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    Cool HK Movies Synopsis'

    This topic is for synopsis of HK movies that I happen to get my hands on. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    My following plans so far are :

    1. The Lion Roars
    2. Chinese Odyssey 2002
    3. Shaolin Soccer

    And perhaps more later.
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    The Lion Roars

    Cast :
    Seasonal Chan - Louis Koo
    Moth Liu - Cecilia Cheung
    Fan Bing Bing - Princess
    Hui Shiu-hung - Soo Tung Bo

    Director/Scriptwriter - Joe Ma

    Information included on the DVD
    Synopsis - During Soong dynasty, there lived a beauty named Moth Liu (Cecilia Cheung). She has gone to blind dates for many times, still she cannot get married, until she meets a talented poet Seasonal Chan (Louis Koo). Seasonal is making his debut as Soo's special guest in a reading-concert, his avant-garde style is badly recieved, only Moth supports him wholeheartedly. Not long afterwards the two get married, and only until then Seasonal realizes that he has married to a roaring lion who limits him on all his activities and expenses...

    Cecilia Cheung as Moth Liu
    The youngest daughter, and also the dearly beloved one of Family Liu. She is good at fighting skills, and is used to solve her difficulties by force. From the moment she marries Seasonal, she supervises all his moves, and treats him on corporeal punishment whatever she wants. In fact, she is in love with Seasonal.

    Louis Koo as Seasonal Chan
    A romantic poet, with a charming appearance, enjoys his single life. After getting married with Moth, his life begins to turn upside down. Moth strives to be a roaring lion, limits Seasonal on all his expenses and activities. He is scared of his wife, but still intends to get away from Moth's suveillance.

    Fan Bing Bing as Princess
    A decent girl, and is the beloved princess in the palace. Indeed, she can get whatever she wants. She bears a grudge against Moth as she falls in love with Seasonal. At last, she is being moved by Moth did and retreats her love towards Seasonal.

    Hui Shiu-hung as Soo Tung Bo
    A famous poet, is popular in the country, and is the superstar in the eyes of the citizens. He is the best friend of Seasonal. He is willing to help when Seasonal gets into trouble. He is also a romantic guy, and has nine wives.

    Pretty bad grammar huh??

    Next : Chapter 1 guide
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    Chapter 1 - Moth Liu & Seasonal Chan!

    Moth Liu (Cecilia Cheung) is at a temple praying and getting her fortune. Apparently she has done this many times and all of the fortune tellers are afraid of her.

    Meanwhile, Seasonal Chan (Louis Koo) is being set up on some blind dates by his friend Soo Tung Bo (Hui Shiu-hung). There were no good matches.

    Moth's brother sets her up on a blind date with a rather not so pleasant guy who goes by 'Spiderman'. She refuses him, making him angry, he calls her names and they end up fighting on the streets. While fighting off his men, Moth grabs a large pole and starts waving it at them. 'Spiderman' ends up taking Moth's brother hostage and slashes his arm.

    Meanwhile, Seasonal appears among the crowd.
    Moth continues to wave the stick around anyway and Seasonal ends up being stuck at the top of the pole.

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    He falls off and Moth catches him. 'Spiderman' slashes her brother's other arm. Seasonal stands up and tells 'Spiderman' that he shouldn't be hurting other 'brothers' when he should be in the army where the country needs him. After a long while of trying to comprehend what Seasonal just said, 'Spiderman' drops his sword and goes off to help the country.

    Moth admires Seasonal's way of resolving things with words and not fists. They exchange names and Seasonal bids farewell. Moth appears lovestruck.

    Next : Chapter 2 - Perfect Odd Couple

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    Chapter 2 - Perfect Odd Couple

    People are shoving to get pictures of Soo Tung Bo for his poetry gathering (I'm calling it concert). Moth attends with her housekeeper. The crowd is very rowdy and Moth runs into her cousin Long who works at the palace. The king is also at the 'concert'. Soo Tung Bo appears and the crowd goes estatic. Woman are screaming and men are crying with joy. Soo Tung Bo recites a song and dances to it. The crowd goes wild. Once done, Soo Tung Bo represents his special guest for the night, Seasonal Chan.

