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Just rewatch Justice Pao
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Thread: Just rewatch Justice Pao

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    Default Just rewatch Justice Pao

    The series was great. Dik Long and Felix Wong played the roles well. I like the second case with Jackie Lui, Maggie Sui, and Wong Wai. The plot and acting were superb. I actually like this version of Justice Pao better than the Taiwanese version. This version is better written, concentrating more on crime solving.

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    I like TVB's version but it gets predictable after a while as to who-did-it. If you get a chance you should try out the ATV version with Ray Lui as Zhan Zhao (Felix's role in TVB version). The Cast in the ATV version has a mixture of taiwanese and HK actors from ATV production company. And I think the storyline is good and the suspense is probably better than this TVB version. It's not always easy to guess who did-it in the ATV version.

    You get to see Michael Miu Kiu Wai in the ATV version too. The acting is wonderful too. you should try it...

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    I am rewatching Bao Qing Tian, too, but besides the original Taiwanese version, I don't like any other versions.

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    i'd suggest the ATV version as well. the cases were more compelling IMHO.

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    I also suggest the ATV version. The cases are more interesting. The TVB version was good but some of the cases got really boring for me for example Irene wan's case and Christine Ng's case. No offense to them as I do enjoy their acting but just didn't enjoy the story line as much. I did enjoy Jackie and Maggie's case =)

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