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Special Someone- Jill Xu Jie Er, Wallace Huo, Bi (Rain), and Song Hye Kyo
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Thread: Special Someone- Jill Xu Jie Er, Wallace Huo, Bi (Rain), and Song Hye Kyo

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    Default Special Someone- Jill Xu Jie Er, Wallace Huo, Bi (Rain), and Song Hye Kyo

    i don't have anytime today but i'll start the story tomorrow. i hope u enjoy it.

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    Default Prologue & Chapter 1

    Character Info

    Jill Xu Jie Er- Jill Xu
    26 years old
    Model, actress, Singer
    Very famous in Taiwan and Korea
    Daughter of the owner of Universal Advertising
    Younger sister of Michelle Xu
    Will star in Taiwan and Korean collaboration- "Dreams"

    Wallace Huo
    28 years old
    Son of the owner of Cosmo Advertising
    Manager of Cosmo Advertising

    Michelle Yip- Michelle Xu
    27 years old
    Daughter of the owner of Universal Advertising
    Vice manager of Universal Advertising
    Older sister of Jill Xu

    Bi (Rain)
    27 years old
    Singer and Actor
    Famous in Korea and Taiwan
    Will star in Taiwan and Korean collaboration- "Dreams"

    Song Hye Kyo
    26 years old
    Famous in Korea and Taiwan
    Will star in Taiwan and Korean collaboration- "Dreams"

    Peter Ho
    26 years old
    Actor and Singer
    Famous in Taiwan
    Will star in Taiwan and Korean collaboration- "Dreams"

    Dylan Kuo
    27 years old
    Famous in Taiwan
    Will star in Taiwan and Korean collaboration- "Dreams"

    As soon as we are born into this world, we are given a special someone. A person who will love us forever even though they have no relations to us whatsoever. Someone who can spend the rest of our lives with. This special someone is our soul mate, the love of our life and we will spend most of our lives searching for them. Yet as soon as we find them we lose them in the blink of an eye. At this moment we feel like we’ve lost everything and have no reason left to live. However many of us are given a second chance to be reunited with our special someone. This will all go to waste if we’ve given up al hope and don’t use it.
    This is a tale of 4 people who were given that second chance. But do they choose to use it?

    Chapter 1- The Fiance

    Jill Xu and Wallace Huo have been best friends since high school. They were there to help each other through many heart aches and difficulties. After all this, they realized that they liked each other. So of course they had to go through many obstacles to become boyfriend and girlfriend for 2 years. Then something happened that ended their happiness. Jill had been a model that had attracted music and TV industries when she turned 19. Now at the age of 21, she was offered to go overseas to Korea for a year to star in their upcoming TV production- “Lost Hope“. She thought that Wallace would be fine with this but when she told him he became very angry and frustrated. He opposed this to the point that he told her if she were to go he would never talk to her again. This made Jill very angry since she didn’t like it when people try to tell her what to do. This is what made them go their separate ways. However on the day that Jill was to leave to go to Korea, Wallace realized that he was wrong. He even went to the airport to find her but he had gotten there too late. After Jill had finished filming “Lost Hope”, she decides to stay in Korea since she saw that there was nothing left for her back In Taiwan. In the end, she stayed there for 4 years. After this amount of time, Wallace had moved on too and had become the head manager of his father’s adverting company- Cosmo Adverting. Later, Jill moves back to Taiwan and now she’s been back for the last four months. The only one that she’s been in contact with was her old sister, Michelle.

    Jill was running late to her sister, Michelle’s dinner party. She didn’t want t go to this dinner party in the first place since she knew she would feel out of place. She only agreed to go since she felt bad for not having any contact with Michelle for the last four years. She was so scared of what people might say to her at this party even though they were her family and friends. If only she had Bi with her was all she could wish for at this point. Actually she had met him in Korea; he was her co-star in “Lost Hope’. He even helped her to adapt to life in Korea and he had healed her broken heart but to her he will always be the big brother she never had. She thought that he would forget her when she decided to move back to Taiwan but he was there a week later after she had gotten back. From there he kept on visiting her every now and then. However he couldn’t be there this time. He’s really busy with his work schedule right now. This is the first time that she has to face something this big without him. She finally got to the restaurant and was lucky enough to find a parking place. As she walks into the elevator she starts to dig through her purse.
    She starts to say: Where is it? I remember putting the room number that the party would take place in here.

