddesses of

    the heaven. In our tribe, we have a legend saying whoever encounters a maiden

    of such beauty, she is a goddess reincarnated. He smiled wryly, Then I must be

    one of the few fortunate one, for I have yet to have seen one with beauty that

    surpass yours.

    Xin Er responded sweetly, If what you say is true, then a womans most

    desirable quality is based on her looks alone, as according to a man is it not?

    Then whats the difference between a living, breathing human woman and a

    portrait painted on a canvas, O Prince?

    The mans eyes darted from one corner to the other, apparently trapped by her

    words. I believe that a womans duty is to her own appearance, as well as to her

    husband. He concluded lamely. Before Xin Er had a chance to rebuke, he

    continued swiftly, Princess, I present to you the skin of a tiger I hunted at the

    Sichuan Mountains. Xin Er noted one of his servants clear look of displeasure.

    So he is the one who killed the tiger. Xin Er thought, That glory-claiming idiot.

    Of course The Prince now babbles on, The tiger collapsed at once because

    of my aim. He paused to study her expression, Did I ever mention that I am an

    expert archer, Princess?

    By then, Xin Er was reaching the end of her patience. I have picked up some skills in

    archery myself. Perhaps your highness would care to enlighten me in the training


    The Prince was clearly surprised, A Princess with some skills in archery. An

    aristocrat of many talents I presume.

    The small court followed them to the archery court. The Prince pretended to be an

    expert and chose a light, simple bow.

    Lets start by matching our skills. Xin Er suggested, pointing to the target.

    As you wish, Your Highness.

    He took aim, and Xin Er immediately noticed that he is an amateur. He took a

    breath and released the arrow. Xin Er watched as the arrow veered to the left of

    the target, about to miss it completely. A pebble was suddenly flung. It hit the

    arrow deftly, knocking it in the direction of the target. The arrow hit the center of

    the target solidly. Xin Er does does even need to look to know that De Fengs

    Father, De Kun, is the thrower of the pebble.

    Xin Er laughed lightly and picked up her bow. Taking aim, the arrow flew towards

    the center and pierced De Fengs previous arrow in shreds.

    It is De Kun who spoke, Your Highnesss inner strength is remarkable.

    Thats only the beginning, Old Man. Xin Er thought indignantly. Aloud she

    thanked him and smiled sweetly. Shall we try again, since there is no clear

    winner. De Feng nodded in agreement.

    He picked up his bow again. This time the arrow slanted to the right. Out of the

    corner of her eye, Xin Er saw De Kuns pebble speeding again towards the arrow.

    Swiftly, Xin Er picked up her own pebble from the ground and flicked it towards

    the pebble, knocking it out of its original intended path. De Kuns pebble never

    reached the arrow. De Feng gave a gasp as his arrow flew out of the targets


    Its the Mongolian winds. He claimed, now a deep red. Its so different.

    Xin Er politely agreed that it is the wind. I apologize for our wind, Prince. Affecting

    your aim like that. She picked up her bow and took aim. I, on the other hand,

    She released the arrow, do not have to worry The crowd watched as the

    arrow found its mark at the center of the target.

    They left the next day and Xin Er never saw them again, until then.

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    Tian Ya half-opened one eye from his pretense slumber to study

    the scene before him. The heads of each sects are there. All but him are

    unconscious from the deadly poison released by the Teng Long Sect. They are in

    a stone chamber. Carved on the walls are the symbolic dragons of the sect. A

    short, lightweight man is scurrying about, fastened the ropes around them. He

    sighed, slightly insulted that the sect believes that the poison could keep him

    under control. A dozen guards is the least of his expectations. Yet they reasoned

    that poison, even a fairly strong one, could stop him. He scorned and built up his

    inner strength to repel the last of the poison from his body. There are no

    windows in the chamber, but he figured it was nighttime. He had spent time

    learning about the foundation of the building. The room, if his hypothesis is

    correct, is near the center of the structure. He stretched himself and flexed his

    tensed muscles. Time to get to work. He groped for his dagger. Finding it

    strapped to his boots, his fingers closed on it and lashed the ropes around his to


    Startled, the short man turned with a jump. He saw Tian Ya and began to

    tremble. He edged back slowly. Tian Ya stood up and faced him.

    A-arent you s-supposed to be d-drugged? The man stammered, looking ready

    to wet his pants.

    Tian Ya smirked, If a little poison like that is all its going to hurt me, then itll be a

    dead man you see before you today.

