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Thread: Sound of Colors 《地下鐵》

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    Quote Originally Posted by adreanne View Post
    wish i could have yx's umbrella.. it's soooo cute
    me too haha

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    One of the two greatest non-costume Chinese dramas ever produced, period.

    The last episode is incredibly emotional. Haven't gotten this "touched" by such powerful drama since the ending of Toy Story 3 ... and before that, the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2 (anyone familiar with these two masterpieces in the cinematic/gaming worlds should be able to formulate an idea of just how powerful the Sound of Colors ending is).

    American TV producers need to take note. It's really pathetic how American TV can do comedy well but completely FAIL when it comes to drama.

    Primarily because American producers don't have the BALLS to push the envelope when it comes to drama/emotion (also because they don't have the writing/acting talent to pull off that kind of gut-wrenching emotion, which requires a crapload of story/character development beforehand).

    This series teaches a couple of valuable lessons:

    1) Don't make presumptuous assumptions about a) modern (non-costume) Chinese TV series, b) Ruby Lin, or c) literature adaptations

    2) The Chinese are able to take emotional drama to its INTENDED level ... something that American TV "dramas" have failed to do since the beginning ... no wonder Americans make jokes (light) of everything ... those poor bastards have no idea what real DRAMA is because they never get to experience the truly intense EMOTION. Poor bastards.
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