This is rely a trivial topic but I’m asking out of curiosity. I was watching some old serials & realized, to my amazement, some veteran actors who were playing the father roles (presumably aged 60s) in serials 10-15 years ago are still playing the same father roles to the leads of today… they never seem to age! Its cos of better make-up? Or these actors were playing roles much older than their actual age last time?

Example: In the LOCH 82 , Lau Dan played Hung Qi Gong who is supposed to be an old man in his 50-60s? In the new Revolving Door of Vengeance (RDOV), he is still playing an old man in his 60s (celebrated his 60th birthday).
Also, I suspect the oldest actor in the show is Joe Ma’s father, Lo Hoi Pang. Is he supposed to be in his 70s (since he often appeared as older bros of other veteran actors like Chun Pui & Wu Fong, who are in their 60s already)? At his age, I’m quite surprised at his agility, and scenes where he got beaten up , attacked in the boat & thrown into the sea!
There are many veteran actors who seems to be acting the 60s age group for the past 20 years… I’m rely curious at their actual age, like

Lau Kong (played Yeung Hung's adopted father in LOCH 82)
Wu Fong( he played Roger's grandfather, Ko Hung's father in The Herbalist Affairs)