    The man looked so frightened that Tian Ya almost feels sorry for him. Almost. He

    reached for his sword, but his hand closed on thin air. He bit back the urge to kill

    the man in front of him and swore. The sword he carried has always been part of

    him. Now he feels as through some part of him is missing. First Ill get this man to

    talk, then a stab with the dagger is all that its going to take. He flashed the man

    a genial, easy smile.

    Lets talk. He suggested. Like civilized men.

    The mans eyes widened in fear, wondering what the boy is up to.

    Im not up to anything. Tian Ya assured him lightly, reading his thoughts.

    The man tried to run. Tian Ya lunged swiftly, cornering his exit. In an instant, the

    victim found a sharp-edged dagger at his throat. The cold metal burned his skin.

    The youth smiled a wolfish smile. All I want to know. He said politely, Is where

    the treasure room of this sect isplease.

    The man bit his lip and shut his eyes, obviously awaiting his death. You dont

    HAVE to die. Tian Ya remarked, Being the gentleman I am, Im offering you a


    The frightened man opened his eyes. A look of indecision came across his face.

    Honor or life.

    And besides, Tian Ya continued, Im not just going to kill you. First to be

    chopped of are your legs, then your arms. He said calmly, unflinching, Then, he

    slid the tip of the dagger towards the mans eyes, the next to go will be your


    Tian Ya confided, Its a fate worse than death.
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Several moments later, Tian Ya was studying a detailed map of the Teng Long

    Sect. He pored over the various traps the exits, learning them by heart. When he

    knows the construction by memory, he sighted the nearest fireplace and burned

    the map to ashes in order to destroy all evidence of him ever knowing the map.

    He stole a quick glance at the lifeless corpse a few feet away from him. He shook

    his head ruefully, wondering when theyll ever learn that theyll never live no

    matter how hard they beg. All that results is his clothes getting stained by tears

    and saliva. He refreshed his memory on the structure of the sect. It exists as one

    of the most heavily guarded and trapped buildings he has ever come across. The

    Teng Long sect is located near a water reservoir. Using the water as power for

    the many mechanisms, the treasure chamber is almost impenetrable.

    He cursed himself for his stupidity. He had been warned by sources that finding

    an owner for the sword might not be the sole purpose of the Teng Long sect. But

    he was too busy staring like a fool at that damn girls face. His thoughts

    wondered to the Princess. Is she part of the scheme? She was not among the

    captives. He cleared his thoughts and blamed himself again for not paying

    attention to more pressing matters. He unbolted the door of his cell and strolled

    out with the easy confidence of a young master in his own manor.

    Xin Er shouted her answer to De Fengs persistent question for the last time, her

    patience reaching its limits (Yes, she does remember him). He rattled on about his

    love and devotion, sounding duller than an old scholar reading off the book of


    Princess, He pressed on, I love you and Ill go to the end of the world for you.

    Please say that you have changed your mind about me.

    Why doesnt he just go to the end of the world for me and stay there? Xin Er

    thought indignantly. I am most flattered. Xin Er said to him through clenched

    teeth, yet I must refuse.

    To Xin Ers surprise, De Feng smiled, You have spirit, Princess, as well as fiery

    determination. That, Milady, is precisely why I am so attracted to your charms. Not

    all girls can have such a clear idea of what they want in life.

    Xin Er groaned inwardly, that fool obviously is not intelligent enough to

    comprehend the concept of refusal.

    Xin Er cleared her throat, Your Highness. She tried to make him understand. I

    would rather bait myself as a parody to the whole court by hopping on one foot

    and singing at the top of my lungs as opposed to marrying you.

    She jumped as De Kuns cold voice approached them. My son. Do not waste time

    trying to convince this headstrong girl. The voice sniggered. She does not even

    know what love is at such a young age.

    Xin Er whirled around. De Feng is as dumb as doornails, yet his father is certainly

    capable to turning her blood to ice.

    If you cannot have her as your bride, De Kun advised, at least take her as


    Xin Ers heart started racing. Loot does not sound like a pleasant word. Every

    instinct screamed for her to run. But Xin Ers mind is racing to find a way in order

    to run and, at the same time, look dignified. Finally deciding that it is impossible to

    flee the scene without appearing as through she is trying to catch a chicken for

    supper, Xin Er decided that fighting her way out would be a more dignified

    approach. She reached for her sword. Finding it gone, she whipped right and

    unbelted De Fengs sword with lightning movements. His response is too late.

