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    Default Logging off

    I can't seem to log off from this site. Every single time i click log out, a screen that says "all cookies clearer" wil be displayed but when I come back again, I am still logged in (turning off the computer and coming back the next day)

    I haven't signed in for the longest time because I never need to anymore.

    It is not a big deal to stay logged in but I am curious if there is something that i can do about this...

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    The same thing happens to me too actually, but if you notice on the dates and times and all, it shows that you really did log out and that also when you return it's like you barely logged in yourself, just at that moment, not that you were actually there all in between the times u weren't there, it just automatically logs you in, do you have the "remember me" checked?

    Hopefully this helps.
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    i never bother loggin off cuz no one in my family goes this site nd if they do theres nothing realy to hide

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    Yeah that happens to me to. It really bothers me to be shown as online all the time, but I don't know if that happens or not.
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    Try clearing your browser's cookies and restart the browser and try it again.

    On IE, go to Tools- > Internet Options - > Clear Cookies

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