    Seasonal walks onto the stage and tries to make an introduction but is booed by the audience. A girl tells him to go take a hike...Moth gets angry and punches her.
    The king throws something at Seasonal and tells him to hurry up. Seasonal turns around and walks away, but Soo Tung Bo drags him back. Seasonal starts to sing a very post-modern day song and the crowd yawns with boredom, but Moth cheers him on.

    Moth looks into the sky and sees fireflies....she grabs a stick and waves it around. The fireflies attach themselves onto the stick, thus inventing the glowstick you see at concerts. heheh.Seasonal sees Moth jumping around with the glowstick and he slows the music down. He sees that she's the only one rooting him on and thanks her.

    After the 'concert' is the afterparty. Soo Tung Bo attends to the king and the rest of the guests while Seasonal sits on the balcony.

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    Moth sees him and sits next to him. Seasonal's feeling down but Moth encourages him and tells him that his songs were meaningful and very deep.
    Seasonal nods in thanks and they share a moment of silence.

    After changing the position of their heads about 50 times...they finally manage to
    almost kiss, only to be interupted by the king and everyone else watching. The king tells them that they make a good couple, Seasonal with his crazy song, and Moth with her crazy glowing stick, so he orders them to get married. Moth seems happy while Seasonal seems terrified.

    They get married before the king. Seasonal seems forced against his will. He cries out as they push him down the altar.

    Seasonal and Moth return to her home to pick up her things. Her brother and cousin run up to them worriedly and she tell them that she got married last night. They introduce each other and Moth's brother prays to the ancestors for finding someone who would marry Moth. "Sister sold--no refund, no exchange".

    Cousin Long calls Seasonal 'Savior' and offers him some rare medicines and valuable ginsengs.

    After getting her things and almost all of the servants, Moth said goodbye to her brother and left with Seasonal.

    Next : Chapter 3 - Can You Do This?
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    Chapter 3 - Can you do this?

    They arrive at Seasonal's house and a bunch of girls surround Seasonal, praising him for being noticed by the king. Moth gets angry and grabs one of the girls and toss her far..far..far away. The rest of the girls scream and run away.

    Seasonal stares in shock while Moth goes into the house. The housekeeper comes out
    to welcome his master and tells him that a woman landed in the front yard. Moth runs over and throws the woman back out. The housekeeper (Wong Choy) welcomes Moth and bows to her.
    "Long live your majesty!". The other servants bow and chant along.

    Seasonal stares from afar, mouth hanging.

    Wong Choy offers Moth all of the house account books. Moth tells him to stop
    calling her ma'am because it makes her sound old. So he calls her 'master' but Moth says that Seasonal is the 'master' of the house. Wong Choy comes up with an idea - she'll be 'She-Master' and he'll be 'He-Master'.

    Wong Choy leaves the room and Seasonal stares, jaw dropping. He asks Moth if
    she would ever hit him. She tells him not unless he does something wrong.
    He asks her what her definitions were of 'wrong'.

    She lectures :
    "From now on, you'll love no one but me...
    You'll spoil me; never lie to me...
    Fullfill all your promises...
    Always tell me the truth..
    Never argue with me; have faith in me...
    Protect me, stand up for me...
    Share my laughter...
    Wipe away my tears...
    Promise that I'll always be the only one in your eyes...
    The only one in your dream...
    The only one in your heart!"
    "Simple enough?"

    Seasonal replies with a terrified look in his face.