    She held his sword in front of her. Xin Er felt tense. The sword is made of light

    metal. She strongly suspected that De Fengs only use for it is as a prop. Even her

    own sword, valued for its lightness and speed, is about twice as heavy. Yet she

    felt like collapsing under the weight she now holds in her hand. Her heart rate

    quickened. Shakily, she tried to draw inner energy from her body. Nothing. She

    tried again, this time using all her strength. Then she felt a trickle of poison in her

    veins, blocking the release of her martial arts. Her movements are still intact. Yet

    without her inner strength she cannot last for long. Fear pounded inside of her.

    She edged back slowly, with the sword in front of her like a shield. Her heart

    became a loud hum in her ears. De Kun smiled a smile of a tiger that found its

    next prey. Xin Er fought a wave of terror to look around for something, anything.

    The two edged closer, grinning with menace. Her time is running out. She

    scanned around. Finally, she saw something. Her route to freedom. On a brick of

    the cell marked a faded symbol that craftsmen in the olden days used to mark a

    possible underground cell under their current location. It signifies the possibility of

    the collapse of the cell that they are currently standing on if one hits that single

    brick. She began attacking the brick with the hilt of De Fengs sword.

    De Feng approached her, apparently puzzled by her actions. Princess, what-

    De Kun saw the symbol. What do you think youre doing, girl? he exclaimed in

    horror. He grabbed his son by the forearm and dragged him out of the range of

    the collapse. Xin Er aimed her hits with a single-minded determination at the

    symbol. De Feng looked around with some nervousness. Princess, he

    swallowed, What are

    Thats when the whole cell crumbled and fell beneath its weight, taking the

    Princess with it.

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Tian Ya carefully picked at the last lock of the sword container. The treasure

    chamber of Teng Long Sect is surprisingly unguarded. In the center of the room

    lies the sword, protected by a sealed container. Tian Ya grimaced. The locks are

    possibly the hardest to hack in the central plains. They are each specially made to

    activate a trap if the outside rim is even touched by something.

    Tian Ya worked for hours, trying to unlock the five locks of the container. Now he

    is almost done picking the last lock. Trying to keep his fingers from shaking, he

    heard the last notch click into place. Cautiously, he began to turn the lock, wary of

    the outside rim in case he set off the mechanism.

    At that moment, the roof collapsed. Tian Ya stared in shock. He glanced up. A

    wiry, well-dressed man has his arms around the Princess. Rumbles of rocks began

    falling. Bricks and stones descended upon him as he tried to dodge out of the

    way. A fateful pebble made its way down and hit his hand. He wavered, his tool

    then touched outer rim of the lock.

    Then came the end of the world.

    The mechanism groaned. A giant force awakening from its long slumber. Tian Ya

    hardly had the chance to swear before the floor underneath him opened its

    massive jaws. The ground began splitting in halves. Swiftly, he turned the last

    lock and reached in for the sword. He barely managed to strap it on before his

    foot landed in thin air. The cold air rushed past him as he fell rapidly down. His

    stomach lurched and he fell onto the bare stone floor. He groaned and stood up.

    Tian Ya raised his glance. The man was shouting foreign words to the girl, his

    arms locked around her waist. She struggled out of his grasp with a slash of her

    sword. The man gave a cry of pain, his wrist dripped with red.

    Tian Ya is fuming. That damned girl. He had almost made it out. Its her fault he

    landed in this trap in the first place. The girl yelled a sentence in Mongolian.

    She then closed her eyes and jumped.

    Tian Ya reasoned that she must be extremely desperate or extremely insane. He

    strongly believed the latter. At first, before she caused the collapse, they were

    one floor apart. Now that the floor he was standing on broke apart, there is now

    a good 60 feet distance between them.

    Tian Ya watched as she fell. Most men, not willing to waste such a beauty, would

    have caught her gallantly in their arms. Unfortunately for her, Tian Ya is not

    among them. Furthermore, she is the cause of this predicament in the first place.

    By chance, her sword scraped across the stonewall, creating friction and slowing

    her fall. Had it not been so, the chamber would most likely been her final resting

    place. She tumbled down and fell, her eyes closed.

    Tian Ya debated whether to kill her or inspect to see if the fall was fatal first. Then

    kill her. Her fall is not a moment too soon. For immediately after, iron bars closed

    them in. Tian Ya swore savagely and approached the girl. She stirred and

    mumbled in Mongolian, most likely an unladylike word. She struggled to stand and

    failed miserably, sinking back down.