    Then all of a sudden her cell starts to vibrate.

    She answers: Hello
    Michelle says: Hey little sis. Your 30 minutes late.
    Jill: I know. I know. But I forgot what room you guys are in
    Michelle: Didn’t I tell you that before you left for work today?
    Jill: Yeah and I wrote it down. I remember putting it in my purse but I don’t know where it is now.
    Michelle: Typical Jill. You do this all the time and you never learn from it.
    Jill: Oh, thanks. But Michelle, that’s not helping me at all here. Just tell me where you guys are.
    Michelle: Fine but next time be more careful and on time when it comes to stuff like this. We’re in room #12.
    Jill: Yeah, yeah I try my best. Thanks, bye.
    Michelle: Wait, you have to to promise me something.
    Jill: What?
    Michelle: No matter what happens at this dinner party you can’t get mad and make a scene.
    Jill: Huh? Why would I get mad? And I do not make scenes.
    Michelle: Just promise me after all you do owe me.
    Jill: Fine, you know that I’ll do anything for you since you are my sis.
    Michelle: No, you have to say I promise you.
    Jill: This is so silly but I promise you.

    Jill later hangs up the phone and pushes the elevator button. However she can only think of what could happen at this dinner party that would make her mad. The elevator door swings open and she walks down the hall. She opens the door to room #12 and is greeted with hugs to her surprise. After all of the greeting from her old friends, she joins them at the table and then Michelle stands up.
    Michelle: welcome everyone and I’m so happy that you all could make it here especially since my little sis is here. As you may all know why we’re here today. Jill, can you please stand up and come here.
    Jill: Huh, why?
    Michelle: Just please some here.
    Jill: Alright.
    Jill starts to walk to Michelle. She stops right in front of her.
    Michelle: Jill, do you remember what you promised me over the phone.
    Jill: Of course I do.
    Michelle: Then, I would like for you to meet my fiancé.

    Michelle points to the door and in walks this guy. As soon as he has entered the room, Jill drops her purse. This guy had such an impact on her and her life. She was now face to face with the reason to why she moved to Korea. She was now standing next to the guy that had broken her heart four years ago. And all he can do is look at her and say,” Jill, it’s been a long time.” At this very moment, she is trying very hard to hold in her anger and rage. She manages with al her might but she knows that she can’t do it if she stays in this room any longer. She turns to Michelle to say.
    Jill: Con- congratulations! I’m so sorry but I have to go now. I know that I was late but I have something very important that I have to tend to.

    Michelle nods at her and lets her go. Jill steps out of the room and closes the door. She walks a little bit down the hall and then tears start to flow out of her eyes. She can do nothing to stop it. All of a sudden she hears footsteps approaching her and she starts to run as fast as can. However this person catches up to her in no time. They come to a sudden stop. He pulls her aside and holds her wrist and says, “I’m so sorry Jill, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”
    Jill looks at him and pulls her hand away form his grasp.
    Jill: It’s too late for that but what are you doing in here. You should be at the dinner party with my sis after all she is your fiancée.
    He looks at here and says, “It’s okay I told her I needed some fresh air.
    Jill: Then you shouldn’t be here.
    He replies. “But!”
    Jill: No buts, you don’t have to worry about me. Just don’t hurt Michelle as much as you hurt me, Wallace Huo or I’ll never forgive you.
    Wallace: But there’s something that I have to -
    Jill: I’m going to count to 3 and when I turn around you should be out of my sight. 1.…2.………3

    She turns around hoping that he still there but he’s gone. She collapses to her knees and breaks down into a never-ending series of tears.
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    ok im writing and posting the rest of this fanfic on winglin. i hope u guys like this little sample and the fanfic. here's the link please read it:


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    Hi there Vietblue99, are you still visiting this thread?

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