    Seasonal, Soo Tung Bo and the rest of the guys hang out at a restaurant. Moth
    is also there, she is the only wife amongst the men. Soo Tung Bo invites Seasonal to the club...Moth listens in. Soo Tung Bo tells her that she should be running errands at home and that woman should be at home making
    dinner while the men bonded. Moth tells him not to worry because they had a very good cook at home, but Tung Bo tells her that she has a sharp tongue. He tells Seasonal to tame her before it's too later, then he tells his servant to call for the 9th concubine (his mistress). Within seconds, there was a woman running from afar to the restaurant. She fell flat on her face and
    Tung Bo asked her what took her so long. She started to explain that she was taking a bath, then Tung Bo tapped her on the shoulder with his fan and told her to go home. Pouting, the 9th concubine ran back home.

    Seasonal is impressed with the training. Soo Tung Bo gives him the fan and says that he could do it too. Moth gives him looks, as if to dare him. Seasonal takes the fan and gently taps Moth on the shoulder. With a scared look on his face, he asked her to go home.

    Soo Tung Bo see's Seasonal's reluctance so he brings him aside and tells him that they're going to trick her. Soo Tung Bo slapped Seasonal and yelled loudly that he's an embarassment and they despised him (doing this finger thing). Moth pretends to be a good wife to give Seasonal face, so she runs home.

    The guys cheered and continued to drink as Moth, seeking revenge for Seasonal, finds her way to Soo Tung Bo's house...

    Night falls, and the Soo household, carrying torches, march to Seasonal's house demanding justice. They claimed that Moth Liu beat them up -woman, children, and even a dog. (Seasonal gets most emotional when he sees the dog who's name
    happens to be Sammi).

    Soo Tung Bo hands Seasonal a wooden rod and tells him to punish Moth. Seasonal ran into the house and started slashing at the air around Moth, crying and yelling really loudly so that the others could hear. He accidently hits Moth in the back and in fear, goes into a martial arts stance.

    They argue for a while. Moth tells him that she's the only who could hit him and no one else. He tells her that she has no right to hit others and that she's just a bully.
    Moth chases Seasonal outside the house holding the rod. Seasonal screams for help.

    Soo Tung Bo tells Moth that he'll make her pay for all she's done. She tells him that
    she didn't do any of this and that all she did was kick down the front door. Tung Bo says that he won't fall for her tale.

    The Soo household crowd around Moth chanting "Moth Liu beat me! Moth Liu beat me!".

    Moth got angry and threatened to give them a good lashing. Seasonal tries to calm her down but she was really angered. At that time, a man from the crowd
    steps out, he was also beaten up and he was wearing what seemed like a bra
    made of plain cloth. He says sorry to them and calls Seasonal 'Mister'. Seasonal asks how old he is. He replies "Abnormal growth hormones...I'm only 14!". Moth and Seasonal but the straps back on for the 'boy'. He tells them that Moth wasn't the one who hit him. Apparently, when Moth had kicked down the door, the Soo family panicked and went haywire, people fell over each other and ran into walls, causing the injuries. They had come in the middle of the night to frame Moth.

    Seasonal tells him that he's a good boy for being honest and that he should shave the
    next time that he goes out. Seasonal complains to Tung Bo that he made him hit Moth for nothing. Tung Bo tells Seasonal that Moth was the one who caused everuthing and that he demanded an apology otherwise their friendship is over. Seasonal questions
    Tung Bo for his seriousness...Tung Bo whispers that his family is looking up to him for justice and he asked Seasonal to give him some face.

    Soo Tung Bo hands the butcher knife to Seasonal. (some sort of ceremony). Seasonal ran towards the matress (made of grass or hay or something) holding the knife, and it ends up slipping out of his hand. It lands before Moth's feet and she grabs it and runs toward the matress, cutting it in half. 9th concubine was standing a few feet behind it and her clothes fell apart. Tung Bo tells her that that's a dangerous spot to be.