    Dont even try. Tian Ya sneered, With that fall, theres bound to be some

    broken bones.

    The girl ignored him and continued her noble quest to stand up. Tian Ya

    shrugged. He couldnt care less.

    However, when she is about to fall again, Tian Yas arm went around her waist

    and held her up. He wondered why his arm acted on impulse. Perhaps its

    because of those training sessions with Ao Xue. He had always caught her when

    she fell.

    Now hes actually holding a Princess in his arms. He hesitated, at loss on what to


    Errr he managed intelligently.

    She tried to shake free of his grasps. Tian Ya stated calmly, Its your funeral.

    Without warning, he suddenly released her. She plummeted down to the stone

    floor with a thump. Tian Ya wondered if she understood him. He could have sworn

    she was speaking Chinese to her men before.

    He struggled to think of a possible reason that he didnt kill her. Perhaps its the

    look in her eyes. In there he found something he didnt expect to find in such an

    arrogant girl. Vulnerability. All the more reason to swear. The scent of her

    perfume still lingered in his arms.

    He knelt beside her. You know. He mocked, While everyone has the right to

    behave stupidly once in a while, you certainly abused that privilege.

    She continued to believe that silence is golden. For she continued to turn her

    head away from him. He does not want to continue his monologue and does not

    want to try. So he turned away. Let the stubborn girl do what she wants. He

    doesnt intend to spend the rest of his life here. Especially not with her.

    Xin Ers head echoed with De Kuns last words before she jumped. You never

    knew your mother, did you, Princess? She had not been prepared to jump,

    seeing the distance of her fall. Its the next words he spoke that changed her

    mind. It now haunted her restlessly. Thats not all I know. He laughed, pleased

    to have cornered her. I also know that you do not remember a single detail of

    your life before the age of six. Am I right? Her heart had been beating so loudly

    she was sure the whole sect had been able to hear it. He knew. He knew about

    her worst fear. If so, then what else does he know? The tiger read her thoughts.

    I also know something you dont Princess. He offered. He then said something

    that turned her thoughts inside out.

    Your mother was a Chinese woman.

    The words seem like a curse. Repeating themselves over and over again in her

    mind, refusing to leave her thoughts. She shook her head. There is no reason to

    believe what he said. After all, its high likely that he could have lied. Yet the

    words kept nagging at the back of her head. Its not impossible, she unwillingly

    admitted. That would provide a good explanation for her looks. She had always

    been an alien among children of her own status, with her pale complexion and

    figure. She had always seemed to thinner by comparison. She fought back those

    thoughts. Shes a Princess, pure of blood. The skin is due to the fact that she

    spent little time in the Sun. Unfortunately, a nasty reasonable side of her argued

    back. Saying that the girls she was compared to spent even less time from her

    residences. They are probably unaware of what a horse is. The willowy frame is

    because she ate little. Compared to the burly guards youre forced by your father

    to bring along. Her traitorous thoughts declared.

    Stop it! she screamed out. I am not listening.

    Duan Tian Yas lifted brow snapped her back to reality. She immediately

    remembered her situation. What a relief. She reminded herself sarcastically, I

    am still stuck in the trap with a manic killer. She studied him. He does not seem

    mad. Just seems more like a boy than a man. An arrogant, mocking, and

    good-looking boy. But stilljust a boy. Her mind dug up the stories she had heard

    of him. She suspected most are legends. Then again, all legends are born out of

    truths. She has serious doubts that he can wipe out a sect that has been

    established for two hundred years by himself at the age of sixteen in a matter of

    days. But as she looked into those fire-ice pools of depth, she realized the truth.

    Yes, yes he can.

    She must have drifted. For he was saying something. about you. He finished.

    She bit back her words of insult, determined not to speak Chinese ever again. It

    makes her feel better-not speaking, as if it denied the conversation with De Kun

    itself. However, she feels bottled up, not countering his ridicules. Ill die if I have

    to, she thought stubbornly, no Chinese words will cross my lips again. She

    decided to say her insults in Mongolian, knowing he wont be able to understand.

    Arrogant, conceited jerk whos so full of yourself, didnt your mother teach you any manners at all?

    He knelt down beside her and flashed a dangerous smile. Ive decided to take that as a compliment. Now, lets discuss your punishment if you dare say that again, shall we?

    [To be continued...]

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    Hehe...I like how this story is going so far...There's quite of bit of grammar mistakes, but nothing overly distracting. Besides, grammar mistakes are easily fixed. The story itself is engaging. Keep at it!

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