    Moth gives the crowd a glare and they all scream and run. While running, Soo Tung Bo
    calls Seasonal a sissy. After they've all ran, Seasonal hugs Moth from behind and asks her to promise that she'll never hit anyone again, especially him. Moth says no and tells him to hand her the thrashing rod. She raises the rod...

    "So your friends are more important...give me your hand!"
    Seasonal puts out his hand...
    "One! Two!..."
    He puts his hand back...
    "Don't move"
    "One! Two!...three..."
    She lightly taps the rod on his hand and tells him to go inside.

    Seasonal graciously thanks her and holding on to the other end of the rod, walks with her.Moth tells him that he's not to leave the house without permission.

    "But that's harsh..."

    Moth to Wong Choy :"I told to be responsible for the He-master..I swear I'll hit you too"

    Seasonal looks to Wong Choy for help.

    "Help! Help!"

    Moth drags Seasonal inside.

    "Close the door first He-master!"

    "Help! Help!"


    Seasonal is locked in the house and is limited to writing books while Moth watches him. At night, he howls at the moon. Moth comes out and tells him to walk the dog with her. He tells her that she should read more and that knowledge will give her wings. She tells the dog that his 'daddy' is so cool.

    Seasonal hands her a big stack of books and she ends up falling asleep. Seasonal carries her over to the bed and turning around with a huuuuge grin on his face, he walks to the door only to run into a sleepy Wong Choy.

    "He-master, where are you going?"

    "Wong, let me go out, I need to have some fun!"

    "Siu-yeh (master), what do you think I am? I'm only loyal to you!"



    "Are you setting me up?"

    "*sigh* Siu-yeh, I'm on your side, I've to understand the enemy, gain her trust,
    then, I can save your *** ."



    "I can't leave you behind and sneak out alone, why don't you come and have some fun too!"

    "Good, let's go"

    They walk towards the door.

    "No, you need to stay behind and watch her"

    "OK sir"

    Seasonal runs off to the main exit as Wong Choy stays behind.

    "Almost time!! ..for the Anesthesia smoke..."

    Wong stands outside of Moth's room and blows some Anesthesia smoke out of a pipe. He forgets to back away and ends up inhaling some of the smoke and passes out.

    Meanwhile, it's Persian Night at the club and Seasonal runs into Soo Tung Bo. They make ammends and go into the club together.

    Back at home, Moth wakes up and finds Wong Choy lying on the ground.

    She kicks him a few times.

    He sits up and seems all delusional...eyes closed...
    "Gooood mooorning! She-master!"

    Moth thinks he looks funny and laughs.

    "He-master went to the clubbbb!"
    "There are tons of she-masters there tooonight!"

    Moth gets angry and kicks him, he passes out again.

    Next : Chapter 4 - Moth Liu is coming!
    This one's long..I'll post screen caps later.

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    Since Tieu Cao Cao stops, I'll continue...

    When Cecilia realized that Louis had sneak away to play around, she ran after him. When she got to bar/Mustang ranch, Cecilia put on the costume of a Persian girl (short shirt that bared her midrift) and walked in on Louis. He's so drunk that he didn't even realized who she is. All his friends ran away so he can have privacy with the Persian girl. However, during his drunken bout, he confessed how much he love his wife and wished that she stopped mistreating him. Cecilia was so touch, because he keeps calling out for her (Wife, wife, where are you?). In the morning, he ran home and found out that his servant was unconscious and had a mark on his face. "Ohmigod, I'm gonna be murdered now," he thought. But Cecilia was so nice to him and start treating him like he always wanted to be treat.

    Weeks go by and Cecilia had to leave on a convoy for her family's business. There was a lot of hugging and kissing between C & L. Louis gave her his mother's jade to protect her and remind her of him. What did she do? She decided that they each should have the jade, so use a brick to break the jade. In the end, the brick was broken in half but the jade was smashed up like powder. Louis consoled her by saying that it doesn't matter, each can keep a piece of the brick.

    During her abscene, he was trying to write ghost stories. Suddenly.....

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